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musiciati · 2 days ago
Spy x Family Mission 54 (Abridged Recap)
The day has arrived, or so we think as Endo gives us one more twist to this arc before going on a break. And, boy does he not disappoint. I just want to start this out by saying, this must have been a super anticipated chapter and that Yor Supremacy is at the helm of this and I say that because today because once that chapter dropped on Viz, the site crashed. (A tense few minutes, that felt like painful hours as others who were lucky enough to read it, were already freaking out over the chapter). But I digress, let's get this recap going.
Tumblr media
The sparkle show may be over, but the night isn't over for Loid and Anya. Walking back, Loid spies with his eyes, some lip reading on a bomb and switches from moping sad husbando to expert bomb defusers.
Tumblr media
At the top of the ship, the battle is still ongoing, and with Yor distracted by the sandaled swordsman, we got some annoying wannabe assassins trying to get to Olga and company.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Anya sneaks out of the kid prison Loid placed her in and somehow discovers the sword in the stone. With her esper powers, looks like the chosen one has been found and Anya uses her powers to help her mother out.
Tumblr media
Look at the chosen one's powers at work, ended two assassins, quality finish and protected Olga and company. All in a day's work.
Tumblr media
Back to the main fight, with the chosen sword back in the true master's hands, an epic crosshair battle ensues with Yor vs Sandaled Swordsman, while perpendicular to the clash is a one on one between Director and Sniff Jobs.
Tumblr media
Hello?!? Are you still breathing? Because I'm still breathless of how epic Yor is and omg Yor supremacy is at it's peak. The true queen has stepped out on top.
Tumblr media
Below deck, Loid gets things done and disarms the bomb, however that face seems to say things are far from over...
Tumblr media
Should of seen this the ship's name is Princess Lorelei, it was staring us right in the face.
Tumblr media
So some takeaways from this chapter...
There are 2 known bombs on the ship, assassins galore, Sniff Jobs still alive, don't underestimate Evil Frankie -> Yor Supremacy, Anya is the chosen child, Loid looks like he knows something = Boat Arcs are crazy.
Questions to think about:
Evil Frankie is more than just an informant, was he a possible ex-WISE agent? Did Loid recognize the mechanism of the bomb and figured out it was Evil Frankie?
The tampered emergency exit on the ship, was this Evil Frankie's doing?
Was all of this just a setup by Evil Frankie in the end so he can collect the reward for himself?
Until next time!
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equinesandeducation · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
recap // september 2021
summer holiday went by in a flash, but i got some serious rest which was sorely needed. only 10 days into the school year and we are right back into swing of things. the workload is intense, but thankfully with just enough breathing space for runs and rides. seeing my classmates and teachers in real life on campus again is honestly so nice and together with the autumn chill in the air in the early mornings, my soul is content.
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esthara · 5 days ago
These four seconds will forever live in my head rent free.
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mar7s0l · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Best friends. 🥺
Waverly looks so proud that her sister and her wife are best friends now. 🤗💕
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sammit-janet · 7 months ago
J2 Panel Recap
Jensen sings “Reunited and it feels so good” lol
Jensen has a huge beard and Jared is clean-cut.
Jensen asked Jared for hair tips with his long hair
Jared pulled the actor’s card to get the beanies that were his favorite from the UK, but it didn’t work
Jensen is making fun of Jared’s English accent
Jared recounts the story of how he started wearing beanies because as he was working out his hair was flicking his sweat everywhere.
Jensen said he is not built for a treadmill, he should be riding a horse
Sidenote: god i have missed their banter
Jensen tells Jared he misses him, says this is the longest they’ve gone without seeing each other in 15 years.
Turns out Jared was with Gen in Colorado for their anniversary trip, not with Jensen for his birthday.
Jared started typing out a sappy social media post for Jensen’s birthday but got too emotional and scrapped it
Jared has learned over the past year that he could not do parenting without his wife.  He can do it in spurts, but not a “marathon” of parenting.
Jensen has learned over the past year that he thought he was a patient person, but when it comes to parenting, he’s not lol
Jensen has learned that he needs to ask for help with the kids and to have more patience
Question: what is the strangest dream you’ve ever had.
Jensen says he has had some weird dreams and they’re usually mushroom induced, Jared falls out of the screen laughing.
Real answer from Jensen is it’s always some apocalyptic event happening and he’s trying to save people and he can’t.
Jared says he has this dream where he’s in an apocalypse and this bowlegged dude is trying to rescue him but he can’t. LMAO
Real answer from Jared is someone was sneaking into his house in LA and there’s a ghost and the sheets start moving and the lights go on and off.  He saw a figure and thought he was awake, but he was still dreaming.  But he has his black belt in demon hunting now so they don’t bother him anymore.
Question: How are the Impalas?
Jared sat in his last night and turned it on and made sure it was still working.
Jensen said he sold it for parts and Jared said 4 people just died lol
Jensen’s real answer is the Impala is safe in a secure location in Austin.
Question: Any chance we will see Jensen direct an episode of Walker?
Jenesen was supposed to direct season 1 episode 5 but he got the job on The Boys.
Jared’s been begging him for two years to direct.
Jensen was really excited to direct the episode but got tied up getting fitted for his costume for The Boys.
Jared was looking forward to having someone on set who knows him so well to help him creatively get away from being Sam, but as Jensen said, “He doesn’t need any help with that.  He’s doing a great job.”
Someone asked a question for Misha and Jared and Jensen imitated Cas to answer the question lol
Question: tell us about Chaos Machine and your plans for it
Jensen said he and Danneel are currently working and developing about five different projects.  One is going to network this week.  Not trying to be genre specific, trying to go across the board.  One is with a Supernatural alum, but he didn’t want to say too much.
Jensen puts on a beanie and looks amazingly hot.
Question: what do you think sam and dean do in heaven?
Jared says it’s up to us to see what sam and dean are doing in heaven and that we need to start a petition to get supernatural back on air lol.
Jared says he hopes they have finally found the peace they deserved so much talking about cars and sitting on the green cooler relaxing and drinking beers.
Jensen says we caught a glimpse of what dean does in heaven, he drives around in Baby, pops tops at Harvelle’s, gets some lasagna from mom and dad’s.  At a certain point he misses the life and goes and gets Sam and tells Jack “put us in coach” and that’s the reboot.
Jared said let's just grab some go pro’s and get in the impalas and film it.
Jensen says he knows a production company that would take that lol
Question: what is something you would like to pass on to your kids that’s important to you?
Jensen - a sense of self, a sense of purpose, a sense of community, to love themselves and who they are.  And Baby.  Of course.
Jared - very similar answer.  He saw a quote that said “find someone who loves you warts and all and who you love warts and all”.  He hopes the kids seek out that type of person as well as that sense of purpose that jensen talked about.
Jensen asked about genital warts and all and Jared said, “I mean, i still love you” lmao
Question: most silly fight you’ve ever had
Jensen talks about a silly fight outtake in slow motion from the series finale.  Rob the stunt coordinator told them to slow down a fight and they slowed it down to a ridiculous speed and they hope it made it to the gag reel.  
Jensen said that’s one thing he assumes he is going to miss the most about working on other shows and that was when he and Jared always take the seriousness out of a day and make it more light-hearted.
Question: do you think dean would let sam pick the music in heaven?  
Jared’s guess is absolutely not.  It’s still driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.
Jensen says no matter who picks the music in heaven, you both hear what you want to hear.
Question: what have you not done yet but would like to do?
They weren’t sure did the person mean in life?  On the show??
Jensen says let’s go with “on the show”.
Jared says it’s easier to answer with what he would like to do in life, which is travel.  And calm down and chill out because he can’t stop moving and doing things.
Jensen goes with “on the show” and he said he would have liked to have a crossover with Vampire Diaries and killed everyone, or go to The Walking Dead and have the Impala roll in and Slaughterhouse Five the zombies.
Jared said that should be their reboot, the Winchester Brothers just going to other shows and killing all the bad guys.  Naked.  Lol
Question: what happened when you were snow tubing with JJ?  (to Jensen)
Jensen took JJ to go snow tubing and she met a friend there.  They asked if they could tube together.  The kids hopped on a sled and at the bottom of the hill there was a fire hydrant.  It was wrapped with a gym pad.  The girls started bee-lining for the fire hydrant and even though it was wrapped it was still hard.  So he threw himself in front of the sled in between the sled and the fire hydrant and it flipped him completely over onto his butt.  
Question: what is something that when you think about it you can’t help but smile?
Jensen shows a video that Jared sent to him that Jared has been laughing about for the last two days.
It was Jensen lip syncing to WAP with his shirt off. (I can’t wait for the gifs of that LMAO)
Jared said Jensen just killed off four more people.
Jared showed us a video of Gil lip syncing to “maya hee maya haa haa”
And a video of an edited photo of him and Jensen really really old lip syncing to another song.
Apparently all of these are an app where you can take a photo and make it look like the person is singing.  They are not actually lip syncing.
Question: if sam and dean were telling a bedtime story, what would it be about?
Jensen shows a children’s book called “Sam and Dean’s Adventures” and says “Boom!  Done!”
Jared tells a scary story to his kids because they insist and it scares them so bad they end up sleeping in their bed and tattling to Gen and he gets in trouble lol
Jared says the best way to be a background actor that’s supposed to be talking is to tell a joke that never ends.
Jensen says then the director yells cut because there’s a background actor being too animated lol
Jensen says Jared’s joke that always makes him laugh is: Did you hear there was an explosion at a cheese factory in France?  Da brie was everywhere. lmao
Question: what is your favorite stunt you did?
Jared says jumping through the window in season 4.
Jensen says his reverse 180 in “Baby”
Jensen shows a book from Jerry Waneck, a set designer, that has all 15 seasons of photos he has taken of the sets and behind the scenes pictures.
Question: what would have happened if Sam had been in Dean’s place.  Would Dean have been able to live without his brother?
Jared says that little piece of rebar wouldn’t have been able to pierce his lats. LMAO!
Both he and Jensen die laughing.  Jensen says the rebar would have come out the other side of the post.
Jensen says he thinks this was the proper way to go because he knows Sam was the one who would be able to find purpose outside of his brother and to find love and keep going.  Sam always had that macrovision of life and Dean had a microvision.  He thinks Dean wouldn't’ have been able to live without his brother and would have just wasted away in the back of a pool hall.  Sam was the one who was able to function without his brother.  He was more able to navigate life without Dean.  Dean wouldn’t have been.
Jared said Sam also knew Dean would have come back to life and kicked his ass if he went back to hunting.
Jensen said Sam was able to find a life outside of hunting not just for himself, but for Dean also.
Question: what song reminds you of your character on SPN?
Jared says his alarm song is “Brothers in Arms” by Dire Straits.  The song that was playing during Dean’s funeral.  And that’s the one that speaks to him.  Also Carry On My Wayward Son.  He says nothing necessarily reminds him of Sam, but reminds him of the show and the brothers and their relationship.
Jensen says “Back in Black” immediately makes him snap into character.  “Don’t Fear the Reaper” has a lot of weighty points in his show.
Jared said he was in the car on the way to Walker and “Renegade” came on the radio and he went to You Tube to look up the scene from Night Shifter.
Jensen saw a gif of Dean chasing Dracula in Monster Movie and remembered how fun that episode was to film.   He also can’t listen to Night Moves any more without thinking about the scene in “Baby”.  Remembering how the sound guy was in the trunk and he was dodging potholes so he didn’t get launched out of the trunk.
Jared and Jensen say goodbye.  Jensen tells Jared he loves him and how much he misses us and the conventions.
Jared tells Jensen he loves him too.
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911bts · a month ago
Season 4 Recap via FOXtv Fan Hub
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dualityofcastiel · 7 months ago
Recap on the J2 panel (this is long, but I still might have missed something)
Jensen does a little sing song
Jared talks about how he and Jensen basically swapped haircuts
Jensen says he looks like someone who belongs in prison
Jared has the ’Polish forehead’
Jensen thinks man buns are wrong
Jensen’s hair’s sticking up in all directions and Jared says he looks like an anime character
They talk about beanies
They talk about how running on a treadmill is boring.
Jensen says his body is not made for running because of his bow legs (he should ride a horse)
This is the longest they haven’t seen each other in 15 years
Jared wishes Jensen happy birthday. Jared didn’t send a birthday tweet because he got so emotional over for not being able to hug Jensen on his birthday.
Jared has learned patience as a parent during this year. And that he can’t do it alone.
Jensen describes himself as a very patient person. But his parenting fuse a lot shorter and he gets more easily frustrated. He’s learned to ask for help and learned to ’extent that fuse’
Jensen says that ’as a man inherently you don’t want to ask for help but fix and do things yourself’
Jensen’s learned how super-human Danneel is and how human (’sub-human’ ) he is
Jensen’s had weird dreams and jokes about them being ’mushroom induced’
Jensen’s reoccurring dreams revolve around apocalyptic scenarios where he had to save someone (dean kinnie lol)
Jared jokes about having a reocurring dream where bowlegged dude needs to save him in an apocalypse
Jared had a weird dream where he had a dream in a dream and it freaked him out.
Jensen says that in an actual paranormal situation he would know some tricks but would be as useless ’as someone asked to be a doctor ’
Jensen says that the impala only brought luck. He says it’s safe and secure in Austin.
Walker mention
Jensen was supposed to direct in Walker season one but didn’t because he went to work on the Boys
Jensen was supposed to direct Walker episode 5 but could not because of costume fittings for the Boys
Jensen jokes about that he told Jared he would not do it because ’it was shit’ after reading the script
They had a question addressed for Misha????
Jared and Jensen talk in fake Cas voice and say that Misha has the left anckle of the person Cas raised from perdition and a cutting board
Jensen talks about Chaos Machine. They have some material coming up that they will bring to be developed to the network next week.
Jensen’s been spending most of his time working on Chaos Machine
Jared thinks it’s up to the fans of they want to see what Sam and Dean do in heaven (and makes a joke about calling Biden and Putin)
Jared thinks that Sam and Dean are talking cars and sitting on around drinking beers in heaven.
Jensen thinks Dean drives around in heaven and visits Roadhouse and his mom and dad.
Jensen hopes that his kids find their purpose and that he gives them a good moral compass (and Baby)
Jared thinks it’s important to find someone who loves you with ’warts and all’
Jensen makes a joke about loving some one with genital warts and all. Jared makes a joke about Jensen having genital warts lol.
They talk about how in a fight scene it’s important to fight slower. Jared and Jensen joke when they are told to slow it down they slow it down to comical levels.
Jensen’s going to miss that when something started to heavy and serious and he and Jared could pop that bubble and help people relax and make the laugh. He thinks it made the end product better. And it’s one of his favourite things from Supernatural.
Jared thinks that even in heaven ’driver picks the music and shotgun shuts his cakehole’. Jensen adds that the music is always what Dean wants to hear anyway.
Jensen would have liked to have a crossover in Supernatural. Vampire diaries or Walking Dead and they would have just killed them all.
Jared would like to travel and learn other languages. He’d love to learn to calm down and let go.
Jared hopes that Sam would find peace and calm with himself. He thinks Sam had some peace but still hang ups about the life he lead and about Dean’s death.
Jensen jokes about how them being naked would have spiked the ratings.
Jensen went sleghing with JJ and JJ and her friend were sliding down the hill straight towards a fire hydrant and Jensen threw himself between them and the fire hydrant and he flipped over but he managed to help out the brunt of the impact. He snapped in dad mode ’throw your body in front of a speeding train and save your children’
Jensen sends Jared beard updates
They have a big text thread with the cast. and they are all good friends.
Jared shows two silly videos. The other is a video of faceapped old jensen singing twist and shout.
They watch early season bloober reels together.
Jensen shows the ’Sam and Dean bedtime stories’ book.
Jared tells scary stories that he makes up to his children.
Jared says that the only proper way to be a background actor is to tell a really long joke.
What makes Jensen laugh is the joke ’did you hear about the cheese factor explosion in France. The debris was everywhere’
Jensen says the 180 in Baby was one of his faves
Jensen talks about how the set designer Jerry Wanek would give them coffee table books of pictures of the sets and now they got a book about all the set through the years
Jared says that the rebar would have not hurt Sam. If Sam had slammed to the piece of rebar the rebar would have come out the other side of the pole
Jensen thinks it was the proper way to go (in the finale) because Sam was the more likely one of the brothers to find love and keep on going. Sam had more of a macro vision of life and dean more micro level vision. Dean would have wasted away in a corner of a pool hall. Dean would not have been able to navigate life without his brother.
Jared thinks that Sam thinks that Dean would have kicked his ass if he kept hunting
Jensen says that Sam was able to find a life outside of dying for his brother and Dean wouldn’t have been able to do it in a positive way
The song Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits get Jared emotional because he thinks about the finale. He really doesn’t have song that reminds him of Sam but songs that remaind him of the show
Jensen can’t listen to Back in Black without snapping back into character (dean kinnie). Dont fear the Reaper reminds him of Dean and the themes of the show.
When Jensen sees gifs in the internet and thinks that was fun to do!
He can’t listen to Night Moves without thinking about filming Baby
Jensen misses conventions
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bluewinnerangel · 3 months ago
Huh, they did do it at the same time, didn’t they 👁👃👁👂
Tumblr media
They did didn't they. Yelled about this extensively already but I'm gonna use this ask to put the two together in one post.
LAST WEDNESDAY aka baby you're the end of june aka June 30th 2021
Tumblr media
Which as we know is this Fred Perry jacket, that brand Louis is obsessed with and their logo being a laurel wreath
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
LAST FRIDAY aka 2 days later aka July 2nd 2021
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The laurel wreath containing Tommy Hilfiger Lion Crest logo... on a blue and green flannel.
They're like:
Hello we are Larry. You know what the meaning is of that name??? IT'S LAUREL! GuUuYySsS!!!! iTs LaUrELL!!1 LoOk LoOoooOOOooOOk
(related: seperate posts, masterpost, also when they did the same but it was bluegreening [with the same type of Fred Perry jacket even])
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justholdingstill · 11 months ago
a quick and dirty recap of Misha’s panel
literally as I typed it into our Discord. :P A huge thanks to @magnificent-winged-beast for sharing on Kast!
he really did stop filming in March
there WAS an alternate ending that could not happen because "covid", involving their found family in heaven
he "doesn't remember" if he was told not to talk about the original ending so he did it anyway XD
his kids can't do horror at all so to have a family getting beheaded in the start of the ep shellshocked them, and then West needed to watch curb your enthusiasm to cope lol (which is not any more appropriate for kids, he knows!)
he cried watching himself in the confession scene
he needed a lot of emotional & physical space to prep for it
he was really happy with the script for the confession scene with Cas' death...he was happy that it made it to the page and felt that it was brave for the show, and for Cas to express love like that
he's talking about the "bury your gays" trope!!!!
he doesn't think it was what was intended by the declaration
because it was Cas' choice to save Dean and the world
he says he's sure it's a conversation we'll continue to have as we unpack it (the end of the series)
somebody asked if he'd ever get an SPN he's talking about getting jared & jensen's faces tattooed on his body XD
somebody asked about 3 things he does for self-care
sleeping, running, meditating, and writing
his fave moment of the finale was dean's death scene bcuz "masterful performances"
the airplane engine explosion incident happened literally early morning after they filmed the confession scene, also the last scene he filmed
he said goodbye  to his kids thinking he was gonna die, and Cas on the same night O.o
He wonders why they never fixed Cas' car
he misses the Pimpmobile AND IT HAD HYDRAULICS LOL
Jared broke the hydraulics and it cost 10 grand to repair XD XD XD
if Cas had an alternate job he thinks he might be kinda handy in the kitchen?!
He says Cas' wings are rainbow coloured!!!!!
re: on set pranking--"as you know, Jared & Jensen are not good people" XD
he thinks that Cas probably felt vindicated when he found out that Jack is the new god
he says that zoom panels are a fine surrogate but in person con panels are more fun
he IMMEDIATELY started talking about Jensen and JIB and Rome
"honestly we were on fire"
he had the most fun playing Casifer, but he loved exploring human Cas the most
he wishes they'd had more of that
he says he loves everyone and that he knows a lot of people are going through a lot right now, and he loves how supportive the community can be to each other
he hopes we know we can reach out to each other<3
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sheepwasfound · 7 months ago
dnf moments caught from within the chaos (every single one)
 march 10th george alt stream
first video:
00:11:40-00:12:30 "is that george from dreamhunt?"
00:20:37-00:21:10 g:"me and dream argue about the stupidest things"
(many good sap/gogy sibling moments! and then...)
00:26:49 dream joins in secret and george tries to figure it out
00:27:26 dream gives himself away with a chuckle
00:27:55-00:29:00 "i was watching George's stream, i didn't even know you were streaming"
00:34:08-00:34:45 lil uk travel ban talk
00:36:46 g:"'late nights in the middle of june' this is true x2"
00:37:52-00:38:10 1.5 inches elephant still on george's desk
00:40:56-00:41:12 dream chuckling going "george is so salty"
00:49:04 dream hasn't paid george the $1,000 from geoguessr
00:49:50 dream tries to get george to play geoguessr
00:50:18-00:50:45 george tells dream about dreamhunt guy
00:53:37 d:"im on literally negative sleep"
00:55:57 g:"'tell dream you love him' no."
00:56:27-00:57:00 g:"'george you're the hottest piece of ass in dreamhunt' is that true dream?", d:"maybe it is" + "you're such an idiot"
00:57:14-00:57:54 dream tries to think of who in one direction each one of them are, can't choose for george
00:59:12 d:"he's like the most annoying person on the planet" (prob cus he can't focus on chess cus of gogy)
01:17:36 sapnap doesn't reply to george, dream replies immediately
01:19:26-01:19:40 + 01:21:56-01:22:50 talking about george exposing dream for the s*x tiktok
01:24:13 g:"ok i'm gonna go get water. dream, entertain my stream."
01:29:55-01:32:00 george and sapnap argue over servers, simp dream settles it w/ a "coin flip" (rigged)
01:33:40-01:34:50 sapnap waited for dream to wake up for burger day, s:"george wishes he coulda been a part of that"
01:36:12 d:"i was actually writing lyrics this morning"
01:40:37-01:42:12 stonks talk g:"what do i invest in?" d:"me"
(dreamnap moments interval here...)
01:50:14 s:"should i tweet out a picture of your girlfriend george?", d:"it's gonna be like a picture of my yt icon"
01:52:11-01:52:43 d:"'dnf arc'? yeah maybe", g:"is it a joke to you?"
01:52:57-01:53:11 sapnap and dream don't send george good morning texts & it upsets him
01:53:13-01:53:45 george didn't laugh at dream's joke, so dream calls him out for not paying attention
01:53:51 g:"'pretty privilege is real and you have it!' is this true dream?" d:"yeah. yeah"
01:54:13-01:54:55 sapnap accusing george of having a girlfriend, g:“dream, should we just tell them?”
01:59:30-01:59:50 g:“’can you say bleepbleep dream?’ no i can’t say that”, d:”just say it. george.”
02:02:00 g:“’is it true quackity and dream constantly fight for your love?’ it’s true”
02:02:10-02:03:00 d:”we were in our, like, linked arc. except for opposites …attract”
02:03:30 dream starts going through his texts with george
02:04:30 d:”my favorite number is…one second, i’m pulling up my george contact”
02:05:35-02:06:20 dream reads out their texts about waking up at the same time & having s*x
02:06:33-02:08:00 george’s “ayo muffin man” text to dream where he asked if he could make a joke about dream’s cheating drama, d:”you were being a good friend”
02:07:02 g:”we don’t text that much” d:”we text, like, everyday, but…”
02:08:36 first video ends
second video:
00:10:35 george shoots dnf on a wall, d:”you’re so dumb”, s:”what?”, d:”george”
00:14:30 g:”dream come baaaaackk”
00:16:22 dream in the bg laughing alone “this text is so funny! this text is amazing” (note: he started going through their texts, like, 20 mins ago)
00:17:25-00:17:58 george’s first text to dream: “hi loser”, sapnap asking about his first text, d:”that’s different”
00:20:38-00:21:00 s:”maybe if you were watching my stream instead of watching george’s all the time” + s:“maybe if you weren’t in your, like, dnf arc all the time”
00:22:40-00:23:15 g:“’george and dream’s brotherly relationship is so iconic’ brotherly?”, d:”someone in chat said ‘the alabama arc’”
00:26:05-00:26:30 pickle dick g:”dick-…dip his hands in the pickle jar”
00:27:05 d:”you’re an idiot george, you’re such a, you’re such a dick”
00:30:29-00:41:45 discussion about covid travel rules and george going to florida, george heatedly going through every possible trick to get there but dream being responsible about it
00:34:00 g:”dream, get me a private jet”
00:34:56 g:”i’ll just stay”, d:”for how long?”, g:”forever.”
00:36:13 gnf charity for private jet and then george will grapple down from a helicopter, d:”you’re such an idiot x2”
00:36:51 g:”i’m not actually joking” + g:”no it’s not impossible!” *checks cost of a private jet*
00:38:20 d:”you need to double it cus you have to go back” g:”i’m not going back. i’m not going back”
00:38:38 about deportation g:”dream, you can just protect me dream, just don’t let them take me away”
00:39:29 about deportation g:”then what if i never go back, what if i just never go back?”
00:40:01 g:”wait i have an idea dream. what if you just married me?” s:”you’re not allowed to marry someone to get them in the country”, g:”well that’s not the only reason”
00:41:13 g:”’sounds like dream doesn’t wanna meet you’ yeah he doesn’t”
00:43:43 g:”to be fair you are in your silly goose arc”, d:”i’m not in any goose arc” *mutual giggling*
00:44:45-00:45:25 discussion about obama escorting george on his private jet
00:47:38 dono:“you visiting dream is not a no, it’s a not yet”
00:50:21 g:”’just admit it, you’re madly in love with dream and you’re using this as an excuse to marry him’ no. this is false”, g:”i’m in my hating dream arc right now” d:”well, i mean … it’s about to be in a different arc though”
00:50:40 finishing each other’s sentences
00:50:50 s:”i wish karl was here.”, s:”at least i would have someone to be like, in love with, jesus”
00:51:29 d:”sapnap third wheel arc” s:”you guys may flirt and stuff, but me and you have physical s*x” d:”oh my goddd, what the hell?! that’s too far!”
00:54:43 sapnap teasing george about being able to cuddle dream, g:”i don’t care, i don’t care”
00:56:27 george teasing sapnap about having a gf again, s:”you have a dream”
00:56:43 g:”should i play geoguessr?” d:”oh, yes!”
00:57:07 d:”i’m exhausted and i’m laying in bed” (but he’s still staying)
(00:58:30 geoguessr starts, they’re tired and argue a lot)
01:00:48 arguing about colors g:”well you’re wrong” d:”maybe- actually maybe i think that’s- actually you’re right”
01:03:27 george was going to do geoguessr with wilbur today, but is too tired now
01:07:55 d:”if you had asked, i would’ve told you” g:”i didn’t wanna ask, i did it myself” *sassy*
01:13:55 george missed dream’s joke and he called him out for it again
01:17:00 g:”i’m not buying a maid dress” d:*silence*
01:20:10 g:“’dream we need your support to get george in a maid dress’ what do you think dream?”, d:*silence*
01:21:53 g:”you know what dream? i trust you”, d:”no, don’t trust me!”
01:22:50 dono:”when you asked dream if you should wear a maid dress, the silence was so loud” d:*silence*
01:23:23 after george makes a dumb voice d:”why are you reading like that?”, d:”i’m about to leave” (spoiler: he doesn’t leave, just stops looking for 30 secs)
01:24:10 g:”what do you mean you’re not even looking?”, g:”why, do you hate me?”, d:”you were being in your annoying arc”
01:34:28 dono:”do you have a song that makes you think of dream?”, d:”probably heat waves”, + george saying he doesn’t think of dream when listening to songs and dream not buying it
01:36:40 dream replying for him that george’s most listened to travis scott song is goosebumps (aka “their song”)
01:39:50 george confirms goosebumps is his most listened to travis scott song
01:42:26 d:”this is the last game im playing with you”, d:”cus i don’t wanna play with you anymore” (spoiler: it’s not the last one)
01:45:52 g:”alright one more”, d:”no i said i’d-…ok fine whatever one more” (spoiler: it’s not just one more)
01:48:46 dream mishears that george is gonna kiss him
01:54:24 g:”alright here’s the last game guys”, d:”you keep saying that, you keep…leading me on”
01:57:02 d:”that was the last one”, g:”no we said we were ending on a win” (no they didn’t) g:”you can’t leeeeeave, you can’t leave! it’s not allowed”
01:58:17 dono:”what is a place you’ve always wanted to go?”, g:”idk”, d:”america”
01:59:27 g:”i just, i was like…aaaaaghhhhlldududu you know?”, d:”yeah, i do know”
02:05:00 d:”alright, i’m gonna head out”, g:”wait, wait just wait”, g:”why are you in your like salty era?”, d:”why are you in your clingy era?”, d:”i think it would make sense if i left when i want to”, g:”alright, well, leave then, see what happens, you’re gonna regret it, that’s all i know”
02:05:30 dream leaves the call but then immediately starts watching george’s stream until he ends (who’s the one in their clingy era?)
02:06:10 george talks about going to bed (dream’s already in bed so they’re synced once again) 
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berlinini · a month ago
Timeline of Louis' projects - 2021
🔎 Let's recap what's happened so far (as of September 1, 2021)
I started writing down the important info/dates related to Louis working on LT2, but then ended up adding faith in the future, 369, the merch, the fest... so it's really a timeline giving a general overview of his work projects in 2021.
📱 means twitter/announcements
🎤 is for studio/LT2
🎉 is for the AFHF
📱Feb 14, 2021: Louis tweets "I've been doing a lot of thinking about my next record. It's going to be special!". About a potential release date, he replies "No concrete plans (...) I'm sure I will have something out this year but unlikely that will be the album. Who knows though!". He also replies that he's "doing good. Really motivated!
📱March 6: Louis announces via twitter his idea to create a management company.
📱March 22: Asked about his projects, Louis replies "lots of stuff in early stages". He also replies "Seen a few I really like. Potentially" to a tweet asking him if he ever considered making a visual album. Finally, he replies "369" to a tweet asking him if he has ideas for new tattoos.
☀️ March 25-April 10: Louis is in Mexico with Charlie Lightening.
📱March 26: Louis tweets "Faith in the future"
📱March 30: Louis replies "Got a decent chorus idea down" to a tweet asking him what he's been up to. He also replies "369" to a tweet asking him to explain... 369. This is the same day he mentions the documentary while he was in Mexico... for the documentary.
📱 April 15: Louis replies "Faith in the future. Keep your head up" to a fan on Twitter (a few days after getting back from Mexico)
📱April 19: Louis tweets "Got something BIG planned later this year! It's going to be special!!" (in reference to the Away From Home Festival)
🔮👕 April 28: 369 merch drop
📱💼🎵 May 10, 2021: BMG global deal announcement. Confirmation that Louis is actively working on LT2 : Jamie Nelson from BMG UK is quoted saying "(Louis) is already busy working on new music". The press release mentions that "recording is already underway for his second solo album".
This means that Louis could have been working on the album anytime between mid-February and mid-May. No information on that was shared (by Louis nor his collaborators), probably because it was under embargo at the time.
📱🌏May 10, 2021: Louis announces that his worldwide tour is rescheduled, with dates now going from early February to late April 2022.
📱May 11: Tour promo video sponsored by Samsung UK posted on Louis' IG.
📱May 25, 2021: Louis tweets "Another great day writing"; he follows Robert Harvey on Twitter
🎤 May 28: studio (via wearesuperhi on IG)
🎤June 4: studio (via random dude on the street; June 6 on Louis' IG with caption "studio"; picture also shared on Dave Gibson's IG and Charlie's IG with caption "Mega tunes being put down, can’t wait for this #LT2")(the t-shirt Louis is wearing is the one from June 4, hence the IG posts are from that date and not June 6)
🎤 June 9: studio (via fans)
🎤June 10: studio (via fans)
⚽️ (Louis was pretty busy with the Euro Cup through late June to mid-July)
🎤 July 1: studio (via Robert Harvey on IG)
🎤 July 2: studio (via wearesuperhi on IG)
🎤 July 9: studio (via wearesuperhi on IG)
🔮👕 Mid-July: surprise 369 merch is sent to 369 fans
😜👕July 28: summer smiley merch drop
🎉 July 29: The Away From Home Festival is announced.
📸🎤 August 5: papped at the studio (via fans); Daily Mail article (published on the 6): "The outing comes as Louis recorded new music for fans"
🎤 August 16: ??? David Gibson on IG - cryptic picture of the sea captioned "LT2"
🎤 August 17: studio (via Robert Harvey on IG)
🎤 August 18: studio (via fans and via wearesuperhi on IG)
📱🎉 🌏 August 25: The Away From Home Global Streaming Event is announced.
🎉 👕 August 27: Festival merch drop. Additional items added on the 29.
📱🎉 August 28: Louis tweets about today being the last day of rehearsal for the festival. He teases the name of his new song by replying on Twitter that the setlist will be "mostly the same as tour with the odd change".
🎉 🧍‍♂️🎉 August 30: Away From Home Festival!!! Louis introduces his new song Change and mentions "it's going on the new album". No further details about LT2 are provided during the show. "Faith in the future" briefly appears on screen when Louis walks on stage. Exclusive merch being sold on site.
🎤🏢 For reference, all pictures of the studio point out to Louis recording at the Wendy House Production in London.
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equinesandeducation · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
recap // may 2021
a lovely month which definitely saw some easing of the gas pedal school wise. classes are a lot less time consuming which thankfully leaves more time for rest, horses and running. i never get tired of the moment the horses’ coats start shining and you know that summer is really coming. i did my first 8k run yesterday, which is a very wonderful note to leave may on. five more weeks of school and then it’s full focus on the house renovation and horse training. yes!
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musiciati · a month ago
Spy x Family Mission 53 (Abridged Recap)
BREAKING NEWS! The Thorn Princess is down and giving up!! Stay tuned for more information at 5...jk let's dive into this emotionally filled chapter.
Tumblr media
She may have just fought off a horde of assassins, but it's now time for this game to end. Howcome Sniff Jobs has a gun, but hasn't even used it or fought yet? The tactician coward at least Yor cleaned her knife and will be honored to end this creeper, even Director is done cleaning the rabble and is ready to finish this mission.
Tumblr media
However, Sniff Jobs will take the coward's route, and from the depths of non-foreshadowing, out appears the Sandaled Swordsman, and within seconds, Director is down. Clash of the Thorn and Sword begins!
Tumblr media
With Director, down for the count and it's up to Yor to protect Olga, Zeb, Gram, Loid, Anya, and the rest of the world from Sniff Jobs and Company.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
How dare they cut a piece of Yor's luminous locks, this isn't a Mulan moment, but an angry Yor having to now make up excuses to both Loid and Yuri about the change.
Why are both WISE and The Garden so fixated on putting their logos on everything? This is a secret society *wink*Slaps on logos onto their agent's apparel*wink*
Tumblr media
Someone ordered angst hour? How dare this man make our queen doubt herself, but alas this is for the mission plot.
Tumblr media
Even when faced only centimeters away from Sandaled Swordsman's blade, Yor's still thinking about all the chores. What kind of exorbitant fees are they charging at the dry cleaning and library???
Tumblr media
After a helpful memory of a smiley bruised up twink helps Yor revitalize some HP, she's back up and ready for round 2, Fight! #nothingbetterthanatwinktogetyouupandreadyinthemorning
Tumblr media
New mission acquired, and ready to kill as desired.
#Yorsupremacy #yorsimpsriseup
Questions to think about:
The whole fireworks show is now over, but the fighting is still going you think the other passengers are just like ??? to the fighting above?
Will Sniff Jobs finally be swimming with the fishies next chapter?
Is the Sandaled Swordsman on par with Yor or is it just her mindset/fighting off a horde of assassins that got her off just a bit?
What would Loid say to Yor's newly acquired haircut and bruises?
Until next time!
Bonus Commentary:
Totally could imagine this scene being like the final end credit scene with Yor leaving her 'work' and then meets up with her 'real family' before they walk off into the sunset and cues a fanatic rendition of their future theme song...ugh my feels.
Tumblr media
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mangarecap · a month ago
Tumblr media
Akatsuki no Yona
Yona of the Dawn
Mizuho Kusanagi (Historia y Arte)
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americasgreatoutdoors · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Canyonlands National Park in Utah is a showcase of geology. In each of the park's districts, visitors can see the remarkable effects of time and erosion on a landscape of sedimentary rock. For millions of years, rock was broken down and carried here by wind and water, creating deposits that eventually became distinct rock layers. Many of the rock's layers were deposited near sea level, but after a long period of uplift, the average elevation is now over 5,000 feet above sea level. As this area gradually rose, rivers that once deposited sediment on the lowlands began to remove it from the emerging plateau. The Green and Colorado rivers carved into the geologic layer cake, exposing buried sediments and creating the canyons and rock spires of Canyonlands that amaze us now. Photo by Randy Smythe ( #ICYMI We're looking back on your favorite posts of 2020. This display of incredible geologic formations really rocked our feeds this year.  #Top10of2020
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larrycoding · 3 months ago
May 2021 recap
This is my first attempt at making a recap/timeline/monthly thingy here on this blog! It’s is a lil collection of RBB and SBB Harry and Louis’ behavior. Whether that’s queercoding, things pointing at “Larry” (aka larrycoding, ~tahdah name of this blog explained~), or any other puzzly “what does it mean” stuff (yep the 369 mess too), really anything that belongs in the why are they like this category. Starting in May absolutely fully inspired by @larrytimelines complete May timeline because if that isn’t the best resource to work from I don’t know what is. Alrighty here goes the May 2021 recap attempt:
May 3 - 28/369 - Louis’ 369 merch drop info updates that it will end in 28 hours. (369 merch drop theories belong in the April 2021 recap when he dropped that)
Tumblr media
May 5 - bluegreening/“green”/Italy - Harry is photographed on set wearing a green (literally. Verdi) italian football shirt paired with louisbaby blue vans.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
~I do not know where to put the cut, let’s put it here~
was this foreshadowing who knows
Tumblr media
He’s worn this sweater before when he went to play football with members of swim deep back in February 6 2020 when that same day Louis wore a totally not matching outfit at a Walls signing. One likes flowers the other one goes green yeah no that’s fine.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And as for the blue part of the bluegreener whole I believe this was the first sighting of those vans (he’s been wearing them loads since):
Tumblr media
But it doesn’t end there oh no let the coincidoinks pile on as these pics were coming out Louis liked something about Italy with the speed of light
Tumblr media
I think it’s demonstrated best looking at these posts timestamps.
Long story short May 5 was a big ol larry 5 times over.
May 10 - Ha Gay - Harry’s shirt
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Euh so euh all you need to know is that is the safest least gay shirt from a very nsfw very gay pride gaygay phallic heavy collection in collab with an artist with a NSFW af instagram just.. links are there but just trust me alright it goes way beyond bananadicknecklace levels alright? Also loads to read into with that T-shirt’s text on its own there.
May 11 - polar opposites - About this outfit:
Tumblr media
The Harry’s possibly playing with opposite colors here, again. This is a weird one. I’m debating whether to include because it’s a bit out there and I’m pretty sure I’m one of the very few paying attention to this but there’s a bit of a pattern going on with especially Harry choosing outfit colors that uh.. invert to blue+green? Or at least is the opposite of that shade of blue. I REALISE HOW THAT SOUNDS. BUT ALSO HE WOULD. HE IS THAT EXTRA. Anyway he keeps doing it and this idea doesn’t come out of the bluegreen but it’s based on his Grammy looks and what Harry Lambert has said about those outfits. Even if it’s not bluegreening it might still very well be Gayonardo Delafashionvincing with colors here (ie exact opposite of the FL era) so it... counts?
Necessary context: x
May 25 - cliff with cap - So E puts out an instagram story with Louis putting his cap on clifford, which yaknow bearding behavior but that cap is the ultimate whatdoesitmeaaan chaos so the choice of featuring that cap in that story very much belongs in this recap (get it).
Tumblr media
gif source
More context: x and all its links
May 28 - LT2 tease - First time we see confirmation of Louis recording new music. Loads of “hint dropping” of LT2 to come. Do you call that lil shit behavior? Not really besides it starting on the 28th of the month because of course this is Louis. Anyway. Quickly followed up with
May 28 still - sTylEs - The people tagged / publicly (instagram) made known are working with Louis in the studio suddenly went full larryvinci and made an instagram story that was perfectly cut to start off with “styles”. Seperate posts here and here, and also this clowntown central ask. Again debating to include this here, this time because it’s not they themselves doing this OOrr iISSS iiIIiiT (no clue)
May 30 - Louis goes to a wedding looking like this
Tumblr media
No gayvinci code here or anything just asfjkaslkdjaljdfLOOK AT HIM. He’s seen there with E which is the first time in a longass time, guess what happened the day before?
May 31 (posted, pic taken May 29) - BLUE BANDANA BABY
Tumblr media
First sighting of the blue bandana this year awyiss (and he’d continue to wear it loads and loads throughout June)
Blue bandana context: x, x, x, x
And I think that’s that for May!
Ending on some cute fan art by @monpetithl​ (reposting with consent, and of course and always please reblog the artists post if you like it! <3) with outfits from this month hehe.
Tumblr media
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sims4italianfan · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thanks @shoobysims for this monthly lookbook. It was so fun to create every day a new cas with my besties couple 💘
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