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“I wanted it so much. I don’t know why I wanted it so much.”

— Ernest Hemingway

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Since the last time I posted, alot has happened and the world is currently going through a pandemic. I hope everyone is safe and so are your loved ones. It’s a trying time for all and especially our mental health so please look out for yourselves and those around you. Online school for the summer 2020 term starts this week and I’m back to living with my parents. Here’s a photo of my empty bujo and these really cute notebooks I got! Also really missing the Chai latte from my favourite cafe 😢

SOTD: Still Woozy - Lava

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every morning i wake up & get my coffee & i recite in my head this excerpt from ‘invitation,’ by mary oliver:  “it is a serious thing just to be alive on this fresh morning in the broken world.” & i just say it over & over again until it sticks to my mind for the rest of the day. it is a serious thing. i am alive. i am so lucky. this fresh morning i get the chance to live again & again & again

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I have an evolutionary bio midterm today which I’m kind of excited for, because I want to get it over with. Doing some last minute studying before the class😬😗

Currently playing: Stacy’s Mom - Fountains of Wayne

(also props to the person playing piano, it makes the whole place feel nice)

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if you’re reading this i hope in 2020 you get…

  • the grades you’re wishing for.
  • the motivation you require to work/study.
  • the people you need to help you get through the journey.
  • the materials you want to study with.
  • the happiness you all deserve.
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i keep posting this and get NO response, so i’m going to keep posting it until i generate a fantastic response!

i need more studyblrs to follow. a lot of the ones i follow aren’t too active and i want consistent studyspo!

let me check out your blog you work so hard on!!

Trying to be more active haha

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Well, I believe I found my new favorite spot in the library. I’m obsess with the wood desk and the view. For some reason, I feel VERY motivated to watch my law class. Can’t wait to see the color of the trees change aka fall!

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Currently playing: Check Yes Juliet - We the Kings

It’s midterm season and it’s struck me with a genius idea. I’m creating a booklet of notes for ever class which I’m printing a few copies of (1 for myself and the others for people who want to buy it). I’m hoping this forces me to understand my work and the material but also help other people too 😁😁

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neuroventure·8 months agoPhoto


Some pictures from a very productive day today! How are you guys? I’m so excited to be back from my hiatus! 

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✨3/100 Days of Productivity ✨

Hello lovelies! I’ve been righting a physics report recently but here is a photo that I’ve been meaning to upload for a while now. This is from when I was on the train back to university, after winter break. I got luck and my ticket landed a seat with a HUGE table which was perfect for studying!!

Anyways here’s what I’ve done today:

  • Worked on my physics report
  • Finished two nquizes fory neuroscience class
  • Completed my online chemistry assignment
  • Took notes on my English grammar class

Currently playing: Easily - Bruno Major

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Imbolc bath 🍋 (lemon peel, powdered milk, coconut oil, honey, lavender oil, clary sage oil — made by someone else, my photos)

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