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#billy russo x reader
queen-haq · 2 days ago
Fic: A Woman Reborn (Part 1)
Fic: A Woman Reborn (Part 1)
Pairing: Billy Russo X Reader (from A Woman Scorned)
Rating: R / 18+ only
A/N: This is a sequel to A Woman Scorned and takes place a few years after the events of AWS. You can read AWS here.
Summary: You and Billy are happily married when tragedy strikes, jeopardizing your relationship and everything you two have built together. Can the two of you find your way back to each other or is the special bond you once shared broken forever?
Tumblr media
gif credit: @barnesdaily​
You were pissed. In five days you were supposed to marry Billy and start your lives together but there he was, standing at the tiki bar, flirting it up with the bartender. Jealous fury coursed through you, seeing him laugh and charm the hot blonde. You knew he was deliberately putting on a show because he was angry with you, he’d clocked your entrance the second you entered the beachside bar - but it still irritated you and you had enough of it. Well, two could play that game.
You turned around and headed to the bar that was on the opposite end of the resort, a safe distance away from Billy and his stupid antics.
The breeze from the ocean had a slight chill to it. You contemplated going back to your room to pick up a shawl but decided against it. As you passed by several of the other guests heading to dinner, they greeted you with a smile and nod. An older couple walked ahead of you, hands intertwined together, laughing and chatting. It warmed your heart to see them, but it also saddened you. Would that ever be you and Billy? Right now, you didn’t think so.
The poolside bar was crowded, filled with people partying and socializing. You took a deep breath, mentally preparing yourself to get into “work” mode. You were a great schmoozer, it just wasn’t an inherent part of your personality and you actively had to work at it. But forcing yourself to have a good time was better than being stuck in your room and seething at Billy.
Spotting a group of people at the bar you and Billy had chatted with earlier, you made your way towards them.
An hour later you were on your third drink and actually having a great time with a guy named Andrew when you felt someone’s arm snake around your waist. Billy. He pulled you close, your back flush against his chest, his way of reminding you that you were his.
“Having a great time?” Billy asked.
Oh, he was pissed. You could hear it in his voice right away even though he sounded perfectly friendly to everyone else. “Wonderful time,” you replied flippantly, not turning around.
“Andrew, right?” Billy asked, extending his hand out to the guy in front of you. “We met at the lobby bar earlier.”
Andrew shook his hand, oblivious to the tension in the air. “Yeah, I remember. Billy. Feeling better? Your wife said you came down with something.”
“We’re not married,” you said, deliberately goading Billy.
“Not yet.” Moving to stand beside you, he planted a hard kiss on your bare shoulder. “Looks like you’re taking good care of her though. Where’s your wife?”
“Oh, she’s around here somewhere.”
Billy dipped his head to the side. “Maybe you should go look for her and leave mine alone.”
Finally sensing the hostility, Andrew mumbled, “Alright man, see you around,” and left right away.
You took a sip of your drink, purposely ignoring Billy which he didn’t like. Not at all.
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”
You shrugged your shoulders. “Enjoying myself.”
“Clearly.” His dark eyes blazoned with rage, peering at you closely. “If this is you getting cold feet, get the fuck over it. You’re marrying me. No matter what.”
“Oh, were you discussing the wedding when you were flirting with the bartender?”
Eyebrow cocked, he gave you a smug grin. “Saw that, did you?”
“Disappointed I didn’t stab her?”
“Always.” He took the drink from your hand and finished it off in one swig. “Are you still planning to stick to the ridiculous no-sex rule?”
You shot him a dirty glance before standing up to leave. “You might as well go back to the bartender. That’s the only way you’re getting any.”
As you made your way out of the bar, he came up from behind and grabbed your elbow to spin you around. “Why you pushing me away?”
“What are you talking about?”
He glared at you, leaning in close. “You spring this whole no-sex thing out of the blue-”
“I just wanted our first night as a married couple to be special. You’re acting like I asked you to be celibate for a fucking year! It would only be until the wedding.”
“Yeah well, that’s too fucking long.” His eyes trailed down to your breasts, inhaling you in. You’d chosen to wear a strapless maxi dress for dinner on your first night in Barbados, and while it was loose and comfortable it also required a strapless push-up bra which did wonders for your cleavage. “You look like this and then tell me I can’t fuck you?”
You tried to hold on to your anger but it was difficult, especially considering the look of pure lust on Billy’s face. “There are couples that don’t have sex for months,” you pointed out.
With every step that he advanced towards you, you retreated backwards, taunting him.
“That’ll never be us.” His voice was hoarse as his fingers linked with yours, his arm encircling your back. “And you don’t want that anyway.”
“No, but I do want us to wait. It’s only five days.”
“Five days of fucking torture,” he grumbled.
He led you to the beach, the sounds of waves crashing against the ocean calming your nerves. The beach was dark and isolated, a picturesque heaven with a full moon shining amongst a thousand stars. You followed behind Billy as he tugged you to a nearby lounge chair and the two of you lied down, wrapped in each other’s arms, both watching the sky together.
Cold, you clung to him while he rubbed your arms and back. “Sometimes I can’t believe we’re actually here.”
“What do you mean?” he asked, lips grazing your temple.
“That we’re together, we’re getting married.”
“You’ll be mine. Legally.”
You chuckled. “I don’t think marriage gives you ownership over me.”
“Whatever.” He took your hand and kissed the tips of your fingers. “Legal or not, I own every fucking inch of you.”
“Every inch, huh?” You teased, sitting up and shifting your body so that you were now straddling him. “What about this part?” Your fingers smoothed down your neck, his hungry gaze following your movement.
Eyes locked with his, you shimmied the top of your dress down, exposing your satin push-up bra. He reached out to caress your boobs but you slapped his hand away. “Can’t touch. That’s the rule.”
“So you can touch me all you want but I can’t do the same?”
“Bride’s prerogative.” Your hips started grinding against his, deliberately slowing your movements atop him so you could feel his erection through all the layers of clothing between you. “Just because we can’t fuck doesn’t mean we can’t have fun.”
His fingers tightly clenched the arms of the chair, his face tense as you continued to tease him.
Your hands gripped his stomach as you circled your hips in the other direction. “Think it’ll always be like this between us?”
“Maybe you’ll wake up one day and decide you don’t want to get married.”
He groaned, and you could see he was trying to focus on your words and not give into the fucking ecstasy from your hips rolling atop his erection. “Never… gonna… happen.”
Pressure spooled in your stomach as your wetness soaked through your panties and onto his shorts, both of your breaths coming out in short spurts.
“Want to be inside you,” he muttered through gritted teeth.
You shook your head. “No. Not allowed.”
“Then let me see your pussy.” His teeth pulled at his bottom lip, eyes pleading with you. “Let me eat you out.”
Before you could respond he was lifting you by the waist and dragging you close and then you were on his face and his mouth was between your thighs and he was fucking you with this tongue and you were screaming with pleasure at everything he was doing to you. But the voice in your head didn’t want to give up full control, no, absolutely not, and despite your trembling knees you picked yourself up and maneuvered yourself around atop his face. As he fucked you with his tongue, you unzipped his shorts, took his cock in your mouth and started sucking him off, leading to one of the most erotic experiences you’d shared with him.
He came first in your mouth, you followed shortly after, and by the time your hearts had stopped pounding and some semblance of reality returned it was minutes later and he was spooning you from behind.
“Five days is too long.”
You turned around in his arms, facing him. “I just gave you a blow job and that’s still not enough?” You pouted.
His eyes brimmed with emotion as he studied you. “It’s never enough. I could fuck you every day and every night and I’d still want more of you. Always. That’ll never change.”
“How can you be so sure?” You sounded so vulnerable even to your own ears, you couldn’t imagine how pathetic you must have sounded to him.  
He lifted your chin to meet his eyes, his gaze intent. “Because I love you.”
Those were words he didn’t say often, it had taken him a long time to even admit he felt that way about you, but every time he vocalized them your heart swelled and you were ready to burst with happiness.
“And I always will. Nothing’s gonna change that. And I don’t want to wait another five days to make you mine.”
“I’m already yours, remember?” You dropped a tender kiss on the tip of his nose.
“Marry me.”
You chuckled. “We already did this bit? You slipped the ring on my finger when I was sleeping. Told me I had to marry you, you wouldn’t accept no for an answer?”
“I mean marry me tomorrow, not five days from now.”
“Billy, our friends are flying down here to see us get married. We can’t just push up the wedding-”
“We can put on a show for them too, but let’s do something with just the two of us. Tomorrow.”
You saw the rush of excitement on his face, the way his eyes lit up in the dark - but the realist in you warned you to temper his expectations. “Is all this just because you want to get laid sooner? Fine. Forget the no-sex rule-”
He pressed his finger against your lips. “No, has nothing to do with that.” He sat up partially, resting his weight on his elbow. Forehead creased with worry, he watched you intently. “Don’t you wanna marry me?”
“Of course I do. You know that.”
“Good, because you don’t have a choice.”
You ruffled his hair playfully. “Do I ever?”
“So we’ll get married tomorrow.” He kissed your hand. “And you’ll be mine. Forever.”
You smiled, feeling closer to him than you ever had before. Closing your eyes, you snuggled him tightly.
The wedding ceremony took place the next night in one of the private gardens at the resort, under the stars, with the Marriage Officer officiating and with two members of the resort staff serving as witnesses. You wore a red slip dress and he wore his pin-striped suit and you couldn’t remember the last time he looked so elated. You were not the type of couple to write your own vows but when he promised to love and cherish you as long as he lived you knew he meant every word of it. As did you.
After the wedding the two of you slow danced in the gazebo, without any music, simply holding each other in the moonlight. And by time the two of you reached your suite, your clothes were already ripped off and you two were clawing at each other. You didn’t make it to the bed, barely even making it inside the suite.
It was the first night of the rest of your life together, and it was the happiest you’d ever been.
“Are you okay?”
Matt Murdock’s words brought you out of your reverie. You gave him a small smile, nodding your head. “I’m fine.”
He leaned in to whisper in your ear. “Do you need a break?”
“No, let’s just get this over with.”
Although hesitant, he resumed the negotiation with the opposing lawyer sitting across from you. 
Throughout the talks, you felt Billy’s eyes on you. As much as your heart wanted to believe he was watching you like he used to before the accident, his molten eyes full of love and lust, you knew that wasn’t the case. These days he only looked at you with contempt and anger, like you were the bane of his existence.
When a short break was ordered, you rushed out of the boardroom. The walls felt like they were closing in, you couldn’t breathe.
“Here,” Matt said, giving you a bottle of water.
Despite his lack of sight, Matt seemed to always know when you were struggling. It was like he had a sixth sense when it came to people’s emotions, probably why you and him became fast friends after Karen introduced you a few months ago.
“We don’t have to go through with this,” he advised. “It isn’t too late. Just tell me you want Anvil-”
“No. I’m tired of dragging this out. I just want to move on.”
“You helped make the company what it is now. Half of it’s rightfully yours.”
You shook your head ‘no’. “I want to cut all ties with him.”
On cue you felt Billy’s eyes on you, standing at the other end of the room. His face was beautiful as always despite the scars from the accident, and when you looked at him long enough you could almost convince yourself he was the man you fell so deeply in love with, the man you married. Except he wasn’t, and hadn’t been in the last two years. He was no longer your Billy and it was time to face that reality.
An hour later the negotiations were finally complete and the two of you had reached a settlement. After the documents were filed, you and Billy would be officially divorced.
Four and a half years of marriage obliterated in the span of an afternoon.
You could see the relief on Billy’s face as he left the room with his lawyer, his happiness at finally being rid of you. Even though it had been your idea to draw up a prenup in the first place, you had fought against it as your way of buying more time and holding onto the marriage. Maybe Billy would be himself again, maybe he’d remember you and love you like he once did. But your altercation with him last week had finally shown you that he was a changed man.
You didn’t cry after the accident. When Billy was in a coma for weeks after the crash, you didn’t cry then either. You stayed strong and reminded yourself he would come out of it. Because this was Billy. Your Billy. And he wasn’t going to let an accident take away everything he worked so hard for. When he regained consciousness and it soon became apparent he’d lost large fragments of his memory – including all reminders of you – you still clung to hope. You didn’t give into tears.
But right now, as Matt walked alongside you to your car, you finally fell apart. The tears rushed out, your knees gave way and you fell to the ground and sobbed for your husband. Matt held you tightly and tried his best to console you, but the grief was overwhelming. Because it hit you at long last that Billy was gone. The man you loved more than life itself was dead.
All remnants of him had disappeared and the love that you shared with him no longer existed.
To be continued...
A/N - Um, thoughts???
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pillow-titties · a day ago
Replaceable (18+)
Billy Russo x Reader
You don’t like to see Billy flirting with other girls in the bar, so you decide to show him how easily you can replace him…
Tags: masturbation, sex toys, phone sex, friends with benefits, jealous!Reader, friends to lovers, devious sex plot
Tumblr media
You were simmering in the backseat of your Uber, replaying the image of Billy leaning against the bar and twirling the pretty brunette’s curls around his finger over and over again.
“Oh, here we go,” Karen had said, craning her neck over your shoulder. You and Frank followed her gaze to see Billy at the bar, now at the mercy of a pretty girl in a short blue dress. The next round was his, and while he’d been waiting, alone, she’d made her move.
“His type,” Frank remarked, turning back to his drink. You rolled your eyes and looked away as soon as Billy flashed that charming smile of his.
You knew exactly how that girl was feeling, the way her heart was speeding up, the ideas running through her head. You took a sip of your drink as you thought back to only two nights ago, Billy showing up at your door and flashing that same smile.
The night had ended with you both panting, Billy stretched half across your naked body as your orgasms still fizzled in your veins and his cum leaked out of your sore cunt.
And you knew that having casual sex with Billy didn’t mean you were together, but who was gonna shoot you for feeling a little possessive over the guy? No one else had made you sob when you came, and you weren’t exactly eager to share that experience with others. Plus, he was your friend, and she could be a gold digger for all you knew. You not liking her was just you looking out for him.
“Y’know, I think I’m gonna head off,” you said, shrugging on your coat and offering your friends an apologetic smile. “It’s pretty late, and I’ve got a busy day tomorrow.”
“You get home safe, ok?” Karen said, reaching out to give your hand a squeeze.
“Will do.”
You nodded goodbye to Frank, who tipped his bottle at you, as you shuffled out of the booth and out of the bar. Your Uber showed up a minute later, and you were walking through your front door before the evening chill had even had a chance to crawl its way into your bones.
You flung your purse on the counter and kicked off your shoes, popping the button on your jeans as your headed for the bedroom. You couldn’t even be bothered with pyjamas, stripping off your clothes and underwear before crawling into bed.
The brush of your cool sheets against your bare skin made your nipples pebble, and you took a moment to enjoy it before reaching for your vibrator in your bedside drawer. In the Uber, a plan had formed in your mind, and you intended on showing Billy just how replaceable he was.
You hummed as you switched on your vibrator and it buzzed into life, the powerful vibrations making your hand feel weird and tingly.
It’d be more believable if you called Billy when you were around halfway through your ‘alone time’, like you’d accidentally rolled over onto your phone. If you called him just as you were starting, he might get suspicious.
Shuffling further down your pillows and pushing your sheets to around your knees, you slowly trailed your vibrator up and down the baby soft insides of your thighs, every upwards trail coming closer and closer to where you needed it most. You didn’t have the same self-control as Billy, and you sighed deeply as you slid your buzzing toy over your damp folds, collecting your slick and smearing it over your clit as your hips began to move to their own rhythm.
You let the pleasure in your core build a little more before reaching for your phone, scrolling through your contacts and your thumb hovering over the call button before you finally just did it and set your phone on speaker on the bed beside you.
With every ring, your pleasure heightened, your hips beginning to move impatiently.
You were mid-moan when Billy answered with, “Hey, you ok?”
You were more than ok, as he was about to find out, and you ignored his greeting by whining pitifully as you removed your vibrator from your cunt.
You adjusted the settings, upping them, making sure to pass the buzzing toy over your phone’s microphone so Billy could hear exactly what you were up to.
Your surprised gasp at the stronger vibrations of your toy turned into a drawn out moan, and you circled the toy around your clit, straddling the line between just enough pressure to make your hips jerk, but not enough to end it all too quickly.
“Mmmm-uh, fuck!” you whined, your hips twitching as that familiar pressure began to build, and you pushed your toy harder on your swollen clit. “C’m- c’mon, Billy, wanna feel it…”
You vaguely noticed Billy never responded to his name, his end of the call deathly silent. Maybe he was shocked, but more like Billy, he was probably not wanting to interrupt in case you stopped.
Your fingers curled in the bunched up sheets as your pleasure began to plateau, your hips and your toy moving in time desperately. Your mind drifted back to the last time Billy had been in your bed - the way his teeth scraped across your neck and shoulders, his curling fingers buried in your cunt as he dragged you through your second orgasm, the salty musk of his cock on your tongue.
As your release came closer and closer, your fisted hand flung from your sheets to the pillow above your head, clenching it until your fingers ached. You were desperately close, on the verge of tears as you panted and sniffled as you rode your toy, teetering on the edge of relief.
All it took was the memory of Billy’s weight in your core as he growled, “Cum for me, darlin’,” in your ear to finish you off.
You finally came with a broken gasp as your orgasm rolled through your body, your back arching off the bed. Your hips stuttered on your toy as you rode through it, your muscles spasming and burning as you softly panted Billy’s name like a chant into the quiet of your room.
You turned your head to look at your phone, and you felt a flutter in your core when you realised the call was still going. Even by the point Billy had inevitably figured out what you were doing, he still hadn’t hung up.
But you couldn’t dwell on that thought - it was time to act.
“Shit shit shi-“
You cut off your worried huffing mid-word, hanging up on Billy and giving him the illusion that you had no idea he’d been listening. It had all simply been an unfortunate, poorly timed accident…
You rolled onto your back with a satisfied smirk, your limbs weighty and loose as you tucked your satiated body beneath your sheets. Take that.
Your phone chiming broke you out of your post-orgasmic haze, and your heart skipped when you saw Billy’s name show up on the text alert. Barely containing your giggles, you swiped the message open.
I didn’t take her home. I’ll repay you for the show soon. X
You stared at the words on your screen, reading them over and over again as you chewed on your lip.
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I really like the hidden wrist knife though, it seems pretty useful to rip panties off
Mafia!Billy Russo x Reader
⚠️ Knife kink, daddy kink, dirty talk. ⚠️
"Told you not to wear any fucking underwear." Billy growls into your ear, "But you love to be a brat, hmm?"
His front pressed to your back as his hands roam over the lace-covered front of your core.
"'M sorry, Sir, I just thought-"
He grunts, pulling at the waistband of your panties and enjoying the squeak you make as they snap back into place, stinging your skin.
"You're too stupid to be thinkin', Bunny, just supposed to bend over and take my cock." He lets out a disappointed sigh, "and how are you supposed to take my cock with this in the way, hmm?"
He pushes you forward, until you're bent squarely over his desk, your skirt pushed up with your ass on display.
"You-you can pull them to the side." You suggest with a shaky voice.
"But then I won't be able to see your little cunt stretch." He counters.
"I'm sorry." You say with a sniffle.
Suddenly you hear a clicking sound, followed my the quiet scratch of metal against each other, and something cool is dragged up the underside of your thigh.
You whimper, as his knife slips under the fabric of your panties for the first time.
"Shhhhh," he soothes, "Let daddy do what he wants."
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christowhore · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
🎃 fic rec masterlist 🎃
below are all of the fics that i have read this month. every single person on this list is an absolute amazing writer, so if you have the time, please make sure to take a read and let the author know what you think. your interaction is adored and goes a long way, so make sure to like/comment/reblog !
*please read all warnings. you are the author of your own content viewing. please be respectful towards fic writers. some stories/accounts may be for mature audiences only- 18+ no minors allowed, as well as dark content (noncon/dubcon)*
* dividers credit: @firefly-graphics *
fluff - (f) | angst - (a) | smut - (s) | dark - (d)
chris evans
End Of Us - @lovebittenbyevans (a)
In His Pocket - @onsunnyside (s)
A Drunken Confession - @fluffymisha97 (f)
Superstar - @xxindiglow (f,s)
Can’t Lose You - @/lovebittenbyevans (a)
Tumblr media
andy barber
Escapade - @ambrosiase (s)
Andy Eating Pussy HC - @punani (s)
Untitled Soft!Andy HC - @jannqt (f)
Fresh Start - @fluffycutecevans (f)
Fuck Me Heels - @ramp-it-up (s)
Boys In Bed With Books - @jobean12-blog (s)
Tumblr media
andy barber x reader x ari levinson
Anything We Give You - @luxeavenger (s)
Tumblr media
steve rogers
Jumbotron - @simplystevies (f,s)
Movies Don’t Create Psychos - @geniedetails (a,s,d)
Separate Ways Pt. 2 - @syntheticavenger (f,a)
Slip Of The Tongue - @inklore (s)
If Only They Knew - @auroracalisto (a)
Untitled Smut Blurb - @holacia2 (s)
J Is For Jacking Off - @universitypenguin (s)
Baby, You’re Playin Hard To Forget - @hauntingheathcliff (f,a)
Tumblr media
steve rogers x reader x bucky barnes
It’s Rude To Tease - @/luxeavenger (s)
Tumblr media
bucky barnes
Caught In 4k - @heavenbarnes (s)
You Were Supposed To Be My Forever / (Part 2) - @turbolisedcomet (a)
Untitled Soft!Bucky - @strwbrrybucky (f)
Comply - @tumblin-theworldaway (s,d)
Fixation Of Lust - @/inklore (s)
Sweet And Scary - @bloomingbucky (f)
Creature - @giorno-plays-piano (a)
Tumblr media
bucky barnes x reader x peter parker
Untitled Dom!Bucky - @/heavenbarnes (s)
Tumblr media
thor odinson
Burning With Desire - @/inklore (f,a,s)
He'd Be Lying - @balenciagabucky (s)
Tumblr media
wanda maximoff x reader x natasha romanoff
Cherry - @/ambrosiase (s)
Tumblr media
billy russo
Midnight Train - @/balenciagabucky (s,d)
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balenciagabucky · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
: ̗̀➛ please do not repost any of my fics or playlist, even if you give credit. MINORS DO NOT INTERACT. this blog is 18+ only, if you would like to repost my moodboards or headers please contact me first and give me credit. i do not allow any of my fics to be translated or transferred onto any other account or website
: ̗̀➛ not specified by kinks, this is honestly just me posting as many, hopefully 31 or more, fics the full month of october, the masterlist will continue to get bigger after each fic is posted
: ̗̀➛ some fics contain smut, some do not, some fics are dark fics
* = smut, **= dark fic
in a dream i was* — what a sleepy girl you are // werewolf!frank castle
secret potion* — it didn’t go how you planned for it to go // sir!frank castle
soft love* — slow and easy love // frank castle
summer love — maybe you were ready for love // mermaid!yelena belova
winter love — you’re scared of ghost, scaredy cat! // yelena belova
autumn with tears* — being incapable of love is common // psychologist!bucky barnes
feared lavender** — you smell of lavender and fear and he wants it // vampire!bucky barnes
full moon* — hyperfixation was his name // werewolf!bucky
imagery* — all it took was three words // bucky barnes
he’d be lying* — you were prepped for him and only him // thor odinson
something in the water* — he’s not dead but this right here is heaven // thor odinson
the cult of him** — how did you get here // cult leader!thor odinson
the true heir* — he was scared so you broke him // sir!xu shangchi
primal passion* — like animals, you were ready to mate // xu shangchi
so in love* — he loves your body just as much as he loves you // xu shangchi
ready for it* — tonights the night // vampire!sam wilson
cherry wine* — one night with a mortal was all he needed // dionysus!sam wilson
tonight** — maybe you did want him // dark!sam wilson
prince of darkness* — all you have to do is surrender // devil!billy russo
midnight train** — the moment he saw you, he was attached // dark!billy russo
midnight train two**
midnight train three**
midnight train four** // dark!billy russo + dark! frank castle
midnight train five**
a bitch in heat* — he despised it but you loved full moons // werewolf!ikaris
the problem* - you make him work for your love // zeus!ikaris 
needy* - theres some things her husband doesn't do for her //hera!natasha
party girl* - five minutes in heaven never felt so good // natasha romanoff
the flower* - tiptoe through the tulips // natasha romanoff
like a river** - dancing through life // choose your own character
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Nemesis Trilogy (Masterlist)
Tumblr media
PART 1: Retribution
Summary: 10 years after the Avengers had left you for dead during a mission gone wrong, you unexpectedly re-enter their lives. Wholly unrecognizable from the person they used to know and now with a new team behind you, they ask for your help to stop a chain of syndicates who were manufacturing and peddling the super soldier serum. You were determined to say no until the chance at the vengeance you had been chasing for years was added to the offer.
Fandoms: Avengers, Marvel, MCU, The Punisher, Daredevil
Pairings: Female Reader x (Frank Castle, Billy Russo, Matt Murdock, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Pietro Maximoff)
Warnings: UNAPOLOGETIC SMUT. SHAMELESS SEXUAL BEHAVIOURS. (18+ only), polyamorous relationships, reverse harem, Punisher canon level violence and gore, blatant disregard for canon timelines and events across the board, darkish to soft!dark themes, angst, fluff (if you squint. to keep us sane)
(1) Cotton Candy | bright sweetness. nostalgic. unsatisfying
(2) Dark Chocolate | faded sweetness. bitter. shocking. 
(3) Hard Candy | tough. a surprise center
(4) Apple Crumble | warm. familiar. unstructured
(5) Lemons | sour. shocking
(6) Birthday Cake | favorite flavor. a party (Part 1 Finale)
Tumblr media
PART 2: Reformation
Summary: Frank Castle didn’t expect to end up in a HYDRA base when he followed a lead intended for the syndicates. He also didn’t expect to find you barely conscious and tortured within an inch of your life. His decision to save you at that moment led you to spend the next ten years rebuilding yourself from the ashes of your former life. Frank Castle, Billy Russo, and Matt Murdock aid you in your quest for retribution until your old life catches up with you.
Setting: After Retribution Chapter 2 and before Chapter 3.
(1) Mashed Potatoes | soft. starchy. a classic.
(2)  Chicken Noodle Soup | warm. gratifying. a comfort.
(3) coming soon
Tumblr media
PART 3: Redemption
Summary: Your quest for vengeance came to a bloody conclusion with a dark twist that has you reeling and completely breaking down. Hard decisions will need to be made even with the unwavering support of six incredible men. A mad chase with an unwanted adversary will either end in redemption or total destruction.
Setting: After Retribution Chapter 6.
(1) coming soon
(2) coming soon
(3) coming soon
No permission is granted to repost, translate, or steal my work. Tumblr is the only place I post my writing. If you see it anywhere else please report it.
WE HAVE DISCONTINUED TAG LISTS. If you want to keep up to date follow my side blog and turn on notifications: plaid-sav-armsfics. Only new chapters of current published works and new fic updates will be posted there.
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thewritingdoll · 2 months ago
I have not known peace since you said that thing about billy russo bending you over a carousel horse it’s all I can think about
same bestie !! so y’all wouldn’t mind if i… elaborated a bit? also, if you’re not the same anon that said they’ve been begging me for a dark billy, this is also for them!
𝓎𝑜𝓊’𝓇𝑒 𝒶 𝒻𝓇𝑒𝒶𝓀𝓈𝒽𝑜𝓌 | ᥇.᥅.
fandom marvel
featuring billy russo x reader (f)
content warning all smut, noncon, “bratty” reader, gun play, degradation, spit kink, dumbification, forced breeding kink, he’s a menace, through and through
summary not based on the actual carousel scene or having anything really to do with the plot of the show. you don’t even know his name, but he might lose it if he can’t have you.
word count 3.2k / one shot
attention don’t read if you’re not into dark fics (duh) because i’m not responsible for your media consumption and this fic contains nonconsensual sexual acts and abusive behavior. not proofread. reblog and give feedback.
Tumblr media
that’s what you felt. overwhelmed by the music and lights of the carnival ride and caught utterly off guard by the swiftness of his movements, the strength and calculation behind them as you’re shoved on to the platform. your head was not the only thing spinning when you collapse against rattling metal, your left knee taking the brunt of the contact and earning a croak of pain.
“Stay away from me, you freak!” you grab and hold on to the stirrup of a painted pony as you clammer to get back on your feet, but he’s already swaggering towards you, dressed in black, with eyes darker than the night sky and focused on you like a starved animal. he’s smirking, which only prompts more nervousness in your voice. “I’ll scream.”
“That was the plan.” is his response, and you stagger backwards. your spine comes in contact with the side of the equine statue, essentially halting your movements, and the stranger lifts the hem of his shirt with one hand, the other grasping the butt of a pistol as he pulls it from his waistband. you freeze, breath caught in a painful bubble in your throat and eyes wide at the sight, but he seems not to notice (or, not to care) as he waves the weapon around with a flippancy that has your stomach tying itself in knots. “No one’s gonna hear you anyways, so I’m gonna make you sing like a pretty, little birdie.”
it sounded too damning to be true, and you decided to challenge his theory. wailing out for help, you sidestep the carousel horse to put some distance between him and you, inching behind the reared head of another as you whirl around and scream again. you howl that he’s got a gun, that you need help, but you realize that your voice never reaches much further than the ride you’re on— the music is much too loud, blaring through large speakers and permeating the fair.
he wraps one fist around the pole drilled into the horse’s back, and uses the leverage to propel himself toward you with a guffaw of amusement. “You see? Just you and me, little bird. You can keep it up, if you really want, but the good part hasn’t even started, yet.”
you careen to avoid his leap, and your eyes flicker to the horse behind you. if you could get around it somehow, you’d be able to jump from the platform and be off the hellish ride. he’s closing in quick, and you’ve not the time to plan your escape as flawlessly as you’d hoped, because it was only a moment later that he reaches for you with his palm open. “Go to hell!” you weren’t sure if every syllable is uttered, because you duck shortly after to dodge his grasp, and scramble beneath the only remaining obstacle between you and the edge of the platform. your fingers grip at the edge of the ride and you only start to pull yourself to your salvation when you feel a vice around your bare ankle, jerking you backwards. with a hopeless squeak, your skin scrapes against the rotating, metal platform as you’re hauled back towards him.
“The chase. You love it, don’t you?” he asks, and you can hear his ragged panting intermingling with the circus tune blasting above the two of you. “You’ve had me chasing you all night, birdie. Playing hard to get, like you’re not trying to be a fucking cocktease in that little skirt, like you don’t want me to put you in your place. Well, I’ll tell ya a secret, pretty bird, I’m getting real tired of chasing you around.” the steel-toe of his thick boot scoops you from underneath, flipping you on to your back before he presses his sole against your torso. the action renders you utterly incapacitated as he eases his weight against your ribs, smearing the dirt and grime from the bottom of his shoe into the pale yellow of your sundress. he clicks his tongue against the roof of his mouth, mocking disappointment. “Shame to ruin such a nice dress, hm?” you stare up at him with labored breath, attempting to shove his foot off of you so your ribs don’t ache anymore, but the strength behind his weight is too much to compete with. “Better your dress wears a boot print than that pretty face, though, isn’t that right?” your eyes narrow, but you’re more focused on the gun hanging at his side. he catches you looking and his grin grows wider. “We don’t gotta go down that road, baby girl, long as you’ll be good for me.” you say nothing, heart racing, and he takes your silence as compliance. “Let’s get you back on your feet,” he says, removing his from your chest before his back hunches so one hand can grab a fistful of your hair, “not too hasty.”
you grit your teeth and whine behind them at the sensation of him guiding by your scalp, but follow his movements as closely as possible, cumbersome as you get to your feet with shaky knees, both your hands gripping his wrist.
“Attagirl.” he murmurs, eyes tracing every inch of your countenance as he pushes you back against the horse, boots stepping heavy on either side of your sandal-clad feet. long, svelte digits release your aching roots and dance along your jawline instead, but you avert your gaze from him until he grips your chin between his thumb and forefinger and force it back on him. his pair is an obsidian ocean, terrifying and remarkably easy to lose yourself in, you realize too late. “Now, are you gonna behave?”
you can’t figure out why a part of you wants to nod, why there’s a gnawing desire to submit to this stranger, but luckily, you tuck that want deep inside you. it’s smaller than your need to fight, than your desperation to regain control of yourself and escape him. of course, such a thing seemed almost impossible with his chiseled form pressing yours into the horse, but you didn’t have to make it easy for him. you didn’t have to behave.
so you answer him the only way you know how. working your tongue and jaw, you launch saliva into his face. it was a bigger fuck you than your broken words could ever express, and you glared at his expression whilst it changed. you were uncertain of what to expect when the corner of his brow twitched, or his raven eyes closed and he sucked in a deep, patient inhale. releasing your face, he uses the tips of his fingers to flick away the spittle, one brow arching before his lids flutter open and he stares daggers down at you.
“Real cute, you wanna play the brat.” growling, the barrel of his gun makes its first true appearance as he presses it against the fleshiest section of your cheek and tilts his head. “You know what I do to brats, little bird?” hovering closer, he’s close enough for you to smell the strength and muskiness of his cologne, feel the heat of his breath that was a jarring juxtaposition to the icy, metal barrel. you can’t speak, but his question demands some sort of response, so you give your head a subtle shake, and he grins. “I break ‘em, and I make ‘em love every fucking minute of it.”
reaching up to your face with his free hand again, he shoves three fingers forcefully past the barrier of your lips and straight to the back of your throat, so abrupt that you nearly gag on them. as the rough pads attempt to dive into your esophagus, tears well into the ducts of your eyes, and you attempt to bat them away. the barrel of the pistol begins a slow, gliding adventure south, his eyes fixed on yours, his fingers applying enough pressure to your lower mandible that you’ve no choice but to let your jaw hang open, slack. the gun slides over your collarbone and delves into the neckline of your sundress, tearing the vulnerable fabric and popping buttons as it does so. the garment hangs loosely about your bare breasts, and his eyes flicker downwards to admire them, biting down on his lower lip. you feel utterly exposed, your nipples erect against the night air and only further stimulated as he encircles them with the cool barrel of the gun, slow and steady, as if he were using the weapon to sign his name on your flesh. you shiver, breath heaving, but you don’t dare make any sudden movements that might spur him to use the firearm pressed close to your chest.
“Was that all the fight you had in you, little bird?” he challenges with a smirk as he looks back into your eyes, quirking his brow as if amused. “Or maybe you just like the attention I’m givin’ these perfect tits, huh? Feel good?” you try to form those two words, the only words that could keep what little dignity you had left from dissipating, but it’s lost when he catches on and leans closer. “What’s that, birdie? I bet you’re trying to say ‘fuck you’ arentcha? You wanna tell me to go fuck myself?” two fingers press against your tongue to still it from attempting to push them from your mouth, and he puckers his lips, expectorating into your mouth. well, at least, most of it made it into your mouth, whilst strings of his spit roll down your cheek to drip from your chin. you wince, shutting your eyes tight. “I’ll tell ya something, birdie, it’s a real bad idea to play a game of who’s tougher with me, because you’re always gonna lose. You wanna be a badass, huh?” he chuckles low and devilish, “we’ll see.”
one boot positions itself between your feet, kicking them outwards to spread your legs wide enough for him to slip his knee between the gap of your thighs and press it close to your panties.
your body reacts by pushing you up on your tip toes to avoid any contact, and your palms press against the horse behind you as if to launch yourself up on to it, but he holds you firmly in place and jabs his knee against your clothed sex with a breathy chortle. a choking whimper is lost on his fingers, and you squeeze your thighs tight around his knee, hoping to unwedge it, but all he does is rub it against your panties until you’ve soaked through them, leaving a telltale wet patch on the knee of his trousers. he howls with excitement as he leans back to admire the mess you’ve made, and all you can do is whine and close your eyes under the rush of humiliation.
“Jesus Christ, little bird, that pussy is soaking wet. What’s got you so riled up, huh? It must be the gun, huh? You like my toys?” as he speaks, he sneaks another knee between your thighs and takes advantage of the leverage to push them open wide, before using the metal barrel to push your damp panties to one side. you shudder and mewl until the sensation of the gun against your weeping core. “Bet that pretty cunt wants some attention, right now, doesn’t she? Tell me, little bird.” you sputter as he withdraws his digits from your mouth, and all you can taste is the saltiness of his skin on your tongue, drool oozing from the corners of your lips and jaw sore. “I wanna hear you say that you want to rub your slutty, little fuckhole on my gun.”
at first, the words seem impossible to form; there’s a fiery flush of humiliation in your face and he’s dragging the metal over your clit in ghostly strokes, stuttering your hips and making it hard to concentrate. you don’t want to give him an ounce of satisfaction, but you’re so fucking wet.
“You’re a fucking psycho!” you hiss, gritting your teeth and balling your fists. against the screaming voice in your head telling you to give in, regardless of how good it feels to have his weapon massaging your clit, and no matter how much trouble it could get you in, you stand your ground.
he seems less than awe inspired by your courage, and shakes his head like a disappointed patriarch. clicking his tongue against the roof of his mouth. “Thought you’d be one of the cooperative ones, but I get it, now.” his arm coils around your midsection like a serpent and he hoists you into the air, turning you to face the fair and away from him before draping your body over the painted saddle. with your legs dangling helplessly in the air, he chuckles as you squirm. he hooks the waistband of your panties with his gun and pulls downward, until the thin garment slips down to your knees, exposing yourself completely to him. “Sometimes a good, hard cock is the only way to tame a mouthy bitch.”
your palms scrape against the metal to push your body upwards, but your fight has been dwindling since the moment he pinned you, and you let out a helpless wail. “Stop!” you can faintly hear the unzipping of his trousers, and feel the barrel of the gun, warmed from your flesh, against your back.
“Stop?” he asks, mimicking incredulousness, “Me and you, little bird, we’re just getting started.” you can feel him, as he speaks, an engorged tip parting your damp nether lips as he forces his way into your body, and he grunts once his head pops past the threshold and your walls spasm about his girth, mandated to accommodate his impressive size. the unexpected stretching brings a yelp tearing through your lips as your body lunges forward, nails clawing at anything to pull yourself out of his grasp, to no avail. “Goddamn, you’re squeezing me tight. Shaking like a leaf. Am I making that play-doh brain a’yours go haywire with just a little bit of dick?” he grabs a fistful of your hair and angles your head back, your body pretzeled into an S with your face turned up towards him. the darkness in his eyes ablaze with carnival lights as he looks over you. you can see the tightness in his jaw, and feel the draconian rutting as he fills you to the hilt each time, merciless like an animal driven mad by lust.
each and every one of his wild thrusts are punctuated by a helpless moan from your lips, much to your dismay. “S—stop,” you repeat it over and over, but the word has lost all meaning. it serves as a despondent reminder of your hopelessness, and nothing more.
“You don’t even really want me to stop, do you?” he asks in a husky tone, ramming you against the carousel horse. you nod, weakly, as if to disagree with his statement, but your mewling in ecstasy betrays your pride. “‘Course you don’t, look at you. Eyes glazed over, limp like a brainless set of holes for me to use up. Fuck yeah, you just want to lay here and take it. You want me to force you to take every inch of my cock, huh? Fuck you senseless until I cum deep in that little belly a’yours? Whatcha think, want me to cum inside ya?”
your toes curl against the soles of your sandals and you squeal; there’s a bubbling deep in your abdomen, a testament of an impending orgasm that you wish you could hold back. you don’t want to like it. you hate how much you’re enjoying the sensation of his cock charging your fluttering canal. more than that, you don’t want to need his seed as much as your body craves it. you shake your head, fervent and determined, “No! P—pull out!” as if the weakness in your voice was not enough, the brutality of his assault on your body has you tossed about like a rag doll, shaking the words out of you one pathetic syllable at a time.
the man’s composure is as thin as a sheet of ice as he wrenches one of your forearms behind your back, grasping the wrist like a makeshift rein, and pummels your insides with deep, hard fucking. the type of mind-numbing battering that has you sagging helplessly against the equine figure and babbling. perhaps you missed the head of your climax, but you were swept away in the storm, legs quaking and internal walls milking him, demanding he fill you to the brim. you’ve never felt an orgasm with so much power, and you were ashamed to think that you probably never would again, unless you were to remember this night.
“I’m not gonna pull out, little bird,” he growls, pausing to pant and drill his statement home with every inch of his thick cock inside you, “I’m gonna make you take my load like a good, broken, whore. Fucking hell, when I put this baby in your belly, you’re gonna remember who owns your body now. This tight cunt? Your warm womb? It’s all fucking mine, birdie, even if I gotta ruin it for every other man. I’ll fucking destroy you just because I can. You’re gonna be what you always shoulda been: my dumb, little baby factory.”
he’s disgusting. he’s vile. you should’ve been utterly mortified by his plans for you, but the truth it, you only came harder. your throat is sore from screaming and your cheeks are stained with faint remnants of tears when he buries himself as deep into you as he can go, so much so that you could swear you felt his manhood in your belly, before the warmth of his seed envelopes your inside. as much as you would like to act like you aren’t satisfied by the sensation, you whimper and hang over the pony, shivering with shameful delight when you feel his ejaculate running down your thighs.
when the stranger finally releases your arm and pulls himself out of your body, a strange and disappointing emptiness spreads throughout it. you hardly find the strength to push yourself off of the horse, but your knees quiver and buckle under your own weight and you collapse on the ground by his feet. “That’s what a good girl is supposed to look like.” he mutters, grabbing your face and tilting it up to examine it, “Your eyes are hardly even open, shit. Fucked out and stupid with a belly full of cum.” it’s all but impossible to keep your hazy vision focused on him as he tucks himself back into his pants and zips them up with a satisfied sigh. fondling the gun, he smirks, before slipping it into the waistband and smoothing his black shirt over it. “Next time, there won’t be a chase, will there, little bird? Because you’re gonna crave my cock, dream about the way I fucked you, and that sweet cunt of yours is gonna be dripping and desperate when I finally show up again to give you what you want. You’re mine now, and I’ll be seeing you again soon.”
his words echo in your head as you stumble home that night. weak. sore. already wanting him again.
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pillow-titties · 2 months ago
In The Morning (18+)
Billy Russo x Reader
Billy shows up unexpectedly at your door in the middle of the night, drunk and needy. In no state to go home, you let him crash at yours…
Warnings: smut, unprotected sex, swearing, dirty talk, soft dom!Billy, morning sex
(Basically, ya girl is needy and hasn’t had morning sex or anyone confess their feelings for her in a damn long time, so I’m indulging, ok? Just go with me 🤷🏼‍♀️ also pls appreciate this gif, lord knows I have been)
(Gif not mine)
Tumblr media
You jumped in your seat at the pounding on your front door, hitting mute on the TV before scrambling off the couch and gingerly making your way towards the noise. You weren't expecting anyone, and a peak at the clock on your wall said it was close to midnight. You squinted through the peephole of your apartment door, and sighed in relief as you unlocked it.
"Billy? What're you doing here?" you asked. Your friend was leaning against your doorframe, his tie dangling from his fingers as he ran his other hand through his hair.
"I was at a work thing," he replied simply, as if that was all the answer you needed. But there was something about his voice that seemed off.
"And now I'm here."
"I see that," you replied, taking in his sharp black suit, the open top button on his pressed white shirt. Other than his olive jumper, it was your favourite look on him. "And you decided to come here after? It's late, and you live closer to Anvil than I do."
"Wasn't at Anvil, and I wanted to see you."
His words made your heart flutter in surprise, but a closer peek at his face revealed a faint blush on his cheeks, his eyes slightly glazed over. Yup, Billy was drunk, and you felt your heart sink.
"You're drunk," you stated, and Billy shrugged.
"Maybe just a lil bit..." he edged, and you rolled your eyes as you opened your door wider to let him in. He shuffled in past you and leant back against the wall, groaning as he rubbed his hands over his face. "Didn't mean to get this drunk, I dunno what happened."
You did have to sympathise with him a little. You'd never seen Billy like this. You'd seen him drunk, of course, on nights out with Frank and Karen, but even then he always left the bar slightly tipsy. He never ended up at the mercy of the alcohol in his system and not totally in control. Billy always kept himself in check. Old military habits seemed to be hard to shake, even Frank stopping before he got like this. You crossed your arms as you watched him try to get his bearings, looking like he wanted to shake himself sober.
"You look pretty, Y/N." His New York twang was out in full force, a side effect of too much whiskey, and you felt your skin crackle as his gaze raked over your body. "Real pretty." You were only in your comfies - a tank top and sweatpants - and you hardly felt your prettiest.
"Thanks, Billy," you replied dryly, trying your best not to sound as affected as you were. You'd hoped that, if it ever happened, the day Billy Russo showed up at your door in the middle of the night, it wouldn't be about needing a crash pad. Today was not that day, apparently. "Now take your shoes off."
You watched his weak attempts to reach his shoelaces just by bending over with a small, amused smile, Billy reminding you of an uncoordinated toddler. Realising he wasn't going to be able to do it that way, he decided to balance one foot on his other knee to reach his laces, bracing himself against the wall as best he could. In his drunken state, however, that wasn't going to happen, and you lurched forward as he quickly started to tip sideways.
"Hey, hey, I got you," you said, holding onto Billy's shoulders to keep him upright. The startled look on his face quickly melted away, his dark eyes turning predatory as he curled his fingers into your hips and yanked you into him. Pressed against his chest, you could smell the alcohol on his breath, the expensive, heady cologne he wore, as he nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck.
"Woah, Billy," you said, your voice trembling as you firmly pushed him away at arms length. "Wait-"
"But I want you," Billy almost whined, his hands reaching for you again, and you ignored the twinge you felt deep in your core at those words. He was just drunk. "Wanted you for so long, but didn't think I could, and you're so damn pretty, darlin', I-"
"Billy, you've had way too much to drink, ok?" you said sharply, cutting him off. You heart stuttered in your chest. "You don't know what you're saying, so we're gonna put you to bed before you say anything else you'll regret in the morning, ok?"
Billy simply stared at you, his glinting eyes darting across your face like you were a puzzle for him to solve.
"C'mon, let's get you some sleep," you said softly, lightly pushing him towards your bedroom door. You switched on a lamp, and your bedroom was suddenly a wash with a soft, warm light. "You get yourself ready. I'll go get you some water and aspirin." You darted out of the room, turning off the TV and pouring Billy a glass of water for the morning. You took a moment to let out a long breath, bracing yourself against the counter. This was not how you'd expected your night to go.
By the time you returned, Billy was already under the sheets. You could see his suit draped over the back of your vanity chair, and his head was buried in your downy pillows, his eyes shut tight. Something twinged in your heart when you noticed he had left your side of the bed empty.
"I'll be on the couch," you said in a near whisper, placing the water and medicine on the bedisde table and turning to leave.
"Please stay," Billy pleaded, and you turned back to find him sat up in your bed. He looked young, the desperation in his glazed over eyes obvious. "Don't go. I don't wanna kick you outta your own bed."
You thought about it for a moment, trying to stop your eyes from tracing the hard lines of his bare collarbones. "Only if you keep your hands to yourself," you finally said, the firmness in your voice barely convincing you that you meant it, and you softened a little at the boyish grin that lit up Billy's face.
You quickly threw your hair up and turned off the lamp, slipping beneath you sheets as Billy made himself more comfortable over on his side. You let him tuck himself against your back, his arm resting over your hip as his hand splayed across your tumbling stomach, and you couldn't help but sink back into Billy's warm embrace. As your eyes fluttered shut and you began to drift off, you felt his hand on your stomach stir, his fingers slowing walking across your skin and up towards your chest.
"Billy..." you said, the warning heavy in your voice, and you felt a puff of air against the back of your neck as he chuckled.
"Was just checking to see if you were still awake," Billy replied, and you snorted. You could hear the grin in his voice.
"Behave and go to sleep," you chided. "That's an order."
"Yes, ma'am."
You didn't dare move when you woke up, content being cocooned in your sheets and Billy's warmth. You were still very much in the position you'd fallen asleep in, but Billy had shifted, his leg now pinning yours and his head buried in the back of your neck. Judging by his low, deep breaths, you thought he was still asleep. During the night, his hand had snuck beneath the hem of your tank top and was now splayed against the skin of your lower stomach, and your heart hurt a little at how domestic it all felt.
Cracking one eye open, you realised it was still early, your room mostly in darkness. Some early morning light did seep in around the edges of your curtains, and you could make out the edges of your furniture, the rumples in your bedding.
"Good mornin'." Billy's voice was deep and rough with sleep, and it took you by surprise.
"Hey," you replied quietly. "How're you feeling?" You baulked as you felt his arm tighten around your middle, pulling you in closer, and as his hips shifted against your behind, you froze as you felt his hard on brush against you. It was a natural thing, you reminded yourself - they just happen. Billy probably hadn't even noticed it.
"Honestly? Better than I thought I would," Billy replied, making himself more comfortable as he buried his face in the back of your neck once again. You remembered his words from the night before, the smell of whiskey on his breath, and your stomach turned. How close he was now, the way he was holding you, he clearly didn't remember the night before.
"Could you just, uh-" You tried to move Billy's hand from your stomach and wiggle out of his grip, but he wouldn't budge.
"What is it?" he murmured, and you bit your lip as his nose brushed along the back of your bare shoulder. You went with it as Billy pulled you in, turning you onto your back and tucking you beneath him so he could look down at you somewhat tenderly, and you just caught yourself from reaching up to smooth away the crease in his brow. "Why're you tryna get away from me?"
You hesitated to say. "You said some things last night," you ventured, rubbing an awkward hand across your eyes, "when you were drunk, and I don't know if you remember them. I don't want to make any of this more awkward, so I think it's best if w-"
"I know what I said," Billy interrupted, and your eyebrows jumped in shock. "I meant it."
Your eyes scanned his face in the near dark, reading the hard, earnest line of his jaw, the depth in his eyes, his tight lips. You reached up to trace hesitant fingers across his chin, Billy's stubble scratching at your fingertips deliciously. "Seriously?" you asked, voice quiet. You heard him huff a small laugh, and your heart stopped as you felt Billy's lips brush over yours, capturing you in a soft, insistent kiss. It was like a dam breaking inside of you, and you tilted your head up to meet him, your hand drifting up to curl into his hair as his free hand cupped your face. You could taste the faint tang of whisky on Billy's morning breath, and you thought this could be the only way you'd ever enjoy the drink.
"Oh," you breathed, and Billy raised an amused eyebrow at you.
"Oh?" he repeated. You could hear the smile in his voice. "Is that a good oh or a bad oh?"
"The best oh," you murmured, surging up to capture his lips hungrily, digging your fingers into his hair to pull him down closer. Billy seemed to get the message, his hand dropping from your cheek to push away the sheets and curl around your thigh, hiking your leg over his hip as his tongue swiped at your bottom lip. You gladly gave him entry, your hips rolling into his with a flex of his fingers, and you grinned at the delicious groan he let out as you ground against his hard on, the sound going straight to your core. Beneath his touch, your skin burned.
"Was telling the truth, darlin'," he mumbled against your lips, before starting to drop kisses along the length of your jaw and down your neck. "Wanted you so bad." You hummed in delight as Billy nipped at you just below your ear, revelling in the scratch of his stubble against the sensitive skin. "But didn't think you'd want this."
"What gave you that idea?" you breathed. "Trust me. I want this. I want you." You groaned as Billy abandoned your neck and licked into your mouth, like he wanted to taste those words on your tongue, and you wondered what they must taste like. You took the opportunity to lead Billy's hand beneath the waistband of your sweats. "You feel that?" you asked, your lips barely brushing his as you urged his hand to cup your cunt, his finger pressing against your soaked seam through your underwear. "That's all you, Billy. That's how much I want you."
Billy added a little experimental pressure, his finger pressing down on your clothed clit, and your hips bucked instinctively, eagerly seeking out more. "So pretty when you do that for me, Y/N," he said, his voice rough, and you found yourself suddenly desperate for more praise. Billy's lips swallowed your whines and mewls as he began to draw heavy, lazy circles around your clit, but it soon wasn't enough for either of you. You helped him as he pushed the waistband of your sweats down as far as he could, kicking them off your feet and away, before Billy tugged your panties to the side, dragging his fingertips through your slick.
"Stop teasing," you moaned, nipping at Billy's bottom lip.
"You love it," Billy grinned into your cheek, but his fingers began to quicken, the tightness in your core growing as you rocked your hips into his touch. He was right, you did love it. You dug your heel into the underside of Billy's ass, desperate to have him closer as he pushed you further towards the edge. "Can feel how close you're gettin', darlin'. You're so wet for me."
You moaned at Billy's words, your hips starting to judder, and after a final few swipes, your body tensed up beneath him as you came. You whined his name, Billy eagerly catching it with his own lips, and you shuddered as he kept indulgently swiping across your oversensitive flesh, your fingers fisting his hair as electricity arced beneath your skin.
"Real pretty, darlin', the prettiest," Billy murmured, slipping two fingers easily into your sopping cunt, his knuckles rubbing at your inner walls teasingly. "Fuck, you're so tight. Wanna feel you 'round my cock, Y/N."
"C'mon then," you grinned, slipping a hand from his hair between you, curling your fingers into the waistband of his boxer briefs. The back of your hand brushed a damp spot on the fabric, and Billy buried his moan in the side of your neck. You bit your lip as he slipped his fingers from you to help you free his cock, shoving his boxer briefs as far down as he could reach, and the head of his cock bumped your core enticingly. You hips shifted against it on their own, brushing the head through your slick as Billy fisted it and lined it up.
As Billy slid in, it was like all the air had been sucked from your lungs, and you pushed your head back into your pillow as he slowly pushed home, his hand curling into the soft flesh of your ass and pulling you closer. His two fingers had been nowhere near enough, and the stretch as you accommodated him was intoxicating. So were Billy's wet pants into your neck, his teeth gently scraping at your skin as he tried to hold onto his the tatters of his control. His hips stilled as he bottomed out, and your fingers dug into the corded muscle of Billy's shoulder, silently begging him to keep still before you fell apart too quickly all over again. "Feel incredible, Y/N," Billy murmured into your skin, pressing butterfly kisses along your exposed neck. "So much better than my dreams."
"You dreamt about this?" you teased, grinning as Billy pressed another kiss beneath your chin.
"'Course, darlin'," he replied, pulling back to look at you. "But fucking my fist, thinking of you, ain't got nothing on this."
Your heart raced at his words. "Well, what happened next in your dream?" you asked, holding Billy's dark eyes with yours and clenching experimentally around Billy's cock.
"You'll see," he grinned, and your eyes fluttered shut as he slowly pulled out halfway before snapping his hips into yours, punching a whine from your lips. Billy didn't hold back, giving you no time to adjust to the speed of his thrusts as he pounded into your cunt. You relished the blunt pain of his fingers digging into the meat of your thigh, moaning as he dug them in deeper to yank you closer into him. Every now and then, his hand clenched enough to spread your cheeks, the sensation prickling in your core as that familiar, coiling tension returned. When Billy ground his hips into yours on a thrust, the base of his cock grinding on your sensitive clit, you couldn't help but cry out.
"Listen to yourself, darlin', sounding like you were made just for me," Billy cooed, dropping a brief, harsh kiss on your dry lips. "Your pussy was made just for me."
You yanked him in by his hair into a filthy kiss, your tongues tangling and nipping at his bottom lip as he panted at how you tightened around his cock. You were nearly there, you were so close to the edge again, and you slid your hand down to rub at your clit. Your orgasm suddenly became a lot closer, your whines pouring into Billy's mouth as your hips bucked against his.
"You gonna be a good girl and cum for me?" Billy growled, thrusting even harder. "You cum around me in my dreams, wanna feel you fall apart on my cock."
Billy's words were all you needed to tip you over the edge again, your second orgasm peaking as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through your limbs as you garbled his name over and over and over again. Billy kept thrusting, groaning as your core clamped and fluttered around him, and you pawed at his shoulder weakly. "Billy, Billy, it's too much. You gotta-"
"You can take it, pretty girl. 'M so close, just keep taking me," Billy grunted, You clung to him as his thrusts became more erratic, more forceful, and a satisfied groan tumbled from your lips as you felt his cock stiffen and flex inside your sore cunt, filling you to the brim as Billy panted out your name against you lips. There was no space between you, between your hips, Billy keeping you plugged with his cock, and you dreamily thought you could stay this way forever, your responsibilities be fucked.
You stayed in each other's arms, panting into the space between your mouths as more light began to sneak into the room. You could soon make out the freckle beneath his eye, the soft edge of his stubble, the mottled scar on his shoulder. Even first thing in the morning, even after a round of sex, he was still gorgeous.
"You ok, darlin'?" Billy breathed, sagging into the pillows, his eyes shut, and you giggled at him, eyes tracing his lax lips where they hung open.
"I'm perfect," you replied, carding your fingers through his sweaty hair as your hips flexed, and you laughed at Billy's groan as your cunt clenched around him. Goosebumps rose across your skin as his calloused hand smoothed up and down your back, and you hummed, pleased. "I don't think I wanna get up."
"But we have to, darlin'," Billy replied, pressing a sweet peck to your lips as he slowly tried to untangle himself from you, and you frowned as you felt his softening cock begin to slip from your cunt. "We've got things to do."
"Wanna stay like this, though, " you pouted, hitching your leg up even higher on his hip and dragging him back in, offering him no chance of escape.
"Whatever you want, darlin'," he laughed.
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queen-haq · 2 months ago
Fic: A Woman Scorned - Part 19
Fic: A Woman Scorned - Part 19
Pairing: Billy Russo x Reader
Rating: R for language and smut.
Words: ~3000 words.
Summary: You’ve been sleeping with Billy Russo for a few months now. Knowing his aversion to emotional commitments, you’re satisfied with your clandestine arrangement until you catch him having dinner with Dinah Madani one night. Then it finally dawns on you. It’s not that he doesn’t want to commit, he just doesn’t want to commit to *you*.
Billy may think he knows you, but he has no idea what he’s just lost…
Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7   Part 8   Part 9   Part 10   Part 11   Part 12   Part 13   Part 14   Part 15  Part 16 Part 17  Part 18
Tumblr media
credit: @bnbrns
Part 19
For a minute Billy contemplated letting you leave. You were pissed at him, you probably needed some space, and if he was a good guy maybe he would have let you calm down before pushing you to talk about all that – but he also knew you. You were always looking for reasons to end things and letting you walk away would be giving you permission to do just that. Well, fuck that. He wasn’t going to give you an easy out.
You were already outside the dive bar when Billy rushed towards you, whirling you around to face him.
“You really think I’m gonna let you leave?”
“Go back inside, Billy.” There was resignation on your face, which scared him. Because if you weren’t even angry enough to fight, he knew he already lost.
“You wanna know why I didn’t tell them? This.” He waved his fingers back and forth between him and you. “Those guys in there? We’ve been through fucking hell for each other. I’d kill for them. Hell, I’d even die for them if I had to.” But they don’t know me like you do. The words flitted through his brain but he didn’t vocalize them; he was too angry. “The second I tell them about you, things change. I become a different guy. They don’t see me the same way anymore because of how I feel about you. Fucking great, right?” Sarcasm saturated his tone. “Except you’ve always got one foot out the door. I tell them about you tonight. Tomorrow you’re blocking me for some bullshit reason. How do I save face then, huh?” He angled you closer, forcing you to look at him. “How do I get over you if I change my whole fucking life for you?”
You shoved his hands away, stepping back. “You don’t think I worry about the same thing when it comes to you?”
“I’m not the one always threatening to break things off,” he pointed out.
“And why is it I do that? Maybe it’s because I don’t know where I stand with you!”
“Are you fucking kidding me? The only reason we’re even together is because of me! Because I’m the one who always fucking fights for us!” He yelled back. “If I didn’t push-”
“That’s right, Billy, you push. You pushed yourself into my life, showing up at my business dinner with my boss, crashing my friends’ parties. You do all of that, you force your way in but then you won’t even acknowledge me as something more when we meet your friends?” You shook your head, agitated. “Why is it that you get to make decisions about how I impact your life but you won’t let me do the same with mine? You think that’s fair, Billy?”
The thought of losing you made him completely crazy. Worse, it left him feeling utterly alone and powerless, something he swore he was never going to feel again after growing up in all those fucking group homes. Maybe it wasn’t fair, maybe he was an asshole, but if fighting dirty meant not losing you, he didn’t regret a damn thing. “I don’t give a fuck about fair, Y/N. You’re mine. I’ll do whatever it takes to hold on to you.”
“Then stop pushing me away!”
“You think that’s what I want?” Agitated, he ran his fingers through his hair. “I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to you. All I know is if I fuck up you’ll run, which makes me fuck up even more.” He took your hand and held it to his chest, trying desperately to make you understand. “I can’t lose you. I won’t!”
You withdrew your hand, and the forced separation felt like a hard punch to his gut.
“You could have told me about introducing me as your friend, Billy. I would have understood.”
Despite the hurt gleaming in your eyes, he couldn’t let you get away with your bullshit. “Really? ‘cause I think you’re lying.” He challenged you. “We both know you’d use this as another reason to hide from me.”
“Why did you even invite me tonight?” you snapped.
“Because you’re important to me, and I wanted you to meet my friends.”
“On your own terms,” you muttered.
“Yeah, fine. It was a messed up thing to do. I get it.” He reached for your hand, linking his fingers through yours. “I’m sorry.”
“You hurt me.”
“I know.” His stomach coiled into knots, his insides thrummed with pain. All he wanted was to make you happy but he managed to fuck it up by being an asshole. “How do I fix this?” As a heavy sigh escaped your lips, his heart stated pounding in his chest. Dread unfurled in his stomach, sweeping through his veins as he sensed you pulling away and abandoning him. No. He wasn’t going to let you do this. No fucking way. “If you’re about to tell me you need some time or space or some other bullshit like that, the answer is no.”
“Even when you’re apologizing, you’re giving me orders.”
“Just saying break-up is off the table.”
“You keep saying that but when I walk away from you during fights, it’s not for good. It’s my way of diffusing the situation.”
You glanced down at your intertwined hands, your mind seemingly far, far away. Anguish flickered over your face and it took every bit of strength he had not to shake you out of your stupor. “You worried I’m gonna hit you?” Anxiety surged through him. “I’d never do that. You have my word.”
“I believe you,” you finally spoke, meeting his gaze. “But when we’re fighting or I’m scared or… whenever things get tense, my instinct is to get out. It’s not about you, it’s about protecting myself.”
“Because of your parents.”
You tensed immediately, blinking a few times as if trying to get your emotions under control. “You looked into my past.”
He squeezed your hand. “Yeah.”
“And that makes you think you know me.”
Your words may have been bitter but he could hear the underlying sadness behind them. Before he could hold you and comfort you, Frank, Curtis and everyone else came out of the bar. Billy felt you trying to pull your hand away from his grip but he held on tight.
“You guys are out here? We thought you took off,” Frank said.
Billy saw the glint in Frank’s eyes but was surprised when his buddy didn’t call him out for holding your hand. Despite the shit Billy had given him over the years for being Maria’s lapdog, Frankie chose not to razz him in front of you. No doubt for your benefit rather than his.
“Yeah, just getting some fresh air,” Billy replied.
“You around next weekend? Thinking of holding a poker game,” Curtis asked.
Still chatting with Frank and Curtis, Billy kept his ears attuned to the conversation you exchanged with Karen and Madani. You made some kind of plans to meet up with them after your trip to Paris – something he definitely wasn’t comfortable with. He didn’t like the idea of you and Madani getting along, let alone being friends. Hell, he didn’t understand why you’d even want that. Billy tried to imagine being friends with someone you slept with but the thought filled him with so much rage and disgust it was impossible. Yet you had no issues hanging out with Madani, and a part of him worried it was because you didn’t feel as strongly about him as he did you.
“It was really good to meet you guys,” you said to the group.
“Yeah, let’s hang out after your trip to Paris. I wanna hear if you and that boss of yours make a love connection,” Curtis teased, winking at Billy.
“Yeah, yeah, enough of that shit. There’s not going to be any fucking love connection,” Billy replied, playfully shoving Curtis away.
After everyone left, Billy and you remained on the sidewalk. He watched you closely while you avoided his gaze, and his heart squeezed at how vulnerable you looked at that moment. Bringing your hand to his lips, he kissed the back of your palm. “Want to go get something to eat?”
You finally locked eyes with him. “I’m not hungry. Can you drop me home?”
“I need to pick up a few things from my place.”
“You’re staying over tonight?”
Although irritated by your question, he stifled the urge to snap back. “If you want me to.” When you didn’t answer right away, his insecurities threatened to overwhelm him and he desperately needed some assurance that you still wanted him.
“Of course I do.”
It was like he could breathe again, he felt alive. He closed his arms around you, holding you tight. He didn’t know how but just breathing you in made him feel calm and relaxed, and not like he was in a rush to conquer the world. Ambition and drive fueled him for so long, the urgency to make something of himself so he never felt like his younger, pathetic self again, but it wasn’t until you came along that he actually experienced happiness. He used to think having peace of mind, being content, all of that frou frou bullshit was the kiss of death when it came to achieving success but now he realized how wrong he was. He still had major aspirations but now he was also doing it for you, to see the pride in your eyes when he defied expectations.
“Can we take the long way home?” you asked.
He cradled your face in his hands. “Babe, we can do whatever you want,” he murmured, dropping a gentle kiss on your lips.
Fingers threaded together, the two of you started walking back to his car.
As Billy drove back to his place, you were quiet throughout the whole ride, staring out the passenger window. He reached over occasionally to rub your thigh or brush your hair and you’d turn your head to look at him and smile but he sensed that you were lost in thought. It hurt to see you like this, especially knowing he was responsible for dredging up the painful memories that you were caught up in.
“Can we stop by the park? I don’t want to go home quite yet,” you asked.
“Sure. The one by my apartment?”
“Yeah, I like that one.”
Shortly after, the two of you were seated on a bench in the deserted park. The crisp autumn air nipped at his skin and he felt you shiver next to him. He hugged you tighter, trying to keep you warm.
“What did it say?” you asked, breaking the silence.
“What you dug up on me, about my parents.”
He exhaled a deep breath. As much as he’d wanted this to happen, he hated the idea of you being in pain. “That you came to school with bruises and the teachers called in child services.” Sitting next to you, he tried to gauge your emotions but in the darkness, with only half of your face visible to him, he couldn’t decipher anything.
“That was the last time I ever told anyone about what he was like.” Your voice was quiet, distant. “Because I realized there was no point. No one was going to save me. They still sent me back to him and he learned not to leave visible bruises.”
Red-hot rage rushed through him. Even though he’d made the same assumption a long time ago, hearing you finally confirm his suspicions made his insides twist and filled him with so much fury he wanted to scream. No, he wanted to find your father and torture the life out of him. Break him limb by limb like he’d done with Arthur.
“Things would be good, and then boom.” You snapped your finger. “I’d say the wrong thing, or maybe I didn’t do what I was supposed to. Sometimes it wasn’t me, it was my mother. Other times it was nothing at all, but none of that mattered because there was always sheer hell to pay. The thing is, even when he lost his temper, he was so methodical about it. He’d turn the TV up, put the curtains down, so nobody could hear us.” You swallowed an audible breath. “I learned a long time ago to deal with violence.”
He squeezed your hand, breathing slowly to control the anger in him. After all this time you were finally sharing with him everything that happened and he didn’t want his own goddamn temper to deter you from that.
“I used to beg her to leave him but she never would. There was always an excuse.” A bitter laugh escaped your throat. “What really pissed me off was that she wouldn’t let me go either. Every time I thought about taking off, she’d remind me that I was signing her death warrant. Without me there, she’d bear the brunt of his anger. So I had to be her bodyguard, her protector. She drilled that into me since I was a kid. Not only was she stuck, so was I.”
The tension in you was obvious, and he started rubbing your back to help alleviate some of your anxiety.
“College was my escape. I did a lot of shady shit to save up for it. I even managed to get a scholarship, but my mom… she tried every trick in the book to get me to stay. I realized though if I didn’t leave then, I never would. Enough was enough. Took me years to get over it and realize we all make our own choices.” You finally turned to him, your eyes haunted. “I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my life for either of them."
He tucked a loose strand of your hair behind your ear. “Where are they now?”
“Still in Chicago.” You shrugged your shoulders. “I send them money every month-”
“Why the fuck would you do that? They deserve nothing from you!” he bit out angrily.
“It’s not for them, it’s for me. The money comes with conditions. They’re not allowed to ever contact me.”
You took him by surprise when you closed your mouth over his, kissing him softly at first before the kiss became more heated, urgent, the two of you devouring each other. In the back of his mind he knew he should have pulled away, you weren’t done talking yet, this was probably your way of distracting yourself from the pain, but he couldn’t. You needed him.
One minute your hands were pulling at his jacket, the next your fingers were unzipping his jeans. Mouth crushed against yours, he groaned as you pumped his cock with your hand while he simultaneously tried to remove your jeans and rip away your panties.
Straddled atop his thighs, you lowered onto his cock slowly, taking your time. As you took him in little by little until he bottomed out, your pussy felt warm and heavenly. Being inside you was incredible, the most incredible fucking sensation in the world, and all the urgency that existed seconds earlier dissipated instantly. Everything slowed down, the world came to a stand still. The sheer pleasure from your pussy sheathing him rushed through him like a tidal wave, his heart pounding in his chest. His hands clung to your hips while he waited for you to take charge but you didn’t move. Instead your eyes held him hypnotized, filled with fucking lust and need, your beautiful mouth half-open.
“This, this is when I feel the most safe,” you finally spoke.
He studied every inch of your face, taking in the little bits of pleasure that flickered over your expression every time he shifted and your pussy clenched around him.
“When you’re inside me, and you’re looking at me like this.” Your hips ground against him and he groaned inadvertently, trying to focus on your words even though it took everything in him to concentrate. “Or when you’re holding me and we’re just lying in bed together.” You circled your hips around his cock, eliciting another guttural moan from him. “You make me feel protected.”
Billy didn’t know how to describe this strange feeling that came over him. It wasn’t just physical, not really. Sex was sex, but with you it was so much more. He never wanted this intense connection with you to end. Overcome by emotion, his lips grazed your temple. When your eyes closed, he dropped tender kisses on your eyelids, along the curve of your nose, your cheeks, your lips.
“You’re safe with me too, Billy,” you murmured, cupping his face.
The thought of losing you was so frightening at times he broke out in a cold sweat over it. “Am I?”
“I’ll never leave you,” you whispered, curling and thrusting your hips forward. “I might walk away when we fight, but I’ll always come back.”
His hand gripped the back of your head, the other delved between your thighs so he could tease your clit. “You swear?”
“Yes.” You mewled, pulsing against him. “Always. I swear.”
In that moment, he finally believed you.
Part 20
As always, comments, messages and reblogs are loved and cherished. I hope this chapter isn't a disappointment; I know some of you were waiting for the reader to open up to Billy for a while.
Tag List@yourfavoritefruitybitch @voyevoda-thejoy @adreamemporium @queenmalhinewahine @gubleryum @galaxyjane @xceafh@maralisa124@tomhollandisabae @daybleedsintonightfa11 @lil-baby-nor @all-art-is-quite-useless @tanyaherondale @nashibirne @dour-trash @thetallassgirl @athenamikaelson @agent-jbarnes @primadonnasdream @aleksanderwh0r3 @elisemockingbird @nihilismworld @archisur@nemesis729 @lysawayne@kaqua @ladyblablabla @lemasonda@advictedtohim @24-martie @tarkanelima-blog @shinebrightlikeafanbase @krystal-clear1 @damalseer@dontjinx-it@darkishx @wanderlusting-about-life @thatguppienamedbae @happypepperdog @bat-revival @sassygirl25 @consulting–heroes @the-celestial-kitsune @mackaywhore @ablxssm @competitive-dust @red-head011 @exo-1204 @sunsetenigma @millieb-3199 @chatnain @licensedcheek @tinkertailor1212 @vertesalope @safetyhtom @acourtofglassandroses @eliwinchester-barnes @finnismyoriginalsin @weallhaveadestiny @beananacake @beauty-and-the-beast97 @smurfelle @fire-treasure-iii @charly-0 @kestrafagnor @pigwidgeonxo @damagelove @allegra-writes @pensandthings @jad3djay @batshitbarnes @kashimayuki @secretsthathauntus @odetostep @awesome-eccia @mackaywhore @stories-you-wont-hear @vvsdiamond28 @supernaturalcat7 @arieltwvdtohamflash @iknownoqueenbutthequeeninme​​    @devs-stufff @ticosas @moodacheeks @myakai13 @carlywhomever @fvckthisbxtchup @its-evita-here @papapapadumb @talesfrommycell @bat-luna-cat @fific7 @elluvians @dailydoseofchoices @everythinghappens-love @papapapadumb @mylife-love-and-other-things @bigcreatorwombatdreamer @ancientbeing10 @natty2245 @stuckysavedmylive @kasslucilfer @simp-for-ben-barners @originaldeputycalzoneegg @bdffkierenwalker @kimoranelson03 @sadbi-hours @haushinka27  @haushinka27    @caylaxwrites   @extraneousred​   @agentmstark​   @crazywitchkitty​   @its-an-idea-not-a-blog  @partypoison00    @fictional-hooman​   @hoglady   @helnicks    @luckyfreakfishpeach   @chiquitita18   @rachlovesactors  @icecream50055  @doloreschanal​   @lupinsfavslytherin​    @swthxrry    @wanderlusting-about-life   @dreamer7black  @leahnicole1219 @superawesomegeek @weallhaveadestiny   @toxicenough @tiiffanym  @dark-twisted-and-mechanical-mind @cap-just-said-language  @edithsvoice   @natashasilverfox   @ohsorandomlyme @lupoliatova  @alltheloztboys  @bl0ckedurl @nothingbettertosay81 @antideppresants @clarissahunter  @profoundme444
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bobaandthefetts · 3 months ago
Pairing: Billy Russo x Fem!reader
Word Count: 5.7k
Warnings (PLEASE READ!!): Smut (18+ please). Dom/Sub Dynamics. Light Degradation. Dirty Talk Throughout. Unprotected Sex. Rough Sex. Begging. Praise Kink. Impact Play (Reader slaps Billy). Restraining (Belt). Semi-Public Sex. Oral Sex (f!receiving). Biting. Choking. Gagging (With a tie). Spanking. Brief Cumplay. Typos.
Summary:  “Y’like when I’m a little rough with you, don’t you? Like when I’m mean?”
A/N: So ummm...this shit is filthy. In my defense, I was enabled. Please, please, please, read the warnings. I took the time to write them all for a reason. This is a repost to this account because @luxurybeskar​ really wanted me to. This is also for @mylifeliterally​, happy birthday my love. 
Tumblr media
The building is quiet, too quiet. You shift the weight of the rifle on your shoulder, fingers curling around the grip tighter. You’ve got a bad feeling about this. Something feels off. Intelligence had said you and your squad might be walking into a firefight, but so far everything had been still. 
Beside you, your teammate, Diaz, stands uneasily. She fiddles with the pendant of Saint Christopher that she wears on her necklace. You’re glad the troubled feeling is mutual. 
“November Squad, call in,” you whisper into the headset, as you make your way deeper into the building. 
The hallway seems to stretch ten miles in front of you. A single doorway stands at the end of it. The flashlight attached to your rifle is the only source of light in the dark corridor. The beam bobs, casting a ghostly glow over the peeling paint and exposed pipes. Water drips onto the stone floor, echoing loudly in the quiet space. 
“November Squad, call in.” You repeat, edging closer to the room. “Diaz and I are approaching the hostages now. What is your location?” 
“Second floor.” Comes the crackling voice of one of your teammates. “Closing in from the west staircase.” 
“Approaching from the east hallway.” 
“They’re still sweeping hallways, when they should be down here,” Diaz mutters. “What’s the move boss? We gonna wait?”  
You think for a moment. “We don’t know who these people are or what they want. They might kill one of the hostages, or get away. We’re going in.” 
Diaz nods and follows your lead.
You gesture to her to move to the other side of the hallway and walk on ahead of her. She opens the door quietly and you slink in, guns ready. 
The room is large...and empty. No furniture, no hostiles, no hostages. Just crates of boxes stacked high against the farthest wall. 
You look around, confused, and lower your gun. “What the fuck is going on?” You turn to Diaz and sigh. 
“I don’t know. Intelligence said this was the spot, but--” 
“Hands up! Now! Drop your weapon!” A voice yells. “Now, and no funny business, we have you surrounded. 
“ Shit ,” you mumble and turn around with your hands up. 
Several red lasers swarm around your bulletproof vest. Their owners, Delta Squad, rest against the crates, guns aimed at you and Diaz. 
The lights flare on. You pull your helmet off and blink rapidly in the sudden brightness. The rest of your squad piles in through the door, along with Anvil’s owner, Billy Russo, who does not seem happy at all to see you. 
“What went wrong?” He simply asks, looking at each soldier until his eyes land on yours. “Any takers?” 
Diaz slings her rifle over her shoulder and puts her hands on her hips. “Our intelligence was compromised.” 
“And who’s in charge of verifying that?” 
“I am,” you say quietly. 
“But you didn't, right? Or you wouldn’t have multiple rifles aimed at your back right now.” Billy crosses his arms over his chest. “ And you didn’t properly secure the area, or you would have noticed Rick and the nine other soldiers behind you. Whose idea was it to charge in here all cocksure?” 
“Mine.” You clench your jaw and look him right in the eyes. “I thought--” 
He stalks across the room to stand in front of you. “Oh did you think ?” He barks. “Because rational thought would tell you to wait for backup, instead of walking into a possible firefight alone.”
“I had backup,” you snap. “Sir, with all due respect, the mission was to rescue the hostages alive . I couldn’t wait for more people. They could have been dead by then.” 
“Where are the hostages?” Billy asks. “Where are they, Delta?” 
“There are none, Mr. Russo,” Rick says. “We’re the ones who gave the bad intel. The plan was to lure them here and pick them off.” 
You glare at Rick. “I didn’t know sabotage was part of our training exercises now.”  
Rick shrugs. “You would have if you bothered to verify your intel.” 
“Eat a dick, Rick,” Diaz mumbles under her breath. 
Billy holds up a hand, drawing everyone’s attention once more. “You thought you could have just rushed in here like heroes, then. Two guns against ten. You think this would have had a happy ending in the real world?” 
You bite your tongue.   
Billy scoffs. “This is not a game. This is real life. It’s war. People die . Out there they would have shot you without warning as soon as you got through the door.” He pokes a finger into your shoulder. “You know what happens then? We’re a covert operation, so your heroics won’t even make the news. You won’t be buried with honors, and your family will get some made-up story about the circumstances surrounding your death. You’ll have died for nothing but your stupidity. And you would have taken Diaz with you.” 
“I stand by my decision,” you say quietly. 
“Then maybe you shouldn’t be making the decisions!” Billy raises his eyebrows. “At least not here.” 
It’s quiet for a beat as the words sink in, planting little seeds of doubt in everyone’s minds. Your hands shake with humiliation. Sure, it was a dumb mistake, but why did he have to correct you so publicly? Why did he have to question your authority and skill in front of your entire squad?
“I don’t like looking stupid. So no more bad decisions, or we’ll be making other arrangements for your employment. Understand?” 
You nod, grinding your teeth to hold in your suggestion of just where Russo could stick his other arrangements. 
“Good. Reset everything and run it again. C’mon people!” Billy yells. “No mistakes this time.” He looks you up and down and turns on his heel. 
He walks off without another word. You stare after him with a scowl twisting your lips. A mix of shame and anger heats your cheeks and makes your throat tight. You swallow thickly and shake your head, blinking back the embarrassing tears that have formed at the corner of your eyes and threaten to fall down your cheeks. 
You won’t cry. Not in front of them. In front of him .
The others stand around you with their heads down. They shift awkwardly from foot to foot. It’s like they’re trying to shrink themselves to avoid being Billy’s next target. Or worse, yours . You’re not a bully though, you wouldn’t dare embarrass them like this.  
You clear your throat and roll your shoulders back. “You heard Russo. Let’s run it again. No mistakes.” You put your helmet on and walk back into the hallway. 
The next simulation goes well, and the next, and the next. Your team moves like a well-oiled machine. Quick, precise. You move in and out of the mazes, rescuing hostages without a single casualty or team loss. Billy’s explosion had given you all something to prove, and so you were at the top of your game. It’s the best your group has ever been. 
But even a personal best wasn’t enough to turn Billy’s frown upside down. He watches you with a blank face, lips pressed together and hands clasped behind his back. When the training ends, he dismisses you all with just a nod. Try as you might, you can’t help the disappointment that settles nauseatingly deep in your stomach. 
The bad mood follows you all the way to the locker room, like a dark cloud. You peel off your uniform top with a sigh, and sit on the floor. The cool metal lockers feel heavenly against your sweaty back. You tilt your head back and close your eyes. Rage still twists in your chest, and Billy’s harsh words rattle around in your skull. You try to focus on slowing your breaths, and settling your thoughts on things other than murder and pointy things. 
The rest of November Squad hits the showers, noisily chattering about evening plans. You listen to the spray of the showers, picking up bits of conversation here and there. Jones talks about the cadet she’s screwing, Parker complains about community college and life after the Army. 
“You can’t just shoot your way into a job .”
“ Lucky you found this one then .”
Wet footsteps squelch across the tile floors and stop in front of you. “Hey.”
You lazily open an eye to find Diaz standing over you. She wraps a towel around her wet body and runs a brush through her curling hair.
“Don’t worry about what Russo said earlier. Delta was playing dirty anyways,” she says. 
“Yeah, well, it’s not like anyone’s gonna fight fair in the real world.” You shrug. “He was right, I should have verified the intel, and I shouldn’t have dragged you into it.” 
Diaz shakes her head. “He didn’t have to be such a huge dick about it. And you didn’t drag me into anything, I go wherever the fuck I wanna go.”
You laugh. “I’m pretty sure that’s his natural state.” You smile up at her. “Thanks though.”
She offers you a hand and you take it. “You’re the best out there. And I’d follow you any day. Don’t let that asshole ruin your day.” 
“I’ve got something else he could ruin,” Jones says cheekily as she walks back to her locker. 
Diaz’s top lip curls in disgust. “You’ll fuck anything with two legs.”
“And I’ll enjoy it too.” Jones puts a hand on her hip. “It’s not the 90s, Diaz, slutshaming isn’t cool anymore.” 
Diaz holds up her hands. “Not shaming. Just stating the facts.” She raises her eyebrows at you and starts getting dressed. 
You set about stripping off the rest of the tactical equipment and change into your street clothes as they bicker behind you. You’ll shower at home later, in the peace and quiet of your own apartment. But first, you have to go knock Billy down a few pegs. 
Diaz and Jones are still arguing about him when you leave the locker room a few minutes later. Diaz gags comically loud at Jones’ theory that he would be a good lay. If only they knew . They don’t even hear your half-hearted goodbye.
You sling your gym bag over your shoulder and head straight for Billy’s office. Your footsteps echo loudly off the empty hallway of the fourth floor where all the other mostly vacant offices are located. Billy’s is at the end of the corridor, big and spacious, just like his ego. He probably requested it himself. You storm into the room, not even bothering to knock. 
His gaze stays on his computer, even when you loudly slam the door behind you. 
“What the fuck was that?” You ask, dropping your bag to the floor.
Slowly, Billy’s eyes leave whatever he’s working on. He looks infuriatingly smug as his dark eyes reach yours. “What was what?” He asks, a smirk spreading over his face. 
“ That . Chastising me in front of everyone,” you  clarify, even though you don’t have to. Billy knows what he did. It’s why he looks like the fucking Cheshire Cat right now. 
Billy leans back in his chair, fingers tapping on the plastic arms of it. “You made a mistake, I corrected you.” 
“You didn’t correct me, you humiliated me. There’s a difference.” 
He makes a noncommittal sound and shrugs.
“This was my first goddamn mistake, and you single me out like I’m some E-1.” You cross your arms over your chest. “Meanwhile, Charlie Squad trips over their own feet every three seconds and you don’t even notice.” 
“You’re mad because I noticed you?” Billy laces his fingers together. His silver watch catches the harsh light of the office. 
“No, I’m mad because you were being an unfair prick, and you can’t even own up to it. There was no reason for you to chew me out like that. I’m the best out there. They all know it. You know it. That’s why you made me squad leader.” 
Billy studies you for a moment with sharp eyes. You stand in the center of the room, heart pounding so hard you can feel it in your ears. Confronting Billy seemed like a good idea in the moment, but now that you’re standing in front of him, and he’s looking at you with cool indifference, you’re thinking twice.
“Say something!” You snap, as an uneasy silence fills the room and sets you on edge. 
He stands, leaning forward over his desk. “I ‘chewed you out’ because you made a rookie mistake. That’s fine for the newbies, but I expect more from you.” 
You huff. “That doesn’t give you the right to--” 
Billy snaps his fingers, cutting you off. Your voice falters at his audacity. If any other man had done that, you’d break his fingers. But Billy’s irritated motion has you choking on your tongue. 
“I wasn’t finished.” He walks around his desk, playing with the cuffs of his suit jacket. “I don’t want you thinking I’ll take it easy on you just because we’re sleeping together,” He says it so blase, and though you’re safe within the walls of his office, you still want to tell him to be quiet. “I want you at your best, because when you’re at your best you’re more useful to me.” 
His words sting, but what hurts worse is the truth behind them. You were nothing more than an investment to him, an expensive one, and sleeping with you was just insurance. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s exactly what you’d signed up for in that bar 6 months ago, it’s exactly what you wanted today. Still, he didn’t need to be so harsh about it. 
You open your mouth to speak, and shut it dumbly. “You’re so full of shit,” you mumble, looking down at the floor. 
“Oh.” Billy’s voice is equal parts amused and pitiful. It’s almost cruel. “Did you think I’d say sorry?” He asks. 
You clench your jaw, eyes still on your sneaker clad feet. It was exactly what you’d wanted.
He crosses the room, stopping mere inches from you. If you breathe too deeply you can smell his rich cologne. The sweet scent of it fills your head, and makes you dizzy. Everything about him makes you dizzy; the smell of him, the warmth of his body, those deep, dark eyes that seem to see everything. They’re fixed on you now and you stare into them helplessly, like a deer in headlights. 
He leans even closer, completely invading your senses. You don’t shrink away. “I don’t apologize.”
Billy Russo is hypnotic. And addicting. And dangerous . Like a sharp knife with an ornate handle. Pretty but fatal. Yet despite all rational thought, you keep crawling back to him. It’s like there’s an itch you need scratched, and only Billy can do that for you. 
“Are you done with your tantrum?” He asks.
You shoot him a look that would kill lesser men, but Bily just grins. It’s all a game to him, a little match of cat and mouse. He enjoys this far too much, pushing you to the brink of your anger and then some, just to see what would happen when you broke. Well two could play at this game. 
“Depends, are you done being a fucking dick?” You take a step forward. You’re now chest to chest, breathing the same air. You catch the sharp bite of spearmint on his breath.   
Billy clicks his tongue. “If you can’t take corrections, then maybe you’re not ready for squad leader just yet. I’ll give it to Diaz instead, she’s far less... emotional .” 
You roll your eyes. “Fuck you, Russo.”
“Oh, I bet you want to. I can see it in your eyes.” He tilts his head to the side. “What do you think your teammates would say if they knew how you were begging me to fuck you two days ago? Would they think you were as good a leader then, or just good in bed? I guess I could help them answer that question.” 
His last comment burrows under your skin, breaking your resolve. Your hand arcs towards his face, striking his skin with a loud crack . Billy doesn’t even flinch, just grabs your wrist and wrenches it behind your back. He turns you around and bends you over his desk, his back pressing your chest down into the wood. 
Billy laughs. “Your swing needs work.” 
“Let me go.” You struggle in his grip, but he just crowds you further into the desk. 
“ No . You hit me, and I’d like an apology.” His lips brush the back of your neck and you shiver, but stubbornly set your jaw. “I bet you’re turned on right now, aren’t you? Are your panties soaked through? Did you ruin them?” He presses his knee between your legs and you bite back a moan. 
He’s right, they are. Some absurd part of you is enjoying all of this. And judging by the bulge pressed against your ass, Billy is too. 
“I know they are.” Billy bites the shell of your ear. “Look at you. You should be struggling to get away, but here you are, bent over and waiting for me to do something. What do you want, hm?” He rolls his hips against your butt, and a deep groan rumbles in his throat. “Want me to fuck you into my desk? Is that why you stomped into my office like a toddler?” 
You dig your teeth into your bottom lip, choking down another needy sound. It wasn’t the main reason, no. You’d had every intention of giving Billy a piece of your mind. But part of you hoped for an apology. It didn’t matter the form of that apology, you’d just wanted him to admit he was wrong. 
You can’t say you’re completely against the direction this confrontation has gone. 
“So what if I do?” You say through gritted teeth. 
“I’d say there are easier ways to get what you want,” Billy mumbles. “Like asking .” 
“Maybe I wanted to fight.” 
He pulls you back up so you’re standing. “You might not like that you did that.” His fingers fit into the space underneath your chin, and he turns your head slightly so you can see him. “See, I don’t really like being yelled at.”
“You deserved it, for being such a grade A asshole.” 
 “If I’m such an asshole, why are you here right now, begging me to fuck you?” Billy grunts, he releases his grip on your wrist, but keeps it pinned between your bodies. His hand, now free, slides down the front of your body and pops the button on your jeans. 
His fingers find your clit and this time you can’t help the breathless whimper that leaves your lips. “I’m not begging you to fuck me,” you choke out.  
“Not yet.” Billy kisses your jaw. “But you will.” 
The hand on your throat slides down to ruck your shirt up around your waist. He pulls the neckline of your sports bra down to expose your chest to his wandering fingers. Billy squeezes your breast roughly and pinches your nipple between his fingers. You arch into his touch, head falling back against his shoulder. His other hand burrows deeper into your pants, and he rubs your clit a little harder. A moan bubbles up from your throat and out into the room. 
“Shh.” Billy whispers gruffly in your ear. “You didn’t lock the door. We don’t want any visitors.” 
You do your best to keep quiet, but it’s hard work when you’re already focused on just staying upright as his hands massage and pinch at your body. Billy takes his time with you. The pressure on your clit isn’t enough to get you anywhere, his fingers serve only to keep you hot and bothered. You squirm in his grip, wanting something more to take the edge off. 
“Stay still,” Billy mutters, holding you tighter against him. His lips trail down your neck, leaving kisses and  bites behind. He mouths against the juncture of your neck and shoulder, teeth digging into your skin hard enough to make you gasp, and soothes the bite with the tip of his tongue.   
You wiggle your trapped hand down to palm at the bulge in Billy’s slacks. He groans against your throat, and places another open-mouthed kiss there. His hips rock against your hand as he pants dewy, hot breaths against your bruised skin.  
“ Fuck ,” he mumbles when you squeeze him. “Feel how hard I am?”
You nod. It’s making your mouth water. You want him to fuck you so badly it almost hurts.  
Billy hums, still grinding his hips into yours. “Whose fault is that?” 
“Didn’t know me being a brat was such a turn on for you.” Your breath catches in your throat when Billy pinches your clit between two deft fingers. 
 “Yeah, well, don’t make a habit of it.” His fingers play with your dripping folds. “ Shit , you’re fucking soaking. This all for me, huh?” He pulls his hand out of your pants and holds his fingers up in front of you. They glisten with your arousal and Billy beams proudly. “Y’like when I’m a little rough with you, don’t you? Like when I’m mean?” 
You do like it. More than you probably should. 
You whine in the affirmative, and Billy chuckles darkly. 
“Here’s what’s gonna happen,” he says, low and throaty. “I’m gonna bend your pretty ass over my desk and fuck you. And I’m not stopping until I’ve made a mess of you. You’re gonna take every fucking thing I give you. You understand?” His words are punctuated by another nip to your ear. “Well, do you?” 
“ Yes ,” your voice cracks with desire. You’re absolutely thrumming with it. It burns in your blood, singing your veins.
“That what you want?” Billy asks and pushes you down over his desk again. “Want me to fuck you right here, where anyone could walk in and see you spreading your legs for me?” He pushes your pants down roughly and knocks your legs apart with a soft kick to your ankle. “Want me to manhandle you?” 
You nod, cheek rubbing against the hardwood. Another wave of desire rushes through you, straight to your cunt, and you clench around nothing. 
He leans over you, fingers rubbing against your entrance. “Beg for it.” 
“P-please, Billy.” 
“‘ P-please, Billy, ’” he mocks you. You can feel his grin against your neck. “C’mon, use that smart mouth and tell me what you want.” 
“Fuck me, please. I need you.” 
“You need me huh?” He dips his fingers into you shallowly, but pulls them out just as quickly. “I don’t believe you.” 
“Billy, please,” you whimper, hips chasing his retreating digits. “Want you so fucking bad. Need you to fuck me. Please .” 
Billy pins you in place. “You’re getting there.” He rewards you with a twist of his wrist, and even that is enough to make your knees weak. “Keep going.” 
You whine. “Want you to make me feel good. I--” You suck in a deep breath. “Need you so fucking bad, I’m so wet.” 
“Yeah, you are. Dripping down my fucking wrist.”  Billy’s fingers crook inside you, knuckle deep. “I’m gonna fuck you, pretty girl, but here’s the catch. I don’t wanna hear another sound out of that smart mouth. You make a single fucking noise, and I’m gonna stop. So keep quiet, honey. Got it?” 
You nod once, lips pressed together. 
Billy kisses your jaw. “Good girl. I hope you’re a better listener now than you were earlier.” 
He kneels down behind you and pulls your sneakers off. Your jeans and panties are then wrestled off your body by his impatient hands. Billy tosses them behind him, and runs his fingers up your inner thighs. You wait, bottom lip trapped between your teeth, as he pauses to take you in, eyes roaming your body. 
Billy groans under his breath at the sight of your ruined underwear. You’ve nearly soaked them through, turning the lace a shade darker. He rubs at your clothed folds, and you squeeze your eyes shut, face screwed up in an effort to stay silent. 
“Want me so badly, don’t you?” He bites the swell of your ass, fingers slipping past your panties to play with the wetness gathered there. “Yeah, I can feel it.” 
Billy slides your ruined panties down your legs and slips them into his pocket. You’re glad it’s not your favorite pair, as there’s a less than 5% chance you’ll ever be seeing those again. He trails slow, teasing kisses up your calf and thigh, and your breath hitches. 
“Look at you trying so hard to stay quiet.” He parts your thighs with his thumbs and blows cool air over your folds. “I guess you only listen when you’re getting something you want,” he mumbles. 
Billy’s tongue dips out to run lightly over your cunt, and you press your hand against your mouth. Your eyes roll into the back of your head as he pulls your hips back against his face and dives in. He eats you out in a sloppy flurry, trading teasing kisses for long strokes of his tongue. His lips reach your clit, and he slurps it into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it with an intensity that has you seeing stars. And with each and every lick, each suck and moan from him, you have to bite down on your tongue to keep from crying out. 
“Taste so sweet,” Billy praises, and his fingers rub circles into your clit once more. 
Your fingers curl around the edge of the desk, and you grind back onto his face shamelessly. This time he allows your desperate, lilting movements, even encourages them with a spank to your clit. Billy lets you use him as you chase down the orgasm buried deep inside you. He pushes his face between your thighs, burying muffled moans into your cunt.   
You’re so close to the edge. Your legs shake and your stomach tightens with the promise of it. You choke on sweet moans and desperate whines, bottom lip swollen from where your teeth have dug into it sharply. You want to tell him how good it feels, how you’re right there and hanging by a thread. You want him to hear just how needy he makes you, want to beg for him to give you the pleasure you crave. 
But you can’t. And so you bite down on your middle finger and surrender to the bliss building inside of you. It sweeps over you in a burst of white, overtakes you in a blaze. You fall limp against the desk, heaving shuddery breaths. Billy doesn’t let up, working you through it until you squirm away from him with a broken gasp at the sensitivity. 
Billy leaves a last kiss to the back of your thigh and stands. You hear the shuffle of clothing as he pulls his belt free and pushes his slacks down far enough to free his cock. You feel the cool leather caress the skin of your lower back and ass. A shiver runs the length of your spine, and it takes everything in you to keep your composure as he teases you with the belt. 
He hums under his breath. “If only we were at my place,” he muses, tapping the belt against your skin. “So many lost opportunities all because you can’t keep your fucking mouth shut,” Billy tsks. “Gimme your arms.” 
You hesitate. You don’t think you’ll be able to keep quiet without a hand covering your mouth. 
Billy snaps the belt against your skin a little harder, and the dull slap echoes through his office. You jump forward with a quiet squeak, breaking the cardinal rule, but Billy doesn’t seem to care. 
“You really gonna make me repeat myself?” He asks. 
You shake your head, and offer him your hands. Billy pulls them taut behind your back and circles his belt around your wrists. He runs a finger along the inside of the makeshift restraints to check the snugness and adjusts them so they’re more comfortable. When he’s done, Billy pins you to the desk, a filthy promise on his lips. 
“Gonna fuck you now,” he whispers, hard cock pressed against your ass. “Gonna fuck you so hard.”
You want it so badly you ache with it. 
“Not a sound,” Billy warns you sternly. He slots a hand between your thighs to gather your arousal and slicks it over himself. He groans low in his throat at the squeeze of his fingers. “Can’t wait to be inside you.” Billy presses himself against your entrance. 
The sound he makes when he thrusts into you is nothing short of filthy reverence. He’s never been a quiet lover, but you think he might be playing it up to taunt you now. Either way, his cracked moan sends a shock to your clit, and you bite your bottom lip so hard you might have drawn blood. 
Billy’s fingers wrap around the belt binding your hands, and he uses it for leverage as he fucks into you with brutal thrusts. The harsh snap of his hips against your thighs jolts the desk forward, and the room fills with the mixed sounds of skin on skin and creaking wood. 
Oh , and Billy’s moans. Pretty little throaty sounds that drip from his tongue like honey. He’s making enough noise for the both of you. But that’s part of the illusion--he’s the owner of the company, pretty much untouchable. You’re vulnerable. He’s completely in charge, just the way he likes it. 
“What if someone walked in right now and saw you bent over my desk? Saw you taking my cock like you were made for it?” He grunts. “You’re such a dirty girl, letting me fuck you in my office where anyone could see. I bet it’d just turn you on more.”
Fuck . Your nails dig crescents into your palms. The pain of it adds to the pleasure. 
Billy runs a hand up your spine to press against the back of your throat. He pushes you down further into the desk as he takes what he wants from you. With your hands bound behind your back, and your body pinned in place by his weight, you’re helpless to do anything but surrender. And you surrender to it all willingly. 
It’s heavenly. Every drag of his cock within you, every brush of his skin on your own sends you into a frenzy. And when he thrusts just right , and brushes that elusive spot within you, you tighten around him, tears springing to your eyes as you choke down a wail. 
Billy notices the strain of your body, of course he does. He rubs a thumb over your cheek. 
“Hard to stay quiet, isn’t it? Why? Does it feel too good?” He teases, thrusting balls-deep inside of you and then grinding slowly. “Let me help.” Billy pulls his tie loose and lifts it over his head. He balls it up and presses it against your mouth. “Open.” When your lips do part, he stuffs the fabric between them. 
 “Good girl.” His nails dig into your hips and he returns to his ruthless pace. 
You bite down on the tie, toes curling against the carpeted floor. Your chest arches off the table, and Billy takes the opportunity to wrap his fingers around your throat. He flexes them, briefly restricting the airflow, and your world bursts into static. 
It’s like some kind of out of body experience. You’re done for the moment Billy reaches around to rub your clit. Your body goes taut, jaw falling slack and you can’t help the muffled cry that leaves your lips as you reach that peak of ecstasy. It’s an explosion, almost nuclear. The blast leaves you shivering and shaking as the waves crash over you. 
“Shit . You’re so pretty when you come for me.” Billy pulls you flesh against his body, lips against your ear. “Gonna make me fucking come. You want it? Want it deep inside you?”
You nod.  
“Yeah, of course you do. Little slut.” He growls. “Take every fucking drop.” 
Billy buries his face into your neck, biting you sharply as his rhythm grows erratic. He thrusts into you a few more times, before coming inside of you with a loud groan. His hips roll slowly as he fills you with his warmth. You fall back against his chest, eyelids fluttering shut as his hips still. 
You stay pressed against him for a moment as the blood pulsing in your veins returns to normal, and your breathing slows. He fumbles to undo the belt around your hands, and it clatters to the floor with a dull thud.
“That’s a good girl.” Billy kisses the bruise blooming on your throat. He pulls out of you with a quiet groan and you turn on wobbly legs, leaning back against the desk for balance. 
Billy cups your chin and tilts your head to meet his eyes. You stare at him for a moment, heartbeat spiking at the still hungry flash in his eyes. He pulls the tie from your mouth and kisses you filthily, pushing you back onto his desk. 
Two fingers slide into your spent cunt, playing with his cum inside of you and you whine. Your fingers grab his wrist, and you’re not sure if you’re pulling him closer or pushing him away. 
“Feel that?” He murmurs against your lips, and curls his fingers. 
“Yes. Fuck --ah, Billy.” It’s too much. It’s not enough. 
“Good.” Billy tugs your bottom lip between his teeth. “Remember that next time you think I’m being unfair to you. Remember that I always take care of you. I always leave you satisfied.” His fingers leave you. “I don’t do that for just anyone.” He takes a step back and cleans his digits off with his tongue. 
You watch him pull his pants back up and fix the wrinkles in his clothing, brain still processing the events of the last half hour. 
Billy looks you up and down, a smirk on his face at your stretched shirt and the bruises littering your skin. “Get dressed. I wanna see you here tomorrow, bright and early. And make sure you cover those marks. Squad leaders should look presentable.” 
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Toyed WIth
Tumblr media
Pairing: Billy Russo x Reader
Warnings: Just ho thots. NSFW 18+. Dom/sub dynamics. Cockwarming. Toy play. Oral (m receiving)
Word count: 1.3k
A/N: Thank you to the lovely @danneelsmain​ for beta reading for me. Divider by @whimsicalrogers​
Tumblr media
Billy comes through the door and his hungry expression speaks volumes. He grabs your hand and walks resolutely to the bedroom without a word. Your clothes are discarded and Billy’s eyes drift down your body. Self-consciously, you begin to cover yourself with your hands. 
“Don’t,” Billy commands softly. He had loved you from the first moment his eyes had landed on you. Your innocence and sweetness. Your utter lack of guile and openness without cynicism. “Don’t you ever hide from me.”
You nod not meeting his eyes and drop your arms to your side. He places a finger under your chin, lifting your face. The dark depth of his eyes draw you in and you find your voice, “Never.”
Billy removes his shirt while your hands go to his belt. You look to him for permission and, once given, you undo his pants and slide to your knees. You pull his pants and boxers down, guiding his feet out of them. Looking up at him, you lick your lips and wait for his instructions. 
 “Open,” Billy caresses your cheek and you obey immediately. His thumb slips into your mouth and massages over your tongue. 
“Lick,” his eyes watch as you lap at the pad. 
“Suck.” Your lips close around the thick digit and suckle him until he pulls it out with a pop. 
“Good girl,” his whisper has you clenching. “This time with my cock.” You open immediately for him to place himself on your tongue. He looks down at you as he guides himself in. After a moment, you swirl your tongue around his head and his breathing picks up. Never taking his eyes off of you, he slowly pumps into your mouth. Closing your lips around him, you suck him down all the while keeping your tongue pressed against the vein. His hands are in your hair as his hips move him in and out. 
“Fuck,” he pulls himself out of your mouth and helps you to stand. He lays down on the bed with his head and shoulders propped up. “Sit.” Unsure of what he means, you sit on the side of the bed gingerly.  “No, gorgeous, on my cock.”
“I’m sorry,” you whisper. 
Fast as a snake strike, Billy is sitting up and holding you by your neck, “Don’t ever apologize. You did what I asked. My instructions weren’t clear. I want you to sit on my cock facing me.”
“Y-yes, Billy,” you climb on to the bed carefully as he lays back again, line him up with your entrance, and sink down as far as you can. 
“All of it.” You work your hips for a minute, breathing erratically and letting out little moans, as your body adjusts and relaxes to allow you to fit all of his cock in you. With a whimper you manage to slide the last couple of inches in. His tip kissing your cervix.  Billy’s hands grab your thighs, “Stay. Don’t move from this spot until I tell you to.”
You bite your lip and nod, watching as he grabs a vibrator from the bedside. He smiles up at you as he turns it on. 
“I want to see that beautiful face, feel you coming all around my cock,” he trails the vibe around your mound. You gasp as it makes contact with your clit and your hips flex. Billy pulls the vibe away with a wicked smile, “No moving, gorgeous.”
“I’m so-” you begin but Billy’s eyes snaps to yours, silencing the apology. “Yes, sir.” The vibe is placed on your clit again and Billy watches as your face contorts from the pleasure. You fight your instinct to move and Billy rewards you by moving the vibe against you in delicious circles.  “Oh, God,” you moan out as the feeling in your belly tightens. 
“That’s it, gorgeous. Just feel it. You’re doing so good. I can feel your pussy clenching around me. It’s fluttering.” You want so badly to move. To stir your hips and feel Billy’s cock hitting deep but you fight it. Wanting to be good for Billy. Craving his praise for following his commands. “You’re such a good girl for me. Feel so fucking good with you around me. Looking so pretty sitting on my cock.”
“Billy!” you cry out his name as your orgasm breaks over you. Your body clenching down on his cock, craving the friction. 
“Good girl. Another,” he says, moving the vibe over you still. With the press of a button the vibes pace increases. The urge to move, to ride his cock until screaming is intense. You fight your body's response and concentrate on the feeling of the vibrator as it moves over you.  “You want to move so badly, don’t you gorgeous? Want to feel my cock dragging in and out of you, hitting you deep? Is that what you want? Tell me!”
“Yes. Please, Billy!” you beg. His words make you clench down. He circles the vibe again and again in tighter and tighter circles.  
“Not yet. Be a good girl and come around my cock again. So fucking hot watching you and feeling you squeezing me.”
“Billy,” you cry his name as you fall over the edge again. 
“Good girl, good girl. Fuck, your squeezing so tight. Again,” Billy demands. 
“Billy, please!” your body is on fire. 
“Again,” Billy commands. His free hand grabs yours and he places it on your breast. “Play with them. Pinch those nipples for me. That's it. Good girl. Fuck.” Billy’s body was just as desperate to move. He wanted nothing more than to fuck up into you but he held himself off. Enjoying the sight of you and the delayed gratification. 
“Billy, baby, it’s so good. Please,” you whine.
“Please what?” Billy increases the speed of the vibe. 
“Oh, fuck. Oh, God, I’m coming again. Billy,” your body trembles as the orgasm washes over you. You clench on Billy’s cock as each ripple and aftershock hit you. You’re panting but your breath hitches as Billy changes the vibe setting again and presses the pulsing toy against you. Keening as it glides over your slick, swollen clit.
“One more, gorgeous. One more and I’ll let you move,” Billy’s voice is gravelly even as he insists. 
“Billy! Billy,” his name becomes a chant as you resist the urge to squirm against him. The vibe is hitting a new spot and the pleasure slams into you making you cry out his name even louder. 
“Right here, baby. Fuck, you’re beautiful. Feels so fucking good inside you. Give it to me again. Come on. I need to feel that sweet cunt milking me. Squeezing and clenching. It’s so fucking hot. Come on, gorgeous, do it for me again. Now.”
“Oh, fuck,” you shake uncontrollably as you come yet again. You can barely hold yourself up as you clench and moan. 
Billy chuckles at his cockdrunk girl sitting on him. He throws the vibe aside and flips you on your back. Grabbing your hands, he interlaces his fingers with yours as he thrusts. You wrap your legs around him, reveling in the feel and movement. His hips making circles as he fucks into you. Words have left him as he drowns in the feeling of you. His moans spur you on and you can feel yourself tightening and clenching around him. Your body welcoming each stroke of his cock. You moan loud and long as you orgasm, milking Billy of his own. Hearing his grunt of pleasure as he releases deep inside you. 
He laid on top of you, occasionally flexing his hips as his own aftershocks hit him. When he rolls you to lay on your side with him, he grins at your drooping eyelids and the smile curving your lips. Always such a good girl. 
Tumblr media
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allegra-writes · 2 months ago
billy russo x reader imagine where they are dating and he gets jealous and possessive over her all the time and she loves it
"Good in Bed"
Tumblr media
Billy Russo x Reader
Warnings: Spanking, rough sex, Dom/bratty sub undertones. Size kink if you squint.
I know it's really bad
Messin' with my head
We drive each other mad
But baby, that's what makes us good in bed
Good in Bed - Dua Lipa
There was no way around it: Your relationship with Billy was fucked up. Your mutual refusal to label whatever it was you had going on, the mind games, the scenes, the manipulation, the sick pleasure you both took in pushing each other's buttons instead of talking things through like the mature, functional human beings you were supposed to be and your clashing tempers made for an explosive cocktail. You knew the healthy thing would be to walk away, set him free and get yourself a therapist, but you kept coming back for more, like a pair of addicts, chasing the high again and again, no matter how disastrous the inevitable fall.
Your friends didn't get it, of course. No one did. They had witnessed one too many yelling matches, slammed doors and drinks threw at each other's faces to believe there was any other possible ending for you than a break up. And maybe, just maybe, it was finally happening, they thought, optimistically, as they saw you calmly make your way out of the dancefloor where Billy was dancing way too close to be friendly with one the blonde socialite whose father was hosting the gala you were currently at.
No anger. No big scene. No slapping of Billy's diamond sharp cheekbones, just a cold indifference as you sat at the bar, even going as far letting the Wall Street something sitting beside you buy you a drink. Even though it was a free bar.
Elektra's eyes flitted to Billy, who was watching your every move like a hawk, ready to get him kicked out if he so much as give a sign of acting out, but for once, Billy actually seemed to be acting civilized. Too bad she was too preoccupied with Matt, her own unhealthy fixation to notice how Billy disentangled himself from blondie the moment you had stand up, silently following you to the bathroom.
That's how you had found yourself in your current position, skirt flipped over, bended over expensive marble, one of Billy's hands splayed on the small of your back, pinning you in place as the other rained hard, painful slaps on the supple flesh of your ass.
"Ow!" You cursed against the palm of your own hand, trying to muffle the sounds Billy was tearing from your mouth, "Mother fuck-"
"What was that, princess?" The ex marine behind you inquired, voice dangerously soft and measured.
"I said I'm sorry, sir" You lied, remorselessly, "I've learned my lesson, I won't do it again"
Billy paused, humming pensive as he stroke your reddened cheeks a little bit too firmly, aggravating the abused skin.
"And what exactly would that lesson be?"
You tried to reply, you really did, but it was difficult to focus with Billy's wicked fingers softly caressing your lace covered slit, a barely there touch that had you arching like a cat, pushing back against his hand. He chuckled,
"Answer me, princess. You know I don't like to repeat myself..."
"Maybe if you stopped distracting me" You mumbled under your breath, but he heard you, punishing you by tugging the lace aside and burying two of his long, long fingers inside you without warning, making you yelp.
"You know I also don't like when you talk back. But since you seem to be too dumb with my fingers in your pussy, Imma ask again" He cooed, patronising, making you want to slap him, "What is the lesson you learned tonight?"
You knew what he wanted to hear, you could be a good girl and give it to him...
But what would be the fun in that?
"That I must not flirt with other guys in front of you"
"Good girl" Billy praised, slowly starting to pump his fingers inside you.
"... Next time, I'll just flirt with the women"
Billy's fingers disappeared abruptly, the sound of his zipper loud as alarm bells in the quiet bathroom as he ripped the flimsy lace at the crotch of your underwear effortlessly before shoving his entire cock into you in a single hard, merciless thrust.
You tried to squirm away, but he grabbed your shoulder, keeping you in place.
"Ow, sir, too big!"
"No, see, if you had been a good girl, I would have made sure you were ready, all nice and stretched to take my big cock" He leaned over you, liking the sweat at the back of your neck, "But since you've decided to be a naugthy girl tonight... I'm gonna make it hurt"
You bit your tongue to stop a moan from escaping, least he realized his punishment was no punishment at all and that was exactly what you had wanted him to do all along, to fuck you hard and fast, like only Billy could. He pulled back, until only the tip remained inside, only to surge forward again, stuffing you to the brim, and even further, till you felt his hips kiss your spanked raw ass. Under normal circumstances, he always held back, saving you from the last couple of inches so as not to hit your cervix painfully with every thrust. But these were not normal circumstances, so he buried himself to the hilt, again and again, until you were a whining, trembling mess.
"Sir, please" You cried, just for show, you would actually kill him if he dared to stop, "Too deep... Too big... It hurts"
"Don't fucking care" He growled, hand closing around your throat, "Take it... I'm gonna make you take it"
You hid your smile against the cold marble beneath you. Yeah, Billy and you definitely didn't know how to talk...
But damn, he knew how to fuck you.
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billyrussohaven · 2 months ago
Hey i have a request! So the reader bumps into Billy one day while on a phone call with Karen, who says she’s meeting Frank for a date later that night. And she asks reader if she’s up for a double date and said that Frank will bring his friend (Billy) so reader accepts and when they arrive the reader and Billy are both like “oh i know them” 😂 and the rest is up to you (can end in smut or fluff, whatever you want)! Thanks!
Killing Loneliness
Billy Russo / Reader
Rating: Explicit 18+
Warnings: The usual smut, unprotected sex (cuzz they totally live in an STDs-free AU, sue me) swearing and alcohol.
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A/N: This one just wrote itself out of nowhere. It’s longer than my usual post but eh! I haven't posted a yummy smut in a while and because I love you guys I'm posting all of it in one go :) Also, I might write more with those two. Like standalone one-shots but a continuity of their relationship and sex adventures.
Tumblr media
"A double date?! Really, Karen? I've barely even touched my coffee and you're already chatting away, planning us a double date." You said with a groan. It wasn't even 9AM yet Karen was wide awake, her voice shining brightly through your cellphone as you walked to work. It wasn't like you were a lost cause, really. You had plenty of lovers and fun nights out. You weren't avoiding relationships or looking for one either. You just didn't meet anyone with whom it clicked, where it felt natural and just happened. You were hiding behind a pair of sunglasses, all dressed up with heels for work. You worked for an important firm uptown and looked the part from head to toes. You were holding your phone with one hand and your usual to-go latte in the other.
"Come on! It'll be fun! I promise I'm not trying to match you with someone you won't like. He's great! His nam-" you didn't get to hear the rest of Karen’s sentence, your phone slipping out of our hand as you stared at the car about to run you over. It seemed to happen both in slow motion and in the blink of an eye. The first thing you felt was the hot coffee splashing on your bare calves, then the burning sensation of asphalt scraping your hands. Your phone hit the ground with a loud whack sound, the screen cracking and turning black. People screamed and yelled all around you, but you felt disconnected, like you couldn't focus and everything was hazy and slowed down.
Are you okay?
You turned your head to the right. Your eyes locked on the darkest pair of brown eyes you ever seen. Sounds and images became clearer after you shook your head a bit.
"Are you okay, sweetheart?" The man asked you again, looking at you with concern. You blinked up at him and the car bumper a foot from your face. He was kneeling down, one knee on the ground, and held his hand up like he didn't want to spook you but wanted to make sure he'd catch you if you fainted.
"Wha..Yeah, I-I think so," you said with a frown, looking down at yourself. Your toes wiggled, the palms of your hands were scraped raw, but everything seemed in working order.
"Thank fuck you moved out of the way fast enough," he said, running one hand through his hair and exhaling a long breath he was holding all this time. He was gonna kill the guy in the other car. But first, he wanted to make sure you were fine. He had almost hit you with his car, trying to avoid the asshole passing through a red light. He grabbed your broken phone under his car and stood up, rolling his shoulder tensely.
You were still trying to wrap your shocked brain around what had happened. You were just minding your own business on the sidewalk, waiting to cross the street and next thing you know, you're on your ass covered in coffee, your phone totaled and a stranger staring back at you. You didn't even remember moving out of the way and it was a miracle you didn't break an ankle with your high heels. He helped you to stand up, offering you his pocket square without thinking so you could clean yourself up a bit.
"Are you sure you'll be alright? I don't mind driving you to the hospital or somewhere," he offered politely. You felt shaken up and couldn't think straight, really. He handed you the broken phone with a sad smile. It was so dead. It wouldn't even reboot. You put one hand on your forehead, closing your eyes and nodded.
"I think I'll go home," you mumbled, tossing the phone inside your purse with a sigh. You could always email work and let them know what had happened and then send a DM to Karen through Facebook or something.
"Can I offer to drive you safely? It's the least I could do." He proposed, not overly fond of letting you walk home after all this. He didn't like to owe people, and he felt like he owed you this, at least. Also, he didn't mind looking at you for a little longer either...Your black pencil skirt was so tight it looked painted on your perfect ass. The pumps you wore lengthened your legs and defined your calves.
You gave him a quick look and nodded. He was a stranger offering you a ride home, yes...but honestly? You didn't think it through or even gave a shit at that point. You were still in shock and you just wanted to go home, change and wrap your brain around what the fuck just happened. He helped you in the car and drove extra carefully in the direction you gave him. The drive home was silent but not uncomfortable, which was rare when meeting someone new. He gave you a quick look, stopping at a red light; you were awfully quiet and looked lost in your own head. You felt his gaze on you and turned to look at him.
"I'm sorry, I'm still trying to wrap my brain through what the fuck just happened," you said with a scoff. You sure as hell weren't expecting that kind of morning. You pointed him to the right door, and he pulled the car over smoothly.
"Naa. Don't gotta be sorry for this, sweetheart. It's normal to be shaken up," he said, giving you a smile. He exited the car, hurrying over to your side to open the door for you.
"Thank you for the drive home," you said, taking the hand he was offering you. You stood up, letting go of his soft hand to tug down on your short pencil skirt.
"Also for not killing me," you added with a chuckle. He snorted, looking away to hide a genuine smile, and reached inside his jacket. It was only at this moment you really took a good look at him. He was dressed like a million bucks. Every inch of his hair to his clothes down to his brushed shoes was perfect. You were used to men in suit with your job, but not everyone could pull it off like he did.
"Look, if you need to reach me regarding what happened or anything, here's my card, just in case." He handed you a fancy business card with his info on it. You snapped out of your thoughts and took the fancy business card, your fingers brushing against his.
"Well Mister Russo, looks like it's gonna be a dry cleaning bill and a new pair of Louboutin," you said, reading his card quickly and putting it inside your bag. He looked at you, unsure if you were kidding or not, a smirk curling up slowly on his lips. He looked at your shoes and indeed saw the scratches over the side of them. You kept a straight face, and he chuckled at your boldness.
"How do I know if they weren't already scratched before this morning?" He asked, giving you a good look over, raising an eyebrow, amused. It wasn't like he couldn't afford it, but he liked that you didn't hesitate to state the facts out loud. Most women became a stupid giggling mess in front of him, not you though...
You shrugged and gave him an innocent-like look.
"Either way, you did almost kill me," you teased, picking up your keys. He raised his hands up in a silent defeat, his dark eyes sparkling in the morning sunlight. You turned to go up the steps to your flat and waved him goodbye.
He shook his head at you, still amused by your boldness. He walked to his car, tugging on the cuffs of his sleeves, and watched the front door safely close behind you. Now that you were home safe, he could put all of this mess behind him and focus on his work day ahead of him. He pulled over and drove to Anvil with no incident this time, the smell of your perfume lingering in his car.
“Karen, it’s fine. I’ll get a new phone this weekend. I have my old one somewhere. I can use the Wi-Fi to message you if something changes but I do want to go out. Hell, I could definitively use a drink and a good fuck.” You said with a laugh from your bath, the laptop safely perched on a bath caddie. As soon as you had shut the door behind you after getting home, you had made a beeline for your laptop. You had hurried to type an email to work, explaining the situation and that you were gonna take the day off. Right after that, you had sent a quick DM on social media to Karen, asking her if you two could videochat in a few. She had already sent you a dozen concerned messages and even threatened you with sending Frank after you.
“Please tell me he’s a good lay,” you whined, sinking deeper into the water. You saw Karen roll her eyes and Frank bark a loud laugh in the background. You raised an eyebrow at her, silently asking her to explain the inside joke you weren’t a part of.
“Believe me, if you knew him, you’d laugh at how stupid this question is,” she said still giggling at the thought.
“Ooooh! I see… Are you trying to hand over old leftovers, Karen?” you teased. You knew Frank and her had been together for a while now but you didn’t really know about her previous lovers.
“Wait, what?! NO! Oh god, no!” Karen yelled instantly the moment your words hit her ears. You laughed heartily at her reaction. You sure as hell were curious now!
“So he’s tall, dark and handsome, a good lay, RUMORED good lay, I know..don’t get your panties in a twist,” you said quickly, seeing Karen about to go on another rant.
“Why am I hearing about this mystery man only now?” you asked curiously.
“Yeah...Frank and I are kinda wondering why we didn’t think of this match sooner. But it’s gonna be great...” she said, looking unsure suddenly.
“But..?” you prompted, seeing like there was something she wasn’t telling you. She bit her lower lip and heard Frank grunt loudly in the background.
You saw the screen shake and move around, Karen complaining loudly at Frank.
“Jesus Christ, Karen, you could have told me she wasn’t proper!” he said, turning his face from the screen.You laughed, watching the screen like it was a live TV show happening.
“Hello to you too Frank,” you chuckled, covering your breasts and sinking as low as you could in the water. It wasn’t like they could see anything. It probably just caught him off guard. He took a peak at the screen, satisfied enough with your modesty, moving the screen upward so he could only see part of your face.
“Look. I ain't gonna sugarcoat it for you Y/N. He’s my brother, my best mate, he’s a great guy but he put on a nice tough act. He says he doesn’t do relationships and doesn’t want to settle down with anyone but I know that’s bull,” Frank said quickly, flopping down on the couch next to Karen, who took back the laptop with an annoyed look. She scooted closer to Frank so you could see both of them.
“He’s just… He got it rough and he’s put on thick defensive walls so he would never be hurt or abandoned again. I know if he’d meet the right one, he’d open up.” Frank said, turning to look at Karen lovingly and kissing the side of her head. You smiled warmly at them, thinking through all that Frank said. You were grateful for the heads up but you didn’t want to show up to the date with or without expectations. You could definitely relate to some of what Frank told you.
“Now get out of that bath before you prune up and go get some beauty sleep. I’ll send you a text if anything changes, but we’ll be there around 8PM.” Karen said. You wrapped up the conversation with them and shut the laptop off, sinking all the way down into the water.
You went with a bodycon black cocktail dress with a fancy lace finish. It stopped about mid-thigh and had long fitted sleeves with holes for your thumbs. It hid most of the scratches on the palms of your hands, which was perfect. It was also an off the shoulder dress, cut straight across, showing your collarbones. You paired it with a nice pair of black stiletto sandals you laced up your calves. You wrote a quick DM to Karen, letting her know you were on your way to the pub. She replied saying they had just left Frank's place and they'd be saving you a seat. You picked up your evening bag and left the house for your double date.
Luckily, you were able to flag a taxi right when your feet hit the sidewalk, so you made it in good time. The pub was busy as always when you got there. You scanned the bar for your friend's long fiery mane through the window and spotted her near the bar. You fluffed your hair and took one last look at your reflection before opening the door. You made a beeline for Karen, ignoring one or two catcalls, keeping your chin up. Karen saw you and lightened up like a ray of sunshine. The guys had their back to you so you didn't get to see them before Karen collided with you, hugging the fuck out of you.
"I'm so glad you're alright! You gave me such a fright on the phone this morning!" She said, hugging you tightly, then took a good look at you, looking for bruises or marks.
"I'm okay! It was just a ridiculously hot idiot in a Jaguar or something," you said, smiling warmly at Karen, shrugging your coat off.
"It's a Rolls Royce, sweetheart," Billy said with a smirk, clearly amused by the situation. He had time to process the surprise of seeing you when Karen greeted you. You, on the other hand, did not and he knew he'd go to hell for enjoying the shock on your face right now. Your head snapped to him, complete shock was etched all over your face, your lips parted in an endless oh! It had to be a celestial joke or something. What were the chances of being almost run over by a guy AND having a blind double date with him later that day.
"What's up? You two know each other?" Frank asked with a frown, seeing the two of you clearly enjoying an inside joke or something. Karen looked as clueless as Frank and shrugged.
"Umm…Yeah! He's uh…" you mumbled, caught red-handed at calling him an idiot before even greeting him. You took the chair next to Karen, in front of Billy. You blushed and looked down, thinking about hiding under the table instead.
"The ridiculously hot idiot, was it?" He prompted with a chuckle, taking a sip of his beer. He was too amused to care about the idiot part and you didn't really seem like you really meant it. He didn't usually let people insult him but who knows? Maybe he'd get to punish you for it later. He licked his lips, tilting his head to one side slightly, enjoying watching you squirm in embarrassment in your chair.
"Sorry 'bout that," you said with a chuckle, brushing a strand of hair behind your ear, blushing.
"WHAT?! You? You almost ran over my bestie?!" Karen exclaimed, reaching over the table to thwack Billy on the head. Frank and Billy both dodged it and she groaned, flopping back down on her chair angrily.
"Hey! It ain't like I killed her! She's perfectly fine. I even drove her home to apologize," he said, looking at you to save him from Karen’s wrath. She kicked him from under the table and he pouted at both of you.
You snorted and shook your head, patting Karen on the shoulder.
"It's fine. Shit happens. It won't ruin the evening and he's gonna buy me drinks, cuzz he's sorry, right?" You said with a bright smile, looking straight at him and gave him a playful wink. Frank barked a laugh at you and elbowed Billy playfully.
Oh, you two were gonna be a riot, Frank thought.
"What's your poison then?" Billy asked, his dark eyes sparkling mischievously behind his beer as they trailed down to your bare collarbones.
"Tequila," you said, meeting his eyes and taking a good look at him. He was wearing a suit again but a more casual one. He stood up and walked to the bar, waving at the barman there. He ordered you a margarita, top shelf tequila and another beer for himself.
“Soooo?” Karen said, elbowing you and looking at you with a shit-eating grin on. Frank snorted and shook his head at the two of you, getting up to join Billy at the bar. He didn’t need to hear that. You rolled your eyes and turned your head to look at your overexcited friend.
“Soo what? I’ve literally just sat here, Karen,” you said with a scoff, trying to dodge her real question.
“Nuh-huh, gurl! You ain’t getting out of this one so easily! Tell me,” she ordered, a knowing look on her face, like she already knew the answer but just wanted to hear you say it.
You sighed loudly and told her exactly what she wanted to hear...cuzz it was true.
“Fine...Besides the fact he almost killed me this morning, he’s ridiculously hot and he seems nic-” you said, a squealing Karen cutting your sentence short.
“So,” Frank said, taking the spot next to Billy and waving at the barman for another beer.
“So.” Billy replied, rolling his shoulder, knowing exactly where this was going. They didn’t need to talk, they just looked at each other and chuckled. The barman showed up with their drinks and Frank tossed some cash on the bar to pay for it all. Billy was about to complain, like he always did whenever Frank wanted to pay for something but Frank held up his hand to shut him up.
“Just promise me you’ll actually try to get to know her. I know you say you don’t do girlfriends but just…” Frank said, gesturing to Billy to chill and just fucking try for once.
Billy rolled his eyes at his brother, shrugging and nodding. He knew Frank would hate him if he hurt one of Karen’s friends, probably the reason why you were the first one Karen wanted to match him with. There were very good reasons why he didn’t do relationships, but he guessed he could be somewhat open to the idea since Frank asked so kindly. At least he wouldn’t just ghost you and he could simply tell you it wouldn’t work politely or some shit. He picked the drinks and walked back to the table where Karen and you were giggling over some shit, him probably. You looked up at him sitting back in front of you and gave him a timid smile, taking the drink he was offering you.
"Now, how about we start over? Hi, I'm Billy," he teased, taking a sip of his fresh cold beer. Your eyes flickered to his throat, swallowing the golden liquid.
"Y/N," you said, sipping on your fresh margarita, toying with the tiny straw. His gaze was so intense you found yourself needing to look away from him from time to time, your cheeks warming up under it.
The alcohol helped untense all four of you and you chatted away with all three of them. Billy and Frank turned out to be hilarious together. You laughed to tears a couple of times during the evening. Billy kept his word and fed you drinks when you finished them. After your third one, Karen’s fourth, she called it and said she was going home with or without Frank. You were still in the middle of your third drink and were glad to see Billy wasn’t going anywhere, either. You kissed Karen and Frank goodbye and found yourself alone for the second time with Billy that day. After a long minute of silence, Billy broke the ice first.
"'re single," he said, giving you a casual look, like he was just talking about the weather. A tiny smile appeared on the corner of your lips and you looked away with a playful chuckle.
"Uh..not worried that'll get kind of lonely?" He asked, grinning at you, leaning back in his chair comfortably.
"Are you?" You asked, looking straight at him as you took a sip of your drink.
"Not right now," he answered, his dark eyes boring into yours. You blushed and bit your lower lip. The sexual tension was so thick you could take a bite out of it...and you really wanted a taste of it.
"I'm not lonely, no…" you said, leaning toward him, resting your forearms on the table, squeezing your breasts together for his viewing pleasure. You twirled the straw around in your drink, the ice clinking on the cool glass.
"Looks like there's a but at the end of that," he said, mirroring you and leaning closer to you. He could smell your perfume, see the tiny little perfect imperfections on your skin.
"Well, kinda…I was just thinking of some downsides of not having a steady partner in crime," you admitted, looking up at him.
"Downsides?" he asked, tilting his head to one side curiously, like a cat would do.
"Yeah like…sex downsides," you said with a grin, already openly talking about sex on the first date.
"I'm listening," he said with a sly smirk on his face, his upper teeth racking his lower lips, wondering just what you were thinking about.
"Like...being single, we often end up hooking up with someone once or twice who doesn't really know you, your body and what you like. It keeps things...It's like settling for cheap liquor when you could have top shelf. It's good, does the job but it could be so much better...Like it never really satisfies all of your desires," you said, wondering if he understood your point.
It was a bold thing to say on a first date but he liked your honesty, that you didn't beat around the bush. He nodded, taking a sip of his beer and pondering your words.
"What is it you truly desire, then?" He asked, looking straight into your eyes, licking his lips.
"Like having a man between my legs, kissing and pleasuring me like I'm the best thing he's ever tasted," you teased, your lips hovering over his. He stayed still, smirking at you and letting you take things to the next level at your own pace.
"Someone who'd take his time to find out exactly how I want it, how I love it," you added, nuzzling his nose with yours. He hummed, listening intensely and taking notes.
"Someone I could trust completely with my body, someone to try new things and fantasies with," you said, your lips trailing over his skin all the way to his ear. He felt his neck break in goosebumps at the featherlight touch of your lips.
"How does one apply for such a job?" He asked, feeling the pull to you stronger than ever. He wanted to devour you, all of you.
"Drive me home. I'll get you an interview right now," you whispered in his ear, your nose nuzzling his hair. He groaned, sitting back in his chair with a predatory look on. He finished his drink in one go and picked his leather coat up. You grinned at him and hurried after him. He took your hand in his and made his way through the crowd, making a way through for both of you. The cool night air hit your skin and it broke in goosebumps. Billy turned around after walking a few steps. He zipped up your coat a little higher so you wouldn't be too cold. He brushed the side of your face with his hand and leaned down.
"Tell me to stop," he murmured over your lips, feeling you gasp over his lips. You shook your head and closed the distance between the two of you. The kiss was slow and modest at first, adjusting to each other's lips and kissing. He deepened the kiss, his large hands cradling your head, his tongue teasing its way inside your mouth.
You moaned when it connected to yours; it glided effortlessly and sent shivers down your spine. You two kissed and devoured each other's body on the sidewalk for a few more minutes before you broke the kiss, panting hard.
"Take me home, Billy," you whispered, looking into his black eyes.
"As you wish, my lady," he said, looking down at you with a sly smirk. He kissed you again quickly and walked you to his car parked not too far from the bar. The hand at the small of your back holding you close to him, safe.
The drive home was short and uneventful. He held your hand in his for the entire ride, feeling an odd need to touch you, connect with you. He wasn't used to feel this intense connection, pull or whatever the fuck it was, to anyone. He rolled his left shoulder and tried to stop overthinking whatever this was. The car stopped in front of your house and he hurried once more to open the door for you. You took his hand, leading him forward to your front door, the car alarm system beeping securely for the night.
You unlocked the thick wooden door and entered your home, Billy following behind, closing it silently. The small table lamp on the lobby console was the only light on. You threw your keys in a glass bowl, your small evening bag tossed next to it, and turned to face Billy.
"So, about that interview…" you said, closing the distance between the two of you, running your manicured hands on his white shirt.
"Tell me about yourself, Mr. Russo," you said with a suggestive voice, unable to hide how much you wanted him right now, how horny and naughty you felt.
"Born and raised in New York, was first lieutenant, scout sniper, force recon Marines, currently CEO of Anvil," he said over your neck between kisses and bites. His hands trailed up and down the side of your body, loving every curve. You walked backward toward the bedroom, pulling him with you, kissing him deeply.
"What would your ex-employers say about you?" you asked a little breathlessly, sliding his jacket off his shoulder.
"Hopefully they'll say that if you want the best, Billy Russo is the only choice." He replied, pulling down on your thigh dress, helping you out of it, his lips not leaving your skin. He pushed you against the bedroom's wall, trailing kisses down your body.
"If they don't, you can quote me on that," he added, kneeling in front of you to untie your heels. He nipped playfully at your leg, making you giggle and bit your lower lip.
You were a vision in your underwear, looking down at him hungrily. He moaned softly, feeling your hand in his hair, tugging his head backwards so he'd look up at you.
"I bet I can. So, where'd you get your sales smarts? Wharton?" You asked playfully, watching him stand back up. Your hands went to his belt and he unbuttoned his shirt down quickly.
"Afghanistan. Wharton was my safety school," he chuckled, tossing his shirt somewhere behind him. His lips collided with yours and you kissed languidly, his soft hand at your neck and hip.
"Lastly, why do you want the job?" You gasped, opening his pants and rubbing at the impressive bulge in his boxers.
He groaned. His hips automatically thrusted into your touch. He hurried out of his pants, socks and shoes.
"Because I've never wanted someone as much as you right now," he admitted, embracing you tightly, moving you to lie down on your bed.
"I've barely had a taste and I already want more, so much more," he added, burying his face into your strapless bra, one hand sneaking under you to unclasp it. He let you slide it off your own body, always giving you the option to back out if you wanted to. You never had such a respectful and attentive lover before. He took his time to caress and kiss every inch of you, all the way down to your feet. He gave one last kiss to your ankle, settling your leg back on the bed.
"And you're so fucking beautiful," he murmured, standing up to look at you. You were sprawled on the bed in your tiny lace panties. Your face was all flushed up, your hair messy from all the kissing and making out. He licked his top teeth, pushing his boxers down as he enjoyed the sight of you. You sat up and scooted to the edge of the bed where he was standing. You kissed his abdomen and slid his boxers the rest of the way. You ran your hands up his legs and to his ass, cupping a feel with a naughty grin on your face. He chuckled, running one hand through your hair and tilting your head back to look at him. The sly smirk he gave you sent a jolt of pleasure through your body, making you gasp.
“I want it,” you said, your fingertips caressing his cock teasingly, your head hanging back at an uncomfortable angle by his grip on your hair, making you gasp.
“Yeah?” He replied absentmindedly, palming one of your breasts.
“Mmhmm,” you hummed, licking your lips and fisting him. He groaned at the feeling, his hips thrusting forward, needing some relief.
“Tell me how you want it, princess,” he said, letting go of your hair to hold you by the jaw. It sent you into a frenzy and you grabbed him by the hips, tossing him toward the bed. He fell on it, losing his footing, not seeing it coming. He looked at you, surprised at the sudden change of pace and you crawled on top of him, straddling one of his legs. You kissed him deeply, your bodies all intertwined together, your hands all over his chest, his ass and his balls. Billy ran one hand through your hair, looking at you, at how gorgeous you were, all flushed up and horny. He kissed your cheek, the side of your jaw and down to your neck. You kissed his chest and he hung his head back, enjoying the slow pace. It was quite different from his usual fuck but he enjoyed it a lot with you right now. He didn’t want to hurry or boss you around. He wanted to take his time and enjoy every minute, every inch of you.
You moved backwards off his leg and he sat up to kiss you some more, needing your lips like oxygen. He scooted over near the headboard, seeing where you wanted to take things. You smirked wickedly at him, settling between his legs and licking your lips. He groaned. His mouth hanging open slightly at the sight of you, a little vixen up to no good. You licked the head of his dick, looking up at him. His head fell back and hit the headboard with a loud thud, eyes closed, moaning. You loved how handsome he was, bliss all over his face, feeling your warm mouth around his dick. He groaned, his hips automatically thrusting upward deeper into your mouth. You chuckled, licking the side of his shaft down to his balls.
"Such a good girl," he murmured, burying one hand in your hair. He raised an eyebrow, asking you a silent question and you nodded, feeling his hand push your head down. He pulled and tugged on your hair gently, yet roughly. You let him guide you over his cock, your hooded eyes never leaving his. He let go of your hair and ran his thumb over your messy lips. He slid down to lie back and you crawled on top of him like a huntress about to eat her prey. He didn't think he'd seen someone that gorgeous before. He wanted to keep you all for himself at that moment.
You moved to straddle him and took his hard cock inside your cunt with a long gasp.
"Fuck, you stretch me good baby,” you moaned, moving just enough to adjust to his size.
“God. This dick is gonna ruin me,” you mumbled under your breath. He was gonna ruin you for any other man. There was no way anyone else would feel this heavenly inside your cunt.
"Fuck yes it will," he growled, an almost pained expression on his face at how tight you felt around him. He looked down at where his cock disappeared into you and moaned, moving his hands to your hips, guiding you over his dick. You settled over a shallow and lazy pace at first, rolling your hips around, losing yourself to the feel of his perfect dick inside you. He grabbed your ass, palming each cheek in his large hands. He moved your ass up and down quickly, and you took his cue, shaking your ass, literally twerking on his dick, making both of you chuckled between soft moans.
You moved one hand to the headboard, gripping it hard and started riding him fast and deep, taking what you wanted out of his cock.
"Oh, god! It feels so good, Billy!" You whimpered, looking down at him, licking his upper teeth.
His hands were all over your body, his lips kissing, licking and even nipping at your breasts lovingly, enjoying how they bounced in his face.
"Yeah, sweetheart? My dick is good to ya, huh?" He asked, meeting your thrusts with his own, the sound of skin on skin loud and obscene.
"Yes! Fuck...yes! It's soo good! Don't stop! Baby, please!" you pleaded, feeling your climax about to hit at any moment. He slid one hand between the two of you and rubbed your clit with frenzied circles. A lewd and loud Oh my god left your parting lips as you came. He felt you clench down on him like a vice, making him moan loudly and almost bent over at how hard the jolt of pleasure from his own climax hit him. You both rode your orgasms and you flopped down onto him, panting heavily. He wrapped his arms around you, holding you close to his chest, his nose buried in your hair.
"Wow. That was such good sex," you sighed deeply, feeling content and safe in his arms.
"Oh, I'm not done with you just yet, princess," he said, sitting up and grabbing you in a tight embrace, his lips crashing down on yours. He moved you effortlessly to lay on your back and crawled down between your legs quickly. He groaned, looking down at your perfect cunt, his right hand spreading the lips and watched his semen leak out of your opening. A low primal growl purred inside his chest and he dove right in. You gasped, your hands disappearing in his dark hair, holding his head between your legs. He licked and kissed your clit with the same affection and care as your mouth. He didn't care. He could taste himself as he licked from your ass to your pubis. All he wanted was to pleasure you and eat you raw.
You sat up a bit, leaning back on one elbow to watch him eat you like a starved man.
"Oh, fuck... Baby yes! That's so good...Mmmm," you moaned, brushing back his messy hair from his eyes. He hummed at your touch, closing his eyes and could feel his dick already harden again.
"Fuck! You taste so fucking good," he said over your pussy, breathing heavily and kissed your thigh. He moved a finger inside your pussy, then added a second one. Your legs shook slightly at the intrusion and you gave him a longing look with a deep sigh, the feeling making your insides purr…
"Ahhh! God, that's so deep," you exclaimed, his long fingers hitting places you've never been able to reach before. He chuckled and curved his fingers upwards, ripping a loud gasp out of you. You looked down at him with wild eyes, a good but odd feeling building up inside you. You didn't know how to handle all the wetness coming out of you and it showed on your face, a flicker of anxiety in your eyes.
Shit, he thought.
"It's okay baby, do you want me to stop?" He asked, looking up at you in concern.
"I..I dunno," you said, feeling unsure, biting your lower lip. He stopped applying pressure to your g-spot right away and pleasured you the way you were comfortable with. He gave you a warm smile, kissing the inside of your thigh. You felt a little something bloom in your chest at how respectful and nice he was to you.
A perfect lover, you thought.
He slid behind you, holding you close to him, kissing your shoulder as you both lay on your side. He moved your legs over his, opening you wide and entered you once more.
"Fuuuck! So fuckin' wet, baby," he moaned, his mixing with your whiny ones. He set the pace a lot faster this time. The both of you turned on to an absurd level. His thrusts were sure and precise, kissing and racking his teeth on your neck, his mouth open in a silent snarl as he fucked you roughly. You moved your leg down and his left hand gripped it, pinning it to the mattress and he railed you from behind. He moved up on one elbow and adjusted himself. The new angle made your insides purr and you moaned loudly, reaching behind with one arm to caress his hair, his face buried in the crook of your neck.
"Fuck this," he said, quickly sliding out of you and moving so fast you barely saw him move on top of you and re-enter your cunt. You gasped loudly, a sheer sweat breaking over your body. You met his thrusts with your hips, moving a small strand of hair stuck to his forehead. He laid down on top of you, your bodies touching as he fucked into you roughly. He made sure not to put too much of his weight on you. He kissed your face, panting hard over the skin, his hands caressing and moving your hair from your face. He made small noises, his climax building up quickly. Hearing him unabashedly losing himself to the pleasure, his higher pitched quiet moans making your heart squeeze almost painfully.
"Come with me, baby. Come with me, Billy," you pleaded, your own climax quickly building up. He made an embarrassing whine-like moan at your words, his climax building up so high his balls were surely gonna burst. He propped himself on one elbow, reaching between the two of you to rub your clit, making your climax hit you hard. You felt a hot burning wave of pleasure wash over you and bit his shoulder to muffle your loud moans. He groaned at the pain and it sent him over the edge with you. You rode your orgasms together, panting over each other’s skin.
He carefully slid out of you to flop down on the bed next to you with a groan. Your eyes were still closed as you enjoyed the last of your orgasm, rubbing your body over the mattress like a cat making him chuckle. He laid on his side, sneaking one arm over your stomach and held you close to him. You turned around and rested your head on his chest with a pleased sigh. He caressed you absentmindedly, his own eyes closed and peaceful, enjoying your weight in his arms.
Billy woke up with a small start, looking around the room. He yawned, turning his head to look at you all snuggled up sleeping tightly next to him. He saw the faint morning light through the curtain and the alarm clock next to your bed said 5:16AM. He wasn’t one to stay overnight usually but he must have passed out after the amazing sex you two had. He got up silently making no noise as he got dressed, fishing for his clothes all over the room and the hallway. He was about to leave, his hand hovering over the doorknob when something stopped him. He bit the inside of his cheek nervously and walked back to your bedroom. He leaned against the doorframe and watched you sleep peacefully for a bit. He really wanted to see you again sometime, which was an odd feeling for him. He snorted silently, thinking of how you two met the previous day and shook his head. Clearly it was to be some kind of movie-worthy sign from above or some shit. He turned around to leave, already checking his phone to plan his day.
You woke up a few hours later alone in bed. His spot was cool to the touch so he had left quite a while ago. The thought of him just leaving like a thief, not waking you up or anything stung a bit. You really had a fun night with him and thought it was reciprocal, not just you. The doorbell stopped your downward spiral before it even started. You put your robe on and tiptoed to the front door. You checked through the peephole first and frowned seeing that nobody was there. You opened the door and saw a fancy gift bag with flowers on the doorstep. You looked around frowning even deeper, wondering if it was a wrong address delivery but saw your name on the card. You picked everything up and shut the door behind you. You walked to the living room, looking at the card and the gorgeous bouquet of flowers that might have cost a hundred dollars. You sat down on the couch in the living room and opened up the gift curiously.
Inside the bag was a box of brand new Louboutin, exactly your shoe size and a brand new smartphone, the latest model. There was a scribbled note inside the package with a phone number. You picked it up and read it, burying your nose inside the huge bouquet.
When do I start? -B
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darkness-eyes123 · 17 days ago
Confessions (I Can’t Live Without You)
Summary: The aftermath of Y/n getting shot in an attempt to protect Billy.
Context: Billy and Y/n have somewhat of an unhealthy relationship for close friends who are not a couple. Everyone around you can see that you’re in love with each other, but the both of you are completely blind to it. That is until Y/n gets shot and Billy loses his mind.
Tumblr media
You were tired.
You were so tired and in pain. Your head was hurting and there was a dull but sharp pain in your side. You didn’t understand how you could muster both of those feelings. You felt like your body has been dragged from hell and back.
You couldn’t even open your eyes because that alone would be too much effort. Everything was hazy, but you could still hear some sort of a commotion.
You could register a voice.
His voice.
He was angry.
He sounded so angry and also so desperate. You didn’t know why.
Why was he upset?
You tried to move—to think—but nothing worked. You couldn’t register anything else before the heavy pull of your eyelids took you back to darkness—to a dream were everything was peaceful.
Beep, beep.
What was that noise?
Beep beep
You groaned lowly, the noise irritating you as you roused from your sleep, slowly regaining your consciousness.
You slowly opened your eyes and the brightness stung them. You flinched and blinked consistently, wanting to rub the stiffness from your eyes, but you didn’t have the energy yet to raise your hand. The beeping sound continued and you slowly turned your head to check your surroundings. You saw monitors, IV bags and lots of cords and tubes.
You were in a hospital.
It was like that recognition made you aware of every feeling. The stiffness in your side, the aches around your body, the mild headache, the soreness that burned your throat—and suddenly—suddenly the memories hit you fast and hard and it all came back, flooding into you like a stream.
You were out with Billy. He had asked you as usual to be a plus one to a gala he was attending, and of course you were suckered into going. You remember drinks and dancing, how the butterflies assaulted your stomach at how painfully close he was all night—and then— then you remember bullets flying everywhere. He covered you and tried to get you out. There was absolute chaos everywhere. People were yelling and screaming, trampling and running to get out.
Billy somehow pushed his way through—he was fighting— you don’t remember him bringing a gun but he had one and he was shooting. In the midst of it all you saw someone pointing a gun at him.
Billy didn’t see him but you did. You didn’t think, you acted and you had rushed forward jumping in front of him, you heard your name but that was all. You had no memory of how you got out. Everything was a blur at the moment. You just remembered the desperation of his voice. His pleads.
His pleads replayed in your mind and panic burned through your body. You needed to find him, and now.
Was Billy okay? Was he hurt? You didn’t know what you’d do if something happened to him. You didn’t know if he got out.
A rush of emotion swelled within you and you wanted to vomit, You didn’t even get to tell him— you didn’t even get to tell him how you felt. You didn’t care if he didn’t feel the same way, you just needed him to know.
You pushed yourself up in utter desperation, your head was swimming and your body was in pain from your sudden reaction. There were cords everywhere but nothing was going to stop you from leaving. You needed to find him.
“Y/n.” His voice. That was his voice. You turned towards it, to a couch at the side of your bed.
He was there.
A wave of relief rushed through you and you fell back against your pillow. You wanted to cry as you looked at him, His eyes were sleepy and haunted—like he had just woke up from a restless sleep—and he looked back at you like he couldn’t believe you were real. Like he was in a dream.
“Billy.” Your voice was scratchy and dry.
“Hey…..shhhhh,” he shot up from his spot and grabbed the cup of water from beside the bed. He held your head up and brought the cup towards your lips.
You drank like you ran a mile in the Sahara and you were dying of thirst. Finally the ache had begun to disappear. “Hey I got you.” He pat your back putting the empty cup away, and he helped you sit up. His lips pressed hard onto your head, breathing you in, as if it was the last time he’d ever hold you, “You’re safe.” He whispered, his breath was heavy, and you heard a catch in it.
He reached over you to push the button to alert the nurse, “Are you okay? The nurse should be here soon but if you’re not okay I’ll go drag them in here right now.”
He watched you closely for any sign of pain as you shifted. Knowing Billy, he must have been giving everybody in this hospital bloody hell. “No, it’s okay. I feel much better especially after that water.”
You felt revived and much more awake. You smiled and looked at him, your hands raising to cup his face, to check and see if he was harmed. To see if he was really there. He closed his eyes against your touch, nuzzling his cheek against your hand. “Billy, are you okay?” You asked.
He seemed to snap out of whatever stupor he was in and he flinched at your words, moving away from your fingers that ached to touch him. He got up from his seat his hand dragging down his face.
You were hurt by his actions but you had no choice but to wait— to wait for him to process and wait for an explanation.
You took this time to see how tired and ragged he looked. There was no bruises on his face but on his knuckles. He looked unkept, exhausted, terrified, and so so enraged and angry.
Why was he angry?
He set his dark eyes on you, “You’re the one lying in a hospital bed after being out for a full day and you’re asking me if I’m okay.”
He cut you off with a sharp look. “Y/n don’t.”
You raised your eyebrows, confused by him. Confused by his caring actions a few minutes ago, to the hurtful way he was dismissing you now.
He leaned back against the wall. You couldn’t understand why the hell he was behaving like this? Why he was distancing himself?
Before you could drag answers out of him the nurse had come in check on you and she had started chattering away. She was extremely nice and had begun to explain everything to you. She asked if you remembered everything, and you nodded. She gave you an update on your vitals, on the surgery you had. She had checked up on you making sure everything was perfect all while Billy was hovering.
Hovering was too kind of a word for it. He was practically breathing down her neck, glaring daggers at her. He watched the nurse closely as if she were his enemy, as if she was going to attack. You were sure that if you flinched or showed any kind of discomfort he would have raised hell from the ground. The poor girl looked terrified.
He kept quiet though, listening intently. His knuckles were fisted and his jaw clenched like he was hanging by a thread. His eyes slammed shut when the nurse mentioned how lucky you were. She had said that the bullet was inches away from being fatal but that the main concern was that you had lost a lot of blood.
After about 15 minutes the nurse had left ensuring you both that everything was looking good and perfectly normal and that she’d be back to run a few more tests later—leaving you two alone
He stood there, leaning against the wall, staring at the little desk beside your bed. You couldn’t stand the tension and the silence. Couldn’t understand his switch of emotions. Obviously you understood his worry but everything was fine now.
“Come on Billy, it’s not that bad.” You smiled trying to lighten the mood. This was how you liked to cope. You could always turn any situation into a joke. When bad shit happened in your life, this was your coping mechanism— but in this situation your attempt was met with fury.
Billy glared at you. “You think this is fucking funny.”
“No, but I’m still here aren’t I, so maybe this can now be a little funny.” You said without thinking, but again your dark humour was not appreciated.
“You need to fucking stop.” His jaw clenched, his hands were fisted.
“Come on, please tell me that I at least looked a little badass.” You couldn’t even control your words because maybe he’d crack a smile or see that you were fine.
“Enough!” He growled he turned around his fist slamming the wall. “You almost fucking d—“ he shook his head, not being able to stomach those words right now.
You sat there shocked and stunned at his outburst.
“Well I didn’t.” You told him starting to get agitated at his behaviour. “I’m still here unfortunately and in the flesh.”
He turned to you with murder in his eyes, his finger pointed, “You… don’t ever fucking do anything like that ever again.”
You scoffed. “What? You mean like save your life?” You couldn’t believe this was a conversation you were having. He was actually mad that you saved his life. Did he not have any inkling as to how important you were to him?
“Yes!” He yelled, losing it. “Don’t you dare ever put yourself in danger for me, not for me….never for me…if something happened to you I…I’d…” his hands spasmed as it lifted wanting to make contact with anything. He chose to clench his fist in an attempt to gain some sort of control.
His breathing grew ragged and he couldn’t for the life of him calm himself. He paced back and forth before turning to finally look directly at you.
“This is done.” He was so mad but he sounded defeated. Your heart dropped, a deep pit of anxiety filled your stomach. He was withdrawing, keeping himself away from you. “This was never supposed to happen.”
Your heart dropped. He couldn’t mean that? “What are you talking about? What’s done?” You wanted to haul your ass out of bed and get him to look at you. To shake him to see what was going through his thick head.
He just stood there staring straight ahead. You could see how tense he was, how much he was holding himself back because he looked like he wanted to fucking throw things.
“This…” He pointed between the two of you. “It’s done.”
Your heart fell. That anxiety you’d felt before grew immediately and it filled you up until it fully consumed you. You wanted to cry. “Wha…what are you talking about?? No….no..You don’t get to do this to me.”
“It’s. Done.”
You laughed in disbelief. Was he fucking joking? Was he really dumping you without actually being together. Did he really not give a shit about you to be this much of an asshole after being shot? Was this for real? Or were you in a coma and some messed up shit was going on. He had some fucking nerve doing this to you while you were half dead in a hospital bed.
“You don’t get to do this to me fucking here, especially fucking on this bed.” How dare he? When you just woke up practically seconds ago.
If he was going to fuck with you, you were going to do the same back because he wasn’t making sense, you were gonna do what you knew best and push him to his limits, “I can’t tell what’s better taking a bullet or this fucking conversation.” You laughed.
His fingers clenched, “You need to stop talking Y/n.” Your words continued to piss him off, because he could not handle you thinking that your life or this situation was a fucking joke.
“No! Because I’d do it all over again.”
“That’s exactly why!” He raised his voice. “This has to be done.” He moved towards you.
“Oh so you’re the only one allowed to jump in front of bullets and save people’s lives, I can’t do the same for the people I care about.” You were exasperated.
“Yes! This shit is not supposed to touch you. I’m the one fucking trained to kill or be killed. Not you!”
You wanted to scream, to shout at him and make him understand. You wouldn’t stand there and let him die. Did he not care for you at all to do this to you? “So why are you here? Why do you care? Why the fuck did you stay? The door is right there.” You said loudly, you were filled with pure anger.
He stared at you, your questions absolutely destroying him and catching him off guard— he struggled for words, “Because I can’t leave you. I needed to know that you’re okay.” His voice was filled with emotion and self hatred.
Tears welled in your eyes. “Fuck you! You don’t deserve that. You don’t get to know shit.” You wanted to curl into a ball and cry. “Why!?…Why are you doing this?! Do you—“
“Because I love you.” He snapped loudly. His breathing was harsh, he clenched his eyes shut as if to rid himself of your pain. “I almost lost you because I couldn’t protect you! I watched you bleed in my arms and I could have lost you because those fucking pieces of shit were after me….do you have any fucking idea what that’s doing to me?”
“You almost….died.” His voice broke.
A tear fell from your eye, your heart warmed and broke at the same time because you dreamed about hearing him say those words to you. You never thought it was possible, you always held onto him, knowing he’d probably never feel the same way but now you knew— and you could understand. Because if something like this happened to him, you wouldn’t be able to function.
“Billy, this is not your fault.” You whispered, wanting to get up— to comfort him— to do something. “You don’t know that they were after you.”
“I do, and they hurt you because of it. And I made sure they all fucking paid the consequence of it.” He gritted out in hatred. The violence that flashed through him should have terrified you, it should have sent you running, but you knew him. You knew every side to him. He was a part of your soul.
“This is my fault. You would never be in danger if it weren’t for me. You would never have had a bullet rip through you if it weren’t for me.” He paused and looked at you with watered eyes. “Do you know you flatlined? You fucking left me and flatlined and…..I couldn’t….I can’t... “ he closed his eyes. “That’s why. That’s why this is done.”
Tears leaked down your face. “Billy, no. This is my choice. You don’t…you don’t get to take that away from me. I love you. I’ve always loved you and I didn’t think, I just knew I couldn’t let you die. You’re not the only one afraid of losing someone.”
You begged for him to see reason. To show him that you loved him just as much. He looked at you, like he couldn’t believe what he was hearing and the next thing you knew his lips were on yours. He kissed you with everything he had, his mouth moving hard against yours, before lulling back into soft kisses. His forehead pressed against yours, as you breathed the same air, your lips barely touching.
“I can’t have you risk your life for me. I can’t have you in danger,” He whispered. “You think I want this? Do you know how hard it is for me to do the right thing and not be the selfish asshole I am and push you away, instead of keeping you with me where you belong. Everything inside of me is telling me to fucking keep you by my side forever, because I can’t—I cannot live without you.”
You grabbed onto his hair, holding him closer. “Well it’s a good thing that I have a fucking say then, because I want you. I want this. We can’t fear the unknown. We’re better together.”
His insides warred, because he wanted this so badly. He couldn’t stay away even if he tried but the fear was strangling him. “I can’t risk you.”
You ran your fingers through his hair, your eyes feeling heavy and tired. “Billy this is my choice too. I know you’re afraid. I’m afraid for you every single day, but I know that you’ll always protect me and I’ll do the same. The rest we’ll figure out. I promise.”
He stared at you in complete despair and as much as he wanted to protect you by keeping you at arms length, he knew it would be impossible. He needed you too much. He nodded slowly before pulling you to him tightly. The tears that welled in his eyes fell—hidden. The events of what happened haunting his every thought.
He could feel the weight of your body against him, feeling heavier. You were tired and exhausted and he felt so guilty for causing you even more pain.
“Shhhh you need to rest,” he held you gently, laying you back against the pillows in to place.
Your eyes grew wide again in terror as you gripped his arm, “Promise me you’re not going to leave.”
He brushed your hair from your face, his hands trembling against you. “I’m not going anywhere.” He vowed as he kissed your forehead hard. He couldn’t even if he tried.
He watched as exhaustion took you over. His eyes drifting over you make sure everything was okay. His eyes followed the monitor making sure that nothing was wrong. Finally his eyes fell to your side. To the area where the bullet hit. He could see the bandage outline and every time he closed his eyes he could see your blood. There was no pain in the world that could match what he had felt. To see you hurt was something he could not bear.
He couldn’t fathom the idea of anything happening to you. He would destroy every fucking threat that ever arised. He loved you and you loved him. He couldn’t stay away even if he wanted. He had to protect you. He would keep you safe. There was no choice. He wanted you and he would protect you with everything inside of him. He would kill anyone who would get in his way.
The end.
Hope you enjoyed. Thinking of doing a Billy POV of this. Any thoughts! ☺️
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banditthewriter · 10 days ago
Call your bf your husband with billy Russo?
Here you are, thanks for the request!
*gif is mine*
Tumblr media
These fundraisers were a little ridiculous. You didn’t like getting dressed up for the masses and having to put on a show for people to decide whether or not they were going to actually donate to worthy causes.
Billy on the other hand? He loved it. Mostly because he was really good at making people decide to donate.
“It’s about flattering their egos and also insulting them just enough. It’s a delicate balance,” he added as he wrapped his arm around your waist, tugging you a little closer to him when a gentleman got too close to you.
You rolled your eyes, but you didn’t mind. He always said he hated when men looked at you but you didn’t see it. You didn’t see what he saw in you, much less what anyone else would. You had Billy Russo, there was no one else you could possibly want.
“If anyone can understand a delicate balance of insult and flattery, it’s you,” you teased under your breath, careful not to let any of the other patrons hear you.
Billy laughed, tucking his face into your neck for a second. Then he kissed your cheek and pulled away for a second.
“I’m going to go get us some drinks. Might talk some old rich men out of their money while I’m at it. Be right back sweetheart.”
You watched him walk away and shook your head fondly. Sure enough you watched him engage a few older men at the bar in conversation. Another laugh bubbled up as you saw a certain look cross Billy’s face, a look that you knew meant he was winning a game that only he was playing.
At least that only he knew he was playing.
“God, that is one good looking man,” a woman nearby said, drawing your attention.
You cast her a look. She wasn’t speaking directly to you, but she wasn’t trying to be discreet. You didn’t have to follow her gaze to know who she was looking at though because you had been looking in the same direction two seconds ago.
“The things I’d do to that man,” the woman next to her said with a leer, her champagne glass tipping a bit as she shimmied.
You shook your head and started to turn away, but the movement drew their gaze. One of them scoffed at you.
“What, like you wouldn’t? Are you even a woman if you aren’t attracted to that man?”
That was so many different kinds of wrong. Besides listing just how wrong that was, you explained in simpler terms.
“Of course I’m attracted to that man. He’s my husband.”
Both women laughed, sneering as if they didn’t believe you. But they stopped on choked inhales as a body pressed up to your back and a glass was pressed into your hand.
“Here you go, wife,” Billy said into your ear, dragging the word out in a tease. “Wanna go somewhere a little quieter? Away from the nagging hordes?”
You nodded, feeling your skin heat at having been caught in your little white lie. As he guided you away, he brushed his hand against your ass in full view of the women and basically everyone else at the fundraiser.
“Billy,” you hissed even as you enjoyed the feeling.
“What? Can’t a husband cop a feel of his wife’s ass once in a while?”
“I was just–”
“I know what you were doing,” he cajoled sweetly in your ear as he kissed your neck, “and I enjoyed every second of it. Now c’mon, let’s go find a place where I can get my hands under your skirt a bit. I feel like celebrating our honeymoon.”
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flightlessangelwings · 2 months ago
Rooftop Memories
Billy Russo x gn!reader
Word count: 3.8k
Warnings: childhood friends to adult lovers, fluff, light angst, pining, protective!Billy, an asshole boyfriend, mention of smut, kissing, love confessions, happy ending, no use of y/n
Notes: This idea comes from some anons while talking about BB characters for his birthday about Billy reuniting with an old childhood friend as adults and I loved the idea so much! Thank you for the idea, anons and I hope y’all see this!! Taglist in the reblog, if you’d like to be tagged, please fill out the google form on my masterlist. Or you can also follow my update blog @flightlessangelwings-updates​ and turn on post notifications!
Tumblr media
The bar rattled with chatter all around Billy. Life and laughter surrounded him as a pretty woman was in the middle of a silly story, but he couldn’t care less about any of it. Sure, Billy had his reputation and flirted with and bedded more than he could count, but he just went through the motions. He faked a laugh and took a swig of his beer as his date playfully laid a hand on his shoulder. She clearly wanted more from him, and didn’t seem to care that she was only one in a line of many if it meant a night with Billy Russo.
But, a movement from the other end of the bar caught Billy’s eye, and the moment he saw the flash of a face that haunted his mind, he couldn’t tear his eyes away. The rest of the bar faded away, and Billy heard the laughter that he had secretly missed over the years. Suddenly, he felt overcome with the urge to make sure that his eyes weren’t playing a trick on him.
“Excuse me,” Billy muttered to his date and gently pushed her away as he stood from his seat. Her protests went ignored as he swiftly made his way to the other end of the bar where he swore he saw you.
All the breath left his chest when he finally laid his eyes on you and Billy stood frozen for a moment. The last time he saw you was when you were both teenagers, but the years were extremely kind to you as you grew into adulthood. To Billy, you looked even more stunning now than before. He cleared his throat and turned on his signature charm before he leaned in close and said your name.
You turned around and let out a gasp when you were face to face with Billy Russo for the first time in so many years. The last time you saw him was right when he joined the marines and he was due to be shipped for deployment. But now, he looked like a civilian with a head full of beautiful dark hair and a beard to match. He had more muscle definition than when you were teenagers, but he still had those same deep, dark eyes that seemed to stare right into your soul. And he certainly looked more handsome than ever. Even after all those years, you recognized him right away, partly because not a day went by that he didn’t cross your mind.
“Billy?!” you stood in awe as you felt like time stopped around you, “Is it really you?”
“Hey baby,” his voice was smooth, but he hid the pain that lay beneath, “It’s me.”
You reached out and cupped the side of Billy’s face and you let out a heavy breath as you felt the prickly hair of his beard under your palm, “Holy fuck…” you breathed as you collapsed into his arms and squeezed him tight, “I can’t believe it!”
“Shit, yeah,” Billy had a genuine smile as he retired your embrace and held you tightly, “Been too fucking long,” he paused as you both pulled away, “You look good.”
“So do you,” you replied in a more hushed tone as you looked him over. Just as you were about to say something else, another voice called your name and you jumped in surprise and looked behind you to find a tall man, “Danny,” you exclaimed as if you forgot you were at the bar with someone, “This is Billy, he’s an old friend of mine,” you introduced the two men as Danny wrapped an arm around your waist, “Billy, this is my boyfriend, Danny.”
Billy scowled as he stared at the man’s hand on your waist, but took the man’s hand in a too-firm handshake, “Pleasure,” he deadpanned.
Danny either didn’t notice, or didn’t comment, “So, old friend, huh? You never mentioned you had a pretty-boy friend before,” he said as he let go of Billy’s hand and pulled you in close with a possessive grip on your hip, “Anything I should be worried about?”
You chuckled awkwardly, “No,” you were a little too fast with that reply, “I haven't seen him in years,” you looked at Billy with pleading eyes that begged him to back you up.
“Yeah,” Billy was quick to catch on, “Not since I joined the marines, right? I was what, 17, 18?”
“Something like that,” you turned back to Danny, who seemed content with that.
“Marines, huh?” he asked Billy, “I was an army man myself.”
Billy couldn’t help but scoff again, but he played it off. Danny looked like he wanted to retort, but you cut him off before he could.
“Hey Danny,” you interjected, “Could you go get the car and I’ll meet you outside?”
Danny grumbled but reluctantly let go of you and stomped out the door, which left you and Billy alone again.
“I don’t like him,” Billy huffed bitterly the moment you were alone, “Besides I thought you didn’t like military men,” he added with a pointed tone.
You sighed, “I’m not sure about him myself,” you admitted, “It’s new.” The two of you stood in an awkward silence for a few moments before you spoke again, “I should get going, don’t wanna keep Danny waiting.”
“Wouldn’t want that,” Billy scoffed before he could stop himself. But when he saw the flash of a solemn look on your face, he pulled out a card, “Call me if you need anything,” he slid it in your hand, “Or if you wanna catch up.”
Your skin tingled where his hand touched yours: something you hadn’t felt in years. Your eyes trailed up from where your hands connected to his eyes and you felt your heart skip a beat at the sincere look there. As you swallowed hard, you nodded, “I’d like to catch up,” your voice was weaker than you meant it, but you knew he heard you, “It really was good to see you,” you added before you rushed out of the bar. 
For the second time in his life, Billy watched you go as he wished you would stay with him.
The stars shone bright in the sky as you and Billy laid out on a rooftop. It had become your secret sanctuary, and the only place where you could go to truly be alone together. You and Billy had known each other for as long as you could remember, and as you both blossomed into adolescence, your feelings for each other quickly grew to more than just friendship. Your rendezvous on the roof turned from friendly talks all night to more heated. 
You had your first kiss on that rooftop. One night, you were up there talking with Billy when he suddenly turned to you and cupped your cheek. His dark eyes looked into your soul and you swallowed hard. Your heart pounded in your chest as he slowly pulled you close to him. Billy gave you a chance to pull away or to tell him no, but instead, you grabbed his shirt and closed the gap in an awkward yet passionate kiss. Neither of you knew what you were doing, but it still felt right, and you both felt like you were on fire with the emotions that flew between you both.
Not long after that night, you both lost your virginity to each other on that very same rooftop. Billy had asked you about it beforehand, since he didn’t want to spring it on you as a surprise. Since it was him, you were more than ready, and the two of you made a makeshift tent and set some blankets down to be more comfortable. Like your first kiss, it was awkward, yet it felt right. Neither of you knew what you were doing, and Billy almost broke the condom in the process but through laughter and trust, you both figured it out. You both stayed out on the roof all night that night as you fell asleep in his arms.
While you slept, Billy watched you and stroked your face softly, “I love you,” he confessed to your sleeping figure, “And I promise I’ll always watch over you.”
Everything felt perfect for a while. You and Billy dated in secret, and you spent so much time on your rooftop. Billy even made a little shack-like structure to keep you safer and more secure while you were up there. Over time, you decorated it, and made it feel like a little home. To both of you, it felt more like a home than anything else you had. And it was because you both were there with each other.
“I’m gonna be rich one day,” Billy said one night as you cuddled together in your shack and watched the rain fall outside, “I’m gonna buy us the best penthouse in New York, and I’ll take care of you.”
“I don’t need that, Billy,” you replied as you kissed his cheek and giggled softly when you felt the scruff that started to grow, “I just need you.”
Billy frowned, but said nothing. He leaned in closer to you and held you tighter as strands of his long hair fell into your face. He was quiet for some time after that until you both fell asleep against the sound of the pounding rain. Neither of you had much in the way of work prospects, but Billy formed a plan to fix that. He only hoped you would wait for him.
“What the fuck Billy? What did you do?” you screamed at him when he came to you one day with his long locks gone and his head shaved down to a buzzcut.
“I joined the marines,” he told you as calmly as he could, despite the rage that boiled underneath, “I told you I’d take care of you, and this will get me to where I need to go.”
“The fucking military, Billy?!” tears formed in your eyes as you yelled at him. Your eyes scanned his face before they rested on his shaved head for a moment. Your hands covered your face as your arms trembled and you let out a choked sob, “Without fucking telling me?”
“I thought you’d be ok with it,” Billy’s voice rose, even though he didn’t mean it to, “I just gotta get through basic training and then my first tour and I’ll be set. I’m sorry you won’t get to have your arm candy anymore I guess.”
Your eyes narrowed and Billy felt the stab of your look, “Fuck you, Billy,” you spat before you turned and walked away, “I can’t do this,” was the last thing you said to him.
He watched as his heart shattered into pieces with every step you took. It wasn’t until you slammed the door behind you that Billy let out a scream of frustration and sank to his knees. Despite how much his mind screamed at him to go after you, Billy stayed put.
Billy never felt nervous whenever he met someone, but he was nervous today. His heart secretly flipped in his chest when you texted him the day after he ran into you at the bar, and you quickly made plans to meet and catch up. Billy picked a nice, but casual place and set himself up at the far end of the bar where the two of you could be more alone. He frowned when he mentioned that your boyfriend would drive you there and pick you up, but he left it alone for now.
“Billy!” your voice broke him from his thoughts and Billy looked up and saw your smiling face in front of him, “I’m sorry I’m late,” you sounded out of breath as you reached out for a hug without a second thought.
“S fine,” he mumbled as he awkwardly shuffled out of his bar stool and gave you a side embrace, “You alright?” he asked as you both settled down.
“Fine,” you replied almost too quickly as you flagged the bartender down for a drink and ordered. Just as you were about to pull your wallet out, Billy’s hand on yours stopped you.
“Allow me,” he told you with a soft smile before he turned to the bartender, “Put it all on my tab.”
You let out a deep breath, “Thank you, Billy,” you looked into his deep, dark eyes and you suddenly felt like the love-struck teenager you used to be again.
“Don’t worry about it,” he raised his glass and cheered with you, “I told you one day I’d take care of you, remember?” Billy’s tone turned more pointed.
You sighed as you took a sip of your drink, “I remember,” you sounded distant even though you sat right next to him. 
You and Billy quickly fell into a comfortable conversation as if no time had passed at all. You talked about anything and everything, and you filled him in on what you had been up to over the years. It felt right, just like it did when you were kids, and you couldn’t remember that last time you were this happy. But, the conversation soon soured when Billy brought up the last time you saw each other and how angry you were.
“All because I shaved my fucking head,” Billy scoffed as he took a swing of his drink. 
That made you angry all over again just like you were that day, “You really think I was mad that you shaved your head, Billy?! Do you honestly think I’m that superficial?” you tried to keep your voice down but your emotions overwhelmed you and you couldn’t help the words that poured out of you, “I was scared! I was scared that you’d get shipped off and wouldn’t come back. I couldn’t bear to have to get the phone call that the love of my life was gone, so I left,” tears fell from your eyes at your outburst. You took a deep breath to calm yourself down, and it took a few moments of Billy’s intense gaze on you to realize what you had said, “Billy, I…”
He cut you off with your name as he shuffled closer to you and placed a hand on the side of your face, “I…”
It was Billy’s turn to get cut off when your phone rang. He felt the way you jumped in surprise and you closed your eyes in disappointment. He scowled as he watched you pull your phone out and saw Danny’s name on the screen. You flashed him an apologetic look before you pulled out of his grip and answered your phone.
Billy did not like the look on your face, and he only wondered what your boyfriend said to you from the other end of the line. You looked concerned and… scared. Rage boiled within him as he watched the once bright light fade from your eyes. When you hung up, you let out a heavy sigh and turned back to him.
“Danny’s here to pick me up,” you fiddled with your fingers as you made no attempt to get up, “I guess I shouldn’t keep him waiting,” you finally added as you reluctantly stood.
“Wait,” Billy stood with you and placed a hand on your arm, “Are you gonna be ok?”
The worry in his tone made your heart skip a beat, “Yeah, don’t worry about me,” you couldn’t bring yourself to look him in the eye as you tried to leave, “I’ll see you around I guess?” you asked sheepishly.
Billy swallowed hard and nodded, “I mean it,” he said your name, “If you need anything, call me.”
You nodded and left without another word. Everything unsaid hung in the air around Billy and it felt like he was surrounded by his own personal stormcloud. Once again, he watched you walk away and did nothing. 
Billy almost didn’t notice the attractive woman that slithered up next to him until he put her hands on his arm. She batted her long lashes at him as she tried her best to flirt with him, but Billy’s mind was occupied. With a mumbled “excuse me,” he pushed her aside and bolted out the front door and hoped that you weren’t gone yet.
This time, he wasn’t going to let you get away.
He panted as he reached the street and looked around for any sign of you. It wasn’t too crowded, but enough people filled the spaces between bars and restaurants that it made it hard for Billy to find you. But, since it wasn’t too crowded, he heard your voice echo from the alley next to the bar. He growled as he followed the sound of your voice, and he recognized the second voice as Danny’s, and the two of you did not sound friendly at all.
The sight that met Billy when he found you in the alleyway felt like a punch in the gut. Danny seemed angry at you and had you backed up against the wall. He didn’t touch you, but his hand was balled into a fist right next to your head to trap you there as he berated you. Billy couldn’t catch the exact words, but Danny seemed to accuse you of cheating since you met with him. Without a second thought, Billy grabbed him and shoved him back against the opposite wall and stood in front of you.
“Billy?!” you gasped.
“I got this, baby,” he assured you as he glanced over his shoulder, “I promised to take care of you, remember?” His tone towards you was light, but once he turned back to Danny, Billy completely changed, “You know, I didn’t like you already, but now you’ve gotten on my bad side.” He did not like the way Danny threatened you at all, and this time Billy was determined to see through on his promise that he would take care of you.
Danny scoffed as he puffed himself up, “You think I’m scared of you, pretty boy?” He raised his fists and launched himself at Billy, but he was easily able to dodge the attack. Danny huffed as he recovered, “Ok, you got lucky there. You with your fancy suits can’t do shit to me. I was in the fucking army, dude!”
Billy kept his cool, but venom dripped with his words “Just because I like my nice suits doesn’t mean I can’t beat the living shit outta you.” In the back of Billy’s mind, he added especially when it came to you.
Again, Danny lunged at Billy, but this time Billy blocked and hit back. You cowered against the wall of the alleyway as you watched them fight it out with punch after punch. Billy seemed in complete control the entire time, and your eyes went wide as you watched him easily knock Danny to the ground. With a pained groan, Danny laid out on the ground, and when he tried to get up, Billy gave him one final kick to keep him down.
“Now, you’re going to stay away. And if I ever see your face again, I won’t let you leave without a broken bone or two,” Billy’s voice was low as he grit his teeth and spat the words out.
Danny only whimpered and nodded.
Satisfied, Billy released your now ex boyfriend and rushed over to you, “You ok? You’re not hurt are you? He didn’t hit you, right?” he asked frantically as he checked you over.
You shook your head, “I’m fine,” you paused for a moment as you watched Billy fuss over you, “Billy… You… For me?”
Billy gave you a look you couldn’t quite read before he pulled you in close, “Come on, I’m getting you outta here.”
In what felt like a whirlwind, Billy took you to his penthouse and made plans to get whatever you had out of Danny’s place along the way. You barely remembered the conversation, but you heard Billy tell you to stay at his place tonight just in case your ex tried anything. You hardly heard Billy’s words, however, as you gazed out of the window and admired the view of the city from his penthouse.
“Much better than that old rooftop, huh?” Billy asked as he handed you a drink. After a moment of silence, he added, “Told ya I’d have a penthouse one day, didn’t I?”
You laughed softly, “You did,” you were silent as your gaze turned from the view to Billy, “You know I never needed it, though. I just needed you.”
“That’s what you said back then too,” Billy said flatly. When you were quiet, he spoke again, “You know, I never stopped loving you either,” he confessed suddenly.
“What?” Your voice was just a whisper.
Billy cupped the side of your face, “I shoulda never let you go back then. I was a dumb fucking kid,” he sighed your name, “But everything I did was for you. I love you.”
You leaned into his touch, “I always hoped you would have come after me back then. It tore me apart to walk out that door.”
“I know. I wasn’t gonna make that same mistake again,” Billy’s tone was sincere yet serious, “Let me make it up to you. Let me take care of you. I’ll keep you safe. From Danny, from anything.”
You were quiet for some time while you mulled over his proposition before you nodded and finally spoke in a hushed voice, “Just promise me one thing, Billy.”
“Promise me you’ll always come back. Promise me you’ll walk through that door every day,” that fear still lingered in the back of your mind.
Billy leaned in and kissed you tenderly on your lips before he spoke softly against your skin, “Baby, there ain’t nothing that would keep me from you. I promise.”
That made you smile for the first time since Billy’s confrontation with Danny, “Good,” you grabbed his collar and pulled him in for another kiss. This time, the kiss exploded with passions and you parted your lips to deepen the kiss. “I love you, Billy Russo.”
Billy wrapped his arms around you, “Let me show you how much I love you, baby,” his voice was low, “And what else I’ve learned since the last time I fucked you.”
“Billy!” you laughed against him, but you let him drag you to the bedroom, “I’ve learned a few things too,” you added with a smirk as the two of you ran off to his bedroom.
The penthouse was more lavish than an old rooftop shack, but as long as you had Billy, that was what mattered to you. And now that you were both together again, everything just felt right, here on your new rooftop to make brand new and better memories.
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thewritingdoll · 2 months ago
pov billy takes out his anger on franks younger sister ????
oh.. oh jeepers this request got me right in the pussy. thank you so much for ruining my panties, nonnie. i’m probably going to explore this idea again and make it much darker, but i like what came out of it this time, even though it’s not as dark as it could be.
𝒾 𝓌𝒶𝓃𝓃𝒶 𝒷𝑒 𝓎𝑜𝓊𝓇 𝓁𝒶𝓈𝓉 𝒷𝓇𝑒𝒶𝓉𝒽 | ᥇.᥅.
fandom marvel
featuring billy russo x castle!reader (f ; adopted)
content warning all smut, reader’s very drunk, dub con, facefucking, light choking, billy’s a big meanie, degradation, humiliation
summary frank finds out where you are, and who you’re with.
word count 1.3k / mini musing
attention don’t read if you’re not into dark fics (duh) because i’m not responsible for your media consumption and this fic contains dubious consensual sexual acts and abusive behavior. not proofread. reblog and give feedback.
Tumblr media
“Where is she?”
Billy clicks the tip of his tongue against the roof of his mouth, and tilts his head back, grinning at the ceiling. “Lookin’ for someone, Frank? Now, who could be so special that Frank Castle, the mother fucking Punisher, is calling me sounding all kinds of frantic, huh? Someone important?”
“You know exactly who I’m talking about, Bill. Stop fucking around. Where’s my sister?”
chortling, Billy shakes his head, his palm patting lightly against the top of your head as he quirks a brow, gazing down at you but talking into the phone held close to his ear. “I’m gonna be honest, buddy, you really shouldn’t have let her out of your sight.”
he might’ve been pacing about the room if his fingers weren’t then buried deep within your tendrils, guiding yourself head to bob up and down as you took his manhood inch by inch into the warmth of your cavern. he smells like musky cologne and the Tennessee Honey the two of you had been drinking like water only two hours before, but it’s sickening how addictive his scent is. how intoxicating the aroma of his sex could be, and the taste of his desire in the form of sticky precum that glazes your tastebuds, rendering your brain utterly empty of anything except his cock in your mouth. your eyes are closed for the time being, and you quietly enjoy the motion he leads you into.
were you too drunk to protest, or had you lusted after your brother’s old army buddy for so long that you didn’t care if he was abusing you for spite, simply that you were being used by the man you wanted? you supposed, either way, it didn’t matter. you were where you were, and you weren’t exactly displeased to be there. seated upon your butt on the carpeted floor, cocktail dress bunched up around your waist— your panties had been discarded earlier in the night, when Billy had ambushed you in the girl’s restroom at the bar and taken you for the first time. the memory of his manhood ramming into you still so fresh that you could almost still taste yourself on him as you sucked.
you weren’t exactly bound, probably because you had no real chance of escape. the only control he needed over you was the leather belt that had once been stationed at his waist, was now cinched tight around your throat.
“She’s got nothing to do with this—“ Frank sounds more frantic now that he realizes Billy has you, by his standards that isn’t much, but for those that knew him (Billy and yourself), it was more than clear that he was nervous.
“Oh, I know,” Billy chuckles, his hand dripping to the makeshift leash around your neck, wrapping it around his fist twice. “I wasn’t gonna even bother her with our drama, what would she know of it, anyways, right? You don’t tell her shit. Like to keep her in the dark, but the thought never even crossed your mind that, well shit, maybe keeping secrets can backfire?”
“—and I was walking home tonight, passing by a couple of haunts of mine, ya know,” he continues, as if Frank hadn’t even spoken. his grip tightens on the belt, and he urges you to take more, take him deeper, until his tip was grazing the back of your throat; you make a little sound, a pathetic whimper as your eyes flicker up at him, tears welling in the ducts. “And what do I see in the window? Babygirl sitting all by her lonesome at the bar in a little, black dress. So, I bought her a drink or two…” he trails off, smirking wickedly down at you. there’s a telltale twitch, a little scrunch of his nose as he hisses, “or three. Poor thing’s a lightweight, though. Could hardly stand up by herself by the time we left the bar.”
Frank growls, a warning, into the other line. “Swear to god, Bill, if you hurt her, I’ll fuckin’ kill ya.”
Billy raises a brow, looking down at you. he holds the phone out, addressing you for the first time since the phone call started, “You hear that, babygirl? Your brother says he’ll kill me. You don’t want that, do ya?”
you shake your head, drool oozing from the corners of your mouth as your head undulates erratically, your lips stretched tight around his girth. the barrier that stops the swollen tip of his tool from dipping into your throat is weak already. humming a hardly coherent ‘no’, you stare up at him with eyes just barely focusing.
“That’s what I thought. You wouldn’t want to make our girl sad, now would you, Frank?”
Frank must’ve chosen to ignore the our girl comment, but inside his blood must’ve boiled at the utterance. “Let me talk to her.”
“I’m afraid she can’t do that right now.”
“Why not?”
Billy chortles, and it’s a devious, deep rumbling in his chest that has you sucking even more fervently. “Because, she’s a polite little thing, and I’d bet she doesn’t talk with her mouth full.”
“You son of a—“
“Did you know she had a crush on me?” Billy keeps talking, ignoring the insults that Frank hurls at him on the other line, drowning out his threats, “told me herself, after she was nice and drunk. Told me she used to think about me all the time, and how badly she wanted me to fuck her.”
“You’re full of shit, Bill. Always have been.”
“Oh?” he asks, looking down at you amused, and holds the belt tight, dropping the phone parallel to your face. you peer up at him, cheeks hot with humiliation at the realization of his intention. the pressure of the belt on your throat has you following his lead, forced to break that barrier with a loud gag, but his length glides easily into the canal as your lips press flush the base, forehead smashed against his taut, lower abdomen. drool and tears mix into a sticky cocktail on your cheeks and drip off your chin. “Whaddya think, Frankie Boy, huh?” Billy grunts, but he’s grinning wickedly, ear to ear as he hollers over the sound of your choking, “Think she still likes me?”
Frank practically roars on the other line, a string of expletives and threats that only he could’ve concocted filling in the gaps between your gagging. you can hear Frank yelling your name from the phone, but he sounds much more far away, and far less important than Billy’s cock wearing your throat like a glove. “Are you okay?! Bill, if she’s hurt at all, I swear I’ll rip your fuckin’ heart out!”
Billy only howls with laughter, finally releasing the belt for you to slump back. his tip pops free of your lips and you sag back against the wall, gasping for the oxygen that burns your neglected lungs. “She’s fine, Frankie. Dick drunk as all hell, but she’s having loads of fun sucking her cum off my cock.” Billy tilts his head, dark eyes like two abysmal gems that you find it hard to look into, lest you be lost within them for all eternity. “What’s next, babygirl? How about I stretch that asshole out?”
“You let her go, and you do it now.”
“Not on your fuckin’ life, Frankie. She’s gonna be my live-in cocksleeve.” Billy snarls into the receiver. “I gotta tell ya, pal, your sister has a nice, tight set ‘a holes on her, and I’ll be damned if I’m not gonna bust every one of them wide, fuckin’ open. Shoulda done it years ago, but you know what? Breaking her in like a worthless, little bitch is gonna be so much fuckin’ sweeter knowing that you can’t do a damn thing to stop it.” for a moment, Billy looks down at you, tilts his head, and adds wickedly, “Tell ya what, since you’ll never find us anyway, I’ll send you some pretty pictures of her for ya. All used up and covered in my fucking cum.”
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