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#meat. loaf
toradhart · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
At least I can draw Joe randomly whispering sweet nothings into Cherry’s ear
BTW raise your hand if your Joecherry playlists include Evanescence, Meat Loaf, and the Florence+the Machine cover of Take Care
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katebushstandean · a month ago
what better way to illustrate the 12-year, slow-motion car wreck that was destiel than a 10-minute-long opera about a motorcycle crash
[lyrics] [my ko-fi]
this is largely inspired by @himbobradpitt​’s meatloafnatual videos (x, x, x) — thank you for cheering me on!
and many, many thanks to @lesbiantoziers​ @danneelswife​ @thylaa​ @virginalbehemoth​ and @meatmandean​ for watching and giving feedback on various and sundry cuts of this video. you guys all cheer me on so much and i don’t say it enough but i couldn’t do this without you!!
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moveslikekeithrichards · 2 months ago
What the fuck is meatloaf
its a loaf of meat
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oldschoolsciencefiction · 8 months ago
On Earth today, it's Thanksgiving. If the crew has to eat synthetic meat loaf, I want it to look like turkey. -Captain James T. Kirk, “Charlie X,” air date: 15 September 1966
While there are holidays called “Thanksgiving” in a number of countries, Kirk’s reference to turkey argues for the American or perhaps the Canadian version of the celebration suggesting that the North American tradition has spread across Earth and that it is still observed in 2266.
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hershelsue · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
☆ a walk around the edges of your trepidation by docklands (6k)
“I have a better idea.”
Harry raised both of his eyebrows, unimpressed at Louis trying to ditch the pumpkin picking task at all costs.
“Remember when we played hide and seek at school camp?”
Harry nodded, still lost. It had been a long time ago, but he could almost smell the fresh wood of the cabins alongside sunscreen and stale meat loaf.
“We should play it here. In October, picking pumpkins, by twilight. Thematic,” Louis winked.
Or, Harry and Louis go pumpkin picking in Red Sun, one of the eeriest towns in England. Amidst beautiful photographs, breathtaking love and crisp autumn wind, events accelerate into a much darker perspective.
(This fic is part of a Halloween festival my friends and I are promoting. You can read their wonderful works here. Happy Larryween!)
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dennys · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
The exfoliating properties of the meat loofah and marinara soap are ideal for body and facial cleansing.
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moveslikekeithrichards · 6 months ago
we talk about gender envy but who makes u feel Gender Validation? its meat loaf for me
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prokopetz · a year ago
Meat Loaf’s live shows always threw me a bit because dude is up there singing about cool motorcycles and twentysomething angst while dressed like a middle-aged vampire.
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one-time-i-dreamt · a year ago
All this time I’ve been thinking that Meat Loaf was the singer of Smash Mouth.
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facts-i-just-made-up · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
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casthewise · a year ago
okay i’m clearly on a music/songfic kick so please excuse me but also just consider the fact that dean really like listening to music when he and cas fuck. and like, most of this is just habit: you live in such close quarters with your brother, you learn to always leave a sock on the door, or play loud music, or jerk off real quiet in the shower. 
but some of it is also the fact that cas likes music---listens to it all the time since falling for good, and well, dean loves cas. a lot.
please consider that one particular night, dean and cas are making out pretty heavily when ‘paradise by the dashboard light’ by meat loaf comes on. and dean pauses because he’s listened to this song five billion times, but cas doesn’t seem bothered (why would he? he doesn’t know the song) so they keep on keepin’ on... but by the time meatloaf sings: though it's cold and lonely in the deep dark night/i can see paradise by the dashboard light, cas can barely kiss for how hard he’s trying not to laugh. it’s a little infectious, but he’s not stopping, and god does dean ever want him.
and maybe dean starts paying more attention to the lyrics. ain't no doubt about it we were doubly blessed/’cause we were barely seventeen and we were barely dressed, maybe he rucks up cas’s shirt and uses his heel to push down the elastic of cas’s boxers.
baby don't you hear my heart/you got it drowning out the radio/i've been waiting so long for you to come along and have some fun, maybe he’s a total sap and arches up so their chests are pressing together.
and maybe, when they reach the bridge, cas actually pulls away to snort:
we're gonna go all the way tonight/we're gonna go all the way and tonight's the night...
he’s on dean with ten times more enthusiasm, pushing off his two shirts and pulling down his pants until they’re totally naked and a tangle of limbs and no, wait, safe-safe at second base/this kid really makes things happen out there/batter steps up to the plate, here's the pitch-he's going/and what a jump he's got, he's trying for third, dean cops a feel while cas reaches for the nightstand, here's the throw, it's in the dirt-safe at third/holy cow, stolen base, he's taking a pretty big lead out there...
cas is a fucking animal, lubing up his fingers and teasing dean’s hole and dean whimpers and bites his lip and he is so weak for him it’s a little embarrassing. cas gets him ready and dean is pawing at him, murmuring things like “yeah yeah c’mon sweetheart” and he can barely hear the song over his own heartbeat but it’s in the background, somehow making everything like ten times hotter. the only thing that could top it is if they were actually parked and doing this in baby’s back seat.
bunted down the third base line, the suicide squeeze is on/here he comes, squeeze play, it's gonna be close, here's the throw, here's the play at the---/holy cow, i think he's gonna make it---
cas slides home---
---and still buried inside dean, pulls away to laugh in total fucking delight. dean, who hasn’t been paying attention for the past while, wraps his legs around cas’s waist and grins crookedly, singing along as he pulls cas in for a messy, smiley kiss:
do you love me?/will you love me forever?/do you need me?/will you never leave me?/will you make me so happy for the rest of my life?/will you take me away and will you make me your wife?
cas drives into him as a steady pace, dean’s singing is abruptly cut off by the toe-curling sensation of his prostate being nailed. he feels cas smirk into his neck.
i gotta know right now, before we go any further/do you love me?/and will you love me forever?
it’s never been like this between them: intense and sloppy and carefree and fun. hell, dean doesn’t think he’s ever really fucked like this before. he can’t stop smiling. his chest is gonna burst with how weirdly light he feels. cas grins crookedly at him and sends a full body shiver up his spine and dean fucking loves him. 
despite the fact that meat loaf is singing, let me sleep on it/baby, baby let me sleep on it, dean jumps ahead: do you love me?---Cas!---will you love me forever?/do you need me?---fuck!---will you never leave me?
cas, bless him, seems to understand dean’s weird roundabout confession and stops, totally shocked, before throwing himself into fucking dean totally senseless. dean is 100% on board with this. he wraps himself around cas as much as he can, and he’s never really cried during sex but he’s getting a little misty-eyed because cas is nodding and repeating the word yes like it’s a fucking prayer. 
dean whites out like that, cas following not long after.
so now i'm praying for the end of time/to hurry up and arrive/’cause if i gotta spend another minute with you/i don't think that i can really survive
dean turns to look at cas, totally dazed and blushing to high heaven. he snorts at the lyrics and cas grabs his hand, pressing a kiss to his palm through a sweet, satisfied smile. “dean,” he says, half question, half unsure statement. 
dean frowns, propping himself up on a shaky arm. “yeah, what’s up?” he’s not freaking out. he’s not. 
it was long ago and it was far away/and it was so much better that it is today...
“i’m in love with you.”
dean can’t stop the grin from taking over his entire fucking face. cas’s eyes are wide and blue and dean shrugs bashfully because he is a child. “kinda got that.” he leans in, presses a chaste kiss to cas’s mouth. “i love you, too.” he nudges their noses. “in case you were wonderin’.”
cas’s grin is a thing of pure joy.
it was long ago and it was far away (it never felt so good, it never felt so right)/ and it was so much better that it is today (and we were glowing like, a metal on the edge of a knife)...
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ryostrenchcoat · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
burnin’ for you: a 70s ryokira mix aka play that funky music, devil-boy
listen at playmoss
And I know that I'm damned if I never get out And maybe I'm damned if I do But with every other beat I've got left in my heart You know I'd rather be damned with you If I gotta be damned, you know I wanna be damned Dancing through the night with you
In the Stone Earth, Wind & Fire // The Boys Are Back in Town Thin Lizzy // Ballroom Blitz Sweet // Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting Elton John // Burnin’ For You Blue Öyster Cult // You’re My Best Friend Queen // Superstition Stevie Wonder // Werewolves of London Warren Zevon // I Feel the Earth Move Carole King // Lay All Your Love On Me ABBA // Sympathy For the Devil The Rolling Stones // Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve)? Buzzcocks // How Deep Is Your Love Bee Gees // Love Will Tear Us Apart Joy Division // Bat Out of Hell Meat Loaf
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thiefqueenftw · 3 years ago
A customer asked for 3/4 of a pound of ham today and when I got it and weighed it and it came out to be .75 pounds he said angrily “I asked for 3/4 of a pound!!!” And I had to explain to this full grown American man that .75 was 3/4 of a pound and he didn’t even apologize he just huffed and stormed off
Another person asked if meat loaf contained meat
human beings are really something
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christopherleefan · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This made my day.
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