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sevikasleftpussyflap · 2 days ago
Back on my Annoying Bish Hours tm-
Just like, the Reader trying to learn magic (like sleight of hand magic, that kind of shit) for fun, only to realize that she can use it to annoy Sevika, and WEAPONIZING IT.
I'm envisioning just HOURS of the Reader doing "is this your card" to Sevika while going through every single card in the fucking deck.
Going "hey I can make your drink disappear," doing some handwavey bullshit, then chugging it when Sevika's rolling her eyes like "it didn't fucking work, idiot"
Or pulling the "is this your card" trick, but Sevika tries to circumvent it by saying "yes," only for the Reader to do that trick where you make the cards explode out of your hand into their face before running off.
(Bonus points if the Reader finds a way to include smacking Sevika's ass into her "magic trick process.")
Poor, poor Sevika
Before she realized it was to fuck with her, I think she would try to be supportive at first. You have a new hobby? Good, maybe you'll have less time to drive her up the wall- oh, it's to irritate her
Sevika would do that thing you do to kids to make them think you're listening. "Oh really? wow, cool. Uh-huh. Oh, wow. Hm."
Once she catches on to your scheme it's "get the fuck out of my face."
She wouldn't even be able to play her card games because you're using her deck
"Babe let me just do one more I'll get it this time-"
Would 'accidentally' slap the deck out of your hand during a trick
With a charming smile, you flourish one of Sevika's coins between your fingers. "You should really start cleaning behind your ears-" "Don't use my money for that bullshit." Her belonging is harshly snatched from your grasp, thrown back into the pile swarming the table. A kiss on her cheek has her showing teeth, snarling in a way that isn't unlike a dog.
If you really wanted to get under her skin, you'd enlist Jinx's help. The teen wouldn't miss a chance to infuriate Sevika for the world
Of course, she's a wild cannon and conveniently doesn't inform you of her plan to gas Sevika, kidnap, and tie her to a chair for a generous front row seat to your show
"Jinx." You scold gently. "This wasn't what I-" "And for our next trick, we'll saw the ogre in half!" "The fuck you will, brat. We'll see how that goes for you-"
Silco would fall victim to your antics once Jinx is involved. She probably went through a magic phase herself and he just chimes in "Ah, I know that one."
He's actually watching intently, it's a little unnerving
Say you actually put in effort to get the "Is this your card?" trick right. When you guess correctly Sevika will get you back by lying
"No. You suck at this." It's a struggle for Sevika to keep her lips still as your face contorts into pure confusion. "Wha- yes it is!" "No." You frantically search the deck until you see her shoulders shaking.
There's one trick she'd actually enjoy. It involves you making a certain toy disappear~
"Oh, I like this one."
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lacroixqueen · 5 months ago
Lesbians: I can fix her. Sevika:
Tumblr media
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cammys-imagines24 · 6 months ago
•Being in a Relationship with Sevika•
Tumblr media
Radiates Top energy.
Sevika is a dom. Not a switch. She will never be a willing sub to you either. Not even for one night. Not even if you ask.
Metal arm. The things she can do to you with that metal arm.
You're not going near Shimmer, fuck no. She's not letting you get addicted to that crap.
It's not as though she chose to have Shimmer in her life, after all.
Tries to keep her dirty business away from you.
Loves to have you perch on her lap when she's gambling. You straddling her thick, buff thighs as others watch, jealous and confused.
Sevika loves the reactions from other people, especially men who have tiny egos, when they see you two together.
When they see how devoted you are to her and how possessive she is towards you.
Sevika will flat out kill whoever looks at you the wrong way, makes a pass at you or even thinks about catcalling you.
It makes her very pleased to see how few people don't bother you now since word got around that you're together.
How even when she's not right beside you, just the notorious mention of her name and that you belong to her, is enough to keep scum away.
Though Sevika still secretly worries about you because you are her only weakness and she doesn't want enemies to use you against her.
She will never allow you to be hurt just because you fell into the wrong crowd.
Just because, somehow, astonishingly in her mind, you fell in love with her.
Don't even try asking Sevika to quit her heavy drinking and smoking. It'll be like talking to a brick wall.
But, you've come to find the taste of tobacco and booze on her tongue pretty alluring.
Acts like a tsundere almost. Will act like you bother her, like she's irritated at any attention you give her but inside she secretly enjoys it.
Okay, she actually loves it.
She loves having someone dote on her.
Someone to clean her wounds. Someone who genuinely cares that she comes home safe. That she lives.
And, now in any fight she gets in, all she sees in her mind is you.
Your smile. Your kindness. Your good heart. How she has to live to see you again. Live to keep you safe.
Sevika loves when you beg. She loves the way your bottom lip downturns when you pout.
She likes you needy. Needy for her touch.
Will never say she's sorry in any argument, even when she's in the wrong.
But, after giving you hours of silent treatment, she'll come home and pick you up in her large, dark arms and throw you on the bed.
Her "sorry" will be to make the whole night about you and send you into ecstasy.
Will probably never tell you she loves you outwardly.
Sevika's love language is physical. She will protect you. Fight through all of hell for you. Die for you. But, say those three little words to your face? She'd rather lose her other arm, too.
But, in the early hours of the morning when you're curled up between her caramel colored, muscular arm and the cold metal prosthetic, when she thinks you're asleep, something out of character occurs.
Sevika will actually cuddle you. Her warm, human hand, which is so often rough, will trace the curves of your body. Will tuck a loose strand of hair behind your ear.
In her husky, deep voice she will whisper her affections to you. She'll say it into your skin as she kisses your neck and pulls you even closer into her toned chest.
You will never, ever tell her that you're secretly awake during those rare, tender moments.
Just knowing how loving and romantic she can be, when she thinks you can't hear her, is enough. It melts your heart.
Sevika has a rock hard exterior, damn near bulletproof even but deep, deep down, you've made her soft and her heart is all yours.
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shinsousliya · 2 months ago
ᴀʀᴄᴀɴᴇ ᴡᴏᴍᴇɴ ᴡ/ ᴀɴ ꜱ/ᴏ ᴡ/ ᴀ ꜱᴍᴀʀᴛ ᴍᴏᴜᴛʜ
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing: Sevika ;; Vi ;; Jinx;; Mel;; Grayson x GN!Black!Reader
Genre: Headcanons
Synopsis: How would the women of Arcane react to having an s/o with a smart mouth
Warnings: slight cursing
A/N: sort of based on my fic abt sevika i posted a while back (that yall are still showin yall ass on…I see yall
Tumblr media
Absolutely loves it, one hundred percent.
Sure Sevika likes a cute little bimbo she can manhandle, but a woman who can hold her own, be it with solid punches or a ruthless mouth, has her heart on a silver platter
Sits back and watch proudly as you tear through whoever is brave enough to come at you with a fragile ego. 
She definitely thinks its hot, would probably try to piss you off herself just to see you a bit pissed. She’s toxic like that.
“I like me a woman with pretty lips, and a filthy mouth to match.”
Tumblr media
Similar to sevika, she will definitely enjoy watching you tear someone a new ass for talking sideways to her, yourself, or anyone of your friends.
Also thinks it’s hella hot how you tell people off
She likes the balance that you provide in your relationship - you deal the damage with words, and she deals it with her fists. Its a wonder-duo type thing
Often jokes about how she doesn’t know how she hasn’t managed to piss you off yet, but she does actively avoid making you mad for other reasons.
“Damn, remind me to never get on your bad side then.”
Tumblr media
She’s in the background, giggling with a glass of juice in her hand, enjoying the show to the fullest
In all honesty she’s the one that probably started it, by provoking the other person to come at you. Probably because she’s bored, or she sees you’ve got some pent up emotions and need to release it with some…positive vocal reinforcement.
Afterwards, theres an impromptu spiderman kiss, cause she’s just like a little monkey and watches from the ceiling beams as you tear into the poor guy
“Nice job, toots. Bet he won’t show his face around here again!”
Tumblr media
Material gworl is very proud of you for using your words, even if they may be a bit vile and not appropriate if the setting is on the more fancy side
Nonetheless she watches from the sidelines, sipping on her class of champagne while you essentially curse out some random aristocrat with an inflated ego, with all the class and sophistication she taught you
Will put on that Councilwoman act to ‘scold you’ about your behavior, but behind closed doors, the situation is the but of every joke for the next few days.
She honestly wishes she had the same mouth as yours, but she’s quite fine leaving the dirty work to you if you insist. She’s not about to argue with you, especially not after you went in on a poor partygoer a couple of hours ago.
“You had a very interesting choice of words for that advisor earlier. Perhaps I should watch my own tongue for a while - wouldn’t want you nipping at me, now.”
Tumblr media
Initially, Grayson scolds you.
You should know better than to let someone get under your skin, but sometimes her subordinates are a bit….enigmatic
She first sends them off, either putting them on paperwork duty or sends them to the training grounds to put in some laps around the court
When it comes to you, she apologizes on behalf of her subordinate, but the slight smile on her face tells you she found a bit of amusement in your colorful choice of words.
“Lets hope you didn’t bruise his ego too much, dear. But, really, you didn’t have to do him like that, love.”
Tumblr media
If you enjoyed, please leave a like, comment, and reblog for others to see! And don’t be shy to send in a request!
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miss-occult · 6 months ago
How Jinx, Vi and Sevika (separately) are flirting with you (female!reader)
Tumblr media
(This gif omg, this is actually what I was looking for gfeshgxcfdgh)
Jinx love to showing you affection, but she has her own way to show it, and she have a lot of imagination
She love making you gift and lay down on your table to flirt with you
Sometimes, she shoot f/c fireworks especially just for you
I can imagine Jinx do the finger gun to flirt with you
But since we are talking about guns... Jinx built a special gun for you
It's a gun that shoots soap bubbles in the shape of a heart
When you are not paying attention and being busy, she sneaks behind you and begin to shoot you with it
"Pew pew pew !! Lot of love for you, baby !!!" She said, excited
You can't stop looking at the heart bubbles
Jinx have a lot of imagination to show you affection
Sometimes, she sit on your lap and shoot in the air with this gun, then pock the bubbles
"Heart for you... for you too... this one too !" She giggle
Tumblr media
Vi looooove to flirt with you, or being sarcastic to teasing you
She love your reactions about it
You are not prepared for this everytime she did it, because she flirt with you when you don't expect it, caugh by surprise everytime
This is like a jumpscare to you
But her favorite thing is to pin you against the wall, especially when you were walking together, then bam, you are against the wall
Vi is getting closer and closer and start to talk front of your face and started flirting
"What ? You should expect it since the time, right ? I just love the way that you can be flustered because of what I say to you~" She purred
Then she start to kiss your neck, and leave a mark on your skin
After that, she leave you and continues to walk, leaving you all flustered before you join her for the walk
Tumblr media
( @deadly-flourish hi again uwu)
Sevika has her own way to flirt with you
She flirt at a distance
When she saw you, she look at you and smirked, and smotimes she winks at you
Sometimes, she offers you drink or invite you to play at poker with her
She teached you how to play before, of course
But If you lose, Sevika gives you a challenge
After a moment, she invite you to sit on her lap then gives you a now challenge :
"Kiss me, darling~" She said, amused
You can't help but blush while she is giggle, holding you on her laps
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thehoundwrites · a month ago
Guilty pleasures: Sevika
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tagging: @petitepersephone @nora-xox @colourfulkidglitter @midnightsk13s @trashbod @biphrogg
Notes: a new headcanon series while you wait for the priest fics. Little Non sexual things that get each character riled up starting with the light of my life.
Tumblr media
Wearing her shirts or her sweaters, absolutely loves seeing you In her clothes. Makes her wanna rip them off of you right there.
Gently touching her scars or face in general, she's had to be distant and is hesitant when it comes to personal relationships. Absolutely touch starved when it comes to genuine loving affection.
Taking her arm in yours when you walk down the street.
When your just as protective of her as she is of you.
Sitting in her lap and telling her how handsome and beautiful she is. And everything you love about her.
Shotgunning smoke into her mouth.
When you play with her hair, take out her pony tail or comb you fingers through her hair.
When she watches you eat strawberries or fruits in general and sees the fruits drip down your chin.
When you're sarcastic or rude to someone or end up getting in an argument with someone she loves seeing you feisty.
Dancing with you (you will not convince me she can't ballroom dance, idk why, but I think she can waltz and stuff in a suit)
Tumblr media
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alcinas-darling · a month ago
Tumblr media
Like y'all I'm literally Jinx's height (5'3 thank you, it is a perfectly acceptable height), AND YOU'RE TELLING ME SHE WOULD TOWER OVER ME THIS MUCH. GHFJDKHGFKDJHGFKJDGHFDKJGHFDKJ
...I really do have a thing for tall women.
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abadbitvh · 6 months ago
Attitude Adjustment.
⊹₊ ⋆ 𝑎𝑢𝑡ℎ𝑜𝑟 ꜜ
┊𝑝𝑎𝑖𝑟𝑖𝑛𝑔: 𝑆𝑒𝑣𝑖𝑘𝑎 𝑥 𝑉𝑖 𝒙 𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑑𝑒𝑟
┊𝑤𝑎𝑟𝑛𝑖𝑛𝑔𝑠: 18+, threesome, face-sitting, strap-ons, overstimulation, orgasm denial, it’s literally smut bro, etc.
┊𝑤𝑜𝑟𝑑 𝑐𝑜𝑢𝑛𝑡𝑠: 2.6k
┊𝑔𝑒𝑛𝑟𝑒(𝑠): smut.
┊𝑠𝑢𝑚𝑚𝑎𝑟𝑦: y/n is at the club with two of her friends when she suddenly proposes something that surprises the two of them.
┊𝑛𝑜𝑡𝑒: vi and sevika don’t touch LMDOAKDOS and sevika calls you amgel once
 ╰┈┈┈┈┈┈ ˎˊ˗ ꒰ 🏷 ꒱
Tumblr media
“I want you two to double team me,” y/n yelled casually as the music around her continued playing, “like, sexually.”
The two, who were previously glaring at each other, paused their death stares for a few seconds to turn and face the not-so-drunk y/n as she swayed her hips to the music as she sipped on her strawberry margarita.
“Are you drunk?” Sevika asked with a scowl as she stood up to snatch the glass away from y/n.
y/n laughed in response, shaking her head no as she reached a hand to take her glass back, “Of course not, this is my second one I promise.” She glanced at Vi who still haven’t said a thing yet then turned back to the brunette, “So, what do you say? I mean, I noticed how you two look at me, so why not?”
“What happened to the girl you were making out with?” Vi asked with a displeased look on her face.
“I sent her away, she’s a sloppy kisser. Even that dude after her. Don’t recommend either.”
Sevika let out a dry chuckle, “You’re such a slut sometimes,“ she whispered. And despite the loud music pumping around them, y/n still managed to make out what she said.
“And this slut is offering you something. I want to feel you both against my body,” she replied with a shrug, “Come on, I’m letting you do whatever you want to me. I mean, it isn’t every day you get to be fucked by two strong women who hate each other, is it?” y/n said, drawing the words out playfully, a sly grin making its way across her face.
Tumblr media
Y/n looked back up into Sevika’s eyes and saw both desire and nervousness reflected there. She leaned forward, just close enough that her lower lip brushed Sevika’s, and slipped two of her fingers in a belt loop on each side, bringing her closer.
Sevika’s eyes closed for at the sensation, and y/n couldn’t help the smirk forming on her lips as she felt the brunette’s quickening heartbeat hammering against her own chest. She laid a ghostly, teasing peck on Sevika’s lower lip, following it with a kitten lick.
“I thought you would be more dominant in bed, Sevika,” Vi mocked in the background, throwing in a laugh just to piss of the brunette.
“Yeah,” y/n said against Sevika’s lips, “Especially after calling me a slut earlier.”
The taller woman grunted in response, closing the distance between them to shut her up. She captured y/n’s lips in a searing kiss, one hand moving up to fiddle with the zip on the back of her dress. She grabbed y/n’s head, deepening the kiss as she slipped her tongue inside her mouth. Their tongues moved against each other, fighting for dominance over the other. Sevika smelled and tasted of cigarettes— cigarettes and alcohol.
Y/n wasn't aware of the small, needy whimpers she was releasing into the kiss until she felt a pair of strong arms pull her away from another pair of strong arms.
“Enough, I’m still here.” Vi huffed, turning y/n to face her.
“We were busy, did you not see that?” Sevika spoke in annoyance, pulling y/n back to her before leaning down for another kiss.
Before their lips can meet again, y/n was pulled away from her yet again, but this time she giggled and pushed the two away, “I thought we were going to fuck, but look at you fighting over me like some children fighting over the last candy piece.” She walked away from the two, letting her dress fall down to the floor before jumping on the bed and putting one leg over the other, “And to think both of you had doubts not even an hour ago.”
“Why aren’t you wearing anything underneath your dress?” Vi asked with a frown.
y/n shrugged, propping her head on the palm of her hand, “maybe that was my plan B, who knows?” She gave the two a wink, patting the bed with her free hand.
“You really are a slut,” Sevika said.
“Sometimes,” y/n replied, “and only for the right people.”
“If you weren’t already laying on the bed, I would have thrown you across the room for that attitude.”
The comment was unexpected, but it made y/n laugh. hard. She shook her head still giggling in disbelief, “You think this is attitude, Sev?” She asked, a wide grin present on her lips, “Oh haven’t seen anything, my love.”
“Maybe we should adjust it before it can go any further,” Vi said, rolling her sleeves up as she walked to the bed.
“I mean…you can try.”
Tumblr media
In an achingly long yet somehow painfully short amount of time, y/n found herself completely defenseless to what was happening.
She wasn’t entirely sure how long she had been in this situation. However, judging from the ache in her body, she presumed she had been here for quite a while now. It wasn’t like she was complaining, this was what she wanted after all, for the two strong ladies to have their way with her.
“Are you going to behave now?” Sevika asked, slapping y/n’s thigh harshly as she worked her rough fingers in and out of y/n’s cunt in a rapid movement.
“I thought…you…gu—“ she started, but got interrupted with her own moan as Sevika’s fingers curled up against her gspot once again, “f..fuck..Sev…just let me cum!”
Excitement raced through Sevika’s body as she watched the once confident, teasing girl, now thrashing under her. Squirming and fighting for a release but ultimately failing to reach enough of her power to win, “Come on, angel.” Sevika grinned as she rubbed the younger woman’s tight hole harder, “You aren’t in charge here and until you manage to behave…” she trailed off and let the words hang in the air.
There were noticeable shudders and whimpers as Sevika pulled her fingers out, edging y/n for the umpteenth for the night, “I thought sluts knew how to beg, yet here you are fighting against just to keep your pride. Maybe I have to break it?”
“It’s my turn now, move,” Vi said, shoving Sevika out of the way before sitting between y/n’s legs, “Do you want to cum, baby?” She asked, ignoring the glare she was receiving from Sevika as she reached to wipe a tear rolling down y/n’s cheek.
Sevika moved to sit behind y/n, lifting her up so she could slip underneath. Her arms wrapped around y/n waist and held her against her chest possessively. Vi, however, watched as Sevika began attacking y/n’s neck with kisses. And soon enough, Vi peeled y/n’s legs apart as she glanced at the teary eyed woman being fondled by the rough one behind her.
Y/n was extremely wet; there was really no way of denying that at this point. Every time she was touched, it shot pins toward her center, fueling her arousal and need even more, and being edged multiple times in under than one hour didn’t help her either.
Vi was busying her hands with every inch of skin she could touch along y/n’s thighs, “You’re so tense, princess. Is that why you have an attitude?” Vi asked, rubbing and petting y/n’s thighs.
As if on cue, y/n felt all the tension of fighting and bratting drain out of her, and she slumped against Sevika’s chest as Vi continued massaging her skin. Though, she didn’t have much time to enjoy her new-found tranquility, as Vi quickly fixed her mouth over her core, her tongue lapping in a way that, in any other situation, would have convinced y/n that her soul was leaving her body.
Meanwhile, Sevika ran her other hand over y/n’s hardened nipples then flicked them repeatedly, making the girl squirm and let out a string of whines from both her touch and Vi’s teasing tongue on her core.
Vi leaned back for a brief moment and looked at y/n, "You're such a pretty little toy,” she commented, pressing her thumb against y/n’s clit before leaning back to start devouring her again.
Sevika’s hand slid down to y/n’s core where she moved Vi’s hand away to start rubbing small circle's over y/n’s clit, getting a whimper in response, “God, you’re so pathetic, it's so fun to see you desperate like this.” Sevika chuckled, her hand lightly slapping over y/n’s clit a few times.
As much as she hated it, the humiliation only made her more dripping wet. She groaned and began to twist her body, needing only a tiny bit more before reaching her climax. Her hands moving to settle on Vi’s head and pull her even closer.
Vi darted her tongue inside of y/n and swiped it up, hitting her gspot as she rocked her hips against her face, moaning and whining desperately. Vi pressed her face even further, deeper, making her tongue as stiff as she could as repeated the same motion, hooking her tongue up then pulling it out before trying again. She kept hitting the same spot, drawing more cries out of y/n, and she could feel more juices drip down her chin as she worked her tongue over the sensitive spot.
“What a dirty, little slut,” Sevika mused, landing a harsher slap to y/n’s clit and sending her over the edge.
In no time, y/n’s feet began to tingle and electricity coursed through her body. Her pleasured screams echoing through the bedroom as her body shook on the bed.
When she finally stilled, Vi removed her mouth from her core and pulled away.
Sevika slapped the side of y/n’s thighs when she noticed her getting drowsy, “You don’t get to sleep yet,” she said, pulling away from behind her to position her on the bed.
“I hate to say this, but she’s right,” Vi replied in agreement, “Get both of us off and then you can sleep.”
Before y/n can answer, Sevika got on top of her, positioning her thighs on either side of her head, and began lowering her cunt onto her head. And at that moment, y/n felt the drowsiness leave her body once again.Y/n began on Sevika’s clit skilfully, before running her tongue through her folds, earning a low groan from Sevika herself.
Sevika gripped y/n’s hair tightly, pulling her even closer, and tugging at the roots as her tongue worked wonders against her pussy while her moans and groans filled the room.
As she worked her tongue Sevika’s cunt, she felt something hard rubbing her slit and took her some time to realize what it was exactly, until she felt it push inside her and she moaned into Sevika’s hole.
“Good slut!” Sevika gasped, using y/n’s hair to pull her closer to her aching cunt.
Vi gripped onto y/n’s hips and began to thrust into her.
Y/n gasped against Sevika’s core, forgetting that she was supposed to be pleasuring the two of them instead of enjoying this. But it was hard when the strap felt almost as though it was made for her and only her. The ridges and curves hit her in all the right places, molding to her own form. Desperate for more, Y/n brought her hips back toward Vi, who in return thrusted into her with more force.
Though it was only a few seconds since y/n stopped paying attention to the woman above her, Sevika quickly grew impatient and forced her head back closer to her cunt and began riding it, “only focus on me, slut!”
Y/n flattened her tongue and ran it up Sevika’s folds, coating her tastebuds with the fluids as she swirled her tongue around. The brunette tasted both sweet and salty. Sevika rocked her hips against y/n’s face as y/n pulled her tongue out and took Sevika’s clit inside her mouth to suck on it, drawing more pleasured moans from the woman above her.
When it got to be too much, Sevika moved a hand placed it on the headboard for support and slowly grinded her cunt across y/n’s face. She gasped and y/n tried to look up to see her, but her view was blocked with the woman herself.
y/n could feel her walls clenching around the strap as Vi continued thrusting into her, unsure of how much longer she could hold back. She made an affirmative noise, her mouth still full of Sevika, who was beginning to show signs of being close.
Vi’s placed her thumb on y/n’s clit, rubbing slow yet powerful circles over the swollen nub as she pushed the strap against the spongy spot inside her.
Sevika’s walls tightened. As Sevika screamed her orgasm, spilling into y/n’s mouth, y/n splurted her second orgasm on the fake cock inside her. She was immobilized by Sevika’s thick thighs on either side of her head, but she could still lift her hips as she contracted, and Vi pounded into her as she came, only slowing down when the spasms began to still.
Sevika climbed off y/n’s face, legs shaking as she stood to the side to gain some of her strength back before switching places with Vi.
“One last time, come on,” Vi encouraged, patting y/n’s soaked cheek before straddling her face like Sevika was a few moments ago.
Vi was wet and swollen, her pleasure having built from edging y/n, and y/n was hungry, even after Sevika, she was still very hungry. So she ate Vi out, her arms holding onto Vi’s thighs as Vi gripped her hair tightly. y/n didn’t mind it though, she just began licking and sucking, enjoying the flood of wetness that came from Vi’s cunt as she rubbed it against her.
She felt the strap going back inside her, less harsher than earlier, and she moaned onto Vi’s wet hole, making the woman above her chuckle as she pressed her clit against her tongue.
“Such a pretty, little slut,” Sevika whispered, slowly pulling the strap away before thrusting back harder, causing the girl on the bottom to jerk forward and shriek against Vi’s cunt. She repeated the same thing again and again, pulling the toy out for a brief moment before shoving it back inside in quick movement.
“I’m close,” Vi groaned, hands tightening on y/n’s hair as y/n took her swollen clit between her lips and began sucking on it. Vi pushed y/n’s head down on the pillow and screamed as she came, shuddering against y/n’s lips.
Not even few seconds later, a third orgasm shook y/n’s body as Sevika slammed into her, harder and faster. And Sevika had to hold her hips tightly to keep her from moving too much as she continued to push the toy in and out until she finally calmed down.
Tumblr media
Y/n laid down beside Sevika, swiftly taking the cigarette from her hand before bringing it to her own lips. “I prefer it flavored,” she whispered as she gave Sevika back her cigarette, not minding looks she was receiving from the two women on either side of her.
“I don’t mind doing this again,” Sevika mumbled before placing the cigarette between her lips.
Y/n gave a mere hum, shrugging her shoulders as she felt the two women staring at her, “I will think about it,” she replied, fighting back a smirk.
A slap to her thigh is landed by Vi, making her gasp in surprise before laughing, “Do you need more?” Vi asked, half serious.
“I can’t even joke around you two,” y/n murmured, shaking her head before burying her face in Vi’s chest and reached with her hand to grab Sevika’s arm to bring her closer, hugging her arm to her chest.
“Sure though.”
Tumblr media
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Ps: if your name isn’t tagged properly, please message me bc you might have spelled it wrong or something so it doesn’t show up for me ♡︎
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darklcy · 3 months ago
9,10,11,13 with Sevika, angst to fluff please!
you got ittt <3 hope you enjoy anon! sorry this took so long to get out!
⭒❃.✮:▹ angst prompt list ༓ arcane masterlist◃:✮.❃⭒
→ prompt : accidentally snapping at you after hard day : argument + making you cry : “stop crying.” : "do not raise your fucking voice at me.”
→ pairing : sevika x reader | Arcane
→ warnings : swearing, mean sevika & mentions of blood
→ word count : 1.4k
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Man, today was not the fucking day.
Not only did she get a knee to the nose, but that knee belonged to no one other than Vi, of all people.
At least she won. That was the only redemption Sevika repeated to herself as she hobbled back to your apartment, blood annoyingly pouring out both nostrils.
Her whole body ached, fooling her weary bones that her weight had doubled in amount when in reality she was just fucking tired. She could only imagine how you'd react to her. With a groan she dug for her key and jammed it into the door knob. On the inside, you jolted in your seat at the sound, abandoning your dinner to greet her at the door. She stumbled through the second you touched the wood.
"Hey-Oh my god, are you-,"
"Yeah, yeah. I'm good."
Mid-greeting was when your eyes beelined straight for her bloody nose and bruised jawline. The familiar dread of concern pooled into your stomach while you watched her back recede into the kitchen. The feeling sunk more when you caught the way she staggered her steps, borderline limping.
"What's for dinner? I'm starvin."
You gestured to the widespread pan on the stove. "Um. I made that casserole you really like."
She moved to grab a plate from the cabinet. "Huh. Thinking about me, were you?"
You tilted your gaze downwards. "..Was just in the mood for it."
While she scooped some food onto her plate, a pinch in between your eyebrows creased when the deep bruises marked onto her forearm came to light. The more you watched her the more injuries popped out at you.
You frowned.
"Um, Vika? Can we do something about the..." You pointed at your nose. "The whole, bloody nose situation..?"
She paused to turn to you. "No, there's no need. It's stopped now."
"..But it must hurt, right? It looks pretty bad."
You were well aware of her strength, but that didn't mean she wasn't human. No matter how hard she hid it on the outside, those beatings must've been bothersome.
"Babe, I'm telling you. I'm fine. I know how much you worry but I promise I'm fine."
You couldn't squeeze in another word as she stepped away to find her chair at the table. Gulping down a length sip from her cup, she began digging into her meal, not wasting any more time to fulfill her hunger. Meekly settling into the chair across from her, you fiddled with your hands in your lap, watching her eat with a tiny frown.
"..Can I at least ask what happened?"
Sevika scoffed mid-bite. "Vi being a bitch. When is she not."
Dammit. It was as if every other day the two were in the mood to beat the shit out of the other. You wished they'd stop, but asking that of them almost seemed impossible.
"At least I won. That bitch can't fight for shit. Can't stand her."
You nodded with a faint hum. Sevika glanced up at you after scooping up another bite only to pause, noting the way you appeared distant. Your eyes didn't quite meet hers, instead darting from side to side on the table top.
She tilted up her chin in a quick nod.
"What's up with that look? What are you thinking about?"
You blinked, finally making eye contact. "What?"
Her head tilted to the side. "You were staring off. Did you hear anything I just said..?"
"No, I did. I was just thinking..is all."
Sevika's eyelids lowered. "Thinking about what."
It sounded more like a statement than a question. You shrugged your shoulders, averting your gaze from hers once more. The woman in front of you rolled her eyes jokingly.
"Babe, come on."
Your lips slightly grinned with another shrug. "I dunno, just about..."
The sentence trailed off when you locked onto her bruised arms, your smile falling downwards. Sevika grimaced when she realized what you were looking at, shaking her head and turning to the side.
"You know I'm not a child right."
You peered up at her again. "..Huh?"
"I'm not a fucking child. I can handle myself, and I know I look like shit, but you don't need to point it out all the fucking time."
Her voice transitioned into iron, prickling at your nerves and flaring up the sensation in your stomach.
"I didn't say you looked like shi-,"
"But you're thinking it, aren't you. I can see it."
The nails of your fingers picked more and more hangnails into your skin. "No, I'm-I'm not thinking that at all."
The muscles in her face scrunched up into a stone glare, her eyes flitting up and down your body. Picking up her plate she rose from the table and moved to the sink.
"Well, thanks for the fucking casserole. Lost my appetite the second you started looking at me like that."
Your vision wavered from oncoming tears, staring at her from your chair. Maybe the fight with Vi was worse than normal, and still had some frustrations to take out. But as the intrusive thoughts regarding her and your relationship stabbed a hole into your chest, threatening your breathing patterns to shorten.
After rinsing off her plate and silverware, she glanced up at you and groaned at the streams on your cheeks.
"Oh, stop crying. Just stop. That shit's so annoying."
Enough was enough. You didn't want to deal with this today. Slamming your hands on the table, you rose on your feet and grabbed your bag. Sevika threw up her arms and scoffed.
"Now what. You're gonna leave? Go right the fuck ahead!"
You ignored her as you rushed over to the front door, pulling out your keys to lock it behind you.
"Go ahead and just fucking leave! I don't give a shit what you do!"
Your movements froze at her yell. She just yelled at you. Sevika yelled at you.
The veins in your throat tensed as you swallowed, another tear dripping down your face. Turning around on your heel, you faced her straight on, fighting with all your might to not let anxiety take over your lungs.
Sevika barely faltered at your expression. She didn't like the sweat on your forehead, tear stains on your cheeks, chest pumping up and down quickly.. It didn't take long for the realization of the fact that she was the cause of that to swoop in.
You inhaled a deep breath and wiped away your cheeks.
"Do not raise your fucking voice at me."
It was quiet, but delivered the point. Sevika's creases of anger disappeared instantly, her mouth gaping open at the reality of her actions. You continued, voice trembling and broken.
"I don't want to hear you of all people..to speak to me like this. I can't, I don't want to deal with that. I-I was just worried, that's all."
It was if her body was deflating, slowly shrinking in on itself as she kept staring at you.
"...I'll be at a friend's house. But please, for now, leave me alone. I need to think."
The haunting sound of the door locking after you would torture her forever. Running a frustrated hand through her hair she cursed and yelled, stomping back to the now unshared bedroom to sit on the bed, holding her forehead on the palms of her hands.
While her head dangled in her grasp, a droplet of red liquid fell from her nostril onto the floor beside her shoe.
It hadn't stopped.
You didn’t come home for a few more days. Sevika hadn’t been able to focus on much since.
Your tear-stained face and wavering words filled her mind from inside out, taunting her throughout the day. Thoughts from the ugly part of her brain screamed at her that you wanted to leave her for good and never return to her, and as much as fought them off, it’d began to settle in more and more.
..So when she heard the familiar unlocking of the door from where she was in the kitchen, a rush of relief and joy waved off her intrusive thoughts as she moved to the door.
When you slowly entered the house, you frowned at her appearance, more specifically, the way she seemed so..tired.
Dark circles hollowed under her eyes, bruises still there yet faint, wrinkled eyebrows...But you had to admit, you didn’t look too bright yourself.
Inhaling and exhaling, letting the door close for you, you stared at her for a moment, not finding the will to speak just yet. Sevika parted her lips, her head barely shaking.
“...I miss you.”
Your face contorted with emotion, your teeth biting down on your lip to withhold any sobs. Taking a step forward, you lifted your arms, gesturing for a hug to which she happily listened. Scooping you up into her embrace, she dug her face into your neck and lifted you off the ground. She’d damn herself before ever letting her anger get in the way of you two again. She never wanted to be apart from you, and she’d kill anyone who tried to separate you.
“..I missed you, too.”
Your faint whisper calmed her nerves and grounded her back to earth. When she settled you back on your feet, she took a moment to observe your features, caressing the side of your face.
You raised your own hand to take her cheek, wiping at her eyes and tucking a hair behind her ear. Her words still stung, but you knew she didn’t mean them, and it was through these affections that her guilt spoke more than any words she could ever speak. 
In the midst of your admirations, you grimaced at the sight of her nose, still blood-stained and dry.
“...Can I take care of your nose, now?”
Sevika wholeheartedly laughed. Oh, she missed you so much.
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insane-arcane · 4 months ago
Imagine Being Sevika's partner and Jinxes parental Figure
Tumblr media Tumblr media
~ You worked at the Brothel across the Last Drop as a barmaid. People liked to drink and smoke before or after a good fuck so the Madame who ran the place installed a seating area under the rooms where men and women could drink and get high before or after having sex. Shimmer was a popular under the table sell as well. Sometimes the girls got paid without even touching their client cause they were so drunk or disillusioned from spending time downstairs. The madame gave 25% of her proceeds to Silco as protection money as well as shimmer fees and everyone was happy.
~ Sevika often attended the Brothel after her shift for Silco. She had a thing for small pretty girls and the Brothel kept their girls pretty and clean. She'd usually have a quick smoke or drink before going upstairs. Being a barmaid who worked almost every night she met with you plenty of times. You'd hang around her table or the bar to spend time with her. She was your best customer. She always had a funny story to tell and gave you plenty of gold coins for a tip. She always laughed with you and you'd be lying if you said you didn't have a crush on the gorgeous woman. However, you didn't think she'd ever like someone like you. Not when she could afford any of the woman in the Brothel whenever she wanted.
~ One day after a long shift your Madame gets infuriated. A customer offered you a sum of money for sex as you were about to leave for home but you explained you weren't for sale and that you simply served drinks and food. You ended up getting a slap to the face and fired for being too prudish because the client complained and Madame lost a lot of money. He was a Chem Barons son and he wasn't used to being told no. E v e r.
~ Stiffed for the night and not being able to grab your money or any of your posessions from your room you were at a loss of what to do. The brothel was your home even if you didn't work like the other ladies in it. Sevika having a beer at her usual spot saw this harsh treatment. Girls flirt with her ready to take her up to a room but she ends up leaving the brothel for the night not paying for her drink as she storms out.
~ She finds you outside in the cold and in shock. With a puff of her cigar she takes you to her house. You wouldn't call yourselves lovers as she pulls you into bed with her but you knew each other well enough that Sevika couldn't let you freeze in the streets of Zaun. Or sleep on the uncomfortable couch. Little did you know you both had crushes on the other that you thought weren't reciprocated.
~ With her recommendation Silco offers you an apartment and a job at the Last Drop. Instead of being a simple barmaid you become a bar manager. You learn to count and stock inventory, make different drinks, serve them on the bar, give orders to workers, and cook food in the back if necessary. It's a much less taxing job and you get a lot more time off and gold coins to spend. It's honestly better than you ever could've hoped for. And all because of Sevika.
~ Sevika goes to the Brothel less and less and begins hanging out at the Last Drop after work instead. That comes with the risk of being pulled on another mission but it's worth it for you. She enjoys talking with you and has a lot of fun when you joke and tell stories to each other to pass the time. The feelings you have for each other begin to bloom the longer your around each other and become more.
~ Sevika is a bold woman but romantic feelings are something she struggles with. The Lanes aren't a good place for attachments but she can no longer deny her long buried feelings for you. While she was at the brothel spending the night with other woman, you were the one she wanted. Beginning to court you she starts small hoping you'll understand her intentions but you seem naive to her gestures and advancements.
~ It all starts with small gifts, things like nice smelling soaps, food you love, and other expensive but simple pleasures you never had before. Gifts that someone could only give it they paid attention. You take them happily before getting her something equal in return to show how thankful you are for her kindness towards you. She realizes she'll have to be a bit more direct if she wants a date.
~ Jinx starts to notice you around since Sevika is almost always with you. Deciding to screw with you one day Jinx is surprised. You end up stopping your work to listen to her as she rambles about her latest project and some bloody gore stuff hoping to freak you out. You however have a soft smile on your face as you listen to her. You suddenly ask if she's eaten. Realizing she hasn't and asking you why you want to know you go back in the kitchen and make her a sandwich with fries before coming back out.
~ You're patient and kind and gentle with her? It's not something she's used to and as you give her a non alcoholic and sugary drink to go with her food she ends up sipping on it listening as you tell her stories about yourself since she asked you to tell her a little about you. Jinx finds out that day that she likes you a lot. And your sandwitches.
~ Jinx begins to hang around the bar more coming up from her lab or room to socialize. She really likes talking with you and watching you go about the bar working. She begins to bring you little things she makes in her lab as a thank you and you always let her know how much you love them. She craves your praise and attention about her work and what she's doing and gets excited whenever you ask her about her projects and how their going. She gives you detailed updates beaming as you smile and ask her more.
~ This is when problems start. Sevika brings up to Silco how she wants Jinx to leave you alone. Now Jinx and Sevika are the most important people in Silcos life and they both like you. Jinx sees you as another parental figure, someone who gives her attention, affection, and always listens. While Sevika sees you as a potential romance partner that she actively is trying to court. It's making his affairs at the Last Drop messy but he tolerates it because your a good worker and he wants both their happiness. Just know the eye of Zaun is watching you extra close now.
~ You better like playing cards because once you start officially dating and move in together Sevika will constantly challenge you. It's her favorite game and she loves betting because she never looses. With you however, she's not betting with money but with clothing. She likes to spice things up with a fun game of strip poker every now and then enjoying the view as you continue to play against each other.
~ She also enjoys a quiet smoke with you. Sevika likes to hold you close to cuddle and either drink or smoke as you read aloud to her. She likes the domestic way it feels, the gentle softness of it that you can only share in private. How she can just mindlessly play with your hair as she drinks or smokes and you read the story with such a beautiful voice. Dancing in your shared home together where you hold each other and sway isn't off the table either. She's a secret softy but only for you and only in those moments where she gets lost in her love for you.
~ Sevika is not a fan of Jinx, this is glaringly obvious. But your a fan of the blue haired girl and that's her bosses kid so she'll bite her tongue. Jinx makes that really hard though. She has almost snapped and strangled the girl more than once. Sevika has to take you to the other side of Zaun for dates if she wants to go out because Jinx kept crashing them if they were anywhere near the Last Drop. You were a saint to Sevika putting up with the brats shit but she supposed that was one of the reasons why she loved you so much. You were nothing like her.
~ Jinx finds you fun. Your new and different something she always enjoys but your also someone whos earned her respect, something few have. You don't treat her like a child but she's not quit an adult in your eyes either. You don't coddle her like Silco but you don't hate her like Sevika. You treat her like a normal human being and it makes her happy. Your not scared or intimidated by her or her lifestyle and it's honestly refreshing. She also really loves your food. Last Drop food always tastes better if it's made by you.
~ Jinx makes it a habit to visit you all the time as you work. She loves to talk to you about different things as she sits at the bar. Nothing in particular to be honest she just enjoys conversing with you about anything. She'll sip a drink you made her savoring it depsite knowing you could make her another as she tells you about her day, her inventions, her plans. Silco is usually busy so you give her someone to talk too. She likes hearing about yours as well and will always get wide eyed when you tell her something new about yourself. Your so open and free and she admires that about you.
~ It's kind of messy since the two have a long fought fued that's never been resolved but the two woman make it work. They both make you happy and they both care about you so they'll pretend to get along if it means your pleased. Jinx is still obnoxious in her Jinx way and Sevika is still brash in her Sevika way but you love them both and you let them know it with everything you do for them. So if all else fails even if they hate each other they love you and you them.
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thembomusings · 2 months ago
Extra Care [Sevika x Reader Fic]
Tumblr media
Fandom: Arcane
Pairing: Sevika x Reader
Content: Mild descriptions of a wound, blood, contact with blood, stitching wounds, Sevika being a tease, anxious reader, slightly handsy Sevika, sweet lil’ kisses
Length: 1K words
first fic here and it’s me high key thirsting after best girl from Arcane. i love her. so. much. makes my lil gay brain go brrrrrrrrrr
Your fingers pushed the split flesh closer together, ignoring the way the blood ran over your knuckles. Sevika hardly even flinched as the needle pierced her skin. Her arm was partially resting in your lap for easier access to her bicep where the knife had carved through. You could feel her fingers running encouragingly over your knee as if you weren’t currently stitching her up like some busted stuffed toy.
You wouldn’t let your face betray you, keeping that narrowed look of disappointment on your features as you eyed the injury on the woman next to you. You ignored her circling fingers with mild success, continuing to gingerly apply stitches. You only glanced up briefly when she squeezed your thigh. Sevika had met your sour expression with a laugh, her free arm dragging over her mug when the waitress finally brought it over. Her metal fingers clicking against the copper curve of the handle before she lifted it to her lips.
“C’mon… I said I was sorry.” There was a slightly cheeky hint to her sympathetic tone that said, no, in fact, she was not sorry. Sevika was never sorry for getting into fights, no matter how many times you scolded her. “Don’t look at me like that…”
“He had a knife.” You puffed unhappily from beside her as you tied off the stitching, grabbing a clean rag to wipe up the blood that had oozed out from the stitching. She didn’t even wince when you patted some antiseptic onto the clean wound afterwards. “You could’ve gotten more than a few cuts–” “Babe, I have a metal arm… He barely has a face now.” Sevika’s breath came out in a satisfied hiss after she knocked back some of her drink. You couldn’t keep your eyes from rolling as she set her mug back down with a pointed slam, so she could lift her metal hand and flex her bloodied fingers.
You refused to look at that infuriating smirk on her face. You knew how proud of herself she was. Whatever she was drinking smelt strong, but you knew she didn’t need it. She was nearly numb to pain in the face of her ego. 
It was a very attractive and aggravating trait of hers… Sevika wasn’t necessarily pressed for things to drive you crazy, and she knew it well.
“C’mon… You can’t be mad at me forever.” Sevika’s voice was low as you began to wrap a bandage around her bicep, head cocked slightly to lean in closer to you. Your brow creased as you focused more intensely on your very simple task of wrapping her arm.
Her breath brushed over your face as she laughed, clearly getting a kick out of your sulking. You couldn’t help it… You were more than aware that Sevika could handle herself, but you still worried about her.
You still grew anxious when you heard Silco assign the most dangerous missions to Sevika. You would stay up all night, not going to bed until she came back. You would try to fit in as much time as you could with her because… What if one day she didn’t come back? All the cocky confidence had to catch up with her eventually. When would eventually come? There was no telling. Today, it could be one harmless guy with a knife, and the next, it could be a whole gang of people armed to the teeth. You didn’t like to dwell on such thoughts.
“Hey.” Sevika spoke up with a surprising softness, breaking you out of your thoughts. You felt her metal hand grasp your jaw, and you grimaced.
Not at her touch, but the fact that it was still sticky with blood. Ew.
Her hand tilted your head to look at her, letting out a laugh as you just continued to pout. You shot her a look at her laugh.
“You’re so cute when you’re pouting.” Sevika teased before she leaned over and pressed her lips to yours. Everything about her was always so rough around edges except for her lips. They were surprisingly plush and soft. A simple peck on the lips. “I’ll be more careful, alright? Stop looking at me like that before I want to misbehave more.”
You sighed, resigned at the promise. You’d take that, at least. That was something more than a half-assed apology.
“You’re so grosssss,” You stuck your tongue out as you recoiled in distaste from her hand, making Sevika laugh again as you scooped up the rag once more. You didn’t stop the small smile that stretched across your features as you wiped the blood from your jaw. 
You could never get enough of Sevika’s laugh, no matter how mad you were at her.
“Aw, what? You don’t want any kisses?” Sevika teased as she shifted closer to you, making it very hard to fasten her bandages in place as she got up in your face. She pressed kisses to your face while you sputtered, trying to finish your work.
“Not when I am trying to piece you back together!” You exclaimed indignantly, but you couldn’t stop the laughter that bubbled up as she persisted, smothering you in kisses. You swatted away her metal hand when she tried to grab you again. “And wash your hands!”
“People at the brothel used to say that the blood was sexy.” Sevika insisted with a smirk as you finally pushed her away, making a face at her words.
“Sevika, ew!” You exclaimed with a fake, overexaggerated gag at the thought. I mean, if you were being honest, you thought so too, but that didn’t mean that you wanted Sevika crawling into your bed after getting all bloody– Let alone put her hands on you!
“You’re being shunned until you clean up.” You told her firmly as you finally fastened her bandage in place, pressing a chaste kiss to her cheek. Before she could protest, you hastily collected up your medical supplies, grinning at the look on her face.
You were going to regret doing that, but you loved teasing Sevika just as much as she loved teasing you.
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sevikasleftpussyflap · a day ago
I've seen your autistic reader headcannons with sevika and I was wondering, could you do an ADHD reader with her? :D
Hello! Sorry this took so long :)
I love this idea and some dumb bitch in my inbox asked something similar so I decided to combine them
@sxpphicfxiry : Can you do a sev x reader where the reader is ALWAYS full of energy, like even before they go to sleep or even when they just wake up. thank you bff <3
Sevika loves you, she does, but she would rather saw off her other arm than be paired with you on a mission. No thoughts run through that head of yours before doing some impulsive shit that causes her gray hairs
When you and Jinx are in close proximity she books it out of there. If you two separate are wild, then you two together are chaos
When you're perched on that lap, no you're not. It cannot be described as 'perched' when you're swapping thighs every five minutes. If her forearm is barring you from moving then you're squirming, tugging on her choker, fiddling with her arm, playing with her hair, knocking your foot against her leg, etc
She's very used to you touching her, whether that be tracing her muscles, drumming on any part of her body, intertwining your fingers with hers and swinging your hands
Will make you do her grueling workouts with her to burn some of that energy
Good god, are you wired before you go to bed. She doesn't let you have any kind of stimulation 30 minutes before you have to lay down. She's not above popping you sleeping pills, plying you with melatonin, or laying on top of you so you're forced to wind down
"So today, Jinx and I went to Jericho's and she actually made a really good point about tomorrow's mission, y'know how you said no bombs? Okay but what about-" Fingers wrap around your jaw mid conversation. A pill is pushed onto your tongue, barely halting your words for a second. Sevika's tuning you out in favor of focusing on your nighttime routine. Her hand stays holding your jaw while she half turns to grab a water bottle. "-she said that they'd just be paint bombs, not explody-fire ones-" "Drink." "-and I said I'd talk to you about it-"
She will also tire you out in other ways if y'know what I'm saying
Like sitting on you and letting you struggle
In the mornings you're talking her ear off while she gets everything ready. You have a reward system in place for when you can finish your breakfast in under 10 minutes
She has to repeat Silco's instructions for you several times because you forget, and also he just talks way too damn slow for you to pay attention
When she's talking to you she knows exactly when she loses you, your eyes glaze over or you're looking around the room at something else, so she'll tap your hand or grab your chin to focus your attention back onto her
Your little to no sense of danger is probably how you got involved with her. Anyone else is wary of the scary lady, but you saddled up right next to her at the bar and started chatting with her
"Hi! You're Sevika? They said to come to you for my assignment. I'm new, as you can tell. It's so nice to meet you! I love your eyes-" Sevika's taken aback by the inability of her glare to falter your words. You just keep going, emptying all of the thoughts rattling around that head of yours about her appearance, how you got the job, and your glowing review of the bar until she cuts in with tomorrow's instructions. Her one word responses and gruff replies do not deter you in the slightest. "Ca- oh, that's my favorite order here, too! Can I buy you a drink?" She blinks. "Mine are on the house." "That's awesome! Dinner then?"
You two are polar opposites
Thankfully her long legs allow her to keep up with you at the market in Zaun because you're fluttering rapidly between stands, distracted by shiny objects
She'll probably get you a makeshift leash because she can't turn her eyes away from you for a second lest she lose you
And it gives her a heart attack every time she does, which she shows in anger
She keeps a grip on your belt loop when she needs to talk to one of the vendors
Sometimes your inability to prioritize or your restlessness will have you tearing up in frustration. You don't have a good handle on your anxiety and you lose your temper often
Sevika will halt your pacing and pull you into her arms. She turns your gaze to hers while she tells you to breathe, that you're okay, you have all the time in the world to get your tasks done and she'll help you with them
She keeps up with your schedule and reminds you when she has to. She doesn't let you put anything off but she does reward you when you get things done
She'll smirk at how excited you get when you complete everything you need to do for the day. You'll be jumping up and down before she whisks you into her arms
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lacroixqueen · 5 months ago
how sevika took your first (18+)
Tumblr media
Summary: it's your first time, and you are super nervous. but sevika is extra gentle, and takes very, very good care of you.
Pairing: sevika x pillow princess reader (lmao sorry i had to)
Word Count: 962
Tags: soft sevika, heavy smut, fluff, wlw, useless lesbians
You would be very nervous, because she was definitely a lot more experienced than you.
You wanted to look pretty for her, so you wore some lacy lingerie but now you were also sort of embarrassed because she could see everything. But she loved every single part of your body. She thought you looked like a work of art, laying in the bed beneath her.
You would try super hard to hide your blushing face, but she could always tell.
Sevika would be surprisingly very gentle at first, because she could see how scared you were. She would give you soft, teasing kisses all over your neck while holding your hand.
“Does it feel good when I do this?” she would ask in a low whisper as she tortured your sensitive skin with her full lips. “What about this~?”
You would moan while gripping onto the bedsheets as she kissed you, because it felt really good and you didn’t want her to stop, not even for a second.
When she could sense you were more comfortable, she would lightly pull down on your bra, and tease your nipple with her tongue.
She paid very close attention to how you reacted to her every motion, and would slow down if she saw that you were being overstimulated.
Sometimes, she would pause in the middle and ask if you liked it, and remind you that she could stop whenever you wanted her to.
Occasionally, as she planted kisses over your chest, stomach, or shoulders, she would say, “You’re so fucking beautiful” just so you knew she really did appreciate every single part of you.
She would run her hands from the curve of your waist all the way down to your round hips, just so you could really feel the way her skin felt against yours.
So you wouldn’t have to second guess that she would stop for nothing to leave you absolutely breathless.
While she kissed you all over, she would purposefully brush her hands against your panty, just so you knew that she knew you were thinking about it.
It was a twisted little game she played on you, but you weren’t gonna lie and pretend you didn’t absolutely love it.
She could tell you were beginning to really enjoy it. From the way you buckled your hips, or curled your toes, to how you squeezed so tight on the pillow your head rested on.
“Y/N…,” she would say. “What would you think about.. me going inside of you?”
She would nod, gently prodding at the tops of your panty with her strap, trying to make out what sort of expression you had on your face in the dim lighting of the bedroom.
“Okay, but just go slow.. Please.” You braced yourself for her by grabbing a tuft of the bedsheets into your fists.
She would gingerly tug off your underwear, smirking when she saw how much you glistened underneath the moonlight that poured in through the side window.
Sevika would take her fingers and rub you so achingly tenderly, causing you to cross your thighs over the other and arch your back into the mattress.
When you were wet enough, she would slowly sink into you until she filled you up all the way.
“Shit..” she would breathe. “So fucking tight..”
You would blush uncontrollably, whining into the sheets as she pushed deeper inside of you.
“Sevika.. It hurts..” you would gasp, starting to tear up a bit.
“Sh..” she said. “You need to relax.” She would lean down and plant painfully perfect kisses all over the side of your neck. “Just focus on how my lips feel..”
You weren’t used to this at all. How soft Sevika was to you when she wanted to be. How much she paid attention to your every motion, every expression. The way she adjusted herself accordingly so you were as comfortable as possible.
You would grip onto her strong arms, trying your hardest to calm down and breathe.
Slowly but surely, you felt yourself opening up to her. Her strap suddenly felt like it ignited a fire in your core, as if it lit up something inside of you that you never experienced before.
She could feel your walls gradually begin to loosen up around her, incentivizing her to start moving, even if it was a little bit. You were delicate. She wanted to take care of you.
As soon as she pulled out, and then rammed back in, you could feel her brush up against your most sensitive spot.
“R-right there..” you would manage to whimper out when she hit that spot again.
“Um.. mhm..”
Sevika wouldn’t stop until you came. It was her greatest reward. Watching your legs shudder as you clasped your hand over your mouth. How your shoulders shook, chest heaved, cheeks flushed, lips parted. And how fucking adorable you sounded when you moaned. Her favorite part.
When you two were done, she would pick you up and have you on her lap on the couch while she sparked a blunt and nursed a glass of whiskey. She might take a smoke, and then shotgun it into your open mouth just so she could watch you stick out your tongue for her.
She would place her mechanical hand on top of your thigh, caressing the side of it absentmindedly every now and then. She would also let you rest your head against her shoulder, watching you fall asleep in her arms while she stroked your hair lovingly.
She was happy you trusted her enough tonight to let her take your first. Because she was willing to take your second, third, fourth, fifth whenever you wanted. You just had to say the word.
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cammys-imagines24 · 3 months ago
•Sevika When You're Hurt•
Tumblr media
Oh, you're in trouble now.
Having to deal with a grumpy Sevika is way worse than any injury you did obtain.
She's got some strong words and they're headed your way.
And she's got them all.
I.E., the litanies embellished with cuss words...
The colorful phrases highlighting your stupidity...
And, in gruesome detail everything she plans to do to the bastards who dared hurt you in the first place.
But, don't worry, she's not actually mad at you.
Well, she is...
Though Sevika is more upset with herself for feeling like she wasn't doing her job protecting you.
She is a busy woman and despite the safeguards she puts in keeping you out of harm's way, she can't obviously keep an eye on you 24 hours a day, everyday.
She takes pride in being your bodyguard so the fact that sometimes she fails and you get hurt is a massive blow to her self confidence.
She's more mad at herself than anything else, she's just taking said anger out on you.
Which seems backwards, considering you're the one wounded and in pain but...
As if she'd ever tell you the truth behind why she's upset. How she feels like she failed at her most important job.
So, grumpy Sevika will continue.
She is no nurse, that's for sure.
She's not gonna fluff your pillows and give you chicken noodle soup.
She'll manhandle you and force you to do what's best for you.
And, she's a literal brick wall of a woman so it's not like you have a shot in hell fighting her off.
If you're a bratty patient she'll just tie you to the bed til you recover, I'm not even joking.
If you expected her to have a gentle, appeasing bedside manner than you seriously need to reevaluate who you chose as a significant other.
She is not the "adding sugar to make the medicine go down better" type of woman.
She is the "forcing your mouth open with her metal hand, steel digging into your jaw and shoving said medicine straight down your throat" type.
Sevika will probably never wrap your bandages for you or clean your wounds or stitch you up.
She may be meticulous and really good at fixing her prosthetic but...
She's not the most gentle and her hands are often rough.
Which is fine if it's sexy time, if you know what I mean.
Though when you're hurt she'll just order some lackeys around to fetch you a doctor instead.
She'll never trust any doctor though, to be honest, no matter how qualified they may be.
While they're tending to your injuries she watches them like a hawk and stands there menacingly all while threatening them to do a damn good job or else.
She may or may not have killed insufficient doctors in the past.
Though, with a competent one, she will listen to their advice and get any medicine they prescribe.
She will double their advice actually. So, if they say you have to be in bed for two weeks, she will add an extra two weeks on top of that just for good measure.
Don't even bother trying to argue with her on this.
You will not win.
If Sevika sees you trying to do anything for yourself or sneaking out of bed then, oh boy, are you gonna get it.
I'm seriously not kidding about her handcuffing you to stay put.
You're gonna heal properly and you're gonna like it.
She has some of Silco's best underlings take care of you and watch over you whenever she has business to take care of.
And, she demands that they frequently update her on how you're doing throughout the day.
When she comes back to your shared apartment after working for so long and managing shipments, dealing with meddlesome goons, etc... She's tired.
But, just one look of your pouting face will elicit a husky chuckle from her.
She'll grab a drink and lie down beside you, finding peace in how quickly you snuggle up against her muscular chest.
If she's feeling lenient and you've behaved well enough she may even untie you, knowing that she can just use her body strength to keep you resting now.
She'll listen to you whine about how unnecessary all of this is and not feel an ounce of sympathy for you.
Sevika views it as her fault for you being injured in the first place so the least she can do is make sure you recover fully.
Once you're asleep though she will take the time to examine your wounds herself.
Carefully running her rough human hand along the fresh bandages and leftover scars you've received over the years.
Her gray glinted eyes thawing as she presses her dark lips upon every wound.
She can be soft knowing you're asleep and therefore have no knowledge of her actions.
She'll whisper "I'm sorry" against your skin while continuing to trace the blood soaked gauze and marks.
Sevika would lose her other arm or a leg or even her own damned life for you.
She hates seeing you like this more than anything.
So, just accept her more rough way of taking care of you because it's out of love.
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divinegrey · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
𝕛𝕚𝕟𝕩 𝕚𝕞𝕒𝕘𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕤
on your skin (f!reader)
possession (f!reader)
blue ink (f!reader)
teal ink (f!reader) [light spice]
sun goes down (f!reader) [moderate angst]
to the other side (f!reader)
lavender (gn!reader)
the best at bad goodbyes (f!reader) [moderate angst]
i met her in the bathroom (f!reader)
touch of the firelight (f!reader)
shimmer smoke (f!reader)
high as a kite (f!reader)
dancing on your body (f!reader)
to the sky (f!reader)
the vanisher series (11 parts, f!reader) [complete]
𝕛𝕚𝕟𝕩 𝕙𝕖𝕒𝕕𝕔𝕒𝕟𝕠𝕟𝕤
the art of touch (gn!reader)
electric love (gn!reader)
Tumblr media
𝕧𝕚 𝕚𝕞𝕒𝕘𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕤
bubbles (f!reader) [light spice]
whiskey behind bars (f!reader)
whiskey under the sheets (f!reader) [light spice]
red salvia (f!reader) [moderate angst]
a heart in bloom (f!reader)
hole in one (f!reader)
pour one out (f!reader)
move to the music (f!reader)
by your side (f!reader)
pride (f!reader)
pop rocks & punches series (13 parts, f!reader) [complete]
𝕧𝕚 𝕙𝕖𝕒𝕕𝕔𝕒𝕟𝕠𝕟𝕤
there for you (f!reader)
Tumblr media
𝕔𝕒𝕚𝕥𝕝𝕪𝕟 𝕚𝕞𝕒𝕘𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕤
golden trim (f!reader)
broken pillars (f!reader) [light angst]
on your knees (f!reader) [light spice]
muzzle smoke (f!reader)
𝕔𝕒𝕚𝕥𝕝𝕪𝕟 𝕙𝕖𝕒𝕕𝕔𝕒𝕟𝕠𝕟𝕤
none yet!
Tumblr media
𝕤𝕖𝕧𝕚𝕜𝕒 𝕚𝕞𝕒𝕘𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕤
break & repair (f!reader)
the regular (f!reader) [moderate spice]
snowdown nights (f!reader)
soft mornings (f!reader)
𝕤𝕖𝕧𝕚𝕜𝕒 𝕙𝕖𝕒𝕕𝕔𝕒𝕟𝕠𝕟𝕤
none yet!
Tumblr media
𝕞𝕖𝕝 𝕚𝕞𝕒𝕘𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕤
none yet!
𝕞𝕖𝕝 𝕙𝕖𝕒𝕕𝕔𝕒𝕟𝕠𝕟𝕤
the height of luxury (f!reader)
Tumblr media
𝕖𝕜𝕜𝕠 𝕚𝕞𝕒𝕘𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕤
jealousy (gn!reader)
take flight (gn!reader)
𝕖𝕜𝕜𝕠 𝕙𝕖𝕒𝕕𝕔𝕒𝕟𝕠𝕟𝕤
bandages (gn!reader)
Tumblr media
𝕧𝕚𝕜𝕥𝕠𝕣 𝕚𝕞𝕒𝕘𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕤
none yet!
𝕧𝕚𝕜𝕥𝕠𝕣 𝕙𝕖𝕒𝕕𝕔𝕒𝕟𝕠𝕟𝕤
milk & cookies (gn!reader)
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sevikas-whistle · 3 months ago
Meant to be Yours: Part 2
A/N: 🔞 Plus ONLY! I’m not kidding. Dub con technically so please do not read if this isn’t your cup of tea. SMUT AHEAD
Tumblr media
Meant to Be Yours: Part Two
You smashed through the door, pure adrenaline coursing through your veins. Using the element of surprise to your advantage, you pushed past Sevika and ran. Grabbing one of your duffel bags along the way.
You heard a surprised yelp from Sevika before you heard her rush behind you.
Still not stopping you ran though the hallway and found your other bag. The euphoric power the shimmer gave you was something you had never experienced before. You felt like you could do anything! Even breathing was exciting. You took another step and felt your lover slam into you, tackling you to the ground.
“No! Get off of me!” You growled, barely recognizing your own voice. Sevika struggled getting the upper hand with you being in such a frenzied state, and you could almost taste her surprise and frustration. Using experienced maneuvers, she threw her entire body over you. Until she finally pinned you down between her legs as you continued to buck against her. With a huff she held your arms over your head, looking you over. The surprised look on her face would be comical in any other situation.
“…are you on Shimmer right now?!” She asked angrily
You laughed and bucked your hips. Remembering a maneuver she personally had taught you months before, you kicked a long leg up and hooked it around her neck, and brought her down with it. In any other situation you would’ve felt bad for the way her head smacked against the ground, but you were desperate to escape, and would do anything to ensure your freedom. With enhanced speed you Quickly rolled over and pushed yourself up. On your feet again you grabbed your fallen bags, taking three more steps to freedom before you were grabbed by your hair and pulled back into her strong body.
When the fuck did she get up? You tried to shake her off but She pulled your hair and made you look into her eyes as she tried to read you again,
“Where did you get it?” She growled
You tried ignoring how it felt being in this position with her. How it excited you, how you felt that excitement melt your core. You suddenly became hyper aware of everything Sevika. Her labored breathing, her full lips, the slight flush in her skin, and how the blue scars on her face pulsed in synch with her rapid heartbeat. Fuck just having her eyes on you like this was driving you crazy. You whimpered and looked away, trying to get ahold of yourself, but she tugged on your hair again, turning you around in the process, forcing you to look at her. You stubbornly closed your eyes and tried pushing against her this time. She grabbed your face with her organic hand, partially covering your mouth in the process. She looked you over, an almost worried expression on her face. Without caring, you bit down on her hand and pushed away from her. You got maybe four inches away before she drug you through the hallway, pushing you through the bedroom door. You reached your hands out, desperately grabbing onto the door frame.
“That’s enough!” Sevika yelled
She wrapped both arms around your waist and pulled, hard. Your fingernails left marks in the wood and you felt something pop in your back as she threw you inside your shared bedroom.
Ungracefully falling to the ground you scurried away from her, trying to create a reasonable distance.
She looked around the room, finally seeing the missing vial of shimmer on the dresser. She ran a hand through her disheveled hair. You expected rage, a lecture, something to tell that she was irritated at your audacity for taking a vile of shimmer from her personal stash. To use against her much less. But she surprised you when she smirked, catching your watchful gaze.
“How you feeling sweetheart?” She murmured
“Pissed!” You hissed back
A look of mock surprise fell on her face
“Pissed?” She tutted, stepping towards you, “You stole from Mommy’s personal stash and YOU’RE pissed?” She questioned lowly
You crawled backward, trying to maintain the precious distance you had created
“Do you even know what you took baby?”
The pet name sent fire straight to your crotch, fuck you were throbbing now.
“You took it in the bathroom hm? So I think you have.. about three minutes before you start feeling the full effects. That’s plenty of time to punish you.”
Your eyes widened, “I’m feeling the effects now, thank you.”
She laughed at that, “Oh I’m sure you are, just not what you expected hm? You take the full vial?” She asked with a tilt of her head. Stepping towards you again.
Your lack of response told her enough.
“That was an experimental strain sweetheart. And a concentrated one at that. You took the entire vial” she hissed. Then continued dramatically, “I should leave you to your own devices and make you figure it out.”
“So why don’t you?” You growled
“And miss all the fun?” She laughed, then continued, “Or so you can try to run out on me again? Yeah No thank you.” If you had known better, she actually sounded hurt.
But you couldn’t interpret that because your body felt like it was slowly Igniting, wiping the sweat from your brow, you remained focused on the woman in front of you.
“Where would you go?” She asked
The question surprised you, but you answered honestly “Anywhere is better than here.” You spat
Her fist clenched at that.
“You’re not leaving me. You’re mine baby girl. Mind body and soul.”
You gawked at her audacity and eyed the door. Fuck the bags, you had to leave, now. You took one more breath before jolting up and making a break for it. You didn’t even make it past her when she grabbed your shirt, using your own momentum against you, she swung you onto the bed.
“You’re being a brat!!” She seethed
“You’re being a bitch!!”
You crawled towards the opposite edge of the bed, ready to fling yourself off when she grabbed you again and flipped you onto her lap while she sat down. It pissed you off that it seemed almost effortless. Hells, it probably was. She used her prosthetic arm to keep you pinned against her legs before you felt a violent slap across your ass.
“I’m being a bitch!?” She yelled, slapping your ass again, harder this time. You tried arching away as you let out a surprised cry. But she continued, over and over again. You fucking hated that you could feel your own wetness dripping down your pants. You prayed to that she didn’t feel it.
“Stop it, damnit!” You cried out, unintentional arousal filling your voice.
She knelt over you, whispering in your ear.
She continued the assault on your ass, “You think you can run away from ME?!”
“Baby wouldn’t know what to do with herself.”
“No, you need me sweetheart.”
“Do I?!” You sassed back, despite the vulnerable position you were in, and the slick dripping down you, you had to save what was left of your pride.
“What is your problem?!” She growled, forcing your head back down
“You KILLED someone Sevika! Did you think I would just OVER LOOK THAT?!” You cried
You heard her hand lift again, bracing for impact. She surprised you by rubbing the tender flesh instead.
“I would kill a thousand more, to keep you safe.”
The twisted sentiment created major conflicting feelings, but she continued before you could think too much into them.
“Did you even notice he had spiked your drink?” She asked roughly
He had been right next to you, in broad daylight, there was no way-
“I don’t regret killing him. Fucking prick had it coming. So that’s all you’re mad about?” She laughed darkly. As if it were amusing to her.
“That doesn’t change the fact that you tried leaving me baby. A misunderstanding I can forgive. But not that. You’ve forgotten who you belong to.”
And the smacks started again.
“ ‘Vika, please, stop!” You cried out
She laughed at that, her Prosthetic arm lifted slightly, ripping through your bottoms until you felt a light breeze, you attempted crossing your ankles to prevent her from seeing your slick
“Why would I stop when you’re having so much fun?”
She shoved two fingers into your sopping hole, making you cry out again, but this time from surprised pleasure. The wet sounds your body made as she curled her fingers in and out of you was mortifying.
“Fuck baby, look at you.”
You whimpered and tried hiding your face, she tsked before removing her fingers and pulled you up, making you face the mirror that sat on your shared dresser, across from the bed.
Keeping you in her lap, she spread your legs over her own, wrapping her metal arm around your waist, she pinned you to her body before bringing her fingers back into your sopping core.
“Who else can get you wet like this sweet girl?” She asked seriously
Sevika ignored your cries and pleas as she finger fucked your body. Her entire hand wet from your gushing core. She curled another finger into you, hitting that spot that left you gasping.
You groaned, trying to wiggle off of her, but she only held you tighter. If anything your attempts only made her pump harder.
“Whose pussy is this?” She growled into your ear, fingers diving impossibly deeper
You refused to answer, gritting your teeth at her and turning your head away, making her laugh
“My stubborn baby”
She removed her fingers from your core, using the same wet fingers to make some adjustments to her prosthetic arm. You huffed and tried again to wiggle out of her grasp. Jolting when her entire arm started to vibrate.
“I meant for this to be a surprise, but, desperate times-“ she cut herself off as she held you down with her now vibrating arm, the metal fingertips resting on your clit.
You yelped and jumped, startled at the touch. Without warning she pushed three fingers into you and began pumping them into your weeping core.
Your body felt on fire, like she was doing too much and too little at the same time.
“Sevika pleasee!” You sobbed, not sure if you were asking for more or for her to stop.
“I know baby, let mommy make it better” she cooed thickly
A tear escaped you from the stimulation, and she kissed it away.
“I feel you tighting over my fingers, are you close already? You gonna come for me sweetheart?” She smirked
You yelled in frustration, your body betraying you under her touch. But you needed it, you felt like you would rather die than go without the gift she was about to bring out.
She continued talking you through your building orgasm, until you finally came all over her fingers. You’re breathing haggard as you tried moving away from her vibrating hand.
“Mhm mm, give me another one”
Another one???!
You tried closing your legs but her own made them open impossibly wider. You looked at your reflections in the mirror across from you. Making eye contact with her. The way your body molded perfectly into hers made your pussy tighten around her fingers, making her smirk.
“This is where you belong sweetheart. Only I can take care of you like this.” Her beautiful voice murmured into your ear. Flashes of other intimate moments coursed through your memory. Remembering all those times she had you at her mercy, and how you loved every moment.
As if to prove her point, She curled her fingers into you deeper. The position would surely give her carpal tunnel, but she remained entirely focused on your next orgasm. The overstimulation becoming overwhelming as she found and rubbed against that spot, over and over again until you came even harder than the first time. You saw spots and squealed, back arching against her as she groaned, satisfied with her work. You tapped her arm, wordlessly tapping out when the words wouldn’t come out yet. She decided to have mercy on you as she gently removed her fingers from you. Allowing you to catch your breath. She carefully loosened her grip on you and you gracelessly rolled onto the bed. Crawling up and away from her. You ignored her as she got up from the bed. Closing your eyes you tried to make inventory of what was happening to your body. You just came…twice, yet you still needed more. You groaned and touched yourself, trying to ease the tention you continued to feel. What the fuck did you take? You’ve heard of what shimmer does, and this doesn’t match up.
Your body stiffened as you felt her on the bed, opening your eyes, you gasped as you saw Sevika wearing the strap. You hated that she knew you needed her.
“Come here baby”
When you made no answer she impatiently grabbed a leg to pull you towards her.
“Unless you want to figure this out by yourself? See how far that hand gets you?”
She was mocking you.
You reached for her and crushed your lips against hers. Hard. She groaned into the kiss and wrapped your legs around her waist. You sighed when you felt the tip of the strap against your entrance. Attempting to jut your hips against it, but she firmly held you in place. You looked at her, frustrated.
“Beg for it.”
You groaned and threw yourself back on the bed. She leaned over you, strong arms on either side of your shoulders.
“Beg for me, and I’ll fuck this shimmer out of your system.”
Tears of frustration left your eyes as you furiously blushed at the situation you put yourself in.
“Please Sevika, please fuck me. I need it.” You cried enthusiastically, bucking your hips.
“I don’t know if you deserve it sweet heart. What’s to say I give you the fucking of your life and you try leaving me again?”
You groaned and hid your face in frustration
“Damnit Sevika!”
She laughed at you, moving your arms so she could make eye contact with you. The gentleness and sincerity brightened her eyes in such a way in made you suck in a breath. “Promise me now, that you won’t leave me.” You sighed and tilted your head away until she wrapped a hand around your throat, making you focus on her. “Ever.” She reiterated. The determination in her voice struck something in you. Something deeper than the raging hormones and shimmer coursing through you body.
“I mean it Y/N…Promise me.” She said softly
The contradiction between the gentleness in her voice but the grip she had on your throat left you breathless.
“I need you Y/N. I can’t do what I do without you by my side. Please.” Her lips grazed yours. You were literally breathing the same air as you nodded.
“I promise.”
She kissed you, deeply. Argument and brawl forgotten as she Lowered herself, aligning the strap to your entrance and thrusting into you.
You gasped and wrapped your arms around her. Clawing your nails down her back as she thrust into you, again and again. Filling you up so perfectly as she murmured sweet praises into your ear.
“That’s my sweet girl, take it, just like that.”
Any animosity you held towards her melted away as she fucked you exactly how you needed.
“My perfect girl.”
************Later that night*********
I took one last look at Y/N, sleeping deeply in our bed, Curled up in the sheets. Exactly where she belonged. I couldn’t help but smile as I closed the door to our bedroom. It was quick work unpacking the two bags she had packed, the throw up on the other hand.. that took awhile. But it’s worth it to hide any evidence of her attempt to leave. It’s almost funny that she was that upset over a fucking creep. Her hearts too big for her own damn good.
I walked out of the apartment, making a quick stop before reporting to Silco at the Last Drop.
The events from earlier replayed in my mind. I’ll give it to her, she took me by surprise taking that modified vial of shimmer. Silco will be pleased that it works exactly how it’s supposed to. Despite the success of the new variant, I still had troubles processing what could’ve happened if I hadn’t gotten there in time. She had two bags packed and no family in piltover. Meaning she was planning on leaving the city via hexgate. Lucky for me, I know where the gate cordinator liked to spend his evening. Looking around before stepping into the brothel, I found exactly who I was looking for. Drinking at the bar and with a man practically draped on his side. Rolling my eyes I sat next to him, making my presence known.
The escort looked like he was about to shit himself before scurrying away. Maury sighed, taking a huge drink before looking at me.
“I’m off the clock” he said simply
Rolling my eyes, I took a few pictures out of my back pocket, “Then I’ll make it quick. If you see this girl trying to catch a ride on a hex gate…you make sure she doesn’t.”
He took the pictures from my hand, putting his drink down before asking, “This your girl?”
I nodded, “In the event you happen to come across her at the gates, you bring her to me. I’ll make it worth your while.” I got up, tossing a bag of coins his way.
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thehoundwrites · a month ago
Forgive me Father
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Note: Priest!Sevika x fem!reader basically you go to church one night and end up in the confession booth with Father Sevika, sevika is not a good priest, goes to bars, sleeps around, drinks, smokes, and gambles.
Tw: nsfw, relgion, smut, Fingering (vaginal), body worship, size kkinks, punishments, manhandling, spanking, Preist/Father kink, uniform kink, power dynamics, Degradation, praise, dirty talk, humiliation, public sex(?)
Word count: 3,176
Even when the sun was set, and the moon peered from behind the buldings. The sun persisted, fighting to stay in the pinkened sky and yet the streets looked the same. Strangers that stood on the sidewalks of your not so busy town still chatted as their voices got lower and lower drowned out by the hum in your headphones. It was a bustling night however, and you even recognized some faces when they smiled as you walked by. As if on instinct you’d give them a small polite smile back and  in an attempt to avoid any conversations you so desperately didn't want to have, so you decided to put your other earbud in to drown out the unwanted buzz. The air was dull however as the talking died down and everyone had returned home or were on their way, the pink and orange sky turning darker. It wasn’t a fearful dark, since you always took the same route after work everyday, left, left straight for a bit left, right boom home. It was always the same. 
The only change up in your life was when you got invited out clubbing with your friends. Most of them loved to part as much as the next guy, you all found yourselves in a new adventure and whichever guy who was unlucky enough to end up flirting with you ended up with a bruised ego. Your friends knew enough to talk you out of giving him actual bruises, fortunately.
It was content, and calm. But seemingly bland.
You were heading home from work now tonight, your nerves relaxed as you blared the music of your headphones into your ears. "Pink rover, pink rover please send the coward over, and if he starts to holler but a knife up to-" you always tend to get lost within your mind. Music playing lets you escape from reality, although you really should pay more attention to your surroundings. Like now, your shoulder collided with something hard. Someone’s arm you noticed when you took an earbud out to apologize, looking up to whichever poor soul that had to deal with you trying to bulldoze them. And to your surprise stood a woman in a dark cassock, her posture leaning over you a bit. As you noticed her hand curled around your arm, her palms were very big against your bare skin and her fingers nearly long enough to wrap around your entire wrist. "That was an awfully crude song you were singing, my child." You couldn't help it, your eyes were wondering. The black of her could clung to her shoulders so you could see the curves of her muscles, you could see her perfect torso but the coat hung loose around her legs, you couldn’t help but to wonder if beneath the loose drapes were as chiseled as the parts you could make out.
But it seems she noticed your lack of response and took advantage of the silence and invited you inside. 
"Why don't you come in for the sermon, perhaps God brought you here for a reason" she said her gray eyes looked kind, with an intense stare that almost made you melt. You thought she could read your mind for a moment, you didn't know if you wanted her to or not at the moment either.
"Sure, sounds fun" you mocked undecided on attending, waiting simply for her response, you realized her large hand had made its way up your arm to grip your shoulder lightly. "The answer to that would be, Yes Father." She said dark lips curling up and her eyebrows raised, face a bit to yours for comfort. So close that you could smell the putrid smoke of her cigarette in her breath. You gulped your body starting to shudder, a bit.
You felt your cheeks heating up a bit, you weren't sure about the signals, but God you wanted to be on your knees worshiping her. You decided what you had to lose. It's not like you had much respect for churches anyways why should you care if you embarrass yourself. 
"Of course Father, anything you want." You smiled sweetly, your eyes wide at staring at her lips wondering what they felt like on yours, imagining her black lipstick smearing across your skin.
"Good girl" she replied, placing her hand in the middle of your back, guiding you inside,  your jaw clenched and you felt like your ability to breathe was taken away by every touch. 
The two of you walked in silence down the aisle between the pews, you could feel your heart pounding  "It should start in a moment, please take a seat upfront." It seemed you were already in front of everyone, not realizing you had made it all the way across the room. Luckily not many  parishioners had decided to sit in the front pews however. 
"Yes father" you replied,  going to sit down, patting down your short skirt. With your dark clothing, black skirt, collar and ripped nylons you didn't feel like you belong here. You could swear everyone was judging you the moment you walked inside. 
Before the priest had let go of your back she whispered "Keep your legs open for me, princess." Your eyes widened a bit at her brashness. You went silent, licking your lips as your mouth felt incredibly dry all of a sudden. 
"Okay…" you were able to mumble out quietly. Your heart started pacing faster than you thought possible as you sat down, the tingling in your core happy to have some pressure. You'd realized your knees were weak ever since you felt her hand on you. The scent of cologne and smoke tickled your nose still squirming a bit and realizing Father had already started her eyes looked at you for a moment watching you squirm under her glare. Her eyes glanced down to your shoes and you remembered your legs were supposed to be open. Slowly you opened your thighs, eyes glued to the priest, she seemed pleased. Or you assumed by the smirk that grew across her face as she turned to greet everyone.
"Good evening Father Sevika" 
So Sevika was the Father's name, huh?
You kinda stopped listening after that though, you did try to pay attention. You zoned out after a while, and brought your phone out putting a headphone in. Your legs were still wide. The cold air from the air-conditioner had you squirming a bit trying to get relief. You felt hot even though your skin was ice cold. Maybe showing this much skin is actually a bad idea. Not for the reasons they tell you though, goosebumps were covering your skin. Your music started playing finally "I'm not fazed, only here to sin, If Eve ain't in your garden, you know that you can.. Call me by your name-" you brought back into church when you heard a specific word come out of Father Sevikas mouth as she addressed her parishioners, you pulled your earbud out to listen. 
"And in Mathew 5:28 But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his" her eyes wander over the crowd until the intense eyes met you, legs still hung open for her as she studied your body so intensely, you thought you were gonna melt, and she could probably see the wet spot growing in your panties. 
Sevika went on smiling at the crowd as if she wasn't just undressing you in her mind.
Thankfully the sermon was over sooner than you thought. You noticed the church grew quiet and you bowed your head with them simply so you wouldn’t stand out even more than you already did, a moment later everyone began to leave and you stood with them quietly as they paced and and you watched the father dismiss the last stragglers. 
And you approached her and the two people talking to her waiting for your turn, they said their goodbyes and began to head out. 
"May I confess something, Father." 
Sevika's eyes stared down at you grey eyes studying you expression as you tried to fein your best innocent, desperate look you could. Her eyebrows scrunched a bit and you could see her cheeks move a bit clenching her jaw. "As you wish, follow me child."
You did, you followed her into another room. And the booth was not what you expected; it looked like an oversized dresser with curtains. "God is forgiving my child, please confess thy sins so that I may offer you penance." 
You looked at her for a moment, you were hoping you could say it right to her face, that this entire time she'd been up there you'd been imaging all the ways she should fuck you let your hand trail up those perfect arms as she tried her best to resist the temptation, so you could see the way she would look at you. So you coils see those gorgeous gray eyes darken glaring at you like she would eat you alive. 
"Do you know what to do my child, or shall I teach you" 
"I've never done this before." You said quietly before she placed a hand on your back. 
"Simple, go inside and kneel. Confess thy sins unto our creator and beg for forgiveness." She wasn't looking at you though.
It didn't sound simple. 
"Yes Father" 
"Good girl" 
You did as you were told, moving behind the curtain and kneeled. You weren't quite sure how to start so you just went with what you've heard before. 
"Forgive me Father for I have sinned." You said, your hands against the edge of the room holding yourself still, the skin of your knees pressing into polished wood beneath you and it started to hurt. 
"I've never used a confession booth before and I’m sorry for that. I ask for your forgiveness for my greed, my unfaithfulness, my lust. I've drank so much in my life, I swear, I use your name in vain. But mostly I need forgiveness for my behavior. I've been partying so much, hooking up without any second thoughts. I know you teach that our bodies are a temple that we must abstain until marriage, but women are so gorgeous lord, you made them irresistible. Even your priest here. Father Sevika, my mind has been lusting for her since I bumped into her. I was hoping she was going to have me confess on the pews. I wanted to watch her face as confessed how badly I wanted her to fuck me. that I wanted her to look into my eyes, and watch me undress for her. That I'd get on my knees and worship her like a God… excuse my language…" you snorted you couldn't even keep your face straight anymore. 
"Her eyes are so intense, I felt myself melt from the heat, her hands felt so big on my back, I wanted her hands to go further, to smack my ass to grab my chin and-" the curtain whipped open behind you and made you stop dead in your tracks. You were facing the opposite direction but luckily you were able to stand before she stepped inside.
"Do you think this is a joke?" 
You began to turn around and when you did she was extremely close boxing you in the booth she had to duck a bit as you felt your back press against the jagged wall behind you. 
"No Father I-" 
"I do not care for excuses, I do not allow pretty girls to act like sluts around me without some repercussions".
She didn’t look mad, infact her face oozes arrogance. She stood tall, completely eliminating your ability to leave her arms on either side of you. An eyebrow raised and a smirk on her lips, satisfied by the surprise and fear in your eyes at her sudden actions.
You felt her hands on your hips as she turned you to face the wall, the front of your torso against the wood pulling your ass out towards her. You felt her breath on the back of your neck, it sent chills down your spine. Her large hands trailing up the sensitive skin of your inner thighs rough calloused fingers curling around the hem of your underwear, her short nails scratching a bit of your skin. 
“What? Isn’t this what you wanted?” You felt her dark lips press to the nape of your neck, her hand groping your ass. 
You felt her pants press against the skin of the back of your thigh, your underwear barely covering any skin. Her hand was warm against your skin. 
“Father, please,” you whispered.
“That’s not what I told you to say.” She growled in your ear, a sharp ‘whap’ sounded as you felt a sting on your ass. 
“The answer is ‘Yes father’, and when I spank you. You say ‘Thank you father.’ When I'm inside you, you say ‘Please, Father’. Do you understand?” She asked her lips trailing down your back hot skin teasing your skin as she trailed downward. Her other arm at the side of your head palm flat against the wood keeping you in place. 
“Yes Father” 
She spanked you again, harder. 
“Good girl” 
Your eyes squinted shut your face scrunching.
“Thank you, Father” You choked as her hand rang against your skin again. She smacked you a couple more times and you thanked her as you were told until you moaned it out, in which she stopped. You felt her hand and body leave your body. 
You wanted to look back but you didn't have the nerve your chest was heaving. 
All of a sudden you felt her body press yours against the walls, muscles pressing against your back hard wood jutting into your stomach as her teeth grated against your ear. “Are you fucking enjoying this? You're fucking filthy aren’t you princess.” She asked, gripping your sides, pressing her pelvis against your back, her fingers dipping in between your thighs. 
“Ahh, Yes father. Please..”
“That's right, beg for me.” Her finger began to toy with your clit, messaging it harshly holding your body still with her other hand, her thumb teasing your pussy, the tip of her thumb barely pressing inside but barely. Brushing agonizingly at the sensitive skin right inside of you. 
“P- Please Father”
“God youre so fucking wet, you like this? Getting fucked in church. You must feel so special, are you? Or do you just slut yourself out to anyone who you think could make you cum?”
“Father I-”
“I asked you a question.” She snarled her grip tightening, it felt harsh enough to bruise. 
“Mhmm- not everyone. You’re just so attr-Ahh.”
You were cut off by her shoving a thick finger inside you roughly, her pace was fast as she pumped in and out of you, your panties pulled to the side, and her clothed leg in between the two of yours, her dress shoe hooked around your ankle to keep your leg in place. 
“I didn't tell you to stop.” She huffed, her raspy voice hung lower now, you could tell she was starting to get out of breath. 
“Ahh- please father, you just looked so good standing there- you are so big and domminent, I thought you would fuck me until I went dumb for you Father.”
“Yea- you want me so bad you’d slut yourself out in church. That if you flirted enough with the priest that you’d get fucked like the little whore you are, huh?” You felt her smirk against your shoulder as she curled her finger right at your sweet spot and your legs nearly gave out. 
“C’mon princess you can take it can’t you” 
“Yes Father, Please, Please God you feel so good- Fuck- Please father” 
You couldn’t help but to give in completely, you were completely at her mercy. 
She added another finger and you clenched around her, her pace quickened. She felt big inside you, even with only two fingers, her hands were large. You felt her lean over you, her lips nearly grazing your cheek as her hot breath hit your face. “You sound divine, keep begging and I’ll let you cum.”
“Yes Father!” You were desperate, you needed her so bad, her fingers pumped faster inside of you, the hand on the wall gone as you felt her breath hitch against your skin, you assumed you knew where it went. There was a string of pleas and mumbling “Father” Each time you did you could feel yourself growing closer and closer the knot in your stomach tensing your legs stiffening as you tried to hold yourself up. “Fuck please I’m so close, please father”
“The cum for me princess, Give in. ” She closed the gap this time you could feel the hard skin of her abs against your back, her other hand reached around and pressed on your stomach right above your waist, it was a bit wet before it trailed down to your clit adding the sensation you needed. You began to squirm your hips, moving in rhythm with her hands moaning out her name. She didn’t stop after that, she fingered you through your orgasm until you were leaning on her for support, unable to stand on your own. “Give me one more baby girl, I know you can.”
She continued to finger fuck you until you came again, her hands wet with your slick. She pulled out slowly letting you drip all over your thighs, her hands supporting your body as she pulled your panties back into place. 
She gave you a moment. “You’ll come back next sunday then? You can get on your knees for me next time.” She said, waiting for you to catch your breath, her lips brushing against the skin behind your ear. 
When you could you turned around out of her grasp and leaned your back against the wall. “Wouldn’t it be a sin to worship you?” You teased lightly, still a bit out of breath. “It is, however its still tempting-” she said, stepping in closer to her lips near yours. “Isn’t it?” The soft skin of her lips brushed against hers as you went in to kiss them. Her lips pressed back her body somehow finding a way to keep you in the booth still a tooth scraped against your lower lip so you parted them, she sucked your tongue into her mouth. 
This didn't seem too holy. When she pulled away you were breathless again. 
“If I come back I need to know something first… Are you a real priest?” You couldn’t help but to wonder. 
“With power comes, the power to do what I want. Including girls like you.” She taunted smirking at you before backing away leaving you leaning against the wall. 
“Speaking of, do you need a ride home. It's a bit dark for you to be wandering home weakly in that” she commented, eyeing your outfit. 
You probably shouldn’t.
“Please, Father?”
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shortestcake · a month ago
sub sevika, sub sevika, sub sevika, sub sevika, sub sev-
Pairing: Subby!Sevika x reader
Pronouns used: none (afab genitalia)
Gendered terms: none
Genre: smut(mdni)
Strap-on, slight praise/bondage, begging
Tumblr media
When people saw you and Sevika, walk down the street together, they'd all asume she was the one in control, relentless as she did whatever she pleased with you. No one ever assumed she had to ask anything from you. Her reputation made moments like these all the more satisfying. Moments where Sevika was underneath you, whimpers and jagged breathes leaving her lips, moments where she doesn't know if she should beg you to go faster or to slow down. And it didn't matter what she chose, because it was up to you, you were the one making these decisions for her, you were the one taking care of her. You were the one fucking into her with brutal pace, the strap-on she insisted she hated abusing her cunt. Her pretty back would arch and her muscular arms would pull at the restraints you gave her while you kneeled between her thighs, massaging her hips."There, there, pretty girl, I know you can take it." You'd bend over and whisper sinfull things in her ears, all while she babbled and moaned your name. Sevika would always end up begging, even if she refused to at first, even if she was so fucked-out she didn't know what she was begging for, and she was so good at begging.
Tumblr media
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xxterra-incognitaxx · a month ago
{Gender neutral}
{Sevika x reader}
Summery: You go to party's often, and you pick up on the gossip. This is the reason you recognize Sevika immediately on her entering the club you where at. Seemingly because of some rough business, she gets drunk and you swoop in to save her.
Warning: Swearing. Abduction Attempt. Alcohol. Drunk Sevika. Not beta read.
Tumblr media
You took little notice to the woman when she came in, you knew who she was but you opted just continued to dance and drink as usual. You figured that she had business in the club that night as she had a determined look on her scarred face.
She was a tad older than you, very pretty. Brown bobbed hair framing her face which was set in a deep frown. Her name was Sevika, if you recalled correctly from all the rumors. She was apparently skilled in the art of ass kicking, so you stayed out of business less you be found dead in a gutter come tomorrow.
You did, however, keep tabs on the woman. You kept tabs with everyone, so it wasn't like you where paying her special attention. She entered a room that you only caught a glimpse of in the brief period it was was swung open for. The walls where ruby red, little diamonds etched into them. There was a elegant chandler hanging from the celling. You figured it was the owners office. After some time she came it come out. And she looked pissed. She ordered a drink and set down, seething. 
You stole glances at her often. At first it was to check the validity of the rumors, but quickly devolved to concern as she ordered drink after drink. She when from sober, to buzzed, to tipsy, and then drunk. The last glance over to her resulted in the sight of her sleeping form. She must've passed out.
You watched as a man strolled up to her. This man was not one you knew was associated with Sevika. Going back and forth on whether you should intervene came to an abrupt halt when he tried to lift her from her position on the counter. You bolted to her side.
“Excuse me.” you spoke up to the man. He jumped back staring at you before giving you a disgruntled “What do ya’ want?” Putting on your best smile you responded in a soft and calm tone. “I just need to take home my girlfriend. She had a rough day and had a few too many,” you paused before adding “How does she know you?” Ever the gossiping bitch, you dug for information. “I work wit’ her.”
Of course, you could spot the lie from a mile away. “Well, I’ll be sure to let her know that you needed her. Want me to carry on a message?” He gruffly hummed and left, back hunched. 
You took it upon yourself to take her home. She would have one holy hell of a headache when she woke up. You figured you looked like you where trying to do the same thing that man was doing only moments before. You managed to haul the woman all the way up to you shitty apartment on the 5th floor. You body was practically screaming at you when you dropped her to the bed. Running to your cabinet, you fished out painkillers and filled a glass of water and set them on the night stand. 
Back to the kitchen it was, you made some hangover food in hopes it would ease the pain just a tad. Hearing the soft pat of footsteps from behind, you barely had enough time to see a book being hurled at your head. You swerved out of the way, just narrowly avoiding the attack. That was a fair response to her situation. “You passed out and some creep tried to take you with him. I decided it would be best to just take you home with me.” The fast, breathy explanation was spoken with heaving breaths as you desperately tried to calm your speeding heart.
 “How are you feeling? I left pain killer for you on the nightstand. Why down you lay back down?” She must have been taken aback because she uttered a soft “Oh, sorry.” then went to lay back in your bed. A couple of minutes later you walked to the bed, food in hand. Sitting on the edge of the bed you smile at the woman, then setting down plate, utensil stuck in the food.
You got up to leave but felt harsh, almost bruising grasp on your arm. You whipped your head at the source, tilting your head in a question. Silently asking "What do you need." She seemed to hesitate for a moment.
"Thank you."
She dropped your arm, and you made a retreat to your living room. You drifted in and out of slumber, the last thing you could recall was the door shuting before you fell asleep on your couch.
Tumblr media
(Do not repost art or fic without permission)
Might make this a series, idk.
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vishandholder · a month ago
Hey, can I ask for Arcane characters (Vi, Caitlyn, Silco, Viktor, Jayce, and Sevika) with a reader who needs a lot of comfort? Thanks!
(Btw can you do platonic for Jayce and Silco?)
of course Anon! i personally don't know how to comfort but I'll try!
she might be very tough, but she know how to comfort
does anything you want and more
"Hey I made your favourite drink! If you need something else just tell me. Hm? You want me to stay and hold you? Gladly!"
lots of hugs and kisses
she even plays with you to distract you
she's a pro at comforting
knows when you need something and does/gets it for you
"No need to hide anything from me, just be truth full with me and tell me what do you want, my love."
lots of kisses and cuddles
seriously does anything you want from her
he might be a scientist, but he knows his stuff
like Caitlyn he knows when you need something at a specific time
"sweetheart, my partner in crime, I got you some hot chocolate!"
has you on his lap while he works
he likes to give you a lot of forehead kisses while he works too
like Vi, she appears tough, but she's a softie
"You want me to sit next to you? Sure."
she stays at home with you and works out while you rest on her back as she ordered you to do so. (you're light to her no matter how much you weight)
she brags on how amazing you are to her friends
she'll stop smoke if you tell her do so
he's not good at it, but he tries
will take you out a lot
will get into a fight with anyone who upsets you and says he's in the right (as he should)
piggyback rides all the way
he's proud to say that he loves you so much and would do whatever it takes to make you feel happy
he's definitely good at it since he's able to comfort Jinx
he sees you as his own child
"Oh my child, how I would do whatever it takes to see a smile on your face."
if he sees you crying it's over for whoever made you cry
I feel like he would read you/make up a story that you like just so you'd calm down
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