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#feast of the redeemer
giuliabasolugrafica · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Feast of the Redeemer - Nuoro
An illustration that represents the parade of traditional costumes for the feast of the Redeemer of Nuoro
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heartsings77 · 3 months ago
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The Bride of Christ
Revelation 19:7-9 NLT 7 Let us be glad and rejoice,    and let us give honor to him. For the time has come for the wedding feast of the Lamb,    and his bride has prepared herself. 8 She has been given the finest of pure white linen to wear.”    For the fine linen represents the good deeds of God’s holy people.9 And the angel said to me, “Write this: Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding feast of the Lamb.” And he added, “These are true words that come from God.”
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alwaysdramatizing · 8 months ago
Excuse me while I slowly go mad over this excerpt from Feast of the Drowned
Tumblr media
I had to re-read the sentence because I though it was a mistake but it literally says BAMBI EYES and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more accurate description of the Doctor when he looks at Rose I FELL DOWN THE STAIRS I SWEAR
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raeynbowboi · a year ago
Why I Believe Angel and Husker Will (or Should) Be Endgame
Tumblr media
As a shipper and a writer, I pride myself on finding the meat in shipping material, and despite how little official content for it is available, Hazbin Hotel’s juiciest pairing (by my observation, and not counting Charlie x Vaggie cuz that’s already canon) is Huskerdust or Angelhusk, the main mlm pairing in Hazbin Hotel between Angel Dust and Husker. While I’m a big fan of any mlm pairing no matter how small the serving size, this one is an absolute feast, and I want to explain why I think that is, because Angel flirts with multiple men in the first episode, namely Sir Pentious, Alastor, and Husker. So he just comes across as a relentless flirt, but I believe his destiny truly lies with the grumpy sourpuss bartender.
Tumblr media
Given what we’ve learned about Angel Dust from the Addict music video and the prequel comic, it’s becoming clear that Angel doesn’t exactly love his situation. He pretends it’s fun and glamourous for his image, but it’s all an act. In the very last pannel for the comic, we can even see a box of dildos in his room with the words “for fun” crossed out, and the box being relabled as “work stuff”. I believe that Angel’s arc and character growth will be strengthened by having a love interest who cares about Angel as something beyond a sex object. Travis and Valentino clearly only see Angel as a piece of meat. Even Tom Trench one of the... less horrible denizens of Hell we’ve met, only recognizes Angel as a porn star, implying that he too only values Angel for his body. The creators have even verified that Angel will have a love interest in the series. So, that’s the easy part. Angel’s very clearly a gay man, and him having a love interest will help put the romance back in relationships with men for Angel. No surprises there. So why will/should it be Husker who fulfills that role as Angel’s redeeming lover?
Tumblr media
In the simplest terms, it’s because their needs fit together perfectly. Angel needs someone to care about him romantically that also values his emotions, mind, and autonomy instead of just his body. Husk has likewise pretty much spelled out the flaw he needs to fix. He lost the ability to love years ago. Whether he just shuts out his emotions, someone broke his heart and now he’s jaded and bitter, or he freezes out his feelings so he won’t get hurt again, Husk has rejected love and his feelings. Learning to love and open up to Angel helps Husk to overcome those toxic coping mechanisms. Especially because his other vices such as drinking, are an extension of his core issue. His hang-ups with love. He drinks to forget and suppress. Overcoming his issues with his emotions will help Husk free himself of other sins in the process. Now the important issue though, does Husker even like boys? Yes, he does. Husker was confirmed by members of the crew to be pansexual, so he is capable of finding Angel attractive. Also, on a related note, Alastor is both Asexual and Aromantic, so he’s very unlikely to give Angel the core thing he needs, the tender appreciation of his romantic partner. That’s not to say Asexuals and Aromantics can’t date, it’s just less probable. And all the other males are either villains, or objectify Angel already. Which kind of leaves Husker as the best candidate for Angel’s love interest, at least currently. In fairness we know very little about Baxter, but that’s the thing. Without knowing anything about him, we can’t really weigh him against the other options.
Tumblr media
Character design is very important, as it can provide visual cues about a character. Looking at these two, they share a lot of similarities. Starting from the top, while not visible here, there is a heart-shaped spot on the back of Angel’s head, and this heart appears as well on Husker’s forehead, palms, and wings. More importantly, I may be wrong, but I believe the only characters with hearts in their design are all connected to Angel. Only Travis and Val share this heart motif, two men Angel has had sex with, though in Valentino’s case, it's not always willingly. They share their wearing of a bow tie, but to be fair, Charlie wears one too, as does Sir Pentious, so it’s a weak connection. Color theory also matters. Firstly, they are Yin and Yang. Angel is mostly white with a few dark accents, while Husker is mostly dark gray/black with white accents. Angel’s left eye, bow tie, and shorts/skirt are also the same color (or pretty close) as Husker’s darker fur patches on his forearsms, ankles, ear tips, and whiskers. The stripes on Angel’s top also repeat in Husker’s ears. Finally, while not repeating on Angel’s design, Husker’s fur on his ankles resembles spats, a fashion trend from the early 1900s. Although this trend was pretty dead in widespread use by the 1940s, it remained popular with gangsters and mafia, so much so that it’s almost a streotype of mafia. Angel’s family was an Italian crime family involved with mafia dealings. So while it makes little sense for a man who died in the 1970s to be wearing spats, it connects him to Angel’s ballpark of time as well as drawing connections to Angel’s past and his family.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hazbin Hotel has Instagram accounts for the characters, and using Husker (bar_cat75) Angel Dust (angie_fluffy_bootz) and Niffty (babyfeathrdustr), we can put together further developments in their relationship off-screen. Starting with one of Husker’s posts, we see Angel leaning on the bar offering him a ticket to his “peep show”. The next post shows Husker still at the bar, but now there’s drool on the counter, and we can see the back of one of Angel’s legs and the red smoke from the Addict video trailing behind him with the line “Fuck, I passed out. Did I miss something?” Next, there’s a post from Niffty of Angel leaning on the railing smoking as he does in the post-credits sequence of the Addict video. Granted, I can’t tell how much of Addict is prequel and how much is happening in real time following the pilot, but we know at least the ending is canonically after the pilot episode. Seems like Angel wanted Husker there (we don’t know if he offered tickets to anyone else) and he seems bummed that he didn’t go, with a later message from Husker (that I can only seem to find in Tumblr posts) with Husker realizing that he missed Angel’s show and feels bad about it. As “owing” Angel a favor for missing his show, Angel leaves his beloved pet pig Fat Nuggets in Husker’s care, who proceeds to eat all of Husker’s limes and cherries. Now it is very important to point out that Fat Nuggets seems to fill the dual role of “purse dog” and emotional support animal for Angel, so leaving him in Husker’s care shows a lot of trust because this animal means a LOT to him. There’s also apparently rumors that Alastor keeps trying to eat Fat Nuggets which... I haven’t found a credible source for. But if Angel is worried about Fat Nuggets’ safety, him trusting Husker to protect his pig only further demonstrates his trust in the grumpy old booze cat. Upset about all the fruit Fat Nuggets ate (because it’s not easy to get in Hell) Husker wants Angel to pay to replace what the pig ate, but Angel argues that because Husker owed him a favor it’s not his responsibility. Angel says he’ll pay him if Husker agrees to come to his next show, and they compromise to get milkshakes instead. The creators said Husker was a Tsundere, and it shows. Someone called their outing a date, and Husker was QUICK to shout that it wasn’t a date, just settling up on a favor. This almost plays out like an episode 2, turning the Addict Video into the jumping off point for a second story in the hotel. I don’t know how many full narratives will come out of the Instagram accounts like this, but it’s really cool how they’re approaching this almost like a multi-media story, and I’m curious to see if this will continue when the show starts airing on television. One last thing of note is that in Angel’s latest post, there’s pictures of Fat Nuggets, Cherri Bomb, and Husker on his bedroom wall, much to Husker’s annoyance. In all of these Instagram posts, Angel seems to now be training ALL of his attention on flirting with Husk, to the point that unless another character sweeps Angel off his feet or causes Angel to start flirting with them instead of Husker, I think this pairing is sailing quickly and unopposed toward the canon zone.
Tumblr media
I hope I’ve provided sufficient proof to back up my wild accusations, but I sincerely believe all of the building blocks have already been assembled to create a compelling romance between these characters. The flaws they need to overcome interlock with each other perfectly, their designs draw connections between them, and their Instagram accounts weave together a narrative for a soft Episode 1.5. I believe all of this together points that these two are meant to become a romantic couple, and if they aren’t, then maybe the showrunners should consider it.
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immaturityofthomasastruc · 4 months ago
Gabriel Agreste: Interesting Villain, Horrible Character (400 Follower Special)
Tumblr media
I'm honestly surprised more people didn't want me to talk about Gabriel, especially with how often I rag on how horrible of a person he is. But, three character analysis posts later, and we're going to talk about why the main villain of Miraculous Ladybug is a real letdown.
Gabriel Needs to give the Whining a Rest
The interesting thing is one of the few things I actually liked in Season 3 was Hawkmoth. His plans actually made sense (for the most part), and by playing the long game, he managed to turn Chloe against Ladybug and deprived her of several key allies. Granted, Season 4 immediately undid the latter, but I was still impressed by his strategy.
Generally, one of the better aspects of Gabriel as a character was just how over the top he was as Hawkmoth. Keith Silverstein is clearly giving it his all with his performance, and he is just so enjoyable to watch as a cartoonish supervillain.
And therein lies the first major problem with Gabriel as a character. While he is fun to watch as a simple supervillain, the show tries to give him more depth and unintentionally makes him worse.
In Season 2, when it was revealed that Gabriel was Hawkmoth, many fans speculated on what he needed the Miraculous for, until the Queen Bee Trilogy showed it was to save his possibly dead wife, Emilie. The idea of that is so the show can give more depth to its main villain, and I think it's an interesting idea in concept. After all, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.
The problem is just how radically different Gabriel is normally compared to how he is as Hawkmoth. He always goes on about how he's “doing this for Emilie”, but it's hard to really sympathize with him when you consider he constantly gives evil monologues and evil laughs, really getting into the supervillain role. And let's not forget all of the “I'm going to wear Ladybug's skin as a suit” faces he loves to make.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Clearly this man is the picture of mental stability.
Gabriel's motivation for being Hawkmoth when compared to what he actually does as Hawkmoth is shady enough, but the thing is that the writers clearly want the audience to at least feel a little bad for him. They want to make the audience sympathize with him despite the way he acts with or without the mask. Without Miraculous Ladybug, he is routinely putting innocent lives in danger and never once shows regret for his actions. All he talks about is how “he's doing this for Emilie”, or that “he'll get their Miraculous soon”. There's no real reason to feel bad for him other than “because the script says so”.
Let's compare Gabriel to Malcolm Merlyn from Arrow. His big plan in the first season of the show is to create a machine that will cause an earthquake to destroy a crime-infested portion of Starling City, claiming to be trying to help everyone, but it's clear he is only doing it out of revenge for his wife getting killed by a criminal from that part of the city. In addition, throughout that season and future seasons, he always makes sure his plans lead to him benefiting in some way, showing he isn't just some noble man trying to achieve his goals with a less than noble method.
If we got some moments that showed that what Gabriel was doing was selfish, it would make him a more complex villain. But we don't get anything like that. What do we get instead? Well...
I Could Really Care Less About Emilie Agreste
We have known Gabriel's motivation has been to save his wife for a little over two years at this point, but at the same time, it's hard to believe that motivation because of how underdeveloped Emilie is as a character.
There have been a total of two lines in the entirety of the show that explain what happened to Emilie, and they're both vague as hell. One of them was from “Feast” that implied Emilie used the broken Peacock Miraculous.
Adrien: My mom used to have dizzy spells… just like Nathalie.
And the other that outright tells the audience what's happening to her in a clip show that most people will skip.
Nathalie: As I've watched Emilie falling deeper into an endless sleep, my sadness for her has deepened, too
That is literally all we get for an explanation, and nothing else. We have no idea of what she's like as a person or what her relationship with her family was like other than Gabriel and Adrien saying they miss her. Other than the way the narrative says she's important to Gabriel and Adrien, we don't really have a reason to care about her as a character. There have also been some lines that imply she went along with Gabriel's questionable parenting techniques, like how he was apparently only homeschooled as a kid (Origins) and never had a birthday party growing up (The Bubbler), so how do we even know if she's a good person? In fact, why not set up this question as a mystery to make the audience wonder if Gabriel has another reason to bring Emilie back?
It ultimately turns Emilie into a plot device and not a character that Gabriel and Adrien only bring up to make the audience feel bad for them, and meant to justify Gabriel's actions by saying that he's “doing this for his family”.
But hey, if he's doing this all for his family, surely Gabriel's redeeming traits come from his relationship with Adrien, right? Right?
As a Parent, Gabriel is Far From the Best
I've talked about this briefly before, but parenting in Miraculous Ladybug is written in such a black and white way, even by the standards of this show. Parents are portrayed in one of two ways. They're either amazing people who love and support their children unconditionally, or they're awful people who treat their own children like trash. And much like a lot of things in this show, there are times where the latter is treated like the former.
There are so many times where the narrative insists on making you see Gabriel as a troubled, but wellmeaning person who tries his best to be a good parent to Adrien, but it is far from the truth.
I'm not going to beat around the bush. Gabriel is a terrible parent. Like, he is awful at being a parent in so many ways, even before you find out he's Hawkmoth. In his first appearance, “The Bubbler”, he delegates getting Adrien a birthday present to Nathalie, his assistant. He literally can't be bothered to take time out of his schedule to get his own son a present for his birthday. And as the show goes on, he becomes more controlling and forbids Adrien from going out with his friends in other episodes (Captain Hardrock, Silencer). While this could be used to show Gabriel getting worse, it's never acknowledged in-universe, with Adrien continually defending his father essentially keeping him on house arrest.
“But IOTA!” You might say. “Gabriel has made efforts to bond with his son in some episodes.” While that might be true, most of those come right after his Akumas have almost gotten Adrien killed. He only hugged Adrien and made an attempt to learn more about him after Simon Says invaded their home, he only decided to watch that movie Emilie was in with Adrien after Gorizilla nearly dropped him off a building, and he only hugged Adrien again in public after he was turned into a gold statue by Style Queen.
In fact, let's talk about how Gabriel acts in the Queen Bee Trilogy. He actually decides to quit being Hawkmoth, but it's not because he realizes all the damage he's caused. Instead, he gave up because his “magnum opus”, a stronger than usual Akuma that only got the advantage on Ladybug ironically because of dumb luck, failed. Sure, he says he can't keep putting his son in danger, but he rarely ever acknowledges that he does so in the first place. When Riposte wanted to fight Adrien, Hawkmoth did nothing to stop her other than giving her a stern warning earlier on and nothing else. Where was this attitude earlier?
Hell, even then, he immediately goes back to being Hawkmoth as soon as he sees an opportunity, not even a day after his “mAgNuM oPuS” blew up in his face (because I guess Scarletmoth was just Plan B). If he made such a big deal about caring for his son, why didn't he try harder to spend time with him? Has he ever had doubts about what he's doing before? If Chloe didn't show up as Queen Bee, was he going to follow through on his promise and try to be a better father to Adrien instead of trying to get Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous?
And yeah, the whole irony is that Gabriel is doing this for his family when he is unknowingly fighting his own son, which could lead to some interesting drama if done right. The idea of how Gabriel would react to his son being Cat Noir could really lead to some internal struggles for him to go through. But then we got “Cat Blanc”, which shows just how terrible of a character Gabriel is.
In an alternate timeline where he found out his son was Cat Noir, what does Gabriel do? Does he try to steal Adrien's Miraculous while he's sleeping? Does he reconsider his actions or realize he was endangering Adrien's life?
NOPE! He just decides to akumatize him all while emotionally tormenting him, before causing the end of the world.
This is honestly one of the most appalling things I've ever seen in any TV show, because it's basically an abusive father ordering his son to listen to him all while referencing his (kind of) dead mother to back up his point. And rather than use this to show how despicable Gabriel is, the episode decides to blame Marinette for this happening. Yes, according to the show, her present to Adrien caused several events to happen which caused Cat Blanc, but this logic makes no sense. It's like blaming the JFK assassination on the man who sold a gun to Lee Harvey Oswald, instead of, you know, Lee Harvey Oswald.
Not only was this episode yet another excuse to blame Marinette for something that wasn't her fault, it leads into the biggest problem I have with Gabriel as a character.
Sympathize with Gabriel? Surely, You Jest
After everything I've gone over regarding Gabriel as a character, after all the awful things I've talked about, are you really surprised that I don't feel bad for him at all?
Gabriel is just an awful character and a despicable human being, but the show just keeps wanting me to feel bad for him. It's just so hard to when you consider everything he's done has made him anything but sympathetic. I'm just saying, it's kind of hard to feel bad for someone who tries to start World War III with the only justification being “i'M dOiNg It FoR mY fAmIlY”, especially when he treats his family like crap.
Tumblr media
The writers go out of their way to show how horrible Gabriel is as Hawkmoth/Shadowmoth, but they think because they throw in a few moments where he looks conflicted, we'll immediately feel bad for him. What makes so many people interested in seeing Chloe become a better person is that they can tell she's the victim of a troubled upbringing, and know that because she's only a teenager, she still has room to grow as a person, represented by having more honest moments of vulnerability. Gabriel is a grown man who once caused the apocalypse because of how terrible of a parent he is, and has even fewer sympathetic moments than Chloe does. Which one of these two is supposedly irredeemable? The answer may surprise you.
But the frustrating thing is that this kind of villain could have worked. Instead of making him this mustache-twirling psychopath, show how much Gabriel regrets what he has to do, but keeps pushing onward despite all the lives he's risking if it means that he can save his wife. Instead of making Gabriel like Lex Luthor, make him like Mr. Freeze, who is basic a better written version of him.
But as it stands, there's a good reason why Gabriel gets little to no respect as a character in the Miraculous Ladybug fandom, as a villain, or as a father.
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firelord-boomerang · 5 months ago
I wish more people would see Jet as a person who just wants to help people but because of his experiences was blinded by hatred. At the end of the day, Jet didn’t want to destroy that village for revenge because of what the Fire Nation took from him. To quote what he said to Katara, “Think about what the Fire Nation did to your mother, we can't let them do that to anyone else, ever again.“
It's preemptive but still about protecting people. It could be said that he only tells her that to manipulate her but I think that’s giving Jet too much credit. I mean I love this character, but he also went up to a tea shop and accused someone of being a Fire bender because he saw him heating up tea.
When it comes to things like this, he leads with his anger not with his logic. He wanted the Fire Nation out of their home so maybe him and his Freedom Fighters and the dozens of kids living in their hideout wouldn’t fear for their lives anymore. He wanted to keep the valley safe the only way he was sure would work. Plus, considering the fact that Jet has taken it upon himself to care for kids who suffered a similar fate as him (kids whose villages burned down like Longshot, he even said they found The Duke was trying to steal their food and that he never really had a home in the first place), his main personality trait isn’t his hatred— that’s his flaw.
It’s the one thing he needed to overcome so he could be redeemed and that’s why he went to Ba Sing Se.
Speaking of Ba Sing Se. During the ferry what did we see him do the first time he was reintroduced? Help people. He saw the starving refugees and his first thought was how he could help them. He saw the inequality going on with the captain’s feast and the needy masses and decided to do something about it. The first thing he asks of Zuko was to help them liberate some food. Is that a person concerned only about his hatred? He didn't say anything about the Fire Nation before that. His only concern was helping people and turning over a new leaf. When he saw Iroh heat his tea, that’s when he went back to being blinded by hatred. And why? I think it's because he just got this new home in Ba Sing Se and suddenly it might be taken over once again by the Fire Nation. Jet’s answer when Smellerbee asks him to stop is this “Maybe you've forgotten why we need to start over. Maybe you've forgotten about how the Fire Nation left us all homeless‌. How they wiped out all the people we loved. If you don't want to help me, I'll get the evidence on my own.”
It's brimming with hatred, yes. He's still working under a variation of the assumption that everyone from the Fire Nation is bad. But we see that his main goal is to prove they’re Fire Nation first and when that didn’t go anywhere, and he saw his friends abandoning the cause, he went to the most straight forward option he could think of and that was fighting Zuko and goading him into bending. Something could be said about how the injustice and pain Jet equated with the Fire Nation all his life he experienced at the hands of the Dai Li. I don’t know what word to use but it sure is something that Jet feared death from the Fire Nation when it’s because of the Earth Kingdom that he gets dealt the fatal blow.
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instanceandthephrase · 2 months ago
Material Things
I’m tired Of material things That are expressions Of spiritual boredom Becoming my source Of sole comfort After seeing this world Fall apart-
Buying clothes Like I’ve somewhere to go,
Or visiting friends Like I used to,
All married with kids Planning futures More expensive Than buttons I click
To consume those goods As distractions
[To ignore long days Without poems]
And convince myself Buying t-shirts Can redeem This failure to write.
Yet everything Dirtied by stains From eating foods That I shouldn’t Reminds me joy Is elusive Even if such faith Remains bought  -
Praying objects Sitting in space Watching persons waste Precious daydreams Can provide some cause For existing Outside this flesh Gaining weight.
These pounds Are an obvious symbol Of burdens earned Chasing feelings So transient Nothing can capture Such fleeting glee When unwrapped.
I’m pursuing debts Which condemn me Before my God Who is failing At keeping life Worth existing As basic things Fade away -
Our holidays Grilling outside,
Each vacation Feasting with family,
Every privilege Squandered by judgment Through a virus Humans ignored.
We deserve All seasons alone.
I’ll purchase time By seclusion.
Take tomorrow and cough Till your breathless.
Why does money Make heaven exist?
⁃ J. Pigno
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arlakos · 27 days ago
Miraculous Rant
Actually, you know what, while im still mad from the previous post I made, lets go off on a rant. No punches pulled. Lets do this.
The lovesquare is the most terrible ship in this fandom. One girl is a hyper obsessed stalker who tracks her crush with her planner for 3 whole seasons, while the boy couldn’t learn to take a hint and stop flirting for 3 whole seasons until he decided to move on with another girl. Ironically that makes them perfect for eachother, but its in a creepy kind of way, not a loving kind of way.
Adrigami and Lukanette in the S3 Finale were wasted events and never should have occured because they were immediately axed in the first few episodes of the next season. I feel sorry for those that were hoping their ships could be real for at least a short actual while, and it makes me want to curse the writers for their story-boner for the status quo of teases
Despite what I said earlier, none of the girls are good for Adrien. Marinette’s stalkery and a borderline yandere, Kagami’s somewhat controlling and too similar to Adrien help him grow as a person, Chloe is a queen bee beyotch and honestly too much like a sibling to Adrien, and Lila is garbage. Fuck it, have Luka date Adrien and they can play some sweet music together (not like that you pervs, I meant they both play instruments).
Nino needs more love. Not only that, but there needs to be more Adrien/Nino bro moments. If Marinette and Alya can have moments together, why not the bros?
Chloe’s character is a mess, and is neither redeemable, nor notably evil. Her role as a villain in season 1 is very hamfisted, such as in the episodes Mr Pigeon and Kung Food. Not only that, Chloe also lacks any of the qualities that makes a good “bully villain” or rival to Marinette, and her sympathetic moments (which are Written by Sebastien) are mostly overshadowed by the fact that Astruc wants her to be a bully, so it just makes her bipolar and confusing when her character is tugged between two writers.
Chloe should not have joined Hawkmoth in Miracle Queen, see my other post as to why I think so. TLDR, its kinda ooc  for her to go full on 2d villain like Hawkmoth especially after Miraculer, plus Lila was being build up to be the main antagonist of S3
Chloe got kicked from the Team in Miraculer because people know her identity? Fine. Kagami gets to be Ryuko again despite being known to Hawkmoth in Ikari Gozen? Not cool. Ladybug shouldn’t be a hypocrite and be willing to break her own rules just because “Kagami is my friend and Chloe’s not”. Same goes for her breaking the rule with secrect identities with Alya, only for her to go on and on about the rules to Chat when he pries.
Zoe is a bland character who’s only notable trait that she likes Marinette, which automatically makes her worthy of a miraculous after two episodes and no actual development.
Astruc is a petty frick who makes episodes that give the finger to fans of the show that have a different opinion than him. Queen Banana, Miracle Queen, and Reverser are good examples of this (Reverser did Nathaniel dirty).
Master Fu is a shit guardian. Read my post for more.
FRICK THE FEAST EPISODE. Not only did is ruin Fu as character, it ruined all the good theories as to why the order fell, and wasted the idea of a new villain being introduced or even taking over as the main antagonist! Speaking of Feast, despite the sentimonster destroying an order when he wasn’t even big, he still go beat by 2 kids even when he was supersized!
Marinette is not a good Guardian. Her ability to choose heroes does not make her capable, and just because “tradition is stupid” doesnt mean that Marinette shouldn’t be tested like others before her!
Despite the Kwami’s being ancient magical buildings, they seem to act like kids a lot, and that annoys me when in S1 they are supposed to apparently be mentors to their wielders, like how Tikki was before she was mentally de-aged.
Lila is trash and should be removed from the show. The only reasons her lies work is because the writers dumb down every other character in the show and ignore the fact the people have smartphones with google.
The “Miraculous” Ladybug spell should require both Ladybug and Chat Noir to cast, because not only does the power have nothing to do with creation, but it also “destroys” anything created by the akuma, which thematically makes no sense. Also it would place more emphasis on the two heroes being equals and “two halfs of the same coin”
On that note, Ladybug has too many powers. Not only is she the only one who can purify akumas, and can cast a spell that can fix Paris time and time again like its no one’s buisness, but she also now gets a new suit and the ability to nullify Hawkmoth’s akumas. Like COME ON! Give Chat some powers too.
Mayura’s feather’s shouldnt be able to be purified by Ladybug since they have no dark energy, and (thematically speaking) Chat should be given an ability that allows him to “vanquish” the energy in Mayura[’s feathers similar to how Ladybug can purify Hawkmoth’s akumas. At least it would develop a rivalry between Chat and Mayura, and would make Chat necassary against Shadowmoth rather than being replacable with any other hero.
The are too many temporary heroes. They should have just stuck with the 3 heroes from s2 and leave it at that. Sure, new heroes were cool, but the overuse has made the whole hero thing feel less special. It made sense for the first 3 to have them, but now it’s just like Oprah where everyone gets a miraculous. Except Gabe.
Chat Blanc was a stupid reason as to why secret identities cant be revealed, also Chat could have told LB who Hawkmoth once he returned back to normal was and the show would be over.
Hawkmoth should not be Gabriel. Frick the lore about Gabriel’s wife dying and him going evil to get her back, it makes the story feel too much like a star wars/Darth vader reference and leaves Gabriel acting bipolar, flipping from wanting to save his wife and doing this out of necessity to being a power hungry madman wanting to take over the world ( which is said in his canon music video). Having Hawkmoth be his own character means he can be an actual maniac who wants world domination and not just have villanous plot that rely on obtaining magical jewellery (perhaps doing other evil things/taking a more active role), while Gabriel being his own character means he can be a father that has become estranged from his son due to the lose of his S,O, and thus can have a plot about him reuniting with his son (I liked the end seen in Simon says, ok?)
On that same note, I think Mayura shouldn’t have been Nathalie. Considering Hawkmoth’s plans were repetitive as heck for most of the show, when I heard about the Mayura leaks back in Season 2 (when she was called “le Paon”) I was theorising that Mayura would actually being Hawkmoth’s boss, the villain the was responsible for giving him his Miraculous and the one who destroyed the Order of the Miraculous, and would take over as the main villain in season 3 due to Hawkmoth’s failures. However, that turned out not to be the case.
Not only that, but Mayuras power is a copy paste power with some modifications to make it complement Hawkmoth’s power, by basically giving his akuma’s magic pokemon.
Speaking of Hawkmoth’s power, for a miraculous that is supposed to be used for good, how can his power mind control people and make them become evil? More importantly, for a miraculous that is supposedly weaker than the main heroes of the show, having it be able to multiply and posses people to create an army is kinda strong.
Fuck the Maribat ship that the salt fandom came up with. Its trash, it was made to bash most of the Miraculous cast sans Marinette, and anyone thinks it is good are either those same salters or are the same people who think that Rey-lo and the Twilight Saga are masterpieces of romance.
Whew! I needed that vent. Hope you enjoyed it as as much as I did, and Tune in next time on the next episode of:  Arlakos loses his Mind and Rants for 2 pages of writing!
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thesaltyoceanwaves · 4 months ago
Multiple Factions AU
Years before Hawkmoth’s rise, a conflict led to war between the Order of the Guardians and the descendants of previous miraculous holders. The former believed that their heroes needed to be chosen based off of merit and should be evaluated based off Order values, while previous heroes wanted to choose their successors and train them (or rather, raise their children to become new heroes). The heroes also thought the Order’s training of their Guardians was far too strict and cruel. 
During this conflict, the miraculouses were scattered across different factions. Five of the most powerful, the Ladybug, Cat, Fox, Bee and Turtle, remained with a Guardian-in-training, Wang Fu. The remaining two, the Peafowl and Butterfly, went missing somewhere in Europe. And the zodiacs were taken by various parties. Hoping to protect the five kwamis, Fu fled the Temple, bearing a grudge against the Order, and what would eventually be known as the Rightful Heroes.
Fast forward to present day. Hawkmoth attacks the city of Paris, looking to claim the Ladybug and Cat miraculouses and make a wish to save his wife’s life. However, Team Miraculous are not the only ones interested in putting a stop to Hawkmoth’s evil-doing. Now knowing where the location of the Butterfly is, the rival factions close in, promising to make our heroes’ lives far more difficult than before.
What none of them realize is that all of this conflict will lead to the rise of a new group… and an old enemy from the ancient past.
Tumblr media
What is this AU?
This is a semi-salty AU that focuses on the addition of “rival factions” or antagonists for our heroes to face off against. I say semi-salty because I find that Hawkmoth is a disappointing, stale villain who cannot carry the show long-term. I’m also somewhat salty about how certain side characters are either underutilized or misused (Lila, Kagami, Luka, Sabrina) or feel they’re being introduced for the sake of affecting audience opinion on another character (Felix and Zoe). There’s also how the show will often reset towards the status quo However, this is an AU mostly focused on addressing these issues, as well as allowing growth and progress to be made on behalf of other characters and relationships, so I consider it more of a “fix-it” than a full-blown salt AU.
There are two major sources of inspiration that I credit for the creation of this AU. One is the 2003 TMNT series, with its rotating gallery of antagonists (specifically Bishop and the line of legacy Shredders), and this post made by @lenoreofraven​ back when “Feast” aired.
Highlights include: more focus on Alya, Nino and Chloe, a proper Chloe redemption arc, a Lila/Felix team-up, Lila still being “bad” but nowhere near as evil as Hawkmoth (and more likely to be redeemed), Luka and Kagami being more relevant to the plot, and fleshing out Sabrina (plus Kim!)
It’s also a semi-flexible AU. I decided to allow use of Kwami Swaps or other add-ons that change up the dynamics between characters. I’ll get into more of that later on. But the version of the AU I’m mostly focused is semi-canon compliant (meaning Love Square is still endgame, DJWifi is a thing, etc), so I will focus on that first.
Tumblr media
What can we expect, project-wise?
This AU is mostly for fun, so I do not currently plan on doing an on-going project for it. At most, I might do an outline and some snippets/scenarios to give an idea of what it may look like. But an on-going fic (at this point) is a bit much for me to handle when I have another project going on and various real world obligations.
That being said, if anyone would like to use any of the ideas from this AU for their own stories, I have no problem with that. I’d love to see what you come up with, so feel free to share with me!
What are the main changes from canon?
--> At this point, I don’t have a set timeline in place for this AU, but I do have some ideas for restructuring the story. Not every season may be covered in this AU (s4 is currently airing as I am brainstorming). But the biggest change is the fate of Hawkmoth and Mayura - because of the arrival of other factions, they will be defeated earlier on (sometime before S4 or the equivalent of that season in this AU).
—> Season 1 stays roughly the same in terms of spirit (mostly akuma of the day plots), but there is more focus on Alya, Nino and Chloe to foreshadow them becoming heroes, as well as on Nathalie becoming Mayura. Chloe is still mostly mean and petty and has a lot of progress to make. When her and Sabrina fight, leading to Sabrina’s akumatization, it’s a permanent strain on the friendship. Both Felix and Lila are introduced at the end of the season, where they officially form their alliance. The Guardians arrive in Paris, including one Tomoe Tsurugi. Throughout the season, the news has been reporting unrest within the population concerning Hawkmoth’s actions. This leads Numbesis out of their stasis, and they begin to take action. The main conflict is on Team Miraculous vs Hawkmoth.
—> Season 2 is where we start to see more radical changes. Again, more focus is placed on foreshadowing the heroes (“Queen Wasp” is cut so there is no train stunt). It may also be combined with episodes and storylines from Season 3. The episodes may not always have akumas, since the new factions want to collect as many of the Zodiacs as they can, before taking the non-Zodiacs. The Cult of Numbesis starts to rise during this time, with Kagami and Luka being introduced as early on as possible (especially before Despair Bear, so the two of them can be invited for the party). Sabrina and Kim are clearly shown moving on and doing their own thing to set up them serving for the Order. Heroes’ Day allows Chloe’s arc to come full circle - she saves a transformed Fu and is temporarily given the Bee to help Ladybug. From there, Ladybug will test her and decide if she’s worthy to keep. This is where the timeline starts to get a bit murky for me, unlike Season 1 which is a bit more clear cut in terms of vision. When Hawkmoth and Mayura are defeated (end of S2 or a fixed version of the S3 finale to account for Chloe’s redemption) has yet to be decided, so I will refrain from giving away too much after that.
--> The non-zodiac miraculouses are emphasized and shown to be more powerful than the zodiacs. The zodiacs are by far easier to master, and thus, the zodiac users may give our heroes a bit of trouble when they first arrive. The non-zodiacs, by contrast, have far more potential to grow powerful, and may offer multiple powers (so we can eliminate the temporary power boosts), but are more difficult to master. The zodiacs will have their powers nerfed a bit to accommodate for this change, though I haven’t full settled on what I want those powers to be. Some I can see staying the same (like the horse, mouse and monkey), with others I see just nerfing the power (the dragon can only transform to one weather element during their transformation), and some I would change the power entirely (snake becomes hypnosis, rabbit gets a healing power instead of time travel).
--> The Order has been expanded to include other people of Asian heritage. I did this mostly because I didn’t want Tomoe siding with Hawkmoth, and could see her acting as a Japanese ambassador of sorts for the Order. So when you see members of the Order of Guardians, you will see predominantly people of Chinese and Tibetan background, but you will also see members of Japanese, Korean, Thai, Filipino (I realize there’s some debate over whether they consider themselves Asian or Pacific Islander, but we’re including them anyway), Vietnamese, and Malaysian backgrounds. I like to think of them as diplomats or representatives, especially if we confirm the existence of other Miracle Boxes in other countries later (which for now is a no). Alternatively, I could see some of the zodiacs having shown up in those countries (maybe Tomoe finds a miraculous and is approached by a Guardian member, and she only relents in giving it to them if she is allowed in as a member). 
What are the factions?
There are five factions in total that I have decided for this AU. Three of them originate from canon, while two I created for specific intents of this AU. They are Team Miraculous, Hawkmoth and Mayura, The Order of the Guardians, The Rightful Heroes, and the Cult of Numbesis. They all have different goals, motivations, and relationships with each other, which puts them at odds with potential for temporary team-ups.
The miraculouses are split across the factions. The only ones I have set in stone are that Fu has the ladybug, cat, turtle, fox and bee from the start, while Gabriel has the butterfly and peafowl. 
The remaining three factions will have at least two of the zodiacs within their possession upon throwing themselves into the ring. I suppose which ones they start with could be swapped out, but for the sake of this post, I gave them specific ones. All of them share a similar goal of collecting or stealing the remaining zodiacs before the other factions do, but they want them for different purposes. 
Team Miraculous
Tumblr media
Members: Wang Fu (Mentor/Former Guardian-in-training), Marinette Dupain-Cheng (Ladybug), Adrien Agreste (Chat Noir), Alya Cesaire (Rena Rouge), Nino Lahiffe (Carapace), Chloe Bourgeois (Queen Bee)
Starting Miraculouses: Ladybug, Black Cat, Fox, Turtle, Bee
Goals: Stop Hawkmoth from terrorizing Paris, and reclaim the butterfly and peafowl. Reform the Guardians. Stop the Cult of Numbesis, and reclaim the miraculouses from the Rightful Heroes.
Not much to add here in terms of changes. They’re the same as in canon, though Chloe’s redemption arc sticks, and the three added heroes get more a storyline to foreshadow them joining the team later. They might start off as temporary, but later earn the right to hold onto their miraculouses once they’ve proven themselves trustworthy. 
Hawkmoth and Mayura
Tumblr media
Members: Gabriel Agreste (Hawkmoth) and Nathalie Sancoeur (Mayura)
Starting Miraculouses: Butterfly and Peafowl
Goals: Claim the Ladybug and Black Cat miraculouses in order to cast a wish and resurrect/heal Emilie Agreste.
Roughly the same as in canon, although once the other factions start showing up, it’s only a matter of time before the two of them are defeated. My angle for Gabriel is to start off “well-intentioned” but completely goes off the rails. If his actions here are as bad as they are in canon, he will not be getting redeemed. Team Miraculous may or may not have to consult him at some point after his defeat in order to deal with Numbesis.
The Order of the Guardians
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Members: Su-Han (Mentor/Guardian), Sabrina Raincomprix (Cottontail), Kim Le Chien (King Monkey), Tomoe Tsurugi (patron/member)
Starting Miraculouses: Rabbit and Monkey
Goals: Overthrow the other factions and reclaim the missing miraculouses. (Some are divided on their opinion regarding Team Miraculous - some want to convince them to join, others think they should have their memories wiped).
Su-Han recruits Sabrina and Kim after they find the rabbit and monkey, and vigorously train them to hunt for the remaining miraculouses. He doesn’t want them going after Team Miraculous at first because A. They are well-liked by the city and B. They aren’t experienced enough fighters to take them on. While they have conflicting goals, Su-Han wants his heroes to convince the heroes to speak with the Order (which they are advised not to do by Fu, since Fu doesn’t trust the Order). 
The Rightful Heroes
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Members: Amelie Graham de Vanily (Mentor), Lila Rossi (Cavallina), Felix Graham de Vanily (Ratpack), Marianne (former wielder)
Starting Miraculouses: Horse and Mouse
Goals: Reclaim the missing miraculouses, specifically the non-Zodiacs, and defeat Hawkmoth before Team Miraculous. Claim glory and honor for their ancestors and family line. Fame (in Lila’s case).
When her son was denied the right to the Butterfly and Peafowl and it ended up in the “wrong hands,” all following the death of her beloved husband, Amelie swore she would find the missing miraculous. When she sees news of Hawkmoth attacking the city of Paris, she takes the chance to pack Felix up and head to Paris to track them down. Over the years, they managed to get their hands on the rat and horse, but are looking for another candidate for Felix to go into the field with.
Enter Lila. Following a roughly equivalent episode of “Volpina,” Amelie is actually able to research and find out that Lila is indeed a descendant of the fox hero. She decides to recruit Lila, training her to become the horse wielder, and work together to reclaim what is rightfully theirs.
Marianne is listed here because I gave her the same family background as I did in TOtMiS - she is Felix’s great-grandmother on his father’s side. 
The Cult of Numbesis
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Members: Numbesis (Leader), Luka Couffaine (Viperion), Kagami Tsurugi (Ryuko)
Starting Miraculouses: Snake and Dragon
Goals: Eliminate Hawkmoth and take both the Butterfly and Peafowl. Destroy the Order of the Guardians and Rightful Heroes. (How they feel towards Team Miraculous is ambivalent).
Talks of protest begin some time after Hawkmoth starts attacking Paris. The citizens decide to take preventative measures by doing deep breathing exercises, and various techniques to keep calm. Others decide to take more drastic measures, and numb themselves to their emotions entirely. This attracts the attention Kagami Tsurugi, who feels the constant pressure of perfection, as well as guilt over her own akumatization, and Luka Couffaine, who has had anger management issues and difficult expressing his emotions in the past (which is the same backstory I gave him in TOtMiS, but here, he starts off with less control over it). Fearing they might hurt the ones they love, the two join the order to numb themselves to their anger. 
Numbesis’ backstory is still one I’m fleshing out and haven’t decided on. One idea I have is that they are a being created by both The Order of the Guardians and the Rightful Heroes, as a sort of anti-kwami. They were not supposed to be the only one, but circumstances forced the Order to pull their resources from the project.
I have a oneshot here that can give you an idea of what Numbesis is like.
What are the AU variants/add-ons?
These are just AU ideas that I wanted to play around with, but felt that they weren’t wholly necessary to the main storyline, or they became a whole AU within their own right. The main version of the AU is canon compliant in terms of endgame ship, but being the biased Lukanette shipper that I am, I shamelessly came up with scenarios that had them as endgame as well. I also wanted to play around with different character dynamics and relationships, hence, this list of variants.
—> Lilanette Childhood Friends Scenario: Adds my “We Used to Be Friends” AU into the mix. Lila and Marinette met when they were children and became pen pals. However, Lila’s hunger for attention and fame clashes with Marinette’s heroic duties and eventually leads to a falling out. Childhood friends to enemy scenario. Can be added alongside other AUs depending on your set-up.
—> Team Miraculous Section Scenario: Swaps out Adrien, Alya, Nino and Chloe for the members of Kitty Section. Marinette remains as Ladybug, but the new line-up consists of Cat!Luka, Bee!Rose, Fox!Juleka and Turtle!Ivan. Adrien becomes either a neutral party or works for this father (though he’s heavily manipulated). Kagami remains a member of the Cult of Numbesis, and is either given a new partner or both miraculouses. Adrigami romance still possible but more likely to be of the star-crossed lovers variety. Alya joins the Order of the Guardians, and Chloe joins the Rightful Heroes. Nino could be either Kagami’s new partner or entirely neutral. Heavy on the Lukanette.
—> Adrien’s Angels Scenario: Mister Bug teaming up with Cat!Kagami, Queen Bee, Carapace and Fox!Wayhem. Both Marinette and Luka are members of the Cult of Numbesis, with a forbidden romance (because all of their emotions are supposed to be silenced). Alya still joins the Order of the Guardians. Heavy on the Adrigami. 
—> Magical Girl Team Scenario: The girl squad forms Team Miraculous. Marinette as Ladybug, Alya as Rena Rouge, Cat!Juleka, Turtle!Mylene, and Bee!Alix. Rose might be left out for the most part, but would eventually gain butterfly/peafowl (maybe both, or the remaining one could go to Sabrina or Kagami). Adrien is forced into working for his father, Kagami and Luka are with Numbesis, and Chloe is with the Rightful Heroes. Nino is neutral. Whether or not there is an endgame ship is at your discretion.
—> Power Plays/Hard Mode: When Fu escapes the order, he only has the Ladybug and Cat miraculouses (maybe some zodiacs if you’re feeling generous). The butterfly and peafowl still end up with Gabriel, the Rightful Heroes take the Bee, Numbesis receives the turtle, and the Guardians are left with the fox. The stakes are higher than before now that the most powerful miraculouses are split across faction lines. Can be combined with other scenarios, depending on your set-up.
I will probably throw around more ideas and scenarios as I go, but for now, I would consider this the de-facto masterpost. Hope you all enjoyed reading!
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firelxdykatara · 5 months ago
it has been less than a few days since the show came out and i have seen so many dumbass anti darklina takes. why must all fandoms be like this
LMFAO honestly, i don’t even know
it’s really funny, too, because show!darkling is so fucking tame compared to the books
i never read the books (i know how they end and ben barnes isn’t there to make me put my clown shoes on), but everything i’ve heard so far tells me that in the books, the darkling is much more over-the-top and cartoonishly evil after The Reveal (i still hate that alina got his Evilness infodumped on her, gods forbid the main character find some shit out for herself, but anyway), and in the show he like.... is worried for this girl he cares about because he thinks she got kidnapped, then when he catches up to her and realizes she really did run away he -checks notes- kills the stag, sticks the collar on her (which they had to make look so brutal because, i suspect, nothing else he does really seems all that bad comparatively), keeps his word about letting mal live, and the worst thing he does is let part of a city get eaten up by the fold for a minute.
yeah, ok, some villainous things there, but compared to the books where he kills mal in front of alina, making her watch as the volcra feast on his corpse, among other shit like.......general kirigan is downright tame in comparison. he didn’t do anything that he couldn’t come back from, if the show (-cough-leigh-cough-) were at all interested in redeeming him.
and frankly, even if he had, i’ve stanned worse villains and worse relationships and still shipped them and wanted redemptions and shit so like, idk why antis can’t just stick to their happy little corner and leave the ‘bad’ relationships to those of us who can appreciate them? it’s not that hard lmfao. no one cares if you think darklina is ‘toxic’ and ‘manipulative’--it’s called ‘enemies to lovers’ for a reason, not ‘mild dislike to lovers’, come on.
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addictive-arts · a month ago
Tumblr media
The Feast of the Redeemer in Venice. Painted by Ferruccio Scattola (1873-1950)
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diaphobic · 6 months ago
Hi, can I have reactions for the boys with a s/o who has deep dimples. She's cute as a whole but everyone is obsessed with her smile, and maybe they get possessive of her because of it...?
Tumblr media
Shu: “What, do you think those dimples are your only redeeming quality? Heh, think again. There are many other curves and dimples all over your body that I’ll feast on. I can’t bite on your cheeks very well, can I?”
Tumblr media
Reiji: “Yes, yes. Your dimples are quite adorable, however you do not need to be so obsessive over them. They’re prominent enough for everyone to see. Is this because I haven’t complimented them enough? Fufu, surely you wouldn’t be so bold as to ask for compliments.”
Tumblr media
Ayato: “Dimples? I don’t see them. Haha.. Ow! Don’t hit me like that. Tsk, fine. I see them! If you really went to show off to me you can show me that pretty cryin’ face of yours. Then I’ll really be interested.”
Tumblr media
Kanato: “Shall I sew dimples on your doll for you? Fufu, when I make this perfect doll for you, it’ll have pretty dimples just like yours. Of course they’ll be like yours because the doll will be you. Eh? Is that not okay?”
Tumblr media
Laito: “They’re almost as cute as my dimples~ fufu. Kidding, kidding~ You’re cute when you make that annoyed expression, Bitch-Chan~ Ah, but would you prefer I compliment your dimples more?”
Tumblr media
Subaru: “Ah, yeah.. your dimples are an eye catcher, but quiet acting like they’re the only thing I see! Che, don’t keep makin’ me point this shit out, ‘kay?”
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tangledbea · 8 months ago
Full transcription of the behind the scenes Varian stuff from this post:
Tumblr media
Post a picture of... Varian behind the scenes stuff if you have any XD
Varian: Varian is avoiding his problems/confronting his dad and it’s his goal to here to get in good with Raps and everybody so he can live there and never have to face his dad again.
IN: Rapunzel is proud that everything is just fine on her watch. Then - Pascal runs into her room in a panic, signaling something terrifying coming down the hallway. Rapunzel steps outside to see Varian hunting for Pascal, holding a small pouch in his hand. She asks him what he’s doing and it turns out he has been conducting experiments on Pascal: he changes color with the application of certain chemicals see? He throws dust in Pascal’s face and he turns RED with anger. “Hmmm... funny. He only seems to be turning red now.”
Rapunzel diffuses the situation by telling Varian that there is so much to do -- maybe instead of experimenting on Pascal, he could help out Cassandra or Eugene?
Varian dresses like Flynn Rider and acts out a daring escape from the guards, locking them in the dungeon.
Ruins their parents’ ceremonial garments. Desperate to redeems himself, Varian creates a gel mixture that “eats stains” He rubs it on the King’s coat and -- it works perfectly! “Varian! You are a genius!” Varian tosses the blob away and it continues to feed on dirt and stains in the castle and then a chair... it is GROWING.
Varian rigs up a contraption to was Max that succeeds cause Max to dislike him?
Pours an experimental powder into the Feast’s cake, causing it to explode?
Wrecks the ballroom?
Does something romantic to impress Cass (perhaps combining all of the floral arrangements from the Feast into one super bouquet?)
That’s it. Varian has cause so much destruction: He has to go! Varian overhears this and runs away from them.
They finally catch up to Varian, running, but he’s not running from them, he’s running from -- THE SLUDGE. His jelatin compound that was once the size of his hand has been eating everything it its path and is now expanding through the whole castle!
Pete the Guard announces The King imminent return -- and is then swallowed by the Sludge!
Ricky’s comment: Some of my notes/ideas from the first “Great Expotations” episode story break
Bex’s comment (right now): This is clearly a first pass at “Great Expotations,” and more than anything it gives us an insight into how much an episode can change from inception to completion. This is not something that “we could have had” and we were not “robbed of this.” This is take one, and it’s clear that it wasn’t working for them and/or the story, so they changed the direction it took.
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sansakatara · 5 months ago
So a common criticism that I see of s8 is Sansa's conversation with the Hound during the celebration feast. (I hope it's clear what I'm getting at, because I really don't feel like having to type such words out)
This is a pretty valid criticism and it's something I know a lot of Sansa stans were angry over. It's also just further proof that the claim that D&D "loved" Sansa is complete bullshit. You don't do that to characters you love or have respect for.
But I'm going to be completely honest. Excluding those who were geniunely sickened by that scene, I seriously side eyed the outrage I see, especially when it's coming from book readers.
I can't forget that this is the same book/show fandom who have more or less, have seen Sansa's abuse in KL as "retribution" for her decisions in AGOT. I've read more than once that Sansa's abuse was necessary, because she needed to be "redeemed" and grow into a "better person". There are people who think Sansa's apparently been on a vacation chillin and therefore hasn't really suffered, so she should be subjected to more trauma.
So yeah, it reeks of hypocrisy.
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kuroos-moon · 11 months ago
『 Sugawara Koushi Takes Proper Care of You 』
Tumblr media
➪ a/n: thanks for this req this had me flustered tbh, hope u like it!! 🥺
➪ warning/s: NSFW 
➪ smut starts after the cut
wc: 2k words
The weight of today’s workload took so much of a toll on you, your eyes were tired and your back ached terribly. There was simply too much to stress about and fatigue was so harsh on you that you just wanted to collapse the moment you enter your shared apartment with Suga. 
“Y/n? You’re home really late today,” he pops up from the kitchen, still wearing an apron. 
“I know, I’m sorry, I- there was just lots of things to do,” you frown as you make your way before him, and he automatically presses a kiss on your forehead as you do so. 
“It’s alright, come and have dinner with me then,” he smiles at you with warm eyes, a full-on plan to run you a nice warm bath and give you a soothing massage already wired to the back of his mind. 
“I’m sorry, Koushi,” you smile apologetically, “I’m just really stressed out right now, I don’t have the appetite.” 
Of course he’d be worried, looking at you as you enter your bedroom without another word. Screw dinner, he thinks to himself as he removes his apron and follows you inside. 
“Let me give you a massage, love,” he whispers as he hugged you from behind. “No it’s f-
“Y/n let me take care of you,” he gives you a sad and worried smile, making you give in. He turns you around to face him before he starts to undress you, and you raise a brow. 
“I’m applying oil,” he explains with a small chuckle. You just stare at the lovable doting man before you as he slips your buttoned shirt off, planting a soft lingering kiss on your collarbone in an attempt to make you feel relaxed, but it did the opposite. 
It made your breath hitch and your thighs unconsciously press together, and this wouldn’t go unnoticed at all by the ever so observant former setter who could read you like the back of his hand. 
Maybe it wasn’t what you wanted right now, although it was another effective way to rid you off your stress, but he decided to test the waters first. His gentle touch on your waist slowly and draggingly travels up to the hook of your bra before he strips you off of them as well. 
He notices you gasp almost inaudibly when he ‘unintentionally’ brushes a finger at the side of your breasts, and the look in your eyes told him you wanted it, you wanted him. 
“Perhaps the massage can wait,” he says in a soft tone before he pushes you down the bed with one hand now loosely around your neck, the other resting beside your head to support his weight. 
He didn’t have any plan at all to be rough with you, but he knew how much you liked it when he held you by your throat like that. 
“Koushi,” you mutter in surprise, and he gives you yet another warm smile. “Do you want me tonight, y/n?” He asks, and you gulp, your chest starting to heave at how hot he was. 
Sugawara Koushi is the CEO of asking consent, I take no criticism. 
“Do you?” He repeats, leaning down with his mouth beside your ear as his breath tickles your skin. You whimper in response when his thigh brushes against your core, but he needed your ‘yes.’ 
“Please,” is all you get to say, your head clouded with desire as he starts leaving open-mouthed kisses at the side of your neck. He hums, “please what, y/n?” 
“Take care of me,” you breathlessly say, and he smiles, leaning away to look at you. “I’ll take good care of you,” he softly says, a glimmer of affection in his eyes as he leans in to kiss you. 
He definitely drove you wild and crazy, making you forget all the care for the world as he tantalized you with his warm stare and soft sinful lips, not to mention his gentle and slender fingers that started to travel south across your smooth and sensitive skin. 
You let out a soft moan when his mouth moves down to your breasts, and unlike the initial kisses, he was sucking harshly, running his tongue over your mound as his hand squeezes your other breast. 
“Koushii,” you whine, squeezing your thighs together more desperately in an attempt to relieve your needy and dripping cunt, and he knew all too well how worked up you were by now, you’ve always lost to him in foreplay. 
You run your hands over his clothed back and whine at the insufficient skin to skin contact; making him chuckle at you before pulling away to remove his blue sweater but leaving his shorts on, “shall I take it all off?” He asks, both arms on either of your sides to support himself. 
Your eyes fall to look at his now bare stomach, his toned build and bulging cock which was beyond evident in his shorts making you wetter to the point wherein your underwear’s soaked. 
Filled with desperation, you push him off of you and straddle him, your head falling back at the feeling of his cock pressing against you. He observes you as you grind against him so desperately like you’re in your heat, but the last thing he wanted tonight was for you to be on top and do the work. 
He should be the one to work on you. Channeling his inner soft dom, he flips you over, pinning your limbs with his. “Koushi, please,” you beg, feeling miserable as you can’t even do as much as squeeze your thighs together. 
“You’ve been really tired y/n,” he says in a low voice, tightening his hold on your wrists and inching closer to you until his lips brushed against yours as he spoke, “so I’ll be the one to take care of you and drive you over your edge tonight,” he breathes. 
He had you tamed this easily, no longer resisting his hold, and he took that as a sign that it was okay for him to let go. “You could only be patient,” he mutters, not at all self-aware that he probably took pleasure in seeing you whimper as he squeezes your throat, before he slowly runs his hand down all the way your lower stomach and finally tracing a finger against the waistband of your panties.
“Koushi, please, touch me,” you grip his hand, making him draw his gaze from the wet patch on your undies. “Already?” He teases, but not at all meaning to draw this on for long. 
“Too cruel,” you mutter, and he stops running his fingers against your inner thighs. “Cruel?” He repeats in surprise, he never meant for you to feel as if he won’t give all of himself to you then and there, he simply had in mind how your orgasm satisfies you more and more the longer he had kept you waiting. 
He doesn’t say anything more before slipping two digits inside your underwear, feeling up how wet you were. You gasp when he runs his finger through your slit, and the moment you’ve opened your mouth, he slips his tongue inside, your hands quick to wrap around his neck. 
You moan into the kiss, his middle finger starting to rub circles against your clit as his tongue wrestles with yours aggressively, making it hard for you to breathe with the sudden pleasure of it all. Another loud moan escapes your lips when he inserts two digits inside you, his long fingers hitting your spot in an instant. 
“Koushi,” you gasp, the pace of his fingers moving in and out of you was still slow but it hit just the perfect spot so well that you become a whimpering mess, desperate for him to go faster. He looks at you as you fist the bedsheets, leaving your hole empty as he plays with your clit again. 
It was obvious that he took confidence on the magic his fingers did to you, and although the night was all about you he can’t help but palm himself through his shorts as you cry for his name, his thumb abusing your clit so much that you’re quivering underneath his touch. 
He groans before sinking down between your legs, his hand he used to palm himself with now holding your leg still while he used his elbow to restrain the other to keep your legs wide open for his feast, all the while fucking you senseless with his mere fingers. 
“Koushi- ah- I’m cumming,” you manage to say, and he speeds up the pace of his fingers, splotchy noises filling the room along with your moans. Your walls start to spasm and your nails now dug on the skin of his wrist, he knew you were really about to cum. 
He pulls his fingers out of you just a second before your release, “no!” You cry, tears blurring your vision. “Koushi, no,” you plead, but your cunt was clenching around nothing anymore as he brought his fingers inside his mouth to taste you. 
“Koushi,” you’re crying now, about to touch yourself but he stops you. 
“Be still,” he says, before sinking your underwear further downwards. “Koushi why, you- you said you were going to take care of me,” you sob, and he coos at you from between your legs. 
Sugawara Koushi knew just how to take care of you, he’ll redeem himself of your rejected orgasm later on when he pounds mercilessly inside of you and gives you what you deserve. 
He may have seemed sadistic to you, he knew that, but what he also knew was that he was going to make this the best night of your life after days of tiring workloads, so your crying now would all be worth it in the end, he’ll make sure of it. 
He lifts your leg up over his shoulder before he kisses your cunt open-mouthedly, your clit twitching against the inside of his lips and your toes curl. You were up for the real deal though the moment he started using his tongue, pressing the wet muscle flat against your hole before running it all the way up your clit. 
You whimper as you grip on his hair, your legs fighting to tightly wrap themselves around his head but he has them remained wide open, his tongue mercilessly flicking your clit over and over again and applying more pressure every second. 
He sucks on every inch of your folds, collecting your wetness at the tip of his tongue before swallowing them. An especially loud moan fills his ears the moment he slides his tongue inside of you, so he continues to thrust his tongue in and out, occasionally lapping on your folds before inserting his tongue inside all over again. 
The knot on your stomach grew tighter as he draws his thumb to rub your clit frantically, your walls clenching around his tongue and your ankles coming to lock around his waist. “I’m close, ah, Koushi, I’m close, it feels so good,” you moan, tightening your grip on his hair to the point that it hurt him. 
With one last flick on your clit and the curling of his tongue inside you, you finally get to cum, Suga making sure to prolong your orgasm for as long as he can by rubbing your clit harder while he sucked on your release that dirtied the sheets and the corners of his lips. 
Once he got you all cleaned up with his mouth, he lifts himself up and hovers over you, “good girl,” he smiles, before leaning in to kiss you. 
He groans into the kiss when you palm him, and just as you expected, he pulls away and holds your hand to stop you. “Isn’t it about time we took care of that, Koushi?” You smile up at him, and at the sound of your worn out voice from all the moaning and sobbing, his cock twitches. 
He couldn’t even stop himself as he grinds himself against your thigh, resting his forehead against yours. “Fill me up with that pretty cock of yours, Koushi,” you whisper, and you don’t have to say anything more before he pushes your legs wide open once more. 
“Of course, I’ll take care of you until the sun comes up.”  
Thank the heavens it was the weekend after that. 
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