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#jung jaehyun

facetime sex with| j.jaehyun

warnings: vulgar language, sex toys, and fucktons of cum. read at you own risk! (please wash your vibes)

the relationship you had with jaehyun was perfect, after only two years you both knew each other like the back of your hands. jaehyun was a gentle giant, he liked holding you and having you in his presence as often as he could. with the current tour going on, that wasn’t necessarily as much as he would like.

you had been apart for a month now, it’s been times where you both went three, but for some reason this one was the hardest. if you had to be honest, it definitely was because you didn’t have sex the night before he left. it had become a tradition that you both shared, but because of final exams you were stuck in a test room instead of having jaehyun fuck the shit out of you.

“hey, babe.” jaehyun smiles into the camera, his hair messy and face exhausted. he wanted to call you when it was daytime in korea, but you refused and said you’ll stay up an extra two hours and wait for his call.

“you look really tired.” you worried, running your thumb over the screen where his cheek was, seeing jaehyun like this was something you never wanted to get used to.

“i’m fine, just a rough night. at least today is a free day, so we can talk all day.” his voice was light as he flopped back on to the bed. he held the phone out with his arm, letting you see he wasn’t as clothed as you initially thought.

“i brought you something before i left.” jaehyun mumbled when you fell silent, he smiled into the camera. you loved surprises.

“really, where.” you propped your phone up on the desk, knowing that jaehyun could see the whole room from that spot.

“it’s in my sock drawer.”

“why is it in your sock drawer?”

“because that’s the one place you refuse to open.” you frowned at him teasingly, walking over to the drawer and sliding it open. you had to shuffle things around for a moment before you found what jaehyun had left.

“oh?” you questioned, rotating the object in your hands for a moment. jaehyun watched you, waiting for the pieces to click together.

it was slick and baby pink, one part thinner than the other , you even noticed a little circle on it.

“it’s for suction.” jaehyun commented when he saw you fit your pinky into the hole.

“you got me a vibrator?” you whisper yelled, tripping your way back to the desk. jaehyun watched as you aggressively pulled the chair out before sitting in it.

“it’s only because we can both enjoy it.” he explained, propping his phone against a pillow and sitting back. you could see that jaehyun was already hard in his sweats, probably from the thought of you using the toy.

“is this why you insisted you called today?” you ask, scooting the chair from the desk a little so that he could see your lower half.

“yes, but also because i really fucking miss you, and your mouth, and especially your pussy.” you could feel a flood of arousal flow from your entrance when jaehyun dropped his voice a few octaves.

you felt pinned to your place by his gaze, watching in stunned silence as he palmed himself. jaehyun was teasing you, letting you imagine what he was gonna do next.

“that’s my hoodie, huh?” you shook your head, voice suddenly unable to make a sound.

“how about you lift it up for me, show daddy what’s underneath.” you did just that, pulling the oversized hoodie just over your belly button. jaehyun groaned when your panties were on full display, they were the ones he got you from france; delicate lace with silky roses on the band.

“you wet for me, princess? i’ll have to buy you another pair, because those are fucking ruined.” jaehyun chuckles when he saw the blush on your face, enjoying how innocent you looked.

“i want you to pick up the toy.” jaehyun instructed, watching as you followed it hurriedly. you looked back up at him, waiting for what was to come next.

“turn it on for me princess, the button is right by your finger.” you tilted the toy until you could see the button, pressing it and softly gasping when the light buzzing reached your ears.

“take you panties off, run it over your drenched little hole.” you did just that, sliding the lacy material off your body. you spread your legs for jaehyun to see, letting the toy glide over your folds. you used one of your sweater paws to muffle your moans, the sound not reaching jaehyun.

“i wanna hear you, darling. i wanna hear every little sound you make.” when your eyes fell back on him, his sweats were around his thighs and thick cock in hand. you watched him stroke himself with hungry eyes, wishing you could feel the weight of him on your tongue.

“now, i want you to slide it inside of yourself, flip the little switch when you do.” jaehyun had precum leaking down his hand, his eyes focused on you.

you did just what he said, sliding the toy into your heat, flipping the small switch next to the button when it was fully inside of you.

“fuck, jaehyun.” you moaned, the suction on your clit sent blazing electricity through your body. you arched against the desk chair, fucking softly on to the toy.

“mmm, does that feel good baby?” jaehyun groaned, his head falling back against the headboard with a soft thud.

“yes daddy, so fucking good.” you mewled, fucking the toy into yourself. you were sure you wouldn’t last much longer, your sexual frustration revealing itself.

“you gonna fucking cum for daddy?” jaehyun cooed, leaning forward so that you could see him better, knowing that’s the only way you would cum.

“yes, daddy.” you mewled, clenching your thighs around the toy, the coil in the pit of your stomach becoming a searing pleasure.

“me too, princess. fuck you’re gonna make daddy cum without even touching you.” jaehyun’s hand sped up, his cock twitching in his hand from the delicious friction.

“daddy, fuck fuck fuck!” you squealed, your head falling back in pure pleasure.

“you have to ask me first princess, one month apart and you’re starting to get greedy.” jaehyun chuckled breathlessly, biting his lip when he felt his orgasm coming.

“please let me cum, please daddy, fuck! jaehyun i miss you so much.” you begged, your body fucking down onto the toy aimlessly.

“cum for daddy, princess.” jaehyun groaned, throwing his head back. thick white spurts of cum flooding over his abdomen and onto the sheets, jaehyun shook with every aftershock and it seemed to never end.

when you cum you nearly scream, letting out a high pitched whine as you clenched around the toy, the essence of your orgasm coating the vibrator in a creamy heaven.

jaehyun was the first to speak after a long silence, both of you trying to regain your composure and steady your breathing.

“fuck.” he huffed, his voice deeper and breathy.

“fuck.” you repeated, clicking the toy off and looking at the now tacky chair.

“i miss you, i miss us. i know this is hard on you, but i promise i’ll make it up to you.” jaehyun was looking at you now, seemingly ignoring the mess he had made.

“i miss you too.” you smiled at him, shivering slightly from a late aftershock.

“i have to go clean this up… we can talk later, we could take a nap together.” jaehyun suggested, carefully trying to grab the phone without soiling the sheets further.

“call back in an hour?” you asked, looking for something nearby you could wipe yourself with.

“in an hour.” jaehyun confirmed, doing the same as you were.

“okay, love you.”

jaehyun pressed a kiss to the camera before replying with a drawn out.

“love you more!”

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| serenity in us | j.jh | masterlist


main masterlist

serenity in us 🥂 (ongoing)

“serenity is found somewhere between the sky and the sand.” the quote was referring to the horizon; maybe something beyond it could finally bring you the peace you needed. so the universe made you cross paths with a young man called jaehyun. the encounter? you both figured that life became.. so much better.

*posts whenever available/if i remember hehe*

[ last chapter update: 2020 ]

chapters: tbc

series’ tags: serenity in us jjh asks // serenity in us character asks

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pairing | jung jaehyun × reader, street racer!au, soulmates!au

genre | slow fluff, angst, smut

synopsis | in a world where soulmates exists, your chance encounter with cyan, the old lady in your neighborhood and her book of colors brings you to an alternate universe (after choosing the color, teal) where you meet your soulmate and only then will you see the first shade of color in your life.

warning | two words, tattooed jaehyun, period. copious amount of sex, car sex (it’s a racer!au, you think i wouldn’t add one in?), fingering, cunnilingus, multiple orgasms, blowjob, idk man, i might make it filthier depending on what mood i’m writing this in, 100% character death.

ruth says | this is part of the collaboration based on a prompt, organised by the beautiful @neo-cult-ure — she was nice enough to listen to my woes about my exam schedule that got postponed because of the virus and understand my situation. thank you, ily for that. also, someone help me convert this huge story i have in my head into words?

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Taeyong: I am not drunk you’re drunk.

Johnny: Taeyong, lets go to bed.

Taeyong: But I want mozzerella sticks.

Johnny: You just ate twenty.

Taeyong: I want moooore.

Johnny: *picks taeyong up and carries him to bed*

Taeyong: You’re lucky I’m loyal to the US government.

Johnny: What?

Taeyong: Make love to me.

Johnny: I’ll get Yuta.

Taeyong: No Yuta cries after sex. So does Jaehyun and Taemin. Not Ten though. Baekhyun whimpers though. Even when he tops.

Johnny: Hmm interesting…. Who cries the most?

Taeyong: Yuta, but Jaehyun can’t cum unless he says I love you.

Johnny: Tell me more.

Taeyong: Later, I changed my mind. Hey Yuta, come fuck me you little emo boy.

Johnny: I have to be responsible with this information.

*five minutes later*

Johnny: Jaehyun, I love you.

Jaehyun: I love you too.

Johnny: I bet you do, you nasty

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hellooo may i ask a love compability with jaehyun? I’m cancer sun and mars, taurus rising, moon capricorn, mercury gemini and venus leo. Thank you🥰



Originally posted by jaehyunz

VENUSES IN OPPOSITION, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to recognize the beauty and charm of eacj other, EVEN if you had any type of problem this aspect will give you the ease of solving it since you will always prioritize the charm that your partner has, therefore the relationship could be STABLE. So far everything seems nice, righ? Well … not everything will be a fairy tale … there is an INTENSE sexual energy in your relationship and this can make you somewhat aggressive at the time of having action, my dear, you will probably end up in the hospital after a rough sex session … leaving the sexual side, it seems our dear Jaehyun will adopt in some cases a somewhat critical attitude towards you, he will probably criticize you a lot and you as a consequence will enter into a state of frustration… “how someone who is with me and is supposed to support me can also be my biggest critic”… obviously you would try to discuss this with him and he…well he would think that you are pretty “sensitive” (and it’s because he is too insensitive #sorrynotsorry) in this case you would only have accept each other , it is easy to read it but hard to do .. in other aspects you LOVE talking about art and this is probably your STRONGEST compatibility point, you have a strong romantic attraction and This could help you to overcome the other problems… TO END: * in the hypothetical case * you should avoid trying to think that in your relationship ONE is smarter than the other, more feeling of equality in it would be great, but the beauty of this is you will love spending time together having your point of pleasure and comfort. I HOPE YOU LIKE IT <3 take good care of yourself and wash your hands <333


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summer is over, and so are we. [2] ↠ jung jaehyun


jaehyun x reader x doyoung
genre: angst, fluff
word count: 3,343

summary: He introduced you to a warm summer you thought you would never have to leave. Yet, here you are, in the middle of a ruthless winter which’s ending seems to be nowhere in sight.

a/n; totally forgot to ever post the part 2 for this…i was going through my google docs and i found this and the part 3 so im just gonna post it now LOL it’s old so my writing is kind of funky but i tried to fix as much as i could without rewriting the whole thing smh 


“Are you going to go on another date with Doyoung?” You could feel Johnny shift his gaze from his phone screen over to you. 

“You already know the answer to that.” You sounded disinterested as you continued to scroll down the current page you had opened on your laptop. 

“Let me rephrase. Go on another date with Doyoung.” You sighed and turned your body towards him on the couch, “Johnny, sometimes just understand things, alright?” 

“You make me really sad, y/n. It’s been a year, when will you allow yourself to move the fuck on?… Jaehyun has.” He mumbled the last part to himself, hoping it would fall on deaf ears. But of course it didn’t. 

Your shoulders stiffened up, “Jaehyun’s dating someone?” 

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you wake up from your drunken slumber due to your cat pawing at your arm.

“saf. stop it, shh.” you whisper yell at your needy kitty as you stand up.

because it was dark, you struggled to dodge your friend’s limbs when you accidentally stepped on ten’s arm.

“ow.” he drunkly said.

you gasped, “shh go back to sleep. go back to sleep, ten.” you said as you pat his head.

slowly but surely, you made it outside to your balcony and closed the door because there was a sight chill. you took a breath in and let it out, your breath shown through the cold breeze.

“y/n?” the voice asked.

you turned around, making eye contact with jaehyun.

“yeah jung?” you hazily reply.

“are you okay?” he asks.

“just a little buzzed and drowsy. how about you?” you ask while rubbing your arms because of the chill.

“fine. why are you awake?” he questions.

“my cat woke me up. wait why are you awake?” you answer and question.

“doyoung was hugging me in his sleep. i’m a lady lover, just so you know.” he replied with a smirk.

“yeah yeah. whatever you say, jung.” you say.

he starts to move around and takes off his jacket wrapping it around your figure.

jaehyun began, “it’s cold and you wouldn’t want to be catching a cold a month before your championship meet.”

flustered, you started, “yeah. thanks.” avoiding eye contact.

“hey y/n. i really am sorry and i’m willing to share the funds if you accept my apology.” he stated.

you stared at him before reaching a hand out to him. “deal.” you said, shaking his hand.

“we should probably go back to sleep. it’s two am and we have school tomorrow.” he began again.

“yeah. goodnight.” you said as you started to walk towards where lucas is.

“hey where are you going? aren’t you gonna sleep in your room?” he asked.

“can’t. mark and jaemin are in there and let’s just say, mark is a snuggler.” you answer.

“why don’t you sleep over here, there’s more room than next to lucas.” he started.

“uh sure.” you say as you begin to walk towards him again.

you soon lay down next to jaehyun, feeling his body heat next to yours. but slowly you drift off into a deep slumber because of wild of a night you had.


the next time you woke up, you were in your room. after stretching for a bit, you walked out of your room. walking towards the living room, you were met by eleven heads turned towards you, followed by an angry yuta.

“yuta? what are you doing here?” you ask your brother.

“y/n. what in your right mind makes you think it’s okay to get drunk, two nights. TWO NIGHTS. in a row?!” he started.

“and you guys,” he said while turning towards everyone else, “how could you let her do this?!”

“yuta! listen, y/n needed this. especially since swim has our next competition in two weeks. you know that, yuta.” joy asserts.

“and plus, we actually had so much fun yesterday and plus, we’re going to go see the cherry blossoms today! you should come! you’re already here anyways.” joy also adds with a joyful expression.

“uhh sure?” yuta asks.

“great! we’re going out at one pm. y/n get cleaned up! everybody get ready!” joy screams while abruptly standing up.

“oh also, haechan is waiting in the car for me. we were just going to chill in the seoul area.” yuta adds.

“and you left him there? my child-“ johnny says while hurriedly putting his shoes on.


mouth breathers (9/?)

  • summary: y/n and jae get a little alone time and talk about their differences. yuta comes to find his little sister’s house trashed with alcohol and people. he later scolds them for their trouble but joy interrupts him and they all go to see the sakura trees. but y/n and lucas go missing! is y/cas becoming a thing?
  • pairing: jaehyun x reader

tag list:



















a/n: extremely rushed but i tried hehe. please enjoy and stay healthy!🥰

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mouth breathers masterlist

overall masterlist

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Request: Nope, just me in my softest feels ♥♥♥

Word count: About 900

Warnings: None; female POV

Song inspo:

When Can I See You Again // Owl City

A/n: The title is cheesy a i know, I couldn’t think of anything else lmao. Just something short and sweet I was daydreaming about. This is definitely easier to daydream about than it is to write but I hope you guys enjoy and yeah I thought it came out cute! Stay home, stay safe, and much love ♥♥♥


Originally posted by letitgobrien-blog1

**I take no credit for this gif, credit given ^^^ right there!!**

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Welcome to the NCT Discord RP server!

Do you enjoy NCT? Have you ever wanted to write as your favorite member outside of tumblr with a group? Look no further! The point of this server is to bring fellow NCT fans (new and established), to write, have fun developing our characters and make new along the way.

The group will naturally be held in a canon setting as they go through their day-to-day lives as idols, while also trying to navigate a polyamorous relationship and keeping it out of the public eye.

Full details of the roleplay are located on our blog. We hope you check us out!

Open Members: Jaehyun, Yuta, Jungwoo, Haechan, Taeil, Kun, Lucas, Hendery, Xiaojun, YangYang, Lee Jeno, Renjun, Jaemin

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Johnny: Tell him, tell him you know we were borrowing the car.

Jaehyun: You saw us drive off.

Doyoung: Take them away officer. Check they’re pockets while you’re at it.

Johnny: It’s completely legal in this state.

Doyoung: See children this is what happens when you betray and anger me. Not you Jeno but Haechan watch your back.

Haechan: *mumbles* You better watch your back.

Doyoung: What did you say?

Haechan: You heard me! You will pay for getting my dad arrested!

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