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#its just so hilarious to me
peppsta · 11 months ago
The fact that c!Dream is canonically the smallest character is hilarious to me.
I mean he is literally half the size of a normal minecraft skin and the character always go by the look of their and other’s minecraft skin...
No, I dont take criticism
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rasp-passion-tea · a year ago
Homeworld Bound really pulled a whole 360 on Steven and Spinels dynamic, huh?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Steven: Someone will die. ಠ_ಠ
Spinel: oF FUN!!1! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
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pensivelyplayfulme · 2 years ago
One of the most funny things to me is normal, modern things put into a fantasy setting.
Pour this elixir over your hands regularly to ward off disease!
elixir: is just hand sanitizer
magic cell phones be like: magic tablet that allows you to contact anyone with a similar tablet, but only if you’re both in reasonably populated areas and they’re expecting you to contact them
enchanted spectacles that allow light-sensitive creatures out during daytime without impairing their vision? Sunglasses
An electric guitar but a lute that “magically amplifies the music, but makes it sound... different.” Still increases casting range of bards though!
Post-it notes: allows the user to instantly affix a message of less than 20 words to any surface, even stone, metal, etc. consumable, pack of 10.
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eldergoodra · 2 years ago
I wonder if there's a tag or a genre for graphic design drama. Like w that hospital red pattern post right there
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jaybirdss · 22 days ago
its funny how many things have become such common cultural knowledge that people don’t need to see the original source material to know the “plot twist”
- dracula
- “luke i am your father”
- jekyll and hyde
- frankenstein
i could keep going but i dont wanna
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panthermouthh · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The gang lose Grogu for twenty minutes and it's chaos. Turns out he had just fallen asleep in the cookie cabinet.
BONUS comic in which Luke Skywalker is such a literal ball of sunshine in the force that Maul finds it physically painful to look at him in the mornings 🌞
Tumblr media
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sapodilas-moved · 6 months ago
i love how everyone’s like “yeah dick/jason/cass/tim/duke are bruce’s favourites for various reasons” but nobody ever calls damian bruce’s favourite bc that went down the drain the moment damian said bruce was short
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moeblob · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Based on Actual Events.
#fe three houses#sylvain jose gautier#felix hugo fraldarius#okay the actual event as mentioned is just ..... hilarious to me so here we go story time in the tags#my mom is in a friend group that does this video chat call thing called marco polo! and they just leave each other messages#and she does it to keep in contact with the group and yesterday someone in the group started a video up like#so im at the church where they told me to meet them and no one is here so ill give them a little longer before i leave#and then just ..... hung up the call............ and didnt give any updates#so over the next few hours the other women in the call group started leaving fake documentary comments about how that#was the last time they ever heard from her#and my mom is telling me that one of the people i used to go to church with's son made a video#and so she shows me this young adult going on and on about how his dear aunt told him she would never vanish on him#and it was HYSTERICAL to me because oh my gosh this guy is really into it#and he had a comment about how when he was a little boy she took him to the koi pond once and there was a guy in camo there#and his dear aunt kim said do you see him ? and hes like yeah its just camo cause he wants to hide#and she told him she would never hide from him on purpose#and THIS GUY JUST KEEPS GOING AND GOING#it was hilarious and shes perfectly fine but the fact that a bunch of these moms and one son made fake documentary recordings#bc someone didnt update them saying oh people are here is just freaking hilarious#the end
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cocoabeean · 4 months ago
all of u ranboo dislikers saying “he's so boring 😩” r so wrong and this stream proves it this guy is the funniest motherfucker alive i cannot breathe bro
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sunflowerdales · 18 days ago
wait the bisexual explanation as to why sebastian isn't romanceable to male hawke is because sebastian's just not into them is kinda hilarious actually
especially as the fanon garrett is kinda a jerk but everyone acts like hawke is irresistible yet this smoking hot bisexual priest is just not into garrett is so funny
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