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#my room

I think the things I own and love
Acquire a sense of me,
That gives them value far above
The worth that others see.
My chattels are of me a part:
This chair on which I sit
Would break its overstuffed old heart
If I made junk of it.

To humble needs with which I live,
My books, my desk, my bed,
A personality I give
They’ll lose when I am dead.
Sometimes on entering my room
They look at me with fear,
As if they had a sense of doom
Inevitably near.

Yet haply, since they do not die,
In them will linger on
Some of the spirit that was I,
When I am gone.
And maybe some sweet soul will sigh,
And stroke with tender touch
The things I loved, and even cry
A little,–not too much.

My Room ~ Robert William Service

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01.12.2020 || hello december!

here’s some pleasing shots of my room that I just thought looked cute ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

Day 1 of @myhoneststudyblr ‘s Winter Studying Challenge

❄️  1st December - Do you like winter? ❄️

I absolutely love winter!! I look forward to it all year and it’s my favorite season— apart from fall! what can I say? The atmosphere of the music, spending time with friends and family, sweaters and warm drinks, how could I not love it! I’m particularly fond of the holiday season solely because I love how beautiful my city and many stores will decorate for the holidays. It just feels so magical and special!

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Hello. Yes. If you walk into my room, the first thing by the door is a plastic ax on a telescope tripod. Thank you for joining me on an introduction to a tour of my room.

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