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I am a maker and scientist who draws art and writes fanfiction for fun.  Most common distractions are Queen's Thief, Leverage and Warehouse 13.

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buriedbybooks·a day agoPhoto

Happy Work in Progress Wednesday!  …Yep… guess I did another one in the last few days…  I wanted to have the Yunmeng Siblings all together at Lotus Pier.

Watercolor and gouache on watercolor paper; the siblings are only about 1cm tall.  Descriptions of each frame below the cut.

Frame 1: first wash for sky (top third of paper) and water (diagonally across bottom left corner of page).

Frame 2: first wash of rock/cliff formation in tones of tan and gray

Frame 3: first shadows on rocks and definition of flat spaces and rock faces.

Frame 4: added trees along the top of the cliff and some other greenery.

Frame 5: trunks of two trees added to the foreground right on the shore of the lake.

Frame 6: foreground trees get their first leaves

Frame 7: additional leaf textures/shading in all foliage

Frame 8: lotuses added to the lake; additional leaf details on foreground trees; small structure appears.

Frame 9: Jiang Cheng in purple robes appears in the center landing area facing toward the left.

Frame 10: Jiang Yanli in pinkish-purple robes appears in the center facing Jiang Cheng; the beginnings of Wei Wuxian’s shape is taking form between them.

Frame 11: Wei Wuxian fully painted in the middle (now has head, hair, and clothing details).

Frame 12: final shadows.

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buriedbybooks·2 days agoPhoto


Jiangs romance with cooking, Lans romance with music. I like to think they each learn a little of each other’s love language, and every night Jiang Cheng sings lullabies to Lan Xichen to help him sleep and unwind~

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buriedbybooks·4 days agoPhoto

My first Untamed watercolor process gif, featuring WangXian!  I’ll post the final painting once I get it scanned later this week.  Will probably be doing more of these since they’re just fun and relaxing for me and I can’t seem to stop :)

Watercolor and gouache on watercolor paper.  For scale, the figures are about 3cm tall, which is three times the height of the figures in my other Untamed watercolor landscapes (Lan Wangji at Cloud Recess, Jiang Cheng at Lotus Pier, WangXian meeting again on the hill).

Descriptions of the frames are below the cut.

Frame 1: watercolor wash of the sky and background in blue-gray

Frame 2: adding shadows to the sky and background in deeper tones of blue and gray.

Frame 3: Adding the first stalks and shadows of bamboo into the background.

Frame 4:  First foreground wash and texture of the hill in pale reddish-browns and greens.

Frame 5:  Adding depth to the forest background, more branches and leaves. Shadow of a structure appears in the bottom left.  More texture in the hill foliage and beginnings of first foreground bamboo.

Frame 6: More foreground texture, ground foliage, and bamboo detailing

Frame 7: Final bamboo stalks and details.

Frame 8: Lan Wangji in white and pale blue painted in on the right side of the painting facing/leaning slightly toward the left.

Frame 9: Wei Wuxian in black with gray details on his robe and red hair ribbon painted to the left of Lan Wangji, facing him.

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buriedbybooks·6 days agoPhoto

Process gif of the watercolor that I did of the “claymore” scene from Leverage’s The Rundown Job, featuring the OT3.  First frame is the stick-figure doodle I started with in my notepad when I was asked for an “upside-down Parker” drawing.  Link to the original post here; step descriptions below the cut.

Many many thanks to @ober-affen-geil for asking for an upside-down Parker and walking me through how to turn my wip cellphone pics into a gif!  I’ll try to take my wip pictures more intentionally from now on.

Frame 1: stick figure doodle of the OT3–head and shoulders of Eliot, reaching forward for a fistbump with the head and shoulders of Hardison while Parker is in the middle of a cartwheel (triangle hands and feet pointing her direction of momentum)

Frame 2: Rough pencil outline of the claymore scene (instead of the vault robbery): Eliot is kneeling with his hands on Hardison’s legs.  Hardison is in the middle in a with a widened stance, one arm back over Eliot’s head for balance, the other arm under Parker’s waist for support.  Parker is bent over backward in a bridge, hands on the floor, legs locked around Hardison’s waist.  None of them have faces yet.

Frame 3: Starting to add facial features and clothing details

Frame 4: Final pencil sketch–features added, hands defined, and clothing draped.

Frame 5: Pen added to the outlines for definition

Frame 6: Final watercolor.

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buriedbybooks·11 days agoPhoto

Work in Progress gif of the Jiang Cheng character study.  I always find it funny that what I sketch first, I usually ink last…  Layers include watercolor, metallic gouache, and black ink on watercolor paper.  You can see the finished work here.

Thank you so so much to the amazing and talented @ober-affen-geil​ for turning my wip cell phone pics into a gif!!  This would have been impossible without you!

Sequence description after the cut.

1: Pencil sketch of Jiang Cheng in front of a lotus outline.

2: Pencil sketch of Jiang Cheng in front of a lotus outline; the lotus has begun to be filled in with watercolor sunset and lake.

3: Pencil sketch of Jiang Cheng in front of a lotus outline; the lotus has been filled with a watercolor landscape of Lotus Pier at sunset.

4-5: Jiang Cheng in pencil; the Lotus outline is filling with bronze metallic gouache.

6-8: Adding ink to the sketch of Jiang Cheng; erasing the pencil undersketch.

9: Adding gouache highlights to Jiang Cheng.

10: Adding Zidian and the golden core in gouache.

11: Scan of the finished piece.

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