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#n'jadaka's wedding

The setup for the great comeback of the N’Jadaka Wedding Series!

Sorry @palmstreesallday​ for the terrible delay!

Ms. Rona and all this bs is forcing me to stay my ass at home, so why not!

Warnings: None.



Originally posted by uww

Staring out into the grassy terrain, Erik observed the sun rising just before he began his morning run. The young man was finally home and although his way of getting there was unorthodox, he felt like he had finally belonged. Much was done between Erik and the royal family to get to the point of feeling like a true family; he was redeemed and happy.

Shuri was like the little sister he never knew he needed, her presence made him softer, kinder, and more defensive. His relationship with T’Challa was very shaky at first but the two were like brothers with all the bickering and back and forth; they loved each other in that aspect. And after T’Challa brought in Maya, Erik had gained another sister; someone, who despite the often boujee and upty air on the surface, shared a lot of the same personality traits.

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