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#spilled poetry

The Void

I am void

I AM the void

Darkness and nothing at once

But to some i am something

There are those who know me

A chaotic trickster

Others who know me

A fierce shadow dragon

To one i am

Kitten, little one, his girl, his love, his world

There are those who know me

A name i would soon forget

And those who know me

A name i won’t regret

For though i am the void

Made of darkness and nothing

I actually have all of these things

I am all these things and many more

Because there are those who saw the void

They said “you are more”

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Your Eyes by Khai Lhá


They asked me why I don’t like eyes that shine like emeralds; that look like the treetops; that look like moss and lime and spring.




They asked me why I don’t like eyes that look like the deep blue sea; that look like diamonds; that look like cold steel and stone; that look like the clear skies.




They asked me why I don’t like eyes that look like chocolate and honey; that look like the Earth just after it rains; that look like copper and wood; that look like cinnamon and syrup and walnuts; that look like gingerbread men that just came out of the oven; that look like caramel and mocha; that look like freshly brewed coffee and hot chewy cookies.




They asked me why I love “boring, plain eyes”.




They asked me why I love your eyes.




They asked me why I love eyes that look like space; that are as dark as coal and ebony; that look like the damage done when lava touches water the first time; that look like burnt paper and spilt ink; that look like pure oblivion and nothingness; that look like the sky that I see whenever I felt like giving up at midnight.




I love your eyes, not because everybody else thinks they’re boring, but if you’d actually look closer; you’d see cosmos underneath those pitch black orbs. If you’d look deeper, you’d see a galaxy that would take millions of light years to get to and eternity to figure out. If you’d stay longer; you’d witness it dance with mirth, shine with affection, grow dark with anger and glow with tears.




And when your eyes finally looked into mine; I saw your eyes, replaying the memory of your heart being bruised and broken. Your eyes, pleading, not for me to mend it, but accept the broken pieces.

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Ruthless –

Cold with broken windows

I live inside the infinite moments where

stones are thrown through glass houses.

It’s the only life I know, one filled with

treachery and halfhearted destruction.

Your ambivalence scars me just as much

as the thought of being left behind

but in my ruin I can see that your

presence here is only because of

the absence of another.

And I would rather be alone than pitied.

- K.U.

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3 years and you still call it nothing. 3 years of morning and good night kisses, 3 years of sweet nothings. we were happy lovey. we used to be so happy in our own little world. :(

Years don’t mean much when the hearts are troubled,

Happiness is only a mirage that grips us when we least expect it,

You were worthy of a love which I wasn’t capable of,

Still, your smile and loud hair are precious, as they forever will be.

- DG

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Demon love

I still remember the night we first met,

When you were prey and I was a threat.

I stalked you under the moon’s glistening light,

With razor-sharp teeth longing to bite.

But as I approached you did not take flight.

How could you not be filled with fright?

Surely you thought you were going to die,

Yet still you did not scream or cry.

Such behavior was completely new,

I had no idea what to do.

You joined your hand with my claw,

my nails resting between your fingertips.

And as I stood there stunned with awe,

You closed the distance between our lips.

Fear coursed through my veins, but so did bliss.

I guess even a demon can be slain by a kiss.

A lot has changed since then,

But I still think about it again and again.

Even since the very start

You had a special place in my heart.

I’ve never felt this way about a human before,

And every second with you leaves me hungry for more.

We’ll always have each other, at the very least.

Forever to be beauty and the beast.

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i am the crescent moon in your midnight eyes

the only object of frail, tempted desire

i never thought their car would spin off the road

never thought it would puncture thin bodies 

like the needle diving into thread

i felt gutted and raw

like some slimy lake fish

stars shaming my figure, i bowed involuntarily

who read my book that cold august morning?

who betrayed the reflection of my superficial self

was it me?

sprawled out hollow, on the bathroom floor

was it you?

red teeth kissing the sun as if it wasn’t a stranger

i watched you kiss that close blistering star

i’m not like her at all

for i will never set

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Mold You, Mould me

Blue flames burn bright

Burdens forgotten by the taste

Of a freezing night

Where everything you do

And everything you see

Is controlled by me

The one and only

Master of the strings

The blackbird opens her mouth and sings

A melody that is made just for you

True to the very delicate lace

That used to caress

An expressionless face

Whose features were unmoving



Dusty red lips painted permanently

Into a heart shaped smile

With controlled legs wishing to run a mile

Away from the days that stole away

Everything they wanted to run to

Shoes useless with holes

Growing mold

At the bottom of a forgotten toy box

Curls and lace and a pretty face

Just waiting

For someone to pay it attention

To see it for more

Than what it is

Pleasing to the eye

The eyes on earth and in the sky

And I wind

Twine around my fingers

Digits turn red

And it goes unsaid

That cutting off circulation

For too long

Results in cutting off limbs

Off digits

But darling do you see me fidget

When I pull your strings?

Do you see me drag you through grassland

As little birds sing

As if to warn

Humanity about

An upcoming storm

Caused by our own doings?

And how do you get through it?

Life with a mask of joy on your face

Glass eyes that can’t cry tears

And even after all these years

I yank on your strings with the hope

That you’ll be

Good for me

A marionette for me to hold close

To my soul

I relinquish control

When you resent me

And all I do is weep

At the bottom of a fairy tree

Begging you not to go through with your plan

That resulted in new found freedom


I beg

I regret

Leave mother nature the way

She wants to be

Don’t make me

Your marionette

From the branches of a fairy tree

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you are聽pushing and聽pulling me endless times,
like it’s a game,
like i have no say in it-
like what you want is all what聽matters no matter how it聽will聽affect me,
ME the one who stood beside you through it all,
who told you nothing but sweet tender words even when your words were harsher than a knife,
even when you did nothing but聽hurting me.

i hope one day you will come to realize that this ain’t a game,
before it’s too late.

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