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Summary: What happened to Luther after the Apocalypse was stopped. 

Warnings: Self-Harm, Implied Depression, Blood, Angst

A/N: I do not in any way support self-harm, guys please don’t intentionally hurt yourself. And if you are doing it, please contact your local suicide hotline. Also thank you to @evelinaonline for being a godsend and betaing, ily. 


Previous Parts: Part 1  Part 2

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when orville said ‘mock you! no, i revere you! i esteem and admire you above all human beings! - you are the friend to whom my soul is attached as to its better half! you are the most amiable and perfect of women! and you are dearer to me than language has the power of telling’

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Happy Valentines Day.
So to celebrate this occasion I decided to draw one of the most underrated OTPs. Evelina and Erik.

1. Who is Evelina?
A: Evelina is the main protagonist of the Mystery Legends: The Phantom of the Opera video game. She is the grown daughter of Christine and Raoul.

2. Why does Erik look like that? Where is his classic look?
A: This is what Erik looked like in the game.…
The game is more based on the book rather than the iconic musical.
Plus I think this design looks the coolest.
Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Reaper from Overwatch?

3. Why would you pair them?
A: Because for multiple reasons.

A. In the game, Erik tries to reclaim Christine. (since the game takes place 20 years after the end of the musical/when Christine left him)
However, it was Evelina that received the letter instead and went to the Opera house to find who sent it.
Due to how similar she looks like her mother, Erik believes that she is Christine, and she must prove her love by gathering some black roses.

Yes he might be a killer and he might be insane, but the world did my boy dirty. All because he didn’t look nice.
Christine was his source of light in a dark world, and she just went to Raoul.
I mean, I know they were sweethearts growing up, but if it wasn’t for Erik’s teachings, I doubt she ends up on that stage.
But you want to know the best way to get back at a guy who took your girl?
Marry the daughter!!

C. Fanfictions helped.
There are a few fanfics about these two, but I love the idea of the daughter of Christine falling in love with Erik.
Let him have a happy ending!

If you are interested in the game, I highly recommend it. The Art Style is fantastic and its puzzles should keep you entertained.
Or not, you can watch a playlist of the game here.…

Expect to see more of these two in the future.

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“the vittorias?” romeo asked his father, arching a brow. “catarina? your majesty, i cared for that little girl before she could even read-” romeo halted his words, watching his father shake his head. 

the king handed him a decree signed by both families, and romeo sat up to read it. “betrothal to evelina catarina… eldest daughter of italy… as an expression of gratitude for the hospitality on the island of sardinia,” he murmured as he skimmed through. romeo stood up abruptly. “i beg your pardon, father, but i am being subjected to a lifetime with a stranger as a thank you?”

what a god it is that watches over us, romeo pondered. and as if god had truly decided to retaliate for the offense, the two doors of the room swung open. romeo turned around, and his expression dropped as quickly as his heart. indeed, romeo thought to himself, remembering a saying the king and queen once told him as a child. one truly creates their fate by their actions.

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