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skywalekersart · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— Back in the summer of '95
I don't know about you, but I myself have my fingers crossed for season 2 to give us Sunset Curve flashbacks.
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threeghosts-nobraincells · 10 months ago
I like the idea of Alex and Luke being exes but from personal experience I think it's way funnier if Alex and Luke dated when they were fourteen rather then it being a recent thing
they just occasionally go "hey remember when we dated? that was wild"
or luke being like "been there done that" to willie and alex panicking and yelling "we WERE F O U R T E E N"
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jealous-kippen · 10 months ago
writers: *queer codes the shit out of a character and/or makes them in love with their best friend*
audience: gay
writer: bro where you get that information
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tiriansjewel · 6 months ago
Another day in the jatp fandom, another controversy. As a preface, this post is really just going to be me saying: everyone needs to fucking relax. I’m tired of people calling other people out using weighty terms for no reason, I’m tired of people harassing others over something as trivial as an actor’s view on social issues, and I’m just tired of people not staying in their own circles. That’s basically a TL;DR for you all.
So, about this blocklist. Let’s get into it, shall we?
First, my main issue with this list (and I think a lot of other people’s) is use of the words “pedophilic tendencies”. I cannot understate how harmful it is to draw a false equivalence between real, actual pedophiles and smut writers on the internet. We must remember: these are fictional characters who happen to be teenagers, not real children who can be victimized. Calling adult smut writers pedophilic trivializes actual pedophilia, child porn, and CSA. When terms are watered down like this, the term begins to lose meaning. It is okay if smut written by adults about teenagers makes you uncomfortable, but it does not make the authors themselves pedophiles. Not even close.
Second, minors write smut just like adults do. The weirdest thing about this post is the fact that other minors were knowingly included on the blocklist (ie, “most writers are adults” according to the post) which suggests that the issue is with smut itself and not with who’s writing it. As I’ve said before, it is perfectly okay if you want to avoid nsfw content (which is why we have tags, by the way), but making a blocklist based solely on explicit content where you use the word pedophilia is really “not the move”, so to speak. Here’s the thing. I’m seventeen years old, which makes me a minor. I’ve written smut for this fandom, I am writing smut currently, and I will continue to write it. To suggest that smut in and of itself is bad is strange to me. Guess what? People have sex. Teenagers have sex. It’s a part of life, and it will be included in stories about people’s lives. And in comparison to other forms of explicit content like pornography, smut is a great way for young teens who are growing into their bodies to explore and learn about sex and sexuality outside of reality in a safe, contained space.
Third, there is a very big difference between adults writing about teenagers who happen to be having sex and adults sexualizing kids through writing. I’ve been around the block a few times in explicit tags, and at least I find I can always tell the difference between these two types of content. I’d also like to say that these adults (many of whom are still in their 20s, btw) were teenagers once and grew into their sexuality just like everyone else; it’s not like they’ve been separated from the experience! As a smut writer myself, rarely do I find myself personally thinking “this is hot”. I’m writing from the perspective of a character who thinks it’s hot! There is nuance and character development and thought to writing smut, yes, even pwp fics. In this section I would also like to address the fact that several of the people on this list are my friends and mutuals in this fandom. They are all lovely people who have their own reasons for writing what they write and their reason is never “ah yes I feel like sexualizing children today”. It is very shitty to make assumptions about people you don’t know and say they have pedophilic tendencies. That’s a weighty and unfounded accusation. And no, as a minor, I have never felt uncomfortable around any of them.
Fourth, many of these writers have written wonderful non-explicit fics as well! It’s a shame to write these authors off entirely because they’ve written smut. You don’t like sex scenes? Great! Exclude E and M ratings when you browse ao3. Also, some of these adult authors write fic where they age the characters up, probably because it’s closer to their own experience and it makes them more comfortable. They are literally doing exactly what you want them to do by not creating content about minors having sex. Also, I’d like to point out that Charlie is 22, Owen is 20, and Jeremy is 24, and the majority of smut is about the boys. I don’t think I should have to explain why it’s okay for other 20 somethings to view them in a sexual context, even if their characters are 17. Regardless, many of the perceived issues with these writers as people and also with their work simply do not exist.
Fifth, the number one rule of fanfiction is don’t like, don’t read. I myself have seen several nsfw fics in the jatp tag that I have cringed at and chosen not to read because of their tags, summaries, pairings, etc. And that’s okay! But never have I sent hate to these authors, called them pedos, or made large callout posts about them. I simply ignore or block the content and go on about my day. I’m not about to “yuck someone’s yum”, as it were, and I’m not going to be the moral police and tell people some type of content is wrong in all circumstances, even if I find it personally disgusting or ethically questionable. People are always going to write whatever they feel compelled to write, and the great thing about the internet is that we all have the space to express ourselves differently. As others have said, fandom is big enough for everyone. Here’s a nice little example. I’ve been in the Narnia fandom for years now. The four main characters are siblings, so there’s a lot of incest fic. I personally dislike incest fic and think it’s morally questionable, and so do many of my mutuals. We have conversations in private spaces where we tell one another who to block to avoid seeing that content, and every time I go in the ao3 tag I filter out those pairings. But never have we made public lists calling out people we didn’t know, and never have we sent derisive comments their way. Everyone must learn to keep to their own circles and curate their own feeds for fandom to be a positive experience. Everyone must learn to listen to other people and accept that everything has nuance. Everyone must be learn to be kind. As my choir teacher says, “there is never an excuse for being rude”. And when controversy must happen, let’s all be respectful, mature, and level headed in our discourse with one another.
In conclusion, this fandom has an issue with telling people what they can and cannot do or create, and that’s wrong. Fandom is supposed to be a free, positive environment. It is our duty to keep it that way. Thank you for your time.
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wlwmolina · 9 months ago
believing luke and alex dated in the 90s
Tumblr media
believing luke and alex dated in the 90s and villainizing/disregarding their canon poc love interests just because you want them to get back together in season two
Tumblr media
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skateboardtotheheart · 10 months ago
I see a lot of people who are against Lalex, Ruke, and some other ships because they think people just want their favorite white boys to be in a relationship, and I have to say something about it.
You're not wrong. There are plenty of people who ship them for that type of reason and ignore the fleshed out, canon, interracial ships. Those who do that should be called out and deserve your criticism. But if you think that's the only reason people ship those, then frankly, I couldn't disagree with you more.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with shipping things that aren't canon. There's nothing wrong with finding a relationship where canon has moved differently. All the different ships in this fandom should be celebrated and respected because it means people are looking to this show and finding love and care. Why should you care what people ship? If people can look at Luke and Alex and see a friendship that survived starting and ending a romantic relationship, then that's wonderful. If people relate to that story and never get to see representation of happy, friendly exes, I'm so happy for them. If people look at Luke and Reggie and see chemistry, the history of longstanding friendship and having your best friend be the person you fall for, and the lack of stereotype between two boys that are traditionally masculine but in love, then that's amazing.
And so I've seen so many people think if you ship Julie and Flynn, it's because you ship two white boys together and still want to look like you care. Yes, it's true in some cases. That deserves to be called out. But to think that that's always the way it goes? That blows my mind. These two characters are teenage girls of color, living through realistic hardships and ups and downs of friendship, and just regular teenage lives. If girls just like them look at this loving, caring friendship, listen to Flying Solo, and see themselves or something they can relate to and find romantic love in it, then god, I'm proud of them.
Interracial couples deserve so much more love than get, and they deserve so much more representation in the media. Julie and The Phantoms has given us that, and it should be celebrated and loved because it's so, so, so important. Julie/Luke and Alex/Willie are phenomenal, and such a step forward in representative media. But don't assume that just because someone likes another ship means they don't like the ones we're given. If you go through life being angry at those who ship something other than what you do, make assumptions as to why someone ships something, or attack others based on what they ship, that's the most clear path to becoming a toxic, hateful fandom. That should never happen. You don't know the full story about why someone ships something. You don't need to know the full story. It's not your business. If the ship isn't your thing, then it isn't your thing. I'm glad you found a different ship that you love.
And like I said before, sometimes it truly is the case of implicit racism or sexism. And that's not okay, it should never be okay. I get mad at those people, too. It's a discussion and call out that deserves to happen. But I'm begging you, stop making it so that shipping anything but Juke and Willex is wrong. It's not. People find love in different places, ways, and forms. That's good! We should be happy about that because it's making someone else happy!
I think Juke and Willex are the best ships in the show. I love both of them with everything I have, and they're literally some of my favorite ships of all time. But I've also written for Reggie/Luke, Julie/Flynn, and I've shown support for Luke/Alex. Shipping multiple things is okay. Shipping what makes you happy is okay.
Attacking someone or being rude for what they ship is not. And that goes to everyone. It goes to those who get mad at people for shipping Ruke, Lalex, or Julynn, and it goes to people who get mad at people who don't ship those. We could all stand to be a little nicer. Remember that you never know the full story behind someone's actions. If you want to talk about why people ship something, then by all means, talk about it. But make it a conversation and learning experience, not an anger or judgemental fueled attack.
I know people will disagree with me for saying all this, I know people will get mad at me, and I know people will feel the need to respond. This is not a personal attack on anyone, and I'm not trying to call someone specific out. This is just me starting that conversation that we should be willing to have. If you get angry with me, that's cool. Block me or unfollow me. Know that I'm not going to respond to rude messages. If you think I'm wrong, that I missed a point, or that I didn't think something through, that's awesome. Shoot me a message or an ask, I'd love to hear your side of things.
Either way: This fandom is getting a little too toxic, and I'm not just gonna sit here and let it happen.
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skywalekersart · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
90SJATP sketchdump | lalex Or even just (head)canon JATP, given what I've read from excerpts of the latest book. I was fooling around with some pics I have in a IG saved folder for couple references, and then noted down some headcanons re: the past Lalex history.
90SJATP: carrd | tumblr tag | instagram tag | instagram guide | spotify playlist
taglist:  @hey-there-juliet @grimhildelove @boggie-brainrot @thedeathdeelers @gaylebcovington @chickwiththepurpleguitar @lady-ofmagic-andstars @we-are-all-flynn @you-are-constance @not-the-droids-ur-looking-4 @peregrer @corporeal-terrestrial @floating-in-the-blue @booknerd3108 @juliesghosties @justxfolio @teenagepeanutbird @thesunsetcurvephantom @duuude38 @andwhenwepart @mouse-fantoms @emeraldrain55 @moony221b @gluedonheadphones0325 @transdaniellarusso @singwhaticantsay @inejghafa-kazbrekker-jesperfahey @juliespiano @thegirlfulloffandoms @quicktypesomethingclever @blueskiesandstarrynights @enby-chaos-fox @lovebecomeshim @sunrise-curve-dd (let me know if you want to be added!)
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sunset-bobby · 5 months ago
i am starting a revolution
no more will ppl not include bobby/taylor when discussing sunset curve
no more treating Bobby like shit (idc if you stan Trevor)
no more will ppl somehow not include Julie/Madi in shit (honestly tho it’s her show the boys are back up)
no more will fans go on Madi’s live and asking for the boys
no more ruining perfectly fine interracial ships in favor of two white men
and no more will knock off merch makers make more merch with the 3 white boys than they do of the actual main character
today, June 7th 2021, at 1:10am est
as i have just reached 600 followers
no more shall we be silent, I am a Taylor and Madi simp first and a person second
now...time for a plan
please note for all legal reasons this is joke, i will not be initiating an actual war
if you or a loved one would like to post about the war please use the hashtag “syd’s jatp war 2021” and tag me :)))
any plans of attack please dm or inbox me :)
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sleepingkirbyy · 11 months ago
you asked for it
my texts with @pencilsharpenerr as jatp characters
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
it only lets me post 10 pics at a time but u get the point
(yes my contact name for her is reggie)
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hacker-willie-manifesto · 10 months ago
what your favorite julie and the phantoms ship says about you:
content warnings for: swearing, sex mention (if you've seen ms. doubleca5t's ship videos, nothing worse than those)
ruke (reggie/luke): you are bisexual
nickinald (nick/reggie): you are EXTREMELY bisexual
luke/bobby: you want luke to be bi but you can't STAND ruke or lalex
luke/carrie: you were there when lilac went on a 1k rant about how this relationship could work in a battle of the bands au and you're still not over it
juke (julie/luke): there's two options here: either you stan julie molina to, like, an absurd degree, or you're still bitter that penelope garcia and derek morgan never got together.
nick/julie: you don't get what all the hate is about, nick's fedoras are great.
nick/luke: you are a firm believer that the best way to deal with a love triangle is by ignoring the axis. you probably have trans headcanons for both of these characters
nick/julie/luke: you hate making decisions
julie/carrie: you think sharpay evans deserved more nuance
carrie/flynn: you're always a slut for enemies to loves
double trouble (flynn/julie): you've had enough of these fucking white boys g-d DAMN it
carrie/julie/flynn: this is just the same joke as julie/flynn but even more so
carrie/kayla: you're always a slut for starting a band together
polycandi, polycurve, and polyphantoms: this is the same joke as carrie and kayla but like even more so
caleb/ray: looking back at your childhood, you can pinpoint disney's hades as the beginning of your crippling addiction to queercoded villains, OR you just want to fuck dads.
caleb/trevor: you were part of the cheesecake discourse and would die for ernesto
caleb/tia victoria: you watch telenovelas
caleb/willie: you're just here for some big musical numbers
willex (willie/alex): you believe in keeping things wholesome and sticking to canon
lalex (luke/alex): you... shipped johnlock
if i missed your ship, feel free to drop it in a reblog and i'll happily roast you ^_^
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sunsetcurve · a year ago
alex...and julie...having long talks....alex giving julie advice about dating luke because he has EXPERIENCE...okay bye
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wlwmolina · 10 months ago
luke has been in love with all of his bandmates at some point or another this is canon now
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caswell-ej · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
JATP WEEK ▷ day six: play it on repeat ▷ LUKE and ALEX + HOLDING HANDS
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