merlinmoth a month ago
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been fighting a losing battle w/ artblock lately but here鈥檚 Him馃挭
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teaweltzer a month ago
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What I imagine some snippets of Orym鈥檚 life in Zephrah
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katchdraws 7 months ago
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She鈥檚 fun scary <3
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lassflores 2 months ago
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mell0bee 10 months ago
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this is perhaps the dumbest thing i have ever made and it turned out way more serious than i thought but here you go tumblr
id in reblogs!
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czpeterp 5 months ago
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Blue Boy Supremacy
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reallifehumantrash a month ago
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predictions for the next episode are IN
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solar-novae 3 months ago
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鈿旓笍 Them 鈿旓笍
Happy 7 years critters!
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howluckyihavebeen 8 months ago
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Ah, yes, the classic D&D character progression, where your taste in characters gets progressively more abstract and weird the more you play.
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starrid a month ago
Since this pairing is getting more attention, I would like to point out this little moment of Fearne helping Ashton out of the hole
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nightowlelias 5 months ago
something something ashton is a physical manifestation of migraines something something it makes me emotional because it's a disability that's so often overlooked something something makes me feel seen
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merlinmoth 3 months ago
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you鈥檙e a good guy, orym ; i鈥檓 sure will was very happy聽馃尭
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teaweltzer a month ago
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Morning | Night
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yashagothbarbarian 6 months ago
Critical Role C3E6 - 鈥淎nni are you okay?!鈥
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cerismae 4 months ago
Honestly, I have no idea if Marisha intended this, but Laudna is just, so autistic-coded. The bad reading of social situations, her facial expressions, the fascination with the dead, her love of what people considered garbage, being extremely nonchalant about the awful things in her past. Just, Pate. Everything about Pate. And I absolutely love that she is shown to be outgoing and generally fun, but her personality, disposition, and look puts people off, because it's so autistic!!!
I think Imogen definitely is too - thought that's another post - I just connect so much more with Laudna's general disposition. I doubt it'll ever be confirmed in show, but I just love that there's positive portrayal of these characteristics that are so often demonized
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princessofharte 8 months ago
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arclundarchivist a month ago
Looked at Orym鈥檚 Playlist and I just鈥
Orym is鈥uch an interesting character. He suffered a loss, not his fault, not Will鈥檚 but the latter died and there was nothing he could do. Yet, they鈥檇 known it was a possibility. So he attempts to move on, to continue to live, to grow and understand what it means to be without him. He鈥檚 not the wisest, or the smartest, or the strongest. But he is the bravest, and maybe鈥art of that is born in a deep part of himself that refuses to accept the loss. To take any loss from then on. He can be the shield, he learns that battling to save a young woman from a predatory cultist.
Then he gets the Call.
Find out what happened.
Avenge the Slight against his people.
Avenge Will鈥r finally join him
But now, he鈥檚 found himself mixed up with so many fascinating people.
Two exiled nobles, one voluntary, one not but she wakes up smiling every day so he tries not to worry. He worries about the other, because not he鈥檚 slipped into the wind, and even an Ashari can鈥檛 hold on to that for long.
He leaves the girl with her new barbed crown and the lovable fool left as her guardian and finds鈥
An anarchist made of stone and cosmic dust. Scars of gold and glass. He can literally peer inside his head. That one acts like they doesn鈥檛 need protecting but鈥he fractures are there for all to see.
A Metal Being learning to be alive, wanting to help but ignoring they鈥檙e own hurt. They see eye to eye, more than just in height, but ignore that for now.
A woman cursed by Moon that marks his shoulder a reminder of lover and鈥f ill fortune. The one he calls his own. Orym, the Little Moon, Bad Luck.
And a woman dragged from the grave, smiling all the day, while her past has been writ before him as a nightmare his eternally young leader may never truly shake.
He finds the body of on befuddling old man, and feels the claws of an other rip into his forearms. But he can鈥檛 let him go. He can鈥檛 let any of them go.
Orym is the Shield. He was a Blade once, but that didn鈥檛 do him much good when it needed to count.
He counts their names, he counts his steps.
Every scar earned that they don鈥檛 take is another tiny piece of penance in a mission he once believed he鈥檇 set aside.
Ain鈥檛 he just a rad little guy?
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pate-de-rolo 8 months ago
I鈥檓 thinking some thoughts for sure
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gorgynei 7 months ago
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is this trend too old??聽
i saw someone on twt asking for ppl to draw this trend as them so i did <3聽
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bellshellion 3 months ago
Imogen: Time for plan G.
Laudna: Don鈥檛 you mean plan B?
Imogen: No, we tried plan B a long time ago. I had to skip over plan C due to technical difficulties.
Orym: What about plan D?
Imogen: Plan D was that desperate disguise attempt half an hour ago.
Fearne: What about plan E?
Imogen: I鈥檓 hoping not to use it. Dorian dies in plan E.
Chetney: I like plan E.
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