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xthescarletbitch · 2 days ago
is there any interest for a sevika x reader where it is just a slow burn of enemies-to-lovers, hints of soft sevika? (without giving too much detail)
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fict1onallyobsessed · a day ago
Minor Memories
Sevika x Reader
Tumblr media
The request: Hello! I was wondering if I could request a sevika x fem reader fic where reader has a really hard time remembering simple things and they have always been yelled at for it. Reader forgets to do something very simple before Sevika gets home from work and reader gets scared that she will yell at her too. This is really specific and if you’re not comfortable writing this please don’t even worry about it. :) thank you and I love you’re writing :) @mvddison99
Your heart pounded in your chest when you heard the keys in the door turn. Sevika’s heavy boots came next, banging against the wooden floor of her apartment before you heard the keys being dropped onto the table in the living room.
You’d forgotten to do that thing she asked you to do. It was only delivering some package to some guy, but you’d forgotten to do it.
Who knew how Sevika would react. She had every right to be, right? You’d forgotten to do something important and now she could yell at you all she wanted. That’s what everyone had done since forever, so as much as you didn’t want to be shouted at, you were ready.
You stood up from the bed and ran into the kitchen, watching as Sevika took off her jacket off and placed it intro one of the chairs by the table.
She raised her eyebrows when she saw you stand in her way of the table, leaning your back against it covering the package you were meant to deliver today.
“Sev, I’m so sorry.” You stopped her, eyes wide in terror. She took note of how shaky your hands were, immediately questioning if you were injured. “I forgot about the package, I swear I’ll do it as soon as you want me to. I just- I didn’t remember and now- I’m sorry. I won’t forget again-”
Her face looked even more confused when she went to stand in front of you to cup your face, successfully shutting you up. Unfortunately it just made her away of how teary your eyes had gotten.
“It’s alright, I’ll do it with you tomorrow.” She stroked her thumbs across your cheeks, rubbing away any tears that fell down your skin. “I’m not mad.”
She was still super confused as to why you were so nervously twitching around her. Her eyes relaxed and brows returned back to their place, realisation covering her face.
“Who shouted at you?” Her voice was stern but her touch was still gentle, determination all across her face as she stared down at your expression.
“No- Back when I was smaller maybe but-” you sighed to get yourself together, trying to calm your nerves instead of agitating them more by stressing. “My parents and siblings.”
“Anyone else?” Her brow raised at her question.
“Some guy at the last drop.”
You gave her the best description you could, but remembering was obviously not your strongest suit. You thankfully heard his name when someone called out for him after he finished screaming at you, so you could give her that.
“His name was Ace or something.”
She smiled, kissed your cheek and grabbed her jacket again, telling you she’d be back soon unless you wanted to go with her. You just nodded, getting your shoes and walking with her, her arm over your shoulder to show people who you belonged to.
Safe to say the Ace guy got a beating.
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Sevika 💕 Sevika 💕 Sevika 💕 Sevika 💕 Sevika 💕 Sevika 💕 Sevika 💕 Sevika 💕 Sevika 💕 Sevika 💕 Sevika 💕 Sevika 💕 Sevika 💕 Sevika 💕 Sevika 💕 Sevika 💕
That's it. That's the post.
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Please Don't Cry: Sevika x Reader
Tumblr media
warnings: graphic descriptions of violence, blood, vomit, angstz, if i missed any tell me in the comments lol
She got home especially late that night, late enough for you to be worried like a lost puppy when she got home. She was covered in gashes head to toe, Sevika got into another fight and bit off more than she could chew, not that she would admit that.
When you heard the door open you dashed over from the living room where you where pacing, she was limping to you as fast as she could. When you saw her wounds, you froze due to the pure shock of her wounds.
You snapped out of it quick, running over to her and letting her body weight fall onto you as you franticly questioned her.
"What did you do? Can you breathe? here come sit down..." Tears already threatened to spill from your eyes as you pretty much carried her to the couch.
"I'm fine dollface-" She cut herself off with a violent cough, some blood spilling onto her hand, you noticed this and gave her a small tissue as you ran to the medicine cabinet and got both the kit and medicine.
"No- No you're not, let me take care of you please-" you choked on your words, a sob coming from your lips instead, but you hoped she didn't notice as you held the shot to her abdomen, noticing the bruising which was a sign of fractured ribs. The medicine was the best in Zaun, it worked like a miracle and removing feeling completely. It only lasted a few hours but was good, nonetheless.
You waited for her to calm down a bit before you started cleaning the open wounds with alcohol, her squeezing your hand every time it stung a bit too much. When she noticed how shakey your hands where she realized you were crying, her eyes widened in regret.
As you took a cloth and sopped up the large amounts of blood and a stitched up various cuts, she silently let a few tears slip, not from pain but from the guilt of hurting her wife like this. seeing you cry because of what she had done broke her heart.
"Sweetheart, Please, please don't cry, I'm, I'm sorry please..." she moved her hand up to your hair and you didn't protest, focused on wrapping a bandage around the spot she put the last stitches.
"I'm sorry I-I can't help it...I don't want to lose you-" you sobbed and hid your face in the crook of her neck. she played with your hair softly and she whispered "I'm sorry"s over and over until you both fell asleep, her laying on the couch and you sitting in an uncomfortable sitting position with half of your body twisted over into an awkward hunch.
(Time skip brought to you by Sevika and you babysitting lil jinxie)
She woke up with a noticeable weight on her left side, and an unbearable pain on her right. She would move but it hurt too much. When she finally opened her eyes, she saw a fuzzy haired housewife (jkjk...not really) asleep on the ground with half of their body on the couch with their head nuzzled into her upper arm.
She contemplated waking you up so she could get medicine but overall decided to let her sleep as she was the one that fell asleep first, so she had no idea when you fell asleep.
After 30 or so minutes, you finally woke up, you yawned and rubbed your eyes, lifting your head and stretching your sore back, knowing you were going to feel that later.
You looked up at her scratched-up face and remembered last night, immediately, frowning you asked, "Are you feeling better...?"
"I wouldn't mind some painkillers, but I don't wantcha to leave either." She grumbled softly,
"I'll go get them." You whispered almost and shot up to the medicine cabinet.
She would have protested if it went for the throbbing pain in her chest. You grabbed the small bottle as the memories flashed back from last night, all the blood seeping into the towel. You just realized it stank of blood in the living room. The comfort of your own home now smelt of trauma both physically and mentally. You couldn't take it anymore and rushed over to the bathroom to let out whatever food you had last night out of your body.
"You okay princess...?" She called from the couch, just her voice made you throw up again. You sat on the ground and curled up into a ball and cried. Why was this time so different from the last?
Before you could think of an answer to your own question, she shuffled as much as she could to get up and comfort you, each step hurting more than the last yet finally making it to the bathroom and crouching down slowly next to you.
"Are...are you mad at me...?" She finally spoke up, her voice coming through watery and choking back tears.
"Yes! and no... I don't know I just don't want to lose you!" You where sobbing profusely, making your eyes glossy and clear. "I-I can't lose you, I don't want to exist in a world where you don't! I- I love you too much for that..." You shouted through your sobs, shocking her completely.
"I- I'm sorry..." She couldn't hold back and hide her emotion from you anymore, she knew she needed to let down her guard and so she did. She didn't just let down the wall about this but all her pent-up sadness she hid to look strong, she let it out as she barreled into you, not caring about how much it hurt.
"It's-It's okay, just please don't do it again..." You started to calm down a little, "I'll get the medicine now..." You helped her up and walked over to the couch. "I'm sorry...I feel like i was overreacting..." You sniffled, your voice barely over a whisper.
"Don't be sorry, it's my fault and I know it my love" She sounded tired once again, which was understandable. You said nothing in return and grabbed the pill bottle, handing her the small tablet and a glass of water. She took it without complaints, for once, and layed back down, taking a quick glance at you before taking a double take.
You looked like shit.
You had bags under your eyes, there was no way you got good sleep if any sleeping in the position you did. (Self reflection.....)
"Cmere baby~" She pulled you into her as you tried to avoid her wounds. You did a pretty good job considering she didn't wince much.
And with that, you both fell asleep soundly, the fucking end <3
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Lesbians: I can fix her. Sevika:
Tumblr media
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sxpphicfxiry · a month ago
Tumblr media
*warnings ~ nothing but some swearing
*pairings ~ sevika x gender neutral!reader
*a/n ~ i thought this was a funny prompt so i just had to write it
while both you and sevika were filling out some paperwork for silco , you could not focus at all.
you had one question stuck in your mind.
and you being you didn’t even get a second to stop yourself before you said it.
"would you still love me if i were a worm?" you turned to look at her.
there was visible confusion on her face as she stared right back at you.
she only could reply with a "huh?"
"i-just... would you still love me if i were a worm?"
it took a minute for her to reply, she was used to your absurd and random questions but this was really something else.
and with that she went back to filling out her paperwork.
you were shocked. she wouldn’t love you even if you were a worm? devastating if you ask me.
"no. why the fuck would you ask that? and why a worm?"
"no reason. i just wanted to know and now i do"
you were sulking.
she turned in her chair to look at you again, turning yours to make you look at her too.
you were clearly upset.
"you aren’t a worm" sevika stated.
"i know" you shot back.
"and you never will be so stop sulking like a baby. i love you now as a human and that’s not going to change"
she gave your forehead a quick kiss before, once again , turning back to her paperwork.
now with a smile you returned to yours too.
Tumblr media
#justicefortheworms :(
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thehoundwrites · 2 months ago
Forgive me Father
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Note: Priest!Sevika x fem!reader basically you go to church one night and end up in the confession booth with Father Sevika, sevika is not a good priest, goes to bars, sleeps around, drinks, smokes, and gambles.
Tw: nsfw, relgion, smut, Fingering (vaginal), body worship, size kkinks, punishments, manhandling, spanking, Preist/Father kink, uniform kink, power dynamics, Degradation, praise, dirty talk, humiliation, public sex(?)
Word count: 3,176
Even when the sun was set, and the moon peered from behind the buldings. The sun persisted, fighting to stay in the pinkened sky and yet the streets looked the same. Strangers that stood on the sidewalks of your not so busy town still chatted as their voices got lower and lower drowned out by the hum in your headphones. It was a bustling night however, and you even recognized some faces when they smiled as you walked by. As if on instinct you’d give them a small polite smile back and  in an attempt to avoid any conversations you so desperately didn't want to have, so you decided to put your other earbud in to drown out the unwanted buzz. The air was dull however as the talking died down and everyone had returned home or were on their way, the pink and orange sky turning darker. It wasn’t a fearful dark, since you always took the same route after work everyday, left, left straight for a bit left, right boom home. It was always the same. 
The only change up in your life was when you got invited out clubbing with your friends. Most of them loved to part as much as the next guy, you all found yourselves in a new adventure and whichever guy who was unlucky enough to end up flirting with you ended up with a bruised ego. Your friends knew enough to talk you out of giving him actual bruises, fortunately.
It was content, and calm. But seemingly bland.
You were heading home from work now tonight, your nerves relaxed as you blared the music of your headphones into your ears. "Pink rover, pink rover please send the coward over, and if he starts to holler but a knife up to-" you always tend to get lost within your mind. Music playing lets you escape from reality, although you really should pay more attention to your surroundings. Like now, your shoulder collided with something hard. Someone’s arm you noticed when you took an earbud out to apologize, looking up to whichever poor soul that had to deal with you trying to bulldoze them. And to your surprise stood a woman in a dark cassock, her posture leaning over you a bit. As you noticed her hand curled around your arm, her palms were very big against your bare skin and her fingers nearly long enough to wrap around your entire wrist. "That was an awfully crude song you were singing, my child." You couldn't help it, your eyes were wondering. The black of her could clung to her shoulders so you could see the curves of her muscles, you could see her perfect torso but the coat hung loose around her legs, you couldn’t help but to wonder if beneath the loose drapes were as chiseled as the parts you could make out.
But it seems she noticed your lack of response and took advantage of the silence and invited you inside. 
"Why don't you come in for the sermon, perhaps God brought you here for a reason" she said her gray eyes looked kind, with an intense stare that almost made you melt. You thought she could read your mind for a moment, you didn't know if you wanted her to or not at the moment either.
"Sure, sounds fun" you mocked undecided on attending, waiting simply for her response, you realized her large hand had made its way up your arm to grip your shoulder lightly. "The answer to that would be, Yes Father." She said dark lips curling up and her eyebrows raised, face a bit to yours for comfort. So close that you could smell the putrid smoke of her cigarette in her breath. You gulped your body starting to shudder, a bit.
You felt your cheeks heating up a bit, you weren't sure about the signals, but God you wanted to be on your knees worshiping her. You decided what you had to lose. It's not like you had much respect for churches anyways why should you care if you embarrass yourself. 
"Of course Father, anything you want." You smiled sweetly, your eyes wide at staring at her lips wondering what they felt like on yours, imagining her black lipstick smearing across your skin.
"Good girl" she replied, placing her hand in the middle of your back, guiding you inside,  your jaw clenched and you felt like your ability to breathe was taken away by every touch. 
The two of you walked in silence down the aisle between the pews, you could feel your heart pounding  "It should start in a moment, please take a seat upfront." It seemed you were already in front of everyone, not realizing you had made it all the way across the room. Luckily not many  parishioners had decided to sit in the front pews however. 
"Yes father" you replied,  going to sit down, patting down your short skirt. With your dark clothing, black skirt, collar and ripped nylons you didn't feel like you belong here. You could swear everyone was judging you the moment you walked inside. 
Before the priest had let go of your back she whispered "Keep your legs open for me, princess." Your eyes widened a bit at her brashness. You went silent, licking your lips as your mouth felt incredibly dry all of a sudden. 
"Okay…" you were able to mumble out quietly. Your heart started pacing faster than you thought possible as you sat down, the tingling in your core happy to have some pressure. You'd realized your knees were weak ever since you felt her hand on you. The scent of cologne and smoke tickled your nose still squirming a bit and realizing Father had already started her eyes looked at you for a moment watching you squirm under her glare. Her eyes glanced down to your shoes and you remembered your legs were supposed to be open. Slowly you opened your thighs, eyes glued to the priest, she seemed pleased. Or you assumed by the smirk that grew across her face as she turned to greet everyone.
"Good evening Father Sevika" 
So Sevika was the Father's name, huh?
You kinda stopped listening after that though, you did try to pay attention. You zoned out after a while, and brought your phone out putting a headphone in. Your legs were still wide. The cold air from the air-conditioner had you squirming a bit trying to get relief. You felt hot even though your skin was ice cold. Maybe showing this much skin is actually a bad idea. Not for the reasons they tell you though, goosebumps were covering your skin. Your music started playing finally "I'm not fazed, only here to sin, If Eve ain't in your garden, you know that you can.. Call me by your name-" you brought back into church when you heard a specific word come out of Father Sevikas mouth as she addressed her parishioners, you pulled your earbud out to listen. 
"And in Mathew 5:28 But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his" her eyes wander over the crowd until the intense eyes met you, legs still hung open for her as she studied your body so intensely, you thought you were gonna melt, and she could probably see the wet spot growing in your panties. 
Sevika went on smiling at the crowd as if she wasn't just undressing you in her mind.
Thankfully the sermon was over sooner than you thought. You noticed the church grew quiet and you bowed your head with them simply so you wouldn’t stand out even more than you already did, a moment later everyone began to leave and you stood with them quietly as they paced and and you watched the father dismiss the last stragglers. 
And you approached her and the two people talking to her waiting for your turn, they said their goodbyes and began to head out. 
"May I confess something, Father." 
Sevika's eyes stared down at you grey eyes studying you expression as you tried to fein your best innocent, desperate look you could. Her eyebrows scrunched a bit and you could see her cheeks move a bit clenching her jaw. "As you wish, follow me child."
You did, you followed her into another room. And the booth was not what you expected; it looked like an oversized dresser with curtains. "God is forgiving my child, please confess thy sins so that I may offer you penance." 
You looked at her for a moment, you were hoping you could say it right to her face, that this entire time she'd been up there you'd been imaging all the ways she should fuck you let your hand trail up those perfect arms as she tried her best to resist the temptation, so you could see the way she would look at you. So you coils see those gorgeous gray eyes darken glaring at you like she would eat you alive. 
"Do you know what to do my child, or shall I teach you" 
"I've never done this before." You said quietly before she placed a hand on your back. 
"Simple, go inside and kneel. Confess thy sins unto our creator and beg for forgiveness." She wasn't looking at you though.
It didn't sound simple. 
"Yes Father" 
"Good girl" 
You did as you were told, moving behind the curtain and kneeled. You weren't quite sure how to start so you just went with what you've heard before. 
"Forgive me Father for I have sinned." You said, your hands against the edge of the room holding yourself still, the skin of your knees pressing into polished wood beneath you and it started to hurt. 
"I've never used a confession booth before and I’m sorry for that. I ask for your forgiveness for my greed, my unfaithfulness, my lust. I've drank so much in my life, I swear, I use your name in vain. But mostly I need forgiveness for my behavior. I've been partying so much, hooking up without any second thoughts. I know you teach that our bodies are a temple that we must abstain until marriage, but women are so gorgeous lord, you made them irresistible. Even your priest here. Father Sevika, my mind has been lusting for her since I bumped into her. I was hoping she was going to have me confess on the pews. I wanted to watch her face as confessed how badly I wanted her to fuck me. that I wanted her to look into my eyes, and watch me undress for her. That I'd get on my knees and worship her like a God… excuse my language…" you snorted you couldn't even keep your face straight anymore. 
"Her eyes are so intense, I felt myself melt from the heat, her hands felt so big on my back, I wanted her hands to go further, to smack my ass to grab my chin and-" the curtain whipped open behind you and made you stop dead in your tracks. You were facing the opposite direction but luckily you were able to stand before she stepped inside.
"Do you think this is a joke?" 
You began to turn around and when you did she was extremely close boxing you in the booth she had to duck a bit as you felt your back press against the jagged wall behind you. 
"No Father I-" 
"I do not care for excuses, I do not allow pretty girls to act like sluts around me without some repercussions".
She didn’t look mad, infact her face oozes arrogance. She stood tall, completely eliminating your ability to leave her arms on either side of you. An eyebrow raised and a smirk on her lips, satisfied by the surprise and fear in your eyes at her sudden actions.
You felt her hands on your hips as she turned you to face the wall, the front of your torso against the wood pulling your ass out towards her. You felt her breath on the back of your neck, it sent chills down your spine. Her large hands trailing up the sensitive skin of your inner thighs rough calloused fingers curling around the hem of your underwear, her short nails scratching a bit of your skin. 
“What? Isn’t this what you wanted?” You felt her dark lips press to the nape of your neck, her hand groping your ass. 
You felt her pants press against the skin of the back of your thigh, your underwear barely covering any skin. Her hand was warm against your skin. 
“Father, please,” you whispered.
“That’s not what I told you to say.” She growled in your ear, a sharp ‘whap’ sounded as you felt a sting on your ass. 
“The answer is ‘Yes father’, and when I spank you. You say ‘Thank you father.’ When I'm inside you, you say ‘Please, Father’. Do you understand?” She asked her lips trailing down your back hot skin teasing your skin as she trailed downward. Her other arm at the side of your head palm flat against the wood keeping you in place. 
“Yes Father” 
She spanked you again, harder. 
“Good girl” 
Your eyes squinted shut your face scrunching.
“Thank you, Father” You choked as her hand rang against your skin again. She smacked you a couple more times and you thanked her as you were told until you moaned it out, in which she stopped. You felt her hand and body leave your body. 
You wanted to look back but you didn't have the nerve your chest was heaving. 
All of a sudden you felt her body press yours against the walls, muscles pressing against your back hard wood jutting into your stomach as her teeth grated against your ear. “Are you fucking enjoying this? You're fucking filthy aren’t you princess.” She asked, gripping your sides, pressing her pelvis against your back, her fingers dipping in between your thighs. 
“Ahh, Yes father. Please..”
“That's right, beg for me.” Her finger began to toy with your clit, messaging it harshly holding your body still with her other hand, her thumb teasing your pussy, the tip of her thumb barely pressing inside but barely. Brushing agonizingly at the sensitive skin right inside of you. 
“P- Please Father”
“God youre so fucking wet, you like this? Getting fucked in church. You must feel so special, are you? Or do you just slut yourself out to anyone who you think could make you cum?”
“Father I-”
“I asked you a question.” She snarled her grip tightening, it felt harsh enough to bruise. 
“Mhmm- not everyone. You’re just so attr-Ahh.”
You were cut off by her shoving a thick finger inside you roughly, her pace was fast as she pumped in and out of you, your panties pulled to the side, and her clothed leg in between the two of yours, her dress shoe hooked around your ankle to keep your leg in place. 
“I didn't tell you to stop.” She huffed, her raspy voice hung lower now, you could tell she was starting to get out of breath. 
“Ahh- please father, you just looked so good standing there- you are so big and domminent, I thought you would fuck me until I went dumb for you Father.”
“Yea- you want me so bad you’d slut yourself out in church. That if you flirted enough with the priest that you’d get fucked like the little whore you are, huh?” You felt her smirk against your shoulder as she curled her finger right at your sweet spot and your legs nearly gave out. 
“C’mon princess you can take it can’t you” 
“Yes Father, Please, Please God you feel so good- Fuck- Please father” 
You couldn’t help but to give in completely, you were completely at her mercy. 
She added another finger and you clenched around her, her pace quickened. She felt big inside you, even with only two fingers, her hands were large. You felt her lean over you, her lips nearly grazing your cheek as her hot breath hit your face. “You sound divine, keep begging and I’ll let you cum.”
“Yes Father!” You were desperate, you needed her so bad, her fingers pumped faster inside of you, the hand on the wall gone as you felt her breath hitch against your skin, you assumed you knew where it went. There was a string of pleas and mumbling “Father” Each time you did you could feel yourself growing closer and closer the knot in your stomach tensing your legs stiffening as you tried to hold yourself up. “Fuck please I’m so close, please father”
“The cum for me princess, Give in. ” She closed the gap this time you could feel the hard skin of her abs against your back, her other hand reached around and pressed on your stomach right above your waist, it was a bit wet before it trailed down to your clit adding the sensation you needed. You began to squirm your hips, moving in rhythm with her hands moaning out her name. She didn’t stop after that, she fingered you through your orgasm until you were leaning on her for support, unable to stand on your own. “Give me one more baby girl, I know you can.”
She continued to finger fuck you until you came again, her hands wet with your slick. She pulled out slowly letting you drip all over your thighs, her hands supporting your body as she pulled your panties back into place. 
She gave you a moment. “You’ll come back next sunday then? You can get on your knees for me next time.” She said, waiting for you to catch your breath, her lips brushing against the skin behind your ear. 
When you could you turned around out of her grasp and leaned your back against the wall. “Wouldn’t it be a sin to worship you?” You teased lightly, still a bit out of breath. “It is, however its still tempting-” she said, stepping in closer to her lips near yours. “Isn’t it?” The soft skin of her lips brushed against hers as you went in to kiss them. Her lips pressed back her body somehow finding a way to keep you in the booth still a tooth scraped against your lower lip so you parted them, she sucked your tongue into her mouth. 
This didn't seem too holy. When she pulled away you were breathless again. 
“If I come back I need to know something first… Are you a real priest?” You couldn’t help but to wonder. 
“With power comes, the power to do what I want. Including girls like you.” She taunted smirking at you before backing away leaving you leaning against the wall. 
“Speaking of, do you need a ride home. It's a bit dark for you to be wandering home weakly in that” she commented, eyeing your outfit. 
You probably shouldn’t.
“Please, Father?”
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sevikasupremacy · 2 months ago
Confessing Their Love To You
Grayson, Sevika, Ambessa
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
➼ Both of you guys started out as just colleagues.
➼ Grayson had always been impressed with you since the start.
➼ You took your job seriously and you had the potential to be the next Sheriff of Piltover.
➼ You always helped Grayson with everything. That means staying up late with her in her office to work on some paperworks.
➼ Honestly, Grayson enjoyed your company. And you did too.
➼ But what she didn’t realized was that she started to grow fond of you. She was in denial when she started to develop those feelings.
➼ But the fact that you were always there with her, it only made her feelings toward you stronger.
➼ At one point, the other enforcers started to suspect it. Honestly it was pretty obvious that the Sheriff was falling for you. So instead of you following Grayson during work, it’s her following you.
➼ Late one night, you were gathering all your belongings, ready to head out after a long hour of paperworks. As you were about to head to the door, Grayson wrapped her arms around you, pulling you in for a back hug. She leaned her chin softly on your shoulder, closing her eyes as she relished the moment.
➼ “I can’t deny this longer so… Y/N… I think I might have fallen for you. I know this is sudden but please… listen to me… I felt this for a while now but I wasn’t sure if it was actually real… But I know now… I want you to be mine…
Tumblr media
➼ Working as one of Silco’s goon isn’t an easy task.
➼ But with this older woman by your side, you had no trouble finishing your job.
➼ Since the start, Sevika had always kept an eye for you, making sure you were able to handle all the difficult tasks Silco had given.
➼ You, on the other hand, was like her little supporter.
➼ Both of you had been through all the ups and downs.
➼ That’s when Sevika started to develop just a tiny crush on you.
➼ Honestly she didn’t even know she was falling for you when one of Silco’s goons was flirting with you at the Last drop.
➼ After that incident, she acted cold toward you, refusing to even look at you sometimes.
➼ When you have had enough of her unusual actions, you decided to confront her when she was at her office. Sevika somehow got a little annoyed when you pointed it out.
➼ When you wouldn’t stop complaining, Sevika pulled you into a rough kiss before pulling away, leaning her forehead against yours.
➼ “I like you okay? There I fucking said it. Happy now? Or are you gonna keep complaining? I know what I did was stupid but I can’t stand seeing you smiling with other people… I always wished you could smile and look at me like that…”
Tumblr media
➼ You were a councilor in Piltover and Mel’s best friend.
➼ But you have never seen her mother before—
➼ You heard a lot about Ambessa Medarda. Actually you were quite nervous whenever Mel told you stories about her.
➼ Let’s just say when you heard that she was coming for a visit, you were beyond terrified.
➼ But things went unexpected when you and Mel finally saw her. It was as if the moment she stopped in front of both of you, her eyes immediately met with yours.
➼ When Mel introduced you to her, you realized that she wasn’t that scary at all. She was actually… charming?
➼ After couple of days had passed, you and Ambessa started to grow closer. She would find excuses to talk to you alone. And one day, things started to become different…
➼ Ambessa had invited you to a room for a private conversation. You didn’t think anything about it so you agreed on meeting her there.
➼ But the moment you took a step into that room, Ambessa locked the doors, snaking her strong arms around your waist, pulling you in.
➼ She locked eyes with you, her lips curved up into a smile as she watched you with adoration.
➼ “Do you even realized what you had done to me? Oh I fell for you since the day I saw you my dear… You were so beautiful standing there… So perfect for me… Oh I want you all to myself…”
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hotxcheeto · 2 months ago
can we get one of Vi, Jinx, Sevika, and Caitlyn with a female s/o who's rather busty?
Tumblr media
𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙧𝙖𝙘𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙨 - Vi, Jinx, Caitlyn, Sevika 𝙬𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 - Cursing, alludes to sex, suggestive, fluffy
𝙥𝙧𝙤𝙤𝙛𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙 ? - Yeah/Nope
��𝙪𝙩𝙝𝙤𝙧'𝙨 𝙣𝙤𝙩𝙚 - I'm so sorry this took so long babes!!
Tumblr media
☼ 𝐕𝐢 - Big pervert, but she's also very sweet. She's touch starved and loves to cuddle, and by loves to cuddle she means laying with her face in your boobs while you run your nails along her back and arms. She calls them her pillows. But Vi loves, LOVES when you wear tighter shirts, or shirts that push your boobs up.
There hers, and hers alone and she'll make it known if you let her. Gets really mad when she catches other people looking at your chest. Jealous monster creeps up on her, making her wrap an arm around you or let whoever it is know that you're hers.
Loves when you wear her shirts, loves going underneath them too. She'll pull it up and lay on your bare chest with her head in your shirt. Loves hearing your giggles when she does it.
Sometimes Vi will just stare, while you're talking. You gotta remind her and push her head up to get her to remember where she is. Does it in public too, she likes checking you out and she's not afraid to admit it either.
But does get all flustered sometimes, especially when you're changing and you point it out. You'll tease her and she'll get all blushy and deny it. But totally squeezed them after. She likes to hold them, then lay in them.
☼ 𝐉𝐢𝐧𝐱 - She's a bit on the smaller side, no shame in the itty bitty titty committee. But LOVES you're big boobs, squeezes them and mumbles shit that you cannot understand no matter how hard you try too. They're her friends and she's probably names them.
Will walk by you and just flop one of them, likes when you wear things that revolve around your boobs too. Like cutout tops and lowcut things.
Totally shoves her face into them for sure, likes laying on your chest along, tracing the outline of your tit. Loves skin to skin contact, its very relaxing and comforting for her. Really reminds her of your presence. So you both laying shirtless against each other is not uncommon.
Loves squeezing them, or playing with them while you're just trying to sleep or read. The type to crawl up beside you and grab the collar of your shirt and peak into your shirt before whistling obnoxiously loud.
Bites them? A lot? Just for funsies. Definetely comes up behind you and holds them. Loves your boobies.
☼ 𝐂𝐚𝐢𝐭𝐥𝐲𝐧 - You both are rather busty with big boobs. And you both love it. Caitlyn loves your tits, she loves your entire body because look at you. Doesn't really outwardly grabs your boobs like Vi or Jinx but definetely takes a gander.
Especially when you wear low cut shirts or things that push the ladies upward. Will try to do it subtly, glancing at your chest every now and again but it always gets a laugh out of you. Definetely pays special attention to them though, don't get me wrong. Likes to cup them in her hands while teasing you.
She'll shop for bras or bralettes for you both, but loves when you don't wear one. You love laying on her chest as much she does yours, you both take turns, and most definetely loves bathing with you.
As much as she loves her eyes on your chest, she does not like it when others lay their eyes on her possessions.
☼ 𝐒𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐤𝐚 - Now this lady, she loves your tits. Loves when you sit on her lap in the bar while she plays poker she gets a nice view of your chest while she tears the other men apart. Knowing that you're all hers gets her going that's for sure.
Sevika isn't the most... subtle. Actually she hates subtly when it comes to many things especially when staring at your boobs. Loves looking at the bust, anywhere and anytime. Their hers, and she loves to look at them. No shame in the game when claiming you're hers.
Sevika herself isn't very touchy, or cuddly but does like some touch once in a while. Like when you're standing beside her, very lightly will she tract the outline of your boob while speaking to you. Hates and loves your very revealing outfits you'll wear to The Last Drop. Loves them because look at you, hates them because other people have eyes. Though, she isn't afraid to gouge them out.
When she swings an arm around your shoulders she'll often find her fingers moving down the valley of your tits. Or tracing the skin around your boobs, especially when you're wearing very lowcut shirts.
Tumblr media
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alcinas-darling · a month ago
Tumblr media
Like y'all I'm literally Jinx's height (5'3 thank you, it is a perfectly acceptable height), AND YOU'RE TELLING ME SHE WOULD TOWER OVER ME THIS MUCH. GHFJDKHGFKDJHGFKJDGHFDKJGHFDKJ
...I really do have a thing for tall women.
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sramwrap · 3 months ago
i’m not dead, just deteriorating
please have this gay shit
Sevika x Artist!Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
this shit is so soft, it was supposed to be smut but i love the way it ended
sum: a gradual realization of love
an: this shit is not proofread
wc: 800 (im slacking, sorry guys 😓)
warnings: One smoke of ouid, slightly ooc sev, this takes place when jinx is like,, 13, sevika hates herself, jinx is sad, intense imagery, (is that a warning?)
“So this is my place.” You hummed softly, flipping a switch that made the room buzz with yellow and dying light. The apartment was small, more of a nook really. Cluttered with canvas and towels, one wall was swallowed by a bookshelf, its wood bulging under the weight of chewed up books; The adjacent was a mosaic of frames, each holding their own small world. Some parts were bare, the wall a pale preservation of the once topaz painted brick, now only a skimpy eye-sore begging to be concealed. ”Please ignore the mess,” your hands busied themselves with clearing the kitchenette counter of paints and brushes left to dry. “I swear I cleaned the place last week.”
Sevika stood astonished, never in her life had she felt so small; But now, engulfed in everything you are, she was weak.
“Don’t worry about it,” she smirked, “I think it’s beautiful.”
Sevika often found herself back in your home. It was a breath of fresh air compared to her own barron hammock. She’d found herself there, not only in her visits, but also in her mind. She found herself longing for the scent of your incense, the beat of your brush, the burn of your body. Angry at night when the rough cotton of her blankets could never compare to the itch of your hair and the weight of your limp arms. Always feeling out her skin, and loving her the way an empty cot never could. Angry that she could never amount to your love. She slept angry until your soul reached her on the clouds of her dreams, whispering sweet nothings into her ears miles above the hell you both burned in. But it was never you that woke her.
“You’re acting stupid.” Jinx giggled, coloring sloppy lines across the words of her schoolbook. She was laying on the floor, kicking her bootless feet too and fro to the beat of Sevika’s growl.
“Shut up, do your work.” Sevika turned back to her arm, only to find a screw gone from her workstation.
“Is it a boy?” The girl was standing now, holding out a chalked up hand and one bronze screw. Sevika only met her eyes and scoffed before snatching it out of Jinx's palm. “Its a girl!” Another nasty, deserved look. Jinx’s eyes grew and her snaggle teeth flashed, “You’re just like my sister! One time, she snuck a girl into our room and when Va-“ her face dropped, but she recovered. “Well she got into a lot of trouble.” that made Sevika smile, a soft chuckle tumbling past her lips.
Sevika never took you to The Last Drop, or The Gardens. When she took you places, it was never public, it was serene and honest. She loved the way your skin glowed under neon lights, the way your eyes reflected the stars. She swore one day, she was going to make sure you never lost sight of the stars, whether she was there beside you or not.
“I’m gonna make you a new arm one day.” you spoke in breaths, shifting closer against her body. “One so beautiful and reflective of who you are you will never be scared to love yourself.” You were spewing bullshit, syrup slipping off your tounge, so why did she believe you? why were those the exact words she needed to hear, and why did you know how to say them? When would she wake up not scared to hear your poetry?
“You’re not a mechanic, hun.” she huffed, wasting the pull she just took off a blunt, before handing it to you.
“I know,” you sounded ashamed, as if your talents weren’t advanced enough, “But i’ve met a few around The Picket, one man specializes in weaponry prosthetics-“
“Andy, I’ve met him.”
“Yes! isn't he amazing? And there’s a young boy there too sometimes, he sells trinkets, but he's very skilled, odd though.” you reached to your satchel, “Last time I spoke to him, he was working on a new metal, isn’t that fascinating? He claims it's bullet proof.” You pull out a chunk of dirty metal, barely the size of your palm, and present it to her. It was matte and dark grey, but light and firm. “That’s not its natural color. I, well, I asked if we could dye it to match your eyes.”
“My eyes?” She didn’t exactly respond with coy, like she usually would, her lips did not curl, nor did her eyes squint, she looked upon you filled with nothing but awe.
“People don’t love them enough.” You stated as if it was normal.
And the stars were covered, replaced by the white fire of Sevika’s lips on yours, the comforting black of your eyelids.
“I only need you.” she choked back tears, “I’ve only ever needed you.”
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whooooshhhhhh · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sevika x her stripper gf
[ my personal notes ]
Seviks gf would have a phat attitude cause how else can u keep up with how much of an asshole Sevika is?
Second page is just Sevika being a dudebro sending nude pics to her gf while shes at work
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fict1onallyobsessed · 4 months ago
"I Can't Lose You"
Sevika x Reader
Summary - she gets hurt, you find out.
A/N - my god Sevika is heaven sent. This ain’t proofread I apologise ;-;
Tumblr media
“What the FUCK.”
You stormed into her house - if you could even call it that- not bothering to knock. You heard her groan from the living room and you instantly went where the noise came from.
Her eyes glowed pink, more than usual. The scars that flowed from underneath her shirt and onto her cheek were a darker shade of purple, now shining significantly more.
There was no point of denying it. She took more shimmer, much more than she originally intended to.
She was sat down on the sofa, first aid kit splayed out on the table in front of her. You quickly walked over, dropping your body next to hers before snatching the gauze from her palm.
“How much did you take.”
She huffed out through her nose, ignoring your question by looking the other way. Her shirt was off, the side of her waist bleeding profusely.
You quickly wrapped it up, feeling as her muscles spasmed in your touch.
That made her turn her head towards you. You never called her by her full name. It was either Sev or Vik. Nothing else.
“Two.” She sighed.
“No. Vials”
“That’s four doses.” You exhaled, rubbing your forehead with the back of your hand before reaching out for the stitches.
A vial was two doses, unless you only had half of it. Then that would be one dose.
“Hm.” She grunted under her breath. Not because she was in pain, but because she knew how much it affected you when she took the shimmer.
You never told her not take it, but you had begged her not to take as much. It hurt you to see her at such a feral state. You loved her, although you never have said that, and you couldn’t lose her. Not in this fucked up world. She was the only thing that made you sane.
You finished stitching her up in silence and thankfully she didn’t fight it. She always let you fix her up. In a way, it was like an unwritten rule. You’d help her if she could help you.
You inhaled and put your face in your hands, rubbing your eyes slightly. She watched you with a raised brow. She felt awful, but you had to understand it was like an addiction. No different than drugs or alcohol.
You were about to stand up, but she was quicker. Grabbing your hips and keeping you seated, you sighed and refused to look at her, trying to show her you weren't going to let go that easily.
“Look at me.”
With a moment of hesitation, you did as she said, clenching your jaw before looking back into her eyes. Her very pink eyes.
They'd fade eventually, but that didn't mean the shimmer in her wouldn't effect her long term. You've seen the consequences of extreme addiction to the pink vial. People lay in the caverns in the undercity, unable to move because of the side affects.
"I'm sorry." She doesn't apologise to everyone - or often for that matter - you being an exception. "I can take it, you know?"
"For now." You snapped. "What am I supposed to do when you end up with fucking immobile because your body can't take the withdrawals? You've seen yourself what that shit does to people. I will never ask you to stop taking it, because all of us are living off of it one way or another, but I can't fucking lose you."
It was in the heat of the moment, your brain had no control of your words and it kinda just slipped. You never intended to reveal your feeling, nor give her any hints on why you cared so much. but you really couldn't lose her.
Her eyebrow shot up in surprise, scanning your face as you shyly looked away. You tried to stand up again and this time she didn't stop you. Grabbing the first aid kit off the table, you started packing the medicine back into it.
"You hurt anywhere else?"
She didn't speak, simply standing up and softly taking the kit off you and tossing it onto the sofa. Before you knew it, her hands cupped your face and she pulled you in, her soft lips landing on your chapped ones.
You didn't know what compelled you. Maybe it was the want to show her this is exactly what you wanted, or the amount to time you had been waiting for this. But you didn't think twice and kissed back with even more force.
Your arms enveloped her toned waist, her muscles defined under your touch. Obviously you were careful about her side, but she really didn't seem to care as her hands left your face and fell gently to the nape of your neck.
As much as you didn't want to u had to pull away eventually, thanks to the lack of air in your system. You tried your best to hide the shyness, but it was almost impossible with the tall woman towering over you with a grin.
“You won’t lose me, I promise.”
She cupped your cheeks again, bringing you in for a hug after kissing the top of your head. She placed your head under her chin so she could keep you close.
“I promise.”
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sapphictemple · 9 days ago
Modern!AU Pride with Sevika ♡♡♡♡
Tumblr media
Going to Pride with Sevika means:
Waking up early because you are nervous as heck and eager to get ready, being met with Sevika who is still quite sleepy pulling you back into bed because she knows that you’ll tire out sooner if you begin right now.
You argue a little because there’s putting the outfit together (layers baby), doing make up and hair, eating breakfast, getting the anxiety shits out of the way, etc…
But she’s smooth, so she tightly hugs you, rubbing circles into your back and pressing lazy kisses wherever her mouth is closest to on you.
You don’t resist much after that.
Fast forward to later in the day, you’re pumped and dancing happily while making breakfast. Sev keeps chuckling at your silly moves but relishes in seeing you so happy.
You do a twirl with a pan in hand, and manage to gracefully slide the egg off without missing the beat of the music playing loudly throughout your home.
Sev grabs hold of you once you put down the hot pan, and pulls you toward her seat and into her lap.
Queue the gushing and the blushing
“You gotta stay still and eat breakfast. Save your energy for when we get there”
You roll your eyes playfully but ultimately agree and settle down a little bit (not all the way, we gotta stay pumped!)
Sharing breakfast from the same plate. It’s extra cute and you soak in the precious moments of her putting a piece of toast into your mouth. You do the same and laugh when you miss, leaving smudges of egg yolk or fruit around her mouth.
“Oh funny funny, but now you have to clean it.”
“I can do that”
Yea, you know already, you lick it off which leads to some light kisses which lead to some heavier kisses because today was about love and you both felt it immensely.
“Ya know we could find a different way to celebrate pride…won’t be as many people but I don’t think you’ll mind.”
Oooo that is H A R D to resist because she kisses you so well, and she knows that she can melt you into a puddle if she wanted.
Some heavy breathing later you barely BARELY manage to utter how much you want to go to PRIDE because you’re excited and have never gone with anyone before and you really want to show her off.
That last part makes her cock her head a little and smile at you with genuine affection. Gods you wished you had a camera cause she was so fucking pretty right in that moment.
Eventually, you both transition to the bedroom
Not for that
But to get ready finally.
Sev keeps it simple, wearing a crop top with the phrase “I like my tequila straight and my girls gay” and some cargo pants. She sports a pair of shades and a rainbow fanny pack across her shoulder packed with things either of you might need in a pinch.
You go all out in a skimpier type style – a rainbow bralette with a matching leather harness over your chest, and a rainbow bikini type bottom with fishnets to boost.
Oh no! Sevika was not ok with the look at first because it showed so much skin!
This woman is high class. You were nervous to show her the outfit the day you got it because of receiving backlash before from others over the showier stuff you had worn. But upon stepping out from the closet, she grinned immediately and asked you to do a 360.
“You look so hot right now. Make sure you bring sunscreen when we go so you don’t get burned. You better take it off now or it won’t make it to Pride.”
You might’ve been up late that night….
After finishing your hair and makeup, you both walk towards the door going down the checklist of items to bring along. Your minds and chemistry click well so this simple action became quite routine and has helped you both a lot.
Arriving at Pride has you giggling with excitement, adrenaline coursing through at seeing so many people celebrating love of all kinds.
You hastily grab Sev’s hand and begin merging into the parade of people.
As you walk along, she hoists you up onto her shoulders (with ease might I add) and the both of you are shouting and laughing and having fun.
People are amazed at how well she can practically throw you around like a rag doll but you find it quite fun whenever she does. Makes for some good times in the bedroom.
Lots. Of. Kisses. Because you both want to! Because people are asking to take photos! Because of homophobes screaming that you burn in hell so you both DEFINITELY make out in front of them for a while until they get uncomfortable!
Sev almost getting into a fight with some particularly aggressive homophobes because of them targeting you with insults.
You pulling her back because they aren’t fucking worth either of your time and that you’re really fine, the insults don’t bother you.
She double checks a few minutes later once some distance has been put between you and the homophobes. “Are you sure you’re ok? I’ll turn around and make ground beef out of them. You want a hug? We can head out if you need space.”
You hug her tightly because this level of caring is out of this world and fills your heart up so much and you couldn’t be happier knowing you had her.
Fast forward some more and lots of pictures are being taken. Of the both of you. Of you guys plus others. Of you alone cause you’re rocking your outfit and you’re incredibly hot (don’t you dare shake your head, you are.) many pictures of Sev because she’s a muscle mommy and people are blushing on site.
You try not to get too jealous and it helps that after every picture, she turns back to you with a smile and wraps her arms around your waist and gives you a big ol’ smooch (she can sense the jealousy a little).
There’s some marriage proposals!!
You can’t help but get teary eyed at the scene because it’s just so touching and is the cherry on top of today.
Your hands absentmindedly tug at Sev’s shirt as you watch because it’s just too much. You look at her all pouty, almost suggestively hinting with your eyes that you want her take note.
She chuckles and a lil roll of the eyes but ultimately holds you close and kisses your forehead.
“You know I’m gonna marry tf outta you one day.”
As the Pride event comes to a close, you’re both exhausted from the amount of energy the day has sucked up (but there are no complaints). A few have approached asking to keep in touch to have brunch some day soon because it was a thrill to share the experience together.
Getting home late and ordering take out only for the both of you to soon collapse on the couch side by side, bellies full, and hearts overflowing.
You lazily turn your head to look at Sev, and she soon follows.
This one last moment of looking deeply into each other’s eyes, no words needed to express just how much you both enjoyed today.
The night ends with light whispers of “I love you” before nodding off to sleep.
A/N: Happy Pride y’all!! I know it’s pretty late in the month to be saying it but I’ve been wanting to post this one forever. Also I've never been to pride so if some of this is inaccurate, I'm sorry ;-;. If you went to Pride, I hope it was wonderful! If you didn’t, like me, I hope you still found a way to celebrate! I hope you all know that you are valid, you are loved, and the world is a better place with you in it! All the kisses! All the hugs! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
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lacroixqueen · 5 months ago
how sevika took your first (18+)
Tumblr media
Summary: it's your first time, and you are super nervous. but sevika is extra gentle, and takes very, very good care of you.
Pairing: sevika x pillow princess reader (lmao sorry i had to)
Word Count: 962
Tags: soft sevika, heavy smut, fluff, wlw, useless lesbians
You would be very nervous, because she was definitely a lot more experienced than you.
You wanted to look pretty for her, so you wore some lacy lingerie but now you were also sort of embarrassed because she could see everything. But she loved every single part of your body. She thought you looked like a work of art, laying in the bed beneath her.
You would try super hard to hide your blushing face, but she could always tell.
Sevika would be surprisingly very gentle at first, because she could see how scared you were. She would give you soft, teasing kisses all over your neck while holding your hand.
“Does it feel good when I do this?” she would ask in a low whisper as she tortured your sensitive skin with her full lips. “What about this~?”
You would moan while gripping onto the bedsheets as she kissed you, because it felt really good and you didn’t want her to stop, not even for a second.
When she could sense you were more comfortable, she would lightly pull down on your bra, and tease your nipple with her tongue.
She paid very close attention to how you reacted to her every motion, and would slow down if she saw that you were being overstimulated.
Sometimes, she would pause in the middle and ask if you liked it, and remind you that she could stop whenever you wanted her to.
Occasionally, as she planted kisses over your chest, stomach, or shoulders, she would say, “You’re so fucking beautiful” just so you knew she really did appreciate every single part of you.
She would run her hands from the curve of your waist all the way down to your round hips, just so you could really feel the way her skin felt against yours.
So you wouldn’t have to second guess that she would stop for nothing to leave you absolutely breathless.
While she kissed you all over, she would purposefully brush her hands against your panty, just so you knew that she knew you were thinking about it.
It was a twisted little game she played on you, but you weren’t gonna lie and pretend you didn’t absolutely love it.
She could tell you were beginning to really enjoy it. From the way you buckled your hips, or curled your toes, to how you squeezed so tight on the pillow your head rested on.
“Y/N…,” she would say. “What would you think about.. me going inside of you?”
She would nod, gently prodding at the tops of your panty with her strap, trying to make out what sort of expression you had on your face in the dim lighting of the bedroom.
“Okay, but just go slow.. Please.” You braced yourself for her by grabbing a tuft of the bedsheets into your fists.
She would gingerly tug off your underwear, smirking when she saw how much you glistened underneath the moonlight that poured in through the side window.
Sevika would take her fingers and rub you so achingly tenderly, causing you to cross your thighs over the other and arch your back into the mattress.
When you were wet enough, she would slowly sink into you until she filled you up all the way.
“Shit..” she would breathe. “So fucking tight..”
You would blush uncontrollably, whining into the sheets as she pushed deeper inside of you.
“Sevika.. It hurts..” you would gasp, starting to tear up a bit.
“Sh..” she said. “You need to relax.” She would lean down and plant painfully perfect kisses all over the side of your neck. “Just focus on how my lips feel..”
You weren’t used to this at all. How soft Sevika was to you when she wanted to be. How much she paid attention to your every motion, every expression. The way she adjusted herself accordingly so you were as comfortable as possible.
You would grip onto her strong arms, trying your hardest to calm down and breathe.
Slowly but surely, you felt yourself opening up to her. Her strap suddenly felt like it ignited a fire in your core, as if it lit up something inside of you that you never experienced before.
She could feel your walls gradually begin to loosen up around her, incentivizing her to start moving, even if it was a little bit. You were delicate. She wanted to take care of you.
As soon as she pulled out, and then rammed back in, you could feel her brush up against your most sensitive spot.
“R-right there..” you would manage to whimper out when she hit that spot again.
“Um.. mhm..”
Sevika wouldn’t stop until you came. It was her greatest reward. Watching your legs shudder as you clasped your hand over your mouth. How your shoulders shook, chest heaved, cheeks flushed, lips parted. And how fucking adorable you sounded when you moaned. Her favorite part.
When you two were done, she would pick you up and have you on her lap on the couch while she sparked a blunt and nursed a glass of whiskey. She might take a smoke, and then shotgun it into your open mouth just so she could watch you stick out your tongue for her.
She would place her mechanical hand on top of your thigh, caressing the side of it absentmindedly every now and then. She would also let you rest your head against her shoulder, watching you fall asleep in her arms while she stroked your hair lovingly.
She was happy you trusted her enough tonight to let her take your first. Because she was willing to take your second, third, fourth, fifth whenever you wanted. You just had to say the word.
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sxpphicfxiry · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
* warnings ~ nothing but cuteness and fluff
* pairings ~ sevika x fem!reader
*a/n ~ urm so i would have added the original request above but my dumb self accidentally deleted it along with the original draft for this (fml) but this was requested by @eveesbayou
Tumblr media
- first things first, sevika absolutley loves your aesthetic! though her usual moody self would never really admit it.
- she thinks it’s adorable... especially with the clothes you like to wear.
- there isn't a lot of people in zaun that typically have such an incredible aesthetic like yourself... it's very different but that's what drew sevika to you in the first place.
- somehow you manage to convince her to go on cute little dates with you, she likes to pretend she dosen't like them all that much but she LOVES them hehe.
- the most common date for you both is a picnic in a quiet, remote place, in piltover which isn't that easy for many reasons.
- it takes a WHOLE LOT of convincing to actually get sevika up and ready to go outside as she only likes to stay in your shared apartment or the bar *rolls eyes*
- but when you go on your dates it’s the cutest thing!
- you always make sure to make a miniature picnic for the both of you and you take a few of your books.
- she brings her playing cards (she’s trying to teach you how to play… key word “trying”), a cigar and some sort of alcohol... of course.
- if it's really nice outside and sevika has the day off it's perfect, you both just sit outside and you usually end up lying down on your blanket that your bring along with you and on her chest while reading your book.
- sometimes when you aren’t working you will pop into the bar if she is there and sit next to her or on her while she’s playing cards.
- and ALL the guys just stare at you... she dosen't like that at all.
- now she knows that you can protect yourself perfectly fine but that won’t stop her from beating anyone to a pulp if they so much as look at you the wrong way… hot
- if people have a problem with you then she has a problem with them.
- your shared apartment is a weird mix of both dark and light stuff, the darker stuff hers and the lighter stuff yours of course.
- the decor is weird.
- sometimes when you aren’t there sevika will just look at all of your cute little ornaments or teddy bears on your guys' bed which she makes fun of you relentlessly for.
- people often look at you both weirdly as you walk down the street which makes sense, she's tall, dark and broody and you are small, bright and smiley... it’s defineley strange but you both love it.
- oh! and often times when you are both home alone and you aren’t cuddling or making out you manage to get her to put on one of your frilly little aprons, which is hilarious, and you both will bake something.
“i am not wearing that…” she grumbles.
“oh come on, it’s the only other one i have!” you say as you pass it over to her.
*death glare*
- you just smile.
- she loves you regardless if you wore your usual long white dresses and cute little accessories or if you wore all black with some chunky platform shoes.
- sometimes she even helps you pick out your outfits, which again her usual self would never admit to enjoying.
- but the cottagecore aesthetic is what makes you you and she loves that the most.
- also maybe you eventually convince her to let you guys have a little kitten within the house... teehee
- something else she won’t admit she loves but she truly does.
Tumblr media
a/n: this is the first time i’ve ever written something like this so i hope it isn’t bad lmao, i hope you enjoyed! :) also if you want to be added to a taglist then just let me know what type of stuff you want to be tagged in and i will add you asap
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thehoundwrites · 2 months ago
Guilty pleasures: Sevika
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tagging: @petitepersephone @nora-xox @colourfulkidglitter @midnightsk13s @trashbod @biphrogg
Notes: a new headcanon series while you wait for the priest fics. Little Non sexual things that get each character riled up starting with the light of my life.
Tumblr media
Wearing her shirts or her sweaters, absolutely loves seeing you In her clothes. Makes her wanna rip them off of you right there.
Gently touching her scars or face in general, she's had to be distant and is hesitant when it comes to personal relationships. Absolutely touch starved when it comes to genuine loving affection.
Taking her arm in yours when you walk down the street.
When your just as protective of her as she is of you.
Sitting in her lap and telling her how handsome and beautiful she is. And everything you love about her.
Shotgunning smoke into her mouth.
When you play with her hair, take out her pony tail or comb you fingers through her hair.
When she watches you eat strawberries or fruits in general and sees the fruits drip down your chin.
When you're sarcastic or rude to someone or end up getting in an argument with someone she loves seeing you feisty.
Dancing with you (you will not convince me she can't ballroom dance, idk why, but I think she can waltz and stuff in a suit)
Tumblr media
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sevikasupremacy · 2 months ago
Calling Them Mommy
Grayson, Sevika, Ambessa
Tumblr media
➼ Ngl it caught her off guard when you first called her that.
➼ Both of you were enjoying a moment of intimacy in her ahem— office. Let’s just say the woman needs a break after all the arrests she had done and she couldn’t wait until both of you were back at home.
➼ Grayson was peppering your body with kisses, her hands touching every inches of your skin before moving her lips lower to a specific area between your legs.
➼ Just as it could get even more overwhelming, you murmured that one nickname, making the sheriff stop in her tracks, an obvious red color on her cheeks.
➼ After a short moment of silence, she’ll gently insert her thumb into your mouth, feeling your soft tongue, before parting your lips, forcing you to repeat what you had said earlier.
➼ “Come on Love… Mommy wants to hear you again. Say it again. Say it. Don’t be so shy now…”
Tumblr media
➼ Since you were Sevika’s lucky charm, she always had you perched on her lap when she was gambling.
➼ But that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t tease you. She’ll raised her thighs up a bit, applying pressure to your sensitive area at random times before snickering at the sight of needy you.
➼ At one point, you couldn’t handle it anymore. So you had to take matters into your own hands.
➼ When Sevika was busy gambling, you leaned closer to her ear, whispering that one nickname before begging for her to fuck you.
➼ You could literally feel the woman’s body tense up before yelling at the others that she didn’t want to play anymore. You thought you pissed her off but before you could even finish your thought, Sevika threw you onto her shoulder, giving you one harsh smack on the ass before heading to the backroom.
Tumblr media
➼ “You really couldn’t wait until we go home huh? You want Mommy to punish you that bad? Such a brat…”
➼ You didn’t know what gotten into you but you were certain that you were extremely needy for this strong woman.
➼ You were doing your daily routine, massaging Ambessa in the gigantic tub. Seeing her naked didn’t make things easier. You needed her but didn’t know how to hint to her.
➼ So while you were squeezing her shoulders, you leaned closer to her ear, nipping on it before calling her by that nickname. You froze, not sure if she was okay with it.
➼ But the moment you feel your bare body getting pulled into the tub, you knew what was going to happen.
➼ Ambessa’s hands groped your body, her lips attacking your neck, biting and sucking until red marks were visible. Before you could even gasp for air, the woman had already pulled you to straddle her before kissing you roughly on the lips.
➼ “Oh Darling… You want Mommy to fuck you right here? So needy for me…”
Tumblr media
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hotxcheeto · 4 months ago
Hello hello lovely <3 I recently fell in love with your writing especially the way you write hcs! I really liked the one with the girlss comforting you about your insecurities. Could you do one the opposite way? Where you comfort them about THEIR insecurities? (Especially Vi and those scars. Omg my baby.) Definitely fluffy, maybe spicy if you're feeling it.
Tumblr media
𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙧𝙖𝙘𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙨 - Vi, Caitlyn, Sevika, (Bonus!) Jinx 𝙬𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 - Angsty Fluff, Cursing?, Scars, Talk of past trauma
𝙥𝙧𝙤𝙤𝙛𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙? - Yeah/Nope
𝙖𝙪𝙩𝙝𝙤𝙧'𝙨 𝙣𝙤𝙩𝙚 - Still getting my blog together so if some things change don't mind that. Thank you for the request lovely <3
Tumblr media
☼ 𝐕𝐢 - Poor baby. She's been through a lot in her life. Her parents, Vander, Mylo, Claggor, losing her idea of her sister. She's very insecure about the scars that run down her back. Most from prison, especially the ones on her face.
The one on her lip and the one above her eyebrow are ones she really hates. Because you can see them. She pretends it doesn't bother her but man does she wish they weren't there. She wished you couldn't seem them, but the love in your eyes when you look at her is enough for her to feel better.
Vi completely breaks when you run your fingers along them. Especially when she's sitting with her back exposed to you. And she feels your fingers just softly tracing them without her even saying anything. And she doesn't say anything after either. She can't bring herself to, she doesn't want to ruin the moment.
But only if you guys are close, she wouldn't let anyone else touch her like that but you. Might even cry, she just feels so safe with you. You're her home now. So when you kiss the two scars on her face each night before bed, she melts. She's yours, so you better not break her heart.
☼ 𝐂𝐚𝐢𝐭𝐥𝐲𝐧 - Caitlyn comes off very confident. But she's got her insecurities. Especially in her abilities as an enforcer. Most see her as stuck up, which you and her both know she can sometimes come off as. But she's a good person, she never means it.
Caitlyn just needs you to tell her how she sounds. But the enforcers see her as someone who only got the job because of her parents. And it makes her feel that way as well even though she's very passionate at what she does.
She gets really upset about this, she'll talk to you about it while you both lay in bed. Caitlyn loves listening to you tell her how good she's doing. Not many people do. So hearing you, of all people, telling her she's doing a good job. It's something that she cherishes.
☼ 𝐒𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐤𝐚 - Sevika is very insecure, and very similar to Vi in this department. Her arm. It's her worst enemy. She lost it because of her passion for her cause but she wished she didn't have to lose it. Sevika wishes she could've shown her devotion a different way.
But if anyone knows you can't change the past, it's her. You always make sure to hold her metal hand just as much as her flesh and blood hand, even if she can't feel it. You know she's watching, and you know she appreciates it even if she doesn't say it.
Her favorite thing is waking up in the morning and you already being awake. Tracing those little lines on her face that she despises because it makes them a little more bearable.
Sevika would kill to feel your little touches on her skin every minute of everyday. She hates the scars that cover her body, from her legs to her face. The one one her stomach. She can't look at any of them for long. But you, you trace them over and over as if they're art. And that makes her hate them a little bit less.
☼ 𝐉𝐢𝐧𝐱 - She less insecure about her physical scars. It's her mental scars that terrorize her. Her childhood along with the death that plagued it. Her episodes of anger and hearing voices, she's terrified she'll hurt you. And she hates having to look at you after them, because she's scared of what she'll see.
But every time she does look, it's never fear or anger in your eyes. It's always worry, worry and love. You love her, and you want to make sure she's okay. Jinx usually doesn't hear the voices when you're around, they usually are away. Locked up in a box. But on occasion when they come out. You're always there for her.
She loves holding you, feeling your arms around her letting her cry into you. Or leaning her entire body back on you, her head resting beside yours on your shoulder. She'll just lay there, listening to your breathing or what you're saying. Because you don't leave and you never get mad at her.
You don't see Jinx as anyone else does. You see her as she wants to be seen. Like Vi, you're Jinx's safe space, you're her home. Your the person she trusts to go to when her mind isn't safe to be. Because you'd never judge her, and that is something Jinx holds onto.
And so help you God if you ever break her heart. Not that you ever would. You love her just as much as she loves you.
Tumblr media
A/n: This made me kinda sad ngl also tmrw it friday and I am so excited because I'll feel less dead to the writing world
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veryvaughnny · a month ago
Imagine sevika using a mixture of praising and degrading words while furiously pounding into you w her strap, calling you her good little slut and etc
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