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#piers pokemon x reader
Can you do some hcs of Marnie being protective over Piers when he has a new S/O? Like his last s/o wasn’t really a great person so she worries but thankfully his s/o is a lot better and a lot nicer

/ yeah, of course! sorry this took so long, thank you so so much for being patient! things have been crazy where i am, with everyone trying to adjust to daily online school assignments and me trying to help out around the house whenever i can, along with me trying to keep up with my own personal studies-it’s a mess, but i’m trying to get used to things, heh
/ anyways, here is what you requested! i’m trying out a different style to see what i like best, so i’m sorry if my next posts are a bit inconsistent-just try to stick with me for a little bit :)


Originally posted by pokephrases


- oh boy, you better watch out. she may be small and seemingly weak, but she will put up a fight (and do literally anything) for her brother. they have gone through a lot together, so you can only imagine how close they are as a family. 

- now, when she first hears about piers having a new s/o, she is very skeptical. this is mostly because of how piers was treated and used by his s/o(’s) in the past, and for the most part she just wants to make sure that doesn’t happen again, because she knows that her brother deserves better. 

- but, she also can’t help but be a little bit hopeful and think that maybe, just maybe, this is the person that was meant for him. 

- when you first meet her, she’s super polite and acts as normally as she can without seeming like she’s overanalyzing everything you do and say. the way that you hold his hand, smile at him when he makes a witty comment, how you attentively listen to what he has to say-so far, in her eyes, everything looks good! 

- after first meeting you, she can’t help but continue hoping that you are the one who will treat him right and help him rebuild his confidence as a person. 

- a few more months pass by, and she actually is starting to genuinely enjoy being around you! especially when you guys are also with piers. usually, you guys do something silly when you hang out, like try baking a cake or playing a game of charades or maybe playing just dance! the more she sees and talks to you and sees how you interact with her older brother, the more she starts to like you. plus, she is seeing a difference in how piers treats himself, in a good way

- six months go by, and she’s pretty confident in her brothers’ relationship with you. from the way piers talks about you and what you say about piers to her, this is a good, healthy relationship and she couldn’t be happier for her brother! 

- eventually, maybe a month or so after that, she will open up and tell you about piers last s/o, and upon seeing how upset and pissed off you were, her heart swelled. it was obvious how much you cared about him and she couldn’t help but smile. 

- she’ll probably take your hand and try to calm you down, and then let you know how happy she is that piers ended up with someone like you. she’ll tell you about how she’s seen an increase in his self-confidence and a change in how he treats himself, and how it’s for the better. she’ll most likely thank you for treating him right (and remind you of what she’s capable of if you don’t).

- all in all, she definitely approves. you are, without a doubt, the one for him.

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Piers x Reader

Part One
Words: 4,300
Warnings: Alcohol, drinking
A/N: Hey its been like 2 months but I’m back! Uni, the quarantine and life have thrown me a curveball but I figured I’d finish this as a birthday present to myself! Here’s to hoping I’m not rusty!


Piers expected a mess when he walked in the front door.

The place was an overcrowded travesty. Every person stood around in their shimmery clothes. They all smiled, they all looked happy and they were all holding drinks. Sat at the foot of the staircase leading up to the apartments above. Barely standing, eaning against their friends and partners for support.

Piers pushed past the figures who blocked the way to the elevator and pressed the button. He’d ride it all the way to the top where Leon’s big penthouse apartment sat and overlooked the whole of Wyndon.

He did his best not to make eye-contact with anyone. The floor numbers ticked down, signalling the elevators slow approach. Piers had sent you a text upon arrival in the hopes that you’d see it and come fetch him. Knowing you, your rotomphone was likely tucked in the corner of Leon’s room charging. All while you sat in a chair in the corner and chatted away with whoever had decided to drop down beside you.

You weren’t a party person, per-say. Every few weeks or so was nice, but not all the time. But you liked getting invited. You liked dancing with particular people to particular songs. You liked sitting in a bedroom in someones flat. Talking to the waves of people who came in looking for someone easy to talk to.

That was you. A comfort person.

Who he now had to seek out in a building filled with energy so antithetical to his it almost made him laugh.


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Piers and a male s/o who is also a singer songwriter and gutairist but their music is the exact opposite asthetic of piers, imagine Dodie but male! Bonus points If s/o also dresses to the more soft asthetic but still loves piers music

Aye! I can do so! I am also sorry for the long wait and just flat out had a bad few months. That, and this new mess of a pandemic hasn’t hit us fully like other places and we’re basically NOT being quarantined just yet… But! I am doing better lately and should be back on track! ^^ ✨

𝙿𝚒𝚎𝚛𝚜 × 𝙼𝚊𝚕𝚎 𝚁𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚛

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Got any angst and comfort for Piers x reader? I just really need some cute stuff. I got a lot of feelings

Awwwh, bean I feel that. Things have been rough around here too. Just gonna throw this out for anyone, but y’all are welcome to send asks and message me ^^ I hope this writing makes you feel better <3

Ended up getting kinda sappy at the end but hey, ya know what, sappy is hella good. Get some sap y’all.

You and Piers had been dating for about six months, and though he had known you for even longer, he had never seen you like this. Irritated a lot of the time, sometimes snappy, and overall stressed. He knew some shit was happening with your family, but the more that these small outbursts happened, the more that he would start to get concerned.

And he knew you and himself well enough to know that this smile you had on at this moment was entirely fabricated. He could see the anger in your eyes as you lovingly smiled at your mother and father, both of which were evaluating Piers heavily.

What he didn’t know before you two started dating was that you came from a prominently rich family, and one that valued the whole “arranged marriage” situation more than most folk would. He remembered when you called your mother, telling her about this whole ordeal, that you two started dating. And he remembered that her screaming over the phone drove you to tears.

Ever since then, you had been stressed and angry, with only Pier’s arms as a comfort. His cuddles were the only way that you got sleep now, and his songs and kisses were what made you smile. You body language was tense, even as you held onto his hand, and as he watched, he squeezed your hand. You glanced up, confused for a second, but he sent you a reassuring smile. Finally, a real smile from you, and your shoulders slumped. This man certainly knew how to ground you.

“So, this is the man you claim to love,” your mother all but snarled out, bringing your attention back. She picked up her teacup, sipping from it and sending a pointed look at Piers. “He’s… exuberant, to say the least.”

You stiffened. “You’re the one who said you wanted to meet him.” Ah yes, that’s why he loved you. Despite all this rich upbringing, you were feisty and refused to give in.

“I did, yes, but I didn’t expect you to find a diseased zigzagoon.”

You were about to throw hands with this woman, but he just squeezed your hand again and chuckled. “I’ve heard worse.” He looked dead on at your mother, who seemed to be more the head of this household than the father, who stayed quiet on the couch beside her. “If I may be so bold, what did you intend to get out of this meeting?”

He heard a chuckle from the father, who was given a glare by the matriarch. “I wanted to see if you were a good fit for the family line. We already had a suitor picked out for her, one of proper stature and renown. And then, she calls me and says that she found one herself? Disgraceful. I wanted to see you to get a proper reading. She’s my daughter.”

“She’s not your property, though.”

The air in the room was tense, and the entire family looked towards Piers, the mother more in shock that he would talk back, and the father more amused than anything.

“Come again?”

“She’s not your property. You can’t sell her off to the highest bidder like she’s an antique.” He wrapped his arm around your shoulders and pulled you in close. “And I’m sorry, but I’ve no intention on letting one of the greatest lights of my life go just because you found someone who would take the highest bid and then some.”

Your mother looked like she was about to spit fire at him, but the father burst out laughing just as she stood up to retort back. She looked at her husband, enraged. “Why are you laughing at this?!”

After the father wiped away the tears from his eyes and calmed down, he just smiled at Piers. “Dearest, I don’t think anyone would be a better fit for her. Out of our three, she shall never be tamed. Ferocity thrives on boldness, yes?” He waved his hand, dismissing the two of you. “Go, I’ll talk some sense into her.” He sent a wink to you, and the breath you had been holding in broke through, causing you to run away from the situation.

Piers stood, bowed slightly to the dad, and went to find where you were at. He learned from some servants that you had run into the yard, where a bunch of the rose bushes were. He had to admit, it was beautiful, almost sickeningly so. The nice, marble paths leading to a gazebo, the fountains on either side of him, and the well taken care of fences all screamed entitled. He was honestly amazed you even came from here, what with some of the nasty things that your mouth uttered during intense battles and such.

He found you crying in the gazebo, and immediately sidled up next to you and wrapped his arms around you. Like a learned reaction, you melted into his chest, taking the thumping of his heart not a slight bit for granted.

“Wh… why?” you managed to get out.

“Why not?”

“Do you know what she’ll do to make you go away…?”

He rubbed your back and kissed the top of your head. “Don’t know, don’t care.”

You looked up at him, confused.

“I’m in love with you for you, not some dumbass rich kid shit you might have. And lets be real her, if I didn’t fight your mom, you would’ve.” He looked down at you, seeing that finally the tension you had held for so long had been released. He chuckled. “If your mom disowns you, doesn’t that mean I get to freely marry you?”

“PIERS!” Your sobs were instead replaced by you laughing, hiding your blushing face in his chest.

“Just sayin’.”

“You’d need my father’s blessing.”

“Pretty sure I already do.”

At this point you were just a melted, blushing mess, but the smile you had on and the laugh you gave were both genuine. From the courtyard entry way, your parents were watching this exchange, and the father chuckled as he watched you get tickled and almost fall off the gazebo bench.

“She hasn’t laughed like that in a long while,” he said smiling.

“Hm.” Your mother sighed, conflicted in her emotions.

“Reminds me of us, back in the day.”

“Does it? I’ll say your sense of fashion was much better than his.”

“True, but that means nothing to his heart. I didn’t think I would ever see her smile like that again.”

“I don’t like him.”

“I do.”

“I know. He’ll stay… for now.”

“For now?”

“We’ll see if he wins me over in the future…” Your mother turned and walked back into the large estate, a small smile over her face. Ferocity favors the bold, that much was for certain. Yet those who are ferocious always need a landing point to return to. Maybe he was yours, like your father was hers.

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Your writing is awesome as always!! I come bringing request 👀 Piers finished practicing gutair , and as he walks out of his room he sees his s/o has fallen asleep sitting up outside his door, just listening to him play 🥺

/Thank you! I would’ve definitely just busted into the room, but this is such a cute idea!


Sometimes, Piers likes to be alone while trying out new material. So tonight, you’re on the couch in the living room, playing a video game while Piers practices guitar in the bedroom.

Some time later, you get up for a bathroom break. On your way back to the couch, you hear him singing new lyrics that are clearly about you. Is this why he insisted on practicing alone?

Enamored by the sweet song, you find yourself smiling outside the closed bedroom door. You take a seat against the wall, happy to hear his small slip-ups and successes.

It’s not long before you’re asleep.

When Piers is done, he opens the door to find you lying in front of it. He chuckles to himself, wondering how you could have possibly gotten comfortable on the floor.

With a bit of practice at this point, he leans down to gather you in his arms, carrying you to bed.

There, he looks over at you with adoration before falling asleep himself.

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If it’s not too much trouble, could you write Piers with an s/o who loves his eyes? I’m just falling really hard for him and I think his eyes are beautiful. ;~;

I feel ya. ; ]


When the two of you first got together, Piers found you staring at him often, usually in the quiet moments you shared.  More than he was used to.  Due to his two careers, he was used to having all eyes on him.  But, to have someone he cared for paying so much attention to him… It made him a bit self-conscious.

As the two of you spent an afternoon together, your head resting in his lap, you gazed up at him.  He was busy working on something in his notebook again, seemingly stumped.  He hadn’t written anything in an hour.  You shifted into a comfier spot. Piers glanced down and caught you staring again.

He returned your gaze, thinking, writing hand moving to play with your hair, his other arm resting on your hip.

“Uh, everythin’ alright?  Caught you starin’ a lot, lately…”

You snuggled closer to him and told him how you felt.  How you loved that you could always tell what he really felt based on his eyes. How dark they got when he was working on a song.  How they softened when he spoke to you or his sister.  How you knew he had feelings for you long before he confirmed it.

And… it didn’t help the smokey eye-shadow made him quite attractive, in your opinion.

He flushed and stiffened.  No one had told him that before in person, although he saw many comments online from fans saying his eyes were “sexy” and whatever.  He just brushed them off; figured they were just obsessed.  Once they found something new, they’d move on.

He had to admit, though, that some of the compliments were a bit flattering.

But for you to say it?

He eased his muscles and held you closer, eyes softening in the way you loved as he smiled down at you.

“That means the world, comin’ from you.  Can’t say I feel much differently about you.” He paused.  With a bit of readjusting, he leaned over and kissed you gently.  You could feel his heart patter just a bit faster.  After what you wished would last forever, he pulled away just an inch or so and grinned.

“Sorry, couldn’t help it.  Just wanted to see what kinda look you’d make if I did that,” he said, voice barely a whisper.

You pulled him into another kiss.

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Piers or Leon please! HCs for a s/o who's partner pokemon is Mewtwo? Like they rescued it from the lab it was in. Thank you so much!

/Did you see Mewtwo Strikes Back? So good! Thanks for the cool ask!


Holy shit, Mewtwo is amazing.

Holy shit, you’re amazing.

Piers is sort of hyperventilating. He’s an anxious guy, so please be patient when introducing Mewtwo!

Once he’s had tea and a shoulder rub, he’ll elaborate on his feelings more effectively.

He’s so impressed by your bravery and compassion. Of course, those are things he sees in you every day, but this is…incredible, he thinks.

Also, heck yeah, breaking the law for the greater good!

Piers becomes just as close with Mewtwo as you are. (It’s not particularly difficult, since it talks to you guys telepathically) But it helps that you and Piers are so close—Mewtwo knows it can trust him.

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May I request some cute First Kiss scenarios of Piers, Raihan, and Leon with their s/o respectively.



Originally posted by pokephrases


I imagine that he would kiss you for the first time while you guys are either on your first date or when it’s over. Like, if you went on to a coffee shop for your first date and then on a walk through a park; most likely it would happen at the park if the mood strikes, or afterward when you guys part ways.

He’d just like, lean in a little bit and then pause at first, to give you time to refuse so he doesn’t make you uncomfortable. If you blush and look away awkwardly then he’d straighten back up and give you a hug instead, saying that he was looking forward to the time that he (hopefully) gets to spend with you in the future. If you don’t pose any objections though then he’ll definitely go for it!

Your first kiss with him lasts for a few moments and is really light and sweet. His lips are surprisingly really soft, especially since he spends most of his training in harsh weather conditions. (this boy uses an ungodly amount of lotion and chapstick eavigiuwbjdks)


Originally posted by scyther-no-scything


Piers would most likely kiss you upon confessing that he likes you and would like to go on a date with you. (He’s shaking because he’s so nervous nuviewebjkal please go on a date with this boy) But when you say yes he just!! He smiles and it’s the most beautiful and adorable thing you have ever seen.

And he just kind of leans in really quickly and?? Before you know it it’s already over but it was so soft and sweet and you barely had any time to react but he just wanted to get in one kiss just to see how your lips felt against his. It felt amazing, by the way


Originally posted by carefreejules


I honestly feel like while this boy is a sucker for physical affection, he’s very nervous about it at first because he’s never really had a lot of experience when it comes to relationships. So I feel like it would be during maybe the third or fourth date when he decides to go for it! I also like to think that during these dates is when you guys start to do more romantic things like have him set up a candlelit dinner or maybe a picnic underneath the stars and it would just be really nice and so many loving vibes!!

And so maybe he just looks at you before you guys take a seat and he just leans in and kisses you really softly and?? Even though he doesn’t use chapstick his lips are REALLY soft (he stays hydrated lmao) and tastes kind of like the smell of evergreen woods during a chilly winter night in the north. (i know that’s oddly specific but euvbafisk deal with it) He just really likes you a lot and he just kind of did what his body told him to do. And he he is super flustered about it afterward it’s really cute though and he just!! Didn’t know what overcame him but he knows that he cares about you a lot and just had to show it to you somehow!

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Alright! May I request some angst and comfort for Piers x reader? Maybe they argue or something sad happens and just the comforting fluff afterwards

/ alright so, this is my first time writing for piers so i apologize if it’s bad! i actually did a bit of research into how other writers portray him so i could get an idea of how others see him, but i don’t really know if it helped-so i’m basically jumping into this blind, lmao. thanks for the request, nonnie! hopefully, this is what you were looking for :)

- I honestly feel like, in terms of arguments with his s/o, they wouldn’t happen super often. I just feel like he’s pretty laid back and chill and a go-with-the-flow sorta person.
 But! If Piers disagrees with you on something, he’s not going to just say nothing. This will most likely lead to an argument if you’re particularly stubborn and refuse to admit when you’re wrong like me.

- If he realizes that he’s the one in the wrong once the argument is over and done, it won’t take him too long to go up to you and apologize. And, honestly, even if he wasn’t necessarily in the wrong, he might still talk to you and apologize for losing his cool over the topic you guys were arguing about. 

- Now, if you’re anything like me if you still feel really bad afterward because you don’t like arguments, he totally gets it! Arguments are super stressful, especially when they’re with the ones you love and care the most about. 

- So, with that said, expect a lot of soft Piers TM for the rest of the day! This includes lots of cuddles and soft blankets! He will probably put on a favorite TV show that both of you guys like or a movie that you both enjoy! Complete with popcorn and candy (or whatever else you like to eat during a movie,,,i personally recommend raw spinach leaves vebaiulsbyvaeku don’t judge me-).

- He will probably make you dinner-but nothing super fancy though, more like a good, simple homecooked meal. Like homemade mac and cheese, or maybe your favorite type of sandwich or soup! He can cook really well so take advantage of it

- If you’re still really upset about it, he’ll try to talk it out with you and hear your side of the story more. He will definitely comfort you and tell you that arguments are inevitable and that you just have to forgive each other and move past it! This just proves how strong of a bond the two of you share and how much you love each other. 

- He knows how much he cares about you and is sure that an argument between you two will not be the cause of you two splitting up. He honestly just can’t let go of you that easily-he cares too much about you. 

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Piers *runs hands through his hair* "I missed you so much, I love you"


Piers’ eyes squint slightly from the smallest of smiles. It’s an expression few get to see.

His hands move to your hips, pulling you in close. Dark hair rushes forward and covers his face as he rests his head at your shoulder.

“Missed you too. Love you so much…” He’s mumbling, clearly exhausted from the past few days of battles and shows that’ve kept him busy.

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Piers x deaf reader please

I don’t have any experience with being deaf, so please let me know if this is inaccurate at all, but this was so cute I couldn’t resist with the idea that was in my head haha.

I hope I did it justice <3

It was a surprise when the two of you got together. After all, you were deaf, and Piers was a singer, but that didn’t seem to bother either of you. Strangely enough, it was a comfort to Piers. No one there to judge his voice or how he felt at all, and you were quiet a lot of the times. It was because of you that he started to learn sign language, and though he was shaky at is, you found it more amusing than offensive.

When you told him that you could read lips, it was evident that it was a relief to him. He felt like he had been walking on eggshells this entire time, always worrying about saying the wrong thing. You knew how to speak, it was just the hearing that was an issue.

But really, that didn’t make you any less beautiful.

Sure, Piers had to adjust some things to hang out with you, but it was actually a nice change of pace. He found himself looking at people more often, rather than the constant need to look away when he talked. He smiled more, was more relaxed, because strangely enough, even though he would speak softly, he knew that he was being heard.

That was special to him.

Yes, he was famous for his singing and near angelic voice, but that wasn’t the defining factor in the relationship. You didn’t want him for his fame, his voice or his looks. You wanted him for who he was, and that was enough for you. It was… odd, at first, and for a while he thought he was being tricked. But soon enough, he found himself falling for you.

Since you two got together, you had cuddled many a time. You always pressed your head against his chest, enjoying the thumping of his heartbeat. He would play with your hair, making small braids here and there and then unraveling them, and he found himself humming.

That was so weirdly special to you. You could feel the vibrations across his chest, mixed with the thumping of his heart, and the feeling of his touch on your head made you adore him even more. So one day, you asked him. You asked him to sing. He was confused at first, and you nervously told him that you wanted to feel it.

He smiled, held your head to him, wrapping his arms around your body. His nose nuzzled the top of your head, and you could feel him laugh a little bit. You were going to retort, but the feeling of his song nearly moved you to tears. It was almost like you could hear him, but it didn’t have any notes to it. Just the intensity behind them as he sang his heart out for you in the comfort of his home. You couldn’t hear the angelic voice that so many had talked about, but you understood why people were enamored with him now. What words he was saying, you didn’t know, but it didn’t matter. He was singing a ballad for you.

At the end of the song, you noticed your face was damp with tears. He pulled you away just to ask you if you were okay, and your nod and your push back to his chest made him truly laugh. You didn’t know until now that vibrations could sound so beautifully, and could be filled with such love. Every night since then, before you fell asleep, Piers would sing you a lullaby. And every night before you drifted off, you debated getting hearing aids just to hear the words properly.

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Piers and Nicknames

  • He has a nickname for just about everyone
  • His sister has the most
  • He will never call her a nickname in mixed company and they’re usually reserved for when they’re alone
  • He’s partial to things that have part of her name in it like: Mag Mar, Mar-Tian, Marzipan
  • Sometimes just good old Baby Sister
  • He won’t do that in front of her friends or anything though
  • He doesn’t want to embarrass her, he knows she’s shy
  • For his S/O he likes to incorporate shit you like
  • You a rocker like him? Mixtape, songbird, lullaby
  • You have a sweet tooth? Pixie stick, gobstopper, cupcake
  • He will used normal ones like babe occasionally but only in public, in private he prefers to use what he considers to be the more intimate and personal names
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Almost Caught Fooling Around with Piers (NSFW)

  • Piers let out a flirty chuckle as he pinned you to his couch
  • He was peppering your neck with kisses and making light suggestions about you doing something for him
  • You finally decided to indulge him
  • He leaned back on the couch, pulling his pants down a bit to show off his growing erection
  • He didn’t have to invite you
  • You gave the tip a playful lick and before you could do any more than that the living room light turned on.
  • You pulled away from Piers and he out himself away
  • He looked behind the couch to see Marnie had come into the living room and his heart just stopped
  • The couch was pretty tall, hopefully she didn’t see anything.
  • She didn’t seem to be scarred for life
  • She seemed sleepy
  • “Uh, didn’t know you were up, Mag Mar.”
  • “Oh, I just wanted some water. I didn’t mean to interrupt your movie.”
  • Oh that’s right, you put a movie on.
  • You and piers looked at the screen, having no idea what was going on
  • You had been making out since the movie started
  • Marnie got her water and immediately turned the lights back off and went back to bed
  • But it was safe to say neither of you were in the mood anymore
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you don't have to do this one if it's too specific, but do you have any headcanons for Piers and his s/o watching Frozen 2?

This is so cute and I’m for sure going to project, fair warning. I’ll put this under a cut for people who haven’t watched it and would like to avoid spoilers. I had wayyyyy too much fun with this

Keep reading

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anon asked: “Can I request Hop and Marnie’s reactions to realizing that the fem!reader has a crush on their respective older brothers?”

a/n: this is cute !!! i added a pinch of unrequited love bc that’s always cute but. this is just bapie reader having a puppy crush on their big bros !!! enjoy !!! –mod touko


  • “you WHAT mate?!”
  • he’d be a little stunned when you admit it, eyes growing wide and cheeks tinting pink as he makes fake gagging noises. hop loved his brother to bits but imagining someone dating him? and his best friend at that? disgusting, and he would not stand for it.
  • definitely tries to talk you out of it. hop is a little bit jealous, not knowing why, it’s not like he liked you or anything (at least, that’s what he tells himself). 
  • “he’s a little too old for you, dontcha think? lee’s nearly senile at this point i reckon. a complete and utter boomer! he just got a rotomphone this year, he was using a poryphone for the longest. no way you’d want to date him. nuh-uh not ever!”


  • “good one… oh wait you’re serious…”
  • she’d laugh quietly, hiding her face with her hand so you can’t see the light blush on her cheeks. the few friends she had when she was younger always ended up with a crush on her older brother, so this was really nothing new. 
  • tries telling you embarrassing stories about him so that you can get over your crush on him and QUICKLY! the mental image of you fawning over her older brother is enough to make her want to yell at him, he had no right messing with his friends heart like that (even if it wasn’t his fault at all)! 
  • “i don’t think he’s your type, really… he’s embarrassing… he always shows up at my matches with giant banners with my name on them. unless you like that kind of annoying attention he’s not the one for you.” then, with a mischievous smile, “maybe i should take you to nurse joy to make sure your head’s screwed on right, hm?”
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Wedding headcanons for Piers, Rose and Leon? Please and thank you


  • His wedding is probably a really small one, and let’s be honest he’s not opposed to the idea of just signing the papers to legally get married and get it over with. But, if you want a wedding, you’re getting a wedding.
  • Marnie’s the flower girl, don’t test her. Morpecko brings the rings. The best man is Obstagoon in a bow tie looking overly proud that Piers is finally not being a lonely introvert!!!
  • All the gym leaders and whatever friends and family you’d like are invited to the wedding. The ceremony is very short and everyone keeps an eye on Raihan because if he records any of it Piers will personally deck him—
  • The reception, however?? Absolute party. Team yell was invite after all, and Piers is preforming for his own wedding. You cannot talk him out of this, it’s not gonna work. Everyone besides responsible dad Kabu, the minors, and Opal are shitfaced and there’s a riot going on.
  • Did I mention it’s being held in spikemuth?? Don’t worry the cops won’t get called for all the loud noise it’s normal there—
  • Piers totally ends the night singing you a personal love song he wrote just days beforehand. He honestly really loves you so the song is more suited to your tastes in music and has a lot of lyrics like “I love you so fucking much it hurts” or some shit like that


  • You thought Rose made your birthday a national holiday?? Ha, get ready because the wedding is going to absolutely be a big deal—
  • However the public really isn’t getting any scoops on your wedding day, because this is quite personal. Really, Oleana will probably spend hours beforehand telling people off to leave.
  • The ceremony isn’t very long, but it’s not like Piers’ where it’s literally only five minutes. He’s all for the sappiness of proclaiming his love for you with his vows so be prepared for a five minute lecture on why he loves you.
  • Rose only really invited mainly business friends, the gym leaders and Leon, so the majority of the people there are probably your family and friends. It’s quite small.
  • I’m warning all you Rose stans out there, yes your outfit will probably be an extremely gaudy suit or dress that’s like a million dollars because he wants you to have the wedding of your dreams—
  • Oleana is Rose’s best woman. What else did you expect??


  • I’m gonna be flat out, you’ll probably going to have a lot of dance classes leading up to the wedding because honestly Leon really wants the first dance to be perfect!!
  • The ceremony is also quite short, mainly because Leon’s very much eager to party and he already professes his love to you on a daily basis so let’s party!!! (He’ll do that thing where he twirls you around when you guys smooch)
  • Leon’s best man is Raihan, for obvious reasons, and Hop is the flower girl. Wooloo will be bring the rings because Wooloo said so. Charizard is one of the groomsmen and yes, he is wearing a bowtie that’s purple.
  • His family’s all there, along with the gym leaders, possibly Rose (depending on what point in time you’re getting married), and then whoever your guests are. It’s really actually quite wholesome!!
  • Until the booze comes out, that is!! Then Raihan’s leaning on Leon and spilling his heart out into his champagne glass about how proud he is that his rival got some game—
  • However it’s not a riot, (you’re in the middle of Wyndon please do not turn your wedding into a mess) and you two are probably out on the dance floor for the majority of it.

These are a bit scattered, my apologies!! :)

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