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#sun and moon
Zakk sometimes leaves little notes with a singular explicit phrase on in different places around the house where he’s sure only he or Lucas would look - Lucas always worries abt the kids ever finding one but he can’t deny that finding them puts a smile on his face

this one gets a little fic bc i loved it so much. sorry for the wait!

Lucas was slowly spinning in the desk chair in the office, waiting while the printer spat out its usual two pages of blank check-in forms for the morning meeting. It printed, and he slipped it underneath the clip, and then he slid the top drawer of the file cabinet open to grab a pen. Almost instantly, he froze; the top Post-It note read, in Zakk’s pretty handwriting, DEFILE ME

Lucas swallowed and quickly shut the drawer. Images of Zakk facedown on the bed with his legs spread flooded his mind. The sounds of Zakk begging for more filled his ears. He drummed his fingers against the desk, trying to ignore the whispers of Zakk’s voice moaning, “Defile me…” to him in the bedroom. 

Lucas opened the drawer again, took the sticky note off of the stack, stood up, and tucked it into his pocket. He left the office without getting the pen and instead went past the kids, who were eating breakfast at the dining room table under Bran’s supervision, and up to the bedroom, where his cell phone was charging. He snapped a quick photo of the Post-It in his palm and sent it to Zakk, adding, “Seriously?” beneath the picture. 

Zakk shot back the smiling devil emoji. 

Lucas called him and went all the way to the back corner of his bedroom while it rang. Zakk picked up, and Lucas hissed, “You bad boy,” and he was being genuine, which cracked Zakk up. 

“It’s not funny, Zakk! You know I hate surprises, and that?! That is a wildly unacceptable surprise. What if one of the kids needed a pen?”

“Then they’d get one from the school room. Get it? De-file me? In the file cabinet?”

Lucas exhaled heavily through his nose.

“Also, hi, my husband. Good morning. I slept great; thanks for asking.”

“What if they got it from the office?” Lucas demanded, ignoring his other words.

“They wouldn’t.” There was a pause. “Did you think it was hot, though?”

Lucas dropped his head into his hand. 

As though Zakk could somehow see him, he laughed. “I know you did. You always like when I say shit like that.” He put on a desperate, breathy voice. “Fuck me, Lucas. I need you. Harder, faster, please-!”


Zakk laughed and laughed. “When are you gonna come home and fuck me for real, though, huh? Being in bed by myself is boring.” 

“Ten o’clock if everything goes smoothly,” Lucas muttered, ignoring the blood rushing downward. 

“AM or PM?”


“Noooo, come home while they’re doing school,” Zakk pouted. 

“I can’t. I’ve got to do all your paperwork from last night, remember?” 


Lucas had to smile at that. “I love you,” he said teasingly. 

“Yeah, you better.” There was another short pause, and then Zakk said quickly, “Um, you might wanna look around just to make sure there aren’t any more, uh… suggestions for you.” 

“What,” Lucas said flatly.

“Yeah! I just want to make sure you’re thinking about me,” Zakk smiled. “Have a good day! I love you! Bye!” 

And he hung up. 

WIth a sigh, Lucas stuck the sticky note inside the front panel of his nightstand drawer and went to go search the house for more profanity. 

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I don’t know much about NCT even tho I really want to because it seems like y’all on a different level of crackhead that I wanna be on but I will say this, Mark is fine asf and no one can convince me otherwise. How does one enter the NCT fandom miss Aja 😩🥺

Lmao idk what it is about them but they make me go feral 😬 mark is very handsome yes and I think it was actually a video of mark eating a lettuce wrap super excitedly that made me want to stan. Plus I like their vibe, it’s a surprising mix of thotty/hype/pretty.

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Wouldn’t the sun be lonely and secluded rather than the moon being represented as such? The moon has many surrounding it, stars bright, dull, small, large, and falling. The Moon isn’t lonely. The Sun only has the clouds to talk to, but the clouds move too fast for the sun to truly get close to them. The Sun is lonely. The Sun will shine bright, will bring life, will comfort others. Because that’s what it never got. It is in the sky shining for others to save them from the loneliness it knows too well.The moon will give peace, will allow rest, will help hide others. Because that is what the moon never has. It is in the pool of black forever talking and never taking a break. The Moon covers the world for the occupants to breath.

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