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#jin zixuan
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I have to believe that when Lan Wangji tried to prevent Wei Wuxian from intervening between Jiang Yanli and Jin Zixuan at the Phoenix Mountain Hunt, it was one part “I do not want to get involved in this/it wouldn’t be appropriate to get involved in this,” one part “Wei Ying for the love of god please DO NOT punch Jin Zixuan in the face again,” and one part wanting to let Jin Zixuan shoot his shot, one repressed and socially awkward king to another

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Kinktober, day 6

Fandom: Mo Dao Zu Shi (the Grandmaster of demoniac cultivation)

(I have deleted some fic from my calendar: Charles x reader (Sleepy sex), Asmodeus x reader (body swap) and the juniors threesome. Sorry, but I’m really busy and I can’t write what I want)

Jin Zixuan x Jiang Yanli: Lactation kink

Dear Shijie,

Do you remember many years ago when I went back to Lotus Pear after the fight with the pea- I mean, with Jin Zixuan? Back then I asked how you could have understood that you were in love with him and you answered that, when the day would have come, I would have understood it by myself. I think the day has come.

Tears of joy rolled down Jiang Yanli’s eyes and she placed the paper on her heart. Finally her A-Xian had found someone to love after many years of suffering and pain. She was awaiting that moment since she found happiness with her husband! There couldn’t be a notice that could make her happier.

He’s Lan Zhan and, God, I really love him. I really wonder how could I live so many years without realizing it. I’d really like to invite you and your family to Gusu, but right now Lan Zhan and me are in a hectic love escape from Lan Wanji’s uncle. After the whole Meng Yao’s matter was finished -by the way, I got a glimpse of your husband and he’s not wounded-, Lan Qiren was going to kidnap Lan Zhan to bring him back to Cloud Recess, so we quickly left the place.

She sighed for the relief when she read that Zixuan was fine. When he left home some weeks ago, he said he had to (unwilling) take care of an important matter. He didn’t explain it further, but she understood that, for the second time in her life, she would have seen her husband against her dear brother. She cried, begging him to don’t go: in the war assault to Burial Mounds, Wei Wuxian died and Jin Zixuan barely survived. She didn’t want to see the same thing repeated after thirteen years, but her husband promised her that he would have anything in his power to prevent it. Then she discovered that her first son, Jin Ling, was kidnapped with other disciples coming from different schools and Meng Yao blamed Wei Ying for this. In the end Meng Yao was the mastermind behind that and many other crimes.

But what was important to her was that the people she loved were safe and sound and that Jin Zixuan and Jin Ling would have been at home soon. For the time they were gone, her belly became bigger and she was awaiting to see their surprised faces when they would have looked at her. 

We already bowed two times and soon we are going to legally be husband and wife. If I had never met him during this life, when I woke up in Mo Xianyu’s body, I wouldn’t have known what to do. Probably I would have traveled around the world, without telling anybody my true identity; but since I met him, my life has a meaning and I have finally found a place that I can call home. There are so many things that I need to tell you, for example that Lan Zhan and I are fathers now, but I’d like to tell you these things face to face in front of a cup of tea in the Cloud Recess.


Finally things went in the correct directions. The peace in Karp tower was interrupted by a joius scream:”Mooom, they are back. Father and A-Ling are back”. Jiang Yanli hastily rose up and she runned towards the cortile. Soon in her sight appeared many figures dressed with yellow robes and ahead were Jin Zixuan and Jing Ling. A-Quing was already running towards them and she jumped at Jin Ling’s feet until he took her in his arms.

“We are back” Jin Zixuan smiled at her and she kissed her when they were in the privacy of their bedroom. “Mhmm? Have you gained weight since I left? I don’t remember you had this bellypot when I left” he asked and she blushed, posing a hand on her stomach. “Well… you see…” she stuttered, but he had already understood everything. “A-Are you pregnant?” he wondered rhetorically with disbelief and she nodded:”Yes, A-Ling and A-A-Quing are going to have another sibling soon”. 

Although it was the third time going through this scene, Jin Zixuan cried nothenless. He posed his hand on Jiang Yanli’s and he whispered with a sweet voice:”I look forward to see you soon. I can promise that you will be really loved”. “I hope it will be a boy as brave as you” she said and the other absolutely refused:”I hope not. Dealing with A-Ling is enough. I want her to be a girl like you”.

That night they celebrated in their own way. Jin Zixuan laid her on the bed as he kissed her slowly. The fingertips trailed over her belly, still don’t completely believing that what’s in front of him was true: for the third time he was going to have a child. He still remembers the anxiety when he discovered his wife was pregnant -he actually fainted, but nobody knew this.

“Thank you” he said, the eyes a bit wet from the tears of commotion , “Thank you for everything”. Jiang Yanli tenderly embraced him, kissing him sweetly and the man pressed another kiss for some seconds before showering her with brief kisses barely a breath away from each other. Hugging him with one arm thrown over his shoulders, Jiang Yanli closed the space between their bodies, leaving the tips of their noses touching. Letting out a soft chuckle, they kissed nonstop. 

After a while they became hotter and more passionated, their hands caressed neck and cheek burned at the mutual touch. “I do not want to risk hurting you, not at this late stage, so I’ll be careful” he said, leaning in and kissing her forehead, “I know you won’t” she reassured him. Jin Zixuan’s chest was so full of happiness that it almost hurt. How can a heart contain this much love? He tried to find the answer since he married her.

When they took off their clothes, he noticed how swollen her breasts were. He left her two months ago and if her belly was so big, it meant that when he went after Wei Wuxian she was at the third or at the fourth month. He remembered from the last pregnancy that around that time Jiang Yanli’s back hurt for the weight of the breasts full of milk and they were more sensible.

So that night he got an idea. He took a glance at the heavy abdomen and caressed it with his fingers. He kissed a trail down from Jiang Yanli’s slender neck, and passing through prominent collarbones, he soon arrived at the chest. Gliding over the sensitive skin with his thumb, he got to one of the big and puffy buds resting on top of his breasts and he pressed it. 

As his wife started to moan and breathe his name, Jin Zixuan drew near his mouth to the other nipple and started sucking, making Jiang Yanli groan. He played with it using his tongue, encircling and pressing it a couple of times which only made her body shivering until a milky liquid began to fill Jin Zixuan’s mouth. 

With a last, long, and improper sucking sound, Jin Zixuan finally freed Jiang Yanli from his mouth. Giving a last lick, he moved to the other. Sucking once again, Jiang Yanli breathlessly cried out, and reaching with her hand, she intertwined her trembling fingers on Jin Zixuan’s hair. He paused to take a breath and watched her. In her eyes the plea of going forward was clear, but she was too shy to say it. His wife was so cute!

Suddenly, Jiang Yanli felt not only a pressure also between her tights. Without strength to really close the legs she once more gripped tightly Jin Zixuan’s hair, pulling at it as a way to relieve the tension provoked by his knee, which kept rubbing her inner thighs, too much close to her entrance. As he started to finger her, he continued to suck, and with a whimper, Jiang Yanli put her hand over Jin Zixuan’s shoulder. 

He gradually increased in speed and the pressure and heat grew along with it, drawing groans from her. She came as soon as he grazed the sensitive bundle of nerves. “H-Husband…” she called him and Jin Zixuan passed one of her legs on his shoulders. 

He started to move, having some difficulties with how big her belly was, careful of going slow to don’t hurt her. He nibbled her chest again and drowned his wife groans in a kiss. When he noticed that their climax was close, his thrust became more erratic, pounding her entrance. Their lips met once again and, breathing the other’s name, they came. 

After the mess was finally cleaned up, the bodies washed and the bedding changed, they laid on the bed again. Jiang Yanli pressed her back on the bed and Jin Zixuan caressed her belly, gazing tenderly and lovingly at the life that was growing inside her. He placed a hand on and he almost cried then he felt a kick. “It just kicked, A-Li, he kicked. Has he recognized me as his father?” he exclaimed excited as a tear of happiness rolled down his eyes, “Yes, it has. This is how it communicates that he wants to see you” Jiang Yanli chuckled.

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If this is it, don’t let me know
If this is it, just let me go 

Klergy - The end

actually i had plans to make a less depressing video than this one, but then this song got stuck in my head for a whole day and to save myself i had to make this. stay tuned for hopefully less pain next time! 

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This is a fun one. Very dramatic. JGY can keep scheming and training demonic cultivation in the basement so MXY still gets the instructions for the soul summoning ritual and gives his body to WWX.

I can see JL thinking of WWX as a homewrecker but also being super insulted that WWX could have JZX but chooses LWJ instead. JZX himself is feeling too guilty to actually try anything with WWX and JYL still isnt sure if her marriage is salvageable. JC is just angry at the world but mostly WWX for ‘causing’ all the problems and then running off with LWJ instead of coming home and fixing everything. WWX has a hard enough time realizing LWJ loves him, it will take JL screaming at him to figure out JZX does and he wont react well to finding out he ruined his sisters happiness.

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Does anyone out there have any good recommendations for fics revolving around

  • Jiang Cheng dealing with his (“awful”) brothers-in-law (modern aus welcome)
  • Jiang YanLi / Jin ZiXuan being soft for each other (pre-Jin Ling preferred, but not mandatory)
  • Jin ZiXuan dealing with his wife/fiancee/girlfriends’s feral little brothers
  • Jin ZiXuan bonding with his half siblings (and not knowing what to do he’s never had siblings)
  • Wen Qing / Jiang Cheng but like, with blatant bisexual energy
  • Jiang Cheng & Lan SiZhui bonding
  • Wen Qing & Wen Ning and Wei WuXian being bros
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i CANNOT get over jin zixuan and lan zhan standing awkwardly in the background of this super emotional and intimate scene its making me lose itajahjfkljfmlqks….they really convey the exact emotion you feel when someone you dont know well is having an emotional moment in front of you…. imagine reuniting with your sibling you havent seen in months and youre visibly crying and some guy you went to school with is just hanging out 5 feet behind you like can i get my sword back please<3

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