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‘Tetra’ by Inclume Studio,

Tetra is aninnovative project but with an eye to sustainability. 

Tetra acts partly as a shelter, but it is also a relaxing platform that when thrown into the water creates a sense of escape. Anyone can sit back and relax while lightly transported by the water. 

You can also use the oars, which can be used to change direction and move the raft if necessary.

The wooden deck consists of recycled pallets that have been crushed, cut to size and attached to a wooden frame created by a local carpenter. 

The canopy frame and internal structure make use of unwanted garden bamboo canes, while the core substructure is made of wire woven with recycled paper.

The oars were recovered from a local nautical club that was about to throw them out, in fact, they had to refurbish them.

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pooja Shri Yantra

Lalita Maha Tripura Sundari

  • be granted deep wisdoms
  • know the method to realize oneself & the whole-self
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Here’s a quick video showing the process I use. #drawingprocess #timelapsetuesday #artvideo #instagood #instaart #handmade #viralvideos #alvindrafting #makeart #creativeoutlet #artstudent #mcescher #trending #geometry #artschool #drawing #forfun #reutersvärd #albrechtdürer #vasarely #isolationcreation #isolation #quarantine (at Galveston Island)

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