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violent. ii
vi finally gets to apologize to you and make up with you in private. reader: neutral. i'm sorry for not uploading much content recently. i'm still trying to deal with the loss of my friend and work stress, and now my mom suddenly wants back into my life. i have a few ideas and requests that i'm trying to work on. thank you for your patience everyone <3
Tumblr media
vi tried to apologize to you in many ways after the argument, all of which were returned with a shaky "please leave me alone, violet." each time her heart broke a little more and her resolve got stronger. you didn't have to date her again, you didn't ever have to do that. she just wanted to make things right. she had certainly failed that before.
how could she have ever gone this far? she had noticed how even small white lies scared and hurt you. but you had been getting better with that. you were able to trust her, to handle it and understand.
you were so much stronger than she ever gave you credit for.
and that's why she was trying so hard to just talk to you again. vi wasn't all that proud of it... but she asked ekko to help her out with that.
Tumblr media
"let me go!" you struggled. every movement was futile. with your wounds still sore and bandaged, there wasn't much you could do.
"i'm sorry, but someone wants to meet with you."
you were shoved not all that gently into a room, falling and catching yourself with your hands. even though you tried to get up quickly, the door was shut when you turned back around.
"fuck," you mumbled to yourself, feeling utterly defeated. all you wanted was a damn day to yourself. you had so much to process- but no. no, you were destined to be bugged and annoyed and now kidnapped because suddenly you were oh-so popular. mainly with one person. you turned to face the room, leaning back against the door.
"you're kidding me."
stepping forward, vi gave you a halfhearted smile. "hey, [y/n]."
"what is all this about, violet? i'm so tired of this," your voice cracked. admittedly, you couldn't look at her very long. sometimes you had to look away. it hurt a lot to look her in the eye.
"i know, and i'm sorry. i really am. i just want to make things right. you don't ever have to be nice to me ever again. but i need to make sure you know i'm... i'm actually sorry." she massaged her inner elbow with her opposite hand. unlike you, she could maintain eye contact, albeit one-sided.
"so you kidnapped me?" you responded, sounding as tired as you looked.
"you wouldn't listen to me, [y/n], i had no other choice," vi insisted. "i needed to talk to you, and soon. okay?"
"once again, so you kidnapped me? violet, sometimes people need space. especially after something like what you did. i needed space." you hesitated, pressing your lips into a fine line. "you never really respected that." now your gaze dropped and it didn't rise back up again.
"it was the worst thing i could've ever done, i recognize that now. i damaged your trust, i hurt you more, you have every right to cry and be upset and be angry. i apologize for everything i said. none of it was true. you are strong, y'know.. and i didn't." every word seemed to be more humbling to her. it wasn't every day that she so much muttered the words 'i'm sorry', even to you. her apology did strike a chord with you. "you are strong and you are brave and you're one of the most incredible people in the world. i was such a dick to do that to you. if you ever gave me a second chance, i would never do it again."
as badly as she made your heart ached, your heart ached more to simply feel her touch again. her strong hugs and happy kisses.
"what if you get that mad again?" you asked. you spoke cautiously, modulating your voice. it was the same as when you and vi first met; you couldn't show too much.
if you ever looked up to see it, there was some abstract form of hope in her eyes, like she was too scared to let the flame grow too bright. "i can't promise it'll never happen again, no matter how much i want to. but i'll try. i'll do whatever it takes to make sure you're safe. and before you say it, i know i've made that promise before, i know."
"so why is this time any different? why should i trust you with any part of me anymore?"
she hesitated. "i learned. i-i learned, and i know i won't cross that line with you again. i couldn't stand seeing how hurt you were, [y/n]. i deserved what you said. i regretted everything i ever said that night and none of it was true. i'm sorry, i really am. if you decide to give me another chance, i'll change. i'll pinky promise if you want me to."
for a moment you wanted to crack a little smile. your mind was overwhelmed by small vignettes of every time you'd pinky promised something before. the childish little grins you both had, kissing the others' pinky. until the big argument, none of those promises had ever been broken.
you were quiet for a moment. over the past few days you had dearly missed vi. sleeping wasn't the same without her spooning you, playing with your hair until you passed out. your heart ached for her. so you held out your hand, pinky raised.
vi just looked at you for a moment.
"well? you said it yourself. pinky promise me."
perhaps she tried to hide it, but you could see the color and life return to her eyes. she stepped forward, gently wrapping her little finger around yours.
"i promise to change and to never hurt you like that again, and to cherish you the way i should've before." she pressed a kiss to the tip of your finger, never taking her cautious, adoring gaze off of your eyes. your pretty eyes she could get lost in again.
"i promise-"
"you don't have to promise me anything."
"i want to, vi. i promise to try and... talk to you more. to try and trust you more."
it sounded like wedding vows. for some reason that made you really want to cry.
you returned the kiss to her finger, so delicately it was like something from a butterfly. the smile she bore was both hesitant and overwhelmed with adoration. once your hands disconnected, she pulled you into a hug- this one softer than usual, just to be able to fully treasure having you back.
"i-i'm so sorry. i've said it so much but i am. i love you so, so, so much. i was such a dick." both of you laughed at the last part as you nuzzled back into your usual spot in her neck.
"i love you more," was your innocently saccharine response.
"i love you most."
you sniffled, hearing those words again. it was like a tender, loving hug to your heart. you felt her hand gently support the back of your head, caressing your hair with her thumb. being encompassed once again in her strong arms was like being enveloped by heaven. sometimes new beginnings had to be seasoned with mistakes.
"you don't have anywhere to be, right, cupcake?" vi asked, her voice still soft as per the new usual.
"i... wanna hold you like this for a while. if you don't want to, that's fine, i just-"
"that sounds nice. i wouldn't mind at all."
you didn't have to look at vi to see the smile which blossomed over her features. she held you a little bit tighter, peppering kisses on top of your head. "thank you, cutie. still as precious as ever."
Tumblr media
keys jangled in the main door before it creaked open. "no one got killed during this reunion, right?" ekko poked his head in. his question answered itself, seeing vi seated against the wall with you in her lap, leaning against her, seemingly having the first good nap in a while.
vi immediately shot him a glare, mouthing an exaggerated 'they're asleep.'
he raised his hands in surrender. "alright, alright. i'll leave you two be. don't have too much fun. you still gotta dip in, like, fourty minutes."
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suggestive mdni
Tumblr media
sevika 7:38 pm filthy.
she wore a cropped blouse, sleeveless and lacy. it was lower cut than normal, and the gold chain adorned her chest like a charm. her slacks were pleated and cinched with a leather belt with a large gold buckle in the middle, patent leather loafers, and a slim fitting blazer rolled at the sleeves to expose the chunky watch and many rings she wore almost daily. her thick frame was accentuated beneath her clothes, and there you were, sitting pretty and grasping her arm - tiny dress barely covering the tops of your thighs, heels and painted nails, a jeweled necklace hanging from your neck with the letter “S” on it. on your arms sat prada, gucci, and louis vuitton bags - a few passerbys watched as you walked down the mall walkways. rich women, holding their husband’s hands with giant diamonds sitting on their ring fingers. bodies clad in alexander mcqueen and versace. this is how you spent your saturdays, on her arm doing your weekly shopping. her scent was intoxicating, a musky hint of smoke and ginger perfume. of all the beautiful women it was you on her arm, and the priveledge made you smile at the thought. your feet stall at the entrance of your favorite body care store, sevika’s brow raising as your eyes lit up at the sight.
“five minutes.” she cuts her eyes at you for a moment before letting you drag her in. the store smells richly of organic goods, sweet perfumes, and floral musks. nearly every product was to die for and you pulled sevika by the hand to nearly every corner of the shop. “how do you like this?” you ask, holding up a small black jar of a sweet salve. she leans down a bit, brow quirking, she hums in response and you know it’s been over 5 minutes but the soft spot you knew existed in sevika made it difficult for her to say no to you. you shrug off the side eyes and curious glances your way, instead staying close to sevika’s side as you gather a basketful of goodies. as you were checking out sevika hands over a gourmet slice of soap - leaning into your ear with a grip on your waist. “for when we get home.”
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Lesbians: I can fix her. Sevika:
Tumblr media
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How Arcane Characters Flirt
A/N: Hi, so, I know it’s been awhile. Sorry for not posting, I just haven’t had a lot of time to write between assignments and having to cope with life in general, y’know? Anyway, I hope these make up for my absence! lmao
Tumblr media
- You’d think he’d be kinda bad at flirting but surprisingly, he’s pretty good at it
- Loves playful banter and teasing
- Lots of sass
- If you quip back at him with something witty, he just about proposes on the spot
- Gets kinda flustered when you flirt back but recovers quickly and matches your energy
- Knows how to fluster you and takes full advantage of it
-You have his undivided attention whenever you’re speaking
- Jayce and whatever he has to say can wait, he’s listening to you ramble about your favourite book right now
- Asks questions so you know he’s interested
- Does a little bit of research about your favourite things whenever he has free time so that he can better contribute to the conversation next time
Tumblr media
- He’s a little lost but has some idea of how to flirt
- Tons upon tons of compliments
- Compliments your outfit, hair, eyes, etc.
- Talks your ear off about anything and everything
- Brags a little bit about his accomplishments to impress you
- Nothing over the top. Just casually mentions something he’s done every so often when the opportunity arises
- Makes you coffee every time you come visit the lab
- It’s become such a habit that he has it ready for you by the time you get there
Tumblr media
- Good god
- Okay, so you’d think he’d be pretty good at flirting, right?
- W r o n g
- When he genuinely likes someone, he clams up completely
- The man is emotionally constipated and has no clue how to flirt with you
- He’ll compliment your outfit every so often but he’s kinda stiff and awkward while doing it
- Lowkey endearing tbh
- (Dw, though, he gets a lot better at it as your relationship progresses)
- Another one that will listen to you talk about anything
- You know he likes you when you’re talking about something you like and he actually takes the time to listen and takes an interest in it
Tumblr media
- Holy shit she’s such a flirt
- Compliments and flirty jokes all the time
- So smooth about it too
- You could slip and fall off of a building and she’d make some cheesy pick up line about you falling for her after she catches you
-Gets so flustered when you flirt back
- Goes beet red
- Finds a nickname that suits you and calls you by it 24/7
Tumblr media
- She flirts with you all the time
- Jokes and pokes fun at you a little
- VERY careful to never makes fun of anything that actually bothers you, though
-It’s all in good fun
- She finds any excuse to touch you as long as you’re good with touch
- does anything that can be played off as platonic affection
- She’ll grab your hand and just fiddle with your fingers while you’re talking or maybe lean her head on your shoulder.
Tumblr media
- SO smooth
- Compliments out the wazoo
- Always makes a point to compliment something about you whenever you talk to her
- She’ll buy you little things every so often just because they reminded her of you
- Paints you small pictures of things she knows you like
- Always stops to talk to you whenever she spots you in the halls
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ekko x mischievous reader is my lifeline
Tumblr media
what made them fall for you
characters -> vi, jinx, ekko, viktor, sevika
genre -> fluff, maybe a tad suggestive
Tumblr media
- your gentleness ::: everyone in her life is just so brash and fucking wild and just pure chaos, so when she sees you giving people small smiles and waving at the kids skipping past as you stroll through zaun, her heart thumps and she knows she has to make you blush at least once.
“hey, i noticed you and, uh, wanted to introduce myself.”
you look up from the market stall you stood up, coming face to face with a pink-haired girl, around your age, but slightly taller.
“hi, i’m y/n- you are?” you stuck our hand in greeting, a soft smile adorning your features.
her heart thumped - you wanted to shake her hand? that was… unheard of in the undercity if you were talking to a stranger - i mean, they could have a weapon, right? but you trusted her right off the bat. vi rushed to slide her hands out of her pockets and grasp your open palm eagerly.
“vi- vi. yeah, vi. it’s really nice to meet you.”
- your voice ::: she spends most of her time talking, and it takes a firm voice to actually cut through the sound of her rambling to make her stop. she hears you once, when she’s out with silco, and you’re talking to someone- a kid- you’re… scolding them? and then you hug them? but just the sound of you sharply stopping your sibling from doing something dangerous makes jinx stop in her tracks. silco gave her an odd look, but thought nothing of it and she traipsed off to watch you shift your sibling on your hip and sway away, lightly scolding them as you went.
“and then i was tinkering with this new metal cylinder i found in sevika’s room, and i attached it to the outside of-”
“what were you thinking!”
jinx blinked. that tone made her heart stop - it sounded so much like… no, she refused to think about her sister. but she did stop talking, and she ignored silco’s quick glance of confusion.
“you could have got yourself hurt, you idiot! what even are you doing around here?!” you dropped to your knees, grasping your sibling by their shoulders and looking at their wide eyes. with a sigh, you let go and massaged your temple as they stuttered out excuses.
a certain blue haired girl rounded the corner, and leant against the alley’s wall, watching the exchange quietly.
“i’m… i’m serious… tell me next time? i need to know where you are in case something goes wrong,” you spoke shakily. you weren’t really mad… just worried.
“now come on,” you hoisted your sibling up with a huff, and rested then on your hip, turning and jumping at the sight of jinx.
“oh- sorry- i wasn’t like watching you guys, i just heard you and wanted to see if you were okay and-”
“it’s okay- i’m y/n.”
“nice… name.”
- your cheeky smile ::: ekko has responsibilities, he’s serious and ‘uptight’, so there is nothing he loves more than going to the firelight’s workshop and seeing your cheeky smile greet him with a bump to his hip as you pass. just something about the mischief in your eyes as you go to annoy your fellow cohorts - the pure joy you emit it gorgeous to him.
“hey you!”
“-and that would be them right now- vi, meet y/n.”
with a smile, you rushed up to ekko, bumping hips as you pass him and leap over your ‘desk’. a couple seconds of you ducking and diving around piles of papers and metal, and you manage to find the screwdriver you needed.
“lovely- by the way, i love you hair! and ekko? you smell,” you chimed, walking back to the massive idea you’d been formulating all day. ekko rolled his eyes at the grin you flashed him, and ‘vi’ thanked you.
they moved to leave, ekko grumbling at you while he went. without turning around, you giggled and yelled after him,
“you know you love me!”
his face grew hot, and he turned to glare at you, face falling when he noticed your wiggling eyebrows and smothered giggles.
“…sure, whatever.”
- your curiosity ::: no one has taken much interest in viktor’s work the way you do, which is the least he expects for a council member such as yourself: most of them just nod along as jaycee outlined the basis of hextech- but you? you sit happily with your hands in your lap, legs swinging on viktor’s desk and actively urging him to carry on explaining.
“go on,” you urged, fingers gripping the edge of viktor’s desk in anticipation. everything the scientist said had you hung on his every word like it was your life line- and you didn’t mind. you thought viktor’s voice was lovely to listen to, and hextech was brilliant in your eyes.
viktor sucked in a breath and snuck a glance at you, a blush settling on his cheeks as he searched your wide, pretty eyes.
“uh… are you sure you’re interested by this?”
your smile dropped, and a serious expression crossed your face, and suddenly you were holding up… three fingers, like scout’s honour?
“i swear, viktor, there is nothing i want more right now than for you to explain every single thing in this lab to me.”
“well then… that, i will do.”
- your attitude ::: literally no one has the balls to stand up to sevika, and for a good fucking reason she is terrifying (but like hot) and had a robotic arm that could literally throw you across the street. so no one says anything when she shoves past you in the last drop. except you. and all sevika can remember from you spinning her around with surprising strength and yanking her down by her collar is that she needs to kiss you.
a hard shoulder made contact with your body and shoved you back, a thick wall of muscle moving through the sea of people like an unstoppable force.
an unstoppable force that had clearly never met the fiery attitude of yourself, however.
your friend nervously stepped back, watching your snarl and charge after the tall woman with fury in each stomp you took.
eventually, onlookers became silent and watched in awe as you took the metal shoulder in your hand and pulled.
without a thought for your safety, your other hand reached up to yank down the collar of sevika’s shirt so her nose almost bumped against yours.
“you know, it’s not very fucking polite to shove past people without apologising,” you spat, brows furrowing.
sevika stopped for a second- her initial reaction was to literally just kill you, but when she got a look at you, and that fire in your eyes, and the upturned snarl of your lips, and the way the lady drop’s light danced across your skin… she smirked.
jesus that made you even more mad, and you went on. and on. just screaming in sevika’s face. and she stood there for a few seconds, before straightening up and gripping your wrist, making you fall silent- if only she could smash her lips against yours in that moment…
“do you know i am?”
her heart thumped and a wolfish grin grew on her face.
“how about you let me buy you a pint?”
Tumblr media
taglist -> @darthkenobii @mitypie
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hot things the Arcane characters do
feat.: Viktor, Jayce Talis, Silco, Vander, Vi, Jinx, Sevika, Ekko
warnings: suggestive, some nsfw mentions
requested?: yes!
Tumblr media
For some reason, VIKTOR simply loves to tease you. An amused smirk curls his lips upwards as you scoff, slightly embarrassed, after a mocking comment he made about you. He enjoys responding to you with rhetorical questions and taunts you with sentences like “Oh? What are you going to do about it, dear?” and “Ah, is that so? Prove it then”. You can't help but blush every single time.
While Viktor himself is quite intense, his gaze is even more so. It doesn't matter if you're sat directly in front of him or if you're across the room — the second your eyes meet, you're unable to look away. The heated eye contact has you squirming in your seat, a whimper nearly escaping your lips.
What gets you wet almost immediately, however, is the way he often rolls his sleeves up for practical reasons. The sight has you rubbing your thighs together subconsciously and you can only hope that Viktor doesn't notice the way you're staring.
“Correct me if I'm mistaken, dear, but I was under the impression that openly staring at someone was considered impolite. Ah, look at you, blushing this adorably — hm? Whatever do you mean, I should stop teasing you? Make me then.”
Tumblr media
JAYCE doesn't see any harm in expressing affection through physical contact, which is why it has become a habit of him to suddenly hug you from behind, strong arms wrapping around your body as his large frame towers over yours. His head is either resting on yours or, if he bends down a little and therefore unintentionally draws more attention to your height difference, laying on your shoulder, his warm breath against your neck making you tremble.
The sight of him loosening his tie with one hand has you staring unashamedly — well, or perhaps you're a little embarrassed, but there's no reason for him to look this good while doing it, with his head tilted back and his eyes closed.
Another thing that makes Jayce unfairly attractive is that he insists on carrying heavy bags and pushing doors open for you. The gestures are caring and gentlemanly in the best way — and that you get to watch his muscles flex whenever he takes a heavy box out of your hands is an added bonus.
“Oh, let me take that for you, babe. Don't want you hurting yourself, do we now? Oh, by the way, you look really pretty today.”
Tumblr media
You're not sure why, but the way SILCO sits in his office chair, all calculated calmness, and talks to his subordinates in a stern tone has you squeezing your thighs together more often than once. The way some of his goons are shaking in their boots, despite him not lifting a finger to threaten them, is just so effortlessly dominant that you're fighting the urge to drop to your knees right then and there.
Him smoking those cigars is a similar story — he simply looks unfairly handsome, pretty even, whenever he tilts his head back to breath out circles of smoke.
Each time his voice drops a few octaves lower, you can't help but tremble visibly, because, god, that tone just does something to you. Silco notices, because of course he does, and his condescending smirk has you whimpering.
“Are you quite alright there, dear? I tend to forget you're not used to the way I occasionally need to talk to my subordinates yet. Ah—, even though it doesn't seem like you minded it particularly much. Don't tell me this actually got you wet.”
Tumblr media
VANDER isn't trying to be hot when he wraps an arm around your waist while you're walking next to him, it simply feels natural for him to pull you close with his hand resting loosely on your hip, occasionally squeezing it a little.
Similarly, it's not on purpose that he randomly decides to praise you with a warm smile, even if it's only for something insignificant you've done. The words send a wave of arousal down your spine nonetheless.
If you're ever in any kind of dangerous situation, Vander is quick to shield your body with his own — which isn't difficult, given how much bigger he is than you. It shouldn't turn you on, it really shouldn't, but it's just so obvious how much he cares about you that your chest suddenly feels too tight.
“Ah, darl, I noticed you already cleaned up for me. Thank you, appreciate it. You're always such a good girl for me, can't believe I got this lucky.”
Tumblr media
Whether it's done subconsciously or on purpose, VI often flexes her arms a little, giving you a golden opportunity to see just how good her muscles look in this lighting. The sight has your cheeks flushing red, and if Vi notices why you're embarrassed, she only chuckles.
Ever one to tease, she likes to gently tilt your chin up to meet her gaze with her fingers, a smirk on her lips as you swallow visibly. The tension is thick enough to cut through, though Vi backs away a moment later, quietly laughing to herself.
Another thing she likes to do is wipe the sweat off her face with the shirt she's wearing, especially after she just finished working out, and the glimpse you get of her abs is simply heavenly.
“Hey, doll, ya should gawk at me a little less obviously. I was worried you're gonna start drooling.”
Tumblr media
JINX often has some residue of paint or soot on her face and, once you tell her just that, she uses the back of her hand to wipe it off, which usually only results in it smudging more. You're unsure why, but the sight of her looking all messy, perhaps with bright colours on random spots of her hands and face, has you absolutely enamoured with her, your cheeks feeling hot. She often raises an eyebrow when you point the paint out, and a second later, you're covered in the same colours.
Since she enjoys messing with you, she likes to randomly appear behind you and whisper into your ear — no matter if it's a teasing pet name or something truly dirty, you flinch and tremble every time. Her warm breath against your ear is entirely enough to do that.
After sitting bent over a new invention for hours, Jinx likes to stretch excessively, her arms raised above her head and back bent until you're able to see her hip bones peak out from beneath her trousers. You can't help it as not entirely pure thoughts pop up in your head.
“Hey, sugar, wanna make out? Oops, did I scare you? Didn't mean to. Or, well, maybe I did. Whatever. Come on, entertain me, I'm growing bored over here.”
Tumblr media
SEVIKA's whole aura has you willing to drop to your knees in an instant; the way she carries herself is simply oozing confidence and dominance. You immediately feel safe when you're with her because, honestly, who'd willingly dare to go up against Sevika?
She also makes you sit on her lap a lot, even in public, and, god, the action has your cheeks flushing red, especially when the guys she's currently playing cards against stare at you with curiosity. One of Sevika's hands rests on your hip, occasionally moving down to squeeze your upper thigh, and you can only hope no one notices the way you're grinding your hips against hers.
Whenever Sevika pins you to a wall, her face close to yours and a teasing smirk on her lips, your knees suddenly feel a lot weaker than a moment ago.
“Damn, you're blushing. What, are you embarrassed? Why? 'cause of these guys? They're only staring because they too want a piece of you.”
Tumblr media
EKKO likes to sit with his arms crossed behind his head, and you're honestly not sure if he knows just how much the position shows his toned biceps off, but by the way your eyes are basically glued to his arms, he has to be aware of what he's doing.
He's pretty protective of you, given how he couldn't possibly bear to lose you, and your cheeks flush a little every time he steps in front of you and defends you against a stranger, no matter if the conflict is a verbal or a physical one.
Another thing that leaves you gasping for breath whenever he does is the way he often pushes his hair back with one hand, his eyes closing, lashes fluttering against his cheeks, and his head tilted back to reveal the expanse of his throat. It's so effortlessly attractive that you can't help but gawk at him.
“Hey, babe, what's happening here? This guy bothering you? I'll take care of it, don't worry. Go ahead already, yeah? I'll catch up to you.”
Tumblr media
notes: viktor with rolled up sleeves viktor with rolled up sleeves i repeat viktor with ro
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Y/n: "Ya, I really like Jinx. She's so pretty."
Cait: "She's fucking pychotic?!"
Y/n: "So Pretty."
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sevikasupremacy · a month ago
~ First Kiss With Them ~
Grayson, Vi, Mel, Caitlyn, Sevika
Tumblr media
➼ It all started at a party that the councilors had set up. You never really liked overcrowded places but you only went there because of Grayson’s invitation.
➼ It was just an excuse to see you in a beautiful dress.
➼ You didn’t last that long. Guests started to pour in and you already felt suffocated. Grayson saw this and took it as an opportunity, insisting that she’ll take you to a more quiet place… which was her office.
➼ It ended up with you ranting about the party. Grayson, on the other hand, was distracted, licking her lips as she stared at you.
➼ The both of you became silent for a moment before Grayson decided to move closer to you, her body towering over you.
➼ While you were busy avoiding eye contact with her, she gently caressed your face with her hand, rubbing them with the pad of her thumb before going in for the kiss.
➼ She made sure that she was gentle with it, trying her best to make you relax under her touch. Her hands eventually found their way to your waist, pulling you in even closer.
➼ “Your lips are so soft Darling… Just like I imagined…”
Tumblr media
➼ You and Vi were childhood friends… and her childhood crush.
➼ She’ll never admit it, scared that she would get rejected and then your friendship would just go downhill. Honestly, it became pretty obvious for you but you didn’t want to embarrass her.
➼ Vi tend to get into arguments and fights since she was young, so it didn’t surprised you when she came home with bruises all over her face and body. This woman would not stop putting herself in danger.
➼ No matter how physically hurt she was, Vi would still find time to flirt with you.
➼ “Maybe if I get a kiss, I’ll feel better.”
➼ Just to make her shut up, you pressed your soft lips to hers, earning a surprised hum from the red-haired woman. Immediately, Vi wrapped her muscular arms around your waist. Oh how long she wanted this to happen.
➼ Her rose-tinted cheeks were visible when both of you finally pulled away, causing you to smirk at the sight of it.
Tumblr media
➼ Mel immediately took interest in you the moment she chose you to be the new councilor of Piltover. She knew you were the perfect one.
➼ Oh she loved everything about you. The way you look at her with those beautiful eyes of yours— God she knew at that moment she was in love. Everything about you was perfection. Even Elora knew about it.
➼ During Progress Day, you found Mel standing there alone, a glass of champagne in her hand. You took this chance to approach her, which she immediately greeted you before taking you to her office to have a private conversation.
➼ During the fun conversation the both of you were having, Mel would take few quick glances at your lips, waiting for the perfect moment to just… go for it. It was now or never.
➼ While you were distracted, looking out the gigantic window, she cupped your face, kissing you with so much love and compassion.
➼ “God you’re so beautiful… Sorry Dear I couldn’t help myself…”
Tumblr media
➼ After meeting this blue-haired woman at the Kiramman’s cocktail party, you were certain that you were in love with her. And Caitlyn did too.
➼ It was easy for her to snuck you into her bedroom afterwards.
➼ After hours of talking and giggling, Caitlyn decided to build up her courage. She leaned closer, hinting to you what she was trying to do. You immediately figured it out, nodding at her, giving her full permission to do whatever she wants.
➼ Without hesitation, Caitlyn pinned you underneath her on her bed, pressing her soft lips to yours. She’ll let out a satisfied hum before tilting her head to deepen the kiss.
➼ “You’re so soft, Love. I just want to kiss you forever…”
➼ She’ll sneak you into her bedroom every night now.
Tumblr media
➼ The moment Sevika saw you working as a barmaid at the brothel, she knew you were the perfect woman.
➼ She would specifically request for you, which was shocking for you because she was Silco’s second in command. The first day you met her, she wasn’t that scary-looking.
➼ God she was extremely gentle with you, and she even paid you a good amount of money, making the other workers jealous of you.
➼ She became a regular because of you honestly. She visited you daily, just to talk and drink with you. Plus, you actually made her forget about all her problems.
➼ After a good amount of times visiting the brothel, Sevika walked into your room, grabbing you by the waist before roughly kissing you with lust and desire. It caught you off guard but you would be lying if you said you didn’t like it.
➼ “I want you… and only you. You’re mine, no one else’s.”
➼ The both of you eventually left the brothel together… with swollen lips.
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zaun-citizen · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
— Jinx
[i can’t stop making these things help]
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xthescarletbitch · a month ago
my toxic trait is thinking that i can pull someone hot like sevika when i can’t even pull myself out of bed
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a-gal-with-taste · 4 months ago
His Colors
Tumblr media
Summary: You don't know why, or what convinced you it was a good idea. It WASN'T a good idea, and men had gotten killed for much less, than daring to put on your employer's coat and then getting caught wearing it when he returns to his office. However, Silco has an... interesting response to seeing you wearing his apparel.
Pairing: Silco X GN!Reader (Pre-Slash)
Wordcount: 1.5K
Warnings: SFW. Some romantic/sexual tension, small mention of violence, Silco being slightlypossessive
Note: No thoughts, just Silco taking one look at the person of his desire wearing his clothes/colors and immediately going 'Hm...Yes. Mine now.' He 100% is the type who would be smug for days if he realized you were twinning.
"You look good in my colors." You nearly jump a mile, immediately going to yank the coat off of your shoulders, before your boss lets out a small sigh and shortly says, "Leave it," as you hear the door click sharply shut behind him.
Fingers freezing on the collar, you lower your hands down increment by small, small increment as he comes over to you step by slow, slow step. Apologies turn to ash in your mouth as the Eye of Zaun smoothly steps into view on the mirror in front of you, face impassive though you're sure your darting eyes from his face to your own wide-eyed expression is nothing short of comedy.
"Um... I-i really don't know what... what possessed me to put it on, sir."
"I don't know either." He comments, eyes cool,  boring into yours through the reflection. The side he stands on, and just behind you is prickling, and it takes all the strength in your body not to jerk as he reached over, hands going towards your neck. The Industrialist wasn't known for his on-hands approach when it comes to retribution, but for daring to put on his prized coat after he left you alone in his office for only two minutes?
Men had been killed for even less, so yes, you could see him strangling you for this show of audacity, and you close your eyes in preparation, biting back a embarrassing whimper for mercy as you feel hands pass either side of your neck.
Keeping your eyes close, you wait for the inevitable, and are surprised, and confused when it doesn't come. Instead, you hear a faint rustle of fabric as the flaps of the coat-collar are pulled out a bit more, and then straightened, before your skin tingles through the thick fabric as you feel his hands slip down from your collarbones to smooth them into place. The hands remain in place, between the space of your chest and collar, and you release a breath you didn't realize you were holding as his voice quietly, and patiently orders, "Open your eyes."
Never one to disobey, you do so. You manage to breath normally even as your gaze instantly hones onto Silco still standing directly behind you. Even though you felt him, you still can't help but flicker your gaze down to his hands on your body, sleeves rolled up to his elbows. As if noticing where your eyes were at, he moves those hands from where they rested, to rest at your shoulders and slowly begins to turn you away from the floor-length mirror to face him.
You stand before Silco with hands limp at your sides, trying and failing to look away from his duel-colored eyes as he looks at yours without any hesitation, and without revealing a single thought going on in his mind. His hands remain on your shoulders as he drops his gaze down, following the coats form around your body while you find your ears start to burn at the mortification of this entire situation. "Sir, really, I'm-"
He trails his hand from your shoulder, gripping your bicep lightly, but firmly, while the other reaches over and takes your wrist from that same arm. Pulling that appendage up and out a bit, you're rendered mute as he runs a rather critical eye over the fit of the sleeve of his own coat around your arm. He pushes up the sleeve lightly from your wrist in his examination, and you feel your skin prickle, and ears burn with the feel of his skin on yours.
His hands are, surprisingly warm. You don't know why you always thought they would be as frigid as the man usual appears, but you suppose not...
"What are your measurements?" Silco asks, suddenly. Opening your mouth, no sound comes out. He glances back up at your owlish expression, and repeats the question again slowly, but again, you just can't seem to form the words or numbers he wants.
He sighs, clarifying a bit dryly. "Your shirt size."
You close your mouth, swallow, and tell him. He nods, and drops your arm, which you bring back to your side as he smoothly steps back, rendering you stiff.
He lets out a silent breath through his teeth with a nod to himself, hooking a thumb into the pocket of his pants while the other hand absently, thoughtfully rubs on his chin. The fact that he's just standing there, analyzing you, has you bewildered but nonetheless on-edge in preparation for whatever punishment he's concocting for you.
It's useless, you've seen others try and fail, but you try to plead your case nonetheless, "Sir... Silco, I truly am sorry for, um... putting your stuff on while you were-" You're voice is halted as he silently moves his hand from his chin, raising his index finger for silence as he closes his eye in thought, the lidless hellfire-black one still staring into the middle-distance. You can't help but feel as though it's still trained on you, and any other words you had in mind escape you.
A beat. Then the tip of his finger does a slow circle towards the ceiling.
You blink. He opens that brighter, seafoam green eye, and looks at you expectantly under a hooded lid and lashes. Swallowing, chest suddenly feeling tight, you find your feet and body doing the work for you as you brain goes dumb in your astonishment, turning in a slow, disbelieving circle for your boss while wearing his coat.
You feel fire race through your body when you hear him hum distantly by the time you're a third of the way through your rotation, eyes immediately locking onto his still-carefully unexpressive ones as you face him again, your brow raised in a million silent questions. Silco doesn't say anything, again a hand rubbing lightly at his lower face as his eyes roam over your form slowly again. Perhaps Silco takes pity on you (more than likely, he's finished with his examination) as he holds out his hand after another moment of you staring dumbfounded while he looks you over.
You can't seem to get out of his luxurious red, black and golden coat fast-enough, although you slow down considerably as he remarks lowly, with what you almost swear is teasing in his tone, "Don't rip it."
A jolt runs up your arm as you brush hands with his as he gently takes the coat you hold back out to him, casually smoothing the invisible wrinkles on the fabric before folding it over his arm. You stand at attention, awaiting for... well, at this point, you have no idea what you're in for, but his thoughtful expression fades back to neutrality as he looks back up to you. "I trust you've finished with your work for the day?" You nod, quickly & assuringly, and the corner of Silco's mouth quirks up.
"Good. You may go then." He turns, still running his hand over his coat, and you don't dare to take a blessing for granted as you turn and speed-walk out the door.
The moment you're in the hallway outside his office, with the door clicking shut, you let out a long huff of air at your moronic behavior, raising your hands to drag your face down as you silently berate yourself-
You freeze, inhale shortly again though your nose. Your cheeks flare with heat, as you realize you still smell the lingering of smoke, seasalt and cologne from your little stunt with the jacket. It's faint, but it is just so... so Silco, you can't help but jerk them down from your nose as soon as possible, arms stiff at your sides as you march away from the office with quick, determined steps to try and work on forgetting this mortifying incident as quickly as possible.
It works. For a time.
It works, until a week later when you find yourself called to the office.
It works, until you stand in front of Silco's desk and watch with a dry mouth as he slowly opens the slim tailor box on his desk, seemingly bemused by your inability to speak as he gestures you into position at the mirror.
Your attempt to forget the previous incident works, until once more Silco's hands rest just beneath your collarbone as he stands behind you in the mirror. Watching how your eyes scan over the altered, perfectly tailored jacket he had draped over your shoulders, silently guiding your lifeless arms through when all you could do was stare.
The popped-collar is much smaller, fabric close to highlight the line of your throat, with the coat stopping just above your hips, but you would be lying if your jaw didn't drop a little more every time you noted the stunning familiarity in that deep burgundy, smooth black and those gold accents in your new coat.
"See?" You let out a shaky breath as Silco's voice breaths past your ear, warmth filling your chest and cheeks as you feel his hands subtly massage into your shoulders. You see his reflection smile coyly at you from just behind, before your eyes slip close with a shiver as you feel the barest hint of lips along the tip of the jacket-collar at your neck. "Just like I said. You look good in my colors."
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eternal-armin · a month ago
[y/n]: i want teddy grahams
vi: we're literally fuckin fighting someone right now
[y/n]: i want teddy grahams
jinx: hell yeah let's get teddy grahams
vi: we like actually can't right now
jinx: did i fucking stutter?
jinx: we're getting teddy grahams
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insane-arcane · 3 months ago
Being Silcos child taken by Enforcers and he finds out Later
A/N: This post has gained a lot of popularity. So I'm asking you don't comment you want to be tagged. Keep the comments open for feedback/critique on my work. Leave your request to be tagged in this a.u in my askbox please.
Warning: Long Post. There is violence, major character death, mention and descriptions of various injuries, drugs, gang related activity, possible PTSD, mental illness mention, and classism.
~ Silco was a good father before everything happened with him and Vander. He always took care of your needs before his and took risky jobs so you could have a better life than he did. Toys, treats, and trinkets. He did his absolute best to provide for you above and beyond and even as a poor man he made you feel like the richest child in the world.
~ Vander and Benzo were basically your uncles growing up with how close all the men were. Vander was your favorite because he was a sap and often spoiled you much like your father did. No one in the Lanes really cared about biology when it came to the younger kids. Since everyone was connected in the simple fact they all came from the same place they looked out for each other, the common currency being favors and trades instead of gold coins. Though gold coins defiently helped.
~ Growing up you didn't have a mom since she left when you were super young (taken by enforcers, killed by them, or just left one day no one really talks about it). Silco and Vander never let you think about her for long both having painful memories involving her disappearance. They keep your mind off it and thankfully your a good sport. You're very spoiled by the two revolutionlists as they see you as apart of the future of Zaun. They want to make it better for you. You and all the children borne into poverty instead of privledge. Every night after a nightmare when you crawl out of your bed and into Silcos he kisses your forehead and smooths your hair back promising it'll be better someday. That you'll have more than he ever did and Zaun will be as beautiful as Piltover.
~ You were friends with all the other street kids. A little older than Vi but not the leader of the makeshift gang you all saw each other as siblings. You, Mylo, Claggor, Violet, Powder, and Ekko a ragtag group of misfits. You all looked out for each other and shared everything promising to stay together. You were each other's family and you shared your skills as you all tried to survive the Undercity. Mylo in your youth taught you to pick locks and sneak into places stealthily. He was always getting you in trouble but with his charm an charisma he somehow talked himself out of it every time. Claggor was a man of many skills. He taught you how to fight and how to roll with and take punches, of course he often acted as your shield not wanting you to get hurt. Vi was your go to sparring partner but she also taught you intense parkour and all the best hiding places in Zaun. Ekko was always giving you the latest stories having eavesdropped on Benzo and shared what he learned from his apprenticeship under him. And Powder. Despite being close with everyone she was the baby and being the baby you'd do anything to protect her. Powder was always showing you her inventions and making or drawing things for you. With her you created the perfect Zaun your father talked about with your art skills.
~ Silco in your youth tried to micromanage who you spent time with and who you didn't only wanting good influences in your life. Thankfully Benzo and Vander made him relax a bit as the pack of kids had become your family. He of course made sure to keep tabs on what you were doing while he worked just in case. He couldn't risk you getting into trouble or getting hurt following his path. But you were a good kid with an even bigger heart who made sure to keep the younger kids out of trouble. He knew you would change the world. So he let you get away with your mischief for now. After all childhood didn't last long especially in a place like Zaun.
~ He was pretty lax with his rules but he did want you to act proper when it was appropriate. Just because other people say your from a gutter doesn't mean you get to prove them right. Your father also made sure you were well educated. You knew how to read and write and in his freetime you'd practice Morse code with him. You'd always been street smart especially with all the skills you quickly picked up on but he wanted you to excel at your schooling too. He took pleasure in the fact you were the smartest kid in Zaun (something he often bragged about) but he also took pleasure knowing his encouragement made you like reading and writing depsite it being a less sought skill in the UnderCity. He never wanted you to stop learning or being curious.
~ During the Riots while the topside was at war with the people of Zaun you snuck out to follow Silco and Vander. You wanted to help, to fight for your people's freedom. To create that Zaun your dad always spoke of. You knew other kids your age were and you wanted to be useful like them. Powder and Vi tried to go with you along with the boys but you told them you'd be fine. That they needed to watch out for each other and all stay together. You were the oldest so it only made sense that you left. Besides everything would be fine. You'd come home and celebrate the battle together later that night.
~ Everything was not fine.
~ The captain of the Enforcers saw you after the battle. A small confused child/young teen in nice looking but torn clothes who was sitting in shock on the bridge covered in ash and soot. As he bends down he takes off his mask to look at you. Asking for your name he sees the blood dripping down your face and the cloudiness in your eyes. The fear. The sadness. The confusion. Unsure if your from Piltover or Zaun or how you got here he picks you up not wanting to leave you alone. Especially on the divide of the kingdoms after such a brutal battle.
~ As Powder and Vi wonder the bridge looking for their parents and for you they sob seeing their family is gone. Vander hearing their panicked cries for your name begins frantically searching but realizes your gone too. He'd lost track of you and now you were just another causality on this bridge. He curses himself knowing he should've never let Silco tell you their plans. As he picks up the girls trying to cover their eyes from the carnage, to protect what little innocence they have left, Powder thinks she sees you. You're being carried across the bridge to the other side by someone wearing gold but she can't choke out your name and only weakly reaches out for you. When she later tells Vi the girl claims her sister saw a ghost maybe an angel and that your with their parents now. Powder simply hugs one of your toys close and nods. After all this isn't the first time they've lost someone they cared about.
~ Silco in anger at what's happened burning from the betrayal of Vander and the loss of you throws himself into his plans. He will make Zaun great and lead it better than Vander ever could. He keeps one of your favorite toys in his pocket as a reminder, always thinking of you as he begins building his underworld empire. One day when Piltover realizes their mistakes he'll burn the city to the ground and rename it after you.
~ Not knowing who you are or where you belong the Enforcer does his best to find your home and heal you as he takes you in until the mysteries solved. Several doctor's appointments in Piltover later and it's revealed you hit your head really hard during the battle. Someone had struck you with a blunt object and that hit caused a lot of damage. The doctor theorizes you heard the noises and left your home only to get caught in the crossfire not suspecting you yourself were a participant of the battle. Despite searching and trying different memory excersizes they don't know your age or your family. You can't remember anything and straining yourself to try only makes you cry in pain. The doctors say your lucky you even remember your name.
~ Ever since your accident your memories were never the same again. They were all scrambled no matter how hard you tried to remember. You knew your name and occasionally you'd have these flashes about different people. A blue haired girl and a pink haired girl and a tall raven haired man with blue eyes were the most frequent but there were others. The Enforcer tried to use what you gave him but that fit the description of hundreds of people both in Zaun and Piltover. The Enforcer captain not wanting to leave you where he found you decides to take you in as his own. After all the two of you had bonded and you had no one else but him. Whether your originally from Zaun or Piltover he could care less. As far as anyone's concerned your now a Piltover citizen, one of high class and prestige.
~ The transition from the hospital to his house was smooth if a bit strange. You were still in shock and it took awhile for you to come out of the cloudiness and truly feel anything. You also had different pills you were prescribed that had to be taken to manage your headaches and pain. Thankfully the Enforcer Captain who was now your guardian was full of patience and had endless resources to help you.
~ You were given a large room across from your new fathers. It had intricate windows with a wall sized window seat and in the middle of the room was a ginamourous bed with a canopy that had sparkly lights. You had boxes full of toys he'd bought you while you were in the hospital and a full wardrobe of fancy clothes tailored just for you. Books and trinkets lined your shelved walls and a desk to the side of your room held an expensive calligraphy set as well as various art supplies. The Captain wanted to give you everything you wanted. Any wish you made was granted and you were always warm, fed, and loved at your new home.
~ It didn't take you long to adjust to his schedule or the house. When your father had business you were never alone. Plenty of maids, cooks, and servants worked around the lavish home to help or entertain you when you asked. They adored you as you were very well mannered and thankful for everything you were given. You had very good manners and although your ediquette on high society needed some work you were just a nomral kid who needed a lot of stimuli to keep you busy. As your father set up schooling the cooks taught you to bake and cook in your freetime, while the servants told you amazing stories about your father/Piltover, and the maids played with you. You had a few nannies who watched and taught you during the day giving you your medicine but your father loved spending time with you and always tried to make time for you outside of his very busy work. Despite feeling out of place at times and getting very painful headaches you lived a luxurious and happy life.
~ Caitlyn is one of your first friends in Piltover. She's about your age and your parents are close acquaintances with old ties. Her parents had come to ask your father for a favor involving one of their patrons and you end up talking with her. She's fascinated with what your father does and your amazed at her knowledge of Piltover and science. Her curiosity stirs something in you, almost like your familar with hearing someone talk about their interests even if you don't completely understand what their talking about. You become quick friends and your parents both find that favorable.
~ Soon once your settled, you have tutors, doctors appointments, and memory therapy during the week but you and Caitlyn hang out on the weekends. She tells you about the famous Science Academy and fills you in on all the latest news in high society since your father's more protective than her parents. You have many sleepovers and outtings together. Galas hosted by the elite, parties at each other's houses, Horse riding, playing games in the mansion, having tea parties, shopping with guards on special occasions, exploring each others gardens, telling stories in your room, listening to music, swapping books, and secretly following Jayce into his lab being some of your favorites.
~ Since your adoptive father was the Head Enforcer and Police Chief of Piltover you often followed him to work when you didn't have appointments. While he did his rounds or worked in his office you'd learn about the justice system. You were homeschooled and had flexibility with your classes so he took you on these day trips to spend more time with you and give you some real world interaction. The guards adored you and acted as babysitters as they worked in the prison showing you their rounds and jobs. You quickly became the talk of the prison as you were the wardens mysterious new child.
~ As you got older you practically grew up in your dads office and the jails he worked at, the occasional day trips almost becoming an every day occurrence. StillWater Hold and all its prisoners soon knew you. Some liked you, some thought you were just another rich brat. The more you learned about law though the more you pushed your father towards rehabilitation and not incarceration. You wanted to go to Zaun to try and fix the root of the problem rather than just let all these people fester in prison. Your father often pushed your ideals away insisting you never go to Zaun or the Lanes unless it was the prison and you were with him as the streets were dangerous. But that didn't stop you from planning and plotting wanting to make his job easier while also helping out all the inmates.
~ Worried after you snuck out of the jail once before he found you, he assigns one of his top enforcers to watch you. Grayson is like an aunt or cool older sister to you. Working her way up ever since she became an enforcer your father grooms her to take over and than teach you to take over after her someday if you so choose. She seems to share your ideals about peace snd rehabilitation in Zaun and the Lanes. It makes you feel your dream can someday be accomplished.
~ The older you get the more you want to help. About a year has passed and you started volunteering and doing small jobs around the prison outside the schoolwork you bring. You bring gifts for prisoners like certain foods or treats they liked and encouraged their good behavior. Some of the prisoners even asked you too vouch for them during trials hoping they could be released early and return home. You decided then you wanted to either be a lawyer who helps those less fortunate than you or Enforcer Captain like your father so you could fix the prison system. Than everything changes.
~ When Grayson is killed two years after your adoption you're ready for murder. For revenge. Something about the case digs deep into you and it all feels so personal. The headaches get worse and you begin spacing out as you try and solve the mystery. Flashes haunted you at night and your memories seemed so close and yet so far as you secretly worked the case. There was many fatalities listed and each name struck a chord in you. You became obsessed with finding the truth but as the years wore on you began loosing hope as they were no leads and your father repeatedly told you to drop it whenever he found your work. He worried about your sanity and feared the stress would make you loose more memories.
~ Caitlyn is one of the only people who supports your plan and as your best friend she lends her help in solving the case. She listens to gossip at her families parties and does research to help you learn more about the fire and the mysterious circumstances surrounding it. You sneak into your father's office, lock picking it. You have no idea where you learned to do that but sometimes a scrawny blurry boy would appear in your head before fading away. Pushing him away trying to focus you had snuck into both your father's offices. The one at home and the one in prison to grab whatever information he has that you can. You hate lying to him but you feel so close and he won't give you the information you need.
~ Becoming quit the talented artist over the years thanks to various lessons you try to use art to fill the gaps in your memory as well as create faces to your case. Flashes come and go, so doing your best to always have a sketchpad and pencil on you, you begin catching them in the moment. The faces are blurry most of the time and the details are fuzzy but you do your best to try and find out the truth about your past. Picture after picture of mysterious figures and objects you don't recognize hang in one of the mansions many rooms with red string. You think the pictures are connected to the fire somehow and that these people are related to your past but with no proof or sound reasoning your on your own.
~ A few years had passed since your adoption and Graysons death and you were growing into a proper Piltover citizen with a bright future ahead of you. You no longer needed tutors as you'd passed all their expectations and were set up for a scholarship at the Institute. Your father had pushed you from his work instead asking you to pursue your previous dream to be a Lawyer. A man named Marcus took Graysons place and although he seemed more than qualifird you felt off about him. Despite your bad feeling about him you had other things to focus on. You were studying for your bar exam to become a lawyer and you had quit the reputation around high society as an artist and musician. It was only a hobby to help with your memory amd case but it was something that pleased your father as the artwork and occasional galas he threw for you seemed to calm you. What he didn't know was that your art was a clue and that your brain was busy trying to decipher your blurry past. However, these pictures were getting you some unwanted attention. You noticed Marcus and some strange looking individuals at your recent gala hiding in the shadows watching you.
~ Trying to get over your own paranoia and solve one problem at once Caitlyn listened to your worries. As you studied to become a lawyer and change the law system Caitlyn worked to become an Enforcer and expose the corruption of Piltover. You both pushed each other towards excellence for the better of both cities and shared theories over long nights and glasses of wine. Making connections and sealing a place for yourself in this world you still longed to find out what your past life was like and how everything connected. You'd long suspected you weren't actually from Piltover but any questions about such nonsense as your father called it led you nowhere.
~ You loved your father but he tried so hard to protect you. So hard to keep you safe. Keep you away from anything that might make you regress. But you could take care of yourself. As you began digging up names and descriptions of the Grayson incident you realized word of mouth and speculations wasn't enough. You needed to take the names and information you'd collected and go straight to Zaun.
~ Than you got it. A lead. The eye of Zaun. Silco.
~ The name was haunted, something heavy on your tongue. You didn't know how but you knew him and you knew he held the answers you needed. You also knew he wasn't someone who could be rehabilitated and someone who couldn't easily be reasoned with. He was a mass murder. A Kingpin who controlled multiple chem barons. Someone who ruined lives with no remorse using their control of drugs to force people to pay protection taxes and listen to him. Once you had the information you needed he had to be taken out. It didn't help that Caitlyn thought he had someone high up on the Enforcers covering for him and you knew he was powerful enough to pull that off.
~ You were going to take this Silco guy down along with his Shimmer shipments and you were going to expose who he was working with in the Enforcers. However, going to Zaun was harder than you expected. Walking across the bridge was a headache in itself as you had to sneak past the guards. Once you passed the bridge Zaun always made you a bit dizzy and not because of the poor air quality. Flashes in your head and other things made your head hurt whenever you walked into the Lanes. You'd been to the under part of the undercities as well as the topside of Zaun with your father but only to the prisons and not the actual streets. Something about the places you knew were connected to your case held an odd sort of familiarity. You knew Silco killed Grayson here, that people from here related to your past but it was more than that. This was where you'd find your answers. Where you'd learn why you'd been abandoned on that bridge.
~ Flashes would cross your eyes as you tried to investigate different buildings and their businesses. The Last Drop and a little trade shop were places you needed to go and yet every time you got close you stopped yourself. The more you learned by bribing children in the streets with coins the more you felt lost on what you were doing or wanted. Certain names you learned made your mouth dry. Faces became less blurry in these streets and slowly you matched names to the nameless faces you'd been staring at for so long. As you began to learn more and piece it all together the price of that knowledge and starting to remember was worsening headaches and getting spaced out moments where you were vulnerable in a place where vulnerability was a death sentence.
~ Thankfully Caitlyn was loyal til the end and as an appointed enforcer and your friend she stopped letting you go alone once she figured out what you were doing. However, her backup was both your undoing. One person who seemed Zaunite or at least a poor Piltover citizen was fine but two people clearly from Piltover trying to pass off as Zaunians was suspicious. Soon whenever you took the elevator down to the city you felt eyes on you. People were tailing you, people from that gala with Marcus. Your asking around left the locals suspicious and Silco along with other gangs wanted to know who you were and why you were here.
~ You and Caitlyn barley missed a shot as it was fired. Quick drawing your gun and hitting a pipe with two shots water and hot steam went everywhere giving you the chance to run. Grabbing Caitlyn's hand the streets became easy to navigate as you pull her along somehow knowing where to go. You jumped over crates and ducked behind buildings trying to get away. You heard laughter as you did so and the images of different children followed you as you kept pulling Caityln along through the back alleyways and secret streets. When they still caught up as you were both slowing down you paused seeing Caitlyn was injured, her ankle twisted from tripping. Getting a flash you paused before leading her down an alley. Hiding her in a crack in the wall that no one would know about or see you lean close promising you'll be back. Sticking a finger to your mouth as you back away you go further down the alley before you push over a garbage can and run.
~ You outrun the goons parkouring in well practiced and known patterns dodging their bullets like you dodged paint pellets. Once you lost them you circled back to Caitlyn taking routes that felt like home. Giving her a tattered cloak you'd traded for your own you make sure your both properly blended in before getting out of Zaun. That night as she stayed at your house sleeping off the pain from the wound you shook unable to sleep. Your mind was realing with what you learned but also panicked at what almost happened. You and Caitlyn almost got caught. She almost died because of you. She got hurt because of you. Her family would've punished her and she might have been fired, loosing her dream. And Marcus. He somehow tied into this putting Caitlyn in danger. Deciding this is something you need to do on your own and that your past was worth dying over you write a letter incase it goes wrong again. You only hope Caitlyn will forgive you once she wakes.
~ Going back late at night knowing how dangerous it is you keep your clothes as simple as you can hoping to blend in. You make sure you don't have anything Piltover related on you, keeping only a picture that you'd drawn. One of you and all your friends. You keep the tatered cloak from earlier close to your face and only keep a few gold coins on you incase you need to buy information. There's a gun tucked under your coat and dog tags stuffed into your pocket incase something happens to you. You hope neither of them have to be used.
~ Deciding it was time to confront what you remembered you walked to the Last Drop. Staring at the sign you held back tears as you walked inside. Shimmer addicts and drunkards frequented the bar at this late hour but none paid you any mind. Going to the bar you order a drink but don't touch it as you let the memories slowly come back. It was still blurry but now you knew for sure. You were a Zaunite and your past laid not on the bridge or Piltover but here.
~ Vander used to own this place. The smell of smoke made you hear his hearty laughter and smell his old pipe with his homegrown recipie. Vander your uncle. He helped take care of you with two men. The stout brunette one who sold wares at his shop. He smelled like whiskey but also metal and oil. And the raven haired man. HE was your father. But who was he? And the kids! Where were they? The fire... the unnamed casulities. Feeling a tear go down your face you take a sip of your beer. Placing it down you stumble to your feet deciding it was time to leave. You needed to go home and think about this logically.
~ Getting grabbed by your back your hood was yanked down. Angry you stiffened when you saw who'd pulled at your cloak. "You're coming with me." Struggling in her grip you stare at Sevika, Silcos right hand woman. Sevika one of Vanders on and off friends before she betrayed him. Glaring at her baring your teeth you pause seeing the entire bar was staring at you. Several goons had pulled out guns and you could see several people with vials of shimmer. But they all faded away. It was the blue haired girl who'd just walked in from the stair well that caught your attention.
~ Everything was silent as your ears rang and tears filled your eyes. "Powder?" Her blue eyes locked on yours before Sevika swung at you. Dodging you smashed your beer glass into her head. Soon shots were being fired and as you jumped underneath a table the bar erupted in choas as people began fighting. Hearing laughter you glanced up to see Powder or whatever used to be Powder taking out a large gun. She pointed it up and shot at the ceiling getting people's attention before she walked down the stairs barking out orders.
~ From your hiding place Images of Vi and Powder filled your head, tears streaking down your face as you remembered how sweet she was. How she would never hurt anyone except Enforcers. Sevika was searching the bar for you throwing chairs and screeching out directions. You couldn't stay here. Seeing the door was open and that it was pouring outside you close your eyes. The darkness of night and the pouring rain would give you cover. Grabbing your gun you aim carefully from your hiding spot before you shoot at a liquor glass causing a distraction before your bolting out of the bar. Running through the city your head throbs worse than it ever has. Lights blur and you see ghosts of your past haunting you. Wishing you'd brought your pills you put a hand to your bleeding head slowing down for a second.
~ Stiffening as Powder jumps down infront of you, dirty water splashes everywhere. You begin shaking slowly taking steps back as she steps forward sizing you up curiously. Seeing tiny her and all your other friends you blink before taking in this new older and more unstable version of her. "Powder..." You mumble grip on your gun becoming loose as it all slowly comes back. As they come back.
~ "It's Jinx now." She responds tilting her head as she slowly walks up to you. You drop your arm with the gun to your side as you reach out to her with your other hand. People begin to surround you pointing their guns at you but you don't care. You're in shock as you stare at what feels like a bad dream. "I heard your an artist now! Woah you must've hit your head really hard!" The girl begins cackling as she thunks her palm against her head. You can't tell if she's covered in rain or crying as she stares at you. You go to drop your hand but she grabs it nails digging into it. "Well look at you! You made yourself a prim and proper Piltover citizen. Child of an Enforcer no less! What a surprise that was. That you were alive I mean! Oh and I was in your gala! I always thought I'd be doing my own art show who thought you'd be doing one with me instead?" Realizing you'd been drawing Vander. Powder. Violet. Claggor. Mylo. Ekko. Benzo. You close your eyes and shake your head, clutching tightly at your hair. The gun digs into your skull, cold metal poking you. "We missed you!" She chirps with a crazy grin on her face. "Finally your home." Stiffening your eyes snap open. We?
~ "(Y/N)." Stiffening at your name being called you slowly turn to see the one and only Silco standing close behind you. One blue eye. One red. The goons had parted for him and he was only a few paces away from you.
Not hesitating, holding a gun to his head tears streaming down your face your brain was on fire. Jinx... NO Powder was staring at you in panic gripping your arm tightly while Sevika watched carefully hand on her gun. You start shaking biting your tongue as blood dripped from your nose and leaked from your mouth. Pictures of a younger version of Silco flash across your eyes and your childlike laughter rings in your ears as you remember him even if it's only for a second.
"Who are you?" You demand shaking violently, your memories working against you as they try and repress the last truth. "WHO ARE YOU???" After all it always led back to him. It always led back to this place.
"I'm your father." And with that you got a burst of memories long locked away before the strain of remembering made you pass out at the King pins feet. The last thing you remember are hands on you while shouting goes on in the background. Blood drips from your wounds mixing with the cold water below you before you were picked up and carried away.
Tumblr media
( I believe I'm going to make this a multiple part series. These headcannons are kind of an outline. )
@pinkninja200 @shadow-pancake9 @athenapspspsp @mercenarystrike @strawbebe-dk @joscelyn02 @wanna-plan-world-domination @meep-moop-mystic @ebony-wolf
Edit: Prologue has been written and the series is in progress.
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lacroixqueen · 4 months ago
i know heaven's a thing, i go there when you touch me (sevika, 18+)
Tumblr media
Summary: sevika lets you touch her all over. heavy fluff, light smut, 18+ readers only please!
Word Count: 705
Pairing: sevika x gn reader
Tags: fluff, smut, touching, caressing, kissing, fluff, smut
It was a particularly relaxing summer evening that day. Sevika decided to crack open Silco’s window so the occasional warm breeze could waft through. Sometimes, if you were extra quiet, you could hear the firelights chirping in the distance.
You and Sevika were cuddled up together on Silco’s plush, velvety couch. You rested your head in her lap, your hand intertwining with hers. You were both a little bit tipsy. Sevika had a long day at work, and you dropped by to visit her. Silco had a spare bottle of whiskey that he forgot to stow away and now here you two were.
You were giggling uncontrollably, reaching up to play with Sevika’s hair. She would prevent you from doing this by grabbing your wrist, and then kissing all over your face.
“Hey, you..” you muttered drunkenly, gently stroking the side of her face.
“What is it?” she asked, returning the favor by rubbing teasing circles all over your neck.
“I wanna touch you..” you murmured softly, slurring your words every now and then.
“You already are, stupid,” she replied, gazing down upon you lovingly.
“I mean all over,” you emphasized, slowly sitting up, sliding into her lap. “Like.. everywhere.”
Sevika raised her eyebrow, a bit suspicious about what you were up to exactly.
But she would bite.
“Be my guest, then,” she said, laying back into the sofa, giving you free reign over her body.
You straddled her thighs with your own legs so you positioned yourself over her.
Carefully, you placed your hand on top of her muscled arm, running your fingertips all the way up and down her dark brown skin.
You rested it over her bulging bicep, gently squeezing it even though it was rock hard.
She smirked, thinking to herself about how adorable you looked as you explored her.
You surprised her when you lifted up her arm, giving her soft kisses all over her forearm and bicep.
“Baby.. what are you doing?” she asked.
“I want to show you how much I appreciate you..” your voice was barely above a whisper. “I want you to know how much I love.. How strong you are. Both inside and out.”
Sevika didn’t hesitate to reach up and cup your face, slipping her tongue between your lips. You reciprocated immediately, wrapping your arms around her neck and arching your body into hers.
You eventually paused the kissing to run your hand over the top of her mechanical shoulder. Your fingers danced over the rough, metallic surface. Her cloudy eyes never left you as you did this.
“I love this part of you too..” you said, smiling to yourself. “Even though you weren’t born with it.. It’s part of who you are now.”
She watched as you reached the side of her face with lines of purple veins. Remnants of the effects of Shimmer. You kissed over that part of her skin too.
“Does it hurt?” you asked, running your fingers through her smooth, brunette hair. “When you.. take in the Shimmer.”
“No,” she replied. “Sometimes it feels like.. Like I can do anything. Like nothing can stop me.”
You continued down her prosthetic arm, until you rested on top of her mechanical hand.
“Can you feel it when I touch this part?” you asked, gently rubbing it with your thumb.
“Only a little,” Sevika answered. “It’s very faint but..”
She reached up to tilt your chin up with her metallic finger, then proceeded to cup the side of your face.
“I can feel some things better than others..” she whispered, leaning forward to kiss you once more.
You gasped in surprise when she scooped you up from under your thighs, pushing you up against the wall as she made out with you even harder than she was before.
“S-Sevika!” you stammered, blushing as her lips trailed over your cheek and jaw to start nibbling all over the most sensitive part of your neck.
“Two can play this game, Y/N..” Sevika smirked, as she continued to leave hickeys all over your skin.
You chuckled a bit at her playful jab, simply allowing yourself to relish in the moment at this point.
One sweet, perfect moment of pure physicality and absolutely nothing else.
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bitesizedgremlin · 2 months ago
How to (Lovingly) Annoy your Arcane S/O
- Purposely distract him while he’s working
- Don’t get me wrong, he loves when you come to visit him at the lab
- But when you start poking at his cheeks and forehead and anywhere else you can reach to get his attention, he bats your hand away with a quick “Quit it”
- You can see the smallest smile on his face when he says it, though, so you know he isn’t actually upset with you.
- Say things that are entirely incorrect and pretend to believe it wholeheartedly.
You: Space doesn’t exist
You: It’s too big and I’ve never seen it in person. So therefore, it does not exist.
Viktor: *Exasperated scientist noises*
- He then proceeds to explain how space is, in fact, real and why.
- When you tell him you were joking, he pinches the bridge of his nose and laughs, “I swear, one day, you’ll be the death of me, my dear.”
- Slurp on whatever you’re drinking as loud as possible
- He hates it
- Especially when he’s working
Jayce: *writing in silence*
You: Slurrp
Jayce, freezing for a moment: ... *Goes back to writing*
Jayce: cAN YOU N O T-
- Blow air into his mouth when he kisses you.
- He pretends to be annoyed but it makes him laugh every time.
- starts doing it to you in retaliation
- Pronounce things incorrectly
- You pronounced microwave “me-crow-wa-vay” once and he looked at you like you had three heads
- leave dirty dishes in the sink
- He’s fine if it’s one or two, but if you leave a pile of them in there?
- You will have a very miffed boyfriend on your hands
- But only if you do it when it’s his turn to wash the dishes
- If it’s because your mental health isn’t so good, though, he’s totally fine and makes sure not to make you feel bad about it
- You will not believe me
- But she is VERY ticklish
- You found out when you were joking around and poked her side
- She legit yelped-
- You asked if she was ticklish and there was that tense silence where she debated what to say cause either way, you were gonna tickle her
- So instead of answering
- She ran away from you
-Cue you tackling her onto the bed
- Eventually she managed to pin you to the bed and was like “How dARE YOU TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MY ONLY WEAKNESS!!”
- It’s all fun and games, though, cause you best believe she’ll get you back eventually.
- Do that spider thing with your hand
- Make it crawl around on her desk, all over her papers
- She gets mildly annoyed cause like, she was in the middle of something
- But she gets her revenge by doing it to you whenever you’re busy.
- She even makes scary noises for her hand creature for added spook factor
- Lowkey just makes it cuter but-
- Chew with your mouth open
- Do it next to her ear and you’re getting smacked
- Playfully, of course
- Leave your laundry all over the house
- She gets it if you leave it on the bedroom or bathroom floor every so often
- But in the kitchen???
- How the fuck did your shirt end up on the counter???
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its-just-one-big-fuckup · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
how they kiss you
characters -> vi, jinx, ekko, viktor, sevika
genre -> fluff, a teeny weeny bit suggestive
Tumblr media
- with that smug smirk on her face. she’s just so proud that you’re all hers, that you’re willing to stick by her through all her fights, rough days, when she wakes you up with her nightmares, her wild adventures: you’re all hers and no one else’s, and she loves to brag about it.
“hey cupcake?”
you turn to vi with a smile, and step back when you realise how close she is, but a hand on your back stops you. “…yeah?”
that signature smirk of hers grows as she moves closer to your face, bumping you against the counter you were leaning on. “vi? i’m trying to wash the dish-”
you’re cut off with chapped lips against yours, and you squeak in surprise. vi pulls back to chuckle, and moves in closer to you with her hand pushing you flat against her chest.
“you know i love you right?”
“i know, i know-”
- desperately. jinx has lost so many people along the way, and she’s not about to lose you too, so every kiss she give you is like it’s your last. she’s just so terrified that one day, it really will be your last kiss from her, so she always pours as much emotion as she can into every peck on your lips.
you took a step into your girlfriend’s ’evil lair’ with a smile on your face, holding a box of scraps you found that could help her. old hunks of metal, some batteries, glass containers- anything you found while listening to some of the music jinx recommended to you.
“hey trouble, i’m back!” you called out, strolling along the platform to jinx’s desk, eventually plopping the heavy box on the floor next to her chair. a small thunk behind you made you grin and whirl around with open arms. “hey baby- woah!”
jinx flew into your arms, and you tipped over onto the metal ground, letting out an oof as she crawled onto your lip and cupped your neck in her hands. with a soft smile, you tipped your chin down and jinx swooped up.
her lips were cold and then moved against yours feverishly- not in a sexual way, but she missed you- you could tell by the way she gripped onto your sides with a slight tremor. you pulled away with a smile.
“missed me?”
- seriously, which is so odd. well, his kisses always start out serious, but you smooth your hands over his tense shoulders and he melts into you like butter. he spends all day running the firelights and making sure everyone is still alive: and when they’re not, he’s the one to break the news and usually take responsibility for it. so he’s always wound up, stressed and just so serious, but he always appreciates how you manage to calm down his stiff kisses.
“hey you- rough day?”
ekko didn’t answer, just grunted and tossed his hoverboard on one of the seats in the room. he moved to sit next to you, slinging an arm over your shoulder and peeking at the book you’re reading.
“that nerd stuff again?”
“you love reading, we both know it,” you coo and turn to plant a kiss on ekko’s lips. he stiffens and his eyes widen, making you chuckle and pull back. he chases after you and gets flustered when he sees your gaze, mumbling for you to shut up.
you do. you smoothed your hand over his chest with a grin, and moved up to kiss him again, this time he melted into you with his own smile forming. it was nice kissing ekko when he was smiling, it was adorable.
“you’re pretty.”
“you’re prettier.”
- hesitantly. even after being with you for so long and kissing you so many times, viktor is still shy and hesitant when he kisses you. he cups your neck and stops for a second, searching your eyes and waiting for you to nod before softly kissing your lips. the actual kisses are still a bit hesitant, like he doesn’t want to go full force, scared he’ll hurt you and he treats you like fine china.
“hello, love,” viktor greeted, not looking up from his work. you rolled your eyes and moved over to his desk with a grin, leaning against it until he peered up at you with a smile and a cocked brow.
“you’re pretty when you’re working.”
a small blush settled on his cheeks. viktor huffed out a laugh and smoothed a hand over your hip, leaning up to meet you as you leant down. “can i kiss you?” you asked, moving a hand to the back of his neck to fiddle with his hair.
viktor moved up to meet your lips first, still ghosting over your hip carefully. his kiss was light and slow, like the kisses he often gives when he’s half-asleep in the morning. he’s just so caring, and it makes your heart swell as you pull away to gaze at him.
“go on, stop letting me distract you.”
he chuckles and nods, moving in his seat a bit as you pull up a stool to watch him in a peaceful silence.
- hungry. sevika is always there to remind everyone around you, that youre hers :). don’t worry, she knows that you’re aware who you belong to- but sometimes people get a bit too brave in trying to chat you up, so she wastes no time in reminding them you’re dating silco’s right hand man, by smashing her mouth against yours and pulling you in by your hair.
you placed the drinks down on the table with a smile, grinning as the men cheered in glee while you moved to perch back on sevika’s knee.
“ha! you got a good one there- don’t let ‘em go, for our sake!” everyone around the table jostled and flashes you a thumbs up, or raised their pint to you. you just chuckled and leaned back into your girlfriend who flashed you a small side-smile.
“yeah, they’re not gonna get away that easily,” she said lowly and placed a finger under your chin, laying her cards down on your thigh as she smashed her lips against yours.
with a squeak of delight, you wound your arms around her thick shoulders and held onto her like she the last thing there, ignoring the cheers from the people around you.
sevika pulled away with a wolfish grin, moving to stare at her gambling opponents. “stop staring and continue the game then, huh? some of you should consider getting your own lucky charm if you don’t want to keep losing to me and y/n.”
Tumblr media
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honeydazai · 3 months ago
perverted things the Arcane characters do
feat.: Viktor, Jayce Talis, Silco, Vander, Vi, Jinx, Ekko, Mel, Marcus
warnings: nsfw content, masturbating, dry humping + more
requested?: yes! | reblogs appreciated!
Tumblr media
VIKTOR knows you're rather concerned about his wellbeing, which is why it only comes as a mild surprise when you offer him to take a quick nap while leaning onto your body. He's an opportunist at heart — his head is soon resting on your chest, his cheek against your soft skin, and he's not actually sleeping, not when his dick is straining hard against his trousers with how close his face is to your tits, but you either don't seem to notice or to care. Besides, he's so exhausted, so surely you'd never ask him to back off, right?
Another thing that he always enjoys is teasing you; it doesn't matter about what, really, as long as your face flushes with a lovely blush, your cheeks suddenly hot, and, god, if only he'd get to see that embarrassed expression while you're bouncing on his dick or kneeling between his legs.
“Are you quite sure you're alright with this, love? Ah—, well, then I must thank you. I could truly use a quick nap. Thank you for looking out for me. I appreciate it, I really do.”
Tumblr media
JAYCE has the unfair advantage of his height, so whenever he glances down at you, he's got a perfect view on your cleavage. He can't help but stare at your tits, especially when there's some lace from your bra showing. The sight alone has his dick twitching in arousal, and even though you've caught him staring a few times, you don't seem to mind it much.
It's not often that you and Jayce do sleepovers anymore, especially since he's a Councillor now, which is both a blessing and a curse for him, and also makes this one night a lot more special. He kind of missed the way he used to grind against you while you were asleep; it's not even on purpose, he's just too needy to control himself, and if your ass is pressing so nicely against his dick — really, he's sure no one would be able to resist.
“Haha, very funny, really. I wasn't staring at you — and especially not at your tits. You're just short, it's inevitable that I look down on you.”
Tumblr media
SILCO's lips quirk into a smirk when he 'accidentally' pushes an important document off the edge of his office desk. At this point, he doesn't even have to ask you to get it for him anymore — you bend over willingly, panties peeking out beneath your skirt, and for a moment he entertains the thought of you doing this on purpose to tease him.
He also enjoys making you beg for, well, anything, really; your whiny voice and your pouty lips get him hard almost immediately, his dick straining uncomfortably against his trousers. Whether it's for a raise or for his attention, Silco simply loves hearing you whimper and whine.
“What is it, dear? Ah, I see. So you're of the opinion you deserve a raise, hm? Honestly, I'm not quite convinced. Why don't you ask me again? Nicely this time. Mind your manners, will you?”
Tumblr media
The first time it happened was an accident, and that you were wearing a white blouse had been bad luck, but now VANDER has to be careful not to spill water onto your shirt too often — that'd simply be suspicious, even though he doubts you'd become wary of him that easily. The sight of your bra showing through your nearly translucent shirt is almost too much to bear for him, though.
One day, when he was looking for you and quickly glanced into your room during his search, he spotted a pair of your panties on your bed and, god, he didn't actually want to do it, but he couldn't help but take them. Now, he regularly jerks off with them in his hands, the delicate fabric wet with his precum as he grinds against it.
“So sorry 'bout that, doll, didn't see ya there. But hey, it's only water. No stain. Just wait here, I'll get you a towel — or do you want one of my shirts?”
Tumblr media
When VI suggests you exercise with her, you happily accept, though her offer isn't out of entirely pure intentions — she enjoys watching your tits jiggle while you're both out on a run, or seeing your ass in tight trousers when you force yourself to do another squat, despite how much you're already shaking.
She also loves the way you smell — whether your signature perfume is a rather floral or a musky scent, she's enamoured with it. Whenever you hug, she buries her head in your neck, and she even bought the perfume you use one day. Now, she regularly sprays it onto her pillow whenever she gets herself off — it simply reminds her so much of you, it's almost like you're there, laying next to her.
“Hey, come on, babe — you can go a little lower than that, can't you? Your squats need some more work, that's for sure. Lucky for you I don't mind keepin' an eye on you while you practice.”
Tumblr media
JINX is rather short, so, if you're taller than her, she uses this to her advantage and lays her head onto your tits while you're hugging. The gesture looks innocent enough, and it's perfect for her to inhale your scent, whether it's your natural smell or a signature perfume.
Whenever you're talking to her while focusing on something else, Jinx can't help but occasionally touch herself to the sound of your voice. While you're saying something completely innocent like what the weather is like, she's curling two fingers inside of her, another one drawing circles around her clit while you mention how your new coworker totally sucks.
“Hm? What did ya say, sugar? Ah—, sorry, 'm just a lil distracted by your voice, fuck. No, no, continue, darl. Go on. Wanna hear you talk more.”
Tumblr media
EKKO feels disgusted by himself when he slides a hand into his trousers to grasp at his already hard dick, precum leaking onto the fabric. His gaze is on your sleeping form, your expression so so peaceful, and his fingers close around his cock at the sight, almost making him moan. He simply can't help but jerk off while you're asleep, and it really isn't his fault that you're so intent on cuddling close to him, your ass against his hips.
Whenever you two playfully wrestle, he pins you down with one hand pinning both of your wrists to the ground, a smirk on his lips. It's not his fault that heat curls in his stomach at the sight of your flushed face and wide eyes, your hair splayed out around your head like a halo and your lips opened just a little.
“You're so easy to defeat. You really need to practice some more to make this exciting, you know? Or, wait—, now you're starting to make me think that maybe you just like having me on top of you.”
Tumblr media
It's no secret that MEL enjoys buying you things you want — though she also can't deny that she, more often than not, picks the skirts, dresses and trousers she buys you a size too small, if only to see the fabric stretch tightly over your chest and hips, accidentally drawing more attention to the area. When you keep tugging at the cloth, self-conscious, she chuckles while complimenting you — even if your top is sheer enough to clearly show your bra.
Similarly, Mel enjoys watching you change; no matter if you're elegantly stripping yourself of your clothes or if you're awkwardly fumbling with the zipper. It's the intimacy of the act that has her wetting her lips with her tongue as her eyes roam over your form.
“There's no need to be shy, baby. You look as beautiful as always; I can guarantee that all gazes will be on you tonight, so quit worrying your pretty little head and trust me, alright?”
Tumblr media
MARCUS claims that he wants to walk behind rather than in front of you for safety reasons, though he honestly just wants to steal a glance at your panties underneath your skirt. If you're more prone to wearing trousers, the view is just as good — especially since the fabric stretches nicely to hug your curves.
Despite being embarrassed by it, he also picked up the habit of watching you shower. He's not trying to be creepy, seriously, and he respects your privacy — well, or at least that's what Marcus tells himself while he stares at your naked form, your face flushed because of the hot water, steam obscuring his view. One of his hands grasps at his own cock through his trousers and, fuck, he really should leave, but you are showering at his house, in his bathroom, he's not stalking you, and that makes it a lot less weird, right?
“What? The only reason I insist on walking behind you is that I care for your safety. You should know that by now — I told you often enough that I don't want to risk anything happening to you.”
Tumblr media
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s-soup · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
VIOLET hates arguments with a burning passion, especially with you. vi would often tries to ignore the aspects of attempting one with you at all cost, they normally don’t end well or shouting meaningful, yet harmful insults. vi is short tempered and impatient, though those negative habits were never the problem, not always. vi would get into fights because of her temper. and it would have to be one of those times where she’ll leave home and return in a terrible mess. bruised face and blood dripping on the floor.
however, this argument made you regret ever opening your mouth. vi would often say hurtful things to you during nasty moments, such as this one. though they never went beyond that.
“and when we are out you’re like a dumb child that I have to babysit every damn minute, I get injured because of you. you’re in my fucking way half the time!!”
vi knew she fucked up after that. the moment you left her in the kitchen by herself and the slam of your shared room door. the next morning was awkward, no good morning greetings or kiss. It upsets her, nevertheless. she knows it’s her fault, she didn’t know how to fix the problem, since you haven’t spoken a word to her.
vi doesn’t handle arguments aftermath too well. although, she does apologize. for her to apologize, it takes a lot of pride to do so. she isn’t a chef, so she’ll grab a takeout as an apology.
surprisingly, the silent treatment only lasted for a couple of days before vi would have a breakdown.
JINX only playfully argues with you. those never lead to anything beyond that, since she’ll run off in a giggling mess like a two year old child. they were times she’ll do something that sets you off, even telling her many times not to do it. she’s very hardheaded and never listens. you knew she’s trying to prove herself that she’s independent and can do the missions that silco gives her. so when you speak up upon it, that’s when the mess starts, that’s when the both of you start yelling back and forth at each other.
“at least I try to get stronger unlike you. I don’t want to sit around and waste my time, I don’t want to be as useless and weak as you, you’re weakening me!!”
ouch. although knowing that she didn’t mean every word that she’s saying. you left the hideout in tears, that’s when jinx snaps out of it and regret sets in. she really thought you were going to leave her. she spent hours on finding you, she didn’t find you. you were always good at playing hide n seek. it was the first time that jinx cried alone without you, she hopes that you’ll come out of your hiding spot and come back to her.
after hours went by, the sun now gone. stars glittering the night sky. it was chilly to. jinx waited, wrapped up in a blanket that you both happened to share.
once you did return back to her hideout, jinx jumps up embracing you in tightly that nearly knocks the air out of you. she mumbled apologies in the crook of your neck, shoulders shaking as she cried.
you, of course accepted her apology and stayed with her for the rest of the night until she was capable falling asleep.
Tumblr media
REQUESTED BY @littlemissangela thank you for requesting!
for jinx part made me feel so bad 😭. it’s a lil childish but I got it done!
Tumblr media
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sevikasupremacy · 2 months ago
~ Being Stuck In Prison With Vi ~
Tumblr media
➼ Yep. You got arrested.
➼ Honestly you were surprised too. What the fuck did you do wrong?
➼ Maybe that one time you threatened to kill an enforcer?
➼ You’re still confused.
➼ Somehow you thought Stillwater didn’t look that bad.
➼ Not than many familiar faces though.
➼ After hours of walking, they finally brought you to a cell.
➼ Oh, didn’t know you were going to have a roommate.
➼ Pretty hot ngl-
➼ The first night was kinda awkward.
➼ This pink-haired woman just staring at you from across the room.
➼ Looking like a lion about to hunt down it’s prey.
➼ At this point you’ve already accepted your fate.
➼ If you get beat to death SO BE IT.
➼ But no, it’s as if she was studying you.
➼ After a few weeks, you built up your courage and decided to talk to her.
➼ “You’ve been here for a while now?”
➼ Got arrested because of her sunny personality somehow.
➼ But nah, she ain’t that intimidating.
➼ After warming up to each other she started ranting to you about her family and her determination of finding her little sister.
➼ And one night, y’all be having deep, late night conversations.
➼ She’ll show off to you about how she was able to beat up multiple prisoners here.
➼ Not gonna lie, you love her sarcasm.
➼ She would throw punches at the wall, showing you off how strong she was and you would clap because YOU MAD IMPRESSED.
➼ The more time you guys spent with each other, the more you got closer.
➼ Y’all be cuddling every night cos Vi said it was cold.
➼ At one point, You and Vi be making out to kill time. (Seriously).
➼ But apart from all the hectic stuff going on in prison.
➼ You learn to love this short, pink-haired lesbian.
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zaun-citizen · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
— Jinx
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