#this quote was practically made for him
Agustín: Bad News - My neighbor locked himself inside his own house.
Agustín: Good News - We didn't have to wait around for a locksmith.
Agustín: Bad News - Félix finds it very concerning that I know how to pick locks, and tried to unlock my Tragic Backstory™. I was too embarrassed to admit that the reason I learned it was because, at thirteen, I figured that was the kind of skill that would impress cute girls.
Agustín: Good News - A cute girl saw me do it.
Agustín: Bad News - It was Julieta, and since she's already seen me fall out of several trees, cry because I saw a fawn that was just too damn small, and knows I can ride a unicycle, she'll never think I'm cool no matter what I do. It's too late. She knows.
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six-of-cringe · 8 months ago
Kaz: Do you value your friends? You should.
Kaz: Inej, 5 kruge
Kaz: Kuwei, 2 kruge
Kaz: Nina, 3 kruge
Kaz: Matthias, -7 kruge
Kaz: Jesper, 4 kruge
Kaz: Wylan, 3 kruge
Jesper: Actually my friends are all priceless
Kaz: Yeah well mine are worth 10 kruge collectively
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king-ofthe-ruckus · 11 months ago
Bruce, concerned about how no one takes care of Jerome: When was the last time someone opened the door for you?
Jerome: when i got arrested two weeks ago
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batfam-nalu-onepiece · a year ago
Tim and Connor sparing to settle a bet between Bart and Cassie and who would win in a fight
Tim: *takes out a kryptonite ring* Now don’t get mad at me if you get Kryptonite poisoning
Connor:*smirks* I guess I have to break out my new move
Tim: new move? Heh, let’s see it
Connor: *puts his wrists together, palms open, and points it at tim, then slowly pulls it back* KAAAAAAA MEEEEEE
Tim: *chuckles* ha, trying the Kamehameha wave from Dragon ball? Yeah right
Connor: *completely serious* HAAAAAAAA MEEEEEEEEEEEE *turns on a light he has hidden between his wrists to make it seem like he is gathering energy*
Tim: Hey....W-wait....hey...Stop it! Shit! I GIVE UP!!!! *smoke screens and disappears*
Bart: Did, you actually learn the Kamehameha wave?
Connor: what? No! I just knew if I made a serious face with this little light tucked between my wrists, Tim would think I could do it and give up. I’m not getting close to that Kryptonite ring of his
*later when they are all laughing about this*
Tim: Connor is a half human, half kryptonian created by Lex Luther, who knows what hidden abilities he has! I’m not risking it! That move can destroy planets!
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temporary-username · a year ago
Things that one of my graphic design teachers have said:
It's funny that apple doesn't have any computers ...
-They have, they are the MAC
No, mac is for computers
-Yes, mac are apple computers
I don't want it to be too long, i know you have lots of work this week, and i don't want you to stay up late writing this so this work will be easier and smaller than the previous ones...
* proceeds to give a minimum requirement of 7 pages and 10 images, aka the longest work he has assigned *
Did you know the ______ logo is a pair of wings? ( it's not, it's a moustache and no one could guess why he thought that was a pair of wings )
Algorithms or logarithms? we would have to find what the difference would be (referring to a classmate's presentation on AI portraits, she said they used algorithms)
-24 years ago...
- So, 2005!!!!!!
(dude, we know you are bad at math ok? but pls stop interrupting people to say this stuff)
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cruisinfdr · 2 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
#lmfao this post is so bad #ts3 animations? yikes. my bad screenshots from a year n a half ago? YIKES #ts3 #the banda bunch #its ok i lov ts3 anyway #it always made me so mad when theyd blow out candles and their hands would hover over the table #i got to see 1 of my favorite coworkers today n i havent seen him in awhile so tht was sick #normally he works on the weekends too but hes not this weekend n honestly ! im a lil annoyed ! #my manager scheduled some1 else instead like cmon ! #sometimes i think abt how weird where i work is in respect 2 other places #which sounds odd but #theres only ever me and 1 other person working at a time n we run. the entire ice rink. #whereas every1 else has like. 10 other people walkin around doing things too #its just us 2. trying to make sure no1 gets hurt on slippy ice #i lov where i work tho #today i was printing some papers out for one of the figure skating coaches and she said i #and i quote #practically run the place #im like jr manager at this point. im in line to be a manager deadass #in OTHER news i got boots in the mail yesterday !!!! im wearing them to prom omfg #theyre the unif moxie boots they were apart of my dream prom outfit from freshman year #they took them off the unif site like?? last year?? my heart BROKE and i searched so hard to find them in a 7 #and i finally found them !!!!!!! i copped so fast n im so happy :'''~) i just have to come up w a dress now #theyre the white boots w pink hearts on them #mmmm there thats all i have to say . an improvement from last time. #this has been: Breanna's Diary #if u read any of this i lov u hav a nice day ! :~)))
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alisonsfics · 4 months ago
in your dreams
pairing: chris evans x reader
summary: it wasn’t out of the ordinary for you and chris to get tipsy while watching a movie, or even to end up cuddling. but having a wet dream while cuddling with him was new territory.
word count: 2.3k
warnings: smut, unprotected sex, oral (f receiving), wet dreams, grinding, dry humping, drinking, minors DNI
Tumblr media
You waited patiently for Chris to open his front door. He had invited you over for a movie night, and you were in charge of bringing the beer.
You both had met in college. Besides from a drunk hook up one night, you both were just friends. Friends who liked to drink beer and watch movies together, usually ending with you both falling asleep together. You assumed tonight would be no different.
The door swung open and revealed Chris standing there. “There she is.” He said, chuckling and pulling you into a hug. You mentally cursed as you felt his muscular arms around you and his firm chest pressed up against you.
You’d be lying if you said you didn’t find Chris attractive, but you refused to risk your friendship. You stuck to a few flirty comments here and there.
“So how have you been? Didn’t you just get back from filming?” You asked, as you both headed towards the living room. You set the beer down on his coffee table and turned your full attention to him.
“I’ve been good. I have a two week break before I have to fly back to Toronto. I’ve missed you though. FaceTime just isn’t as good as the real thing.” He said, giving you that signature smile that gave you butterflies.
“Well luckily for you, you have me all to yourself tonight.” You said, running one of your hands up and down his bicep. He smirked back at you. Neither of you were oblivious to the chemistry between the two of you.
You both were drawn to each other, which is why you both always ended up in each other’s arms.
“So what movie did you pick?” You asked him as he sat down on the couch. You plopped down beside him, throwing your legs over his lap. He let his hands rest on top of your legs, all while meeting your eye contact.
“I was thinking we could watch your favorite movie.” He said, knowing you would be excited. You were.
You threw yourself into his lap. “Really? You never let us watch that movie.” You said, your voice coming out a high pitch. Your excitement earned a chuckle from him. “I’ll even let you quote it.” He told you, letting his hands rest on your hips.
The physical content only made you more giddy. “You are the best.” You squealed, crawling off his lap and handing him a beer.
He took the bottle from your hand before taking a long swig. He grabbed the remote and started the movie, letting you nestle into his side.
He held true to his word. He let you quote along with the movie. He had a smile plastered to his face the entire time. Chris loved getting to see you so excited.
You both were three beers in and were started to feel a little tipsy. There were more flirty touches and lingering glances. You were practically in Chris’ lap, both of you giggling like teenagers.
He let one of his hands snake around your waist. You didn’t pull away. Instead, you leaned into his touch. You took another sip of beer, before turning to face Chris. “This movie is the best.” You said, giggling.
He chuckled before using his thumb to wipe the beer off your chin. You ran your fingers through his hair, brushing it out of his face. “You’re really pretty.” You whispered softly. His cheeks turned a soft shade of pink.
“You’re pretty too.” He mumbled, letting his other hand rest on your thigh. You both had giant smiles on your face. “Ooo wait, my favorite part.” You said, scrambling around to watch the next scene of the movie.
You both stayed like that until the end of the movie. By then, you both were starting to feel a little tired. As the credits began to roll, you turned around in Chris’ lap and buried your face in his neck. “Are you sleepy?” He mumbled softly. You just responded by nodding your head.
He wrapped his arms around you and then stood up with you in his arms. You let yourself get comfortable in his arms as he headed towards his bedroom. He flopped down onto his bed, lying on his back with you lying on top of him.
He kept his arms tightly wrapped around you. You both fell asleep, keeping each other close.
Chris woke up when he heard you mumble something. He glanced over at the clock and realized it was four in the morning. “What’d you say?” He asked, not realizing you were still asleep.
A small whimper passed through your lips. His eyes shot open, almost thinking he imagined the sound. Then, it happened again, coming out as a moan this time. He exhaled, already feeling himself growing hard.
He shouldn’t have. You were his best friend.
Then, you bucked your hips forward against his growing erection. He let out a breathy moan, as he tried to focus.
He was about to wake you up when he heard his name. “Chris…so good. Oohhh faster.” You mumbled, thrusting your hips into him again.
It was official. Chris was hard. How could he not be? He always thought you were gorgeous, and now you were having a sex dream about him.
His name fell from your lips again. His hips accidentally jutted against yours. His eyes went wide and he stopped himself. He knew he should just wake you up.
“Faster…need you. Chris,” you whined. He grabbed your shoulders, lightly shaking you awake. As soon as he watched your eyes start to open, he realized his hard cock was still pressed against you.
“Chris?” You asked, sleepily.
“Sorry, sweetheart. It just sounded like you were having a nightmare.” He lied, pressing a kiss to the top of your head. Your eyes shot open when you heard what he said. Then, you realized he was hard.
You couldn’t help but wonder if he knew. He couldn’t have possibly known, right?
“What…uhh what’d I say?” You asked, feeling a pit in your stomach. Chris froze. He didn’t know what to tell you. Should he just tell you the truth or make up some lie?
Then, he got a wicked idea.
He slipped his hand into the waistband of your shorts. He pressed his fingers up against your clothed heat. Even through your panties, he could tell you were just as wet as he thought you were.
You whined, pushing your hips against his fingers. “You were calling out my name, sweetheart.” He whispered, making the heat rush to your cheeks. You were conflicted between feeling embarrassed and turned on.
Your moan was muffled as you buried your face into his soft T-shirt. “Were you dreaming about me?” He asked as you jutted your hips against his hand. You nodded your head as you bit down on your lip.
He leaned forward connecting your lips. He pulled his hand away from you, wrapping his arms around you. He rolled over on top of you, still keeping the kiss connected.
Your hands moved to the hem of his T-shirt, tugging at it gently. He pulled for away for a second and let you pull his shirt over his head.
You froze as the moonlight shown on his defined muscles. You had seen Chris shirtless before, but it was different now.
You ran your fingers over his abs, lightly tracing the muscles. “You like what you see?” He asked, leaning into kiss you again. He cupped your face as he kissed up, making your insides turn to jelly.
“You’re getting to admire me, but I’m not getting to look at you.” He said, smirking. He let his hands drift down to your shirt. He ran his hands over your breasts, causing your breath to come out shakily.
He chuckled at the effect he had on you. You were putty in his hands. He slowly started to unbutton your shirt. Once he got the first few buttons undone, he started pressing kisses down your chest.
“Chris,” you whined, raking your fingers through his hair. He continued unbuttoning all the buttons before pulling the shirt off of you. “You are so fucking beautiful.” He mumbled, cupping your breasts through your bra.
“Take it off.” You begged. Your eyes fluttered closed due to his touch. He smirked before unclipping your bra with a satisfying pop.
He threw it to the side, and then buried his face in the valley between your breasts. He left soft, wet kisses up and down.
“So, what was I doing in the dream?” He asked, placing a kiss on your lips. You felt the heat rush to your cheeks as you remembered the sinful dream: Chris’ head between your legs, pornographic moans falling from your lips.
He noticed your hesitance. “Did it turn you on?” He whispered, millimeters away from your ear. You shyly nodded your head. He let his hands run up and down your sides. “What was it?” He encouraged you to go on.
“You went down on me.” You confessed. You could feel his excitement grow. He pulled you into a quick kiss, bucking his hips into yours involuntarily.
“You want me to eat your sweet pussy, sweetheart?” He whispered against your lips. A moan fell out of you, feeling yourself growing wetter by the second. “I’ll take that as a yes.” He said, sliding your pants down your legs. He quickly dropped them to the floor and moved on to removing your panties.
“God, you’re soaked. Did I get you this riled up?” He asked, cocking his head to the side. You pulled him up towards you for another kiss. “You seem pretty riled up too.” You mumbled against his lips, noticing just how turned on he was.
He chuckled before going back between your legs. “You smell so sweet.” He groaned, pressing kisses to the inside of your thighs. You waited, in anticipation. Then, you felt him place a soft kiss against your clit.
A whimper fell from your lips as you wrapped your legs around his face. His nose brushed up against you as he licked a long stripe through your folds.
Once he tasted you, he couldn’t get enough. He dived in, trying to lick every drop of your arousal. You threw your head back against his pillows. He lapped up all of your wetness. You were a drug to him, and he was hooked.
He sucked on your clit, sending shivers down your spine. Your hand flew down to his head, lacing your fingers through his hair. “Go on, let me hear you.” He mumbled before pressing his tongue flat against your clit.
“Oh…my god, Chris,” you moaned, bucking your hips up against his face. You couldn’t see him, but you knew he was smirking. He pinned your legs down. “Cl…close,” you mumbled.
He hummed against you, drawing figure eights with his tongue. You felt a coil building in your stomach, before it snapped. You called out his name as you jutted your hips forward. “There you go.” He said, pressing kisses to the inside of your thighs.
“Get up here.” You mumbled, cupping his face and pulling him toward you. He crawled up towards you and kissed you on the lips. “Did that feel good?” He asked, continuing to kiss you. You quickly nodded your head, not pulling out of the kiss.
He pulled away, leaning his forehead against your shoulder. “What’s wrong?” You asked, noticing his pained expression. He cursed under his breath. “I need you so fucking bad.” He swore.
A smirk grew on your face. “So what’re you gonna do about it?” You questioned. He chuckled before shedding himself of his pants and boxers.
He began stroking himself, soft curses falling from his lips. “Are you warmed up enough?” He asked, looking down at you. You eagerly nodded your head. He grabbed onto your hips, massaging the skin with his thumbs.
Slowly, he began to push himself inside of you. If it was possible, he seemed bigger than the last time you both hooked up. You bit down on your lip, adjusting to his length.
He groaned as you squeezed around him. “You feel so perfect.” He mumbled, as he began to thrust in and out of you. Both of you knew that you wouldn’t last long. You felt your eyes roll into the back of your head as he pushed deeper inside of you.
“Can you look at me?” He softly asked, pressing a kiss to the corner of your mouth. You forced your eyes to open and held his gaze. It was hot and passionate, but it was also intimate. You pecked his lips as moans fell out of the both of you.
“I don’t think I’m going to last very long.” He mumbled, wrapping your legs around his waist. You nodded. “It’s okay. I won’t either.” You told him.
No one had ever fucked you this good. He reached one hand down to draw circles on your clit. “Fuck,” you hissed.
“What do you need me to do?” He asked, kissing you gently. You tried to catch your breath to answer his question. “Faster please,” you mumbled breathlessly.
He tightened his grip on your hips and began to speed up his pace. The sound of him sliding into your slick folds was enough to make you squirm.
You could feel his cock twitch, and you knew he was close. “Cum with me, okay?” You asked, cupping his face with one of your hands. He nodded his head, pressing a kiss to your palm.
With that, you both fell over the edge. Loud moans filled the room. You both gasped for air, panting. Finally, he pulled out, but stayed lying on top of you. “That was amazing.” He said, cupping your face and kissing you.
“Chris can we talk?” You asked him. His expression saddened. “What’s wrong?” He asked, instantly worried.
“I know we’ve done this before, but I don’t want this to be a once in a blue moon kind of thing. I want this, I want you.” You told him, running your fingers through his hair. His worried expression turned into a large grin. “Then, I guess we’re on the same page.” He said, pulling you in for yet another kiss.
taglist: @laurakirsten0502 @miraclesoflove @nathaliabakes @millipop18 @azghedaheda @shyinadarkplace @vanteguccir @missroro @bookfrog242 @buckys-doll17 @ice-dtae @leyannrae @sia2raw @nyx2021 @just-a-littlebit-of-everything @shyconversationalbookworm @shadowhuntyi @lovelokiqueen @ruzannetheseahorse @superdeath @wandaswifeyforlifey @spookyqueen @heyamina @sunwardsss @studentville-struggles @impossibleapricotlampbat @infjkiki @k-k0129 @lickmymelaninn @hailey-a-s @andreasworlsboring101 @fanofalltheficsx @lukes-orange-beanie @golden-hoax @madisondelstan @spookyparadisesheep @n3ssm0nique @beyondthesefourwalls @basicfangirlx @ashwarren32 @who-the-hell-is-sebastianstan @blueeyeddemon1016 @bbl32 @dorothea-hwldr @stressydepressyandlemonzesty @cherryyxbabyy
Let me know if you want to be added to my taglist for all my imagines or for a specific character/fandom!!
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hyacinthsdiamonds · a month ago
"The rest of the grid hate him"
Daniel, who dts made seem like Max's greatest enemy, being one of the first to hug him after becoming world champion, him literally asking the press for any news on Max after Silverstone because he was that concerned for his wellbeing, wearing an orange cape with a lion on it to show Max some support in Zandvoort. Carlos, Max's first teammate in F1, praising him for his win and talking about how Max has inspired him. Gio talking about how special it is to see someone you raced in karting, formula 3, to see the become world champion. Lando who when asked before the race who he wanted to win saying Zak would kill him and then answering Max anyway and being the first person to hug him, & who posted a picture of said hug on Instagram saying "Congrats World Champ. I got you, don't cry". Charles who said he never doubted Max would become world champion someday and has been very vocal on the fact he loves to race against max. Nando who has been Max's constant supporter since day 1 welcoming him into the champions club, the Haas garage cheering him during his final lap, Mick who Max has known probably for his entire life (Mick even saying they practically grew up together at times), who immediately was going in for hug as soon as he saw a definitely overwhelmed Max immediately after the race. Esteban being one of, if not the first driver to congratulate him publicly online for an amazing season,🔥🔥 fire emojis and all. Alex being the literal first person Max heard on that radio being absolutely buzzing for Max & saying that he absolutely deserved it. Pierre who pulled up beside Max to wave at and congratulate him during the cool down lap, and who couldn't hide his amazement rewatching Max's final lap, Checo who did everything in his power to help Max win because to quote him he knows Max would've done the same for him. And Max clearly cares about them too. He recorded Daniel driving his hero's car & sent it to him because he knew how special that was for Daniel, he has literally not stopped praising Checo, he was one of the first to message Gio when the news broke, he went up to Checo, Pierre & Seb to congratulate them personally on their podium in Baku, he was so happy to be on the podium with Nando in Qatar, him saying it's good to see Lando smiling because it means he's ok (at Spa after the crash), like there's so many examples.
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cutenimi · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐟𝐥𝐢𝐫𝐭
p. skater!suna rintarou x f!reader. fluff. cw. swearing, reckless teenagers, suna being a flirt and giving me heart palpitations. also i'm not funny sorry about the title. wc. 1.0k.
Tumblr media
It wasn't in a creepy way (that's what all the stalkers say, your inner voice sniped), more in admiration. And, yes, perhaps he was a little attractive.
Lie. He was steal-your-breath-away, too-good-to-be-true, holy-shit-what-a-guy, hot.
You had decided to accompany your friend, Kenma, to a skatepark, so he could, quote-unquote, "show off and look cool", and he'd promised to buy you food after, so it wasn't like you were complaining, sitting on the edge of the bowl. And you definitely weren't now.
Whoever this mystery skater guy was, he had stolen all your attention. A black cap was pulled over messy brown hair that stuck out in practically every possible direction, matching his similarly-coloured cargo pants. His green jumper was the same shade as his eyes, which narrowed with his grins each time he nailed the perfect stunt, shooting around the skatepark's bowl.
Every time his board flipped, carrying him through the air like a renegade angel, your heart did the same. He almost seemed to arc in slow motion, every slight adjustment of his body fully planned for and eye-catching. Crouched on his board, fingers spread along the black-painted wood, it made it all the more effective when he came down from a stunt and straightened up to an impressive height to do his rounds in the bowl, smirking.
"For fuck's sake, Y/N, you could at least try to be the slightest bit subtle."
You nearly fell into the stunt area yourself, clutching your chest as you whipped around to make eye contact with the boy who'd spoken to you. "Shit, Kenma, you need to stop scaring the living daylights out of me."
"The only reason you didn't notice me is because you're too busy staring at Suna," the blond huffed, kicking his board into his hands and sitting beside you to shed his windbreaker and tidy his hair.
"Suna?" you repeated, trying the word out. It rolled smoothly off your tongue, not unpleasant to say. "Is that his name?"
Kenma rolled his eyes, though you knew he didn't mean anything by it, and it was more of a habit. "What else would it be, his social security number?"
You elbowed him and leaned back on your hands, deciding to pull off your jacket as well (it had gotten hot far too quickly for layers) as he reached into his pocket for his phone. Together, you maintained a comfortable silence – this was often what friendship with Kenma was like. Not saying much, but not needing to, reading each other's behaviour and emotions as though it was a superpower, and being content just to be in each other's presence.
"Ah, Kenma, you brought a girlfriend to watch you, how exciting," a low, somewhat lazy voice teased, accompanied by the scrape of a skateboard over the rim of the bowl and back onto flat ground. "You never bring anyone, she's got to be special."
"Shut up, Suna," your friend fired back without even looking up from his device, which was displaying the loading screen for some violent RPG. "She's not special, besides."
"Hey!" you cried in mock outrage, getting a giggle out of Kenma, who jostled your shoulder as he laughed. Shielding your eyes from the sun, you raised your head to catch a better look at who had spoken – Suna.
Your heart skipped a beat at the proximity at which he was standing, practically straight above you, and you noticed now that he had a tiny splash of freckles under his eyes.
"Who are you, then?" he asked – not in a dismissive way. His lips were curled up at the corner, hinting that he was probably more amused than anything else.
"My name's Y/N," you settled for saying. "You're really good, by the way. A-At skating! Skateboarding! Whatever."
He gave this little chuckle, and your heart nearly stopped in your chest at the surprisingly soft sound. Goddamn, do attractive strangers exist purely to cause cardio-palpitations?
"Well, it's nice to know someone thinks so," he smirked. "I'm Suna, as you probably guessed, but Rintarou's fine."
Kenma gave an unusually loud groan. "Do you have to flirt with every girl you ever lay eyes on?"
"Hey, I never flirt!" Su– Rintarou – protested, pulling off his cap and running a hand through his hair to regain a semblance of neatness in the somewhat flattened mess, the action more attractive than the actual result. "I'm not flirting – right, Y/N?"
You nearly choked on air, accidentally whacking your shoulder into Kenma's. "Uh, sure. Sure, you're not."
Evidently, you came off as a little more hesitant than you meant to, because in the blink of an eye, Rintarou was kneeling beside you, one of his surprisingly slender fingers reaching for your chin and tilting it up, thumb brushing ever so gently along your jaw.
His voice lowered just slightly as he dipped his head, eyes so close to your own you could see the barely-there smudges in his eyeliner. "Would you like me to flirt with you?"
Your breath stuttered in your throat, and suddenly you had never said a word before in your life. It was genuinely impossible to speak when he was right there, flustering the fuck out of you and grinning like a little bitch.
Finally, you managed to breathe out, "I guess I wouldn't mind," and Rintarou pulled away, still wearing that hot as hell look on his face as he settled into a half-crouch and put a safer (for your heart, that was) distance between you.
"Good," he winked, extending again to his full height, which you noticed actually wasn't his full height, since he was slouching a little. "I will, then. Catch you later."
He kicked the edge of his board, flying back down into the bowl, leaving Kenma to sigh and pocket his phone. "You're gonna go and fall for him, aren't you."
It wasn't even a question.
But it also probably wasn't incorrect.
"You idiot," he griped, knocking his fist against the top of your head lightly, with an affectionate note to his voice. "You really had to pick the flirt."
"I did," you grinned, resting your chin on one of your hands and watching him turn another jump. "I really did."
Tumblr media
© chuuae 2022. all works and content are intelluctual property of this blog. do not plagiarise or translate on tumblr or elsewhere.
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kaz3yo · 4 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Forever and Always
Pairing : Diluc x Fem!Reader
Summary : Being in a relationship with Diluc Ragnvindr for years, the day has finally come where he could finally call you his wife, his very own, Mrs. Ragnvindr.
Warnings : Diluc backstory spoilers, Diluc and Kaeya reconciliation(yum), idk what else, uhhh
Notes : I’m not good with whole written fics, so I’m gonna write partial headcanons and partial long written fic, (not rlly long but u get the point lawl!!) It didn’t turn out as a modern!au HEUAHHS I FINALLY FINISHED THIS THING BRO I HATE IT also not proofread cries, we’re so near at 500 followers whatagaatagta ily all
Short hcs continuation where he removes your garter
Tumblr media
Diluc was a joyful, happy go lucky boy. He stuck around his father’s side, making sure to make the older Ragnvindr proud. Diluc loved his family, he loved Kaeya and was so dedicated with his position, the title of being the Cavalry Captain of KOF. Diluc had his life served in a silver platter, but that did not matter to him. All that he cared about was his father’s praise, his father’s comfort, and his father’s reassurance when it came to his hard crush on you.
His father was practically his wing man, Crepus was the one who set you both up. He was the one who calmed him down before Diluc’s first date with you, he was the one who always told Diluc to tie his hair in a high ponytail around you - because the old man heard from Adelinde who heard from Elzer who heard a citizen from Mondstadt that you liked his hair in a high ponytail, because you quote “His cute baby cheeks made him even more refreshing in the eyes.”
His father was his moral support, really. His father was there whenever he needed help at anything, if he had questions about the dumbest shit and more.
Now that he was getting married, without his father’s reassurance that he’ll do just great and that everything will be fine. He was a bundle of nerves, practically shaking in fear and excitement inside his dressing room, dusting off the non existent dirt from his expensive suit. Just a few more minutes then he’ll finally be able to watch you walk down the isle, towards him.
The door of his room opened and there he saw the person who he used to call brother. Diluc mentally rolled his eyes, not wanting to deal with Kaeya’s remarks today.
“Well, well? I honestly did not expect you to get married brother. I mean, the grumpy and always mad Master Diluc getting marri-..” Kaeya stopped, noticing the man’s stiff posture. Unbeknownst to the blue haired captain, his words that would usually just enter Diluc’s ear and leave on the other—had actually just struck something in him.
Was he the ideal husband to you? What if you were feeling forced? What if you felt like you had to say yes when he kneeled down on one knee infront of you with a ring that costs more than his own life?
All these thoughts flooded inside the groom’s head, that he couldn’t even hear Kaeya’s footsteps nearing him - not until he felt a hand on his shoulder.
“Look, I know father would’ve done this better than me. But, whatever doubts you’re thinking, you surely must know that Y/N is an honest person, if she didn’t want to marry you, she would’ve said no. But what did she do? She said yes, she agreed to marry you ‘Luc, she practically devoted her life to you, to be by your side forever, to grow old with you, to be with you forever and always. She loves you, and she chose you.”
Diluc was left speechless, even until Kaeya had laughed at his expression and punched his back, telling him that the ceremony would start soon. Diluc inhaled before following behind Kaeya who sent him a teasing glance.
Once he had reached the venue, he was met with wide smiles, people shouting his name in greeting - congratulating him and the like. There were Y/N’s bridesmaids; Eula, Mona, Keqing and Ganyu, and of course her maid of honor - Jean.
Then there were his groom’s men, Thoma - an old childhood friend who was so considerate enough to travel from Inazuma to Mondstadt just to attend his old friend’s wedding. Surprisingly Kaeya, Zhongli and one of your good friends.. Childe, even though he did not agree when you had suggested it for the first time - for Childe to be one of his grooms men- he eventually did when he saw your pleading eyes that he couldn’t resist.
“Are you ready master Diluc? I’m so excited!” Klee ran up to him, dressed in a white dress with a red bow tied to her waist and a white bow behind her head-the clip holding back her bangs. The girl has been chosen as the flower girl of the wedding, by your suggestion to which he agreed instantly. The young girl carried a basket of red and white rose petals, careful to not let a single petal drop just yet. Diluc merely smiled at the little girl as an answer and nodded to Xingqiu and Chongyun who wore tuxedos.
Xingiu was chosen as the ring bearer and Chongyun was the one who was tasked to bring the bible to the altar, and as if time had a quirk of speed, next thing our groom knew, the ceremony was starting.
Everything was practically a blur to him, the chosen people walking down the isle, the smiles that were sent to him that he didn’t even notice, he was nervous that even his insides were shaking in anticipation and dread. Everything came crashing back onto him when he finally saw your parents’ turn to walk. Right behind them, he could see the doors of the venue closing and his heart increased it’s beating. After hours of waiting, he would finally see you in a wedding dress, on your wedding day.
Once your parents were on the halfway of the isle, awaiting for you. The huge door opened and revealed your figure, wearing the gown you both chose. Your face was covered with your veil, but Diluc knew—you were stunning, glowing brightly than everyone in the venue.
Diluc wasn’t the type of guy to show emotions, especially not infront of a crowd or an audience—but here he was, wiping his tears away as he slowly watched you approach him with both your parents beside you. He could faintly see the small wobbly smile you sent him, no doubt that you were holding back tears. He begged you not to cry in his head, if you did he himself was for sure wouldn’t be able to hold back his own tears. The only thing that was keeping you from crying was to not ruin your makeup, your makeup artist spent a lot of time on.
Once you were close enough, he approached you and shaked both of your parents hands—a form of greeting and respect before taking your hand in his, leading you to the altar with him, the altar where you both will legally be wedded at.
Home wasn’t a place. For Diluc, home was a person—a person where you feel safe, comfortable, free and light. Even though he has lived in the Dawn Winery ever since the incident with his father, the winery never felt too homey, it sort of felt eerie in a way he couldn’t understand. Though whenever he was around you, his heart soared - warmth engulfing his whole being whenever you were in his presence.
To Diluc, you were his home. You were the safe place he would always look for when times are rough and when the universe isn’t treating him well. To Diluc, you were the one who saved him from drowning into complete darkness. Call him dramatic, but he swore on his life, when you have agreed to marry him, he would put his life on the line if it meant saving the person who has saved him from miserable pain, the person who made him see the world in a way no one else has. You were his life. You had his heart on the palm of your hands. Diluc Ragnvindr was yours.
“Ready to be a Ragnvindr, my love?”
“Do you really need to ask me that ‘luc? Look at you weeping like a baby.”
The groom suppressed a laugh, and he knew at that moment... that he was the luckiest man alive to be able to have you as his wife.
Tumblr media
When the both of you entered the reception everyone jumped at u guys HEIAHDHE
Klee is throwing all the petals around you and Diluc while the others are constantly congratulating the both if you
DILUC CRIED ON YOUR MOM’S SHOULDER !! IM TELLING YA !! He thanked ur parents so much im gonna cry WAHHHHHHHH i love him
kaeya made fun of him of crying but he got his hair pulled by jean and lisa HUEHAUDHW
thoma was surprisingly the host, like he hosted a game wherein people would answer some questions about the both of you
one question was “how many kids does diluc and y/n want?” cue kaeya and childe pushing each other away, wanting to get to the mic first .
eventually childe got first and screamed on the top of his lungs..
diluc choked, you choked, your parents choked, EVERYONE CHOKED. except for kaeya and childe who was still bickering about the correct answer
but then theres you, showing three fingers to razor and bennett who were pushing each other to the mic, LITERALLY FIGHTING WHEN THE BRIDE HERSELF ALREADY GAVE THEM THE ANSWER
bennett approached the mic, looking at you and diluc nervously but diluc only nodded at him, a sign that you had told him the right answer
“I- uh.. erm, they, want uh, two- no no, three children”
thoma claps loud asf no one can tell me otherwise! kaeya and childe stopped their bickering, looking over the two of u and diluc AS IF it was both of ur guys’ fault that u didnt want 5 kids
bennett won cash money bru lucky ahh
eventually the reception ends and it was time for you to throw your bouquet, girls were gathered around behind you
some came intentionally while others were forced and pushed towards the pile
guess who caught the bouquet
SURPRISE SURPRISE WHY IS KLEE IN THE PILE?? literal exclaims of joy from the little girl in a tiny white dress
there’s nothing more to say, the wedding was perfect and was fun, it was the best day for the both of u
..and about the honeymoon? well let’s just say one of the three children will be made at the same night, goodnight.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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tctskuroo · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
getting sick after a fight/conflict with hq boys
characs: tsukishima kei && ushijima wakatoshi
note: ushijima's is kinda long,, i got carried away :')
reblogs are appreciated <33
Tumblr media
tsukishima kei —
"you're being unreasonable right now."
tsukishima muttered as he followed you to your apartment, adjusting his glasses with his middle finger.
you grumbled and forcefully opened the door to your apartment, making the back of the door hit the wall with a loud thud.
"i maybe am being unreasonable right now but will it really hurt you if we acted like a real couple in public?" you asked, trying to keep your cool as you placed the grocery bags aside along with your shoes, tsukki following behind. "and 'friend'? really, kei?" you glared at tsukishima, who's sighing heavily at you.
you noticed how often girls are now trying to catch tsukki's attention, trying to get with him. and you weren't really bothered by this at all;
you weren't that bothered either when your boyfriend wanted a discreet relationship, and you understood him since you weren't that much of a fan of PDA anyway. but it got to your nerves when tsukki referred to you only as a friend while talking to a girl who appeared to have approached him while he accompanied you to the grocery store. and you quote, 'ah no. i'm not interested in relationships. besides, i'm with a friend right now. i can't go out with you.'
and that's when it hit you— you've come to a conclusion that if you and tsukki looked more like a couple in public then maybe he wouldn't be bothered by girls. if he were to claim that you were his and he was yours, then these kind of situations can be avoided. but tsukki was still opposed to the idea.
"i just don't get why you're mad. i turned them down, didn't i?"
at this point, it was annoying you how he was still able to have his calm, reserved composure while arguing with you— but to be honest, it was better than dealing with someone as hot-headed as you. you just wished he... showed more emotion. or affection, if you're lucky. make it really feel like you are a couple.
it was your turn to sigh heavily, knowing this conversation will only lead to nothing and only make you look like a desperate clingy girlfriend even though you aren't. tsukishima was honestly just giving you bare minimum.
"you know what? it's whatever. you can go home or stay over, i don't care. i'll see you tomorrow at school. thank you for accompanying me today." you said, stomping your way over to the bedroom, putting an end to the pointless conversation.
and as expected, tsukki made his way home.
Tumblr media
you sneezed for the nth time today, slightly breathing heavily as you felt the heat get more intense in your body.
you sniffled as you gathered your stuff and backpack before making your way over to the vbc's gymnasium in your lunch break— you often spent your lunch break in the gym, eating lunch with yachi and yamaguchi while you watched the others practice.
you leaned over to the doorway of the gymnasium as you entered, face visibly red by your rising fever. still, you managed to smile widely as you saw yachi and yamaguchi wave at you while the others enthusiastically greeted you, catching the attention of the four-eyed blonde.
"ah! are you okay?" yachi asks, sharing a concerned look with yamaguchi as they looked at you, noticing how red you are due to your rising fever.
"oh—" you said before sitting in front of them with your legs crossed, "yeah, i just got some ah—ah—achoo!" you sneezed, sniffling before giving the two a reassuring smile. "sorry about that, excuse me. but yeah, i'm fine! nothing to worry about." you said, pulling your bento out.
"no, you're not." said your salty boyfriend as he approached you, crouching down beside you and surprisingly attempted to place his hand on your forehead, to which you dodged.
"woah woah woah— what are you doing?" you immediately asked, frowning up at the blonde, looking at him suspiciously, not really used to his sweet gestures.
Tumblr media
"what does it look like, dumbass?" tsukishima frowned, pulling you back close to him by pinching your cheek, placing his hand properly on your forehead.
you looked up at tsukki as you rubbed your cheek, "that hurt!" you exclaimed, expression copying tsukki's.
"you obviously got some fever too. why did you attend school today if you weren't feeling well?" tsukishima asked, retracting his hand.
"oh so now you care?" you huffed, sniffling as you felt another sneeze coming.
"...no." tsukki simply said, standing up before walking back to where he was seated.
you watched him for a few seconds before rolling your eyes as you unwrapped your bento. "i'm surprised we stuck with him for years, tadashi." you joked.
yamaguchi only chuckled lightly and scratched the back of his neck, "sorry about him." he said.
Tumblr media
you groaned as you made your way to the school's exit, feeling your fever worsen. you are now walking home alone— not really finding the energy to wait for your boyfriend to walk home together. he will only feel burdened by you. or... that's what you thought.
"oi. wait up." a familiar voice called out in the quiet street.
you whipped your head around and saw tsukki walking towards you, a plastic bag in hand with his headphones resting around his neck.
"you don't have to walk me home, kei." you said, giving him a small reassuring smile.
"i know." he simply said and continued walking past you to the direction of your apartment. you raised a brow at his direction but didn't question him, soon catching up beside him.
it was silent between the two of you as you walked together, and you weren't really used to the silence. you would usually start a playful banter with tsukishima or come up with random topics while he walks you home, but you weren't really in the mood today. though you were still happy with kei's presence.
tsukishima eyed you as you walked together, watching you kick rocks from time to time.
he swallowed the lump in his throat and slowly raised his arm, hesitantly wrapping it around your shoulders. he immediately looked away from you as he pulled you closer to him, keeping his arm around you.
and you—
you were bewildered. you looked up at tsukki with wide eyes, trying to process what exactly is happening. your eyes scanned tsukki's face and saw he was all red (despite telling himself for about almost an hour now to just act cool with it), trying to avoid your gaze. and a thought popped up in your head. is he— is he being coy?
you smirked, "eh? what's this?" you teased.
"shut up." he muttered, turning to you with a small glare.
you giggled and happily wrapped your arm around his torso as well. kei looked down at you and a small smile appeared on his face.
"what you said yesterday..." he started. "i realized you were right. i—i wanted a discreet relationship yet i acted as if we were not in one, which i know are two different things."
"you think?" you teased.
"...y/n." he called out sternly. "you know i'm not that aff—"
"i know you aren't the most affectionate boyfriend out here, kei. i understand that since i'm not the most affectionate as well. i know you love me the same way i love you but for some reason... it just feels like we are not in a relationship." you said, not wasting the opportunity to be upfront with kei as well.
you broke free from his touch as you both arrived outside your apartment, turning to face your boyfriend. "we can still be discreet, just how you like us to be. but not to the point we're denying each other." you said, reaching your hand out to hook your finger with tsukki's, giving him a small smile.
"let's just work on that together, alright?"
tsukki returned the smile and nodded, "we will." he said, taking your hand in his and caressed the back of your hand with his soft slender thumb. "but you need to physically get better first." he said, handing out the small plastic bag he has been holding. "i need to go train today but i'll be back later. take good rest for now."
you took the bag and looked at the contents, seeing some fever and cold medicines, your favourite drink, and some kool fever. you smirked and looked up at tsukki, "so much for not caring." you teased.
you actually forgot about your cold and fever for a second— you felt it slowly fading away as you resolved your problem with tsukishima.
"now shoo. you're making my head ache." you joked as you turned to unlock your apartment door.
tsukishima only rolled his eyes with a smirk, putting his headphones on as he started walking away.
"whatever. feel better soon, dumbass."
Tumblr media
ushijima wakatoshi —
you had not expected your sudden confession to come out of your ebullient mouth as you walked with ushijima in the school hallway.
"your spikes were amazing as always, toshi! the ball literally went 'whoosh' and 'bam!', you know?" you laughed, "that's why i admire you so much! you make me fall for you all over again with each spike!" you exclaimed.
you and ushijima recently became friends— it all started when you transferred to shiratorizawa on your third year, having placed in the same class as ushiwaka. you immediately got along with anyone you interacted with in the class since you had a bright flexible personality.
though, you had a hard time interacting with ushijima since he seemed uninterested in talking to you. his replies to your attempt in conversations will only be short and abrupt. but you didn't really mind him since you understood that that's just the way he is.
and as time passed by, you suddenly caught yourself crushing on shiratorizawa's volleyball ace. and there wasn't really any particular reason why you started crushing on him. his physique always caught your attention, yes. but you were really into the 'personality and mindset > looks and physique' kind of thinking.
so before you let yourself fall deeper, you pushed yourself in becoming friends with him— ushijima thought of your attempts as a nuisance at first. but he slowly got comfortable with you when it became your habit to sit with him during lunch while you talked about your day and shared some stories about yourself, often asking ushijima about himself after. you made him a little bit more talkative, really.
but today... you perhaps shared a little too much.
ushijima watched you as you enthusiastically blabbered about his play during a practice match, but he became alert in just an instant as he heard your last sentence. he stopped in his tracks and looked over to you. "what do you mean?" he asked.
you stopped as well and turned to face wakatoshi, "huh? what do you mean what do i mean?" you giggled.
ushijima blinked down at you as he clutched his gym bag. "...fall for me...?" he asked.
you immediately froze as you realized what you had just said. you stared up at ushijima while he stared back at you, and judging by his expression, you knew it's not gonna end well. you chuckled nervously and shifted on your feet, "is— is it bad? is it wrong to admire you, toshi?" you asked, in reply to his expression.
"no. but unfortunately, i don't reciprocate your feelings." he monotonously said, "... if you have come to me with the intentions of being in a relationship with me, it's not gonna happen. and i'm not responsible for the time and effort you wasted with me since i never wanted your attention or any of it in the first place."
at that moment, you didn't know what to do. your mouth opened to say something but only for it to close again. you didn't really have the intention to be in a relationship with him— well, at least not the way ushijima thinks. your usual charismatic, bubbly self fell silent in front of ushijima.
"i— i just wanted to be friends with you, while yeah, maybe admiring you." you said, fidgeting with your fingers. "whether you reciprocated my feelings or not, i would've still be friends with you." you chuckled dryly, "...but the way you put it... it sounded like you were just forced to be in a friendship with me." you sighed.
you broke eye contact with ushijima as you bowed in front of him, "i'm sorry if i bothered you a lot, ushijima. i'll— i'll try not to anymore." you said before quickly walking away.
Tumblr media
and ever since then, you somehow caught a mild fever. and knowing yourself when catching a fever, it lasts for about a week. you didn't want to skip school just because of a mild fever— so you went ahead to attend school.
you groaned quietly as the teacher exited the room, finally having a class break. you plopped down on your desk, wanting to rest. making your seatmate, haru, chuckle.
"you seem a little cold there. did you bring a jacket?" he asked, to which you shook your head. "ah. i woke up late due to a mild fever. then i rushed out of the house earlier, i didn't have the chance to grab one." you said, a pout almost forming onto your face.
haru smiled softly and reached in his backpack, pulling his sweater out before handing it out to you. "then wear this for now." he said.
you looked up at him, "really?" you asked and hesitantly took it. you flashed a smile at haru before pulling his sweater on, a blush forming on haru's cheeks.
meanwhile, ushijima was watching you interact with haru and somehow felt... agitated? angry? jealous? he's literally just sitting in his seat with a visible troubled expression on his face.
Tumblr media
'since when did you and haru get close?'
ushijima pulled his eyes away from you and stood up to go somewhere else. this time, you glanced at ushijima's moving figure and muttered a small "tch."
Tumblr media
you yawned as you pulled out your bento during lunch, ready to eat it. haru was about to ask you if you would like some of his food when ushijima interfered.
"don't you want to eat with me?" wakatoshi asked, approaching you with his own bento, and a plastic bag from a convenience store. you looked up at him, quite surprised that he approached you of his own will. even haru was surprised too.
"well i— i thought you wouldn't want to eat with me..." you muttered, glancing at ushijima and haru back and forth.
"well, i want to." wakatoshi said, somehow keeping a straight face still. you contemplated for a second before hesitantly nodding, wrapping your bento once again as you stood up.
ushijima turned to look at haru with a glare that is more intense than usual before leading you out of the classroom. you simply followed ushijima, confused of his behavior. "where are we going?" you asked.
"i would like to have your presence alone." he said, leading you in the fields, under a tree. his honesty and frankness never failed to intimidate you sometimes. in a good way.
"i happened to overhear that you had a fever. and i thought maybe you wanted some fresh air, so i brought you here." he said, moving to sit under the tree, looking up at you. his eyes were practically begging you to sit with him.
you raised a brow at him and cleared your throat, moving to sit next to ushijima, keeping a good distance between the two of you. "is that the only reason?" you asked softly, placing your bento on your lap.
"i wanted to apologize of my behavior the other day." ushijima started, to which you whipped your head around to look at him. "i had not meant to put my words like that." he said.
"so you still want to be friends with me?" you asked, looking up at him with hopeful eyes. ushijima nodded. "then there's no reason for you to apologize anymore! i can't blame you if you don't feel the sam—" you said, excitedly.
"i do feel the same."
the world felt like it stopped spinning for a moment as you and wakatoshi stared at each other, "th— then why didn't you say so sooner?" you asked.
ushijima sighed softly and started rummaging through the plastic bag he brought with him, "because i had priorities. and i know i'm not ready for a relationship if i'm too busy handling my own business."
ushijima pulled out a vitamin drink, some snacks, and some meds for you to take. you smiled at him and gently took it, "if you're too busy for a relationship then what's this?" you asked, referring to the stuff he just bought for you. ushijima opened his mouth to speak but you cut him off,
"i know you're usually busy, toshi. you have priorities and you won't always have time for a relationship and all that. i understand that." you said, popping a pill in your mouth before downing it with the vitamin drink he bought for you. "whether you want to be in a relationship or not or if you only want to be friends— i don't care. i'd still be here to support you anyway. especially of your volleyball career." you smiled up at him.
ushijima perked up at you like a cute big puppy. you were the epitome of his ideal significant other. someone who'd understand him, someone who'd love him for who he is, and someone who'd be supportive no matter what.
"thank you." ushijima said, giving you one of his rare smiles. "i'd like to slowly build a relationship with you." he said, hand reaching out to yours, placing a soft kiss on the back of your hand. you chuckled and nodded, staring at him lovingly before smacking his arm.
"see? that was easy to say, wasn't it? could've saved me from a heartbreak." you huffed, muttering the last sentence, crossing your arms jokingly.
"i'm sorry." ushijima said, concern and guilt written across his face. of course he can't take a joke.
you immediately came to him with reassurances while ushijima was being swallowed whole by his own guilt.
and just like that, you felt a lot more better.
Tumblr media
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suna-reversed · 11 months ago
Talking to the moon🌙
Gojo Satoru x fem!reader
minors DNI‼️
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
3k+ words
(quote^^ by- Richard Siken)
warnings/tags- blood and violence. oral (f.recieving), vaginal sex, anal, dacryphilia, slight praise, slight degradation, fingering. age gap. toxic relationship. mentions of harassment. yandere themes implied. heartbreak, moving on. fluff. angst. hurt/comfort. (all characters are aged up!)
Tumblr media
Gojo Satoru is the moon. Ever changing and radiant. Beaming with light, even when he doesn't have any of his own. And much like the moon, parts of him stay hidden in an ominous darkness as he leaves you cold and alone in the tangled mess of sheets, wondering why your lover disappears at the crack of every dawn.
You had met him a while ago when he had first come into the bakery you worked at part-time, dazzling pearls on show as he ordered every single flavour of mochi off the menu. You didn’t know where it started; how the simple exchanges turned into conversations that lasted up to hours, your manager practically having to shoo him away so that you’d stop getting distracted.
You got used to him visiting you in the day during work, sitting on the barstool near the bakery counter, talking your ear off about the most random of things while he stuffed his face with mochi. You sometimes wondered how you happened to have so much in common with a man so much more older than you. 
You couldn't exactly remember how those innocent conversations turned into you being splayed across the marble kitchen countertop of your apartment at 3 am, the joyous man now turned into a ferocious beast as he devoured you whole, holding your legs apart, tongue licking in between your folds with such fervour that made it seem as if it was the last meal of his life. 
In all honesty, you didn’t know a lot about him, except for the fact that he worked at a private institute and often travelled overseas. He’d be as silent as a mouse as he slipped out of your place before sunrise each time. He never told you why, and eventually you stopped asking- the warmth and comfort of his body too addictive to have to give up for the question of ‘what are we?’ being answered.
On days that you’d find yourself waking up early, you’d simply let your eyes roam over the muscles of his back, adoring the dimples at the bottom of his spine, memorising each blemish, scar and mark as if you’d never see it again. You sometimes found yourself wishing he’d take off the peculiar fabric covering his eyes- your mind could barely fathom the shade of his orbs.
You knew that he was always aware of you being awake. But he didn’t acknowledge it, whether by accident or choice, you could never tell. So every time he’d finish pulling his shirt over his head, you’d roll away, focusing your mind out the window on the half disappearing moon instead of the crushing weight on your chest. 
Perhaps, this was the love they never told you about. The love that wasn’t afternoon picnics and obnoxious public displays of affection. The love that wasn’t late night grocery runs and feeding each other food at cafes.
Instead, this was the love that had you deleting messages and cleaning up the strands of ashy hair from your shower drain. The love that had you lying to your friends about the marks on your neck and pretending like he didn’t just have you pinned down beneath him the night before as you served him coffee.
Every morning that you woke up alone in bed, sore and unclothed from the events of the previous night, you found yourself thinking of ways that you’d turn him away the next time he showed up at your door. But then the bell would ring, and your feet would be carrying you to the half broken man covered in bruises and blood before you could think of it.
This time, you’re sure you tell him to go away, to stop treating you as if you were some toy, slamming the door in his crestfallen face. But then why do you find yourself clutching onto his scarlet stained jacket in the bathroom? The first aid box discarded to the side as you sob into his chest, a hand stroking your hair as he assures you he’s fine. 
That night, you find him buried deep inside of you, your heavy breathing filling the silence of the air, your back to his chest. The arms around you feel unbearably tight as he pulls you even closer to him. Why is he trying to snatch all the warmth from your body?
The hot breath of his mouth is right next to your ear. He’s telling you he wants to be tender and merciful while his teeth are digging into your jugular, the hand around your throat tightening as his hips rut into you harder. He does not wipe away the tears flowing freely down your face.
The next morning, you find a burning sensation rising in your chest as you stare at the empty space next to you; his underlying scent of strawberries and citrus still lingering.
What had you been expecting? Why would this night have been different from any other?
That question is answered when you realise the unfamilair feeling of a cold metal wrapped around your ankle while climbing out of bed. Looking down, you see that it's a thin silver anklet with two charms hanging off of it.
His initials and a crescent moon.
You can’t help the smile that’s on your face for the rest of the day.
You're panting, the drumming of your heartbeat echoing in your ears, vision blurring as you try to make it back home. You’re gripping onto the walls to keep yourself from falling, the pain in your body near unbearable as you somehow manage to unlock the door, not even making it past the entrance as you crumble apart right there, curling in on yourself as broken sobs leave your chest. 
The sound of footsteps has you shutting your eyes, flinching from the pain and fear of knowing you can’t fight. The terror of your attacker being in your home makes your cries even louder.
Instead, you find your senses being flooded by the familiar scent of strawberries and the cologne that you bought him- warm muscular arms come to wrap around your figure, lifting you up. You’re still crying as he settles you down onto the bed, gently pulling your hands away from your face.
He lifts your shirt to reveal the expanse of wounds littered across your abdomen. An unreadable expression remains on his face as he skillfully cleans off the blood, fixing you up like you’ve done for him a dozen times. You don’t remember telling him where you were injured. Could the blood be seen through your shirt? None of it matters as he pushes you back down onto the plush mattress, your eyes fluttering close you as fall into a deep fitful slumber. 
It’s a full moon tonight, the light cascading through your window providing you an odd sense of comfort. You turn over in the dark, gasping a little as your eyes lock onto a pair of strange azure ones. Your mind is still heavy from the medicines you took, perhaps that’s why you don’t react, simply staring into the unfamiliar eyes on a face that you recognised better than the back of your own hand.
His slender pale fingers are trailing over the skin of your abdomen. Shouldn't it hurt more? A hand comes up to your face, gently cradling your chin as he examines the scratch on your jaw. Your heart skips a beat as his soft lips press a chaste kiss onto your brow. His voice is low and tense, anger barely restrained as he asks,
“Who did this to you?”
You try to form a response, but all you can hear is the shallow echo of the beating of your half-dead heart. Your chest feels hollow as words finally rise to the tip of your tongue, eyes dry as you tell him all of it. How a strange force had pinned you against a wall when you were walking back home, how the man who appeared from the shadows of the dark alley didn’t even lift a finger, yet it felt like each bone in your body was being cracked apart. How you barely felt the pain of the broken bottle that impaled your flesh as you were thrown aside, the stranger parting from you with just four words,
“Consider this a warning.”
You don’t care how crazy you sound as you explain the bizarre events that occurred. You don’t care that his orbs are as blue and twice as deep as the mariana trench. You don’t care that for once, his eyes hold something other than just lust as he looks at you.
Your throat feels raw by the time you finish, and it hurts to look at his pitiful face so you roll onto your side, fixing your eyes on the shimmering celestial body outside your window. You both lay in silence for a while.
“I liked thinking of you as the moon at times.”
The calm in your voice startles Gojo, but he remains quiet, wanting you to continue. It doesn’t matter if it's gibberish, doesn't matter if it’s words of hatred, of doubt, of regret; he’ll take it as long as there’s something- as long as you’re speaking. His arms tremble around you a little as a bitter laugh escapes your chest. 
“But at the end of the day,” you pause, taking a deep breath, “...all I am, is a mere star in a galaxy full of constellations.”
The raw sob that rips from your chest is a surprise to both you and Gojo.
“Tell me who cares about a star that burns out and explodes?” your voice is barely above a whisper as you turn around to face him.
For once in his life, Gojo Satoru can’t joke, fight or fuck his way out of a situation. A strange weight has been on his chest ever since he saw your eyes. The light and joy stripped out of them as he found himself staring back at his own reflection. 
His eyes glance down at the dip of your collarbone, the arch of your shoulder that he wanted to reside in forever, now covered in small scars. He knows who hurt you. 
He pulls you closer to him, tangling his feet with yours, the strip of metal around your ankle clinking at the movement. Perhaps it was a huge mistake to have bought you something so carelessly, knowing that the eyes of a few dozen enemies followed him wherever he went. 
He finds himself at a loss for words, opting to convey his emotions through touch instead as he melds his lips with yours. You sigh into his mouth and he kisses you even deeper, almost desperately as if trying to pass over his own breaths to you- as if trying to bring you back to life. He finds the taste of salt on his tongue and the wet drops falling onto his cheeks makes his flesh burn. He doesn't know whose they are as he continues to try and cling onto the shell of what was once a whole person. 
“Please” he finds himself mumbling as he pulls you even closer, heart cracking as you continue sniffing into his chest. 
“It hurts- it hurts- so much” You’re sobbing now, his own body shaking in tandem with yours.
Who is he to deny you when you look up at him, the broken plea leaving your mouth, 
“Make it stop please.”
Gojo finds the cold metal of his own initials pressing against the side of his face as he hoists your legs over his shoulder. His fingers are pressing down against your sensitive nub, spreading around your slick before he pumps two of his fingers into you. You buck your hips up, cries escaping you as his tongue licks your clit, suctioning it into his mouth as he increases the pace of his fingers.
You’re cumming undone within seconds, begging him to fill you up. He’s never so easily given in to your demands, but tonight, it’s as if he’s only there to serve your wishes. The sickening thought of getting hurt again just so that you’d get this treatment creeps up in the back of your mind. 
You moan as you feel him line his thick girth with your entrance, the tip catching onto your sensitive bundle of nerves as he rubs it between your dripping heat. He leans forward, pushing your legs up and safely tucking them against your chest, before crashing his lips against yours. It’s messy and rushed; tongue against tongue, spit drooling out as he pushes himself inside of you in one long stroke. The burn of it has you groaning into his mouth, hands moving to tangle into his hair. His thrusts are deep and angled, the feeling of it settling deep in your belly. 
“Fuck- you look so-fucking-pretty underneath me like this”
His words of praise are muffled against your lips, further drowned out by your moans as one of his hands moves down to play with your clit. You’re screaming his name as the coil in your stomach snaps, his own restraint breaking as he finishes, painting your walls with his seed. 
It’s not the first time you find yourself screaming and moaning that night. His cock is inside of you in one way or the other through the entirety of the next few hours- whether it be deep down your throat as his hands pull your hips down to his face, moaning at the taste of himself leaking from your cunt - or stretching the walls of your puckered asshole, the lube he pumped in with his slender fingers dripping out as he presses you to the shower wall, a hand coming forward to fondle your tits as his face falls onto your shoulder, grunting into your ear while he pistons in and out of your tight hole. 
You can barely move a muscle by the time you’re done, body and mind numb from both the exhaustion and overstimulation as he pulls the covers over the two of you, limbs entangled with each other’s, skin against skin, his hands rubbing circles onto your spine.
“No one’s ever going to hurt you again.” 
You’re barely conscious as he whispers that, humming and burying your face deeper into his cozy heat as he presses a kiss to the top of your head. You do not notice the solemn drop of moisture that escapes his eye, falling onto your cheek, a thumb brushing it away just as quickly, as if it was never there. Just as he wishes he could brush away his own existence from your life- no- just as he was going to.
“...I promise.”
When your eyes flutter open, they are not met with the moon.
Instead, the light of the rising sun casts a rosy hue across your room. And for once, you do not feel cold as you spread out your legs to take more of the space on the expanse of your empty bed. The sunlight does not feel like a curse anymore, even if the nostalgia of the moon’s glow stays buried somewhere deep in your heart. 
But at least there’s no more crying going to bed alone each night; no more hours of scrolling through social media looking for someone who doesn’t exist; no more one night stands and low grade hookups trying to fulfil the ever-growing void in your heart. 
In fact, you find yourself going out more, singing along to songs in the shower once again, even making friends with a regular trio that starts coming into your bakery every other day. They told you they’re college students too, all around your age, and you find yourself smiling a little more than necessary at one of them, even if a pair of ocean eyes floods the back of your mind each time that you do. You’re still hurting and healing, but at least you are moving forward. 
“At least he kept his promise”  You find yourself thinking as you climb out of bed, sighing in disappointment at the clinking of charms around your ankle. 
“At least I kept my promise.” 
It had become Gojo’s new-found mantra. Every time he saw you drunk out of your mind at a bar, deftly bribing the bartender to replace your ordered shots with water instead. Every time he saw a random body pressed to yours, their tongue exploring your sweet mouth as you pushed them into your apartment. And especially that one time he found himself standing over the half-beaten body of the man who had tried to grope you on the bus. 
“At least I kept my promise- at least she’s safe.”
He knew his actions were of a mad man. Even though he took care of the problem which had hurt you in the first place, he still found himself paranoid. Following you around every other night, making sure you were still here- still alive under the same sky as him, under the same sun and moon and stars. He told himself he was doing it for you- even if he found his heart swell every time he saw the familiar glint of the silver trinket around your ankle.
“No way!” You find yourself laughing around a mouth full of mochi.  
“No- I swear he likes you, he just doesn't want to admit it, you know how he-” 
“What are you two talking about?”
You both immediately snap your mouths shut as he returns from the restroom, sliding into the seat on his side of the booth. 
“Nothing!” you reply in unison. 
“Anyways, do you want me to get you anything else? Something that this idiot wouldn't shove into my mouth?” You joke, tapping your pen against the notepad. 
“Hey! I just wanted you to taste how delicious the mochi was!”
“I know- I made it!”
A loud cough breaks your banter with the light haired boy, 
“I-I do actually want to ask for something”
“Of course, what can I get you? The ginger tea you like?”
“Well- what I want is-” he pauses, and you don’t miss the mischievous glint in the eyes of his friend sitting across the table. 
“I’d like to take you to the festival at the park.”
You’re halfway through writing it down on the notepad before you realise what he’s asked, your head snapping up to see the slightly flushed tint on his cheeks as he glares at the howling boy across the table. Your own face heats up as he looks towards you expectantly. 
“You don’t have to if you-”
“Pick me up at 4”
“Oh” butterflies race in your stomach at the smile that he gives you, “...okay, 4 it is.” 
Weeks go by and you don’t realise the slow mending of your heart. Your broken pieces coming together each time he holds your hand, each time he presses a kiss to the tip of your nose, each time he whispers words of affirmations into your ear, and each time he comforts your shaking body, apologising for kissing your brow- even if he doesn’t understand why it made you cry. 
Eventually, you learn to not mind being just a mere star in the vast expanse of the cosmo.
You didn’t care because he looked at you like you held the universe in your eyes, cradling your face with such gentleness as if you were precious china. You didn’t care because when his lips came down onto yours, it felt like the collision of stars- your own little supernovae in the curve of his cupid’s bow. You didn’t care because when you woke up, you’d find him peppering kisses across the purple constellations he left the night before. 
You didn’t care because you never woke up cold and alone anymore.
“I’ll be back in just a second.” 
You find yourself saying as you move your head off his lap, waving to your other two friends, their own counterparts lounging beside them. 
“Is everything okay?’ 
He’s always so tender- except for when he has you splayed across the bed on your stomach, hips thrusting into yours as he tells you what a good slut you are for him- just for him. Heat crawls up your face at the memory from a few nights ago. The fingers wrapping your hand snap your mind out of its perverse refuge. Looking down, you find concern-filled eyes staring back at you. 
“Yeah, I just want to take a walk alone by the beach- get some air.” You reply, leaning down to press a chaste kiss to his lips.  
The sound of the waves lapping against the shore in the dark and the fresh sea breeze on your face is refreshing. You make a mental note to thank Nobara for dragging you onto this trip. You stop as you find a cozy spot in the sand, giving you a perfect view of the moonlit sea.
You don’t know how long you sit there, thinking of a particular set of emerald eyes and long lashes, your smile faltering as the promise ring on your finger grazes the forgotten metal on your ankle. Your face remains neutral as you unhook it, even if it feels like cutting your own hand off, but that’s all there is to it - familiarity and nostalgia. There’s no blackhole in your chest, ready to open up and swallow you whole, there are no tears shed as you bury the piece of junk into the sand, and there is no looking back as you walk away, back into the arms of your precious ‘gumi. 
Gojo stands at the rooftop, one hand clutching the sand covered jewellery, the other pulling down a side of his blindfold as he watches you entangle yourself in the arms of another, laughing as he places a kiss on the top of your brow. You’re happy, that’s all that matters- still, the irony of the situation pricks at him - especially after all he did to keep you away from his world. 
He had initially found himself at a loss for words when you had told him that he was the moon, and you, just a star. If you were to ask him again, Gojo would agree, but with only half of it.
He may have been the moon, but you were a galaxy full of stars and planets that harboured dreams and wishes he could never fathom. His mind kept flickering back to the constellations he littered your body with as he now watched his own disciple press kisses into the crook of your neck. 
Nonetheless, he found his own lips twitching upwards- almost tragically, but the warmth in his chest was real as he saw the joy on your face. You were right; he was the moon after all. He had shone as bright as the sun itself despite not having any light of his own. Now he stood there watching the same light reflect off the dark-haired boy who held you in his arms, and suddenly, it all made sense.
Perhaps he should have found another way back then. Perhaps he shouldn’t have underestimated his ability to be able to protect you. Perhaps- 
it didn’t matter now. 
perhaps at the end of the day, the moon was nothing but a dreamer.
Tumblr media
© suna-reversed — all rights reserved. please refrain from modifying, translating, reposting of any kind. plagiarism will NOT be tolerated.
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heli0s-writes · 3 months ago
Your writing is amazing! If you’re taking requests for writing could you do Steve x Reader makeup sex after a fight? You could include the fight if you would like but you don’t have to. Thank you! Have a great one!
a/n: aaah this took so long but thank you for sending it in! this is about desire and self/mutual destruction. see the following quotes for more information on where my brain lives 24/7: (1, 2, 3, 4). and this poem, by Ada Limón.
“perihelion” is the closest point to the sun in a planet’s natural orbit.
warnings: emotions- what are they even! cursing, brief smut & angst. 1.6k words. please stop reading if you are not 18+
brooklyn after dark masterlist
Tumblr media
“You’re an—”
“—idiot, I know—”
“I don’t think you do—" Sharp curses and agonized fingertips, your hand curling around his neck to wrench him away for a second before you shove him back, letting his split lip gush over yours, the dark copper of his blood sending a droplet into your mouth. “The most idiotic thing—”
“—on this side of the universe, I know—” Steve hisses when you bite, pull at his skin until the almost-healed again cut opens up wider, “—shit—”
“You deserve it,” your tongue darts out, lapping at his spit and teeth and the very essence of him as if there already wasn’t enough of it sticking to your palms and fingers and optical nerve each time you close your eyes. “So fucking mad at you.”
You shove him onto the bed, climbing on top and straddling him, yanking at tufts of his hair, fisting it into a rat’s nest until he’s staring up at the ceiling, the jutting point of his Adam’s apple like a buoy in a tempest.
“Honey,” he winces, “honey. Had to.”
He grunts when you shift your weight until you’re practically sitting on his chest to keep him breathless—to keep him from saying anything else so stupid.
You already yelled at him earlier, right in front of the team when your short circuiting brain couldn’t hold it in anymore after watching him rush back in. Deciding that the point isn’t solely for Steve, anyway, but possibly for all of them to quit being such self-sacrificing morons and get their heads on straight because at the end of the day, for all their heroism, numbers and logic never lie.
“If, on average, Steve Rogers saves 800 civilians every year, but runs back into a building rigged to explode to save 1 life, and he dies—how many civilian lives will he be potentially not saving because he won’t fucking be there to save for the next 10 years? 20 years? 30 years? How long is a super soldier’s shelf life? 40? 50? You’ll be 120 and still swing like a battering ram, Steve. So, tell me—is it truly worth it to get your reckless fucking head cracked open for just one fucking person?”
There wasn’t even a shred of dishonesty or hesitation as he confirmed, “yes.” In his dirt-covered, ash-soiled, profusely bleeding from an open forearm gash glory, he stood tall and swallowed thickly, knowing the hell you’d reserve for him later, and he said “yes.”
Because he’s immovable and he’s principled and he’ll always, always say yes.
You want to kill him yourself sometimes. Simply precipitate the heartache you know is in your future as long as you’re with Steve. As long as what you feel for him makes you selfish, makes you want to keep him from the fight and the fury of the open world. From the inevitable, legendary death of Captain America as he perishes— as he’s wiped from the face of the planet, wiped from ever being in your arms again— while saving innocents. Those hapless casualties caught up in whatever cosmic battle of good and evil and since he’s a shining beacon with the power to safeguard them, he’ll do it to his bitter end.
You want to kill him yourself because he’s made you into something of a coward. Because instead of trusting his strength, all you trust is fear—a lodged knife telling you he might never return.
Well fuck that. Fuck that. Fuck all that.
“C’mon,” he urges, hands up in defeat.
He’s smiling into the ugly popcorn ceiling, one side of his lips curled upward, jaw slack, easy and yielding because Steve offers himself to everything like this: headfirst, wide open, like he’s not just a man at the end of the day, and like he can’t die same as those casualties he’s overzealous about rescuing.
“Don’t you think about me,” you ask after a long moment of staring, the anger dwindling down to a soft bewilderment, and you feel wounded just a slip away. One wrong word, wrong touch, and despite the last three hours of incandescent rage, you’d break into sobbing, confused pieces.
Your fingers unwind in his hair, returning to your side and trembling starts from the pit of your stomach before it rises up to your chest, then to your throat where it hovers high and brittle. “Don’t you think about me, Steve?”
“Of course I do,” he replies, still smiling, finally allowed to tilt his chin down to meet you. He reaches to hold your wrists, index and middle fingers on your pulse, letting the feverish beat bleed into him. “I’m always thinking about you…” he trails off, taking a moment to sit up and maneuver until you’re in his lap. He burrows into your neck, nosing up your ear, and he’s sincere when he says, “and I think that if it were you, and you were trapped somewhere and someone could have saved you—"
You wrap your arms around him, blunt nails digging into his back through the silky stretch of his undershirt to interrupt but he only shakes his head mulishly, “If someone could have saved you, and they died doing it, I wouldn’t blink twice.”
“That’s not the point—”
“It is,” he argues, “It’s the only point, because if they were doing numbers and math and decided that your life wasn’t worth it,” he breathes, focused and vicious, “Sweetheart, you don’t know what I’d do. You don’t know what kind of hell I’d raise. And it wouldn’t matter for a second who it was because I’m more selfish than I look. Especially about you. Always, about you.”
He’s chillingly serious, gone so earnest that you can barely hear him over the sound of the blood in your ears. He says it plainly, clinically, like reading data of scientific research—like he’s pored over every possible outlook, quadruple-checked his work, and firmly came to one enormously irrefutable fact:
“I have to lead by example so that everyone else will do the same. It’s not their fault so don’t yell at them anymore, okay?” He laughs again, rolling into the bed on his back with you landing on top of him, arms absurdly locked around each other. And it’s all so ridiculous. Steve with his sense of duty, his sense of fairness and loyalty so goddamn fierce and shameless.
You retreat, shoving your hands into your eyes because you can’t stand looking at him for another second. He’s a fulgent blur of midday sun behind your tears, hot and blindingly true and it hurts you to the marrow. A part of you is on the verge of laughing inappropriately, helpless.
“So what you’re saying is we’re going in circles.”
Steve shrugs, only sitting back up and kissing you, nudging your hands free and wiping your eyelids with his lips. Once, twice, five times, like there’s been no fight. He kisses you in quick, joyful pecks, and presses the happy line of his grin into your cheek.
“Yeah, but I’m okay with that, I can handle that. You can yell at me again,” he says, clever pink mouth stamping your skin with each sentence, muffling words here and there. “As long as you want, as much as you want, as loud as you want, and I’ll take it. Yell at me. Fight me. Kiss me. Fuck me. Fuck me until you’re finished.”
You scoff, trying to dodge and realizing you’re only half-heartedly doing so— forfeiting, finished— because he really is the sun, and you’re just a nominal planet caught in his spell, mindlessly circling, forever destined to orbit him. To watch him explode in the distant future and getting caught in the blast because there’d be no way to go on without Steve Rogers.
“Jerk,” you declare, “Jerk. Dumb jerk. Dumb, stupid jerk. Asshole—can you—can you try--” you lurch your face at him, catching him on the lips, kissing hungry and desperate and broken, “—try to stay alive.”
Because I’m in love with you, is what you mean, because I can’t be without you, don’t you get it? I’m sufficient and whole and I don’t need you, but I don’t want to be without you and that’s the ultimate mark of being ruined because of another person and I’m so utterly ruined, utterly fucked.
Steve kisses back, panting now, fumbling at your pants and then his own clothes, stripping until the pile of fabric is a mass at the foot of the bed, trying to entangle his flushed limbs the same way with yours.
“I’m here,” he licks his palm, slicks himself up, thrusting inside wetly at the end of each word like he’s trying to drive the point home into your soul. Quick like a blade, a reflex, a flashfire. “I’m right here,” he says, at your collar, his teeth clamped over the bone as if hanging on the edge of the earth with it. “I’m alive and I love you,” he whispers, then moans, then collapses into keening light—too fast, too hot—and you’re destroyed, because what else is there to do but be destroyed by him?
“And I love you,” he says again, as you burn to ashes, “And I love you, and I love you, and I love you.”
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smileysuh · 10 months ago
Claim : Alpha!Johnny
Tumblr media
⇢ Synopsis: When a pack offers up you, an omega, to Johnny as a show of ‘good faith’, he knows he needs to get you out of there. The tricky part is introducing you to his all alpha pack and making it clear that he doesn’t have a claim on you and that you’re free to choose any mate you’d like. As your first heat living with Johnny looms, tensions rise. 
⇢ Pairing: alpha werewolf!Johnny x omega!reader ⇢ Genre: smut, slow burn, crack.  ⇢ Warnings: a/b/o au, abo class systems, power dynamic focus, mentions of werewolf men being creepy to omegas, arranged ‘union’, sugar daddy Johnny, fingering, oral (f receiving), sex, overstimulation, mentions of oncoming heat, mentions of masterbation, general shenanigans, size kink, big dick Johnny, virgin!reader, etc... ⇢ Word Count: 18.4k ⇢ Tropes/AU’s: werewolf au, a/b/o au, alpha nct, 
a/b/o NCT masterlist can be found HERE
Tumblr media
Your bed is cold but you can't find the energy to do anything about it. All you can do is stare at your ceiling, words repeating over and over in your mind: today’s the day.
You’re leaving one world of confinement to enter another. However, instead of a pack knocking you down and reminding you over and over again of your inferiority as an omega, you’ll have an alpha mate doing it. And the largest alpha in his pack no less.
Your pack had said they chose him because of his size. Strong babies, strong lines they’d insisted, as if it would have anything to do with them. You doubt you’ll see any of them again seeing as your new ‘mate’ lives in the heart of the downtown of your city, whereas your pack prefers the space of a manor house on the far outskirts. Besides, do you ever really want to see your pack again?
Today at noon, as a show of good faith and unity, your pack will all but gift you to an alpha who you’ve never even met. An alpha from a pack of alphas. 
You don't even know what that entails and you don’t want to think about what it might mean in terms of your heat. Some packs adopt a more polyamorous lifestyle, throwing omegas around like a joint at a bonfire, is this what you can expect for your life?
Burying your face in your pillows, you fear the worst.
Tumblr media
The first thing you notice as you’re escorted outside by the alpha of your pack is the three cars pulled up to the manor. They’re not the type of cars your pack would own, which are mostly SUV’s, black, more for practicality than anything.
The cars you’re looking at are anything but practical. They’re flashy, exuberant- an excessive show of wealth. Bright coloured too. All luxury cars, although you can’t name the brands off the top of your head. One car is yellow with black stripes, one is red, and the last one all black. The alphas in front of you are city alphas. And on top of that, they’re a complete anomaly. 
You watch in shock as the three alphas all form a line at the bottom of the steps to the manor. Shoulder to shoulder, they look united. 
Next to you, your own alpha stiffens at the mere presence of them. He’s older than the younger alphas at your doorsteps, but the power that radiates off of them is obvious even to you. 
Alphas. Stronger united.
Who would have thought it possible.
You finally pull your gaze from the cars, allowing your eyes to land on the three alphas who will become your pack the moment you leave this place. 
Your eyes are naturally drawn to the massive one standing in the middle of the three, but you force yourself to inspect the other two first. 
They appear to be younger than the big alpha, and they’re looking at you unabashedly. 
Mischievous brown eyes glint at you, a sliced brow and a smirk that throws you off. 
A soft smile greets you from the other alpha and you decide you prefer him, even if he does seem to be jittery, bouncing on the balls of his feet.
With a deep breath, you finally assess the middle alpha. The big one. Your alpha.
Like the other two, he’s in a suit, but his just fits different. The way the black jacket hugs his broad shoulders, which show strength, makes the omega inside of you purr with delight. His face is handsome, and your eyes meet. He flashes a smirk, winking at you, and you’re taken aback by the handsomeness of his face. 
Next to you, your alpha’s mate touches your arm. She’s softer, and you do like her. She’s been through this before, an arranged mating. When it had been announced that this would be taking place, she’d talked with you for a long time about expectation and how to make things ‘work’ with an alpha if it’s a relationship lacking love. 
Now is the part where you walk down the steps and start your new life, the touch on your arm is your reminder to move. You hesitate a moment longer, which earns you a growl from the alpha next to you. 
Swallowing thickly, you lift your chin to appear confident, beginning your descent down the steps of the manor. With each step, you become more and more overwhelmed by  the unfamiliar smell of the new pack, made all the more pungent by the presence of not one but three alphas.
You falter a little when the big alpha moves out of the line, but relax when you realize it’s just so he can open the passenger side door of his car for you. You can’t help but feel a little bit happy that he has the black car, the other two are a bit much for you. 
Standing like sentinels, the two alphas your ‘mate’ has brought with him watch you walk past them to the car. You nod your head slightly at the alpha there and he nods back, closing the door behind you and locking you into your fate.
Only once you’re tucked away do the sentinels break free of their watch. Eyebrow slit goes for the yellow car, and soft boy takes the red one. A moment later, your alpha gets into his seat.
You face forward, holding your breath, trying not to let his scent be too overwhelming. 
You’re not used to the smell of other alphas, and it’s throwing you off. Your skin is clammy, heart racing in your chest from anxiety and you’re nearly shivering. 
The man next to you says nothing as the cars all rev to life. Red leads, your car follows, and you guess yellow takes the rear. The road to the gates of the manor house feels extremely long, and when your fleet of luxury cars passes through them, you finally let out a breath. 
It feels good to have escaped your pack, even if it’s just to be scooped up by another. 
The moment you’re through the gates, you hear an engine rev again, and then the yellow sports car goes whipping past you. The red car matches the new speed, but with the yellow having a head start, mischief boy takes the lead.
You wait for your own alpha to accelerate but he doesn’t, and soon the other two cars are out of view down the road. 
You gnaw at your lip, hands fidgeting in your lap. The silence is no fun at all, but you’d be stupid to question your alpha this early. No, you’ve been taught to be a good omega. To be quiet. To be submissive. 
A few minutes go by in silence, and then the car starts to slow, coming to a stop on the side of the road.
You brace yourself for whatever is to come. For whatever is about to happen.
“How do you feel?”
You’re taken aback by his voice and his words. Your mind short circuits trying to deal with both at once, and it takes you a moment to recollect yourself. “Good.”
“Liar.” the man scoffs, half turned in his seat to look at you.
You mirror his motion, having been taught to react accordingly to alpha body language. 
“How do you really feel.” he clarifies, then his voice goes low, “don’t make me force a response from you,” his smile appears again, “because I will.” he winks at you for the second time and you’re shaken by his behaviour and demeanour. He’s all over the place, which makes him hard to read.  
“I’m feeling...” you look around, taking in the trees outside and the open road which will take you to, you assume, yet another confined place, “not good?”
“So like, bad.” he clarifies, “that’s definitely a feeling.” he nods to himself for a moment, “try another one.”
He nods again, “another good word. Let’s see if I can clear anything up for you.” a pause, “first, I’m Johnny, it’s great to meet you, and you are…?”
“Y/N.” you respond. 
He does the most curious thing next, holding a hand out for you.
Your alpha wants to shake your hand? 
He looks at your confused face and then down at his hand, “you know what,” he puts his hand down, “obviously there’s a disconnect here. So I’m going to tell you the story the way I see it, and after, you can let me know what you think, how does that sound?”
You nod.
Johnny looks at you a moment longer, opening his mouth then shutting it. He sighs, “so your old pack.” it’s odd to hear him call them your old pack when he’s had you all of what? Five minutes? “The alpha reached out about offering up an omega, and my first instinct was to decline, immediately.” Another odd thing, for an alpha to decline an omega, almost unheard of. “But then i thought, if I don’t ‘take her as a mate’,” Johnny air quotes, “they’ll gift her off to some other alpha who could be a douchebag. So I figured the best thing would be to accept, to get you out of your pack situation and bring you to a place where you’re not going to be forced to mate with just any alpha you’re offered up to. In fact, if you want to not mate at all, that’s fine too, I'll take care of you now, I promise.”
You can barely register his words. It all comes too fast. Blinking at the alpha in front of you, you’re dumbstruck. 
He gives you ample time to say something in response, and then nods, “yeah, a lot to take in. I can only imagine. Looks like you had a pretty shit time back at that fucking manor house huh?” he starts the car again, “no worries, you’re safe now. I’ll take you home and get you settled, we can talk when you’re ready.”
Tumblr media
Taeyong owns the building the pack lives in, and each alpha has their own apartment that was layered throughout the structure depending on preference when it had been constructed only a year ago. 
Taeyong’s place is on the top floor (which is shared with Doyoung, Johnny and Kun), and many pack meetings take place either in his dining room, or the private room at Johnny’s club. The whole pack is ingrained in real estate, and Johnny enjoys having his own little party central anytime he feels the need for some entertainment. 
Having reached the apartment building well after Haechan and Mark, Johnny spared you the interaction with them. The two men are actually some of Johnny’s closest friends, and he trusts them, but he knows it could overwhelm you to suddenly be around so many new alphas after being used to just one your whole life. 
The elevator ride is quiet and Johnny doesn’t mind. He understands that this is an adjustment for you, that you’re weary of him. He allows you to flatten yourself near the wall of the lift to get away from him, and he faces forward even as he feels your eyes on him.
You smell pretty, most omegas do, so Johnny breathes deeply. He enjoys the scent all the way up to the top floor of the apartment building, where he, Taeyong, Doyoung and Kun live. They’re generally considered to be four of the top alphas within the pack- well, Haechan would argue otherwise. 
But more importantly, their floor is quiet. Johnny’s pretty sure he’s heard of some of the younger alphas being troublemakers down on the lower levels, (something about a fire at Mark’s place and a lack of any sheets at Jungwoo’s) but none of their childish behaviour can touch him, or you, up here. 
When you reach his home, Johnny opens the door for you, offering a small smile as you step past him and into the space. 
“Should I give you a tour or do you want to explore on your own?” Johnny asks, setting his keys down and loosening his tie. He enjoys a good suit, but he gets tired of wearing one pretty fast. It had been necessary to look good when he met your family, it had been expected at least, and Johnny is more than happy to finally be in the comfort of his own home.
When you don’t answer, Johnny nods, “okay. I’m going to go change, then I have to head over to Taeyong’s. Mark should have brought your suitcase up and put it in the spare room, which I guess is  your room now. You’re free to anything in the fridge, and if you don’t like what I have, you can order food with an app-” he considers you for a moment, “you have a phone right?”
You shake your head. Your last pack hadn’t allowed you to have one, another omega restriction.
“Ok, well i’ll fix that.” Johnny takes his suit jacket off, putting it on a chair and reaching into his back pocket to procure his own cell, “this is mine,” Johnny shows you, “I’m not sure how long I’ll be gone, so you can have it while I’m away. The passcode is 1234, i know, i’m a genius right,” he sneaks a glance at you and is satisfied to see you crack a smile at him, “if you need to contact me, call Mark, can you remember that?”
Johnny  watches you nod. He wishes you would be more verbal but he guesses that will come with time. 
“I’ll be right next door,” he says, “but, i’ll be with my pack so you probably don’t want to meet them just yet.” another pause, “You know what, I’m also going to leave you with some money,” he pulls out his wallet next, fishing out a few twenty dollar bills, “you can pay for food you order with this, but my apps also have my card attached to them.”
Johnny wonders if he’s rambling. He wonders if you’re even fully processing the information. It must be a lot for you, and he wonders if maybe it’s best for you to just relax. He opens his mouth to tell you as much, to say ‘maybe you should just go sleep’, but he knows that his suggestion might sound like a command. And he doesn’t want to assert himself as your alpha barking orders. 
He’s your protector right now, not your alpha. 
Johnny nods at the silence. He wants to stay with you and make sure you’re okay, wants to show you to your room and ask if you like it, but something tells him it’s best to just leave you to get used to the place on your own.
Johnny’s used to living alone, so he doesn’t even bother to close the door to his room as he heads in, buttons of his shirt already half undone. The white dress shirt falls to the floor of his walk-in closet when he enters it, heading over to grab a hoodie and some sweats from the comfort section of his vast collection of clothes. 
When Johnny exits his room, he finds that you’re no longer standing by the door. He smells you inside the guest room as he passes by, but he doesn’t look inside, another conscious decision to give you space. 
When he reaches his front door, he pauses before grabbing the handle. The alpha inside of him is saying ‘Don't you dare leave this room. Don’t you dare leave her.’
Good thing Johnny has a handle on his primal self, pushing the thoughts back. 
Outside of his apartment, Johnny runs into Doyoung stepping out of his own home to go to Taeyong’s. The stoic alpha looks Johnny up and down, nose crinkling. Johnny assumes he’s seeing if he can smell omega, but a frown shows that Doyoung has come up empty handed.
‘Good.’ Johnny’s alpha side purrs, oddly territorial of your scent already. Johnny dismisses the possessive connotations, deciding that he’s simply happy that the scent blocking doors they had installed are working to some degree at least. 
Most omega scent isn’t strong enough to linger on an alpha unless the omega is in heat, however the location one lives becomes pleasantly perfumed by them. And Johnny can’t have alphas coming and drooling at his door every day when they’re bored and need something to fuel a good self love quickie, because he’s pretty sure some of the younger alphas wouldn’t be against the idea.
“Is she in there?” Doyoung asks.
Johnny nods, locking the door behind him.
“Aren’t you worried she’ll leave while we’re at the meeting?”
A shrug, “if she leaves then she leaves, i don’t own her. But i don’t think she’ll do anything rash.”
“What makes you so sure?” Doyoung studies his older friend as they walk the few meters to Taeyong’s door, knocking. 
Johnny shrugs, “it seems like she was pretty constricted at her last pack’s manor house, the city is way too dangerous for her to be out alone in it. I don’t think she’ll put herself in that position.”
Doyoung nods and they both listen in on whats happening behind Taeyong’s door. Johnny can hear the words ‘knot’ and ‘condom’ and laughs to himself that Taeil seems to be stuck teaching someone about the birds and the bees. 
The door opens, revealing a happy looking Mark. The young Canadian alpha ushers them into the massive apartment which is full of their pack. 
“Johnny’s here!” Haechan’s voice rings over the chatter, and suddenly eyes are all turning towards the new men in the room, who make up the final members of the pack, signalling the meeting can begin.
“I’m here too.” Doyoung glares at Haechan, who continues to ignore him, instead handing Johnny a beer.
“Is she here?” 
“Can we meet her?”
“Why did you take Mark and Haechan to get her and not me?” 
“Does she smell good?”
“What’s she look like?”
“Is she nice?”
A flurry of questions hits the Chicago native and he simply laughs, going and taking a seat at the massive dining table where Taeyong is situated at the head. Johnny takes the chair next to him, fulfilling the position as right hand man.
“Did it go okay?” Taeyong asks.
Johnny nods, suspecting Mark and Haechan already gave a run down of the day to the pack. “She’s just getting used to the apartment.”
“I think she should have someone there guarding her to make sure she doesn’t leave.” Doyoung quips, sitting down opposite Johnny.
“She’s not a prisoner.” Johnny sighs.
“But she’s an omega, she might do something stupid like run without knowing it’s a bad idea. She doesn’t have an alpha to stop her from making the wrong decisions right now.” Doyoung argues back.
“You’re right, she has twenty three of us sitting in the room next door.” 
“Twenty two.” Doyoung states.
Eyes look around the room for something missing. 
“Who did the count when we got here?” Ten asks in confusion. They’ve gotten used to counting out all twenty three people before every meeting.
“Renjun did.” Mark answers, throwing his friend under the bus and making everyone look to one of the smaller members of the pack.
“No I didn’t,” Renjun defends himself, “i said ‘it looks like almost everyone is here’ and then Haechan said ‘everyone except Johnny’ and we all just went with it.”
“So who are we missing?” Taeyong groans and looks around.
“Lucas!” Kun’s voice fills the room and everyone realizes that of course Lucas is missing. Other than Johnny, he’s one of the bigger members, and it’s a shock no one realized that the resident happy virus puppy was missing. 
The door to the apartment opens and Lucas saunters in with a grin, “me!?”
It’s obvious he’s only caught the tail end of this, his name. He has no idea what the pack is talking about. No idea that they’d all just forgotten of his existence.
“Lucas!” Hendery runs over to his friend.
“Sorry I’m late,” The big alpha says, heading into the kitchen to grab a snack because he prioritizes food above all else, “something weird was happening down in the lobby.”
“Something weird?” Taeyong sighs. First Lucas interrupted the meeting, and is now going off topic, but Taeyong feels like this is something that should be addressed.
“Yeah, there was this girl and she kinda smelt like Johnny-”
Taeyong jumps to his feet, and the smirk Doyoung flashes at Johnny says ‘I told you so’.
“Did you talk to her, did she leave?” Taeyong asks, questions coming out in rapid fire.
Lucas shakes her head, “she was just kind of standing there and looking outside.”
Johnny stands up slowly, sighing, “I’ll go get her.” 
Tumblr media
People walk by outside, unaware of your watchful eyes, hidden by the glass doors of the apartment building. 
Johnny’s hoodie is heavy on your shoulders, masking your omega scent with the smell of an alpha. It’s your werewolf invisibility cloak, protection… or is it? The alpha who had walked in earlier had given you a strange look, and you’d felt your heart leap in fear. You’d been glad for his headphones or he would have definitely heard your racing pulse and known something was up. Is this hoodie really enough? Will you be safe outside?
You’re pretty sure your window of opportunity is coming to a close. The longer you stay standing here, the less likely you’ll be able to escape. 
But the world out there is scary. Two more people walk by, and you wonder what they are. Alphas? Betas? Threats? 
Definitely threats.
In your pocket is the money Johnny gave you, and the cell phone. 
Something isn’t sitting right. 
Escape has always been on your mind. You’ve never come this close before.
But maybe that’s because you no longer are in a situation you need escaping from.
Gnawing on your lip, you take one last look outside. A deep breath in and out. You turn and head back to the elevator. 
You don’t have to wait long, as soon the doors are opening to reveal your alpha.
Your alpha.
You pause at the thought, looking up at the man who had only come into your life a short time ago. He looks back at you, there’s no judgement in his eyes. There’s no anger at having just caught you in the lobby of his building. You watch him take in the hoodie adorning your body. 
“Smart.” he says, breaking the quiet,  “you smell just like me.” 
Johnny steps to the side so he’s no longer in the center of the elevator, giving you a spot to join him.
You step into the enclosed space, fiddling with the long sleeves of the hoodie as Johnny hits the button for the top floor. When the elevator begins to move, you finally find your voice, swallowing thickly before saying, “I’m sorry.”
“There’s nothing to be sorry for.” his response is immediate and he turns to look down at you. You avoid his eyes, fixing your gaze on the floor. “But if you want to go outside, it would be nice for you to have someone to go with, just to make sure you’re safe.”
What he says makes sense. An unclaimed omega would get eaten alive in the world outside alone. Your manor house had always enforced protection, restricting you, never letting you go out and experience life amongst other people. The enforced protection hadn’t felt much like protection.
This does. 
“Would you like to see the city sometime?” Johnny asks softly.
You nod, continuing to play with the fabric of the hoodie. 
“I’m a decent guide,” Johnny says thoughtfully, “but maybe you’ll want to go with Doyoung or Taeyong, they know more about the city than I do because they’re from around here.”
The names register in your brain. You’d been given a rundown on Johnny’s pack when he’d agreed to take you in. Taeyong is the ‘alpha alpha’, and if you remember correctly, Doyoung is a top dog too. You believe there’s one or two more people at the top, other than Johnny of course, someone named Kun and the other is- you can’t quite remember his name, but you remember he’s from Japan. 
You reach Johnny’s floor and you follow the tall man as he lets you into his apartment for the second time today. “Do you like your room?” Johnny asks when you immediately head towards it.
“It’s nice.” you respond, remembering your manners, “thank you,” you close the door softly behind you and head over to the bed, collapsing onto the mattress. 
Your pocket buzzes and you remember that you have the alpha’s phone. What was the passcode again? Right, 1234, he’s a genius, you remember. 
The new message is from “Tyong” and it reads: “is everything okay?”
You ignore the text, instead looking at the previous conversation between your alpha and this ‘Tyong’, who you assume may be Taeyong. It looks like they’d have a lengthy exchange this morning, before Johnny had come to pick you up from your manor house. 
Tyong: who are you taking with you?
Johnny: Mark and Haechan, they’re not very intimidating
Tyong: don’t let Haechan hear you say that
Tyong: do you still think this is a good idea?
Johnny: yes. We can’t just do nothing
Tyong: i can’t believe some packs are still like this, just giving us an omega to strengthen our ‘friendship’. 
Johnny: honestly, after this, maybe we shouldn’t deal with that pack anymore
Tyong: agreed. Have you left yet?
Johnny: no but soon
Tyong: once you bring her back, what’s your plan?
Johnny: show her the guest room then come to the meeting. 
Tyong: I mean what’s your plan on introducing her to the pack?  
Johnny: well, just because i’m the one going and getting her doesn’t mean she’s mine. She gets to choose when she meets everyone.
Tyong: hmmm. I think she should meet Doyoung, Kun, Yuta and I, just so she sees that she has more than just you as an option 
Johnny: right. Ten said that Kun was talking about omegas the other day, maybe he’ll be interested
Tyong: Kun’s a really nice guy
Johnny: probably one of the better ones of us for sure
Tyong: what if she doesn’t like any of us?
Johnny: then she doesn’t like any of us and I have an omega roommate who we protect and make clear is part of our pack and isn’t to be fucked with.
Tyong: I hope you know what you’re doing Johnny
Johnny: i never do but that’s okay. I'm sure this will work out. 
Tyong: that makes one of us
Another new message pops up from Tyong that reads: “we’re coming over soon” and your heart lurches in your chest. 
You put Johnny’s phone back in your pocket, feeling a little guilty for snooping, but much more secure now that you’ve read the conversation between Johnny and his pack mate. Hearing Johnny tell you that you’d be free to make your own choices was one thing, you’d considered the fact that he could be lying to you, but this is proof. His text messages show that Johnny is being sincere with you in every way, and you can’t help the way your heart squeezes in your chest at this discovery.
Adjusting the hoodie on your body, you head to your door, peaking out. You can hear Johnny in the kitchen, and you can smell food. You really don’t want the alphas who are coming over to disrupt the sacred space of your room, knowing that the scent they’d leave in their wake would be too much for you to handle near your bed. So instead, you step out of your new room, closing the door behind you, and head to join Johnny in the kitchen common space to await the arrival of more alphas.
You trust Johnny now. You hadn’t been sure before, but now that your anxieties have been appeased by the text messages, your omega side has free reign to naturally fall in line under the instruction of your new alpha. Johnny thinks it’s a good idea to meet his pack, so you will. Or, at least, you’ll meet the four alphas heading over who make up the inner workings of the pack.
“Someone texted you.” you say, causing your alpha to look at you from the stove. There’s no doubt he heard you come into the kitchen, but he didn't acknowledge you. You’re not sure how you feel about that yet, whether you want his eyes on you or not. Both give you mixed feelings.
You approach the tall man, holding out his phone and allowing him to accept it from you. Johnny’s eyes scan the screen and he looks up at you, “are you alright with having visitors?”
You nod. Wrapping your arms around yourself sends a puff of air up the neck of your hoodie, and Johnny’s smell hits you straight on, disorienting you for a moment and making your face scrunch up. 
Johnny laughs heartily at you, and you guess that he could smell it too, “i’m a little surprised you’re still wearing that.” he says, turning off the stove and retrieving mugs from the cupboard, “i’ve always heard omegas don’t like a new alpha scent right away.”
“Who said I like it?” the words leave your lips before you can stop them and they shock both you and Johnny, who turns and looks at you with his jaw dropped, faking harm.
“Ouch.” he says, then laughs, “you have a mean side to you, huh?”
You gnaw at your lip. Not a mean side per se, a defiant one. A stubborn part of you that wants to question alphas, after all, your last one hadn’t been much of a leader, not to you anyways. Respect is earned- except with omegas, it’s always deemed to be a given. You may have a naturally submissive temperament, especially when you’re near alphas, but at heart, you’re still a girl who doesn’t want to be controlled. 
“Alphas sometimes go crazy when they smell omega.” you say quietly.
Johnny nods, “so that’s the propaganda they’ve been feeding you at your old pack.”
“There’s some truth to it.” Johnny continues, “some less controlled alphas go a little crazy for omega scent, but only when you’re in heat. When you’re not, you’re completely safe, especially here.” 
You feel your skin warm at the mention of your heat. It’s odd to think about that time of the month now that you’re with him and not your old pack. At your old home, the week was spent on suppressants and locked away, which, to be fair, wasn’t too far from the normal scheme of things. 
“When you do have a heat,” Johnny’s soothing voice continues to explain as he serves food into mugs, “you can have suppressants, in which case, staying here the whole week would be safe. But we also have hotels just for heats, so i can get you a room and you can go stay there the whole week doing whatever you want, suppressants or not.” 
Johnny turns and approaches you, holding a mug that is now filled with ramen. His brown eyes match the softness of his smile as he holds one out to you. 
The information is a lot to take in. You’d been raised to fear alphas, to submit. Raised to think that your future alpha would be an asshole, like the one you had been used to. 
Every moment you spend with Johnny, you realize that more and more of what you thought was true, isn’t. 
This alpha isn't an asshole. 
He’s respectful and kind. He exudes the kind of warmth that is evident everywhere, from the pretty glint in his cheerful brown eyes, to the way he moves, fluidly but warily, conscious of his space and proximity to you. He’s treating you like a precious little china doll, and you’d expected your whole life to be sadistically broken by any alpha you ended up with. 
You open your mouth to say something, but there’s a knock on the door and your mouth shuts, eyes whipping towards the sound. 
“So jumpy.” Johnny says to himself as he goes to open the door.
You move backwards without thinking about it, getting as far into the room as you can so there can be as much space between you and the new alphas as possible. Even after Johnny telling you they’re harmless, old habits die hard, and you still think being distanced from the alphas is a good idea.
The first man who enters is much smaller than Johnny, with big beautiful eyes that lock on you the moment he's in the space. He’s lithe, moving fluidly as he heads into the kitchen, still assessing you as he makes way for the others to enter behind him.
Next comes a stoic man with a handsome, if not stern, face. His hair is dark, and his arms are crossed over his chest as he goes to lean against the kitchen counter near the first man. He also watches you, but his eyes dart all over, unlike the first man who’s gaze stays fairly fixed on your face.
Third is a blonde alpha, and he is wearing a big smile. He’s the first to actually speak to you, heading towards you instead of into the kitchen like the other two, and the final man who joins them, arms crossing over his chest.
The smiley alpha holds out a hand, bending slightly so that he appears smaller, “hi, I’m Kun!” he greets you, not coming all the way towards you, but stopping half way. You look at his extended hand, much like Johnny’s hand only a few hours ago.
This time, you’re going to shake it. 
Taking a breath for courage, you step forward, reaching and shaking the man’s hand softly. His skin is warm, and his smile widens at the contact, “it’s very good to meet you.” 
“She’s a little quiet.” Johnny says when you don’t respond right away, giving you all but a free pass to be as silent as you’d like. 
Kun takes a seat in the living room near you, and you head back to be near the windows, still weary of the three alphas who have yet to do anything but be intimidating in the open concept kitchen.
Johnny, surprisingly, heads over to where you are. He positions himself about a meter away, “you like the ramen?” he asks you, taking a bite of his own from the mug he holds in his hands. 
You nod, following suit and lifting a scoop of noodles to your lips. 
Your alpha is a decent chef, you’ll give him that. 
“Are you guys going to introduce yourselves?” Johnny says next, looking up at the men who haven't said anything yet. 
The one with the big eyes is the first to react, adjusting his stance, “I’m Taeyong.” 
“Yuta.” the final man to have entered the apartment finishes the introductions. 
You’re surprised that it’s the smallest of all five who’s the ‘alpha alpha’, but you suppose there’s something different about his eyes, other than the sheer size of them. His gaze is strong, and you can see strength and intelligence in his face. The stubborn set of his sharp jaw makes you think maybe there’s some merit to not pissing him off.
But then again, you’re unlikely to try to piss any of these men off any time soon.
“How are you liking the city?” Kun’s voice draws your attention again, and you find yourself once again looking at the man with a welcoming smile. 
You look at Johnny and he swallows his food, picking up on the fact that you’d like him to answer for you, “she hasn’t seen much of it yet.” he reminds them, “we talked about maybe doing a tour with me or one of you.”
Your hand instinctively reaches for Johnny’s shirt, and you grab the fabric near his waist, tugging gently to get his attention. Your alpha shuffles closer to you immediately, until his arm is nearly touching yours, and he looks down at you. Your eyes search his and you attempt to convey your feelings non verbally. 
After a moment Johnny nods, “actually, I’ll show her around the city.”
He’s very good at picking up your cues. If this is the group of guys who you can choose from to be a guide for the city, you don’t want them. Well, Kun seems nice, but you feel protected by Johnny.
His body is warm, you can feel the heat radiating off of him as he stands next to you, and it’s comforting. You realize that you’re already becoming acclimated to his smell, him standing close to you doesn’t give you a whiff of power as it had when you’d first met him, at least, not the type of power that would make you cower away immediately. No, Johnny’s scent is a good one, and you’re already starting to associate it with the feeling of safety.
“Was she still in the lobby when you went down?” the voice belongs to the stoic man, Doyoung, and you know before you look at him. His eyes aren't even on you, he’s looking at Johnny, pretending as if you’re not even in the room. 
“Yeah,” Johnny says after a bite of ramen, “she wasn’t going to leave, she just wanted to see if she could, right?” his hip buts your slightly, and the motion is a little shocking, causing your body to jolt from the sudden connection.
You’re quick to nod.
“See? She’s not going anywhere.” Johnny assures the other man, “and as i said before, she’s not a prisoner, it’s just better if she goes out with one of us so that she doesn't get hurt, we talked about this already.”
“And you talked about options?” Taeyong asks.
“I told her she’s not mine, you know you’re not mine right?” Johnny looks down at you again and you’re quick to nod. “Yeah, she knows.”
“You’re part of our pack now.” Kun’s soft voice says, “i know you’re only meeting us right now, but there are twenty three of us in total. The younger ones don’t have much experience with omega’s, only with other alphas. They can be kind of rough sometimes which is why we thought it best if you meet us first.”
“She’ll be fine,” Johnny assures them, “she has a mean side.” 
His voice is teasing, and you can’t help but look up at him in shock that he’d say something like that, your jaw dropping, “i do not!” you protest.
“There it is,” your alpha chuckles, brown eyes shining as he smiles broadly, “see, she stands up to alphas just fine, if anyone does anything out of line, she’ll let them know.”
Standing up to alphas. Having a mean side. Talking back to a six foot man who all but accepted you as a gift only a few hours ago-
You never would have even dreamed of doing these things this morning. 
As you look around the room at the men who now make up the inner circle of your new pack, you realize that a whole world can be flipped upside down in an instant, and that this new upside down land is way better than the old world you were used to before.
Tumblr media
“He likes her for sure.” Yuta says when he reaches Mark’s room, joining the impromptu gaming night that had somehow been concocted at the meeting earlier. 
“Johnny?” Jungwoo asks, cheeks stuffed with bread from the sandwich he’s eating. His eyes are big and thoughtful. He doesn’t care so much about the new omega, but he does care about his friend.
The other men in the room however, are more interested in the other side of the story, the ‘you’ side. 
“She’s hot, right?” Haechan asks, having only gotten a short glimpse of you in the morning, but it had been enough.
“She’s cute.” Yuta answers, walking over to sit on the couch between his younger friend and the Canadian holding the other gaming controller, “but, like i said, Johnny likes her.”
“So? She could not like him.” Haechan points out, eyes focused on the screen as he works hard to kill Mark. This is one of his favourite pastimes.
“She was wearing his hoodie and wouldn’t come near any of us but stood next to him the whole time.” Yuta responds, picking up a remote, “and they’re living together.”
“You can be platonically friends with an omega and take care of her without falling for her.” Mark says, somewhat naively.
Yuta just laughs, one day they’ll understand. One day Johnny will understand too. But until then, Yuta is content to just watch the mayhem with a smile on his face, “sure they can Mark,” he says softly, “sure they can.”
Tumblr media
The air feels nice on your skin, but it’s full of smells that you’ve never had to deal without in the openness of the country where your manor house is situated. Here, everything is gritty and intense, a flurry of scents that make you press yourself closer to the tall alpha next to you the moment you’re outside of his apartment building.
“You okay?” Johnny asks.
You nod, “it’s just-”
“Loud? Smelly? Dirty?” he throws words at you and, unfortunately, all of them stick.
“It’s like that at first, but you’ll get used to it. I’ll show you the lights down by the clubs.” he says, “the sun’s setting now, so soon all the neons will be glowing. I think you’ll like it.”
All the neons. He makes it sound so wonderful.
Someone sneezes down the street, and the loud noise makes you jump, latching onto Johnny’s arm. You’re still in his black hoodie, and your alpha is in a matching one, the fabric big and bunching when you attach to his side. You’re all but drowning in the sleeves, but having more of your skin covered feels safe. Johnny had even put your hood up for you when you’d exited the elevator, and the fabric covering your head and neck definitely makes things feel more protected. 
Your eyes take in everything about the new city space you’ve found yourself in. Johnny’s legs are much longer than yours, and you think he’s purposefully walking slow to allow you to look around. He doesn’t say anything, but the quiet is nice, it frees up your ears to enjoy the city sounds: A siren wailing down the block, getting quieter as it races to save lives, a pedestrian light dings green and lets out a noise to make people aware of it. 
Suddenly, Johnny stops in his tracks, causing you to come to a halt too since your arm is still laced with his. You turn to follow his gaze and realize you’re in front of a phone store. “What time is it?” Johnny says to himself. The arm you’re holding onto is his right one, and the hand that had been in his pocket now comes out, causing you to let go of him so he can look down at the watch on his wrist, “hey, they’re still open!” 
His hand falls back to his side again, and instead of waiting for you to grab onto him, Johnny takes your hand himself, pulling you with him into the store. 
There’s a man at the counter and he smiles when you come in, “hello! What can I help you with today?”
Johnny seems to know what he wants, heading straight up to the man and saying, “the newest Iphone, and i already have an account here so we’ll just give her the same plan I have.”
You’re taken aback by how strong he sounds, looking down at the poor beta worker who scrambles to do what the alpha wants.
“The phone comes in a few different colours-” the worker says.
“Y/N,” your name sounds interesting on your lips, and you look up at your alpha, “what colour would you like?”
You point at your selection and Johnny nods, “that one.” he says, although it was already quite obvious to you all that you’d chosen. You like the added command though, the words coming from the alpha, not you. 
Giving orders- well, you’ve never really tried to give orders before. 
You’ve never really been asked for your opinion on things, and you watch greedily as the worker removes the new beautiful phone from its box to set up the SIM card. 
Within ten minutes, you’re on the streets again and you have a new phone. It’s secured in your pocket, although your hand keeps finding its way back to check to be sure it’s there. The third time you do this, Johnny says, “are you worried you’re going to lose it?”
You nod.
“Then I guess we have to buy you a purse to put it in.” 
Soon you find yourself in a store. You and Johnny are the only ones there, as things are closing soon, but that just means you have the full attention of the women working there. “We need a purse.” Johnny says to the lady, “no budget, whatever she wants, and I’m going to look around a bit.”
Your heart leaps at his words and Johnny flashes you a smile before heading over to look at some jackets. He’s only a few meters away, leaving you with the store clerk, but it feels odd not to have him right there next to you. 
“Purses are over here.” The lady shows you to the section with bags, and she asks you questions about colours and styles. By the time you’ve picked out the one you want and headed to the till, Johnny has showed up holding a few jackets.
“Try this on.” he says, holding out a denim jacket, “denim over a hoodie is a good look.”
You accept the jacket and slide it over top of yours. Johnny looks you up and down and nods, “it’s nice.” he can tell you don’t believe him and rolls his eyes at you, sighing, “you don’t believe me?” his hand reaches for yours and then he pulls you to a mirror so you can see yourself, settling you in front of him. 
His hands are only your waist but you barely even notice, eyes fixed on yourself in the mirror. He was right about the denim over the hoodie, it does look good. You look good. And you’re wearing clothes your old pack would have never let you wear.
They’d always had you dolled up in feminine things. 
Not only are you wearing Johnny’s hoodie but you also have a pair of his sweatpants. When he’d looked into your room to find only dresses in your suitcase, he’d told you there was no way you were going out in the city in a dress, not only because it would be cold, but because it would be testing the waters with other alphas, and he didn’t want you to feel unsafe because of it, even if he was certain no one would challenge you with him at your side. 
“We need to get you a full denim look.” Johnny concludes, looking you up and down one more time. You’re pretty sure he’s sizing you, because the denim jacket fits well, even over the hoodie. It seems Johnny has some experience with clothes, which is surprising, but in a good way.
“The store is closing soon,” Johnny says, once again checking his watch, “there are a few staple outfits we need to get you, i’ll grab those, but anything you want, just grab it. We’ll buy it and if it doesn't fit, I'll bring whatever you don’t want back tomorrow.” 
This is how you end up walking through the downtown, one arm looped with Johnny’s and the other hand holding shopping bags. Johnny also carries a few, and as the lights of the city begin to flicker to life as the light fades, the excitement of neons makes your heart pick up speed in anticipation.
It’s been a while since you ate ramen, and when your tummy growls, your alpha hears it. “Hungry?” he asks. You nod. “Do you know what you’d like to eat? There’s a good Chinese place down the street, or a Thai restaurant a ten minute walk from here, I have it on good authority that it’s authentic.”
“That sounds good.” 
Clinging to Johnny’s side, you can almost forget about your fear of others. Besides, anyone who passes you on the street doesn't even pay you a second glance. All they probably smell is two alphas. You think you might get used to wearing his clothes any time you’re out of the safety of the apartment building. 
“You know,” Johnny says as you enter the restaurant, the alpha holding the door open for you, “I keep thinking you’re going to say something about how you’re feeling.”
You think ‘how are you feeling’ must be his favourite phrase in the world given the number of time’s he’s used it on you. Unlike this morning, where your response had been ‘not good’, you now say “not bad.” 
Johnny laughs immediately, and you think he must see what you’ve just done. “You’re funny. Not bad.” he chuckles to himself as the hostess shows you to a table in the back, “we’re really going to have to work on you using your words better huh?”
You shrug as you take your seat, facing the beautiful alpha who’s grinning at you still. He shakes his head, running a hand through his dark locks, “what did you think about the others?”
You shrug.
Johnny sighs, his broad chest expanding and then collapsing with the motion. You watch a muscle jump by his sharp jaw, a teeth clench, annoyance you think. Then your alpha leans forward, looking at you intently with eyes that burn red around the iris, contrasting the usual lovely chocolate colour. “What did you think of the others?”
“Doyoung seemed mean.” you respond immediately, swallowing thickly as your omega side betrays your inner thoughts. You hadn’t meant to be so blunt, after all, you just dissed Johnny’s friend- but he’d played dirty by exerting some of his alpha power over you, so you think maybe he deserves the harsh truth about who he hangs out with.
Instead of looking upset, Johnny simply laughs, his eyes returning to their pretty hue. “You’re right about that. He had to be there because he helps make decisions, but you probably won't have to see much of him after today. He’ll avoid you, I promise.” a pause, he studies your face, “how about Yuta?”
“The ones in the kitchen all seemed not to like me very much.” you respond, looking down at your menu, hoping this will be the end of the conversation.
“But Kun’s nice right?” Johnny asks, and when you look at him over your menu, you see that he’s smirking. Is he… he’s acting as if he’s  a girl who wants to talk about who you think is cute. You’ve had a few conversations like these, however your options had always been so limited, and you’d been stuck to watch your beta friend go follow her sexual instincts why yours had been hobbled and you’d been segregated when you became of mating age.
Does your alpha want you to like Kun?
Your brows furrow, your mind racing a million miles a minute as you try to figure out what Johnny’s angle could possibly be on broaching this subject with you.
“Come on, share your thoughts.” Johnny says when you don’t immediately respond.
“I just- you’re very confusing.” you tell him, eyes looking down at your menu then back up at the alpha, who is still leaning in, watching you with those gorgeous eyes of his- it’s too much distraction. You can’t concentrate like this. 
“I am?” he laughs, “how so?”
“You said i don’t have to find a mate if i don’t want to, and now you’re trying to- I don’t know, you want me to like Kun?” 
“I’m just trying to get you to warm up to me, honestly,” Johnny shrugs, then the mischievous smirk of his appears again, “but, i mean, Kun is cute right?”
You groan, lifting up your menu and using it as a barrier to hide behind. 
Johnny’s laugh rings loudly in your ears, but, to your surprise, he leaves the topic. Instead he sits back in his seat, lifting up his own menu- only to set it back down. You eye him, amused by his behaviour, which you’re starting to see has a tendency to be somewhat erratic. Your expression must be judgemental enough to merit an explanation because Johnny says, “I've tried everything on the menu so I don't need it.”
He must come here a lot, you realize. You gnaw on your lip, finally verbalizing your assessment.
“I do come here a lot,” Johnny nods, “Ten and I find ourselves here on nights when we can't sleep.”
“You’ll meet him. He’s in the pack. He’s from Thailand and he’s a great guy.” 
You think it would be nice to meet Johnny’s friends. You have a feeling that the men who showed up at the apartment today, while in the main circle, are not, in fact, Johnny’s closest pack mates. 
You’re curious to see how alpha pack brothers interact, even if the idea of being around more and more alphas still strikes something like fear in your heart every time it comes up. 
You need to unlearn everything you thought you knew about alphas, and as you watch the petty man pull a baseball cap out of one of your shopping bags and plop it onto his head backwards, you realize that there’s no one you’d rather have show you that alphas can be something other than crazy, dom, assholes. 
Tumblr media
Johnny’s skin is flushed a pretty pink colour from the shower, and he assesses the way he looks in the mirror as he brushes his teeth. There’s a mark down by his hip bone that his eyes focus on, he’d been hoping the slice wasn’t deep enough to scar, but he supposes when you get accidentally stabbed by a drunk Canadian at a barbecue you might as well come out of it with a souvenir to go with the story. 
Letting out a breath, Johnny bends over the sink to spit. His large hands are flat on the white marble countertop, and Johnny likes the coolness the surface provides. He straightens again, running a hand through his wet hair, which loosens some stray droplets of water and prompts them to slide onto his broad shoulders. 
Even as he does this, his ears are focused on the sound of your breathing. It’s faint, after all, you’re across the apartment in the safety of your own room, behind a closed door. You went to sleep a little while after you got back from the restaurant and Johnny doesn’t blame you, you had a long day. 
It’s kind of odd to have another person in his space, another heart to listen to. Yours is steady, restful, and Johnny’s happy about that. After listening to your pulse pick up at all times today, scared at the smallest of things, he’s glad your body is getting some time to recuperate. 
The floor is cool against his bare feet as Johnny saunters into his bedroom. He swings his arms, stretching the muscles of his back then his shoulders. Standing next to his bed, the big alpha closes his eyes and simply enjoys the feeling of motion, of releasing tension that had built up during the day in his trouble spots.
Today had been more work for him than he’d care to admit.
He’d been worried about making a good impression on you, and Johnny is not the kind of person to worry about the opinions of others. 
Johnny thinks about Kun, who had been nothing but charming in the brief interaction with you. He knows Kun is a nice guy, and Kun, better than anyone, could take care of an omega. Kun can cook, he’s sweet, he’s even-tempered, he likes kids- Johnny sighs. He can’t make this decision for you, but he can’t help but feel responsible, and Kun truly seems like the best bet out of the bunch. Johnny would know.
But something else is nagging at Johnny. The alpha inside of him raises its hackles at the mere notion of giving up his omega to someone else. There’s a darkness blooming in Johnny’s chest the more he thinks about you and Kun, and finally the taste gets so bad in Johnny’s mouth at the idea that he has to shake his head and force himself to be distracted.
Instead, Johnny puts his attention on his breathing. He closes his eyes, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. 
As he’s about to get into bed, the steady, pleasant sound of your heart, begins to increase, drawing the alphas attention. His eyes shift to his open door, and a moment later he’s standing by it, motionless as he listens. 
There’s a small sound, and Johnny takes off towards your bedroom, the noise too whimpery and painful for his liking. He stops in front of your bedroom door, hands flexing at his sides as he decides what to do. 
Another small sound, your heart races quicker- then a gasp, a ruffling of sheets. You’re awake, and suddenly Johnny feels odd for being at your door. He can’t just stand here quietly, and if you notice he’s there without him first saying something, you might think he’s some creep who’s been listening to you sleep.
His knuckles rap against the door, and your gasps go quiet, “are you okay?” Johnny asks, his voice coming out way lower than expected. He shakes his head to get a handle on himself, closing his eyes to pretend they’re not red with worry. 
At first there’s no response, and Johnny cranes his ears. There’s another sound of fabric on fabric, a pillow moving, maybe. 
“I’m okay.”
“Did you have a nightmare?” his next question comes immediately. 
“Do you want to talk about it?”
“Goodnight Johnny.” more movement, then a sigh. Your heart rate has gone down. You’re not sleeping yet, and Johnny thinks maybe standing next to your door until you pass out is a bad idea. 
He’s not satisfied with this interaction. Or, at least, his alpha side is not. It’s still telling him to bust through the door and make sure you’re okay. To see with his own two eyes that you’re not hurt or in pain.
Johnny takes a deep breath, but since he’s outside your door, this just makes your scent burn down his throat, his mouth watering at the sweetness. 
Forming a fist, the Chicago native forces himself to stop breathing. This helps a little, and after a moment he has the strength to pull himself away from your door and head back to his own bedroom. 
By the time he’s under his own covers, your heart rate tells him you’ve fallen back asleep. 
Johnny wonders if you’ll dream of him the way he knows he’s going to dream about you.
Tumblr media
You find a note on the fridge when you wake up, and a text message on your phone. It seems your alpha is being very thorough in making sure you know exactly where he is and that he didn’t ditch you. 
Waking up to no sound of a heavy, alpha, heartbeat, had been disconcerting at first. But having the apartment to yourself, for most of the day- it excites you.
You spend much of the morning exploring the apartment, looking in every cupboard and reading the back of every book he owns. You avoid his bedroom, in fact, you close the door to it. You find that too much of his smell comes out, and it’s distracting to always have that heavy scent. 
Johnny smells like the forest, all woody and strong, with spikes of smokiness- you assume a few of his friends might be smokers. It’s a wonderful smell, it’s just a lot to take in, especially since your omega side feels the need to nest in this new space. 
Soon, you become bored, and your eyes find the clock. Johnny’s text said he’d be home with lunch. You think you must have woken up right after he left. You calculate how long you have to wait until he’s home and then sit on the couch, turning on the tv, this will help pass the time you think.
It doesn’t. 
You find yourself looking at the clock every five minutes, and at around noon, when you hear the sound of someone's feet come to a stop outside the apartment door, you leap up in excitement. You take a step forward, as if you’re going to go to greet him, but decide against it, stopping and waiting instead. 
A moment later, the door opens to reveal Johnny. He looks a little disheveled, hair windswept, long brown duster covering an all black outfit. In one hand he has some shopping bags, and in the other, what looks to be Chinese takeout. 
You could get used to this.
His eyes land on you and he breaks into a smile, “hungry?” he holds up the hand with takeout.
You nod and head over to join Johnny in the kitchen, where he’s sat things down on the counter. You go for the other bags, curious as to what's in them, and Johnny tugs them away before you can pry, “hey,” he laughs, “nosey.”
You smile at the name.
“Bet you’re hoping i have a present for you in one of these, huh?” he teases, grin widening, “fine, take a look.” he pushes the bags back towards you and you eagerly open the first one, peaking inside.
“Do you like it?” he asks.
You pull the beautiful jacket out of the bag, marvelling at it. The look on your face must be enough to show how you’re feeling because Johnny smiles, busying himself with unpacking the food. “Try it on.” he suggests, turning his back to you to grab plates. 
You’re dressed in the new lounging clothes you’d bought yesterday, some soft sweatpants and a little tshirt. The jacket is a very different style; sophisticated, classy- but you put it on anyways. 
When Johnny turns to look at you again, his eyes scan you up and then down, and he breaks into a grin again. You think his cheeks must hurt from smiling so much. “That looks great!” he tells you, “but maybe,” he pushes one of the shopping bags forward, “you should try this on underneath instead.”
You grab the bag and dart off towards your room, not bothering to check inside the bag first because you know it will be a cute outfit. Once in the privacy of your own space, you strip of your clothes and pull out the ones you’ll be trying. It’s a pair of nice black jeans, and a black turtleneck. The sizing is perfect and you’re reminded that Johnny has an eye for these things it seems. 
Assessing yourself in the mirror, you think you look cute. It’s interesting to have all your skin covered, all the way up to your neck. But it feels safe, unlike the flimsy dresses your pack had forced you to wear. No, your legs are covered, as are your arms, and the jacket is heavy, which oddly enough, provides some comfort. 
You go to join Johnny in the kitchen again, and when he looks up at you, this time, his jaw drops. Then he lets out a whistle, his beautiful smile returning, “damn, someone call 911 cuz this girl is on fire!”
You can’t help the way your skin heats up at his words, even if he is overdoing it a little. It feels nice to be praised like this, to have kind, affirming words from your alpha. You realize a moment later that you and Johnny are now in somewhat matching outfits; the all black with a super aesthetic jacket on top.
“This is a staple look.” Johnny says, “you always have to have one full black outfit to pair with a cool jacket.” 
Food is all ready to be served now, so you remove your jacket and place it on the back of a chair at the island in the kitchen. Then you go to join Johnny, and he hands you a plate. “Does any of this look good to you?” he asks, wanting to be sure he actually ordered something you’ll like. 
Johnny gives you a sideways glance and smiles to himself.
“What?” you ask.
“What?!” you raise your voice a little, challenging the man next to you-
“It’s just,” Johnny shrugs as he scoops some Chow Mein onto his plate with chopsticks, “you actually said ‘yeah’ instead of just shrugging or nodding.”
You pause, considering his words. He’s right. You’re warming up to him, you admit it, but it’s odd to think that he’s conscious of your slight changed behaviour. What else does he notice?
You stay quiet as you move to sit at the dining table. You wait patiently for Johnny to come join you before you pick up your utensils. Old habits die hard. However, today, instead of waiting for him to take the first bite, as you’d been trained to do at your old pack, you tentatively shovel some noodles into your mouth.
Johnny doesn’t even look up at you, busy focusing on trying to get a piece of beef with the veggie he wants to try. 
Eating with Johnny in a comfortable silence, there’s no power dynamics to speak of. It’s simply two souls replenishing their energy stores together. 
This, you could also get used to.
Tumblr media
“How is she doing?” Mark asks when Johnny shows up to his apartment without you, yet again. 
It’s been a week since you showed up now, and every day, Johnny says he’s going to encourage you to come with him to meet a few more of the pack members, but every day he shows up alone. 
“She’s okay, still getting used to things.” Johnny answers, throwing his jacket over the back of Mark’s couch to join him. Johnny’s been over a lot recently, giving you space to get used to the apartment without the constant presence of an alpha. He knows you’re as aware of him at all times as he is of you when you’re both in the shared space. 
“How are you doing though?” Haechan’s voice comes from the kitchen where he’s standing and munching on a bag of chips.
“I’m fine.” Johnny laughs, “why?”
Mark and Haechan exchange a look, a wordless communication that Johnny can’t figure out, and he speaks multiple languages. He can’t have them talking shit about him with their eyes while he’s in the same room and not know what they’re saying. “What?” he asks again, “come on, don’t make me force it out of you.”
“We just-” Mark sighs, unable to find the words.
“A few of the guys have been saying you’re keeping her all to yourself.” Haechan says bluntly.
“We get it if she doesn’t want to meet us though-” Mark is quick to add, “we just- we wish you’d just tell us you like her and make a claim. Having things be up in the air with whether or not she’s staying with you, or going to see Kun, or- it’s just- it’s confusing.”
“It’s only confusing because you guys keep treating her like she’s just an omega and not a person with feelings and opinions.” Johnny’s voice is harder than he would have liked, but he’s a little frustrated that his younger friends don’t seem to be understanding this. He supposes it’s only natural, since they don’t have experience with omegas and only know what society has taught them; that omegas are for breeding and belonging to their alphas.
They’ll meet you and then they’ll understand. He’s sure of it. 
“I’m not going to make a claim on her.” Johnny continues, “she can do what she wants. You guys just have to start thinking of her as a member of the pack, because she is.”
“She’s just a member of the pack” Haechan repeats Johnny’s words, “except once a month she’s going to smell like candy and make all of us go crazy.” Haechan crosses his arms over his chest, not happy with being talked down to by the older alpha in the room. 
This is where problems start to arise and Johnny can see that this situation is a disaster waiting to happen. Alphas challenging other alphas- in the same pack no less- things could get dicey fast.
But Johnny can’t help himself. Haechan can’t challenge him over this. Who is he to know better than Johnny does? 
Johnny stands up, squaring his shoulders as he faces his younger friend.
Mark jumps to his feet a moment later, scrambling over the couch so he can hold Haechan off in case things go south. If one of them is going to start throwing hands, it’s not Johnny. 
“And when that happens, and she goes into heat, i’ll deal with it.” Johnny’s fist clenches and then unclenches at his side, he lets out a breath, calming himself down as he says “Haechan, you may have a primal side of you screaming to give into urges when you’re around omegas, but you’re still a man with morals. You’ll just have to learn to control yourself and respect her for who she is, not just because a specific alpha has a ‘claim’ on her. If you can’t do that, well, I guess you are no better than the alphas who go mad dog crazy over omega heat scent.” 
Tumblr media
The air of the apartment feels odd against your bare skin after going a week wearing hoodies and sweatpants, but you can’t deal with all the fabric anymore, your skin increasing temperature in preparation from a coming heat. 
You feel your anxiety rising with the warmth, and you itch at the skin of your bare leg, exposed by a pair of sleeping shorts that you’re not sure is a good idea to wear around the apartment. Then you remind yourself, this is Johnny you live with, not someone else who’s going to take one look at you and go psycho.
Johnny isn’t home. He spends much of the afternoons away, which is a blessing and a curse you suppose. It’s nice to be alone and not hyper aware of an alpha in your midst, but you’re also just more at ease when Johnny is around, oddly enough. It feels counterintuitive because Johnny makes your heart race, but not out of fear. Even though looking at Johnny seems to bring out your primal omega side, your pulse always relaxes after a while of being in his presence and acclimatizing to him.
Watching a movie with Johnny every night seems to be the highlight of your day. You enjoy the way that the silence is comfortable with him, and you enjoy every time he breaks it to give you a fun fact about a film or throw out an opinion.
The sound of someone at the apartment door draws your attention from your warm skin, and your eyes dart to the door. You’ve spent the entire afternoon working up the courage to have a discussion with Johnny about your heat, and now that he’s nearly home, you’re suddenly second guessing everything.
The door opens and Johnny stops at the threshold, eyes locking with yours. He cocks his head at you, and you realize you must look kind of odd simply standing in the middle of the living room. 
Johnny’s eyes don’t look you up and down, in fact, they stay curiously fixed to your own, as if he’s making a conscious effort- the thought delights you. Does he want to look at your legs or your arms? Does he like the show of more skin?
“Are you okay?” Johnny steps into the apartment and slowly closes the door behind him, staying where he is and still watching you.
“Yes, are you?”
“Yes.” his eyes narrow a little and he looks around the room, as if he’s searching for something. “Something's off.” he says finally, “let’s try this again,” his eyes return to yours, however this time, they’re red, “tell me what’s going on.”
The omega inside of you caves, your arms wrapping around your body to protect yourself. You don’t like it very much when he exerts his power over you, but at the same time, it releases you from all the anxiety you had been feeling on broaching the subject yourself. Maybe sometimes giving into Johnny is a good idea, it seems like he only whips out his aggression when it’s beneficial for you, and you know you have to get this off your chest. 
“My heat is coming soon.”
Johnny stands completely still for a few moments, simply looking at you. “That's why it smells a little funny in here.” he says finally.
You gape at him is he making fun of your scent at a moment like this?!
“Funny in a good way!” he’s quick to assure you, moving away from the front door and into the kitchen. You’re happy he has his back to you when he says “i like the way you smell” because heat ripples across your skin in response, your breath catching in your throat as you watch him fill a glass of water with ice. “Do you know if you want suppressants, or how you want to deal with this?”
“I think the hotel sounds like a good idea.”
“Do you know when your heat actually starts?” he’s still not even looking at you, and it makes it easier for you to answer these questions for whatever reason.
“Maybe on Monday?” 
It’s Friday now, this gives you two days, give or take. It can be hard to tell when heats are coming, and sometimes, during particularly intense ones, the effects start a little bit before the actual heat and linger afterwards for a day or two as well. 
You’ve also heard about pack synching of heat and ruts, another variable that could throw off your schedule.
“When would you like to go to the hotel?” another direct question.
You flounder with your answer. You’d assumed he would simply take charge of the situation and tell you when you’d be leaving. Now that you have a choice- well, when do you want to go?
The idea of being away from Johnny for a whole week- the idea of being alone- you don’t like it. You don’t want to go until you absolutely have to. You study Johnny, he seems to be fine with your pre-scent. If he had an issue and needed you to leave earlier, he would say so, right?
“Sunday night maybe?”
“You want to stay here tonight and tomorrow?” Johnny finally looks at you, shock evident on his face. 
“Yeah, hmm.” Johnny repeats, then lifts the glass of ice water to his lips. He sighs as if deep in thought then turns to face the sink, filling his cup again. “Are you sure it’s a good idea to stay here up until your heat? Before I have a rut,” your skin flushes again at the mention of his own ‘time of the month’, and you’re extremely happy his back is to you, “things always get more, uh, intense for me.” 
Intense. He’s saying he gets horny before his ruts, and to be fair, you understand the feeling. You have to admit, you’ve been feeling those effects as well. Last night, as you lay in bed to sleep, you’d considered relieving some of your tension- only to remember that if you did, Johnny would be able to hear and smell it.
Neither of you have done anything sexual in the apartment this entire week, of that you are certain. If Johnny had, you also would be able to smell it in the air. You study the alpha who has once again turned to look at you. How long do you expect to live together without being able to relieve your tensions in the solo safety of your rooms? Nothing is private when you’re part of a pack, and you have to accept that Johnny is your pack now.
“Things get… intense for me too.” you admit, going over to the windows to let in some fresh air and cool your skin, which is getting increasingly hotter as this conversation continues. “But, i- it feels safer here-”
“Hotels are safe.” Johnny points out.
You shake your head, “i'm used to having my heat in my own room, I'm used to being at home.” you stop, assessing your own words. Home. 
This is your home.
It truly is.
And the omega inside of you already has your happy little bed nest, a jumble of quilts and pillows which make you feel very comfortable. Suddenly, you don’t want to go to a hotel at all. You want to stay here.
With Johnny.
“You’re right.” you say finally, heading off towards your room without looking back, “book any day and i’ll go.” 
Tumblr media
“The shit I do for you.” Yuta groans when Johnny comes out of his bathroom, hair still wet from his shower. The gust of steamy air is tinged with the scent of Johnny, and Yuta scrunches his nose, “close the door and turn on the fan.”
Johnny chuckles, kicking the door shut behind him, “i tried to cover it with the smell of body wash.” he says.
“Yeah, well,” Yuta sighs, “it didn't work. I can’t believe you haven't jacked off in a week, I think I would die.”
“You wouldn’t die, you’d just have massive blue balls.” Johnny pulls on the hoodie he brought with him, adjusting it over his sweatpants then running a hand through his wet locks, “it’s not the worst thing.”
“What made you finally break?” Yuta hadn’t bothered to ask when Johnny had shown up at his door and said ‘i need to masterbate or i might kill someone’, he’d simply opened the door wider and went back to the tv. Now, he’s curious to hear the story. After all, Johnny is known for his control, and this looks like a break in that control, if Yuta is any judge. 
“Y/N’s heat starts on Monday.”
“Oh shit.” Yuta stifles a laugh. He feels somewhat bad that he’s laughing at his friends' distress, but to be fair, out of all the problems a young alpha could have; ‘my omega is going into heat’ isn't very high on Yuta’s list of ‘problems’ per se, more like ‘blessings’, but that's another conversation that he doubts Johnny needs right now.
“Yeah. The apartment smells like her.”
“Damn, is it good?”
“Really good.” a groan, and Johnny tosses his hand over his eyes, sinking into the couch, “i couldn’t even look at her. And her temperature is rising so she’s wearing these little shorts-”
Yuta smirks at Johnny’s story, listening intently to the plights of his alpha friend. He’s happy his friend is acknowledging his attraction finally.
“Did something happen between you two?” Yuta asks, hoping that maybe there will be details of a cheeky kiss, or something that would have made Johnny come barging down here at midnight. 
“I think we had an argument about when she’d be going to the hotel. She wants to stay at my place until right before it starts, but she already smells so good-” Johnny sighs again, “she stormed off to her room and i waited until she went to sleep to come down here. I’ve been trying not to breathe too hard for hours.” 
“Why didn’t you come down earlier?” 
“I couldn’t leave her. She doesn’t like it when I leave, it feels less safe. It’s so close to her heat- i don’t think it would be a good idea.”
“So let me get this straight. Your omega is in pre heat and she smells like a fucking snack, and because she’s sensitive right now you have to be with her the whole time, and you can’t touch her or kiss her or anything because you won’t admit you want her as your mate.”
Johnny grabs a pillow and pushes his face into it, collapsing off the couch and onto the floor face first. “She gets to choose her mate not me.” he groans loudly.
“You keep saying that to everyone but at the same time it looks like your omega is an indecisive little shit-”
A growl tears from Johnny and the man on the floor is suddenly sitting up abruptly, eyes glowing red, teeth showing, “don’t call her that.”
“You’re totally in love with her man.” Yuta laughs, relaxing into his couch, “but like I was saying. She’s indecisive. I know you’re all about omega alpha equality and allowing her to make her own choices, but she’s an omega, it’s against her nature to make decisions like this, just as it’s in your nature to choose for her and just claim her... don’t you think?”
Johnny studies his friend for a moment and then lets out a frustrated sigh for the umpteenth time, flopping back onto the floor, “i don’t know.”
“You’re her alpha so i’m guessing you gave her the heat options, hotel, suppressants,” Yuta counts on his fingers, and then looks up at Johnny, cocking a brow, “but did you offer the good old fashioned ‘how about I fuck the shit out of you’ route?”
Johnny had not.
Yuta’s laughs, “Wow, that's a dick move.”
“No it’s not!” Johnny insists, “you can’t just offer that-”
Yuta interrupts by asking, “Johnny you like math?”
“But you understand math.”
Johnny rolls his eyes. 
“In her last pack, her alpha made a hundred percent of the decisions right?” Yuta asks, earning a nod from the man who’s still laying on his floor, “and you want things here to be more fifty fifty, so you’re only doing fifty percent, but how do you expect this poor girl to go from making no decisions, zero, to being at fifty percent? It makes no sense Johnny.” 
“When did you become so smart?” Johnny asks suspiciously.
“The moment that omega showed up and turned you stupid.” Yuta answers, standing and heading into the kitchen to grab a beer, “if the chance comes up, you move towards her, lets say eighty percent of the way, and if she closes that twenty percent to kiss you back, then you know it’s still her choice and that she wants you too.”
“Do you really think she might like me?”
Yuta sighs, not only has Johnny’s omega made him dumb, but blind too.
“This is what happens when you haven't cum in a week,” Yuta says, “now get out, and if this shit continues and you don’t make a move, you can’t come here looking for a place to masterbate when you’re horny again.” 
Tumblr media
You’re still asleep when Johnny gets home from Yuta’s place, and the large alpha moves quietly through the apartment. As usual, he keeps his door open so he can hear if you need him. You’ve been here a week, and already you’ve had scary dreams wake you up more than half of the nights. 
Johnny’s becoming used to going to your room to check on you, even if it’s a supportive role in a quiet sense. He knows you can see his shadow outside your door, and that you can hear his heart at all times, giving you a decent idea of where he is inside the apartment at any given moment. Usually you don’t say anything to him, but sometimes you’ll whisper ‘i’m fine, go back to sleep’. Johnny always goes back to his room when you say this, but he doesn't sleep until after you’ve already gone back to dreamland.
As he gets ready for bed, the soft beat of your heart sounds like percussion, Johnny’s very own instrumental music. He enjoys it best when the tempo is slow, comfortable. The alpha feels more at ease now that he’s had some release, definitely more in control of himself. But when the music suddenly crescendos, accompanied by new vocals; a gasp, Johnny is rushing from his room, the notion of relaxed countenance gone. 
When he reaches your door, he realizes that, while elevated, your heart rate doesn’t suggest wakefulness. The protective alpha leans towards the door, and that's when two things hit him. First, your scent is much stronger tonight than it was even a few hours earlier, seeping under the door and tantalizing him. Second, a new sound joins the music of your racing heart, but this time it’s not a gasp, it’s a moan.
Realization floods Johnny’s body.
You’re having a wet dream.
Johnny’s mouth feels dry, and embarrassment floods his system. He shouldn’t be listening to this, shouldn’t be smelling this- but on top of that, he feels bad that your own body is betraying you. 
He’s had his fair share of wet dreams, and he knows that they’re uncontrollable. He knows how much you work to cover your skin around him normally, and keep a respectful distance- if you woke up and found out he was witnessing this, you’d be-
“Alpha-” a moan that makes Johnny’s mind stop racing momentarily, only to pick back up and go faster, his heart matching the feverish speed. 
Who are you dreaming about? Are you dreaming about him? Johnny groans when another wave of your smell hits him, the sound slipping out before he can stop it. Johnny’s fingers scrape against your door only to form a fist, he’s determined to pull himself away, to go back to his room and pretend none of this ever happened-
Sheets move abruptly, and Johnny recognizes the sound as you sitting up in bed. He’s noticed that you often wake from a heart racing dream with a start, and your heart rate confirms your wakefulness a moment later. 
Johnny’s skin feels frozen, and he’s paralyzed at your door. 
“Johnny?” his name breaks the quiet.
Usually Johnny would be quick to respond, but when he opens his mouth, nothing comes out. He lets out a breath but this only makes things worse because when he inhales, all he can smell is you. 
You haven't spoken since you stormed off after talking about your heat with him, and Johnny worries you might still be upset at him. The whole situation had been confusing, but you’d conceded to him-
Johnny wonders if Yuta is a genius. Had this whole thing been as simple as you wanting him to command things? This whole time he’d been desperately trying to let you know that you’re the one in the driver’s seat, but had he not realized you’d never wanted to be there in the first place? 
Johnny’s alpha roars to life in his chest at the notion, pushing at the young man to be released after being painfully restricted for so long. Johnny takes a deep breath, and he lets go of all the things holding him back.
“Can i come in?” okay, well, maybe he’s not ready to fully give into the alpha inside who wants to kick the door down, but this is still a good thing. Johnny can hear the racing of your heart, the way it jumps after his words, and instinctively, he wants to smooth things over.
Always indecisive, you don’t respond to his question, and Johnny gives you ample time. He takes another deep breath, then he turns the door knob and pushes the door open, only to be hit by your pleasant smell again. 
You’re sitting up in bed, as he’d assumed you would be. Your hair is a little tousled from rolling around, and Johnny enjoys the way you look, but not as much as he enjoys the sight of his shirt adorning your body. It’s a simple t, one of the ones he keeps in his gym bag in the entryway closet. He’d wondered where it went two days ago when he’d gone to put it on after a work out only to find it missing, but he’d explained it away as being his own fault. Yet, here’s the shirt.
You blink at him like a deer in headlights, and the predator inside of Johnny naturally wants to pounce, but he settles for stepping into the room instead, “so that’s where my shirt went.” he says, voice a low growl, nowhere near the tone he had been planning to use. 
“It smelt like you.” you respond, wrapping your arms around yourself as if to get closer to the scent. The way you’re looking at him makes Johnny realize that you are deep in submissive omega mindset. It could be that you’re half asleep and naturally more relaxed right now, more open, or it could be your oncoming heat. It could be the fact that you just had a wet dream and are still feeling it’s effects- 
Johnny realizes there are too many variables at play for him to tell if this is a good idea or not, but his alpha side pushes him closer towards you, lungs filling will air tainted in your pretty smell-
“You gasped in your sleep, I was worried.” 
Even in the dimness of the room, he can tell that you’re probably flushed with heat, as your heart rate rises as well. 
He’s almost at your bed now, and Johnny is aware that standing there feels somewhat awkward. But at the same time, looking down at you, huddled up in the center of the bed in his t-shirt, and are you wearing shorts? Or-
Johnny licks his lips as he realizes you’d only worn panties under the shirt.
If he doesn’t turn around this instant-
“Johnny?” your voice is soft, and it clears all the thoughts from the alpha’s head, his mind going blank as his eyes take in your face. You’re not moving, not trying to stop him from getting closer.
Another step, then another. He swallows thickly and sits down on the bed, angling his body towards you. This close, he can smell you even better, and it makes his heart race. “When we talked about options for your heat,” he listens to the way your pulse jumps, it seems this whole thing is having a similar effect on you as it is him, which is a good sign he thinks, “I said you could have suppressants or go to the hotel, but I didn’t offer to help you myself. And I’m sorry about that. It was my responsibility to offer-”
You shake your head, “Johnny-”
“It was my responsibility.” he says more firmly, which makes you close your mouth. “As an alpha,” his eyes dart down to your lips then back up, “as your alpha.”
The words hang in the air for a moment, registering, and then everything happens at once. You’re not sure if you leap at him and he catches you in a kiss, or if you meet half way- or maybe- are his lips on yours first? Regardless, you close the space between your bodies.
You half crawl up on the bed towards him, and Johnny’s hands grab you, pulling you to straddle his lap with ease. Fingers dig into your hips and you grab at his face, kissing him feverishly.
His lips taste like toothpaste, and his woodsy scent enwraps you in a comfortable safety that both excites you and reminds you that you can be slow with this, that you can enjoy yourself, that you’re not going to be hurt. 
You let out a little squeak when Johnny falls back into your bed, pulling you down on top of him. He grins against your lips, securing a hand behind your head so the kiss can deepen. 
His frame is so massive underneath you, and even with your weight on his chest, you know it doesn't bother him. 
You’ve never been in a situation like this before, having been sheltered your whole life. But your body seems to know what to do instinctually, hips rolling to create friction on your core. The motion makes you remember you’re only in panties, pussy fluttering with delight as you drag it across something hard-
Johnny rolls you suddenly, and your eyes open, looking up in shock at the man who’s now the one pressing you into the bed. He fits so well between your legs, and he holds himself off of you slightly, meeting your gaze. He’s breathing hard, like you, and his lips are slightly swollen already- had you been kissing him that hard?
“Were you dreaming about me earlier?” he asks.
Your heart catches in your chest, embarrassment flooding through you again. You want to hide your face, but there’s nowhere to go while pinned under your alpha, who’s watching you with a big smile.
“You know the answer.” you say, adjusting your hold on his hips and beginning to play with his hair.
“What was I doing in the dream baby?”
Your heart flutters at the pet name, the first one he’s given you, and it prompts you to kiss him again. He gives in to your lips his tongue swiping across your teeth delightfully- but then he pulls away, “was I touching you in the dream?”
A small moan leaves your lip at his words, a whimper really, your lower lip trembling as you nod.
Johnny chuckles lowly, leaning in and letting his lips ghost over your neck, which you instinctively expose for him, turning your head to the side. The skin there is sensitive, and your breath catches. 
Lips press against your pulse point and you dig your nails into Johnny’s shoulders, hips pushing up against his.
“If you don’t learn to use your words,” his nose brushes by your jaw then his teeth gently tug at your ear lobe, “we’ll just have to stay like this.”
You groan in frustration, “please?”
Now it’s your alphas turn to let out a noise of pleasure, “was i touching you here?” a hand slides around your throat. Barely any pressure is applied but it still makes your heart race in your ribcage.
His fingers tease down, circling your pebbled nipple poking up through the fabric of the shirt you’d stolen from his gym bag. You’re happy you hadn’t worn a bra to bed.
“Here?” he presses more kisses to your neck and the stimulus from it makes you gasp, sensitive everywhere. 
A whimper, then, “lower.”
Johnny smiles against your neck, shaking his head slightly. He thinks you’re adorable. His hand begins it’s decent lower-
His body goes rigid as he realizes, “baby girl,” a kiss to your neck, he doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it, “is this your first time?”
Now it’s your turn to bury your face in his neck, but not for kissing, for hiding, and Johnny knows he’s hit the nail on the head. He hadn’t even given this much thought, but he supposes it makes sense you’re a virgin, after all, once an omega is claimed by an alpha that’s that. Most alpha's claim their omegas the first chance they get, Johnny’s heard, and you’re unclaimed because you grew up secluded. Of course this is your first time. 
“It’s okay,” Johnny coos, “i’ll take care of you, I promise.”
You don’t release your hold on him, your face still buried in his neck, and Johnny doesn’t mind. He allows you to cling to him, hugging him, while he simply holds you.
You’re not sure how much time passes in his embrace, but his warmth calms your racing mind, which feels counterintuitive because you’re so close to heat and your skin is inherently warmer than usual. When you finally pull away from his neck, Johnny does the same so he can meet your eyes.
You press a kiss to his lips, a quick one, studying his reaction, then you kiss him again, deeper this time. You’re ready for this. You want this. 
Your legs tighten around his waist again, forcing more pressure against your core, which makes you whimper against his lips. Johnny’s hand is on your waist, but it moves up again, giving attention to your breasts. The feeling is wonderful, his thumb brushing the sensitive bud and making you whine again, hips pushing up-
“Can i take this off of you?” he asks between kisses, tugging at the shirt that's keeping him from fully touching you. 
“Yes.” the word feels slightly foreign, but you know he wants verbal responses, and you’ll do your best to comply, especially if he’s making you feel this good as a reward. 
He has to take his lips off yours to do this, adjusting so he can sit up better. His fingers tug the fabric up slowly, exposing more and more skin. You lift your arms to allow him to pull it off completely, and then he covers your body with his own again, lips returning to yours.
It’s a new feeling to have your bare breasts pressed against his chest, and the fabric of his shirt feels odd against your sensitive nipples. You tug at the material, and Johnny smiles into your kiss. He doesn’t immediately give in, instead he lets you tug at the fabric at his shoulders for a little while, until you’re whimpering for him, and only then does he sit up again to join you in being bare from the waist up.
You watch, bottom lip caught between your teeth, as Johnny straightens and reaches behind his head to get a grip on the scruff of his shirt, pulling it up and over, tossing it away. His muscles move beautifully under pretty skin, and your mouth nearly waters at his physique. This is what he’s been hiding under hoodies and excessive jackets?
You reach towards Johnny, wanting him back in your arms, and he complies, smashing his lips to yours again. His hand feels massive on your waist, sliding up until his thumb brushes under your breast.
“Johnny-” you push your chest up against his, eager for more, eager for him to give you everything, to take care of you, as he promised he would.
His large hand cups your boob, massaging the flesh and making pleasure surge through you, heading right to your core. His thumb moves over your nipple and you gasp into his kiss, hips moving up, looking for friction, of their own accord. 
Johnny’s kisses move to your jaw, and he noses your face to the side to gain access to your neck, peppering the skin there next. His descent continues, dark hair tickling your collar bone slightly before his lips wrap around your nipple. 
The sensation is foreign but it sends shivers of delight through your body. You thread your fingers through Johnny’s soft hair to ground yourself as his teeth graze you, bringing more pleasure.
You can smell yourself at this point, that’s how insanely wet you are just from a bit of kissing and grinding. 
“Johnny, please.” you whimper. 
Immediately, the alpha continues to kiss down your body. It seems that all you need to do is say please and he’ll give you what you want. The thought makes you smile to yourself only to gasp when Johnny’s lip reach the band of your panties. 
He’s laying on the bed between your legs now, which are open to accommodate his broad shoulders. He adjusts your thighs, skipping over where you need him to worship the skin of your thighs. His fingers kneed the flesh there, lips pressing kisses as he places your legs over his shoulders. 
You’re a little confused by the word, but a moment later it becomes clear what he means. Your panties tear in two places and are ripped from your body, exposing your core to the coolness of your room.
Johnny groans deeply, breathing in your smell and making your skin flush with embarrassment, “so good.” he says, voice nearly a growl, “you’ll let me make you feel good?”
“Yes, please.”
His mouth dives into your pussy and you scrabble to grab his hair, shocked by the new and sudden feeling. His tongue laps at your entrance, pressing flat, not poking in, just tasting, just teasing-
His nose bumps your clit and your legs shake on either side of his head, another sound of pleasure leaving your lips. You allow yourself to relax a little into the bed, putting your head down and closing your eyes, which amplifies the sensations. 
His tongue dips a little more into your, another new sensation that sends delightful tingles across your skin. Then his mouth moves up, lips wrapping around your clit.
Your back arches off the bed, fingers pulling at Johnny’s hair, “Johnny-”
There’s a tension in your stomach, and you’ve had orgasms by yourself before, so you know what it is. But this feels a bit different, it feels more intense, which is no surprise. Small sounds are leaving your lips as he continues to switch between flicking at your clit with his tongue and sucking lewdly.
“I’m gonna-” you don’t even finish your sentence, orgasm slamming into you, the chord in your tummy snapping as waves of pleasure wrack your body. All you can do it hold onto Johnny’s hair while he continues his assault on your entrance, every flick and slurp creating more and more intensity until your legs are shivering on either side of his head and you’re nearly crying from stimulation.
When Johnny pulls away from your core, you don’t even open your eyes to look at him, simply letting go of his hair and allowing him to leave. You lay there, trying to regain some semblance of composure while Johnny’s breath fan over your pussy, “I’m going to have to stretch you out.” he says, pressing a kiss to your inner thigh, “you ready?”
You moan loudly. Of course he has to stretch you out and prepare you. You bet his cock is giant like the rest of him. Another wave of tingles washes over your body at the notion.
Johnny’s finger slides into you easily, and you gasp at how much longer it is than your own. “So wet.” another kiss to your thigh, “so pretty.”
your skin flushes in embarrassment at the compliment, eyes opening to look down at the man between your legs. “No, you.”
Johnny just laughs, shaking his head and looking down at your core again, a second finger slides into you and makes you gasp. He scissors them a little then pumps them in and out, you can hear your slick with each movement. His fingers crook up inside of you, which feels amazing, you had no idea fingers could make you feel this good- but then you think maybe it’s not ‘fingers’, it’s the fact that this is Johnny.
His pace picks up as you get used to having two digits inside of you, and as you begin to let out more moans, signalling your orgasm is approaching again, Johnny brings his tongue back down to your clit.
Instead of reaching for Johnny’s hair, you grab the bedsheets, bundling the fabric in your fists. It feels as if you could lift off the bed and float away without an anchor, mind becoming fuzzy as Johnny helps your ascent to cloud 9. 
Soon, another orgasm crashes into you, waves of pleasure lulling your body as Johnny continues to work you through it. You feel safe with him, like you can simply enjoy the feelings, the euphoria, that he’s giving you. 
Every good thing must come to an end, and when you finally are released from the delightful spasms of your orgasm, you instinctively reach for Johnny. 
“I have to go get condoms.” a kiss is pressed to your inner thigh, “i’ll be right back.”
You open your eyes to watch Johnny head to the door. His shoulders are so broad, and his waist much smaller, sweatpants hanging low on his hips- then he’s out of sight and you’re disappointed. 
Condoms. You’d forgotten about those. This is why he’s the alpha and you’re the one being taken care of, you think to yourself pleasantly. You enjoy it this way.
He’s back a moment later, stopping at the foot of the bed and looking at you, the condom packet in his hand. “You still want this?”
You open your legs as a response. 
Johnny chuckles to himself and pushes his pants down, releasing a cock that’s exactly as big as you thought it would be. He rolls the condom on and joins you on the bed, letting you wrap your legs around his waist, but he doesn’t immediately press into you. Instead he kisses you, his fingers returning to your entrance. 
He collects the wetness there, spreading it over your entrance and then his own cock. “If this hurts-”
You kiss him to shut him up, he has no idea how much you can handle. You’re stronger than he thinks. You can take it, after all the things you’ve gone through and overcome so far, this will be the easiest you think.
His cock presses against your entrance, the head pushing in and making you groan. Johnny peppers your face in kisses, sliding in a little more. He takes his time, giving little test thrusts which help coat him in your slick until one thrust has him sheathed fully inside of you, causing you to gasp into each other's mouths as you kiss, your fingers pulling at his pretty hair.
“You’re so big-” you whimper, body still trying to adjust even though it feels like he’s splitting you in half. The pain is there, but so is the pleasure, and the melding of the two contrasting feelings is interesting, pleasure coming out as the dominant feeling the moment Johnny begins to move. 
Your noises tell Johnny that it feels good, that he can go faster, that he can finally lose control and ravage you after trying to go slow for so long. 
He lets out a sound that goes straight to your core, a deep sound that brings forth your own primal side. A whimper leaves your lips and you move your kisses to his neck, licking the skin there.
“Claim me.” 
His fingers dig into your hips and he groans, “fuck, don’t say things like that-”
“Claim me.” you say, harder this time.
“Claim me.” you scrape your nails down his back.
“Claim me first.” he responds, voice breaking a little at the words. 
Omega’s can’t claim alphas. That’s not how this works and you both know that. But you immediately understand his words, placing your mouth on a particular spot of skin on his pretty neck and sucking. Your teeth nip at the flesh and your tongue darts out to sooth it as you suckle at him, marking his neck with a little hickey that will be gone by morning anyways due to his healing abilities.
It feels immensely intimate to be doing this, imprinting a mark like this on your alpha while he fucks you into your mattress. 
Satisfied with what you’ve done, you move away from his neck to inspect your work. “Now claim me.” you tell him, exposing your throat yet again. 
“Cum first.” he shoves his hand between your bodies, fingers finding your clit.
You’re still sensitive, so the motion sends jolts tingling through you, increasing the pressure in the pit of your stomach. You let out a whine, eyes closing as you simply take what he’s giving you. Each thrust feels amazing, his cock filling you completely, only to leave you empty, and repeat- you think this must be what heaven feels like.
You’re so close-
You open your eyes and look up at Johnny, bringing his lips to yours again, “cum with me?” you ask fervently against his mouth, playing with the hair on the nape of his neck. 
Johnny smiles against your lips, a yes, you’re sure of it. His pace gets quicker and each thrust makes you practically squeak in pleasure, pitch getting higher as you  get closer and closer-
That’s all it takes for Johnny to snap, his mouth moving to your neck. The moment his teeth sink into your flesh, marking you, claiming you as his, you explode on his cock, pussy clamping down for everything you're worth and dragging him over the edge with you.
You claw at his shoulders, noises of pleasure leaving your lips as his hips carry you through your orgasms, his lips returning to yours a moment later. There’s a slight metallic taste now, but only slight, and it’s mostly hidden by the spearmint flavour of Johnny’s toothpaste, which you’re thankful for.
Tongues clash, moans are exchanged, and nothing else in the entire world matters. 
When Johnny’s hips stop moving, after you’ve both finished, he stays inside of you for a moment, pulling away from your lips to look at you. Your noses touch, and he gently rubs them together, affectionately, making you giggle. 
“Hi.” you say back immediately.
“How do you feel?”
You laugh a little at the question, transported back to the first interaction with him. In his car, having just escaped the life you knew, everything was different. You hadn’t known what to say, hadn’t known if you could tell the truth to the alpha.
But now you know he only wants the truth from you, he truly wants to know how you're feeling. And the answer is easy, “i feel happy.”
And it’s the truth. 
Tumblr media
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ladystarks · 9 months ago
kanej quotes that make me go mental
She’d often wished to chip away a bit of his arrogance, but she couldn’t bear the idea of seeing Kaz stripped of his pride.
One minute he made her blush and the next he made her want to commit murder.
What do you want, then?
The old answers came easily to mind. Money. Vengeance. Jordie's voice in my head silenced forever. But a different reply roared to life inside him, loud, insistent, and unwelcome. You, Inej. You.
Speak, she begged silently. Give me a reason to stay. For all his selfishness and cruelty, Kaz was still the boy who had saved her. She wanted to believe he was worth saving, too.
She would have her ship and he would have his city.
“I would have come for you. And if I could't walk, I'd crawl to you, and no matter how broken we were, we'd fight our way out together - knives drawn, pistols blazing. Because that's what we do. We never stop fighting.”
“I can hear the change in Kaz's breathing when he looks at you."
"You... you can?"
"It catches every time, like he's never seen you before”
She'd laughed and if he could have bottled the sound and got drunk on it every night, he would have. It terrified him.
Kaz had taught her to crack a safe, pick a pocket, wield a knife. He'd gifted her with her first blade, the one she called Sankt Petyr - not as pretty as wild geraniums, but more practical, she supposed.
He needed to tell her... what? That she was lovely and brave and better than anything he deserved. That he was twisted, crooked, wrong, but not so broken that he couldn't pull himself together into some semblance of a man for her. That without meaning to, he'd begun to lean on her, to look for her, to need her near.
It was as if once Kaz had seen her, he’d understood how to keep seeing her.
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blanketbarnes · 3 months ago
𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝'𝐯𝐞 𝐝𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐲𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐬 𝐚𝐠𝐨
Tumblr media
summary: You've been Bucky's manager for the last 10 years. You've also been in love with him for the same amount of time but you never mustered up the courage to tell him. So, you decide to quit and the day you go to say goodbye to him, confessions are made and hearts are mended. (Saying this again, I suck at summaries)
pairing: boxer!bucky x fem!reader
warnings: SMUT (minors dni)- unprotected sex (reader is on the pill but wrap it before you tap it), oral (f receiving), angst, fluff, swearing
a/n: not beta-read, all mistakes are my own.
w/c: 2k+
likes, reblogs and comments are appreciated! <3
Nervousness and anticipation bubbled in the pit of your stomach as you made your way to the basement gym. Each and every nerve felt like it was on fire and you just wanted to get this over with.
You and Bucky had known each other for almost 10 years now. You worked as his manager but to him, you were one of his closest friends. He trusted you with everything and you were absolutely grateful for that.
To you, it was an honour to get to work with him because despite the harsh and aggressive nature of his profession, he was the exact opposite. He was kind and respectful and not once had you seen him speak badly about any of his opponents regardless of what they had to say about him.
In these last ten years, he'd lost only a handful of matches in the very beginning of his career as a professional boxer. But since then, all he'd done was practice, improve and fight. He was at the top of his game and nobody dared to dispute it.
But you worried.
Countless busted lips and eyebrows, bruised knuckles and uncertainty were a few of the things you didn't know how much more of you could handle.
Because as fate would have it, you were hopelessly in love with the man.
You were extremely thankful to have him in your life and as was he, but your mind kept telling you that he would never reciprocate. So you never made a move.
And dating for you never seemed to work, because in the end, none of the guys were him.
So you decided to hand in your resignation even though you knew how much it would hurt.
But this was for the best. Right?
You flinched a little as the sound of fists colliding with a boxing bag echoed throughout the room. You stepped in and gently called out for the six-foot-tall muscular brunette who seemed keen on never letting that poor bag live another day.
You inwardly cringed as the door hinges creaked unpleasantly. Rogers really needs to get those fixed, you thought.
Bucky didn't seem to notice you come in and continued his assault on the bag, his knuckles visibly red now.
"Bucky!" you yelled, his punches finally coming to a halt as he gave you a look that bordered on sad and cold.
"Why are you here, y/n?" he asks indifferently as he moves to the locker to get his water bottle out of his duffel bag.
"Uh I just wanted to say goodbye," you say nervously, not understanding why he was being so weird.
"Well, you've done that, you can leave."
"Buck, what's wrong? Why are you being like this? We should end on a good note, shouldn't we?" you ask, tears brimming in your eyes at his sudden hostility.
"What's wrong?" he repeats with a sarcastic chuckle.
"What's wrong," he says enunciating his words with air quotes, "is you handing in your resignation without a reason and not even telling me. I had to find out from Steve when I asked him why you hadn't been coming in for a while."
"Please just leave," he says, running a hand through his silky brown locks as he begins unwrapping his bandages.
"Bucky, please just hear me out,"
"NO!" he screams, the hurt evident in his voice. You'd never seen him this aggressive outside the ring before and you never thought it'd be with you.
"You decide to just up and leave after ten years and now you want to fucking talk about it?! No, y/n, that's not how it fucking works okay! Just get out."
The tears were falling freely at this point but you gathered yourself together.
"Stop it! You don't get to talk to me like that!" you scream between sniffles. "That's not how it fucking works?! You think this is easy for me? I-...I-...you know what? Forget it, we're done here. Good luck with everything, James."
You calling him his first name set something off in him and in a flash, he grabbed your wrist and yanked you back. You were surprised at how gentle the firm gesture was.
"You what," he asks authoritatively, and you'd be lying if you said you didn't find it attractive.
"Bucky, let go of me," you say as you try to wriggle out of his grip; your cheeks heating up under his intense gaze. You'd hugged him and stuff before but this closeness was different.
"You what, y/n? Tell me," he asks again, his tone softening as he brings you closer to him, cupping your cheek. He gently wiped away a stray tear that rolled down your cheek as he gazed into your eyes. You didn't fight him this time.
And before you could get any words out, his lips were on yours, kissing you like never before. His lips were slightly chapped yet pillowy soft and you craved more of what you'd dreamt of all these years. His left hand came to rest on your hip as his right continued to cup your cheek. You rested your palms on his bare, sweaty chest as his tongue found its way into your mouth.
The fervent kiss lasted a few more seconds as you both finally pulled away to catch your breath.
Bucky's cheeks were red as he tucked a stray strand of hair behind your ear.
"I- uh.. that.." you ramble, making Bucky smile. "wow..."
"Trust me, doll, that's not how I imagined doing that for the first time."
You look at him, extremely surprised at the fact that he'd been wanting this too.
"You've thought about this?" you ask.
"For the last ten years, sweetheart. I've wanted to do that since we first started working together."
"Me too, Buck...I love you. That's what I was going to say."
"You do?"
"Since forever, Bucky," you confess timidly. "You mean everything to me and I worry about you. To a fault sometimes. And I know you're great at what you do but sometimes I just can't help it and you-"
"Shh..." he says bringing a finger up to your lips. "Nothing's gonna happen to me. Especially when I have my very persistent manager with me. Or should I say girlfriend?" he says with a smirk.
"I don't know Barnes, you think she'll say yes to that?" you ask playfully, cocking an eyebrow.
"Well, I hope she does because I'm kind of really in love with her,"
"I'm pretty sure she is too," you say, your hands moving up to cup the behind of his neck as you pull him into another kiss.
The kiss turns hot and needy within seconds and the two of you are desperate to feel as much as you can of each other. Bucky's hands move down to grab your ass, making you moan into his mouth. He mumbles a quick 'jump' and you oblige, wrapping your legs tightly around his waist as he hoists you up like you weigh nothing.
Your back hits the nearest wall as he pins you against it and slots his thigh between your legs. His lips move down your neck, leaving wet, open-mouthed kisses on every inch of your skin. He finds your sweet spot and suckles on it making you gasp.
You rock your hips against his thick thigh and you feel how hard he is. You're sure you've soaked your panties through at this point, the tangy smell of your arousal evident in the air.
"Bucky..." you whine. "I need you,"
"I'm right here, baby. I'm gonna take care of you," he says as he kisses your lips before picking you back up and gently laying you down on the soft mat.
He crawls on top of you and trails wet kisses down your body as you sit up and slide your dress off. He adeptly unclips your bra and throws it aside. He takes a pebbled nipple in his mouth and laves his tongue over it expertly whilst kneading the other one with his hand.
"Fuck," you gasp as he continues his assault on your buds.
He moves down your body and places a soft kiss right above your mound. "Can I take these off, baby?" he asks, hooking his thumbs in the waistband of your panties.
You nod rapidly at the question.
"Words, baby,"
"Yes, please, Bucky," you whine once more.
"Gonna take such good care of this pretty pussy, baby," he says as he pulls your panties down to your ankles and settles his face between your thighs. his got breath fans over your wet folds as he brings a finger up to swipe across your slit.
"So wet for me, baby," he mumbles as he dives in to taste you, not wasting another moment because he's waited far, far too long to have you like this.
He licks and sucks on your clit, sending jolts of pleasure down your spine. You don't even realise when he slips a finger into you, your mind clouded with pleasure. He doesn't let up even once, bringing you closer and closer to ecstasy. You grip his hair, making him moan against your heat. You feel your orgasm coming on and your breathing quickens. And then it hits you like a truck.
White-hot bursts of pleasure erupt inside your body and you feel like you're floating. You screw your eyes shut as you rock your hips against his hand as he diligently helps you ride out your orgasm.
He kisses his way up your body and lovingly gazes at your face scrunched up in pleasure as you come down from your high. You open your eyes and look at him, your hands coming up to cup his face.
"Hey," he says.
"Hi," you say with a small chuckle.
"You okay?"
"Perfect," you say with a nod of your head. Bucky leans down to kiss you once again, snaking one hand down to push his shorts off. His cock sprang free and you could feel his very evident arousal pressing against your own.
You reached down to grab his length and his eyes screwed shut. Your touch felt heavenly. You guided the weeping red tip to your entrance and he braced himself on his forearms above you.
"Shit, I don't have a condom,"
"I'm on the pill, it's okay," you reassure him with a smile.
"You ready?" he asks.
"Have been for a really long time, Bucky. Need you in me."
With your confirmation, he pushes in inch by inch, all while gazing into your eyes. You let out a gasp because you'd never been stretched out this much. You felt every ridge and vein of him as he pushed into your velvety silk. Your heart soared at how gentle he was being with you. It was intimate and perfect; it felt right.
Once he was buried in you until the hilt, he gave you a moment to adjust to his size, leaning down to kiss your forehead.
"Bucky...move..please.." you pant.
He pulls out almost entirely and pushes back in with slightly more force. Your pants and moans mingle as he eases in and out of you at a perfect rhythm. The wet sounds of skin slapping against one another echo throughout the empty room as you continue to make love.
The coil in your stomach tightens for the second time that night and before you know it, you're coming again with a wanton moan. Your walls clench violently around his member making him groan. He thrusts a few more times, chasing his own release. He finally spills into you with a grunt and buries his face in the dip of your neck as you cradle his head.
He pulls out of you after a minute and tiny rivulets of his cum drip down your thigh. You both lay next to each other, panting and catching your breath. You snuggle closer to him and rest your head on his chest, his heartbeats echoing in your ear.
"I can't believe it took us this long to do this," you say looking up at him as he kisses your forehead.
'We're idiots." he chuckles.
"Yeah, we are."
"Please tell me you're staying."
"There's no place I'd rather be, Buck," you say tiredly as you laid there together in a comfortable silence.
"And tell Rogers to fix the damn hinges," you say, the room becoming lively with hearty laughs as the moonlight from the window illuminated both of your features; two lovers finally becoming each other's.
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boredompaw · 24 days ago
An amalgamation of what I've come up with and what I've read and absorbed into my headcanon.
Because I'm at that point where I'm mentally breaking but my head won't stop brainrotting. I'm not in control of my body anymore.
• Jayce is a bi disaster you can't tell me otherwise
• He's also a himbo through and through. You might be an engineer but that doesn't mean you're not a dense little shit with no common sense
• Love language is mainly touch (and I quote "Jayce really saw all of Viktor's space and took it personally") and acts of service
• Jayce will bring Viktor coffee (80% sugar and milk 20% actual coffee and jayce has it down to a science) in the morning or cover him with a blanket if he's asleep in the lab
• Will repeatedly bug Viktor to go to sleep but Viktor will keep delaying it with "a few more minutes" until jayce gives up
• His engineering notebook is filled with doodles of the Viktor variety but they're not amazing. Engineer, not artist remember. This is based off personal experience bc all the math and science shit does not leave much time for practicing art let me have a self insert ok
• Jayce you are physically incapable of keeping your hands off Viktor this isn't even a headcanon this is Canon from what I've seen on screen 😭
• Jayce and Mel are actually really good friends but not romantically involved, I think of the two as friends with benefits
• Viktor is ace and 90% of the time sex repulsed
• He's also gay as shit
• Viktor's love language is mainly spending time together and words of affirmation
• He knowingly referenced his gay when trying to fool Mel when they were caught sneaking into Heimerdinger's lab
• Viktor's like a typical engineering student (technically aren't the two of them grad students idk) (call the hextech their capstone project then) who gets 3 hours of sleep per night and grinds all day and has no social life
• Speaking of which Viktor probably has some pretty severe social anxiety, made worse by body image issues and low self esteem
• Viktor probably has insomnia
• Touch starved but he probably isn't aware of it and would never admit it either if he knew
• Jayce is a fucking lightweight when it comes to alcohol and Viktor can drink him under the table by miles but it doesn't ever happen because Viktor's always grinding
• Jayce made Viktor his fancier crutch after the old one broke when they had their first breakthrough with the hextech
•Viktor kept the metal gear that Jayce flicked to him all those years ago in Heimerdinger's lab
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beananacake · 2 months ago
Savior (Part 8)
Ikaris x Reader
Summary: Ikaris has felt a hum for millennia and he's never questioned it, until he found the source.
Chapter Summary: The Eternals learn of your past and you return to someone you haven't seen in a while.
Word Count: 5.6k words
Warnings: ANOTHER DARK CHAPTER, mentions of r*pe and ab*se and k*llings and d*ath (nothing too explicit but DNI if you get triggered easily), mentions of religion, angst for a lot of it, usage of the words fuck and shit, AGAIN this is a DARK CHAPTER
A/N: Hey! Not really sure if you guys are reading this lol! Anyway, for that teensy tiny bit about religion, it is painted in a bad light (in a way). If you don't like it, you're free to close this story. As for this being a dark chapter, it's like a bit of a recap of part 6. Bit of a repetition but it must be said. As for Jack... well, hang tight. I hope you guys stay with me to the end of the fic! It's only gonna get more hurtful after this ;) Thank you for all of the feedback! I won't mind some of your thoughts and comments and suggestions (and reviews and reblogs and asks)! Not beta'd as per uzhe, so any mistakes are purely mine. I'm sorry if I made you guys cry and frustrated. Here's part 8!
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10
Tumblr media
“Y/N is… not pure.” Druig started.
The rest of the Eternals sat around the table, in front of the firelight. Some of Druig’s acolytes had come back even if they were free from their mind control and had given them food to eat after their tiresome battle. Everyone was quiet, and so was the forest. Ikaris hated the silence. Even your powers were a very low hum, almost undiscernible to him. He still felt it but it was more like the murmur of the wind than the buzz of your light.
“What do you mean not pure? Aren’t angels pure?” Sprite asked.
Druig took a long swig of his drink. Ikaris never wanted to throttle someone so dramatic. You were fighting for your life while Druig was taking his time to tell what he knew of you.
“I hold Y/N with the utmost respect,” Druig started. “I am only telling all of you about her because we are concerned for her.”
Several heads nodded. Ikaris only looked at him as if to say “go on.”
“In the early years after the death of God’s incarnate Son, Y/N lived among those people.” Druig started. “Religions were in uproar and people were being persecuted for following His teachings and beliefs. It was ironic that those men who lived in that city scourged Y/N for standing up for a child.”
Ikaris balled his fist. He could still remember the ugly welts and gashes on your back.
“‘Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them,’ as He had told them to practice,” he quoted and gave a sarcastic smirk. “The child was trying to enter a place of worship and she was being mistreated for it. Apparently, children were not welcomed to the teachings of their divine leader, despite what He had said. And, naturally, our Y/N, she came to her rescue. She stood up for her and called for a fight so the child could flee.”
Sersi breathed deeply beside him. “And they scourged her for it?”
“They humiliated her. They brought her to the center of the public, strapped her against the wooden pole and whipped her. I lost count when they went beyond fifty.”
Thena touched Gilgamesh’s arm. Kingo closed his eyes, frowning.
“I did not know if they saw her wings but if they did, don’t you find it ironic? An angel being scourged for the sins of man.” Druig gave a sarcastic, empty chuckle. “They told her she did not belong there with them. That she did not belong anywhere.” He looked at Ikaris as if in challenge.
Ikaris slammed a hand down the table and stood. The others who were keen on listening to Druig were startled but only Karun reacted verbally. He turned away from them, feeling disappointment settle on his gut.
He had told you that you did not belong with them, or anywhere. It was his only way to get you to flee from the danger that was imminent. But you were you and you were stubborn. And now he saw that you were hurt as well from what he had said because you had been told that while you were humiliated in front of the public. He might as well had done the scourging of you.
“How does that not make her pure? Wouldn’t her selflessness make her purer than she already is?” Kingo asked.
Ikaris felt Sersi’s hand on his arm and he turned. She knew what you meant to him and he knew she was hurting as well for what happened to you.
“Sit back down, Ikaris,” she told him gently.
He let her push him down on his seat.
“Y/N is too selfless. She did not think twice to help a con man who lured her and used her to earn money. He saw her wings and abused it,” Druig paused. His voice in his next words were grave. “And he abused her.”
“Abused her?” Gil asked. Ikaris dreaded the answer.
“Raped her. Used her. Molested her. Call it whatever you want but it’s all the same. He used her to the point that she became hopeless.”
Ikaris held his mug like a lifeline. He would have killed that man if he knew what he had done to you. He was lucky he was already dead.
“I had never seen an angel who had given up on hope.”
The fire cracked loudly in the stillness.
“And as she was saved by the daughter of the man, she did not only think of herself. She thought of the girl too. She was covered in bruises because her own father had been beating her and Y/N would have given her life for her to be free as well. She didn’t mind that she was abused much more than the girl; she was more worried of the consequence that would happen to the child if he learned she had freed her. She would have brought her if her wings weren’t broken and bleeding from all the pulling and abused it faced from the spectators.”
“I’m beginning to think Y/N would need a savior instead of you, Ikaris,” Kingo tried to joke but it landed flatly. Ikaris only glared at him.
“Has any of you heard of The Weeping Goddess?” Druig asked as he had one of his followers refill his mug.
“I’ve heard talks of a vengeful woman.” Sersi said. “I’ve seen the dagger the woman allegedly used to kill the men.”
“But do you know the story of The Weeping Goddess?” he asked again and Sersi shook her head no.
“Once upon a time—”
“Do not start on a fairytale, Druig,” Ikaris said as he looked at his cousin.
“Not all fairytales end happily,” he said, unaffected and started again. “Once upon a time, we have our Y/N living peacefully in a small village just a few miles from this camp.”
They all looked at Druig now. He ran his finger on the rim of his mug, watching it circle.
“Y/N wanted to live peacefully because Ikaris here kept moving from one place to another. Now, she chose that place because the people did not care if she had wings or if she looked different. She was at peace for a while.”
Ikaris drank his wine and tasted none of it.
“And then men came and promised them a better life. She gave them the benefit of the doubt because that is who Y/N is. She is ever-trusting and she always sees the good in everyone, even if that masked how vile they truly were. So, they lived in peace for a while before they realized they could exploit these uneducated residents. They did. They overworked the men. They abused and slaved the women. They killed the children.”
Sersi shuddered beside him. Sprite swallowed painfully.
“And Y/N decided that enough was enough.”
“Did she do something to them?” Sprite asked in a strained voice.
“She sold her soul for their freedom, Sprite. You see, she was uncorrupted before that day. She was as pure as the first snow of winter.”
“No…” Kingo whispered. Ikaris only watched his family, curious yet pained for what was to come.
“She took the dagger and slew the men. No one knew what happened on the inside of the shack but when she came out, her skin was blazing and in her hands were the bloody decapitated head of the leader and the knife.”
Birds cawed overhead but no one moved.
“She dropped it at the feet of the village’s leader, along with the knife and proclaimed that they were free from the terror of the men. And then she dropped on the ground and wept. People remembered her as the goddess with wings or with the skin that glowed like a thousand suns. The only thing that made true sense for these anthropologists was that she killed a man with a knife. The others, they reported, she burnt them to ash.”
“Like she did with those Deviants,” Kingo said. Druig nodded solemnly.
“The Weeping Goddess,” Sersi whispered. “She’s real.”
“She sold her soul because she has killed. And she wore that guilt in her heart to this day. It marred her soul.”
Ikaris closed his eyes as he remembered the way you had lashed at him about Ajak’s death. You had never held someone who died because you held someone you killed. You were so pure that you made yourself impure because of your purity.
“She’s been through so much,” Thena said.
They were all quiet once more. Ikaris looked at the fire, watching the flames dance around the stagnant air. He had only known of you for a few days and he wondered how he lived without your presence. You were always there for him and he was an ass for trying to get rid of you the moment he learned of your existence.
“She lived off of scraps once,” Druig told them after some time. “She couldn’t hunt because the world was slowly going modern. She didn’t want to be around people because they used and abused her and gave her nothing in return.”
“But she’s very sociable now,” Karun said. “I would never have thought she feared people.”
“In all of the memories I’ve seen of hers, there was only one time she had been helped without being expected to give anything in return. His name was Jack.”
Ikaris looked at Druig now. “Who’s he?” he asked.
“You interrupted me before I got to know more,” Druig said, shaking his head.
“What do you know about this Jack person? We have to thank him.” Kingo said.
“Jack would have to be another immortal if you want to thank him,” Druig drawled before drinking.
“What did this Jack do?” Ikaris asked, voice hard.
Druig gave his cousin a lopsided smirk. “The thing you couldn’t bring yourself to admit.” he said simply.
Ikaris was close to reaching over and bashing Druig’s head in the fire.
“Druig.” Gil said.
“Jack pulled her from being lost and afraid. He took Y/N with him, fed, bathed, clothed her.”
I’ve seen it on my face before too, you had said to him when you insisted that he looked like that at Sersi’s revelation. You knew because you had been in that position before. And you had been through a lot that he couldn’t fathom how you could still take some more.
Druig turned to Thena. “He told her that he was no threat to her, that if he ever tried anything untoward her, she was free to alarm the neighbors. She was free to leave whenever she wanted to.” He raised a brow. “She’s done the same to you.”
Thena gave a singular solemn nod.
“This is why I promised to never hurt her,” he said. He gestured to the rest of the Eternals. “Our Y/N, she is special. She may not be an Eternal but I would trust her with my life.”
“As do I,” Thena said. “She was the only one who asked of my memories.”
Everyone turned to her. “When I saw the Deviant absorb her powers, I knew I had to save her. She promised to be with me if there were Deviants around and she did. My Mahd Wy’ry made me attack her but Gilgamesh told me she did not lose faith in me, that my… episode of madness would only be fleeting. He told me she tried everything she could to pull me back.”
Gilgamesh nodded beside Thena. “She did not think twice when she attacked even if she had told me it had been a while since she had hunted. She protected me. I would trust her with my life too.”
“She never treated me like I was a kid. She didn’t even bench me when we were ambushed,” Sprite said. “She knew what I was capable of and we worked together on that.” She smiled but it did not reach her eyes. “She looked so badass when she killed that Deviant.”
“I would give up my life for her,” Karun said.
Ikaris looked at the man as did the rest of them.
“She might not be Garuda but she saved me. Giving her my life is the only honorable thing to do.” Kingo’s valet said.
“She likes my movies,” Kingo murmured and the rest of the group smiled, spirits lifting for a while. “She thinks I’m more than just a superstar. People don’t often see past Bollywood Kingo.”
Sersi gave a little smile. “I always knew there was something about Y/N that lifted my spirits. Even if I didn’t know she was an angel, I would have called her one.”
“She is one of us now,” Druig said.
“She’s like Ajak,” Sprite said and everyone turned to her. “She brings us all together and keeps all of us safe in every way she can.”
He found everyone nodding in agreement but their faces were grim. You almost gave up your life for every one of them around this table and the best they did was wait for you to get better. Ikaris remained silent and only watched the fire dance before him.
The healer appeared on Ikaris’s right side after a few moments. “I am done tending to her. You may see her if you wish but be silent. She is resting.”
Ikaris nodded. “Thank you,” he murmured and walked back to the camp hospice. The healer had bandaged as much as she could with your back, leaving only two slanted patches of skin uncovered. It must have been where your wings started to jut from your back, he thought. He reached out gently, running a finger softly on the skin and felt your skin quiver. Your wing had reacted to his touch and he pulled away.
He had never felt coldness like that before when he saw you in Gilgamesh’s arms. He still had much to tell you, so much to apologize for, but if you were dead…
He took a deep breath and touched your head. You were still under his hand.
If you were dead, he was good as dead too.
“We’ll take turns watching her,” Sersi said.
He looked at the door and found her and the rest of their family standing by.
“I’ll take first watch,” Sprite volunteered.
Ikaris only shook his head. “I’ll be fine. It’s about time I do the watching.” He turned back to you.
“You need to take a rest, boss.” Kingo said.
“I’ll be fine,” Ikaris repeated with conviction. When he remained silent, they all piled and went away.
He watched you throughout the night, only letting the healer in to check on you every two hours or so. Your pulse stayed steady and you were still asleep. The others still came by and tried to convinced him to let them watch you but every time he disagreed. They did, however, talk to themselves of the next plan and decided that they needed Phastos’s help. Sersi wanted him to come along but he said that he would only go if you came too.
“When she’s okay, we’ll leave. I’m not going to leave her here,” he said with finality and Sersi agreed.
It was a mystery to him why you still believed in humanity. You had the scars and the guilt that would make even the noblest of judges think otherwise but it did not deter you. Yes, you were an angel, but even the strongest of angels give up. What did you possess that made you sacrifice yourself for the people who harm you?
Love. You had love and you gave love. And if he put a name to the affection you were showering him with in spite of your sarcasm, it was that.
On the second day, he was slowly losing hope. The only thing that assured him you were alive was the healer’s confirmation of your breath. You hadn’t moved at all, even when he tried touching the junction of your back and your wing. You did not react from his touch this time. He was tempted to grab your wing so he could get some kind of response from you but he drew back because you needed to heal.
He only stayed by your side, never leaving you until he needed to but even then, he debated if he wanted to. He was eating the chocolate bar Sprite had given him when you suddenly moved in your cot. It was a small movement but you made a loud groan.
“Y/N?” he called out gently, sitting on the edge of your bed.
“Is this what a hangover feels like?” You groaned as you touched your head.
He smiled in relief, glad to hear you still had your smart mouth with you.
“Welcome back,” he said softly and helped you sat.
You held your head, eyes squinting as you looked at him. “Ikaris?”
“How are you feeling?” he asked, touching your arm. Your powers were stronger now and they called to him; charging his fingers but he welcomed the sensation. You were awake and your powers were back. He never wanted to hear the low buzz of your powers ever again.
“Like someone ran me over with a freight train, Jesus Christ,” you murmured.
He cradled your head and looked at you. You looked at him, confused and still in obvious pain.
“You’re acting weird,” you told him.
“You almost died, Y/N. How do you expect me to act?”
“I don’t know?” You pushed at his hands away weakly. “Overjoyed, maybe? No more annoying angel following you.”
He frowned. He knew he was at fault for a lot of his actions and his words but had he truly made you feel that way?
“What’s an angel gotta do to get some water around here?” you said as you tried to move away from him. You braced your hands on the edge of the cot, moving your feet so they were on the ground. He felt the force of your wings against his back and he moved away to make space.
“I’ll get you some water,” he stood and looked back at you. “Don’t move.”
“Don’t tell me what to do,” you said surly.
“Then do as I say so I don’t tell you twice.” He went to the other side of the room, picking up a cup and poured water.
“What happened?” you asked when you had drank.
Ikaris was sat beside you again in your bed, mindful of your healing wings.
“What do you remember?” he asked.
“Only that some octopus-looking Deviant got to Gil and I had to save him.” You touched your neck and he saw the bandage there. “It tried sucking the life out of me. Literally. I felt like I was slowly dying.”
He nodded. “That’s what Gil and Thena told me.”
“Are they okay?”
“Yes. Everyone is, thanks to you. The Deviant escaped.”
“Well, shit. I thought I was fighting amazingly for someone who hasn’t done that in almost a century.” You drank your water again. “Pretty ironic I was able to save everyone except for you and I’m your guardian angel.” You quipped and grinned at him.
He smiled softly at you. “I’m glad you’re okay, Y/N.”
You raised a brow. “You are acting really weird, Ikaris. Do Deviants shapeshift? Because the Ikaris I know wouldn’t really act nice around me. I’m more of a nuisance than an angel to him.”
He sighed, looking down at his hands. “I’m sorry.”
“Holy shit.”
He looked at you. “What?”
“Did I just die and go to heaven?” You asked.
“Did you really just apologize?”
“I did and I am. I’m really sorry for the words I said.”
You moved away from him and he resisted reaching to you to bring you back closer to him.
“You’re blowing hot and cold around me, Ikaris. I don’t know if I’m still confused after all of the events or if I’m dead—”
“You’re not dead,” he insisted.
“—Or if I’m drugged so I can properly heal but you’re just playing with my head. Right!” You chuckled almost crazily as you looked at him. “That must be it! Oh, my god! You almost had me believing you actually apologized to me!”
He frowned. “Why is it so hard to believe?”
“Because you tried to kiss me one minute and then you’re pushing me away the next!” You stood on wobbly legs and he held out a hand to support you. “You said I don’t belong anywhere and yet you ask me to stay.”
“Did it have to take me to die before you realize you could finally feel some fucking emotions?”
“That’s unfair and you know it,” he said gravely as he stood before you. “I can feel, Y/N. Why do you think I tried to kiss you in Gil and Thena’s home?”
“Because I was near and convenient!”
“No! Because I wanted to!” He pressed his chest against yours. “And I still want to even after what Sersi said about Arishem and his plans.”
He gripped your arms carefully and made you look at him. “I still want to kiss you, Y/N.”
You took a deep breath and looked away. “Ikaris…”
“I know you want it to. You react to my touch. It’s not your power that’s stinging you. It’s me. And you're stinging me too.”
You looked at him. “Then kiss me, dammit.”
Ikaris didn’t need to be told twice. He bent his head low, enough for you to reach up to him. He held you closer to him and as his breath touched your lips, the door to the hospice opened.
“Boss! I thought I heard Y/N!” Kingo exclaimed.
You grunted loudly. “Fuck!”
He would have said the same but he schooled his features and put you down. He looked at Kingo with a raised brow.
“Y/N!” Kingo exclaimed and went to you, prying you from Ikaris’s arms and hugging you.
“Kingo,” Ikaris warned. “Her back is still sore.”
He set you down gently and smiled at you. “I was reviewing the footage Karun took of you and wow, you have the makings of a star.”
You huffed. “I thought that’s been established when I said I wanted to be mysterious in your documentary?”
“Kingo, is there a reason you’re here?” Ikaris interjected.
“Sersi says you need to get going.” Kingo told him. “She said she couldn’t go without you.”
He saw you raise your brows. “Where are they going?”
“They’re going to get to Phastos to see if they can convince him.”
“Where is Phastos?”
“Last we checked, he’s in Chicago.”
You insisted you were well enough to join Ikaris and Sersi on their journey to get Phastos in Chicago. The healer said you needed more time to heal, that the bones of your wings were still piecing themselves together. You nodded anyways, having had dealt with something like this before. You didn’t mind the pins and needles that pricked your wings as it healed, as long as you came with them to Chicago.
It had been a lifetime ago. The best lifetime you had in a while and you never looked back. You promised yourself a sabbatical when you were still in South Dakota because you hadn’t visited Chicago for quite some time. And now that you had your chance, even with your broken wings, you still declared to go—without fully stating why you were adamant.
Ikaris hadn’t tried to kiss you again after attempting in the hospice. Sersi was there and she was still his wife. You didn’t want to be the third party in their five-thousand-year relationship. You didn’t want the added guilt.
When you arrived in Chicago, you didn’t expect the Inventor amongst the Eternals to be living in the most benign, very unlikely-looking house. He lived in the suburbs with the fancy front lawns and a cul-de-sac and, honestly, good for him. You would have settled for a house like that if you weren’t always at the ends of the world, following your piece-of-work of an Eternal.
“Are you an angel?” A little kid asked.
You, Ikaris, and Sersi had stopped before Phastos’s house. You saw the kid even as you approached but you didn’t realize he was one of the people who saw your wings. And he still deemed you an angel even if your wings were battered and crooked.
“Hi,” Sersi said to the man playing fetch with the kid.
“Hello,” he replied with a smile. “Can we help you?”
“Hey, Jack, Ben,” Phastos said.
You looked down on the kid before crouching to meet his eyes. “Are you Jack or are you Ben?” you asked.
“I’m Jack,” he grinned. “Are you really an angel?”
You heard introductions were being made and you looked up at Phastos with a warm smile. “Y/N. Pleased to meet you.”
He only raised his brow and Ikaris nodded at him. “She’s with me.”
“Dad! She’s an angel!” Jack exclaimed with a smile. “Look at her wings!”
“Jack,” Ben scolded softly.
“No, it’s true,” Sersi said with a smile.
“Okay, maybe we should just go inside now?” Phastos offered. “So the neighbors won’t hear?”
Jack took your hand and walked beside you. “Can you fly?” he asked you.
“Of course.” You smiled at him gently, squeezing his hand.
“Can you take me flying?” he asked innocently and you chuckled.
“I don’t think your dads would want me to take you flying.” You said as you let him lead you to the house.
Jack was a talkative child. Ben tried to tell him not to bother you, seeing as you looked weary from the long flight but you only shook your head and welcomed all of his tales. He loved playing catch with his dad Ben and his dad Phastos liked to tinker with toys and made them way cooler. You listened to all of this all the while helping Ben with preparing dinner. It was the closest thing to a family you had always wanted and you savored every moment of it.
Ikaris, Sersi, and Phastos talked shop in the dining room and you let them. You were pretty much unneeded in this journey because they didn’t need your calming nature. Phastos warmed up to you pretty quickly like the rest of his family and although he was skeptical of you being an angel, Jack’s insistence of it proved to be pretty convincing. Plus, you let him touch your wing carefully and he promised he would make something for it to heal properly the next time it gets fractured. You thanked him profusely for that.
You entered the dining room and poured all of them a fresh cup of tea.
“Have a seat, Y/N,” Phastos said and you took your place opposite Sersi’s.
“So, after all these years, you fell for Ajak’s lies.” Phastos said with a hint of sadness and hurt. “It all made sense why she wouldn’t let us interfere with human conflicts. Conflicts lead to war, and war leads to advancement in life-saving technology and medicine. So our mission was never to make a peaceful, harmonious world, but to increase the population, at all costs.”
You took a sip of your tea and held on to its warmth. The topic was a cold one but it needed telling.
“Just farming humans as food for the Celestials, right?” Phastos said nonchalantly but you knew he felt the betrayal deep in him.
“That’s bleak,” Ikaris commented but all of you knew it was true.
“Well, so is telling your husband and your child they could be dead within a few days.”
“I thought you’ve given up on humans?” Ikaris said.
You wanted to kick his shin from under the table but he was a bit far from you. Ikaris had no need to be unfeeling towards Phastos.
“I got lucky, okay?” Phastos said. “I have a family now. They’ve given me faith again and I see the good in humanity in them every single day.”
“Not everyone is good,” Ikaris said and he looked at you like he knew something you didn’t.
“If everyone is good,” you said. “Would that make them humans? Humans make mistakes and that’s why they’re such.”
You saw Phastos turn to you. “I wanted to ask about you but Jack’s taken up so much of your time.”
You smiled. “Then ask me now.”
“Do you think the humans are worth saving?”
“We all make mistakes, don’t we? None of us are perfect but we’re still given a chance to survive.” You sat back on your seat. “To err is human, after all.”
“Even if they killed—”
“Would you throw away the whole basket of apples if you saw one rotten one amongst the good ones?” You asked. “You taught them to survive, Phastos. You didn’t teach them their morals. If you hold yourself accountable for all of the mistakes of humanity, it will keep you awake at night.”
“And you know this because?”
You weren’t offended by his question because he seemed genuinely curious. You smiled sadly and took a deep breath. “I’ve been alive for seven thousand years and I wasn’t perfect in all that time. I’ve killed men and it goes against everything I stand for. My guilt ate at me but I kept going. I love humanity because it’s a thing of beauty, even with its multitude of flaws and mistakes. I think they’re worth saving because who knows? Maybe the people who survive this would end up doing better than their predecessors.”
“You’re talking about chance.”
You shrugged. “Chance is all we have.”
“You really believe that this is worth it?”
“Someone took a chance on me once without knowing who I was. I would just like to return the favor.”
Your words hung on air after that.
“I’m sorry. I cannot help you.” Phastos said.
Sersi’s heartbreak was palpable. You were disappointed but you remained quiet.
“I choose to use my powers to fix my child’s bicycle than use it for something else like that.”
“Do you?” Ikaris drawled.
“I don’t use my powers anymore.”
“Are you sure?” Ikaris asked and none of you expected him to use his cosmic beams to try and bore a hole in Phastos’s window.
Instead of breaking, the patterns of the Inventor Eternal flared to life as it resisted Ikaris’s attack.
“Ikaris!” You exclaimed.
“What the hell is wrong with you! My child is right down the hallway!” Phastos shouted.
“That looks like someone’s been using his powers,” Ikaris only said.
You sighed and stood. Ikaris was back to being his old ass self.
“I bet you built the perfect safe house. What’s this even made of, vibranium?” Ikaris asked.
When you saw him raise his fist, you placed your hand down on the table and produced a shield on top of it. You felt Ikaris’s strength against your powers as he brought his fist down and you frowned at him. At least the table didn’t break.
“Not vibranium. Fall collection,” Phastos said with a sigh. “IKEA.”
You drew your power back. “Really, Ikaris. Phastos is being nice to us and you’re trying to ruin his house,” you scolded.
“If you stay here, you might as well invite the Deviants to dinner, never mind waiting for the end of the world.” Ikaris said instead.
“He has a point,” Sersi seconded.
“No. I’m sorry but you can’t just show up in my life and expect me to go with you.”
You saw Ben by the hallway and nodded back at him as he nodded at you. You knew he had been aware of his husband’s origin and you told him in small details of why you were there. You knew it was a hard pill for Ben to swallow, that the impending doom was just right around the corner, but he deserved to know. You didn’t say much of how it was going to happen because you didn’t want to overstep a boundary. That was for Phastos to explain, not for you.
“Phastos, I think Ben has some words he wants to tell you. We’ll let you and him talk it over,” you said. “After all, partners have a right to know.”
Sersi nodded and stood. Ikaris stood as well.
“If you don’t mind, there’s somewhere I want to go before we leave this city.” You told them as you moved to the door.
“Of course,” Sersi said.
“I’m coming with you.” Ikaris made a move to follow you.
“But Sersi—”
“I can stay behind. I would like to spend some time with Jack too.” She smiled at you.
You nodded. “Okay.” You nodded your head towards the door and went ahead. Ikaris trailed after you.
“Where are we going?” he asked as you started walking down the familiar path.
Chicago was beautiful at night. There had been days when you just walked around with no destination in mind, just watching people and the stars. People were a lot nicer the last time you lived here and there were lesser lights. Now, they drowned out the stars that you so often looked at. Chicago was different but the essence was still there.
You turned to the cemetery and counted the trees, walking when you found your marker. You passed by headstones upon headstones, fingers trailing them as you counted the steps to the one you were looking for. The granite hadn’t been cleaned for decades and weeds had grown around it. You needed to get in touch with a grave cleaner if someone already hadn’t.
You bent low, your light illuminating the name and you smiled softly.
“I want you to meet someone, Ikaris,” you said as you touched the name on the headstone. Jacob Nicholson. 1809 – 1886. Loving husband and father. I shall see you again, my sweet angel.
“This was Jack, the love of my life.”
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mrs-stubby-boardman · 3 months ago
Sirius Black is emotionally and academically intelligent
To celebrate the start of Scorpio season and in honour of our bestie, I have planned 3 metas about what I think are common misconceptions around his character. And here is number 2.
A common mischaracterisation of him is that he’s not very clever and when at school he needs to copy homework from other people.
1.0 Sirius at school
When recounting Sirius’s school days, several characters mention how clever/brilliant he was. In particular, queen Mcgonagall says:
‘ Precisely,” said Professor McGonagall. “Black and Potter. Ringleaders of their little gang. Both very bright, of course — exceptionally bright, in fact.’ PoA
McGonagall never gives praise lightly and in fact at this moment she thinks Sirius is a mass murderer. Even when she appears to be fond of a student, she’s very realistic about their academic ability and in HBP she says the following to Neville,
‘“But the problem is Transfiguration. I’m sorry, Longbottom, but an Acceptable’ really isn’t good enough to continue to N.E.W.T level. I just don’t think you’d be able to cope with the coursework.” HBP
So calling Sirius and James, ‘exceptionally bright,' is not Hyperbole.
Furthermore, during the fire-call Remus says,
“Look, Harry, what you’ve got to understand is that your father and Sirius were the best in the school at whatever they did — everyone thought they were the height of cool — if they sometimes got a bit carried away . ” OoTP
Yes Remus is a biased source, but it can be strongly inferred that Sirius was indeed a very high-achieving student, even if his behavioural record had much to be desired.
Also quick note- these dorks enjoyed amateur cartography ‘height of cool,’ is a little strong.
2.0 Sirius is arrogant about his intellect
This view of his intellect is also held by Sirius himself and this is demonstrated by several things during Snape’s Worst Memory:
He’s long finished his OWL exam and is just sitting there looking hot.
“Well, I thought that paper was a piece of cake,” he heard Sirius say. “I’ll be surprised if I don’t get Outstanding on it at least.” - homeboy is so confident that he thinks the exam board might make a new grade for him
He doesn’t need to read the transfiguration book, not because he’s barely literature and only cares about his hair, but because,
“I don’t need to look at that rubbish, I know it all.”
Indeed, Sirius is so sure of his own intelligence that he attempts to outsmart Voldemort and James trusts him to do that. I know some of this trust is rooted in their bond as brothers, but James must have had to greatly respect Sirius’s intelligence to risk the lives of his wife and child.
3.0 Sirius Post-Azkaban
Sirius is still very clever, despite having been in prison for 12 years and being in various states of starvation and mental ill health:
In PoA He conjures manacles with another wizard’s wand, despite being 13 years out of practice.
In GoF he immediately recognises that Harry’s scar hurting is a bad sign,
‘ I’m flying north immediately. This news about your scar is the latest in a series of strange rumors that have reached me here. If it hurts again.’ GoF (this quote also ties in with my previous meta about him being a mature guardian).
He remembers how to deal with dragons, despite having probably not opened a book during his 12 years in Azkaban and one year living rough,
‘I was going to suggest a Conjunctivitis Curse, as a dragon’s eyes are its weakest point.’ GoF
He pieces the majority of the plot together, while half-starved in a cave and scrounging newspapers. Indeed, he is frustrated at himself for not being able to fully figure it out:
‘Sirius stared at the cave wall, then made a grimace of frustration.’ GoF
He understands Priori Incantatem immediately,
‘.....The Reverse Spell effect?” said Sirius sharply.’ GoF
In OoTP he studies his hand with interest (which is a nice nod to his curiosity) when he gets bitten by something and immediately fixes it,
‘ Sirius sustained a bad bite from a silver snuffbox; within seconds, his bitten hand had developed an unpleasant crusty covering like a tough brown glove.
“It’s okay,” he said, examining the hand with interest before tapping it lightly with his wand and restoring its skin to normal, “must be Wartcap powder in there.' OoTP
He heals the injury that Kreacher inflicts on Buckbeak
Despite being 13-14 years out of practice, he easily matches with some of the ‘best’ death eaters,
‘Now Sirius and Dolohov were dueling, their wands flashing like swords, sparks flying from their wand tips. ’ OoTP
Dumbledore describes him as,
' A brave, energetic and clever man.’
4.0 Sirius is also emotionally intelligent
Sirius understands emotions and is able to verbalise them. One of the key scenes that demonstrate both his emotional and intellectual intelligence, is the scene in the Shrieking shack where he is describing how he survived Azkaban,
‘ I don’t know how I did it,” he said slowly. “I think the only reason I never lost my mind is that I knew I was innocent. That wasn’t a happy thought, so the dementors couldn’t suck it out of me’
In this quote, he is demonstrating an understanding of the nuances of his emotions. Because yes he is innocent, but it’s not a happy thought because James, Lilly and 12 muggles are dead. So he understands that it’s not a thought that can bring him joy or hope, but a thought that has enough nuance to also not be bad.
' so when it all became . . . too much ... I could transform in my cell . . . become a dog.’
In this quote, he’s showing awareness of his mental limits and he also shows this during OoTP when he withdraws during his more intense periods.
‘ Dementors can’t see, you know. ...” He swallowed. “They feel their way toward people by feeding off their emotions. ... ‘
Here he is showing his intellect and how well he understands how Dementors work. And both types of intelligent merge in the next part of the quote,
‘ They could tell that my feelings were less — less human, less complex when I was a dog.’
He clearly understands the nuance and degrees of feelings and how some feelings are more surface level whereas others have caveats.
During the rest of the series, he shows his emotional intelligence in numerous ways,
By providing Harry the Hogsmeade slip and allowing Harry to feel like a normal child who has a guardian who cares for him.
During GoF, he allows Harry to talk despite having broken into a house and needing to talk to Harry about the task,
‘ I’m — ” For a second, Harry tried to say “fine” — but he couldn’t do it. Before he could stop himself, he was talking more than he’d talked in days. ’ GoF
And to be a good listener, you have to be emotionally intelligent.
3. He sends Harry a muddy pawprint as a good luck gift for the last task as he understands that Harry appreciates knowing that he’s thinking of him.
4.On the dark side of this, he’s able to deliver such cutting insults because he understands people so well. This is demonstrated by IMO is the only time he’s a bad godfather and I will never defend him for this,
‘You’re less like your father than I thought,’ He said finally, a definite coolness in his voice. ‘ The risk would’ve been what made it fun for James.’ OoTP
Here Sirius is demonstrating his understanding of how much Harry’s masculinity is rooted in his idealisation of James, so he goes for it.
In conclusion, Sirius Black is cannonically very emotionally and intellectually intelligent.
Note: I am happy to have a debate about this, but any ranting/abuse will be ignored :D
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sugarrbbee · 3 months ago
hi! I was wondering if you could write some hcs about wilbur wanting a kiss/affection from his s/o but they’re out filming a vlog with bench trio + George so wilbur can’t catch a break from their teasing and chaos. tysm :D
I Want To Hold Your Hand
Tumblr media
Includes: Wilbur x reader
Pronouns: They/them
Notes: This is so cute and made my brain go crazy, so thank you. Stop I just realized it said headcanons, oh my gosh I’m so sorry
Warnings: Swearing (I mean Tommy's in this so what do you expect)
Tommy had invited you, Wilbur, Tubbo, Ranboo, and George out for a vlog. So, Wilbur had driven to the location Tommy wanted to meet at. Grabbing your hand, he let Tommy know you guys were there and made your guys' way to the meeting place.
As Tommy spotted you two, he took his camera from Ranboo and zoomed in on you both as he frantically waved "And there's Wilbur and his s/o. Wilbur has a lover" George laughed at how fake disgusted Tommy sounded as he said "At least he can get a lover"
Turning around, Tommy zoomed the camera back out and put it in George's face "I will have you know I have women practically surrounding me" Ranboo looked around "Well you're kinda surrounded by men at the moment, bud"
Tommy shushed him, acting like he didn't see Tubbo give Ranboo a fist bump, and turned back around yelling at you and Wilbur to hurry up.
The moment you and Wilbur crossed the street, Tommy handed the camera to George and ran over to Wilbur as he hugged him, then you. Not really surprised the kid hugged you since he had taken a liking to you when he had first met you, you hugged him back.
As Tommy pulled back he looked down at yours and Wilburs intertwined hands "I'm glad you finally confessed to them. Thank fuck, I'm tired of your whining about liking them" Turning back around, Tommy ignored Wilburs arguing as he took the camera back from George.
After the others had greeted you two, you made your way through the city and towards a bus stop so you could go to a place Tommy was still keeping a secret.
As you walked in front of everyone, Wilbur grabbed your hand as he fell into step with you. This caused Tommy to complain about Wilbur 'having a lover' as he zoomed in on your hands (he had made sure it was okay to film you two doing your, and I quote, 'gross coupley things' earlier).
The entire walk there George, Tommy, Tubbo, and Ranboo relentlessly teased you both and thinking it was making Wilbur embarrassed, you pulled your hand away from his. But Wilbur furrowed his eyebrows as he intertwined his fingers with yours once more.
Looking at him, you said "You don't have to hold my hand, I don't want to embarrass you" shaking his head, Wilbur replied "Embarrass me? Please, you could never embarrass me. I want to hold your hand anyways. And they're just jealous of us"
Tommy had heard this and fake gagged, causing Tubbo to hit the back of his head as he said "Leave them alone". Rubbing his head, Tommy went into discussion with George on how lame it was to have a lover.
As you guys stopped at a crosswalk, waiting for the signal to walk across, Wilbur made a noise like he was denying something "Wait, I take that back. You dancing in public does embarrass me"
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