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Heather!!! Oh my dear fellow ‘bertan, this warmed my heart ❤️ even though we’ve only known each other a bit, you’ve definitely got me nailed pretty well! You are so kind and welcoming and are always looking out for others and taking care of people too, thank you for being such a good and kind and talented friend!


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OMG I MADE FRIENDS WIH THE MOCAL BARTENDERS and they like me so thTs whTs important okay and they gave me lotsa free drinks im not even legal this is great bye

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Things I will never accept: 

“No, s/he’s/they’re an asshole” or “Because s/he’s/they’re an asshole" 

as reasoning unless you give me specific reasoning beyond that.

Doesn’t work for me, sorry.

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omg I’m getting so many prompts now and it’s AMAZING. 

Thank you wonderful people sending me prompts ;w; I will work on them as quickly as possible!

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Today has been largely disappointing and that really sucks…

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Heather: “I think I speak for everyone when I say that no. We don’t want them to join.”

Steve: “We never said that, Heather.”

Little bonus drawing

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post-canon, angst ahoy

She gets her driver’s licence on Saturday.

On Sunday morning, she takes her first drive alone, and it’s to the last place she should go.

The roads are empty, the rest of Sherwood sensibly asleep in their beds. Last night was another sleepless one, bolting up in her bed with her hands clamped over her mouth and her whole body trembling violently, not stopping until she had paced the length and breadth of her bedroom about fifty times. She was wide awake by that point, too shaken by her nightmares to even try to go back to sleep. She sat against the window, head against the wall, watching her breath fogging up the glass, obscuring the perfect picture on the other side.

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Seeing the “TD fandom lore” is so wild to me because 7 years ago I’d go into the tag to talk about mundane things, like how I thought DaSky was gonna be the main couple of TDPI and also hoping to see others headcanon that Jasmine was gay and I got hit with SO much drama that my 13yo self wasn’t expecting and this just happened SUPER daily. Like the tag was so active. And I’d just scroll through it like “hee hee isn’t it ironic a fandom about total drama would have so much drama?” while trying to find Jasmine x Ella art, just casually scrolling some intense shit

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1. An actual exploration into the aftermath of all the shit that went down with Cassidy. 
- Dick Casablancas’ trauma & guilty conscience. He’s a piece of garbage but had so much fucking potential and I’m never gonna get over how the writers fucked up his entire life and then spend ten minutes max exploring him in the aftermath.
- Mac’s trauma & intimacy issues. I’m never gonna forgive them for deleting those scenes in 3.04 with Wallace realizing Mac is uncomfortable around guys she doesn’t know and even him when he puts his arm around her. Release that footage cowards. Ily Mac you deserved so much more.
- Not writing Gia out and actually exploring her trauma. God she could have been so interesting… I’ve written some stuff about it but I feel like she would actually feel bad for Cassidy, like… while Dick feels guilty that he didn’t notice Cassidy was being abused, Gia would probably feel guilty that she didn’t notice her dad was abusing all these boys… and she had a little brother, so god knows what her dad did to him.
- Logan’s guilt regarding Cassidy’s suicide is something that wasn’t even touched on?? Like he was there when it happened and literally couldn’t answer when Cassidy asked him why he shouldn’t jump…you can’t tell me that didn’t fuck up this already fucked-up kid.

2. Not forcing Piz and Veronica together
- this one is self-explanatory but. Logan and Veronica were so endgame. I get Piz’s puppy-dog crush on V, but to actually have them end up together??? Logan did not save Veronica’s life time and time again for this kind of treatment.

3. Not killing off Kendall
- No one else probably cares about this one but I am a Kendall stan. she’s got that Julie Cooper energy and I would give my life for Julie Cooper. Let Kendall skip town with her eight million dollars and live it UP.
- (Or stay in town, get a divorce and actually be kind of a good stepmom to Dick? This is just because I wrote that one fic but Mom Kendall is now near and dear to my heart. not to plug my own shit but fic link here)

4. Appreciating Parker Lee
- I fuckign love her
- sunshine girl… i miss her so much

5. Parker and Mac as girlfriends
- I forgot I shipped this until two seconds ago but omg it’s valid
- I just think they’re neat

6. Not just entirely writing out Duncan Kane
- Unpopular opinion I actually really like Duncan?? He’s doing his best.
- I would like to order one (1) interaction between him and Logan regarding the hit on Aaron Echolls. 
- They were best friends in S1 and I deserve more!!

7. More Logan & Heather!!!
- Ok 3.13 has all my rights but Logan promised Heather they would play Mariokart together once a week and I would like to see that please!!

8. Everyone just hanging out and having fun??
- They’re college kids! let them hang out and be happy!
- Especially during that last stretch when Veronica wasn’t actually solving any major mysteries??
- Just like… Wallace and Logan and Dick and Mac and Parker hanging out… their overall dynamic is something we deserved.
- Just playing video games in Logan’s suite… idk just hanging out!!! having fun!!!
- This is entirely based on this fic it’s maybe my favorite VM fic… ever? go read it omg.

9. I don’t remember very much about S3 Weevil and I think that means more Weevil scenes/plotlines are required
- Finally let Logan and Weevil resolve their shit
- I just think canon bisexual Weevil would be neat

10. Dick actually fucking apologizing for leaving Veronica passed out in a room with Cassidy & telling Cassidy to rape her
- I would feel much less guilty about enjoying the character so much if he apologized for the worst fucking thing he ever did
- i know they changed his character around because Ryan Hansen was so likeable but if they could’ve actually addressed his Biggest Fucking Flaw in the process, that would’ve been dope

Anyway I’ve revoked all of season three’s rights. Wish I wasn’t two years old when it aired so they could hire me to write a better, gayer version. Thanks for nothing Rob Thomas

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(I prefer writing hc’s, but if you want a longer story specify pls!!!)


a few fandoms i’ll write for (message me if you want on another):


-monster prom


-xoxo droplets

-mystic messenger


-Blush Blush

-Crush Crush

-You and Me and Her



-clue (1985)

-the cabin in the woods

TV Shows

-stranger things

-the office

-parks and rec

-adventure time


-inso’s law / my life as an internet novel

-kiss him, not me!

Twitch Streamers/ Youtubers


-Kurtis Conner

-Danny Gonzales

-Buzzfeed Unsolved


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Fandom List

I wanna write some more in my free time and I don’t yall to be stuck with me just writing Lanskiano so here’s all the shows/movies I’ve watched/I am currently watching watching.

I will write for any of these shows or movies. They can be ships or character x reader. Requests are open at all times, just make sure when you send one in that you identify what genre and pairing you want!!

TV Shows

- American Horror Story

- Boardwalk Empire

- Chicago P.D.

- Cobra Kai

- Criminal Minds

- Friends

- Hannibal

- Law and Order: SVU

- Lost

- Miami Vice

- Mr. Robot

- Stranger Things

- Supernatural

- The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

- The Walking Dead

- White Collar

- 11.22.63

- 21 Jumpstreet


- A Nightmare on Elm Street

- Back to the Future

- Grease 

- Grosse Pointe Blank

- Fight Club

- Halloween

- Heathers

- Interview with the Vampire

- Karate Kid

- Less Than Zero

- Magic Mike (yes, really lmao)

- Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

- Pretty in Pink

- Risky Business

- Roadhouse

- Scream

- Shutter Island

- Sixteen Candles

- Star Trek

- The Boys in the Band

- The Breakfast Club

- The Craft

- The Normal Heart

- The Outsiders

- The Shining

- The Wolf of Wall Street

- Top Gun

- True Romance

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