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#love poetry

Ruthless –

Cold with broken windows

I live inside the infinite moments where

stones are thrown through glass houses.

It’s the only life I know, one filled with

treachery and halfhearted destruction.

Your ambivalence scars me just as much

as the thought of being left behind

but in my ruin I can see that your

presence here is only because of

the absence of another.

And I would rather be alone than pitied.

- K.U.

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“He should rather I cried … he should rather I open up my cheeks with a carving knife, if only to stick pearls in the indents… he should rather I died from the streaming blood than I smiled.”

‘Would Rather,’ - Megan’s Poetry #533

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She is the heart that beats among the ghosts.
She is the star that lights abysmal skies.
She is the light of hope; the lantern’s post.
I saw the world collapse into her eyes.

With grace unmatched, she meets the moon’s lone light.
I am that which can only watch her there –
as, beaming face, she greets the black-winged night.
I am adrift – I watch her dance in air.

She is the face that I have seen in dreams,
as creeping shadows lurk amongst my mind.
She is the peace that only once I knew,
she is the solace I am urged to find.

And I have known her as the world was born.
She is the paradise to which I’ve sworn.

D.C Yost

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This is the time to re-evaluate who I am currently and who I want to be. I have had a roller coaster of a year emotionally. I feel this year is the first time in my entire life where I have allowed myself to feel freely. I find myself evaluating how something made me feel more than how to fix the problem in my usual robotic manner. I fell for someone this year, or at least who I believed him to be. I had convinced myself that he was the one my soul truly yearned for, that there would be no other that would set me on fire the way he did and honestly, I don’t think my belief has changed. 

Every time he ignored me or flat out would run away when I was in the vicinity I convinced myself that I was the issue in the situation when in fact I wasn’t. I never hid my feelings, I am shamelessly open about who I am and how I feel. When I looked at him, I wanted him to understand how much I adored him but my hopeful and loving gazes were always met with blank stares. I kept imaging that one day he would openly confess his love. I watched countless tarot reading convincing myself that all the readings talking about soulmates being in my life applied to our situation but maybe that wasn’t the case, maybe it was wishful thinking.

My soul is tired and longing for me to care for it and look after myself, I have started reading affirmations, meditating and training myself to only proclaim positive things about myself. I have decided that I will start healing myself from the inside out, not just feeding my soul and body but also nourishing them. I now know why they call crushes ‘crushes’ because they truly can crush your spirit but lucky for me, I have the tools to heal myself and gain the love I once had for myself, before I met him.

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Unrequited feelings are so painful. My heart aches for him, to cuddle with him, to smell that beautiful body wash of his, to just be able to call him mine.

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Uncharted Waters

Don’t even try to swim

In my roaring seas

If you’re not ready to lose yourself

In the unbeknown deep

The hearts that gave you a home

With olympic sized pools of kisses

Offered nothing compared to the love

Of this dark Neptune-shaded vastness

Darling, be very careful

Stay in your ship and turn it away

These depths are dangerous

Once you dive in, you’ll never escape

I’m not a fairytale ending

My love is just uncharted waters

Don’t ever think that I’m your best option

For there will always be someone better

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Oh, my love, I look at your eyes and they look so much like mine, as if we were molded together… Like we should be together in this universe… Your lips should be on my neck, and your existence should complete mine… You nights should be spent loving and adoring me and me doing the same with you, I see you know too, so come and be here, forget that can and will go wrong, be mine, let your lips meet mine and let them be the most legendary of lovers.

By @babystansstuff 💫🖤


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i’m not searching for a love
that makes me blind
i want a love
that helps me see

i want a love
that opens me up 
to everything i’ve always 
wished for 

- r.h. sin

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