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#second coat
jackklineolantern · 8 months ago
everyone wants to talk about how dirty they did misha (re: his appearance) in the last few seasons but nobody wants to admit it's the coat!!! it's the coat. the third coat is objectively the worst coat okay. it's a bad cut. it's a horrible color. they tried to go for the same oversized look as the first coat except he got beefy so it just looks lumpy and weird. the second coat gets more hate than it deserves when the third coat is right there
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grocerystoredean · a month ago
i spent a lot of time being like cas’ other trench coats really aren’t that bad! u guys r just mean! but now that I’ve watched more of late seasons I’m gonna say it. that last coat was ugly as shit. sorry cas my baby boy i love you and nothing could ever make me not wanna see you but goddamn. that thing is just ugly.
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amazinglyegg · 27 days ago
Still doing pride flag requests? If so, could you possibly do a bi elder maxson? 👀
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
*slamming fists on table* BI MAXSON BI MAXSON BI MAXSON!!!
Thank you for requesting!!!
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cakesunflower · 7 months ago
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Hi, all!
I’m giving away two copies of my book to two people! All you’ve gotta do is like + reblog this post! It’s open internationally :-) I’ll be picking the winners on February 14th as a Valentine’s Day gift to you! 
Good luck!
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hannahsecretchamber · 9 days ago
Ok now I need Orsino the drummer being cute with Ismelda and the other members of The Weird Sisters being the most supportive bros of this relationship 🥰 who asked who out?! Who liked who first?!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thanks for your ask! Orsino liked her first (in that quest where she inspires them songs with her dark vibe), and definitely made the first move too. Ismelda is too proud at that age, and also still into Barnaby at that moment... As for them being cute, you're asking a lot of my poor romantic skills, but I think both you and them deserve that I try at least. And if they end up awkward and funny instead... well, that’ll not be surprising, will it. Oh look, they did.
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sneez · a month ago
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now what to do with this bird
merlin i am utterly overcome. i do not know what to do with myself. i have had my phone open for half an hour just so i can keep looking at this over and over again and every second i spend staring at it makes my heart expand another size, like the grinch, but without the christmas bit. i am so happy i feel like a balloon. i love you indescribably
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