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#just be careful
softpine · 8 hours ago
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Stevie [flipping through her textbook]: See what I mean? You have good parent material.
KD: Don’t make me regret this.
Stevie: I’m just saying! If you asked my parents what classes I’m taking, or what I want to major in, or what I want to do with my life, they’d just look at you like a deer in headlights. They don’t care. The really fucked up part is my dad’s a teacher. An elementary school teacher, but still, you would think he'd value his own kid’s edu–
KD: I really don’t have all day.
Stevie: Oh my god, just take the compliment!
KD: Thank you for your incredibly misplaced and inappropriate compliment, my new-hire who I can let go of at any moment.
Stevie: Was that so hard? Now... How do you feel about one dimensional kinematics?
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lego-sand · 21 hours ago
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ruby-whistler · 8 hours ago
Somedays I just remember the fact that Wilbur Soot, after seeing someone poke fun at Dream apologists, went “oh yeah I’ve read up on apologist discourse”, went “a lot of the fandom doesn’t realize no character is definitively good or evil”, went “Dream apologists get things right and wrong like apologists of every other character” and I feel so validated.
He really saw someone mock us and basically went ‘being a Dream apologist os as valid as being an apologist of any other character’, and although I’ve been a Wilbur fan for very long now because of how incredibly talented, besides other things, he is and how much nuance and efforts he puts into everything he does, for this alone I am going to have nothing but appreciation for him until the day I die.
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atsumus-housewife · 19 hours ago
More virgin bois is what you're saying, right????
Virgin Atsumu who always swears he's had sex but obviously he's lying
Virgin Atsumu who tries to stall when you finally get him in the palm of your hands he's blushing like a mad man
Virgin Atsumu who ngl seems like a fucking pro at going down on u
Virgin Atsumu who I bet jerked off alot before realized it doesn't compare to the real thing now
Also just self indulgent fucking virgin Atsumu in public for his first time and he's attempting to be quiet
god the thrill of taking someone's virginity, ngl I miss it 😩
and the ONLY thing I might like more than virgin!Kageyama, might be virgin!Atsumu 😍
virgin!Atsumu who religiously forgot about the perks of "fangirls" part of volleyball in substitute for actually connecting with other people. So he's into his 20's and stable in the MSBY roster before you two meet.
virgin!Atsumu who thought he had a dirty mind until he met you. Everything you do turns him on. The sexual frustration is real but he's too much of a hot mess to process it
virgin!Atsumu who sucks on his fingers to keep himself quiet while he jerks off to the thought of your fingers in his mouth or even your hand around his cock
virgin!Atsumu who's a babbly mess as soon as you wrap your legs around him and keep him inside you. Cum or not he's out of this world sensitive
virgin!Atsumu who gasps the first time he cums inside you and can't help the little bit of drool roll out of his mouth just bc it felt so good
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nighttimepixels · 21 hours ago
So I’ve been quiet here for a few weeks for a lot of reasons, not the least of which you can see in my last post, haha.
Things there have cleared up, mercifully, but for a few reasons I’ll be probably lowkey MIA here in the future too. I’ll still come back and post when I get the Undertale bug- it’s never gone away, in truth, even if my active art inspiration is shifting- but I’ll be far more sparse.
For ReasonsTM, I have a new blog/live elsewhere on the internet now. If you’d like to follow me there - it’s a lot of mass effect rn, but other art too- it’s @lethalhoopla here and on twitter.
Thank you SO much everyone who has been with me here! You’ll still see me pop up in notifications under this username now and then if we’re mutuals, and I hope to see at least a few of you there~ no hard feelings if not and if you were only here for the undertale content. This blog will always be here, as long as Tumblr stands, heh.
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thinger-strang · 4 hours ago
ive seen this in a lot of fics, billy saying that if anyone has to die it should be himself bc no one will miss him or whatever and now im getting a little emotional about billy dying in starcourt then waking up in a hospital bed to find max in one of the chairs next to his bed and once she sees that hes awake she like jumps up and just says "you awake!" in a teary voice before hugging him tight around his neck and he can barely hear what she muttering into his neck and then a nurse or two come in to check on him and she has to get off and he sees her crying and thats when it hits him that she misses him and wanted him back and he just doesnt know what to do with that
#billy#max#im just having a moment okay?#fic#my writings#and she tells him about everything that happened while he was out and explained all the upside down stuff and how susan left neil#and they dont really know where he went but they sold the house and got an apartment but still have all of billys stuff and how joyce wanted#updates about billy which max just thought she was being nice and letting her have an adult to talk to about this rather than her friends#but she actually wanted to help and since will was possessed too she thought she could be helpful on that front and joyce also said that#when billy woke up (she always said when not if) he could talk to her too and will said hed be okay talking about it since theyd both Know#and stuff and billy just listens to all this in silence bc he has people who care and hea suddenly relieved that he lived? like he spent the#last like five or six years kinda hoping he just wouldnt wake up one day or something but now? its small but he has this group of people who#care? he doesnt know how to process and kinda starts tearing up and he cant really talk yet and he doesnt even have the words anyway so he#just tugs max into another hug and lets himself feel loved for once and doesnt like guard that part of himself and yeah its overwhelming but#the good kind of overwhelming like a blanket thats too warm#but yeah max is there almost everyday and helps when she can with physical therapy and always braids billys hair before his exercises and#oh whats this? steves there bc hes trying out different careers and found out he loves helping people and is good at being tactile and#helping people recover? max expects them to fight or argue but steves really good with billy and not condesending and pushes billy when he#needs it and lol billy can add another person to his list of good people in his life#tag blurb
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cooler-cactus-block · 6 hours ago
Good morning!
This is your periodic reminder to not insult my work by outright comparing it to another artist/concept/au, especially if it’s centred around d s m p! I’m not interested and will block you!
Thanks for all the love on the gifs yesterday, though. 💞
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canonisalie · 21 hours ago
I love how Jon is there not doing anything at all, like Damian is fighting a bunch of Ninjas and Jon is not even blinking when they try to hit him.
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sadspencer · 21 hours ago
guys talk to me about moreid i can't stop thinking about them
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