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mcnotok · 22 hours ago
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A rockstar and his therapist grandad
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tera-artt · 6 months ago
Corrupted Glamrocks!
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Full gang design! Those designs are very inspired from the song video Total unsecurity by RockitGaming . Most of it is my own interpretation and designs
Follow my instagram Twitter Merchshop (with fnaf merch) Patreone YouTube
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ruubesz-draws · 6 months ago
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What happened to Bonnie was tragic... rip my dude, you are sorely missed... Monty acting sus
My first attempt to draw 'Glamrock Bonnie', idk
(Tbh I don't even know if this theory is true, but Ima just go with it cos it will make things sad...)
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pixelchills · 7 months ago
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When I was playing Security Breach, my best friend stayed over watching me and they did some drawings based on my gameplay!
The first image is just me and Freddy, and the rest of the drawings and sketches are based on some funny moments we had in the game!
Like leaving Freddy in the trash compactor and for some reason he just waved and then started stomping on Chica... XD
All ART CREDITS to my awesome best friend Mika aka Marie-Mike! You can find them on DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/marie-mike (I have their permission to post these)
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concreteblocs · 7 months ago
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I think Monty deserves a cool jacket
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shizkayo · 5 months ago
monty dump
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(Forgot his fuckken tail on 2nd pic, edit that later 💀)
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exotic-fazbutter · 6 months ago
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seaharpy · 7 months ago
Can you do some jealous! Monty smut with an afab reader
Hell yeah I can 🥵
Show and Tell
Monty Gator x afab!reader
Monty is in one of his famous bad moods and you do not appreciate it. When you ignore him for Freddy, he decides to show you both who you belong to.
Warnings: name calling (slut), forced voyeurism, fingering (female receiving), choking, spanking, hair pulling, slight praise kink, 18 + MINORS DNI
Masterlist here
Tumblr media
Monty was always more sensitive when came to Freddy. Monty was extra huffy today to noticed. Rolling his eyes and snapping at the workers.
“You know you catch more flies with honey than vinegar,” you said to him.
The gator animatronic only grunted in response. He was leaned against the wall watching Freddy interact with some kids who got the Party Fun Time Freddy package. Freddy along with another animatronic of the kids choice would host a private birthday party for the kid. Monty was picked for it but these kids seemed to be more focused on Freddy. They swarmed the bear animatronic. Begging for pictures and gifts from Freddy. Monty would never admit it, but you knew it stung him to see the kids fawn over Freddy so when he was left behind.
“What do I care about a bunch of snotty brats for anyway,” he all but growled. Monty snarled at a kid who looked up at him, causing the kid to flinch back and turn towards his parents.
You huffed and stepped away from Monty. He reached a hand out to grasp your arm as you stepped towards the birthday party.
“Where are you going?”
You raised a eyebrow at the angry undertone in Monty’s voice. You did not appreciate his attitude today.
“My job. You know, assist with a kid’s birthday party that you also have to attend. And do so without being a compete ass.”
“Is my charming personality too much for you? You’d prefer to spend the day with Mr. Goody-two-shoes instead?”
You shook your head, trying not to let him get the best of you. Especially with children present.
“At least Freddy is considerate enough to put the kid’s feelings above his own. And do his job without trying to bite everyone’s head off.”
You clenched your fist as you walked away. Your face burned with anger but you put on a smile and assisted Freddy with pictures and giving out cakes to the children.
“Way to go superstar!” Freddy exclaimed once the last of party guest left.
You smiled at his classic catchphrase. “You weren’t too bad yourself, Freddy.”
Freddy turned towards Monty and and cocked his head. “Monty does not seem to be in a party mood. Is something wrong?”
Your heart twinged a little. Freddy could be thoughtful. “Nah, I wouldn’t worry about it. He’s in one of his moods.”
You brought your hand up to lay on his shoulder. Freddy turned his attention back to you. His head twitched some as his shoulders fell forward as if he was exhausted.
“Y/N, my battery is running low. Can you assist me to the charging station in my room?”
A metal, clawed hand came down on your shoulder causing you to jump. You were startled at the sudden appearance of Monty behind you. For such a large animatronic, he could be very quiet when he wished.
“Why don’t we both help out? After all, Y/N is too small to carry your large metal ass if you shut down before we get there.”
“Monty! Such language is not appropriate, especially during business hours. If there had been—”
Monty waved Freddy off with the flick of his wrist. “Yeah, yeah. Save the speech for someone who cares. Let’s get you back to your room already. Y/N and I have plans.”
“We do?” You asked, but quickly shut your mouth at the thunderous look on his face.
You watched Monty out of the corner of your eye as the three of you made it back to Freddy’s room. He was up to something. Monty wouldn’t just volunteer his time to help Freddy out. Not when he was in such a foul mood to boot. He was up to something you knew it.
You helped Freddy into his charging station. Closing the door, Freddy became still as he went into a trance like state. You jumped at the student sound of scrapping. You whipped around to see Monty effortlessly lifting the red leather couch from the side of the room in front of Freddy’s charging station.
“There. Now we can get started.”
You crossed your arms. “Started? On what?”
Instead of answered Monty threw you over his shoulder. You squealed in surprise and struggled against him.
“Monty? What are you doing?”
He slapped you hard on the ass, causing you to jolt forward. A moan slipped passed your lips and you brought your hands up to cover it. Monty threw you down onto the couch. You stared up at him breathless and confused as he started to remove his outer paneling.
“Did you know Freddy can still hear and see everything in that thing? Even now?”
You gulped and glanced over your shoulder. Freddy stared blankly ahead, straight at you. Monty had placed the couch perfectly in his line of sight. Monty’s cool hand gripped your jaw tightly as he turned your head around to face him.
“Eyes on me, Y/N.”
Your body felt hot. You couldn’t tell if it was from shame or lust.
“Are we really going to do this in front of him?”
“We got thirty minutes before he’s fully charged. Strip, baby.”
“Strip? Monty, I don’t know about—”
Before you could finish your sentence, Monty was slicing through your clothing like paper. You gasped and tried to covered yourself. He growled in warning and slapped the inside of your thigh. You gasped at the sting of it. It went straight to your throbbing core.
Monty grinned widely, his teeth poking through as he looked down at you.
“Look at you, acting all shy. I can see how wet you already are, you slut. You like this don’t you? Wanna show Freddy who you belong to?”
“N-no. I don’t.”
“You don’t? Then what’s all this, hmm?”
Your back arched as his cool fingers rubbed against your slit. Monty pulled his fingers up and you could see them glistening. Goddammit, he was right and he was smug about it too. Monty grinned widely as he flipped you over. Your eyes met Freddy’s bright blue ones. Your face fell to stare at the couch arm below you to avoid looking at him. You knew Monty was telling the truth about Freddy being able to see and hear everything, even in this state.
Monty’s claws raked through your hair before he tugged harshly. You gasped loudly as your head was forced back up. Once again you were face to face with Freddy. You could feel Monty’s fingers tracing along your slit. You moaned and grinned down into his palm when he cupped your mound.
“I knew you were a dirty slut the moment I laid eyes on you. You’re so wet already and I haven’t even touched you yet.”
You moaned as his thick fingers dipped inside of you. Your body jerked as Monty used his thumb to rub circles on your clit. You couldn’t help but rock back against him, chasing the pleasure he was giving you. Monty curled his fingers inside of you, causing you to feel weak. You moaned and dropped your head down into the couch arm.
A gurgled moan fell from your lips as Monty brought his free hand down on your backside. The stinging pain of the blow mixing with the hot pleasure of his fingers buried inside of you. You gasped and jolted forward as he struck you again on the other cheek, harder this time.
“Keep your head up, baby. We’re putting on this show for Freddy.”
You ground your hips back against Monty. Fuck, he was going too slow.
“Monty,” you whined. “Go faster.”
He laughed loudly. The sound full of mirth. “Since we don’t have much time, I guess I can be nice.”
Your whole body jolted forward as Monty pulled his fingers out only to slam them back into you. In and out at a brutal speed that left you drooling. You couldn’t hold back your moans when he began slapping you on the ass. The lingering sting causing your body to feel hot. God you were so close.
Your whole body tensed as the feeling crashed over you. Monty leaned down and laid kisses all up your back.
“You’re doing so well. Can you take more?”
“Yes! Please, please, please.”
You moaned and ground back against Monty. He was rubbing your slick on his cock before lining himself up. Monty rubbed one hand across your chest, before gripped your shoulder tightly to steady himself.
“Be loud,” Monty said. “We’re showing Freddy what you got.”
With that, Monty plunged his length inside of you. You gasped and curled your fingers into the couch.
“Fuck!” You moaned, bouncing back to meet his harsh thrusts.
Monty panted hotly in your ear. “You like taking my cock?”
“Yes,” you said, breathy and slightly slow sounding. All you could focus on was reaching your own climax.
Monty chuckled and laid a sharp blow to your left ass check. “You’re so dirty. Taking my cock so well.”
You moaned and continued to rock back against Monty’s fast and brutal pace. You felt hot with Monty whispering how good you were for him in your ear. Your moans grew louder as your grew closer and closer to your own release.
“Fuck, fuck I’m so close.”
Monty’s fingers stroked across your shoulder and and your chest. Your breath caught as he wrapped his hand around your throat. You felt hot and tingled with desire as he tightened his hold on you.
“You look so good taking me. Fuck, you’re my good Y/N aren’t you?”
You could only moan in response. Tears pooled in your eyes as he fucked you harder.
“Please, please, please.”
Monty slapped your ass hard and that was all it took to push you over the edge. With a loud moan, your hips stuttered back against Monty. His thrust were sloppy as he too was close to cumming. His fingers slipped down your back to grip your waist tightly. Monty thrust harder and harder, now chasing his own orgasm. With a roar, he came inside you. You moaned and wiggled as your felt his release fill you.
Panting and feeling exhausted, you leaned down and rested your forehead against your arms. You moaned weakly as Monty reached his arms underneath your legs and leaned back. Monty sat back on his heels, pulling your body with his. You leaned your head back on his shoulder, still breathing harshly from your activities. Monty chuckled and spread your legs wider to show Freddy where the two of you were joined. You shivered as your realized Monty was displaying your body to Freddy.
Your body jerked when Monty slapped your mound and said smugly, “I hope you enjoyed the show, Freddy. This is as close as you’ll ever get to my Y/N.”
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celestialkiri · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
People be simping Monty but I'm also here for this!
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dreggmanluver · 6 months ago
FNAF x reader headcanons: Baking with the Glamrocks + Sun and Moon
GN reader as usual, these could be platonic or romantic :)
The best baker of the bunch! He has an eye for detail and makes sure nothing gets forgotten.
His hands are rather big and clumsy, so he'll let you do the precision decorating. He is very easily impressed with the little frosting designs you're able to do "Wow, superstar, is that a flower? It looks amazing!"
If you get super stressed when baking, Freddy is there to calm you down! He is very patient with you and knows just what to say to help bring you back to reality.
She has the most experience baking of any of the animatronics, since something she prefers to eat something other than garbage. She's never condescending, though! She will jump with joy whenever you learn a new skill.
She will eat chocolate chips directly from the bag (but who doesn't?)
She considers herself "keeper of the oven". "Oh, don't worry, I've got it! I don't want you to burn yourself, dear."
Let's be honest, you did not bring Monty into a kitchen expecting him to be of any practical help.
He pipes frosting into his mouth when you're not looking
He is your #1 baking hype man. He will do a funky little celebration dance around the kitchen whenever you pull something out. If that's not enough, he'll pretend to be a "baking show judge" and compliment the flavors. This would be adorable, if Monty has watched any professional chefs other than Gordon Ramsay.
Stirs everything very aggressively. Give this gator a bowl of cream and it will be stiff peaks in a matter of seconds. "I AM an electric mixer!"
Confidently has no idea what she is doing. You are constantly reminding her of the difference between a tablespoon and a teaspoon. "Neither of them are on a table! They should be called Counter-spoons and Small Counter-spoons."
You now refer to them as such.
She stresses whenever something small goes wrong, and you have to reassure her that it will all turn out ok in the end.
Oddly enough, she's very good at cracking eggs! After helping you bake a lot, she has learned to crack them one-handed.
Overall he doesn't know what to do with himself. There's so much to do! All at once!
You eventually put him on dish duty to give him something to do with his hands. Thankfully this works just fine for Sun, since he likes cleaning anyway.
Very big fan of sprinkles; it doesn't matter what you're making. Cake? Sprinkles. Brownies? Sprinkles. Loaf of bread? Sprinkles.
All the drawers are labelled by Sun themself. "This is the drawer for the pointy knives, please please PLEASE be careful with them!"
CREATIVITY!!! Sun is the best at coming up with new flavor combinations. Some are... questionable- but somehow they always end up tasting good!
They will hang back, afraid to mess anything up. But if you give him a task to do, he will take it very seriously. A perfect sous-chef!
That being said, if they had a tongue they would lick all the spoons. "Bacteria? Heheheh, what would it do to me?" Instead they settle for tapping it against his teeth.
He shares Sun's love of sprinkles but is more low-key about it. He will stand over you and silently shake them onto whatever you're working on. This doesn't go over well when what you're working on isn't even cooked yet.
They will stare at the oven like a weirdo in order to see when your food is the exactly done.
Thanks so much for 20 followers! In other news, my ask box is unofficially open! My next project is a set of rules and stuff for requests, so for now it's "the wild wild west". Suggest stuff, go nuts!
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kiradax27 · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Monty makes brain go brrrrrrrrrrrr
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benjinoz · 7 months ago
hey could you write an nsfw for monty and freddy with a masc reader? the kinks are:
breeding, riding, size kink, belly bulge, man handling, mirror fucking, thigh riding, voyeurism, cock warming, hair pulling, overstim, dumbification, choking, possessiveness and marking
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
freddy x m!reader x monty !!
WARNINGS ☘︎ :: 18 +. nsfw. breeding. riding. size kink. belly bulge. manhandling. mirror fucking. thigh riding. voyeruism. cock warming. hair pulling. overstimulation. dumbification. choking. possessiveness. marking.
freddy and monty are worried about their first appearance on stage, so you help them.
fanart creds !!
WORD COUNT ✿ :: 3.4k+
Tumblr media
THE NIGHT was young, sounds of children running around and cheering for the band to arise one the stage lift filled the air. Parents were seated along the tables, peacefully mingling with others as their kids were off getting a sugar rush from the candy they ate.
The staff bots were trying their hardest to keep up with the messes the small children made, rushing to every spot they saw that was cluttered with trash.
From below the stage, the bandmates were in their gendered rooms. Roxy and Chica sitting in the girls room as they discussed each other's looks, Freddy and Monty lounging in the boys room with both of them too nervous to think straight.
It was their first time on stage since Bonnie’s decommission and Freddy was nervous to go out alone while Monty was nervous to be the bunny’s replacement. There were high expectations considering the fact that Bonnie was a fan favorite.
[Y/N] was rushing around the hallways trying to make sure all of the machines and bot staff was in order for the show that was scheduled in the next thirty minutes. His nerves were on high alert since Vanesa had left earlier in the evening, leaving him to organize the last party all to himself.
The checklist [Y/N] held in his hand was a complete disaster, his eyes briefly scanning it while he made his way to the band's rooms and notify them about the remaining time.
“Thirty minutes, girls!” he exclaimed while knocking on the girl's door as he passed by. Two vague “okay”s were heard from the other side from both Roxy and Chica before [Y/N] made his way towards Freddy and Monty’s room.
Opening the door, he glanced at the clipboard before glancing up at the boys.
“Thirty minutesss-.. you guys okay?” [Y/N] inquired, furrowing his eyebrows as he glanced at the two evidently worried boys who were meandering around their room in a hurried manner.
“NO!” both of them groaned, instantly looking over at [Y/N] who just jolted at their abrupt reply. Officially walking into their room, [Y/N] closed the door behind himself and laid the clipboard on the desk that was positioned next to the door, making his way towards the two distraught boys.
“What happened? You guys were fine earlier when we were doing sound check? Why’re you all of a sudden worried?” the boy asked, sitting across from Monty and plopping down on the cushioned table. He hadn’t a clue as to why the boys were all of a sudden so nervous when they were excited earlier in the day for their performance.
After a swift moment of silence, both boys let out much needed profound sighs prior to simultaneously expressing their feelings, overwhelming the poor boy who only wanted to understand their stress.
“Okay okay, so I see it’s not just simple stage fright..” he sighed, running his hands through his hair and slouching forward. Both boys shook their heads “no”, still worried for their upcoming show.
[Y/N] went silent, thinking to himself how he could help the two of them seeing as they were obviously overwhelming their own selves with stress. After a few minutes of thinking to himself, the boy sat back up straight with an idea.
“Well, you two are obviously stressed. So, why don’t you relieve it by going to get some air on the rooftop, I’ll take the blame if you get caught by the cameras” [Y/N] suggested, turning to glance from Monty to Freddy who were both giving each other looks at the moment.
After peering back over at Monty, [Y/N] raised an eyebrow, wondering why the two boys were dead silent and only looking at one another.
“Or, you.. Could help us” Monty suggested, his once high-pitched raspy voice that was filled with anxiousness now low and mellowed, his eyes discretely filtering [Y/N]’s body. The idea that pictured in [Y/N]’s head was the same idea Monty had in mind, the boy’s face heating up instantly at the thought.
“Heh, you’re- uhm, you’re joking, right?” [Y/N] quizzed, tensely laughing under his breath as he glanced to and fro from Monty and Freddy. Looking at one another once more before peering down at [Y/N], both boys shrugged their shoulders and shook their heads “no”.
‘If it’ll help them calm down, I guess I could go along with it’ the boy thought, his breathing hitching the instant Monty glided his rough hand up his thigh, leading his fingertips to [Y/N]’s inner thigh.
“Okay, but only this one time” the boy alas agreed, Monty smirking to himself and instantly sliding his hand under [Y/N]’s thigh, gripping it harshly and spreading open the boy’s legs. All the while Freddy was making his way over to the door and locking it, [Y/N] was a heaving mess. His eyes watched Monty’s every move as the boy slid [Y/N] closer to him, finally plopping him on his thigh after pulling him off the cushion.
Swiftly spinning [Y/N] around so he faced Freddy who was making his way over to the both of them, his larger physique intimidating the boy that sat upon Monty’s lap comfortably.
“Now, why don’t you be a good boy and start riding my thigh, hm?” Monty murmured onto [Y/N]’s ear, sending chills down [Y/N]’s spine as the boy gulped. The hairs on his neck were sticking up, his entire body tense all the while Monty’s large rough hands were rubbing up and down [Y/N]’s thighs.
Gulping the lump in his throat, [Y/N] gazed up at Freddy who tenderly caressed the side of his cheek, cupping the bottom of his chin whilst his thumb gently tugged at his bottom lip, gliding the pad of it across.
With Monty resting back against the couch cushions, he laid his arms along the top of them and smugly watched as [Y/N] slowly gripped his knee, gradually starting to grind his hips against Monty’s muscled thigh. The boy’s eyes were locked on Freddy’s as Freddy opened [Y/N]’s mouth, pushing the boy’s tongue down and watching as he twitched from gagging at the feeling.
A light “hm” slipped past Freddy’s lips prior to him finally pulling his pants down and revealing his growing erection, [Y/N] feeling another chill run down his spine at the thought of it going in his mouth. Stroking himself a few times, Freddy then gripped the sides of [Y/N]’s mouth and causing him to form an ‘O’ shape with his lips.
Before he could continue, the boy spit into [Y/N]’s mouth and used his thumb to close [Y/N]’s mouth shut by pushing the bottom of his jaw closed.
“Swallow” he ordered, [Y/N] obediently listening and swallowing Freddy’s spit, the boys’ eye contact never faltering as Freddy opened [Y/N]’s mouth once more. Now spitting on his own tip, Freddy stepped closer to [Y/N] and used the boy’s bottom lip to rub the spit along his tip.
A faint groan was heard from Freddy from the tingling feeling of [Y/N]’s lips gliding across his dick. The sensation was ecstatic, Freddy wanting more and subconsciously shoving his entire erection in [Y/N]’s mouth. [Y/N] gurgled and gagged against Freddy’s dick, instantly pressing his hands against Freddy’s hips while tears formed at the corners of his eyes.
[Y/N]’s muffled noises vibrated all over Freddy’s dick, the boy moaning himself from the warmth. He entwined his fingers in [Y/N]’s hair and pulled at it, causing [Y/N] to moan himself before Freddy started thrusting his hips, sliding himself in and out of [Y/N]’s mouth.
The built up spit that sat in [Y/N]’s mouth dripped all along Freddy’s dick, coating it in [Y/N]’s saliva all the while he rode Monty’s thigh, Monty’s hands harshly gripping his sides. As [Y/N] continued to ride Monty, the red-head started bouncing his leg up and down, adding friction to the already immense amount [Y/N] felt building up between his legs.
The way he rubbed against Monty’s thick thigh had the boy’s eyes rolling back, Freddy enjoying the view as he witnessed his dick getting sucked back into [Y/N]’s mouth with every stroke he gave.
[Y/N] was desperately grasping at Freddy’s hips, his gags continuing to send chills down Freddy’s spine from the vibrations that followed after.
“C’mon, pretty boy, lemme have some” Monty uttered, gliding his hands along [Y/N]’s sides while slipping them under the boy's shirt. The red-head gently bit down on [Y/N]’s shoulder, the boy unknowingly moaning right after and causing Freddy to follow along with a moan himself.
While Monty proceeded to leave bite marks all along [Y/N]’s neck, his hands reached down to the boys zipper and undid his pants, slipping them off his legs and tossing the pants aside. Picking up [Y/N]’s lower half of his body, Monty spread the boy's legs over his lap.
Freddy, on the other hand, was roughly thrusting his dick into [Y/N]’s mouth, abusing the boys throat and enjoying the feeling of his warm embrace around his erection. The overstimulation was coursing through [Y/N]’s veins, his body trembling more as time went on.
Picking up the hems of his shirt and putting it between his teeth, Freddy bit down while reaching over and grabbing a hand mirror off the nearby vanity, smirking down at [Y/N] while flipping the mirror so he saw himself through it.
“Look at you, crying all over my dick, how adorable” Freddy chuckled through his teeth, [Y/N] staring at himself and watching with his own two eyes as Freddy sped up his pace. [Y/N]’s eyes were now rolling back and gags emitted from his chest everytime Freddy hit the back of his throat.
Monty had covered [Y/N]’s entire left side of his neck with bite marks, his hands fondling with his own pants and pulling them down to grab his own dick and reveal it. The boy leaned back once more, glancing through the mirror Freddy aimed towards [Y/N] and watching [Y/N]’s face.
The boy’s expressions fueled Monty’s erection as he stroked his dick, spit dripping from his lips and falling onto his tip while the red-head used it to lubricate himself. Before he officially slid himself into [Y/N], he reached under the boy’s thigh and pulled it to [Y/N]’s chest, using his opposite hand to thrust himself in.
The sudden feeling of Monty’s thick erection being inserted into [Y/N] caused the boy to moan loudly against Freddy’s dick, earning yet another moan from the brunette. The room was now filled with moans from all three boys back to back, everytime Monty would thrust into [Y/N], [Y/N] would moan along Freddy’s dick, causing their noises of ecstasy to bounce off the walls.
Dropping [Y/N]’s leg, Monty went back to gripping his waist and held them in a firm grasp, gritting his teeth and roughly thrusting up and down, [Y/N] bouncing on him from the force of impact.
The double penetration was overwhelming for the trembling who couldn’t help but let saliva drip from his mouth with how rough Freddy was fucking his throat. His arms felt like jello, barely being able to grasp at the brunette’s hips. Freddy was enjoying the show, Monty doing likewise as they both roughened their thrusts simultaneously, hitting deep inside [Y/N] in unison.
The sudden action caught [Y/N] off guard and the boy alas fell limp, his arms dropping to his sides while a muffled moan ran along Freddy’s dick. The boy would be lying if he said that Monty’s roughness was unmatched because Freddy was just as harsh as he was.
The boy’s mind was over crowded with pleasurable euphoria to think straight, only being able to think about how good everything felt at the moment.
“Arentcha a pretty little thing, taking both of our dicks like a good little boy” Monty laughed at [Y/N], instantly thrusting into him right after he finished his statement. The red-head filled [Y/N] up entirely with his thick erection. [Y/N] was unable to comprehend anything properly, too busy being stuffed with both dicks to focus on one certain thing.
While [Y/N]’s arms hung low, Monty took that chance to pull them behind [Y/N]’s back and use them to guide himself as he continued to fuck the boy dumb, slowly loosing himself to the pleasure and causing his thrusts to grow sloppy.
The pleasure was unbearable for [Y/N], never feeling anything like it before.
With one final thrust, both boys let out their juices inside [Y/N], a shiver yet again running down the boys spine while they each pulled out, Monty allowing [Y/N] to fall back against his chest while Freddy sat on the cushion across from them.
The idea of watching [Y/N] in a mirror still lingered within Monty’s brain, the red-head wanting more, needing to see more of [Y/N], especially in a mirror. And much to his demise, they had one in their dressing room. The realization encouraged a smirk to shape the boy’s face, instantly scooping [Y/N]’s almost limp body into his broad arms and walking them both over to the body mirror that was positioned along the wall.
Setting [Y/N] down on his feet, Monty had to keep his waist in a firm grasp due to the fact that the boy’s legs were asleep from the events they encountered a few moments ago.
Firmly holding [Y/N] up, Monty glanced at the boy through the mirror, watching as [Y/N] struggled to contain his doopy expression. Monty found it adorable how easily [Y/N] was submitting to him and Freddy’s desires, enjoying the newly made bite marks that decorated the boy’s skin.
Grabbing one of [Y/N]’s legs, Monty pulled it up to his chest and used his other hand to grab at [Y/N]’s neck, forcing the boy to watch as Monty slowly slid himself back into [Y/N].
“Look at how easy I fit in you now, some slut you are” he mumbled, roughly thrusting his hips so they smacked against [Y/N]’s ass, [Y/N] almost instantly moaning right after. His eyes rolled, back arching off of Monty’s chest all the while Monty tightened his grip on [Y/N]’s neck.
Before [Y/N] had a moment to process the feeling, Monty wasted no time in continuing his harsh thrusts from earlier, relishing in the sight of [Y/N] shaking and jolting after every time he thrusted inside him.
The boy’s mouth hung low, eyes closed with incoherent noises gurgling from his throat. The view was a sight for sore eyes, Monty locking contact with the display as he bit down on his bottom lip while roughening his already harsh thrusts.
The room was clouded in sex, all three boys sweaty from how much effort they were putting in. Freddy sat along the couch, watching the boys whilst he stroked his own erection, harsh pants escaping his lips with his chest heaving up and down heavily.
[Y/N] had sweat trickling down his face, the saliva that coaxed his chin mixing with it. Monty was similarly, except his sweat caused his mohawk to soften with the front strands sticking to his forehead. Harsh pants of air were also emitting from his throat after every harsh stroke he gave [Y/N], a groan laced in with his breaths of air.
The grip the red-head had on [Y/N] was feral, Monty’s fingertips digging into the boy’s flesh and leaving bruise marks all over his hips. With every deep stroke, [Y/N]’s head would snap back, louder moans escaping his lips each time.
When Monty saw his head tilted, he took that chance to wrap his arm around to the front of [Y/N] and grip the boy’s throat, pulling him back so the nape of [Y/N]’s neck rested atop his shoulder. The position only allowed Monty to hit the depths of [Y/N], the boy crying out in pleasure after every intense thrust that was given.
His legs were growing dumb, tingles running up the sides of them from how much Monty filled him up and the excruciating pleasure that followed with his strokes.
Tears were trickling down [Y/N]’s face, Monty smirking to himself at the sight of such helplessness. The red-head was fond of making others cry, especially if it was from how good he was fucking them.
“You wanna cum, dont’cha?” the boy prodded, his smirk growing into a toothy grin as he roughed his thrusts, now gripping onto [Y/N]’s elbows and smacking his hips against the trembling boys.
[Y/N] could barely utter a word, mind too far gone to even give a coherent response. All he could muster up were a few gurgles and a vague “mhm” sound, his reply pleasing Monty with how lost he seemed, the display fueling his ego.
“Then beg for it, pretty boy”
After the words left his lips, Monty alas gave it his all and began thrusting in and out of [Y/N] ruthlessly, giving the boy no time to react and watching in the mirror as he fell into a moaning and crying mess all over his dick.
[Y/N]’s legs had finally given out and the only thing holding the quivering boy up was Monty’s grip on his arms and how mercilessly he was pounding into him.
In one swift movement, Monty had released [Y/N] from his grasp but slithered an arm around to the front and grasped his neck again while the other cupped [Y/N]’s jaw, shoving two of his fingers down the stuttering boy’s throat.
All [Y/N] was able to do was choke against the feeling of Monty’s thick fingers filling his mouth, obediently sucking on them and watching his own self unravel into a belittling mess through the mirror.
The boy would’ve never thought he’d be in such a position, but he also wasn’t complaining due to how euphoric it all felt.
“You’re ours, ‘kay? No one else gets to see you fucked out like this, got it?” Monty gritted in [Y/N]’s ear, immediately hitting a soft spot just after and causing [Y/N] to muffle a loud moan against his fingers.
Tears coaxed his eyes, everything blurred out with his mind a haze.
Nothing made sense, but it all felt so good so [Y/N] didn’t care. He was being used, but the warmth was overbearing and ecstatic that it was the least of his worries.
Subconsciously, [Y/N] nodded his head at Monty’s assertion, submitting to the red-head with ease and causing Monty to smirk to himself.
The red-head was pleased with how [Y/N] was turning out, finding it amusing how the boy sucked him back in every time he thrusted in. Monty adored his fucked out expression, subtly noticing the bulge in [Y/N]’s stomach.
Reaching over, Monty pressed his hand against it and [Y/N] became a squirming mess, moaning against Monty’s finger as his juices trickled down his twitching legs. All [Y/N] could do was cry against the boy’s finger and coat them in more of his saliva.
With Monty now releasing his own cum, the liquids overfilled [Y/N]’s insides and dripped down Monty’s dick while he pulled out, holding [Y/N] in a firm grasp so the overwhelmed boy didn’t fall to the floor. To say Monty was pleased with the outcome would be an understatement, he enjoyed seeing [Y/N] crying just for him.
“C’mon, pretty boy, let’s get you cleaned up” the red-head whispered, scooping [Y/N]’s limp body into his broad arms and walking the boy over to the bathroom with Freddy following behind them.
Tumblr media
© 𝖻𝖾𝗇𝗃𝗂𝗇𝗈𝗓. 𝖺𝗅𝗅 𝗋𝗂𝗀𝗁𝗍𝗌 𝗋𝖾𝗌𝖾𝗋𝗏𝖾𝖽.
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kadssp · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
note: reposting because my queue posted this extremely early when i have the time to post set correctly? anyways if you saw this last night, no you didnt.
warnings: mentions of frustration and crying, throwing things in anger, mentions of monty’s anger issues, monty is rlly sweet and tries his best :( reader pronouns are not stated !! relationship can be seen as platonic or romantic !
Monty comforting hcs
He is really awkward and confused at first whenever he sees you crying or having a bad day.
Usually just stands there when he sees you having a bad day with his arms hesitantly out to give you a hug, but only if you want one.
He’s very quiet which is normally unlike him. He’ll be soft spoken and gentle, careful as if anything he does could break you like glass.
If you’re sad about someone, he’ll fight em. Give him a name and he’ll go give them a talk and then come back to comfort you more.
But if it’s just a sad day for you, or maybe it seems everyone is mad at you. What you do just gets worse and worse to the point you’re crying in Monty’s destroyed and wrecked dressing room.
If it’s one of those days he’d understand, he gets them along with extreme anger that follows but he’ll hug you close, speaking as quietly as he can about something frustrating that happened to him that day to clear your mind of your own problems.
”And then a string on my bass snapped. In the middle of the song! It was a real let down and I got pissed y’know.”
If you have anger like him, or moments where you just want to punch or break something he’ll gladly give you a random object in his room that you can throw at the wall or break with your bare hands.
He praises you while you do it too. And eventually you’re laughing at how stupid and cheesy some of his comments were as you threw the Glamrock Chica figure at the wall.
If you want him to join in he may hesitate for a split second because he doesn’t want to accidentally hurt you when the rush gets to him. But he‘ll be very self aware of his actions and will definitely hold back when he breaks or claws something.
If you were to cry he’d panic. He wouldn’t know what to do, his first thought is; are you hurt? Did someone make you cry? Who did it, he’ll find them.
His anger almost gets to him but when he sees your hands reaching out to him because you just need someone to hold and be comforted by, his walls crumble down and his anger is immediately replaced with a gentleness no one else but you would see.
He’s scared of hurting you with his claws, loosely has his arms wrapped around you because he doesn’t want to risk damaging you in any way. But if you pull him closer he may settle into a very comfortable and slightly tighter hug.
He’ll hum a song if you’d like him to. He may even sit you on his lap and play the bass or let you pick at the strings and guide your hands to get a song going.
He’s really sweet when you get vulnerable enough to cry or show your frustration to him. He tries his best to understand or at least comfort you, and if he can’t do either he’ll definitely try at distracting you from what has you feeling like this.
He just wants to see your rockin’ smile again, hear your laughter at a terrible joke he says or to just know that you’re okay, everything will be okay. He loves you, and he‘s not going to let you forget it even when you’re feeling down.
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dean-samw67 · 7 months ago
I will die on the headcanon that Monty is just a big softie deep down.
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funkymonkeycave · 7 months ago
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Happy hew year it's Montgomery time
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More Solar Lunacy funny hahas
Just like before, Solar Lunacy and all the art you see in these belongs to @bamsara! None of it is mine!
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z3llous · 3 months ago
I forgot that I made these
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You may use them as you please
More fnaf emotes here
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