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#Mo Dao Zu Shi

I know. I miss her, too.

Hey guess what, it’s MORE art of Jiang Cheng crying, this time with Jin Ling thrown in, ALSO crying! Nothing but good times on this blog!!

A papercraft commission for @b9rambling. The whole time I worked on this I was listening to “Light” by Sleeping At Last on repeat and making horrible sad faces down at my worktable to evoke the right mood and feeling horrible sad feelings about Jiang Cheng being backhanded straight into Single Dadhood all alone. It’s fine!! Everything’s fine!!!!!!

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What is love? Wangxian.

Love is when Lan Zhan is willing to oppose all the people against Wei Ying just to stay by his side.

Love is when Lan Zhan opposed and injured Lan Gusu Sect’s 33 people.

Love is when Lan Zhan let himself getting whipped by 33 times just for Wei Ying.

Love is when Lan Zhan opposed his uncle just to believe in Wei Ying.

Love is when Lan Zhan take care of Wei Ying’s memories and as well as the people he cares for.

Love is when Lan Zhan became A-Yuan’s adoptive father for Wei Ying.

Love is when Lan Zhan marked himself with Wen’s sun scar on his chest just like Wei Ying’s.

Love is when Lan Zhan waited and calling for Wei Ying’s soul through his song for 13 years.

Love is when Lan Zhan waited for 13 years.

Love is when Lan Zhan never let Wei Ying go away from him again.

Love is when Lan Zhan protects Wei Ying with all his heart.

Love is when Lan Zhan cries because of Wei Ying’s sake.

Love is when Lan Zhan is willing to cook for Wei Ying because Gusu Lan Sect’s food are too plain.

Love is when Wei Ying confessed to Lan Zhan in the middle of an unfortunate event.

Love is when Wei Ying thought of Lan Zhan first after getting reincarnated.

Love is when Wei Ying is willing to follow the 4k plus Gusu Lan Sect’s rules just to be with Lan Zhan.

Love is when Wei Ying dreamed of him and Lan Zhan together in a domestic life.

Love is like Wangxian, and I’m crying. How can their love be this powerful? I am really thankful for Mo Xiang Tong Xiu for giving life for these characters and even created a happy ending for them. :((

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Series/Drama Reccomendation: The Untamed

This is my first time making a recommendation so I hope you bear with me, haha!

Are you fond of fantasy? Wars? Sword fight? Reincarnation? Mhmm, drama? Life lessons? And even a historical or costume genre? Well, I suggest to recommend this series. I am rating this 11/10 (is that even counted?) Haha! This is too great, my emotions are really evoked and I can say that I am not able to move on from this series until now. Not to forget to mention that THEIR OST IS SO GREAT, some actors sang their ost and made me love them even more! Their osts will make you cry, laugh and even listen to it everyday. This series made me crazy and insane that I’m starting to become obsessed about it. Because of this drama, I’m practicing and trying to learn Mandarin just to learn and understand them more. Is that a good thing? Uhm, I think yes? Haha!

Anyways, this is a Chinese Drama. And why is this drama beautiful? This drama has no female lead at all. The leads are male. But that doesn’t the case here. What makes this drama beautiful is because of its setting, plotline and of course, the wonderful villains—not just that, if you really stan fantasy genre, then I bet you’ll love this.

This drama is based on Mo Xiang Tong Xiu novel entitled Mo Dao Zu Shi or Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation or The Founder of Diabolism (translations). The plotline or the synopsis of this drama, (just in case you got confuse), is that a guy named Wei Wuxian or known as Yiling Patriarch got reincarnated or having a second life after for 13 years in a body of a lunatic guy named Mo XuanYu. After waking up in someone else’ body, he saw some cuts on his arms knowing that this body performed a demonic ritual to summon him (in the novel, but in the drama, it says that Mo Xuanyu sacrifised himself for reviving Wei Wuxian). The cuts on his arms represents that he needs to take revenge for Mo Xuanyu’s situation, the options are to kill the Mo Family since they mistreated him so badly.

Coincidentally, there were some wandering corpse around the Mo Mansion, and it was invistigated by the juniors of Lan Gusu Sect. After Wei Wuxian saw these Juniors, some nostalgic memories fled through him. Including his memories with Lan Wangji (Hanguang-jun of Lan Gusu Sect) whom he soon encounters again in his 2nd life. After remembering the past and the traumatic past as well, he uncovers some truth and mysteries of his tragic death together with Lan Wangji.

Actually, what made me love this drama more is because it’s unpredictable and just like what I’ve said, these villains are so vicious! You will be easily deceived and of course, pity them or hate them more for some reasons. The mysteries and the hidden truths are making me hype and simp for this. Haha!

Uhm, in terms of graphics, I can tell that it’s neither bad or good. The graphics are great because the staff and production worked hard for it. The actors are really great too. They have each others’ chemistry and since it’s a drama, your feelings or emotions will be evoked.

I actually finished this 50 episode drama for 1 week. I’m freaking serious! Haha! I cried every episode, laugh every episode and got angry every episode. All I can say is, it’s worth watching for.

Anyways, if you are a homophobic person, don’t worry, it’s just a bromance since China has censorships. It’s up to you whether you want to focus on romance or not.

Here’s an another thing, In the novel and the manhua, they are lovers and wasn’t censored. So if you are craving for more romantic scenes, I suggest you to read them. I am not sure about the donghua since there’s an anime adaptation of this, but I think they might include some scenes or cut them?

But anyways, even there are some censorship or the thing between them, I am telling you, the story is great, the actors are great, Mo Xiang Tong Xiu is superb and an amazing writer for writing such a story like this!

I hope you enjoy my recommendation! :) thank you for reading.


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(brief note: please reblog, since that’s how we get prompts for future ficlets!)

Lan Xichen is called away to his brother-in-law’s side during the worst storm the Cloud Recesses have ever seen, only two hours before Wei Shuilan comes into the world and promptly decides that she hates it. She has such a strong pair of lungs that her cries drown out the thunderclaps outside the windows of the healing wing, making it clear to the entire clan that Hanguang-jun and Xinhua-jun have welcomed a daughter within the very first hour after her arrival.

Her family name is Wei, after her A-Die, who names her after both her fuqin and himself; because shui is for Wei Ying, for the rolling waters of Lotus Pier that were his first training ground and his first classrooms, and the place he still thinks of as his first and dearest home, and lan is for her fuqin–a lone princely orchid among the common roses growing by the roadside, or so Wei Ying always says.

Shuilan is tiny, and wrinkled, and pink like a boiled yam, and the most peerlessly beautiful thing Lan Wangji has ever held in his arms.

“She’s about the size of a yam, too,” Wei Ying laughs, as Lan Wangji looks at the little nest of blankets cradled against his chest and bursts into tears as if he were the baby, here. “I’ve planted radishes bigger than she is.”

Lan Wangji’s heart is so full it hurts. He could write a thousand odes to this moment, repeat its joy in endless strings of characters like white pearls on a crimson thread, loop them back and forth about his throat and let the world look upon what he and Wei Ying have built together–a home, a family, a lotus pond, two sons and a new-born daughter–and set down his name in the book of records as the happiest man in the world, nothing more or less, because Wei Ying ensures it with every day he draws breath, and every smile that plucks at his lips, and every boundless, priceless gift he bestows upon Lan Wangji as the years come and go.

“I love you,” he whispers, both to the baby–his baby, his daughter, his and Wei Ying’s–and to the husband who raised him from the depths of grief and enthroned him on the high seat of heaven the moment they met, and again when Wei Ying returned to life. “I love you, I love you.”

What more is there to say, than that?

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Send me a fandom

Waaaaaaa thank you for this one anon!!!!!!!! 

The first character I first fell in love with: Wei Wuxian, such an interesting and funny character!

The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Wen Ning <3

The character everyone else loves that I don’t: *nervous laugh*  Huaisang… I really can’t with him

The character I love that everyone else hates: idk, is Guangyao hated in the fandom? I like him ^^

The character I used to love but don’t any longer: I don’t think I have one for now

The character I would totally smooch: Jin Ling x)

The character I’d want to be like: Wen Qing, so much love and bravery ;;

The character I’d slap: def Jiang Cheng XDD

A pairing that I love: Wangxian, do you know Wangxian? you need to know Wangxian. Go read Wangxian hum I mean MDZS. There’re also songs of Wangxian. Did I mention Wangxian already?

A pairing that I despise: I won’t say *despise* but I’m really indifferent to the pairing Lan Xichan x Jiang Cheng.

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