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bluerose5 · 2 days ago
[AO3 Link.]
[Oops, my finger slipped. Another work inspired by the amazing @ask-symbrock and their post right here.] ❤
Rating: Mature
Relationships: Eddie Brock/Venom Symbiote
Word Count: 2,909
Additional Tags: Romance, Post-Canon, Established Eddie Brock/Venom Symbiote, Trans Eddie Brock, Venom Symbiote Loves Eddie Brock, Eddie Brock Loves Venom Symbiote, Venom Symbiote Takes Care of Eddie Brock, Scars, Pet Names, Inspired by Fanart, mentions of past injuries, Gender-Neutral Venom Symbiote (Marvel), Threats about eating people, because this is venom after all, Past Relationship(s), Bisexual Eddie Brock, Pansexual Eddie Brock, Violent Thoughts, but mostly from venom
If there was one thing that Venom found interesting about their host, it was his fascination with scars.
When they first forged their bond, his Other didn’t know much in regards to his tastes and preferences. It was only after one of their first “outings” together, being chased down by Drake’s pesky drones and idiotic cronies, that the symbiote discovered that Eddie preferred to keep souvenirs, as he called them.
V didn’t really question it at the time. They honestly didn’t expect to keep their human around for as long as they did, so they saw no harm in promising him to keep a little souvenir from each of their adventures.
If it would get him to cooperate, then Venom would gladly cater to such frivolous requests.
Then, their arrangement became a bit more permanent than his Other anticipated.
Without really knowing why, V continued to save a scar from every battle. Any time they offered to heal them, both old and new, Eddie would turn down the offer and leave it at that.
Eventually, V simply accepted this as another signature Eddie Brock quirk, but their curiosity remained.
Between their rather nasty breakup —as Dan so eloquently put it— and their fight with Carnage, the symbiote hasn’t had much of a chance to broach the subject again. On their long list of priorities, that had been at the bottom.
Now, with the sand between their toes and the sun shining in their eyes, it felt like they had all the time in the world. Venom didn’t know much about being on the run, but they were almost certain that it wasn’t supposed to be this relaxing.
Perhaps that had more so to do with their current company, though.
With Eddie spread out on the beach, resting atop a warm blanket, his eyelids kept drooping every now and then. Occasionally, he would doze off, drained from the whole encounter with Kasady and Carnage.
V understood the feeling, but they kept a vigilant watch over their host. Thankfully, the sunscreen that they had applied to his skin was doing its job, which in turn made Venom’s job a whole lot easier.
While they didn’t mind taking the time to heal the burns, they weren’t exactly pleasant to experience. The Other would rather avoid them entirely, if at all possible.
Plus, it was nice to watch Eddie’s skin tan instead of redden, taking on a warm, healthy glow.
He could do with a little more Vitamin D in his daily routine.
While Eddie snoozed, his Other allowed a part of themselves to surface across his skin. Clad only in a pair of loose-fitting shorts and a cheap, floral-printed shirt that was left unbuttoned, Eddie had an overabundance of bare skin to choose from.
Forming a tiny ball of mass, the symbiote used their tendrils to guide them along. They would stick to Eddie’s skin, dragging and pulling to roll themselves around as they saw fit.
They started from the tips of his toes, small yet curious appendages that sometimes smelled. Some days, Eddie would paint the nails if he was in the mood. Other days, he would let Venom. Either way, he didn’t pay them that much attention otherwise, but they started to wiggle when V passed them by.
Brow furrowed, Eddie shifted, eyes still closed for the moment.
“Mmm…” He hummed low in the back of his throat. “That tickles.”
He wiggled his toes again with a grumble, so his Other steered clear of them for now.
Of course they could always use that information later, if need be.
Cute, Venom praised.
They clung to Eddie’s skin. Their tendrils were reluctant to part, leaving what they’d like to think of as tiny kisses in their wake.
Eddie, V whispered directly into his mind as they wandered. The first scar they happened upon was a jagged, crescent-shaped mark close to his left heel. Eddie, may I ask you some questions?
“Sure, V,” Eddie said, words slightly slurred. “Shoot.”
His Other flattened their body out over the old scar, kneading experimentally at the area.
Why do you feel the need to keep so many scars?
Eddie grew silent. Not because he refused to answer the question, but because he was trying to figure out how best to answer it.
“Well,” he said, scratching idly at his chest, “I personally believe that our scars tell our stories. Some good, some bad.”
Some painful, his Other added, recalling the scars that they kept from their encounters with Riot and Carnage.
They shuddered in tandem.
“Yeah,” Eddie agreed. “Some have painful stories behind them, but they are all a part of who we are. They have memories and history behind them. They can remind us of past mistakes, lessons to be learned from them.”
The symbiote rumbled their agreement.
Didn’t take you for a romantic, Eddie, Venom teased.
“What?” Eddie gave a playful huff, watching white, puffy clouds drift by overhead. “After I take you all the way out here on a beachside vacation and get you all to myself, you still question my affinity for romance?”
His Other laughed in his mind.
So this is your attempt to woo me?
“Damn straight.”
I don’t think there is anything ‘straight’ about being intimate with your symbiotic partner.
“Great, now you have jokes,” Eddie chuckled. The sound lit Venom up on the inside. Their body rippled over his skin. “Anyways, scars are meaningful to me because they add something. They aren’t imperfections, as many would have you think. They’re a tribute to the past.”
Very beautiful, Eddie. I think I might cry.
“Jackass,” he muttered, yet his emotions hinted at a fond sort of amusement underlying the word.
It made his Other feel warm, welcome.
They kneaded at the crescent scar again in order to draw attention to it. This time, more insistent.
Tell me about this one.
“Hm?” Eddie leaned up a little on his elbows, glancing down at the spot in question. He turned his leg this way and that, causing V to hold on for dear life. “That scar? Why can’t you just pluck the memory out of my brain like you usually do?”
Because I want to hear it from you, Eddie, they explained. Because I love hearing you talk about your life before there was an “us.” Accessing your memories is flat and colorless without you to bring them to life.
Eddie’s face warmed. He returned to his previous position, resting on his back in order to hide his flushed cheeks.
Then again, was anything ever really hidden when Eddie shared his body with the symbiote?
“Right.” He cleared his throat. “That, uh— That scar came from a literal ankle biter. Mrs. Rodriguez was my neighbor growing up. Such a sweet, old lady. Quite the party animal. Too bad her Chiweenie had the soul of a hellhound possessing it. Tiny bastard.”
Wait, her Chiwhat?
Eddie chuckled, flashing his Other a mental image of the ratty dog baring its teeth at him when he was younger.
“I know, right?”
I would suggest eating it, but we would be coughing up bones for days.
“Well, that’s one reason not to eat it, I guess.” He shrugged. “I probably wouldn’t have minded back then. That dog was a damn menace. It would chase off anybody who passed by Mrs. Rodriguez’s place.”
Seems like it wasn’t all bark and no bite, though.
Eddie snickered.
“Definitely not. One day, some of Mrs. Rodriguez’s mail got mixed in with ours. I made sure the coast was clear, saw no Chiweenie in sight, and made a mad dash to her mailbox.”
Venom watched the memory play out as he spoke, startled when the tiny demon appeared out of thin air.
Where did it come from?!
“Hell if I know!” Eddie beamed, then squinted against the sun. “All I know is that the fucker latched on and wouldn’t let go for the life of me. The teeth dug in deep enough to eventually scar, but I had to go get patched up at the hospital. Had to get a couple of stitches in one spot, a tetanus shot, the whole nine yards.”
What happened to the ankle biter?
“Oh, the authorities gave Mrs. Rodriguez a warning not to let it happen again, or the dog had to go. She stopped talking to me after that, always glared at me when I waved hello.” He rolled his eyes. “Because clearly, her dog was the victim in that situation, and it was all my fault that it was on house arrest after that.”
Would’ve eaten Mrs. Rodriguez, too, Venom grumbled.
Before Eddie could respond, they switched over to his other leg. They engulfed the entirety of his calf, honing in on two scars in particular, set directly opposite of each other.
An entry and an exit wound.
What happened here?
When Eddie felt their tendrils press against the scars, he instantly recognized them. He didn’t even need to look down to confirm.
“Ah, those babies happened while I was in high school. I thought that I was such a hardass, but I was nothing more than a dumbass punk just like the rest of them.” He reached out and dug his fingers deep into the sand, letting the grains slip through them, only to be taken away by a cool breeze. “I had snagged myself a boyfriend at the time. He was a senior, had the whole ‘bad boy,’ rebellious vibes going on. We thought we were hot shit.”
There was an almost wistful tone to his voice. Those memories brought about a bittersweet mixture of emotions, but Eddie didn’t linger on them.
V could respect that.
Some feelings, although resolved, were better left in the past where they belonged.
No need to stir things up. Sometimes, it was best to let sleeping dogs lie.
Although, Eddie’s Other did have one concern that they couldn’t overlook.
He didn’t hurt you, did he?!
If he did, then Venom would track that coward down to the ends of the earth and rip his spine from his—
Eddie’s eyes bulged, darting upright when he felt the direction that their thoughts were going.
“Whoa.” Reaching out, he rushed to reassure them. The bristling, black mass instantly calmed under their host's touch. “Sweetie, no. Things didn’t work out in the end between us, but the scars aren’t because of him.”
His Other processed that. They swirled around the scars in chagrin, embarrassed that they had jumped to such a hasty conclusion.
Sorry, Eddie.
“It’s fine, V.” He gave a half-shrug, not too bent out of shape about it. If anything, knowing that they were so protective of him made his heart sing. “I only got the scars because I was trying to show off. My ex had this sexy ass dirt bike at the time that I was absolutely in love with. I never saw anything like it before, didn’t really have the money for that sorta thing. He let me take it for a spin, and of course—”
You wrecked it.
Classic Eddie Brock.
Eddie ignored the jab. “I passed out at impact. Got a lot of scrapes and bruises outta that one. A few broken bones. It’s fuzzy now, but it was either a spoke or some other random piece of scrap metal that broke off.” He gestured vaguely. “Then went straight though the back of my leg.”
Bet your boyfriend was upset.
Venom couldn’t even imagine how they would feel if they had to watch Eddie get hurt yet couldn’t heal his wounds.
“Yeah, poor guy freaked the hell out.” Eddie sighed. “He was so afraid, but we made it out alright. I thought he was gonna ask me to pay for repairs —I would have been willing to over time— but that was the last thing on his mind. He was just glad that I was okay.”
I’m glad that you’re okay, Eddie. How did you ever survive without me?!
Eddie was amused, but V was serious.
Figuring that it was best not to linger on such upsetting thoughts, V rolled themselves over the fabric of Eddie’s shorts.
Once their tendrils met skin again, they delighted at the light brush of hair as they crawled low over his chest. When they teased at the edge of his waistband, Eddie scooped them up, and they clung to his hand until he set them down on his side.
There, they found a strip of raised skin.
“A stab wound, courtesy of a CEO's son,” Eddie explained. While V explored the area, Eddie continued to tangle his fingers in their dark web. “Drake wasn’t the first corporate idiot that I’ve had run-ins with, and he certainly won’t be the last. This one was next in line to inherit the throne to his daddy’s precious empire. When I started to air all of their dirty laundry, he didn’t take too kindly to that.”
He attacked you? Of course, they went on the offensive then. Can we track him down and eat him?
“Maybe one day.”
Eat the rich!
“I don’t think people mean that as literally as you do.”
Then those people are cowards.
Eddie snorted.
“So I was out to eat with some friends at this one Chinese joint, right? Mr. Up-And-Coming-CEO must have had someone tailing me because he shows up, demands that we take things outside, and settle our differences mano a mano. I was tipsy, admittedly feelin’ myself, so why the hell not embarrass the trust fund baby in front of everyone? He was practically begging for it, after all.”
Yeah, a whole lotta good Eddie’s confidence did him.
“We go outside. Now, look, I’m no Rocky, but I have a mean right hook. As soon as the bastard realizes that he’s in over his head, what does he do?” He didn’t even give V a chance to guess. “He pulls out the knife and goes low. He manages to stab me, but I lay him out in one punch after that.”
Even though the symbiote expected it, Eddie’s Other still seethed at the sheer audacity of that human. To think that anyone would dare harm their host, past or present, was unthinkable.
Did anything happen to him?
“Because of that incident? No. He got a slap on the wrist at most. Once Daddy started waving his money around, witnesses started to magically appear, and lawyers were able to spin the tale in their favor.”
Now he’s definitely going to be eaten.
“Don’t even bother.” Eddie waved off their concern. “Bastard is rotting in prison on charges of tax evasion and money laundering.”
Good riddance.
Okay, this was all fine and dandy, but Venom wanted something a bit more positive.
Show me a scar that makes you happy, Eddie.
“I think you already know the answer to that.”
Show me. Please?
As if Eddie could deny them when they asked so sweetly.
He scooped them up again and plopped them down higher up on his chest. Slowly, they slithered along the underside of his pecs, outlining those scars that he proudly displayed.
Too close, too personal. Venom didn’t dig deeper into those memories, not without permission.
They admired the scars regardless, grateful that Eddie trusted them to be gentle with every crease and crevice that made up his body.
Eventually, they ventured up to the center of Eddie’s chest. His Other listened closely to the constant lub-dub of Eddie’s heart, a steady reminder that he was still there with them. A reminder that, despite everything, they were still alive.
And together.
Resting in place, the symbiote started to seep down beneath the surface.
Not long after, their body took shape behind Eddie, their thighs framing his hips.
Without the slightest bit of hesitation, Eddie leaned into their warm embrace, back-to-chest as they stared out into the horizon together. Water snuck up and teased at their feet, ducking away from the shore before returning yet again.
Eddie took Venom’s arms in hand and wrapped them around himself. They interlocked their fingers on one side while V continued to trace a claw over Eddie’s various scars.
Somehow, that soon turned into Venom kneading at Eddie’s flesh.
Nuzzling into the crook of Eddie’s neck, their host shivered when he finally felt their rough tongue trail down the length of his throat. Goosebumps followed in their wake, but they parted from the fragile skin with a gentle nip.
“Love you, Eddie.”
He melted.
“Love you too, V.” He took a deep, bracing breath. “Listen, I know that I’ve been a real pain in the ass lately, but thank you.”
“What for?”
“For accepting me,” he whispered, “flaws and all. I’m pretty sure both of us are still going to have our screw-ups. We’re still going to have plenty of other scars and memories to make, but there isn’t anyone else in this universe that I would want to share my future with. You take really good care of me, love, so thanks.”
With that, Eddie turned his head to the side and pressed a kiss to his Other’s jaw.
Venom trembled in delight. They wanted to joke, to tell Eddie that he was going to make them cry, but the moment felt too vulnerable for humor.
Instead, V made him a promise, a solemn oath forged between the two losers who somehow found love and acceptance together in their vast universe.
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arkonacus · 2 days ago
venom 2 is so good i wish gay marriage was real
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marvel-fanatic-art · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Did this painting yesterday
Started with watercolour and finished it with gouache
I’m literally obsessed with venom
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lady-in-the-lair · 11 hours ago
Rereading “Planet of the Symbiotes,” and I'm struck by how much Venom: Let There Be Carnage drew from the series. Understanding the comic material helps add depth to the choices made in the movie.  
Most interestingly, I realized the use of the church did not parallel their initial joining, but their re-bonding by choice after Eddie rejected the symbiote.
Using “Venom” for the movie symbiote and “Symbie” for the comic one. Now buckle up, kids, and let’s dive into this thing.
1)     I think the movie should have gone into the issues Eddie has with his own violence while merged as Venom. It’s there in the subtext in that he doesn’t want Venom running around eating criminals, but his own culpability isn’t addressed as it is in “Planet of the Symbiotes.” Still, his harsh rejection of Venom is rooted in Venom’s desire to commit violence (unfortunately played more as Venom being an annoying roommate in the movie, but Eddie still rejects the idea of being a vigilante—perhaps because Venom’s methods involved eating heads, something he’s horrified by).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Cont below
2)     (Movie Eddie’s inner darkness is touched on by Cletus (“All twisted up inside”), in the deleted car scene from Venom 1, and in Eddie’s snarling “He’d eat his face!!!” when thinking of what Venom would do to the escaped Cletus.)
3)     In the comic, uncertain of which murdery choices are his and which are the symbiote’s, Eddie rejects Symbie, causing Symbie pain so intense it radiates across the galaxy. And yet Eddie is angry at Symbie and does not miss it (though their time together clearly means a lot to him--he refers to the “sacred bonding," "fulfilling relationship," and freezes up when seeing what he thinks is Symbie). This parallels Eddie being happy to have his life back in the movie but Venom being devastated.
Tumblr media
4)     Venom and Eddie only join again out of necessity to fight the symbiote invasion force, just like joining to fight Carnage in the movie. Both are petulant about it and join without much ceremony.
Tumblr media
5)     (It’s at this point that Comic Eddie finds out about Symbie’s backstory, which he learned in Venom 1 in the movies (in a radically simplified form). Symbie was an outcast amongst its own kind because it wanted a genuine relationship with its host instead of sucking it dry, and was imprisoned and slated for execution to avoid it “polluting” the genepool. (And we get one of my favorite panels, Eddie realizing Symbie was ashamed and him telling it he never would have rejected it.) Also, Eddie realizes Symbie comes from a brutal race, which makes him recontextualize Symbie’s violent tendencies.)
Tumblr media
6)   (Eddie: “My Other would never lie to me!” – a resurgence of the old feels, it seems. Okay moving on)
Tumblr media
7)     To defeat the symbiote invaders, they decide to re-broadcast the psychic shriek of pain that drew the symbiotes to Earth—the pain Symbie felt upon Eddie’s rejection. They link (but don’t fully bond) in the church in two of the most suggestive panels in comic history (after requesting ~privacy~ from Spider-man). They’re not strong enough as individuals—just as Venom and Eddie were not strong enough to defeat Carnage in Venom 2—and realize that they’ve always been strongest together, most able to protect the innocent as a team.
8)     They bond again, this time by choice, fully choosing each other,  just as Movie Eddie and Venom who, while already physically bonded, finally choose each other fully as partners—with Eddie accepting his role as the Lethal Protector, something he spurned the entire movie, just as Comic Eddie was conflicted over his role as Venom during the series. Only then are they strong enough to defeat the bad guys.
Tumblr media
9)  Comic Eddie finally accepts that sometimes violence is needed to protect the innocent and that he is uniquely suited to do so, deciding it doesn’t matter if it’s his own inclinations or Symbie’s influence. Movie Eddie’s thought process is not shown half as much, but it’s inferred that he realizes that only by becoming Venom was he able to protect the city from Carnage, and that he can have a greater destiny by rejecting a normal life and choosing to use his powers for good—be the hero he wanted to be in Venom 1.
Tumblr media
10)  Eddie choosing Venom/Symbie in a church of all places and bonding on a deeper level (physically/mentally in the comic, emotionally in the movie) is like true marriage—choosing each other not only out of necessity but out of choice, unlike their initial merging, which was utilitarian and goal-based (kill Spider-man for comics/Venom’s survival and to kill Riot in the movie).
11)  I know the “where we bonded, just like marriage” Costa line is probably referring to their initial merging, but it really makes more sense to be about when they reunited during “Planet of the Symbiotes" and fully chose each other.
Tumblr media
Bonus symbrock panel:
Tumblr media
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huffle-ego · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A quick messy comic I wanted to draw. Just Venom being mischievous as usual. Rip Eddie's arm 😂. Also, perspectives and hands are hard to draw >~<.
(Click for a decent quality)
The photo for Inspiration is under this text
Tumblr media
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the-symbiote · 2 days ago
Can we for a moment appreciate the scene where Eddie calls Anne and she comes and hes like “You have to find Venom, he’ll die without me” and literally starts to cry over the fact that his bf might die cause…. i be thinkin about that….
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mellyjelliey · 7 hours ago
when the fuck did eddie brock become one of my comfort characters????
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bluerose5 · 8 hours ago
Okay, but Eddie and Venom doing karaoke together though.
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luckithri-summaters · 24 days ago
Normalize celebrities giving unnecessary information like this again.
Tumblr media
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huffle-ego · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Okay but I'm so sad they took this scene out 😭😭😭
The way he's clinging on for dear life.
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keltii-tea · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Shoutout to my friend who accurately predicted I would enjoy Venom
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