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#my audio edits
demivampirew6 months ago
I repeat LISTEN WITH 馃帶!聽
You鈥檙e welcome.
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the-empty-man4 months ago
A Collection of my Favourite Minkowski & Eiffel Angst Moments
Part 1 (Episodes 26, 28, 29 and 40)
Part 2 (Episodes 55 and 57)
Part 3 (Episode 61)
Sometimes it isn't easy to distinguish where one clip starts and another begins, so here's the first line (and the episode of origin) of each separate clip I've included, in order:
Part 1
Ep26 "Eiffel, can you hear me?"
"We're going to get through this"
"What do you need?"
Ep28 "Did... Was that...?"
Ep29 "I am the person who sent Eiffel out into that shuttle"
Ep40 "Okay, that's it!"
"Hey, turn around!"
Part 2
Ep55 "Everything is completely under control"
Ep57 "Commander, listen to-"
"Minkowski! Minkowski, wait!"
"Commander, commander, listen to me! I need you to come back!"
"Now if you'll excuse me..."
Part 3
Ep61 "What the hell!?"
"I had to do it to him too."
"Hera, Hera, I-"
"Eiffel? Eiffel, are you there?"
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starrdustkitten4 months ago
I had another thought鈩 (after having Quackity鈥檚 version of this meme stuck in my head on loop) and this happened.. so behold my magnum opus of audio editing (/hj):
you reposted in the wrong RE Village Factory - featuring Karl Heisenberg
Instrumental from: Here聽馃挏
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amatalefay9 months ago
Hades is king / Zeus and his pantheon of kin Of oil and coal / Take the first nine out of every ten And the riches that flow / Minas like lightning changing hands Where those rivers are found / It all returns back to his pockets in the end
(Come Home With Me/Soldier, Poet, King | more audio edits)
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denizenhardwicka month ago
Here鈥檚 my rearranged version of Savage I spent all afternoon making even though I fucking hate audio editing hahaha (I鈥檓 in pain)
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bandicoot882 years ago
It鈥檚 short. Perhaps one day I鈥檒l make a longer one. Maybe... 馃憖
Somewhat nsfw. Usage of out of context dialogue.
Tumblr media
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themotherforkingsparrow2 years ago
this has probably been done a thousand times before, but here
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xiangyu2 years ago
I do not own this song, but I love it and I love my 19% voice-dropped version even better.
Farewell my man where you go I will not go where you go, no one goes where you go, it is too cold
Farewell my man I embrace you one last time Remember my taste of apples of cherries and lilacs
Farewell my man I have to live without your arms and in the arms of other men the night, it's only you I see
Farewell my man you see, I've forgotten you already I've forgotten your voice which resonates You see? No, you do not see.
Farewell my man promise that we'll see each other again I wait just for the knell to ring Just for it to ring for me
Farewell my man It's life and it's all me I accept what she gives me and I take what she does not
Farewell my man where you go I will not go where you go, no one goes where you go, it is too cold
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trueshredguitar2 years ago
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forever-dreaming-cullen3 years ago
So, I did a little experiment in audio editing that I thought I鈥檇 share with you. You can imagine any sort of scenario you wish...sexual, or something else.
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starrdustkittena year ago
The video聽鈥淒on鈥檛 Lose Your Cool Challenge鈥 came back up in my recommended so I decided to watch it again and the line 鈥淗ow still is your heart?鈥 (said by Mark at 12:44) still gives me big Dark vibes to this day, so I decided to make a little audio edit! 馃憖 馃挏
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amatalefay10 months ago
Down in the river of oblivion / Most every little life You kissed your little life goodbye / Is only struggling for gain And Hades laid his hands on you / And all that getting begets And gave you everlasting life / Only pain
But when you sacrifice / An everlasting overtime And give up giving into want / In the mine, in the mill, in the machinery You have nothing to lose / Your place on the assembly line If everything鈥檚 gone / Replaces all your memory
Inspired by this post by @ratcarney鈥:
Tumblr media
[Text: little life wants what way down hadestown ii has.]
(more audio edits)
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bandicoot883 years ago
It鈥檚 not perfect, and it took hours to do. I wanted it to be longer, but it鈥檚 what I have to work with, so pardon if it seems rushed. Bonus scene at the end. ;)
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min3nc24 days ago
left brain and right brain of the b(ee)raincell (x)
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