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“One thing I really like about western magical girl shows is how different main characters can be personality-wise. I feel in most of the Japanese shows, the main magical girl is kind of always a clear continuation of Sailor Moon’s Usagi - a bit naive, ultra friendly, clumsy, girly, not good with school, but with the power of love. Like main characters in the Precure franchise. There are exceptions of course (Cure Black and Cure Blossom), but western magical girls have a lot more variety! 
Bloom from Winx Club was a fantasy nerd with short temper, Will from W.i.t.c.h. was a sensitive tomboy, Marinette from Miraculous may be friendly and clumsy, but big part of her character is how much more confident she is as Ladybug and she is artistically talented, Arkayna from Mysticons is a spoiled princess, Star Butterfly is a rebel princess who loves fighting, Twilight Sparkle is a too-serious nerd. And more often than not - they are not even wearing pink!”
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countdeworde · 3 years ago
I asked MysticonsTV (the Mysticon twitter account) how old is Arkayna and Gawayne.
They answered that Arkayna is 15 and he's older. Which pretty much confirms the theory that the royal couple are two widowed people marrying each other. Each one brings a kid from the previous marriage into the situation.
So why is Gawayne named king when Arkayna is the direct biological descendant of the queen? Maybe it has nothing to do with gender or her status as Mysticon. Maybe it's simply the fact that Gawayne is legally considered an adult and therefore made the acting ruler. Which would explain why the queen doesn't waste much energy scolding him (even though Arkayna finds it unfair, at least the queen has glares and facepalms lol), he simply would shrug all her attempts at parenting off!
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The Mysticons and their tumblr descriptions
Arkayna: Arkayna | She/her | 15 | Dragon Mage | Bi-eautiful | Virgo | Princess of Gemina |
Emerald: She/Her. Single and ready to mingle~ Feminist. Anti. Bloodbane apologists don't follow.
Piper: 💖💛💙~Pan with a plan~💙💛💖(Besties with @Zarya's url 😄)
Zarya: Welcome to my twisted mind
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infinitydoublevenus · 3 years ago
You guys (spoiler warning for this whole post)
Tumblr media
This show is called Mysticons. A pretty cool name, if you ask me.  The basics are that four girls from different walks of life become legendary heroes after two of them try to steal the artifact called the Dragon Disk (pictured above)  and are now known as the next generation of Mysticons. They have to put a stop to the commander of the undead, Dreadbane, who is trying to revive the Queen of the Undead, Necrafa. The storyline keeps twisting and turning from there (in a good way, at least in my opinion). 
So as far as I know, this show has yet to be cancelled or have season 2 renewed for the rest of the episodes. The last one came out this May. There should be another one soon (next month in Canada - although I live in the US and the date for here is still TBA), but if the show doesn’t get support it could always go kaboom. There are only 13 in season 2 so far but if it’s going the route of Season 1 it should have 20 in total. The storyline with Proxima and the Vexicons isn’t over, we haven’t seen Doug in a while where did he go?, and also we still don’t know where Dreadbane is after the final battle with Necrafa. Hopefully the storyline with the baby dragon eggs being hidden in the cliff will also be followed up on. We also still don’t know much about Harmon or his hammer (which was apparently able to write an entire book by itself). Sure the show uses some language that 50 years from now would be dated, but the same is true for any show that’s not in its time anymore. They don’t overdo it either, it’s used sparingly for the most part. The theme song is fucking amazing, the transitions are pretty smooth and the music is so catchy. I’ve had it stuck in my head ever since I first started binge-watching season 1. 
It would be a shame to see it be cancelled. The art and animation is beautiful, the costumes aren’t sexistly designed like the majority of female hero costumes, they actually look pretty snazzy, all of the main characters (unless you count Malvaron, but that’s only one person) are female, one of them is black too (and so is Malvaron).
 It seems like Piper, Zarya and Arkayna all might have some form of PTSD as well. Piper from moving to the city, Zarya from Captain Chaos (I’m just gonna leave a warning here - the episode Mutiny Most Fowl contains themes of abuse, manipulation and child labor), and Arkayna from having her parents (spoiler alert) turned into bone statues. Zarya, Piper, Kitty, and Casey are all orphans as well as presumably the rest of the Pink Skulls (Kitty’s crew).  The show seems to do pretty well with diversity. Piper and Malvaron aren’t the only people of color in the show, so are Kitty, Casey and most of their crew. I’m white so I can’t exactly speak for how well the representation is done, but from what I know it seems okay. Obviously I’m not the best source for verifying that, but it is there, although most of the dark-skinned characters are voiced by white people. Malvaron isn’t, though. Piper also seems to show possible signs of being autistic (vocal/body stimming, social awkwardness, etc.). I’m not sure whether the similarities to mental things were intentional or not, but they’re still (also) there. 
And it doesn’t feel like the representation is just done for a token character so they can go “hey, here’s this character from [insert minority group here”. They actually have unique personalities that don’t revolve around the fact that they’re part of a minority. Sure. the ads might be a little heavy on the “hooray girl power” side, but if you actually watched the series, they barely even mention that in the episodes. Em’s outfit is pink which isn’t usually something you would see a “strong female character” wearing, so that’s pretty cool.
Tumblr media
Above is one of my favorite parts of the transformation sequences. Anyways, Piper isn’t the cliched strong woman that’s a “take no shit” kind of person, she’s optimistic, playful and friendly as well as being fierce.
Tumblr media
(Also, the above scene made me burst out laughing.)  Arkayna is a kind person with a moral compass despite having a slight arrogance problem. Zarya can be emotional and friendly and still be the sarcastic, roguish one of the group. Doug might be a side character, but he’s feminine and sensitive AND a guy. It’s played off as a joke sometimes, but usually he’s not made fun of for being “girly”. (Full disclosure, there does seem to be a transmisogynistic joke in one of the episodes .I can’t remember which but Gawayne tells the butler to dance and the butler is wearing a pink dress. It’s played off as a joke, but the rest of the episode is fine.) He’s also kind of implied to be gay? Maybe? I’m not sure, nothing has been confirmed, but that’s my headcanon for now. (There’s also a moment when Casey falls into Malvaron’s arms and it’s played off as a joke, but screw it, I’m shipping it anyways.) 
Most of the characters seem to be pretty average size, but Emerald and Doug both have some weight on them. Yeah, I know, Emerald is a dwarf, but she’s not the kind you find in videogames where the only larger-than-average woman is a dwarf with no personality - she’s actually one of the funniest characters (and one of my favorites).She’s also significantly shorter than the rest of the main characters. Doug isn’t portrayed as a “creepy old man,” he’s very friendly with what he calls a “happy outlook on life”. He might be a little clumsy but there are no jokes made about his weight at all. 
The characters might seem flat and one dimensional at first glance but as the series goes on they are developed into more complex people that at least to me feel realistic (for the most part). Gawayne is obnoxious and barely gets any development, although his character is a little expanded on in the episode The Lost Scepter. But otherwise the characters are pretty interesting. 
The show might have a crapton of cliched fantasy tropes, but they take them and bring them in a different direction. And even when it’s predictable, others have said it before and I’ll say it again: Predictable doesn’t always mean bad writing. The show is actually pretty well written. Even when it’s something you’ve seen a thousand times it still manages to be entertaining and sometimes it’s even surprising. Although I personally enjoy cliched fantasy tropes, but I feel like anyone who’s actually paying attention to the nuanced parts of the show could enjoy it and not just write it off as “oh, it’s another one of THOSE shows”. 
Also, how can you not love Choko (Zarya’s pet fozz), he’s fucking adorable. 
Tumblr media
Pictured above: Choko being Choko. Did I mention his fozz noises are super cute?
So anyways - this show isn’t completely what it seems to be at first glance. It’s a relatable, funny, action-packed cartoon and I really hope that season 2 gets finished. Maybe even a season 3 and beyond if it’s successful enough, although the creator has said it probably won’t get a third season. But honestly, it would be disappointing if season 2 didn’t at least get a proper ending. 
Tumblr media
Please, if you like Mysticons, support the show. Watch it on Nickelodeon’s official website or if it ever comes on the actual channel (never does for me). If you can afford it, try to get one or two of the actual books or figurines. Some of the money should go to Nickelodeon and the producers of the show (Nelvana, who also worked on Bravest Warriors, Max and Ruby, Beyblade, Braceface, Clone High, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, and a bunch of other shows.)
If you can’t support the show financially or by watching it, then if you like it at least spread the word. Make your own post or reblog this one. Start a petition, do something. 
 They made an official lyric video for it! I’m glad they did, because I couldn’t tell what they were saying for most of the song.
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juls-art · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here’s a collection of Mysticons doodles from some summers back
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distortedsiren · 3 years ago
Okay, so in Mysticons...
Why the hell is Gawayne made king? He's the stepson of the rightful queen, with no claim to the thrown whatsoever, so I don't get why he's the one they chose. I get that that's why Arkayna is so upset by it, but why couldn't she make a point that he had no place as king, because he's not of the royal bloodline.
Ugh, I know it's just a cartoon, but it bugs the hell out of me!
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herocentral · a year ago
First chapter of my latest crossover story is up, between TMNT 2012 and Mysticons you may recall I made a crossover art piece inspired by the idea of a crossover between the two well folks thats now a reality. 
Tumblr media
Mysticon Turtles crossover piece (above)
Feel free to take a look.
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herocentral · a year ago
Tumblr media
Mysticon Turtles: By Hero Central: 26/12/19 - 27/12/19
Here’s a crossover piece I have been dying to do for sometime featuring the Mysticons and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I have a little crossover story in mind for these characters and I know Mysticons was short lived for two seasons but I still found it good to watch and the characters related well to the 2012 TMNT series. You can expect to see a crossover story some time in 2020 until then Boyakasha! 
Mysticons/TMNT 2012 (C) Nickelodeon
Art (c) A.Montgomery,2019-2020
Painted in Procreate.
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crisp-sweet-pink-lady · 3 years ago
A Whole Lot of Speculation about Gawayne and Arkayna’s Relationship
 This turned into something way longer than I originally intended, but it all started with a thought I’ve had ever since The Coronation aired: what if Gawayne non-invited Arkayna not to be petty and get under her skin, but to keep her from stealing the spotlight, as she no doubt has countless times since they became stepsiblings.
Note: I wrote most of this before episode 11 aired (not that it super matters, since most of this is pre-show speculation)
Of course, he did do it at least a little bit to be petty.  After all, he claims that the best part of the whole party is that his stepsister will be upset that she isn’t invited, and checks in to make sure she’s suffering properly, and when she isn’t, he hits the final nail in the coffin, which is not, as one might assume, the cupcakes.
No, I fully believe that what really set Arkayna off was Gawayne’s comment, “you didn’t really amount to much, but maybe you can be my jester or something.”  And not just because that’s a fairly low blow, but because he’s throwing her own words back at her.  And she knows it.
Now, every single Arkayna profile mentions that she’s going to be queen someday, and judging from her interaction with her mom in the first episode, she’s very aware of that fact and what it will take to be queen.  So when her new stepbrother started getting uppity about his new status as a prince, without having put in all the years of training that she had, I’m sure Arkayna was quick to remind him that he’s not a true royal, and that she’s the one who will one day rule the realm.  Leading to her telling him, “you can be my jester” or some other similar comment.
So of course when Gawayne learns that he, in fact, will be king in their parents’ stead, is it any wonder he would lord it over her so obnoxiously?  And Arkayna’s Big No reaction is not just because her stepbrother is going to rule instead of her, but also because she knows, she knows that he’s going to give to her as bad as she ever gave to him.
But getting back to my original point.  At the actual coronation, after Arkayna as Dragon Mage has completely and utterly stolen the show and Gawayne storms out, he comments that the Dragon Mage is worse than his stepsiser, unaware that they’re one and the same.  So, Arkayna taking attention away from him, whether intentionally or unintentionally, must be a fairly common occurrence.  And from what we’ve seen in the show, I would not be surprised to learn this was the case. 
Most Arkayna profiles also mention she has a strong sense of justice, but as it plays out on screen, she comes off more as self-righteous, only doing the good that benefits her specifically.  So, considering their contemptuous relationship, it’s easy to imagine that Arkayna would see Gawayne getting attention, think he doesn’t deserve it (whether he does or not), and do something about it.  And as she’s not only crown princess, but also had quite a bit of training to protect the dragon disk under her belt, it was probably all too easy to divert everyone’s eyes from her stepbrother to herself.  We got a taste of that with all her antics at the coronation, minus the magic, of course.
Lastly, we know that Queen Goodfey worked Arkayna hard and apparently was more lax with Gawayne’s training, though that may have more to do with the queen not being his real mom (I would not put it past Gawayne to pull that line on her) and him coming into the family later, thus the queen not having as much parental authority on him as she does on her daughter.  Nor does Gawayne have the same feelings of responsibility towards the dragon disk as the queen and her daughter.  Arkayna no doubt has been taught the importance of the disk, the new Mysticons, and her own role since she was very young, whereas Gawayne is only coming into this relatively recently (my headcanon is he was around 12 or 13 when his dad remarried). 
As I’ve mentioned, Arkayna has more years of training than Gawayne, and while we only saw them riding griffins, there has to be more involved, if the point of the training was to protect the dragon disk.  So as far as Arkayna is concerned, Gawayne doesn’t deserve any attention or notoriety of any kind, since he hasn’t put in the work that she’s had to do.  And Gawayne, most likely, doesn’t understand that this is her mindset and only sees someone trying to steal his thunder for no good reason other than to be a jerk.  And so they clash and snipe at each other, without taking the time to think about things from the others’ perspective.  And honestly, I hope this is something the show will rectify.  We’re only a fourth of the way through the series, so there is still time for these two to get over themselves and try to find some common ground.
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mysticonsheadcanons · 19 days ago
Could you please write down what you think of all the characters from 'Mysticons'? I mean to write about each one separately.
Unless you've done something like that before
I put things that I like about each of the Mysticons, but I can do an in-depth one, where I talk about what I think about the characters, including things I don’t like. It will take a bit, though, as there are a lot of characters to go through.
I also won’t do every single character, as that would take forever. I’ll do all of the Mysticons, Doug, Malvaron, Dreadbane, Necrafa, and Proxima. If there is a character that’s not on the list that you feel should be, let me know
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mysticonsheadcanons · a month ago
What I Like About Arkayna
I like how, while Arkayna is a princess, she isn’t as forceful about it. She allows others to call her by her first name, and didn’t seem to see visiting Em’s parents as anything different than a normal girl meeting her friend’s parents. She also treats Em with respect (most times), and while she isn’t seen frequently interacting with the royal staff, she does give off the impression that she treats the staff with respect from what we have seen.
She also seems like a hard worker. While she was annoyed at her mom’s strict standards and lectures about the Mysticons, she is seen to care about her role as a princess, as well as other responsibilities. She is seen cleaning the stronghold for Lotus Night, and she cared about the Sky Lancers festival. I believe that her annoyance of training was simply due to her mom putting too much pressure on her, as well as hearing the story of the Mysticons many times before.
I also like how, while she does have good leadership skills, she has to work on thinking about how others feel. She is very charismatic, but does have to pay attention to others more. I think this is great, because I like it when characters have flaws. I can also tell that Arkayna doesn’t disregard other people’s feelings intentionally, but she simply has a hard time thinking about what others want.
I also like how Arkayna was so quick to accept Proxima as family, even when it was discovered that she wasn’t. I do like the idea of found family, and I like how Arkayna didn’t forget about Proxima the moment she found her actual twin. And while Arkayna could have handled Proxima’s struggles with it a little better, I can tell that she truly didn’t see Zarya as replacing Proxima.
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aninerdanimationblog · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
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mysticonsheadcanons · 29 days ago
What I Like About Em
Em is my second favourite character, following closely behind Zarya. There is quite a few things I like about her.
What I like about Em is that I can relate to her a lot. She is intelligent and can be unconfident at times, which I can relate to. I also find that, some of her conflicts, such as hiding her anger, are relatable to me. There are also subtle things about Em that I can relate to, such as her being nervous about using the celestial forge, as I have a feeling I wouldn’t want to use it either.
Another thing I like about Em is how kind and gentle she is. She’s always willing to comfort someone or to give advice if needed. And while she isn’t always perfect, such as mentioning family to Arkayna right after losing her parents, she is willing to apologize, and is generally great at comforting others.
I also think it’s pretty cool that she’s a dwarf, as I like playing dwarves in dungeons and dragons. However, I don’t know if I like dwarves in dungeons and dragons because of Em, or if being drawn to dwarves in the game makes me like Em more.
And while it’s not a big thing, I do like her energy shield. Force field generation is my favourite super power, so it’s cool having a character like that. I also think it fits her character perfectly, as she wants to protect others. I also think it’s cool that she tends to use her energy shield to protect others, even protecting Piper in the first episode, despite the fact that Piper tried to steal the dragon disk shortly before.
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mysticonsheadcanons · 26 days ago
What I Like About Piper
I like Piper’s energy and optimism. When I’m in a bad mood, watching Piper bounce off the walls and have a positive outlook on life tends to cheer me up. She is willing to try almost anything, even being willing to sneak into the Astromancer Academy without any hesitation. However, she also has a gentle side to her, as shown by how she comforts Em after Kasey got hurt. I also like how she had no hard feelings towards Arkayna and Em at the start of the series, even thanking them for saving her, Zarya, and Choko.
Despite her typically happy-go-lucky nature, there is more depths of her character. She does have a mysterious past, due to the images of bones that she kept imagining in episode 8. She also shows vulnerability, such as when she didn’t want to be a Mysticon, as she wanted her and her friends to be safe. She is also good at riddles, which I like, as this shows more intelligence than the others sometimes give her credit for.
I also like the fact that she’s an elf. As an elf was one of the first Dungeons and Dragons characters, as well as the character that I considered by “go to” for a bit before changing.
Her Mysticon powers, especially her hoops, which while I didn’t like them as much as the other weapons earlier, I definitely see good points about it. It’s definitely the most unique Mysticon weapon, and I think it works. It’s not only just as powerful as the more typical weapons, if not more so, but it’s also versatile, being able to wrap around people’s arms to hold them in place, just like she did with the sky pirate in episode 12.
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