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#scout talks
space-pilot-3000 · 5 months ago
best part of the gamestop thing is iirc there were signs gamestop was probably gonna have an upswing if they survived the pandemic anyways. so what r/wallstreetbets did was completely rational, literally just buying low with the hope of later selling high. the fact they did it collectively makes no real difference; stock brokers act collectively all the time.
but rich hedge funds got mad because they wanted to keep gamestop’s prices artificially low so they could keep short-selling it, and they didnt expect a bunch of poor people to organically, spontaneously unite and all do the thing that, again, basic principles of capitalism & the stock market would indicate is the best thing for them to do.
and yet every economist and financial analyst in the nation is saying a bunch of people not only playing by the rules of capitalism but doing so more in the spirit of the rule than most actual stock brokers is a disaster for capitalism.
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vacueye · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
scout team fortress 2 was bit in '87
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bunny-heels · a year ago
interrupting HL posting to show an EXTREMELY important detail from the trailer
Tumblr media
that is all
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space-pilot-3000 · a year ago
Me when Thornclaw points out ThunderClan’s nepotism:
Tumblr media
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theewrites-tf2 · 3 years ago
Scout: I was so upset when I found out my dad died...
Sniper: Oh i'm so so-... How did he die?
Scout: WW2.
Medic: He died in battle?
Scout: No, skiing in Vermont.
Scout: It was just during WW2. That's what Ma told me, anyway.
Sniper/Medic: *intensive side-eyes toward Spy*
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phantomsandsunsets · 3 months ago
Okay. Charlie posted about the Seaspiracy movie. I love that Charlie does ocean activism, I really do.
That film (not a documentary) is full of misinformation. I can’t believe I’m doing this here on tumblr but I work in ocean conservation and- I cannot stress enough how Seaspiracy is a white savior approach to a complicated issue, how it consistently skews research, data, and interviews, how it endangered victims of human trafficking. Please do not support it.
If you want more information, my DMs (and asks) are open (I will probably not respond much during work hours EDT). Happy to talk about how we can actually conserve our oceans and not blame developing states and non-white cultures for ocean ecosystem degradation.
Your friendly local fish nerd,
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space-pilot-3000 · 2 days ago
📓 spill
DARK FOREST TRAINEE HEATHERTAIL AU. Why did this not happen in canon. Lives in my head rent free.
Because, OK, after Eclipse, Heathertail literally spends all of the rest of her appearances in PO3 and OOTS being incredibly angry at Lionblaze and ThunderClan in general. To the point where they imply several times that she literally feels MURDEROUS towards Lionblaze. And then this plot never goes ANYWHERE because the Erins hate cool women.
Anyway my point is, in the AU, instead of just kind of being mad forever after Eclipse, Heathertail goes home with her tail between her legs and thinks about how Lionblaze beat the shit out of her and almost killed her mentor and probably would have liked to kill her to, and she thinks, I never want anything like that to happen to me again. No matter what I have to do, I'm not going to lose any more battles. I'm not letting myself get killed.
And, you know, the Dark Forest picks up quick on that stuff.
Honestly? At this point how things go would kinda depend on a few factors. My personal headcanon 90% of the time is that Breezepelt didn't actually join the Dark Forest until after Sunrise, so in this AU Heathertail could potentially be a senior recruit to him. On the other hand I'm like... kind of really into the potential dynamic of him finding out that Holy Shit, Heathertail Is Here Too and having no idea how to react to that. Because 1. ????????, 2. !!!!!!!!!!. You know?
In any case, I think that Heathertail is like, a pretty driven person and also generally a talented warrior, so she rockets through the ranks of the Dark Forest fairly quickly. It helps that Tigerstar might take kind of an interest in her? I've mentioned before that Tigerstar tends to go through close allies/accomplices and discard them very quickly when someone more interesting/useful-looking crops up, and I imagine the combined facts of Heathertail's competence and that she joined the Dark Forest almost entirely on her own terms - there was no manipulation from a young age going on here, she was an adult and she did this pretty much voluntarily - would both catch his interest.
And initially, Heathertail is like, she knows she's making a deal with the devil, but she just needs to do this one thing of guaranteeing she never has to feel that powerless again. But the Dark Forest has a way of over-validating anger in a way that expands its target range, and I think she slowly starts to want to not just be able to defend herself against Lionblaze but also to make him feel the powerlessness and defeat that she felt, and then she wants to be able to make ThunderClan feel as weak as she thinks they think WindClan are. I don't think she ever goes full 'The Clans are stupid, I'm loyal to the Dark Forest' mode though. Like I said, she knows she's making a deal with the devil. She thinks she's using Tigerstar, without recognizing the extend to which he's manipulating and using her.
All this to say, my ideal dynamic in this AU is that Heathertail and Breezepelt are a villainous power couple, except also he's kind of just the dumb muscle to her actual villainousness because This Is Not A Healthy Heatherbreeze Dynamic; They Never Moved Past Their Toxic Apprenticehood-Era Relationship Patterns. She comes up with evil plans, and then she tells him who to kill, and he does it and resents her and loves her at the same time and she doesn't give him a second thought beyond what he can do for her.
They're also kind of doing their own thing beyond just the Dark Forest's evil plans and they would be the main villains in OOTS. Because. OOTS should have been more closely linked to the more grounded narrative in PO3, and it should have had a big non-repeat villain to give it its own flavor and stakes. Sigh.
And like, maybe Antpelt is there too? But I think Antpelt is like, much less committed to the Dark Forest than either Heathertail or Breezepelt is, despite having been there for much longer. ( thoughts on Antpelt could be a post on their own so I seriously can't expand on this statement LOL) So maybe at first when they're both joining the Dark Forest he's like, cool! friends :) but then he eventually fulfills the same narrative role he does in canon, which is to say he is killed off to show how badass and scary the villains are. Except in this AU, probably he is either killed for some reason by Heather & Breeze or they allow him to be killed by the DF - and in either case it shows how far gone they are, to allow their friend and Clanmate to die.
Anyway. Probably the Three defeat Heathertail & Breezepelt at some point. Maybe they die, but I also think it would be really fucking funny if they just, got defeated and lived and continued living in WindClan, cause you know damn well Onestar is not kicking out his daughter and if she says he can't exile her edgy boyfriend without losing her too, well, then, the edgy boyfriend also stays I guess. And then they just come to Gatherings with their evil children and say belligerent things every once in a while.
Also here's a sketch I did for this AU which I may or may not ever turn into a finished drawing but it felt weird to make this post and not toss it on.
Tumblr media
[ID: A rough sketch of Heathertail & Breezepelt. Breezepelt is a bit taller and scruffier, with a concentrated, but passive expression. Heathertail is shorter and rounder, with a conspiratorial expression. She is holding him by the ear and leaning back to speak to him while she looks away from him. Breezepelt is leaning in to listen and looking at her. End ID.]
Put "📓" or some other version of a book emoji into my inbox and I'll explain the plot of a fanfiction that I haven't written but daydream about.
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grimfins · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Did you forget who I am, Doctor? Even if I’m not real, I’m still the ultimate life form, Shadow the Hedgehog.
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space-pilot-3000 · 6 months ago
I can’t believe none of you are posting about the violent fascist coup that is actively happening in the US Capitol right this second??
I’m partial to NPR as a written source, but honestly, turn on the TV news. Any channel, even Fox is covering this.
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consulting-cannibal · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’M BACK FROM NASH!! this was my birthday month con and last one to work until june, so i decided to treat myself a little bit. i never get myself solo ops anymore, so i got a couple! i always wanna go get a tattoo so i did--i dunno, i just really really wanted to let myself not worry about things this con and really enjoy the people around me, and i did. but working went really great, too! i sold out of almost everything! WHICH IS HUGE
i also,
got to spend so much leisure time with @neven-ebrez! we didn’t stress about our schedule, we did so much stuff, and had a very good road trip. and i didn’t have to listen that one cyndi lauper song a single time!
had rich gush at me over a comic. i mean, he seriously must’ve lost his shit when he read that comic about me saving gabriel, i was dying
talked to big j about art things!!! 
had to have poor rob benedict kiss my dumb face so many times, the whole op line was laughing at this awful struggle
subsequently got so much teasing from schmelke i can’t even believe, he wasted printer ink on a GIANT CLOSEUP OF MY FACE that i am ACTUALLY TOO EMBARRASSED TO POST
AND SPEAKING OF FACES, i still get to meet new ones at all of these!! per the remarkable usual, i was absolutely blown away by the kind words and warmth everyone showed me. heck, at every single one of these shows. thank you. i can’t actually describe how thankful i am that you guys make this possible as a job. saying it’s a job implied that there’s so much work involved, but let me just say, you all make it effortless. thank you thank you thank you!! i’m already excited for pitt!
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wintermoth · 5 months ago
Pssst it's Girl Scout cookie season!! Remember when you're out there getting your annual Thin Mints fix to treat the kiddos running their booths with the same respect you'd give to any adult running a booth at a market!!
Trust me, you might not remember what it's like to be a kid in their position, but they've got loads of information they're prepared to give to you. They've practiced for this! Engage with them directly and don't look to the chaperones if you don't have to! They might need prompting from time to time from their chaperones, especially the younger ones, but this is as much of a learning experience for them as it is a fundraiser.
Most kids don't get the chance to just candidly interact with adults outside a parental or instructional role in their lives, never mind complete strangers. Not only are you helping them practice their sales and business skills, you're helping them practice their conversation skills!
Even if you already know what a box costs and what cookies you're wanting, ask them questions anyway! Ask the price. Ask if there's any new cookies. Ask them what their favorites are! And better yet, if one of them points out a cookie you intended to get anyway, agree with them and ask for a box! Don't patronize them, don't talk down to them. Give them a chance to flex the skills and knowledge they're developing.
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gocatboygo · a year ago
Tumblr media
inspired by this screenshot (posted by @the-art-of-tf2-ragdolls):
Tumblr media
palette from here (made by @lessracquetball​!)
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space-pilot-3000 · 12 months ago
Griffin McElroy: I see Fitzroy as asexual
Tumblr media
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doktorhuetter · a year ago
Tumblr media
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space-pilot-3000 · 5 months ago
I’ve kind of had this thought percolating for a while now but I’ve seen people saying that they don’t like Bluestar’s storyline of having to give up her kits to be leader because it’s sexist
And it’s like yeah that’s the point. Because even if they don’t really have systemic gendered oppression in Warriors, Bluestar’s story is very much explicitly drawn from Vicky’s experience of being a woman and being expected to choose between family and career (and moreover expected to obviously choose family between those). Like she has definitely talked about this before and even if she hadn’t it’s honestly very obvious. It is one of those rare plots in Warriors that isn’t just fantasy bullshit and actually has real-world relevance
Especially since the end-point of the storyline is that the woman giving up her family for her career is shown as ultimately the best choice... that’s not like, deep feminist analysis or whatever, but it is an anti-patriarchal story. I think the frustration comes from the fact that Bluestar ends up regretting giving up her family? But like, Vicky didn’t set up that storyline that way to show how women should always forget their careers and go be housewives, she set it up to reflect how this is a choice that many women have had to make in real life and that fucking sucks no matter what you choose, nobody should have to choose between those. So to write off the whole storyline as sexist-and-therefore-bad just feels like such a shallow take with this in mind
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