#sunrise x reader
giotistic · 5 months ago
sun/moon (fnaf security breach) x parent!reader hcs
2nd person
pronouns used: none for reader (gender neutral) he/him for sun/moon
genre: fluff (?)
warnings: fnaf sb spoilers...kinda
Tumblr media
when sun found out you had a kid, he was ecstatic
kept nagging you about bringing them to pizzeria, making excuses like "it's bring your kid to work day!" or something along the lines of that
you eventually cave in when the lady that was supposed to babysit bailed on you
started jumping around when he saw you approach the daycare while carrying a toddler
practically snatched them out of your arms
"New friend, new friend!"
"Sun please calm down, I think you're scaring them--"
you ask him if he can do you a favor and watch over the kid while you carried on with..whatever your job is. he -- of course, agrees and waves you goodbye before he drags your child to the ballpit
treats them as his own
sun's already great with children, it's no surprise that the kid got comfortable with him in no time
if you work the day shift, sun tries his best to treat the kids all equally. though his favoritism shows whenever your child interacts even the slightest with him
"All of your drawings look great! Now, next we -- hm?" the yellow animatronic's speech was interrupted by a tap on his back, "Mr. Sun, look! I made macaroni art!" insert (child's name) holding said macaroni art
"Why, it's absolutely magnificent! It's gorgeous!"
if you work during late hours, your child has his absolutely undivided attention
if you give him a bedtime schedule of sorts, he'll try his best to put them to sleep without having to drag moon out
is upset when you have to take the kid to your quarters/home, but he understands
will pester you for the next week or so about bringing them to work again
by the time moon comes out, the kid's either already asleep or you've already taken them home with you
if theyre still there when the lights magically go out, moon tries to stay as quiet as possible
will bring them someplace where the kid won't get randomly startled or have their sleep interrupted by the bots roaming around the daycare
it's usually not somewhere safe though..*cough* the top of the playpen
grabs stuff like blankets, pillows etc to make sure theyre as comfortable as possible
just watches over them while they sleep
may not give them back to you once you ask for the kid back
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dreams-of-my-childhood · 5 months ago
Hi can I get, The glamrocks+Sun/moon x animatronic reader who’s like the puppet, but do to bring limit to the string on their back and the box, they can’t go very far, only to the stage and their area. (If to much feel free to ignore)
Cute!! I love this idea!
Glamrock Freddy
He always makes time after the plex closes to see you.
Most nights he’s not being worked on by maintenance, Freddy will be in your area chatting away and listening to the soft sounds of your music box.
He likes to tell you stories of children he meets when offstage, he hopes one day you’ll be free to roam around like him and the others.
He tells you about the other areas in the mall, places he’d like to take you.
Freddy loves to slow dance with you to your music box tunes. He always gushes at how good you are.
He’s a bit of a klutz but you’re light on your feet, and Freddy tells you you’re a great dance teacher.
Glamrock Chica
She loves coming to see you and playing her guitar for you.
Chica usually sets up parties so you never feel alone.
She’ll invite everyone to your area every weekend or so, trying to make up a special occasions as an excuse for parties in your honour.
“Oh! It’s puppet appreciation day today!”
“It’s the puppet’s 15 months and 6th day at the plex, we should celebrate!”
Montgomery Gator
Monty can get pretty frustrated at your lack of freedom.
“It’s stupid that they tie you down with this dang rope.” He pulled at the string connected to your back.
He offers to cut it off for you, unlike most of the others who try to stick with the rules. He’s ready to free you without hesitation.
He likes to spend time alone with you after closing hours, he really appreciates the tranquility of your room and he feels like he gets to be himself alone with you.
Monty is often found in your room at opening housers, causing a little distress for the workers. He doesn’t seem to care though.
Roxanne Wolf
After seeing all those kids, she feels drained and low on confidence.
Your area is the perfect place to rest and take time for herself.
The two of you often sit in comfortable silence, sometimes she might open up to you about her insecurities.
You’re always the best at making her feel perfectly fine, so she comes to see you very often <3
Sunny isn’t keen on leaving the daycare, but for you he’d make an exception.
He likes to sneak into your room and surprise you, somehow you always manage to spot him before he can give you a fright.
Sun is very good at keeping you interested and occupied. He always has great ideas for activities.
His company is the most interesting, he is designed to entertain people and boy is he good at it.
Although he doesn’t stay for too long, because he feels like he’s doing something bad by being away from the daycare.
Moondrop is a strange one..
He’s never approached you before during lights out but he’s always near.
He watches you, as you peacefully play with the other animatronics or how you stand alone like a porcelain doll.
Sometimes you’re aware he’s there, but you don’t know half the time when he’s watching you.
He likes you, just from afar.
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l0v3lyr0ses · 4 months ago
Security Breach as your s/o's HCs
I'm not joking, Freddy, Roxy, Sun/moon, and monty had no business being attractive.
I mostly made this bc my energy is low today- and headcanons require less of me than one-shots :)
I don't do Vanessa bc I'm unsure how to write anything for Vanessa! Chica's wasn't that long im sorry- i kinda spent all day trying to write her in a way that isn't too ooc-
some of these are shorter bc I suck at conveying their personality
also not me listening to SL songs and 'mama hates you' while writing something wholesome-
the reader is gender-neutral :)
anyways I hope these HCs are to someone's liking!!
Glamrock Freddy
Dating Freddy just includes him greeting you with a bear hug every time you come to his room.
he loves spending time snuggling with you <3
he calls you superstar but it's a lot more soft and loving with you than it is with the kids!
protective dilf papa bear mode? on
He doesn't get jealous per se but he will tell off people who are disrespectful to you, he will not tolerate his s/o being uncomfy in their workspace
although if an adult or a kid starts acting nasty Freddy will not hesitate to warn the parents about the behavior or notify the staff that there is a problem and someone is just acting plain mean in a kid-friendly diner.
although he did make sure all the animatronics had you on their face recognition systems' so, they know not to attack you
he loves watching you play with the kids' Freddy will just stand there and watch with a silly grin on his face
if you let him, he'd love to style your hair!!
Freddy wouldn't hesitate to force you, to get a good night's to rest
there is no point in refusing, he'll carry you to his dressing room and cuddle you
he doesn't do PDA that much, mostly. hand-holding but kisses are reserved for after-hours in his room.
you don't do much PDA in public, and when you do it often goes unnoticed but in his room,
he is very affectionate in private, but I guess there's a reason Freddy is a bear.
Montgomery Gator
Dating Monty is fun!! you always have cuddle sessions or mini-golf dates
he'll teach you the ways of mini-golf if you don't know how to play
if you do he'll compete with you!
he is so touchy omg-
Monty is somehow always touching you in some way, shape, or form. Whether it's his arm around your waist or on your hip, or if he's holding your hand, giving a hug,
or slapping your ass-
Monty will approach you, sliding his sunglasses down, and proceed to flirt with you
although Monty will not do anything remotely affectionate in front of children, he wants to but simply won't do it.
he will literally fight for you
Monty is a very protective alligator
a very angry one too
he will not hesitate to threaten about what horrid things he's going to do them and how he's going to do towards anyone who hurts his s/o
You're literally the only one that can prevent him from ending a son of bitch's life.
sometimes he feels like a replacement for bonnie and wonders he truly deserves an amazing person like you, especially in case bonnie was a better performer than him
pls comfort him and reassure him
Monty gave you a small monty plushie so you're never without him
Monty likes cuddling you, which is usually cuddling the plushie, bc he insists on it.
Roxanne Wolf
dating Roxy would include her styling your hair, no matter what length or what gender you are she'll certainly find cute hair clips that suit you
lowkey a tsundere
Roxanne claims, she hates affection coming but it's obvious that it's a lie.
she'll teach you how to play the keyboard!!
her hair is actually soft! it isn't metal so she'd love it if you combed it sometimes! or even tried styling it.
she loves forcing you to play dress-up with her
just that Roxanne has an immaculate sense of fashion!!
she always walks you to the entrance, Roxanne is secretly worried that one day she doesn't walk with you. something will happen to you
When Roxanne feels insecure, she needs someone to set her head straight! pls, tell her she's loved and pretty.
she's very protective in ways she kinda treats you like her mate
she lowkey growls when a staff member is getting too close to her s/o!
she has the protective instinct of a wolf! so she'll literally pounce on anyone posing a threat to her s/o!
pls, stop her or they might have more than rips in their clothes-
dating sun is fun!! there's never a dull moment with him
he loves watching you in the daycare playing with the children,
lots of kisses n' cuddles although you eventually don't remember who's been initiating.
he'll warn you not to turn off the lights, and if you step closer to the light switch he'll panic and be frantic. he doesn't want you to get hurt! he might be upset for the day bc of it. pls, refrain from doing things that'll worry him!
Sun eventually starts trusting you a lot at tells you the reasoning why the lights always have to be on.
Sun trusts people very quickly but for him to talk about moon is a whole another level of trust!
he'd love to dance with you in the daycare! he'd be very giggly
Sun pick you up and skip around the daycare if you'll let him.
he will also lowkey chase you in the daycare and tackle you to the ground, and give you snuggles!
if you get tired he'll let you sleep on him until the shift is over.
Sun can't exactly have any romantic dates, not like a romantic dinner or a movie date. but he'll cuddle you in the daycare
Sun will not do anything too intimate in front of children
he'll at most, hold your hand but affection is mostly reserved for after-hours when it's just the two of you.
if you are insecure for one moment, I kid you not Sun will carry you and run around the daycare until you start laughing.
if one of the kids is being disrespectful, he'll be stern and tell them clearly to apologize and put them in time-out.
however, if it's an older kid or an adult he will simply alert security that someone needs to be escorted out
he wants you to be as comfy as possible
Sun calls you sunshine and darling okay?
Moon is a lot less energetic than Sun is.
he will carry you around but Moon will walk calmly and not run and skip around the place
he likes cuddling with you
a tsundere but he's more of a tsundere than Roxy is-
he talks about how gross affection is yet, he craves it so much
Moon likes scaring you okay? he will sneak up on you, and tell you to hide
you've scolded him before but he just finds it funny how scared you are when you know it's him.
tho he's only allowed to scare you-
ngl he's protective, I'd say borderline possessive
he hates it that ppl who don't deserve you get to speak to you more than he does
it makes him restless
he'll lowkey try to steal you away when only talking to Vanessa
during naptime for the kids' he lets you sleep on his shoulder, telling you it's time for naptime
Moon lowkey threatens that you have to take care of yourself.
omg, he loves squishing your cheeks, Moon often does it when he wants to prove a point.
Moon: take care of urself *squishes cheeks*
- he likes sitting with you with a hand on your thigh, he just does
Glamrock Chica
Chica is responsible, I get that vibe from her that dating her includes Chica being stressed and making sure her s/o doesn't do something they'll regret
Chica loves cuddling and hugging you just not for hours at a time.
Chica will try to give you expired food for a date but, you brought your own food enough for the both of you!
she always loves the food that you make, despite the fact that she doesn't really need it.
she often gives you compliments
Chica will teach you how to play the guitar with her!! <3
like Roxy, she has good taste in fashion and Chica would love for you to let her do something to your hair or dress you up!
she's the big spoon
she always walks you to the entrance and tries to make up excuses to keep you in the pizza plex a little longer<3
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glambots · 4 months ago
Glamrock Freddy, Monty, Sun and Moon getting flirted with HC’s please?
🎩Glamrock-Freddy + "Being Flirted With" HCs: 🎩
⭐He can be pretty oblivious to when people are flirting with him. To Freddy, a compliment is a compliment! It's only unless you're being Incredibly Obvious about the fact that you're flirting, or someone else points it out, that he'd even realize it Was flirting and not just You Being Nice. And even then, he's still a little bit doubtful. He doesn't want to mistakenly jump to conclusions!
⭐That being said, if he doesn't know you that well and he'd prefer to maintain a platonic/professional relationship with you, he'll probably still thank you (being the polite sweetheart that he is), but not reciprocate. He does his best to let you down gently, not wanting to do anything to accidentally "lead you on." He's still flattered, he just...doesn't feel the same way.
⭐But, if he is close with you and is interested in pursuing a romantic relationship (i.e.: he's got a Big Ol' Honkin' Crush), he'd get very flustered, very fast. Stumbling over his words, trying to hide his face, ears wiggling a mile-a-minute. And he always makes sure to return the compliments, hoping desperately that he's not misreading the situation and that you are, in fact, Flirting with him.
🐊Montgomery Gator + "Being Flirted With" HCs🐊
⭐He's very good at being able to tell when someone is flirting with him. It's like someone hard-wired it into his system. Mostly because, as is the popular HC, Monty is also a huge flirt. Doesn't matter who you are--if he thinks you're cute, he's going to flirt with you. The man's got hordes of groupies because of his flirtatious "tendencies" and Vanessa's job is not made any easier because of it.
⭐That being said, if he's not into you, he'll make it known off-the-bat. He'll usually try to go about things in a nicer way, but if you're persistent he'll end up snapping and just tell you to "Screw off" (or something similar). He's not interested, sorry. This is said, dripping with sarcasm and absolutely no room for debate. And don't make him repeat himself, or things might get nasty.
⭐Still, if he's into you even the smallest amount, he's gonna lay it on Thicc. Like, so much that it makes people do double-takes because, "Is he even allowed to say that???" The second-hand embarrassment the other band members feel is immeasurable. Why does he have to do this every time. By the end of the encounter, you're left a total blushing, stuttering mess, no matter how cool you started off.
☀️Sunnydrop + "Being Flirted With" HCs:☀️
⭐Sunny...SUCKS at being able to tell when people are flirting with him. Seriously, it'd take a miracle for him to actually be able to tell. Compliments, touching, he takes it all in stride as you just being a Nice Person and Good Friend. Even if someone tried to explain it to him, he'd just be like, "Oh, I doubt that! They're just being nice! :)" (You are...Suffering. He's lucky he's so damn cute.)
⭐If he doesn't feel the same, he won't go out of his way to stop you or anything (after all, he thrives on positive reinforcement), but he also won't respond in any way other than platonically. Pats on the head, side-hugs, thanking you for the compliments, all the polite things. Unless you push it, then he's going to have to ask you to very gently take a step back with things.
⭐And if he Does feel the same, not only does he respond to everything you do like a flustered schoolgirl (complete with hiding his face and giggling like a dork), but he tries to reciprocate as much as possible. He's much more affectionate, always reminding you of how much he appreciates and adores you, making excuses to hang all over you and give you gifts--it can be a bit much, but he's just so genuinely happy that you have a hard time saying no.
🌙Moondrop + "Being Flirted With" HCs:🌙
⭐Unlike Sun, Moon can tell when someone is flirting with him. He just doesn't know how to handle it. He usually either ignores them, laughs at them, or leaves the situation entirely. Sometimes two of those consecutively. Which two? You choose! He's emotionally and physically repressed, it's honestly a miracle that he can recognize the signs of flirting at all.
⭐Like I mentioned above, if he's not reciprocative of the sentiment, he'll just leave or ignore the person in-question. If they press the issue, he'll eventually get annoyed and just reject them to their face. Sometimes he does it "nicely." Sometimes...he can be a little mean. Moon just doesn't know how to handle these sorts of things in a "sensitive" way. He mostly relies on his instincts. And, more often than not, his instincts tell him to go on the defensive.
⭐If he does feel the same way, he's still going to be a little defensive. Which turns into offense. Most of his attempts at flirting come off more as teasing...sometimes even straight-up bullying. He is slightly more physically affectionate, always sneaking up behind you to scare you when you least expect it, tugging at your hair and clothes, sometimes even just straight-up grabbing you. It's the emotional vulnerability part that he has the most trouble with.
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i-write-abt-a-buncha-stuff · 4 months ago
Glams+Sun and Moon with an anxious S/O
-Doesn’t really understand at first.
-Anxious? About being around people? But he loves people!
-However, when he sees you from the stage, overwhelmed and trying (and failing) to hide from the children and parents, he’s all over it.
-Their performance is cut slightly short, but most of the kids don’t seem to mind all that much.
-He can tell the last thing you want is more attention, so he avoids outright calling you over.
-He pushes his way through the crowd to you, and he walks with you hidden by his massive frame back to his room.
-Once you explain how it makes you feel, he decides to help in any way he can.
-Even if that means you get switched to another part of the ‘plex than him.
-If it means you’ll feel better, then he doesn’t mind.
-She eats her anxiety away.
-She doesn’t have very healthy coping mechanisms, but she tries to help you as much as she can!
-Seeing as how food is the only way she’s really ever dealt with her nerves, it’s the first thing she tends to offer you when you’re fighting off an attack.
-However, once you explain that food doesn’t help, she’s quick to think of other ways to alleviate your anxiety.
-She brings you comfort items throughout the day, and likes to give you small kisses all over your face.
-Since she knows what it’s like to have anxiety, she knows that it can cause you to think the worst of yourself, and convince yourself that others feel the same.
-So she makes an effort to show you that she loves to to pieces!
-And she always will, no matter what.
-You told him early on that you suffer from an anxiety disorder.
-“Just beat your anxiety into submission!”
-Thanks, Monty.
-He doesn’t seem to take it all that seriously, that is, until one day he sees you begin to have an attack during his post-concert free-roam.
-You’re surrounded by kids, all asking different questions.
-Parents yelled at you.
-The music blared.
-The lights flashed.
-You were immensely overstimulated, and he could see the panic in your eyes.
-He pushed his way to you, and quickly pulled you away from the situation.
-He sat with you for a little over an hour, drying your tears and steadying your breath.
-“Are you sure you’re okay?”
-You’d apologize and he’d tell you to shut up.
-“I’m the one who should apologize.”
-He takes it much more seriously now, and always watches out for you, no matter where you are.
-Hell, welcome to the club, babe.
-She recognizes in an instant when you start to get overwhelmed.
-She’s like a combination of Monty and Freddy.
-She’ll rush to help you, while also drawing the least possible attention to you.
-A difficult task, all things considered, but she manages to pull it off every time.
-Comfort items, fidget items, food, music, water, etc.
-She has EVERYTHING you’d need in her room.
-The only perk to her also having severe anxiety.
-You know how she hypes herself up?
-She’s hyping you up tenfold.
-“Have I ever told you how pretty your eyes look in the light? Or how nice your voice sounds? Or how much I love the way you watch me onstage? Or-“
-She goes on and on, detailing little things that she loves about you.
-Probably the most anxious one in the entire ‘plex.
-He, however, chooses not to acknowledge it.
-Hence, him filling his time with activities and games with the kids.
-So when you tell him that you, too, suffer from anxiety, he has no clue what to do.
-He starts out trying to distract you, and sometimes it works!
-However, sometimes his all-over-the-place personality can be the final straw.
-He learned this the hard way on one particularly difficult day.
-You we’re being pulled six different directions by several kids, and it was overwhelming.
-You managed to distract each of them with a game.
-You hid away on the balcony of his room, holding your knees close to your chest.
-Sun knew something was up, so he did the same thing he always did.
-“Y/N! Wanna paint? Or play a game? Or make sock puppets? Or-“
-“Please, leave me alone!”
-You snapped on him.
-Of course, you felt awful, but he understood.
-He was much quieter, and he sat calmly with you for a while.
-“I’m sorry, Sunshine.”
-He’d say this, feeling awful for assuming you and he were the same.
-“Thank you. For everything.”
-Ever since, when he sees you get overwhelmed, he’ll carry you to the balcony, and give you a soft blanket and a couple plushies.
-He often gets overwhelmed, too.
-However, not to such an extent.
-So, when he saw you shaking and crying after trying to put all the kids to sleep, he was worried.
-“Moonrose, what’s wrong?”
-He’ll speak quietly, more so than normal.
-He’s programmed to calm people down, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that he easily bring you back to your normal self.
-He’ll assure you that you’re safe with him, and that nothing can harm you.
-If you allow him, he’ll hold, and even gently rock you.
-He’ll praise you, and remind you that you don’t have to do so much all on your own around there.
-He definitely takes over putting the kids to sleep after that day.
-He also talks to Sun about maybe playing with the kids a bit more, so they’ll be more ready for a nap.
Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy! Remember that requests are open, so send them in! I love you all, have a wonderful day!
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sleepy-raerain · 5 months ago
How is there like no sundrop smut anywhere??? Plz if you have some dm me the link 👀👀 anywayyyyy
Sundrop x reader
Warnings: sundrop x f!reader, handjob, blowjob (m & f receiving), fingering, virgin!sun, subby!sun at beginning
Summary: sun not understanding what his horniness is and needing you to help him, also teaching him out to have sex teehee 😳
Tumblr media
Sunny came back from a long day and sat down with you on the poorly made bed. You were reading an old Freddy-fazbear comic. He kept shifting as he sat, he was known to not like to stay still but there was something different about this one. The light red painted on his face, him gripping the sheets and the fact he kept looking at you.
Once you noticed him, you turned to face him. He let out a shaky breath, “are you okay?” You ask sightly worried. “I-I think so..?” Sun look down no longer being able to keep eye contact. What could be wrong? Did a child hurt him? Did he lose something? Did he- that’s when it hit you. He was probably just horny.
“Hey..sunny?” You moved your hand onto his thigh, the red on his face seemed to glow brighter, he tilted his head. You slowly moved up until you reached his crouch, “can I touch you?” If Sundrop could, he would definitely be nose bleeding right now. He covered his face with his hands, he didn’t fully understand what this feeling was but he was embarrassed about it. He nodded his head.
You got down in front of him, you looked up at him but he couldn’t look back at you. You traced the waist of his pants before pulling them and his boxer down in one go. His dick sprung out. You tapped the tip of his dick, making him jump a little. You kissed the under side making him left out a small moan, before he could even moving his hands away from his face you had started moving your hand up and down his cock. He moved his hands to grip the bedsheets. You left go making him whimper loudly, “mmph, ah, w-why did you stoppppp” he drew out his words, you chuckled in response before taking almost his whole length in your mouth. He let out a loud moan before gripping your hair. “J-just like that, p-please”.
You sucked him off until he came, almost screaming your name. He panted for a little as you got up to clean yourself up. “Wait! I-I wanna do it to you too” he said will a small stutter, still trying to catch his breath, you brushed him off saying it was fine. He got up and rapped his arms around you from behind, “please?” He had a needy look in his eyes, you let out a small breath before chuckling and nodding your head. It was like he was about to start jumping up and down, he grabbed your arm and pulled you back towards the bed, before picking you up and throwing you down, giving a small apology as he quickly got rid off your clothes. He wasted no time getting down and licking a long line on your pussy. He went straight to licking you all over, your thighs, your clit, your wet hole. He moved on to tracing your hole with his finger while looking into your eyes, this time you were the one not being able to keep eye contact. After what felt like ages of him teasing you and you begging for him to enter you, he finally pushed two fingers inside of you, almost making you yelp. He pushed his fingers in and out, slowly picking up the pace. He could feel himself getting hard again. “Sunny please! Please want you inside me, please!” You begged him as you moved your hands down his hips, wanting to feel more of him inside you. He slowed down the pace a little, “I…” he looked away from you “I don’t really know how” he spoke in a quite voice, you looked up at him in slight shock, he had a deep red on his face.
You moved your arms back up and rapped them around his neck before pulling him in and kissing his forehead, “that’s ok” you said loving, you then rapped your legs around his waist loosely, so he still could move how he pleased. You grabbed the waist of his boxers again and pulled them off before lining him up with your entrance, “go slow, okay?” You said in his ear. He slowly entered you and was getting louder be the second, the feeling was over whelming. He was already moaning and crying your name.
Once he was fully inside you. You instructed him to start moving, sun slowly moved back out, already feeling like he was loosing his mind. He started picking up the pace, moaning loud. He was so in love with you he couldn’t help himself. He fucked you at an insane pace, crying praises and pleas.
It didn’t take long for him to cum, he could’ve gotten off on just that first thigh touch alone, but this was a whole different thing, “can we go again..please?” He begged. Your body was limp, and sweaty but he didn’t care, he scooped you up and kissed ur face, “please just one more round?” He pleaded, he was still very hard and you could feel it against your thigh. “Alright, just one more round” you sighed, knowing it wasn’t just going to be one more round.
I honestly don’t really like how this came out :’/
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keylimeimagines · 5 months ago
hi luv ur fics! how about a sunrise x reader where the readers job is to do like maintenance for the animatronics and they often like ramble to sunrise BUT HE LIKE CANT TALK CUZ LIKE maintenance mode or whatever but he like hears the reader and is obsessed w them I KNOW THATS RLLY SPECIFIC BUT YEA if U do this thx 💯
THIS IS REALLY CUTE!! i hope you enjoy!!
also, sorry if these are really short! i didn't really know what else to write besides repeating some things that were already mentioned
i feel like sunny would fall in LOVE with someone who's just as talkative as he is
he really wishes he could respond to you when you ramble, but he can't bc you know, maintenance protocols :(
the first time you started working on him, he wasn't expecting you to ramble about random things (like events, gossiping, etc.) and he really liked listening to you ramble <3
he used to dread the thought of going into maintenance bc its long and boring, but when YOU came along!! he suddenly got excited for it??
he thinks that your habit to talk to him even when he's unable to respond is really cute! again, he really wishes he could respond and ramble with you :(
he would definitely try to hang out with you outside of maintenance, because this boy is so infatuated w/ you <3
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kyocowo · 4 months ago
Sun & Moon as caregivers✨
sun n moon with little! reader :)
Warnings: bad grammar maybe and fanon characters. and the fact thats it’s literally fnaf im so sorry
Both of them are daycare attendants obviously so they would naturally be programmed to be good with children
They might be confused at first with the whole concept but I don’t think they would be judgy in any way and they would learn super quick
Sun naturally takes a more caring role (not that moon doesn’t) but he is very much the type to comfort you when you cry whereas moon would just try to distract you from the issue
You would definitely play with the light switch a lot. Much to their dismay. I mean, who wouldn’t when faced with such an opportunity!!!
Moon helps you sleep 10000% again he’s literally programmed to do that but it’d definitely be a lot sweeter than with other kiddos
Crafts with sun!!! The obligatory glitter glue crafts but also fun sensory stuff!!!
A big part of the dynamic would definitely be giving moon just as much love as sun cause i feel like he’d feel left out :(
Sun would be the one to make sure you’re not getting in too much trouble and moon would be enabling you.
They wouldn’t treat you little when you were big but they definitely wouldn’t change too much
So,,, many,,, hugs.
I feel like moon would be very good at making plushies. He would just randomly make them for you to help you sleep<3
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lofious · 4 months ago
Bath HC
So this is what I came up with after getting the idea in the shower earlier. btw I’m trying out a new style so yeah.. suck it ✨
Tumblr media
Pairing: Humans! Sun and Moon (cause idk how it would work with them being animatronics)
- Prepare for a bubble bath with a lot of squeaky toys cause he’s getting a lot of them in the bath with you
- if there’s no squeaky toys, he won’t go in the bath tub unless there’s a single rubber ducky that can quack
- he likes bath bombs that are fragrant and can make a bubbly bath
- no seggs! Only bubbles, as he blows one into your face, making you laugh
- He’ll try to make some figures using bubbles just for you sometimes it doesn’t work
- there will be some quiet moments with you in his arms while you two are in a bath together
- he finds this experience with you to be relaxing, in his own way despite being hyper all the time. Especially with children
- he will tell you some moments of what happened in the Daycare, like a story time
- Taking a bath with him is like a fever dream. 50% happy and 50% strange but in a good way!
- he prob thinks taking a bath is a waste of time
- until you suggested that you want to take a bath with him
- and now he’s convinced
- the bath won’t be bubbly like how Sun likes it
- he likes bath bombs that could make you feel sleepy
- he’s immune to the scent so that he can ease you to sleep and then choke you under water and carry you out of the bath and onto the bed
- one reason to like taking a bath with you: to spend some quality time through a bath
- he likes the quiet moments of him holding you in his arms like sun does but he pets you, as if he’s lulling you to sleep it sometimes work
- there’s a big chance of him singing a lullaby that can only be heard by you
- he might tell you some moments that he finds annoying like kids not going to sleep despite him trying to get them to fall asleep
- overall, a bath with him also sounds like a fever dream but not in a strange or a bad situation. It’s more of a like, a good dream that you want to be in forever but when you wake up and try to remember the dream, you somehow forget the details.
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clumsyenby · 2 months ago
Heya! just wanna say i love your work! please keep doing what you are doing :) <3. Could you do a scenario of Sun/Moon reacting to GN Y/N calling them their husbands as a little joke (maybe with the kids or with parents at pick up), i think that would be so cute!
masterlist (REQS ARE CLOSED)
hey all! sorry for the late post and accidentally skipping last week's update - was caught up with something family-related! i also am facing a bit of a writers' block but i'm slowly worming my way out of it :^) this req idea was too cute, i had a lot of fun writing it!
TW: none adult, gender-neutral reader - 2095 words *(Y/N) - Your Name They/He pronouns for Sun/Moon.
Forever Playmate
- being the animatronic handler and lover of the Daycare Attendant had its perks, yet you never thought it would lead to calling them your husbands one day. <3
You watched as a child squealed happily from being swung around in Sun's arms. The animatronic mirrored the child's gleeful expression, loud giggles emitting from their voice box.
"Having fun?" You asked while leaning against the wall. Sun hugged the child closer to themselves, "Oh, my star! This child is absolutely the sweetest!" Said child, who could only babble nonsensical words due to being a toddler, grinned brightly. As if they understood what the animatronic was saying. Perhaps they did, children were much more smarter at this day and age.
Sun bounced up to you, child still in their arms and wrapped their free arm around you, inviting you gently into the hug. You sighed in content from their warm exterior and returned the gesture. Your eyes darted to the clock on the wall across from you. 6:30PM.
Just as you were going to inform Sun of the time, curious green eyes met yours. The child peered at you, squealing loudly when you waved at them. "Oh! What is the commotion about?!" Sun asked as they were not able to see the interaction. You pulled back and pinched the animatronic's cheeks, "Nothing Sunny. Little buddy over here is just being cheeky," You teased the child, gently taking them out of Sun's arms.
Sun let out a low whine in discontent, wanting to hold the child for longer. You hummed, understanding their feelings. "I know, Sunny. But it's almost time for the Daycare to close." Sun's faceplate turns, causing the child to giggle. The animatronic perks up, faceplate turning once more.
Sun continues to turn their faceplate as they followed you to the exit of the Daycare, where you knew there was a line of parents waiting on the opposite side. Being the animatronic handler of the Daycare Attendant also meant that you practically worked two jobs at once - Not only did you look after Sun and Moon, you also had to help for Daycare responsibilities. This included signing in or out the children during opening and closing hours.
It was a grueling job at times, the seemingly never-ending energy of the children taking a toll on your body after a long week. Not that you minded, since your main priority happened to an expert in looking after your sore body.
Sun stood behind you, swaying on the balls of their feet as they watched you do a headcount on the children waiting patiently in line. The youngest of the bunch was the child you held in your arms. Sun cocked their head to the side upon hearing you let out a 'Huh?'.
"What's the matter, my star?" They asked. You frowned and motioned at the children. "I think one of them is missing, Sunny. Could you do a quick check of the play-area for me?" They nodded quickly, "Oh, no problem! I will be back~!" They exclaimed and pressed their faceplate to your forehead in a quick peck before skipping away to do their task.
Sun hummed to themselves as their eyes scanned the vast play-area. Aha! There was indeed a child hidden behind one of the play structures, curled up behind a pillar. Sun's faceplate turned in confusion. Why was a child hiding behind a play structure?
The animatronic creeps up slowly, trying to be as quiet as physically possible, despite the creaking noises being made from their metal joints. Sun's head peers around the the pillar, a soft laugh escaping them as they realised the child had fallen asleep. Their long and slender arms came in handy, lifting the child into their arms with ease without waking them up. The child hums sleepily, small hands grasping Sun's sunrays gently. "Mr.. Sun?" The child asks.
The animatronic rubs the child's back soothingly. "Hello, little Robert! You fell asleep behind the play structure and it's time to go home," Robert yawns, releasing the sunrays and wrapping his arms lazily around Sun's neck. "Sorry, Mr. Sun.. I wanted to tell Mr. Moon but naptime was already over.."
"It's no problem, friend! Next time just tell me and I'll get Moony for ya!" Sun reassured the child. Robert nods slowly, still drowsy and closes his eyes. Just as Sun was about to approach you and the rest of the children, he watched curiously as the children laughed amongst themselves. They heard your stuttering, your tone higher than normal as you squeaked out words in surprise.
"Helloooo~!" Sun greeted everyone, tilting their head in confusion as the children burst into laughter once more. You turned to him, blocking the children from view. You eyed the sleepy Robert in Sun's arms. "He fell asleep again?" You asked. "Yup!" They chirped happily in response.
Little Robert was a regular visitor of the Daycare. Yet somehow he was always sleepy, despite just woken up from a nap half an hour prior. It was no surprise that he was always found last, curled up behind different items of the Daycare with each visit. He was one of the few children that absolutely adored the Daycare, finding its atmosphere calming enough to fall asleep in, even when nap time was over.
You smiled in relief and gestured for the children to stand as you opened the exit of the Daycare. The children fell into excited chattering, many yelling for their parents in joy upon spotting them. Sun bent down to pass Robert to his parent, waving when Robert muttered out a sleepy goodbye. The animatronic gave out hugs and high-fives to each child as they exited the Daycare, humming happily to themselves as they watched the children run to engulf their parents into a hug.
The last child frowned as she faced you and Sun. "I don't want to go yet.." She mumbles quietly when you asked if there was a problem. You smiled and ruffled her hair. "You can always visit us next time! We'll be waiting for you," You said encouragingly as her mother came into view. She perked up as she noticed her mother, waving her over to where you and Sun were.
She pointed at you and Sun, "Mama! This is Mx. (Y/N) and their husband, Mr. Sunny! They took care of me today!" Her mother giggles at her daughter's words, grasping her small hand gently. "Thank you, (Y/N) and uh- Husband," The mother winked at you teasingly, a cheeky smile pulling at the edge of her lips as she observed the animatronic.
Your words came out jumbled as you stuttered once more, resorting to give an awkward wave instead as the mother-and-daughter pair walked off.
You turned to Sun, blinking in surprise when you noticed they had their face hidden behind their comically large hands. "Sunny?" You called, placing a hand on their wrist gently. They squealed, their face popping out from behind their hands. You could see the excitement practically swirling around in their white 'blank' eyes.
Sun pulls you into another embrace, carrying you up effortlessly in their arms as they twirled you around. "HUSBAND!?" They exclaimed happily. You held onto their shoulders for dear life, already dizzy from the sudden movement. Sun sets you onto the floor gently, apologising bashfully for causing your dizziness. They kept an arm around your waist to keep you upright.
While your vision was still readjusting, you managed to mutter out a sentence. "You like the sound of being my husband?" You could feel Sun practically vibrating in excitement from the arm they had around you. "Like it? I LOVE IT!" They yelled. "It makes me feel like we're actually married! We'll be forever playmates!"
"And all the children we look after can be our kids!" Sun added on. You smiled lightly at Sun's understanding of the term. It was just pure innocence. You knew Sun adored you with every line of code they had. The same went with Moon, though they preferred to be more subtle about their feelings towards you.
"Should I call you that then? Husband?" You tested out the word. It felt odd, yet right at the same time. You had been working with both Sun and Moon for almost three full years and had starting dating them two years ago. Due to the work you did with them practically daily, it felt domestic, almost as if you were already married to them.
Sun nods rapidly, pulling you into their arms once again. They pressed their faceplate to your cheek, "MWAH! I love you, my star!" They exclaimed. You laughed and returned the kiss, placing one on their lips. "I love you too, husband."
Sun would not let you out of their sight for the rest of your shift, wanting to keep at least a hand on your frame at all times. They stared at you like a lovesick puppy. Had this been a cartoon, you would have seen hearts flying around their frame.
As the lights to the Daycare powered down, you held Sun's hand gently. Even though Sun was no longer afraid of allowing Moon to take control, it did not remove the quiet groans and whines of discomfort they let out. It always broke your heart to hear those pained sounds, despite Sun reassuring you that they were alright. You rubbed their back soothingly just like how Sun did to Robert earlier that day.
The subtle jingles of a lullaby told you that the transformation was complete and that Moon was fully in control in this moment forward. You called their name, pulling away from the embrace Sun had put you in before the lights turned off. Red irises bore into yours, faceplate turning. "Hello.. My planet.." Moon greeted you quietly, looking down as they ran a thumb across your knuckles.
Their faceplate pressed itself to your knuckles as a greeting. While Sun loved to kiss you wherever they could, they had a preference for your face. Unlike Moon, who had a fascination with your arms, hands and neck. They would always peck one of your limbs when he took control of the body, a silent yet sweet way to convey that they missed you.
Just as you stood up to allow Moon to stretch, they pulled you back. You fell onto their lap, a squeak of surprise escaping your lips. Moon hums, wrapping their arms around you and places their head on your shoulder. "Could we stay here like this... For a little while?" They asked slowly, almost bashfully.
"Of course, Moony." You replied, shifting slightly to adjust the placement of your body into a more comfortable position. Moon adored physical touch, especially when it came from you. Being touch starved before you came into their life, Moon always took the opportunity to wrap themselves around you when possible. You did not mind at all, for their presence alone was soothing. They also helped you fall asleep on nights you stayed overnight at the Pizzaplex.
You heard Moon mumble something softly to themselves, pulling you out of your thoughts. "You said something?" You asked. Moon presses a light kiss to your neck, "I heard you calling Sunny their husband earlier,"
You nodded, a smile threatening to surface. "Why? Jealous?" You teased lightly. You giggled when you felt the vibrations from their chest, a light growl coming out of them. "I can call you that too, if you'd like," You reassured them. Moon pulled their face away from your neck to face you fully. "Really?" They muttered.
You smiled, leaning up to peck their faceplate. "Are you okay... Husband?" You tested out the term again, laughing when Moon's faceplate spun several times. Moon buries their face in your shoulder. "Don't look at me.. This is embarrassing.." They grumbled.
Their arms tightened around you, holding you closer to them. "Husband has a nice ring to it.. I like it.." You heard them say quietly.
Moon recovers from their embarrassment moments later, looking at you with a twinkle in their eyes. Despite only having red LEDs for irises, they always looked like they were up to something mischievous. "If you call me your husband, can I call you my spouse?" They asked. It was your turn to hide your face from embarrassment.
Needless to say, you were presented with two rings from Sun and Moon the next day. One was made with copper wire bent to form the shape of the sun, along with a yellow bead in the center. The other was made with silver wire, bent into an elegant crescent shape. When asked how the rings were made, both animatronics just chuckled and changed the topic of conversation.
Now, how in the world were you going to make rings for your animatronic lovers that had comically large fingers?
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kadssp · 4 months ago
hello:D apologies if i’m bothering u but could i please get a lil smut for either sundrop or moondrop, if not that’s ok and i hope u have a good day/night!!
note: starting the new year off with my favorite daycare attendant and i see some asks already for my him and sun, my heart just might explode ! this is basically a smut test because im still learning. this is also,,, more than a “lil smut“ as well,,, mybad💀
warnings: dubcon, noncon, marking, choking, overstimulation, swearing, slight bondage, degradation, sub!reader, implied tummy bulge, orgasm denial, moon doesn’t have a dick.. he took a dildo from a woman’s bag, minors DNI !!
reader is afab !
word count: 2.1k
Lights off, Strap on
When the lights went off due to a power outage you already knew the worse was going to come, especially when Sun started clawing at his face as he sounded genuinely in pain.
But you didn’t expect for Moon to snatch you by the arm and throw you on the ground roughly the second he was in control.
You also didn’t expect him to wrap ribbons use for making bows or arts and crafts tightly around your wrists keeping them close together as he fumbled with what sounded like a bag that he stashed in the desk the night before that you didn’t know about.
”Moon? What are you doing?” You stuttered quietly, trying to turn your head to see but with it being pitch black due to no lights you’d need a flashlight to see even a shadow of Moon.
However your question went unanswered as the animatronic laughed to himself, the bag now zipped up and heard thrown to the side as he jumbled with the buckle on the object he took with a groan.
You tried wiggling your hands free, grabbing the silky ribbon with the tips of your fingers and pulling up only for it to get seemingly tighter, leaving marks on your skin.
”You turned the lights off. Didn’t you?” He spoke near your ear now and it caused a shiver to run up your spine at the closeness, a cool metal hand tracing up your arm before halting and gripping the plush skin tightly, erupting a whine of protest from you. “Answer.”
”N-No! I didn’t do it. I don’t know what happened.” You exclaimed as you wiggled to get his iron grip free, with a robotic sigh he released your arm, the sound of his body squeaking quietly as he backed away and for a moment you thought he was fine.
But then your pants were abruptly pulled off of you aggressively. Your yelp causing the robot to cackle as he pulled it off you completely and threw it to the side.
”Are you lying?.. To me?” He says, your body jolts at the contact of his cold metal fingers dancing across the expanse of your thighs, goosebumps spread throughout you as you shift in place.
”No. I wouldn’t lie to you.” He hums at your words, his hands halting and poking at the soft flesh before moving up to the swell of your ass and giving a harsh squeeze.
“If you wouldn’t lie to me..” He says, voice dropping to a low whisper as he leans over you, the hands resting on your ass pick the sides of your panties and holds them. “Are you wet.“
Before you can even process a response, he tugs your panties up, the fabric brushing so hard but wonderfully against your clit, and it has you stifling a moan as you shove your face into the padded flooring.
He relaxes his hands back down resting against your ass, still holding your panties firmly. “Naughty girl.” And pulls them back up harsher this time, and you can’t hide the whine that escapes you.
He cackles at this, spreading one of your legs as he dives his hands down to your heat. He toys with you, fingers circling around your pearl and ghosting over your pussy that clenches around nothing.
”Moon.. Don’t tease.” You breathe out, wiggling further down to try and get some type of friction, but he taunts your sensitive spots with a laugh.
”Naughty girls need to be punished.” He cackles, dipped a single finger knuckles deep into you and you moan, cheeks bright red from embarrassment as you look at your tied hands.
He curls the digit before removing it entirely and inspecting the fluid clinging to his finger, dripping down onto his palm.
”Naughty, naughty little thing you are.” He says, pulling your hips up and your ass in the air. “Stay. You need to be punished.”
You shake your head, frustrated as you try to turn your head to look at him, but this time you see a pair of red glowing eyes before you’re being stuffed full with no preparation.
You scream, covering your mouth as the sting burns through your heat, yet you keep sucking him in because god it felt good despite the stretch, and his pace was fast and rough, relentlessly pounding into you.
”You like this don’t you? Little slut.” He hisses, hand snaking down your back and wrapping around the back of your neck pushing your face into the floor.
Your moans are loud and embarrassing as he uses you and you catch a glimpse at the purple of the silicone cock disappearing in your cunt.
So that’s how he’s fucking you.
You choke on a sob when he thrusts rather harshly into you, the head of the dildo bullying your cervix as his other hand moves from your hip down to your stomach and pushes on the spot you can feel it poking at from the inside.
”If only you could see it, you can at least feel it, right?” He moves his hand further down and slaps your clit, a shock running through your body at the contact and it was such a hot mixture of pain and pleasure, the lines between the two were blurred.
”Like being used like the fuck toy you are, hm? Naughty girl, naughty.”
Every word he spat went straight to your pussy, clenching around the cock pounding into your gummy walls and rubbing that spongy spot that had your toes curling.
You moan his name like a mantra, words coming out jumbled as your brain goes to mush from the feeling of his fingers wrapped tightly around your neck.
”Already reduced to a dumb whore, huh?” He snickers, releasing your neck and grabbing a fist full of your hair, pulling it back enough to lift your head off the ground.
”S‘too much!.. ‘M gon, gonna cum!” You slurred, saliva dripping down your chin as your eyes roll to the back of your head, the strap on hitting all the right places leaving a delicious tingly feeling in the pit of your stomach.
”Already? Tsk.” He laughs maniacally, pulling the dildo out and sitting back on the heels of his feet as you stay there wiggling your cute ass in the air.
”No!.. Please, I’ll be good. I can be a good girl!”
”Can you?” He sneers, slapping your ass before rubbing over where the mark will show. “Bad girls don’t get rewards.”
He turns you over onto your back, the cool padded floor sending shivers throughout your body as you look up at the bright red eyes staring back down.
He tilts his head side to side as if contemplating the decision before halting his movements and leaning over you, his hands coming up and gripping the back of your thighs.
”Take your punishment, brat.”
He slams back into you again, you yelp in surprise from the sudden penetration and your cunt squeezes tight around him almost affecting his rhythm.
”Squeezing it this tight? You’re enjoying this, you bad girl.” He hisses as he brings your legs up to press against your chest and thrusts harder into you at the new angle.
You whine, mewl and moan as your head lulls side to side, his name falling off your tongue as the knot in your belly grows tight nearly about to snap.
You try to mask it, acting like you’re not so close to the edge that it’s bringing tears to your eyes. In hopes you can come undone, even if it’s without him knowing.
But he’s smarter than you give him credit for. He grips your face and leans so close his cold metal head is almost touching yours, and he growls at you.
”Are you trying to disobey me? Disgusting slut.” He slaps your clit again and you feel that knot twist even tighter. You look up at him through your lashes dampened by tears as you whine at the bruising pace he’s going at.
”What? Cat got your tongue?” He snickers bringing his hand up and squishing your cheeks to pucker your lips out.
He slows down, shallow and slow but precise thrusts as you try to roll your hips against his, dampening his pants with your juices before he growls and shoves your hips to the floor.
”No, no, no!“ He snarls. “Don’t move, brat.”
”Moon, please!.. Please I’ll do anything!” You whine, moving your arms but remembering the tight ribbon around your wrists.
”Anything, hm?” He laughs and you frown up at him from where you’re forced to lay until you feel him pull out almost entirely, the tip barely in your needy cunt that’s soaked his pants.
”Then take what I give you.” He huffs, ramming the entire length inside you and your eyes roll back, arching up into him as he leans over you and wraps his hand around your neck again. “Like a good girl would.”
You nod pathetically at his words, taking every comment and degrading thing he says and letting it bring you closer. Your pussy tingling with overstimulation that pushes you to your peak quicker than the first two denied times.
You lift your arms but they’re quickly shoved back down to the ground and you mewl as his hand around your throat tightens slightly and his other one comes down to your puffy clit begging for attention.
The cool metal of his thumb rubbing harsh and quick circles around your clit causes you to arch more, eyes closed as your mouth opens in a silent scream, that knot barely hanging on by a thread.
”Go on, cum on me.” He whispers into your ear. “Be a good girl for me.”
The feeling washes over you and you see stars as he continues to bump against that gummy spot inside you. Your legs shaking as your juices gush around the dildo still abusing your spent cunt.
You whimper at the feeling before he stops and sits up, dick still inside you as he just stares down at the mess you made.
”This much? Over a toy?” He laughs, mocking you when your cheeks burn a darker red than before.
Your breathing is erratic, sweat clinging to your body as you lie helplessly on the ground. You groan at the empty feeling when he pulls out, taking the strap off and shoving it back into the bag from before and sliding it off to the side again.
He tilts his head to the side as he looks down at you. Crouching down and picking up your hands before removing the colorful ribbon and letting your arms fall to the padded flooring again.
He laughs as he watches you struggle to sit up, glaring over in his direction as you sit there recalling the events that just happened with flushed cheeks.
The lights turn on when he’s in the middle of making a remark, stiffening upon the sudden brightness before you blink a few times and see a shiny yellow fellow where the Moon had just been.
He‘s extremely worried and scared when he sees the condition you’re in. Mumbling to himself as he stands to his feet and runs over to you.
”Oh nonono! Are you okay? Did he hurt you?” He asks thousands of questions as he examines your physical body for any signs of harm, taking mental notes of the red hand marks on your neck and thighs before he gently lifts you up on your feet.
”I’m okay, Sunny.” You smile up at him, and suddenly you realize how adorable it is that he cares about you all the time.
He claps before jumping over and picking up your clothing that was ripped off and handing it to you, patting your head softly as he inspects your condition more.
”That’s great, Sunshine! I was worried I— He did something.“ He says as his head droops a little at the thought of hurting you. “B-but! You’re okay and it’s fine! Do you wanna play a game, Sweetheart? Do ya? Do ya?”
His enthusiasm causes you to giggle as he does his swaying dance side to side waiting for your answer.
”Hmm, I dunno, Sun. Depends what we play.” You smile, watching as the animatronic brings a hand up to his chin as he thinks for a moment.
”We could play anything! Anything in the world! I just want you to be happy, so you pick, Sunshine!”
You stare wide-eyed up at the Sun who resumes his little dance. Pants still in your hands you squeeze your legs together as you think over his words, the times he would constantly praise you or put your needs above his own and it made you fall for him more.
You grin up at him as a thought crosses your mind and you take his hand in your own.
”I think I have an idea of what we could play.”
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dreams-of-my-childhood · 4 months ago
Hello! May I ask for your sundrop and moondrop nsfw headcannons??
note :: rly proud of these hcs
warning :: obviously 18+
reader pronouns :: afab, no pronouns mentioned
Sun is wild. He’s so energetic all the time. I swear he has no concept of getting tired.
You will cum every single time he fucks you because he never runs out of stamina.
He’s a very selfless lover, always out to please you.
Sun is so desperate for approval, he will continually ask you if you like what he’s doing.
He never shuts his fucking mouth. Even when you’re choking on pure pleasure he wont stop chatting. He’s always saying something, or just whining.
“You’re so perfect sunshine, keep going, just like that! Yes, yes!”
“Do you like that? Do ya? Say yes for me sunshine!”
Any position you’re in, he’s very clingy. Sun has always got you in a restrictive hold no matter what.
Doggy is a personal favourite of his. He likes to lean on your back and tightly wrap his arms around your waist as he fucks you from behind.
The daycare is the most common spot to fuck since it’s basically where he lives.
Sun has a thing for confined spaces: inside closets or a tight fit like a slide. He just loves to be forced together by a small spaces.
There will be absolutely no sex residue left behind after a session. Sun is an absolute neat/clean freak.
It’s hard to pinpoint Sun’s libido, but I’d say it’s high. He really enjoys sex with you and is a bit of a beggar.
“Can we do it now?? Please please! I want to have fun with you!”
Of course, there’s no funny business around kids. Absolutely not. Sun knows when it’s appropriate to mention sex and all that, as much as he puts on a clown front he’s trustworthy and a good carer- he’s built that way after all.
But that mf clings to your ass the moment the plex closes.
This asshole likes to bend in every way to fuck you.
He’s always twisting out of shape to pound you in such weird positions.
Moon doesn’t have a favourite position but his least favourite would probably be cowgirl. He doesn’t like your pace, or you being in control. He wants to fuck you.
Usually the areas in the daycare are incorporated into sex. He’ll fuck you on a swinging bridge with half your body hanging off.
It can get a little dangerous sometimes. Moon’s personal favourite area is on the very top of the playground. It was incredibly thrilling to be so high up doing the deed.
Moon is the type to get a little too over excited and possibly hurt you. Maybe a squeeze too hard, or a pull too quick but it’s all in the name of pleasure.
He’s unbelievably rough- both verbally and physically.
He orders you around without a second thought. He tells you how to arch your back, sit on his lap, speed up. Anything you do is dictated by him.
Much like Sun, Moon does not shut his damn mouth. He doesn’t talk like Sun though, Moon is always boasting or shaming you in some way.
“Naughty, naughty.” Is thrown around a lot.
And oh god his laugh. His evil, scornful, giggle echoes through the daycare as he relentlessly pounds you.
Unfortunately he’s not one to moan, best you’ll get from him is a grunt or two.
Moon isn’t clingy during sex, he’s more of an admirer than a groper. He likes to see your body in all its glory and keep it as an untouched canvas.
Absolutely the jealous type, jealous sex will happen more often than not. Moon never lets jealousy get to him too much, just enough to make him pound you so fast you scream his name.
He’s a bit of a pervert, like I said he admirers from afar. There’s times at the end of the day that Moon will immediately drag you somewhere to fuck and you have no idea where the sudden idea to get it on came from. The truth is he’d been checking you out the entire day.
Average libido, a little less active than his counterpart.
He makes it count, sex is always dangerously thrilling with Moon.
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tiresomeimagination · 4 months ago
Clean Up (Daycare Attendant x Reader) Sun Side
Word Count: 1.5k
Warnings: Needy/clingy behavior. Sun has abandonment issues. Pretty much just fluff and reverse comfort otherwise.
Author’s Note: I headcanon both Sun and Moon with male pronouns, so that’s what I’m using (but reader is neutral as usual). I’m also going with the general popular consensus of the fandom of Sun and Moon being separate personalities in the same animatronic body.
The sequel is out and you can find that one here!
“Man, they really got you good, huh?” You muttered as you did your best to peel yet another glittery rainbow-colored sticker off of Sun’s body. The lanky animatronic of the daycare sat on the padded playmats in front of you, leaning forward to allow you access to his terribly vandalized surface. You weren’t surprised that the most recent hoard of toddlers had managed to cause such a mess, but you couldn’t help but cringe at the sight. There was everything from crayon scribbles, paint, and glue smears, to nearly every sticker known to mankind. You could hardly recognize the robot under it all.
Sun focused his blank eyes on you, tilting his head. “Aw, they didn’t mean any harm! They were all just so excited to play!” he exclaimed in his overly enthusiastic voice.
You sighed. It probably wasn’t even in the poor animatronic’s programming to deny requests like that from a kid, no matter how degrading it was. “Yeah…well, let’s just hope none of this paint got onto any of your circuitry. I’d hate for you to have to be shipped off to Parts and Services…” you said as you brought the wet rag up to try and wipe some more of the caked substance off.
The thought of you fussing over him like this gave Sun a strange warm and fuzzy feeling deep in his core that he couldn’t quite place. Before you could resume cleaning, Sun burst into motion. With a high-pitched squeal, he threw his arms around you and wrapped you in a tight hug. “Don’t worry, Friend! I’m just swell as long as you’re here!” He practically shouted.
You instinctively winced at the new position. Metal bodies weren’t the most comfortable to be forcibly squished against after all…Not to mention you could practically feel the gunk rubbing off of him and onto your previously tidy Pizzaplex uniform. “Ah, S-Sun! You’re gonna get me all dirty!” you whined, biting back a chuckle at his childish affection.
“Oops!” Sun squeaked, pulling away immediately at your protest as if the thought hadn’t occurred to him. He worriedly scanned over the new paint and glue smudges adorning your shirt. “Oh no, what a mess! I’m so sorry, Friend!” He said in an anxious tone, using his hand to try and wipe it off but to no avail.
You couldn’t hold it back anymore and let out a low laugh, swatting away Sun’s hand. “It’s okay, it’s okay. I was going to wash this later anyway,” you assured lightly. Sun didn’t seem too sure, still hovering his hand in front of you as if trying to decide what to do to help. If he was capable of frowning, you were pretty sure he would be.
You took a moment to think over how to convince him that he hadn’t messed up or upset you. Your eyes scanned the floor around you, your gaze falling on the small pile of used stickers you had already pulled off of Sun’s body. With a grin, you grabbed a smiley face sticker and slapped it onto your forehead. It had just enough stickiness left to stay in place. “There, now we’re both works of art!” You added another laugh for good measure.
Sun reeled back slightly in surprise before visibly relaxing and joining in on your laughter.
“Now come on, let’s get you cleaned up before this place locks down,” you said cheerfully, picking up the wet rag and resuming your task. It was a bit tricky getting Sun to stay still long enough for you to reach all the places you needed to. Even when he was sitting in one place, the hyperactive animatronic couldn’t help but wiggle and sway back and forth.
Of course, Sun was trying his best to stay still for you! It was just so hard to do when he was so happy. And how could he not be happy when his favorite friend was here with him? You always took time to come and visit him, sometimes even using up your precious break time when you were assigned to work somewhere else in the Pizzaplex. You even liked to help him clean up the daycare after a particularly rowdy bunch of kids left! None of the other employees liked to do that. You were so so nice! And gentle! And funny! And- oh wait, were you talking to him?
“Sun, hey, are you okay? You were kind of spacing out,” you said with a hint of concern. You sure hoped those brats hadn’t damaged him.
“Oh! Yes, of course! Sorry!” He said quickly, snapping out of his thoughts.
You frowned, giving him a worried look. Honestly, you probably should have taken him right to Parts and Services for a tuneup just in case, but you knew that the mechanics and other workers weren’t always very friendly with the animatronics. They were the property of Fazbear Entertainment after all. Why would anyone spend extra time and effort just to spare the “feelings” of glorified work equipment? You’ve caught workers like the security guard yelling at the Glamrocks before, and you wanted to spare the Daycare Attendant that kind of treatment as much as possible.
“You know…you should be more careful,” you said, thinking over how to phrase your next words as you dipped your rag into the bowl of water beside you and wet it again. You knew that Sun had a bit of a thing about messes, so you doubted that he was the one that suggested this “makeover” in the first place. As long as it didn’t break any of the daycare’s rules, he tended to go along with whatever the little guests wanted.
“Huh?” Sum hummed, tilting his head in confusion.
“You…you don’t have to let the kids walk all over you all the time. It’s okay to say no. Especially when something might hurt you,” you explained gently.
Sun reeled back dramatically to look at you, his voice box sputtering in surprise. “Well- Well I…we were just having fun! That’s what I’m here for after all, hehe!” he insisted, sounding a little nervous as if he was trying to convince himself as well as you.
You nodded and shifted your position, rising up onto your knees so you could reach Sun’s faceplate. You wouldn’t keep pushing the topic if he was uncomfortable with it. “If you say so. I just want you to know that it’s…well…it’s okay for you to stick up for what you want…or don’t want,” you said as you carefully began cleaning his cheek.
If you had stopped long enough to notice the position the two of you had ended up in, you would have been more than a little embarrassed. You knelt in front of the Daycare Attendant, his large hands having drifted onto your shoulders as you wiped the colorful grime off his faceplate. Your faces were close, and he couldn’t focus his attention anywhere but your eyes. If you listened closely, you could hear the whirring of his internal fans picking up.
“R-Really…?” Sun squeaked out, his voice much quieter than his usual shouting.
“Of course!” You replied instantly, giving him a confident smile.
You were caught off guard when you felt one of Sun’s hands wrap around your wrist, stilling your hand as he stared at you.
“I…I want you to stay,” he managed to get out. His voice box warbled slightly with the force of the words.
You felt your heart twist at his shy request. Of course he was lonely spending all night alone, but it wasn’t like you could just live here. You had to go home sometime.
“Sun…” You sighed, your expression melting somewhere between worry and pity.
“I don’t like it when you leave. you're my bestest most special friend!" he whined, gripping your arm with both hands now. "Moon likes you too! We don't want you to go!" he added, hoping that might help sway you somehow.
you let out another heavy sigh, patting the back of his hands. "... You know I can't stay forever, right?" you asked, trying to be patient with him.
Sun gave a hesitant nod.
"But...I will always come back," you added, giving him a reassuring smile.
"... Pinky promise?" Sun asked quietly, lifting his right hand and sticking out his pinky finger.
You paused, looking at his outstretched hand. You wondered if it was a good idea to make such a commitment. You probably wouldn't work here for the rest of your life or anything...Eh, what were you worrying about? It was just a little pinky swear to cheer up your robotic companion. He would probably find some new worker to cling to by then anyway.
"Pinky promise," you echoed, curling your pinky around his and giving a gentle shake.
"Ahh, thank you Y/N! I feel much better now, hehe!" Sun giggled before wrapping you in another tight hug. It was astonishing just how quickly he could flip moods sometimes.
You chuckled, this time hugging him back. His joy was always so contagious. You had to admit, it was nice to feel cared about. Even if it wasn't a human doing the caring.
The two of you stayed like that for a little while. You were just about to pull away and get back to work when you heard the distant sound of the mall's automated voice over the speaker systems.
"Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex is now closed. Initiating Nighttime Protocols."
"... Crap."
"Language, Y/N!"
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glambots · 3 months ago
Idea! The daycare attendants, dj music man, and Freddy accidentally hitting reader and have to deal with them flinching after that
🎩Glamrock Freddy + "The Accident:"🎩
He's incredibly careful from that moment on, always hesitating before he reaches out towards you, eyes and ears drooping sadly whenever he sees you instinctively flinch away from his touch. Nothing pains him like knowing that there's a part of you that's scared of him, even if it was an accident. Superstar...please do not be afraid of him. He would never hurt you on purpose. Ever. It goes against his code. Please...please believe him. He does not...he does not want you to think of him as someone to be afraid of.
☀️Sunnydrop + "The Accident:"☀️
No! No, no, nonononono--he--he didn't mean to! H-He didn't--y-you're not hurt are you?! He can make it better! He can fix this!! Honestly, he's more shaken than you are, hands trembling as he desperately pastes a band-aid over the area that he'd accidentally (Accident!!! It was an ACCIDENT!!!) smacked. There! All better!!! No more tears!!! No more frowny-faces!!! Please, please, please don't be scared of him!!! He's your pal!!! Your best friend??? He'd never hurt you on purpose! Ever, ever, ever, ever...!!!
🌙Moondrop + "The Accident:"🌙
You'd think Moon would be the type to brush it off--maybe make a joke about you not being able to take a little "rough-housing." But no. He feels just as bad as Sun, if not more. He's supposed to be the safe one. The one who makes sure no harm comes to those around him. For him to hurt you--accident or not--it's like he can't even trust his own hands. He's scared just to approach you, much less touch you. The flinching does not help matters. (Please don't look at him like that. He's sorry. He's sorry. He's sorry.)
🎧DJ Music Man + "The Accident:"🎧
DJ is usually so careful when it comes to making sure he's not going to hit someone--so when he feels his hand make contact with you, he immediately freezes. Oh, no! A-Are you alright? He can't vocalize his thoughts, but from the frantic waving and the panicked wheezing, you can see how freaked out he is. He's much more careful from that point on, but he can't help the little pang of sadness that runs through him when he sees you flinch. He knows why you're doing it, but it still...hurts. He's sorry. He's so, so sorry.
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superhamwriting · 4 months ago
Daycare Supervisor
(I turned on auto cap for this i hope you appreciate it.)
You dropped your heavy duffel bag on the floor and looked around the small room. There was a bed tucked in the corner on the wall where the door was and a vanity opposite the head of the bed, lined with lightbulbs. Along the way leading to the bathroom door was a dresser, a bookshelf, and a small setup with a microwave and a mini fridge. You sat down in front of the vanity and pulled down the note taped to it.
Welcome new daycare supervisor! As the daycare supervisor it is within your duties to dictate the cleaning bots, watch over the children, and most importantly: take care of the Daycare Attendant! Below are instructions for taking care of each of his personalities.
Sundrop: Watch the children from afar and ensure safety. Supply Sundrop with any materials he requires. Keep Sundrop company at night. Return Sundrop to charging stations every hour
Moondrop: Avoid when possible. Moondrop will appear when the lights are off and will punish anyone not sleeping, including you. Moondrop will patrol the pizzaplex every hour from 1am-6am. When he returns, turn the lights on and charge Sundrop.
You placed the note back on the vanity and stood up. When you opened the door of your room, you could faintly hear the music of the daycare center from the hallway. According to the horribly complicated digital map that had been sent to you, your room was right behind the daycare. The hallway would dump you out in the lobby by the entrance where you would be able to leave whenever you needed to go shopping for yourself or Sundrop.
Under most circumstances you never would have dreamed of working a 24/7 job but you were desperate, to put it gently. You were out on the streets so this job with its provided room, one free meal a day, and jaw dropping salary was just what you needed. Being on Sundrop’s beck and call at all times probably wasn’t totally legal but you were promised you would get 8 hours of sleep somehow and you got a nice 12 hours a week all to yourself.
The music got louder as you approached the backdoor of the daycare. It was still early so there shouldn’t be too many kids; the perfect time to introduce yourself to the robot you would be babysitting.
The metal door creaked open and you had to squint to adjust to the bright and vibrant colors of the play area. Before you could register what was happening a soft padded hand grabbed yours and shook it with enthusiasm.
“You must be my new friend!!” A robotic voice exclaimed. “Oh we’re going to have so much fun together! We’ll make fun crafts and have puppet shows and eat pizza together while we watch over all the kiddos!!”
Finally you looked up and took in the animatronic towering over you. He couldn’t seem to stop moving and his brightly colored face swayed as he talked. He was a bit intimidating, but with his friendly smile and silly jester getup, it was hard to be scared of him.
“It’s nice to meet you Sundrop. I’m Y/n, I’ll be taking care of you and the daycare from now on.” You gave him a friendly smile that only seemed to make him more excited.
“Oh yep, yep, yep! They told me all about you Y/n! Look!! I even made you this.” In his outstretched hand was a name tag with your name on it, nearly illegible due to how much glitter glue was covering it. The name tag had a border of bright stickers and even some hand drawn smiley faces.
“You made this for me?” You smiled as you pinned the name tag to your shirt.
“Of course I did! You’re as important to the daycare as I am! The kiddos have to know your name!” He ruffled your hair with a soft padded hand as he gave you a goofy grin.
You looked over his shoulder and noticed a group of parents walking in with their kids. Sun followed your gaze and enthusiastically waved to the families. He bid you a cheerful farewell as he bounded over to check in the kids.
You watched him go in a state of awe at his intricate programming. Who would’ve thought that a machine could be so friendly?
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superstarrdaycare · 4 months ago
alright you all know why im here. you see my url. here they are. more rambling than anything tbh
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🔆💛 • a sweetheart, but definitely overbearing—they won't leave you alone! sometimes it's cute, other times it's... worrying how they genuinely think you don't like them anymore just because you're leaving the daycare
🔆💛 • they have serious abandonment issues. nobody told them that kids aren't allowed in the daycare over twelve, so sun just thinks they're just too much. fazent why you put mental illness in the robot
🔆💛 • so you've got some work to do to convince them you're here to stay! it takes a lot of time, and a lot of patience, but eventually they seem to get it.
🔆💛 • they'll repay you tenfold for every little thing you do—you deserve the best, in their professional opinion. sun's a crafter of course, they'll always give you something handmade and sparkly! or when they're too excited to sit down and make anything, a bottle of glitter glue from their collection
🔆💛 • on your first anniversary they wait in the hall of the daycare for you for several hours before the pizzaplex even opens, just to give you a scrapbook they'd been compiling since they met you. it's very colorful, to say the least
🔆💛 • anytime you pass by they like to grab you and give you a nuzzle, as they can't exactly kiss you without lips
🔆💛 • they like to wash your hair. even if they have to wear multiple layers of gloves and a rain poncho to keep their inner workings safe from the water, they really, really love to. it gets a little excessive at times, and you half-pray your manager doesn’t dock your pay for visiting the onsite showers so often
🔆💛 • after a while of this you inform sun about scalp massages. they immediately go wild
🔆💛 •  sun likes to make sure you're nice and neat, generally. they're like a fussy mom—which makes sense, considering they work in a daycare and are a bit of a neat freak. they try to get the frizz out of your hair rather fruitlessly, they'll straighten your clothes, triple check that you're tidy before giving you a big ole hug and skipping off
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🌜💙 • moon is basically the entire reason you were ever able to confess to its counterpart. at first, they were protective of sun—you weren't exactly someone they trusted. come their time to wake they kept you at arms length, encouraging you to do the same with half-threats and general bitchiness
🌜💙 • they quickly realized it'd likely be beneficial for sun. to have someone that cares about them so much, who could actually hold them and comfort them. so moon relented even if they still avoided you
🌜💙 • ...but then, they realized just how hopeless the two of you were. sun being generally oblivious, you being ever so nervous—hopeless! they simply had to interfere!
🌜💙 • so during one of your after hour shifts, they approached. and started... giving you advice on how to court sun. enough that you would be confident in yourself. not that they doubted you were doing well already, no no, you just needed to be more direct
🌜💙 • along the way, they admittedly find themself charmed by your cluelessness. "IT'S CUTE," they idly remark one night.
🌜💙 • and then they realize you have fucking tomfooled them into crushing on you. they were no match for such craft!
🌜💙 • they confess after throwing a grape capri sun at you and telling you to never speak of it again
🌜💙 • it takes a week of avoidance max for them to come back and sincerely ask if you'd like to date
🌜💙 • your sleep schedule has improved since. mainly because they insist you stay at the daycare for cuddles and will otherwise firmly instruct you to be in bed by 10:30
🌜💙 • it's a lot of firmness with them. they will take no shit. this extends to how they handle self-doubt from you, even if it's... awkwardly like they're trying to warn a child
"...who's bullying who??"
🌜💙 • eventually you tell moon you need comfort when you have those kinds of days. they aren't good with comfort and don't know how to respond. verbal comfort is sun's thing. they steal your flashlight and get sun to come out
����💙 • ...you'll work on touchy-feely-talk together soon. for now, you can just cuddle
Tumblr media
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keylimeimagines · 5 months ago
I LOVE HOW U WRITE SUNDROP/SUNRISE AWEE could we get dating hcs pls pls (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞♡︎♡︎ have a good day/night!!
of course!! sunny makes me roll around, kicking my legs in the air, lying on my stomach, and giggle nonstop bc he's so cute <3 i hope you enjoy!!
Sunny's love language is PDA. argue with the wall /lh
he'll always try to be near you, whether it's just holding your hand or full out cuddling with you
the kids think you two are adorable!! and they also tease Sunny about the way he's so lovey-dovey with you!!
(since i see the two being two completely different characters) he's gonna talk about you to Moondrop ALL THE TIME, and moon is sick of it (but he's happy for his brother so he can't be too grumpy about it)
smother him in kisses and praises and he's yours. he has one of those big, dopey smiles on his face and his heart is melting each affection you give him <3
when putting on a lil puppet show for the kiddies, he always looks for your support and praises the entire show, and he even has you help out with the supplies and puppets
he made all the puppets he has with the kids, so they may not look like S-tier quality but it's the thought that counts :) they are cute though! albeit the fact that they have messy amounts of glitter glue and googly eyes on it bc it was Sunny's idea, and he loves glitter glue and googly eyes <3
when the daycare is finally empty, he's really tired and asks for you to stay with him until tomorrow (please say yes, he really wants your company), and he'll fall asleep (can animatronics sleep?) instantly while laying on you.
he may not be entirely comfortable considering he's practically all metal, so i hope you won't mind :)
goofy petnames and corny pick-up lines are this man's other love language, bc he's dorky like that <3 this loony toon mf is so cute
probably smells like those sunshine and lemons hand sanitizers from bath and body works bc i said so
he's so skrunkly i love him and he would be an amazing partner <3
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dragonjesterwrites · a month ago
Ok so I had this idea for a super fluffy request for Moondrop and Sundrop, can I get a headcanon for what would happen if reader gave them both 3 handmade plushies, two are Sun and Moon, the third is a plushie version of reader "so even if I'm not here we can still be together" this happens a few days after reader came back to work after they had been sick for a week so had to take a week off.
This idea was so cute I misread and wrote a drabble instead of headcanons, I hope that's okay! 😅😂
TW: Mild Illness
"Sunshine! You're back!" You barely had time to blink before being swept up in a hurricane of yellow and red, held tightly as you were spun around in the empty Daycare.
"Hi, Sunny!" You laughed, holding on for dear life. "Ooh, you might wanna put me down. I just stopped throwing up a day ago."
The tall robot skidded to a stop and quickly did as you asked, hands coming up to hold your head as he tilted his head from side to side. "Throw up? I'm sorry Sunshine, are you feeling okay now? Moon and I missed you so so so much, no one told us anything, we were so worried!"
"I'm okay, I'm here." You chuckled, embracing the tall robot and feeling him sag slightly against you as he hugged you back. "I'm here. I missed you guys too." You paused as Sun squeezed you tighter. "They really didn't tell you anything the whole week?"
"No- they just said you'd be back soon. Moon and I both assumed you were sick, but Jamie said you'd… quit… b-but I knew that couldn't be true!"
"Absolutely not! Why would I quit when I work with the sweetest two robots this side of the globe? Jamie's full of nonsense, as usual." You pressed your forehead to his and nuzzled him gently, pleased at the giggle it pulled from his voicebox.
"I'm glad you're back, Sunshine. The Daycare wasn't the same without you! It opens soon, as you know, but we have time for Moon to welcome you back! How about it?" He asked, clasping his hands together excitedly.
"Yeah! I'll see you soon, Sunny." You both made your way over to the security desk, and you offered him one last smile and wave, eagerly returned, before hitting the light switch. The Daycare was plunged into total darkness before the massive LED stars above flickered on, casting a faint glow across the final seconds of the transformation.
Moon's blue LED pupils sparked to life as Sun's rays disappeared with a final clunk, and he spun his faceplate once around before his gaze settled on you.
"Starlight?" He whispered excitedly, spinning his faceplate again. You grinned and met him at the edge of the desk, his cool metal arms wrapping securely around you.
"Moony." You whispered back, still smiling broadly into the crook of his neck. "Sorry I was out for so long. I caught some stomach bug. Missed you two."
"We missed you as well. Are you feeling better, Star?" He released you to scan your vitals, thumb brushing over your jaw with his cool fingers cupping the side of your warm neck, no doubt checking your pulse.
"I'm feeling much better, Moony." You reached out to hold his face, smiling softly, before heaving a yawn that took you by surprise. "Ha, guess I'm still a little sleepy, though."
He hummed and beckoned you to follow with a finger before being swept up by the cable. You jogged after him, and despite not currently being able to see him, you had an idea of where he was going.
Sure enough, you reached the nap area, an area with a ceiling of blankets and string lights like a makeshift pillow fort, strewn with blankets, pillows, beanbags, and plushies, big enough to let a small army of toddlers comfortably lay down. Moon touched down behind you and took your hand, leading you to his gigantic, star covered beanbag from where he could rest and oversee the sleeping children, or sit and read books to them.
"Best to get some rest before work then- it's bound to be a busy day today." He helped you up onto the beanbag and you snuggled in close, sighing in content as the soft clicks and chimes of his internal music box began to fill the cozy space.
"Yeah, probably. Thanks, Moon. Can you wake me up a few minutes before the Daycare opens?" You asked, sleepiness already overcoming your body.
"Of course. Nighty night, Starlight."
The next couple of days, you noticed Sun and Moon both seemed a little more clingy than usual. Moon was usually a little more of a stoic than Sun, but would come and have you join for storytime and naps, "to help convince the children to sleep," he said, although you weren't sure- not that you were complaining- how napping besides Moon on his sleeping bag helped.
Sun would cajole you to join in all the games played; tag, red rover, cops and robbers. He would always chase after you and be one of the ones holding your hand.
After closing, whoever was in control would try and persuade you to stay over for a sleepover, and you'd agree most of the time- they were surprisingly good cuddlers for guys made of metal and wires.
But the third day after you had come back, your throat had begun to get sore again, and in between your exasperation and dread, you decided you wanted properly dosed pain relievers instead of using up the last of the child's Tylenol.
"Sorry, Sun, I can't stay over tonight. Looks like my immune system didn't quite recover- throat's feeling scratchy again, I ought to go home, shower, and take some meds." You chuckled wearily, rubbing the back of your neck and adjusting your bag on your shoulder. Sun visibly drooped, fidgeting nervously with his hands.
"Are you sure? M-maybe you could stay with Moon and I for tomorrow, I-I can clean up our room! Moon can leave the Daycare to fetch you some adult medicine, and I can bring you water…" He began to plead, but trailed off at the expression on your face.
You moved forward and took his hands in yours, squeezing gently as you smiled up at him. "Hey. I promise it's not forever. I'll be back before you know it."
"I- ...Well, alright. You feel better soon, my little Sunflower." He hugged you tight, his tone laced with sadness, and you frowned in thought over his shoulder.
"Hang on, I have an idea. Do you still have that sewing kit I got you?" You asked, pulling back.
"Yeah… you want me to get it?" He asked curiously, perking up ever so slightly.
"Yeah, and may you bring me some scissors, markers, fabric and stuffing too?" You asked, counting off the items on your fingers.
"O-of course! Be right back." He took one last glance at you before zipping up to his room, rustling around for a few minutes before reappearing with a tote bag and handing it to you.
"Okay, give me like… well, we've only got an hour, so that long." You chuckled, glancing at your watch. "I'll be behind the security desk. No peeking!"
"Ooh, a surprise? I love surprises! Okay, I promise I won't look- I'll go clean over there!" He bounded away before you could reply, and you dashed over to the security desk, plopping down with your back to the drawers.
You cut it close to the deadline, but managed to finish up your project before the doors closed.
You popped your head over the desk, bumping into the chair with your shoulder and prompting Sun to glance over. "Hey, Sunny! All done."
He quickly and precisely stacked the last foam barrel before skipping over to the desk, where you joined him on the other side, your three creations held behind your back.
"Alright, you ready?" You grinned, rocking on the balls of your feet.
"Yes! Show me show me show me!" He laughed, interlocking his fingers in a begging motion.
You pulled out the three little plushies from behind your back, two in one hand and one in the other. "Here." You handed him the one plush- it was obviously you, and you were pretty proud of the resemblance as you'd been rushing. "This is for you and Moon so that you'll always have me by your side when I'm out sick."
You shifted one of the remaining plushies to your now free hand so you could hold them up and show him. "...And this Mini-Sunny and Mini-Moony are for me. That way, we're connected… and it's like a promise I'll come back."
Sun let out a soft "oh", fans kicking up a notch as he gazed down at the little plush of yourself he held ever so gently in his hands, then he wrapped you up in a hug before you could blink.
"I love it. Oooh, I should make little-you a space in my bedroom. Moon can make a little hammock, and I'm sure it would be alright if I borrowed one of the spare doll sets-" He released you and called down the cable, carefully tucking the plush in the crook of his elbow as he rambled excitedly and secured the cable with his other hand.
Despite your sore throat, you couldn't help but laugh. "You haven't even let the real me up in your room yet." You managed to get in a playful poke to his slender chest before the cable pulled him up and away.
"I will, I will! It just… needs a little tidying." He called out as he touched down on his tower balcony. He picked up the arm of the plush and had it wave to you, and you couldn't help the smile that tugged at your mouth as you had the Sun doll wave back.
Later that night, you crawled into bed after a well needed care routine consisting mostly of ice cream and goofy animal videos. The Sun plush got tucked in to your left, closest to the lamp, and the Moon plush on your right, bathed in shadows.
At the same time, miles away in the gloomy dark, with his legs dangling over the tower ledge, sat Moon, cradling the plush in one hand. He hummed softly and booped little-you's nose, before getting up with a series of clicks and whirs and making his way through the large, quiet room to the pile of blankets he and Sun called their bed. He deposited the plush face up in the hammock he'd hung awhile prior, gave it a gentle push, then flopped down on the pile, lazily tracking the swinging motion back and forth, back and forth…
"See you soon, Starlight."
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lofious · 5 months ago
Y’all can’t tell me that this is sundrop/glamrock Freddy with their S/O
Tumblr media
It’s called a special feeling meme btw
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clumsyenby · 4 months ago
Irreplaceable - Sun & Moon x Reader
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TW: slight angst, brief mentions of death (ends in fluff!) adult, gender-neutral reader 3626 words
*(Y/N) - Your Name
He/They pronouns for Sun/Moon, He/Him for both Sun & Moon (Separated).
- spending time with the new, child-friendlier version of your animatronic lovers makes you feel a lot more guilty than you thought possible. if only, you could bring your lovers back. oh wait, you can.
"(Y/N)~!" You turned around, a smile playing on your face. Just a single call of your name from your favourite animatronic was more than enough to lift your mood, especially on bad days. A sun-themed animatronic skips up to you, the permanent smile on her face appearing a little more sweetly than normal. "Hey! How are ya today?" She asked. Her voice is chipper and excited.
Your smile instantly dropped. You forgot that this was not your favourite animatronic. You pulled your smile back on quickly, in order not to disappoint the animatronic. "It's been good, Sunshine." You responded. She beamed at your response.
Your chest felt heavy as you watched her skip away from you to tend to the children exploring about in the Daycare. She joyfully picks a child up and snuggles them to her chest, the material of her dress making a comfortable cushion for a child to lie on. You studied the yellow bow that sat atop her head, right in front of her sun rays that gave her trademark look.
A silver-faced animatronic steps out of the nursery of the Daycare, adjusting the blue nightcap that sat atop her head. There was a ribbon on the center of the cap, a small yet silver moon charm sewn onto it. Similarly to Sunshine, she was wearing a dress. Unlike Sunshine's bright orange dress, hers was a dark navy blue, small crescents adorning the skirt. You watched as this animatronic bends down to pick up a yawning child. "Are you tired, little one?" She asks. The child nods, "Yes, Miss Moonshine. Can we take a nap?" Moonshine nods, immediately starting to hum a familiar lullaby tune as she walks towards the nursery, the child leaning gently on her shoulders.
Sunshine and Moonshine. The new replacements of the original Daycare Attendant.
Just the sight of the girls alone was enough to make you emotional. It was hard to be around the girls. They were indeed sweet and wonderful to be with, but how could you surround yourself with the carbon copies of the ones you were very well not finished grieving over? It just added salt to the bleeding wound.
Working as an animatronic developer in the Pizzaplex had it perks, especially when your favourite pair of animatronics has made their feelings known to you. But, you cannot help but miss them, especially after they were decommissioned. The day of their passing was hard, not only for yourself, but for the other animatronics. As eccentric as the original pair were, they were special. They were your first big project upon joining the Pizzaplex. You were there when they first opened their eyes to the unknown world before them, down to the day the light went out of their eyes.
They were your Sun and Moon. Your boys. Your lovers. Your everything.
You never wanted for them to be decommissioned. But, the glitches that were tainting Moon's systems were slowing bleeding into Sun's. Sun, slowly but surely, became violent and was hard to calm down. His panic attacks happened more frequently than it ever should, likewise with Moon's near-murder attempts at whoever turned off the lights.
You tried your hardest. You fought management, begged them to give you time to fix them. They agreed and gave you a few months. It was not enough. You needed more time, more materials, more anything! Anything not to lose them. You had put in so much effort for them, you could not just let it go to waste. The last night you were with them, you were reading through Moon's coding.
It was the umpteenth time of you doing so, your tired eyes painstakingly looking at every letter, every number, every zeroes and ones. You figured there was a corrupted line of coding that had caused Moon to malfunction and thus, giving way for his anger issues to grow. But just like the many times before, you could not find a single error in his coding. What the hell was the problem? He was in a sense, sick, and you were giving it your all to heal him.
Just as you were going to take a swig of water to refresh yourself, you saw a hand flying towards you at record speed. Moon pinned you to the wall in a blink of an eye, his red optics glaring harshly into yours. You wheezed against his grip, trying to let in as much air as possible into your lungs. Moon cackled, "Bad partners should be put into timeout~!"
You coughed and used all of your remaining strength to caress his faceplate gently. "Moon," You whispered. You could feel your fingertips starting to get numb; grey spots were slowly filling your vision. "I kn-ow.. You're in th-ere.. Ple-ase.." You choked out. Your ears were ringing. You begged him to recognise you. This was not the Moon you fell in love with. You knew he was still in there, probably fighting the corrupted files in his system, even if you could not find them yourself. The Moon you knew would not dare to lay a finger to hurt you, much less a child.
The Moon that stood before you continued to stare emotionlessly into your eyes, its permanent smile on his faceplate making him appear satisfied with the kill he was about to have. The red glow of his eyes dimmed for a second. A small smile played on your lips, it was working. "It's me.." You whispered as you continued to watch the red fade from his eyes and felt his grip loosen.
The door to the Daycare slammed open. Through bleary eyes and muffled hearing, you could hear your name being called repeatedly. You could see a bright light shone towards you. Someone in a security outfit was rushing towards you.
With a loud 'THUNK!', Moon fell onto the ground. You were dropped instantly, tears welling up at the corner of your eyes as oxygen rushed into your lungs. It stung; a searing pain, but you felt relieved to be able to breathe. Arms were wrapped around you, holding you steadily as you tried to catch your breath. Firm yet gentle hands patted your back, "It's okay.. You're okay.." Your savior whispered repeatedly.
Tears were unavoidable. They streamed down your cheeks, leaving a salty taste in your mouth while you spluttered and heaved. You glanced over at Moon who was crumpled on the floor. They laid so still, as if they were a corpse. "Moon.. Sun.." You hiccupped out through your tears.
Your savior grasped your hands, bright green eyes boring into your own. "(Y/N), they almost killed you tonight! It isn't excusable anymore, they have to be scrapped!" You shook your head as realisation dawned on you. "No, Vanessa! I can fix them, you have to believe me!" You cried. You were not ready to say goodbye, not yet. You were sure that you still had time.
Vanessa frowned. "They just tried to kill you." She repeated. "So what?" You countered back. You knew you were starting to sound incoherent; babbling like a child throwing a tantrum. It was hard to accept the truth that was quickly approaching. You grabbed onto that last bit of hope you had left, holding onto it so tight, that it was hard to concentrate on anything else.
"They have to be scrapped, (Y/N). It's time to say goodbye."
Just as Vanessa spoke those very words, more human employees entered the Daycare. You have never seen them before, much less knew why they were present on this night shift. They rushed towards the crumpled yet still animatronic on the floor and lifted it onto a trolley. They ignored your sorrowful cries, wheeling your lovers out of the Daycare. Vanessa trapped you into a hug, holding you back as you protested.
Once you had finally calmed down, she held your hand gently. As gruff and strict she came off to others, she meant well. She was a good friend when she wanted to be. "Are you feeling better now?" She asked. You shook your head as a few stray tears dripped onto the floor. "Sun and Moon are going to be decommissioned! I couldn't save them, it was my fault!" You sobbed into her shoulder.
She rubbed your back slowly. Vanessa had never been one for comforting others, she did not know how to. "I'll take you to them," She begins. Her heart clenches at the sight of you, your bloodshot eyes with tear-stained cheeks was going to be imprinted in her memory. There was a clear handprint on your throat from Moon choking you just moments before. You looked at her desperately. You had to save them. They did not deserve this end.
"You can say your goodbyes.. As long as they're powered down. I cannot allow them to land another hand on you." She continued. You nodded profusely. "Y-yes, yes! Please, I cannot just leave them like that.." You replied. Your mind was in a jumble - What were you to do?
It was painful to see Moon strapped on the maintenance chair of Parts and Service. In the dim lighting, it enabled part of Sun to front, their sunrays showing despite Moon's nightcap being in clear sight. It was hard to say goodbye; how could you even utter those words to the two beings that mattered the most to you?
You bolted from Vanessa and went straight towards them, enveloping their limp body into a hug. Tears rolled down your cheeks again. One of the human employees turned to Vanessa, but she held a hand up. She gestured to the exit of Parts and Services, "They have a special bond.. Let's give them some time." The other employees understood the notion and left silently after her.
Every single memory ran through your head as you gazed at them, from the way Sun bounced excitedly around the room on the day of his activation, to the numerous times Moon would cuddle you on nights you stubbornly refused sleep, to the times when they would take turns to switch when attempting to bring you on a 'date' so they each could have time with you. Every smile, every laugh and all of the loving words they had given you in the few years you have known them was barely enough for you to even explain why you adored them. They were there in your darkest times and were there in your brightest ones. They were the lights of your life, your Sun and Moon.
As you placed your final, desperate kiss on their lips, you heard their voice boxes crackle. "O-our star.. We're so sor-ry.." Their voice was a glitchy mix of both, Sun's light and cheery one with Moon's deeper and calm tone. It caused another wave of tears. In the restrained position they were in, they could only spin their faceplate and move their sunrays. "I can't let you go.." You whispered.
"It's okay, we love you, sosososo much!" Sun's voice comes through clearer at the end. They leaned forward in an attempt to get closer as they could not move their arms. You held onto them tighter, your sobs were the only thing filling up the atmosphere.
"I've failed you.." You whispered. They shook their head sharply. "Oh nononono!  You gave us a chance, you loved us for who we were, even through the glitches! Having you love us, is a life well lived.." They had always been such the sweet talkers, it was another reason as for why you loved them.
They leaned forward again, placing their face directly onto yours. Cool metal on warm skin. They made kissing sounds, their compromise for not being able to kiss like how humans did. "Thank you for everything, our star.. We love you." They whispered. You could hear how their voice cracked at the last word, the sorrow and heartbreak evident in their voices. They did not want to leave, they did not want to be decommissioned. They wanted to stay with you.
One of their arms broke free from the restraints, finally returning the hug. Not a moment later, they pushed you away, their force strong enough to get you out of the protective cylinder. They looked at you, waving their hand slowly in a goodbye as their voice boxes shouted the forbidden word.
The door of the protective cylinder slid shut instantly. You ran back towards them, slamming your hand on the glass wall. "Sun! Moon!" You cried out.
Starting the decommissioning process.
Long, robotic metal arms from the ceiling descended upon them. Your lover pointed a finger to the permanent smile on their faceplate, urging you to do the same. "Smile, our star!" You could practically hear them encourage, just like the many times they have made you done before.
The metal arms made quick way of their work, dismantling the animatronic that you loved within seconds. Arms and legs were disconnected. Last but not least, their head was finally disconnected. You watched as the light in their eyes, once bright and full of love, fade away, leaving nothing but an empty shell.
Things had never really been the same since then.
Management never grew a heart and gave you the job of designing and developing the new replacement, as you were the developer of the original Daycare Attendant. As if losing them was not traumatic enough.
The Daycare closed for half a year for you to work on the replacements. Management only requested that you made them more kid-friendly and more cautious than the original pair. A simple solution was to make the replacements be more mother-like, similar to Chica. Even though in your eyes, Sun and Moon were perfect the way they were.
Developing Sunshine and Moonshine was not enough to heal the rather large hole in your heart that Sun and Moon left behind. It hurt more than you ever thought possible to build the girls, exact replicas of your boys when they were first debuted. Apart from the obvious gender change, there was only one difference.
They had separate bodies.
It was a long time wish of Sun and Moon, to be separated. The two mirror images indeed liked being attached to the hip (as much as Moon would practically disagree), but they wished to be able to be free, to do whatever they liked at any time of the day. They got tired of sharing a body, having to wait for a turn before being able to move around properly. Most importantly, they wished to be able to properly spend time with you, without having to switch every other hour.
Why did you accept the job to develop the new Daycare Attendants then? You were not so sure of it yourself, it was something you still asked yourself every now and then. Perhaps it was because you thought by doing this project, you would be able to have some sort of closure from the original pair. Or, perhaps you thought you would be able to restore them, in a new and upgraded version of them.
That was what exactly what you did.
You opened the door to your workshop, once a spare bedroom in your apartment. On the desk, sat two endoskeletons. Their soft, plush coverings were yet to be attached. Only the faceplates were present. One had sunrays behind his faceplate while the other had a nightcap on his.
After the success of developing Sunshine and Moonshine, you started to slowly sneak extra parts into your bag during routine maintenance, ordering extras to replace for the parts you took. Management barely blinked an eye at the orders of the extra parts, too ecstatic over the success of the new animatronics to care.
Just a few months later, you had enough parts.
Not to mention, it was pretty easy to steal two exoskeletons from the Pizzaplex. Though, they were very heavy.
You smiled softly at the sight of Sun and Moon on your desk and sat on the chair, next to the desk. You turned on your computer and checked to ensure that all the wires were correctly attached onto them. Today was the day you were going to try to power the two animatronics up, to see if they were in working condition.
If all went well, this would be the day of you reuniting with your boyfriends. A dream you once thought impossible, would finally become reality.
You took a deep breath in, eyeing the button on your computer screen. It was now or never. You squeezed your eyes shut and clicked it.
After holding your breath for what seemed like an eternity, you gasped for air. You glanced at the animatronics. Nothing. You slumped in your chair, it seemed like you would have to check through your coding later to find out what went wrong.
Standing up to stretch, you glanced once more at Sun and Moon. You missed them incredibly so. You missed being in their presence.
Just as you opened the door to take a break, the soft sound of whirring pulled you back.
Sun was the first to move, his sunrays moving up and down reflexively before spinning his faceplate. "Oh! Where am-" He asked as he looked around the room, his gaze finally landing on yours. "My star!" He called out in surprise, flinching back in shock.
Moon was the next to react. He groaned, reflexively moving a hand to cover the side of his face, where his ears would be, if he was human. "Sunny, you're too loud.." He muttered. He paused and turned immediately towards his mirror image.
They stared at each other in disbelief, holding out their hands towards each other. "We're separated!" Moon gasped. Sun nodded happily, "Oh yesyesyesyes!"
"My loves.." You whispered. You were still in shock, it worked!
They turned to you, joy filling their voices. "Our star!" They cried out in unison. They started to wiggle their legs, in an attempt to get off the desk and walk towards you. You rushed towards them, nuzzling their faceplates with your own face. You peppered their faces in kisses, joyful tears running down your face.
"I missed you so much.. It's been a very painful two years without you two.." You said softly. Sun reached out his hand first, eager to caress your face. He paused, remembering that the rest of his body were just purely wires at the moment. You giggled at his confusion. "I'll have to attach your soft paddings later,"
Soft laughs from everyone filled the room. There was only one emotion that stood stronger amongst the rest - love. The love you shared with them was unlike any other. It was irreplaceable, just like them.
"Sun? Have you seen my hoodie?" You asked. You were running late for your shift at the Pizzaplex and the hoodie that you often wore was missing. "Ask Moony?" Your boyfriend replied with a shrug. Sun continued to fold the laundry as he scrolled on Netflix, looking for something to watch. He gasped, taking your hand as he excitedly pointed to the television. "Look, my star! They have Encanto on Netflix!"
You laughed at his excitement over the children's movie. It was his favourite ever since discovering it, the songs already stuck in that memory card of his. He loved humming to the tune of We Don't Talk About Bruno when he was bored.
Upon finding out about their new replacements, there was a stark contrast in emotions from your boyfriends. Sun was horrified and started crying about how the children would forget him, while Moon was relatively calm about the entire thing. Moon mentioned that he was intrigued about Sunshine and Moonshine, even probing you to allow him to meet them. The answer was an obvious 'No'.
Sun had started taking up chores in your home to keep himself busy, from learning to cook your favourite dishes to doing the laundry. Moon busied himself with protecting your home, looking out for any dangers and ensuring that you went to bed on time. They were practically your husbands now, not that you had anything to complain about.
Except for Moon stealing your hoodies. You had no idea why the animatronic adored them. Him and Sun had their own clothes. They were large, loose pieces you found from the thrift store. You learnt how to alter clothes so that it would fit them better. It was hard to find clothing for them, considering they were very tall and lanky.
Moon could not even wear your hoodies, they were far too small for him. He just loved to cuddle your hoodies when you were not next to him.
"Moon, honey? Do you have my work hoodie?" You called from the hallway. It was silent for a moment before the door to your bedroom creaked open. "No.." You heard his voice reply quietly.
You sighed. "Can I please have it? I promise you can take any other hoodie!" Moon kept silent, shutting the door to your bedroom. A few moments later, your work hoodie came flying out of the doorway and into your arms. Your boyfriend begrudgingly stepped out, hugging to himself your favourite hoodie. He bent down to press a kiss to your forehead, "Stay safe." He said softly before walking away to join Sun on the couch.
"Is that Encanto?" You heard him ask.
"Sunny, this is the fiftieth time this week."
"I don't care! We don't talk about Bruno, no, no, no~!"
Moon's muffled screams through the pillows are the last thing you heard as you left your apartment. You laughed to yourself at the hilarious scene of your boyfriends. At least all is well now.
Your boyfriends were home.
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