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Tumblr media
Possibly the cutest happy dance ever filmed.
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I read over the timeline again, and I think there was a June window in London (Alex Zane podcast trip), a short one in July too before S Mexico trip. Her stories from London start right after Portugal, same day or so that OL wrapped, seem to continue in UK through return to SA in November. Did I miss something? Very short bursts of time together before traveling twice a deux. 🤷🏽‍♀️ That was a lot of rich food to share a toilette en suite with someone you barely know! Charming! 💨😜
Tumblr media
Really, No, no no, not possible.
OL wrapped on June 5, he even had a wrap party at his home. Then off to London, remember the first pic we saw of London? With Cree smoking cigars?
Tumblr media
He did record the podcast with AlexZ. And AN arrived and was also seen in London by fans. On June 9 a fanpics was posted. Another one was taken on June 11 but was posted only a month later (confusing us at first since he was already in Mexico by then but we didn't know fr sure at that moment)
He went back to Glasgow with Alex after that week and they worked on MPC videos for that week. See his IG post on June 18 and 19. And we had AN's failure at archery at S's house on June 19 in stories. There was a fanpic on June 20th, the kcalkitchen. Same day the video with tv daughter on the bike was posted (fathers day) and his biker fuel jacket one.
Tumblr media
The next week they had a photoshoots in Braemar, Mar Lodge and Fife Arms, with Charlie Grey. The removed pics of Duncan, Gothic pic of AN and Wendy, and we've seen other posts of Wendy and Sophie (dog) so we knew the location.
On June 27 he had his nephews B-day party at his house. We all thought Alex was gone, but he was not since we saw how they biked around allegedly shooting promo footage for the SW campaign. Which wasn't used. There was a fanpic on June 28 at Lush and the drone guy took this pic 👇 They went to Inveraray and Talbert
Tumblr media
Completing the week with a well documented visit to Mauchline to watch their wee babies ripen in their caskets and on June 30 we had a fanpic at Starbucks Glasgow. They posted a video on FB in MPC running and on the bike, but most likely not realtime. But it was shot during this period.
AN went back home for the 4th of July. Sam turns up in Grahams garden doing a live IG with him to promote their Almanac. After that he went MIA for a few days. Speculations began, most best were on Mexico. As it later turns out he went indeed to Mexico, despite the squirrel story and the London biking selfie, and the fanpic that was posted around this time but was taken the month before when he was in the first week after wrapping OL S6 in London. Another fanpic surfaced via a fan account, same location, same clothes and hair that didn't match the length we just saw a couple of days earlier. Both fanpics were posted a month after they were taken.
The Nics tried to distract us by going on vacay and staying in his home. No need to mention how much they showed us his home. No sign of the owner himself though, because he was in Mexico with Alex. Confirmed on the next Friday by the first fanpic.
He only came back on September 7.
Anon, we take notes while things occur, we put dates on when pics occur. AN was most of the time with him and Graham for a bit.
Now please stop questioning us, saying they met before, since so far I haven't seen anyone coming up with a logical and solid timeline for it.
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Perspective (Ninjago Kai X Reader) Requested
Tumblr media
Here you are anon! Sorry if it isn't a Ninja you prefer-
Might have some spoilers if you don't know who Misako is. 
DEFINITE spoilers to the end of season 2.
"Your ability is powerful. But to gain people's trust you need to break their perspective about you. Some may see your gift as an ability capable of destruction and chaos which makes them fear you. Others, myself included, may see your gift as a way to help make the world a better place. So, sugar or cream?" This. The very words that convinced you to join the Ninjas side and the very words you desperately hold onto during your lowest moments. 
It's all about perspective. No matter how many times you've helped the Ninja save the city, some people still don't trust you. Kai especially. The hot head and the "looks" of the team according to him. 
He's always been one to jump into action and ask questions later. Always been the type of person to jump to conclusions and hold onto them for dear life. 
While he may be the most skeptical of the group, doesn't mean most of the ninja didn't treat you with the same skepticism as Kai.
The only people that seem to trust you these days are Sensei Wu, Misako, Zane, and Lloyd. 
Speaking of Misako, you were currently helping her with her latest archeological find while the Ninja were on a mission per her instruction.
"Tiny pickaxe," 
"Got it," 
"Fossil brush," 
"Here ya go," 
"Ace of spades, you win," Misako chuckled at the lame joke. You peer over her shoulder while she works.
"What do you think it is?" 
"Well, if it's been stuck in the walls of a heavily guarded chamber for thousands of years, it has to either be something valuable, powerful, or both," You hum in acknowledgment before a loud thud echoed the room, making Misako jump and drop the tiny pickaxe. It fell to the floor as the two of you turned to the door to see the Ninja covered in soot and torn clothes.
"YOU! YOU TRICKED US!" Kai yells, storming into the room and pointing an accusing finger towards you.
"Don't 'huh' us! You know exactly what you did!" Jay chipped in. Zane looked back and forth at his teammates.
"Perhaps it would be wise to freshen up and rest. A near-death experience can-" 
"NOT NOW ZANE!" Kai yells. Cole grimaces, inhaling sharply through his teeth before backing out of the room. 
"Kai please-" 
"No! They PLANNED this! They wanted us to go in blind to get rid of us! They should've never been invited to the team in the first place and stay in their little evil lair! Once a demon, always a demon," The room went completely silent as Lloyd looked at Kai like he was the dumbest person alive.
"I… I'm… going to get some air," You mumbled before swiftly walking past them and onto the deck of the bounty.
"Kai. I get it, you're angry. But that was literally the DUMBEST thing that ever came out of your mouth," Lloyd grumbles.
"Lloyd is right. Saying someone never changes is inaccurate. Lloyd is a perfect example of this," Zane chips in.
"And Garmadon. Well, he was originally good, then bad, then good again, but the point is he did change. Multiple times!" Jay points out, feeling a tad guilty for snapping at you.
"And Y/N wasn't the one who told us to go there, my mother did," Misako nods.
"He's right. And if I had known how dangerous it was, I wouldn't have sent you. Y/N as well, no matter how much you perceive them as the villain," Kai looked around and realized he was in the wrong and knew what he had to do.
"Fine, I messed up. I'll apologize," Kai grumbles, leaving the room. They then turned their attention to Jay who looked nervous.
"Okay! Fine! I messed up too! I'll go make an apology gift!" He scrambles out of the room while the trio looked at each other proudly.
You leaned on the bounty looking down at Ninjago city. You were contemplating if you should just pack your bags and leave if that's what they want. You didn't even consider joining till Sensei Wu said his piece.
Kai's words were the straw that broke the camel's back. While contemplating, you realized you did very little to help the team. Why did Wu want you again? For your potential?
Nodding to yourself, you turn around to start packing when you see Kai approaching you. You frown upon seeing his conflicted expression.
"Uh… hey?" -_- Really Kai? That's what made you so conflicted. Shaking your head, you begin walking.
"Hey, where are you going?" Kai asks, confused.
"Leaving," You respond curtly, Kai follows you with a raised brow.
"Well, can you at least hear me out?" 
"I don't want to hear it," Kai was taken aback by how cold you were being. You're usually friendly and patient with everyone, even if they are skeptical. Kai's guilt started to swallow him whole, he caused this.
"Please?" It was a feeble attempt, one that was said just above a whisper and so upset that you'd think a child said it. You pause and sigh, turning around to face the hothead, a sign for him to get on with it.
"Look, I'm sorry for what I said and I have no excuse for it. It was… out of line..." Kai muttered, looking at his feet.
"Okay," You turn on your heel and continue walking while Kai stares at you in shock. 
"Wait, where are you going?!" Kai asks, confused and a little scared.
"I already told you that I'm leaving, for good," Kai's eyes widened in realization, you were leaving the team.
"WHAT?! No, you can't!" 
"First you want me to leave then you want me to stay, can't you make up your mind FOR ONCE?!" You snapped, turning to face him with tears brimming around your eyes.
"Hey, I said I was sorry, didn't I?!" Kai snaps back.
"An apology doesn't just fix everything! I'm done! I'm done being treated like I just murdered someone every day, no matter what I do to show that I'm not what people think I am! I'm done being defined by my abilities that I didn't even ask for! I'm done…" You couldn't stop the emotions and the tears from flooding, once you started you couldn't stop. You wipe at your eyes in a feeble attempt to stop the tears while Kai stared, his guilt consumed him and then some.
"Y/N," He called out, gaining your attention. He extended a hand, a small flame erupting from his palm and waving wildly, a symbol of both their current emotions.
"'Perspective is everything.' That's what Wu said. Some may see this fire as a cause for pain, destruction, and chaos. But to others it warms a house on a winter's night, it's a signal to let those know you need help. 
It's more than just a little flame. And I should've been seeing you the same way. There are good and bad qualities in every person. I've been obsessing over the bad because of my perspective on you. When I should've been looking at both your good traits and flaws equally. 
You said ‘an apology doesn't fix everything,’ right. Well, then what about a thank you? Thank you for being so patient. Thank you for putting up with this for so long even though you didn't deserve it. Thank you for being strong, brave, and kind. Thank you…" Kai trailed off, looking down at the ground in embarrassment while putting out the fire. You stared at him in amazement.
"Ah, that got… long," He muttered. You snicker and then start laughing.
"Th-That's the most thoughtful thing since I got here… and the smartest," You half-joked, earning a playful glare while he smirked.
"Thank you, Kai," He merely shrugged.
"Yeah, yeah. What are friends for?" You perked up at his words.
"I'm your friend?" 
"Well, now you are. Only if you want to though," You smiled.
"I'd love to be your friend Kai," 
"Aww, maaaaan! How am I gonna top that?!" You and Kai turn to see Jay holding a box while muttering to himself. The two of you burst out laughing. It'll take time to repair/make the bonds of friendship, but with a new friend by your side, you're sure to gain the rest of the team's trust.
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Summary: My Headcannons: The One-shot.
Rating: General (dw ppl you can read this infront of your parents)
Notes: This is basically just some ninjagays i thought about idk oh and this takes part during their bromance era so
Since the humble beginnings of the ninja team there had been a single activity that never changed no matter what: healing sessions. They were at first just another job for the first two students, Jay and Cold, to do so that they could bond together as a duo, and it really just was fixing your own injuries and sometimes asking the other one for help, but as two became three and three became four, it was pretty obvious they would start evolving.
It all began with Kai's arrival to the temple and their first actually dangerous mission against Garmadon. They came back home tired, worn out, and seriously beaten up, so when the time for a healing session arrived they basically depended on each other to fix their injuries. Cole's hands felt numb, Jay had a seriously bad lightning injury he got on himself, Kai's fists and arms were bruised and sore, and Zane was the only one who could actually help.
"I'm fine, I'm telling you. I'm okay-" Was what Jay tried to say before hissing in pain as Zane continued to disinfect his injury. It was big, it was bloody and it was all across his back. "Jay, you're not in position to try and heal it yourself, please let me help" Zane was surprisingly not panicking over the fact his friend had survived a whole-ass lighting attack and yet was still saying he was okay "Your lucky it only brushed against you, if it had hit you you would've ended in the hospital".
Jay sighed at this "I guess your right, but wouldn't i survive if i got struck by lighting? I'm the master of lighting after all!" Jay argued, fighting back the urge to hiss once again as Zane kept on with his slow and steady cleaning work. "You may be the master of lighting but you're still human, and I don't want my friends hurt" Zane said as he finally finished with his work, Jay soon sitting up from laying down and facing the bed and smiling a bit "I'm glad we are friends".
"No- Goddamit Kai quit moving!" While Jay and Zane were having quite a nice time together, Cole and Kai were having a bit more trouble if we can put it like that. "I'm trying but your numbness isn't helping!". Zane had moved Jay to another room to fix his injuries as they were pretty bad, and since it was a pretty lengthy process, the remaining two had decided to try and get the job done themselves, which resulted in quite the..chaotic experience.
Cole couldn't feel a thing in his hands even if it was hurting them, so that wasn't of big help when he began his attempts at fixing Kai's injuries. Kai was surprisingly sensitive and didn't enjoy pain in the slightest in fact he tried avoiding it. Combine this two and it's pure chaos.
Cole's fingers would accidentally touch the bruises a bit too much and Cole would automatically pull his hands away, which leaded to them bickering over and over again. That was until the sense of touch started coming back to Black's hands, which was great news as Red would now actually let him fix his very bruised arms.
"Huh, you're not as bad as i thought you'd be. You actually do a pretty good job at this!" Kai complimented, smiling a bit as he admired the work Cole did to make sure his arms would heal well enough. "I got in fights sometimes, you know how it is" Cole admitted, smiling as well before finding some bloody injuries right over Kai's knuckles.
"I think we gotta get you something to aid your knuckles with" Cole pointed out as he grabbed some rubbing alcohol, Kai soon realizing and pulling his hand away.
"You're not planning on putting that on my knuckles are you?"
"What, are you scared?"
"No I'm not!"
Kai frowned. If there was something he hated was to being basically told he was a scaredy-cat, but lucky him did Zane come just in time to save him from that fate of having rubbing alcohol all over his injuries.
"You can come check on him now, he's all bandaged up" But before he could even finish, Cole was already there and checking on Jay who was pretty much zooted out. Bless and curse those painkillers that Zane got because those were some of the funniest moments in their lifetime.
The white ninja was no where near being unobservant, and he immediately spotted the bloody knuckles all over Kai's hands, gently holding them to check them out. "Don't think you'll fool me and get me to get that alcohol over my injuries because that is not happening".
Zane only chuckled a bit, using his ice powers to soothe the pain in them just a bit before putting the rubbing alcohol over his injuries, which made it much more tolerable than expected. How the hell could Zane just do everything much more tolerable?
And with that, the birth of their tradition started
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Finally Did My Job Well - Kai & Lloyd
During a battle, Kai's impulse to protect Lloyd leads to devastating consequences.
Read below or on Ao3
warning: major character death
Lloyd didn’t notice until it was too late. The other attacker swung from behind, sword gleaming in the moonlight. Lloyd flinched, waiting for a blow that never came. Instead, he heard a grunt of pain and the sickening sound of a sword being used. He looked up in time to see a flash of red slamming into the pavement on the other side of the street. Kai.
“Kai, are you okay?” Lloyd called loudly, expecting a classic kai answer like ‘never better’ as he dusted himself off and jumped back into the fray. Lloyd’s heart froze painfully in his chest, Kai did not move. This could not be happening. Kai was okay, he had to be.
“Kai?!” Lloyd yelled, sending a blast of energy to knock the other attackers back. He ran over to the unmoving redness on the pavement. It was awful. Kai’s gi was stained a dark red, blood welling from his torso as he lay slumped on the ground. None of the others had ever been stabbed like this, they’d always been careful (and lucky) enough to only walk away with scars and surface wounds, not this much blood.
Lloyd could hardly bare to look. Red covered the side of Kai’s face from the impact against the pavement. It dripped down his forehead then cheek, running along the lines of old scars. Kneeling by his older brother, Lloyd gripped his shoulders, careful not to squeeze too hard.
“Kai, wake up.” Lloyd begged. His brother stayed still, save the shallow breaths greeting the night air. He tugged the boy’s body into his lap, almost instinctively wanting to straighten the flattened spikes of his hair.
“Please Kai, you better be okay.” Lloyd felt his chest tighten at the lack of an answer. Then the boy’s eyes opened slowly. Relief spread through the green ninja’s body. He almost didn’t notice how dull those eyes seemed, a plain, cold brown instead of a warm one. As if the spark was gone. ‘Lloyd,” Kai gasped, sounding pained. “You’re okay.” The barest hint of a smile marked his face. Lloyd made a swipe at the tear already traveling down his cheek.
“You will be too; I’m going to get you out of here.” Lloyd said it with as much confidence as he could muster, not daring to look at the red on his teammate’s chest. Talking into his communicator, Lloyd told the others of their location and tried to explain, “It’s Kai, bring as much medical supplies as you can.” He hoped they couldn’t hear the tears in his voice. “It’d be better to just get the bounty, we’ll need the stretcher.” After hearing their affirmative, Lloyd got off his communicator, turning back to Kai.
“See, you’ll be okay. The others are coming.” Lloyd assured him, more for himself than for Kai. The boy in question nodded though he looked far away. He made a move to sit up, but Lloyd held him down. “Don’t move. I don’t want you to hurt yourself more.” Kai looked down sadly at himself. The newfound red didn’t go unnoticed by him either. Lloyd busied himself by putting pressure on the wound, desperately trying to remember their first aid training. He hoped that the sword didn’t pierce his lungs as much as it looked like it did.
“There won’t be enough time.” Kai’s voice was quiet but firm.
“No don’t say that, Kai. They’ll be here soon.” Lloyd immediately found himself saying, he really hoped it was true. With a deep breath, Lloyd continued, “They’ll be here, and we’ll take you back to the bounty and Zane will fix you up. And then you’ll be stuck in bed for a week and whining about how you can’t go train. But you’ll be alright, like always.” He was fully crying now, and tears spilled down his cheeks, a few managing to join the red liquid pooling on the ground.
He looked down at his brother who was in a similar state, tears running through the blood his face. Lloyd tried to wipe of the blood that was running into Kai’s eye. With the other hand he absentmindedly fixed Kai’s hair, fluffing it up. Kai gave him a bittersweet but fond smile. Then he coughed shallowly and pretended not to notice the blood that now dripped from his mouth.
“Thanks, green bean.” Kai paused, thinking his words through. “Tell the others goodbye for me and tell Ny—”
“No, don’t say anything. You’ll have time for that and more.” Kai would be alright. Lloyd’s mind was focused on that fact. It wasn’t denial if it had to be true, Zane, Cole, himself. It was always true. No matter what happened they’d all come back in one way or another. They’d all been so close to losing each other so often. More tears fell from Lloyd’s eyes. It just couldn’t happen now. He couldn’t think of that.
“Goodbye Lloyd,” Kai began again, struggling to breathe, and Lloyd felt the urge to stop him once more. “Tell the others it’s not their fault, and it’s definitely not yours. Please remember that.” His soft voice was filled with desperation and certainty, like he knew from experience that that was the most important thing.
Kai paused to cough up more blood. Lloyd could feel himself shaking. His mind clawed around desperately, frantically trying to think of anything he could do. This couldn’t be real. Fear surged through his veins.
He couldn’t lose Kai. He was his brother! The one who really took care of him, understood about the whole parents thing. The one who saved him in the volcano.
Memories flooded his mind…Kai ruffling his hair as they sat on the deck of the bounty, Kai giving up his blanket to cover Lloyd as he slept on the couch, bringing back candy for Lloyd often when he went out. Most of all, Lloyd remembered his warmth, and from more than just his element.
In that moment, Lloyd’s mind finally caught up to the battle as he held Kai’s body. That sword. It had been headed straight for him. Kai had saved him! The past few minutes had taken him a moment to process, but now that he did the realization washed through him like ice, adding to the numbness in his chest.
As if reading his mind, Kai spoke again. “I’m sorry for all the times I couldn’t protect you,” His voice was weaker than Lloyd had ever heard it. “But hey, I finally did my job well.”
“Why did you…” Lloyd’s voice was panicked and aching now.
“I-Isn’t it obvious… why I had to protect you.” Kai said, warm brown eyes tearing up, from emotion or pain, Lloyd couldn’t tell.
“It’s not that you’re the green ninja…” The fateful day at the fire temple loomed in Lloyd’s mind. “I’m your older brother, right? It’s my job.” There was such a certainty in his eyes. Like he was always ready for this, always willing, with no thought to himself.
Lloyd sobbed, tears running down his cheeks. He held onto his brother’s gi tighter.
“Hey, don’t look at me like that kid… Everything will be fine you’ll see…” Lloyd felt the warmth again all at once, Kai’s words comforting as they always were till, they turned cold again in his chest. Kai took a shuddering breath.
“But I don’t want you to die! I need you to be here with me and the others.” Lloyd’s sobs shook his body. “I can’t lose you too.” Tears pooled in the mask that hung around his neck. He heard footsteps behind him but didn’t turn away.
“You won’t… be alone… Lloyd,” Kai spoke slowly, struggling for air. Lloyd held onto him tighter, head down in defeat. “I will… always be with… you.”
Lloyd felt a hand gently ruffle his hair, red staining blond. It fell to the ground moments later and Lloyd felt the warmth of his brother’s body fade all together. The other ninja stood behind him, their faces marred by tears.
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letterboxd · a year ago
Tumblr media
In Focus: The Mummy
Dominic Corry responds on behalf of Letterboxd to an impassioned plea to bump up the average rating of the 1999 version of The Mummy—and asks: where is the next great action adventure coming from?
We recently received the following email regarding the Stephen Sommers blockbuster The Mummy:
To whom it may concern,
I am writing to you on behalf of the nation, if not the entire globe, who frankly deserve better than this after months of suffering with the Covid pandemic.
I was recently made aware that the rating of The Mummy on your platform only stands at 3.3 stars out of five. … This, as I’m sure you’re aware, is simply unacceptable. The Mummy is, as a statement of fact, the greatest film ever made. It is simply fallacious that anyone should claim otherwise, or that the rating should fail to reflect this. This oversight cannot be allowed to stand.
I have my suspicions that this rating has been falsely allocated due to people with personal axes to grind against The Mummy, most likely other directors who are simply jealous that their own artistic oeuvres will never attain the zenith of perfection, nor indeed come close to approaching the quality or the cultural influence of The Mummy. There is, quite frankly, no other explanation. The Mummy is, objectively speaking, a five-star film (… I would argue that it in fact transcends the rating sytem used by us mere mortals). It would only be proper, as a matter of urgency, to remove all fake ratings (i.e. any ratings [below] five stars) and allow The Mummy’s rating to stand, as it should, at five stars, or perhaps to replace the rating altogether with a simple banner which reads “the greatest film of all time, objectively speaking”. I look forward to this grievous error being remedied.
Best, Anwen
Which of course: no, we would never do that. But the vigor Anwen expresses in her letter impressed us (we checked: she’s real, though is mostly a Letterboxd lurker due to a busy day-job in television production, “so finding time to watch anything that isn’t The Mummy is, frankly, impossible… not that there’s ever any need to watch anything else, of course.”).
So Letterboxd put me, Stephen Sommers fan, on the job of paying homage to the last great old-school action-adventure blockbuster, a film that straddles the end of one cinematic era and the beginning of the next one. And also to ask: where’s the next great action adventure coming from?
Tumblr media
Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz and John Hannah in ‘The Mummy’ (1999).
When you delve into the Letterboxd reviews of The Mummy, it quickly becomes clear how widely beloved the film is, 3.3 average notwithstanding. Of more concern to the less youthful among us is how quaintly it is perceived, as if it harkens back to the dawn of cinema or something. “God, I miss good old-fashioned adventure movies,” bemoans Holly-Beth. “I have so many fond memories of watching this on TV with my family countless times growing up,” recalls Jess. “A childhood classic,” notes Simon.
As alarming as it is to see such wistful nostalgia for what was a cutting-edge, special-effects-laden contemporary popcorn hit, it has been twenty-one years since the film was released, so anyone currently in their early 30s would’ve encountered the film at just the right age for it to imprint deeply in their hearts. This has helped make it a Raiders of the Lost Ark for a specific Letterboxd demographic.
Tumblr media
Sommers took plenty of inspiration from the Indiana Jones series for his take on The Mummy (the original 1932 film, also with a 3.3 average, is famously sedate), but for ten-year-olds in 1999, it may have been their only exposure to such pulpy derring-do. And when you consider that popcorn cinema would soon be taken over by interconnected on-screen universes populated by spandex-clad superheroes, the idea that The Mummy is an old-fashioned movie is easier to comprehend.
However, for all its throwbackiness, beholding The Mummy from the perspective of 2020 reveals it to have more to say about the future of cinema than the past. 1999 was a big year for movies, often considered one of the all-time best, but the legacy of The Mummy ties it most directly to two of that year’s other biggest hits: Star Wars: Episode One—The Phantom Menace and The Matrix. These three blockbusters represented a turning point for the biggest technological advancement to hit the cinematic art-form since the introduction of sound: computer-generated imagery, aka CGI. The technique had been widely used from 1989’s The Abyss onwards, and took significant leaps forward with movies such as Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), Jurassic Park (1993) and Starship Troopers (1997), but the three 1999 films mentioned above signified a move into the era when blockbusters began to be defined by their CGI.
Tumblr media
A year before The Mummy, Sommers had creatively utilised CGI in his criminally underrated sci-fi action thriller Deep Rising (another film that deserves a higher average Letterboxd rating, just sayin’), and he took this approach to the next level with The Mummy. While some of the CGI in The Mummy doesn’t hold up as well as the technopunk visuals presented in The Matrix, The Mummy showed how effective the technique could be in an historical setting—the expansiveness of ancient Egypt depicted in the movie is magnificent, and the iconic rendering of Imhotep’s face in the sand storm proved to be an enduringly creepy image. Not to mention those scuttling scarab beetles.
George Lucas wanted to test the boundaries of the technique with his insanely anticipated new Star Wars film after dipping his toe in the digital water with the special editions of the original trilogy. Beyond set expansions and environments, a bunch of big creatures and cool spaceships, his biggest gambit was Jar Jar Binks, a major character rendered entirely through CGI. And we all know how that turned out.
Tumblr media
A CGI-enhanced Arnold Vosloo as Imhotep.
Sommers arguably presented a much more effective CGI character in the slowly regenerating resurrected Imhotep. Jar Jar’s design was “bigger” than the actor playing him on set, Ahmed Best. Which is to say, Jar Jar took up more space on screen than Best. But with the zombie-ish Imhotep, Sommers (ably assisted by Industrial Light & Magic, who also worked on the Star Wars films) used CGI to create negative space, an effect impossible to achieve with practical make-up—large parts of the character were missing. It was an indelible visual concept that has been recreated many times since, but Sommers pioneered its usage here, and it contributed greatly to the popcorn horror threat posed by the character.
Sommers, generally an unfairly overlooked master of fun popcorn spectacle (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra is good, guys), deserves more credit for how he creatively utilized CGI to elevate the storytelling in The Mummy. But CGI isn’t the main reason the film works—it’s a spry, light-on-its-feet adventure that presents an iconic horror property in an entertaining and adventurous new light. And it happens to feature a ridiculously attractive cast all captured just as their pulchritudinous powers were peaking.
Tumblr media
Meme-worthy: “My sexual orientation is the cast of ‘The Mummy’ (1999).”
A rising star at the time, Brendan Fraser was mostly known for comedic performances, and although he’d proven himself very capable with his shirt off in George of the Jungle (1997), he wasn’t necessarily at the top of anyone’s list for action-hero roles. But he is superlatively charming as dashing American adventurer Rick O’Connell. His fizzy chemistry with Weisz, playing the brilliant-but-clumsy Egyptologist Evie Carnahan, makes the film a legitimate romantic caper. The role proved to be a breakout for Weisz, then perhaps best known for playing opposite Keanu Reeves in the trouble-plagued action flop Chain Reaction, or for her supporting role in the Liv Tyler vehicle Stealing Beauty.
“90s Brendan Fraser is what Chris Pratt wishes he was,” argues Holly-Beth. “Please come back to us, Brendaddy. We need you.” begs Joshhh. “I’d like to thank Rachel Weisz for playing an integral role in my sexual awakening,” offers Sree.
Then there’s Oded Fehr as Ardeth Bey, a member of the Medjai, a sect dedicated to preventing Imhotep’s tomb from being discovered, and Patricia Velásquez as Anck-su-namun, Imhotep’s cursed lover. Both stupidly good-looking. Heck, Imhotep himself (South African Arnold Vosloo, coming across as Billy Zane’s more rugged brother), is one of the hottest horror villains in the history of cinema.
“Remember when studio movies were sexy?” laments Colin McLaughlin. We do Colin, we do.
Tumblr media
Sommers directed a somewhat bloated sequel, The Mummy Returns, in 2001, which featured the cinematic debut of one Dwayne Johnson. His character got a spin-off movie the following year (The Scorpion King), which generated a bunch of DTV sequels of its own, and is now the subject of a Johnson-produced reboot. Brendan Fraser came back for a third film in 2008, the Rob Cohen-directed The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Weisz declined to participate, and was replaced by Maria Bello.
Despite all the follow-ups, and the enduring love for the first Sommers film, there has been a sadly significant dearth of movies along these lines in the two decades since it was released. The less said about 2017 reboot The Mummy (which was supposed to kick-off a new Universal Monster shared cinematic universe, and took a contemporary, action-heavy approach to the property), the better.
Tumblr media
The Rock in ‘The Mummy Returns’ (2001).
For a long time, adventure films were Hollywood’s bread and butter, but they’re surprisingly thin on the ground these days. So it makes a certain amount of sense that nostalgia for the 1999 The Mummy continues to grow. You could argue that many of the superhero films that dominate multiplexes count as adventure movies, but nobody really sees them that way—they are their own genre.
There are, however, a couple of films on the horizon that could help bring back old-school cinematic adventure. One is the long-planned—and finally actually shot—adaptation of the Uncharted video-game franchise, starring Tom Holland. The games borrow a lot from the Indiana Jones films, and it’ll be interesting to see how much that manifests in the adaptation.
Then there’s Letterboxd favorite David Lowery’s forever-upcoming medieval adventure drama The Green Knight, starring Dev Patel and Alicia Vikander (who herself recently rebooted another video-game icon, Lara Croft). Plus they are still threatening to make another Indiana Jones movie, even if it no longer looks like Steven Spielberg will direct it.
While these are all exciting projects—and notwithstanding the current crisis in the multiplexes—it can’t help but feel like we may never again get a movie quite like The Mummy, with its unlikely combination of eye-popping CGI, old-fashioned adventure tropes and a once-in-a-lifetime ensemble of overflowing hotness. Long may love for it reign on Letterboxd—let’s see if we can’t get that average rating up, the old fashioned way. For Anwen.
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twopoppies · 8 months ago
Hi please I'm new here so I'm begging you not to be mad at me for my question. I'm genuinely just trying to form an opinion. I just want to know how Harry's not benefiting from his closet. Louis is definitely being punished and there's nothing nice about his Mr I am in fact straight with a child image but w Harry he gets to play both sides and wear a dress and work in Hollywood. It also confuses me how Harry's songs seem to be him begging not to be left and I'm like??Something's not adding up
I’m not mad at you, but I’m not a research robot who can just spit out answers the second someone wants them. I just don’t have the time or energy to continually prove things to people. I’m sorry that that makes it harder for some new fans, but I’m exhausted. This line of questioning has been going in for well over a year and I just can’t do it every time a new fan discovers this band or has a question. . 
All I can say is that someone accusing him of “benefitting” from being closeted, doesn’t understand what it’s like to be closeted. No one would choose to lie about such an enormous part of who they are unless they felt they had to. Feel free to search my blog for tags like
Harry’s image
PR and Marketing
Music Industry
Hollywood Homophobia
Record Contracts
The only song I can think of on Fine Line that even comes close to Harry “begging not to be left” is Falling. I answered someone about Falling recently, here (including links to some other people’s analyses).
When he spoke with Zane Lowe, he said about Falling: “I kind of started to feel like threads of you know, where I could see myself becoming someone that I didn’t want to be.” Harry has spoken about how the sequencing of his songs is so important and how much time it took to get right, He also has said that this song, in particular, is “very centered in what the record is… centered in a time that a lot of the record was kind of built around”. So I think it’s important that Falling is in the middle of the album, smack between the first group of songs that are all about the euphoria of first falling in love, and the second group of songs that seem to be about rediscovering and deepening love, and learning to understand yourself on a deeper level. 
Just because someone has a period of deep unhappiness, feeling abandoned, feeling like all is lost, doesn’t mean it’s the overall theme of their life (or album). And there’s a huge assumption (based on the way the narrative of this album was pushed) that what Harry is talking about in a song like this is the end of a romantic relationship. But I honestly believe so much of Fine Line (the album) is actually about Harry’s relationship with himself and with gender. And I think Falling can be looked at through that lens, as well. Especially if we think about what he said about Falling being centered in a time that much of the record was built around. Being afraid of losing themselves and/or their parter because of gender confusion is not exactly uncommon (this analysis discusses the concept from Louis’ POV)
I’m not saying there aren’t songs about romantic struggles, but I think people are trying too hard to look at their albums and say aha! They’re together. Or aha! They broke up. And I just think it’s a lot more complex. 
For many of us, Harry and Louis’ relationship is the primary reason we’re here. But when you’re settled in a long term relationship, it’s unlikely that everything you want to express as an artist is about your love life. Harry grappling with his gender identity seems to have been of much greater importance to him while making FL. Here’s a tag for posts on Harry’s Gender.
As for the rest of the album, please just search my song analysis tag. There’s lots there. 
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skippyv20 · 2 months ago
She'd lied to Harry. Gaslighting. She couldn't let him meet her father cause he'd expose her lies. Remember family she'd never had? Harry believed she was poor little orphan. Wasn't true.
No doubt about it.  He thought he was getting Rachel Zane....got this yahoo instead.....
So as usual Murks lies. She says the BRF was berating Harry for not getting Markle to make up or at least see her father to  stop the press articles. Okay, they didn't like the bad articles about Murks and the feud with her dad. But I think most articles and comments from people were and still are telling her to forgive her dad and make up. That is a normal response.
I’m sorry I believe the whole Markle family is in on this together.....
Skippy, For those of us in North America, please hold onto your wits & dont panic due to MSM about food shortages. Been to numerous stores ( 8 or more different brand grocery stores) there has been plentiful turkeys, canned pumpkin, frozen & fresh pumpkin pies & spices galore. And our city has all of these items trucked in from a long, long way. IMHO, there was excess of availability in the past.1/2
Thank you! Good to know.
Skippy & friends could someone please explain to me how to cyber bully a "celebrity" or anyone else who is (supposedly) inactive in cyberspace? I know there are legal eagles who read here so I would also be interested to know their take on this cause as a simple layperson------> I got nothin'!!!
This is a puzzle indeed!  Anyone?
There is a rumor going around on one of the blogs that Jason K is in hiding and is writing a book. His statement to the court was made in Sept/21. Does anyone know if this is true?
He is moving out of the country with his partner who got another job....A book?  I don’t know....
Since our military is now becoming woke, I'm not surprised that the Harkles went to a military base. It's not the enlisted military as they have no choice but to follow orders from those way above. Many times, you'd rather just get a little time to yourself than to listen to another celebrity by force. That can really affect one's mental health. Many times, we are like, can we just not go as it has nothing to do with soldering, but if you don't go, you'll be punished. So, you have to attend.
Thank you....that’s really too bad....
Filming Juggernaut on the Move
Hi Skippy & Friends-Pilgrim with a few more thoughts on the Harkles completing their assignment for, we presume, Netflix or whomever they have sold their souls to. In one twitter there is a fantastic capture of them leaving with their ever filming crew and handlers. The still and movie cameras were crowded around their moving actors, zooming in on the star aka director and executive boss, who is preening while timing it and putting out the mega watt vibes for them and this was just to walk up a stairway! Insanity is exhausting.
It seems to me that JH forgets for a few moments that they are actually making their own movie. Even though he plugs his companies in his speeches, he is swept up in the moment thinking he is doing important work. His natural, royally trained public skills come into play. I think he finds these events uplifting, possibly because he is out, actually interacting with others and even laughing! JH is polite to his wife and tries to be a gentleman. That will look great on screen.
The red "bespoke" evening gown was dragged all over that museum. If you have ever been to one of these incredible places to see the actual planes, space capsules, presidential jets etc., you recall walking and walking in huge drafty hangers. Her outfit is just ridiculous for this type of venue-acting like a fairy tale princess in a museum hanger on an aircraft carrier tied up at pier 86. I suppose this will be portrayed as a romantic date for the prince and princess as they dance around the jets.
The next day, Raptor continued her assault on proper attire by visiting a military base in NJ, just across the Hudson, mid-day in a designer, black cocktail dre$$ with her bare feet sporting her weapon of choice-sky scrapper high, black stiletto heels. Maybe, she was just joining in showing off her combat skills too. How will this work into the plot? His heroic military past or her political ambitions? She will need a huge pearl necklace like all her idols have in DC. What's next on the filming schedule? Over and out from a rainy. dreary Cape.
I can’t shake the feeling...this Netflix thing won’t happen.....it’s all going to be filled with an unrealistic view of the actual reality they will be living...and the lies that are coming out....what could possibly be shown that won’t have people looking at their garbage bins rather than watching that sad, failed attempt at PR to the 3rd degree....
Hi Skippy, I'm responding to the anon that says no one cares about mm, that's why the lawsuit is not being reported here. I live in the US and the Oprah interview was everywhere, the military event is reported, yet the fact she apologized is not. No, it's the case of favoritism and who owns the media. If they report that she might have lied, it changes the narrative from her being a victim to a malicious, dangerous person. Just like Biden is being handled with kids gloves, in comparison to Trump
I think it’s more like give her support and she has more confidence..and see what she will do...come on, we know the US press tabloids loves watching people fall.....they are building her up and they will tear her down!
Thank you all so much!  You are all appreciated!😊❤️❤️❤️❤️
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mx-julien · 6 months ago
glacier hcs with meta based on canon s11 bc this season had so many ideas stuffed into it i have to expand (at the end an AU idea wrestled its way in so uh whoops?)
first of all, y'all, Zane's put in mortal danger twice in this season and the first time he's a smug bastard about it and the second time he goes full death metal so the vibes are aspirational, honestly
Cole doing a paper puppet show in the Never-Realm for the kiddies so they'd know about Zane's sacrifice and then defending it when Nya (understandably) asked if it was too mature; obviously the dialogue Cole says is edited and paraphrased from the actual moment, but let's look at what he edits, why don't we?
gives all the ninja heroic dialogue "Put down the staff and surrender, Aspheera. Your days of evil are over." for Zane and "What did you do to my friend?" for Nya
completely skips over everyone else having a reaction as if after he realized what was going on, nothing else happened until they found out what Aspheera had really done, which we know isn't true and says a lot about his perception of the event (Zane's gone, Nya says something, he realizes what happens, then he's numb until they find out they can get him back)
meta-wise, this is a recap of the season for viewers who haven't seen earlier episodes. there are four other ninja that could've done this, however, with Jay being the likeliest out of all of them since he's usually billed as being funnier than Cole; Kai also being a contender because he usually likes telling their stories to other people. so what other reason would overpower those two? probably that, out of the five of them, Cole's the one who's closest to Zane and thus acts a bit seemingly ooc now that he's gone.
Cole constantly keeping himself busy/making himself useful after Zane's gone by holding onto the traveller's tea, building the village new weapons, with the paper puppet show, finding more traveller's tea, and making friends with Krag
this is, of course, a way to grieve and process tragedy, but let's look at the meta, too, why don't we?
overwhelmingly, he likes being with other people during missions and will immediately be paired with another character if he's alone for too long [ref: we're ignoring episode 1 of rebooted b/c the only reason Cole's not with the others is that Bad Love Triangle that we will continue to ignore in this house; befriending Karlof in the tournament so he's not alone in the prison; taking care of a baby when Zane runs off in SoG; making friends with Krag in s11 when Zane's not there; befriending the Geckles and Munce in the work camps (yes i know that's a later season but this is the reference section so sue me)]
whenever Zane's gone, they immediately have to pair him with someone else. this has happened in two different seasons: in SoG they put him with baby Wu and in rebooted they pitted him against Jay
Pix is doing perfectly fine during this season, save for the one nightmare scene, she's perfectly able to adjust [ref: The Absolute Worst, The Kaiju Protocol]. i mean, she's practically fine without their relationship whereas Mr. Brookstone (or Hence, whatever you hc) is going through the five stages of grief right here except he hasn't yet got past the denial one. although they absolutely didn't mean for it to be, it's very much the trope of the lover who's lost after their partner dies.
Zane's poster for march of the oni says that he'll "leave his love behind" and literally nothing happens to Pix but Cole practically dies? was that a weird merch issue or was that intentional? we'll probably never know but it is great meta (that a ton of other people pointed out and it's not even s11 but i just want to mention because come on)
since they play the same video game [ref: Wasted True Potential] and clearly it at least somewhat matters to Zane (otherwise why would Jay bust into his room and wake him up, yes he's dramatic but if Zane was that indifferent he probably wouldn't've done it) so please do imagine the two of them curled up on a couch together and shoving and pushing each other to throw the other off his game. absolutely think about how Zane had the most recent high score and the smug look that bastard probably gave Cole when he scored it. just. glacier competing at video games. a real dose of I Can't Believe It's Not An AU!
another s11 take: Baby Wu and why he should've stayed a baby
i'm definitely writing more on that Pro Gamer Ninjago AU and you can't stop me
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isthisthingeven0n · 12 months ago
the list : d.d
brief summary: you grew up with david, and he always wanted there to be more than just friendship between you both. however, now adults and david is dating someone else, you coming back into his life causes him to have doubts about what he wants. (1.8k)
requested: yes by the sweetest anon, i hope you like the outcome!  warnings: none that i’m aware of 
all my links
(everything on my blog is my own writing. if it is shared on another page or website know it hasn’t been approved me unless specified. all rights reserved. - i have to start doing this as I had some shit on my other blog with plagiarism)
Tumblr media
“Are you sure you don’t want anything?” You call out as you gather your things in the kitchen, your back turned to the guys as David sighs quietly to himself.
Ilya can’t help but roll his eyes at David’s lovesick expression that remains plastered across his face whenever you’re around. “Dave,” Ilya slaps his chest, causing David to snap out of his trance.
“No!” David blurts out, and you turn around quickly.
“Okay,” You nervously chuckle, thinking nothing of it as you head towards the front door. “I’ll see you later.”
With that, you close the door behind you, and David groans loudly as he buries his face into his hands whilst Ilya and Zane share a knowing look.
“Dude, you gotta get it together.” Ilya states as David shakes his head in his hands. “It’s only Y/n, we’ve known her since High School.”
“That’s the problem,” David mumbles. “it’s Y/n.”
It was true, David had known you for many years but for at least half of them he was sort of (most definitely) in love with you whilst you remained oblivious to it. He grew up alongside you as you had boyfriends, was the shoulder for you to cry on after a breakup and one of your best friends. Yet, David always wished he could’ve been something more.
There had been moments between you both, flickers of something more than just friendship, but nothing came of them.
Yet, David had moved on and was happy. At least, he thinks he’s happy until you walk into any room he’s in with your bright smile and joyful laughter; before he realises David’s back in High school, pining after his best friend.
“Look, David, you have a girlfriend.” Zane states, knowing Taylor is out of town currently. “You can’t be drooling over Y/n like this.”
“I know, I just,” David sighs as he thinks of you, knowing he should think of Taylor in that way. “whenever she’s around I just forget any other girl exists, and I just want to be with her.”
Ilya rolls his eyes once more. “God you need help.” He mutters as he rises to his feet, clapping his hands together as both David and Zane look up.
“What are you talking about?” Natalie speaks up as she walks through into the open space with Todd by her side.
“About David and Y/n.” Zane motions to David who simply shrugs his shoulders meekly at Natalie’s raised brow.
“She finally tell you then?” Todd smiles brightly, unaware of Natalie’s eyes widening. “Why’re you all looking at me like that?” Todd asks as wide eyes stare at him from across the room. “Oh no.” He mutters.
“Oh no is right.” Natalie remarks.
“Y/n likes David?” Ilya asks, sounding astounded by the idea as he looks over at David and back to Natalie. “You sure?”
Natalie sighs before nodding. “She has for a while now,” Natalie starts, and David falls back down into the sofa, his mind dazing over in shock as Natalie continues. “but then David started dating Taylor, so she felt like her chance was gone.”
“Okay,” Ilya begins pacing around the room. “so, Y/n likes David, David likes Y/n, but David also likes Taylor.”
“Thank you Captain Obvious.” Natalie mutters. “Look, David, you gotta sort this.”
“But how?” David asks weakly as he looks around at his friends before Ilya’s face lights up.
“I’ve got an idea.” Ilya smirks as he rushes out of the room, returning with the portable whiteboard. “We make a pros and cons list.” He suggests, ignoring Natalie shaking her head.
“Ilya, that is a terrible idea.” She tells him, but Ilya chalks it up on the board instead.
“Actually, it might not be that bad.” David comments, now standing up as he approaches the whiteboard and twiddles the pen in his fingertips as he eyes the pros and cons list. “If I can think of more cons, then I’ll know she isn’t right for me and Taylor is.”
“Your logic is so fucked.” Todd looks down to Natalie who remains silent, hoping that something will come of this for everyone’s sake.
Exhaling deeply, David stands back as he admires the board completely covered in the pros and cons of possibly dating you. “I never realised there could be so many.” David half laughs, now feeling more conflicted than ever before.
“Yeah, this is way harder than I anticipated.” Ilya comments, resting his hands on his hips. “Anyway, wanna order food?”
David nods as he walks out from the room, going to grab his phone whilst Ilya heads into the bathroom.
Both remain unaware as the front door opens, and you walk in with bags in hand. “God, it was crazy out there.” You huff, placing the bags on the kitchen counter. “Even though you said you didn’t want anything, I got you guys Starbucks!” You call out, picking up your drink as you notice the whiteboard out and covered in writing.
You can’t help but be intrigued by the board, and as you read over it, your heart drops. The board is about you, your pros and cons in David’s eyes.
“Y/n,” Ilya speaks up softly, emerging from the bathroom as he sees you standing there, trying to force back tears in your eyes as you remain still, gaze fixated on the board. “I can explain, we can explain.” Ilya starts, but you hold your hand up, silencing him.
“Ilya, I ordered pizza from-” David’s voice becomes closer until he’s stood metres from you and his smile drops instantly. “Shit.” He mutters. “Y/n, I, you weren’t supposed to see this.”
A light scoff leaves your lips as you step backwards, glaring to David. “Gee, I wonder why.” You retort. “You’re unbelievable David.” Your voice softens as you turn around, grabbing your bags from the counter and leave without saying another word, too afraid of your own voice and what will be said.
“Fuck!” David yells, gripping his hair in his fists as he groans loudly. “How could you do this to me, Ilya?!” David shifts the blame to Ilya who stares, utterly dumbfounded.
“I wasn’t the one who wrote the fucking list, David.” Ilya reminds David. “You gotta talk to her, man.”
“I,” David starts, but Ilya stops him.
“No, I mean right now.” Ilya states firmly, pointing to the front door. “Go, you idiot!”
Without needing to be told a third time, David jogs over to his front door, opening it and thankfully, you’re still loading your shopping back into the car as you wipe your eyes repeatedly.
“What, David? You wanna tell me about my pros and cons?” You speak up, slamming your boot shut as you near your car door.
“No, I, I wanna explain, as it wasn’t fair you saw that. It wasn’t something you should ever have seen really.” David begins to try and explain, but seeing you so upset, it causes his mind to fall apart. “Y/n, I, I know we’ve always been friends, and I’ve always cared about you- which you knew already.”
“Thought I did.” You mumble to yourself, causing your heart to ache even more.
“But I gave up the possibility of us ever being together a while ago, and then I met Taylor.” David tries to sound happy about his relationship, that it’s a good thing that he moved on. “Before I knew it I was swept up in this new relationship, and then you came back from your trip, and my feelings kinda dug themselves back up and you’re all I can think about.” He half laughs, realising how ridiculous it all sounds.
“David, don’t, please.” You tell him, now opening your car door as you lean against it, but David simply steps closer.
“Y/n, I can’t help how I feel about you, and I know you feel the same.” A nervous smile crosses his lips as you stare blankly at him. “Todd told us, and that’s kinda what caused all this. We were trying to figure a way of trying to decide if we should date, and it was so fucking dumb as I already know you, and I know you’re close enough to perfect.” David laughs light-heartedly. “And I’m so sorry I hurt you Y/n, just please, give me a chance?”
Silence falls between you both as you remain lost in thought. And then, you break it as you exhale quietly. “You’ve got Taylor, David. I can’t do that to her.” You force a small smile, ignoring the tears that fall down your cheeks. “Maybe we just weren’t to ever be.” You chuckle, forcing back pain in your voice as you climb into your car.
“Taylor broke up with me.” David blurts out, just as you’re about to close your car door.
“What?” You ask, staring up at him as he stands in front of your door.
Lowering his gaze, David tries to keep himself composed. “She broke up with me before she left. She knew something wasn’t right  between us and didn’t want it to carry on and get messy.”
“Why didn’t you tell anyone?” You can’t help but ponder over why he never spoke up, listening along with stories as you all sat together in his house and would leave to speak with her. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Because all I want to do is kiss you, Y/n.” David admits. “I want to be there with you in the mornings, make breakfast or try to at least. Sing shitty songs in the car and film dumb TikTok's together. I just wanna be beside you, and finally, let myself love you after all these years.” David confesses, feeling a weight lifting off his heart as he finally looks at you, seeing you focusing back at him.
“Wow.” You breathe out, now rising to your feet as you move past your car door, closing it as you stand in front of David. “You actually love me?”
David laughs quietly. “I think I always have, weird right?”
“Super weird.” You chuckle. “But kinda cool, cause I think I’ve always loved you too.”
“Oh,” David stumbles over his thoughts, as you lift your hand up, resting it on his shoulder. “that’s pretty cool. So er, what now?” He asks.
Running your hand along his shoulder, you move your fingers across to the back of his neck. “This is usually the part where you kiss me.” You mutter, smiling shyly to him as he nods.
“I think I can do that.” He whispers before resting his arm around your waist, tugging you closer into his embrace as his lips ghost yours. “I love you.” He breathes out as his lips part.
“I love you too.” You mumble back, finally allowing yourself to open up after all these years, never thinking dreams could come true.
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svnflowervol666 · a year ago
An interview during self-isolation with Zane Lowe (Harry Styles x fem!Reader)
Tumblr media
Word Count: 2.2k
Author’s Note: I’ve gotten a ton of asks to the tune of this scenario - about what a quarantine video with Harry and his family would look like. I put as many of them together as I could for you all! Hope you enjoy and it’s not too confusing, as this isn’t my typical writing style, but I tried my best to make it worth your while! Take care and TPWK.
“Harry, can ye’ hear me alright?” Harry heard Zane Lowe’s voice fill his right ear as he readjusted his headphones.
“Yeah, I can hear ya,” he responded, running his fingers through his hair once everything was situated and his laptop was balanced perfectly on his knee.
“I’ve just been video calling and chatting it up with everyone on how they’re navigating the pandemic, so I’m very thankful you’ve agreed to join in.”
“‘S no problem. Thank you f’ having me.”
“Oh!” Zane interjected his own strain of thought, “I see you’ve brought a special guest for us today,” he said when Harry’s screen finally focused and he was able to see everything on Harry’s end.
Harry chuckled, the dimples on either corner of his mouth growing wider at the mention of the sleeping body on his chest that’s got a fuzzy blanket tucked into their sides and draped over Harry’s upper half.
“I have,” Harry agreed, “Though he’s not gonna be worth much. Being a two-year-old is exhausting apparently.”
He gave the toddler a few gentle pats on the back and continued to look at Zane through the webcam.
“This is your son, right?” Zane asked.
“Who? Him?” Harry asked, nodding his head in the direction of his child, “Nah. Found him on the street.”
Both men laughed, but Harry tried to lower his volume as to not wake up his son.
“Well, he looks an awful bit like you t’ be a stray, don’t ye’ think?”
“I suppose the curls are quite convincing, aren’t they?” Harry sighed, playfully rolling his eyes.
“What’s brought your bubs along with you for this interview?”
“Erm,” Harry thought, wondering if he should be talking this much about his personal life but ultimately deciding it wasn’t too invasive, “Y/N’s been pretty tired lately, so I’m just trying to keep him out of her hair so she can rest. He’s going through a phase where he’s very clingy right now so he’d probably be crying f’ me at some point if I left him in his room.”
“Oh, that’s right!” it suddenly dawned on Zane, “You two are expecting again, aren’t you?
“We are,” Harry smiled softly yet proudly into the screen, “‘s kinda scary for us right now, but we’re hoping everything is cleared up before it’s time.”
“Yeah, yeah. I was just about to say right now’s probably not the greatest time to be havin’ a baby.”
“Well, the baby’s not due for a few more months so I think everything’ll be alright, but it’s still just kinda nerve-wracking ye’ know?”
“Absolutely,” Zane added, “This has all got t’ be tough on your guys; having to self-isolate with a toddler plus having one on the way.”
“Ehh, it’s not so bad,” Harry countered, rubbing his eyes with his knuckles as he spoke. “We’ve been spending a lot of time t’gether, which is pretty great. I just got done with all of the album promo, so I’d already been gone for a while. Plus, I was about to leave for tour for like a month so we were kinda sad about having to say goodbye before, but now I don’t have to. We talk to our families a lot and keep in touch with everyone pretty regularly so we don’t feel like we’re going too crazy.”
“Good! That’s good.”
Harry nodded in agreement.
“I was going to ask you about tour actually. You’ve pushed the European leg of your Love on Tour to next year, is that correct?”
“That must be hard for you, I’m sure. I bet you were so ready to get back on the road and to have it all pulled out from under ye’ was probably not the greatest feeling.”
“I mean, it’s obviously disappointing, but like, in the grand scheme of things, it’s not the most important thing in the world. But I think everyone kinda understands that there’s not anything you can do about it and ye’ have to do what you can to keep everyone safe, ya know?”
“For sure,” Zane nodded, readjusting the hat on his head.
“Plus, it gives you time to practice doesn’t it?”
Harry’s belly shook as he laughed softly.
“Definitely gives us plenty of time to be prepar-”
Harry stopped in his tracks and looked down at his son who was still napping away, lifting his hand up from where it had been rested on his tiny bum.
“Everything alright?” Zane asked Harry after he was still quiet for a few seconds and his eyes were as wide as saucers.
“Uhh, yeah,” Harry stuttered as a noticeable heat climbed to his cheeks, “Think m’ son’s just farted on me in his sleep.”
This made Zane laugh even harder than he had before, clutching his chest while Harry remained embarrassed that his son had just passed gas on him during his first interview.
The commotion seemed to stir Harry’s son from his sleep. His pudgy legs began to stretch against Harry’s chest and his balled-up fists reached up to rub at his closed eyes. Harry seemed to sense some trepidation, like his son was going to start fussing at any given moment, so he quickly began bouncing his small body against his knee to soothe him and shushed him quietly in his ear. Zane didn’t draw much attention to it, but he couldn’t help but swoon over how easily Harry’s son settled back down.
Harry whispered, “’s alright, bubby. You’re alright,” before kissing the top of his curls gently, no doubt making the viewers lose their minds at home with how gentle he was being towards his boy.
“So your boy farts himself awake, huh?” Zane joked.
“Wouldn’t be the first time. He’s an absolute mess,” Harry added.
“Does he take after you or Y/N?”
Clearly, neither of them were interested in talking about music or tour anymore. Harry’s son had stolen the show, and he wasn’t even conscious.
“A little bit of both I’d say. He’s extremely kind and caring like Y/N, but loves to mess around like me. Can’t really say he got any of Y/N’s looks, though.”
“Absolutely not,” Zane chuckled into his mic, “That one’s all you.”
Harry laughed again, rubbing the tip of his nose with the palm of his hand out of habit.
“Is he excited to be a big brother?”
“Ehh, I think he kinda gets the idea, but not really,” Harry tilted his hand back and forth to symbolize the fact that his toddler could just barely come to grips with there being another baby in his mum’s belly.
“He knows there’s ‘something in mummy’s tummy,’“ Harry noted using air quotes, “And he like, gives Y/N’s stomach kisses all of the time because we tell him to and he sees me do it, but I don’t really think he’s come to grips with it.”
“Well, that makes sense,” Zane responded, “He’s only two.”
“Right, right,” Harry agreed, “But he’s, like, super cuddly and loves his stuffed animals and stuff, so I don’t think he’s gonna have a hard time at all really.”
Just when Zane was going to try to get back on topic with his prepared list of questions he had written up for Harry that didn’t involve his son, there was a commotion on Harry’s end that occurred somewhere beyond the view of the camera.
It was the sound of a door shutting a feet padding against hardwood steps.
“Harry!” a voice called out.
“Have you seen my laptop charger? I’m trying to FaceTime Gem- Oh,” the voice stopped.
“Sorry, baby,” Harry spoke above the laptop screen to whoever had just walked into the room, “Couldn’t find mine and I had t’ talk t’ Zane.”
“Which Zane?”
“Is that Y/N I hear?” Zane asked Harry.
Harry laughed at his wife’s words, quickly specifying that it was Zane Lowe and not his former bandmate.
“Yes, it is Y/N. She’s awoken from her beauty sleep it appears.”
The camera wasn’t able to pick up the way Y/N rolled her eyes at Harry.
“Gimme one of those,” Y/N demanded, holding her hand out for the other earbud that Harry wasn’t wearing so she could join in on his conversation with Zane.
Harry swung the free earbud around his chest with his free hand as to not disturb their son, smiling smugly at his wife while she settled onto the sofa next to him and cuddled into his side.
“Hello, gorgeous,” Zane greeted her.
“Hello, handsome,” Y/N responded, “How come you never call to talk to me anymore? Why do you only care about this nobhead?”
She playfully shoved Harry’s shoulder, but not hard enough to actually knock him sideways.
“He does have the number one album in the country right now. Kinda makes sense to check in on him now, dunnit?”
“And I’m his baby mama, so where’s my praise for carrying his little spawns?”
“You truly are a saint for tha’ one. I won’t lie.”
Harry feigned offense but failed to hide the smile that tugged on the corners of his lips.
“I’m sitting right here!” he scoffed.
“We know, love,” Y/N cooed him as she looked over at him and brushed his curls that had fallen onto his forehead back into his mess of hair. 
“How are you doing, though, Y/N? We talked a bit about you while you were away. Harry said you’re strugglin’ a bit?”
“Umm, I mean, it’s just normal pregnancy stuff,” she dismissed his qualms as she absentmindedly stroked her protruding belly that was just barely in the frame, “I’m at the point where everything hurts all of the time and everything Harry does annoys the piss out of me, but other than that I’m pretty much normal.”
“Goodness. He didn’t tell me that part,” Zane chuckled, “Please elaborate.”
“Okay, well first of all-,” Y/N started.
“Why are you acting like you were just waiting f’ someone to ask you that question?” Harry forced through laughter.
“Because I’ve got a lot to say!” she exclaimed.
“You don’t pick up your dirty clothes, you leave your tea mugs all around the house, and you and your son eat all of my bread!”
“I do not eat all of the bread!” Harry started to playfully argue with his wife.
“I caught you sneaking into the pantry at midnight eating bread right out of the bag, Harold.”
“Well, what were you doin’ awake in the kitchen at midnight anyway, hmm?”
“I’m pregnant. I’m allowed to be hungry every twenty minutes. You’ve got no excuse.”
Harry sighed in defeat, meanwhile, Zane sat back and enjoyed listening to the two of them bickering like children. 
“Sounds like the quarantine might getting t’ the both of you, huh?”
“Oh, no,” Y/N dismissed Zane, “We’re always like this.”
Just then, Harry felt the weight distribution on his chest shift, and saw a pair of emerald green eyes identical to his open and look back and forth between him and Y/N. His pudgy cheeks were flushed a warm, crimson color and the t-shirt he had taken a nap in was tugged over to the side from how well he had slept.
“Well, hello there, bubby. Nice of you t’ join us,” Harry spoke calmly to his son that was in the middle of waking up, gently brushing his fingers along the side of his face.
“Dear god. He looks just like you, Harry,” Zane said in disbelief.
This made Harry blush and hide his face in his son’s plush blanket, and Y/N looked lovingly down at her two boys.
“I know he does,” Harry confirmed, “Poor thing.”
Y/N rolled her eyes at Harry’s comment. As if that was meant to be an insult.
“Hung-y,” the three of them heard the toddler mumble.
“What’s that, lovie?” Y/N perked up.
“I hung-y” he repeated, his arms outstretched for his mother to which she happily accepted.
The boy crawled right over Harry towards Y/N, his foot sinking deep into Harry’s gut and making him grunt in reaction. 
“You’re hungry?” Y/N asked, “You want some lunch, bubs?”
He nodded into Y/N’s shoulder where he had tucked himself away, clearly still in the mood to be loved on and cuddled.
“Well, let’s go make you something to eat then. What do you want? A banana?”
“Bread!” cheered the two-year-old, which earned a laugh from everyone in the room and an eye-roll from Y/N.
“Of course, you want bread. Wouldn’t expect anything less from your father’s child.”
“Why are you bullying me?” Harry fired back.
“Because you’re eating all of my damn bread!” Y/N yelled before scooping their son up from the couch and teetering out of frame into the kitchen.
“Alright,” started Zane, “Seems like it’s time for me to leave you three alone. Thanks for stopping in t’ chat.”
Harry chortled, readjusting his headphone one last time to sign off.
“Thanks again f’ havin’ me. Sorry my family crashed your interview.”
“It’s no bother at all, mate. ‘S actually quite refreshing seeing ye’ like this. I’m sure everyone watching would agree. Reminds us all that you’re human and not some robot with perfect hair and the voice of an angel.”
Harry hid his face in his hands, blushing for what felt like the thousandth time during this video call. 
“I hope you lot continue to stay safe and healthy through all of this.”
“Thank you so much. You as well,” Harry added.
“Of course. Tell Y/N I’ll ring her up soon.”
“Will do,” Harry nodded, “If she doesn’t kill me f’ asking her t’ make me some toast first.”
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fluffyk97 · 2 months ago
Oppositeshipping lets go-
"You know, as cocky as I can be Zane, I'm not so sure about this."
"So you finally admit you're cocky."
"Oh hush," Kai said as he leaned his head back onto Zane's chest from his spot between the Nindroid's legs. Zane only smiled down at him.
"I just feel it'd be a fun activity to try. After all, I remember you actually having fun dancing during that one time at the Blade Cup," Zane said as he felt Kai heat up in embarrassment at the memory.
"Maybe, but that was so long ago and it was just for something important!"
"Please, love? For me?"
"Ooh, why are you pulling that card?? Besides, can't you just download how to dance properly and all that now?"
"Yes, but I'd rather learn with you as an experience," Zane explained, pressing his head ontop of Kai's. Kai sat in silence for almost a minute before letting out a small sigh.
"Fine, but no telling the others. Just for you," Kai answered.
"Thank you, my dear," Zane replied with giving the Red Ninja a small kiss on the head. The Nindroid then stood up from their position on the beach they were sitting on. The Ice Elemental gave Kai a gentle small as he held out his hand.
"You are such a sap," Kai said as he rolled his eyes a little, giving Zane his hand.
"Yes," Zane then pulled Kai up to his feet, taking his other hand into his own, "but I am your sap. Or am I wrong?"
"Nah, you're hundred percent right," Kai smiled, giving Zane a smell peck on the lips.
Zane smiled before they both looked down at their feet, moving their feet back and forth from eachother and slowly picking up the pace from doing so. Zane nearly stepping on Kai's feet quite a quite a few times and quickly apologizing. Kai only laughed in response, making the White Ninja's heart flutter.
Zane then let go of one of Kai's hands to lift one up and twirl him around. The Fire Elemental in turn let out a small "woah!" before going back to letting out a small laugh in response.
The two continued to dance around eachother with cheerful laughs and chuckles. Zane finding Kai to actually be quite good at going along with the flow of his movements. However, Zane despite being a Nindroid, kept finding himself to have trouble keeping good footing on the sand.
In the end, both Ninja ended up bumping into eachother with Kai falling on top of Zane. They both laid there, staring down at one another before the two began cracking up and placing their foreheads together.
Both could say their first dance together was a complete flop, but it also just felt perfect.
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purplerose244 · 9 months ago
My thoughts on Seabound!!! 🌊🌊🌊 (1/4)
Finally Nya's season! Our queen, our water goddess, our amazing girl gets what she deserves! 😍😍😍
What I know about the season beforehand is that Nya's powers apparently are getting problematic for some reasons? Which is a pretty common topic in other shows but it's a first in Ninjago, usually the elemental powers don't have focus and I LOVE that we now get to see stuff like that 💕💕💕
I know there should be Wojira involved, trusting The Island to deliver that little foreshadowing at the end of the episode 🤷‍♀️ Also Maya is back... MAYA IS FINALLY BACK AFTER SEVEN SEASONS YES!!! 😭😭😭
I have nothing else to say, I have no idea what this will bring, hopefully something as good as Master of the Mountain! 🖤
Alright, here we go!
Warning reader, I might be fangirling to an extreme because I love mah girl Nya and I've been wanting Kai and Nya's parents to be back ever since Hands of Time ended. So yeah... screaming alert 😅
At this point I don't doubt that the intro is great, we reached such a level of animation and we got The Fold 😍😍 Love the marine vibe and how it's similar to The Island, because it's a great intro 👌
NOW I like the writing! Maybe they rushed the dialogue's quality for The Island to get here? It's just fun and in character, maybe it's just me but I'm enjoying it a lot for now
How many episodes are in this? Wiki says ten, then I checked again and it's sixteen like with Master of Mountain... eh, it looks good so far so it's fine whatever happens 🤷‍♀️
Oohhh, new villain! One that uses... flames... huh, does she know there's literally a master of fire in the ninja team? Eh whatever she looks cute, give it up for Miss Demeanor!! 👏👏
Whoa, we're finding out where did the order of the vengestone from season 13 come from?? YAS! CONTINUITY!
Yep, there it is, Nya lost control... her attacks look so cool 😍
Lol that kid trying to be a nindroid and Zane being offended 😂😂 Sorry hun, you're that popular
Aaahhh, thank you Ninjago! You gave me back Nya the perfectionist 😂 I was worried her reaction to her powers wasn't going to be in character but it looks fair so far. Brings me back to Possession, my favorite season 💙💙💙
WE GOT BACK THE FACT THAT SHE CAN MAKE IT RAIN!!! YAS!!! I might be easy to please but I love these details 🤩
🤯🤯🤯 Okay they are definitely going somewhere this time and I LOVE IT, because wow. WOW. Are we actually addressing the forever questioned fact that wind and water weren't elements that Chen needed at the Tournament? Are we giving a reason for them to exist outside the main set of elements and the elemental masters?? Duuuude, season 15 don't let me stop you, keep going 😍
Mm, so water and wind are connected to Wojira (now I see the connection with the special). Are we setting the ground for a new master of wind? 😏😏 It's risky going for a Morro replacement but it's a super intriguing idea! Oooor Edgy Boy TM might come back? WHO KNOWS I'M CURIOUS ANYWAY 🤩
Love how it is universal knowledge that Nya is super indipendent 👌
YES YES FINALLY WE'RE TALKING ABOUT MAYA!!! 😍😍😍 Is it too much hoping into a Ray cameo as well?? Pleaaaase? Also addressing Krux after so many seasons, this feels exciting!! 😊
This is what I'm talking about, training, fighting scenes, show me everything that water goddess can do! 🌊🌊🌊
Aaahhh, Nya flexing her mightiness through anger, just to remind us that she is the descendant of a water master as much as of a fire master 😅
RAY IS THERE TOO HECK YES!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I shouldn't get this excited at only the first episode... WHO CARES RAY IS BAAAAACK!!! ❤❤❤
Omg Maya is definitely different from what I expected, turns out Kai's enthusiasm came from her 😂
Oh look at my flame babe 😍
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He's so happy his parents are here, he's a total family man ❤❤❤
Nya is maaaaad... 😅
Tumblr media
WELCOME BACK JILLIAN I MISSED YOU 💚💚💚 Would it be too much having a "Your voice sounds familiar" moment with Maya and Lloyd? 😂
I'm so stoked for this! I want all the interactions I've missed for all of this time, asap!! HECK yes!! 😍😍😍😍
Oh, are we looking over the Miss Demeanor, vengestone situation? Mm... for now at least... WHO CARES FIRE WATER PARENTS!! 🔥🌊🔥🌊🔥🌊
Imma just slow clap for The Fold because this is another amazing intro, one of those things in this show that stays awesome no matter what happens 👍👍
So Maya gave Nya her discipline and perfectionism, but not the passion behind it 😂 I like this, it's not your conventional master of water, although I'd say it's different from the impression she gave me back in HoT. Maybe this is how she is when she's not trapped for fifty years? 😅😅
Is it too much asking for Kai and Ray bonding while the water women get the work done? 😅😅
Is this the sequel of Green Eggs and Ham?
Tumblr media
Green Pancakes and Ham? 😂
Oh it's seaweed nevermind... at breakfast? I'm all for sushi rolls but this is a little 😅 Although since Maya missed their childhood she probably never cooked meals for them... how did I get myself sad 😢
Whoa, Maya is a strict teacher! I got flashbacks from my first and only dance lesson, teachers nitpicking every single pose, uuurrrggg I feel ya waterlily 😡
Again, not a fan of Misako, but coming from her the whole speech about wanting to be there for her child makes a lot of sense
Yes. YES.
Tumblr media
Lol with Kai's new hair they look even more related 🤣
Ray also sounds so happy he gets to have his moment with his son 😢 I feel so blessed in this moment 👍
Also this scene makes a lot of sense. Nya grew up to be indipendent, one that succeed in most of stuff without problems, she built her life without any help and doesn't look for it. Kai grew up more insecure, he got some walls up but loves to take care of others and be taken care of. With a childhood lost he looks forward to a bit of softness ❤❤
Did Maya make real bacon for that sandwich? Do I smell some favoritism? 😅 Or maybe she really wants Nya to get onto the water mind setting idk 🤷‍♀️
Little tiny complain, why isn't Jay doing the fixing? Did he give up mechanics completely? It feels like we haven't seen him do tech stuff in so long, I miss techy boy in action 😞
And no, having to check on the bathroom doesn't count 😅
Aww robot date 💜🤍💜🤍
Oh that was weird, weird magic purple wave thingie?
"Well this is troubling." I love this samurai so freaking much 💜💜💜
Okay Nya admitting that something's wrong looking so apologetic, girl you don't need to do that you already own my heart 😭
Alright, I'm guessing this is Wojira's power or something, and they will have to go down below and find out why... just throwing this in, maybe Maya did something? Because she wanted to finally be with her family and needed an excuse? JUST A THEORY WITH NO BASE I REALLY HOPE I'M WRONG!!!
Okay, two episodes and I'm BEYOND engaged, let's keep it up! 😍
Getting an idea how this episode might end already 😂😂
Look, I love best girl Pixal, but I'm kinda sad that she seems to be the only one tinkering at this point. Like, I saw Nya fix little stuff, while Jay dropped engineering altogether, I miss my engineers team 😭
Aww, the guys didn't want to crush Pixal's dream of an unsinkable boat 💜 But honestly yeah, I agree with Cole, this might end badly 😅😅
Thank goodness
Tumblr media
I was worried they forgot about Jaya ❤💙❤💙 Jay is such a cutie omg
Nya: Mm, going on a potentially dangerous mission with unstable powers in the heart of my element or... mom's tofu pancakes... *yeets herself over the ship*
I'm making too many screenshots of the Smith family... WHO CARES THEY ARE BACK AND THEY ALL LOOK SO GOOD!!! 😍😍😍😍
Aww Ray wants to play with his son and his friends so CUTE ❤❤❤ Still can't believe they play Prime Empire after everything that went down 😂😂
Whoa whoa whoa, Kai and Cole are sitting this one out? That's actually interesting, I'm pretty sure I saw Cole's scuba suit in the sets though so I didn't expect it... lol it's actually kinda fair that the two that used to be afraid of water aren't going 😂😂
Bet Kai is happy to stay behind because he gets to spend time with his dad 😭
Also studying the fire elementals?? Uhm, yes please?? TELL ME EVERYTHING ABOUT MY FLAME BABE!!! 😍😍😍😍
I'm sure this one scene...
Tumblr media
... made so many lavashippers happy ❤🖤❤🖤 Cole you got Ray's blessing
Ninja team acting cool while Jay is being Jay, it's how it always goes, it's the entire show's description and I absolutely love it 😂 That wink though 💙
PIRATE ZANE IS BACK 😂😂😂 Haven't seen him since Possession, and this time he's not even malfunctioning 👌 Pixal is so done with his dorky boyfriend 😝
Of course Jay already has a ghost butler theory going on 😂
To be honest muffins would sold me too 😅 Not sure if she will make them out of tofu again though...
It's actually really interesting that we still haven't met the actual enemies, it does build up excitment! Very curious about these squid guys 👍
Well what do you know, the Unsinkable sank. Who would have thought?
Tumblr media
... yeah same, sorry Pix 😅
Aaaahhh, Nya fixing stuff! That's more like it!! 😍😍
Oww, that one speech, I've been waiting for so long for that! Maya just wants to catch up with her daughter and it's not her fault she was separated from her children, but Nya did everything on her own with Kai. Only fair she isn't seeking for her help right now... still sad 😢
Pff, with this ninja team there's not a moment of privacy 😂😂
Maya cleaning his future son-in-law's laundry what the HECK 😂😂😂 To be fair Jay has a bit of a history of having to change underwears during sea travels 😝
Zane was attached to a battery? When?... are you talking about that one scene in Prime Empire? Cause that's not really a flashback I wanna ha- whoops never mind got the flashback 😱
Maya looks more calm now, I think she's trying to act more reasonable and she's got good points 👍 I know people were a little weirded out by how more cheerful she looks in comparison to Hands of Time, but I think she gets the most serious and rational when time needs. That's actually fascinating of her 🤔
Tumblr media
THIS GIRL IS TOO GORGEOUS MY HEART CAN'T TAKE IT 🤩🤩🤩 Like my gosh that smirk, what the heck Pix 💜💜💜
Okay but Jay looking at Nya until the doors are completely closed?? CAN YOU FEEL MY JAYA HEART BEATING?? ❤💙❤💙
Whoa green gas I thought this was Nya's season 😂
I really REALLY like the atmosphere of the entrante of the temple! Super sealike and ancient! 🌊🌊🌊
Maya: off we go, into the spooky old temple! (Why does it feel like something Kai would say? 😂)
Oh gee, someone sleeping in the deep, who could that be? Coff Wojira coff
Whoa the jellyfishes look pretty lifelike!
Tumblr media
WELCOME BACK GILES!!! ONCE AGAIN ON A LEGO SHOW I MISSED YOU SO MUCH YOU AND YOUR GODLIKE VOICE!!! 😍😍😍😍 Gosh he's a villain but he's got Clay's voice, how can I even try to hate him?? 😅
Alright, knocking down my water girls, that is pretty hateful material... BUT CLAAAYYY 💙💙💙
So they need the two amulets to wake up Wojira? Isn't one on the island? Fire dad and son coming to the rescue? WHO KNOWS BUT I'M ENJOYING THIS A LOT SO FAR KEEP GOING SEABOUND 😍😍😍
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arpeggiopeg · 3 months ago
Whumptober Day 16: On a need to know basis (Recovery)
Part 2 to this fic! Thinking this takes place after season 11 at some point.
I find it super ironic that I’ve gained a cold while writing this...
By the time they got Kai back to the monastery, he was completely unconscious.
That wasn’t to say he was quiet though, as he moaned and twisted in Zane’s hold, getting hotter by the second. When the nindroid had checked his temperature, his eyes had widened and he’d refused to tell Nya exactly how high it was, stating that it would only make her worry.
Not that she wasn’t already worried out of her mind of course.
Kai had been her only family for so long and he’d been both a brother and a parent to her. She was so proud of him when he became a ninja, and while she was loathe to admit it, seeing his own power turned so intensely against him terrified her.
“MASTER WU!” Jay yelled as they practically kicked the door down. Master Wu jolted in his seat on the couch, slopping tea over the side of his cup as they all charged in. “WE NEED YOU KAI IS-
“Jay, calm down.” he interrupted, wiping tea off his shirt. “Please explain slowly. What’s wrong?”
Lloyd shoved his way to the front of their group. “Master Wu there’s something wrong with Kai.” he explained. “Zane says he thinks his powers are somehow making him sick. He collapsed earlier, and keeps coughing up smoke and is really warm.” Wu’s face creased, and he stood up, setting his mostly-empty cup down.
“Let me see him.”
Zane walked forwards, metal skin still hissing wherever Kai was touching it. The fire ninja himself had stopped moving and was now laying so still Nya had to double check that he was still breathing.
Master Wu ran a hand over Kai’s face, frowning at the heat pouring off him. “I’ve seen this before,” he began slowly, stroking his beard. “...though not for a very long time.” he straightened, brow creased. “It seems Kai has what my brother always so eloquently called the ‘Elemental Flu,’ though it’s a bit more then that.”
“‘Elemental Flu’?” said Jay incredulously. “That has to be the lamest name ever! Geez, Garmadon wasn’t so great at naming stuff huh?”
Lloyd raised an eyebrow.
Jay coughed into his arm. “I mean, uh, other then his son. Of course.”
Cole rolled his eyes and turned back to Wu. “You’ve never mentioned this before,” he said. “Why didn’t you tell us it was a thing?”
Master Wu sighed. “We believed it had been eradicated many many years ago. It was a dead disease, lost to the past. There was no point in bringing it up. It’s return is... puzzling. It’s unmistakably the Flu, though I can’t imagine where he picked it up.”
Zane looked down at Kai lying unmoving in his arms, breath raspy in his throat. “I wonder...” he said thoughtfully, “if perhaps the virus has something to do with the recent release of Ashpeera from her imprisonment. It’s possible that the virus was accidentally sealed along with her, and in stealing Kai’s power, it got passed along to him.”
Wu sighed. “Perhaps, but we have no way of knowing.”
Kai coughed weakly, and Nya stomped forwards. “We can figure out where this obviously not-actually eradicated disease came from later,” she snapped. “Right now we need to make sure Kai doesn’t d- get any worse.” her voice trembled at the end, and Master Wu’s eyes softened.
“Yes, you’re right Nya.” he said. “The elemental flu is similar to a regular flu in that there’s no plain cure; you just have to wait for it to run its course. We’ll need to keep Kai’s temperature down,” he continued in a serious voice, “his powers are actively fighting against his body right now. Keeping him cool will help with that.”
Zane nodded, and began glazing ice over Kai’s forehead, which melted within a few seconds.
“Would keeping him wet help?” asked Cole. “We could fill the tub up and put him in there. Dump some ice in too so it stays really cold.”
Lloyd nodded. “Good idea, especially since he’d probably burn up anything else we placed him on.” Nya ran off to fill the tub, and only half heard Master Wu instruct the rest of the ninja in what else they would need. Her thoughts were running a mile a minute, but she forced herself to focus solely on her task.
She just had to trust that Master Wu knew what he was doing.
The next few hours flitted by in a continuous state of worry and fear for Nya; constantly checking Kai’s temperature, replenishing the water he laid in when it all evaporated, and trying not to panic at the larger and hotter fire he coughed up.
Master Wu’s face grew more and more concerned the longer it went on, and he even went to talk to Misako at one point, but she had no more information to offer.
Two days went by. Zane had to constantly shoot ice onto Kai, and Nya alternated with him, shooting water as cold as she could make it. Kai began throwing up lava, and Nya was on the verge of full-blown panic. She’d barely slept, and Jay had to resort to actually picking her up and dragging her off to bed with Cole’s help at one point.
Where she took an hour-long nap then went immediately back to her brother’s side.
More days went by. She wasn’t sure how many. Kai reached the point where she was sure he would’ve likely combusted into flames on the spot if she hadn’t constantly been dousing him. She was almost ready to believe he would just keep getting hotter until he burned straight through the floor.
But finally, finally, Kai’s temperature stopped rising. Then it started to actually tic down a few degrees.
Nya almost cried when she read the thermometer, and promptly fell asleep beside the tub.
He was finally getting better.
Kai slowly swam back to consciousness, faint voices floating above him.
He focused intently on them, and fought to shake off the heavy fog that covered him. Eventually, he managed to get to the point where he could crack his eyes open and look around, and he did so, blinking tiredly in the light that shone in from a window.
He was on a bed, with nothing but a thin sheet resting on top of him, no blankets. The talking was coming from Jay and Lloyd, who were chattering about something he couldn’t focus on. Zane was talking to them as well, while Cole sat near the wall... drawing maybe?
A loud snore sounded from next to him, and he turned his head slightly to see Nya leaning against the bed, snoring into her arm. Hair was escaping her ponytail, and was hanging limply around her face. Despite being asleep, she looked exhausted, dark circles ringing her eyes. One hand was resting softly in his, and he smiled.
He gave her hand a soft squeeze, and she squeezed back, before jolting upright with a gasp, bright, tired eyes meeting his own equally exhausted ones.
The conversation abruptly stopped, and all of the ninja were staring at him, grins slowly forming on their faces.
“Kai!” gasped Nya. “You’re- you’re awake!” he grinned at her, and she stared at him in shock. Then her lip began to tremble, and Kai found himself wrapped in a tight hug, Nya sniffling into his shoulder.
He raised a shaky arm and returned the hug, squeezing her tight as he could. They held the hug for a minute, then Nya leaned back and wiped the tears from her eyes and the others all came forward.
“How long has it been?” he croaked, wincing as his throat stabbed with pain.
“Around a week,” Lloyd answered, a tired smirk on his face. “Do you remember anything?”
Kai frowned. “Not really...”
He searched his memories of the past days, not really finding anything except a big blur of heat, fever, and a killer sore throat. Then his eyes widened.
“Wait, did I throw up lava?!”
Lloyd nodded, and Jay leaned forward. “Yeah, and it really worried us, and the tile in the bathroom desperately needs to be replaced, but looking back it was actually kinda cool! I mean, it was all fiery and bright orange, and your eyes were glowing red and-”
Nya leveled him with a half-hearted glare, and Jay chuckled nervously.
“Aw come on Nya,” Cole cut in. “you gotta admit, it was kinda cool.” Lloyd nodded, and even Zane smiled faintly.
She sighed, and realizing it was literally her against everyone else in the room, agreed that yeah, it was a little cool.
Then she smirked, and pulled them all in for a group hug. Lloyd yelped, and Cole complained that they were squishing his his sketchbook, but Kai could tell they all enjoyed it. Nya met his eyes over their arms, and he smiled tiredly. He was still exhausted and achy, plus his throat felt like he’d gargled lava rocks (which he kind of had) but the worst was over. He would recover.
Suddenly Jay’s eyes widened, and he looked over at his arm which was wrapped around Kai.
“Wait, is this thing contagious?!”
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goldenavenger02 · 3 months ago
📚 (if you're still doing requests)
Ninjago lloyd angst? Whatever you've got?
pwetty pwease? 👉👈
Ooh, you caught me right in time. I'm in the middle of watching Sons of Garmadon, so I wrote this!
this pain would be for evermore
"But, the good news is, you have us. And we will always be ready with video games, or pillow forts, or even just a hug when someone rips your scars back open."
Takes place after Dread on Arrival
Lloyd knew he should be happy. After all, they stopped the resurrection of his father, he was finally reunited with his mother, and everyone was safe. But at the same time, his heart still hurt.
He had told Harumi to save her pleas for someone who cared, not wanting her to get any satisfaction from hurting him any more. But he...he did still care, even if it was in the tiny corner of his heart that still wanted to see the good in her and to believe that she wasn't all bad, he still cared.
"So, which one beat the crap out of you?" Jay asked, putting his hand on his shoulder, "was it the big one? Kilo?"
Lloyd honestly couldn't remember which one had wailed on him given the stress of what had happened after he was locked in a cage for…'how many times have I been taken by the enemy?' but Kilo sounded right. 'Definitely him or Ultra Violet. After all, Rumi didn't ever get her hands dirty.'
"I'm such an idiot," Lloyd voiced, finally letting out what he had been thinking, "I trusted her. I should've known she was evil with how invested she was in my father."
"Lloyd, it's not your fault-"
"Her parents died because of me, because I opened that fucking tomb," Lloyd swore before making eye contact with Jay, "she said I was too naive to believe no one got hurt that day. How many others?"
"Everyone kept me from seeing the death numbers after The Great Devourer… how many others got hurt? How many people died because of my actions?"
"Lloyd, I-"
"Jay, just answer me." Lloyd pleaded with the lightning ninja, although he prayed that the number was two. That he wasn't as naive as she said.
"28. 28 casualties."
"So Rumi was right," he tried to keep back the tears, but failed miserably as his eyes started to sting, "this whole thing is my fault."
"Lloyd, you were a kid when it happened. We didn't think it was okay to burden you with the numbers."
"I was a kid when I terrorized Jamanakai Village. I was a kid when I released the Hypnobrai and the Fangpires. I was a kid when I made the stupid decision to let out Pythor," Lloyd took in a shaking breath before looking back at Jay, "The Great Devourer, The Digital Overlord, Morro, Rumi...it's my fault."
"Maybe I should get Zane, or Kai. They're better at-"
"No!" Lloyd shouted, holding his hand out in protest which made Jay stop short, "please. I'm sorry, for yelling, just...please stay."
Jay nodded, and wordlessly walked forward before wrapping his arm around Lloyd's shoulder, letting him relax against it.
Lloyd continued to stare at the sky, the words his father offered him in Hiroshi's Labyrinth years ago ringing in his head. 'He who holds the power holds a tremendous obligation.' He just hadn't expected that obligation to be keeping him from coming back.
"The hurt isn't ever going to go away, is it?" Lloyd finally voiced, seeing Jay's face out of the corner of his eye, "Rumi, I mean."
"You know, it's hard to say," Jay started, which led the younger of the two to raise an eyebrow, "As time passes, and you make your peace with it, it'll fade. But sometimes, something will remind you of it or someone will say something in passing like, oh I don't know, suggesting that sky pirates are invading Ninjago, and it'll come rushing back."
Lloyd nodded, the memory of Jay telling him about how he and Nya went from a tense friendship to a romance because of a Dijin clear in his head.
"But, the good news is, you have us. And we will always be ready with video games, or pillow forts, or even just a hug when someone rips your scars back open."
Lloyd smiled, a single tear running down his left cheek that Jay wiped away before he got the chance. "Thanks, Jay."
"No problem, Green Machine. You should probably get that scratch looked at though." Jay added, gesturing to his own face
At that particular moment, his left cheek chose to throb, indicating that the scratch Jay was talking about. "I will."
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mcd-ms-rants · 8 months ago
sorry for the delay I’ve been really busy lately but it’s here now!!
• ya theres nothing good to mention here
• Before the door opens Aph keeps mentioning a crowd that doesn’t exist. where is the crowd?? When the doors open she says k let’s go with the crowd now- girl I hate to break it to you but you’re the only one moving
• I JUST NOTICED THIS but when Aphmau uploads her pic on instagram she’s got 283000 on there. wayyy to many for a homeschooled loner who just has this one online friend. we get it she’s the protag but please
• finally a season where he actually exists
• this school has enough budget to continually replace broken windows in the werewolf class but not enough to get a sane principal or a decent healthy plotline
• sdhjshdh pdh zane’s voice
• KC. WHAT IS HER CHARACTER HERE. also technically since Aphmau and Aaron are real people in the aphverse she’s shipping real people?? And shes been shipping them here in pdh, where they have almost a four year age gap which is NOT HEALTHY. Not to mention that as always she has like no character development
• SPEAKING OF THE FOUR YEAR AGE GAP WHAT WAS THAT. we get it it happened the same way for you irl you wanted to promote aarmau as the main ship but let’s be real there were SO MANY WAYS that could’ve gone better. they could’ve had a smaller age gap or gotten together after pdh when their both more mature and understanding of their own wants and needs in a relationship. Putting it here, where aphmau is completely oblivious and innocent and aaron is gonna graduate by the end of the year ISNT HEALTHY and MAKES NO SENSE from a plot standpoint. also I’m pretty sure Aaron was held back a year WHICH MEANS HES 18-19 AND TRYING TO GET WITH APHMAU WHO IS 14-15!!! YA WTF JESS??!!
• I’m sorry lmao the knocking when Aphmau discovers Aaron is fc
• Dante is a cheater and this is also somehow ok. why doesn’t Travis or Aphmau tell him it’s wrong. how are they good friends if they let him do it even till mys s2 and don’t say anything even after that
• Vylad is a whole mood right there
• that weird dream that Aphmau keeps getting of ??irene?? telling her to confess to aaron makes no sense but was probably foreshadowing mys s4, s5 and s6 since I’m pretty sure aaron was a werewolf in the dream and aph was using the irene voice tho idk if jess thought this far ahead from here itself. any other theories that you all have??
• lol Zane is on FIRE at the ro’meave dinner he’s not gonna let Garroth have anything and i love it
• tho garroth kissing aphmau without consent was probably not the best way to get your feelings across just sayin :/
• same with laurance honestly,,, stop kissing her randomly thanks
• why does Aphmau keep leading garroth and laurance on like that?? It took like 20 episodes for the guys to put their foot down and for Aphmau to realize what she was doing had bad consequences
• I miss jeffory this is one of the rare moments we get to see him
• Gene calling Aphmau kitty could be taken in a number of ways and each one gets progressively worse. she’s uncomfortable with it that’s clear and i feel like this shouldn’t have been the way gene showed that he wasn’t nice
• Aphmau constantly gets meif’wa to follow her for mouse toys. why are they treated this way?? can I call that meif’wa racism?? why are they portrayed as (somewhat) airheads who love mouse toys and will do anything for them can we portray them in a nicer way with yknow actual unique features of their own
• teony is so underrated but I love her she’s best girl
• all of Aphmau‘s friends are ok with aphmau getting closer to Aaron like DO NONE OF THEM SEE THE AGE GAP
• it would’ve been nice to see janus and lillian some other characters that werent best friends with Aphmau. yes there’s Zane and Gene but they’re antag for like one episode each and you can’t seriously tell me that the whole of the remaining school body loves Aphmau and is on good terms with her
and thats about it. as always if I think of more points I’ll edit them in
no I did not put too much jo9 content, you’re too much jo9 content
thanks for reading!! <3 <3
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ninjago-happens-here · 5 months ago
Ninjago Angst Week Day 5: Grief
The only time a Ninja can cry is when it's all over. - Kai Smith
(6985 words)
Please be gentle I haven't written proper fanfiction for like 11 months
This is the S4-S5 angsty recovery journey that's wayyyy too short for my tastes, but what can you do? It's a one shot.
In the aftermath of the battle, Lloyd was numb. He couldn’t cry, couldn’t speak, couldn’t scream, and no matter how much he wanted to, he couldn’t. Standing still, tears running down his face, all Lloyd could do was stare at the spot in the sky where his father vanished, where his father left him again.
At this point, he would do anything, anything to bring his father back. He started to mouth the words of the cursed book, ingrained into his muscle memory, and a gust of wind split down the center of Destiny’s Bounty-
“Lloyd? Lloyd buddy, you there?” Kai’s warm prodding tone snapped Lloyd of whatever state he was in. Quickly schooling his features into something that could be seen as less insane, Lloyd turned around to watch the rest of his teammates climb over the railings of the Bounty. He observed Cole and Zane giving a status report to Wu, Jay and Nya manoeuvring the Bounty to flat ground, and Kai-
“Lloyd? Lloyd answer me, are you with us?” Kai snapped his fingers in front of him. Blinking quickly, Lloyd gave a slow nod. “Okay buddy, I know you’re tired and we’ll have to unpack everything later, but for now, we have to get the Ninjago Warriors back home, and also give a lift to the Elemental Alliance. Are you with me, Lloyd?”
Unpack everything later? Does Kai even know what he has been through? Does Kai even know what it feels to have the one person that cared about you unconditionally, disappear and disappear all throughout his life, and finally, when he thought he got him back, destiny decides to take him away?
Lloyd shook his thoughts away. Kai wouldn’t know because Kai hasn’t seen his parents since he was 3. At least he still has Misako, didn’t he?
He pointedly ignored the ways his Uncle and mother have been interacting since they first saw each other at the museum.
Kai didn’t deserve his snark, his unwarranted hatred. Kai shouldn’t have to put up with a bratty Green Ninja who can’t do anything right. If only he was stronger, smarter, faster wises- maybe this all wouldn’t have happened. Maybe if he had defeated the Overlord the first time, they wouldn’t have lost Zane and wouldn’t have to go to the tournament to fight to get him back. Maybe, Lloyd would stop trading family members for each other-
“Lloyd, Lloyd please stay with me. Can tell me 5 things you see?” Thank god for Kai. He should be grateful he didn’t lost Kai as well, to Chen’s power corrupting staff. Wetting his lips, Lloyd tentatively started to talk.
“I..I-I see a-a bird? It’s… metallic, and it’s Zanes falcon? I-I see the book o-of-of-“ Lloyd couldn’t continue with that sentence, to when he was looking at the cursed book that sent his father away. He turned away from the bow of the ship. Swallowing all of his emotions, he took a deep breath and started to list 4 things he could see without breaking down. “I…I see the mast, I can see the dragon head and the front of the ship, and I can see the anchor.”
“What, you can’t see my beautiful hair?” Kai asked teasingly, pretending to flip his hair.
“I also see an idiot dressed in red right in front of me.”
“THAT’S IT. I’m writing you out of my will, you red-nosed punk. And say goodbye to all the starfairy comics you own.” Lloyd visibly winced at the word ‘will’, wondering whether his father had written one, and making a mental note to write his own sometime soon, because being a ninja isn’t the safest job. Still, he had recoiled even harder at Kai mispronouncing ‘Starfarer’.
“Kai, it’s Starfarer, not starfairy, stargazer, star- You know what, I’m done with you too! I’ll tell Nya what you did to her Samurai X b-“
Kai immediately slammed a hand onto Lloyd’s mouth, even ignoring Lloyd’s attempts at licking and biting to break free.
“Say one more word and we’re both dead-“
“What’s this about Samurai X?” Nya asked, walking down to lay down a plank on the entrance of the ship.
“Nothing!” Kai answered with a manic grin whilst wrestling Lloyd into silence. (You know, you would think that we would both have the engineering gene, but I guess not. Kai had said to Lloyd as his attempts at improving the bracelet literally went up in smoke.)
“Uhuh. Okay, Lloyd, you need to go to the bow of the ship and do your speech thing. Kai, stop strangling him, he needs to breathe,” Nya instructed whilst glaring at her brother with a look that promised to find out whatever Kai was doing. Looks like Kai will die after all.
“Mhmm, okay, we’re going now, see ya later sis, now go Lloyd go-“ Kai said, giving him a good hearted push in the right direction. Too bad that Lloyd knew what his brother was trying to do, and escaped from Kai’s reach before he could wipe all the saliva on his glove on the back of his gi.
“Urgh, Lloyd, you’re disgusting!” Kai shouted from the deck, trying to shake his glove dry. Lloyd raised a peace sign without looking back.
“Stupid kid. FSM, I hope he’ll be alright.” Kai sighed, removing his disgusting glove from his hand and chucking it onto the Dragon’s head for future Kai to deal with.
“Don’t worry bro, he will be. He has us, remember? Now let’s hope that he can thank the fighters properly.”
One good speech and a therapeutic book during session later (he would have to thank Kai for convincing his uncle for that) Lloyd dragged his beaten body his bed in the bounty and collapsed on top of it. All he wanted to do was sleep for the next century, but destiny decided that it was his turn to be hit in the back with a water gun. Wincing in pain and feeling the phantom ache from his fight with Chen, he wearily opened his eyes and stared at the offender. Nya.
“I love you green bean, I really do. But you’re currently stinking up to dorm room, you know that? Go and take a bath,” She patronised him gently, yet had a look in her eyes that said ‘if you don’t go to the bath, I’ll bring the bath to you’. Lloyd shivered. He did not want to sleep on a watered bed.
Groaning, he pushed himself up before turning his head away so that a second shot from the water gun wouldn’t hit him in the face. Shaking his hair like a dog and managing to get some of the water back onto Nya, judging by the shrieks he heard (Ha, take that! Who’s the Master of water now?) Lloyd dashed to the safety of the bathroom before he could incite further retaliation. Heaving heavily (man, I really spent myself today) Lloyd locked the door and stared at his reflection in the mirror. For a moment, he thought he saw his father, but it’s still just him. Rubbing his eyes, Lloyd wonders whatever that might mean. Staring into the mirror, Lloyd started noticing the similarities of him and his father as well as the differences. His teeth, for one, have always been more sharp, more canine like than the humans he met. Garmadon’s teeth was like that too, even before he was turned into a snake. He can see that they have the same nose, same ears, and even the same smile. But what he didn’t have was hair as long as his father’s. And whilst his eyes are a deep, blood red, they are shaped like his mother’s.
He was getting even more lost in thought when a knock on the door broke his thoughts. “Lloyd, you better hurry up, we’re gonna have to shower too.” Lloyd grimaced in shame. He was supposed to be more thoughtful, was he not? The more he looked at the mirror, the more he wanted to punch it, to shatter it for FSM knows why.
In a split second, he jumped in the shower with his gi on and turned it on. Suddenly, he was assaulted with frigid water, which made no sense at all! Didn’t the sun in the desert sun warm up the water tanks given that they were in the corridor of Elders for the whole day? Turning the heat up to maximum, he felt his brain shut down as the rhythmic drops of water splattered onto the ground. Relaxing into the warming heat of the shower, he didn’t notice the high heat of the water until it was a temperature that even Kai said was too hot. Still, he welcomed the scalding heat, watching the mirror cloud over with the steam. Shoulders sagging, he turned the tap slightly to the right and started to shower properly.
10 minutes later, with his hair dried and fluffed up again and his teeth brushed (he knew Nya would check) he walked out of the bathroom to a surprisingly empty corridor. Maybe his team weren’t done with dinner yet? Was Zane taking too long to wrap up every injury his team had? Did they all fall asleep whilst waiting for him to be done? Lloyd heard the creaking floor boards as Jay paced above him and hushed whispers. They were in the meeting for some reason (okay, a lot of possible different reasons) and Lloyd felt obliged to join them. But before he could take a step to go upstairs, he felt a wave of exhaustion.
Trying to telepath ‘sorry’ to his teammates, Lloyd trudged back to the dorms and collapsed onto his bed. Before he went out like a light, he saw a glass of water and a couple of pain killers with a note of what looks like Nya’s handwriting. Too bad he was too tired to read, but he still thanked Nya in his head before entering the peaceful abyss of deep sleep, where he was too exhausted to even dream.
Lloyd didn’t wake up to the smell of food. Lloyd didn’t wake up to the sound of his teammates waking. Lloyd didn’t even wake up to being squished as his teammates squeezed between his bed and their bunks. What Lloyd woke up to was the sound of Starfarer’s opening, being blasted through the halls, as Jay severely butchers the song using ‘ba bah’s and ‘la’. Staring at the hallway from where the horrible noise was coming from, Lloyd debated about getting up and closing the door, but ultimately decided to just shove a pillow over his head and hope the noise goes away. Drifting into the depths of sleep once more, he was lost to the wondrous state of unconsciousness until Jay literally jumped onto him and started to play Fist to Face 2 at maximum volume. Grumbling and groaning, Lloyd just turned away and wrapped his head in the covers.
Unfortunately for him, Jay has this quirk, this superpower, of being unbelievably annoying. He has the ability to annoy you until you pay attention to him. And even more unfortunately for Lloyd, Jay has chosen him to be his target of unending energy this morning. Poor him, and his ears, now that Jay started to add sound effects to his game and becoming even more Jay-like, shouting at victories, growling at a particularly hard enemy, and a 100% increase in the chance for Lloyd to get hit by Jay’s elbows.
Very irritated, annoyed and frustrated, a grumpy Lloyd sat up and shoved Jay off his bed, which sent Jay screaming at the top of his lungs. Now stuck between Lloyd’s bed and the bunk bed, Jay grinned sheepishly at him.
“Wake up sleepy head! It’s your turn to be doctored by Zane” Jay said with an infuriating 1000 mega watt smile. All Lloyd wanted to do was to stay in bed and stay there for the next millennia, but there was the fact that Jay had a look in his eye that said ‘either you go to Zane, or I bring Zane to you’ which Lloyd really dreaded, because he wouldn’t be able to escape from Zane here when he inevitably starts to do a full medical checkup, which means dentistry. And whilst Lloyd Garmadon may hate a lot of things this morning (Jay, Jay’s voice, Starfarer’s opening-) he hated the dentist more than everything combined, because they would try to figure out how to deal with his fangs and inevitably someone would be bitten and Lloyd’s mouth will start bleeding again. So he slid over to the other side of his bed and started to power walk to the med bay, leaving an increasingly desperate Jay trapped between his bed and the bunk.
“Lloyd- Lloydfish, aren’t you gonna help a brother out? Lloyd- Lloyd where are you going? Lloyd don’t leave me! YOU COME BACK RIGHT THIS INSTANCE OR I’LL-“ Lloyd effectively muted Jay by shutting the door in the middle of the silence. Of course, Jay was growing increasingly more panicked. Lloyd can hear his voice rising until it hits a point where either Nya or Cole would drop by to see what’s the issue. But having been trapped in that position before, Lloyd knew how painful it would be before Jay would eventually let down. Serves him right, disturbing me whilst sleeping. What was he thinking?
Before long, Lloyd stood before medway, nervously biting on his lip. What was he thinking? Why didn’t he just run off the bounty so he could just hide for the rest of his life? Why did he come here again-
“Okay Zane, I know what you said about giving him space and time, but Jay’s taking too long-“ Cole’s hearth-like tones struct Lloyd’s ears as Cole opens the door to medbay with perhaps a bit more force than necessary. Thank god the door turns inwards, right? Shocked at the unexpected guest in front of the door, Cole and Lloyd maintained a slight staring competition before Cole moved to recover what little social skills Lloyd had.
“Oh hey Lloyd. Where’s Jay?” Lloyd blinked and opened his mouth to answer, but Jay had suddenly increased his cries 10 fold. He must have discovered Spidey, who Lloyd keeps under his bed. Cole visibly sighed.
“What did he get into this time? Alright Green bean, I’ll go take care of Jay, you go ease Zane’s fears that you may have been mortally injured. Catch you later?”
Lloyd could only nod as he felt his mouth dry up. Turning his head to follow Cole’s path and only stopping when his biggest brother went out of sight, Lloyd resigned himself to his fate and walked into the antiseptic-smelling room.
“Lloyd! Good to see you. I request that you take a seat as I run a surface level diagnostic scan to check for all and any cuts, infections, bruises, swelling, or any other abnormal indents on your skin,”
“Injuries, Zane. Just say injuries. Also, I’m glad to see you too,” Lloyd said with barely hidden panic as he sat down on the med bay bed. Oh no. Zane was going to talk.
“Are you ready for the process?” Zane asked matter of factly, skipping past the precursory ‘do you feel any pain anywhere?’ after having to listen to most of the team under exaggerating or hiding their injuries, or having oneparticularly excitable ninja complain about every singly pain. Lloyd gave an affirmative nod. Raising a metallic eyebrow, Zane started the scanning procedure.
“Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon.” Lloyd visibly winced in anticipation. Ah. There it is. The dreaded ‘talk’. “Have you eaten anything today?” Lloyd started to nod non-committedly before stopping himself. But not before he saw Zane’s new, metallic features pull into a frown. “Lloyd, can I get a verbal response?” Damnit. Zane was going to force him to open up about everything wasn’t he?
Staring blankly at the painted white wooden wall of the medbay, Lloyd opened his mouth, only for nothing to come out. What was he supposed to say again? No, I did not eat anything, which you should have known? What was the point of asking him that question anyways?
“Lloyd, Lloyd can you hear me? Lloyd Garmadon?” What was everyone’s obsession with Garmadon? Why did he have to say his father’s name? His father that was never coming back?
Lloyd breathed in sharply. He can’t afford to fall apart now, he can’t do that. Not in front of Zane, who was quite possibly alarmed at this point. But when he looked at Zane, he was just waiting for Lloyd to respond with a neutral expression.
Apparently seeing something, because Lloyd was sure nothing terrifying slipped out from his carefully constructed mask, Zane quietly suggested that they watch a movie that he picked out. Lloyd gave the barest of head tilting possibly to count as a nod, and Zane started to project a movie unto the screen.
But it wasn’t just any movie. It was the grave of the Fireflies. OH NO. Lloyd thought to himself, Zane was definitely trying to make him cry. Well too bad for him, Lloyd can deal with this. If he didn’t cry when he got kicked out of Darkley’s, found out he was the Green Ninja, got captured by the Overlord, and sacrificed his father to a cursed realm where he would be trapped eternally suffering, then, pushing down all the horrible thoughts he just conjured, he wouldn’t cry in front of Zane!.
And- oh no, he feels hot liquid draining down his face, shattering the mask he had been trying to carry for so long, and he started to cry. Goddamnit, if his life wasn’t just so sad, if he was just stronger, braver, faster- he could’ve saved everyone! And where did Lloyd Garmadon lead everyone? He failed so many people, he failed Zane, he failed his father, he failed his team for being such a second rate Ninja. They should all hate him-
That’s when Zane’s cool metallic arms wrapped around his quaking body and Zane placed a blanket on him as his breathing shudders, becoming more and more irregular. Looking up at the titanium ninja, Lloyd saw the strangest sight in a while. Zane was trying to cry too, so he was creating frost around the edges of his eyes and trying to heat up his skin to make them melt, but having gone so long without his power, he was having some slight issues with controlling ice and made it too thick.
Surprisingly, Lloyd felt a warm bubbling out from the depths of his being, threatening to spill over. It somehow broke a barrier, and Lloyd could laugh again. It wasn’t the deep belly laughs from Cole, or the impish giggle from Jay, but a chuckle, sorta reminiscent of Garmadon’s laugh, and pretty soon Zane was joining in, with his even, metallic laughter at the hilarious display.
“Lloyd, can I get some help please?”
“O-hic-kay,” Lloyd hiccupped, as he tried to steady his trembling hands. Zane, showing a rare instance of impatience (man, he must really not want to show this to anyone else) and held Lloyd’s hands, steadying them so that Lloyd could apply some fiery energy unto Zane’s eyes. Unfortunately for Lloyd, the still pretty freezing liquid dripped onto his face and he flinched from the unexpected cold. Still, it was not unwelcome, because it soothed the red and irritated skin around Lloyd’s eyes from crying earlier.
“Would you like to watch another movie with me, Lloyd?”
“S-sure, Zane,” Lloyd said, wiping tears off his face with the blanket Zane dropped on him. “But only if I pick this time.”
“Fair enough,” Zane smiled. “So what should it be, Mister Lloyd?”
A few hours later, and having marathoned the Starfarer trilogy, Lloyd had felt much better with a large tissue pile beside him. (I’m okay with you wiping tears on the blanket, but blowing your nose? Where did your manners go, Lloyd? What happened whilst I was away?) They were interrupted by Nya, having to call them down for dinner. (Or rather, to have me make dinner, Zane huffed.) Even though all Lloyd wanted to do was retreat to the dorms and risk dehydration, he knew that he had no choice.
“C’mon Lloyd, it’d be Zane’s turn for cooking for us in a long time! We’ve all missed his cooking, haven’t we?” Was what Kai said when he started to find excuses to skip dinner. Liar, Lloyd thought to himself privately, I know that Cole and Jay would have asked Zane to cook breakfast and lunch already! But he still complied. Dinner was frankly, uneventful, as each bite Lloyd took felt like meaningless mush. Still, he forced a smile, passed the salt, and made pleasant commentary with his teammates, who all looked too happy for his taste. All he wanted to do was to curl up on his bed again. Yet, when he left the table early, Zane pulled him aside.
“How do you feel about watching movies with me tomorrow, Lloyd?” And what Lloyd really wanted to say was ‘no’. He really just wanted his sleep, and to also not wake up dehydrated. But he obliged his teammate. After all, how long has it been since he last hung out with Zane? At least Zane wasn’t asking him to do chores with him, like how all his free time spent with Zane would go.
“Alright Zane. But just one movie tomorrow, okay?” Zane visibly grinned. “That will be alright with me. Now, please drink this glass of water and take another to the dorms. And please, remember to brush your teeth.” Lloyd visibly groaned at all the tasks he had to accomplish before sleeping. He really didn’t think he could brush his teeth, and yet the thought of actually going to the dentist pushed him to passably care for his dental health. He substituted the extra brushing with mouthwash. That’ll do, right? Too tired to care anymore, Lloyd just fell onto his bed with his pyjamas. Oh wait, he really didn’t change out of his clothing for today, didn’t he? Feeling more and more guilty about the time he wasted, he wanted to get up and find Uncle Wu, to apologise for slacking on his team duty, to debrief his team, to lead the investigation into all of Chen’s uncultured lackeys. He really wanted to. But he just couldn’t muster up the strength to keep being awake anymore. Regretfully, the claws of sleep clawed him in and he slept fitfully, almost following asleep before suddenly feeling like he was suffocating and needed to awake to breath heavily. What was wrong with him?
He vowed to wake up with his teammates tomorrow, and start leading his team again.
He did not wake up tomorrow at an acceptable time for an active ninja. In his defence, he did not hold full responsibility that the team resented his alarm clock and did not allow him to bring it into the dorm room, nor did they fail to wake him up the second time in 2 days. What’s this? Lloyd sneered to himself. Some kind of Green Ninja Holiday? Never heard of it. Still, he couldn’t find any energy (how ironic, he thought) to get out of bed. Luckily for him, or unluckily Lloyd thought, Jay was there to blast freaking ‘All Stars’ whilst kicking the dorm room’s door open.
“Get up Green Machine! You’re late to the Movie date!” Lloyd visibly scrunched up his nose at that and stuck out his tongue. Eewww, a movie date. “Jay, it’s not a date! You’re so weird!”
“I know I am! Now get up, cause you’re a rockstar, go on and- hey!” Lloyd effectively cut him off by zipping by and taking the speaker with him. “So rude,” Jay commented as Lloyd sprinted away with his prize and bounced into the ‘game’ room. Oh shoot, he thought. They had actually never set up a place to watch a movie. But destiny must have decided to spare him this time, because Zane was already setting up the ‘movie set-up’.
“Ah Lloyd! I see that you have returned with the speaker! Please, take some snacks whilst I finish connecting the devices.” Zane said good naturedly, turning to greet him with a smile before working to connect the speakers with the actual movie projector. Lloyd flopped bonelessly unto the couch, having not being able to stomach any food. He did pick up a soda bottle and waited for Zane to do all the technical. Just as he was settling comfortably into the couch, Cole walked by to grab a snack from the table.
“Hello Cole, would you like to join us for this movie session?” Zane asked politely. Cole shook his head and stated that he had to continue working on-
Something, because Cole turned around to stare at Lloyd on the couch, who gave a sluggish wave, before stating ‘Project S’. Lloyd’s brow furrowed. Project S? What did that mean-
“Anyways, I gotta go, but Jay should have some free time!” Lloyd sees the retreating form of Cole as he went back to the control room (planning room) or the ship. Coward, Lloyd thought privately to himself. What’s with everyone treating him so differently lately? Was he that fragile?
Zane quickly snapped him out of his thoughts as he asked Lloyd what movie they’d like to watch. Before Lloyd could answer, Jay’s cheery voice came from behind him. “How about… Shrek!”
Zane quirked an eyebrow. “1, 2, 3 or 4?”
Jay frowned. “There’s a 4th? Anyways, let’s stick to the original. And maybe if we have time we’ll check out the 4th.”
They indeed had time. They had time to watch the full series, but Zane had to go during the the 2nd movie due to Nya requesting his assistance in tracking down Chen’s lackeys who may have escaped and the interrogation of Chen’s workforce. Lloyd felt guilty for not being there, but was told to sit by Jay. And then he was lost to the funny green man on screen.
“You know, I bet that Cole would’ve been a great Shrek cosplayer if he were the Green Ninja,” Jay commented snidely. Lloyd chuckled deviously before fading away as he stared at a random spot on the couch. What if Cole had been the Green Ninja? He would have defeated the overlord properly, he would have not let Zane die, he would have won against Chen during their fight-
“Hey, Green Machine! You there?” Jay clicked his fingers before him. Suddenly, all the flesh-eating guilt turned into a bunch of hot, wriggling snakes that seeped throughout Lloyd’s veins. Why was Jay so annoying? Why couldn’t Jay just leave him alone? He doesn’t understand what he’s going through, he arguably has the best situation with his parents where they were both alive and loved him! Lloyd visibly seethed. Why couldn’t he just be left alone!
Unknowing to Lloyd, elemental power started to pool from his shaking fists and started to charge up into a beam. Jay eeped, and did some of the quickest thinking he could. Throwing a pillow at Lloyd and ducking behind the sofa. Lloyd felt the soft impact on his face and snapped out of whatever issue he had been having lately. Looking at the power flowing out of his hands, he fizzled them out into the air before remembering that Jay was supposed to be beside him.
“J-Jay? I’m sorry…” Lloyd wrapped his arms around himself, sinking deeper into the couch and curling up to be a small and non threatening as possible. What was he doing? Why was he so irritable all the time? Tears started to leak from his eyes as he grit his teeth and dug his nails into his arms. “I… I don’t know why I did that, I’m so sorry for scaring you, p-please forgive me!” Lloyd mumbled before shouting desperately. Jay slowly rose from his hiding spot and approached Lloyd slowly, like he was a dangerous, wild animal. Which he totally was. Maybe even worse. What animal would attack their pack mates?
Lloyd’s nails started to cut his arms as he looked down, feeling sorry, sorry for Jay, sorry for his teammates who have to put up with him, sorry for Garmadon who had him as a son, sorry for himself-
Lloyd was slowly brought out of a bad, bad, mental state by rhythmic stroking the back of his left hand.
“Hey Lloyd,” Jay said softly. “Do you want to play some video games?” Lloyd nodded. He gratefully accepted the olive branch that Jay was extending to an undeserving him. Handing him a video game controller to fiddle with, Jay started to change the set up to 《Dragon Riders, and Lloyd lost himself into the attention intensive racing game. In no time at all, Lloyd realised that his tears have dried and his hands have stopped shaking intensely. Taking a few deep breaths, Lloyd let Jay pass his dragon and placed the controller on the table.
“Thank you Jay. For dealing with me. For-for putting up with me. Thank you for everything,” Lloyd gushed out, trying to repair the camaraderie that he and Jay had. Jay clapped Lloyd’s shoulder. “And thank you too Green Bean! For being so strong and courageous. And of course, being one of my brothers.” Lloyd smiled and leaned into Jay’s touch.
“Now, how about we make some dinner?” Lloyd bit his lip The thought of food started to make him nauseous. “I…I really don’t want to, Jay, can’t I sit this one out?”
“But come on Green Machine! You know that we always cook better as a team, right?” Jay implored, subtlety begging Lloyd to at least tolerate being close to food. Lloyd twiddled his fingers and sucked in his cheeks. Taking a deep breath and weighing theirs and cons of refusing the the offer, and decided to push down his nausea.
“Alright,” Lloyd admitted defeat.
Several health and safety violations later, Lloyd and Jay whipped up a passable meal of spaghetti and meatballs. Lloyd couldn’t handle the meatballs, only able to choke down a few strand of noodles, yet he participated more actively in the discussion at dinner this time, asking for updates about Chen’s lackeys and Project S. Too early, Lloyd felt the soul sucking force drawing on his bones, and turned himself to bed, actually showering this time due to the spaghetti sauce and flour that got stuck to his hair.
Lying on his bed, he watches his teammates go in and out of the bathroom until drifting off into a dream.
Lloyd awoke, gasping for air. Covering his face with his hands, the heel of his palm presses into his close eyes as he tries to push the images from his dreams away from. Breathing deeply and on the verge of hyperventilating, Lloyd suddenly felt that the dorms were too suffocating, and immediately ran towards to deck of the bounty. Finally, a strong gust of wind pushes him awake. Heaving, Lloyd looks at the clouds surrounding the bounty, with it having been set to go to his father’s monastery. Numbed by the frigid morning air, Lloyd sat as close to the edge as he dared, and dipped his toes into the clouds below.
“Gah!” Lloyd recoiled immediately, forgetting that he wasn’t wearing his gi and that clouds were actually freezing oh FSM. Retracting his bare feet, Lloyd waited for a piece of clear sky to dangle his legs off the side of the bounty.
He didn’t keep track of time, but soon he was treated to a beautiful spectacle that he missed. Sunrises in Ninjago have always looked downright amazing from this height, especially with them flying over an ocean. Lloyd could see the sun climbing up above the mountains, shining on the lush greenery down below, which had then passed the gift of light to the sparkling deserts, which became the beautiful forests of North-west Ninjago. He saw the ocean sparkle and glimmer, shining like a sea of diamonds. He saw a v-line of swans migrating south. He saw the clouds enriched in reds, purples, oranges and yellows. He was so enraptured by the sight that he almost missed heavy footsteps coming up behind him. Keyword: almost.
“Hey Lloydster, what are you doing up so early?” Cole asked gently. Lloyd bubbled out an answer that probably was ‘I needed some air’ or something. He was too enraptured by the vast lands unfolding beneath him as the Bounty zipped off to another one of Chen’s noodle outlets. It had been too long since he felt the fresh moving air hit his face at full force, whipping his hair all over his face.
Cole carefully settled next to Lloyd and looked out on the vast lands below.
“This sunrise is beautiful, isn’t it?” Lloyd hummed noncommittally and nodded his head. Cole inhaled deeply, almost as if he was psyching himself to do something big. This caught Lloyd’s attention, and he turned around to face him properly.
“You know, my mother used to love sunrises? But she hated waking up early, so she would try devising so many different strategies to catch Ninjago’s golden hour. She tried setting up automatic video recordings, sleeping on the roof, camping outside, setting alarm clocks, shifting her sleeping schedule just so that she could truly experience a sunrise without feeling like earth punching someone.“ Cole said with a nostalgic look on his face.
“But those never worked. And when she was hospitalised, she would try to make the nurses wake her up just in time to catch a few morning rays to spill into her room. But they would refuse to do anything earlier than 6:30pm, because 1- she was a patient and needed her rest, and 2- they also didn’t want to wake up early!” Cole chuckled to himself.
“However, my mom was determined to catch a sunrise, even if it stressed out the doctor. So you know what she did?” Cole smiled wistfully. “She had my dad and I go to Wu’s monastery, which was the highest point of Ninjago accessible to her. Yep, hospitalised yet still being able to walk out mountains- that’s my mom.”
“So we set out camp on the courtyard, and we stayed awake the whole night. Mom had taken a nap during the evening so that she could stay up with my father to watch the stars and the galaxies turn as they wait for sunrise. Of course, when it came we were all so sleepy that we almost missed it!”
“My dad had this ingenious idea of dunking this entire bottle of cold water onto my mom. Which, of course, woke her up immediately, but my dad still swears that he’s getting sand off his moustache to this day. I laughed myself awake, and we gathered outside of the monastery doors to watch this beautiful sunrise. My mom had this smile that even made the rising sun look dark in comparison.” Cole stared into the distant clouds as the sky was washed with a perfect blue. What happen next surprised even Lloyd himself.
“My dad… Garmadon… he used to tell me that sunrises are a symbol of the balance between good and evil, for whenever the sunsets, it will always rise again. And sometimes before the hour of dawn is where the blackest skies are found. So I have to keep going, keep enduring, even though some days may look dark. I think that he appreciated the warmth that comes with the sun rising after each night, reminding himself that his body is his to control, not some stupid snake venom’s,” Lloyd blurted out quickly.
“I actually used to hate sunrises. Because you guys would wake me up all early, and then my manager would wake me up all early, and then my dad would wake me up all early- you know, as the Green Ninja, I’ve really appreciated the last few days of sleeping in. But now it feels wrong, you know? Uncle Wu would always wake us up, or a phonemail from the hotel, or my alarm clock- and you’d have thought that I’ve become accustomed to it, but no… Dad always tells me that the early bird catches the worm, when all I wanted to do was catch a few more Zs.” Lloyd paused as Cole laughed.
“You know, kid? Sunrises are beautiful and all that, but I hate sunrise exercise as much as you do. Did Garmadon make you do sunrise exercise everyday whilst you were living with him?”
Lloyd nodded enthusiastically. “You know, you would think that he would be a late-rise, but nope, still has an internal clock like Master Wu’s.”
“God, imagine if we became Ninja Masters, and our students would be complaining about us being the early rises.”
They talked, about how Lily and Garmadon had partook in wars, and grand fables they would tell them, about a Dragon named ‘Grief Bringer’ (so that’s why you were so afraid of dragons!) and old tales about a serpentine sorcerers that double crossed a human boy. They would talk about their hobbies, their odd habits, their favourite foods and colours. Cole would reveal that his mother actually had a brother that worked with Chen during the serpentine wars whilst his mother was fighting in another region and Lloyd told stories that Garmadon would share to him about the First Spinjitsu Master and Wu. They told each other their parent’s quotes, catch phrases, one-liners and jokes. They talked and talked, until the sun was high up in the sky and both of them felt thirst crackling at their thoughts. Looking around, Lloyd saw that they were actually under an umbrella, with refreshing glasses of water next to them. This must have been Nya and Zane’s doing, Lloyd thought. How did I not notice them?
Suddenly, a rumble interrupted Lloyd’s train of thought. He twisted around to se Cole patting his stomach.
“Whew- I’m starving! We must have lost track of time. C’mon Lloyd, let’s go get some food.” Cole stood up and reached out a hand for Lloyd to grab onto. To his utmost surprise, Lloyd could feel his stomach grumbling in response. Taking Cole’s hand and being swung up from where he was seated, Lloyd followed Cole into the dining room, where the scent of Zane’s delicious rosemary chicken wafted out to pull them deeper into this food frenzy state.
(Wow, we gotta ensure that Cole gets his breakfast on time from now on.
Maybe we can sic hangry Cole onto our enemies at Chen’s noodle house?
Good idea Jay! Maybe we could send Lloyd in too-)
Of course, recovery isn’t this simple. Over the course of the next few weeks, Lloyd would relapse, sometimes snarling or snarking at someone when he’s in a bad state, and he must have drunk more water than he ever had in his life- but progress was made. Every day, Jay would invite Lloyd to do more and more normal things. He and Cole would continue discussions about families until well past their sleeping time. Zane would soon join him, and then Kai would pitch in a few memories of his parents. The intense grip by the shadow of sleep would loosen itself, and Lloyd would wake up feeling lighter, day by day. Except for somedays, where he really feels that he just cannot get out of bed, but the Ninja would all dog pile him until he was frustrated enough to get up and go to the bathroom to get away from his crazy family. (But we’re your crazy family. Jay had said with a wicked grin.)
Somedays, where everything he puts in his mouth tastes like ash, the Ninja distracts him from what he’s putting in his mouth by showing him funny cat videos they found online, which honestly resulted in a few choking ‘accidents’. (That was attempted murder, Lloyd said whilst glaring at Zane who was harbouring PIxal, who shrugged with an innocent smile) Lloyd started pitching in on meetings, generating ideas, even taking on new missions. Cole would take him out to rock climbing and Jay would start a Star Empire war with him that ripped the bounty’s occupants onto 2 opposing sides. Zane started hosting full movie nights where the ninja can just relax and wind down after a stressful day of work. Nya would make sure that Lloyd has been drinking enough water and taking of himself properly And Kai would help pull Lloyd from any panic attacks when he inevitably starts doing missions with his team again. Cole would eventually reveal that project S was them building a statue of Garmadon into the corridor of elders, and Lloyd cried for a solid 5 hours. Not exactly consecutively, but every small thing would trigger him to proclaim his love of his ninja family to the whole world, and after that emotional display Lloyd would forever be haunted by the things he had said and done during those cursed 5 hours.
He realised how vital the ninja were to prevent him from becoming a bloody psychopath like Harumi after they locked her up in jail. They were truly kindred spirits, and whilst Lloyd had a pretty good support system, Harumi had nothing. He could see himself becoming her- bitter, ruthless, and cold. Yet, now he can say proudly that he’s stopped her from reviving his father, when post-loss Lloyd had been desperate to just see his dad one more time. He got his wish of course, but the circumstances wasn’t ideal. At least he can rest easy now, that he father was residing in the departed realm, and he was above the conflicts of this mortal realm.
As long as Lloyd had his team, he would be good to go through anything. Anything at all.
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twinklecheeks · 8 months ago
Friends With Benefits (Jeff Wittek Imagine) Part 12
Summary: Jeff and Y/N have been hooking up for a while. The whole vlog squad assumes they’re dating and Y/N does too but Jeff doesn’t like labels. He eventually starts to express interest in Natalie.
Note: Planning on making this a multiple part series, depending on how good it does.  You’re 21 & Latina in this (maybe) series. Also, I’d like to apologize for the typos, if there is any. I’m just illiterate lmao.  
Disclaimer: I started this series in August of 2019 out of pure boredom and because I was a fan of the vlog squad. Since David stopped vlogging at the start of this pandemic, I stopped watching any of their content cause I was hurt that they stopped. Due to recent stuff that’s happening, I’m very upset by their actions. I feel bad for the victims from that vlog. As for Jeff, I feel so bad about what happened to him and it changes how I view David. If he truly cared about his friends, he wouldn’t be risking their lives for his vlog. He’s a 24 year old man who acts like a 12 year old. 
As for this series, I’m going to continue on as planned. It’s annoying reading a series and it’s left unfinished. I still don’t know how many chapters this will be. I might split it up into multiple “books” or something.
(I am so sorry for not updating. All hell broke loose in my life after my last post but I’m finally done with school! I do have job but it’ll me much easier to post from now on.)
Word count: 2k
Warnings! Pregnancy, Swearing 
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 , Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11
Christmas Day 12/25/19
*hears little feet running around*
Jeff: *groans* I think my nieces are up.
Y/n: Ugghh I want to sleep in before I kill Jonaaaah
Jeff: Baby wake up. It’s Christmas….
Y/n: If only you woke me up like I woke you up yesterday haha
Jeff: Hey I couldn’t help it. I get boners in my sleep when I dream about you. You give great blowjobs.
Y/n: Oh I know.
Jeff: Not gonna lie, I’d fuck you rn if my family wasn’t awake. I like hearing your moaning when I go rough on you *winks*
Y/n: Please stop talking about sex. The second trimester is the horniest trimester. I don't want to rely on cumming everyday. Makes me feel like a sex addict.
Jeff: Hey hey calm down tiger my family is here. We can bang all we want when we fly back home tomorrow night.
Y/n: Haha okay.
*knock on the door*
Jeff’s mom: Honey, wake up it’s 8am. We gotta open presents and eat breakfast.
Jeff: We’ll be out in a sec ma!
Y/n: So when are we going to kill Jonah? Before or after presents?
Jeff: Let him eat his last meal and then kill him before opening the presents.
*After Breakfast*
Vardon: Jonah are you done with breakfast?! I want to open presents!
Jeff’s mom: Sweety you can open presents first. The adults go last.
Y/n: Jonah can I talk to you for a sec?
Jonah: Um sure what for?
Y/n: *Punches his arm* You little piece of shit told the entire friend group about the twins maybe being deaf last night!
Jeff: That wasn’t your shit to say to the others Jonah. If our families weren’t in the other room, I’d be screaming my head off.
Jonah: Listen I didn’t mean to..
Y/n: You didn’t mean to??? Jonah, we saw the text messages you sent to EVERYBODY. This wasn’t an accident.
Jonah: I don’t know what the big deal is! They were going to find out anyways!!
Jeff: The fucking deal is that we wanted to wait until after the holidays to pass to tell everybody. Y/n let it slip last night by accident but you know what, she said it to the immediate family. She’s already stressed out of her fucking mind. I can barely sleep not knowing if my fucking daughters are going to be okay. WE DON’T WANT PEOPLE JUMPING DOWN OUR FUCKING THROATS ABOUT IT.
Y/n: Hey hey Jeff calm down. Look at me. Shhh..
Jeff: Don’t plan on me talking to you anytime soon when we get back to LA. You’re off of barbershop
Y/n: Jeff stop. You don’t mean that.
Jeff: Yes I do.
Jeff’s mom: Honey is everything okay?
Y/n: Uh yeah everything is just fine.
Jeff: Yeah yeah everything is fine ma. Who’s turn is it to open presents?
Jeff’s dad: Well all the kids already opened up and I think the next person is y/n
Y/n: Now y’all making me sound super young… I’m ALMOST 22. *opens presents from Suzie, Marie, Karyn*
Jeff: Your last gift is from me
Y/n: Babe really? We just got back together?? How did you get me a present so last minute? *opens box and sees 2 little gold bracelets”
Jeff: Well… After my talk with Karyn on Thanksgiving, I went out to get these little bracelets because I remember you told me it's a thing hispanic/Latinx people give to their kids but your parents never got one for you and your sister.
*Flashback - November 2018*
Y/n: So do you have any siblings?
Jeff: Yeah. I have an older brother and sister. Karyn and Steven. I’m the baby *rolls eyes* What about you?
Y/n: Well, I also have an older brother and sister camed y/b/n and y/s/n. And weirdly enough, I’m also the baby.
Jeff: I got away with so much stuff being the youngest.
Y/n: Ugh I didn’t. My brother did. My sister and I were so annoyed. Our parents WORSHIP him. He could never do anything wrong in their eyes.
Jeff: I doubt it.
Y/n: No, I’m serious. In a hispanic family, girls have no rights basically. We’re always kicked to the curb. My parents bought a gold chain and bracelet for my brother when he was a baby. There’s literally pics of him in it yet my parents were too lazy to get one for my sister and I. They also bought his class ring when he graduated high school! Yet when it came to my sister and I, they ignored us.
Jeff: Damn, sounds rough. I’ll buy you a gold bracelet if you want.
Y/n: Don’t be ridiculous, we’ve only been hanging out for like a month! I just know that I'll for sure be buying the gold bracelets or chains for my kids one day.
*Flashback over*
Y/n: I can’t believe you remember that. I told you that when we were first talking.
Jeff: And once we pick out the names, we can get them engraved.
Y/n: I really wasn’t expecting anything. I’m sorry I thought you were a terrible person after we broke up.
Jeff: No no no, I was. I should’ve never treated you the way I did and I’ll always regret it.
Y/n: *Kisses and hugs Jeff* Thank you so much Jeff. Te amo.
Jeff: I love you too but hey don’t hug me too tight. You don’t wanna crush the babies.
Y/n: Oh shut up.
*Back in LA - 12/27/19*
Jeff: I’m pretty sure David is picking us up.
Y/n: I hope he’s out there already. I just want to go home and sleep and maybe hang out with Carly and Erin. I missed them. Hey, where’s the Antonyan’s?
Jeff: They had someone in their fam pick them up.
Y/n: Jeff, you don’t really mean it when you said Jonah is kicked off of barbershop, right?
Jeff: No, I really meant it.
Y/n: Hun, you two were really getting along. Y’all hung out all the time as much as you don’t like to admit it.
Jeff: Please, can we talk about it another time.
Y/n: Sure.
*David arrives at the airport*
Y/n: It’s only been a week and Jeff and I have been good.
Zane: Girl I’m talking about the babies. I’m gonna be a great godfather.
David: Zane’s gonna be the godfather?? That’s not fair!
Matt: Yeah that’s not fair. I’m obviously the most mature one in the squad. It should be me.
Y/n: *laughing* Are y’all actually arguing about this right now?
Everybody: YES
Y/n: *Gets a text message* Looks like Kylie texted me.
Text from Kylie: Why didn’t you tell me about the babies? I’ll literally pay for anything you need. I’ll find the best doctors for you, whatever it takes. Please come to my house when you get a chance. I miss you <3
Text from you: I can hang out tomorrow. I just got back like an hour ago but I’m too tired today.
Text from Kylie: Don’t worry hun! You can take as long as you want. I’ll see you soon :)
*Convo over*
Y/n: Ugh who tf told Kylie??
Zane: Oooo that’s kind of all of our bad.
David: Yeah, we were all hanging out at my house and Stass was on facetime with Kylie and she heard everything.
Jeff: Jesus. What’s next? Somebody is gonna reveal Y/n’s pregnancy?
Y/n: Oh god I hope not.
*The next day at Kylie’s house*
Kylie: Babe! I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever!
Stass: You’ve basically been spending all your time with Jeff again
Y/n: I know I know. I’m sorry. We sorted things out, he apologized. Am I still a bit on edge? Yeah but at least both of us are in a good place.
Kylie: I swear if he messes up again, he better fucking wish he doesn’t cross my path. I may not kick his ass that well but Khloe can.
Y/n: *laughing* Stooop you’re gonna make me pee
Stass: Soooo how was Christmas with Jeff…
Y/n: Well…. It went way better than expected. His family accepted me right away, he took me to the bakery I went to all the time as a kid (*mumbles* wehookedupacoupleoftimes)  
Kylie: What was that last part??
Y/n: We may have hooked up a couple of times
Stass: Y/n!
Y/n: *Tries to change the subject* Kylie why didn’t you tell me you and Travis broke up 2 months ago?
Kylie: Don’t try to change the subject!
Y/n: What! We couldn’t help it! Toys are not the same as the actual thing. Also, I wasn’t gonna go through security with that. They were probably going to check my luggage…
Kylie: Be honest, who was better, Jeff or David.
Y/n: I mean…. I gotta say Jeff. David is like very sweet and caring but w/ Jeff…. I’m sorry but ya girl likes it a little rough.
Stass: Can’t blame you haha.
Kylie: Have you guys figured out what your plan for the twins are?
Y/n: We both agreed that we’d learn sign language and that the girls would obviously have to learn it too. As for surgery, we might have to wait a couple months to a year old so they could get an implant.
Stass: That sounds like a lot.
Kylie: Don’t worry! I’ll literally find you the best doctors there are and I’ll pay for everything, no matter the cost.,
Y/n: Thank you so much. Jeff and I make more than enough from youtube to pay for stuff.
Kylie: I know but it would be one less thing for you and Jeff to worry about.
Stass: We all have your back.
Y/n: I don’t know who I’d be without all of you by my side.
*Kylie’s phone starts blowing up*
Stassie: Damn who’s messaging you so much
Kylie: *Shows Stass*
Stassie: Oh my god no
*Y/n’s phone starts to blow up*
Y/n: Wtf is going on. *checks phone*
Headline: Social Media Influencer Y/n is Pregnant!
Headline: Famous Youtuber Y/n seen pregnant!
Headline: Y/n is Pregnant but doesn’t know who the father is!
“The young 21 year old youtuber was seen with close friend Stass earlier today in Calabasas while getting food at Chick-Fil-a. Sources close to the youtuber says that she may not know who the father is! Her large fan base knows that she is a senior at USC and will be graduating in the Spring semester. The chances of that look slim now that she’s going into motherhood alone.”
Y/n: Oh. my. GOD. No no no no no. Jesus fuck people know. *starts to have panic attack*
*Jeff calls*
Kylie: *picks up y/n’s phone* Jeff she’s freaking out.
Jeff: Please put her on the phone
Y/n: *still panicking* Jeff I didn’t want people to know!
Jeff: Honey it’ll be okay
Y/n: They’re saying so much shit abo- oh god I can’t breathe.
Jeff: Babe?!
Y/n: I can’t breath. I can’t breath.
Jeff: Y/n!!?
Y/n: *starts to fall over a bit*
Stass: They’re gonna be here in a couple of minutes. Y/n stay with us. *Talks to Jeff* We called 911. She’s having trouble breathing. Meet us at Cedar Sinai.
Jeff: Please don’t leave her.
Kylie: We won’t. We’ll both stay with her.
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Taglist: @elvlogsquad​​ @siemprestan​​ @galxydefender​​ @iminlovewithenchilidadas​​ @ilsolee​​ @ranprivate​ @one-sweet-gubler​  @sunwardsss​ @shamalamashams​ @michellemxndes​
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greenygreenland · a year ago
Riptide: Cole x Reader
-HAPPY 10th ANNIVERSARY NINJAGO!! -I write for females (just as a side note) because I’m a girl and it’s easy for me soooo yeah :/ -i know jay and cole are besties, but for this, let’s just say jay still likes to tease cole (friends do that anyway tho??)
Summary: Cole finds you at the beach trying to drown yourself. When he rips you out of the ocean, he realises you look familiar.
WARNINGS: Near-death (drowning)
Tumblr media
The waves quietly lapped against the edge of the sand, tickling Cole’s toes as he made his way across the wet grains. The moon stood high in the sky, shining brightly overhead like a lighthouse. Cole promised to catch up with the others, but he couldn’t rip himself away from the calm of the waves. 
His heart stilled with the quiet waves, sinking into the wet sand like his feet. A cool breeze passed over his face and it brushed through his windswept hair. If only Ninjago could stay this calm. If only he could be like the ocean, free, never ending. 
Cole found himself walking deeper into the ocean and away from the banks. The waves slowly met his ankles, then his knees. It soaked into his rolled up trousers, travelling up until he was waist deep. He didn’t worry about being so far out since it was low-tide. And even if he did find himself getting swept out to sea, he still had his powers. 
Something softly splashed over to his left. He whipped around, immediately taking a defensive stance. As ineffective as it was, he’d rather be safe than sorry. 
Cole eyed the smooth waters. He wondered if it was a shark, or worse, a mystical beast he never heard about. For a few moments, it was quiet, save for the waves, the calm breezes, and Cole’s steady breath. “Maybe it was a fish.” he whispered to himself with a chuckle. Something brushed his leg and he reared back with a squeal. 
“Not a fish not a f--First Spinjitzu Master!” 
The first thing Cole saw was a shirt, then a bundle of floating hair and a face hidden among it. He wanted to freak out, but a girl was laying in the sand underwater. Underwater. He plunged under the cool waves, wrapping his arms around the girl’s torso and hauling her up. “First Spinjitzu Master... First Spinjitzu Master...” Cole placed a hand on his earpiece.
“Guys! I found a girl in the ocean. She’s unconscious and...I don’t think she’s breathing. Come quick!” 
“We’re on our way.” said Zane. The nindroid’s voice was a relief to hear. “We will arrive in five minutes, and as an extra precaution, I have phoned nine-one-one.” 
“Okay, great, great.” As Cole laid the limp girl on the grainy sand, he frantically looked her up and down. Even through the curtain of hair plastered over her forehead, he could tell her face was unnaturally pale. So much, that it could have been a mirror of the bright moon.
It suddenly occurred to Cole that he had to do something. The girl wasn’t breathing and she’d die if he didn’t do something. “Gyah! I’m not the smart one!” He ran a hand over his face. There was one thing Zane did bother to teach everyone in the group, whether it be for civilian use or themselves. Cole pictured Zane standing by his side.
Place the heel of your palms on the centre of the chest.
Cole placed his hands on the centre of the girl’s chest. 
Interlock your fingers. Remember to press two inches down.
Cole interlocked his fingers. 
I have read somewhere that pressing down to the beat of Stayin’ Alive is said to ‘do the trick’ and make it easier. 
And so Cole did just that. “Ha... Ha... Ha... Ha... Stayin’ alive... Stayin’ alive...” He wasn’t sure if it was working, or even if he was doing it right to begin with. How would pressing two inches down on someone’s chest do good? How would this save her from being killed?
Suddenly, she jolted upward, coughing and sputtering out a load of water right into Cole’s face. He didn’t care though. That meant the water had come out of her lungs, right? The danger had been avoided, at least for now. 
He whipped around, letting out a loud sigh of relief. Zane and Pixal took Cole’s place, reviewing her vitals and diagnosing her with whatever. He wasn’t sure what they were doing, so he stood off to the side as Jay babbled away. “What happened? Are you okay? How did you find the girl? You didn’t have to swim out there did you?” 
Kai looked at Jay weirdly. “Do you think Cole would swim out that far to begin with? He probably found her washed ashore.” Cole wanted to say something, but he was in a daze. The more he thought about the girl, the more he wondered where he saw her from. It was like a smell you know you’ve smelled before but can’t put a name or memory to. 
He ignored the background chatter and zeroed his gaze on her limp body as Zane carried her to the ambulance. When Zane turned around and motioned for him to come over, Cole finally came back to his senses. He could think about the girl later, right now, he had to answer some questions. 
Three weeks later
“Urgh,” said Cole. “Why do I have to go with Jay?” Sensei Wu raised a brow at him as if to say, ‘really?’. “What is wrong with Jay?” he inquired. “He is a brother, and brothers should be respected.” Off to the side, Jay loudly applauded. “Period. Brothers should be respected, Cole.” He rolled his eyes with a sigh. 
“Now,” Wu interjected. “I want you both to visit Jamanakai Village. You will find Mystake’s tea shop. Get these and only these.” He handed Cole an old drawstring bag. It had a label on the string, but the handwriting was so wonky that Cole couldn’t read it. “If she tries to kick you out, tell her I sent you. That is all, I expect you both back by Thursday.”
Jay let out a long groan. “Why can’t Kai do it? Or Zane? Or Lloyd?” He smugly glanced at Cole. “Or even my wonderful girlfriend Nya? I thought they were the responsible ones.” Wu raised a brow and Cole snickered. “You will both go to Jamanakai Village. That is final. While you are out, do not forget to eat and whatever you do, no Elemental Dragons and no vehicles. You will walk the entire way to the village, am I clear?”
“Yes, Sensei.” 
To say the walk was gruelling was a nice way to put it. There were tens of thousands of other words Cole could have said to describe the terrible pain of having Jay around. Of course, he didn’t actually mean that, but hypothetically, the walk was terrible. 
“You know,” said Jay, “these birds are said to have been exported from the Dark Island.” He pointed to a nearby tree, where three or four birds sat. Their oily wings were like liquid obsidian. Funnily enough, the colour matched both Cole’s gi and hair. He watched as one of them flew away, fluttering straight over his head and into the sky above. 
Cole wondered if it would be nice to live life as a bird, but then he realised he wouldn’t have a bed or cake or chocolate and candy. 
“I’m guessing they were exported before the Dark Island became...you know.” added Jay. “I mean, how could these cute little guys be from there?” He reached out to pet one of the birds. It squawked and bit his finger. “OW!” Jay rounded on the tiny bird, who actually appeared to be laughing. “Bad bird! That’s a no-no! You don’t bite people like that.” 
Jay ripped off his glove and sucked on his poor finger. Cole stared at him as he whimpered. “Is it bleeding?” 
“Gwee, I fondt knowh.” 
Cole dug a hand in his pouch. He felt around and pulled out a band-aid along with a small alcohol wipe. “Here.” Jay took the band-aid and wipe, gingerly dabbing it on his wound and wrapping the band-aid around his finger. “Thanks.” 
They continued on in a comfortable silence, caring only to watch the leaves sway in the wind. When they arrived in Jamanakai village, their feet were sore, and they were tired. Jay’s stomach grumbled, and so did Cole’s. 
“I knew we should have eaten before we left.” Cole muttered. Jay let out a long yawn. “Sensei Wu said we were supposed to be back by Thursday. That’s three days away without video games. Do you think I can survive like this? Do you Cole?” 
He wasn’t listening. A heavenly smell reeled him in like a fishing line. It was sweet, yet it smelled like green tea. Maybe it was cake; Cole hoped it was cake. “Do you smell that?” he seriously inquired. Jay knitted his brows together. “The bakery? Oh, it’s right there.” He pointed to a small shop to their left, where a girl stocked freshly baked cakes and buns. 
Cole could already imagine how pillowy and soft the buns would be. They would have sweet fillings that melted in his mouth, and the cake would be the perfect texture with the right amount of cream. He made his way to the bakery, keeping a keen eye on the fresh chocolate cake. 
“Cole, we’re not here to buy cake.” said Jay. “If we’re gonna eat, we might as well eat a real meal.” Cole rolled his eyes and pointed to a slice of chocolate cake. “I’ll take one of that, please.” 
The cashier took out a pair of sparkling tongs. “Will that be all?” she inquired with a smile. “My grandma just finished steaming the buns, they’re fresh.” Cole whipped towards the cashier. For some reason, her voice sounded so familiar. It was again, like a smell that reminded him of something he couldn’t quite place. Sweet, nostalgic, kind.
That’s right, he thought. This was the girl he saved on the beach. But before then, he knew her as the studious (Y/n) (L/n) from the Marty Oppenheimer School of Performing Arts. When Cole had no one to talk to in class, she was there. When he forgot his lunch, she shared it with him. When he decided to run away, she promised not to forget him. 
(Y/n) walked out from behind the counter. She handed Cole a bag of two containers. “It was you, wasn’t it?” Her voice was rather soft, like she were embarrassed anyone else would hear. “You saved me, on the beach.”
“Y-yeah, I did.” Was it just Cole or was it getting hot out here?  He didn’t need anyone to tell him his face had gone beet red. “Thank you Cole. I might have snuck ‘a few’ more cakes in the bag. That guy’s your friend, right? There are some buns in there for him too.” 
Cole met (Y/n)’s bright eyes. They weren’t as lively as he remembered, but they still held that warm glow that always made him feel safe. “I--uh--(Y/n)...” 
“Uh...do you still go to the Marty Oppenheimer School?” Do you want to hang out sometime? “I mean...uh...” How have you been? “T-thank you for the food.” He let out a nervous laugh and (Y/n) chuckled a little. “If you’re wondering, I graduated last year.” she said. Cole’s eyes widened. Had that much time already passed? 
“I live in Ninjago City now.” she added. “I didn’t think I would make it this far, but I did. I’m here in Jamanakai for the next three months before I go back to the city. I heard you’ve been up to things too--ninja stuff. Saving lives.” She smiled at Cole, as if the two shared an inside joke. 
“(Y/n)! Help me carry this, it’s too heavy for me!”
(Y/n) glanced over her shoulder. “One second, grandma!” She turned back to Cole and wrapped him in a tight hug. It was brief, it was sweet, and it made Cole remember just how close they used to be. “I have to get back to work. See you soon Cole?”
“Yeah.” he awkwardly replied. “See you soon.” He watched as she disappeared out back. When did he finally become taller than her? When had she actually spoken so nonchalantly? Last time he saw her, they were still kids. They were young, and even with responsibilities, they were still free. 
“Sooooo, you’ve got yourself a girl?” inquired Jay. He took the bag from Cole and made his way over to the fountain. The two sat on the ledge as Jay sifted through the food. There were buns filled with red bean paste, lotus paste, and even barbeque pork. Under that were five different desserts. Two velvety chocolate cakes, one egg tart, and three pieces of perfectly wrapped mochi. 
Jay took one of the meat buns. “Wow, this is really good. Tell your girlfriend to teach you how to cook.” Cole let out a short sigh. “She’s not my girlfriend, Jay. I haven’t even seen her in years.” 
“What? Why?”
Cole closed one of the boxes. He dug around the bag for a fork, but he grasped a small slip of paper instead. Jay peered over Cole’s shoulder with wide eyes. “Ooooo she gave you her phone number? See! Dating. Case closed. I’m gonna tell everyone when we get back.” 
“No you aren’t.” Cole retorted. “Like I said, I haven’t seen her in years. She probably only wanted to get back in touch.” Jay raised his brows and Cole elbowed him in the stomach. “Get your mind out of the gutter.” He pulled out one of the buns and took a big bite out of it. “We went to the same school together as kids. We became friends there, but when I ran away from home, we lost contact.” 
“So go talk to her!” exclaimed Jay. “Before we go, I’m setting you both up on a date, or at least a night out together. We’re not going home on Thursday, got it? We’re staying ‘til Saturday and that’s final.” Cole raised a brow in amusement. “I thought you said you wanted to play video games.”
“If your girlfriend has a phone, then she has video games.” said Jay smartly. Cole let out a bright laugh. All he really knew now was that he’d have to come to Jamanakai Village more often. 
NOTE: I will make a part two soon, so stay tuned! Tip jar
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enbyjaywalker · 10 months ago
,,, polyninja sickfic????
Thank you anon. I really need to write more of them! In my notes for this I wrote NICE, anyway I hope you enjoy! :)
Taking Care of You
Summary: Jay is sick and his partners are here to help.
Relationship: Polyninja (Cole/Kai/Zane/Jay)
Words: 811
Rating: G (I believe there is like one curse word, Mentions of pills/Medicine, no other warnings)
“Guys I’m fine. I just feel a little under the weather.”  Jay insisted.
He had been feeling light headed since he woke up. Though he had decided to train with his partners anyway. He had hoped that the feeling would pass, but it had only gotten worse.
He had taken an abnormal amount of tumbles, even for him. Almost losing his balance every time he took a step.
“Bullshit. You almost fell over walking over here.” Cole pressed a palm to his forehead.
Zane and Kai shared a concerned glance.
“You're burning up.” Cole frowned.
“Really I’m fine.” He argued.
“That’s exactly what you would say if you weren’t.” Zane shook his head.
“Welp it looks like you're going back to bed space cadet.” Kai said, stepping towards him.
Scooping up Jay before he had a chance to argue.
“Kai! I can walk.” He crossed his arms.
“Sure, but not today. Today I’m carrying you.”
Kai carried him across the courtyard. Careful not to hurt him, in his weak state.
“I’ll start some soup.” Cole called as they disappeared inside.
Jay pouted as they made their way down the hall and into the bedroom.
Kai laid him down, pressing a kiss to his forehead.
“Let us take care of you today. There’s alway tomorrow.” He pulled the blanket over him.
“I know it’s just...I’m not good at resting.” Jay sighed.
“Well then talk to me about something nerdy. When you get bored we’ll take a nap.” He suggested. Laying down next to him on the mattress.
“Why is only nerdy when I like it?”
“Because you're cute when you're angry.” Kai laughed.
If his head wasn’t killing him, he would have argued.  Right now he didn’t have enough energy.
“I brought some medicine to help.” Zane entered the room.
Walking over he handed Jay a couple of white pills for his head. Along with a glass of water, to wash them down.
“Thanks babe.”  He smiled, before plopping the pills in his mouth.
“Come lay down. Jay was just about to tell me about his Sci-fi stuff.” Kai patted the empty space behind him.
Giving Jay a quick peck on the cheek, before joining Kai. “Please go on.”
“I’ve been reading a new comic lately. It’s about a group of aliens who’s home planet was destroyed. It got consumed by the big inky black creature. So they travel the galaxy in search of the one thing that can stop the beast. It’s really good actually.” He explained.
“Why’d it eat the whole planet?” Kai asked, snuggling up to Zane.
“That’s the thing he’s possessed by this hivemind that makes him infinitely hungry.” Jay explained.
Despite being sick, he felt giddy. Knowing he could talk about his interest and his partners were there to listen.
“I brought soup!” Cole called, carrying in a tray.
“Soup always helps.” Kai added.
“Thank you.” Jay smiled up at Cole.
“No problem cutie.” Cole kisses the top of his head. Before placing the tray across his lap.
Eagerly Jay picked up the spoon, tasting the soup. The liquid warmed him, making him realize just how tired he really was.
“What were we talking about?” Cole asked, laying on the other side of jay. Carefully not to spill anything.
“Jay was talking about one of his comics.” Zane explained. He was listening intently, running his fingers through Kai’s hair.
“Oh! The new one, what was it called again?” Cole asked intrigued.
“Light Fighters.” He said between bites.
“It’s one of the best comics I’ve read.” Jay finished the last of his soup.
Sitting up Cole moved the tray to the side. All three of his partners scooting in close to him.  Kai laced their fingers together, closing his eyes to listen. Zane brushed the curls out of his eyes. Resting on Kai, waiting for the rest of his story. One his right, Cole was snuggling up close to him. Resting his head in Jay’s shoulder.
“It’s called that because the group has to find this light. It’s the only thing that can stop the beast. They visit a bunch of different planets along the way.” He continued, despite his eyelids getting heavy.
“Do they succeed?” Zane asked.
“Yeah they do but only after like a century of traveling. They save all of existence from being eaten.” He yawned. It was hard not to get sleepy when he was this warm.
“Thanks for taking care of me.” He smiled.
“Of course.” Cole smiled up at him.
“That’s our job.” Kai added, snuggling closer.
“We love you.”” Zane placed another kiss on his brow.
“I love you too.” He yawned again. This time allowing his eyes to slip close.
Letting himself be enveloped by the warmth. Finally allowing himself a moment to relax.
Surrounded by partners who loved him more then there were stars in the sky.
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