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#a cinderella novel
luna-zhou · 3 years ago
You know you are addicted to otome games when...
1 - You don’t go out just to play the game.
2 - Your everyday responsabilities is put aside just for you to play a little more.
3 - You have a husbando (or lots of husbandos).
4 - You want to buy everything about the game or fave character.
5 - Sometimes you get distracted thinking about a game.
6 - The rage burn inside you when you get a bad ending in the first try.
7 - You dream about the game (or about that favorite character.)
8 - Your mobile/computer wallpaper is about otome game.
9 - You wake up in the the middle of the night just to play an otome game (cof, cof.....mystic messenger....)
10 - You wish to learn japanese so you can play a lot of otome games that do not be translated...
11 - You collects photos and fanarts about otome games.
12 - You have a blog/site/tumblr about otome games.
13 - Sometimes you cry playing the game.
14 - It hurts a lot when you fall in love with a character but you have to play another route and reject him.
15 - But, in spite of everything, you love all of this and you are happy!
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darknightsblog · 3 years ago
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Fan art sketch of Rod from Cinderella Phenomenon by @dicesuki \o/
Previous sketch was Waltz.
Waltz can’t play instruments. Me: *Draws him playing a violin* Rod is mute. Me: *Draws him singing*
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xxkoichiixx · a year ago
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I missed otome games so I played Cinderella Phenomenon!!! Finished my first route which is this guy!! Meet the sweet flirt Klaude! aka Karma!!!!!
Totally recommend this game if ya like visual novels!! The story’s awesome and I love the protagonist!!!!
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mayuuunaise · 2 years ago
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Trick or Treat! Happy Halloween, Princess!!
i spent more time on this than i should have //lies down//  i wanted to do a series where the kids of cinderella phenomenon would be dressing up as their curses!!! but as u can see this took like...,,, majority of my energy and day lmao..,, but it’s okay. fritz Deserves It All.
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gicette · 3 years ago
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i’m scared. i’ve never fallen from quite this high, falling into your ocean eyes. 
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tantaliart · 10 months ago
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“She was glad that no tears would betray her humiliation. Glad that her hateful cyborg body was good for one thing as she clutched onto her shredded dignity. She leveled her glare at the queen.” - pg. 355 of Cinder, by Marissa Meyer
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writing-ideas-inc · 2 years ago
Fairy Tale Prompt 1
The night of that famed fairy tale ball, the prince chased after Cinderella down the steps of the palace, only to end up with her glass slipper that had fallen from her foot. Believing she had simply lost it, the prince was determined to find the girl. In truth though, the girl who had ran was a decoy, a stranger that the real Cinderella had switched clothing with to escape, thus why the shoe slipped off so easily.
The real Cinderella did not want to be found by the Prince, let alone marry him. No, the real reason Cinderella had attended the ball was far more serious and grim than for love’s sake.
Mod Carolyn @theories-fans-andwombats
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aoikasaa · a year ago
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hey ever think about how Lucette kissed Fritz full force unprompted because she was just so happy so see him again and we only see her canonically being so physically forward with Fritz ? because i do, every goddamned day,
aka: preview for my sketch zine based on p!atd’s album ‘pray for the wicked’ ! it’ll be centered on Fritz/Lucette/Varg (bc i cant help myself lol), and v loosely scribbled. just me being self indulgent and embracing the feral energy of p!atd. 
commissions are open / kofi linked on blog
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technoelfie · 2 years ago
So... I wrote a book. And then I published it.
Hello friends,
I’ve been away for a long time. Real life became too busy with full-time work, a (neglected) PhD thesis and a toddler, and I had a hard time keeping up a regular online presence. But I still had a dream -- I wanted to write and publish a novel before the end of 2018, and just like my dear friend @fromthedeskoftheraven I managed that, though just barely!
My novel went live on in November 2018. Eeek!
I want to take a minute to thank everyone who has supported my fanfics in the past. Your kind words have given me the confidence I needed to embark on the complex and often daunting undertaking of writing a novel, so thank you. Thank you so much!
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The book is a sci-fi take on Cinderella. It has all the elements that I love writing -- a shy heroine who blossoms when she’s challenged, a sexy, growly, very masculine hero who isn’t looking for love but falls hard, and plenty of sexual and emotional tension.  If you’re curious you can check it out on Amazon here:
It’s $0.99 for the next few days, and free with a Kindle Unlimited membership. <3
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theprinceofflies · 23 days ago
Cinderella au where Celine is trying to escape the Actor's abuse and Damien is the fairy godfather (pretty sure there's a fanfic novelizing of Cinderella with the WKM characters called Celinerella)
I fucking love that! Again I’m not big on the WKM world but this does work! Damain with wings and fretting over Celines dress is one of my favorite thing! That’s so cute.
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