#still love everything about it..
eijiroukiriot · 10 months ago
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a small but growing collection
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madmadmilk · 10 days ago
"i love you in every universe" and "i wanted to say, in another life, i would be happy just doing laundry and taxes with you"–– OH MY GOD!!! i love love love love absolutely adore the idea that your love for a specific person carries through every universe. it may end well, it may not– but the fact that you can meet someone and fall in love with any and every iteration of them???!!! it fills my heart and shatters it on the ground holy shit
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weirdgirlcore · a month ago
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moiraineswife · 5 months ago
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On your knees.
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broresteia · 4 days ago
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more tfc doodles from my reread
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i-can-bench-220 · a month ago
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we are feeling emotional about the mystery solving talking dog cartoon in this chili’s tonight
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esoraluco · a month ago
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something i made to communicate/map how i picture the Cyber World. like UT, I like to think we only saw a part of the world. This is meant as a ‘more or less’, given how realistically it’d be bigger, including ALL the areas in the game (the trash zone, the bridge etc). But I wanted to focus on the ones we DIDN’T see/saw partially.
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mysillycomics · a year ago
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This is my fav edit of a drawing of mine ever not only because of the Mood™️ it conjures but also because I originally drew it in response to someone on here asking me why I was a girl
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markets · 7 months ago
feminist women love c!clingyduo!!
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fiona-fififi · 4 months ago
Sometimes all I can think about is how no one seems to fully grasp the weight of what Buck experiences in the shooting and its aftermath.
When Chim says that he's pretty shaken up, but otherwise fine, and Maddie mentions how it's just another trauma to add to the pile? And then when Bobby gets a little snippy with him when Buck says we had no reason to think Eddie would get shot helping a kid, either and then gets angry with him (understandably) for the stunt he pulls?
My heart aches for Buck every time. Because they mean well, and they're not wrong, exactly, but my god, the way it feels like it minimizes everything Buck is experiencing. Like it's just something that happened around him and not to him.
That poor man had his entire world crushed. He wore Eddie's blood on his skin like it was his own. He drew on every ounce of strength he had to get to him and literally drag Eddie to safety. He stood over him as Eddie was bleeding out under his hands and desperately tried to keep the blood pumping through Eddie's veins. He watched his best friend—his family—dying in front of him while he begged him to hang on. And then Buck had to watch as Eddie was taken from his hands and wheeled into that hospital, leaving him utterly lost and alone.
And then he had to leave Eddie behind and find the courage to tell Christopher that his father might not be coming home.
And the fact that they showed us—that we saw the pained, vacant look on his face as he stood there, shaking uncontrollably, his only thought getting to Christopher? And to juxtapose that image of Buck immediately with he's pretty shaken up, but otherwise fine and just another trauma to add to the pile?
It highlighted so brilliantly just how far beyond shaken he really is.
I'd venture shattered would be more apt to just how deep this wound runs.
But no one seems to recognize that. Even Bobby, who sits there and tells Athena what it felt like to have to listen to what he thought was her dying after Athena prompts him to talk to her about what that felt like for him—literally laying out a near exact replica of Buck's experience with Eddie—Bobby still can't see that Buck is falling apart. That while his decision may have been calculated, it certainly was not made in a sound state of mind.
But no one—no one—seems to understand that he's shattered, even when he says it.
It's no wonder, really, that he doesn't seem to have processed or talked about what's happened when everyone around him is treating it like just another hazard of the job that Buck happened to get caught up in, instead of the devastating reality that Buck had to watch someone he loves nearly die under his own hands and then had to look Christopher in the eye and tell him he didn't know if Eddie would ever make it home.
#i mean jesus christ this man never should have been allowed back on the job until he'd been sent to therapy#sometimes i wonder how much the others really know about how everything went down to be honest#but then again i've spoken at length before (in a post that I absolutely cannot find for the life of me)#about how devastating it must've been that it was Captain Mehta there when Eddie is shot instead of his own team#leaving buck utterly alone with the weight of it because they don't know Buck and Eddie and what they are to one another#but how maybe that makes sense because even if it was their team it would still be impossible for them to really know the weight of it#because no matter how much they know and love and relate to buck and eddie they can never be in this thing with them#and it feels very much like that's what's happened here—that the pain and grief is something only buck can truly understand#because it's his and it's theirs—his and eddie's and maybe christopher's too—and no one else's#and maybe that's why we only really see christopher comforting him here#why we don't see the rest of the team with him in the immediate aftermath#and maybe it's also a little bit why he's still clinging to taylor because at least she tried and at least she thought of christopher#anyway#i made myself sad again#random buddie thoughts#buddie#buddie meta#911 meta#my meta#i mean truly no matter how you look at this—no matter what you think about shipping or whatever else—this would be *devastating*#this man nearly had his best friend ripped right out from under his own hands and then he had to walk out of that hospital#to tell his best friend's son that his dad may never come home#like jesus christ when i imagine going through that with my own best friend?#pretty sure the only thing that would keep me from putting myself halfway in the grave right beside her#would be the fact that her kid would need me#like god just someone put this man in therapy. preferably with eddie and christopher at his side
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melonatures · a month ago
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She will not need me, there will be no more reason for me to stay.  
I for one find it not only terribly disheartening, but also an offense against truth, to hear you say you wish to be alone? ...I have lived a life. ...I have loved. I have lost.  
You’re running away.
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starbuck · 15 days ago
I’ve seen some OFMD Takes that equate Stede and Ed’s softness and boil it down to an anti-toxic masculinity thing and an uncomplicated moral good, but I feel like doing that misses a lot of nuance by ignoring the role that class plays in their stories.
Stede does face negative repercussions for being ‘soft,’ for failing to measure up to the ideal of masculinity enforced by civilization, but only social consequences. And that’s not to say those consequences don’t matter; it’s terrible that his father was emotionally abusive, that he was bullied by his peers, that he felt alienated from his family. However, nobody was going to repossess his house because he wasn’t performing masculinity up to their standards. He was never going to have to worry about where his next meal would come from because of it.
Further, Stede has the privilege to walk away whenever he feels like it. He can “upend his entire comfortable life to become a pirate” and then “un-abandon [it] on a whim” and STILL face no economic consequences for any of it.
Ed, meanwhile, cannot just walk away from being Blackbeard because his legend is his only source of income. He can’t simply choose to stop being a pirate and be soft instead because, for him, the consequence of failing to perform the ideal of masculinity is death. In a fair and equal world, Ed would be able to wear all the silk robes and throw all the talent shows he wanted to, but that is not the world he lives in.
Piracy was supposed to be his escape from poverty, but all it’s managed to do is allow him to stave it off, and become a prison unto itself in the process. Ed is trapped, not by toxic masculinity, but by economic desperation. No matter how hard he tries, he’s still not one of “those kind of people” and he never will be. That’s the symbolism of him throwing the red silk away at the end of ep 10: the acceptance that “you wear fine things well” was only ever a dream for him and that dream is now dead.
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taeminie · 4 months ago
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Are you really going to leave me? We used to be together everyday. Are you really going to leave us? Ren, I haven’t even apologized to you. You don’t need to. DEW JIRAWAT as REN & BRIGHT VACHIRAWIT as THYME Ep. 3 | F4 THAILAND: BOYS OVER FLOWERS (2022) dir. O Patha Thongpan
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whathellandfuck · a month ago
hhhhhhhhhhhhh “and if you don’t love me now/you will never love me again” and Ed being at his LEAST Blackbeard — the most detached from the monster he made himself to be since he was a child — when stede leaves him…… if stede didn’t love him then how would he ever love him?? he was giving him his best, his most vulnerable, his most gentle, his least monstrous and he still didn’t love him, so how could he ever love any other part of him?? hold on hold on hold on etc.
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constanthinople · 5 months ago
This is my silly little Witcher! AU where Ryan is a witcher that can bench press you if he wants to, but is very afraid of wood cracking and wind making funny noises.
Shane is this bard that doesn't believe in monsters, because of course he doesn't, so he tags along with Ryan in his hunts just to see the ghouls for himself.
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ratboysims · 2 months ago
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a family for mt komorebi that i really like
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tinylilvalery · a month ago
The thing that people misunderstand about dark ships is that a lot of their interpretation is supposed to be metaphorical and poetic, not literal.
Yes at least one character in the ship may have done horrible things, they may have killed a lot of people, they may be a monster. That's the appeal. The romanticism comes from the fact that even if you were to become your worst possible version and turn away from good, that there would be at least one person, that despite all this, would want to be by your side and would love you unconditionally.
To have someone that would follow you to the ends of the earth and fall over the side with you.
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A favorite bkdk trope of mine is when Bakugou is like, really jealous of Todoroki, not because i like love triangles or Tododeku (in fact, the trope is 100 times better when neither of them are interested in each other like that), but because i think Bakugou projecting his feelings on Todoroki (Plus the potential unnecesary drama so befitting of bkdk) is genuinely funny.
Especially if this happens before Bakugou realizes his feelings 
Todoroki:*smiles at deku*
Bakugou:ugh i hate icyhot’s stupid crush on deku, not that i care who that nerd may date or anything so what if the idea of him dating someone else physically hurts thats just annoyance what kind of loser would crush on shitty deku anyway fuck yo- did deku just smile back at that bastard?!
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lollytea · 9 days ago
What if Hunter takes off his gloves for the first time during a moment with Willow?? What then??
#huntlow#i am so fixated on whatever hunter's deal is with his own hands#its possible it means absolutely nothing and its possible it means EVERYTHING#lately ive just been seeing the gloves as a representation of hunter's very last emotional barrier#there was his mask cloak uniform and breastplate but all that is gone now#i think when it comes to revealing his face theres a sense of identity#and it can emcompass all forms of love and familiarity. and in this case when the mask first came off he found his first friend in Luz#followed closely by flapjack#but he didnt entirely forget himself in that ep. he made a connection but he was still distanced. still held back. still guarded.#and then when he shed his armor for hexside infiltration and flyer derby he just#let himself get swept away in it. he was happy he was warm he was lighthearted. he had fun and he made a bunch of friends#and then again during that moment where he comforts gus#hes wearing his flyer derby outfit. his armor is gone once again and theres no breastplate to guard his heart#he opens that heart to gus. he makes a sincere attempt to express empathy and compassion. he tries to show gus that he cares about him.#which is HUGE for hunter#his kindness has always been there but hes never been good at articulating it. but he tried and he did a good job#and like. okay so face heart hands. those are the big three in my stupid little brain#and there is something so very vulnerable and intimate about hand imagery#full of romantic undertones if you will#and there HAS already been an emphasis on huntlow and interlaced fingers so its like. hm.#anyway im bullshitting symbolism that isnt actually there i know im aware#but i am manifesting that when those gloves come off willow will be involved#the hands are willows jurisdiction
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jenmishonly · 7 months ago
Ignoring my dash and posting Cockles instead.
She is a fandom hero! Which poem was it 👀
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