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#spilled poetry

I love people too much and I love everyone around me. I give my all to everyone, and now I feel so drained. I’ve been making everyone around me feel so loved but this whole time, I forgot to love myself. 

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We were the fun couple, people would laugh with us, we would make people laugh.

We would tackle eachother when we crossed in the halls then you would pull me into a hug and tell me you loved me.

We would pretend to fight in different languages just because we just wanted to shout.

We would dance in the parking lot in our pyjamas at night even though we are both bad dancers.

You made me feel safe and loved and I had so much fun.

Thank you

- a letter to my ex

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You never took a part of me when you left

You just shut off the light when you walked out the door

Leaving me alone in the dark

Unable to see what I do have 

- Randi Gina-Marie

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We walk across a tightrope,

Tightened among crashing seas of black and white

Scales tipping among morals

Morals twisted according to beliefs.

The wooden swords we once knew shattered to splinters at our feet

The chalked sidewalks cracked to nothing but blocks of concrete,

And the odds have never been in our favour,

And fate is too fickle a fiend to befriend.

We still are walking along the tightrope,

Wire cutting into our feet,

Blood dripping into the sea,

Crimson red slowly replacing the ashy gray,

Tearing up flesh, not even causing a sting.

They still don’t care,

And you still believe they might,

No matter the pain that you can feel rip through you

With every passing of your feet across the twine.

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Life After Death.
                             13th April 2018.
                                                                      Liliana Torre.

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