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thechekhov · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Tired of your players killing all your monsters? Set this on them. Bonus points if you make the tiny mosquito tone buzz every time one of them rolls juuuust below the required Perception DC. 
I don’t know why I made this
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artandstarstuff · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Some fun ideas for warlock pacts. You can see the rest of this series on my Kofi! I appreciate all tips.
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deckofmanyposts · 7 months ago
Hey hey hey I'm working on a google drive with free PDF versions of every Dungeons & Dragons book I can find for anyone who wants them! Right now there's close to 100 different ones including the trusty Player Handbook, Volo's Monster Guide, 100 Plosions & Their Effects & Explorers Guide to Wildmount (cough Critical Role cough)
There's also the official d&d cook book & some character creation guides & a whole bunch of adventure modules for one shots or to spice up any campaign!
The link is here
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acheaa · 2 months ago
DM Resources Masterpost
So I’ve been DMing D&D 5e for a couple years now, and that means I’ve collected a ton of free online resources to help the whole process! Without further ado, here’s all of the websites I’ve collected over the years.
Xanathar’s Missing Pages: Hundreds of surnames for any characters you’re writing! There’s sections for different regions, such as Polynesia, India, and France!
This Reddit thread is a goldmine of shop names! There’s tons of variety for a bunch of different kinds of shops!
This website has a TON of diverse names! Like, seriously, I’ve been using this for two years and I haven’t had to use another website for first names. 
5th Edition SRD has a list of NPC statblocks! There’s some based on classes, existing monsters, character archetypes and more!
Outclassed is a compendium of statblocks based on almost every published subclass! It’s pay what you want with a recommended price of 10 USD. I use this CONSTANTLY, and imo it’s one of the best DM resources out there. 
This Subreddit is purely for battle map creators to post their work!  They’re even categorized by genre and location!
This is a post from that subreddit that has a big list of free, semi-free, and paid mapmaking tools.
CityGenerator is a website that generates city maps down to the tiny details. It generates the names and descriptions of important locations in the city, holidays, people, travelers, and more! 
 DungeonFog is a mapmaking website that you can use for all kinds of maps! I’ve used it for combat maps primarily. There is a premium membership, but it’s useable as the free version. 
Owlbear.rodeo is an extremely easy to use interactive online battlemap. I’ve used it a TON as a DM that plays online and hates using roll20. It’s really easy to get the hang of, and there’s nothing to purchase! I can’t recommend this one enough!
Goblin Punch has this amazing d100 list of minor magical items for any high-rolling pick pocket rogues out there! 
 Donjon has a great Random Magic Shop Generator! You can customize it a bit, and it gives you some interesting details and magic items to give your players.
This dndbeyond thread is a d100 non-combat random encounter table. Great for any non-planned areas your players go into! 
Nerdsonearth have a d100 table of city encounters that’s perfect for writing plot hooks!
This one is a bit weird, but if you have to come up with an NPC on the fly, here’s a Character Voice Generator!
The Thieves Guild is an all-around amazing resource for anything D&D. Like, seriously, they have anything you would need .
This is absolutely not a PDF of the Modern Magic Unearthed Arcana. You should not download it because it is not at all useful for modern settings.
This is a giant Google Drive just chock full of oneshots. Some are better than others, but they’re all one page and free, so go at it! 
And, finally, a reminder that even though it is easy and free, you should not google a WOTC official d&d book PDF because it will show up as the first result and you can just download it instead of buying a 30 dollar book. This is bad and illegal and you should not do it <3
This is a living document, so check back on the original post every now and then to see if I’ve added anything. mwah mwah have fun you crazy kids
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mariablowers · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
✨⚔️ My Fantasy inspired Picrew is finished and now online! ⚔️✨ Perfect for your DnD character or a fun halloween icon
⚔️ Remember to credit when you use it!
⚔️ Read my TERMS too please
✨⚔️ https://picrew.me/image_maker/449524 ⚔️✨
Picrew is a Japanese website where you can upload drawings to make your own icon makers, and then everyone can use the makers for free to create their own mashup of the drawings in the maker. Click the Pink button when you’ve read my terms, and you are ready to go!
I always adored Picrew and all the makers on there, so it was a dream to make one for myself. So I did! This project has taken me over a year, and 300+ hours in my spare time, but I did all on my own, and it pushed me outside my comfort zones a lot! I’m very proud of it and am very excited to see what others will make with it!
Made in TVPaint and partially in Procreate!
⚔️ Credit when you post, either with a link to the picrew or to my twitter/instagram!
⚔️ If you like this, consider leaving a TIP on my KO-FI https://ko-fi.com/mariablowers. ✨🌿
⚔️ No commercial use! Meaning, no earning money on this.
⚔️ Personal use only!
⚔️ Feel free to create characters (OCs/PCs/NPCs) from this maker! That's the point! However, if you use the design directly, please credit me.
⚔️ Only minor editing allowed - such as color adjustments, filters or fixing edges
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fantasynamesbymeforyou · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Inchunder: (English) a rainy little city of brick and cobblestone. It's residents claim that it rains so much that the streets are always at least an inch under water.
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rumpledcrow · 6 months ago
🪲✨Alchemist's Cupboard D&D 5e Character Sheet💀🍂
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Available as a form fillable, printable PDF in my Etsy shop!🐸
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livvy-maye · 3 months ago
D&D On A Budget
Hello Tumblr,
Today I am compiling a list of free/low-cost resources for running or playing a Dungeons & Dragons (or other ttrpg) game.
Feel free to add information as you see fit!
-Dollar Stores
Your local dollar store likely has a variety of low cost items you can use in a game. At the Dollar Tree near me I have been able to purchase figures for my groups characters as well as packs of monsters, dice trays, and maps. There's also off brand Legos if you want to play with those. I've also been able to get painting and carving supplies to personalize the figures.
-Comic/Book Stores
Most book stores have a TTRPG section. Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million both have sections dedicated to D&D and Pathfinder. I've found dice sets for under $10 at both stores.
-Online Resources
D&D Beyond is the official online resource for D&D. It is free to make an account and utilize the base game resources. You make up to 5 characters for free and roll dice in the character profile. You can also purchase subscriptions to create more characters/encounters and gain access to the homebrew forums. The books are also available to purchase in digital format. There is an iOS/android app as well.
Roll 20 is a virtual tabletop website. I don't have much experience with it, but it free to make an account and play. You can purchase books and map items to use during play. It also has a chat feature including voice, video, and text. Dice rolling is available as well.
-Reddit Masterpost
This list contains many other resources you can check out and experiment with.
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dungeonmalcontent · 11 months ago
Interview your players
So I've been thinking about this for a while, and I needed to take a break from actual projects while I deal with a headache.
Perhaps you already have something like this you use as a DM, or you already have a set list of questions you like to ask your players to get a better feel for them and what their wants and needs are.
But if you are dealing with people you don't know as well, or you are more of a virtual person and don't want to have these conversations in person... I present to you, my google forms player survey.
Though, a note first.
So, google forms kind of sucks when it comes to sharing the form itself. This being the case, if you want to use the form, you have to follow these steps:
* Open back end of form
* Make a copy (its in the three dot menu next to the "Send" button).
* (If the option to make a copy isn't there for you, use the "add shortcut" option to create a shortcut in your google drive and then copy it from there).
Those instructions/rules being in place, here is the actual form:
DnD Player Survey
(If there are problems with that link, please don't spam me with reblogs, just leave a comment in the notes)
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just-your-dnd-things · 4 months ago
I am (THIS) close to writing a massive post about how climate and geography influences the function and position of civilizations and cities. For the benefit of Game Masters who are as insane as me to consider these things
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elemental-queen-writes · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
I’m currently playing a life cleric in a 5e game. I made this chart for my group so they’d stop throwing numbers at me.
So now they have a colour coded chart with descriptions.
Hope this is useful for other clerics, and DM’s too, for their characters!
Also, I’m so damn queer I can’t even write straight, sorry.
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artandstarstuff · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
The final one of the main classes, the rogue!
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dungeons-n-dramas · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here’s the homebrew training system for D&D 5e that we’re using in our campaign. Some content may differ from PHB since I use my own worldbuilding & lore. Feel free to share your suggestions!
This reddit post that have been altered & elaborated by me, the DM.
Kleoite for the lovely illustration on the last page. ❤
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leidensygdom · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here's the first part of the animated boss fight I shared the other day! The center crystal is a separate asset I put on top. When the players got underneath it, they could see themselves just a bit, since it's a bit transparent and glassy!
This boss fight was all about these five big gems at the center of the platforms. They acted as generators and kept summoning enemies, so the players had to destroy them to avoid being overwhelmed. I gave them a magic item that allowed them to make a platform as a free action that lasted just one turn, so they had to be pretty careful to when to use it to cross the lava rivers!
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thehomebakery · a year ago
Warlock Talisman Ideas
Aesthetic is almost always important when it comes to dnd characters. Doubly so if you’re representing a powerful entity who has deemed you worthy (or foolish) enough to be given a smidge of their power. So, to help you fit the bill here are some Pact of the Talisman appearance and flavour ideas.
A smokey crystal ball that is warm to the touch, and glows white hot when you cast.
A stoppered vial with a moving wisp of shadow inside. When you cast your spells is appears like you are dragging parts of the shadow out to perform your magic.
A single earing that seems to whisper to you in incomprehensible language.
A single pink rose pinned to your lapel that blooms every morning and dies every evening. A petal falls when you use a spell slot.
A gold band that has small eyes dotted all the way around, they seem to open and close on whim, and never all at once.
A necklace made of rusting metal, it looks wet, and when you touch it feels wet. When you inspect your fingers afterwards however, they always come away dry.
A feather that remains immaculate regardless of the situation you’re in. At night it glows softly.
A charred bone with small tally marks across, when you get injured it begins to smoke, and when you go unconscious another mark appears.
A shard of mirror that always seems to put your reflection, and only yours, out of focus.
A shell that when you put it to your ear, you feel the sea breeze along with the sound of waves crashing.
A gem that, when its in your hand, you can’t help but idly polish; the shine just never seems right.
A length of lace you always feel wrapped around your wrist, even when you give it to someone else.
A seemingly dull brass cuff on the outside, on the inside it gleams bright gold, with stories etched into the metal that are too small to properly read.
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dndaddyissues · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
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rumpledcrow · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A froggy, cottagecore themed D&D/TTRPG player notes tracker!🐸🌸🗡A super cute way to help stay on top of things✨Available as a printable in my Etsy shop RumpledCrow.com 💚
And btw this can be used with pretty much any TTRPG! D&D, Pathfinder, Starfinder, Rogue Trader, etc!
May your rolls be lucky and blessed✨
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punsandpopcorn · a year ago
Dungeons & Dragons Tarot
Hello everyone! I have been posting recently about my latest PC, who happens to be a seer ! They also use tarot cards in their work, which meant that I had to build a deck from the ground up. Because I am proud of what I’ve done, as well as how I want to make things easier for future players, I’m going to post my deck here for anyone to use in their game! Before I post the cards themselves, though, I have to discuss the pull method. Basically, I have twenty cards, one for each side of a d20, and each card has two images on it, though you only see one depending on how it’s been drawn. To determine its orientation, I am going to have the “client” roll a d6 after they do the d20 to decide the card. On 1-3 on a d6, it is “upright,” and 4-6, it is “reversed.” Each card covers a certain domain, though there can be possible overlap, so interpret them however you like! NOTE: Please feel free to adjust imagery/meanings as needed! (I won’t be offended, I won’t know you changed anything! :> )
1 card - yes/no
3 cards - past, present, future
5 cards - present, influences, challenges, final outcome, overlying theme
1. Teacher/Fool - WISDOM
Teacher: The Teacher depicts a wise man holding a book in one hand and a candle in the other, a grey beard reaching his chest. This card implies wisdom, either gained or soon to be won. Rest easy, for your answer is at hand. If asking yes or no, your answer is YES.
Fool: The Fool depicts a young man strutting proudly, oblivious to the fact that he approaches a cliff. This card implies either a recent failure or an approaching one unless proper precautions are taken. If asking yes or no, your answer is NO.
2. Mage/Lich - POWER
Mage: The Mage depicts a smiling figure standing at a table covered in spell components, lightning dancing in their hands. This card implies a desire for power or recognition. You are destined for great things. If asking yes or no, your answer is YES.
Lich: The Lich depicts a skeletal figure shrouded in tattered robes splattered with blood, blue-green magic dancing in their hands. This card implies a dangerous drive for power/recognition, one that must be tempered before it is too late. If asking yes or no, your answer is NO.
3. King/Tyrant - LEADERSHIP
King: The King depicts a middle-aged king sitting on a throne in summertime. He is surrounded by loving family and subjects. This card implies a strong sense of honor and trust, as well as the loyalty of those around you. If asking yes or no, your answer is YES.
Tyrant: The Tyrant depicts the same king sitting on a throne of iron, twisted by time, covered in snow. He is slowly freezing, dying, and yet unwilling to move and give up his throne. This card implies a shortage of honor and trust in those around you, and you inspire fear rather than true loyalty. If asking yes or no, your answer is NO.
4. Candle/Shadow - GUIDANCE
Candle: The Candle depicts a lone light guiding a figure through endless darkness. This card implies a sense of guidance, be it from people around you or a higher power, either current or approaching. You will not be lost forever. If asking yes or no, your answer is YES.
Shadow: The Shadow depicts darkness swallowing up a solitary figure despite their single light. Without guidance, they are lost. This card implies a lack of direction and despair, as well as a possible negative influence in your life. If asking yes or no, your answer is NO. 
5. Archivist/Mind Flayer - MEMORY
Archivist: The Archivist depicts a woman in a library, turning the pages of an open book. This card implies a strong memory, as well as a warning to remember past events to prepare for the future. Remember who you are, friend, or you just might lose yourself. If asking yes or no, your answer is YES.
Mind Flayer: The Mind Flayer depicts an illithid devouring a corpse, the library of memories fading into the background. This card implies a loss of self, that you have forgotten who you are, who you could have been. Remember. If asking yes or no, your answer is NO.
6. Patron/Hanged Man - GENEROSITY
Patron: The Patron depicts a wealthy man covered in finery dropping jewels into a street artist’s hands. This card implies either someone has been generous to you in the past or that you are being called to be so now. If asking yes or no, your answer is YES.
Hanged Man: The Hanged Man depicts a man being hung upside down on a crowded city street. This card implies a past or approaching sacrifice, unavoidable and terrible. Prepare yourself. If asking yes or no, your answer is NO.
7. Dawn/Death - NEW BEGINNINGS
Dawn: The Dawn depicts the sun rising over a vast valley, bringing light to a wide landscape. This card implies a new beginning, innocence, and hope. If asking yes or no, your answer is YES.
Death: Death depicts a single grave in a field. This card implies an ending and the loss of innocence, as well as despair. If asking yes or no, your answer is NO. 
8. The World/The Prison - FREEDOM
World: The World depicts the curved horizon line of a zoomed out Earth, space dotted with stars and nebulae beyond. This card implies freedom and endless possibilities, a drive for something new, an adventure. If asking yes or no, your answer is YES.
Prison: The Prison depicts a figure chained to a wall in a stone dungeon, their hair and clothes tattered. This card implies confinement and the sense of being trapped as well as isolation. The journey may have ended, but allow others to help and there might just be a jailbreak. If asking yes or no, your answer is NO. 
9. Judgment/Gallows - CONSEQUENCES
Judgment: Judgement depicts a lawmaster leaning over his podium towards the client, a wooden gate between them. This card implies the impact or approach of the consequences of your actions, for good or ill. Fortunately, the hardships that you might have endured have molded you into a stronger person. If asking yes or no, your answer is YES.
Gallows: The Gallows depict wooden gallows with three empty nooses hanging limply and still. You are followed by the repercussions of a horrible act, the consequences of a terrible choice. Prepare yourself, for vengeance approaches. If asking yes or no, your answer is NO.
10. Empress/Ghost - VISION
Empress: The Empress depicts a woman in a large crown standing tall while giving a speech to a large crowd of her subjects. She knows what she wants and how to get it, and her vision stretches into decades ahead of her, clear and confident. You know your mission, and what you must do to achieve it. Do not give up now. If asking yes or no, your answer is YES.
 Ghost: The Ghost depicts a spectral figure weeping alone in a dilapidated building. Trapped in a cycle of constantly remembering past events, it is trapped, unable to move on to a better place. This implies that your vision is clouded, blocking more positive options to the issues you face. Center yourself, step back and look beyond the pain into a better future, lest you end like the Ghost. If asking yes or no, your answer is NO.
11. Lovers/Widow - LOVE
Lovers: The Lovers depict two figures in one another’s arms (in my deck, they are Alru’s, my PC’s, dads) below a warm summer sun. This card implies comfort in current relationships as well as a strong love for those in your life. Trust those around you, they have your back. If asking yes or no, your answer is YES.
Widow: The Widow depicts a woman standing alone at a tombstone, a gnarled hand placed gently on the top of the granite monument. This card implies the loss of a loved one, or the loss of a relationship, either passed or approaching. If asking yes or no, your answer is NO.
12. Chariot/Drunkard - WILLPOWER
Chariot: The Chariot depicts a gladiator atop a chariot in a coliseum, charging at his enemies, unafraid of danger. This card implies a strong will, even in the face of great obstacles. The situation might seem hopeless, yet you stand. If asking yes or no, your answer is YES.
Drunkard: The Drunkard depicts an intoxicated man staggering in the street. Content with his current situation, he is blind to what he could be, and he is not willing to fight for something better. If asking yes or no, your answer is NO.
13. Champion/Beggar - STRENGTH
Champion: The Champion depicts a warrior in full silver plate armor, the faceplate of the helm obscuring their face. Their sword is drawn and help upright before them. Blessed with influence and physical strength, the champion stands resolute against all threats. If there is a storm approaching, you are prepared to withstand it. If asking yes or no, your answer is YES.
Beggar: The Beggar depicts an unhealthily thin man in rags, bowl held up in both hands. Stripped of his health and status, the man is reduced to begging for alms just to get by. He has lost everything, just like you could. Stay focused, and you might retain at least some of it. If asking yes or no, your answer is NO.
14. Justice/Miser - BALANCE
Justice: Justice depicts a blindfolded woman holding aloft a set of golden scales. The sides are perfectly balanced, and all is well. Your life is equally measured, and you take care not to ignore any aspect. This card is also associated with truth. Take care, however, as any change might tip the scales. If asking yes or no, your answer is YES.
Miser: The Miser depicts a wealthy lord grinning at a banquet table, with food covering every surface not already occupied by a mountain of coin. Behind him there is a window out into his town, through which a crowd of half-starved peasants look in with envy. Some carry weapons. The Miser reaches “down” the card, as if to pluck a coin from Justice’s scales, even though he already has more than he could ever spend. You are neglecting aspects of your life that demand attention, and taking more than you are giving. This card is also associated with lies. If asking yes or no, your answer is NO.
15. Shield/Berserker - PROTECTION
Shield: The Shield depicts a shield emblazoned with a holy symbol, surrounded by divine light. Blessed are you, protected by your gods or other powerful means. Someone or something surrounds you, defending you from danger. If asking yes or no, your answer is YES.
Berserker: The Berserker depicts a shirtless barbarian launching himself into battle with a wide, feral grin, a greataxe ready and waiting. This card implies a reckless and aggressive nature, giving your all in combat even at the risk of your own safety. Maybe you have something to defend, maybe you want the glory, or maybe you just really like killing people. If asking yes or no, your answer is NO.
16. Seer/Sceptic - PROPHECY
Seer: The Seer depicts a woman bent over a bowl of water, a vision of the future within, a glowing marking of an eye on her forehead. This card implies destiny, fate, and the absence of choice. Powers beyond us demand that you are meant for great things, and you cannot back out now. If asking yes or no, your answer is YES.
Skeptic: The Skeptic depicts a tall, thin man examining a seeing bowl with a look of disgust and doubt. You have closed yourself off of the possibility of destiny and fate, but that does not have to be a bad thing. Chosen Ones are not the only people who can change the world. Everyday folk can make a difference, too. If asking yes or no, your answer is NO.
17. Ship/Leviathan - EXPLORATION
Ship: The Ship depicts a large sailing ship on the open sea, a wide horizon awaiting. The world is large, and you are exploring uncharted waters. Take care to bring a compass, ‘less you get lost along the way. If asking yes or no, your answer is YES.
Leviathan: The Leviathan depicts countless eyes and tentacles in dark ocean waters. You explore uncharted waters, my friend, and there are dangers waiting for you. Perhaps you should wait until this danger passes until you start on this adventure. If asking yes or no, your answer is NO.
18. Crown/Tower - CHANGE
Crown: The Crown depicts a large golden crown on a pillow being handed to the client. This card implies a positive sudden change approaching. Strike the iron when it is hot or you’ll lose your chance. If asking yes or no, your answer is YES.
Tower: The Tower depicts a great stone tower being struck by lightning, the structure crumbling and collapsing in on itself. This card warns of a sudden negative change approaching. Prepare yourself, or you might not survive the storm. If asking yes or no, your answer is NO.
19. Child/Dragon - SERENITY
Child: The Child depicts a young girl smiling at the client, dancing in a field of flowers. This card implies a serene nature, a calm that is a balm to all those around you. Your gentle nature might be mistaken as naive by some, but you are not as ignorant as people make you out to be. If asking yes or no, your answer is YES.
Dragon: The Dragon depicts an ancient red dragon. Overtaken by rage, it rains fire on a city, burning all within. In its anger, it does not feel the wounds inflicted by the spears of the city guards. All that matters is its vengeance. This card implies an inability to control your emotions, as well as the danger associated with this. Take care, or else you’ll be swallowed by your own rage. If asking yes or no, your answer is NO.
20. Healer/Student - SKILL
Healer: The Healer depicts a woman placing glowing hands on a soldier’s wounded leg. This card implies practiced skill and confidence in your abilities, and people often turn to you for wisdom and guidance. Take care that you remember that you do not know everything, that there is always more to learn. If asking yes or no, your answer is YES.
Student: The Student depicts a teenager kneeling at a wounded soldier’s side as his mentor works. This card implies a new skill, or at least an unpracticed one. Watch and listen and learn to hone your craft. If asking yes or no, your answer is NO.
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bogskeletons · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I’m selling these character sheets on etsy
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just-your-dnd-things · a year ago
You are not a bad DM for taking time to write / craft your game to your standard. You are not a bad DM for taking your time with your work. You are not a bad DM if you take long breaks from your game. You are not a bad DM even if you go weeks without progress, or go back on progress.
You do all your DnD work for free, in your free time, for your own fun and your own enjoyment. You're doing ok. Your people appreciate you.
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