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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
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#kawaii fashion

At some point soon I think I’m going to make a section on my website for fruits style j-fashion looks

Hat - Camden

T-shirt - MILK

Skirt - Betty’s Blue

Shoes - Demonia

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💜Jacaranda viewing💜


💜 Angelic Pretty, Heart Sherbet JSK

💜 Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Cherry Parade blouse

💜 Secret Shop shoes

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One of my first coords, 2014


✨Bodyline, gathered Rebecca skirt

✨Anna House blouse

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I wanna fit into Liz Lisa clothes so bad but I’ve got broad shoulders, muscles, and //TITS//. Where does a girl shop when she wants to be frills and pastel but also is beefy and simply IS TOO BIG?

Like I wanna wear THIS


But I look like THIS

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dd.kyoko will be releasing a lash line in the near future, please look out for it 👀💓

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