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2.14.20: Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you are having a wonderful day! I spent most of the day at home but I wanted to share my very valentine’s themed bullet journal for the month! 

If you didn’t know I have non-stop been thinking about Miss Honey from Matilda and how much I love her (I could make a whole post about it if you tell me too). So the theme this month is just pretty pink things and wanting to have the wonderful aesthetic and love that is Miss Honey. 

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130220 Thursday

Handwriting progress over the years: on the left side of the first picture (2 years and a half ago) versus last Sunday on the right side.

I challenge you to post a picture of your handwriting progress over the years+bonus if it’s in your mother tongue (Romanian in my case). Tag me so I can see it🙈

Also studying integrals in my favourite cake shop after classes.

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02.01.20 | dorm details!! also i thought i would introduce myself since i have some new followers (◜௰◝) hiiii i’m rachel. i’m a first-year at barnard college. i’m originally from seattle, and i’m an ibdp graduate 🤪 currently thinking about majoring in environment and sustainability or anthropology with a minor in sustainability. i’m a lion dancer and a radio show host + i run columbia’s lion dance team instagram @ cu_liondance (which you should follow ;-)) pls chat with me and/or shoot me an ask!!

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possibly creating my own studyblr content?? 👀 a pic of my chinese homework and my new laptop case that i decorated with stickers my friend gave me! i’m excited for this semester.

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just finished my science exam today! (hopefully) it’ll be the last time you see science for this year… would anyone be interested in a flipthrough video? 

my instagram 🧚
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Day 27/100 Days of Productivity.

Trying to understand Physics. It’s really interesting but somewhat hard and I’m a bit apprehensive about an upcoming exam.

Today’s accomplishments:

  • Did a class reflection for Biology.
  • Solved a genetics problem for Biology.
  • Did my French homework.
  • Read an article on gamma rays (A lot of previous research involved, but I think I understood and I’m proud of that).
  • Read a book about electric charge.
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