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#lee donghyuck
No because this is why dreamzens tried so hard to get nct dream all together
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insidious-rp · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
「 ͏ Inspired by The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, The Legacies, American Horror Story ͏ 」
OC roleplay // Literate // 19+ mun & muse // Supernatural City AU // All Orientations // Based on Mewe // Modern Setting in New Orleans // Welcomes Asian descents & Internationals // Black Market System
❛ welcome to new orleans! ❜ ─ We’ve been awaiting your presence. Glad you found your way home, Lee Jesper.
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xoxofullsun · 13 hours ago
credits to the owner💚
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kkaebsongtypo · 20 hours ago
(warning: anxiety attack)
[8:47pm] "Hey, hey, deep breaths. Breathe, baby." Donghyuck mumbled, his fingers lacing with yours as he reached over to the computer behind you. Tears continued to roll down your cheeks and your breathing staggered.
"Here, listen to the music..." He said gently as music began playing through the headphones that laid on your desk. He pulled back and stood in front of your chair, his hand free hand cradling your head as you cried into his torso.
"Deep breaths, my love." He reminded you softly, your shaking hand coming up to rest on his waist and grip his hoodie. He hummed along with the music as you tried to regulate your breathing. His thumb rubbed gentle circles against the skin of your hand, his other hand dropping to your shoulder.
"What's going on, baby?" He asked, pulling away slightly to wipe your damp cheeks. He squeezed your hand gently as a reminder that he was there for you. You looked up at him with a deep, unsteady breath and squeezed his hand back, trying to gather your thoughts before speaking. Donghyuck smiled down at you gently, reassuring you that you could take as long as you needed.
Tumblr media
unus annus m.l
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henyangwrites · 22 hours ago
“Hyuck, are you tired?”
“I.. I’m sorry, love.”
“Hey, no... It’s alright. Please don’t cry, baby.” You kissed his forehead gently and wiped his tears away. There was a soft smile forming in his lips as he placed your hand on them. His breath was shaking while kissing your hand repeatedly. It's time. You knew it was time to let go, but you still wanted to be in his warm presence.
“Hyuck, in another lifetime?”
“In another lifetime, love. I promise."
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leetaeyonglover · 22 hours ago
Euphoric| l;dh
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Lee Donghyuck x Reader
Themes: fluff, boyfriend!haechan
Warnings: kissing and thats all
Taglist: @stayctday , @bluejaem , @sunryu , @channoticedmeuwu [because i think she'll like it]
Networks: @kpopscape , @supermwritersnet , @culture-cafe
A/N: so this is my first fluff and it dedicated to @sunryu because she inspired me to write it and because its hyuck.
Word Count: 300 words
Tumblr media
You felt yourself smile as your head pressed into your boyfriend's shirt. His arms wrapped around you, encasing you completely making you lean into his chest. Everyone had a impression of him, as if he were some cocky big headed singer who bossed people around. This was far from the truth.
The Hyuck you knew was sweet and caring. He put everyone else's choices before him. He was the kind of guy to stay home when you were sick and sit with you just to cheer you up. He'd ditch the world for you in a second if you asked him to. He make you chicken soup and if it didn't turn out well, he'd throw it and order some instead.
On days like these you realised how lucky you were. It struck you out of the blue, how right it felt when you were in his embrace. How the rest of the world seemed to melt away and only the two of you remained. The way his lips felt on yours, the way his hands fit in yours.
Just being with him made you feel euphoric. You pecked him on the lips making him raise an eyebrow at you questioningly. You shrugged in response before kissing him again. "Dont get me wrong im not complaining but why all of a sudden." He questioned causing you to let out a laugh, "Well I just remembered how much I love you." You said leaning into him further.
"I love you too Y/N, I love you so much you have no idea." He said letting out a thoughtful sigh.
And so the two of you spent that day in each others arms sharing soft kisses and whispered conversations.
Tumblr media
@ leetaeyonglover, 2021
Tumblr media
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babyblizzard27 · a day ago
Mark and Haechan reacting to each other's baby pictures
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i9hyuck · a day ago
bf!haechan tiktok series
calling a friend while my bf plays to get him off his game
pairings: bf!haechan x fem!reader
genre: fluff
warnings: none
you were at the dorms for the fourth time this week, you had spent the night last night and it was now the next evening. your boyfriend was on his computer playing with renjun and chenle, you were on the bed which was situated right behind his desk.
haechan has been playing games since the afternoon, and even though you’ve been spending time with him practically all week, you were needy for his attention right now.
you picked up your phone, holding it up to your ear. “hello?”
“hey! are you here?” haechan was still focused on the screen in front of him, not paying you any mind.
“okay great, i can come down right now.” you said before shoving your phone in your pocket. your tote bag was hanging on his game chair, walking over to grab it.
“i’m leaving hyuck, bye.” you told your boyfriend, kissing his forehead before patting his head. you turned around to head to the door.
he turns his chair around to face you, his headset around his neck. “wait, where you going?” he asked, confused as he finally sees your keys in hand and your tote bag hanging on your shoulder.
“i’m hanging out with my friend, she’s already here. bye!” you turn around to open the door but yet again your boyfriend stops you.
“you’re just gonna leave?” he pouts, slouching in his chair.
you nod, “yeah, you’ve been playing games for awhile so i thought i could just leave.” you shrugged.
he takes off his headset and closes out of his game, ignoring the questions from his members through the mic before they were cut off. “don’t go, you have my attention now.” he stomps towards you, you couldn’t even react before he takes your tote bag and keys and tosses them on johnny’s bed.
he wraps his arms around your waist, hoisting you up as he plops you onto his bed, the bed dips next to you.
he throws his leg over yours and an arm around your torso. “if your friend gets impatient then she’ll leave and your all mine.” he smirks.
you scoff, “my friend isn’t even here anyways.”
he picks his head up to look at you.
“i was just joking so i could have your undivided attention and love.” you smile, you encase him with a hug and squeeze him as hard as you can.
“fair play.” he mumbles, and you go the rest of the night ordering take out and rewatching demon slayer for the sixth time.
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oonderbaked · a day ago
Tumblr media
doodle for this amazing fic i got to beta soooooo long ago<333
this i promise you - mullethyuck (ao3):
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