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I will not vanish | One
Tumblr media
I will not vanish [MASTERLIST] is a companion series/backstory to the ‘soulmates collection’ [doyoung]
demon/gryffindor haechan x slytherin fem reader
genre: fantasy, university setting of hogwarts with different magic, romance, angst, smut
warnings: +18, strong language, mention of murder, explicit sexual content [fingering, handjob], virgin reader, sexual tension
other characters: gryffindor prefect/demon jeno, slytherin prefect doyoung, ravenclaw prefect selene (oc), hufflepuff prefect jaemin, archangel mark
words: 19.1k
note: the terminology used [demon, angel, archangel] has no correlation to the usual religious connotations
Tumblr media
Haechan was not born. 
But he had a beginning and he could perfectly remember the instance he opened his eyes.
“Welcome to the Academy.”
Haechan was standing still. He moved a finger, then the whole hand. Finally, he looked at his proximity and saw a pair of eyes. He didn't know what the Academy was, who talked and where they were exactly, but he knew what eyes were. He thought he was looking at himself at first but then the eyes blinked faster than he felt his own eyes blink. So he knew. It wasn't him. 
It was another.
Then he looked around and he saw another. And another. All standing tall, slowly moving as if suddenly awakened from a dream. 
Another sound. Haechan looked at the first pair of eyes again, noticing a mouth too. 
“Mark,” he heard his own voice say. That word was written on the other’s neck and Haechan was surprised to understand it. 
Then he thought about the word that the other said. Donghyuck.
Haechan touched his own neck and felt those letters drawn in silver. The sound wasn’t his favourite. Who gave him this name? Could he choose his own sound?
Haechan learned many things at the Academy. 
For instance, he knew why he woke up into consciousness - an angel, a soldier.
He learned that soldiers existed to protect or fight. 
To protect who? Humans. 
These little beings, scattered all across universes. Some lived longer. Some lived less time. They were workers, born to keep the world intact. 
To fight who? Humans.
These little beings, scattered all across universes. They had no idea what their existence meant. Some universes, those near the centre, were more aware of it. Some, far away at the edges of the world, had no idea. But Haechan saw the way they'd look up to the sky and wonder, asking themselves what was the meaning of it all. He wanted to tell them. He desperately wanted to tell them. 
“Do you like your name?” Haechan asked the first pair of eyes he met after waking into consciousness. 
Mark was bent over his sword, his fingers slowly emitting fire to render it shiny. 
No one knew why they had to do that, but most of them were busy doing it. No master was around to teach. Everyone just knew. And all of them had the same instructions in their head. 
Why did Haechan have some faulty ones? 
“If I like my name?” he mumbled before looking up. “Is that allowed to think about?” 
Haechan felt a weird vibration inside his chest. Then he opened his mouth and laughed. It was a warm and trilly sound that reverberated in the big white palace. It was the first time someone did something like that and many turned their heads towards him. 
“Why wouldn’t it be allowed?” 
Mark hummed. “It sounds nice when you say it. So I guess I like it.” 
“I don’t like mine though."
If there’s a thing Haechan has respected about Mark, is the fact that he never called him Donghyuck ever since. Even when Haechan first got in trouble. Even when he had to stay in a white cell for weeks for not following the basic instructions someone gave to their brains. Even when he'd eventually run away because of an incident. Even when Mark would have been the one entrusted with the task to catch him. 
It was Fate for Haechan to have that name, yet he went against it. And Mark didn’t find it troublesome. 
“Then why can’t you accept the fact that if I can choose the way I name myself, then those people can choose whoever they want to love?” 
Haechan was talking about those poor humans. They were doing what they were supposed to do. Love. Choosing another human and loving them. 
“Are you really willing to vanish for this weird idea you have got inside your head?” Mark whispered during class. There was no teacher there. Just them, quietly working on their shape-shifting. “Our task is beautiful. Making soulmates meet. Why do you hate it so much?”
“They didn’t choose that. Besides, I am not going to vanish. Who’s going to make my soul disappear? Fate? Where is it?"
“We were made. We can be unmade.” 
“Okay then. I’d rather not exist if existence is not mine to rule.” 
“Stay out of trouble, Haechan. I don’t want to lose you. ” 
Those words stung Haechan's heart. He didn't want to lose Mark either. But he was about to lose himself if he stayed inside that Academy any longer. 
“I’m going to be an Archangel,” Mark murmured once, hands resting under his head and eyes wide open to drink in the stars. The tall grass that engulfed them swung ever so slightly. “What about you?” 
Haechan sighed. “Probably everything opposite that. I don’t know what it’s called though.” 
Haechan has learned he has been called like that in the City after his departure. It wasn’t bad. It rolled on the tongue relatively easily. He had no idea what it meant but he was glad he had his own category now. 
Haechan sighed at the platform he landed on. With the corner of his eyes, while trying to adjust his loose tie, he noticed children slamming themselves into a wall and for a moment he had to blink hard and understand what kind of Universe he got himself into. 
“Sorry, madam,” he addressed the woman who let her own children butt heads in the walls.  
“Oh, I think you’re too old for Hogwarts, young man. I think you’re meant to go to University. That’s not on the other side. It’s here,” she explained after Haechan asked where the fuck he was supposed to go. His travel book - or better, the huge tome Doyoung gave him as instructions to find him with - only said magic school and that was the closest thing he could find. The letters Doyoung inscribed on the cover of it in the darkness of that cell felt rough under Haechan’s fingers as he walked around. 
“Doyoung, where the fuck are you,” Haechan mumbled to himself, walking the stairs of the huge castle in the middle of the University Campus. Everyone was wearing the uniform he bought though, so he at least didn’t have anxiety about being in the wrong place. Human feelings were so debilitating and the fact that he had to take them up in each different life made him mad. He was a Demon for fuck’s sake. He wasn’t about to let himself cry at each puppy he saw on the street.
Selene wasn’t his type but objectively looking, Haechan could understand why Doyoung decided to go through shit and arrive in literal Hell to ask him to couple them up. 
He hummed, deep in thought, looking at the young girl typing away on her computer from behind a pillar while making mental plans. Honestly, he had never thought of how he’d approach the issue of getting Doyoung and Selene to be together in all of their lives. His motto was bullshitting and somehow being lucky. He has also never thought for how long exactly this was going to go but freedom inebriated him too much for him to care about consequences. 
Lost in his demonic good thoughts, Haechan jolted at the sudden foot hitting his ankle. 
"If you don't stop being so fucking creepy to women I'll make you stop with my own hands."
"Ouch! Are you fucking insane?" he turned around, knee bent to be able to soothe the bruise with his hands. 
You were standing behind him, looking at him with furrowed eyebrows and dangerous arms crossed on your chest.
"Are you new here?" you lifted your chin. 
Haechan put his leg down and huffed, moving a strand of hair from his eyes. 
"Yeah. This is how you welcome newcomers?"
"This is how we welcome weirdos. Why do you keep lurking here and staring at Ravenclaw's Prefect?" 
"She's a Prefect?" Haechan sounded genuinely surprised for a moment but then he shrugged. "With her bad attitude of course she'd want a position of power."
He then tried to step to the side and go but you stopped him in his tracks.
"Do you know each other?" 
"Why are you all up in my business?" he asked back.
"You're creepily standing behind a pillar and secretly staring at a girl. Of course, I'll be up in your business."
Haechan looked at you under half-closed lids and you stared back, unimpressed. 
"My friend is interested in her and I was thinking of helping him out," he explained frankly. 
Haechan fought the urge to roll his eyes. 
"A dude named Doyoung. Now, can I go?"
Your eyes widened. "Kim Doyoung is interested in Selene?" 
Half of the study room turned their heads towards you both at the volume of your voice and Haechan swiftly put one hand on your nape and the other on your mouth in a mortal clasp. 
"That's not something the whole campus needs to know, now, what do you think?" 
His whisper was so close that you smelled the sweet chewing gum on his tongue. 
You looked up at him with wide eyes, blinking fast as if apologizing. He let you go a moment after, cleaning his hand of the steam of your breath on his pants. 
"Do you know Doyoung?" he asked. He had to find him as soon as possible. 
You adjusted your hair with disdain, showing Haechan how you didn't like him touching you either. 
"If I know Doyoung? Who doesn't know him? He's the Prefect of my house. Not to boast, but we sit together in the study room. Although he never spoke to me, I know he respects me as a fellow Slytherin and because I’m smart.”
Haechan lifted one eyebrow and quickly glanced at you from top to bottom as if he was hearing a bunch of bullshit.
“What about him and Selene?”
“Selene and Doyoung hate each other's guts."
Haechan let out an exhausted sigh and closed his eyes for a moment. 
"Why would they hate each other?" he mumbled more to himself than to you while grabbing his backpack off the floor. “Fucking idiots making my job harder," he continued. 
"Well, now if you say Doyoung is interested in her, I guess he doesn't actually hate her."
Haechan started to walk towards where the campus map said the dormitories would be. 
"Or, what if he hates her and manipulates you into thinking he likes her but he just wants to gather info on her through you which he can later use to hurt her,” you hit your palm with one fist. 
Haechan furrowed his eyebrows at your sudden energetic tone. 
"What's up with the conspiracy theories?" 
"Doyoung is a respectable Slytherin. He would do that."
“That’s pretty fucked up. Is that what you would do?”
You crossed your arms on your chest while still walking. “Maybe. Anyway, it’s weird how you said he asked you to help their relationship, yet you have no clue about anything at all. Aren’t you friends? No wonder you’re in Gryffindor.”
Haechan stopped in his tracks with a chuckle but when he turned around you noticed he didn’t laugh because he found you funny. You stared at the tip of his tongue inside his cheek before he opened his lips to talk. 
“And what do you mean by that?”
“So you also need me to explain a basic joke?”
His eyelids dropped and his voice got too melodious for your liking. “I just want to hear you say it.” 
You inhaled and tried to talk:You’re dumb. But no sound came out of your mouth. You furrowed your eyebrows. You tried again. 
“What?” Haechan cupped his ear with one hand. “I’m not sure I can hear you.” 
The voice that was supposed to come out of your throat was nowhere and the angry frown you made with your face amused Haechan way too much. 
He swept an imaginary tear from the corner of his eye and taking the few steps separating you he whispered. “If you’re so smart yourself, try to free your dirty little mouth on your own now.”
Gryffindor rooms were about as Haechan imagined them: a bit stinky, lowkey messy, full of hidden alcohol, filled with screaming and passionate people who looked like having an astrological chart only made of fire signs. Basically a frat house. 
“I had no idea we would have new students,” Jeno Lee said. He was a tall and elegant young man, standing in the middle of the common room with hands behind his back and inquisitorial dark eyes. A small tag on his chest said: Prefect. 
Haechan had to pretend to be a little intimidated. 
“I guess you’re not on top of all the news a good Prefect is supposed to be,” it slipped. He didn’t want to pick unnecessary fights but he felt exhausted in the human world. Haechan had no idea how everyone was surviving there for more than 10 minutes at a time.
Jeno’s face didn’t budge at all but he took a few steps until being as close as almost kissing. 
Haechan suppressed the urge to smile. Homoerotic situations weren’t in his plan but he wasn’t about to complain. 
“It’s not a good idea to make me your enemy,” Jeno whispered. His jaw was sharp as angels’ swords and Haechan counted how many moles he had on his face before replying. 
“I’m not trying to. I apologize,” Haechan faked humbleness. With a little smile, he brought up a hand to give the Prefect a friendly pat on the cheek. 
But the moment he touched the other’s skin, mere milliseconds before Jeno could grab his wrist in an iron fist, they both widened their eyes. 
An Angel touch. It was made to recognize others of your own kind. 
“I be damned,” Haechan mumbled.
“You’re damned alright, Demon,” Jeno replied. Then he took a few steps back as if unable to be closer to Haechan anymore. “What are you doing here? How did you get here?” 
“What are you doing here?” Haechan looked at Jeno from head to toe. “Demon number 2?” he added with a little smile. 
Haechan heard about another Angel escaping the City a long time after his own departure, but he had no idea what that Angel looked like. 
Well, now he knew. And unfortunately the other knew how Haechan looked as well. 
An incoming sound of footsteps and chatter made them both turn their heads to the corridor.
Jeno tsked and grabbed Haechan by the arm, dragging him to his room.
“Do you know I can report you? Why are you roaming around so freely? You should be hiding,” he whispered after closing the door. 
Haechan adjusted his clothes and peacefully looked around. 
“I am hiding. Had no idea your ass would be around to see me. From all the Universes you could choose from.”
Jeno stared with crossed arms at the way the other grabbed a nick-nack from one shelf and played with it in his hands. 
“You know Mark is on the hunt right now, right? To catch you after you escaped that prison?” Jeno asked again. 
Haechan sat down on the bed, jumping on it a little as if to test it. “Yeah, I know he can’t live without me.” 
“This is not something to joke about. If they see me around with you they’d think we’re cooperating.” 
Haechan chuckled but when he lifted his gaze he didn’t look amused in the slightest. “Cooperating to do what exactly? Ruin the world by not wanting to force people together like some sort of Cupid?” 
Jeno didn’t reply. 
“Besides, I’m pretty sure you’re on the run as well. You think cutie righteous Archangel Mark will forgive you for your sins if you turn me in?” 
The glint in Haechan’s dark eyes made Jeno’s arm hair raise. They looked empty like abysses and Jeno had the impression he'd get teleported to hell just by staring too long. And when Haechan got up and slowly walked towards Jeno like a feline, the light around him suddenly disappearing in a way that didn’t feel mere magic, the latter finally understood why he received the title of the first Demon in existence. 
“I think,” Haechan said with a sweet lullaby voice, his fingers gently grabbing Jeno’s tie and feeling the material, “you’d better shut your fucking mouth about my whereabouts.” 
Jeno exposed his teeth in a pained smile at the sudden drop in temperature in his room. “I am not afraid of you-” he started but didn’t finish as Haechan pulled on the tie. Jeno had to grab the other man's wrist while choking.
“Oh, Jeno. Sweet Jeno. You’re so pure. The most righteous Angel I’ve ever seen after that fool of Mark."
Jeno patted Haechan's hand to let him go. He ignored him. 
"I don’t even know why they called you Demon in the first place. I remember in the City you were about to become General, weren’t you? I’ve heard your name before but had never seen your pretty face.” 
Jeno’s hands finally twisted Haechan’s arm and freed his own throat. Breathing quickly and red in the face, he tried to keep the other immobilized but Haechan’s body suddenly disappeared and materialized on the bed instead, slowly shining his nails on his pants. Jeno wasn’t sure if the other used that Universe’s magic or his own Demon skills. 
“You don’t know me,” Jeno replied with a rough voice.
“I know that you’ve been shamed for falling in love with a human and I’ve been kicked for what? Uh, sorry, let me think about it, I forgot,” Haechan faked thinking about it. “Oh, right. Murder,” he finished with a polite and creepy smile. 
Jeno remembered the day it happened. It was one of the worst days of his existence. Panic and shock washed all over everyone in the City. 
Did Haechan know how Mark’s face paled and his hands started to shake at the thought of what would happen afterwards? How Jeno had to wrap Mark’s body with his arms while he was wailing about how Haechan would soon die because of his actions? His best friend gone? How he was forced to hunt him down himself?
“You know, it’s such a shame two Demons have to fight, don’t you think?” Haechan asked with a fake worried expression. “I have a better idea. We should work together.” 
Jeno passed one hand through his bright white hair and stirred his neck. Then his gaze invited Haechan to continue. 
“You won’t tell Mark where I am and I will kindly do my best not to kill you.” 
“Hi, I don’t think we’ve been introduced before but I’ve heard many things.”
Doyoung stopped munching on his crunchy bar and looked up to see a smiley Haechan with his hand extended. The older one looked at his fingers first then back at his face. 
It was a nice sunny day and everyone was having lunch on the luscious grass. Haechan didn’t have to look for Doyoung long, he realized, as a bunch of people, girls and boys, were always somehow around him as if he were some kind of Fallen Angel himself. 
“Good or bad?” Doyoung asked with one raised eyebrow, ignoring the handshake. 
Haechan hummed and shook his own hand. “Just things.”
“You always need to be such an asshole, right?” a voice commented and Haechan turned his head to see Selene with the most disgusted face ever. 
Doyoung rolled his eyes with a smile. “Why are you so obsessed with me?” 
“Ignore him, please. I’m Selene, the Ravenclaw Prefect. Nice to meet you and welcome to our University.” 
Doyoung scoffed. “He came here with the attitude in the first place, you know?” 
Haechan smiled politely and shook her hand. “Thank you. I’m Haechan.” 
“Jeno is a great Prefect so you won’t need my help but please feel free to look for me if you need anything,” she told Haechan first. “And if someone comes at you with an attitude then I respect them,” she told Doyoung.
“Alright, we got it. Thank you for the ‘how to be a role model prefect’ lecture,” Doyoung got up and dusted his pants. 
“You know what, Kim? Must be difficult for your small mind to grasp, but not everything is about you,” she replied. 
Haechan made himself tiny and took a few small steps behind. Those people were crazy.
Doyoung chuckled once and crossed his arms on his chest. “You make every single second of your life about me, though. Must be hard to wake up every morning and the first person you can think of is me.”
“I don’t know,” a sudden whisper made Haechan jolt. You were sitting on the benches near the Campus entrance and looking at the bickering couple while absentmindedly munching on a carrot. “They look like they want to kill each other but also kiss each other. It’s very confusing.” 
Haechan stared at the way you took another crunchy bite. “Are you talking in my mind right now?” he sent you the mental whisper back. 
Your hand stopped in mid-air. 
“How can you do it back? It took me a whole day to master."
Haechan smiled. 
He frowned at the sound inside his brain. “I shut your mouth because I don’t want to hear your voice anymore. Not for you to develop new magic skills.”
“Well, that’s too bad bec-” but you exhaled instead of continuing. 
Haechan blocked your telepathic connection with him.
That motherfucker. 
“That’s right. Forgot to tell you that I can do that too,” his voice though was still crystal clear inside your head. 
You got up in a second and walked the distance separating you from him. 
Haechan patiently waited for you with a peaceful smile, arms clasped behind his back like an old man looking at a construction site.
You grabbed his hand and Haechan widened his eyes at the sudden touch before realizing you were magically writing on his palm. 
“Are you going to explain why you told me Doyoung is your friend, yet you tried to introduce yourself to him?” he read slowly from his palm then he locked eyes with you. 
His theory was right. Doyoung was a mere human in this Universe. A human who didn’t remember that in another time he travelled to the Underworld and asked a Demon to act like a cute Cupid for him and his lover. A lover that now he hated. 
Haechan’s lips stretched in a small smile. “Why are you always around me? Do you perhaps need help with that?” he didn't reply and indicated your mouth instead. 
You tapped his palm with an angry pout. Focus on the question! it meant. 
He sighed. “Ugh, fine. We were pretending to not know each other to attract Selene. Also, I don’t need to explain myself to you.” 
He tried to move sideways but you pulled him back by the hand. 
“Oh my God, stop or people are going to think you’re into me,” he giggled teasingly. You let his hand suddenly fall and looked around scandalized. 
“This magic you keep using on me is some dark stuff,” Haechan read the letters as they appeared on his skin firstly before locking eyes with you. “Shouldn’t you Slytherins be into dark stuff? You learned how to mind talk and write on skin and shit, yet you don’t know how to free yourself?” 
His eyes in that shade were like the obsidians you used to practice on during class. 
“None of the normal spells work to undo this. I’m very close to reporting you for it,” appeared on his forearm. Haechan pulled his shirt up to his elbow to be able to read it all. You briefly looked at the single vein running up on it, then away. 
“And why don’t you do it?” he smiled, unbothered. You lifted one eyebrow. 
The golden letters appeared on his other hand. “You free me, I don’t report you.” 
Haechan pretended to think about it. 
“Also, I think you and Doyoung need some real advice from a girl because by the looks of it you have no idea what you’re doing.”
When Hachan asked you to find a place on Campus where no one could see you, you were imagining he didn’t want people to find out he practices dark magic, not for him to place his hands on your shoulders and lean into a kiss against the cold Castle wall. 
“Ouch,” he mumbled, his closing eyes going back to being wide open after you hit him in the pecks to push him away.
Your face was asking him what the fuck he was trying to do. 
“This is the procedure to get your voice back,” he had the guts to explain. 
You tapped your temple with a grimace and Haechan wasn’t sure if you were calling him crazy or if you were asking him to let you back into his head so you could communicate. 
Perhaps both. 
“You’re out of your fucking mind!” you yelled into his brain when he finally let you in. Haechan winced and placed one hand to his ear as if he heard that in real life. 
“I’m not playing you,” he unfurrowed his eyebrows. “I swear.” 
“I don’t believe it.” 
Haechan scoffed and turned around as if to leave. “Okay, then, whatever.”
You grabbed his arm. 
“Fix this in a way that doesn’t involve us exchanging bodily fluids.” 
Haechan groaned. “Do you really have to describe it so disgustingly?” His hand slid into yours for a second as he turned back around. You let it go. 
“You did this knowing we’d have to kiss later!” 
“It’s just a kiss! It’s not a big deal. Have you not kissed random strangers at parties before? I swear my breath doesn’t stink.”
You stepped back and crossed your arms on your chest. 
Haechan analyzed your expression. “Okay, I gather you don’t kiss strangers. I’m going to be the first you kiss. It’s still not a big deal. It’s not like you haven’t kissed before.” 
The way you gulped and looked away, eyebrows furrowed and lower lip moulded in a secret pout made Haechan exhale in realization. 
Then he laughed out loud. 
“Now now, you know you can’t share such dangerous information with an evil person like me, can you?” he smiled teasingly, eyelids dropped in a cunning expression. “Now I feel like it’s a moral obligation to tease you about it. Our little Slytherin never kissed someone before?”
“Say it louder for everyone to hear,” you scolded him. 
“Sorry. I had no idea I’d be stealing your first kiss.”
You felt dizzy. If only he stepped back a bit you’d be able to breathe better.
“You’re not going to steal it because you’re not going to kiss me. Find another way to fix this.” 
Your gaze was incendiary. 
“Okay, okay,” Haechan put his hands on his hips to think. “Uhm,” he rubbed his chin. You didn’t know what to look at – the short stubble or his lower lip as he absentmindedly sucked on for a second. 
“If you’re so smart, how come you can’t find another way?” you said just to fill in the silence. 
“Listen, everyone accepted a kiss after this spell. You’re the first one to not want to kiss me.” 
“I’m going to ask for help from our Principal, then,” you uncrossed your arms and took a few steps to the side.
“I am-” Haechan extended one arm in front of you, pressing it into the stone wall behind you, “-going to be expelled if you do that.” 
You gulped, staring at that exposed forearm of his. His silver wristwatch was shining under the sun. Then you slowly faced him, pressing your back into the building behind you. “Serves you well.” 
As much as Haechan hated being an Angel, or in his case, a fallen one, he couldn’t lie and say that role didn’t have its perks. Meaning flying, being handsome and having a great ass. Oh, and also hearing heartbeats at a very long distance while also differentiating them
“Are you nervous?” he asked genuinely, gaze dropping to your chest as if he could actually see your heart through your flesh. 
You inhaled scandalized and covered your breasts with your arms. 
Haechan took a step back. “I was not-” 
“I am mad!” 
“Your heart beats differently when you’re mad. This type of beat is-” 
“And how do you know?” 
Haechan let you run away before he could find an excuse for that skill. 
You were shaking so much that your teeth were almost clattering as if you were cold. 
Walking fast, you ignored everyone trying to talk to you because you weren’t in the mood but also because you also didn’t have an actual fucking voice. 
Head down trying to get to your room as fast a possible, you didn’t see the incoming shadow. 
“My bad,” the person you bumped into said. “Are you okay?” 
Looking up, your eyes focused on the face of that person. Jeno Lee, the Gryffindor Prefect. You fought the urge to roll your eyes at the sight of so many Gryffindors and nodded as a reply. 
“Are you sure? You look very shaken right now.” 
“Mind your own business,” you thought and Jeno visibly widened his eyes. 
“Fuck,” you thought again. “Sorry. I didn’t realize the flow was open and you could hear me.”
“Why are you talking to me telepathically?"
You sighed, staring him up and down. He did seem like a man you could trust if there were any. 
“I’m under a spell that doesn’t make me use my voice.” 
Jeno winced. “That’s illegal on Campus.” 
“Not only. It’s not the usual spell we’d use. It’s something different. Darker. I can’t undo it myself.” 
“Who did this?” he asked even though by the way his lips tightened he looked as if he knew and just wanted confirmation. 
“I did,” Haechan turned the corner, making Jeno look behind his shoulder. 
“Aw, come on, don’t look at me as if you want to fight. You know you’d lose,” Haechan added, seeing Jeno’s frown. 
“Why did you do it?” the latter simply asked. “For how much I dislike you, I know you don’t need such spells to be able to kiss a girl.” 
“You flatter me,” Haechan patted his shoulder. “I do have moves, yes.” 
“You also know about this? Can you help me?” you infiltrated Jeno's mind again. 
He inhaled and exhaled. 
“Come on, Jeno. Tell this pretty girl that the only way to undo this is by kissing because she doesn’t believe me.” 
“It's the truth,” the other man murmured. 
You rested your head in your palm. 
“Listen,” Haechan changed tone. “It’s going to be very brief. Just touching lips quickly. It will feel like kissing my cheek. No big deal at all. Don’t even consider it a kiss.” 
You felt your whole face and body on fire at the situation. 
“I am genuinely sorry for this.” You exchanged a quick look with Haechan and you hated to admit he did look quite honest. 
“Okay, but this is not going to be a real kiss," you told him. 
Haechan nodded. “Right.” 
“And no one is going to know about it.” 
Haechan confirmed again. 
“Uhm,” Jeno scratched his eyebrow, unable to tell what you were saying to each other in your minds. “Are you guys about to-” 
You inhaled and took a step towards Haechan. 
“Okay, I am going to go-” Jeno walked backwards until meeting the corner. 
Haechan didn’t even acknowledge him. “Ready?” 
You gulped once and nodded, closing your eyes. “Fuck it.”
The peck was indeed quick. You just felt his lips on yours. They were soft and delicate as a feather. Then you didn’t feel them anymore. 
You breathed in and out a few times before opening your eyes and seeing his face. He lifted both of his eyebrows in concern. “Are you okay?” 
“I-” you thought, “I don’t think it worked.” 
Haechan hummed. “Maybe it has to be a little longer.” 
“Lets– try again,” you encouraged him with a gulp. 
The young man swallowed once as well, and gently touched your jaw with his fingertips. You closed your eyes when you felt it slide towards your ear. He got closer so slowly that your whole body got goosebumps. The kiss felt more real this time. He was pressing more firmly and you opened your mouth just enough to feel his bottom lip between yours. Your heart was beating in a way you'd never experienced before. It wasn't unpleasant like anxiety or fear. It was quite the opposite. Like running down a hill and tasting freedom. 
It ended too quickly. 
“What about now?” his whisper was tiny. 
You cleared your voice. “Yeah, I’m good now,” you tried to talk. 
Haechan exhaled, relieved, and retrieved his hand from your cheek. “Good.” 
“Good,” you nodded, unable to look at him in the face. 
“Now you can forget about it and have your real actual kiss later, okay?” he patted your shoulder. 
Looking at his back turning the corner after bidding you goodbye, you already knew you wouldn’t be able to forget that any time soon. 
From outside they looked like two old friends having a pleasant chat, talking about the weather. 
“Basically, I killed that Angel, right?” Haechan asked. 
Jeno had a sip of his beer and nodded. “And you ran away.” 
It was almost evening and the sun was setting. You told Haechan to meet you near the small kiosk on campus to give him advice about Doyoung and Selene. He didn’t deserve any help after what he did to you but you promised it and you weren’t someone who broke promises. Also, you had to admit you treated him like shit for no apparent reason. 
“And Mark had to catch me,” Haechan commented. 
“And he did.” 
The other lifted one finger. “Well, actually, we had a very long intense fight and I was about to-” 
Jeno had one chip. “I saw his memories. You were crying in his arms asking for forgiveness,” he interrupted.
“You did what- I will kill him for sharing that.” 
“He still put your ass in prison.” 
Haechan sighed. “That man has no heart,” he leaned back in the chair, closing his eyes and enjoying the last remnants of sun rays. 
“I know this part of the story. Just tell me how you escaped prison and what you are doing here wandering Universes.” 
The other waited a moment before starting his tale.
“I was minding my business like every respectable Demon imprisoned in Hell by an Archangel would. Then this- this thing appeared in front of me.” 
Jeno scratched his temple. “What kind of thing?” 
“This figure. It was someone not alive and not dead either.” 
“In Hell? In front of you? Not dead?” 
“That’s what I said.” 
“Who was it?” 
“Kim Doyoung.” 
Jeno coughed his beer. “Kim Doyoung?” 
Haechan rolled his eyes. “I hate repeating myself.” 
“Kim Doyoung the Slytherin Prefect came to you in Hell?” 
“Lee Jeno, are you perhaps dumb? Yes. He wasn’t the Slytherin Prefect though. His soul was out of his body when I saw him but he wasn’t dead. He was asleep. Cursed. By the Fates, because he messed with Selene,” Haechan explained with his hands. 
“Selene the Ravenclaw Prefect?” Jeno widened his eyes. 
Haechan groaned and leaned back into the chair. “You’re the worst person to tell a story to. Yes. But she wasn’t the Ravenclaw Prefect, was she? She was Selene, the Goddess of the Moon.” 
“Right. Of course. Who’s stupid to mess with her and expect to live.” 
“You guessed it. Kim Doyoung.” 
“How bizarre. Not dead yet not alive either.” 
The voice startled Doyoung in the silence of the prison. It was warm and pleasant. Almost childish. 
“Who talked?” 
Doyoung walked the dark corridor slowly, eyebrows furrowed and eyes scanning every cell. 
“I did.” 
The voice sounded clearer with each step he took until he was sure it came from the farthest away room. It was darker and bigger than the others.
“Don’t be afraid. Come closer.” The voice was amused. 
Doyoung stopped in front of it and blinked hard to see.
The creature inside of it giggled once and suddenly leaned forwards into the feeble light of Doyoung’s torch. 
The latter flinched and took a step backwards. 
Two round eyes looked at Doyoung from underneath fluffy hair. His lips were plush just like his cheeks. Yet Doyoung could tell he was not a child. The eyebrow scratch and sharp jawline that flinched as he smirked communicated infinite amounts of years. The prisoner was on the floor, comfortably resting on his side. The cell had no iron bars, but Doyoung could tell there was something he couldn’t see keeping him inside that cubicle. 
“Donghyuck the demon?” 
The demon rolled his eyes and scoffed. 
“I’ve been terrorizing whole villages in their dreams, asking them to call me Haechan and no one is passing the message around? Donghyuck is such an old fashioned name now. I’ve always hated it.” 
Doyoung blinked at him, unable to crack a single word. 
The demon snickered. “What did you expect to see, human? A wobbly indistinguishable mass with four voices talking all at once?” 
“Yes,” Doyoung replied honestly. 
“Those are the angels. Have you seen an actual angel? They have like seven arms and twelve eyes. Like, you’re an angel, right? With all those great powers. And what do you do? You appear to people with disgusting eyes around the belly button?” 
Haechan leaned to the side and imitated puking sounds.
“I had an unpleasant encounter with an Archangel,” Doyoung recounted.
Haechan smiled at the other’s words and got up from the floor. Doyoung expected chains around his limbs but nothing was holding the demon back. 
He walked slowly towards the edge of the cell and Doyoung noticed his bare feet and ankles. They looked like the ones of a prince not having worked one single day in his life.
“Archangels are smarter. They don’t look as good as me but they at least don’t scare away young girls. Who did you discuss with to leave you so desperate to come here?”
Haechan was mere centimetres away from Doyoung but the latter didn’t step back. 
The other hummed. “Archangel Mark. He’s still on that bullshit? Fate and all?” 
“You’re a demon. You know everything. I don’t have to tell you” 
Haechan laughed. “Yeah, I do. I know all the gossip.” He walked along the edge of the cell with hands behind his back before turning his face towards Doyoung again. “So he’s the reason why you chose me? Siding with the evil faction after the good one didn’t help you?” 
"The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”
“You think we’re going to be friends?" 
"Business partners.”
Haechan licked his lower lip amused. 
“What do you want?" 
Haechan snorted. “Okay, loser. And what are you offering me?” He lifted one eyebrow. 
“So now you have to travel all Universes possible and make them fall in love with each other forever?” Jeno asked.
Haechan nodded, having a sip of his beer. 
“In exchange for liberating you. How ironic. You ran away because you didn’t want to play Cupid yet here you are. Maybe Fate exists after all.” 
Haechan snorted. “Please. The crucial difference here is that they both chose that. Normal humans don’t choose soulmates, do they?”
Jeno didn’t reply to those questions. “Universes are infinite. How long do you have to do it?” he asked instead. 
The other hummed. “That’s why I need another plan for myself. I need to free myself of Mark and now I need to free myself of Doyoung too.” 
“Who’s Mark?” your voice made both young men jolt. “Are you Mark?” you asked Jeno. You just arrived and placed your things on the table.
The latter looked like someone slapped him. 
“I’m Jeno Lee? The Gryffindor Prefect? We talked before.”
You took out your notepad from the bag and sat down at the small wooden table. “Oh sorry, you obviously expected me to remember.”
“What’s she doing here?” Jeno asked the other man. 
“She said she can help us with Doyoung and Selene.” 
“That’s right. I can’t let two men, Gryffindor men, deal with a love issue,” you grabbed a pen and looked at them both commanding their attention. 
When you got to your room after meeting Haechan something felt different about it. As if someone came in and took away something that you were used to subconsciously seeing every day. 
And then you realized. 
The walls were brushed a light pink colour instead of the usual boring light grey.
 You furrowed your eyebrows and got closer, touching the cold wall with one finger. 
You were aware Slytherin rooms were designed to change appearance based on the owner’s feelings but you were always confused as to why you were the House with such rooms. Slytherins were famous for being the best at not dealing with feelings ever and you prided yourself for being a classic Slytherin. 
During your first year of University, your room barely changed at all, although you heard stories of rooms getting destroyed or flooded. The changes in your room were usually subtle - fresh flowers in the vase on days you felt hopeful, little small fireworks around your bed when you finished your assignments, drops in temperatures when you felt angry. But you’ve never seen your walls change colour before. 
You tried to think of what kind of feeling that was reflecting but you couldn’t wrap your head around it. 
Could pink walls mean excitement for the new year? Nah, you weren’t excited to start memorizing tomes upon tomes of magical spells. 
Could it just be that suddenly your favourite colour became pink and the room knew it before you could realize yourself? Or maybe was it a reflection of something new in your life?
Could it be-
You hadn’t even finished thinking about it, that the walls turned a deep fuchsia, so obnoxious that you had to take a step back with a gasp. 
You looked quickly around the room as if not knowing what to do and your eyes found your phone. 
“Doyoung? I need your help,” you spoke into it after a lazy voice answered. 
“Listen, I know I’m the Slytherin Prefect and all that but I legit don’t know anything about our rooms.” 
The young man was standing in the middle of your room, one hand to support his chin and disgusted eyes taking in your walls. “It’s just a reflection of your emotions. It will go away, don’t worry.” 
You sighed. “It was light pink when I first entered and then while I was trying to think of the reason why they changed colour in the first place, they turned to this.” 
“What did you think about then?” 
Doyoung’s question made your mouth dry. “Excuse me?” 
“If they turned bright magenta from light pink while you were here, it means a thought generated an emotion which generated the change. What was it?” The man calmly asked as if giving you a therapy session. 
“Uhm,” you gulped. It was probably a mistake to ask him to come. “I don’t know. Isn’t there a colour book that tells you which colour is what?” 
Doyoung thought about it. “I think they wanted to do one but each person had different colours describing different emotions so they gave up. The consensus was on red only.” 
“What does red mean?” 
“Being horny.”
Your eyes widened and your room turned bright purple. 
Doyoung looked around and chuckled. “Okay, I guess purple for you is being embarrassed.” 
“I am not embarrassed!”
As you denied it, the floors started to heat up as well and you yelped, jumping on the bed while Doyoung laughed. 
“This is normal, don’t worry about it. Maybe you have a crush? My colour for crush is not pink but it could be for you.” 
The room started to shake ever so slightly. “I do not have a crush!” 
Doyoung sighed amusedly. “Just enjoy it. The room can’t hurt you, not really.” 
“Are you going? Don’t go. I need help!”
The young man turned around before opening the door. “I’m busy. Is this your first crush?” 
“I do not have a crush! I don’t even know him and I barely know his name. We just talked once for 10 minutes and exchanged a peck!” 
His languid eyes smiled.
You put one hand to your mouth realizing what you’ve just admitted. 
“So you’re saying forcing them to sit together in the study room will make them grow closer? Don’t you think they’ll fight even more that way?” Jeno was scratching his head, looking at your scribbles. 
You huffed. Walking down the hill to reach the kiosk you really expected to have an impromptu little date with the stranger you had a little crush on just to see the Gryffindor Prefect third-wheeling. Not that Haechan was even looking at you in the first place. He looked so cool and unbothered by that kiss while you had to live with bright pink walls for days now, that it infuriated you. 
“Trust me! Forced closeness! That’s literally the best book trope ever.” 
“What’s a book trope?” Jeno asked. 
You ignored him. “Listen, at first they might fight a bit but they love that shit. It’s like crack to them,” you tried to convince Haechan. 
The young man shrugged. “Literally what can go wrong?”
Jeno lifted his eyebrows. “So many things.” 
“Take Doyoung’s seat. He usually sits in front of me. This University’s rules are stupid as fuck and, basically, you need to keep your own seat all semester. The new semester is starting now. The seat Doyoung will be forced to have is going to be the one he’ll have to keep for months.” 
“In front of Selene,” Jeno nodded. 
“Wow, so you’re not a himbo athlete after all,” you commented. 
Jeno’s gaze was incendiary. “Minus 100 points to Slytherin.” 
You smiled. “You wish we were at Hogwarts, don’t you?” 
“That’s right. I’d strip your House off all of your points.” 
“Guys!” Haechan clapped his hands. “Concentrate. Why is Selene’s seat going to be empty for Doyoung to take? Somebody else might sit there.” 
You patted one of Haechan’s cheeks. “You have to make sure everyone will know you’d be sitting there so no one can occupy it.” The young man made a confused face. You retrieved your hand and casually placed it in your lap, making sure they couldn’t see how tight your fist got after feeling his skin. The butterflies in your stomach made you feel nauseous. 
Jeno got up and stretched himself. “Sounds like a plan.” 
You hit the table with the palms and got up as well. You had to get away from Haechan. 
“Hey, hey, guys. What? How am I supposed to make everyone believe I’m going to sit there?” 
“Figure that out,” Jeno finished his beer. You gathered your things and you both headed towards the main University building. 
“Hey! Where are you going? Hello?” 
There were less than a few days before the start of the new semester and the campus was slowly filling with students, old faces and new ones. It wasn’t something you’d usually notice, people that is, but Haechan’s face was both new and old and you couldn’t figure it out. That’s why you approached him in the first place. Your toxic trait was that you had the lowest self-esteem in the world but also a God complex so when you saw that dude walking the University stairs and almost missing the last step, you thought he’d fall in love with you just by exchanging one look. 
Needless to say, it didn’t happen. Not even after kissing. He ignored you and acted as if nothing happened. 
“Lee Haechan,” you mumbled to yourself during lunch as if tasting how it would sound on your tongue. You’d usually sit with the others, but that morning for some reason you felt like hanging out alone. 
“So you finally learned my name properly.” 
Your head snapped upwards to see the dude sit down in front of you with his food. He clicked his tongue delightedly and grabbed the spoon to dig into the soup when he noticed you looking at him. 
“Why are you here?”
Haechan blinked at you a few times then looked around as if wondering if he were in the wrong place. 
“It’s lunchtime.” 
“No, I mean, sitting here with me.” 
“Are we supposed to sit with our Houses?” he lifted one eyebrow, almost disgusted. He let his spoon fall. “God I hate rules so much. Those men either don’t wash at all or perfume themselves so much you can’t physically stand near them.” With those men, he meant Gryffindors. 
“No, I mean- nothing. You can sit here,” you assured him. 
He simply smiled as a thank you. 
The lunch went on silently and you hoped he didn't notice the way you'd steal glances. For some reason you expected things to get awkward with him, yet you were probably the only one feeling that way. 
"Is it possible to have met before?" you suddenly asked. “I’ve been thinking about it since we first met.”
Haechan lifted his gaze while lazily eating his food. 
"That's why you've been staring so intently?" he chuckled. 
You felt a hot wave wash over your whole body. 
"I was looking because you look familiar," you explained quickly and sipped on your water. 
It wasn't a lie. Although that wasn't the reason you have been staring that day. 
"That's impossible. I don't have a face you'd forget."
You rolled your eyes at his confidence but you couldn't hide the small smile on your lips. 
"Okay, then. I won't forget your face in the future."
Haechan suddenly straightened his back and stared at you with a serious expression. 
You glanced him up and down. His eyes were round and big and his lips slightly open as if he remembered something all of a sudden. 
"You okay?" 
"Are you sure you won't forget me?" 
You blinked at him. “What?”
The dining hall got quieter as if you got inside the eye of a storm. Silence, and only Haechan and you inside of it. 
"I don't think I will, no."
Then the storm came back and you looked around, sitting better in your seat and wondering if others saw that weird exchange. 
"That's great," Haechan smiled to himself and bit into his food again. 
Apparently, making friends with Selene was easy as long as you took classes with her and didn’t start a fight. And if you were in the same debating team as her destroying the Slytherins? It was guaranteed she’d want you to become her best friend. 
“Haechan, I’m glad our Houses were teamed up for today's lecture. I feel a bit sad that we were against Hufflepuffs too but seeing Kim Doyoung’s face when you told him he was wrong was definitely worth it.” 
Selene was walking the corridor, rambling by herself as Haechan followed. 
“I’m always happy to destroy a Slytherin,” the young man politely added. 
“I know right? It’s so fun! Especially if that Slytherin is Kim Doyoung.” 
“You talk an awful lot about him although you say you hate him-” 
Selene stopped in her tracks and Haechan gulped. “And what do you mean by that? You don’t want to be on my bad side Lee Haechan. Be careful.”
Her gaze was piercing but Haechan didn’t budge.
“Or what?” he asked slowly. 
Selen’s expression brightened up in a second and she hit his shoulder. “God, finally! I like people who can fight me!” 
Okay, so new rules. She might be your friend especially if you fight her. She was surely crazy, Haechan thought as Selene started to walk again. 
“I’ve heard there’s this place called the study room, right?” he sprinted to catch up. 
Selene nodded. 
“Who do you sit with usually?” 
“Oh, I don’t know. I never plan it with anyone.”
“So what about we sit together then? You know, I’m new and I’d feel awkward to sit in front of some stranger my first semester here.”
The young woman shrugged. “Sounds good. I’ll use your brains all semester to defeat Doyoung.”
“Why are you here?” Haechan heard Selene’s voice echoing in the study room, even if it was soft. She threw her bag on the desk in front of Doyoung, making a few of his papers fly on the floor. 
Doyoung sighed seeing his stuff gently falling around and raised his eyes with the most venomous smile he could pull off. 
“The Gryffindor gentleman over there-” he indicated towards his previous semester desk, “took my seat so I had to find another one.” 
Selene followed his pointed finger and spotted Haechan sitting there in the midst of popping a chewing gum bubble. 
He winked. 
Selene rolled her eyes. 
Haechan made an obscene gesture revolving a tongue in the cheek and hand motions. 
She returned the favour with her middle finger. 
“And you had to sit here of all places. You let a Gryffindor snatch your place,” she turned to Doyoung. 
“Well, I guess the plan was a success,” you made Haechan turn his head from the two Prefects shenanigans to you. 
For some reason, Haechan’s brain didn’t register that after those two were going to sit together, you two would sit together as well. 
You were busily taking your stuff out. Haechan stared at your face, then at your body. 
“Did you put on makeup today?” 
You jolted. “What? No.” 
He smiled. “Yes, you did. You think I’m stupid?” 
“Shut the fuck up, Lee,” a familiar deep voice behind you made Haechan roll his eyes. “I can only hear your annoying voice in the whole room.” 
“You’re awfully brave today, Jeno.” 
“And what? Are you going to kill me?” 
Haechan smirked. “Definitely.” 
You huffed. “Guys, back to your studies.” 
You couldn’t believe you were sitting in front of Haechan looking the most pretty you’ve ever felt in your life and he was having bro talks with his dudes. 
Now that he noticed you put any effort into your appearance that day you felt even more stupid for your sudden crush. 
It came crashing on you and you despised it. And the most stupid part of it all was that you couldn’t care less about Doyoung and Selene - you made that plan just so you could sit in front of Haechan for the whole semester in the first place. 
You groaned. 
“Are you okay?” Haechan looked up from his old book at the sound. 
You didn’t look back at him. “Yes.” 
“The colour of your lipstick suits you a lot,” he added, whispering.
Haechan was staring at your lips before he slowly locked eyes with you. Then with a little smile, he went back to reading his boring book as if nothing happened while you were left to stare into nothingness and couldn’t concentrate on anything else for the rest of the day. 
“So do you want to choke him with his tie or do you want him to choke you with his tie?”
Haechan liked how things were going. He was living his free life in a fun Universe and doing his good Demon duties. The only variant he hasn't planned was you. But he lived so long it was easy for him to detach from any feelings. 
“I want to choke you,” Selene looked mad but Haechan could see how she enjoyed the new situation. You must be completely blind to not see the way she and Doyoung looked at each other.
“I’m not sure I’m into that stuff but we can try it out.”
“I can’t believe you did this to me.”
“Ah come on. Everyone is having fun. He’s having fun. I am having fun. You’re the only one taking it too seriously.”
You watched Selene playfully hit Haechan’s arm and his laugh illuminated the whole study room. 
"You’re always getting hit, Lee,” Doyoung approached them. 
Selene rolled her eyes. Haechan lifted one finger with a little smile. “Hit on, by girls,” he specified. 
You got up from your desk and walked the few stairs towards the main corridor.
“I be damned. I understand now why Doyoung is the right person to both hate and low-key be attracted to. I might be attracted to him too,” Haechan joked, sprinting to catch up.
You tried to go away unnoticed but he somehow noticed anyway. 
Haechan leaned forward to see your face better since you didn’t comment. “Are you okay? Are you in a bad mood today?” 
“I’m not.” 
“Okay then-” 
“Do you often get hit on by girls?” you interrupted him, stopping all of a sudden to face him. Haechan stopped too, eyes wide at your question. He blinked.
You hesitated. “You said you were often hit on by girls. And you also said you kissed many people too.”
Haechan thought about it as if he actually forgot he just said it. “Sometimes, yeah. I mean, it hasn’t happened in this Universe- I mean in this University yet.” 
“You must be popular,” you started to walk again. 
Haechan chuckled to himself smugly, unable to read the room. “Well, you could say that, yes.” 
“How did you and Doyoung meet? You don’t seem close at all and you always avoid the question.”
“Okay. He helped me get out of prison so I owe him one. That’s it.” 
That wasn’t a lie. It was just not the whole truth. 
You stopped in your tracks again to look at him up from head to toe. “You were in prison?” 
Haechan smiled as if it was something to be proud of. “I’m a pretty dangerous man. Are you afraid of me now?” 
You rolled your eyes. “Please. As if. What did you get into prison for? Fashion crimes?"
Haechan looked down at his style. "This is a good look! I got in prison for being a Demon."
You scoffed. "Of course. You are a Demon."
The young man smiled to himself. He could tell you all of his secrets and you'd think he's joking. 
“So are you into demons? That’s why you’re into me?” His eyelids dropped and a feline smile adorned his lip. 
You took a small step back at his change in tone and demeanour. You had no idea what colour your room was at that moment and you weren’t sure you wanted to know. 
The chuckle that you emitted was meant to clear the air of the sudden energy but it didn’t work. His eyes were so intense and dark that they almost looked black. 
“I am into demons actually, and I would be into you too if you were one.” 
Haechan smiled at your pathetic way to bicker with him. 
“We’re not so different from Doyoung and Selene, are we? Fighting with me is like crack to you too?” 
You rolled your eyes and started to walk again. “Don’t make me laugh.”
"I like to make you laugh."
He was more than you could handle. 
The corridor crossed another one and you took the left without thinking. 
“Where are we going?” he asked. 
The little sign at the end of the corridor gave you an excuse for your erratic walk. You had no idea yourself. 
“I am going to the library. I don’t know where you’re going.” 
“I’m following you.” 
“Why are you following me?” 
“I like you,” he said casually. It was definitely a friendly remark but it warmed up your guts anyway. 
You stopped and he looked at you. “If you’re actually a demon, shouldn’t I stay away from you?” 
Haechan’s face relaxed and the juvenile expression he usually had on dropped. Your fingertips tingled and you felt like looking away from his eyes but couldn’t. 
“That’s right,” he replied. He took a step forward. “Will you do that?”
“Are you going to hurt me?” 
The empty corridor felt huge and the echo of it made you shiver. Haechan turned his head to the side like a little crow and smiled. 
“Like doing what? Stealing your soul?” 
“Stealing my heart.”
Haechan’s smile died. You watched his lips open as he struggled to say something. “And if I burned all of your memories of me when I’d eventually leave with it?” 
You had no idea what he was talking about but he looked so sad all of a sudden that you didn’t question it. “Even if I’ll forget you, my heart won't be with me anymore, will it?” 
He cleared his voice, looking down. “You’re right.” The little smile on his lips didn’t exude any joy as he tilted his head as a farewell and turned around, walking the corridor until you could only sense the scent he left behind. 
Haechan didn’t sit at your table anymore during lunch and even if you shared a few classes he never looked in your direction. 
You couldn’t clearly wrap your head around that sudden change and you spent sleepless nights thinking about that weird conversation in front of the library door. It was meant to be a joke on your part, a stupid banter session. 
“Do you think Demons exist?” you mumbled once, eyes closed while lying down on the soft grass behind the main university building. One of your friends chuckled and the other let out a questioning sound. 
“All of a sudden?” 
You opened your eyes staring at the blue sky. A few fluffy clouds were passing. 
“I mean, why wouldn’t they exist?” the chuckling friend commented. 
“My grandma used to tell me tales about these creatures that would make the girls fall in love with them as a way to separate a couple,” the second friend added. 
“If someone stole my girl I’d also call him a Demon.” They both laughed. 
You sat up and rested your face in your palms. 
“And if he’s not trying to separate anyone but is trying to put two people together?” 
“Then that’s an Angel. A Cupid.” 
You thought about it for a moment. 
“Did you meet an angel, Y/N?” the second friend elbowed you. You lightly pushed her away with a smile. 
The ball was happening all of a sudden. Perhaps you have been too deep into your thoughts the past days or maybe since you didn’t have to participate in the preparations it slipped out of sight. 
The hall was nicely decorated and all the Prefects did their best to win over the other. You ignored your fellow Slytherins offering you liquor and walked towards the pizza buffet the Ravenclaws prepared. 
“You don’t mind if we spend the night with our boyfriends, do you?” your friends asked before entering the ball hall. You looked at their pitying expressions and sighed. “Of course, I don’t.” 
It’s not like you were going to be the only alone person at that stupid ball. 
Yet, as you looked around, a slice of pizza in one hand and soda in the other, you have never felt more single in your whole life. 
“Great party.” 
You jolted internally at the voice and looked to your right. Haechan wasn’t looking at you but at the dancing mass in the middle of the room. 
You followed his gaze before quickly taking in the view of his outfit. His vest looked tight on his torso and it drew your eyes to his waist. 
“Yeah,” you had a sip of your drink.
Haechan imitated you, taking a sip out of his own cup, and you smelled the alcohol on his breath when he leaned towards you until reaching your ear. “I need your help.” 
Haechan and Jeno were walking quickly in front of you, their shoes and your heels clicking on the shiny tiles. 
“Sorry, I don’t think I understood it completely,” you sprinted once, trying to catch up to them and their long-ass legs. 
“Why do we need to convince the Headmistress to make the Prefects clean the hall tonight?” 
“It’s needed for my plan,” Haechan replied. 
“He had a vision,” Jeno commented sarcastically. He didn’t sound happy to be forced to clean up after that ball. 
“It’s as you said. Forced closeness,” Haechan continued. “This is the night.”
You thought about it and stared at Haechan’s concentrated side profile. 
“This whole thing means a lot to you.” 
It wasn’t a question so Haechan didn’t reply but the little line between his eyebrows didn’t go unnoticed to you. 
The stars were very bright outside the huge windows and as you passed in front of them you noticed there was no moon. 
“And what do you need me for?” 
“You’ll help me convince the old lady,” Jeno explained. 
“He’s a Prefect and you’re the smartest person in Slytherin,” Haechan added, stopping all of a sudden in front of an old wooden door. You stopped right behind him and you couldn’t tell if you felt out of breath from the run or his compliment. 
“I’ll wait for you back in the hall,” Haechan said, looking at you. “Also, please can you bring this to your room before coming back? It needs to be somewhere safe for a bit.” 
You looked down at his hands and saw the huge book he’d always study off of. 
“It’s really important,” he added. 
This serious side of him was too new for you to digest. You nodded. 
Convincing an old tyrant Professor to make more students clean than the ones she initially instructed wasn’t hard at all. 
“So instead of making the Slytherin and Gryffindor Prefects clean, you say to make the Prefects of all Houses take care of that?” The Headmistress looked at you and Jeno from behind her huge glasses. 
“Precisely,” you nodded.
She looked at you from head to toe. “Are you allowed to wear-” 
“It is all. We’ll be going, ma’am,” Jeno interrupted her remark. 
“Where’s Kim Doyoung? Where are the others?” 
“He’s busy taking care of the ball, ma’am,” you explained. “I came here to represent the Slytherin house.” 
She sighed suddenly bored. “Alright. I’ll come to check on you all later.” 
The walk back towards the hall after the Headmistress dismissed you both with a move of the wrist was definitely less urgent. 
“Thank you for– before,” you said. 
Jeno didn’t look at you. “There’s no need to thank me.” 
You sighed. The clouds started to obstruct the stars outside the tall windows. 
“Why is Haechan so obsessed with them?” you asked after a moment of silence. 
Jeno didn’t look like he wanted to reply. 
“And why do you help him? Why do you care?” you continued. For sure, two grown men couldn’t care that much about their friend to hook him up like that with a woman this way. They both seemed on edge as if it was a bigger and more dangerous thing than it looked like. You couldn’t understand it. 
“Ask Haechan that.” 
“Oh, we– don’t talk much. And when he talks I don’t know if he’s ever serious or not.” 
Jeno looked at you with the corner of his eyes. “Why is that?” 
You shrugged. Then you shivered. Apparently, having nude shoulders wasn’t only offensive for the Headmistress but also inconvenient for the autumn cold. 
“He stopped talking to me all of sudden.” 
“Maybe it’s for the better,” he simply considered. 
You looked at Jeno’s chiselled jaw. “Why do you say that?” 
“Haechan,” he started, “is not a great man. You should avoid him.” 
“Because he’s a Demon?” you mumbled, expecting to finally see Jeno laugh or something. 
But he stopped in place so suddenly that the air almost changed around him. He faced you. 
“What did you say?” 
You gulped. “A Demon?” 
“Did he say that to you?” 
Jeno’s expression was scaring you but you didn’t want to take a step backwards. 
“It’s obviously a joke,” you chuckled a bit, unsurely. 
Jeno exhaled and passed a hand through his hair. “Yeah.” 
He turned around and started to walk but you grabbed his arm. Jeno stopped and looked at your hand on his black tuxedo then on your face.
“It’s a joke, right?” you asked again in a whisper. 
“Joke or not, stay away from him. For your own good.” 
You let him go. 
“Don’t forget to put that book away,” he added.
You watched him walk away then you sighed, feeling the cover of the book. It had a poem on it, something about soulmates and fighting Fate. On the back, it had another. 
The pages were old and consumed and you wondered how old it must be. Your fingers moved on their own in opening it and you furrowed your eyebrows to see it was completely empty. Just a book full of white pages. In the middle, there was a single written page. 
Magic school, written in Doyoung’s handwriting. 
The ball hall was still full of people. You felt your breath shorten as you tried to walk through the crowd, trying to find Haechan. 
Jeno’s words were roaming your head in an uncomfortable way. Stay away, stay away, stay away. You kept saying that to yourself already for weeks now, and Haechan indirectly did too, and now Jeno decided to join the club. It was driving you insane. Especially since you couldn’t fully wrap your head around everything that was happening. 
You’ll try to stay away, yet, when you felt his fingertips gently touch your lower back, your eyelids fluttered and you couldn’t phantom the idea of actually staying away from those feelings. 
Haechan turned you around and sliding his hands up your arms he put them around his neck.
“Is it done?” he asked.
Your eyes darted from his styled hair to his face moles then on his eyes. “Yes.” 
“That’s great,” he looked around as if trying to find someone and he relaxed when he located Doyoung and Selene, each with their own dancing partner. 
So caught up in your stupid head, you didn’t notice the slow song and the myriad of couples dancing. 
“The plan now is-” Haechan started and looked at you again before interrupting himself. He took in your face for a moment in silence. 
You blinked, your fingers slowly intertwining on his nape. “Yeah?” you prompted him. 
Haechan’s fluid movement lulled you and it didn’t feel awkward to look at each other for more than a few seconds as it usually would. 
“You know, when Doyoung asked me this favour, I laughed in his face and called him a loser,” he said instead. 
Haechan’s hand moved a bit higher on your spine until meeting the bare skin of your open dress on the back. His thumb circled the spot for a second before stopping. 
“And now?” 
“Now I can understand a bit.” 
Your chest started to expand faster and you looked away. Haechan’s shoulders felt stiffer under your hands but before he could say whatever he wanted to say you interrupted.
“Are you really a Demon?” you whispered. “Is that why I should stay away from you?” 
He didn’t reply. 
“I think you’re an Angel,” you added. Haechan’s eyes widened. 
“Demons are ugly and evil. You’re-,” you gulped, “-very good looking and good-hearted. You’re helping your friend. That’s what angels do.” 
Haechan’s eyes sparkled in the dark hall. Then he smiled once and let his head rest on your shoulder as if suddenly exhausted. His breath on your skin brought shivers all across your body and for the first time that night you weren’t feeling cold. 
“Thank you,” you heard him whisper. 
As the hall was slowly getting more and more empty, you and Haechan were standing near the entrance of it, monitoring the situation. Jeno was probably somewhere inside complaining about the cleaning. 
Haechan said he had to see, whatever that meant, even though you said it was probably alright to let Doyoung and Selene deal with it themselves by now. 
“Alright, alright, everyone to bed,” the voice of the Headmistress made you both turn your heads towards her. She was walking down the corridor sending many groaning students to their rooms. 
“If you want to stay, we should hide,” you quickly said and grabbed Haechan’s hand. 
He let himself be dragged down the adjacent corridor while intertwining his fingers with yours. 
“It’s going to take you only half an hour, my children,” the headmistress chuckled brightly. “You’re prefects for a reason. Other children don’t have your advanced magical power and would end up cleaning for a whole day. Responsibilities. Am I right?”
You let the professor’s voice, bothering the Prefects, behind you, and pushed Haechan in the first alcove in the wall you could find. It should have been the home for a statue but it got broken years ago and now only the base remained intact. The dark, your high heels and the rush made you stumble against Haechan’s chest. He didn’t seem to be hurt but you almost fell against each other so you hit your knees on the base of that missing statue. Haechan took a few woobly steps back until sitting on it. There wasn’t anything to do than to sit right on his legs.
“Sorry,” you mumbled, apologizing for the sudden fall and pressing your hands on the sides of the alcove to not squish him. 
“Shh-” he pulled you towards you as the headmistress’s heels clicked on the tiles. His arms were snaked around you, trying to make you disappear from the dim corridor lights. 
“Do you know some invisibility spell-?” you whispered and Haechan pressed his hand on your mouth.
“Go and kiss in your own rooms, children!” The headmistress's voice startled you both but she wasn’t talking to you. Passing in front of the dark alcove she went on followed by another shameful couple who was still lingering around. 
Haechan’s palm remained on your lips until the professor turned the corner. Then he let you go. 
You inhaled and exhaled. 
“Okay, then. All clear. Let’s move,” you tried to get up but Haechan’s hands on your waist kept you down.
“Just a moment.”
You looked back to see his partially hidden face as he rested his forehead on your shoulder. “Haechan, come on.” 
“I need a moment,” he repeated. 
You huffed. “There’s no time. What do you need a moment for? Come on!”
“I said,” he stopped, “that I need a fucking moment.” His fingers dug deeper in your flesh and pulled you on his thighs towards him until your back was snug against his chest. 
And that’s how you understood. 
“Oh,” you said with a tiny wavering voice. 
“Yeah. Oh.” 
You looked in front of you trying to compose your suddenly increasing breathing.
“How,” you cleared your throat, “how long will it take?” 
Haechan exhaled as if annoyed. “If you don’t stop moving, it won't take long.” 
“You’re talking as if it’s my fault!” 
Looking behind your shoulder again you locked eyes with his black and blown out pupils and your spine got shivers. You looked quickly in front of you. 
“And whose fault is it?” 
“Yours. It’s your body,” you crossed your arms on your chest.
“And who had the brilliant idea to sit on my cock all of a sudden?” 
He was whispering as to not be heard and his breath was so close that it tickled your nape. 
“Don’t! do that,” you put one hand to your neck to brush away the goosebumps. “I had no idea it would get-” you interrupted yourself to gulp. 
“Hard. The word you’re looking for is hard.” 
“Haechan!” you scolded him as if he said the worst curse word you could imagine.
His chuckle made you forget for a moment how warm his hands were on your hips. “Forgot you Slytherins were so pudic.” 
“Who else than a shameless Gryffindor to remind us.”
“I think the most shameless thing here is actually your crazy pulse on my thigh-” he added with a lower voice.
You got up in an instant. “You-!” 
Haechan let you go and you looked at him just for a moment, enough to see his glossy eyes and open, amused lips before running away. 
“Where’s Haechan?” Jeno looked behind you as he saw you alone. 
You furrowed your eyebrows as if looking mad would somehow conceal the actual feelings burning you inside.
“I have no clue.”
The young man sighed. “Anyway, I think they kissed. I didn’t want to actually look, you know? Then they went somewhere. Probably his room. I guess we’re done. I feel it's very weird to investigate further.” 
You listened to his quick report, understanding only half of it as your mind was spinning around. 
“Yeah, it’s okay. Thank you, Jeno.” That languid voice made you shiver. 
Haechan stopped in place right behind you and patted Jeno’s shoulder as the latter rolled his eyes. 
“Why that face? Your military training feels wasted on such futile tasks?” the first asked amusedly. 
Your ears perked, suddenly forgetting that Haechan literally felt you pulsing on his thigh just moments ago. “Jeno, you have military training?” 
The Prefect opened his lips to talk but Haechan interrupted him. “Of course. How do you think this bad boy got his guns?” 
Jeno let Haechan comically squeeze his biceps for a moment before grabbing his wrists and bended them. Haechan let out a pained whine while chuckling. 
“And you’re going to pursue that?” you asked again.
“No.” Jeno was firm. 
“Who knows. Maybe you will join another new faction if yours sucked ass,” Haechan smiled innocently. 
The two men exchanged a long look before Jeno let his hands go. 
“Whatever. I’m going to sleep now.” 
You nodded back at his small greeting and looked at his shoes clicking on the shiny corridor pavement before realizing you were alone with Haechan again. 
“I will also-” you tried to walk the opposite way but he was right there, obstructing the way. 
“I will accompany you to your room. I need to grab my book.” 
“No need. I’ll give it to you tomorrow.” 
You took a step on the left. He took one too. “I really need that book tonight.” 
You exhaled, irritated. “It can wait.” 
“I’m not trying to do anything, trust me. I will wait outside if you don’t want me in your room. But it’s vital that I get my book tonight.” 
Maybe his tone of voice, or his sincere expression, or maybe the fact it was a very long day and you were exhausted, made you shrug. “Alright.”
The walk towards the Slytherin rooms was silent and you wondered why evil Haechan wasn’t mentioning anything about what happened earlier.
You also wondered if his problem was resolved but you weren’t about to look down at his pants to check. 
The Slytherin common room was empty and you thought it was a better idea to bring Haechan in and let him wait in front of your bedroom instead of leaving him creepily standing in the main corridor for someone to see.
“Wait here,” you put your hand on the wooden door of your room, unlocking it.
“That’s how you unlock doors? With magic?” 
You looked at him as if he were stupid. Sometimes that man looked as if coming from a different Universe. 
“I mean, we Gryffindors have keys,” he was quick to explain. 
You rolled your eyes, unable to concentrate. You had to open the door and close it quickly before he could see the state of it. 
Because it was messy and you were embarrassed?
Because it was just all bright fucking intense red. 
Closing your eyes, you cursed the Slytherin that had the bright idea to create rooms that changed colours and moods based on the owner’s feelings. And you cursed them even more for choosing obnoxious red to describe horny. 
As the door opened by one centimetre and a line of red light hit Haechan’s arm you slammed it closed again. 
“What’s wrong?” he wondered. 
You exhaled hoping he never heard of Slytherin rooms before. 
“I think you left the lights on in your room the whole time you were away,” he added. 
“They’re automatic,” you said, coming up with a plan on the spot. “Yeah. Our lights just turn on when the owner is home and I like to keep mine on red. It’s pretty relaxing.” 
Haechan nodded, probably wondering why you were keeping him in the dark corridor and giving him an impromptu architectural lecture instead of going in and getting his book. 
“Okay, now. I’ll get your book.” 
You gulped and opened the door to the brightest red room you’ve ever seen. It has been red the past days too but it was dark or pale. It has been mostly grey since Haechan stopped talking to you. Nothing like the colour vomit in front of you at that moment. 
Eyes frantic, looking for his damned book he couldn’t wait to get until tomorrow, you didn’t notice Haechan stepping in and looking around as well. 
“I said to wait outside!”
Something from the bed lifted and flew with the maximum speed towards Haechan who quickly stopped it from hitting his face by lifting one arm. 
“Why are you attacking me-,” he looked down to see what he was holding, “-with bras?” 
You put a hand to your mouth.
“It wasn’t me.” 
“And who?” 
You took a few steps towards him and snatched the bra from his hands, hiding it behind your back. 
“The room.” 
“The room attacked me with your bra?”
You lifted one palm as if to communicate you had no time to talk about that and looked around for his fucking book. 
“I can’t see a damn thing,” you mumbled, searching under the pile of clothes on the floor. You had no idea where you put that earlier. 
“Change the lights to neutral,” he tried to see as well. 
“I can’t,” you replied with a tiny voice.
“What?” he got closer and crouched on the floor to help you out. 
“I said I can’t!” you huffed exasperatedly. The room’s lights flickered at the sound of your voice. “Do you really need your stupid book now? I’ll find it and give it to you tomorrow.” 
“Why can’t you change the room colours? Isn’t there a computer somewhere? Is it broken?” 
“God, Haechan, you’re the dumbest smart person I know! It’s magic.” 
He chuckled. “So you think I’m smart?” 
You rolled your eyes. 
“Wait, if it’s magic I think I can change the colours. This magic should be easy for me,” he got up and closed his eyes.
“What are you doing?” The fact he could hack into your room and discover Slytherin rooms change colour based on the owner's feelings and the feeling at that moment being horny because of him was about to make you have a panic attack. 
“I’m just going to-” he started to speak but suddenly stopped. 
You waited for a few seconds in silence.
His face was a mask of concentration. You stared at his lashes and nose, then at his lips right when they opened to smile. 
“God, Y/N, this is even better than feeling your pulse on me.”
The cushion you threw to his face muffled his sudden chuckle. 
“Is this what you were trying to hide? That Slytherin rooms change based on feelings?” 
You couldn’t speak or move and you wondered what expression you had. “How- how did you understand that? What magic did you just use? I don’t think we’ve studied that before.”
“You’re really interested in academia right now?” his languid smile made your shaking body feel worse. 
“You’re right. Let’s find that damn book and get you out of here.” You started to walk around the room, glad to have something to do instead of standing there and letting Haechan clown you. 
“That can be easier if the colours changed, not gonna lie.” 
“Well, they’re not going to change anytime soon if you don’t go away!” you spurted.
Haechan didn’t say anything and somehow not being able to see him made it worse - you had no idea what reaction he had. 
And when he kneeled near you as you were looking through the stuff under the window to help you out, the room’s lights flickered again. 
“Now, this is very fun, you have to admit it. I’m not even doing anything, not even touching you,” he casually commented. You saw his amused face with the corner of your eyes and fought the urge to smack him. 
“There’s no book here, Haechan-” you turned a box around the moment he tried to do the same. The contact between your hands made a fake plant pot fall to the ground. You jolted but he didn’t move. 
Haechan analyzed your face and gently moved his fingertips up on your knuckles. 
“Haechan,” you tried to warn him.
“Why? What can happen?” his voice got low. 
You gulped. “I don’t know.” 
“You don’t know?” 
You shook your head. 
“What happens if you go further? Like, kissing or maybe having sex? Does it get destroyed? Asking for pure academic curiosity, of course.” 
“I wouldn’t know.” 
He leaned in and you backed away until feeling the hard wood of your nighttime table on your blades. 
“You were my first kiss. Don’t act like it’s news.” 
“Yeah, but a fair amount of time passed after that. I’ve seen you around with so many boys.” 
You gulped. 
“I’m not going to kiss you, don’t worry,” he explained. “I just want to know how far all of this can go-” 
His words got swallowed by your lips, swiftly pressed on his plump mouth. A little surprised sound escaped Haechan’s throat before it could turn into a low hum, as his hands slid into your hair and pulled you towards him even more. 
Your brain started to buzz loudly and the blood in your veins felt so hot that your fingertips started to sting as you lightly touched his chest. Previously crouching, he fully sat on the floor, extending his long legs and it was a matter of seconds before you found yourself on top of his thighs, wrapping his neck with your arms. The kiss felt hot and soft and his scent made you dizzy and unable to open your eyes. It was not until you felt a cold mist on your skin that you broke off the kiss, panting and shaking. 
“I be damned,” Haechan whispered and you had no idea if it was a comment about the impromptu making out session or the fact you were floating in the middle of a stormy ocean, the patch of carpet under Haechan’s body the only thing remaining of your room. 
You looked around scared, then yelled, as a rumble of thunder made your whole body jolt. “What the actual fuck is going on?!” You pressed your body on Haechan even more. 
Haechan looked up at you, arms tightly around your torso. “It’s okay. We’re still in your room. Nothing is going to happen. Right?” 
You looked down at his fringe getting slightly wavy because of the wetness. “I hope so.” 
Haechan blinked at you. “What do you mean you think so?” 
“I don’t know!” you mewled. “I don’t know what can happen in a Slytherin room!”
“You’re a Slytherin!”
“No one gives a ‘Slytherin Rooms 101: Can you die when making out?’ lecture to us!” 
“They should!” 
“Why are you getting panicked?! It’s making me more panicked now!”
“I’m a Demon! I don’t do well near water!” 
“It’s not the time to crack your usual Demon jokes Haechan!”
Haechan inhaled. “Okay, okay. Let’s calm down and think. Breathe with me.” 
You fought the urge to smack him in the head and inhaled with him.
He nodded as you exhaled and then you both repeated the process another time. 
“So, let’s be rational. Are you horny right now?” he asked. 
“Very much, yes,” you replied honestly with dewy eyes. 
“Fuck-” Haechan let his head down and rested his head on your shoulder that was starting to get wet. “Okay, then- if we can’t get you to stop feeling like that, what if we try to make you change the scenery?” he tried looking up at you again and his rosy cheeks made you bite your lips. 
“You’re- you’re embarrassed right now?” 
Haechan tsked. “I’m not. What are you talking about?” 
“You are!” you accused him. 
“Does it matter?” he barked but then his eyes quickly darted around as instead of dark water, thousands and thousands of rose petals started to gently float. 
“Great, don’t stop!” he chuckled. “Thank God. This is much better.” 
You looked around as well with a relieved sigh. The room was a cubicle of red satin and silk instead of the chaotic ocean engulfing you. Suddenly exhausted you plopped lower on Haechan’s thighs.
“I need you out of this room if we want all of this to stop.” 
Haechan’s hands were absentmindedly palming your legs as he attentively kept an eye on the surroundings. You inhaled shakily trying to not think about how warm that felt.
“I’d go but-,” he locked eyes with you, “-where’s the door?”
You puffed your cheeks irritated. “Let me see if I can think of the door.” 
Closing your eyes, you tried to imagine your own door in the middle of the wall it was supposed to be instead of flying rose petals. What a dumb situation and what a stupid room and what stupid feelings were inside your body. You were supposed to stay away from him, weren’t you?
You corrugated your forehead in concentration. 
“Uhm, Y/N-.” 
“Haechan, shut up. I’m working.” 
The young man went quiet for a second but then you heard his voice again.
“What do you want?” you opened your eyes but he didn’t have to reply. Your pupils dilated at the sight of his vest slowly getting unbuttoned on its own in front of you.
“What’s going on??” 
“I’m not doing it,” Haechan chuckled. 
“I’m not doing it either!” 
You both looked down at his torso as another button popped off. Then his bow tie jumped to the side, opening his shirt. You groaned, passing one hand through your hair and Haechan threw his head back to laugh. 
“I think your room knows you better than you know yourself.” 
Puzzled and unable to do anything to salvage the situation, you could only stare at his exposed collarbones and pecs as they slowly peeked under his white shirt. 
“You know there’s only one way to end this, right?” he added and you locked eyes, the heaviness of his words just adding to the whole room's euphoria. The red petals burst around you as his crystalline laugh filled the air. The last of his buttons popped open and with trembling hands you slowly touched his chest, sliding your fingers underneath it until feeling his shoulders and pushing the material off of them. 
“You forgot the sleeves,” he whispered and when the buttons opened, Haechan bit his lower lip as it probably stung his skin a bit. 
You desperately wanted to bite that plump lower lip as well and when he pulled you towards him by the waist, you did just that, loving the way his throat emitted a low and rough sound. 
The second time around, or better, third, Haechan didn’t shy away from letting his tongue participate in the kiss and you mewled, feeling it slowly slide inside your mouth. Hands buried in his soft hair and bodies pressing on each other, the room became long forgotten. 
Your spine shivered as he caressed your sides, nudging at the hem of your dress, pulling it up to your thighs. And when he reached the hot skin of your body, you moaned into the kiss. 
This time, it was actually Haechan with his own hands who gently undressed you, hands light as a feather while dragging your sleeves down your arms. His soft lips slowly travelled down your jaw and neck, peppering hot and wet kisses on it. You threw your head back and closed your eyes, unable to keep quiet. And when you felt those warm hands cup your breasts, squeezing them together you looked down to stare at the mind-blowing scene of his tongue wetting a soft spot on the swell of them before biting down. He looked up as he sucked, one hand dragging down the bra and exposing one of your nipples as well. 
“Haechan-” you whimpered as he took one in, his other hand caressing your spine upwards until reaching the clasp and undoing it. 
You had no idea what your room looked like, the only thing you could see was that man flicking your hard nipples with the tip of his amused tongue. 
“God, you made a mess on my dress pants,” his husky voice buzzed on your skin and you gulped, realizing how wet he got you. “Always so ready to pick a fight, yet look at you now,” he licked his lower lip before giving you another languid kiss. You got lost in the feeling of his mouth on yours again and you barely noticed how one of his hands palmed your inner thigh in the meantime. 
“Is it okay if I go there?” he stared you down under heavy eyelids. 
You nodded. “Please.” 
He inhaled at your forwardness. “You have no idea how pretty you look right now, how pretty you looked the whole night. To think that a few weeks back you refused to kiss me.”
The praise got to your head and you moaned even before you could feel his fingertips on your wet panties. 
He swore under his breath, feeling the outline of your pussy before sliding the material to the side. You lifted your body ever so slightly to hover on his thighs at the feeling, wrapping his neck with your arms and trying to find a place to hide your burning face. 
“Shh, I know,” he murmured, gently coating his fingers with your wetness before circling your clit with one thumb. 
You gasped for air and you heard him chuckle when as if bewitched you started to move your hips to meet his fingers. 
“Look at me,” he ordered and with great effort, you lifted your head from the crook of his neck. But you couldn’t look him in the eyes as he increased the pace of his hand movement. “Can I try to go in?”
You inhaled sharply. “Yes.” 
Haechan smiled and kissed your lips but you couldn’t reciprocate. Instead, you breathed out millimetres away from his mouth as you felt his middle finger slowly sliding inside of you. 
Your lower stomach muscles contracted at the invasion and your fingers dug into his shoulder’s skin. “Wait-” 
Haechan stopped and gently peppered kisses on your face. “Tell me when.”
You inhaled and exhaled, unable to tell him that it wasn’t painful, you were just afraid. 
“Go on, just- please be gentle.” 
The young man nodded and you felt his hand move again, slowly pumping in and out of you. You whined at the feeling and when he curled his finger you fell forwards with a moan. 
“Yeah, alright,” he commented with an amused tone, “I’ll make sure to remember this spot.” 
You thought you were seeing stars and being in your room you probably were actually surrounded by them but when he started to circle your clit with his thumb again you were pretty sure you were seeing fireworks instead. 
“Such filthy words coming from that pretty mouth. Almost as filthy as this wet sound,” he rubbed his face on yours, messily kissing your cheek and jaw. 
“Haechan, Haechan, wait!” you mewled. “I don’t know what will happen when I-” 
“When you cum?” he smiled, forehead resting on yours. “Shall we find out?” 
You bit your lower lip. 
“Don’t be scared. I’m holding you,” he whispered before kissing your lips, his ring finger sliding in as well, his hand moving faster as your moans increased. 
You felt your toes curl and body tense, the sloppy fingering you did on yourself in the past not going nearly as close as the way Haechan was fingerfucking you at that moment. 
The room started to shake as you felt the edge approaching and when with one last pump Haechan threw you over the edge, your whole body spasmed in his arms. You called his name, lacing it with filthy swearing and he never let you go even when the rooms felt as if about to swallow you both alive. You remained like that afterwards, your walls pulsating around his finger rhythmically, the only sounds being your short breaths. 
Head on his shoulder, you blinked slowly and saw your room reappearing through a dark red fog. You made sense of the furniture’s outline and when you could see the door as well, you finally lifted yourself. 
Haechan slowly slid his fingers out of you and you inhaled through the teeth. 
“It was amazing,” he murmured. The look you exchanged made your guts twirl on themselves - no wonder your room was still bright red. 
“You were amazing,” you replied. 
The young man smirked. “Of course I was. You’re welcome. I took care of the room. Now I can finally leave-”
“We’re not done,” you interrupted him and Haechan gasped, his lips opening in a small O at the feeling of your hand on his hard cock. 
You had no idea what you were doing but moving your palm up and down on his length seemed like a good idea. 
“Ah fuck-,” his eyelids fluttered and you enjoyed looking at him, folding in front of you. The red of the walls got brighter in intensity, making the shadows on Haechan’s pretty facial features even sexier. 
His breath grew heavier and heavier before he stopped your hand. You blinked, afraid you did something wrong just to see him open the button of his dress pants. The sound of his zip opening sounded even dirtier than your wet pussy and when he took his cock out, slowly pumping it with his fist, you found yourself choking on your breath. 
Haechan’s eyes were on your face as you stared at the way his still wet hand easily slid around it making him inhale through his teeth.
“Do you want to do it?” he asked quietly. 
You gulped. “Yes, but-” 
Haechan took your hand and slowly wrapped it around himself, placing his own fingers on top of it. You kept your hand loose and you let him guide you, staring at the way his tip poked out of it. 
“Don’t be scared, you can go harder on it.” 
You followed his instruction and tightened your fingers around the girth. Haechan groaned and threw his head back, letting your hand go to support himself with both arms. 
“Like this?” you whispered against his neck, leaning in to bite on the pristine skin of it. 
Haechan’s quick breaths were becoming whimpers. “Close the space at the top,” he instructed again and you put your thumb there, not letting the tip show anymore. 
The young man moaned, eyebrows furrowed, alternating staring at your hand on him and at your face. 
“Fuck, if I had a room like yours it would be all destroyed by know, I swear to God-” he spoke through gritted teeth. 
Your own room wasn’t looking better as your hand increased the speed to a rhythm your arm could handle. He looked like the most wicked angel in front of you and you felt like cumming again just by that view.
“Ah don’t stop, please-” he begged with a choked voice, “-please, ‘m cumming-” 
You whined as he moaned and when he let his head back again, his fringe exposing his forehead, his whole body went limp and a few seconds after that you felt his hot cum on your hand. It sprouted a few times, firstly on his lower stomach that was frantically moving up and down, then on your own skin, and slowly sliding off his tip. 
“Fuck,” he groaned, “shit. My God.” 
You looked in awe and blinked, no idea what to do with yourself anymore. 
Haechan licked his dry lips and chuckled. “Do you have something I can take care of this with?” 
His breathing was still irregular and when he cupped your face you noticed his hands were trembling. “You’re amazing.”
You kissed him gently and smiled. “Let me take care of it. I’m a virgin but I’m still a grown adult. I know what to do.”
Haechan kept looking at your loving face as you came back with a warm wet towel. 
“Do you think Doyoung and Selene became a couple?” you murmured. 
Haechan’s lazy hand in your hair stopped for a moment. You were both half-naked under the covers even if nothing else happened afterwards. Spent and exhausted, you just cuddled for a while, each other’s presence calming but still too electrifying for you both to fall asleep. 
You lifted your head from his chest to look at him in the face as Haechan didn’t reply straight away. Convinced to find him in a sleepy slumber, you were surprised to see his bright open and awake eyes staring at the ceiling. 
You smiled, lifting one hand to nudge at his cheek. “Why are you down? Wasn’t that your plan all along?” 
Haechan locked eyes with you and for a moment you thought he would start crying. 
“Yeah. I’m glad the plan worked out.” 
Haechan should have been glad. One universe down. Time to move to another. And another. In an infinity of adventures while he was free. Finally free. It has been everything he has ever wanted. 
Yet he never felt more miserable. 
He pulled you towards him, holding you tight against his chest as if it were the last time he could do it. 
You chuckled surprised at the sudden burst of affection. 
“Haechan, are you okay?” your voice was muffled by his skin. 
“I’m just realizing that I’m very lonely,” he whispered so quietly that he thought you wouldn’t hear him. But you did. 
“But-” you forced his arms apart to be able to look up at him. “-you have me.” 
Haechan’s glossy eyes curved in a smile. “Yeah. I have you.” 
In the morning, Haechan wasn’t in your bed anymore. 
Jeno groaned loudly. “For fuck’s sake! I didn’t stay behind to clean just for them to still hate each other after fucking.”
You sighed, arms crossed on your chest, stealing glances at Haechan who was sitting on the low rock wall near the entrance of the Campus. 
“There’s still time,” he commented. 
You had no idea what actually happened but when you came out that morning you could make sense only of the fact that the plan failed: Doyoung and Selene weren’t talking to each other. 
“You look very calm when just yesterday you were freaking out saying it was the only night available to do it,” Jeno jumped on the wall. He had perfect balance. 
That’s exactly what you wanted to say too but were afraid. When you saw Haechan, you wanted to talk to him, ask him why he didn’t stay with you last night, ask him to finally tell you everything about himself and that stupid and annoying plan. 
“I think it didn’t work because of me,” Haechan let his head back and closed his eyes. 
Jeno glanced at you quickly before looking back at the other man. Then he sat down near him. 
“Can you explain?” Can you explain it even if Y/N is here, he meant. You weren’t stupid. 
“I don’t want to go, Jeno.” Haechan opened his eyes. The look they exchanged was so heavy and deep that you had doubts they were comunicating telepatically. 
You still didn’t have a chance to talk to him about, well, everything. All of what happened and what was about to come. And now you were hearing him talking about leaving?
“Where are you going?” you placed yourself in front of him, finally talking. 
Haechan didn’t look at you.
“Away,” he only murmured. 
“After they get together, you have to leave?”
Haechan nodded. 
Jeno got up and patted his ass to clean it off dust. You both didn’t look at him as he walked away, giving you two privacy. 
Haechan grabbed your thighs and pulled you towards him until you could wrap his head with your arms. You let him nuzzle his face against your chest for a bit before talking. 
“And if they don’t get together you don’t have to leave?” 
He shook his head. 
You had no idea what was happening and it was so frustrating that you were going insane. But being around him you learned something. There were always consequences no matter what. 
“What happens if they don’t get together, Haechan?” 
The young man slowly lifted his head to look at you. 
“I might eventually vanish,” he whispered. 
You looked away, feeling a sting in your eyes. Then you chuckled very unamusedly. 
“So you disappear, either way, that’s what you’re saying?”
You took a few steps back. “No.” The tears on your cheeks felt hot and you wiped them with a brusque movement. 
“You tease me. Then you don’t talk to me. Then you look at me as if you love me. Then you kiss me like that-” your voice broke. 
Haechan looked devastated in front of you. 
“You don’t tell me anything. Anything at all. I don’t know what’s a joke and what’s not. I don’t know when you’re serious and when you’re not. And now you’re leaving? You disappear from my life either way? Jeno was right. I should have stayed away from you. No. It’s on you.”
The young man looked at the tip of your index finger as you indicated him. “It’s all your fault. If you knew all of this from the start, you should have just let me go.”
Haechan didn’t stop you as you walked away even though you desperately wanted him to. 
“I tried,” he whispered to no one.
The book felt heavy under Haechan’s arm. He skimmed it again and again for the past few days as if he could see something new in it, a loophole, a life jacket. There was only a new thing in it. Sincerity, written right under the words that lead him in that place, magic school. 
“You knew you’d come to this.” 
“Funny to hear you lecture me about choices around love, Jeno. After the shit that went down in The City because of you falling in love with that mortal woman.” 
Jeno sighed, hands in his pockets and a toothpick rolling on the tip of his tongue.
“You might meet her again. In another universe.” 
Haechan didn’t reply. 
“She wouldn’t know who you are though, of course. You’d need to meet her again and again in all the universes you’ll travel to. Like two strangers. Except you’d remember everything and she wouldn’t.” 
The tall and dark Slytherin door was open when Haechan and Jeno arrived. 
“I have no time to think about that. I need to make these two idiots be honest with each other,” Haechan murmured. 
He wasn’t sure if he was talking about Doyoung and Selene or himself and you. 
“Holy shit, are you that depressed?” 
Doyoung raised his eyes from the book he was reading before rolling them so far up that Haechan thought they wouldn’t come back anymore. His Slytherin room was looking like shit. 
“What do you want?” Doyoung didn’t ask how Haechan opened the locked door. 
The Gryffindor took a step inside the room with hands behind his back and took a lazy stroll to where Doyoung’s dresser was crying.
“Your flowers are all dead. Throw them away.”
“They keep appearing every time,” Doyoung started to read again, the little line between his eyebrows showing how hard he tried to understand whatever the pages were trying to say but failing. 
“I’m here because it’s boring to not have you yell at Selene in the study room as always,” Haechan spoke again nonchalantly, fingers rubbing against each other, to get rid of the imaginary dust they collected from Doyoung’s furniture. Given the situation, the room probably made up piles of mud as well. 
"Who’s the guy?” Doyoung suddenly asked. 
Haechan furrowed his eyebrows. “What guy?" 
"The one she’s fucking.”
The other blinked at him, surprised.
“You mean, Kim Doyoung?" 
The Slytherin’s eyes widened and Haechan saw how he looked with flushed cheeks for the first time in his life. 
"Aw, come on. Of course, I know everything.”
“If you know everything, then tell me who the fuck this guy she’s been fucking beside me is!” Doyoung got up from the bed. 
Haechan’s human head was hurting. He missed his whole Demon body and brain. But finally he could make sense of the reason those two weren’t together.
Miscommunication. Such idiots. 
“There’s no other guy. What are you talking about?" 
"Fuck, I felt it how he touched her and it drives me crazy!”
Haechan opened his mouth to talk but jolted, eyes staring at Doyoung’s arm extended to hit the wall behind his head expecting to see a dent in the hard brick from how much force he put into that.  
“Is it you?” Doyoung asked. 
“What the fuck?” Haechan had to fight the urge to kill him in that instant. Doyoung brought him only bad things. 
“Answer me.”
“Okay, first of all, take a step back.”
Doyoung leaned in even more and Haechan had to pretend to be afraid. 
“Okay! Okay, gosh. No. There’s no guy fucking her as far as I know.”
“Where is she?”
“I don’t know.”
“What kind of friend are you if you don’t know it?" 
Haechan crossed his arms on his chest. "Am I seriously getting scolded on friendship values by Kim Doyoung right now? You that made her cry in the common room? You that made her rest her weapons in front of you just to see you treat her like scum? After using her? We don’t have mood rooms but we have things like hearts and mouths which we use to, you know, ask other people how they feel-”
“I don’t have enough patience and you know that.”
Haechan breathed in and out before finally opening his lips again. “She’s in the dorms. Obviously. Where the fuck would she be-”
Doyoung turned around on his heels like a tornado and walked towards the towers. 
“She doesn’t want to talk to you!” Haechan told the other man’s back but he wasn’t sure he heard him.
He wasn’t sure if he told all that to Doyoung or himself either.
The night was cold but Haechan couldn’t feel it. Not really. His human feelings were slowly waning as if that Universe was urging him to exit it. He wasn’t welcome there anymore. His task was done. 
As soon as it happened, Haechan felt his book warm up under his arm. He looked around Doyoung’s room where flowers were blossoming and he exited with a little smile even if he wasn’t happy at all. 
Walking down the corridors he felt less like Gryffindor Haechan and more like Demon Haechan. He missed it. 
“Is it done?” Jeno asked. He was standing in the frame of his room’s door after he felt Haechan’s presence right behind it. 
“I’m here to ask you to come with me,” Haechan simply said. His eyes were black and his skin didn’t shine as usual. 
Jeno didn’t reply. 
“You’re looking for your mortal lover. I need to travel to as many Universes as possible. You can help me and I can help you,” Haechan continued.
Jeno didn’t ask how the other knew so many details about his private life. 
“I’d come, but there’s something here that-,” he started but couldn’t continue. “I made a friend. A dear friend.” 
Haechan’s face was a stone mask. 
“He’s dying. Everywhere,” Jeno added. “Everywhere I’ve been, in all Universes, he’s dying.” 
“Like every human. Get over it.”
“No. It’s different. He’s sick. Can we do something about it?” 
Haechan sighed and looked behind Jeno with empty eyes. The last leaves were falling off the trees in the night. 
“Help him and I’ll help you. We’ll both help you. Please, you’re a good man, Haechan.” 
Haechan looked briefly at the hand that Jeno rested on his shoulder and he thought of you. You thought he was a good man as well.
“Alright. But this Universe is too close to the Centre. Mark might see it. We need to travel to one on the outskirts.”
When you woke up that morning, you felt cold and looked out the window to see the naked trees. A shiver like a bad omen travelled down your spine. Then you looked down to your lap where on top of the covers you saw a yellow and red scarf. You brought it to your face and inhaled his scent. 
Running down the corridors, shoulders hitting everyone, you grabbed the first familiar person you could find by the shoulders. “Haechan? Where is he?” 
But those people had no idea who you were talking about. 
“Selene? Selene!” you barged into the study room. Dozens of faces turned towards you. Selene looked at you as if you were crazy. “Something happened?” she sounded worried. 
Sitting in front of her, Doyoung looked as worried as her. 
You gulped, feeling like crying. Or maybe you already were because she handed you a napkin. You ignored it.
“Haechan,” you simply said. 
Selene and Doyoung exchanged a single look before looking back at you. 
“Lee Haechan. From Gryffindor?” you explained. “Do you remember him?”
Doyoung got up, slowly, as if having in front of him a scared animal. 
“Don’t look at me like I am crazy! This is his scarf!” you shook it in front of them. 
Selene took one of your hands. “Let’s take a walk so you can tell me about him.” 
“He was your friend-” your voice broke, “how could you all forget about him?”
Doyoung and Selene left you to sit on the grass outside even if they insisted it was too cold. After telling them the story again and again and hearing their messed up version of it, you just stopped talking. Maybe you were crazy. Maybe you actually imagined it all. 
The breeze was indeed cold but it numbed your limbs enough for it to be pleasant as opposed to what you felt inside.
“It’s a beautiful day today, isn’t it?” a voice behind your back said. 
You didn’t bother to reply or turn around. You had no idea when he approached you and you didn’t care.
The man sighed and sat near you. With the corner of your eyes, you could tell he had black hair and wasn’t wearing the uniform. 
“I am Mark. And I know where Haechan is.” 
Your head snapped towards him. The man smiled brightly like a young boy, delighted by your sudden attention. 
“Do you want me to tell you?”
Haechan inhaled suddenly, eyes on the outside of their fake Tarot shop. Behind the glass, a girl was trying to look inside. It was closed so the girl thought no one could see her while she was adjusting her makeup in the reflection. 
Jeno and Jaemin looked at Haechan firstly then in the direction he was staring at. 
Jeno’s eyes widened. 
Jaemin furrowed his eyebrows. “What’s up with you guys? Do you know her?”
Haechan stood up in a second, knocking down the crystal ball from the desk but Jeno’s iron fist stopped him by grabbing his forearm. 
Haechan’s eyes were incendiary. “Let go.” 
“I said-” 
“What are you going to do huh? Talk to her? Say what? You’re a Demon and you just talked in another Universe a few days ago? She doesn’t remember you. That’s a different version of her.” Jeno scolded him but his expression relaxed as Haechan looked up, exchanging a look with him. 
He looked devastated. 
Haechan shook his head with a tired chuckle. “No, you’re right.” 
He sat back down and rested his head in his palm, pretending to be busy looking in his book. 
The crystal ball turned intact on his desk as if it never fell. 
“Jeno, it’s okay. I said you’re right. I’m not going to do anything stupid-” 
“No, dumbass. Look!” Jeno lightly hit his shoulder.
You adjusted the big red and yellow scarf you had around your neck in the reflection of the window. 
Haechan could see the bright “HC” letters on the bottom of it as you walked away. 
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DOYOUNG — smcu express jacket behind
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When He Surprises His Foreign Partner ~ NCT 127 Reaction
“I was wondering when you’d get here,” Taeil called out as he watched you walk out of your office, leaning casually against the door of the rental car he had.
“Taeil?” You questioned, struggling to look across as a result of the dark shy, rushing to get closer to the figure.
His head nodded as you got closer to him, “I was beginning to catch a cold waiting here for you to show up? I really need to have a word with your boss about how late he works you.”
“You’re supposed to be on tour,” you chuckled as his arms wrapped tightly around you, “have you had shows cancelled or something? How else can you be here right now?”
His head changed to shake in reply to you, “I’m only here for two days, rather than ride on the tour bus to the next city I thought I’d fly and stop off to pick something up on the way.”
“I’ve got work, I can’t just go travelling with you,” you reminded him.
“That’s why I’ve already spoken to your boss.”
A gasp came from you in disbelief, “did you come here to pick me up, or just so you could sweettalk my boss into giving me time off?”
“Both, although picking you up is definitely better.”
“Hello?” You called out as you walked into your apartment, noticing that the living room light was on, grabbing one of your boots as you crept in.
“Hello,” a voice laughed from inside the room, a voice that you’d recognise no matter where you were in the world.
You dropped your shoe as you marched into the room, finding Johnny laid out on the sofa. “Is that all you can say, hello? What are you doing here? How did you even get in here?”
“Spare key,” he laughed, placing it down on the coffee table before standing up to greet you, “I’m here just because I fancied a trip on my week off, and visiting you was quite tempting.”
Your head shook as his arms snaked around your waist, “you never fail to surprise me with how crazy you are, I can’t believe you planned all of this without telling me.”
“That’s the whole point of a surprise, not to tell someone,” he teased.
“I thought someone was trying to rob me.”
A loud chuckle came from Johnny as a pout formed on your face, “I think I might just be the most harmless robber that you’ll ever meet.”
“You terrified me; this is why you should say you’re coming.”
“Shall we bring out your cake?” Your mum asked as your dad cleaned the plates at the end of your birthday dinner, “we managed to hide it from you for once.”
“What did you organise?” You asked as your mum left the room, noticing several suspicious faces around the room.
You kept your eyes on the door as your mum walked back through, noticing another figure behind her. “The cake isn’t much, but we’re hoping that this might make back up for it.”
“Hi,” Taeyong blushed from behind your mum as she took the cake from his hold so that he could free his arms to wrap around you as you stood up and ran across to him.
Your hand hit against his chest before cuddling against his side, “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me that you were coming for my birthday, I thought you’d just forgotten.”
“I was a little bit too busy flying through the sky,” Taeyong laughed.”
“I guess I can forgive you for that one.”
Taeyong nodded as he kissed against the top of your head, “don’t hug me for too long, we’ve got a tasty looking cake to enjoy.”
“The cake can wait; I think I want to enjoy you first.”
“What are those in your hand?” You questioned as Yuta showed you one of the parcels that had arrived for him earlier in the day, “they look pretty important.
“Oh, these,” Yuta grinned, keeping himself relaxed, “these are just some plane tickets to go to Y/H/N next week, no big deal.”
It took a moment for the penny to drop, but as soon as it did, you let go of a hum. “Wait, did you just say Y/H/N or am I hallucinating right now and living through some sort of dream.”
“Look,” Yuta laughed as he showed you the tickets, “I’ve got a week off, and my family are busy so I thought whereas could I go? I could go and see what Y/N’s up to.”
Your head shook at how relaxed Yuta was, “you booked tickets without telling me, you mean to say we’ve talked on the phone all week and you’ve known you were coming.”
“It’s not the same to just mention on the phone,” Yuta responded.
“I can’t believe you’re actually coming here.”
Yuta nodded as your smile grew, “I was trying to find the right time to surprise you, but I think I hit the jackpot choosing right now.”
“I think you did; I don’t even know what to say right now.”
“That coat looks remarkably like Dongyoung’s,” you chuckled as you walked into your parent’s home, hanging yours up beside it, “did Y/B/N buy a new one?”
“Not quite,” your father grinned as he invited you into the living room, struggling to control the smile on his face.
You walked in as you usually did, only to have your attention immediately drawn to the sofa. “W-what?” You stuttered, as a familiar smile greeted you from your usual seat.
“Weren’t expecting me, right?” Dongyoung teased as he stood up, opening his arms up as you leapt into them, feeling him catch your frame, “your mum makes excellent coffee.”
Your head shook in disbelief back at him, “you can’t say something like that after flying halfway around the world to come and see me, you owe me an explanation.”
“I had time off, so I thought I’d come and visit,” he simply replied.
“How did you get away with not telling me?”
Dongyoung shrugged as he spun you around, “I didn’t think your parents would be able to keep the secret, but I was wrong.”
“I so want to be mad at you all right now, but I can’t be.”
“There’s one final present that we almost forgot,” your best friend called out as all of your friends looked to the back door of your house, where a small knock came from.
“Go and see then,” another of your friends grinned, pushing gently against your shoulder to get you up and across.
You anxiously opened up the door, taking a step back as you met the eyes of a person on the other side of the door. “Happy birthday,” Yoonoh smiled as he stepped forward.
“No way,” you gasped, bringing your hands up to cover your mouth as he wrapped his arms around your frame, “how did you even find a way to get here with your schedule.”
Yoonoh pressed a kiss to your forehead before clearing his throat, “I pulled a few strings at work, and luckily there was a last-minute cancellation on a flight.”
“I can’t believe you came all this way for my birthday,” you mused.
“Did you really think I’d miss your special day?”
Your head shook as your hands moved to rest against his chest, “I’m sorry guys, but this is definitely my favourite present of the year”
“Don’t worry, we all knew we couldn’t compare to Yoonoh.”
“Here you are,” a familiar voice called out as you felt a pair of arms wrap tightly around your waist, picking you up and twirling you around in the air with ease.
“Jungwoo!” You laughed, feeling your accreditation hit you in the face several times, “aren’t you supposed to be rehearsing.”
His head nodded as he placed you back on your feet, “the manager mentioned that you had arrived and I couldn’t wait to see you any longer, Taeyong has given us five minutes.”
“I thought I wouldn’t be able to see you until after the show,” you smiled as Jungwoo spun you around so that the two of you were face to face, “this is earlier than expected.”
The smile on his face continued to grow too, “I mean it when I’ve only got five minutes, but the boys didn’t want to leave me to wait until after the show either.”
“Five minutes it fine when I’ve got three days after,” you assured.
“Make sure you stay safe during the show.”
Your head nodded in reply to his instructions, “don’t worry, I’ll make sure that I’m safe, so that I can find you and bring you home after.”
“I can’t wait to not have to sleep in a hotel tonight.”
“Y/N, there’s someone at the door to see you,” your mum called out, stepping aside as you stood up from the sofa to go and see what was going on outside.
“Happy holidays,” a familiar voice spoke as your eyes looked up, chuckling loudly as you let go of a squeal of delight.
You raced across to Mark, colliding with his chest as you struggled to stop. “What are you doing here?” You laughed, running your hands through his hair and then to his cheeks.
“I thought I’d come and see you for the holidays,” Mark grinned as he held onto your frame, “I didn’t want to celebrate another Christmas away from each other, it’s no fun.”
Your head shook in disbelief as you pulled back so that you could meet Mark’s eyes. “Can you pinch me please so that I know that I’m not dreaming looking at you here.”
“I’m not going to pinch you, but I can kiss you?” He offered.
“I think that will definitely do the trick.”
Mark’s smile grew as he leaned forwards to press a kiss to your lips, “they’ll be plenty of those, seeing as it’s the holidays after all too.”
“Don’t worry, there will definitely be no complaints.”
“I’ve got a surprise for you,” Donghyuck proudly smiled as the conversation began to collapse between the two of you, “do you want to see what it is?”
“Of course,” you smiled, placing your phone back down as you looked to the screen, “what have you been up to?”
You watched on, as Donghyuck lifted up a plane ticket, holding it up close to the camera so that you could read the details on it. “Can you see what it says, or shall I read it to you?”
“Are you serious?” You chuckled, reading Incheon as the departure, and your hometown as the destination, “this isn’t some sort of practical joke that you’re pulling, is it?”
Donghyuck’s head shook as he put the ticket back down, “we’ve got a window in our schedule, so I thought I’d come and see you, that’s if you want me to come and visit.”
“OF course, I do, that’s not even a question,” you chuckled loudly.
“My flight leaves in four days if that’s alright.”
Your head nodded immediately nodded in reply, “I don’t care when you come, I just can’t believe you’re finally coming to visit me again.”
“Only four days to go until we’re back together.”
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220116 YUTA IG Story
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220116 | Yuta’s Instagram Story update with Johnny, Doyoung & Haechan
[Translation: let’s meet at the dome]
Translated by nctnews
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ㅤㅤ– в этих отношениях, давай больше не болеть.
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똥⠀⠀⺌ ⠀☆ ..⠀⠀@_doyoung : gente, fui corno :(
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You talked to him when we were together ⠀%🧷 +]
Loved you at your worst. You betrayed me and I know that you'll never feel sorry for the way I hurt
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Doyoung: Jungwoo, those chocolate chips are for the cookies Taeyong's going to bake.
Taeyong: No, let him eat them.
Doyoung: But you told me I can't have any cause their for the cookies.
Taeyong: Cause I don't like you.
Doyoung: I don't like you either.
Taeyong: Jungwoo take the whole bag to your room.
Jungwoo: Are you going to kiss?
Taeyong: Take the bag of mini Reese's too.
Jungwoo: Haechan, Mommy Doyoung and Mommy Taeyong are going to kiss.
Haechan: *from the living room* Doyoung ain't my mama!
*ten minutes later*
Jaehyun: Johnny, Taeyong and Doyoung, are beating each other with baking sheets.
Jungwoo: Does that mean they didn't kiss?
Johnny: Not exactly, it probably happened at some point.
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doyoung lockscreens × aesthetics!! please like or reblog if you save it! 🥟
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now i know
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Ways of Showing Affection - NCT 127
Tumblr media
With Cancer Venus he will show affection by just caring a lot for his partner. Will strive to create a safe space for his partner just so they know that they can be vulnerable and just open around him. Just so gentle! He’ll show affection by paying a lot of attention to small things. He’ll know his partner's coffee order by heart kind of thing! Will cook for them. Surprise dinner dates at home! Will show affection by making plans for the future with his partner or just showing how he sees his partner in his future. Will show affection by making his partner’s family like his family!
With Taurus Mars physicality and sensuality are also very important to him. Expressing affection through warm hugs or just overall cuddling, soft kisses. Just have some kind of physical touch. Will like to treat his partner to just relaxing meals.
Tumblr media
With Capricorn Venus he will mainly show his affection through his actions. Will show affection by putting in a lot of effort in the relationship. By taking responsibilities wherever possible and just trying to make life easier for his partner. Through actions will show how appreciative he is for his partner. Will try show that he takes his relationship very seriously. Will try to create a relationship that is stable and predictable but still steady. Will show affection by being really patient and gentle with his partner and even giving space to them if needed. Will also show affection through physical touches, even though not huge on PDA but will find a way to show his partner that yeah he is there with them.
With Leo Mars he’ll show affection by being protective of his partner and just taking care of them. Will like to compliment them a lot just because he likes to make them smile. Very warm embraces.
Tumblr media
His Venus is in Gemini so he’ll show his affection by being playful with his partner. Giving his whole attention to his partner will also show his affection. Will let his partner into the curiosity of his mind and will share with them every little thing that fascinates him. His affection can be felt when he just sits silently and patiently listens to his partner talk for hours on any and everything. Will show his affection by light teasing. Lots if hugs!! and if he can stay in silence with his partner without it getting awkward or stifling then yup true love.
With Virgo Mars will show affection by taking care of his partner. His love language would be acts of service. Will try his best to ease things for his partner. Has the ‘I’ll do it for you’ attitude. Will show affection by always encouraging his partner in all their endeavors. Will show affection by worrying a lot about his partner specially about their health.
Tumblr media
With Scorpio Venus he’ll show his affection by trying to learn and understand everything about his partner. Through different ways will show how much he trusts his partner and will want that trust to be reciprocated. Will let his partner on on his ‘secrets’. Slowly and steadily will make his partner a part of his world and introduce them to everyone important to him. Will show affection by noticing simple little quirks of his partner at times even imbibing those little habits into his.
With Sagittarius Mars will show affection through opening up to his partner. Would like to share interests and explore new things with his partner. So way of showing affection would be inviting his partner to join in on his ‘adventures’ or ‘explorations.’ Will show affection by being a motivator to his partner and just being an optimistic presence for them.
Tumblr media
With Pisces Venus he’ll show his affection by giving! When in love he really wouldn’t mind giving his time and energy or even resources to the other person. Will pretty much not ask anything back but will absolutely love if whatever he gives is reciprocated back. So yeah affection through generosity. Pisces Venus overall is very romantic and like to show affection through personalised stuff like writing a letter or singing a song or painting.
With Aquarius Mars will show affection by trying his best to get to know his partners friends. Will want to share all his thoughts and ideas with his partner to the point he’ll want them to be the first one to know anything.
Tumblr media
Will show affection by treating his partner like his best friend. Will send his partner things randomly just because he saw it and it made him think of it. Will like to hear their thoughts about everything in the universe. The kind to discuss conspiracy theories at 2 am. Will show affection by boosting his partner’s individuality and just letting them be. Will be extremely helpful.
With Libra Mars will show affection by flirting with his partner a lot just because he likes to get a reaction out of them. Will always try his best to charm them through anyway possible. Wants to make his partner feel special. A lot of compliments!! Really giving when in love so will probably put his partner before himself. Will be very cooperating and adjusting.
Tumblr media
With Capricorn Venus he will mainly show his affection through his actions. Will show affection by putting in a lot of effort in the relationship. By taking responsibilities wherever possible and just trying to make life easier for his partner. Through actions will show how appreciative he is for his partner. Will try show that he takes his relationship very seriously. Will try to create a relationship that is stable and predictable but still steady. Will show affection by being really patient and gentle with his partner and even giving space to them if needed. Will also show affection through physical touches and  will find a way to show his partner that yeah he is there with them.
With Pisces Mars will show affection by being attentive. Will know every little habit of his partner. Will flatter his partner a lot. The kind to say thins like ‘you are the best thing to happen to me.’ Will show affection in some creative personalized way such as writing a song. Affection through physical touches and being clingy! A lot of cuddles and hand holding!
Tumblr media
He has Virgo Venus so definitely has boundaries specially when it comes to initiating any kind of touch with others. This makes him naturally reserved and shy when it comes to showing affection to the point at times he won’t know how to react. His go to way of showing affection would be practical like getting things done for the other person. He’ll like to be on the side lines and just be supportive in any way he can.
With Scorpio Mars there would be a need of physical touch too so once he has torn down his walls and completely trusts the other person his way of showing affection will be more physical.
Tumblr media
His Venus and Mars both are in Gemini so he’ll show his affection by being playful with his partner. Giving his whole attention to his partner will also show his affection. Will let his partner into the curiosity of his mind and will share with them every little thing that fascinates him. His affection can be felt when he just sits silently and patiently listens to his partner talk for hours on any and everything. Will show his affection by light teasing. Lots if hugs!! and if he can stay in silence with his partner without it getting awkward or stifling then yup true love
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neocatharsis · 2 days ago
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220116 DOYOUNG IG Update
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nctnews · a day ago
220117 | OSEN Kpop’s Line update with NCT 127
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justalonelynctzen · a day ago
I’m never letting anyone forget about this fancam.
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zeuswooo · a day ago
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smcu behind ☆ taeil and jungwoo
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Doyoung: Where have you been? You missed everything
Haechan: I had to get my nails done. Then Jaemin asked me to go shopping. Then we got dinner.
Doyoung: You've been missing for three days!
Haechan: We got dinner in Paris and didn't want to fly home too late so stayed there for the weekend. It's not a big deal.
Doyoung: Not a big deal? Taeyong, deal with him.
Taeyong: Did you get them?
Haechan: Of course.
Taeyong: Good boy. Tell me when you go Italy.
Haechan: Next week with Renjun and Yangyang.
Taeyong: You know what to do.
Doyoung: Taeyong, really?
Taeyong: *with a full mouth* I just love pastries Doyoung!
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Tá cheia agora? -Dodo
Kim Doyoung (nct 127 e U) +18| hétero.
Notas da autora: aí gente eu gostei desse ein, perdoa qualquer erro e boa leitura
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Observa as luzes da cidade lá em baixo, se despede da cidade de Londres, foi um ótimo fim de semana, quase perfeito pois só Doyoung pode ir com você, infelizmente Jaehyun, seu outro namorado não conseguiu viajar mas logo logo vão se encontrar em Los Angeles e os três vão passar a semana juntos.
Direciona o olhar para dentro do avião particular, está em uma das cadeiras do lado da cama onde dodo digita algo no computador concentrado parando somente para tomar um pouco do vinho na cômoda ao lado e claro para aumentar a velocidade do vibrador dentro de você.
Usa somente um robe de seda aberto pois ele ordenou que ninguém deveria incomodar até faltar uma hora para o pouso.
- você não vai jantar, boneca? Doyoung pergunta ainda vidrado no computador, desligou o vibrador a algum tempinho, porém o tamanho dentro de você só te faz pensar em gozar, está tão molhada.
- p-papai não tô c-com fome, eu presciso de v-você. Choraminga e abre as pernas e as segura, dando a visão da intimidade completamente molhada e claro, do brinquedinho enterrado ali.
- o papai tá ocupado, seja uma boa putinha e fica quieta com seu brinquedo. Ele disse e como não fosse nada ligou o vibrador novamente, você gemeu e levou os dedos ao clitóris massageando,o outro aos seios, sentia que estava vindo, mas lembrou, ele não te deixaria gozar, subitamente o desligou e você suspirou mais uma vez pelo orgasmo interrompido.
Gemeu manhosa e engatinhou, subindo na cama, deitando do lado dele passando as uninhas pelo peitoral nu, beijando o braço exposto do namorado, seus olhinhos e o biquinho fizeram doyoung rir e ele fechou o computador.
- você não vai para de me perturbar né, o que você quer ein? Se virou ficando em cima do seu corpinho miúdo. - tão pequena a minha putinha, quer dormi arrombadinha é? Quer que eu te coloque pra dormir entupida de porra é isso?
Você sorriu e rodeou o pescoço dele com as mãos
- quero p-papai.
Sentiu as mãos grandes apertando sua garganta.
- engraçado.....eu lembro de te deixar cheia antes da gente sair do hotel, fiz até o favor de colocar o brinquedinho em você pra não vazar nada, nenhuma gotinha. Afrouxou o aperto e as mãos desceram para seu seio esquerdo. - Já tá vazia amor? Não tem mais leitinho na sua bucetinha? - desceu o rosto e chupou seu peito com força, você gemeu arranhando os ombros do mais velho. - tudo bem, tudo bem.....papai vai encher você denovo e a minha princesa vai aguentar tudinho né?- desceu os chupões pela barriga até a intimidade, onde tirou o vibrador de dentro de você, causando um gemido manhoso- claro que vai, é o meu buraquinho de porra.
Ele levantou o suficiente pra tirar o pau duro para fora da calça, você segurou as pernas espremendo os seios e se mantendo bem arreganhada.
- isso neném, boa menina. Disse enquanto enfiava de uma vez só o caralho duro dentro de você, era tão grosso, ele não esperou que se acostumasse, começou as investidas fortes enquanto segurava a sua cintura.
- p-papai ....hmmm.
- e-era isso que queria? Arremeteu ainda mais forte, as bolas batendo contra sua pele, arreganhando todinha- porra olha como você é miúda. Apertou o relevo na sua barriga.
Abaixou a cabeça e pode ver onde dodo apertava, merda aquilo exitou mais ainda, tava tão gostoso, queria ficar assim pra sempre, ele chupou seus pescoço e subiu até a boca, iniciando um beijo gostoso.
Você tremeu, tinha sido tão estimulada, o pau socando fundo em você, iria gozar.
- e-eu..... vou g-gozar papai, p-por favor. Suplicou e sentiu a mão do mais velho fazerem um carinho suave em sua bochecha, contrastando com os movimentos brutos.
- goza bebê, pode gozar. Riu e deu um selinho em você- não interessa, não vou parar até eu te encher todinha.
As perninhas moles, seus olhos quase fechando enquanto recebia um cafuné na cabeça. Estava deitada no colo de doyoung, com o pau ainda enterrado na sua buceta, mais sem se mecher, somente sentido o calor de seu íntimo e evitando que toda a porra saísse.
- tá cheiinha agora não tá? Ouviu dodo perguntar enquanto embrulhava vocês dois.
- muito. Levantou a cabeça e beijou os lábios dele, que retribuiu prontamente.
- agora descansa bebê. Ele pronunciou ao se separarem- ainda vai demorar pra gente chegar.
- boa noite dodo. Voltou a se aconchegar no peitoral.- te amo
E antes de fechar os olhinhos, sorriu ao ouvir
- também te amo neném.
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