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#natasha romanov x reader
romanoffscottage · a day ago
natasha romanoff fluff alphabet
Tumblr media
pairing: natasha romanoff x reader 
warnings: none
words: 3.2k | natasha x reader masterlist | navigation post
likes, reblogs, and comments are always appreciated and welcomed <3
a : affection (how affectionate are they? what is their favorite form of affection?)
Natasha is very affectionate towards you. She is always smothering you with kisses and hugs, no matter where you are or who's around. Her favorite form of affection would be cuddling. She loved holding you close and running her fingers through your hair. Although she would never tell anyone, she really loves when you hold her too. Resting her head on your chest while you're holding her is her favorite way to spend her nights. This way she can listen to the soothing sound of your heart beating.
b : body (what is their favorite part of your body?)
Natasha loves every single inch of your body, but if she had to choose a favorite she would probably choose your hands. They are always so soft and so gentle. She loves the way you run your fingers through her hair, the way your hands rub soothing circles on her back when she is stressed, and she loves holding your hands when you take walks. Above all else, she loves how gentle your touch is. Whenever you brush your hand against hers or rub her shoulder/back or cup her face with your hands, it is always so soft and gentle. No one has ever touched her as gently as you have.
c : cuddles (do they like to cuddle? if so, what is their favorite position? are they the big or little spoon?)
Natasha loves cuddling with you everywhere no matter who's around. Whether it’s during movie night with the team or alone in your room, you always find your way into Nat’s arms. She likes feeling like she is protecting you while she’s the big spoon. While she’s the big spoon most of the time, she does like being the little spoon sometimes, but only when you two are alone. If she’s had a rough day or has woken up from a nightmare, she loves curling into you and placing her head in the crook of your neck.
d : dreamer (how do they view the future with you? do they like to daydream about you?)
Nat dreams of marrying you and having a house or apartment in the city with a cat or two. She also envisions you two adopting in the future, it's something you two have talked about wanting to do. She daydreams about your future together a lot, she can’t wait for the day she gets to marry.
e : effort (how much effort would they put into the relationship? would they put his entirety into the relationship?)
Natasha always gives you her all. Your relationship means everything to Natasha and without you, she would be completely lost. She packs your lunch in the morning before work, she plans unique dates for you to go on, and she loves to surprise you with little gifts or day trips. Your relationship is always Nat’s number one priority. She will drop everything and anything to come to you when you need her.
f : fluff (a little fluffy headcanon)
Natasha loves watching Disney movies with you and singing all the songs. Her favorite is Tangled because the two of you will literally start dancing around your bedroom singing the music. When the kingdom dance song comes on she will bust out her ballet training and get super into it which you think is adorable. Once you got it on video and it is now your favorite video to watch when you're feeling down.
g : gentle (how gentle are they in the relationship?)
Natasha may be a scary assassin/spy, but she is an absolute softie when it comes to you. One of her biggest fears is hurting you, so she constantly is checking in with you to make sure you are alright and that she isn’t overstepping any boundaries. Also, emotionally she is so sweet and gentle with you. She is always there to offer you a shoulder to cry on and she gives the greatest advice when she is asked for it.
h : hugs (what are their hugs like?)
Natasha’s hugs are very tight and comforting. She always hugs you as if she is never going to see you again out of fear that something may happen to you or her. She always runs up to you when you get home or runs to you when you open the front door, picking you up and squeezing you into her tight grasp.
When you are upset, stressed, or going through a depressive episode, Nat’s hugs are the most comforting thing in the world. She will always hold you as close to her as physically possible so you can tuck your head under her chin. She will hug/hold you like that for hours if you need it, always whispering sweet nothing in your ear.
i : inspiration (did their s/o change them somehow, or the other way around? like trying out new things or helping them overcome personal problems?)
You changed Natasha’s life in so many ways. She is a much more open person now, you reminded her that she can trust people. She has tried so many new things and seen so many new places with you. You knew her upbringing was extremely traumatic for her so you made a point to take her places that you went when you were a kid. On every major holiday, you went above and beyond to give her a memorable experience (ex. during Christmas time you decorated gingerbread houses with her and dragged her to play in the snow with you). Before dating you Natasha didn’t really like Christmas and now it’s her favorite holiday.
You also helped Natasha overcome a lot of problems/traumas. You were the first person she really opened up to about her past and you never once judged her for it. You held her and told her it wasn’t her fault and that she didn’t deserve any of it. You had even convinced Nat to start seeing a therapist. It became a weekly thing where you would drive Nat to therapy and when she was finished you two would go out for ice cream.
j : jealous (how jealous are they? do they even get jealous?)
Nat tries really hard not to get jealous, but when people try to flirt with you at Stark’s parties she will make sure everyone knows that your her’s. She will not hesitate to pull you into her lap and smother you with kisses in front of people. She will talk about how much she loves you and how happy you two are all night while complimenting you on how hot you look.
k : kisses (are they a good kisser? what was the first kiss like?)
Natasha is an amazing kisser, like the best out there. Every single time you kiss her it is like magic. Your first kiss was when you were at Natasha’s place for a movie night. Natasha wasn’t even watching the movie, she was just staring at how beautiful you were. When you looked up and noticed she was staring at you she pulled you into a gentle yet passionate kiss.
l : love (who said ‘i love you first? how did they say it? how long into the relationship was it?)
You were the one to say ‘I love you first’ and it was a month into your relationship. You two had been friends and coworkers long before you started dating so there was so much chemistry already there. You had wanted to tell her you loved her right away but didn’t want to scare her off. She said she loved you back after you told her you loved her and now you two never stop telling each other just how much you love each other.
m : memories (what’s their favorite memory with you?)
Nat treasures every single moment with you, but her all-time favorite memory with you was the time you took her to go lay in a field and look at the stars. She was having a really bad day and was super stressed out with all the work she had so you dragged her out and drove her to an empty field. You two spent hours laying in the grass watching the stars and the moon. You two talked about all the places you wanted to go together and how you wanted to get a cat. You shared funny things about each other and as it got you two ended up having a really deep and therapeutic conversation. The whole night felt like something straight out of a movie.
n : nicknames (do they use nicknames? if so, what are their favorite ones to use and be called?)
Natasha loves nicknames and has thought up some creative ones over the course of your relationship. She loves to call you nicknames that are in Russian, detka (baby) and lyubov' (love) are the ones she calls you every day. She also calls you (your favorite flower) a lot because of how you always fill the house with them. Wherever Nat sees (your favorite flower) it instantly reminds her of you.
You call Natasha a variety of nicknames and she loves them all. Nat and Tasha are her main nicknames, but you mainly call her ‘love’ or ‘lovey.’ Babe and baby are also nicknames you use for Nat often. Sometimes in the morning or night when you are really groggy, you call her Natty and Nat thinks it's adorable.
o : orange (what color reminds them of you?)
Yellow reminds her of you. Yellow is the color associated with the sun and you are Natasha’s sun. You are literally the light of her life. Whenever you walk into a room you instantly make Nat smile just from your presence.
p : pda (how are they with pda? are they big on it or do they hate it?)
Nat does not care where you are or who is around, she will smother you with kisses and love wherever and whenever. Even when it comes to cuddling, she doesn't care who's around or where you are she will pull you close to her and hold you. On the other hand, Natasha will only let you hold her when you are in private. She doesn't like it when other people see her ‘soft’ side. Honestly, you think it's adorable how shy she is about pole seeing you hold her.
q : quirks (what are some weird quirks they have that you find cute? what are some weird quirks you have that they find cute?)
You think it's adorable how Natasha can not sit normally to save her life. She always has her feet up on the desk or dashboard if she's in the car. Sometimes you literally find her on the floor in the splits while she’s doing paperwork.
Natasha thinks it's really cute how you collect stuffed animals. You love stuffed animals and are constantly getting new ones. Lately, you have been obsessed with squishmellows and Natasha thinks it's adorable when she finds you asleep hugging one of them.
r : romance (how romantic are they? what’s the most romantic thing they have done?)
Nat might not strike people as a romantic, but she actually is really romantic. She loves to buy you flowers, watch the sunset with you, slow dance with you in the kitchen, take walks through the park together, and take you to fancy restaurants. One time she even planned a surprise weekend spa trip for the two of you once.
The most romantic thing she has ever done was write you love letters while she was away on a mission. She was gone for a whole month and was not allowed to use technology for communication, so every week she would send you a love letter telling you how much she missed you and how everything reminded her of you. At the end of her letter, she would always write how many days until she was going to be home before signing her name.
s : sympathy (how do they comfort you? do they like to be comforted?)
Natasha always knows when something is bothering you. She can read you very easily, so even if you try to hide your feelings from her, you can’t. She will always drop everything to comfort you and make sure you are okay. She will hold you for hours while you tell her what’s bothering her or while you cry into the crook of her neck. She peppers you with kisses and love, whispering sweet nothings in your ear. If you are having a panic attack, Nat will pull you in to listen to the beat of her heart. It always helps to ground you. Once she gets your breathing to be steady, she will carry you to bed and hold you until you fall asleep, letting you talk about what you're stressed about only if you want to. She never pushed you to talk if you're not ready, she knows when you are ready you will come to her.
Natasha would never admit it, but she does like to be comforted. She tries her best to hold herself together, but sometimes all her emotions just explode out of her and she breaks down. When this happens you drop everything to be there for her. You hold her and have her follow your breathing. Once she has calmed down, you let her talk about what’s bothering her if she wants to. You never push her, but lately, she has been opening up to you more. You make sure she drinks water and grab her favorite snacks. You put on her favorite movie and hold her as close as possible until she falls asleep. When Nat has nightmares, which is sadly a common occurrence, you immediately pull her close to you and do a ground exercise. You ask her to tell you 5 things she can see, 4 things she can hear, 3 things she can touch, 2 things she can smell, and 1 thing she can taste. When her breathing evens out you remind her that it wasn't real and that she is safe. If Nat wants to go back to sleep you rub her back and kiss her head until she goes back to sleep, but if she wants to stay up you put on a movie for you two to watch.
t : thrill (do they need to try out new things to spice up your relationship? or do they prefer a certain routine?)
Both. Natasha loves the routine you two have. She loves how you have breakfast together each morning and how every Friday night is movie night. But she also likes to try new things. She loves coming up with new date ideas and taking you to places neither of you have ever been before.
u : understanding (how well do they know you? how empathetic are they?)
Natasha knows you like the back of her hand. She knows how you like your coffee, your biggest secrets, and all about your personal issues/traumas. She knows when you are stressed or feeling down, she knows when you need encouragement, and she knows when you are doubting yourself. Natasha is always there to remind you how perfect you are, she is always telling you that you are the most beautiful, hardworking, kind, loving soul in the universe.
Contrary to popular belief, Nat is very empathetic. She always does her best to understand what you're feeling and what you have been through. She listens to your needs and always makes sure whatever it is you need, you get.
v : values (how valuable is your relationship to them? is it a top priority?)
Your relationship is the most important thing to Natasha, you are her everything. No matter what is going on, if she knows you need her she will be there for you. Even with her job, she doesn't care where in the world she is, if you need her she will fly home immediately.
Natasha makes sure that you two spend quality time with each other every day, whether that's a facetime call when she’s away on a mission, or cuddling on the couch talking about your days. She always makes time for you and her to have one-on-one time. She also makes sure to take you out as many times a week as she can. She knows how important dates are at every stage of a relationship she takes to the park, out to eat, etc. whenever she can.
w : wild card (another little headcanon)
Natasha wears your clothes more often than she wears her own clothing. She said it makes her feel close to you and you thought that was adorable. As you two got closer and your relationship developed, Nat opened up to you and told you that she likes to steal your clothes and the other's clothes because she still feels weird about buying her own stuff. She wasn’t allowed to own her own things for a really long time and buying clothes is something that stresses her out. Too many choices. Now, every morning you always lay out a sweater or tee-shirt of yours for her to wear.
x : xylophone (what song reminds them of you? what song represents your relationship?)
Invisible string by Taylor Swift is the song that reminds Natasha of you, especially the chorus of the song. She always believed that you and her were tied together, that you were destined to find each other and this song put this into words. Also, Sunflower by the Weepies is a song that she feels represents your relationship. The song says “I’ll be your sunflower, I shine for you, you know I’d do anything for you.” You two would do anything to each other and you both know it. You are the light of each other's lives, you shine for each other.
y : yearning (how do they act when he misses you?)
When Nat misses you she gets really sad and can spiral. When you have to go away on missions, she tends to isolate herself. She will go to work and then come home and just lay in bed thinking and worrying about you. She always jumps to the worst possible scenarios, thinking about what if you died or got captured. When you're on missions, you made Clint promise to check on Nat, so he always comes over to make sure she eats and drinks some water. When you finally get back from your mission, Nat practically jumps on you she's so happy. For the first few days back, she’s really clingy and you think it's adorable.
z : zzz (what is it like when you fall asleep together?)
When you two fall asleep, it is always in each other's arms. Depending on the day, you either fall asleep on Natasha’s chest, or she falls asleep on yours. On nights where Nat is laying on your chest, you fall asleep running your fingers through her hair, and on the nights where you're laying on Nat’s chest, you fall asleep to kisses being placed on your head and the steady beat of Nat’s heart. Once you are asleep, you two are very still. Neither of you moves much at all when you sleep, so when you wake up it is almost always in the same position you fell asleep in.
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caws5749 · a day ago
how about natasha taking care of reader with a hurt foot lol definitely not taking inspiration from your injury
A/N: im HURT how DARE but also YOURE NOT WRONG alfjaowfij
"I honestly don't even understand how this happened," Natasha said, making her way back into the room with your glass of water. "I mean, really, how can someone be this uncoordinated?"
"Haha, very funny," you deadpanned, picking your head up from the pillow slightly to send your girlfriend a glare. You'd been confined to the couch ever since falling on your foot a few hours ago. It had swelled up to a ridiculous size in a matter of minutes, forcing you onto the couch with your foot elevated.
"I don't even know what happened," you mumbled, jutting your lower lip out slightly.
"I think it was the wine," Nat mused, taking a seat next to you and handing you your water. You hummed in thanks, staring at the TV while she got comfortable next to you.
"Don't worry, I'll take good care of you," she chuckled, brushing her lips against your cheek before snuggling up to you.
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lovelybucky1 · 2 months ago
Milf! Natasha x female reader, like Natasha is her bestfriends mom, the pure nastier/smuttier the better amd can she call natasha mommy?
i got a little carried away
Teenage Dream
warnings: mommy kink, age gap (reader is in college), oral sex, fingering, hair pulling, praise kink, best friend’s mom! natasha, 18+
Tumblr media
Ever since you were twelve years old, you’ve been going to the Romanoff household. Your best friend Mariya always invited you over for playdates and over time, you became close with her mother, Natasha.
You always thought you wanted to be like Natasha. She was beautiful, smart, and she never let anyone tell her what to do. She was always so kind to you and let you come to her for anything. It wasn’t until you were fifteen that you realized you didn’t want to be like her, you had a crush on her. You never thought much of it; it was just a harmless crush on a friend’s parent. Everyone does that, right?
When you went to college, you mostly forgot about your childish crush on Natasha, but when you came home from school after finishing your freshman year, you could sense something had changed.
You showed up at their house to pick up Mariya and when you knocked on the door, Natasha answered it. She was wearing a two piece swimsuit that showed off all of the curves you dreamt about for so long. She slid the large, dark sunglasses down the bridge of her nose and looked at you from over top of them. Her floppy hat cast a shadow on her face, but her eyes were piercing nonetheless.
“Y/n, it’s so good to see you!” she smiles.
“Hi, Ms. Romanoff,” you return her smile as she pulls you inside.
“What brings you by?”
“Mariya and I were gonna go to a movie. Is she home?” you ask, looking around.
“She actually just ran out,” Natasha frowns, “I can call her so you don’t miss it.”
“Oh, that’s not a problem. There’s a later showing, I’ll come back then.”
“Don’t be silly, you can wait here. We have a lot of catching up to do.”
Natasha leads you into the kitchen where a plate of cookies and a pitcher of lemonade sits on the counter. She leans against the cool surface, unknowingly pushing her breasts together.
“C-can I have a glass of lemonade, please?” you stutter slightly.
“Come on, you can have something a little more grown up to drink,” she says as she opens the alcohol cabinet and takes out a bottle of vodka.
“I’m not twenty-one yet, Ms. Romanoff,” you chuckle, acting as if you haven’t stolen alcohol from that very cabinet more times than you could count.
“I was in college once too, you know,” she smiles as she pours two shots, “I know all about the good girl act.”
Your stomach flips when the words good girl leave her cherry red lips, but you manage to keep your composure.
“You act all innocent, like you never drink, and suddenly everyone wants to buy you shots and fruity drinks that get you fun-drunk and gives you the worst hangover of your life.”
You laugh at Natasha’s words because she’s pretty much right. You don’t party much but you do like to go to bars with your friends, and playing innocent never hurts as long as you get free drinks.
“I take it that strategy worked for you in college?”
“No, unfortunately I was the sucker who fell for it,” Natasha says as she hands you the shot. “but then I got smart.”
You almost ask what she means, but before you can, she throws her shot back and swallows it without flinching, taking it like it was water. You swallow in preparation, then take a deep breath before you take the shot. No matter how many times you’ve done it, you never get used to the taste. The alcohol burns the back of your throat and you look back at Natasha with slightly watery eyes.
“Good job, sweetie,” she smiles as she refills the shot glasses.
“Oh, Ms. Romanoff, I really don’t think I should,” you stop her.
“Oh, that’s okay,” she says, putting the bottle down. She picks up both shots, one in each hand, and takes them one after the other. You marvel at how she’s able to take her liquor, and your surprise must be evident on your face.
“It’s nothing, really,” she says as she puts the bottle away and the glasses in the sink. “Girls don’t like to drink alone, and if they haven’t had the most alcohol, they won’t feel as bad about doing something stupid,” she leans closer to you a bit.
“Am I gonna do something stupid?” you ask, your heart racing as you take in her words.
“I don’t know, sweetie,” she steps in front of you, pressing your chests together and pinning you back on the counter. “Are you?”
“I think I might…”
Natasha reaches behind her neck and unties the knot holding her black string bikini over her breasts. The top falls down and you’re met with the sight of her hard nipples pressing against you.
“Oh,” you gasp. You immediately tear your eyes away from her bare breasts and look her in the eyes, not wanting to be disrespectful.
“You can look, honey, it’s okay,” she reassures.
You slowly look down again and this time you admire them, realizing they’re even better than your fantasies.
“Why are you doing this?” you choke out. You don’t want her to stop, you just want to know why.
“I know you have a crush on me, sweetie, I have for years. You don’t have to be embarrassed, I’m actually flattered.”
Your mouth hangs open as you try to find the words to explain what you’re thinking, but come up empty. All you can think about is her taking you on the counter, just like this.
“I want to show you what it’s like to be with a real woman, not those girls you’re sleeping with at college.” She drags her hands down your sides and over your ass. “Let Mommy show you.”
You swallow thickly and nod your head, giving her permission without having to rely on your words that would surely come out garbled.
She pushes her hands up your shirt, exposing the plain bra you are wearing underneath. You weren’t expecting to see any action when you put it on, but you were wishing you had something a little nicer. She unhooks your bra with one hand, then pulls both it and your shirt over your head. Your nipples harden when they touch the cool air of the kitchen and she pinches both of them, making you gasp.
She lets go of your nipples and trails her hands down your stomach. She teases at the waistband of your shorts and you look at her pleadingly, silently begging her to give you what you want.
She unbuttons your shorts and slowly drags the zipper down, just to tease you. Her fingers brush against your mound and you have to stop yourself from bucking your hips up to meet her touch.
Natasha works your shorts down your hips and when they pool at your ankles, you kick them to the side. She pushes her hand into your panties and feels the wetness that is pooling between your lips.
“Please, Mommy,” you whine with a breathy voice.
“What are you asking for, honey?” She asks, leaning in to brush her lips over your neck. She licks a stripe up to your jaw as she presses her bare breasts to yours.
“I want your mouth.”
She smirks as she drops to her knees, hitting the floor with a thud that makes you jump. She yanks your panties down your legs and tosses them to the side. Before you can reach down to preserve your modesty, her mouth is on you.
She sucks your clit between her lips and swirls her tongue around it. You involuntarily thrust your hips and she pins you to the counter with an arm around your middle. You mutter a weak I’m sorry before a stream of moans falls from your lips.
With her other hand, she roughly kneads your ass; grabbing, squeezing, and spanking all while she eats you out. Between hits, she drags her long red nails down your heated skin, making the sting even more intense.
“Such a good girl,” you hear Natasha mumble against your pussy. You beam at the praise and try your absolute hardest not to grab her hair, but it’s impossible to resist. You lace your fingers through her fire red hair but you’re careful not to pull, afraid of what punishments Natasha could come up with.
“Fuck, Mommy, you feel so good,” you moan.
Her eyes flick up to yours momentarily and she gives you a wink before teasing your entrance with her fingers. She dips them in repeatedly, but never gives you enough to really feel it. Finally, she gives you what you need and curls two fingers inside of you, rubbing them against your wall. You feel your knees buckle but luckily she’s there to keep you upright.
You feel your orgasm building and you know that if she doesn’t stop immediately, you are going to cum embarrassingly quickly. Unfortunately, you don’t have it in you to stop her.
She starts to fuck you with her fingers, and after a particularly hard suck to your clit, the tension in your body bursts. You accidentally pull her hair, but you can’t help yourself. She is buried deep in your cunt, keeping a relentless pace as she rides you through your orgasm.
“Mommy,” you whimper when she doesn’t stop. You always get sensitive after you cum, but you’ve never had anyone overstimulate you like this. “Mommy, it hurts.”
Natasha releases your clit with a wet pop, then looks up at you with a spit-slick smirk.
“Is your little cunt sensitive, honey?” She asks, clearly already knowing the answer. You squeeze your eyes shut and nod quickly.
She slowly pulls her fingers out of you and drags them over your sensitive clit before wiping your wetness on her thighs. She rises to her feet and pulls you in for a kiss. Her lips are wet, soft, and dominating as she grabs your hips and presses you against the counter. Still in your post-orgasm haze, you fall easily into submission.
“Come to bed with me,” Natasha mumbles. You break the kiss and look down at her slightly kiss-swollen lips.
“But what about Mariya?” you ask breathlessly.
“Oh, don’t worry about her, sweetheart. When she said you were coming over, I sent her to the store so we could have some time alone,” she winks as she pulls you up the stairs.
Your teenage dream was finally coming true.
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randominagines · 2 months ago
Pairing: Avengers x neutral!reader
Warning: angst, you get hurt
P.s. if you find any mistake please correct me, English is not my mother tongue and I want to improve. Reblog, if you can, it helps a lot, thank you💕
P.s.s gifs belong to their creators
Avengers reacting to you getting seriously hurt during a fight:
Tumblr media
Tony would kneel down next to you while talking to Jarvis: "Jarvis, vitals." He would command and as soon as he hears that they are critical he would panic, but just for a moment: he can think fast. He would immediately pass you his suit to protect you and help you heal partially, before ordering Jarvis to send him another one. He would stay next to you the whole time: "Don't worry, y/n, you'll be okay.".
Tumblr media
Steve would immediately walk to you, he also forgets about the fight. He takes you in his arms and looks at you while being concerned. "Y/n, stay still, I'm taking you away from this hell." He would say while lifting you in his arms and taking you away. He would keep looking at you the whole time, to make sure you stay awake.
Tumblr media
Thor would be mad at basically anyone. He would take you in his arms and stare at you, his hand pressing on your wound. "No no no, keep your eyes on me, y/n." He would say while opening the Bifrost to immediately taking you to Asgard, when you'll receive the best cures. He would make sure to always keep an eye on you.
Tumblr media
Natasha would do her best to protect you the whole time, but if something happened to you then she would immediately kneel down next to you, her eyes getting watery while she caresses your cheek. "I'm sorry, y/n, this is my fault." She would whisper while you try to confort her and make her understand that she's wrong. "Let's take you away from here." She would say before helping you stand up and leave the battlefield.
Tumblr media
Wanda would fucking go crazy. She would be so protective of you. She immediately would kill every single enemy you have around in a rush of rage, before gently lifting you with her powers and taking you away from the enemies. She would fly next to you while caressing your forehead. "Don't worry, y/n, everything is going to be okay.".
Tumblr media
Sam wouldn't waist a second: he would take you in his arms and fly away, his hands holding you tight while he stares at you. "I told you to be careful, goddamn, I'm going to kill them all." He would say while looking confident, but in reality he would be super concerned.
Tumblr media
Peter would take off his mask and look at you, his eyes getting watery and his head shaking. "Hey, y/n, it's okay..." he would whisper while caressing your cheek. Then he would look at Tony. "Mr. Stark? What do I do?" He would ask, his eyes travelling back to you. "Take y/n away, kid." He would immediately nod and take you in his arms while whispering "Please, y/n, be okay, I love you...".
Tumblr media
Bucky would kill whoever did this to you without even flinching, then he would kneel down and look at you. "Y/n, please, don't close your eyes." He would ask while lifting you and walking away from the battlefield. Nothing would matter in that moment, only keeping you safe. He would nervously look at you, his eyes filled with concern. "Please, I can't lose you..." he would whisper, his heart pounding faster in his chest.
Tumblr media
Loki would sense it immediately. He would run to you and he would kneel down next to you. "My dear, stay still." He would tenderly whisper before placing a hand on your wound and healing you. His magic would immediately make you feel better. He would look at you with a smile while caressing your cheek. "Are you okay?" He would make sure, and as soon as you nod he would place a quick kiss on your lips before standing up. "Now, if you will excuse me, I must find whoever hurt you to rip their heart off their chest.".
Part 2
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missmonsters2 · 2 months ago
To Have A Home
Tumblr media
(not my gif)
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Summary: Months and months of radio silence from Natasha. You think you've broken her heart. But sometimes, people just need time to make their way back. After all, Natasha should know she has a home with you.
Warnings: f u c k i n g s o f t. Could pertain BW movie spoilers. Also unbeta'd.
Note: Well I miss this woman so much I think I cry myself to sleep every night so there's that. Let the soft angst and hurt/comfort fics begin 😌
Prompt: "If you don't know where to go, you can always come here."
Count: ~2.6k
The Avengers have split up. Anyone who's a fugitive is laying low on their own terms.
You never thought the Accords could do this to a group of people who've risked their lives over and over to save earth from total decimation. On the one hand, you understood where Tony came from, but you had understood Steve as well.
It'd probably be hard to worry about property destruction and country lines if there was no earth at all.
Either way, you had managed to remain neutral in the split—purposely. And you did that so you could help others behind the scene, off-the-radar.
You had properties located throughout America and a few internationally. You had been fortunate to inherit a lot of places from your grandfather. Along with Ross, Tony and his team had tried to raid a couple of your places in America or stake them out to see if they could catch anyone.
But you have a good lawyer, and there wasn't any good enough reason to approve a warrant against your places. You hadn't been impressed with Tony, and the way he avoided your eyes told him that hadn't been what he wanted to do either but had no choice.
In the end, you were semi-retired as a hero, left to your own devices. You're pretty sure Wanda and Vision are living in one of your properties in Europe. You hear from them maybe every two weeks to a month when Wanda travels outside the city to mail you letters.
You hear from Steve often. He has your number memorized every time he gets a new burner phone. He's always on the move, going from hotel-to-hotel, or safehouse to safehouse. There's the odd time he'll get to stay in one of your properties. You no longer really worry when you get the notifications that someone has broken into one of your places. You just turn off the alarm when you do because it's always Steve, Bucky, and Sam.
The only person you haven't heard from is Natasha.
Radio silence from the person you want to hear from the most. If that doesn't make your heart feel like it's in a never-ending fall, you don't know what does.
You wonder if it's your fault because you had refused to run with her when the time came to split. Deep down, you're sure you both knew what you had chosen was better for the team as a whole.
But you often wonder if that choice had made Natasha feel alone. Had Natasha felt you abandoned her?
You swallow thickly as you lie in your bed. You wished Steve had more time to chat with you on the phone, but he only had a couple of minutes because they needed to get on the move again.
Closing your eyes, you took in a deep breath before exhaling. You resolved to get some sleep.
The edge of consciousness tickles your brain, moving to your eyelids. You let out a dry hum, wondering if you can stave off the need for water to fall back asleep.
But when your throat is so dry, you feel like you might choke when you breathe. You let out a soft sigh as you begin to open your eyes.
Your breath hitches immediately. Waves of red tresses come into view.
Natasha Romanoff was in your bed, asleep.
It has been months since you've seen her. Her hair has grown out, and she looks...tired.
A part of you feels like you might be dreaming. Maybe all that pent up yearning has you hallucinating.
You don't move; a part of you is scared that if you did, she'd disappear. You try to just stare at her peacefully, taking in her features slowly. The back of your eyes starts to burn along with your throat.
You're not sure why.
Suddenly, Natasha opens her eyes.
Those viridian eyes have always enraptured you. Natasha is a complex person, as are most people, but she's the master of manipulation. She has the art of deceit down to a perfect point.
Natasha is an open person, but only because she wants you to see what she feels. Steve had tried to explain it once when he was on the run on Natasha. He said that while he knew her and trusted her, he would never fully know her. He would take a bullet for her, but Clint may be the only person who knows Natasha.
But as she lies there staring at you, and you can see every speck of colours in her eyes, you think you might've just seen her soul.
Natasha was lying in your bed after months of radio silence, baring her soul to you.
And the only thing you would ever do is accept it.
You rush forward, pressing your lips against hers. Her lips are still a little cool, an indication she might've slipped in pretty recently.
Natasha lets out a choked whimper at your touch. Kisses...had never happened before. Natasha wasn't sure what had really held her back from wanting you. Maybe because you're too good for her.
Sometimes it scares Natasha to want things so badly. She can't quite explain it. She knows she's allowed to want things, allowed to have good things.
But when it comes to you, everything is always too much. Too much wanting and wanting everything.
Natasha pulls you closer until she can feel the heat of your body against hers—until she can feel the soft skin of your exposed hip.
"'m sorry," Natasha mumbles continuously between kisses because now that she's had them, she wants it all. See? It's always too much with you. "m sorry."
You feel lightheaded every time Natasha's lips press against yours. Each kiss gets more intimate, and you can start to taste the toothpaste on her tongue.
All you can think about is that she's real. Natasha is really here. She's here, and you're kissing her.
She's kissing back.
"Why are you sorry?" You mumble when you pull back to breathe.
It's still dark out, the moonlight illuminating your room. You stroke Natasha's cheek for just a second, watching the redhead's eyes flutter before you sit up and turn over to grab the glass of water on your nightstand.
Natasha sits up with you, suddenly feeling exposed as the blanket falls off her body.
"Why shouldn't I be sorry?" Natasha asks quietly as she watches you take a sip of water, momentarily jealous of your glass. "I...ghosted you. For months."
You put the glass back down, feeling better now that your throat isn't so dry. The water helps you wake up a little too. You turn back to Natasha and let your eyes relax.
Natasha looks so soft with a braid still in her hair.
"We all have our own ways to deal with the fallout," you tell her softly. "It must've been hard for you. Steve has Bucky and Sam, Wanda has Vision, and Clint has his family. You should've had me but I chose to stay here."
Natasha swallows hard because she did understand your choice. She really did. The choice had saved her ass a couple of times when she needed a hideout.
But there was a certain truth to your words. She was alone, and as much as Natasha has tried to say she's better off alone, she wants her family. Natasha wants you.
Which was why went shit hit the fan, the only place—the only place she could think of returning to was you.
"I'm sorry," Natasha is only a little horrified when she feels the familiar burn in the back of her eyes and the tears that welled up. "I haven't reached out to you at all and then I just showed up here."
Natasha could say that she didn't know where else to go, but that would be a lie. She's a resourceful person, so she always has somewhere to go. But she wanted to be where you were.
You lean closer, letting your fingers caress her collarbone before they move up to cup the back of her neck as you pull her in for a chaste kiss.
"Not that this is ever an issue for you, but if you don't know where to go, you can always come here," you mumble against her lips. "Even if you had a million other places to go, you can always come here."
Natasha does say anything, merely pressing forward for another sweet kiss. This was going to make her greedy. Being greedy made it hard to be a hero because the hero should always be ready to make sacrifices.
Natasha bargains that maybe she'll let herself live and die for one person.
"How'd you get in here, anyway?" You ask. "My home has security features that rival Stark’s."
Giving you an endearing smile, Natasha presses another kiss to your lips. "Oh, honey..."
The next morning, you stretch in bed, noting that you were alone again.
A part of you had felt a jolt that maybe Natasha was gone again. You had been prepared for that possibility.
But when you hear some clanking in your kitchen, you smile. You put on a shirt and some shorts before you walk out.
Natasha is fumbling around, cooking eggs and pancakes, it seems. She's diligently watching the food, and you think the entire thing is so...strange. And endearing.
There was a fugitive in your kitchen. A fugitive who was a highly trained assassin, and she was cooking breakfast for you.
"Wait until all the bubbles have popped and there are holes..." Natasha mumbles to herself, and you press your hand to your mouth, trying to not laugh.
"I see the time alone has made you a better cook," you comment, and Natasha turns without surprise.
She's pouting at you before she turns back to her task. "Don't distract me."
You lightly chuckle as you walk over to join her, grabbing an extra spatula. "Since you're doing such an amazing job on the pancakes, I'll watch the eggs. Where's the bacon?"
There was a moment of silence.
"Too hard."
You bite your lip to stop any laughter from coming out as you go to the fridge to get out the bacon.
The morning passes by peacefully, a rarity to have as you sit with Natasha on your couch, mindlessly playing something in the background.
"I have to leave again soon," Natasha tells you quietly.
You feel a sting hit the back of your throat.
Natasha reaches under your couch into the safe spot you have built under there. She pulls out a bundle of vials with some sort of red liquid or powder in them.
"I was attacked last night," Natasha confesses, and you feel your breath hitch with worry.
"Why didn't you say something sooner?" You frowned.
Natasha gives you a wry smile. "I preferred kissing and touching you."
You try to not let your body surrender to the heat of the memories. You clear your throat as you point to the vials.
"So, what is that?" You ask instead.
Natasha shrugs. "I don't know. It was sent to me."
"By who?"
Natasha doesn't answer at first. She pulls a folded paper out from the middle before unfolding it.
You get a glance at it and realize it's photos from a photobooth. Two little girls, one blonde, one with red hair and blue dye.
Your gaze wanders back to Natasha, who is staring at the photo somewhat listlessly.
Too many emotions to try to decipher.
"My little sister," Natasha finally says quietly as if she could still take the words back if she wanted to.
Of all the things you do know about Natasha, it's that she doesn't have any biological family, or at least doesn't know them.
You stare at the photo and know instantly the one with blue dye must be Natasha. The red underneath was her natural hair colour. The blonde must be the one Natasha is referring to.
"I don't know why she would send me this..." Natasha shook her head with a puff of breath. "Almost got my ass kicked keeping it safe and I don't even know what it is."
You carefully wrap your arm around Natasha, happy that she leans into your touch. "We'll figure it out, Nat."
"We?" Natasha tries to tease, but you could see the hope in her eyes. Hope along with an effort to smother it down.
You wonder how no one knows Natasha.
All you had to do was really look into her eyes. All you had to do was love her, and she would open her eyes to you. But you suppose no one is more obsessed with looking into her eyes more than you.
"You think you can just break into my home, kiss and debauch me before leaving? Take responsibility, Romanoff. You've never shirked away from accountability before," you quirk your eyebrows at her, and Natasha can't help the smile that blooms on her face as she laughs with a shake of her head.
"What about being neutral? About remaining here for the others?" She asks after.
You shrug. "Everyone who was Team Cap is welcomed to enter my properties as long as they're discreet. I can write to Wanda and let her know I'll be off for a while. I think Steve would be happier if I came with you. Being neutral as long as I have has already paid off and served its purpose."
You move your fingers around her to play with the ends of her hair.
"We both did what we had to do, Nat. But don't leave me behind now. I'm alone too."
The words make Natasha burn.
She lets the bundle of vials fall carefully on the couch between them as Natasha lets her lips fall upon yours. She's probably never going to get sick of your lips. She must've kissed it at least a thousand times since last night.
"I know I'm not supposed to but I think I've made a home in you," Natasha admits, and you smile as you nudge her nose with yours.
"That's perfect," you tell her. "No matter if you know or don't know where to go, I can always be with you."
Natasha sucks in her bottom lip, biting it slowly as she smiles.
They should really pack up and go. They might get attacked again here if they don't leave soon.
"Can you tell me her name? Before we meet her?" You ask.
Natasha peers down at the old photo, feeling something she can't explain in her chest as she gazes at it.
"Yelena," you mutter back as if testing the name. "Pretty name like you. Hopefully she's a better cook, though."
Natasha scoffs and gives you a mock glare.
"The pancakes were delicious," she tries to not pout again.
You nod, kissing Natasha's nose before you get up to grab your ready-to-run bag. "Yes, they were," you agreed. "I was impressed by your initiative to throw in the blueberries."
Natasha doesn't say anything, merely sticking her tongue out at you as you prepare everything for them. Natasha's only job is to find a way to get to Budapest without anyone knowing.
She sneaks a glance at you.
Natasha isn't excited to confront parts of her past, and she doesn't know what meeting up with Yelena will be like. But she has you, and as long as she has you, Natasha knows she has a home no matter what choices she makes and no matter what she's done.
It's more than enough, probably more than she deserves. But she'll hang onto you for as long as you'll let her—until she's forced to let go.
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vancityfire13 · 12 days ago
Running Home To You
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Word Count: 2.8K
A/N: This is part fluff, angst and a little bit of sexy stuff. Please enjoy. Natasha likes routine. Natasha builds one with reader.
Tumblr media
Every morning, Natasha went out for a run. You liked it. Natasha built routines everywhere she went. Now, you were part of hers. 
When you’d first started thinking about a future with Natasha, you’d wondered how it could possibly work. So much of her life was determined by the Avenger’s Initiative. You realised that in a profound way, Natasha’s job was her life. It gave her meaning and it gave her purpose. 
Dates with Natasha had been few and far between. Often, they’d been found in brief moments at the coffee cart during her lunch break. Your job wasn’t far from Stark Tower and you took your opportunities readily. Natasha would meet you at the glass doors in the evening, ready for another date.
More nights than not, you found yourself gravitating towards the movie theatre. You watched the tension of Natasha’s day disappear as she stared up at the wide screen. It was there, watching Natasha lose herself in a different world, that you first felt your heart beating out your chest for her. Affection and attraction mixed together inside you in a perfect blend. You realised that you had the rare privilege of sharing her private moments. You didn’t want to take it for granted.
You tried to fit yourself into her schedule for a while, until you first noticed her exhaustion bleeding through the cracks. 
You suggested a night in, a movie on the small screen, and Natasha nodded with barely hidden relief. You lay down on the sofa together and, five minutes into the movie, Natasha’s head had rested heavily on your chest. You listened to her steady breathing all night, fingers brushing her hair absentmindedly.
When she left the next morning at 4.30am for the gym, you realised just how punishing her routine really was. 
Natasha had been carving out time for you that she didn’t have the freedom to give. 
That was how you had known, with a peaceful kind of certainty, that you loved her.
You adjusted to this new realisation like water moved into a new container. You gave Natasha a key to your apartment, hoping to soak up whatever free time she might manage to spare. 
Natasha’s look had been dumbfounded when you hesitantly handed it over. You gave her  a faux casual speech about always being welcome to stay over. 
You were conscious of applying pressure to Natasha’s life. She had enough at work. You always wanted to be the place where she felt free.
You were sitting together on the bench by the coffee cart, when you decided to suggest it. Natasha turned the key over in her hand, staring at it disbelievingly. 
You saw the tears threatening in her eyes, just before Natasha blinked them back. Your arm went around Natasha’s shoulders automatically. Her hand wrapped around your waist in response and she squeezed you tightly.
‘I’ve never had a home that wasn’t just me.’ Natasha mumbled in surprise, her fingers closing around the key. ‘Not really.’
You turned your head to kiss her hair softly. 
‘Now you do.’ You promised quietly.
After that, it had happened so slowly that you’d barely noticed. 
If Natasha had a free evening, it always made sense for her to stay at yours. On the nights she didn’t have missions, Natasha found herself crawling into your bed, no matter the time.
Finally, there was one Sunday afternoon, when you stole Natasha’s favourite mug to make your morning coffee. You stumbled over her sneakers in your hallway, cursing at how you’d forgotten to watch out for them again. Then, you glanced at the door miserably, wishing Natasha hadn’t been called away so suddenly.
It hit you then, like a lightning strike, that Natasha was technically now living with you. 
You hadn’t had a person before. Not in that way. You felt pride and gratitude mix together as your hand wrapped around the hot mug. 
When Natasha returned that night, you took her hand and led her into your bedroom.
‘This is our bedroom.’ You stated with certainty as you began to undress her. Natasha had nodded in obvious bafflement.
‘This is our bed.’ You continued, between rough kisses of her lips. Your knee pressed between her legs and Natasha moved to sit down on the side of the bed.
Natasha paused, as if sensing your next thought.
‘Are you sure?’ She asked you suddenly, nerves tangling awkwardly along with her words.
‘This.’ You said clearly, thumb brushing over her hardened nipple. ‘Is my girlfriend.’
Natasha’s eyes had darkened with a heady kind of attraction. The nervousness in her smile had faded as you focused on her eyes carefully. 
Later, you trailed kisses up Natasha’s inner thighs. You found sanctuary with the woman with whom you’d promised to share your home with. Things felt right. Every step forward with Natasha settled you further. 
Natasha’s fingers stroked your hair as your tongue stroked her clit.
‘I don’t deserve you.’ She whispered. For a brief moment, you glanced up and saw all the fear and guilt that Natasha normally kept hidden away. You kept your gaze steady, hoping Natasha could see the reassurance in your eyes.
When you brought her to a climax, you also brought another confession from her lips.
You slid up the bed to lie beside her with a sweet lethargy in your slow movements. 
‘I love you too.’ You told Natasha as you kissed her, letting her taste herself on your tongue.
The next morning, you heard the quiet click of your front door when Natasha headed out for her morning run. You smiled into your pillow as you realised how accustomed you’d become to Natasha’s routines.
You felt a sudden urge to laugh as a private joy flooded through you. You listened for the sound that you knew was coming next. You heard the more muted click as Natasha checked the lock was correctly in place, ensuring you were safe inside. 
You could smell Natasha on her pillow and you held it between your arms and closed your eyes. 
You were loved. 
The routine of Natasha’s morning run only evolved further as you settled more into your life together. You realised that it was the part of Natasha’s assigned schedule that she had the most control over.
Soon, Natasha started bringing you back something each morning for breakfast. 
It had started after a passing comment you’d made at the coffee cart. Before you knew it, Natasha was running out of her way to the local café, just to pick you both up some coffee and pastries. 
Natasha returned every morning, red strands of hair sticking to her face. She was always slightly out of breath when she returned to the bedroom. You knew she ran faster from the café so that your coffee would still be hot enough to drink. 
You’d been dating for nearly a year. You’d enjoyed Natasha’s reddened cheeks in Winter. In Spring, you’d laughed at the mud spatters from passing cars that somehow reached all the way up to her ass. In Summer, you’d been grateful for her decision to only wear a sports bra in the sweltering heat.
It was Fall now and Natasha’s hair had grown longer than you’d ever seen it before. She’d started tying it in intricate braids each morning. You loved the wisps that broke free, fluttering gently in a way that reminded you of autumn leaves. 
It was a Saturday morning and Natasha’s return had that soothing effect of completing your weekend before it had begun. You stretched out, smiling lazily as you watched Natasha enter the bedroom.
It was still early September and Natasha continued to favour the sports bra look. Her chest was heaving, cheeks flushed and hands full with breakfast goods. Your eyes caught on her exposed abs, slightly glistening with sweat. 
Natasha smirked, placing the coffees and paper bag with pastries on the nightstand. You shifted up in the bed, resting your back against the headboard. Your eyebrows raised playfully.
‘You’re all sweaty.’ You teased her, like every other morning. You loved Natasha’s routines. You loved building ones along with her. 
‘I can make you sweaty too.’ Natasha told you, voice husky with the promise. She crawled over the bedcovers towards you. Your fingers trailed along her abs and Natasha shuddered at your cool touch.
Natasha’s smile turned gentle with anticipation. Her legs straddled you and her ass rested teasingly on top of you. Her fingers interlaced with yours. Hungrily, you watched Natasha’s abs move as she stretched closer to you. 
‘Happy Anniversary.’ Natasha told you then. Excitement bubbled up inside you. She’d remembered. You’d given her a key exactly a year ago today.
You tucked a loose piece of red hair behind her ear and let the rush of excitement show in your expression.
‘You know, maybe I don’t mind you being so sweaty.’ You pretended to consider, a smile threatening at the corner of your mouth. 
Wordlessly, Natasha’s thumb touched your chin and she tilted your lips towards her.
Her tongue entered your mouth and you moaned at the sensation. Natasha’s breathing was still slightly shallow from the run back to the apartment. She broke the kiss several times, trying to catch her breath. You didn’t care. Every moment with Natasha felt perfect to you.
Her palm splayed across your stomach as you leaned forward into the kiss. When Natasha next broke for air, you adjusted your position. 
You tasted the sweat on her neck when you trailed kisses down towards her collarbone. Natasha hummed out and you could feel her satisfaction as it vibrated against your lips. 
Your mouth moved lower. Natasha’s routine was her morning run. Your favourite routine was the time spent together afterwards.
You adjusted the strap of her sports bra, intending to leave a hickey on the covered part of her shoulder. 
Two things happened at once.
Natasha’s breath hitched and all the air left your lungs. 
There was already a hickey there.
You looked up at Natasha before the truth had registered completely. Her eyes were wide with shock. 
There was something primal about the feeling that washed over you. You felt numb like you’d been submerged suddenly in icy water. 
You were entirely Natasha’s. You’d believed that Natasha was entirely yours.
Someone else had marked this trail on Natasha’s skin. You were following behind them. 
Abruptly, you realised that you might be able to taste them on your tongue too. 
Nausea rolled through you as you felt yourself start to tremble. Your apartment looked like it was cracking into pieces around you. 
You pushed Natasha from your lap and hurried to the bathroom. You ignored her voice, unable to register her words. All you could think about was the desperate need to rinse out your mouth.
You slammed the door of the bathroom shut as you moved to the faucet, cupping your shaking hands to bring water to your lips. You didn’t recognise yourself in the mirror. You could hear your gasping breaths as the shock began to settle around you. Your lips felt entirely numb.
You couldn’t get your mind around it. Natasha had been with someone else.
Natasha pounded on the door and the noise seemed far away. Your skin crawled with the thought of Natasha kissing someone else, fucking someone else.
Awful realisations clicked into place as you remembered what you’d known about Natasha from the start.
She always built a routine.
You opened the door suddenly, trying not to flinch away from Natasha’s immediate presence on the other side. Natasha’s breaths were choking and her eyes were red. The guilt in her expression stung you like a physical blow. You’d grown too used to loving her.
‘Who are they?’ You asked abruptly, cutting off the words that Natasha was scrambling to say.
‘They’re no one.’ Natasha hurried out. You stared at her, wondering if she could see how dead you felt inside. Natasha hiccuped with a choking sob and a pang ran through you. She was fucking someone else and now she looked painfully vulnerable. It wasn’t fair. You hated Natasha for making you care about her so much. 
Natasha’s eyes darted around and suddenly you barely recognised her. 
‘The barista.’ Natasha answered at last.
You took a step back. Your eyes caught on the two now-cold coffees placed on your nightstand. You felt yourself sliding back down the wall. Your arms wrapped around your knees as you started to shake again. 
‘(Y/N)’ Natasha murmured, crouching beside you. You looked down at the ground as you started to lose control of your crying. Natasha’s hand hovered out tentatively and you flinched back violently.
‘I thought you loved me.’ You whispered, feeling like Natasha had ripped away some piece from your chest. ‘I really thought you did.’ 
You couldn’t find relief from the relentless thoughts flooding your mind. Moments with Natasha played back abruptly, you thought of all the assumptions you had made. The trust you had given.
‘I thought I knew you.’ You added, feeling mortified with your confusion. You wondered if other people had known. You’d made friends with her friends. You tried to think if you’d ever seen sympathy in their smiles. 
‘All those missions?’ You asked, voice breaking. You caught the way that Natasha stiffened slightly, and felt your heart fall through the floor. 
‘None of it was real.’ You realised aloud. You closed your eyes for a second and felt the wetness of your tears on your eyelashes.
Natasha shook her head violently. 
‘I didn’t know.’ She started, her breathing speeding up in panic. ‘I didn’t know how to deserve you.’ Natasha’s hair had begun to look wild, pieces falling loose from her braids.
‘That doesn’t make sense.’ You shouted now, feeling hot rage bubble up. You didn’t know if she was telling the truth. It didn’t matter. You didn’t know Natasha at all. 
You hated deeply that she was making you listen to excuses. As if she hadn’t known your heart would break. 
Natasha had brought you back hundreds of coffees. You couldn’t think about it. 
You felt ashamed at your naivety. You remembered your thoughts about the future. The mornings where you’d pressed your face into her pillow to hide secret smiles. You wanted to die.
You got back to your feet, and your eyes scanned the room for the things that belonged to Natasha. You froze as you realised just how much your lives had blended together already. 
‘You need to leave.’ You said slowly, unable to look at her as another wave of nausea rolled through you.
Natasha stood up hurriedly. 
‘It was this routine.’ Natasha tried to explain, her hands moving in rushed gestures. You watched her fingers, silently realising that they’d touched someone else, that they’d been inside someone else. 
‘It was like this bad habit and I couldn’t get out of the cycle of it and I knew I was going to ruin the only good thing I have.’ Natasha's voice rose and she sounded hysterical. You’d always been the calming force and you felt the sudden urge to touch her arm, to give her the steadiness that she couldn't find.
‘I couldn’t stop myself.’ Natasha told you and she sounded scared of her own words. Tears rolled miserably down her cheeks. ‘No one’s ever kept wanting me. I kept waiting for you to leave me.’
You knew you still loved her and you hated yourself for it.
Natasha’s hand reached out for yours. You tensed and didn’t move, she gripped your arm and you knew she was asking you not to let her fall apart. 
‘I love you.’ Natasha whispered out, her chest heaving with silent sobs. ‘I just did it wrong.’
The lump in your throat was too big. You couldn’t look away from Natasha’s eyes. You never wanted to see them again. Silently, you shook your head.
Natasha crumpled in on herself. She fell to her knees and you felt her shudder with a primal kind of grief. Her hand stayed gripped on your arm, the other wrapped around your legs. 
Natasha started to beg.
‘Please.’ She mumbled over and over again, the words tangling with her sobs until they were almost incoherent.
Your next words echoed over and over in your head before you were brave enough to say them aloud.
‘This isn’t your home anymore.’ You told Natasha quietly. ‘I need my key back.’
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starsvck · 7 days ago
playboy, philanthropist
Tumblr media
you come to visit your girlfriend in her dorm, only to realize that she had been busy minutes prior to you arriving.
warnings: COLLEGE!NAT, talks about masturbating, sexual innuendos, swearing, natasha being a horny little shit, and face riding. lol
Standing in front of her door, you huffed as you patiently waited for your girlfriend to finally open and let you in.
It only took a few moments. Seconds. Minutes. But when she finally did, her hair disheveled and cheeks red, you look at the redhead with brows raised.
“God, finally.” You groaned as you took a step in her dorm, the cold air from her AC blasting you in the face which made you sigh. “Were you like taking a fat shit or something?”
Natasha rolled her eyes at your words and closed the door. She watched you plop yourself on her bed, making it bounce and creak with your body weight—which isn’t that much, considering the slender, but athletic redhead could easily pick you up.
“You’re early.”
You scoffed. “Dude, I’m like on time. It’s like six o’clock. That’s the time we agreed on.”
Natasha followed close and then laid beside you on the bed, kissing your cheek in return before she buried her face against your neck.
“I forgot.”
You rolled your eyes and sighed. “That’s okay, I guess. You’re gonna make it up with an orgasm anyways.”
She chuckled against your skin. “Yeah, you’re probably right.”
Silence settled in the room, which usually isn’t uncommon for the both of you, but Natasha was uncharacteristically silent. You pursed your lips in thoughts and snuggled closer to your girlfriend.
“I need to change.”
You chuckled, shaking your head as Natasha kept her hold still tight and firm on you. “Tasha...”
The older woman groaned as she let go, letting you roll out of her hold before you stood up from the bed. She watched you with her head propped up on her hand, a grin on her lips as she watched you slip out of your jeans and admired the curve of your ass in those cute pink panties.
She smiled when you bent over, making Natasha bite her lip in return as she continued to watch. But her little dirty reverie was broken when she heard a gasp on your end and you stood up in tow.
“Natasha Romanoff!”
Natasha rose from her position and sat up, worry on her features as her heart pummelled out of her chest in concern. “What?”
You turned, with no pants, and just in your panties, holding an open magazine in your hand. A semi naked girl was plastered on the front, bare in nothing but a red g-string bikini, you held it up high and proud.
“Are you kidding me?!” You gawked at the photo, inspecting it close while Natasha tried to reach for it. “Is this what you were doing before I arrived?”
You pointed to the naked woman’s tits on the magazine, pouting your lips as you looked at Natasha in shock.
She rolled her eyes, reaching for the magazine to snatch it back in return. “Yes, I was masturbating. Leave me and my playboy magazine alone.”
“You horny little shit. I was coming over and you were looking at naked girls!” You pointed an accusing finger at your girlfriend. “Wow...”
Natasha had a smug grin on her face but beneath all of it, held no remorse for her actions. Instead, she actually trailed her eyes from the naked girls on the magazine to the pantless girl that was you.
You flushed when you realized what she was looking at, the cute little pink bow and lace details you had on your cheeky panties. You huffed and crossed your arms.
“And now you’re checking me out.”
She shrugged. “I can’t help if it you’re standing here pouting in your cute little panties.”
Your cheeks warmed at her words. “Tasha!”
The redhead smiled and chuckled, sitting up at the edge of her bed where she was sat and faced you. She was only tall enough as she sat up to be faced with your tummy, her grin widening as she reached you and snuck her hand around your waist.
“You’re telling me you came here in these little panties to hang out?” She snickered when her other hand traced over the lace trimming of your underwear, making you shiver in return.
“Where’d you get these, baby?”
You swallowed when she teased the sewn bow in the front, tugging it hard enough that the band lifted from your skin.
“Victoria’s Secret.”
She hummed with a smile, seeing your eyes go wide and dilated made Natasha giddy with glee. There was something about making you wet or turned on that made the redhead flutter with excited. Either way, as she stroked the lace and teasingly dragged her pointed nail to your front, she mocked the little gasp that erupted from you.
“We’re they expensive?” You bit your lip and pondered. They were Victoria’s Secret, so of course they were. You regretted that decision when you nodded and Natasha pulled away with a frown. “That’s too bad then...”
“Tasha!” You stopped your foot and gaped at her with an open mouth, leaving you hot and bothered, and pretty much soaked. “That’s not fair...”
“I don’t have money to buy you new ones, baby.” She shrugged as she returned to flipping through her playboy magazine. “Student debt.”
You huffed and tugged on her shirt, pulling her back up to a sitting position in front of you. There was a grin still present on her lips before she was the one who tugged you against her.
“Don’t wanna ruin your panties, baby.”
You rolled your eyes as your fingers combed through her red locks. They were always so velvety soft, you always wondered how the woman did it. Considering that her hair was red as blood, crimson and bright, it was a god given gift that she has every perfect features.
“I don’t mind...”
“Yeah?” Natasha looked up from where she sat and you nodded naively, bitting your lip while your girlfriend began tracing her hand over the front of your panties. “Are you super sure?”
You gave a shaky sigh when her finger dipped between your legs, the cloth that covered your cunt, suddenly drenched as Natasha circled your clit.
Through a whisper, you say, “Yes, I’m sure.” Your body jerked against her body, forcing Natasha to lean close to your naval, her lips leaving open mouthed kisses on where the bow of your panties laid.
You rolled your eyes and groaned when Natasha’s finger circled and then paused when they paused midway.
“Oh, for fuck’s sake, Natasha.” You gripped her cheek in your hand and when you forced her head up to look at you, mischief and a hint of something dark was present in her emerald eyes.
There was just something about your girlfriend that you oddly enjoyed. She was the average and typical lesbian playboy, you knew her from mutual friends, Peter was friends with Tony who was, of course, like childhood besties with the redhead.
When the two of you met, you were sure there was no one else that could’ve made you wet the way Natasha Romanoff and her letterman jacket did.
And now, in love and insatiable for each other, the redhead licked her lips as she hooked her slender fingers under the waistband of your panties and them tugged them down.
When she found you bare beneath, her mouth slightly parted in shock, the hand over your ass tightened as she gripped you in surprised. You could see the gears churning beneath those pretty emerald eyes and you wondered the unimaginable things that the woman in front of you would do.
“You’re wet.”
You rolled your eyes. “Thanks Captain Obvious.”
The redhead in front of you groaned, practically growled in annoyance as she pulled you close and shut you up with a kiss against your pubic bone.
“God, I can smell you, baby.” She dipped her head further, trailing down south until she gave you a fragile lick between your wet and sopping lips.
You whimpered, arching forwards against Natasha’s head as she buried her lips against your pussy. You were wet, incredibly so as her tongue flicked your clit until your feet were like jello.
You could barely stand, your legs were giving out and when they did, your girlfriend laid flat against her back on the bed while you fell against her face; legs, on either side of her face, straddling her.
“God, oh f-fuck me.” You felt your girlfriend smirk between your legs and the feeling of it pushed you further towards your orgasm.
Your body fell forwards, towards the wall where Natasha’s bed was placed against, and as you did, your mouth fell open while your hips gyrated themselves against Natasha’s mouth.
“Babe, fuck, I can’t—”
You felt her pull away for a moment. “You will.”
She returned to her task and as she did, her hands gripped your ass hard and forced you deeper into her mouth. She didn’t hesitate to fuck you, your orgasm a mere second away. And when it hit, her tongue licking at your clit at just the right little spot, your body jerked and your moans turned into screaming.
You were sure the her neighbours would complain to the landlord. You couldn’t care as your girlfriend ate you out, making you finish on her mouth just bare in her sweatshirt.
When she lifted you off her face, letting you fall limp with your back against the wall. Your legs are parted, arousal and your finish smeared between fleshy thighs while Natasha perched her head up on her palms.
You watched her grin, her lips shiny and wet with your cum, and when she noticed your lingering gaze, she licked her lips teasingly.
“You’re still wet, baby.”
You rolled your eyes. “Fuck off.”
The redhead in front of you chuckled, shaking her head which caused her curls to bounce. As she sat back up, stretching her arms, she reached and grabbed the playboy magazine from her bed and threw it back into her secret pile.
“I’m hungry.” You pinched at your brows at her words, the woman grinned.
“You just ate me out. What more do you want?”
The redhead shrugged, then decided to plop herself back onto the bed beside you. With her body next to yours, suddenly, everything was now hot. You ached to remove her sweater, and as you attempted to sit up, your legs ached just as it did between your legs.
“You good?”
You scoffed, flipping her off.
“Can you take it off. It’s hot.” Natasha nodded, sat up beside you and peeled her sweater off. You saw her grin when you could finally see, her eyes wide and dilated. “You’re insatiable, Natasha.”
“Wrong. I’m hungry.” She rolled her eyes. “There’s a big difference.”
You shook your head, a giggle falling as you did so while your girlfriend snuck her hand around your waist to pull you close.
“Luckily for you, I brought snacks from Trader Joe’s”
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novamirmirsblog · 28 days ago
Romanoff in aisle 4
Word Count: 1020
Genre: fluff
Request: no
Warnings: none?
Summary: Natasha wasn't too sure about you meeting her family so what happens when you run into them at the supermarket
A/N: I'm not too sure about this one - it's been sitting in my WIPs for a hot min but I figured you guys have been patient so VOILA
Tumblr media
You and Natasha had been dating for just under 2 and a half years when the question of meeting the family popped up. You wanted to know more about Natasha's childhood in Ohio and the cute little sister she described but Natasha was adamant that you couldn't. Not yet anyway. Natasha already knew all about your family, even if they knew nothing about her. She had run a deep background check when you had first joined the team, not trusting SHIELD's nor Tony's measures. You had attempted to do the same to her but came up with nothing. Her name was clearly changed from whatever she was born with, and you found nothing on any of the relatives she spoke of.
It was ironic that not even 48 hours after having the discussion of meeting Natasha's family, that you had bumped into her sister and father.
"Natasha!" A deep Russian voice echoed over the tinny supermarket music. You immediately reached for your gun, abandoning the shopping trolly and spinning around to face the deep voice. You felt Natasha tense beside you but she made no move to get her gun.
"Alexi" Natasha sighed out, putting the pasta packet into the trolly "What the hell are you doing here?" You kept your gun raised but turned the safety back on.
"What? I cant just drop in to see my daughter? At least your sister comes to visit." Alexi jostled the blonde standing next to him.
"No I don't. That is a lie." Natasha's sister rolled her eyes, her accent arguably thicker than the large Russian man's was. She moved away from him, grabbing a bag of rice and putting it in a completely empty basket.
The whole thing was slightly suspicious. You were on edge. There was no such thing as coincidences - at least not from your experience. How on earth, in this large country, had the four of you managed to all go to the same shop.
"It's okay Y/n, they're harmless." Natasha placed her hand on your gun, lowering it slightly for you before you put it back in its holster. "I'll ask you again, what are you guys doing here?" This time Natasha addressed the question to her sister.
"They wanted to see who you were dating."
"Yelena! I told you not to tell them!" Natasha threw her hands in the air slightly, letting out a huff.
"Now now, don't fight girls. Besides, why would you keep such a beautiful creature from us! There will be such cute grandbabies!"
"You told your sister?" You turned to Natasha. You thought you weren't telling people about your relationship. The two of you weren't actively hiding it, but you weren't parading it around either. Obviously the whole team knew but that was a story for another time.
"Yes?" Natasha looked sheepishly at you. "Look I don't think this is the place for this conversation."
"You're right. Your mother will want to be here for this too."
You watched in stunned silence as the three of them abandoned their shopping and walked out of the shop. It was strange to see Natasha so...normal. She was happily bickering with her sister and telling her dad to stop hugging her, all normal things a normal family would do. You snapped out of your daze and got in the car with Natasha and her family.
By the time you had arrived at the hotel Natasha's family was staying at, you had sat through a full blown lecture about why Yelena's jacket had so many pockets and why Natasha was a poser.
"Mama! Y/n agrees, Natasha is a poser! Also I need you to sew more pockets for Y/n." Yelena flopped on a bed, shouting into the bathroom.
If you thought Alexi was intimidating, you were about to be shocked. Even though Natasha's mother was a lot smaller than Alexi, she demanded attention as her presence filled up the room. You suddenly saw where Natasha got her natural confidence and amazing posture from.
"Hmm" Natasha's mother walked up to you, giving you a once over before circling you slowly. You knew any of them could kill you in an instant if they wanted to but you hadn't truly felt it until this very moment.
"Melinaaa, don't be mean." Alexi puts a hand on her shoulder, stopping her from circling you. "What do you think!"
"Hey, no. We're not ranking my girlfriend."
"I would give her a 10/10" Yelena called from the bed.
"That's because she likes your pockets dear." Melina said, her eyes not leaving you. You stayed completely still as she got even closer to you. You tilted your chin up ever so slightly, almost in an act of defiance before Melina broke out into a large grin. "I like you."
The tension from the room dissipated instantly and you took a breath you didn't know you were holding. You thought you were done with the evaluation until Melina started talking.
"You have good posture, you don't back down easily and Natasha is clearly head over heels for you."
"...Melina..." Natasha groans out.
"And she likes my pockets!"
"...and you like Yelena's pockets however none of those things matter if you hurt my daughter because I will hunt you until you are so tired you willingly give yourself up to me so I can break your spirit before cutting you into tiny little piec-"
"OKAY! That's enough of that thank you!" Natasha pulls you away from Melina, putting herself between the two of you. Had it been a different scenario, it would have been comical considering you were both taller than Natasha and so Melina continued to glare at you.
"This is why I never bring anyone around..." Natasha mumbled.
"No. You never bring anyone around because you loved Y/n since the first day you saw her." Yelena said with a confidence only a little sister possessed.
"I don't know what you mean."
"Babe you're nearly as red as your hair." You wrapped your arms around her waist and spoke into her ear. This only caused her face to get redder.
"Completely whipped. Remember when we were like that love?" Alexi spun Melina around and she laughed lightly.
"Ew. Stop being all lovey and nasty in my presence." Yelena groaned as she threw a pillow over her face.
"Stop being a child Yelena." Natasha said
"sToP bEiNg a cHiLd" Yelena mocked.
"I do not sound like that!"
"Yes you do. You sound exactly like that."
Natasha broke out of your arms and landed on Yelena, pushing the pillow further into her face. "Take that back."
"Natasha if you're going to kill your sister, at least do it properly."
Yelena scrambled up from under the pillow. "Mama! How could you!"
"Well either fight back or die." Alexi deadpanned.
"Or..." Your voice drew everyone's attention. "We could go grab something to eat. I'm starving."
"Aw baby I'm so sorry!" Natasha came rushing over to you, abandoning her task of killing her sister. "Where do you want to eat? I completely forgot we hadn't had lunch. How about that diner? Or we could get Italian? Or how about Mexican?"
"I don't mind. Where do you guys want to eat?" You looked at the shock on the other's faces and smiled. You might not have super spy skills but you knew just how to get your girlfriend to stop doing something.
"I think you're my new favourite person... When's the wedding?" Yelena asked, already half way out the door. "Oh- and let's get Italian! I want pizza..."
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randomshyperson · 19 days ago
Everybody Talks - Natasha x Wanda x Reader
Tumblr media
Gif is not mine, but Pinterest would let me give credits to the gif maker, so bless you wherever you are friend.
Summary: "The story is a Harry Potter AU, where Nat is a slytherin who hates mugbloods because of her family until she meets reader. Gryffindor, mudblood with a crush on Nat, but her best friend Wanda has a crush on reader. Love tryst filled with angst." Request received from @lostandsearching.
Words: 5.690 K
Warnings: (+16) Kissing, cursing, alchool, fluffly, a bit of angst.
A/N> Look at this, it only took me two months to do this request haha This is new for me by the way, the poly relationship. But I hope my poly readers like it. Also, writting Harry Potter again. I can't say i'm sorry. Let me know what you guys think.
|| Part Two || Part Three
All Works Masterlist
Everybody Talks - Part One
It was especially cold for spring, but you didn't have time to complain, because you were too excited to get on the field.
You softly hummed a song from your favorite muggle band as you finished putting on your Quidditch boots, your broom resting beside you on the bench.
"Feeling anxious, Y/N?" The voice of your teammate, and Gryffindor team chaser, Pietro echoed in the locker room as he approached you, already fully dressed in his game uniform. You raised your head to smile at him.
"I only get anxious about winning, Pietro." You retorted confidently, making him laugh softly. You stood up as you grabbed your broom, and the team captain, Thor Odinson, waved for everyone to hurry to try out.
In the entrance area of the field, Pietro stood off to the side, and you were fixing your gloves when he gently bumped his shoulder into yours.
"Care to place a bet?" He asked, causing you to raise your eyebrow.
"What kind of bet?"
"Come on, we're playing against Slytherin." He says as if the reason for his proposal is obvious. "I bet I score more points than you do."
You laugh, rolling your eyes. "You wish."
Pietro grimaces in false offense, then holds out his hand.
"First one to get five hits wins." He proposes, and you smile before shaking your hand.
"What's the prize?" You ask, already watching the Okoye coach walk onto the grass to announce the game. Pietro stands thoughtfully for a moment.
"If I win, you call Romanoff to the dance." He declares and you almost drop the broom on the ground, looking at Pietro with wide eyes. He just laughs, but just as you are about to complain about it, the whistle for the team to enter the field sounds, and Thor is pushing you to walk.
During the game, you need to push your thoughts about your longtime crush on your friend, Natasha Romanoff, but it's not that easy, especially since she's in the bleachers, and despite being from the Slytherin house, she's also carrying a Gryffindor flag, cheering you on.
Your history with Nat was a bit complicated.
You weren't exactly friends in your first two years at Hogwarts, because she came from a pureblood family that hated muggleborns, and Nat just repeated the offenses she learned at home to you for a while.
But then you became partners in potions in third year, and over the course of the months, being forced to work together, you discovered that Natasha was actually quite an amazing girl to say the least. The friendship between you blossomed, and as Nat learned to reject the prejudiced teachings of her parents, you fell in love with her.
It was a secret you had been carrying around for a long time, but contrary to what you thought, it was not really a secret at all.
Pietro had been your friend since the third grade, when you joined the Quidditch team together and clicked immediately. And it took him only two weeks to realize that you had a crush on Nat, but he never said anything beyond gentle teasing.
It was an ironic coincidence that Pietro's twin sister Wanda was Nat's best friend as well. Which made you all hang out together like, what Defense Against the Dark Art professor Stephen Strange called "a group of misfits." affectionately.
You were too caught up in your thoughts, and Pietro took advantage of the bet, smiling smugly at you as he scored the second goal.
You took a deep breath, deciding to focus on the game. No way you would let him win.
The problem was that playing with Slytherin was always difficult. The competition felt more meaningful, and by the third time you had to dodge a bludger, you barely remembered the bet, really focusing on not falling off your broom while trying to score.
And then with almost two and a half hours of play, the golden snitch was caught.
You joined your classmates in celebration, laughing and hugging everyone as the Gryffindor crowd let off fireworks, the red lion circling in the sky, roaring loudly.
Someone shouted "Party in the communal hall" and you were being dragged through the crowd back to the castle, feeling so happy that you didn't even remember that Pietro had won the bet.
Back in the communal hall, drinks were distributed, and you giggled at the bottles of Firewhisky that were smuggled in by your seventh year classmates.
"I hope there are no snitches here." Pietro commented beside you, looking around at the crowd of students that was inside the Gryffindor communal hall now, several people from other houses joining the party. Pietro took a long sip of his drink, making a face that made you laugh.
"Merlin, I think Thor is going to make a speech." You then comment as you notice the boy in the center, raising his arms wide, and already looking slightly drunk. You wonder if he had been drinking since Quiddicht's field.
"Friends and Colleagues of Hogwarts!" Thor called out contentedly, and the crowd gradually quietened to look at him. "Let's have a toast for this victory! But first, let's dedicate this year's cup to the stars of the game, come here my friends!"
And then you, Pietro and Sam Wilson, the Gryffindor seeker, were being pushed to the center, until you’re all each up in a chair for the people to see you clearly and you laughed awkwardly at the crowd who were whistling and celebrating loudly.
A Ravenclaw boy started singing a cheer tune saying "Gryffindor kicks ass," and it didn't take long for the whole crowd to join in.
You met Natasha's gaze next, standing a few feet away from you in the corner of the room, feeling your heart miss a beat by the way she was looking at you.
"This is your chance." Pietro whispered in your ear, needlessly since through the noise of the party no one would hear him anyway. You swallowed dryly, slumping down from your chair as Sam and Pietro continued to vibrate, and you mentally rehearsed the words to invite Natasha.
You didn't take a step before someone stopped you, a gentle tug on your forearm, and you barely had time to turn your face to ask what it was, recognizing Wanda's green orbs before she kissed you.
You gasped in surprise, and the crowd erupted in loud whistles and celebrations, and you thought someone let off a firework inside the room, but all you could notice was Wanda.
Her soft lips against yours, and then her tongue on yours, making you sigh. You tasted the alcohol too, and then she broke the kiss and you blinked confused and affected trying to locate yourself.
"I've wanted to do that for so long." She counters with red cheeks, her lips puffy. She looks beautiful, and you are in shock.
"I-I..." You try to formulate a coherent sentence, and suddenly it becomes conscious over the audience, and you clear your throat, nodding for Wanda to follow you out of the hall.
As soon as you are in the corridor, she pushes you against a wall, kissing you again and making you sigh.
But you break the kiss , your hands on Wanda's waist to push her away.
"I'm sorry, Wanda." You say taking a deep breath. "I don't..."
And Wanda takes a step back as if she had been slapped, her expression dropping immediately.
"No! I'm sorry!" She interrupts, "I shouldn't. Damn, I'm so sorry."
And then she is running away and you call out to her, but she doesn't turn around.
You press your face against your hands, trying to understand how exactly everything escalated so quickly like that.
You completely lose the will to party, and as you return to the communal hall, you dodge your classmates' attempts to pull you into the games by going straight to your room.
It's not easy to sleep with the tingling sensation on your lips, and the complete mess your head is in, but you try anyway.
You're not surprised at the speed with which gossip spreads at Hogwarts.
It's your senior year, you're used to it. It doesn't mean you're not bothered by the insinuating whistles in the corridors when you leave the communal hall for breakfast, deciding to ignore them and the comments about Wanda kissing you in front of everyone.
You make your way straight to the Gryffindor table, and almost knock over your cereal when a flash of camera light hits your eyes.
"Good morning, superstar!" You greet Peter Parker cheerfully, putting the camera down. You blink a few times.
"Good morning, Peter, may I ask why the photo?" you say, then go back to eating. Peter was a Hufflepuff kid, he was in sixth grade, and he was the school photographer.
"The yearbook, dammit!" He says as if it's obvious. "I need pictures of the graduates, and I thought I'd better take them before you guys are busy with your NEWTS."
You mutter in displeasure at the mention of Hogwarts final exams, and Peter gives a chuckle.
"Why are you taking a picture of me eating breakfast?" you ask curiously before putting a spoonful of cereal in your mouth. Peter checks his camera as he answers.
"I wanted to photograph the moments of the daily routine first." He explains. "Things you guys will miss."
"Owt." You comment making him smile.
"I took some amazing pictures yesterday of the game too." He counters sitting down on the bench in front of you, and you giggle at how comfortable he quickly becomes at your house table. "Did you get any of Sam catching the snitch?" you ask and Peter is already fiddling with the camera quickly, handing it to you.
You smile at the pictures he has taken, and comment on how amazing the ones of the game are. And then there is the picture from last night's party, the moment you are standing in the crowd, laughing, and you stop smiling because you think about what happened next.
Handing the camera back to Peter, you try to follow the conversation, but your mind is elsewhere.
You are forced to focus on his words again, because he is talking about Wanda.
"I'm sorry, what did you say?" You ask confused, and he smiles.
"I asked if you and Wanda want me to take pictures of you before the prom." He clarifies, and you widen your eyes slightly.
"Wait, what?" you exclaim. "Prom? Why do you think I'm going with Wanda?"
"You guys aren't dating?"
You let out an incredulous laugh. "What? No!" you clarify quickly. "We're not...where did that come from?"
Peter looks at you with confusion. "She kissed you in front of everyone. I thought..."
"You thought wrong." You interrupt uncomfortably, feeling your heart race. "I don't want to have this conversation during breakfast." You mutter as you stand up quickly, feeling the room getting too small. Peter apologizes half confused, but you are already leaving the hall.
You head back to the Gryffindor communal hall to shower and put on your uniform before your first class, but you bump into Pietro coming out of the boys' dormitory.
"Hey, I want to talk to you." He says as soon as he notices you, and you sigh softly, stopping walking. Pietro signals to the corner of the room, and leans on the window opening as you approach.
"What is it?" you ask with your hands in your pockets, already imagining exactly what the conversation was about.
"Wanda." He says and you sigh. "Don't hurt her."
"Really?" You retort incredulously. "Your sister kissed me, Pietro. Not the other way around. I had no idea she liked me."
"Maybe she doesn't." He then reasons, keeping his voice low because the students are coming down for breakfast. "She never said anything to me. And everyone was drinking at the party yesterday. You're friends, and I don't know, you're pretty, maybe she saw you on top of the chair in all your glory and got carried away."
You take a hand out of your pocket to massage your temples gently.
"Honestly, this is a mess." You grumble. "I didn't even get to talk to her before she ran off."
"You'll get your chance to talk in a few, we have potions with Slytherin in the first period." He retorts and you groan in dissatisfaction.
"I thought I could just ignore it all until things work themselves out." You say making him laugh, and Pietro pushes your shoulder gently.
"Don't think I forgot about the bet." He says next. "Clear things up with Wanda, and then invite Nat to the dance. I can't stand your puppy dog eyes any longer."
"Shut up, I don't have that." You mutter but Pietro only laughs, walking away probably to go get coffee in the communal hall.
You tell him you will meet him after you get ready.
You were swinging your leg on the stool, sitting at your desk at the back of potions class.
Pietro accompanied you and you were one of the first to arrive in the room, but it didn't take long for the other students to enter.
He shook his head gently in amusement at your nervousness, noticing that you were staring at the door, but said nothing. You held your breath as Natasha and Wanda entered together, engaged in conversation.
You don't know exactly what you expected as a reaction, but you were relieved to know that Wanda didn't treat you any differently.
She wished you good morning with a smile, taking the seat next to Pietro, while Nat sat down next to yours, also greeting you politely.
You were trying to think of exactly how to broach the subject about the party, when Pietro spoke up:
"Yesterday was incredible don't you guys think?" He says loud enough for only the four of you to hear. "I think some of us had more fun than others."
You widen your eyes, kicking him under the table, but Pietro continues to smile, while Wanda clears her throat and Nat looks toward Professor Banner, who is entering the room and closing the door.
"Good morning everyone, let's get started, we have to practice before the final exams." Declares the professor already taking out his wand so that the potions ingredients float to the benches.
Since May was the last month before the exams, you were reviewing previous years contents in most of your classes.
So you weren't surprised that Professor Banner asked you to try the Amortentia potion in class that day, ignoring Pietro's teasing remark about it being a lovely coincidence.
Since the third year, you and Nat have worked together on potions. So you frowned when she joined Wanda, without giving you any satisfaction.
Deciding that perhaps it was just a harmless action, you took out your potions books, and worked with Pietro.
Throughout the class, as Professor Banner circulated the tables to make sure that everyone was preparing their potions correctly, you began to feel slightly dizzy with the familiar scent coming from the cauldrons.
Amortentia, also known as the most powerful love potion in existence, has a distinctive smell for each wizard.
In sixth grade, when you first brewed it, you almost knocked over the cauldron when you finished because you could smell Natasha's perfume and assumed that everyone else could too, and as you rushed to cover the mixture, you almost knocked it over. Pietro mocked you for two weeks.
"Try lowering the fire a little more, Miss Romanoff." Professor Banner warned as he passed by your countertop, Nat's mixture slightly less transparent than it should be. You would have noticed this if you had been working with her.
When you stirred the mixture in your cauldron with the spoon, you can't help but smile softly as you recognized the smells that attracted you. Making Amortentia was relaxing to say the least.
"Do you think we'll have the same incident as last year?" Pietro comments beside you, stirring his cauldron as well.
You laugh softly, remembering. Last year, as soon as the potions were ready, Peter Quill from your house pulled a prank on the school, dripping potion on the coffee muffins. It was a tremendous mess, but fortunately you never got to eat any of them until everything was sorted out.
"Merlin, I hope not." You reply, turning your attention away from the potion to Pietro. "I have enough trouble with love already." You comment softly, causing them to laugh.
Natasha and Wanda look at the two of you with curiosity.
"You guys are full of secrets today heh?" Nat accuses in a wry tone, and you ignore the way your stomach flips with nervousness at having her talk to you.
You were about to let the subject die, but Pietro is speaking again, "We're talking about the prom, Nat. Any plans yet?"
You widen your eyes, resisting the urge to shove Pietro's face into the cauldron in front of him, while pretending to be paying attention to your mix when all you notice is the way Nat giggles, looking at Wanda a moment before looking at Pietro again.
"Actually, I do." She says and you raise your eyes immediately, feeling your stomach sink. "I'll take Wanda."
You drop the spoon hard and hot potion runs into your fingers, causing you to grunt in pain, and attracting the attention of your friends, and also your professor.
After assuring them that you are fine, there is an awkward silence at the table. But you are too curious to care:
"I didn't know you were going together." You comment casually, glancing momentarily at Wanda, who has flushed cheeks but keeps her face close to the fire, and you assume that's exactly why. Nat touches the pages of the potions book gently.
"I asked her." Nat declares and you swallow dryly, pushing all the conflicting feelings down. "That day in Hogsmeade."
"Oh, got it." You mutter, too uncomfortable to prolong the subject.
"That day in Hogsmeade" was about the retrograde weekend where you almost confessed your feelings to Natasha after drinking too much fire whiskey. You were all at the Three Broomsticks, playing explosive snap and telling jokes. And there was this moment where you and Nat went to the bathroom at the same time, and you just looked at her on the way out, feeling dizzy and probably looking stupid. And she looked back, and you thought for a moment that you would kiss. But someone bumped into you, the moment was over. When Nat went to walk away, you held her hand, but lost the courage to confess. And when you came back to the table, she sat far away, and you were too drunk to think about it.
The same silence as before returns, even more tense. You don't speak anymore, though, and when the class is over, and the professor releases everyone after saying that you all would continue the potion preparation in the next class, you practically run out of the dungeons.
Pietro catches up with you already at the door to the Charms classroom.
"Hey, I'm sorry." He says as soon as he arrives, "I had no idea."
"It's okay, Peete." You lie, entering the room with him at your side, and taking the place of one of the chairs at the back. "This has nothing to do with you anyway."
Pietro seems unsure about what to say to make you feel better, and honestly you have no way to help him. You don't understand why Wanda kissed you, much less why Natasha asked her to the prom. And even though you try to pay attention to the lessons, that's basically all you can think about for the next few hours.
After lunch, you have Herbology with Ravenclaw.
Unlike Potions, you’re late for this class. Mainly because you’re very distracted with your thoughts and Pietro was busy with wizard chess and lost track of the time as well.
So you two strumble inside the greenhouses a minute after professor Mantis, who gave you a warning look but said nothing as you and Pietro quickly moved to your seats, ignoring the giggles from your classmates.
For the next few minutes, you heard about magical plants that could grow without air and water, but you couldn’t care less.
Then Professor Mantis asked the class to go outside to take care of the Irritable Roots that were big enough to cut, and could be used for potions, and you busy yourself with that.
You’re too distracted with the dirt to notice Pietro moving aside and leaving you alone, and was pretty surprised that your house mate, Carol Danvers, knee down next to you, with a flower that looked like the ones the sixth years were helping grow for the semester.
“This is for you.” She said with a smile, and you blushed hard in both shock and embarrassed, as you mutter a shy thanks, but Carol just kept looking at you with adoration in her gaze. "I wanted to ask you a question."
"Then ask it." You mumble clumsily, deciding to ignore the soft hiss of your fellow Thor, who has noticed the interaction.
"Do you want to go to the dance with me?" She asks still appraising you and you find it too incredible a conciencidence to be true.
"You know, you didn't need the flower in the middle of class for that." You joke making her laugh softly. You swallow dryly before nodding. "I'd love to, Carol."
She smiles, reaching up to take the flower and place it behind your ear, and you smile shyly back, more embarrassed by the attention than anything else.
"I'll pick you up at the door to the communal hall." She says before getting up to go back to her own table.
You barely have time to understand what happened before Pietro is back, holding back a laugh.
"I can't believe you're going to the ball with Carol Danvers." He comments low to you and you ignore the prying eyes to return to your lesson.
"Don't look at me like that, I lost my match." You grumble. "And by the way, the ball is just a dance. I have a right to have fun."
"But with your crush's ex-girlfriend?" Pietro teases and you mumble softly, making him laugh. "Look, Y/N, I love you, but there's not the slightest possibility of this ending well. The least that will happen is an argument, so just remember to call me, I want to record if you get punched."
"Pietro, shut up." You retort annoyed, but he laughs before returning to the lesson.
As you work, you think about the mess you got yourself into. Carol Danvers was in the same grade as you, and in fourth and fifth year, she and Natasha had some sort of romance. You kept your distance while this was going on, which was the period when you were closest to Wanda. When they broke up, whatever was going on, there was tension there, even though everyone treated each other cordially. And now you were going to the ball with Carol.
It didn't have to mean anything if you didn't want to. And that's what you kept repeating to yourself for the rest of the day.
With classes over, you still had a few hours free before dinner, and as you usually did, you joined Pietro on the outside patio, and he was already talking to Wanda.
"You're in trouble." Pietro announced as soon as you reached them, causing you to frown. But you looked in the direction he was looking, and held your breath as you saw Natasha talking to Carol.
"Mind your own business, Pietro." Wanda complained to her brother, but you were really concerned by the way the other girls' conversation seemed on the edge of what could be considered friendly.
And then Carol noticed you looking, and gave you a wink, and you wanted to dig a hole in the ground. Nat said something and turned in the direction where you were standing, her face impassive, but her eyes almost furious.
"Hey, Nat." You greeted clumsily, and swallowed dryly at the way she looked at you.
"Really, Y/N? Carol? Didn't you have someone worse to go with?" She accuses angrily, and you let out an impatient sigh.
"It's just a dance." You grumble. "It's not like we're going to date."
Nat squeezes her eyes shut. "Ah, be sure of that." She says and you raise your eyebrow, but Nat hastens to add. "There's a code of ethics for that. You can't date your friends' exes."
You frown, but Pietro laughs.
"Damn, I think I've broken that rule too many times." He jokes but Wanda rolls her eyes.
"You say a lot for a virgin." She comments and that makes you laugh, while Pietro hums softly. Wanda also looks tense, as much as you and Nat. "We heard she invited you in Herbology class. The whole school talked about it."
"She got a flower and everything." Pietro mocked poking you in the ribs with his elbow, but the comment only seemed to irritate Natasha more, who crossed her arms and sighed, glancing briefly at Carol.
You swallowed dryly, and worked up the courage to ask.
"You don't like her anymore, do you?" The words made Nat's eyes widen slightly and he frowned. "It's just that you seem bothered and..."
"I'm bothered because my friend is going to the prom with my ex-girlfriend." She interrupts with indignation, causing you to shut up. "It's weird to say at least, and I wanted to check with Carol to see if what I heard was true, but she just kept making stupid comments about how ironic it would be if she happened to date you!"
You blink in surprise at this information. "Date me? It's just a dance, Nat. I'm not dating anyone."
"I guess you better let her know that then, because she seems to have high expectations of sleeping with you after the party!"
You frown. "You don't know that." You grumble. "And even if you were right, I'm single. I can sleep with whoever I want.
"Are you fucking kidding me?" She retorts angrily. "You really think it's cool to have sex with my ex-girlfriend?"
You sigh impatiently. "I'm not having sex with anyone, I'm just saying that if I want to, I can, and it's none of your business. So stop being jealous and yelling at me because I haven't done anything wrong."
Nat lets out an incredulous laugh at your words. "Jealous? I don't give a shit about who you date, do whatever you want."
You want to pretend that Nat's words don't hurt you, but you can't. The tears fill your eyes as fast and your heart beats, but you don’t cry. You just give Nat a sad smile and tell everyone you’re tired before leaving.
You’re thin ice with Natasha.
Arguing is better than silence, and you know how much she hates it, so you ignore her.
You’re not even sure about what you’re angry about. Maybe because she didn’t feel the same about you? Maybe you’re just mad about the way she spoke to you.
Nevertheless, you two are not talking. She tried to approach you over the next few days, making casual comments and even mentions of her family' expectations for the end of the year, but while Wanda and Pietro actively participated in the topics, you just listened. And Nat noticed, and oh how she hated it.
You could practically feel the tension growing between you, but if she didn't apologize, you wouldn't do it either.
And with the prom approaching, things seemed to get worse.
You were just about to give up, when everything got even more messy.
The day before the prom, you went out to the great lake with Pietro and your teammates, deciding to practice a little friendly flying. Soon many other students were joining in, and it all turned into an open-air picnic.
At one point, Sam tried to teach you how to catch the golden snitch and after many attempts, you succeeded, but ended up diving into the lake in the process.
Soaking wet, you were in the middle of laughing when someone threw a towel over your shoulders.
You smiled in appreciation at Carol, but she didn't move away, her hands on the towel as she looked at you with eyes gleaming with mischief.
"I'd like to get you wet like this." She spoke not so low, causing you to gasp. Sam burst out laughing, but what you noticed beyond your embarrassment was Natasha looking at the blonde as if she was going to murder her at any moment.
"Really, Danvers? You have some class." You were surprised at Wanda's bitter tone, in fact, you were surprised that she was talking to Carol at all, having stayed neutral to this fight so far.
The blonde giggled, turning her face in the other girl's direction.
"Why don't you mind your own business, Maximoff?"
Carol retorted sarcastically, causing you to frown. Before you could defend Wanda however, Nat was already getting up.
"Watch your tone, Danvers." She warned angrily, pointing a finger at Carol, who just rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. "In fact, watch how you talk to both of my girls."
You bite your lip. Okay, you are pissed off. But angry Natasha is hot. Calling you her girl is even hotter.
Carol gives a wry laugh. "You always were so possessive, Natty." The blonde comments with a wry smile, "I'm just joking, no need to get angry. And remember, if you want to boss around, get a ring."
Nat locks her jaw at the innuendo, but Carol just waves goodbye to you before walking away to join her group of friends.
And then Wanda is approaching you with a wand in hand, and in a simple spell, she dries your clothes completely.
You smile in appreciation, slightly affected by the way Wanda's eyes look bright at close range before she walks away.
"So, is anyone hungry?" Pietro asks aloud trying to lighten the mood, and you mentally thank him for it.
But Natasha shakes her head, and then assumes a neutral expression again.
"Actually I'm tired, I'll see you guys later at the castle." She announces, and turns to leave. You exchange a glance with Pietro, and he quickly brings up something with Wanda.
You hurry to catch up with Natasha, stopping her just before the castle entrance.
"I'm worried, Nat." You say as soon as she turns to look at you. "I'm worried about us."
She forces a smile. "Don't be. Carol gets on my nerves, but when this dance is over, I won't be angry anymore and we'll be friends again."
You swallow dryly.
"What if I don't want to?" You say and she frowns in confusion. You don't hesitate. "What if I don't want to be just your friend?"
Natasha looks away from your gaze, and you feel your heart shatter.
"Don't do this." She asks softly, and you ignore the urge to cry.
"I have to." You insist by taking a step forward, and Nat takes a deep breath. "I can't hide it anymore. I'm in love-"
"No." She interrupts by placing her hands on your cheeks. "Please don't. You don't know what you're saying."
You sigh, letting the tears flow. "I don't need you to say it back, I just need to say it once."
"I don't want you to say anything, because you don't understand what it means to me." She insists in a whiny voice, and you look at her with confusion. Nat takes a deep breath, lowering her hands to put them in her pockets. "You know what my family is like. You know how my father is. He wouldn't...I could never be with a muggleborn."
You take a step back, shocked by the statement.
"B-but what does that have to do with anything?" You ask confused. "Your father doesn't need to know and..."
Nat gives a wry laugh, quickly wiping away the tears that threaten to fall. "You may be a muggleborn, but you know very well how things work in our world. How long before someone finds out and tells him? How long before he forbids me to see my sister? I can't risk it. I didn't risk it with Carol."
You widen your eyes at the statement, finally understanding why things didn't work out between them. Nat didn't choose Carol, she prioritized keeping their relationship a secret so that her father wouldn't forbid her to see her sister Yelena.
"Is that why you are with Wanda?" You accuse bitterly, causing Nat to assume an incredulous expression. "Because she's a pureblood?"
"I like Wanda." She retorts simply, and you bite the inside of her cheek, "And it's just a dance, we're not dating."
"Did you know she kissed me?"
Nat sighs impatiently. "Everyone knows."
"I was going to ask you to the dance that night." You insist by moving closer again, using your last drop of courage. "And I was going to kiss you if you said yes."
Nat puts a hand on your shoulder to stop you from moving any closer, but her gaze lingers on your mouth before returning to your eyes.
"We can't." She whispers seriously, and you swallow dryly.
"But do you want to?" you whisper back, moving your hand up to her palm extended over your shoulder. "Would you have said yes to me?"
Nat has a tearful expression, and bites her lips before pulling away from your touch. You feel your stomach sink.
"Natasha, answer me." You ask tearfully, but she just swallows dryly, looking away to the floor.
"I can't give you the answer you want." She says simply before turning away, walking out to enter the castle.
You stare at the concrete for many minutes, your tears wetting your shirt, before you decide to go inside too.
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a/n: so... possessive top Natasha, amirite gays? hope y'all enjoy filth
warnings: 18+, minors dni; possessiveness; slight public humiliation if you squint hard; strap-on use (r receiving); rough sex {face-sitting (r giving), degradation, hard spanking, a lil choking/suffocation, mouth spitting (r receiving)}; mommy kink; pet names (kitten, little girl, sweetpea); reader's kinda shitty to Nat for a bit; Nat's mean, but it's because her feelings got hurt.. lemme know if I'm missing anything
summary: you want to be more than fwb with your teammate, Natasha. A good way to do that is to ask her out. right? But when she turns you down out of confusion, you decide to act out for her attention
words: 4.7k
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Tumblr media
You knew what you were doing.
If the hole Natasha was burning into the back of your latest tease’s skull was any indication, she too knew what you were up to.
Bent seductively over the bar, twirling the cherry in your drink with your fingers as if your skirt wasn’t just barely long enough to cover your ass, tonight you were on a mission.
Make Natasha jealous.
You thought the two of you had a good thing going; Natasha came to you when she needed “girl time” and usually it ended with you having to squirm in your seat for the next few days in meetings. Occasionally you went to her for the same, but she always called the shots. They were quick things more often than not, pressed against walls or thrown into the nearest closet. The reasonings varied; stress relief, frustration, Tuesday- honestly, whatever they thought of would fly as long as they were both free.
Until today.
You’d managed to corner Natasha while she ate lunch, peacefully eating a peanut butter sandwich alone in the kitchen. Quietly as you could you took a moment to stare at her when she thought she was by herself, silencing your chuckle as she danced in her seat along to some funny video on her phone. Natasha was so cute when she let her guard down.
“Hey Nat,” you called out, passing by her to round the kitchen counter. “How’s your day?”
She shrugged, taking another bite of her sandwich and barely sparing you a glance. “Fine.”
Okay.. not the response you expected. True, you didn’t spend much time one-on-one talking, but you didn’t think it was completely off the table. Your arrangement had been fun, no strings, no expectations- but the more you grew to know Natasha, you found yourself wanting to do other things with her as well. She was deceptively magnetic like that. “Great, great… so Tony’s party is tonight.”
“Yep.” You swore you’d never seen Natasha so glued to her phone before. With how still and serious she’d gone since you’d come in, you wondered if you’d accidentally broken some unspoken rule. But you couldn’t think of what you’d done wrong.
“I was wondering…” you trailed off, hoping to catch her attention if she realized you were asking for it. Proposing a date of sorts would be easier if she was actually looking at you, but her acting as if she was counting down the minutes until you left definitely made it a whole lot worse. “Since you typically go, I thought maybe you’d like to go together?”
Natasha finally broke from her phone; bright blue eyes scanning you quizzically. “Why would we do that?” You let out a nervous chuckle, hoping maybe she was just toying with you for a laugh. She liked to do that sometimes.
After a minute of stunned silence, Natasha still gave no indication she was joking. You straightened up and stepped closer to the redhead, choosing to ignore how her eyes widened as you approached. “I just figured it would be nice?” Nothing. “You know, to hang out and have fun together? Maybe some private fun later if we wanted?” The bitter laugh was the last reaction you wanted to hear.
“Again, why would we do that?” Natasha set her phone down to sit back, arms crossing over her chest as she sized you up. “Are we dating?”
“W-Well I assumed, possibly-”
“Possibly.. I fuck you so that means we’re gonna date?” The rejection hurt, you couldn’t lie. Sure you didn’t go out or cuddle much or anything, but it’d been months of hookups and practically thousands of texts exchanged. You thought maybe she’d want to get to know you more too. Whatever you thought was blooming between you two, you must’ve misread.
“Right. Yeah, of course. It was a silly thought,” you murmured, palm lightly bouncing against the counter as you gathered what was left of your shot confidence. “‘Probably won’t go anyways, at least not for long.” You departed without another word, heading to the safety of your room before you could embarrass yourself further.
Back turned to Natasha, you missed her pout as you retreated, still confused over your request. She probably could’ve been nicer about it or at least thought it over. It wasn’t that she avoided hanging out with you; truly it hadn’t crossed her mind you’d want more from her. What you two had was nice, fairly predictable; she definitely had you to herself, couldn’t think of any threats to your relationship- everything was fine. That was ‘together’ enough, right?
Oh well, Natasha noted it as something to talk to you about tonight.
≪•◦ ❈ ◦•≫
But then night came and somehow the tables turned on her. You’d decided to come to the party after all, dressed and ready for all the attention you could gather. If Natasha didn’t want to date, fine, you’d see other people. Right in front of her face, mostly because you still felt the burn of Natasha’s earlier rejection. Was it a bit of a childish reaction? Yes, but if it worked, it worked.
Capturing her attention wasn’t hard. From the moment she first laid eyes on you, halfway to sitting in some other party guest’s lap, you winked at her from across the room before turning back to force a laugh at whatever unfunny story was being told. For two hours now Natasha followed you through the party, either inserting herself just close enough to be seen, but far enough to remain inconspicuous, or staring you down with a burning ferocity. Her resolve was wearing thin, watching you flirt effortlessly with people who weren't her, letting them get you whatever you desired and dancing way too close for it to be considered anywhere near innocent.
The final straw came when you were back at the bar, some woman keeping your interest with jokes and witty banter. She could’ve handled that. It was pissing her off, but she wouldn’t have acted. But then the intoxicated woman moved closer, practically pinning you against the bar, and when painted nails traveled seductively up your fishnet clad thigh and Natasha had had enough.
“-a shame you didn’t come with anyone tonight. It’s amazing someone didn’t scoop you up the first chance they got.” You grinned, staring at the quick peek of her tongue you caught as it ran across her plump bottom lip. She was really pretty. Not Natasha level, but you’d happily take her upstairs for a night. “Lucky me, I guess.”
Of course, you didn’t get that chance. “Yeah, I don’t think so.” Natasha was grabbing your wrist and tugging faster than your slightly drunk brain could process and you fell clumsily against her chest. “She’s with me. I let her out of my sight and well.. you’ve seen firsthand how much of a slut she is when she’s on her own.”
“Natasha!” You knew she’d be bothered, but what the fuck.
Natasha pressed a hard kiss to your temple, whispering in your ear. “Shut up or I’ll spank you right here over this bar until you’re crying.” She wasn’t kidding. Her punishments were always severe; if she said it, she’d go through with it. But knowing you’d pissed her off made your heart flutter; if she was mad, she cared on some level.
So you pushed. “Aw Natty, don’t be jealous. If you’re nice, maybe we’ll let you join!” Natasha was not amused with your shit-eating grin.
That was it, her patience was gone. You saw her expression grow sinister, jaw clenching in a way that had you simultaneously holding back a whine and wanting to run for safety. Natasha held your arm in a vice grip, wrenching you out of the party through the most crowded route. You wanted to play? Fine, but she’d let everyone know just who they were messing with if they played along. “You’re in for it now, kitten.” Halfway across the floor you had to close your eyes and trust the enraged woman to guide you as she dragged you along, the knowing smirks and giggles from your teammates and whoever else happened to look your way too much for you to take.
Once the sounds of the party died down, you’d barely gathered your new surroundings before you were thrown into the elevator wall. “What-” Your eyes refocused to a steeled pair of blue, staring you down like you were her next target. God she was fucking hot, but no, you couldn’t. You still wanted to be mad at her. “Oh so now you want private time with me?”
“Don’t give me that shit.” Her entire body pressed against your front; you could feel every dip and curve of her toned body through your thin dress and even then, you cursed the fabric keeping you from feeling her fully. “Do you know how pissed I am? Having to watch you flirt with every girl you could all night?” You could practically feel the anger shooting off her in waves, filling the air and threatening to choke you if her hands didn’t first. You dared to look away from her, knowing your nonchalance would make her seethe. Natasha caught your chin easily, your head slamming against the cool metal behind you, but it was her hand on your neck that held you there. Holy shit, she really could and would choke you- the thought had you squeezing your thighs together. “Right in front of my face?”
“‘Didn’t think you would care-” That treacherous hand constricted around your throat, cutting you off.
Natasha gave you a once over, arousal far outweighing the fear she saw in your eyes. And you weren’t subtle about working your hips against hers as much as you could wedged between her and the elevator, but she doubted you even knew. She pulled away all at once, leaning back against the opposite wall just to see you pout at the new distance. “Wait until we get to my room. I’ll set you straight.”
≪•◦ ❈ ◦•≫
You’d lost track of how long she’d had you in her bed. Natasha had worked you to the edge over and over so many times you were surprised you could still feel your lower half. One orgasm, that’s all you wanted. Just one and you could deal with more of her torment. But Natasha wasn’t in the mood to hear you beg.
“Such a fucking slut,” Her fingers worked just below your clit, keeping you in previously unknown, agonizing limbo. Each time you tried to jerk your hips or wiggle just so in hopes she’d slip up, she was two steps ahead, the trained assassin knowing how to effortlessly maneuver away from any of your tricks. “Couldn’t stand being without me for one night so you tried to whore yourself out to anyone who’d take the bait?” You struggled to stay still when she was so close to you, her breasts threatening to fall out of her strapless dress as she bent over your needy form. You thought about just grabbing her and pulling her to you, but the last rational part of you remembered she’d have you tied in a second.
Tired of playing your game, you switched to penance. “I’m sorry, Nat, I’m sorry but-” She shut you up with a bruising kiss, tongue slipping into your mouth without a hint of resistance. You were helpless to be anything but hers; you both knew it. No matter how much you tried to play it off tonight, all of your antics had been for her. To claim you all over again, like she did any time you were together.
She parted from you with a smirk, a trail of spit tethering the two of you together until she backed away fully. You wanted to ask her to come back, already missing how the warmth of her shielded your naked body from the chilled air. Natasha reached behind her back, pulling the zipper of her dress down until it went slack, her free arm keeping the fabric against her front. “But what?” She watched you try to find the words, but you couldn’t finish. There was no ‘but’, no real explanation for your mischief except you wanted to see her react, to want to snatch you away- care about who you were with. “Did you forget I was going to the party?” You shook your head. “Thought I wouldn’t catch you?” You knew full well she would.
Natasha let her dress pool at her hips, reveling in how your mouth hung open when you stared at her chest. She could see the wheels turning, weighing the pros and cons of trying one last time to see if she’d let you touch her. She wouldn’t, but it touched a soft spot inside of her that even with all of the flirting she’d watched you do, you only ever looked at her like you did now. So maybe she was possessive; who could blame her when she had to keep a gem like you to herself. “I wish you could see yourself right now. Drooling all over yourself and so wet for me even while I’m treating you like the naughty girl you are.”
Bending until she felt her ample breasts brush over your quivering lips, “Go ahead, baby. I know you want to.” You jumped at the chance, licking and biting over her sensitive skin until Natasha let out a moan of her own. You didn’t dare use your hands, no matter how much you wanted to grab and pull and squeeze; they stayed at your sides, hoping to be as good as you could just so you could keep your mouth on her.
She rocked her hips against yours, indulging in her own pleasure as you finally took her hard nipple into your hungry mouth. Your teeth bit down hard, just for a moment -a secret action she let slip she’d loved- and soothed the nub with your tongue, rubbing the bumpy surface over her until she was squirming on your thighs. Her hand snaked between you two to cup your mound, feeling more than hearing the frenzied sounds you made when she skated her fingers over your neglected folds. “Fuck, you’re so wet.. Is this all for me?”
“Mm.. that girl in the purple dress got me pretty close to taking her in the bathroom.” Should’ve kept your mouth shut. You didn’t know why you said it; your brain was short-circuiting with how horny you were. Natasha might have even let you cum like that too- soaking her fingers while she got off grinding against your stomach. But now she ripped away from you with a vengeance, deadly glare rivaling Wanda’s as she regarded you with something akin to disgust and.. maybe hurt? “Shit, Natty, I didn’t mean to-”
“Shut up.” Her voice was distant, gaze now fixed on the bed sheets crushed under her. “Get on your knees. I don’t want to look at you anymore.” Her words hit you like a bucket of ice water, fear growing in the unknown. You complied without a word, guilt creeping into your core. Wounded as you were earlier, that was a low blow to hit. “Do you know how many people I had to watch you with?”
“No-” A powerful smack echoed and you shrunk back with the force of it against your ass, head falling into the nearest pillow.
“I don’t want to hear you either.” Blunt nails dug into your supple backside painfully, half moon shaped indents drawing just enough blood to sate Natasha’s cruelty. “It’s ten… Ten different girls you flirted with, bought drinks for… You let them fawn over you and rub against you as if you were actually interested in them.” Her nails dragged down until they reached your thighs, shoving them apart so she could get a good look at where you were dripping and swollen. “Like you’d ever actually have the nerve to give up what’s mine.”
You went to make a sound, anything to reassure her or apologize, but her thumb ground into your red ass cheek as a warning and you just shook your head. “Ten people.. plus I can’t stand you right now.. I think twenty hits should get the message through your thick skull.” Twenty. Only one and you knew you’d feel it later, but you couldn’t deny the deep need you felt to be taken and owned by Natasha Romanoff.
Even if you begged her not to, she’d have done it. Mind set on making you feel anything close to the raging fire of jealousy set alight by your careless words pulling at her heart, Natasha dealt out her punishment. You tried to keep track of how far you’d progressed, but after the fifth one, your face was hot and your head grew tired of thinking. Your hips betrayed you by pushing back into Natasha’s hands after each blow, panting into the pillow as if you were in heat. “You really are just a needy little whore, aren’t you? Taking any kind of attention you can get, even if you’re getting absolutely wrecked.”
You couldn’t suppress the moans that escaped you if you tried, Natasha’s tongue licking along your spine as you fell impossibly deeper under her spell. “But now you’re gonna be mine. Would you like that? Being mommy’s good little slut to fuck you and take care of you whenever you need?” She punctuated her words with the last of her punishing strikes and you squeaked out a choked sob, keening at the opportunity to be hers. Your eyes were red and itchy with tears, teeth biting your lip so hard you tasted copper.
“Good girl, you did so well for me..” Natasha let her anger dissipate as she massaged your bright red flesh, making note to deal with it properly later. The minute she disappeared from behind you, you yearned for her, but then your ankles were being yanked down and you were flipped onto your back. Your sore ass rubbed against the sheets, fabric irritating your raw skin. “That’ll teach you to think before you speak. Won’t it, baby?” You failed an attempt at a nod, settling for simply staring at her patronizing face and hoping she got the message. She took pity and soothed you temporarily with a gentler kiss, licking the blood from your cut lip with a soft care unfit for how rough she’d been tonight. Natasha planted her thigh between yours, tasting your mouth lazily until you sought her leg out for friction you thought you’d die without.
“Mommy, please, I need-” The sharp slap to your cunt stung like no other, wet noises filling the room only accenting how much you needed. Natasha pulled her hand away, ignoring your whines to stare down at her palm. She locked eyes with you easily; you were already watching her like a hawk. With superior eyes screaming dominance, Natasha stuck out her tongue to clean your slick off of her skin with the most vulgar groan you’d been blessed enough to hear. For a moment you could see her eyelids flutter, betraying just how much she wanted to have you from the source. But it was gone in an instant and she was on you again, damp palm colliding with your cheek so hard you didn’t know if that or your pussy hurt more now.
“I don’t care what you need.” She straightened up, throwing her leg over your middle and moving up until she could hold the iron headboard. “Put that pretty little mouth of yours to good use and I’ll think about giving you a reward.” You didn’t have to be told twice, the heady scent of Natasha overwhelming your senses in a way only she could. Your hands reached up to grab at her thighs, only to be shooed away with a huff. Natasha couldn’t hold back her cackle as she caught sight of your disappointed face- red, abused lips twisted in a pout and pleading eyes staring pathetically up at her. “So eager to please me, aren’t you?” All you could manage was a whimper, nodding like a punished puppy as you stared at the sweet pussy you wanted to bury yourself in so badly, but hovered just out of reach.
“Hm, maybe you do know how to be good.” Natasha hummed, lowering herself onto your face. “Get to work.” Your world was all Natasha, only her taste, her smell, how she bucked her hips whenever your tongue entered her; she barely let you breathe, but you didn’t mind.
“Flatten your tongue,” you obeyed and she tugged at your hair, holding you in place while she rut against your face to chase her high. “Fuck, fuck..stay there, yes..!” Natasha was close, you could tell. Her thighs locked your head in a vice grip and now you really couldn’t breathe, but you needed to feel her come apart. Boldly you took a bit of control, suckling at her engorged clit and her borderline pornographic cries almost made you cum completely untouched. She soaked your mouth and chin with your name on her lips, clawing at your scalp as she rode out her orgasm. Selfishly you dove back in to lap at her entrance, drinking her in until she was mewling and ripping you away. If she weren’t so sated, she would’ve chastised you for doing something other than what you were told.
Natasha limply scooted back down to let you breathe, shimmying out of her dress and kicking it down her legs until she was fully free. “If I’d known your mouth was that talented, I’d have made you do that much sooner.” Your lips collided again, Natasha aching to taste herself on you. You tried to kiss her back, but you were blinded by arousal- staring unfocused at the now calmed redhead. She could tell you were reaching your limit and in the afterglow of her high, Natasha decided you’d earned a reprieve. “Your turn, honey.”
You nodded dumbly, two seconds from touching yourself, Natasha’s anger be damned. But you could see stars on the ceiling, too drunk on Natasha to gather the energy to fuck yourself on your own fingers. “N-Natasha, come back..” A low chuckle tickled your ears and you frowned, suddenly impatient.
“Don’t get hazy on me yet, sweetpea. Mommy’s still gotta fuck you.” While you caught your breath, Natasha got off of you to grab the harness already placed at her bedside. She’d known one way or another you’d end up falling back into her bed tonight; she just hadn’t imagined you’d be so irritating tonight. You gulped loudly when you saw the size of the toy adorning Natasha’s hips- one of her biggest ones. Taking it was a struggle the few times she’d brought it out, but the stretch was unmatched and you were already drooling at the thought.
She climbed back over, hooking your legs around her hips so your drenched core was on display for her. Natasha had never gotten you so worked up before- she’d never gotten the chance to until today, but she felt your muscles twitch under her fingers spreading your lips and she swore this wouldn’t be the last time she had you like this. “You ready for me, sweetheart?”
You nodded frantically, near hysterical with need. “Yes! Yes, please! Fuck me, do anything!” Natasha shook her head, angling her hips so the tip of her strap slid through your folds. It wasn’t hard to get it wet enough to go in. Your walls were already stretching for her thick toy to accommodate her, straining earnestly. “Deeper…”
Normally she’d reprimand you for trying to order her around, but you’d been through enough. “Hold on, baby, you’re almost there,” After what seemed like forever to you, Natasha’s hips met yours, her full length buried right where you needed her. You sighed in momentary relief, feeling impossibly full, but you needed more. Natasha must’ve felt the same because she gave a testing push, judging your comfort before she pulled almost all the way out… just to slam back in and hear you scream. “I’m gonna fuck you so good.. I’ll ruin you for anyone else.”
Your eyes rolled back into your head, the combination of Natasha’s words and perfectly timed thrusts driving you wild. “Shit, mommy, please…” Once more everything went away- your world, your life, it all depended on Natasha fucking into you at that brutal pace. Your backside was numb from pain, the stinging reminder each time her thighs met your ass only driving you further to your orgasm. You wanted to say something, to respond to the utterly filthy things Natasha was growling into your ear, but your tongue felt thick and heavy.
“What’s that, little girl? Are you too far gone to speak up?” She was visibly oozing with satisfaction, knowing only she could make you feel so good you went dumb, completely dependent on her alone. The only thing that could make this better was if every girl stupid enough to occupy you at that party could hear you yelling her name, the beautiful sounds of her claiming you. Natasha twisted just a little and finally hit that coveted little spot inside you, feeling the vibrations of your slurred words as she bit into your neck. A few well-angled thrusts had you clawing at her bare back, legs winding around her waist, locking her in just in case she was thinking about leaving, and she knew you were on the brink. Two fingers came to circle over your clit and your back arched, pleading incoherently for sweet release.
“Are you gonna cum for me?” You whimpered in response, more than ready but knowing you needed Natasha’s permission. “Go on, sweet girl. Cum all over mommy’s cock.” Something in you snapped before she could even finish her sentence, the most powerful orgasm of your life washing over you with the force of an ocean wave. Natasha was saying something; it sounded kind and you wished you knew what it was, but you were too blissed out to hear anything except the pounding behind your own ears.
She was pulling out of you oh so carefully, tossing the toy to the side before massaging your thighs. Full lips placed kisses from your hips to your stomach and up until she reached your collarbone, nuzzling her cheek over your heart where she could feel it working hard. “You okay?” Confirmation came in the form of a heavy hand in her hair, brushing through her thick tresses just so you could continue to feel her. You’d never get enough of her, it was unfair.
When you finally regained your senses, Natasha was still firmly planted on top of you. Her head rested on your chest, hand selfishly holding your hip as if someone was going to come take you from her. Her brow was furrowed in thought and you rolled your eyes- that woman was so stubborn, you’d have to do everything yourself.
“Does this mean we’re together now?” You knew you had to be the one to ask. Jealous and possessive as she was, Natasha would never breach the subject herself. Thankfully you were willing to give in for the sake of you both.
Natasha cocked her head to the side, eyebrow arched high as she thought it through. Wordlessly she sat up, contemplating your question and what it’d mean for the both of you.She did really hate the thought of you with anyone else. “Sure, but I’m making you pay for dinners.” And you couldn’t hide the happy feeling that left you grinning from ear to ear.
Strong fingers pat your cheek twice, forcing you to face her. She caught your jaw easily with bruising force, her thumb pressing hard enough to make your gums ache. “Open.” You obeyed, parting your lips as Natasha leant over until her breath tickled your nose. Secretly you hoped for another kiss, a sweet confirmation of your affections returned.
But Natasha Romanoff didn’t do much sweet affection. Instead she spat in your waiting mouth, keeping unwavering eye contact as she coated your tongue and when she was satisfied, she snapped your mouth shut. “Now swallow.” And again, like the obedient lover she’d fucked you into, you did.
Pleased with both you and herself, Natasha softened, her iron grip on your face loosening with a smirk. Red lips pressed against yours in a series of playful kisses you couldn’t help but laugh sleepily at. “Trust me, sweet girl. You’re all mine.”
≪•◦ ❈ ◦•≫
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8plasma · a month ago
butterscotch baby
prompt: “why are you being so nice to me?” + natasha finds herself at the center attention of the school’s latest scandal. (high school au)
note: guys i pulled this out of my ass but im kinda happy with it :P + this turned out way longer than i expected lol i was aiming for a good 800, but it ended up being 2.5k words.
ily moli for proofreading <3
warnings: smidge of angst but its cute
🏷: @nermalina @c-is-writing @wandaromanova @blackxwidowsxwife
. . .
when word got out that natasha had cheated on her girlfriend almost everyone hated her immediately. the fight happened on a friday night and by monday morning natasha could feel every single pair of eyes on her as she walked down the hall.
that very same week, natasha was greeted with glares and left to sit alone at lunch. no one would talk to her, and if they did, it only reminded her how much of a piece of shit she was.
natasha never felt more alone in her life than she did now. her social status was ruined, her grades were beginning to slip, and even the people she considered her closest friends avoided her as much as possible. the split second they saw the redhead they would turn the other way, not bothering to give her a second glance. it was like the last four years of friendship never existed.
and the truth was, natasha never cheated. a thought like that would never cross her mind. her ex-girlfriend was bitter and became overly jealous whenever nat would even glance at another woman.
so on that friday night when natasha was pouring her friend a drink, a jealous rage took over her ex. she’d began screaming out of nowhere, calling the redhead a filthy liar and a cheater.
too baffled by the incident, natasha didn’t have the words to argue against the accusation. her silence only made the situation worse.
taking advantage of natasha’s silence, her ex slapped her in the face and dumped a cup of vodka all over nat’s bright red hair. she was kicked out minutes later, left completely alone to walk home.
she tried to clear her name over the weekend, texting and calling every number she had on her phone – begging them to listen to her side of the story. but no one would listen to a cheater. no one wanted to listen.
it’d been a month now, and nothing had improved. teacher’s somewhat sympathized with the teenager, but none of them really bothered to check on her. the only time natasha’s teachers spoke to her was when it regarded her grades and test scores.
natasha wasn’t dumb. she knew she needed to get it together. god knows how long it’ll take though.
an aggressive puff of air left her mouth and her hands went to rub her eyes. fucking chemistry. had she been paying attention in class, she wouldn’t have to stay after school in the library every day.
today was unusually crowded though, and it left her with only one open seat to study in – next to you.
natasha had only ever spoken to you a handful of times, but she remembered your name and the gentleness of your personality.
you weren’t popular or belonging to any certain group. you were just yourself, authentic as any person could come. your friends were few and far between, but it was never really a problem. if anything, it was more of a relief. you wouldn’t ever have to deal with drama or having to keep up with the latest trends. (because honestly, you didn’t really care.)
“do you mind if i sit here?” natasha’s hoarse voice laced your ears. you shrugged, “i don’t mind.”
she pulled the chair back with another sigh. today wasn’t anywhere near her best and having to whip out a ten-pound textbook she didn’t understand only made her more agitated.
the usage of natasha’s pencil eraser every two seconds quickly caught your attention. it was clear she didn’t understand a single word from the book. in the span of four and a half minutes, she’d rubbed her eraser against the paper almost 20 times. you usually didn’t mind, but the noise was beginning to get aggravating.
“do you need help?” you offered.
natasha swallowed her frustration. “i’m okay. thanks though.” you hummed and continued reading your book.
another five minutes passed and natasha hadn’t moved from her problem. you glanced over to see her numbers were mixed up and all over the place. her decimals weren’t in the right place either, which led you to believe chemistry wasn’t her best subject.
“you’re using the wrong formula and your decimals aren’t where they’re supposed to be.” you whispered. 
natasha bit the inside of her lips, a slight glimpse of embarrassment making itself known.
this wouldn’t have happened if you just paid attention in class, she scolded herself.
when she moved to erase everything once more, you gently took her pencil out of her hand and wrote down the correct formula for her to follow.
“your first pressure, volume and temperature should be equivalent to the second pressure, volume and temperature - that’s using combined gas law. in this problem here you’re looking for your constant, which will end up being your sixth variable.”
your words flew over natasha’s head and you let out a small giggle at her reaction. you didn’t mind having to walk her through step by step, it was beneficial for the both of you.
you were able to practice more and she was able to learn from it.
pretty soon it was time for you to go, leaving nat a little more than disappointed. you’d been the first person in a month to treat her like she mattered – like she wasn’t a waste of space.
you didn’t miss the involuntary frown that swept across her face. leaving natasha unhappy didn’t bode well with you, so you did the only thing you could think of.
“do you want a lollipop?”
she paused. “im sorry?”
“a lollipop. i have cherry or butterscotch. butterscotch is my favorite, but you can have it if-”
“alright, just know that you’re missing out!” you finished off by shoving the red candy in your mouth.
“see you later, tasha.”
the redhead was left dumbfounded. first, you helped her through her schoolwork, then you gave her a lollipop (which she still didn’t know why), then you called her by a nickname hardly anyone used.
surely you had to have some devious reason for acting so kindly towards her, right?
. . .
you stuck to natasha’s side after that day, although she wasn’t always the nicest person to be around. but you understood why, so you stuck to lollipops and uplifting compliments.
sometimes you were able to greet her in the hallways, but natasha only replied half the time. she still had a hard time believing in the fact that someone could actually be so kind to her, despite the rumors that literally everyone knew about.
so natasha kept her distance as much as she could, but you were a very persistent person and it made that task quite difficult.
for you though, things were going pretty good from what you could tell. you were more than happy to be natasha’s friend.
everything came to a halt a short three weeks after you’d initially helped her. you found natasha sitting alone under a forgotten staircase in the english hall. it was lunchtime and you didn’t see her eating anything, only doodling angry little stick figures while she listened to music. the sight was rather adorable (in your opinion anyway).
she missed your arrival from the corner of her eye, too busy focused on angsty drawings and slipknot playing in her ears. you sat down beside her and silently offered her part of your lunch.
natasha scrambled to hide her already seen drawings. her actions didn’t phase you, you simply waited for her to finish hiding her work before sticking your hand out, eager to give her half of your sandwich.
“what are you doing here? you’ve never been down here before and i only hear someone go down the stairs once every week.” her voice was guarded, borderline snappy, but you didn’t care.
“i went exploring because i was bored and managed to stumble into your little bubble. so what?” you shoved the half sandwich in her direction again, but she refused the offer. you took the hint and put the second half back in the ziplock bag.
“do you want a lollipop?”
“no, i really don’t.”
there was a beat of silence before you felt confident enough to speak again. “it’s nice down here, tasha.”
“yeah, if you consider cobwebs and faded dick drawings on the wall lovely decor, then yes, it is nice.”
you hummed. “do you need any help with your other classes? i know chemistry’s been a pain to catch up on.” natasha was taken back. “no, i don’t. i’m not stupid.” she snapped.
“that’s not what i was implying, tasha-”
“i don’t care and stop calling me that. i’m not your friend. now can you leave?” she growled.
you flinched at her tone of voice, but nodded nonetheless. “see you tomorrow.”
when natasha was finally alone, she pulled her knees into her chest. her thoughts were racing and she had no idea how to slow them down.
she was so tired.
tired of everyone ignoring her, tired of people assuming the worst, tired of no one believing her.
and on top of that, she was cruel to the only person who had been nice to her in weeks. maybe she was just as awful as everyone said she was.
you didn’t see natasha again until the following day. she sat at the back of the class, skin pale and eyes tinged red. you knew she wanted space and you wanted to respect that boundary, but you couldn’t help but reach out to the girl.
want to meet in the field? the one a mile down the road. we don’t have to talk or do anything, but if you want any company that’s where i’ll be after school.
the piece of paper was ripped from your notebook and folded neatly into a small rectangle – now you just had to get it to her.
double-checking that your teacher wasn’t looking, you turned your body to face the person behind you. “will you pass this to romanoff over there?” the paper slipped from your hands and traveled all the way to the back of the class.
despite how much you wanted to, you couldn’t see her reaction. and truthfully you were a little anxious, slightly afraid she might be mad.
the bell rang shortly after and you scurried your way out of the class. if natasha was mad then at least you wouldn’t have to face her, and if she wasn’t then maybe she’d accept your invitation.
two class periods later and you found yourself walking down the road. your backpack was weighted with textbooks, folders, and an unnecessary amount of pens and pencils. even if natasha didn’t come you could still try and complete any classwork left unfinished.
you placed your belongings under a tree, keeping yourself shaded from the sun. anticipation coursed through your veins.
natasha. natasha. natasha.
god you hoped she would come.
but nearly an hour and a half passed and the redhead had yet to show. it was nearly 5 o’clock and you were getting pretty tired. the grass beneath you was aggressively causing you to itch, your back had started to hurt and you were pretty famished. deciding it was time to go you begun to shove your work back in your bag, completely missing the sound of natasha’s footsteps coming from behind you.
“i hope i’m not too late.”
natasha’s raspy voice rang throughout your ears, almost giving you whiplash from how quick you spun around.
“n-no, no, you’re fine.”
she bit her lip, “i’m sorry for snapping at you.”
“it’s okay, natasha.”
“but its not. i just- i don’t understand- why are you being so nice to me?”
you frowned, “why wouldn’t i be?”
“well, you know, school. the rumors, the things people say about me.”
“i’m not usually one to listen to other people’s opinions about someone when they’re all negative. besides, i never heard your side of the story. i don’t think anyone did. and i don’t think anyone ever took the time to.”
you slung your backpack over your shoulder after dusting off your pants. “do you want to go to my house? my parents won’t be home for another few days. we can climb on the roof and watch the sunset if you want.”
for the first time in a month, natasha cracked a genuine, heartfelt smile. “lead the way.”
sunset didn’t last very long, after a short couple of hours stars began to litter the sky. natasha’s guard had been let down enough for you to learn about some of her favorite movies and a little bit about her home life.
you told her about how you’d never had a valentine and about the time you cried over a dog movie for three days straight. she learned that your parents were pretty distant and that you didn’t have much of a relationship with them, but it didn’t really bother you.
for a while the both of you tried to make shapes out of the stars, sometimes laughing at how stupid your creations were.
you were trying to think of another shape the stars made when natasha turned on her side. taking notice of her action you did the same.
her smile was sad.
“i didn’t cheat.”
“i know… i believe you.” your voice was so sincere natasha almost broke.
“i knew she was a very jealous person, but i never thought she would go that far. and now everyone hates me. it’s not fair.” her voice cracked.
“hey, you’re okay. breathe, natasha, breathe. you don’t need everyone’s approval. none of this will matter within the next month, and it sure as hell won’t matter when you leave high school. someone else is bound to do something far worse than either of us could imagine. who knows? it’s probably happening right now as we speak.” you finished with a gentle sigh.
that was all natasha needed to hear for her to know things would be okay. she brushed her finger across your face and down to your chin, “you can call me tasha if you want. you’re the first person outside of my family to ever call me that.”
“tasha,” you mumbled, taking her hand in your own.
“do you want a lollipop?”
the girl in front of you cracked a grin, finally accepting your offer. she watched as you dug around in your back pocket to pull out both cherry and butterscotch lollipops, just like the ones she declined the very first time you asked her.
“which one?” the excitement in your voice only caused the warmth in natasha to grow.
“i’ll close my eyes and you can surprise me,” she proposed, leaving her mouth slightly ajar to be greeted with her surprise.
butterscotch. your favorite.
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caws5749 · 29 days ago
Little Footsteps
A/N: I’m soFt doNt cOme for mE
Promoting: Drabble night over at  @thechaoticgays​ !! Go request something :)
Tumblr media
The door creaked open and little footsteps could be heard padding against the hardwood floor until the person with those little footsteps jumped softly up onto the bed. 
Dominika, almost three now, made her way over to the middle of the bed, crawling up in between her two mothers. She looked at each of you before settling on waking up Natasha. 
Normally, Domi was always waking you up first. But as soon as you’d become pregnant and had trouble sleeping, Nat explained to her carefully that you were not to be woken unless Natasha wasn’t there. Extremely intelligent for her age, she’d listened. 
“Mama,” her little voice whispered as she touched Natasha’s cheek. “Mama, wake up.”
Emerald eyes met Domi’s blue ones a moment later and her brow furrowed. “What’s the matter, milaya?” 
Your daughter didn’t answer, instead letting her lower lip jut out. As soon as Natasha saw that familiar quivering, she sat up and pulled Domi close to her. 
“You’re okay, sweetheart,” she soothed, just as Dominika burst into quiet cries. “Did you have a bad dream?”
She felt a nod against her chest and Nat carefully got out of bed still holding Domi. She carried her out of the room and back to her room, sitting in the little hammock chair and rocking her. 
You woke a few minutes later to an empty bed, putting a frown on your face. When you’d determined she was not in your room or the en suite bathroom, you got up and wandered down the hall to your daughter’s room. 
Smiling in the doorway, you leaned against the wall and watched as Natasha rocked your daughter back to sleep. She met your eyes a moment later and sent you a gentle smile. Nat waited a moment to see if Domi was back asleep before standing and tucking her back into her little bed. 
“She had a nightmare,” your wife whispered as she came up to you. You hummed, nodding and holding your hand out to her. Nat took it, squeezing gently as she followed you back to your room. 
“I wish you’d wake me, I usually get up anyway. I can tell when you’re not next to me.”
“You need as much sleep as possible and there’s a slight chance you might not wake up,” Natasha responded softly. 
You rolled your eyes, climbing back under the covers and snuggling up to your wife. You nuzzled your nose against hers before kissing her. 
“Will you have trouble falling back asleep?” she asked. 
“Not if you stay right here,” you murmured. 
“I’m not going anywhere.” 
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kingpreciouswrld · 28 days ago
can I ask Natasha x reader where Y/N is part of the winter soldier program and they’re the one who trains the widows
Y/N sneaks Natasha out the sleeping quarters so that they could teach them how to slow dance,like even letting her step on their feet,promising each other a life outside hydra,together.
Away From The Crowd
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: none
Word count: 1.2k
A/N: I literally had no idea how to dance I'm very thankful that there was an episode on Alice where Vera taught Tommy how to dance.
Tumblr media
Sleep didn't come to you unless you forced it to. But you couldn't sleep tonight, not after what happened today.
You were tasked with overseeing combat training for the day and Natasha was part of your rotation.
Knowing what these girls had to go through, you did your best to make sure you were understanding yet strict. It's undoubtedly the worst thing anyone could go through, but if these girls could grow up, get out, and later on fight for themselves, then you sure as hell will train them the best you could.
What you didn't see was the psychological 'training' these girls were put through, but you saw the aftermath of a session.
One of the students came to combat training right after one of those sessions, and it broke your heart.
The moment Natasha walked into the room you immediately noticed the difference. Her eyes were unfocused as if her body was on autopilot. She was still focused during your training but she wasn't herself. Every time you would check on her, she'd respond to you as if you were just another authority figure in the red room.
It was days like these where you cursed HYDRA and everyone else involved in this fucked up group.
These days hit you the hardest, the days where Natasha couldn't remember who she was or who you were, the days where she just existed and couldn't think about anything else but staying alive, the days where you don't even exist to her.
You were going to fix that tonight.
To help the both of you
As you turned your head on your pillow, your eyes landed on the clock in your room. It should be clear enough for you to get out for a while, you overheard that there would be a few guards absent from tonight's patrol which left you ample enough time to get out safely and undetected.
You stealthily left your room and sought out the sleeping quarters of the black widows.
It took longer than you thought it would be, having to dodge guards and find blind spots from cameras, but you finally made it to Natasha's room.
The door creaked ever so slightly as you pushed your way in and your heart swelled at the sight. Natasha was always the prettiest whenever she was unguarded and luckily tonight the redhead seemed to be having a peaceful sleep.
You quietly walked over to the bed but refrained from touching her. Last time you nudged her awake you ended up going to your room with a bloody nose.
"Natty? Nat, it's me, come on,"
With a sharp inhale Natasha awoke. She brought a hand up to rub the sleep out of her eyes,
You chuckled and gave her a quick peck on the forehead before taking her hands in yours and pulled her up out of bed,
"Come on, I want to show you something,"
Natasha slipped her shoes on,
"It couldn't wait till morning?"
"Obviously not, now come on there aren't a lot of guards tonight."
The redhead sighed and shook her head, a playful smile on her lips, before she followed after you.
The way to the ballet room was an easier trek than when you went to Natasha's room and you closed the door behind you as the Russian gave the room a once-over,
"I think I brought the wrong shoes for ballet."
"Ha ha very funny, you're on the right track though."
Natasha looked at you cautiously as you stood in front of her,
"Dance with me."
Her eyes widened and she quickly shook her head, "Oh I don't know how to–"
"It's okay,"
The redhead held her breath as she watched you gently put her hand on your shoulder while you held onto her other one, "I got you."
Aside from your breathing, the room was quiet and you cursed silently for not being able to play music.
You gently wrapped your own arm around Natasha's waist, "It's nothing big and fancy, just a simple box step okay? Here, we’ll start off this way,” you tugged her closer, “step on my feet.”
Natasha looked at you as if you were crazy, you just chuckled and tugged on her again, “Come on Nat, you won’t break my feet,” you rolled your eyes playfully.
The redhead bit her lip as she carefully stepped onto your feet and you propped her up, holding her more tightly around her waist, “See? Alright, now, I’ll do the box step and we can take it from there, okay?”
You stepped forward with your right, moving back Natasha’s left, before you brought your left to meet your right, “You always bring your other foot to meet with the one you moved,”
You stepped to your right, moving Natasha’s left, before you brought your left to meet your right foot, “Like that, and so on and so forth.”
You continued the little box step, murmuring the directions as Natasha did her best to remember the steps. You kept going until you felt the Russian squeeze your hand gently, “I think I want to try it now, but I can’t promise that your feet will be fine.”
You chuckled as you returned Natasha’s feet to the ground before you set up in the same position as before but this time, with your palm resting on her lower back, “I think my feet can handle it.”
Natasha looked down at your feet, "How do I know which way to go?"
"I'll guide you."
You took a step back while you applied soft pressure to the redhead's lower back and you smiled when she followed.
"See? You're doing great already."
You stepped to the right and she followed, you took a step forward and she took a step back. Natasha was already getting the hang of it and in no time, the two of you built a slow pace. Feeling each other's warmth and being in each other's arms made everything felt normal, as if you had no worries in the world.
"We'll get out of here you know…"
"We'll get a ranch near a small town, a town so small that everyone knows each other by name," you felt Natasha's forehead on yours.
"We'll have all the animals you'd ever want, all that open space, fields filled with tall grass and sunflowers…"
Your dance slowly came to a swaying motion, the two of you clinging to each other,
"We'll have as many kids as you want, although you'll be the one to do the pushing,"
Natasha pinched you playfully and you chuckled, "We can get dogs, cats, and we can get horses…We'll take them for an evening stroll or just race each other in the fields, I'll be a sore loser when you win everytime…"
Somewhere in the conversation your swaying had stopped. The two of you were just standing in the middle of the room, foreheads connected and arms wrapped around the other with your eyes closed.
"We'll have big breakfasts on Saturday and bake on Sundays, our neighbors will be so cheerful and friendly that they'll invite us over for lemonade…"
You felt Natasha release a shaky breath and you softly pushed against her forehead with your own.
"We'll get out of here, I promise…"
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roger-that-cap · 2 months ago
on your desk
natasha romanoff x fem!reader
summary: a secret admirer has been dropping off cute notes and flowers off at your desk every day, but you cant help but want there to be one specific, unreachable and untouchable person to be behind it all. 
warnings: fluff, uncertainty, secret admirer!!! basically shy!nat 
word count: 3.8k 
omg nicole look!!!. its your shitty coworker au- eNJoY shsjdjbd OF COURSE NOT PROOFREAD- it’s me c’mon ajsjjdn
Tumblr media
There were flowers on your desk, again. And like every time after the first few, your heart picked up when you saw them, in nearly the same arrangement as they usually were. And like Wanda (and occasionally Sharon, if she wasn’t already head first into her computer) did every morning, she craned her neck over to look at you and your open-ish cubicle, where you stared at your desk and tried to decide who on earth could have sent you flowers for the millionth time. 
“You don’t know anyone who could have sent these?” She asked, an entertained and slightly knowing grin on her face as she looked at the typed note that always came with the flowers, no matter how short or to the point it was. On some days, the note would read “you should never stop smiling”, and on others, it would be half a page about how amazing you were at work and how much you were appreciated by your peers. There was no telling what you were going to get, and it managed to be a surprise every day even though you expected it. You shook your head.  “No one at all?” 
No, you didn’t think you know anyone who would have liked you enough to have flowers lying out for you every day, but you knew for a fact that you sure wished it was a specific person, just one. But you knew it wasn’t her. There was no way that Natasha Romanoff was the one buying flowers and typing you cutsey notes, no way at all. That just wasn’t her, and you knew it. Besides, you were always the first to work even if you didn’t make your way to your office first. You would have seen Natasha and her parked car if she was bringing flowers to your desk in the morning. And- it just wasn't her. It couldn't be. 
 She was serious. Very stoic, very driven, incredibly pretty, and even smarter. Somehow under all of her seriousness, she managed to light up the boring office (that occasionally had calls from irate customers that you always handled). She had all the traits that men were afraid of women having, and at first, that was what drew you to her. She knew what she wanted and more times than not, she knew where she had to go and what she had to do to get the things she wanted.
She stood up for the women in your office when the men would let remarks slide, and oftentimes she wouldn't let them walk away without rethinking their life choices from since they were teenagers. She wasn’t unnecessarily mean, but she never bent for anyone. You admired her and her backbone, and her ability to know when it was best to fight or just sit back and wait for her challenger to show their own stupidity. 
  She was just smart. And she could be kind. She was the perfect balance of a person, everything you aspired to be like. And so goddamn easy to fall for.
 “No idea at all, Wanda,” you said, apologizing when your voice came out much more exhausted than what you meant for it to sound, even though you truly felt that way. That same question had been the main question running around in your head for weeks, ever since you had gotten the first, singular pink carnation on your desk. As much as anyone else, you wanted to know who it was. “I'll let you know the second I have a lead, Maximoff,” you said, teasingly giving her a salute, and she chuckled before going to her own cubicle.
 It was minutes later after you had submerged into your work head space when someone came up from behind where you were furiously typing. “Hey, did you get that email?” 
  You nearly jumped out of your rolling chair and whipped around, even though you already knew the voice. Natasha was standing right in front of you, looking down at you but not down on you, and you managed to give her a small smile as you caught your breath. 
“Y-yeah, I got it,” you said dumbly, and the second that the words left your mouth, you wanted to take them back. You sounded like a little girl again, the little girl that crushed on every person in class that was kind enough to let her borrow a crayon. 
“Good, I know you said your computer was messing up,” Natasha said, crossing her arms and she shifted onto her left foot, and then her eyes connected with the flowers sitting proudly on your desk, in the vase that you had left out for whoever was giving you the flowers, always empty by the end of the night because you took them home and put them on the center of your table until you had no more table left. 
She hummed softly at the arrangement before her intense stare came back to you. You gulped. “Those are pretty,” she said softly, and you nodded. 
You have no idea how much I wish that you were the one who picked them out, you thought to yourself. “They’re very pretty,” you agreed, celebrating the fact that your voice didn’t crack or stutter. “And they smell nice,” you said, and immediately you wished that you had just put a foot in your mouth, and by the sound of Wanda cracking up from the cubicle beside you, you knew that your embarrassment was warranted. 
  Natasha, however, was as mild as ever, lips lifting up into a gentle smile. “I’m glad that you like them, you seem to get a lot.” 
  “I-yeah. Someone’s nice enough to leave them for me,” you said, watching her eyes and her face, wondering if she could hear your brain screaming, “please let it be you! I want it to be you!”. “Maybe they know about how I was in the horticulture club at my school for my last two years.” I have only ever wanted it to be you. 
  She furrowed her brows. “You were?” 
“And chess club, and book club,” you said, nodding your head, a slight feeling of embarrassment creeping up on all the pride that you truly felt about the clubs. “I wasn’t the most popular girl in school,” you said immediately looking towards the note under the vase as a sense of comfort, even as you embarrassed yourself in front of your long term work crush. You took a sip of water from your coffee tumbler, the one that you always brought to make it look like you drank something sophisticated. 
  “I’m sure you were the sweetest, though.” She said, and you nearly choked on your water. But you really lost it when she leaned over and touched your shoulder, a gentle touch that was so friendly it hurt, and then gave you an encouraging smile. “Keep up the good work.” 
And then you melted for the second time that day. 
Tumblr media
The next day at work brought you more flowers, lying delicately next to the empty vase like they did every morning, like whoever it was was silently asking for permission to give you their affections. Of course, you put them in your vase and smiled, sitting down after taking a whiff. 
“Still got no one?” Sharon said, walking over to the copier by your desk, and you shrugged. “Man, aren't you supposed to be smarter than this?” 
Her comment had you turning around in your chair, a playful frown stretching across your face. “What?” 
“You’re like, the only person who can help a customer through the steps of setting up home devices,” she said, shaking her head at you. “And you still don’t know who’s been leaving you flowers.”
“That hardly means I’m smart,” you said, and honestly, you thought it meant you were quite stupid. You should have never told the truth about you being great with customers or being extremely patient or knowledgeable about technology, because that meant that you were automatically first in line for answering the phone with a customer who was bound to be angry within five minutes of the call. “And it has nothing to do with the entire office being sneaky.” 
 “The entire office?” 
“I know that most of you know, Sharon,” you said, rolling your eyes at her playfully. “You guys whisper and bet on when I’ll find out, I know it.” At first it was just a suspicion that most of your coworkers knew, but you found out for sure when you saw Bruce shake on it with Wanda with a mutual giggle and look towards your way, right towards your desk. 
“Only because we know it’ll change everything for the better,” she assured, and you laughed.  
You knew it would change everything. On one hand, you were dying to know who was spending so much money on you, and who was getting to work so early that it was impossible for you to catch them in the act. You wondered who was smart enough to print all of their letters instead of hand writing them, because they knew that you knew everyone’s individual writing. If it wasn’t Natasha, it would break your heart into a thousand pieces. It would mean that you were oblivious to someone's feelings for months, most likely speaking to them just like a friend. But mostly, you were terrified to have it confirmed that it wasn’t Natasha. It would do more than a number on you. 
  “I mean, I know who you want it to be,” she whispered, and your eyes went wide. “I know you like her, why don’t you just tell her?” 
  “Because she doesn’t feel the same,” you rushed out, throwing away any hope that you could have had in that instant. “And um, work relationships? That’s asking for a mess.” 
  You weren’t lying. Relationships with coworkers were always a little awkward, but you knew without a shadow of a doubt that you were willing to risk it for Natasha, if she ever even wanted to have a relationship with you. Which- of course she didn’t. And you dwelled on that for the next few hours, off in your own mind and hardly thinking about anything but the fact that you had flowers on your desk, and that they were one hundred percent from the wrong person. 
Tumblr media
 A plastic bag fell onto your desk three days later, rattling the petunias in their vase. You scowled a bit and looked up, ready to kindly tell whoever it was that they could have announced their arrival, but your breath got caught in your throat as you saw Natasha standing there, a drink in her hand and a wrapped straw in the other, a barely-there smile painted onto her face. 
  “You must be hungry by now,” she said, and your heart sped up in your chest as you tried to get a grip on the fact that she had brought your favorite food from your favorite fast food restaurant right to you, without asking you for a single penny, or asking for you to thank her. “I remembered you saying you liked Coke?” You nodded your head dumbly as you took the drink from her and mumbled a very soft “thanks”, and looked away from her. 
 “That was very sweet of you, Natasha.” You said, and she cracked a smile at you. You nearly fell out of your chair. 
Stop doing things like this. Stop making me fall in love with you more than I already have.
 Natasha hardly smiled. It wasn’t because she was stuck up or a brick wall, actually she was sort of the opposite. You could tell that there was always some sort of emotion cooking up behind her eyes, but she was so professional that she never showed anything unless it was in the right setting. And there she was, smiling at you. 
  God, you wished it was her. 
“I can… I can- here, I have cash on me,” you said, turning to your purse under your desk and rummaging through it for your coin purse. 
  “No,” she said, and you looked back at her. “It was for you. You don’t need to pay me back.” 
  Your heart was racing. “Oh, uh, are you sure?” 
“Yeah,” she said, and your racing heart skipped a beat at the small smile that broke out onto her face. She was so emotionless typically, no emotion but determination locked onto her expression most of the time. But now she was choosing to show something your way, and it was a smile. You felt so lucky. Your face slipped into a grin, and you could have sworn that you saw her smile get bigger. “I hope you, uh, I hope you like it.” Before you could say anything else, she was slinking away with her impossibly quiet steps, leaving you with a cold drink, hot food, petunias, and a note.
Tumblr media
You were working late. Typically, you weren't supposed to listen to music while you worked, but you also were not usually the last one to leave the office. You were the first to show up and the first to go home, but work had piled up- and it was all your fault. Or, it was all Natasha's fault. It wasn't your fault that she was so smart and beautiful. She came straight out of a fairy tale, and she was so far out of your reach that it was impossible to not let your mind drift off in her direction. She was like a distant star that shined through sunlight and darkness, and your eyes always went towards her. 
You were nearly nodding off at your desk while you read through email after email, the silence of the office dragging down your motivation by the minute. As annoying as Sharon and Wanda were while they gossiped to you about everything and occasionally crunched on chips. A sigh escaped your lips as you shook your head back and forth, trying to stay awake and finish what you started. 
You could only take so many deep breaths before they were of no help, and then you found yourself gathering all of your things and turning the computer off, completely ready to turn in and head home. You shook your head again at yourself when you realized that you were just going to have to do the same thing tomorrow, and probably get in even earlier to start on what you were supposed to finish. You held back a  pitiful laugh as you dragged yourself out of the office, head hung much lower than it usually was when you walked out. 
Your shoes were clacking on the stones of the parking lot as you reached into your purse, digging for your keys as you approached the trusty car that you drove every day to and from work, with hardly any stops besides the grocery store. God, you were boring. And predictable. Maybe that was why whoever was giving you things was never caught by you- because you had everything in its rightful place, everything at a set time, a strange structure to your life that seemed as carefree as it did strict. In fact, you hadn't lost a thing since- your fucking car keys. They weren't there. Of course. 
You would have stomped your way back to the office if you were in platforms, but your heels were too loud for even your taste as you trudged lazily back into the office, your hand not even on the knob to the door that held your cubicle before it swung open, making you jump back. 
 Blue eyes were staring right back at you, blinking twice, wide as all get out before they settled back down to normal size, but you recognized them from anywhere. “Natasha?”
 She blinked again and murmured your name, surprised, soft, and strangely guarded all the same. “You’re here really late.”
“Couldn't work much earlier,” you said vaguely, even though you wanted to curse her gently because she was the reason that nothing was done. She was the reason you went to work happy to start a new day. Her absence from your weekends was why you hated them. Everything was because of her and the longing she had stirred up inside of you. “Is that why you're here too?” You saw her swallow. 
“Of course,” she rushed quickly, and her words were so unlike her cool, suave self that you couldn't help but furrow your brows at her. “But we should probably head out of here, it's late.” 
Her voice was so soothing, so persuading, that you almost turned around and walked out of the office door with her. You made a face and turned around, not even seeing the panicked look on her face. “I came back for my car keys, I think I forgot them in here.” You looked over her shoulder, the shoulder that was positioned so strangely, and then you saw them. 
Not your keys, or, at least not at first. You saw another full vase of flowers with a note tucked underneath. They were a variety of colors, proud and strong and sticking out from the blandness of the office like a sore thumb, and solving the riddle for you just like someone had whispered the answer in your ear. Your heart thumped on in your chest, speeding up as you looked to the side without saying a word, looking at the red head who had captured your heart in a time that felt like forever ago. 
Her eyes were wide at first.  Her stance was tense, tenser than you had ever seen her. She wasn't saying a word, and she didn't look like she was ever going to loosen her lips. They were screwed tight and then she squinted her eyes, like she was preparing to take a hard hit and walk it off. You saw her hands, the hands that were always so loose or seemingly busy, shake right in front of you. Her cheeks were glowing a bashful pink, one that reminded you of the color of the pink roses that were once on your desk, or a sunrise. 
In the same way that she looked terrified out of her mind, you were shocked. She was the last person you would have thought was the type to bring flowers to your desk or spend the time working with the fucked up printer to get you a note. And she was just… so out of your league. She was always so sure of herself, so outspoken and eloquent, and at every angle she looked like she was carved by the gods. You never thought that you could get a second glance from her, let alone, an effort like the one you had been shown. 
Hell, you didn't even know that she liked women. 
You were watching her shrink into herself faster and faster as the seconds ticked by, but you had no words lined up in your brain, no way to ease the situation and admit that you had the hugest crush on her, and that the last thing she should be was embarrassed. But your mouth had always been faster than your mind. “So, have you been picking your personal favorites, or ones that you thought I would like?”
 Her head turned slowly, and all the tension melted out of her body like it was draining from a strainer. Her blue eyes were piercing into yours as she stared on without so much as a blink. You could have sworn that time was being generous and lending you moments that should have passed, because there she was, gathering her thoughts in the same position until she could finally get her words out. “I’ve just been guessing, honestly.”
“You’re pretty good at guessing,” you admitted, nodding your head towards the full vase. 
“Are you any good at guessing?” Natasha asked, and she didn’t even have to say anything for you to know that she meant the situation at hand. Would you have been in the dark for a few more days, or did you already have a feeling? 
“You were the last person I thought would be it,” you admitted, and instead of listing all of the things she’s done for you, she nodded her head and agreed. 
“I’ve never been the best at… expressing my interest in people.” You wanted to tell her that you understood. She was amazing at getting her point across when it came to anything that would put a roadblock in her ambitious path, but she never claimed to be one in tune with their emotions. 
“Most people aren't,” you said, a small smile on your face and tremor in your voice. “I, uh…” 
“I never intended for you to find out it was me, or at least not before I left this job,” she said, her words slightly quick as she spoke to you, her seafoam green eyes boring into yours. “I just like to see you smile and have nice things to look forward to. I just like to see you happy, I guess. I don’t even know if you swing that- but- you don’t have to say anything. We can just ignore the fact that you saw this at all, if you want.” 
“I don’t want to forget.” 
She blinked. “What?”
“I… I’ve been halfway in love with you for forever, Natasha.” Her name sounded sacred coming from you, and you were almost nervous that the weight of it was going to break the soft tension in the room. “I can’t believe you’re just now seeing how fucking blind I am when it comes to you. I wanted it to be you. I only ever wanted it to be you.” 
  “Then it was me,” she said, taking a step closer, her own heels clicking against the floor. “I can admit now that it’s always been me.” 
You blinked, and before you realized you had been bold enough to walk up to her and hug her, she was slowly hugging you back, embracing you with warmth you only had dreamt of. You were definitely going to have a hard time admitting that Sharon and Wanda were right. You had always had more than a thing for Natasha, admired her strengths and weaknesses alike, watched her succeed where others couldn’t. Even when you hadn’t realized it was a crush, your eyes would always land on her. 
“It’s always been you.” 
      im so sorry that i have been inactive regarding writing lmao. other installments of other projects are coming i swear to everything above. literally will not rest until these nat series are finished. and then we can talk about more mythology aus and see where they go lol!!! so excited to go on this slow yet not steady at all writing journey with you guys! thank you for all the support y’all give me!
i think @blackxwidowsxwife asked to be tagged in my things? and @yelenabelovasgf this is literally your fic so… EHDJDJF so sorry for the wait bestie dbdbddn. love both of you guys so much!!!
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natsbaby · a month ago
Henry the Spider
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader
Summary: Just imagine the badass, Natasha Romanoff, and a spider stuffy. That's all honestly
Warnings: fluff, slight sexual suggestions
Word Count: 1K
A/N: This isn't a new concept (shout out to @kingpreciouswrld for the inspiration!) but I just NEED this in my life you know 🥴 OH and I have a Scarlett story coming out soon so I hope you guys like it!!!
part two: little spider
Tumblr media
You and Natasha have been dating for a little over a year now and you two have never been happier. The both of you are the complete opposites of one another where you're the cute and cheeky one while Nat's the badass and cool one. You're a SHIELD agent who was invited to join the avengers, and that's how you met Nat.
It's a quiet weekend for the Avengers, which is a nice change of pace from the normal alien fighting and saving the world schedule. You and Nat decided to just stay in and hang out, but you had to run some errands first for the day before you can officially start your weekend in.
"I'm serious Nat, I really have to go and buy some stuff at the mall" you chuckle at the whining assassin as you grab your keys and wallet from your bedside table.
"Come on Y/N/N, we can just buy on Amazon. You can literally buy everything in Amazon without having to leave" Nat argues back as she gets her phone and scrolls for a bit, propping herself up by the elbow. "See!" She shows you her Amazon Wishlist. You pause to see her wishlist and raise your eyebrow.
"Is that .. a spider stuffy?"
You two look at each other for a moment before bursting out laughing. The badass redhead and ex assassin wants a stuffed spider.
"It's cute! Look at the butt" she grins widely as she waves her phone with the picture of the stuffed spider in front of you.
"Well the sooner I leave, the sooner I come back so I'll be back okay?" You give Nat a peck on the lips, only for her to chase after you and giving you a deep kiss. You melt into the kiss as you slowly feel yourself hovering over her, but suddenly pulling back with wide eyes.
"Witch! I'm not gonna fall for your tricks!" You gasp as Nat smirks back at you, the both of you falling into giggles.
"Wrong Avenger, but I don't mind if it keeps you a little while longer" she makes an attempt to kiss you again as you take a step back.
"Not this time, I'll see you later alright?" You chuckle as you kiss your girlfriend on the cheek.
"Bye Bye!!" You call out as you run away before she does anything to keep you longer.
Nat smiles fondly at you as you leave, waving goodbye in the process. I'm gonna marry her one day she thinks to herself as she goes back to her phone waiting for you to come back.
Tumblr media
You finally finished with your errands after going around the mall a few times. You're going through your wallet to see how much you've spent for the day as you walk pass Build a Bear. You briefly look up but stop on your tracks as you see the same stuffed spider from Nat's phone. You look at your wallet again, then up at the store front with your eyes sparkling with mischief as you skip inside the store.
Tumblr media
"Nat?" You call out as you enter your shared room, not seeing the Russian ex assassin anywhere. You hum to yourself as you look around and jump as you turn around when you feel someone tap you on the shoulder.
You see your girlfriend in her gym clothes, looking at you curiously, and you smile at her.
"Jesus you scared me" you say as you give her a kiss on the cheek, only for her to turn her head to give you a kiss on the lips instead.
You chuckle against her lips as you wrap your arms around her waist and pull back with a smile.
"Sorry, how was shopping?" She asks as she looks behind you to see the bags on top of the bed.
"Good! Bought everything I need!" You grin as you pull back and make your way to your bags. "I also got you something that you might like"
Nat raises her eyebrow as you approach her with a small box and takes it from you.
"Should I be scared?" She starts as she shakes the box.
"Don't shake it! You might hurt it" you pout as she raises her eyebrow further.
"Please tell me you did not get another hamster for the poor thing to die"
"In my defense, hamsters doesn't live a long time" you huff as you cross your arms across your chest.
She chuckles as she grabs the box cutter, then proceeds to open the box further. She sees the red hourglass on the black stuffed toy, making her gasp.
"You did not."
"I did" you say with a grin and giggle as she takes out the spider and shaking it around.
"He's so cute!" She looks at it in awe and childlike amazement. You smile fondly at your girlfriend as you put the box away. "You like him? I named him Henry"
"Why Henry?" She asks you with a curious but dreading look.
"Why not? Henry the Spider, it's cute" you grin like a child and squeal as your girlfriend tackles you into the bed, straddling you then covering your face with kisses.
She chuckles as she stops and giving you a peck on the lips. "I love him, thank you so much" she gives you those rare soft smiles, tucking a stray piece of hair behind your ear.
"He also talks when you squeeze the stomach"
"Yea, try it"
She sits back as you sit up by your elbows and watch as she squeezes the stomach of the spider to hear your moan coming from Henry the Spider.
"You did not."
"Do you like him?"
"I'm not sure if this is something I should have expected or not honestly."
"You love him!"
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randominagines · 2 months ago
Pairing: Avengers X neutral!reader
Warning: fluff
P.s. if you find any mistake please correct me, English is not my mother tongue and I want to improve. Reblog, if you can, it helps a lot, thank you💕
P.p.s. gifs belong to the creators.
Avengers reacting to you telling them "I love you":
Tumblr media
For as much as he looks confident, he would be shocked at first: he actually didn't expect you to love him back. He has a bad temper, as we all know, and can sometimes be full of himself, but you showed him, in several occasions, that you know how big his heart is. He would stare at you, his eyes scanning you and, for the first time ever, speechless; then he would finally process your words and kiss you. That's his way to show you how happy he is about your confession. He would then open his heart to you: "Y/n, I must say that I'm surprised, but I couldn't be happier, I love you too."
Tumblr media
Steve is a pure soul: he would immediately smile and show how enthusiastic he is while his cheeks go pink. He would stare at you with his big blue eyes and hug you, his arms lifting you and making you twirl. He would be totally overwhelmed with joy and would caress the back of your head. "Y/n, you can't imagine how much this means to me, I love you too." He would say then he would kiss you softly, his touch delicate and respectful, because he's still a 1945 man, after all.
Tumblr media
I feel like he would be the kind of person who's been in love with you for years but never thought you could love him back or look at him as a lover, so he would feel like you just lifted his burden. Thor would take a moment to process it: he would look at you, his eyes widened, then he would melt into the sweetest smile. He would immediately cup your face with his hands, his intense eyes fixed on you. "Y/n, I love you too, I've always loved you." He would say before passionately kissing you, in a slow but super intense way, his strong hands gentle but firm on your skin.
Tumblr media
Natasha is so perceptive so she would probably have sensed that before, but hearing it from you is something else... she would be so shy: she would look away and smile, her stomach filling with butterflies while she asks "You really do love me?". She knows how pure and precious you are and she just wants to make you happy but she also had a difficult life and love was never in her plans, mostly because she didn't think she could find it. You would put a finger under her chin and look at her in her eyes and repeat that once again. "Yes, I love you, Nat, a lot.". She would melt at this point: her lips would search for yours and she would caress your cheek while kissing you, then she would whisper. "I love you too, oh my God, I really do."
Tumblr media
Wanda is basically a cinnamon roll and she has a romantic soul: she would smile, her eyes looking at you with tenderness while she walks to you and slowly reaches her hand to caress your cheek, her touch delicate. "You can't imagine how happy I am, I love you too, y/n." She would say, her forehead against yours. You would be the one who searches for her lips but she would immediately kiss you back, her arms crossing on your shoulders. She would kiss you with tenderness, her lips curved into a smile while she gives you small kisses all over your cheeks, nose and neck, then she would gently hug you, happier than ever.
Tumblr media
He. Would. Freak. Out. He would initially look at you in shock, his heartbeat fastening and his hands nervously scratching the back of his head. He would stutter a lil bit and mostly starting to talk nonsense. "What? Are you sure? I - I mean, of course you are, but you do love me? I like this, I mean, that's great but..." You would have to shut him up by putting a hand on his mouth, your joyful laugh making him calm down and smile. "Pet, I'm sure, I love you." You would say while gently caressing the back of his head. He would slowly put a hand on you waist, his eyes scanning you to check if that's okay with you, then he would smile. "I love you too, very much." He would say and then kiss you while keeping smiling against your lips.
Tumblr media
He would be mesmerized: he wouldn't stop staring at you, his usual smirk on his face but this time looking softer, tenderer. He would walk to you without saying a word, then he would grab your waist and kiss you: his tongue searching for yours and his hands caressing your waist. He would smile on your lips and gently squeezing your hips: "I love you too, baby." He would say and give you another quick kiss before biting his lower lip. "God, how gorgeous you are." He would compliment you and enjoy the redness spreading in your cheeks;
Tumblr media
Bucky loves you intensely, but he is so broken that he needs time to process. He wouldn't say a word, his eyes would widen and he would stare at you, his whole body suggesting him to run to you but his mind keeping him still. He would take a deep breath. "Y/n, I'm complicated and you are..." He would try to say, but words are not exactly his field. He would caress you cheek slowly, almost afraid to break you, then he would exhale. "I don't know if I deserve you." He would finally spill the truth. You would caress him, your eyes looking at him with tenderness before comforting him. "Bucky, you deserve anything that makes you feel happy and loved, because you are a good person and I will not believe otherwise." His eyes would get watery while he gently caresses you, his lips curving into a tiny smile. "I love you too, y/n, I hope I'll be able to prove it to you." He would whisper, his lips on yours. "You will." You would say before kissing him slowly.
Tumblr media
Loki's face would be a mix between absolutely enthusiastic and surprised: he would immediately smile, his eyes lighting up and his hands searching for yours. He would kiss both of your hands and look at you. "What have I done to deserve someone like you?" He would whisper while hugging you, his face hidden in the crook of your neck. You would hug him back and caress the back of his head, your fingers playing with his long black locks. He would look at you and smile. "I've never been good with these things, but I do love you and I want to make you happy." He would say and you would smile. "You already do." You would say while he smiles on your lips before kissing you again and again and again.
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vancityfire13 · 2 months ago
Two Halves Make You Whole
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Word Count: 2.8K
A/N: Based on a beautiful request. I hope I wrote it okay. This story does deal with depression. 
Tumblr media
You weren’t getting up today. There was a heaviness in your chest that you couldn’t explain. You hadn’t told your girlfriend about it when she’d left for her usual early morning workout. You hadn’t been dating that long. It felt embarrassing. You felt weak and ashamed. You felt tired, even though you couldn’t sleep.
You watched the light bleed in through the curtains for over an hour. You counted your breaths. The heaviness in your chest felt like it was spreading along your limbs. 
Your head felt cloudy and full.
You tried not to think about sad things. But, you knew that you were feeling them anyway.
When Natasha opened the door a few hours later, she brought a burst of energy that jarred in the quiet room.
‘What are you still doing in bed?’ She teased easily. Her cheeks were a little flushed and she had the brightness to her that always came after a heavy workout. Her smile was wide. You felt incapable.
She breezed through the room to the adjoining shower. You wondered if the workout had made her movements quicker, or if everything about you had slowed down. You stared at her side of the bed. Your fingers traced her pillow and you felt numb.
Natasha left the shower a few minutes later.
‘You haven’t moved.’ She declared as she toweled her hair and walked over to your side of the bed. She leaned down to kiss you. You pressed yourself into the kiss, wanting the familiarity of her lips.
You didn’t feel like you deserved it.
Natasha’s cool fingers slid around you suddenly, pressing into your sides. You jerked away in shock.
‘Up.’ Natasha commanded with a playful glint in her eye. 
You stayed purposefully still. You looked away from her. It was irrational to feel upset. You blew out a quiet breath, trying to push away the threatening tears.
You moved to roll away from her. Your thoughts felt too different, too hard to express. You felt alien in your own bed.
Natasha’s hand caught your shoulder as you turned. You tried to pull yourself free from her hold.
‘Hey.’ She protested. You heard the concern spiking in her voice. ‘What’s wrong?’
You started crying. You felt ridiculous. Hot sadness bubbled out of you. You hated that she was watching. 
‘Nothing.’ You mumbled, the word barely audible between your shaky sobs. You didn’t know what was wrong. You didn’t know anything.
Natasha’s arms wrapped around you from behind. Her cheek pressed against yours as she held you tight to her.
‘You’re sad.’ She murmured, sounding as lost as you felt. ‘It’s not nothing.’
Her words only made you cry harder. It felt better having her there, but you felt like a stranger even to yourself. Her arms didn’t soften their hold of you. You felt like she would stay steady, no matter how hard you cried. 
You let the uncontrollable sobs take over then. You felt like a furnace, burning with discomfiting heat. You felt sorry for Natasha’s nearness to you. You tried to push through the feeling.
At last, the skin crawling sadness began to die down and all you had left were your rasping breaths. 
A strange panic settled over you as you realised how you’d acted. You hadn’t been dating too long. Natasha was not the sort of person to lie in bed and cry over nothing. You must seem like a stranger to her too.
Before your thoughts could burrow deeper, you felt her hand shift, moving to rub small circles along your lower back.
‘What do you need?’ Natasha asked softly. She didn’t hide the worry in her voice, but she sounded like she was ready for a mission.
‘I just need a day.’ You said, not sure if you could ever make sense to her. Part of you wished you were facing her, the rest of you felt relief at the small privacy you still had.
‘Do you want me to leave?’ Natasha asked, keeping her voice purposefully even to allow for your honest opinion. You shook your head hesitantly.
‘No. Of course not.’ You mumbled quietly, conscious of how pathetic your request had sounded. ‘I’m sorry.’
Natasha took a deep breath as she stood up. You turned to watch her, suddenly certain that she was going to leave.
Natasha smiled and you could feel the steadiness of it like a cool wave washing over you.
‘What about a movie marathon?’ She suggested suddenly, her fingers combing absentmindedly through her still wet hair.
‘You have training this afternoon.’ You reminded her, feeling ashamed at the effort she was offering to make for you. You could tell she didn’t understand you. ‘Don’t let me waste your day.’
‘It’s called a marathon for a reason.’ Natasha cracked, her smile still a little careful.
You fought tears again, but this time, for better reasons. You sat up in the bed and reached over to take her hand. You squeezed it once.
‘Thank you.’ You said quietly, trying to keep hold of her gaze as your voice broke.
‘Any time.’ Natasha replied seriously, squeezing back. ‘I’ve got you.’
Natasha thought you had depression. You didn’t think she was wrong. She never brought it up with you, but she wasn’t subtle either.
You’d always survived together on a diet that suited your schedules. Most days, after work, you’d eat out or grab takeaway. Occasionally, one of you would cook something simple. 
The changes were incremental, but you’d noticed them from the outset.
Before long, Natasha was the Queen of meal prep. You could tell she liked the efficiency of it, the control it gave her. She talked eagerly about the health benefits of the fresh ingredients. Sometimes, you caught her looking at you expectantly. As if the salad was going to wake some previously untapped part of yourself that knew how to be happy.
All you found inside of you was a growing sense of failure. A new certainty Natasha wanted you different to how you were. Sometimes, you felt completely at odds with her. Her steady pragmatism seemed to allow her to swallow sadness. 
You could see her open confusion when your bad mood lingered past her practical attempts to fix it.
She’d asked you once if you’d tried smiling more, just until the feeling caught inside you. The question had been so well intentioned, that the hurt of it stung you even sharper.
You just shook your head, lump in your throat, hating that she couldn’t see you right. It scared you that maybe you couldn’t see her either. 
Because, you knew you loved Natasha now. You were scared it was all a house of cards just waiting to fall down.
The breaking point came on a Tuesday morning. You woke up early. You felt miserable, you tried to fight through the feeling. Your mood exhausted you more than anyone else. You wondered idly if Natasha understood that too.
You stumbled to the kitchen for coffee. You went to open the fridge, contemplating breakfast options. Natasha was still working out and you had the rare opportunity to surprise her. Your smile faded as you saw the contents in the fridge.
Your breakfast sat in a tupperware container. You knew it was your breakfast because of the label explaining just that. You swore loudly. You looked at the columns of stacked tupperwares and something in you snapped.
You spent the next ten minutes scraping out the containers into the trash. Your anger slowly faded at the extended task. As always, the tedious shame of it all caught up with you. Your jaw tightened as you worked to fight off the feeling of inadequacy. You were unfixable. Natasha didn’t seem to understand that. You wondered if this would be when she realised.
When she came through to the kitchen, you were scraping out the last container’s worth of food. Despite your resolve, you felt caught by her accusing stare. 
‘I was trying to help you.’ Natasha told you quietly, voice low. She looked small across the room from you.
‘I’m not some fucked up dog.’ You retorted, resentment rising inside of you. ‘You can’t just change my diet and wait for me to get better.’
Natasha’s arms briefly raised themselves in an abrupt and hopeless gesture. You watched her blink, and caught the wetness in her eyes. Strands of her hair were sticking to her neck from her workout. 
Natasha looked all sorts of exhausted. You were bringing her down. She was going to leave. You knew that she should.
‘Then, what the hell can I do?’ Natasha asked you, her voice rising suddenly. ‘Because I’m trying my fucking best here.’ 
‘Love me.’ You replied, your tone embarrassingly pleading. The fear that she was going to leave anyway made you desperate.  ‘Why can’t you just love me without needing me fixed?’ 
You forced your mouth shut then, hating yourself and everything about you that had led you to here. You dug your fingernails into your palms and tried not to let the panic overwhelm you. You felt profoundly alone.
Natasha’s hands brushed lightly along your arms as she moved close to you. Her touch felt like a balm to your skin. 
Her fingers snuck their way between yours, interlacing carefully with them. Her grip tightened on you and you echoed it back.
She stared at you for a long moment. You stared back, feeling like the worst of you was exposed. Natasha kissed you lightly. Pressed up to you, you could feel the heat of her from the workout.
‘I love you as you are.’ Natasha told you, and your breathing hitched. ‘I just wanted to help.’ 
You nodded quietly and your eyes closed as you tried to block out the horrible thoughts that had become a constant. You just wanted to have this moment. 
You pressed your forehead against her shoulder. Natasha's head pressed against the top of your own. Soon, all you could hear was her steady breathing.
Time passed in shared heartbeats. 
When you left her shoulder, you did it reluctantly, already craving the brief moment of peace.
‘I love you too.’ You told her quietly. Something in Natasha’s face relaxed at your words, her lip trembled slightly and she nodded to herself. Her eyes cast themselves shyly to the ground, hiding her expression from you. Your heart clenched. 
Sometimes, you forgot how fragile Natasha was too. She hid it so well. Your arms wrapped around her now and she slid into the embrace.
‘I love that you try to help.’ You continued, letting the pair of you sway slowly as you spoke. ‘I love that you try and find solutions. I really do.’
‘I just hate that I’m such a problem for you.’ You choked out finally. You hated hearing the thought aloud after so long stuck inside your head.
‘Never.’ Natasha mumbled immediately, her lips pressed against your shoulder. ‘I’m not trying to fix you. Not like that. But, I’m not giving up on you either.’
You didn’t know what to say to her. You knew she meant her words, but they made your heart twist. You didn’t believe them. 
You kissed her hair.
‘Come on then.’ You said suddenly, trying for a lighter tone. ‘You stink.’
‘Hey!’ Natasha protested, latching onto your abrupt levity instantly. Her head moved back and her eyes found yours. You saw the reassurance that she found in your easy grin. 
You’d been faking your smiles so long, it almost reassured you too.
‘Shower.’ You ordered playfully. ‘And let me make you an apology breakfast.’ 
Natasha looked at the trash can with mock consideration.
‘You do owe me.’ She said thoughtfully, barely hiding her own grin.
‘Exactly.’ You confirmed, standing frozen in place until she’d left the room. 
As soon as you were alone, you covered your face with your hands. You felt dirty with your own pretence. There was no solution for you. You knew Natasha was still waiting for one.
Natasha’s happiness rested with yours. The tie made you feel miserable. You couldn’t let her down. You were so heavy with your own tiredness. You tried to shove the worry down. 
You opened the fridge for the second time that day.
The next morning started in a similar way. The same exhaustion weighed on you from the moment you woke up. The same miserableness walked with you to the kitchen. 
Except this time, when you opened the fridge, there were no tupperware containers. Instead, a pink smoothie stood in the centre of the fridge.
A yellow post-it note was stuck to the side.
You unpeeled it from the glass and looked at it closely. You read the simple ‘I <3 U’ three times over.
The love that rushed through you was overwhelming. You stared up at the ceiling and tried to fight the tears. 
Natasha was trying so hard and you were only letting her down.
The smoothie tasted like cardboard, but you drank the whole thing. You wondered at your selfishness. How could you say you loved her and not want something better for her than you?
You tried to shove the feelings down again.
It was getting harder and harder.
The end came slowly and then all at once.
Some days you could fake it so well that the tension in Natasha’s shoulders would slip away before evening. She’d give you secret hopeful glances when she thought you weren’t looking. You’d ignore the sick feeling in your stomach.
And then, it would get shit again. You tried to fight it. You tried to pretend that you didn’t wake up tired every day. But, Natasha would leave for the gym and you’d find yourself staring at the ceiling, wishing desperately that you would just disappear.
Natasha found you crying in the bathroom.
You’d caught sight of yourself in the mirror and something in you had faltered.
You’d realised just how tired you looked. You’d remembered how shit you were, how useless you felt. 
The thoughts had spiralled until they were out of control. Tears bled out of you like an open wound, blurring your vision and your senses.
Incoherent thoughts fought for your attention. You’d hunched over the bathroom sink, your hands gripping the sides of it. You’d felt insignificant and a monster in every single ragged breath.
You’d glanced up at the mirror and found Natasha’s eyes reflected back at you. Her silent presence behind you was exposed. 
She’d started crying too. 
The awful tear stains on her cheeks were left unchecked. Your gaze caught on the teardrops falling from her face.
You felt like you were killing her. 
‘I’m such a failure’ You whispered out, unable to speak your real fear into existence.
Natasha’s expression was pained. She looked like you’d struck her with a physical blow.
‘Well, you’re my only success.’ She told you quietly. You heard the conviction in her voice. 
The rush of self loathing brought you to your knees. You tried to catch your breath all over again. 
You had lost her faith. You didn’t have anything left.
‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry’ You whispered over and over again into the room. 
Natasha’s arms wrapped around you. You felt numb to her touch, but the pressure of it still steadied you. You could feel her hot tears trickling down the back of your neck as she pressed herself against you. 
The moment felt like the start or the end. You didn’t know which.
‘Don’t be.’ She whispered back. ‘We’ll get there.’
Natasha’s lips pressed themselves against the side of your jaw.
‘I’m not quitting on you.’ She murmured by your ear.
She pressed more kisses along your face as she turned you in her arms. Soon, her lips found yours. This time, you tasted her conviction.
Finally, you felt like you’d seen her. There was nothing between you in that moment. The taste of her tears in your mouth and the feel of her all around you. 
You were her and she was you. 
You knew that Natasha could see you now too.
Natasha stopped trying to make you physically better, but she never stopped trying.
Lazy days became your Sunday tradition. Natasha still left you post-it notes and you started leaving her messages in the fogged up bathroom mirror. 
Things got better slowly.
Natasha’s love became a badge of honour. You wore it with pride. 
One day, Natasha came up to you after her workout at the gym. She told you hesitantly about the awful dream that she hadn’t been able to run away from. 
You’d felt the privilege of holding her tight in your arms, and you’d understood the last piece of it all then.
Natasha was your greatest success too.
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novamirmirsblog · 2 months ago
FwB 18+
Sooo this is defo 18+ which means MINORS GO AWAY. ily but this isn’t for you. I’ll post a SFW/minors version after this one so everyone can read it but please only read the one appropriate for your age. I know you might think that you’re old enough to read this kind of stuff but you’re not. If I find out any minors have read this, then you will be blocked from all my fics, including the ones that are minor safe.
Word count: 2411
Request: Yes
warnings: sex, swearing, kidnapping (I think that's it)
Natasha x fem!reader
The request: i’ve been dying for some friends with benefits to lovers with natasha/reader. like maybe the team is mad at them for how much tension is between them. but you can do whatever <333
Tumblr media
When you had first met Natasha, she hated you. Or at least that’s what it seemed like. She ignored you, refused to train with you, and when she did train with you, you always ended up in the medical bay, and she always, always had something to say when you came back from a mission. You had really hoped to at least had a friendly acquaintance with the other woman on the team. You always had Wanda but she was often pining after a certain red synthezoid. You only realised Natasha wanted to be friends when Clint let it slip that she was like a cat. He was clearly sick and tired of the two of you constantly fighting and wanted it to end. Or perhaps it was Steve who finally wanted it to stop. It didn’t really matter who because now you had a way in.
Your friend’s grandmother used to rescue stray cats and while Natasha certainly wasn’t a cat, you figured the same rules applied. First, you would make extra food when you knew she would be there, telling her there were leftovers if she wanted them but never pressuring her into eating with you. Then, you slowly began just sitting in the same room as her, always a distance away from her so as to not make her uncomfortable. Eventually she began to warm up to you, even going as far as letting you sit on the same sofa as her.
Things all changed one night when Natasha came back from a mission gone wrong. She had been given bad information and the data she was supposed to collect wasn’t there. She was pissed. Steve called you into the lounge and told you to stay out of her way if you valued your life. It made you slightly nervous. The two of you were friends but you weren’t that close. Not close enough to know for sure whether or not she would hurt you. Everyone retreated to their rooms and locked their doors, not wanting to be in the way of an angry Black Widow. Because that’s who was coming back. Black Widow, not Natasha Romanoff.
You couldn’t sleep that night so when you saw a figure enter your room, it scared you shitless. You grabbed the gun from under your pillow and pointed it at the figure.
“Who the fuck are you?”
“That’s kinky babe and maybe we should revisit that idea but right now I want to fuck you senseless.” Natasha - no the Black Widow’s voice spoke out in the dark. It was that kind of muffled sound that you only heard in the depths of the night when no one else was awake.
You lowered your gun but didn’t take the safety off. Just in case.
“There’s no need to be nervous darling. I’ve seen the way you act around me.” Natasha walked towards where you were on the bed, leaning down and lifting you by your chin up to her lips. “Just tell me to stop and I will.”
You moaned as Natasha’s lips connected to your neck, roughly sucking and biting her way to your collarbones. She leaned you back and wrapped a hand around your neck as she looked at you. Even in the darkness, you could see how black her pupils were and feel how heavy her breathing was.
“I need you to understand that this doesn’t change anything. We are still just friends.”
You opened your mouth to speak but Natasha squeezed your throat slightly. It was then that you realised just how easily she could kill you.
“Hush. Let me finish. Think of it like this, you let me take out my frustrations on you, and you get the best orgasms of your life.” She ran a nail over your cheek and along your jaw. “Deal?”
You gulped. “Yes.”
That was all Natasha needed. She tore off your top and slipped her hand into your pyjama shorts, tracing over your underwear.
“I’m going to make you feel so good detka. You’re not ever going to think of anyone else.” She sucked and bit her way down your skin, scratching her way down your stomach, making you arch up. Tonight was going to be rough and you didn’t mind one bit. You slipped your hands under her top and scratched down her back, making her moan and bite harder.
“Fuck Tasha.” You breathed out as she grazed her teeth along your inner thigh, making her way to where you wanted her. She peeled down your underwear and you whined as she entered you roughly and with little warning. She pumped roughly in and out of you, her tongue drawing circles on your clit.
You ran your hands through her hair, tugging at it slightly. "Shit y/n, you taste so good." Natasha groaned out.
"Tash I'm gonna-" You bit your lip as Natasha doubled her efforts, letting you chase your high. You came crashing down, moaning her name and writhing underneath her. You panted, not being able to get oxygen in quick enough.
"You're okay detka. You did so good." Natasha cooed as she made her way to your bathroom, grabbing a towel for you. She passed you a towel and a glass of water before turning and walking towards the door. It was too dark to see her features but if you could, you would have seen a look of slight regret on Natasha's face.
Nights like that became routine between the two of you. If either of you had a bad mission, or were just feeling lonely, you would end up in your bed. It was never Natasha's bed and most of the time Natasha was in control. Occasionally however, if you had a particularly bad mission or Natasha had seen unspeakable things, she would relinquish control and you would savour every minute of it. Perhaps if the two of you were dating, you would be able to have control more- no you couldn't think like that. It was a dark hole that you couldn't go down.
Somewhere between the rough nights and the friendly movie nights the two of you had, you had fallen for the fiery woman. Natasha made sure that you always remembered that it was just a 'friends with benefits' arrangement by never sleeping in your bed. It was a tricky balance for her though because she would cuddle you all the time during the day. It was almost as if she regretted sleeping with you.
The friendly flirting between the two of you drove the team absolutely crazy. It was like everyone except you two could see how perfect you were for each other. You just fit together. Yet whenever they asked either of you about it, you both denied it vehemently with a sad look in your eyes. The team had had enough. They were done with the two of you fucking, flirting and then crying yourselves to sleep when you both realised you didn't have the relationship you wanted.
It was Wanda's brilliant idea to have a game night. She had watched a sitcom where the characters played truth or dare and confessed their love for each other.
"I'm not so sure that will work witchy." Tony said after Wanda had finished explaining her plan. "Maybe we should play 7 minutes in heaven or spin the bottle."
"Why? How is that better than my plan? All they do is suck each other's faces off. We need them to admit their feelings for each other." Wanda stood up, slightly defensive over her plan.
"I...I think I have a better idea." Steve spoke up and everyone turned to look at him. "How about we kidnap Y/n? Y/n wont believe us if we tell her Natasha loves her and Natasha isn't going to admit it over a game of truth or dare. If we kidnap Y/n and stress Natasha out a little, then she might finally admit she loves Y/n."
The room was silent. "Remind me never to get on the wrong side of you" Clint muttered, causing the rest of the room to break out into a slightly nervous laughter.
"When's Y/n's next mission?"
You were sent out on a routine solo mission. It was something a lower level agent could have easily done but you were happy to get out and away from the compound for a bit. You loved your family but their constant questions about Natasha were getting too much. It was a constant reminder that you guys weren't in a relationship at all. The more you thought about it, the more you tried to convince yourself that a relationship wasn't even what you wanted. You had been on a few dates since your arrangement with Natasha had begun, mostly to throw her off the scent of your growing crush. However, when you returned from your failed date (because they always failed), Natasha was always there to fuck you hard and rough. Sure, she would leave it a few days, distancing herself as much as possible, sometimes completely ignoring you, but she would always come back. The mission was complete and you were making your way back to the Quinjet, too distracted in your thoughts of Natasha to realise someone was creeping up behind you. You were knocked out cold.
When you came to, you were in an abandoned warehouse, tied to a chair. It was all very James Bond like. You tried to look around, but everything seemed blurry.
"I can't believe you hit her so damn hard!" You heard a voice ring out.
"I didn't mean to! Oh my god she's going to kill me." A deeper voice, probably male, spoke.
The voices sounded kind of familiar but you couldn't work out where from.
"Natasha, we found her!" that was the last thing you heard before passing out again.
"I am going to murder whoever did this to you Y/n." Natasha told you as she carried you to medical. She refused to let anyone else touch you and didn't let you out of her sight for one second.
The usually fearless avengers all froze and turned slightly pale. They were 100% going to blame this all on Steve. If anyone had a chance of surviving the Black Widow, it was a super soldier and besides, it was Steve who had knocked you out. Bucky had told him not to use his shield to do it.
You awoke to find yourself in a hospital bed with a very concerned Natasha holding your hand. You gave it a little squeeze and smiled at her.
"Never ever ever do that again. Do you understand me? I thought I lost you..."
"It's okay Tash, I'm fine." In that moment it was so hard to remember that the two of you were just friends, that you would never be anything more than friends.
"Date me."
"What?" You were stunned and not completely sure you hadn't just hallucinated.
"I can't do this friends with benefits thing anymore. I know I was the one who said it was nothing more but I think I'm falling for you Y/n. Do you know why I was so distant with you to begin with?"
"Because you're a cat?"
Natasha smiled, she couldn't even bring herself to laugh she was so nervous. "No Y/n. It was because I really liked you. You walk into the compound all happy and beautiful and I dont know what to do. We would spar and I would get weird tingly feelings wherever you were touching me and it made me confused. I tried so hard to stay away from you but then you started leaving me food, or sitting with me, or trying to make jokes and I just couldn't stay away. When you didn't come back to me on time, I was so scared. I thought you were dead. When we found you..." She ran her hand through her hair, her other hand never letting go of yours. "The relief I felt nearly made me fall to my knees. I understand if this ruins our friendship but I really can't continue on just being your friend. I think... I think I love you." Natasha whispered that last part so quietly you almost missed it.
"I would love nothing more than to date you Natasha. I was so worried that I was reading too much into things and that my feelings were wrong and would ruin everything. It's why I dated other people for a bit."
"Well good. How about we-" Natasha was cut off by an announcement from F.R.I.D.A.Y.
"Considering agent y/l/n is up, Mr Stark request's both your presence in the lounge."
When the two of you made it to the lounge, hand in hand, they all clapped. Natasha scowled and held on tighter to your hand and you just laughed.
"Why did you call us here?" You asked
"Well, the thing is, we don't want to be murdered so we're really hoping you'll stop Natasha from doing anything drastic."
"What did you do." Natasha let out lowly, she knew you shouldn't be up and about, that it was better for you to rest until you were feeling completely better again so she wanted this over as quickly as possible.
"IT WAS STEVE'S IDEA!" Wanda blurted out. "I just wanted to play truth or dare but nooo. Stars and Stripes over here wanted to make things all dramatic." Wanda waved her hands in the air.
"What was Steve's idea?" You asked, still a little slow on the uptake. Natasha wasn't though. You could feel her becoming tense and you held her hand a little tighter.
"...The kidnaping..." The team hung their heads in shame, trying to simultaneously look at their shoes and keep an eye on Natasha.
The room was completely silent before you burst out laughing. "You're kidding me? You actually kidnaped me just so Natasha would admit her feelings for me? Guys I'm dying." You wheezed as you tried to catch your breath from laughing so hard.
Natasha however, didn't find it nearly as funny.
"Natty, darling, it's fine. They did it because they care." You whispered into her ear, leading her out the room before someone could get easily injured. Getting blood out of carpets was a pain.
"Your days are numbered Super Soldier. I'm coming for you." she said, watching as Steve's face turned completely white before turning and leaving the room with you.
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randomshyperson · 2 months ago
For every request I send, my love, tell me what you want from me in return and I’ll do it 😩😩
But can I request a Nat x Reader where Nat is surprise visiting her family in St. Petersburg only to find her girlfriend already there because they love her more than Nat. I can see Melina being like “she knows how to take care of the pigs”
Hello! Well, I would say i want hugs and kisses but we have an ocean between us haha Hope you like this my friend, it's short but it's sweet.
Tumblr media
Gif is not mine, blessed are the gif makers.
Warnings: None.
Words: 1.539 K
Dictionary> Медовый (darling/dear) | мой милый воин (my dear warrior)
All Works Masterlist
Sweet Petersburg - Oneshot
Natasha parked her car just outside her mother's house, the smell of recent rain in the air as she stepped out of the vehicle, a nostalgic smile on her lips to be back home after a while.
She's visiting for the weekend, St. Petersburg is cold in the autumn, but also really beautiful, and even if she didn't say it out loud, she misses her family everyday.
Nat walked towards the house, she hadn't spotted any family members, but judging by the noise of laughing and talking inside the kitchen, some of them were inside.
She left her bag on the sofa, moving to greet them when the sound of a voice made her frown. Sounded like you.
"Mom?" Nat called out loud and the laughter stopped. The next second two women were coming from the small kitchen to join Natasha in the living room, who was standing with her arms crossed.
"Tasha, darling, you're here!" Melina greeted excited as she moves to hug her daughter. But Natasha's eyes are on you, smiling shyly at her with your hands in your pockets.
"I am." She says. "I'm sorry, am I missing something? Why are you here, babe?"
She asks curiously directly at you. Before you can answer, Melina is touching your shoulder and smiling at her daughter.
"I invited her, of course." She clarifies. "She's great with the pigs, and she's such a lovely companion, Tasha."
Nat let's a short laugh.
"I know, mom. That's why I'm dating her." She says almost dry, and you roll her eyes at her jealousy. Nat is looking at you again next. "I thought you were in Turkey."
"I was." You say as you step forward, resting your hands on Natasha's hips. "I runned into Yelena there. Then she video chatted with your mom and they insisted for me to come for the weekend."
“And you didn't think about asking me to join you? At my family house?" Nat asked with incredulity, but you just smiled at how cute she looked when angry.
"Natasha, don't be like that, it's not like you two need to be together all the time." Melina intruders with a humorous gaze. "Besides, she's been here many times before."
"Wow, what? Natasha exclaim surprised, moving away from your arms as you give her a mixture of a guilty and playful look. "Are you two for real?"
Melina signs impatiently, turning away from this conversation as she walks to the kitchen, Natasha following her while complaining about not being fair that she was spending more time with you than with her own daughter.
You would have followed if Yelena didn't come into the living room with some groceries.
"Just saw Nat's car outside, didn't know she was coming." She remarks as you quickly move to help her with the bags.
"Yeah, you better keep these comments to yourself, Lena. " You say and rush to explain as the woman frowns at you. "Your sister is not pleased to know I’m used to came here without her."
"What? Why?" She asks while you two move to the kitchen, but you don't answer as you two meet Melina and Natasha again, still arguing.
"I just don't think it is fair that none of you called me to let me know that my girlfriend was around!" Natasha accuses grumpy making Yelena laugh.
"It's not our fault your girlfriend is nicer than you, poser." Yelena teases as she puts the groceries on the balcony next to you. Natasha lets go of an annoyed sign turning to her mom again.
"Mom, do something! She's mocking me!"
You want to laugh at the scene but you just stay behind, not wishing to upset Natasha anymore.
Melina sighs as she massages her temples with her fingers.
"Please,girls, don't fight each other." She asks as she ignores Natasha's protest saying that Yelena started the whole thing and moved to grab the groceries you and Yelena brought. "I'm making dinner, everyone out my kitchen!"
That's how you ended up outside, with a grumpy Natasha and a smiley Yelena, walking around the back of the house to join Alexie, who was fixing Melina's truck in the back.
"Hey dad!" Natasha greeted as you reached him, the man was under the car and lifted the vehicle in the air to smile at his daughter.
"Tasha! Hey, kid, good to see you!" He said and put the vehicle back down to roll out and stand up. "Didn't know you're joining us this weekend."
Natasha grumbles insatisfy which makes Yelena laugh and Alexei frowns in confusion.
As his girls moved to sit in the bench nearby, you whispered to him: "She didn't take well knowing you invited me over without her."
"But what's the problem with that?" He asks loudly, attracting the attention of the girls, you sign but he doesn't mind. "It's a good thing that we are having trips with you, you're part of the family now!"
Natasha wides her eyes.
"Having trips? Excuse me?" She asks angrily as she stands up. "How many times have you hung out with my family without me?"
"Well…" You started uncertainty, playing with your fingers. Yelena smirks.
"We had that trip to California last month." She counted while Alexie murmured in agreement. "Also went to Philly. She stayed here for independence day too, and we had tacos night last week. Besides that, whenever she's around my mission place I invite her for a beer." Yelena told and all Natasha did was stare in shock at her and yourself.
"Oh, don't forget China. We had that thing too." Alexie added and Natasha signed.
"You're all unbelievable." She accused as she rushed to pass through you and into the house again.
You were uncertain about following her inside.
"Well, that didn't go well." Alexei comments with an awkward posture. "I will try talk to her."
As he left, you moved to sit with Yelena.
"Sorry about that, maybe I should have left you to tell her about the trips." She said but you just signed softly.
"It's okay." You say. "It's my fault for keeping it for so long. She would have found out anyway."
Yelena murmurs and you two fall silent for a moment.
"California was really fun wasn't it?" She asks amusedly, making you smile.
"Yeah, it was."
You two exchange giggles before deciding to go back inside and you busy yourself with helping Melina with dinner.
Alexei came back alone from Nat's room with a slight grimace that made you worried.
So you decide you should talk to her yourself.
As you reach her room, you knock before coming in.
Natasha was sitting in her window, next to her bed while looking outside. In that position, you understood that she saw you laughing and talking to Yelena in the yard and by the recents events, that might not be the best.
"Are you mad at me, Nat?" You couldn't hold your words as you reached her, and she turned her head to you immediately, a confused frown in her face.
"Of course not!"
You sign in relief, taking a step forward. "Are you mad at your family?"
You take a deep breath. "Do you want me to stop seeing them?"
She gives a short laugh, shaking her head in denial as she extends her hand for you to grab. As you do, she pulls you towards her gently.
"Of course I don't want you to stop seeing my family, sweetheart." She says as she circles your waist with her arms. "I just got mad at them for not inviting me."
"I'm sorry, Nat." You say. "I should have said something, but they didn't and I was worried about sounding rude or something. You know how much their approval matters to me."
She smiles tenderly, her fingers caressing you gently.
"Yeah, that's why you're so sweet and polite all the time, and they love you more than me." She declares, making you frown. "It's fine of course, how couldn't they not?"
"Don't say that, Nat." You ask as you raise your hands to her cheeks. "Your family loves you very much. They just hang out with me because you're not around as much as I am."
"You think?" She questions, sounding so vulnerable that you wish you could banish all her insecurities away.
"Of course, Nat." You state. "We only talk about you, babe. All the time. And we all love to do it because we all love you. "
She gives you a shy smile before pulling you to her laps, making you giggle as she kisses your face a few times before moving away.
"Give yourself some credit, babe." Nat says with a lovely gaze. "You're a very pleasant company and I think they love to spend time with you as much as I do."
You smile before kissing her in the mouth, gently and sweet like this moment. Scenes like this are definitely your favorites with Nat. Along with late nights with her hands running through your body.
"I love you, Медовый." She whispered against your lips.
"I love you too, мой милый воин." You say and Nat giggles.
"Since when you speak Russian?"
"Your mom is teaching me."
"Okay, out."
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maximotts · 13 days ago
𝐟𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭, 𝐟𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭, 𝐟𝐫𝐞𝐞𝐳𝐞 || 𝐧. 𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐟𝐟
a/n: y'all ever fall in deep with your anxiety and just need a good Comfort Natasha? bOY I SURE DO
warnings: lots of anxiety talks; panic attacks; Natasha is literally chasing you; mentions of sex and sex-related games; self-depreciation; soft Natasha towards the end because she doesn't mean any harm, really
summary: f!reader; while Natasha's away on a mission, you fall into a hard battle with you anxiety. when she comes back, you try to avoid her and attempt to pull it together, but Natasha thinks you're playing one of your games.
words: 3.5k
masterlist. || navi. || request rules/info : open
Tumblr media
malyshka- baby girl detka- baby
≪•◦ ❈ ◦•≫
You and Natasha loved playing games. It was one of the things that kept your relationship so fun and exciting. Some days it was a roleplay, others a cruel game of red light, green light that left you shaking on your knees, suffering through a remote controlled orgasm in the hallway last time you played. But hands down, Natasha’s favorite was hide and seek. Ever the tracking assassin, she loved the challenge of hunting you down, knowing you could go anywhere -the compound, the city, the country if you truly wanted a long game- and eventually she’d track you down and have her way with you. Normally you enjoyed it, the thrill of just barely evading her coupled with the knowledge that the longer you ran, the more frustrated she got, hunger building with every hour you avoided capture; whenever she did catch you, and she never failed, the sex was always rough, possessive, there was never truly a loser. You always came back with bruises, marks you had no hope of covering completely; your body would be spent, but Natasha would hold you up and get you back to your shared room. The thorough aftercare made the punishing sex worth it and whenever either of you started a game, you nearly shook in excitement, having to fight the urge to just let her win, just to be back in her arms.
Today was not one of those days, however. You felt terrible, the weight of the world felt like it was on your shoulders after the week you’d had, dealing with threat after threat each day in the city and crying yourself to sleep -when you could sleep- nearly every night. Lately your anxiety had grown so bad you couldn’t ignore it, that didn’t mean you hadn’t tried. Each day you buried your worries anew, putting on a brave face while inside you fought a mental war against irrational scenarios and self-loathing. Deep down you knew it wasn’t healthy, but the one person who’d call you on it wasn’t around to force you to confront your issues.
Natasha was away on an overseas mission, no contact; you knew she’d always make an exception for you if you needed her, but no matter how deep you’d sunk, it didn’t seem like a big enough reason. She was due back today and while the thought of her nearby comforted you, the tiny voice in your head screamed at you not to burden her. Whatever she’d dealt with was much bigger than the relatively small time crimes you handled, she didn’t need to be weighed down by your hard days at work, much less the destructive train of thought you so desperately wanted to be in control of permanently.
So you avoided her.
When F.R.I.D.A.Y announced her arrival at the compound to you, common practice whenever either one of you were away for a while, you’d been trying to destress. Making yourself a sandwich to distract from the racing thoughts swirling in your brain, without warning they’d broken to the surface and you fell into sobs. “No no, not again, not here…” You felt stupid crying alone in the kitchen, gripping the counter within an inch of its life, tears falling onto your half crafted plate; Natasha couldn’t see you like this. On instinct, you shot off down the hallway, flipping your hoodie over your head while you turned the corners, desperately seeking out the ground floor exit.
In your haste, you grew clumsy, brushing past someone and mumbling a sorry without stopping. With your gaze trained on the door ahead, you’d ignored the identity of the person you’d run into- the very one you were trying to avoid. Natasha was stunned, having thought you were running to greet her until you bumped her side and kept going. She watched you go, disappearing into the darkening evening, and pouted, “Well hello to you too.” Without fail, you always greeted her when she returned. Even if it was just for a moment, she’d grown used to seeing your smiling face ready to pull her into a warm embrace. Hard as she tried, she couldn’t think of anything that would pull you away so quickly, unless-
“I hope the little kitten knows I won’t go easy on her just because I miss her.” Surprising her with her favorite game was a great welcome home present, if she had any say. She was a bit tired, but not enough to ask you for a playtime raincheck. Chuckling to herself, Natasha turned on her heel to follow where you’d gone. If your slip up earlier was any indication, you wouldn’t take her too long to find you.
≪•◦ ❈ ◦•≫
The outside brought you some calm, closing your eyes to take in the sounds of your quiet surroundings. You didn’t make it to the garden, your crying made your nose stuffy and it was getting hard to breathe; the empty training field would have to do. The tears refused to stop now, the shame of having such a pitiful breakdown only hurting you more. Determined to shut down your thoughts, you clenched your fists and focused on any little thing you could hear. The wind blowing through the trees, crickets chirping en masse... footsteps trying their hardest not to crunch the fallen leaves with each step.. “What-?” you whispered to yourself, taking one cautious look over your shoulder. Eyes narrowed in the direction of the noise, you spotted Natasha just barely because of her hair- a tiny spot of red standing out against the black line of trees. “God damn it, Natasha.”
She must’ve seen you, of course she did, and thought you were in a playful mood. The idea crossed your mind to call out to her, but your throat constricted, tight from your panic attacks, and you didn’t want her to hear you like that. She’d worry. You didn’t want her to worry. Instead you fled again, giving up on the solace of the outside to roam the deep corridors of the compound. Typically you would give up if she was as close as she was, knowing it was futile to even try to outrun her, but maybe taking off again would give her the hint she needed. One last deep breath of the cool air and you forced your exasperated body to run once more, heading for the back garage. It’d take you to the pathways on the very lowest levels; no one went there without a purpose. Hopefully you could compose yourself there. Alone, away from Natasha’s concern.
Meanwhile Natasha had been about ready to pounce. A mere 500 feet away from your stock still form and images of tackling you to the ground, claiming you right where anyone could look out their window and see, filled her brain and if it wasn’t for her own restraint she would’ve just ran straight at you. She knew you’d seen her, watched your head turn in her direction; if the sun was still out, you definitely would have locked eyes. And then you ran. You never ran when she was that close. It pissed her off seeing how stubborn you were seemingly being, letting out a frustrated huff while you escaped. She already knew where you were going from where you’d left her eyesight: rear garage, experimental tech lab wing. “So determined when you want to be, sweetpea… Fine, I’ll give you a headstart.” Waiting five minutes exactly, estimating you’d most likely reached level two by now if you’d kept around the same space, Natasha rolled her shoulders, straightening up before going back to the front entrance. She’d let you think you’d gotten away from her for a while; it was much more fun when she caught you off guard.
“You’re in for such a long night when I catch you.” ≪•◦ ❈ ◦•≫
You’d lost track of how long you’d been wandering. Truly you weren’t sure you’d even been this deep into the research halls before, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care about being lost. Worst case scenario, F.R.I.D.A.Y. would help you find your way back to your room. Shit, your room. The room you shared with Natasha. The person you were trying so hard to avoid. At first you were surprised she wasn’t right at your heels, taking you down expertly in the blink of an eye as soon as she’d had the chance, but enough time had past you figured she must’ve finally given up.
The sleeves of your hoodie were tear-stained, dark grey splotches marking where you’d wiped your eyes so much someone might’ve thought you got caught in the rain. Ironically, the sweater was actually Natasha’s; she’d given it to you right before she’d left “to keep you safe while I’m away.” At the time you’d scoffed and called her a sap, tossing the jacket onto the bed before giving her a farewell hug. Now you and it were inseparable. You worked with it on when you were at your desk, took walks with it slung over your shoulders, the past few days you’d started sleeping in it to try to trick yourself into thinking Natasha was keeping you safe in her arms.
But now you were running from her because you couldn’t let her see you so broken. The one person you cherished more than life itself, your secretly gentle and endlessly kind Natasha...
She was back and you couldn’t even get it together long enough to let her know you were okay. The very problem was just how not okay you were and how quickly she’d figure it out. Even if you didn’t tell her, Natasha read every shift in your stance, the tone of your voice, the nervous way you’d tug at your hair when you tried to play off your mental state. She knew you better than you knew yourself and you loved her for it. It felt unfair to shut her out. Whatever mood Natasha was in, she’d drop everything to fix your problems, you knew she would. So why were you running from her?
“So fucking stupid…” Your sleeves had rubbed your eyes raw by now, but you shoved them together again, breath stuttering as a fresh wave of panic washed over you. Heart racing and jaw clenched tight, you fell against the wall, cursing yourself for the fat tears soaking your beloved hoodie all over again against your will.
So wrapped up in attempting to compose yourself, you missed your fast approaching girlfriend. She’d hesitated last time and lost you, but not again- Natasha grabbed you, pressing your body between her and the thick steel wall, your shocked gasp sending your dry throat into a coughing fit. “You know hiding your face doesn’t mean you’re invisible?” She fisted the top of your still hooded jacket, tugging you up roughly when you refused to look at her. It took her by surprise that you hadn’t seemed to hear her get close to you again, your surroundings so quiet and isolated you could hear a pin drop, but she couldn’t complain. She’d won her prize and she fully intended to cash in. “Oh come now, kitten, don’t be shy. I promise I won’t punish you too hard for running.”
Finally you moved, covered hands pushing at her shoulders weakly. You wanted her close, but not this was This Natasha was cruel and unforgiving, unwavering in pursuit of power and control over you; that’s not the Natasha you needed right now. “Nat, not now-”
“You know better than to say no to me, or did you forget while I was away?” Pushing against her didn’t move her an inch and she laughed- it was cute. No matter, if you wanted her to force the submission back, she’d be more than happy to. Ignoring your incomprehensible pleas, Natasha gripped your chin easily and forced it up to make eye contact with her, grinning wildly. “What a thoughtful little gift for me.” Your eyes were wide, red and watery, searching Natasha’s for any hint of mercy. She’d seen you cry before, made you do it by taking you apart and pulling you back together so perfectly your eyes were puffy for most of the next day, but this wasn’t right. Firstly, all things considered, Natasha hadn’t scared you today. There’s been times where she intentionally toys with you to get you so frightened you’re near screaming once she captures you, but she was completely hands off today. No tricks, no taunts, nothing.
“Natasha, please…” Your voice was just a croaked whisper, lips trembling and bitten raw. The redhead pulled away instantly, letting you slump against the wall and break eye contact, staring instead at your muddy shoes. Running again wasn’t an option. Your body was ready to collapse, chest aching, legs cramping, if you were just left to cry yourself to sleep on this very floor, you wouldn’t complain. Besides, Natasha knew. She’d stopped and you were grateful, but you wanted her near you again, even if it was just to shamefully cry into her shoulder. You wouldn’t ask though, you understood why she hadn’t brought you in again; she wanted a game, not a burden.
She didn’t know what was wrong, maybe she’d hurt you by accident? Suddenly Natasha recalled how briskly you’d run past her earlier; clearly you weren’t trying to initiate one of your beloved games, perhaps you’d fled for a reason. She was angry at herself for so blatantly misreading the situation.She might have actually hurt you when she caught you- it made her heart hurt, thoughts screaming every misstep she might have made with you in both the past and present. Either way, she couldn’t stand there watching you in pain and do nothing.
If she was the problem then she’d take you to Wanda; the young witch had just gotten back as well, probably curled up with a book or watching one of her favorite shows, but she was your best friend and anything you couldn’t tell Natasha, you’d discuss with her. As much as it pained her, wanting to be the one you told everything to, Natasha understood your boundaries and would only do what was best for you. “Sweetheart?” She was hesitant, taking one small step closer as if she was approaching a scared bunny. No response, not her favorite sign, but at least you didn’t cower from her. “Is it me? Should I go get Wanda for you?”
“No,” you shook your head, not wanting to involve anyone else. The only thing worse than the embarrassment of Natasha seeing you like this would be Wanda seeing it too. She was so worried about everything, she’d never leave your side if she knew you were struggling this badly right now. To be fair, Natasha probably wouldn’t either now that she knew. “Don’t bother her.”
It stung that Natasha thought this was her fault, she always took everything on her shoulders, silently concerned that she was always on thin ice. You had to tell her, for both of your sakes. At least if she left she’d know it wasn’t on her. “I-I just.. had such a bad week and my head hurts and I can’t sleep and my brain won’t shut up a-and-” Your words slurred together, falling out of you at rapid speed in a rush to just get it all out. It hurt, it was overwhelming, you couldn’t stand being so vulnerable-
A shadow fell over where light had been hitting your shoes, shrouding you in darkness and you stopped speaking, raising your head finally. Blue eyes held yours, soft and sympathetic; every trace of teasing was gone now, replaced with the caring gaze you wanted to see more than anything this week. The tender Natasha your heart needed stood in front of you, attention focused solely on you while she fret her lip between her teeth. Her nerves were visible, even in your frazzled state, you could tell she was trying with every fiber of her being not to intimidate or shake you.
“Can I hug you, is that alright?” Natasha was trying to avoid crowding you; she knew panic attacks often required physical space and she’d trapped you enough for one night with her chase. Relief came when you gave her a small nod and she probably hugged you too tight, but she needed to hold you. Anything to comfort you as fast as she could. When your arms wrapped around her waist with an equal ferocity, hands clamoring to find purchase against her suit frantically, feeling you break down all over again, Natasha was quick to calm you. “Shh, baby, it’s okay. You’re okay.” She flipped you both carefully, letting her back take on the stiffness of the wall so that you could lean easily against her. It was easy to keep you close, somehow you always fit against her perfectly. “I’m sorry I chased you.”
Natasha had removed the hood from your head so she could kiss your temple apologetically, one of the most gentle kisses you’d ever received. The simple act pulled a grateful sob from your throat. Speaking was hard, but you forced the words anyway. “Not your fault.. I shouldn’t have run.”
“You have every right to want space from me whenever you want it,” she was talking straight into your ear, a private conversation even though no one was even close to nearby. “If you want to tell me what’s wrong, whenever you want to, I’m here, but you don’t have any obligation to.” Natasha meant it. She wanted to be the one you leaned on, but only if you wanted to, not because you felt like you had to.
“I know..” And you did, really, but you appreciated not having to talk about it. Her care without the pressure or expectation of relaying every painful emotion you’ve been feeling in your time apart calmed you further. The niggling voices in your head began to quiet, Natasha proving them wrong once more with her patience and understanding. Suddenly it felt silly you’d even avoided her, she was your girlfriend; you loved her and she loved you just as much. Relying on her felt right and safe, like the warmth of a fire after coming inside from the frigid cold. “I missed you, Natty.” It sounded childish in your tired voice, but Natasha only squeezed you tighter, rubbing your back soothingly while your breathing evened out.
She used to jump at the chance for long missions, eager to have an excuse to ignore everything else for her one target. Now she dreaded them. Natasha had someone in her life she hated leaving, keeping the world safe meant nothing if she couldn’t have you by her side safe and sound. “I missed you too, malyshka. I always do. I should’ve been here for you.”
Wiggling away just enough you rest your chin against her chest, gazing up at her guilt-ridden face, you were forever in awe of everything Natasha did. Every day she tried her hardest and helped as many people as she could, yourself included, but she always wanted to do more. You looked up to her, but simultaneously she needed to be easier on herself. Advice that you could also take. “You can’t always be with me and even if you were, I’d still be like.. this. But when you are here, you’re constantly looking out for me and I take up as much of your time as I can,” you both laughed at that, knowing Natasha could be just as clingy when she wants to be. “My sweet Natasha, you’re my safe space.”
Natasha hummed, burying her nose in your hair, breathing in the gentle mix of her perfume and your shampoo. You smelled like love personified, everything she’s ever wanted and was too afraid to ask for or seek out. “And you’re my home.” The two of you stayed silent for a few moments, holding each other in the solitude of the compound’s depths. Sheer exhaustion hit you like a brick, the safety of Natasha’s embrace finally letting your body unclench and relax. Natasha noticed when she slowly felt more and more of your weight supported by her and while she didn’t mind, she finally knew exactly what you needed. “Let’s get you into bed, love. You’re overdue for proper sleep.”
“Mm..” Your legs felt heavy and the walk back to your room was surely far away. A muffled whine exposed your reluctance, but then your feet left the ground and toned arms were securing your thighs around her hips. “Nat?”
“I’ve carried you before, remember? I can do it again.” She only ever carried you after your games when you were too hazy to move yourself, this time you were weak for a completely different reason, but here she was, always providing exactly what you needed. Natasha never failed to make your heart swell with so much adoration. “But when you’re better, you have to carry me to Wanda. She keeps saying she’s taller than me.”
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