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#love poetry

I turn down other offers
As I sit here and wait for you to come back
The moon is full and bright this hallowed night
I should be shining alongside her
But I’m full of this darkness
This Vantablack soot which masks my persona
You were the only person who saw past the grime
And you told me you liked me for what was in my heart
When I didn’t even think that I had one
But I’m alone now, spending my days reminiscing
Sneering at gifts of bouquets of roses
I don’t need them if my soul is in bloom
I can’t let go of you
I can’t let go of you
I can’t let go of you

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Let’s go to the Cappuccino Coast

Where the ocean gets churned and frothy,

To the cliffs of Mexico plains of Africa,

Let’s build a fjord of the Tigris and Euphrates

To find the real Eden.

Let us float through villages of boats

Have our eyes struck dumb by the Himalayas 

And their persistence in sky climbing,

Grab our shovels and find chariot wheels

At the bottom of dried up sea beds.

We can travel the earth with our tongues

Taste every nation’s bread

Lets resurrect ancient dialects

That were stolen and now are dead.

We can face and defeat all sharks and spiders

Just to prove we’ve mastered fear,

But after let us just come right back here.

To the creaky steps and torn up carpet,

The windows that need mending

And laundry never ending.

Let’s do it all and see everything

Just to know in our heads 

What our hearts already clutch

That waking up next to you

Is the real adventure

The truest bliss I’ve known

Is the shiver from your touch.

- Vagabond Prophet


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لو كان لي قلبين، لا خذت جميع أحز انك واتعابك لتتضاعف في جسمي الضعيف، وتركت لك قلباً مليئاً بالفرحة.

If I had two hearts, I would take all your sorrows and troubles away, to let them multiply in my weak body, and would leave you with nothing but a heart filled with joy.

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“I am still trying to piece it all together.

I am trying to cease the horrifying memories of that night. The police could’ve basically spoke on my decease, because I was so dead inside. Although, as it may seem, this definitely isn’t coming with ease.

I have not found my peace.

He ripped me apart. It was a manuscript for tragedy, I gripped my clothes while I was flipped off of the bed. He was very nondescript, maybe that’s why he forced himself when he had slipped himself inside of me. He stripped me of so many things that night; trust, happiness, strength, dignity, and self-love. My mind was encrypted with many things that night; self hatred, self-deprecation, and self-depreciation.

I still have not managed to decrypt the horrifying messages in my head, someone please give me a prescript.

I’m still remembered of the bruises that was left by his fingerprints on my throat. You see, I am in a boat. I have met an amazing guy, with firey red hair, and an equally firey personality. A tote of our love was hidden, but oh gosh, he made me feel like our love was made from some of those who wrote the Pinterest love quotes.

But sometimes, some very cutthroat shit happens.

My love, my red head, don’t ever let the unsaid go unread. There’s this widespread battle within this dome of darkness, I’m trying to get ahead, but I’ve got such a thick head. You embed thoughts of beauty within my mind, sprinkled on every inch, but sometimes I feel as if I’m hanging by a thread, on my deathbed, emotionless.

I hope I haven’t misled anyone, but coming to peace is hard when you’re in pieces.

Sometimes I cannot handle the feeling of someone else’s skin on my skin, their warmth against me. I’m sorry, I’m dealing with a lot, I’m still healing. I have this unfeeling of self-hatred, my anxiety through the ceiling.

My shell started peeling long before that night and that night, was when it fell.

It isn’t yet swell, I’m not sure if you caught that, but it’s the smell of Hell. A bombshell of unfortunate events has consequences. Every action has a reaction. This is not farewell, maybe more so an apology for the mind you have to handle and the mess you’re helping clean. Maybe more so, I can use some personnel to relay that I am sorry and I am in love with you.”

— 8:55 pm .:. Coming to peace is hard when you’re in pieces.

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Let the tide roll in and take with it my memory of you,let me put this heavy heart on a forklift and drive it far from here…

Let the sun shine on my concrete face and dry my tears,let me breathe without the sharpness of your image flashing before my eyes like the last thing I’d ever want to see is you…

May a volcano erupt to the pulse of this heartbeat like a million years of passion in ten seconds of your company,wipe out everything in your wake like your smile was ragnorok and Norse tales will tell of you in secret as not to anger your memory,may a tornado take me away in a moment not this second but leave me long enough to grab what’s important to me but not everything I need,like I can keep it as a a knickknack and put it on a mantle so I can remember where I was after the destruction and how I felt so gone like I didnt know how to connect with a world so harsh when once I found a home take my love take my life take my everything and leave it as my only thing.

Throw me away like a boomerang and I’ll come back like you never did wrong to me with those hands in the first place because a damaged mind will always come back to its first source of love I would give you anything to have you see me in the light that shines on me now and forget the shadows that covered me before like a blanket in the middle of December.

I wonder if I ever plague your mind as you’ve done to mine,sometimes I wonder nothing at all.

But as always in the middle of the night like shadows to a corner walks your voice into my head,tossing and turning trying to find comfort in it is like sitting under a falling meteor waiting for my destruction I know you will kill me,but I cannot move from your beauty.

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“You smile like the wind, it’s impossible not to feel on my skin, almost as thick as sin, and that is where love begins my friend..”

Where love begins - A lovie dovie poem by eUe..

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The ‘U’ in You.

Where do you hide

when you’re afraid?

When your heart’s breaking,

and everything’s at stake.

Where do you spend those nights?

Sleepless, hopeless,

without a single star or light.

When everything is closing up on you,

and you don’t cherish like you used to.

When friends regard you with a concerned smile,

and your acquaintances are trying to reconcile,

What do you do with the pitiful stares?

Thinking they’ve uncovered all the layers.

What do they know, that a world resides inside

of your slumped postures and expressions terrified,

It’s brave and kind but so hard to find.

'Cause when you’re hiding from your fears,

spending nights trying to control your tears.

It’s whispering to you, ever so softly,

like a carrass of cool air.

Trying to remind you all you’ve gained,

while journeying up till here.

Bring out that voice, that speech of wisdom

that’s inside everyone, just give it freedom.

To talk to you, convince you,

because every shade of black and white

is inside of you,

It just that matters

what you choose,

to let define you.


*U = Universe.


~Anupriya Sharma


16 April, 2019.

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You watched the streets below from your window. 23rd floor. You knew I would have felt dizzy. You thought of what should be a home. Wasn’t it weird that everything and nothing stayed the same?

You remembered how I looked at the moon from the little balcony. I was just afraid of looking down, but wasn’t it fitting, you thought, for someone who always wanted to be something bigger than themself?

You would have taken me to the sky, I’d always known. But you’d always known I preferred building my own skyline. And wasn’t it human, you asked me, to feel a little left out? Was it wrong to be afraid?

You should have known anyway, that when you said you would leave, I would leave first before you had to ask. You should have known anyway, that I would never beg. But you should have known, that eventhough I could climb to the sky on my own, I would have preferred to have you beside me.

I watched the streets below from my old bedroom. 2nd floor. I knew you would have felt trapped. I thought of what used to be a home. Wasn’t it weird how everything and nothing stayed the same?


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You were just an orange bottle of amphetamines dressed up in a sweater and a beat-up pair of Vans, the kind of beauty you look for in the movies, and I abused you day after day trying to stay focused until I started calling the restlessness and blurred vision love.
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I could not fathom.

I could just not fathom,

how many thoughts,

how much love

someone could have for I..

I don’t deserve a penny

I don’t deserve a feel,

If love comes easy,

it’s just not real.

Not to me.

Love has never been easy.

Not for me.

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Does it hurt –            when you try to write
And find yourself
                     The exact same incantations
In the marble of that one altar
Whereon you
Imagined yourself laying;
            Splayed wide open, blood dripping
                      In sacred rivulets, downward
              Toward the river;
              Toward the ocean
Wherein you once thought
This lifetime’s chance to be part of
                           The divine fusion;
An ardent
                                      Of two life essences.
It must ache,
This limitation of skin,
                    Now you have
The origin
Of the new source; an ever flowing, created
         By two,
                                 Becoming one,

                        And then


16-8-2019, M.A. Tempels © “… did we break our hearts or the spell that bound us together?”

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four men

out back
behind the

the lone
he’s spitting
out blood
and stumbling

still alive
but barely

cheer before
shuffling on

a pair of
reading glasses
in a nearby

the gang
drags him
by his hair
to a nymph
in stockings
sharp and
sparkling as
razor blades

lipped with

who gifted
the earth
of vanilla
and gasoline

she holds
his purpling
and chirps
like a
morning dove

baptizing his
head in
a tub of
bubbling water
again and
until the breath
almost runs

the rest
of his luck
on her skin
a mysterious oil

the men cheer
the candle wax drips
a horror
safe and sure
as sheep wool

stroking his
wet cheek
she tries to
soothe him

like a snake
coddles the

her kisses
like roasting

is poured a
and they
ride off
like bride
and groom

his love
in her
violet fingers

- S. N. Redditt 

“puppy love”, The Red Lips of Luck

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Just A Fool

I wanted him to want me

the way I wanted him -

desperately, passionately, hopelessly,

I wanted to feel him deep within.

I wanted him to ache for my touch, the way I ached for his.

I made my longing known - well known…

He had to know…that it was him who was immortalized within my words

He knew I wanted him and he lied right to my face, when he said he didn’t think about me or want me in any way,

just to turn around and tell me there’s more he’d like to say

with that lustful look in his eyes that made me feel this way

He’s a liar

So why did I want him so damn much?

He might have thought he was doing the right thing, when he drove away

doing me a favor, doing the right thing for himself, so careful not to leave a trail

but he knew the desire he stirred up inside of me was tearing me apart

he still drove away with a smile and a tiny piece of my heart

Why did I want him? Why do I think about him still?

When he denied me what I needed - a few simple words to let me know what he felt when he looked at me and that it was real.

….but I was just a joke…a game…an emotional toy to him…

And I keep asking myself

What exactly did I see in him? Why did I let the way he looked at me make me want him inside me so bad? Why am I such a fool?

I’m just a fool.

–by Tonya Marie

Find me on Instagram for so much more at tonya_thrifts


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