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#this is my anon tag

Haha I answered here what my favorite fanfics I wrote were, and I was trying to think if the favorite thing I ever wrote would have a different answer. In terms of, I’ve written a fair amount of original stuff that very few people have read. 

Ultimately, I think I decided that I’m always fond of the last major project I finished, so probably “This is Love” is still my favorite thing, but that will change the next time I finish something =) Although I am also fond of Shine the Brightest, just because it’s been fun exploring this new world.

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Hmmm good question, anon-friend. If we were just going for what kind of visual aesthetics I like to see, then I like any aesthetic in soft pastel colors, or anything that involves lots of books in the background. Sorry if I didn’t understand the question, though, but thank you for asking!!

Ssomething like this is what I had in mind:


Originally posted by leahberman

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Sorry for this very late response, anon-friend! Anxiety was high these past couple of weeks, so I was keeping a low profile. But, here I go:

Favorite insect - crickets!

Favorite star– I don’t think I have a single favorite star, but the Pleiades Constellation is my favorite constellation.

Favorite trope - mutual pining! Or any combination of pining/oblivious, but especially mutual pining and mutual obliviousness.

Thanks for asking!! =D

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Mwahaha I was hoping I’d get a book ask, thanks anon-friend! My top favorite of all time is The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison, I reread that book multiple times every year. Hmm if I was going to list 4 others for top five books:

The Blue Castle - L. M. Montgomery

Cold Comfort Farm - Stella Gibbons

Sense and Sensibility - Jane Austen

Madness, Rack, Honey - Mary Ruefle

Those are all books I make a point of rereading at least once a year. Thanks again!

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First, thank you for this kind message and for reading my story! I’m glad you enjoyed that universe!! Second, thank you for solving a small mystery of mine! My daily ao3 kudos email this morning showed a noticeable increase in people reading the Edge of One of Many Circles and I was very confused by the sudden influx of readers =D

I am very far removed from the world of TikTok, so I’ll just put this out into the universe, but I feel very honored and grateful to the kind TikTokker for recommending my fic (Thank you, kind person, if you’re out there and reading this =D)

Thank you again, anon-friend!!

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Hahaha, depends on what you mean, anon-friend! I am for sure down for writing an angst-free just shenanigans KagaKuro fic! Anytime! But if you mean a D:M wedding hmmmmm probably not? Maybe? It was one of the things that was on the list of projects I’d want to write, so it might happen some point. But probably not any time soon.

A general KagaKuro wedding fic would be delightful though. =D

Thanks for asking!

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Anyway, I just want to reiterate that I ADORE your story, and I hope I’m not bothering you with all these prompts ^-^’’ I hope you have a nice day! <3 (2/2)

Anon-friend, thank you so much!! I am hanging onto the first part of your asks, because I was very excited to see your prompts, and I’m definitely going to write you *something* I’m just trying to figure out what. I am very honored that you like this world enough to see more!

I will say, at least one of your prompts is *sorta* already written, because it is the story that will be included in the bonus content of the book, when I get it up for sale. So that was exciting!

Thank you so much for being interested in seeing more of this world! Your prompts really made my week =D

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Hey! How's trying to make Light in Dark Places published through amazon coming? I love the series and would love to support you!

Ahh!! That is lovely anon-friend, thank you =D It is actually tremendously reassuring to hear that people are waiting for this whole e-book process thing. THANK YOU, BEAUTIFUL SOUL!!! This made my day =D

As an update—I am still working on it!!!! It’s just taking way more time than I thought it would. Largely because it’s been hard to find the time to just sit down and do it, but also because it’s apparently kind of complicated.

So where I’m at right now, I decided to publish through Smashwords and Amazon, because that seemed like the easiest way to hit all distributors. And I’m starting with Smashwords first, because they actually have that really lovely tutorial where they break down step-by-step what you need to do with your manuscript in order to make it readable for all e-book formats. So I’m in the middle of formatting the word document, but apparently one of those steps includes stripping all previous formatting (like italics and bold) and then reapplying them some other way.

And, uhhh, I got to tell you… I have *so much* italics and bold. So sticking that *back* in the proper way is…. time consuming…

I don’t know if this is the best way! Smashwords apparently also offers people who will format it *for* you for a smallish fee, but I really want to learn how to do it myself because I hope to do this a lot. 

At any rate, I figured once I had it formatted properly, it then should not be that difficult to upload to Smashwords and then Amazon, and then figure out how one goes about getting a print book, because I really want a print book available.

Sadly I was looking into Amazon, and apparently unless you choose Kindle Select, (exclusive with Amazon, which LIDP would not be qualified for *anyhow* since I plan on leaving it up on Wattpad so people can read for free) you’re not allowed to price it super cheap. Which is a bummer, because I really just wanted to sell it for $1 if I could. That was another reason why I thought having it available through all the formats in Smashwords would also be a good idea, although I’m not to clear on how pricing works that way either.

So! It is happening, but still very slowly. Sorry for the wait!! I promise there will be an announcement and much celebration all around as soon as it goes up! Which I’m hoping will be very soon, because I plan on sitting down some more this weekend to try and get that formatting thing hashed out. I am very determined that there will be ebooks and print books all around and hopefully without too much more of a wait!!

Thank you so much for your support, anon-friend!! Have a lovely day!!

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Google Chrome lets you import bookmarks from HTML files. This is why you should be using Chrome. FF is like IE. Only now IE is better than FF so FF is literally the worst major browser you could use.
  • you’re my first anon:))
  • here, have a cookie
    External image
  • a while back i had chrome installed, and it’s the browser i’m most used to by now, but i don’t like the bookmark system. i want them to be in like a different window with the neat tagging system that ff has. so i uninstalled it, and kept working on mozills
  • you reckon i should try again yeah?
  • eh, why not
  • hope my tags’ll come back to me cause i miss them
  • massive thank you for your insight:)
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Omg hello! I am fairly new to ateez myself, (it’s barely been 2 months) so I don’t follow that many atiny blogs, if you have found any nice ppl yourself please help a girl out

Most of these blogs also happen to be content creators so there’s one more reason to check them out!

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asdfghjkl i’ve never actually played dragon age so all this was way out of my reach to notice it lmao but yes some people are just like that and ughhh why, just play the game it shouldn’t be a big deal

thank you so much for the info tho (lowkey makes me wanna check out the game too)

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COLD RING ANON (may I call you that🥺) sksjdjdjhd I didn’t know you knew me🥺🥺🥺 im so glad you liked it and my other writing!! And I have a confession I thought about you while writing Sander’s cold hands 🥺🥺😌😌💫💫💕💕 (but also I just thought he’d have cold hands bc he just came inside from outside and it’s cold cuz it’s almost December skskdjb)

But omggg anon, don’t take ur rings off 🥺🥺 (put them in ice)

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but then if you point that out they throw a raging tantrum over it and claim that NEVER happens because THEY’VE never seen it, and then get all haughty and self-important as if they’re actual academics and not what they ACTUALLY are: stans. they’re DAMN lucky jane hasn’t turned up in tsp bc had she made an appearance, you KNOW there’d be ab stannies showing their ass and letting the side down lmfao.

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[8:58am] iphone struggles with classmate!sicheng

“You got a dog?” You spin around in your chair to face the boys behind you, eyes alight with excitement.

Sicheng’s head snaps up to look at you almost instantly. You hardly notice Hendery’s amused expression from the desk beside yours. It takes a moment for words to come out of Sicheng’s opened mouth, “Uh, yeah.” He smiles, “Her name is Bella.”

Hendery finally pipes up from across the aisle separating your desks, “Show her the pic you showed us.” Xiaojun, from beside Sicheng, nods in agreement, swiftly elbowing the latter until he rises from his desk to walk over to yours.

You can feel your face start to heat in embarrassment as he places his phone on your desk, leaning over your shoulder to show you the photos. He’s placed one of his hands on the desk, but the other is resting on the back of your chair, and you can feel his thumb against your back.

He clears his throat, “That’s when we first got her. She was only a few months old there.” 

“She’s gorgeous, oh my goodness,” you coo at the pictures, sliding from photo to photo.

“Thanks.” His voice is soft, and you can tell he’s looking at you now, but for some reason you can’t bring yourself to look up at him. Instead, you focus your attention on swiping back through the photos to the very start. It takes him a moment to draw his attention from you back to his phone, but it’s too late. “Wa- wait!” 

You swipe one too many times, and you end up looking at what is definitely not a picture of your crush’s new puppy, but a screenshot of your latest instagram post.

Before you can ask him about it, your professor has entered the room, and Sicheng is forced to return to his seat. He pockets his phone and sits down, slouching in a failed attempt to disappear. You can hear Hendery snickering from beside you, but you refuse to turn your head.

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