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#literally shut up <3
fernfolke · 6 hours ago
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Tumblr media
My apartment flooded today while I was on a zoom call because my upstairs neighbor had a pipe burst, so I made an artistic rendition of what the rest of my class saw.
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jellyfishdreampop · a day ago
thinking about how evil """"woke"""" liberals who try to derail posts by marginalized people about specific things they wish privileged people would stop doing by bragging about how great they are for not doing that thing are
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atsuangel · a day ago
Tumblr media
right now actually 😋, and we’re about to set up a BTR binge date too <3
ahdhjdj screams only lexy knows the way to my heart😻<3
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wrathfulfawn · 3 days ago
:) i am just going to start physically attacking people now i think
#please i am so enraged all the time now <3 shits funny tbh#like i cannot express just how physically like anxious and restless and genuinely enraged i am like nonstop <3#im fr going to snap i cannot stand anything or anyone anymore like get me out of here#im going to start being violent if anyone acts up at me like i mean it#cannot take this shit anymore i wont lie <3 i do not feel anything but rage anymore#i cannot fucking Stand being here like i rly can't#everythig is so fucking infuriating i do not know what i am going to do if this shit doesnt change soon like reality#like schizo ass moment or whayever but this isnt me this isnt my world i dont fucking belong here and frankly it is enraging#i cannot be brought to give half a shit anymore im just so fucking mad and unable to cope w being here#i do not want to accept this as reality bc i swear to god if it is im going to kill#if this is the rest of my life i will fr just start beating the shit out of anyone who doesnt know how to act#they need to put me on mood stabilisers again i wont lie like i am going to snap#moss.exe#i feel like im fucking exploding like physically i am jusr so ohh....#like i cannot word any of this right tbh bc none of u get it bc its ''not based in reality'' or whatever like shut rhe fuck up if this is#reality i am going to lose it fr like the only thing keeping me from acting out is the belief that this is still going to change to what it#needs to be and hoo boy i mean it i will snap if i have to deal with this much longer#i just genuinely cannot fucking take any of this anymore#like i mean it now if literally everything doesnt change real soon im going to snap i dont know how but i am <3#someone needs to inject horse tranqs directly into my brain im over it im ohh#im so fucking mad like i mean it if i cannot escape this real soon im just. ohhhhhh#edit: im just so genuinely fucking mad im not me as well#like dysphoria wise or whatever#im not me and i hate it so fucking much. everything is wrong#i think some of this is triggered by my current hyperfixation as its more me than i think i will have to accept i will ever be#and frankly it hurts#it reminds me of wjere i belong too#it really hurts. i just need things to change just in ways i think i will have to accept they neber will and i cant and it aches so much#nothing i do will ever be enough because it doesn't fundamentally change things. im exhausted i dont want to be stuck like this anymore#please i just need to be me. i cant accept that this is reality thar in this reality i cant ever be me how i am how where i belong is. pleas
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scrawlingskribbles · 3 days ago
so bro & I finally got around to watching the Idhun Chronicles tonight and just... god xDDDD
the first season was legitimately so rough and painful that we almost didn’t even make it through, like it was literally like pulling teeth & we were complining & bellyaching the Entire time while we stuck it out purely out of sheer integrity/spite, but then we decided to still try out the first ep of season 2 just to see how much worse it got but it ACTUALLY got?? substantially better???????? like the bar was literally SO low after the mess that was season 1 & it’s still not like GOOD but season 2 was actually?? kinda enjoyable???? and I’m Not just saying that bc my little poly heart is feeling SO very fed in this Chili’s for once— 😂😂😂😂
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queenmolina · 3 days ago
i’m just gonna put it out there that i am terrible at staying involved in group chats. i struggle to keep up with what’s being said to the point where jumping into a conversation actually terrifies me so i’d like to formally apologise to anyone i’m on a group chat/server with who might think i’m ignoring them or don’t want to talk. i love you /p i’m just anxious <3 mwah
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evilskankz · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
when will non spn fans stop talking about spn <333
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lighting-the-fires · 5 days ago
A moment of silence for my realization that I literally went a total of four (4) months of my adult life with just ONE set of responsibilities before immediately loading myself up with more obligations
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t4tnatural · 5 days ago
anon transphobes in the ask boxes needing proof for how dean is trans. saying he can’t be bc of x, y, z. he is trans because i said so. mind your business
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yououghtaknowmp3 · 6 days ago
NEW CLIP: “The Best You’ll Get”
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josephines-journal · 7 days ago
Can't Stop Staring At Those Ocean Eyes | Anidala Oneshot
(hey here's some Anidala fluff nobody asked for!!)
Can't Stop Staring At Those Ocean Eyes | Anidala Oneshot
Warnings: discussion of pregnancy, otherwise it's just fluff with some angst sprinkled in idk
(it's honestly just pillow talk-y fluff let's be real)
Tumblr media
She settles in his arms, a welcome respite from the cold night air drafting in through the window.
"Anakin...if we chose to have children, how many would you want?" She asks, tracing lazy patterns across his bare chest, absentmindedly tracing a fresh scar.
"I dunno,” He answers honestly. “I suppose I don't mind kids. Some of the younglings at the temple are nice enough...except that Grogu," he adds with a grumble. "I suppose I wouldn't mind one of my own. Why do you ask?"
"I still don't understand why you let yourself get harassed by toddlers," Padmé giggles.
"Don't laugh!" Anakin pouts. "Grogu and his...toddler clique stole my lightsaber earlier," he appends with a grimace.  
Padmé, meanwhile, attempts to stifle her laughter. The mental image of Anakin being bullied by a bunch of toddlers was thoroughly entertaining.
"Okay...but seriously, why are you asking? Is everything okay?" Anakin asks, genuinely concerned. 
She sighs, locking eyes with him. "Don't panic, but my cycle is late. Don't get excited though, it's probably nothing. It just...made me think, you know?" She says softly, letting her mind wander. She could almost see it now - a child that was a perfect mix of the both of them. 
"Oh," is all he can say. How was he supposed to react? Padmé could be pregnant. “But it’s probably nothing, right?”
“Yes, I’m sure it’s fine,” she responds smoothly. "Don't let this...hang over your head. It's fine, I'm sure. You watch, I'll get it tommorow or something," she chuckles lightly.
"'s not for certain? We're okay, then?" He asks, unable to hide a bit of anxiousness in his voice.
"Mmm-hmm," she pauses, trying to think of something to change the subject. "Hey, are you going back to the Temple tomorrow or tonight?"
She can feel him relax a bit at the distraction. "Probably early tomorrow morning. I'll be gone by the time you wake up. We ship out for Cato Neimoidia tomorrow afternoon, and then after that, we're going to Anaxes. But I bet you I'll be back soon, I don't see either of these campaigns taking long."
"I sure hope," Padmé yawns. "I hate how often you're gone. It seems more than usual lately," she snuggles closer, holding him one last time. "I wish I didn't have to go to sleep,"
I know," he responds with a sigh. "I'll be back, I promise."
"Promise?" She asks.
"Yeah, I promise." He kisses the top of her head gently, wishing he could be there when she wakes. 
Sadly, that was a luxury neither of them had.
"I could leave, you know," he blurts. "I would do anything you asked if it made you happy." he says, earnestly, grasping her hand.
" don't mean that, Anakin. The Jedi need you. The clones need you. The Republic itself needs you! You can't leave,"
"But I would," he presses on. "I would. Say the word and I'll leave it all behind."
His deep blue eyes are boring into her soul; nearly asking her to say it. 
"I..." she trails off. She knew that all she had to do was ask him to leave, to leave all of his responsibilities behind - and if she asked, he would leave it all behind in a heartbeat.
Something flickered in Anakin's eyes: he could feel her wavering resolve, but he remained silent. 
It didn't matter, anyway; she couldn't bring herself to do it. It was selfish, and it wasn't how it was meant to be - at least for now, anyway.
..But was it really selfish to want a normal life?
Perhaps it wasn't. They had both known the repercussions; they knew what was going to happen if they pursued a relationship. 
Resolutely, she decides she can't say it. It wasn't fair of her to ask him to abandon what he had worked most of his life for, even if he would just for her. "...I love you, Ani." she finally says. 
He sighs contently, pulling her closer. "I love you too," he says without hesitation.
"Would you be..." He pauses, attempting to figure out how to word his question. "Would you be upset? If you weren't pregnant, I mean."
"I'd be more relieved if anything, would be nice though, huh?" She murmurs quietly as she gently lets her fingertips trace a scar on his side. "A little version of you and me running around."
He laughs at that. "I don't think you'd want a mini-Anakin running around." 
"Maybe not," She snorts. "But you know what I mean, right? A little baby...the perfect combo of you and I." her hand unthinkingly moves to her lower abdomen. 
"Yeah, I know what you're saying," he says, wrapping an arm around her shoulder. "Sounds scary, if you ask me," he half-jokes.
"And so I've found the one thing the 'hero with no fear' is scared of," she teases. 
"Oh, yeah?" He tickles her side in retaliation, making her squirm as she tries not to laugh. 
"Anakin!" She manages to squeal, even as she finally gives in and attempts to wiggle away from him. He kisses the side of her head gently before letting her go. 
"Okay, okay, I'll give you your space," he says with a grin. "I win."
She tilts her head. "Is that so?" before Anakin can react, she darts her hands out to his sides, attacking him with relentless tickles. 
Anakin quickly realizes that she's fighting dirty, tickling him near his ribs and trying to keep him from retaliating, but to no avail. “Hey, no fair!”
"No fair?" She replies. "You started it!"
Anakin tries to bat Padmé’s hands away, but nearly falls off the bed while doing so.
She stops for a second, “Oh...whoops.” She mutters, before she realizes she's gotten the high ground in this situation. “Ha! Gotcha. I win."
"Okay, okay! You've made your point!" He says, laughing as he gets back on the bed.
They sit in comfortable silence for a minute, before finally, Padmé yawns once again, settling into his embrace as they wordlessly lie down. "I... I'll miss you, Ani." She breathes.
"You know I can't stay away for long, Padmé. And before you know it, this war will be over. I promise you." His hands trail through her hair, tracing soothing lines along her scalp. 
She sighs, her eyes growing heavy. "And once it's over...we can be free then. We could go to Naboo," she says dreamily. "Maybe then, we could start a family." 
"Yeah," Anakin agrees. "I like that," 
That night, Padmé goes to sleep dreaming of what could be. Maybe, she really was pregnant. Maybe, the war would be over soon and they could go back to Naboo.
She knew the perfect spot at the lake house for a baby's room.
In her mind's eye, she could see picnics, could see her and Anakin teaching their child to swim, could see a future that wasn't so full of war and chaos and stress. 
Their relationship wasn't normal; it wasn't the typical relationship you'd see with normal couples who could freely be in love. 
Perhaps someday, things would be different. Perhaps someday, they could get that happy ending on Naboo.
But for now, it was little moments like this that made it all the more worth it.
mini taglist this time!!! @thereblogcrusader @haydens-moles because frankly they were the only ones I can think of atm that noticed my other fluff fic so yEah, also @anidalalover99 would enjoy this methinks :v
comment or rb if you enjoyed idk y'all know the drill and I'm frankly exhausted bcs its 3:10 am so do what you wish
oh yeah I'm gifting this to @stillmourningtonystark bcs I read some of her fluff and it was just 🥺 it killed me and I was like "I need to write fluff now" so uh yeah check her out
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zukkaclawthorne · 8 days ago
irony is me trying to write this essay about characters with neurodivergent traits but not being able to focus on it for more than four seconds at a time
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