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#The ones I thought looked good
astarlightmonbebe · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i’ve been thinking about the fact that gaon says this, says he can’t break the law and let his parents down, who died because the law didn’t help them, but he also can’t break the law because of soohyun, the person who stilled his hand when he almost threw his life away. soohyun, who became a police officer to prevent him for getting into trouble and to prevent other victims like him and his family. soohyun, who believed in the system, so gaon believes in the system too. because she’s one of the only two people he has.
it’s like yohan says: gaon had to believe in the system so that he could live. because the only people he had left in his life to guide him told him to. gaon chose to believe in the system, and because he made that choice, he’s also blind to many of the system’s flaws. believing in the system is what kept him alive, kept him from death (either by recklessness or his own hand), kept him from throwing his life away, and created a way for him to live proudly in front of his parents’ graves. gaon doesn’t believe in the system because he thinks it is right, he believes in the system so he believes that the system is right because admitting anything else would be too much.
it just says so much that he says this and then yohan echoes it back as a way to show him that his belief is flawed, because the system is flawed, and that everything gaon has been believing in to survive is built on falsity.
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artist-ellen · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jasmine Take 2 the Iconic Princess Outfit
One of the really fun things about Mughal fashion is that pants are everywhere and I appreciate it so much (there's a lot of pants in Ottoman fashion as well... either style would have been so much better than what we got in the live action....).
I mean this drawing... this can't even compare to what this could look like in real life. To really truly capture the beauty of the fabric, patterns & jewelry.... can you imagine if the 2019 costumes were good? SHE STILL COULD HAVE WORN PANTS.... and there could have been beautiful beadwork & embroidery & jewelry.. WHO THOUGHT THE TINY TIN-HEART JEWELRY WAS A GOOD IDEA 😤... off topic.... again. Doing all the research, looking at all the incredible references & fabrics really piled on to all the things I already was so disappointed with in the costumes for the 2019 movie. Using "South Asian" colors on a European dress silhouette + corseting with secret pants isn’t doing it for me. I am so sorry these all dissolve into rage... it just hurts.
Also in the time since me posting these redesigns (the first attempt) Youtuber cherry bepsi created the video: "let's revisit the fashion in the aladdin remake | fashion analysis" and it is both super informative and super entertaining. So if you want a fun version of research I did for this project/more roasting I definitely recommend this video and their channel in general bc the content is fantastic. And their roasts of the live action costume design...perfection.
Anyway one more outfit to go!
I am the artist!!! Don’t repost without permission & credit! Thank you! Come visit me over on: Instagram , Patreon
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lulu-zodiac · 22 hours ago
Hi! I’m feeling fic’ed out at the moment. I was wondering if you had any au fic recs (I’m game for anything but don’t really enjoy a/b/o) that involve miscommunication / angst / misunderstanding? My favourite au fics are: DW Beat Sheet, And This Your Living Kiss, In Lebanon, Spanish Romantic Heroes universe and Pay Attention universe and love stuff by followyourenergy! I have loved all your recs in the past and so thought I’d ask you! Hope you’re having a good weekend!
hey, yes of course! <3
i actually read a lot more canon verse fics than au ones, so i don't have a whole lot of recs for you, but i'll do my best!
these are my favourite destiel au fics featuring miscommunication/angst/misunderstanding:
A Midterm Night's Dream
tags: college au, roommates, miscommunication, angst, pining, idiots in love, friends to lovers
notes: if you're looking for miscommunication, then look no further. this fic is full of our favourite boys being absolute idiots and not telling each other how they really feel. their slowly developing relationship and inability to talk about their feelings is beautifully written, and there's the perfect balance of feel-good and god-damn-i-want-to-punch-them-both-in-the-face.
Smoke in the Mirror
tags: college au, artist!cas, pining, miscommunication, angst
notes: this is like, THE fic for miscommunication and angst. it's heart-wrenching and beautiful and poignant and it will stay with you long after you've finished it. this fic captures the terrifying beauty of falling in love so perfectly. it's honestly art.
Four Letter Word For Intercourse
tags: college au, professor!cas, slow burn, smut
notes: i know i've recced this a ton of times before, but no rec list for destiel miscommunication/angst fics would be complete without this MASTERPIECE. to this day this is one of the best things i have ever read in my life. the characterisation and dialogue is incredible, and it's fundamentally changed the entire way i view intimacy and relationships. plus, if you're looking for miscommunication - this fic is the monarch of miscommunication fics and you will absolutely lose your mind (in a good way) over how long drawn out it is.
The Ed Sheeran Effect
tags: high school au, friends to lovers, slow burn, pining, miscommunication
notes: i know i've recced this one before, but only because, despite being a high school au, it's one of my all time favourites. the slowly evolving relationship between dean and cas is just gorgeously written, and oh my god the PINING. it strikes the perfect balance of heartwarming and angsty, and is absolutely full of miscommunication and silly boys being silly until they're not. (also, the smut. oh boy.)
We Are What We Pretend To Be
tags: fake dating, miscommunication, friends to lovers
notes: this is a really cute fake-dating fic where i spend a great deal of time wanting to yell at dean for being such an idiot. like all of tricia's fics, it's really well written and impossible to put down.
that's all i have for now i think, sorry it's not more! thank you very much for reccing me your favourite au fics, i clearly need to expand my reading in that direction lol. hope you enjoy <3
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cumbercougars · 20 hours ago
Figure I'd share some good news for a change.
First, one year cancer free!
Second, I've finally decided on what to do with the rest of my life. I've decided to get a Creative Writing BA at my local university.
I've always wanted the University experience, but believed I should take something that was career or business related. After long thought I realized I should do something just for me. And my most fulfilling time in the past has entailed writing.
Applications don't open til this September for Sept 2022 semester. In the meantime I'm looking to take a course or two via Distance Learning to refresh my Uni writing skills. It's been a while.
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rand0mlyme · 13 hours ago
From all the parts i shared this part was the best and it made me cry.
Because we we're this close of losing eda again. She almost sacrifice herself in able to stop emperor belos from his plans.
Eda is an amazing mother like and a caring person and sacrificing herself for everyone sake as she plays with all her heart out was one of the touching part. Other than luz, eda was a character that just gives off a warm comfortable feeling and watching her go on adventure with everyone was the best thing that i have witnessed.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And just a peek i was trying not to cry right in front of my family while watching this because i look like an ugly mess, haha.
But when it get to this part When eda thought that king would tell her his going to leave when he finally meet his parent.
i couldn't hold my tears and cried and good thing no one was already around .
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So yeah another work of the owl house crew made me cry again.
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bwoahtastic · 3 hours ago
My boss pulled the "well you should have known about this meeting even though I didn't send you the invite or ever tell you about it and just expect you to read my mind, this won't look good on your year end review in two weeks" stuff today which is just 😤😤 but now I'm on break reading the horny jail thoughts, and feeling much better (if slightly hot and bothered) but thank you none the less.
How about Max the alpha secretary leaving late one night and seeing Dan the Omega hot shot Boss being intimidated by some stuck up alpha competitor and Max coming to the rescue? (I'm not projecting my annoyance with my boss at all)
Sorry you had a shit day, I hate bosses who are like that! Hope it's a bit better today and sorry it took so long to reply to this ask skks
I love the idea! Max working late to work on some documents for Dan, and when he finally stumbles out of the building he sees Dan being pushed up against the wall by the Alpha he had a meeting with earlier that day.
Max first keeping a distance cos maybe Dan wants this (like Dan screws around quite a bit so it wouldn't be a first) but then Dan spots Max and whines softly and Max knows it isn't like that. Max instantly storming over and shoving the Alpha away, snarling and fighting until the man leaves.
Dan shakily stumbling to Max and instantly fussing over him because Max has a little cut on his cheek. All while Max is trying to fuss over Dan cos he looks so shaken.
Maybe Max taking Dan back to his shabby little apartment, and being a bit self conscious about it, but Daniel just happily curls up on the sofa with a blanket and let's out a little pur🥺 Dan asking to wear Max's clothes so he can't smell the other Alpha anymore and Max just has to try so hard not to growl seeing Dan in his old pyjamas 🥺
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sleepyreads · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Seven Days in June was such a good book! It was much deeper than I thought. It's not just a typical romance book. I can highly recommend this if YA readers are looking for a more adult book. This is a great one to start with. 🖤
(warning: it has 2 or 3 steamy scenes but it doesn't take over the story, drug and alcohol abuse, self harm)
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lydiateasedale · 5 hours ago
today is a day I usually dread
the 25th of July
takes up a lot of space in my head.
it was eight years ago now, that night.
the sky exploded, clouds crashing in applause,
lightning became my celebratory fireworks!
because I was on a date with him,
something I'd thought impossible.
he was far too good looking for me,
I knew, as I watched him smoke a cigarette outside the pub window.
I sipped my cocktail wondering
how did I get so lucky
to have this one night
with someone so out of my league?
he looked back through the glass
with a cheeky smirk
knowing all about my smoking fetish
and sent me a risqué text
right there and then
(but it became so much more than just one night;
almost five years, in fact)
I thought I made the biggest fool of myself
because I was being... well, the real me.
we talked nonsense for hours,
I told him everything
all the crazy came spilling out.
we kissed and I, practically horizontal in the booth,
knocked over a candle
glass and hot wax everywhere.
for some reason,
I sucked his finger
right in front of the crowded bar.
people looked very angry, rolling their eyes at us...
we giggled and moved on to another pub
intending to next go back to my place...
(not something I'd ever suggest after a first date
but this time was different)
but that's where it all went sour
and the seven days of starvation hit me hard.
don't drink on an empty stomach, kids.
I knew that from experience
but I couldn't help myself.
I was so fucking nervous.
everything went blurry
and my only thought was
well done. you had this wonderful experience
and you totally fucked it
with your stupid fucked up brain.
bravo. he's gonna run like fuck. who wouldn't?
he didn't.
he called an ambulance
and held on to me
til it arrived.
he admitted to me later
had it been anyone else,
there would probably have been no follow up date
but he knew I was special...
and it helped that I'd been so honest
and told him all about my demons
I woke up in hospital
an uninterested doctor telling me
it's time to go home. get outta here.
no questions asked,
just like the last time
the same thing happened.
(a year or so before
I was out with my poor sister
and ruined her evening
the same way...)
but I didn't blame him.
I guessed I just looked like
the typical drunk girl
who'd had too much
(if only he'd asked how much I'd actually drank:
I believe it was a couple of cocktails
and a glass or two of wine.
nothing at all, by my standards,
but that seven day fast....)
thinking of this day used to make me sad
because despite how it ended
it was a magical evening
that I'll never forget.
but now I'm happy just to have that memory
and the knowledge
that it's been eight years since
anorexia landed me in hospital.
I don't always eat these days
and my mind is still so cruel
but that's progress, right?
I won't cry and lament the fact I lost him
not this time.
I'll just be glad to remember
how much he loved me
and how happy I was
for such a long time.
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musicalfanders · 16 hours ago
I have a love hate relationship with the scars from Denki' quirk headcanon.
Because on one hand I hate the thought of my baby being hurt. But on the other hand, it does give some good angst.
ESPECIALLY for shinkami.
Hitoshi finding Kami crying on the floor holding onto his arm and when he looks up at him his face is framed with his hair all messed up and tears streaming down his face. And Hitoshi trying his best to give him comfort but not exactly sure how to until Denki just full on screams, "GET OUT. JUST GET THE FUCK OUT''.
Idk just some food for thought.
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baba-roga-art · 17 hours ago
I'm not exactly on the train that the Clawthorne family and Hunter are related, there's a parallel with a curse and a family being destroyed by wild magic, but when Belos is talking about a family being hurt by wild magic, I assume he's talking about himself
But then I remembered that Eda found the portal in her own back yard, how did it get there, did it belong to Philip Wittebane, is it the one he used
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They look identical, so how DID the portal get into Eda's back yard, are they related, maybe, it's not where the owl house is, it's in her family's back yard
Something to think about
And then, there's also at least one other person who can travel between human realm and boiling isles, the author of the Good Witch Azura, I thought it was going to be Raine Whispers, because green hair and being the bard, but I didn't think so any more
Tumblr media
Saw somebody theories that that eye's part of the portal, if so, my money's on him
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firelxdykatara · 23 hours ago
Kitty! I didn't know you shipped Kacchako in My Hero Academia!! 😃😃
I'll be honest I've only seen like.... two seasons??? I think??? I saw though the sports tournament thing I think and one of the last big things I remember is Bakugo's match with Ochako and I thought they had a really good dynamic and lots of potential, plus they look super cute together so I had to reblog that art ;;
It's about the Tension and also, for me, the fact that Bakugo was not Ochako's bully (the biggest reason I could never get behind bkdk) and I just get the vibe that if he tried anything, Ochako wouldn't take any of his shit and he needs someone who would tell him to sit down and shut up instead of laying back and letting him walk all over them. (Deku, I love you, but you're way too fucking nice to someone who's been your primary tormentor since you were a child.)
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chubbyheroesworthyheroes · 16 hours ago
How about Silas (Fates) and Raphael (3H)? In Silas' supports with Kaze, Kaze is secretly giving him more food as thanks for saving him (like refilling Silas' soup bowl when Silas isn't looking). I thought this could continue unnoticed until Silas can't fit into his armor. For Raph, I figure he's the type of person whose solution to everything is MOAR GAINZ. So what if Balthus bests him in practice combat, so Raph ups his caloric intake but ends up putting on a layer of chonk (and a big gut)?
editing? dont know em--
After their conversation, Silas believed he had gotten through to Kaze about how he didn’t need to pay him back for helping him against that Faceless -- especially since the other man had similarly ended up saving the Nohrian knight not too long after. As far as Silas was aware, they were even and just helping each other out as comrades.
But, on Kaze’s end, wanting to repay the knight for his deeds was just one part of why he was sneakily adding on to the other’s meals. Yes, he was grateful for the rescue, and he took repaying that debt very seriously, but that had been paid back in full by now. No, there was something else that kept Kaze by the silver haired knight’s side, but it wasn’t quite something he knew how to explain, so he let everyone else simply assume that they’d bonded and become good friends.
Which wasn’t wrong, per se, Kaze did actually enjoy Silas’ company. He just...also greatly enjoyed watching the other man eat to the point of being perhaps a little too full.
In Hoshido, especially if one was in the military, such indulgement wasn’t something tolerated. A soldier must be primed for a fight at all times, so while meals were always nourishing and flavorful, there wasn’t often such excess given to those in their station. From what he knew of Nohr, food was not as bountiful as it was in Hoshido, though it was safe to assume that the higher class was given access to the best regardless. Perhaps that was what drove some part of the ninja to give Silas more. Was it not good to give more to those who had been lacking in the same boons as your country’s riches?
But, even that didn’t ring ultimately truthful. At least, not entirely. It, of course, made him feel good to make sure his companions were all taken care of, but there was something else that lurked behind those good intentions. Some morbid interest in watching -- either from close by or afar, both were simple enough to accomplish with his skills in stealth -- another eat and eat, unaware of how much they were stuffing into themselves until something in their brain finally clicked and told them to stop, only it was too late already and they had to stay where they were, bloated and groaning.
It made Kaze flustered and just a little pent up merely thinking about it.
So, he kept up his activities in secret, adding on extras to Silas’ meals and observing -- both going unnoticed..
It had been some weeks now since Kaze’s focus on Silas had started. As someone trained to be both extremely observant and incredibly stealthy at the same time, it was a little baffling to see that the knight...had not noticed anything different about his meals. Kaze knew exactly how much he had been adding -- never too much at once, so as to not raise any unnecessary suspicion, slowly giving more and more when it seemed like the other had unknowingly grown accustomed to the portions -- and he was always cautious not to overdo it, but it was still a bit of a surprise that the Nohrian was still so unawares. It wasn’t a bad thing -- certainly not for Kaze -- and it spoke to Silas’ trust and camaraderie with everyone else in Corrin’s army. If it were anything serious, Kaze would be concerned for the knight’s willingness to so easily trust, but it was endearing all the same, and made curiosity gnaw at the back of his mind at how far he could go and still get away with this unnoticed.
Silas’ obliviousness towards what and how much went into his mouth also seemed to extend towards himself. While diligent in his training and duties, he wasn’t very preoccupied with how he looked. He cared where it mattered, of course; he didn’t want to reflect poorly on his dear friend, Corrin, and always looked presentable. But he seemed to have no qualms about himself.
So, where Kaze noticed the way his riding trousers now clung to the curves of his fuller ass, or how his fine shirts pressed cozily against the slight roll of chub that had appeared at his lower belly, Silas seemed perfectly happy not registering that anything was different. And that knowledge only made the heat inside Kaze grow, knowing that this was something of a perfect storm for him. If he weren’t so naturally mild mannered and quiet, Kaze would almost say the thought of what this could turn into made him giddy.
But, it was still early on in this little game, and there was still every chance that it would end when Silas took note of the changes.
“Whew, I must be coming down with something, because I just can’t seem to cool off!” Kaze overheard Silas one day, his attention immediately drawn away from his current task.
It was easy enough to fake taking inventory of their supplies to eavesdrop on the knight’s conversation.
“We do have warm summers here in Hoshido, perhaps you are simply not yet used to them, my friend,” came Ryoma’s sure and steady voice, his tone amused.
Kaze darted his gaze over to the two, who must have been finishing up some early morning sparring before the heat of the day got too bad. Prince Ryoma was, indeed, in good spirits; his expression mirthful as he exchanged some more words with Silas. Where there was some color to the prince’s face from the exertion of mock battle, it was clear he was fairing far better than his partner. Silas had at some point forgone his shirt due to the heat, giving Kaze a fantastic chance to get a good look at the effects his additions were having on the other man. The silver haired knight had never been particularly outstanding when it came to muscle mass, but he was at least a little above your average.
But now, where there had just been a small roll of flesh at his middle, there was a rather proper belly blossoming. That little bit of softness had risen like dough into a chubby midsection, still firm from his activities but clearly showing that he’d been getting well-fed lately. Where his belly curved out at the navel, it had the cutest bounce when he moved. It wasn’t anywhere near large enough to knock into his thighs yet, but it did create a nice rolling slab of chub that pinched in at his sides if he moved a certain way. But, Kaze was sure that when the man sat, that soft curve of his lower belly likely had started to brush the plushness of his thighs. His upper body was still fairly defined, though his pecs were rounding out nicely and there were some softer edges coming in on his upper arms and his face.
That description sent a wave of heat down the back of the ninja’s neck, his unnoticed gaze burning hot as he took in every curve and rounded edge. Silas’ pale skin was flushed a delightful pink, both from the sun and the physical activity of getting in some training. Kaze wondered, vaguely, if he were to grab hold of that soft, pink belly, how would it feel? If he were to caress it gently, would the other even notice? Would he finally see, if he were to squeeze?
No, that would risk ruining the game when it was just picking up.
Kaze decided to add another layer to their little game, even if Silas was unaware that they were playing one. It had proven far too easy to keep adding food to the other man’s meals, so on top of constantly making those meals bigger, Kaze began coming up with excuses for giving Silas food in between the usual meal times.
It was easy enough to convince the other man to eat something after training sessions. After such physical strain, it was best to replenish the body with some food, was it not? Silas never seemed to notice that Kaze himself didn’t adhere to this supposed fact, or that the portions of food he was being given were far larger than needed to replace whatever his body had burned through while training. It was a little more difficult to get him to eat when he was out on patrols, as he stated that he wanted to be ready to fight at a moment’s notice if he needed to, but if he were on late night patrols, Kaze could more easily coax him into taking a small break to eat -- especially if he agreed to keep an eye out while the knight dug into his food.
More and more, any free time Silas had seemed to be taken up by food. He was a frequent face at the mess hall, and even when he wasn’t there at meal times, he always conveniently seemed to have food on hand -- and constantly stuffed in his chubby face.
And it was all because of Kaze. He was there, every step of the way, watching and providing and biding his time. As deliciously excruciating as the wait had been, Kaze was ready to claim his prize.
“Hey, Kaze…,” Silas hesitantly broached, his round cheeks flushed red -- from embarrassment, or from huffing and puffing his way through the camp, Kaze could only guess at. “I have a little bit of a problem. Well...Little is probably not the right word--”
Kaze inclined his head, to denote that he was still listening to the knight ramble on, but he would privately admit, he was more focused on accounting for all the new weight that had settled in so well on the Nohrian’s frame.
For the most part, Silas was very well rounded; it gave him a pleasant, overall plush sort of look. His face was cherubic, with round, red cheeks and a softened jawline that dipped into a double chin that looked all too natural on his kind face. It hadn’t taken too long after Kaze had ramped up his feedings for Silas’ upper body to sort of catch up to the rest of him; his upper arms still clung to a slight firmness, but that also might have simply been from how tightly they were squeezed into the sleeves of the shirt he was currently wearing, his now rather hefty looking moobs similarly looking quite confined in his struggling shirt. He hadn’t even bothered -- or couldn’t, a thought that delighted Kaze -- done up the laces at the front, which left some of that pale, fat titfflesh free to jostle for an escape attempt that was truly only hampered by whatever integrity was left of this formerly well-fitting piece of clothing.
Of course, as his eyes traveled lower, it was clear to see that the shirt was...much less of a shirt, and more of a crop top that was just adequate enough to contain his moobs. Because, really, gloriously, Silas’ gut could no longer be contained by something so trivial. His upper belly was round and almost taught -- likely from the large breakfast he’d spent a good two hours shoveling into his hoggish mouth -- becoming a perfect resting shelf for his squishy breasts. While his lower belly, separated from the upper by a swelling roll of fat, hung lower and softer on his expanded frame. It quite easily draped over the other man’s crotch, even while standing, and almost every heavy breath or lumbering movement made it wobble just so. Stretch mark covered love handles fought for room at his sides, perched precariously atop widened hips that had the most luscious curves to them thanks to plentiful food and all of the horse riding that had given him such a nice form to begin with.
His thighs were nothing short of powerfully built, even with the thick layer of lard that now encased them. And, my...his ass really was something to behold; a beautiful bubble butt, straining the ass of his trousers so dearly, Kaze felt like he could almost hear the seams splitting as they stood there.
“--So, do you think you could help?”
The ninja blinked, coming out of his hungered staring to just catch the tail end of whatever Silas had been talking about.
“Yes, of course. I will do my best to aid you, my friend,” he responded swiftly, not even realizing what he was agreeing to until the other man dragged him over to the neatly organized set of his armor.
Oh. Oh, well now, this was better than he could have hoped, really. Silas had recruited him to do what he’d been desiring for months now.
“I’d do it myself, of course, but...uh, I’ve been having some recent trouble reaching around to some of the straps and buckles,” Silas chuckled nervously, his already flushed face seeming to go a deeper red at this admission.
Ah, so he’d finally noticed just how large his eating habits had made him? Fascinating that it had taken so long, but denial could be a powerful thing.
“It’s not a problem,” Kaze assured in a smooth tone of voice, waiting for Silas to start attempting to put on his armor. The breastplate and backplate came together via leather straps at the shoulders and sides, tightened and held in place by rather standard looking buckles. As Silas held the plate armor in place, Kaze tried to secure the straps. And, truly, he did try -- where was the fun if he didn’t get to see what an absolute mess the other man had made of himself with his lack of control, aided by his own pampering and spoiling with food and treats aplenty? He tugged on the straps as hard as he could, smiling softly to himself at the little noises Silas’ tried to stifle at the jostling and how the knuckles of his fingers couldn’t escape grazing or sinking into the warm flesh of the knight’s sides. If he pulled both sides tight enough, he could get the straps to touch, but nowhere near close enough to actually secure them with the buckle.
Kaze couldn’t resist pinching at the silver haired man’s love handles, apologizing and excusing it off as the metal from the buckle catching him by accident.
“It’s no use, is it…?” Silas sighed, cheeks puffing out just a little more from the simple act.
Kaze gave him a sympathetic look as he helped him remove the much outgrown piece of armor, his hand coming to pat the other on the back. “We can always get you refitted. It might have a slightly different style, but our blacksmiths are quite skilled; I’m sure they could replicate it to your tastes, if you so wish.”
The Nohrian seemed about to say something else, but Kaze chose now to make his kill, as it were. His tone and demeanor not shifting from gentle and comradely, he very brazenly brought a gloved hand to the other’s stomach, his thumb hooking easily into Silas’ navel as he grabbed a handful of chub and gave him an exploratory squeeze. It was just as soft as he’d imagined, but there was a firm layer to it too, if he dug his fingers in hard enough, that he found to be quite pleasant. A nice balance.
Humming softly to himself, Kaze continued his tactile exploration while urging them both forward in the direction of the mess hall. “I would greatly desire to see how long it would take you to outgrow a larger set of armor…”
If Silas could keep from giving in to Kaze’s offerings of food long enough to even have another set made before he ate his way out of it, that is.
Silas, sputtering and doing his best to keep up with the revelation, didn’t object to the idea nor did he fight against where Kaze was leading him.
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