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Okay just please listen to this. It’s instrumental song but it makes me feel like I’m in a movie, at the end. Where I’m walking up to cliff after suffering so much hardship and the suns rising and I’m getting to that cliff and then I sit there with the rest of the survivors that I’m with. We’re in pain and sorrow but we survived and we’re smiling slightly because we lived and we get to see the sun rise again with wave crashing against the shore and it’s so beautiful then flashes of our sorrows and past experiences shows up but then it shows our future that we never thought we would experience and it’s brighter and happier than we ever thought it would be and it’s beautiful. And imagine that scene with Star Wars. Rebels and Jedi. That this scene happens with them. That after all their hardships theres a future not destroyed by the Skywalker line.

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So Cas really used his broken wings to get Dean to safety? He really flew him and Dean to safety with his broken wings that barely work? Like he really did that even tho it probably hurt him to fly but he didn’t care because he was thinking about getting Dean somewhere safe? He couldn’t fly that far but he tried to get them as far away as possible?

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The My Story 29 Nov 2020

Sometimes nobody understand u

what r u feel, what u go through

and then u just like pretending everything its easy to going through

thats reality of life, u just accept and stand up again. when u fail when feel alone, lonely, anything what r u feel just keep fight. life its not fair Its true, u should be make it fair in yourself and in yourself cuz ur deserve this to be living in The world. anything what r u feel just keep save in pocket and smiling. Anything bad or good happend comes to you. still to be nice person, the future always be shine

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Your mind? Pure genius.

Bakugo most definitely has a blood kink, not a doubt in my mind.

He’ll suckle on your paper cut and lap over the blood repeatedly with his tongue, savoring the taste of your sweet blood <3


He’ll drag the knife against your skin, digging abruptly—when you least expect it—causing spurts of blood to ease out of your wound.

But it’s okay !! He’ll lick it up and use his warm tongue to help soothe the sting !! Isn’t he so romantic? 🥺💖

When he does get really risky and places the blade on your neck, his eyes are locked onto yours.

He loves to see the fear in your eyes, the flicker of terror as you’re terrifyingly aware of how his swipes could consequent fatally.

But the way his eyes light up when he sees the beeds of red make your heart soar and your little cunny clench 🥺 he suckles on your neck, latching his lips onto your skin.

In contrast to his brash personality, he’s gentle with you. Easing the pain by flattening his tongue against the line of crimson.

He loves to see you squirm when he presses his tongue just a little too hard against the wound. He can’t help it though !! You look so cute when your writhing in pain, whimpering.



After he swipes his blade against your skin, he’ll gripe and squeeze the area to pump out more of your pretty blood.

If you begin to thrash in pain, he’ll slap you to keep you still. “Quit fucking moving!” He’ll bark at you as he grabs your jaw in a painful grip.

“If you don’t stay still, I’ll kill you. Understood?

And with the addictive fear in your eyes, you nod. He’ll give you that little smirk as he lets go of your face, retuning to carving his art into your plush skin. 🤍

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