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yespolkadotkitty submitted: Hi! If you’re still taking requests, would you write Geralt winding down in a tavern after a fight, all pent up stress and black eyes, and smut ensuing with a barmaid/tavern girl? Thankyou x

Pairing: Geralt x Jaskier x Reader

Author’s Note: This was supposed to be just a Geralt oneshot, but my finger slipped and suddenly Jaskier was caught in the middle of it too. Whoops!

Summary: You’ve been teasing Jaskier all day while Geralt is out on a hunt. But when the black-eyed witcher returns and discovers what you two have been up to without him, he spoils your fun.

Warning(s): teasing in public, handjob, blowjob, masturbating (f), voyeurism/exhibitionism, dirty talk, polyamorous relationship

Word Count: 2,779


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Drunk Jaskier

(Jaskier x Tsundere OC)


I may have watched too much anime this week, which inspired me to make this. ¯\_(⊙_ʖ⊙)_/¯

Welcome to my poor attempt on making a comic!!! 😂😂😂 BOY. THIS AIN’T EASY AT ALL! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Sorry in advance. ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

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Modern reader

Okey, so I kind of have a guilty pleasure in reading like modern girl in a non modern setting, but I can’t for the life of me seem to find any really set with Geralt of rivia/Yennefer/Jaskier or with anyone from that “universe” for that matter, so I was wondering, you guys know any good ones to read? I’ve tried ao3 but I can’t seem to find any there (I might just be bad at looking tho).

Thank you in advance!

Sorry if my English is bad


Originally posted by merthurlocked

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Friendly reminder that if you post a fic, you can always send me an ask or message telling me to check it out! 💛 I know how frustrating it can be if you work on something and post it and it hardly gets any feedback - so please, send me that fic and I will read it, comment and reblog it (I sometimes need a day or two but I will ALWAYS check it out and reblog it!) 💛 I love reading new stuff and discovering new writers on this site, so don’t be shy 💛🥰

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Originally posted by bi-jaskier

Request: Hello lovely person! Hope you’re doing okay! Was wondering if you could write me something with Jaskier from The Witcher? I haven’t been feeling my best lately, so could I have something where the female reader is feeling very insecure about herself, and thinks she is very ugly, so Jaskier comforts her by telling her she is very beautiful, cuddling her, stroking/braiding her hair, wiping her tears, etc. Thank you!! 

Of course darling, I really hope you’re feeling better! <3

Comments are much appreciated!

The entry door and few dull windows in this lowly tavern were your only solace for the night. Geralt had already downed his pint of ale, leaving your side with a groan at the bard as he left to tend to Roach as he, as Geralt had put, was ‘better company than Jaskier would ever be.’

The melting wax dripped from the white candles as they began to burn down to their wicks, the fireplace by your shoulder a dim light during this stormy night, burning against your skin. Hour after hour you had sat in that small building, watching the innkeeper get more and more annoyed as Jaskier worked the room, doing his rounds and performing his usual antics that made your chest ache and tighten with every note and wink.

‘Toss a coin to your witcher, oh valley of plenty…’

Picking up another coin tossed at his feet, his attention turned to the blonde haired woman who had throne it. His charisma, you knew, he used to collect the money for the food and board during your travels, but you couldn’t help but feel awful every time your boyfriend took the hand of another beautiful cloaked woman, slightly tipsy, kissing her hand with overdramatic fervour. The smell of ale and wood smoke permeated your nose as you snorted, scanning the opposite end of the room in hope of finding anything else to watch other than the performance in front of you.

It took a few hours until soon it was only you, Jaskier, the innkeeper and a few drunk stragglers left in the room, who cheer in babbled nonsense as Jaskier patters across the room, a look of determination on his face as he strummed his fingers over his strings, mouthing words under his breath.

It took you a moment, however, to realise that not all his words had been inaudible.

‘Are you alright? You’ve been so quiet all night, which isn’t like you. You look far too much like Geralt right now, brooding in the corner by yourself.’

You only sigh to yourself, staring into the bottom of your empty pint as Jaskier came wandering over, eyebrows furrowed in concern.

‘If you keep staring like that, you’ll burn a hole through the cup. Come on love, tell old Jaskier here what’s wrong. Pretty please?’

Sliding down onto the booth until his thigh touched yours, you tried to stop your grimace. Instead, you focused on the burning sensation of the fire on your skin, rather than the burning of his skin against yours. You bit your lip, eyes looking everywhere but your boyfriend, but he only moves closer with those eyes that look so deeply into your own.

‘Hey, it’s me, You can tell me anything.’ 

‘Jaskier, why am I not as beautiful as all these women you fawn over. Why would you ever choose me?’

He refused to look away, even as your lips began to tremble and your shoulders heaved with emotion, unwilling to back down in such company. Your lashes brimmed heavy with tears, your hands clenched into shaking fists upon your lap, in a desperate battle against the grief, and Jaskier sat there, no idea what to do. Finally, a  lone tear traced down your cheek, and just like that, the floodgates opened. You wept, tears streaming from your eyes, loud, heaving sobs tearing from your throat, and still Jaskier did not look away. He, actually, was as white as chalk, his eyes and mouth frozen wide open in an expression of stunned surprise, until he began blubbering and the cogs in his mind whirled back into life again.

His eyes were filled with such a kindness that seemed so innocent and genuine so endless as his hands landed on your lap, unfurling your fingernails from where they were hooked into your palm, gently taking them into his own and squeezing them tightly. His shoulder bumps against yours as he turns to face you, one hand still gripping tightly into your palm with his calloused fingertips, as the other reaches up to your cheek. His thumb brushes against your chin, before creeping up the side of your face to wipe away the last few stray tears. All the while, he’s gazing at you with utter devotion, looking at you as if you’re the most beautiful rose he somehow managed to find and pick in heaven’s fields.

‘Don’t you ever say that’, he mutters, ‘don’t ever. How could you ever think of yourself in that way, as if you’re not the most beautiful maiden I have seen in any land. As if you’re not stunning, passionate, brave, fierce, able to put up with Geralt, which is not easy. I would give up everything to spend time in your company. Would you like me to write you a song - I’ll write you a song-’

You giggle softly as you press a finger against his lips, before leaning your head down against his shoulder.

‘Shush now, bard, and sing me a song.’

He laughs hoarsely as you reach up to swipe away some of his fringe from his forehead with a tired smile.

‘For to you’, he starts, his touch gentle as he loosely interweaves the three sections of hair he can reach without rattling you too much, steadily working his way down.

‘My sweet companion,’

As soon as he finishes and brushes the braid back onto your shoulder, you lean back, and he chuckles as he wraps his arms fully around you, tucking his chin into the curve of your shoulder.

‘I have thus given my heart.’

Leaning forward slightly, your nose almost bumps into Jaskier’s cheek as your finger runs along the crease of his eyelid, the air uncomfortably still around the two of you as neither of you dare to move, too lost in the moment and in each other. 

‘I promise, I’ll love you, and only you, for the rest of my days.’

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A/N: Happy Friday (not that that means much anymore lol)! Fair warning, this chapter is a bit heavy, and next one will probably be as well (but there will be a lot of Jaskier x reader in the next one, I promise!). Despite that, I hope you enjoy!

Your comments and feedback are always encouraged and mean a lot to me!

Summary: A friendship crumbles in the face of disagreement.

Warnings: graphic violence, a lot of blood/pain, language, INTENSE FIGHTING, seriously this gets pretty dark so beware

Words: 2,631

Please Don’t Plagiarize My Work!


Originally posted by bonniebirddoesgifs

The darkness surrounded you as you ran all the way back to the inn. You didn’t care about the few people who were wandering the streets, didn’t care for their gasps as you just missed knocking into them — all you cared about was getting to the inn, to Jaskier, and quick.

As you ran, your mind couldn’t help from wandering. You were pushing back Rauf’s face, pushing away his sureness of Jaskier’s guilt. Of course, you questioned it yourself, if the bard was actually innocent, but when Rauf said it himself, you knew it wasn’t the truth. Somehow, you just knew. If it was the bard’s smile, or his eyes, or the way he looked at the little girl you two had saved, you weren’t sure. But you just knew. And you weren’t going to let him die.

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New “Witcher” (smut) fic coming! (Multichapter, 3 parts)

So, a few days back I posted about wanting to write another smut fic and I wasn’t sure about which character. Well, I decided not to choose at all and write a fic where both - Geralt and Jaskier - will be involved in some smutty business with the reader 👀 It’s gonna be a 3-part-story!! So be prepared 💛

Message me or comment here if you want to be on my tag list for this story or on my general tag list ❤️

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I’m still alive! I know I have some stories to write and I apologize for such a long wait…I just haven’t been feeling motivated for some time and when I write stories I want them to be with full effort. So, I promise to be better and I will actually start to get crap done!😁

Jaskier is still my baby and I will continue to write about him💖 but I’ve also fallen aboard the Eskel train which made it hard to write about our favorite bard. However, the heart expands💖💖

That concludes this post, I promise to actually start writing again and get those small requests I have done.

Stay healthy and safe everyone!!

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Originally posted by joeybateydaily

Jaskier would be head over heels for you!

You meet him by accident when you get attacked by a monster in the woods and it just so happens that Geralt and Jaskier are around. They save you (well, Geralt does) and promise you to bring you back home. Jaskier notices immediately how absolutely stunning you are with your red hair and beautiful eyes yet he isn’t sure whether to laugh at your constant jokes about what a gruesome death you almost were about to experience. In the end, he decides to go with laughing.

The two of you click instantly and during his stay in the small town, you meet up every evening until one thing leads to another and an exciting affair begins. At first, it was meant to stay only that since he will leave shortly but you soon realize that there’s more to it so on a whimp you decide to travel with them: it’s the best decision you ever made.

You and Jaskier are so alike yet so different. He loves your passion for music but can hardly stay focused when he sees you dancing to his songs – it just looks too funny. There are more than a few moments where he has to talk both of you out of dire situations since not everyone understands your humor (he laughs about it afterwards though). You are both stubborn so the occasional fight can’t be avoided but you always make up quickly. It’s too hard for you to stay mad at him and his gorgeous smile for long. Your creative side shines even brighter when you’re around him – you’re filled with ideas and are proud to say that you helped him with quite a few songs.

Jaskier is the one you were always looking for. With him, every day is an adventure. However, even in the weirdest of most dangerous situations, you can rely on him. Jaskier never thought he’d be so lucky to find someone like you and he never realized how deeply one could feel for another person. You are simply meant to be.


I hope you liked it! <3

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  • constantly being featured on his social media platforms, whether you like it or not
  • spending rainy nights inside, under fluffy blankets watching cartoons
  • him teaching you how to play the lute if you want
  • him constantly flirting and using pick up lines on you, no matter how long you’ve been dating
  • once a month you have geralt and yennifer over for movie night and it always turns out to be hilarious “i’m picking the movie this time!” jaskier practically cheered to himself as he jumped up from the couch to find a film. Geralt grunted throwing his head backwards. “Not again… If you put on a disney movie or a rom com once again, i swear to god i’ll kill you”
  • he is confident af but sometimes he just needs to be held and told how amazing he really is
  • he probably has notebooks full of songs, ballads and stories just about you
  • him calling you his muse. and sweetheart and darling and love and dove and every tooth-rotting sweet nickname he can find
  • he sometimes leaves for a few days to accompany geralt on his big foot hunts. jask does not believe in any of those urban creatures geralt is looking for but “hey, this could make a good song.” and also “he has booze” and of course “it’s a great adventure!”
  • concert dates
  • drunk philosophic conversations at 2am
  • he sings you a lot., at night, during long car rides, in the bath, while cooking…etc. really just everywhere, everytime.
  • him barfing out random history facts all the time
  • he loves books but can’t stay still for long so you read for him sometimes
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Jaskier as a sorcerer, dancing under the moonlight with one of his romantic conquest.

Inspired by Howl’s Moving Castle.

I did the same on my other blog, only with original characters.

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This was a bit of a challenge fitting all three in but I did it! Hope you enjoy!!

You woke up with a blood piercing scream, breathing heavy as you tried to figure out where you were. You relax slightly when you realize you’re in your tent, Jaskier and Geralt were both right near you, you just hopped you didn’t wake them up. 

Your luck wasn’t that good, a moment later Jaskier entered your tent. “You okay?” He asked, worryingly looking you over. 

“Yeah, yeah just had a bad dream.” You told him, looking down at your hands. 

“Wanna talk about it?” Jaskier asked, coming to sit down beside you. You shook your head. Tears blurring your vision as the dream starts to flash through your memory. 

“Hey hey it’s alright,” Jaskier said softly as he noticed the tears. “It was just a bad dream. Just a dream, okay? None of it was real.

“It felt so real. It was real,” You sobbed. You could handle bad dreams when they were just figments of your imagination, but this was reliving a memory you never wanted to remember. 

Jaskier pulled your hand into his own. Kissing a small scar that was on top of your head. He started to move up kissing any small scars he came across. This caused you to giggle, pulling your arm out of his hold. “Stop it!”

If I could, I would kiss away all your scars.” Jaskier said softly. 

“Thought they made me look badass.” You smirked, wiping away your shed tears. 

“Oh yeah they do. I was referring to your emotional ones.” Jaskier told you with a soft smile. “Do you have nightmares often?”

You nodded, “Why I don’t let us share a tent. I don’t want you to get annoyed with me.” 

“I would never be annoyed with you, especially not about something like this.” Jaskier assured you, 

“You say that now, but getting woken up every night isn’t fun.” You told him. 

I want to marry you, and your nightmares won’t scare me away.” Jaskier blurted out. Your eyes shot up looking at him wide. 

“You want to- you want to marry me?” You asked. 

“Well I planned on asking in a way more over the top way but yes, Will you marry me?” Jaskier asks you, grabbing your hand again. You smile wide at him nodding. 

“Of course.” He pulls you into an excited kiss, wrapping his arms tightly around you. “But I still want that over the top proposal.” You say when you break away. 

“Done.” Jaskier grinned.

Aimee’s Sleepover Weekend

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Work stressed me a little bit during these past days but there will be updates on my works tomorrow!

Of Sirens and Witchers (Geralt of Rivia x Reader): Chapter 2 will be posted tomorrow (May 17th)! 

Match ups: So many of you send me requests for match ups! Thank you sooo much! I will post a few of them tomorrow!

I’m also working on a few other of your requests (I have not forgotten any of you!) but I won’t be able to upload them in the next days. Sorry! <3

Thank you to everyone who sent requests in! I love you all so much!


Originally posted by antiotakus

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Title: Begin Again

Part 3 of 10(?)

Jaskier x reader

I’m liking how the this is going so far! I can’t wait to really get into the next few parts. Anyways hope everyone that reads enjoys!

Also reader is still telling the story, I didn’t want to italic it cause I have to do each paragraph separately. I’ll only italic the past parts if Yennfer and Colton be in a part. An example of that would be in part 2 if you don’t under stand what I’m trying to put down.


Originally posted by mystery--box

On the road once again. Jaskier walks at your side, He’s strumming something new. He’s mouthing the words just under his breath. You can make out only a few of the words and you wonder if it’s that one song you had read from the dog eared page. You look over to Geralt, his eyes searching your surroundings, he looks to you. His eyes tell you to keep an eye out. You stand closer to Jaskier, he fixes his lute onto his back, letting his hand fall into yours. It’s quiet and that’s probably not what Geralt wants so you decide to try and crack a few jokes and the only one to laugh at them is Jaskier. You look back over at Geralt to see if he’s settled, he’s not. He opens his mouth to say something but before he even gets it out there’s a sound of a twig snapping to the left.

Jaskier pulls you behind him as Geralt stands in front of him. You want to roll your eyes but don’t. Instead you grip Jaskier’s sleeve with your free hand. Pulling him back a little so you can see who’s coming towards you three.

“Oh shit” Jaskier chokes out, as you see the intruder

“I thought I heard music” The lady before you says with a soothing and calm tone

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