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#love poems

oh god, i wish you were here right now. beside me. sitting on this bed, staring into me, into my soul. the covers would turn into our fort, the room would turn into a ship. and the world would turn into a field of sunflowers. oh god, when you look at me, i feel like a popsicle left out in the sun. the way you look at me should be made illegal.

oh god, i wish i could touch your shoulders, i wish i could hold you in my arms all night long, like secret things are supposed to be held and feel your soul warm up the place. i wish i could see you smile, because whenever you do, the sun laughs like a madwoman in my stomach.

tonight, the moon is shining through the window, and slivers of silver glass is lying around, on the floor, and i am lonely and all alone.

oh, how i wish for your love, for your affection! i wish for a lot of things but none of them seem to come true. maybe it’s my fault, maybe it’s my bad luck. it’s been like this for a long time and even though i know that the time has come for me to move on, i physically can’t.

because i love you way too much.

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My heart is chilled, haunted by the things you will tell the next girl about me, your dead love. Will you tell her about the late night talks? How we burst out laughing when I told you of crazy anecdotes? How you tried to sing a song for me even if you could not seem to hit the high notes? How about the lazy afternoon calls? How we ended cursing the heavens because of the vast distance between us? Will you tell her that? Or you will prefer to leave out all profound details of me, the old girl, now a ghost you no longer need? Tell me. Will you tell her I used to be your ray of sunshine? That I was the one you always run to when troubled and maimed? Will you tell her I fixed you patiently when you’re broken? And that with my bare hands, I tried to repaint the grey sky so you can behold the rainbow? It kills me to imagine you trying to demonize me in her ears as you whisper horrible tales about the woman who gave you her everything. Will you erase all the good memories we ever had so she won’t have a clue as to how our connection transcended physicality because we’re more than lovers urging fate to side with us? We’re soul mates, bounded by an invisible thread. It just pains me that you cut that thread yourself, without preamble. Now I am left with thoughts haunting me even when I am wide awake. Will you tell her I was a nice girl? Or will you make her think of me as the villain? Will you plant seeds of hatred in her mind too just like what you did to me when you talked about the girl before me?

I wish I knew exactly what you will tell her. So I can let go of you as gently as I’ve let you into my heart, trusting that cute smile of yours won’t pierce me in any way.

-Haunted heart,

Katie, 22:00

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  • I am up because i feel her vibe.
  • She maybe up or asleep but i do feel cries.
  • My heart feeling very sad but it isnt mine.
  • Shes feeling hopeless its like she died.
  • When i said she was my spirit wife.
  • I didnt know she would always be apart of my life.
  • Shes informed me stuff into which makes me think.
  • She isnt really happy so why say i do in a blink.
  • I pray she hasnt cut herself or harmed her body.
  • I can feel her vibe its like shes inside me.
  • As i cry overwhelmed and over joy because i love her.
  • When will it end and who will be the cure?
  • Sign have been pointing to Christ but as a human being.
  • I want a women to give me meaning.
  • I know i can live without one thats besides the point.
  • Its like a tug a war with my heart Gods heads Devils tail on a coin.
  • When i see her the Phoenix shall blossom in its glory.
  • Faith in some ways is like the movie Toy Story.
  • I will always press play when she begins to start.
  • You know its love when you can feel their heart.

Originally posted by romantickisses

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Just hold me close

Let’s stay still

Don’t ever let go

Let’s stay still

Kiss my lips once more

Let me show you


Like blood in our veins

Are we moving to fast?

Let’s stay still

I’m scared you’ll let go

Let’s stay still

To sink or float

To drown or swim

To fall or fly

Let’s stay still

We decide our fate

Are you my forever?

Am I yours?

Stay with me

Explore us

Chances are limited

Our desire is limitless

We’ll make this worthwhile

Let’s stay still

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sweet tea

and small talk

and everything buttery inbetween

there we were

sitting across the sofa from each other

you were quiet

i couldn’t stop talking

it was like someone pressed play on a video and i was watching it from afar

and you sat there and listened

you had a look in your eyes that i’ve never seen before

something foreign

something that i couldn’t wait to explore

and i let your hands touch me

and suddenly i was hotter than the tea

i was higher than the sofa

i was completely gone

my chest melted into butterfly wings

your touch left gentle tingles across my skin

it was like you were composing music over my body

and i have never heard such a beautiful song before.

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“You never loved me. If you did you would’ve tried to pick up any crumbling pieces. You would’ve tried harder like I did. But you didn’t.”

J. W., Love Letters I’ll Never Send

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Smitten in the Stars

You are the night

A constellation of freckles on your face

The collision of colors in your eyes

You hold comets in the palm of your hand

The moon admires you, casting silver on your beauty

What an ethereal being you are

You belong up there in that sky full of stars

I’d steal them for you, every last one, if you asked

It’d be a great feat, but I wouldn’t mind the task

Head full of thoughts of swimming in space

A lost astronaut, sentenced to eternal flight

Watch others soar high and hope they land

You wouldn’t wish your solitude on any traveler

Galaxies are growing inside of you

Vast black expanding, but the lights multiply, too

There is never anything to fear, for you shine from each one

You are made from the same sparks that forged the sun

You are the night

I am the day

I’d like to say that you were custom made for me

Though I’m certain it is the antipode


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Lukas W. // Your spring
The way she kisses my scars, like they are made of flower petals and the way she looks at me, like I am a garden and she is nothing more than a girl who is fervently in love with Spring.
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