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#tw Nazi mention
surlifen · 7 hours ago
today on twitter i mentioned how the swastika symbol was appropriated and stolen and misused when its origin and meanings were benign and important to the people who used it (and still use it), and someone honestly unironically seriously replied “Like the deathly hallows symbol in Harry potter!”
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literateleah · 15 hours ago
i think the reception of Ginny and Georgia was just kind of anti-black in general dare I say it? People where picking ginny apart so badly (not to say that she doesn’t have character flaws, but there were characters who had flaws that were worse than hers like Maxine..) also to add on abt the taylor thing… i think the comment made abt in the show was unwarranted especially after Netflix made a documentary with her the comment just seems distasteful… especially because they were basically calling her man eater and the entire Internet knows that she probably hates being called a man eater… i don’t think her response was appropriate in terms of timing.. there’s a good time for everything and that was certainly not it. when i was thinking abt her controversies, I was thinking about the fact that neo-nazis were making her like the face of their movement and she didn’t say anything.. like they said that she was the perfect aryan…
i didn’t watch the show and don’t really have any feelings towards the comment made about her but it was just VERY telling that she spoke up about it and made a whole thing of “happy women’s history month girls supporting girls etc” when black history month had just ended. the day before. without a per from her of course! and it’s not even like netflix was gonna halt production and reshoot for a joke made about one of their previous clients, they could not care less. bottom line her actions further inflame the cesspool of racism and eugenicists in her fandom and not once has she attempted to address them which is inexcusable. she’s responsible
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dvd-normal · a day ago
why ya gotta put nazis on the tl... could ya tag it or something
OOOOOOOOHHH im so sorry i totally wasnt paying enough attention!! thats 100% on me!! just tagged it as "tw nazi" if that works, thank you for reminding me. ill do my best to catch it next time
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missn11 · a day ago
Link to download War Games
Next up I show you the police murder sidequest, which you need Auspex or Inspection 6 to even do.
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lettucefather · a day ago
the bitter
Tumblr media
9/3/1957: It was useless, they never intended to bring her back. He knew what he was getting into, he knew she would die, he knew he would have to lie about her death for the glory of the Motherland. Winning the race required sacrifices! He was not a coward! He just hoped her death was quick and painless, and desperately tried to ignore the evidence against it.
4/30/1945: Every empire falls at some point, and true leaders know when it is time to let it die. He even used to fantasize about his own heroic death in the middle of a war he was not destined to win. Nothing could have prepared him, though, for the unexpected terror he felt when he had to shoot the last of his companions, the only one he ever considered a friend, before pointing the gun at himself.
2/10/1939: Qui knew qui was going to die, but qui would not give up without a fight! Yet, the moment qui heard the hissing and growling by quis side, and realized that both of them would die, qui broke down. It was over. Even if it was a sign of weakness in front of the enemy, the only thing qui wanted to do was pet quis kitty one last time.
awww dang lettuce that was kinda sadge and shitty pls don’t do angst anymore like, ever, in your life-
Tumblr media
Uh, Libertarian, I think we overfed her.
Yeah, she just looks, uh... thick. And dead. Yes, I poked her with the stick. Dude, trust me, I know a dead snake when I see one, alright? Rand!
Order a new one, why don't you. Yeah, straight from the Amazon rainforest. Um... no, not an adult one. Perhaps you could find me an egg? Yeah, I know it's more work but... just bring me an egg, man.
also, have something sweet to make all this edge slightly more palatable:
Tumblr media
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kwannon · a day ago
The X-Men comics having them commit literal g*nocide is certainly ironic considering they used to outright compare Magneto to H*tler in a lot of the 90's comics to show how far he'd fallen in his morals. Marvel what was the thought process behind any of this
ITS WEIIIIIIIRD. this era is so fucked up like that doesnt even begin to touch on the other stuff they've been doing either
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throwback to that time when on the day of my catholic school’s patron saint, they got us my muslim maths teacher and my jewish homeroom teacher to teach us class.... very entertaining, we ended up talking about activism and got two neo-nazis from another class suspended and not talking about religion almost at all
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firebird-in-a-cage · a day ago
Day 11: The Tragedies of the Second World War
Putting a big fat TW up here: I will be discussing Nazi Germany as well as queer concentration camps. The trigger warnings are tagged but I wished to make this perfectly clear in case you blacklisted a variation of the tag that I couldn't think of.
And before we get started. It sickens me that this is something I have to say but as queer people we should NEVER compare our struggle to the struggle of Jews in the same time and place! The numbers are just not comparable! Queer goys, I beg of you, stop speaking over Jewish voices!
That being said, this is a place to discuss queer history, not a history of the time period, so I will be focusing this specific lesson on queer struggle during the reign of nazis.
Tumblr media
[Image ID: A black and white vintage photo from 1938 of at least eight men, lined up in two lines. They are wearing striped suits with triangles and numbers over their left breast pockets. End ID]
Feminine men, as well as sodomites, were labelled with pink upside-down triangles, while butch and masculine women were labelled with black ones. Since the 90s there has been a push to reclaim the symbol, but the trauma that comes with it is great and however many articles claim we have reclaimed it, we as a community are still healing, and it is my personal opinion that they are not good symbols to represent us because of such dark and traumatic history.
By the thousands, those marked with pink and those marked with black were shaved and marched off to concentration camps. I will not detail the horrors found within them for my own sake, but you may research it in your own time should you feel the curiosity.
Because of the way that pink was used to label gay men, there was a drastic cultural switch. Where blue had been the more feminine colour since the time of knights (likely because of its softness) and red had been the masculine one (because of its connection to blood), men all over the world clamoured to disconnect from any implications that they might be gay and separated from the red, which was now "girly" and "queer".
Back in America, anybody who was suspected of being queer was sent off to a conversion camp (a practice that lived on until the 90s, and is still legal in some states today), where they experienced many dehumanizing "treatments", the worst of which being forced to watch gay p0rn and being electrocuted if they showed signs of attraction.
The horrors of this time period were great, and the aftershock that they left stained the world. This post is short only because I wish not to discuss this topic any longer than however long I must.
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offbloom · 6 days ago
"Karl Heisenberg is completely unrelated to N*zis." There you have it folks. End of discussion. Now stop it and let people like their fictional villain in peace.
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frightguard-watch · 6 days ago
The whole political debate of Scott sucks as a whole but what I find most annoying and scary is that
1. The person who made the tweet that started it only did it for the ‘lols’ ( the furiously annoying part )
2. Scott is actually planning on retiring as a whole because of this mess ( scary part )
And 3. People doxxed him ( terrifying part )
Look, we shouldn't dox him or anything- But at the same time, that doesn't excuse his actions, nor does that mean he shouldn't be held accountable for them.
What I'm worried about is that the FNAF fanbase will be taken over by alt-right assholes and Neo-Nazis, and the fact we're prioritizing a rich white guy's feelings over everyone else he hurt is awful. I don't give a shit if he retires, or if the person who blew the whistle on this did it for shits and giggles.
"But he said-" I don't give a fuck what excuse he has. He can say he supports LGBT people. He can say he isn't racist- That doesn't mean it's true. Bigots always deny their bigotry because it makes them feel bad- But that doesn't change their actions.
Personal anecdote, my dad voted Trump twice. He said he supported me- While constantly denying my gender for years , spouted Neo-Nazi rhetoric, asked "Why can't I just be normal" when responding to my gender and sexuality- He can say he supported me all he wants. And maybe deep down he really believes that.
But his deep down feelings don't matter. His words don't matter. What mattered was his actions. And same goes for Scott. Same goes for anyone who tries to pull this shit.
I get being defensive over this. FNAF is a big part in many people's lives, mine as well. So one might take it personally, when we criticize an asshole for being an asshole. But that doesn't mean we have to have a parasocial relationship with someone whose actions show who he really is. That doesn't mean we have to be okay with this, and we really shouldn't.
Politics are an important part of life. Especially when it directly impacts the lives and rights of people like me and the ones I love. If you (hypothetical you) don't care about it, be my guest- But you aren't going to come onto my posts discussing it, and tell me it's blown out of proportion or a waste of time.
So let me make this clear- Republicans, Nazis, homophobes, transphobes, racists, pro-life, and misogynists, I don't want you to read my God damn comic. And if you try and argue with me on this, you will be blocked, and your comments deleted.
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palidable · 6 days ago
Okay so I was asked to explain my post about the psychology of nazi zombies so here we go
Zombies as a piece of media are already incredibly interesting because it gives people a way to experience pack of humanity because they're facing a lack of humanity. Zombies, being an almost unstoppable force with only one determined way of killing, and the lore surrounding them changes constantly setting them up to be something that feels like facing true turmoil.
Nazis are pretty much universally hated by everyone who, isn't a nazi. Punch a nazi phrases travel around, but overall talking about violence in society is okay, however actually acting upon it isn't. So while we tend to praise those who do, actually attacking someone yourself is more looked down upon.
We also often seperate people on different political settings from our personal views of humanity. Meaning that while some people view nazis as bad people, others don't really view them as people.
The Nazi zombie existence in media allows for a crossover where, not only are they Nazis, but they have no connection back to their original human selves. Allowing them to actively hate the villain in the film without having any sense of positive attachment. It also stops people and the directors from connecting their zombie existence to a prior human existence which completely eradicates the empathy and sympathy factor.
Nazi zombies are pretty much the perfect blank canvas for a film because both zombies and nazis aren't easily connectable characters if they are stated to be one directly.
There are exceptions to this in which you wouldn't connect the zombies to nazis, but to nazi Germany itself for a connection to civilians instead of people who wanted to become generals during war
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palidable · 6 days ago
The psychology around nazi zombie films is very interesting
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skip-the-static · 6 days ago
Just had a customer try and argue if he had to provide proof that he's exempt from wearing a mask then it's the same as when the nazis "put that yellow star on the Jews", his words.
I didn't even ask for proof
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frightguard-watch · 8 days ago
I'll make a more coherent statement in the morning about Scott's political crap- But for the time being, I want to make clear that Frightguard is going to continue. This is not going to change anything, and I'll keep making pages regardless (broken hand notwithstanding.)
And also, Nazis, Republicans, anti-LGBT, anti-BLM, anti-immigration people- Fuck off.. I dont want you reading my comic, and if I get any arguments about this, you will be blocked. I'm not tolerating this shit.
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valengory1234 · 8 days ago
The man I married
Part 1
Trigger warnings: nazis
Joan Bennett again love her! (Plays Carol)
Who died?
She’s a working woman (Carol)
Ooh art critic
Ok so they’re going to nazi Germany for vacation?
Oh her husband is german (Eric)
Oh No
Haha couch with no privacy. It is in your office
Taking their son (Ricky) to nazi Germany Oh No
Who is this doctor?
Oh no his (doctor’s) brother is in a concentration camp for being against the nazis
So the doctors asking them to bribe his brother out of concentration camp while their in Germany uh...
She doesn’t believe the camps are that bad. She in for a rude awakening
3 months in nazi Germany
Her husband thinks the camps in the papers are exaggerated for press
He offered her an out with Bermuda of course she didn’t take it.
Sweet kiss. too bad the husbands gonna become a nazi
Lots of Heil Hitlers when they arrive
This isn’t good for the kid
Oh labor shortage that sounds too familiar rn
Husband is really in love with Germany’s economy
They see a train headed to the camps
The stranger in their train compartment explained the situation (speaking against Germany’s solution to labor shortage) and the husband called him crazy. They don’t want to get mixed up in the politics
They went to the wrong place for vacation
Husbands HS friend (Frida) came to meet them cause his father wouldn’t come
Ricky ran off and I got scared for a moment
Who gave this kid a toy gun?? That looks real and sounds real?? There are soldiers everywhere!! They pointed their guns at him!!
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valengory1234 · 8 days ago
Part 4
call Eric out Carol
“These poor boys lost their sense of humor if they ever had any”
Hitler’s really brainwashed them
The correspondent is speaking truth
“In long run of course he won’t win but before it’s over he sure will spill a lot of blood”
Carol, you poor naive fool your husband is eating this shit up and you’ll be lucky to even bring up New York again
Beer halls have been closed for hours and she saw him came back from frida’s
“Don’t you think it’s a little late to be coming home from a woman’s house carrying your shoes” CALL HIM OUT
No Don’t Back Down!
He’s not going back to America and he won’t make her stay in Germany
“That wasn’t me in america” Fuck you dude
He’s joined the nazi party
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valengory1234 · 8 days ago
Part 3
Eric is really riding the nazis dicks
But now he’s scared because she said something while they’re alone that he doesn’t want to get in trouble if they’re overheard wow
She wants to go home
He won’t take her to the countryside like he promised
Need governments ok to sell the factory huh?
Frida’s gonna be at his dinner party
And he just joked about the nickname she called Hitler being grounds for divorce
Oh grandpa/FIL wants war to end the Nazis! I like him
Uh oh neighbors are hurt
Carol don’t get hurt
Neighbor son is getting hidden from the police go Carol save him!!
That little brat betrayed his own family to the police
They’re caught
She’s being interrogated and the boy died and the father either committed suicide or was murdered by guards
FIL told her not to go help look what happened!
Thank God the correspondent saved her
Eric’s gonna be pissed at her
I guess he’s not
History stuff I don’t understand
“The Czechs have completely mobilized!”
More history stuff I don’t understand
Ooh nazi rally /s
Husband Eric is way too into this solute. Like he’s having fun and I hate it
Ew that was disturbing but the framing was good to show how disturbing it was for Carol
More Frida yay
Eric left his wife to easily
I hope she gets home safe
Is she gonna cheat with the correspondent man?
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valengory1234 · 8 days ago
Part 2
Father complaining about food shortages
Father is asking husband to stay in Germany to manage family factory
Father wants to retire he doesn’t understand the youth that have taken over Germany
Carol doesn’t seem to like the idea
Very rich family
Family friend got arrested for calling Hitler out for not keeping his word about not invading Austria
Now they have to listen to nightly propaganda
I feel Carol is at a disadvantage for not knowing German
Military parade to show off new planes
Husband is too into this
Oh now their at a party and she’s happy
Husband wants to stay in Germany because “he can’t find a buyer for the factory” and he wants to be in Germany while it’s making history. Oh no
The husband told the hs friend about the money to buy the doctor’s brother out of the concentration camp, (he promised not to tell anyone) and now she’s telling them don’t do it! And the husband compares it to sending money to free a murderer! Because he was against burning books!
Carol is defending keeping the promise to the doctor
Ricky had a bad dream and the husband won’t let him come sleep with them
Carols jealous and suspicious of her husband and his hs friend. And I think she’s right to be
Oh look what you made her do you made her cry!
Boots stomping towards another arrest?
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valengory1234 · 8 days ago
Ok another live blog about The Man I Married.
It’s about an American family that goes to vacation in nazi Germany. I’m going to tag like I normally do (title and live blogging) and add “nazi mention tw”
Trying yet another format
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blood-sxn · 9 days ago
A Clash Between Timelines
Continued from here! @agcnt1ne
“...” The Slayer remained silent for a bit. Old man Billy J the First’s friend? He wondered what had happened to Wesley-- Reports of his status were an enigma in its own right, but only because Hell had the audacity to occasionally send him through different timelines of his homeworld. And in rarer cases, alternate takes on it too.
Fuck Hell and its time-bending bullshit, in all brutal honesty. At least none of those crafty murder mutants were following him right now.
Oh, being too quiet for long as well as just gawking at this old man-- Or at least a younger version of him would just... Terrify him.
‘As lost as an armed civilian could ever be, sir-- Uncertainties in war, plus those damn fascists...’ Going for bluntness, huh. But he’d rather not worry Wesley too much-- Him learning about Hell would break him.. ‘I don’t go by my full name much. Out of privacy, safety and whatnot. Will Blaze suffice for now?’ He hand-signed further. He knew this would be a little too obvious, but again, neither Spitfire or Doomguy would do any better. 'I'm a long way from the United States. Missed the good old Austin-- Haven't heard of my hometown since I left. Texas can be hellishly hot though.'
‘I’m not supposed to be here, and yet here I am.’ Billy J added. ‘Got any place I can lodge in while I find a way out of the city?’
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