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ceoazula · 30 minutes ago
tsc characters as tumblr posts
Tumblr media
[Image id: hey babe did it hurt when you fell from heaven? it did huh, emotionally, right I get that, because of the-yeah the irreconcilable separation from goodness as a result of a single decision that can never be undone or atoned for, uh huh, sounds rough end image id]
Julian Blackthorn:
Tumblr media
Jace Herondale:
Tumblr media
Anna Lightwood:
Tumblr media
Will Herondale:
Tumblr media
Bonus: Kitty:
Tumblr media
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julescarstairs · an hour ago
please pleaseeeee pleaseeee I need the cutest fluffiest jemma content 😫 😩
I could go in many directions here—
BUUUT I got you covered! I present to you:
~ Late Night Drives ~
They were driving fast, but not irrationally fast, down a vast and empty road. The windows were down, music was blaring, the moon was their spotlight, their guide to oblivion. Julian didn’t know where he was driving, and Emma hadn’t spared him any ideas, but that didn’t matter. They were just travelling together, escaping their responsibilities and channeling their youth just for one night.
It was a fantasy that Julian had once thought impossible — and that was what made it even more heartwarming.
Emma had her feet up on the dashboard, the little fake jewels on her sandals shimmering under the infrequent lamplight. She was singing, loudly and off key, to the music playing. It was a new song they’d discovered together whilst travelling the world. A new song by Paramore: Still Into You. It had since become a driving anthem for Emma and Julian; only the Angel knows why it was that song in particular, but neither of them were opposed to it.
“Some things just, some things just make sense and one of those is you and I~” In his peripheral vision, Emma pointed at Julian, and then back at herself as she sung ‘you and I,’ and pressed a hand to her heart. Julian couldn’t help but watch her for a moment, his own heart picking up pace as they locked eyes. Emma’s joyous expression made her even more striking. He always loved it when she was smiling. When Emma wasn’t smiling, he’d do anything to make her do so.
Then Julian remembered to watch the road, not Emma, and refocused his eyes on the bitumen ahead of them. Emma continued singing; she hadn’t actually stopped, but Julian had been so caught up in her that he hadn’t been listening.
“…and even after all this time,” the music quietened, and Emma lowered her voice with it, trying to copy the expert vocals of the lead singer but not finding much success, “I’m into you… baby not a day goes by that I’m NOoOt INNTOO YOUUUU~”
It was such a sudden, deliberately terrible sound that Julian burst into laughter. Emma started in her seat at his laughter, and shortly after she followed suit and burst into a fit of giggles. Julian found himself glancing at Emma again as he shifted gears, brought the car down to a lower speed to match the sign they just passed. He spoke loudly, over the music, but struggled to get the sentence out around the laughter that kept hold on him, “What was that sound? Is a parrot screeching? Or is someone scratching a chalkboard?” He looked in the rear vision mirror to imitate looking for the origin of the sound. They always had their banter. Even when things were strained between them only a year ago, their shared humour was something they could fall back on.
“You ass,” Emma hit him playfully on the shoulder, wiping tears from her eyes. She couldn’t suppress her giggles, and it was like bells to Julian’s ears, “Some boyfriend you are! You’re supposed to tell me that my voice is like an angel’s!”
“It is — usually,” Julian’s stomach hurt from laughing so hard, and he drew in a deep breath. He flashed her a sardonic grin as he leant his elbow against the windowsill of the car door, “But I have no idea what that was.”
“I’d like to see you sing better,” Emma challenged, raising her eyebrows. They both knew that was impossible. They were terrible singers, the pair of them, but Julian’s singing voice made Emma sound like Madonna. (Maybe if he actually tried when he sung, he wouldn’t sound half as bad, he supposed, but he didn’t feel like trying right now.)
Julian joined in with Emma as they both made a chorus from hell, their voices coming together so loudly that the music was drowned out, “Let ‘em wonder how we GOT THIS FARRR, cause I don’t really need to WOONDER AT ALL—“ they fell out of time with the song, which made it sound even worse, and made the two of them fall into laughter again. But still, they kept trying to sing, “Cause after all this time, I’m still into you— I’m still into you— I’M STILL—“
Emma’s hand came down over Julian’s where it sat on the gearstick, and she stopped singing at the last minute so she could catch Julian’s voice on its own. “—into you,” he finished the song, and it didn’t sound half bad, but it still sounded like a child humming a nursery rhyme at best.
Emma stuck her head out the window, as if searching for something. Julian rolled his eyes as he anticipated the teasing that would ensue.
He beat her to it, “Looking for where I asked for your input?”
“No, no,” Emma looked back at him, intertwined their hands on the centre console, “I was just wondering what you are, because that wasn’t my Julian singing just then.” Julian waited, tried to pretend that the words my Julian didn’t send his heart into an array of irregular beats, and Emma went on, “It sounds to me like a demon just possessed him—“ Emma finished the sentence on a laugh as Julian pushed her elbow from the centre console with his own, “Oh look! He’s back. Hello, Julian.”
Julian snuck a kiss to Emma’s cheek as they pulled into a car park just up from the beach. A new beach, one they hadn’t been to before. “Hello, Emma.”
Julian reached out and put his hand on the back of Emma’s seat as he turned to see where he was reverse parking. Emma took her feet from the dash. She turned in her seat, and he could see her watching him out of the corner of his eye as he brought the car to a stop. “I think we can agree,” Emma said finally, taking off her seatbelt, “That we both have voices of angels.”
“Oh, absolutely,” Julian switched off the ignition, quirking an eyebrow at her, “The angels above are quivering in their boots at the sounds of our voices.”
Emma’s eyes lit up suddenly, and he tilted his head to one side. She brought her knees up under her slowly, like someone being careful not to alert a lion, “Race you!”
She suddenly took off between the driver and passenger seats, onto the back seat, and over the back seats into the boot (trunk), where Julian had deposited pillows and blankets, and a few snack foods. Wherever they ended up that night, they had planned on curling up in the back of the car and watching the stars together through the window of the trunk of the car.
But Julian knew he wouldn’t be able to crawl as agilely through the car as Emma had, so he took the practical route. He got out of the car, walked around, opened the boot, climbed inside, and pulled the boot closed behind him.Emma was already wrapped in blankets and chomping on a tart. She pouted, “You’re no fun.”
“What do you mean? I’m very fun,” Julian tugged on the corner of her blanket, “Scoot. I’m cold.”
Emma scooted over so Julian could crawl under the blanket and curl around her, her back against his chest. He wrapped an arm around her, using his other hand to prop his head up. Julian leant forward and stole a bite out of Emma’s tart, and she gasped as if he’d committed murder. She pouted, “I feel betrayed, Julian Blackthorn. Betrayed.”
“Sure you do,” Julian pressed a kiss to her shoulder, “But you still love me.”
“I could never not,” Emma turned onto her back, pushing pillows behind her back so she could sit up a bit, “If I didn’t love you, the fabric of reality would fall apart.”
“And vice versa,” was all Julian said, pressing his cheek to her hair.
And together, the two of them watched the stars, eventually dozing off to the sound of the waves rolling up and down the beach and each other’s content breathing. There was nothing more familiar than that.
I hope you liked it! I wrote this like right now so it might not make too much sense
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d-is-for-duda · 3 hours ago
🌟 QOAAD spoilers in the image 🌟
Tumblr media
this is a thought that comes to me more often than it should, and all the scenarios i can think about are horrifying
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bookswitchcraftandcats · 4 hours ago
Rainy Days (Part 2 of 4)
Link to AO3 --- Part 1 
Summary: Emma and Julian are in charge of the London Institute for a week and find a box that once belonged to Cordelia Carstairs and contains poems written to her by James Herondale. The story switches between Emma and Julian and oneshots about things that happened in Jordelia's life to inspire the poems.
Disclaimer: Cassie owns the whispering room scene
Sorry if the formatting for the poems is messed up, I tried.
“What do you think he meant by ‘cut through the wickedest of powers’?” Emma says while looking at the poem. Julian is laying next to her idly playing with her hair. He always loved the golden color of it and how it seemed to glow in the sunlight. It had taken him hundreds of paintings to get it just right.
“I don’t know,” he responded, “but I do think that he really loved her, almost as much as I love you.” They both blush and he kisses Emma’s nose.
“I love you too,” Emma says. She laid her head against Julian’s chest. They were both kind of tired and not used to such cloudy weather. Emma thought more about her own sword and the poem. It was kind of strange to think about how long ago this was written, and how it was about the same sword. It was like when Julian paints pictures of her and Cortana. Maybe one day one of their descendants will find his painting and have the same adventure.
“James Herondale seems to have been very good with words,” Julian says while looking over the old poem again, as though he can take some romance advice from it.
“You're just as good,'' says Emma while she looks through the contents of the jewelry box. She opens another compartment.
“What is this?” she says reaching for a stone, it lights up at her touch.
“Witchlight,” Jules says, looking at the angelic light.
“This must have also been Cordelia’s,” she states, still looking at the small rock in her hand, “maybe it meant something to her, or someone special gave it to her.”
She knew she had a brother, Alastair, maybe that was who gave it to her. This box seemed to hold things she valued so it couldn’t be just any witchlight. The stone was heavy in her hand, it’s light reflecting through the room. She thought of the light Jace had given Mark and about what comfort Cortana gave her. Sometimes it wasn’t about what the object could do, but who gave it to you when you needed it most that matters.
“When did Tessa say she was coming?” Jules asks, bringing Emma out of her thoughts.
“I think around 7 ish” she says, “we still have a good amount of time before they come.”
“What do you think she will think about this...does she know this is here?”
“Probably, she lived here for over half a century, if anyone knows this institute it is her.”
Emma looked at the clock. They still had like 2 hours before they would be here and there was nothing left to do today. They couldn’t even explore the city with all this rain.
“Do you want to read another one?” she asks Jules.
“Sure,” he says as he picks up one titled The Whispering Room.
The Whispering Room
You step onto the old wooden stage, And tell us a fairy tale with your movement. Gliding and spinning in arcs of gold and fire, Every soul is drawn to the beautiful legend.
You step off into the crowd that you shocked, Carrying a sense of confidence as you turn to me. And then we ran off to find a hiding spot, Away from the stares and chatter of the club.
We step into a room with an open door, You're looking even more gorgeous than before. We kiss in a way that wasn't of careful fairy tales, It was a real kiss jarring me into a clearer world.
The heat from the fire now not the only source. The world seems to fade to you and only you. If only this could could be captured and last forever, Among the smoke and sounds in the whispering room.
The Merry Thieves were moving out of the Devil’s Tavern. They all had houses now and didn’t really have much use for the room. They figured another generation of boys up to no good could benefit more from them then they can now. They had a lot of stuff stored there so all week they had been moving and bringing stuff home. Tonight, James and Cordelia were there to sort through some of the books. It began to rain as they worked so they probably wouldn’t be taking many with them unless the storm stopped.
“You kept a lot of books here,” Cordelia says while looking through another shelf.
“We couldn’t keep most of these at the institute” James explains while picking up a book about how to summon demons.
“I guess not,” Cordelia responds. She then spots an old leather journal that seems familiar. “I think this was one of your notebooks.”
James walks over from his pile of books. He spots the journal and laughs a little.
“That was one of my old poetry journals.” She pulls it off of the shelf and they sit on the couch.
“Any about me?” she asks with a smirk. He blushes and Cordelia raises an eyebrow.
“Probably” he says, turning through the pages. He stops at one that is titled The Whispering Room and they both burst out laughing.
“That was quite the night” James says.
“And the part you remember was when we were hidden kissing in the Whispering Room,” Cordelia says, shaking her head.
“I remember that dance too,” He states with a smirk. She was very beautiful on that stage, no one watching will ever forget about that. Cordelia still gets comments about it whenever they are down at the Hell Ruelle.
“I’m sure a lot of people remember that dance,” she says.
“You know,” James starts, “I might need a reminder, I wouldn’t mind seeing that dance again.”
“I’m sure you wouldn’t,” she responded, kissing him on the cheek.
Then the door opened and Thomas and Alastair walked in. James and Cordelia both blushed a bit.
“I don’t even want to know what you were up to,” Alastair says while walking over to grab a box of Thomas’s books. Most of them were in languages only Thomas and Alastair knew how to speak anyways.
“Hello” Thomas says, “I didn’t think you two would be here tonight.”
“We just had a few more books to grab and then figured we would stay until the rain stopped,” James replies while not so slyly putting an arm around Cordelia.
“It’s so weird leaving this place,” Thomas says while looking at the now nearly empty room. “We caused so many fire hazards here.” They all glanced at the burn mark on the back wall from an explosion gone wrong.
“We can always cause fire hazards at my house,” James started but was cut off by his wife.
“Absolutely not!” Corldelia said as Alastair laughed. James ignored this and continued,
“Besides, some other group of boys will enjoy causing trouble here just as much as we did.”
They continued to pack their things and looked outside as the rain began to stop and the sun creeped out from behind the clouds. A fire message appeared on the wall calling them all to the institute. Taking one last look at the room James fondly remembered the days when they did cause mischief and they had the night in the whispering room. While it was more peaceful now, he would always love the memories of adventure. He smiled at Cordelia and took her hand as they climbed into the carriage, off to have some more nights worthy of poems of their own.
Tag list: @fortheloveofthecarstairs  @thehotfaeriethreesome  @shadowrunner2000  @alastair-esfandiyar-carstairs1 @surrounded-by-exquisite-clutter @gabtapia  @niathesanctuary-bolastair-kanej
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bookswitchcraftandcats · 4 hours ago
Rainy Days (Part 1 of 4)
Link to AO3 --- Part 2
Summary: Emma and Julian are in charge of the London Institute for a week and find a box that once belonged to Cordelia Carstairs and contains poems written to her by James Herondale. The story switches between Emma and Julian and oneshots about things that happened in Jordelia's life to inspire the poems.
Sorry if the formatting for the poems is messed up, I tried. 
Emma and Julian walk through the halls of the London Institute. Growing up, Julian always loved London, he found the city to be inspiring for paintings and loved the older feel of the buildings. They were here for a visit and also because Alec asked them to watch over it for a few days while Julian’s Aunt Marjorie was on vacation. Both of them love London and spent most of their time going to Hyde park and all kinds of little cafes but unfortunately, today was not a good day to be exploring the city.
Being from LA, they hardly ever saw rain and they felt as though even if they did, it wasn’t usually this much. It was pouring outside and nearly flooding the streets, even though it was the middle of the day it was so dark outside you could hardly see. So, the young couple decided to stay inside and explore the institute instead.
“Do you think the sun ever shines in London?” Emma asks while looking out the window. Today they were in the library just trying to get some work done. Julian laughs and then walks over to join her at the window, placing a soft kiss on her cheek.
“Want to take a break and explore for a little bit?” He asks, taking her hand. They headed off into the rest of the building, looking for an adventure.
The London institute was one of the biggest in the world, it felt as though you could go for miles without ever seeing the same room twice. Now Emma and Julian were laughing as they raced through the historic halls, they hadn’t had much time to themselves lately and desperately needed this break. Every so often they would stop and take pictures of tapestries or portraits that Jules would want to try to paint once they got back home.
They came to a tapestry of a pond with ducks. It had a bit of text sewn into the bottom corner that just said, “never trust a duck.” They thought that was kind of wierd to have but it looked very old. They were approaching a whole hallway that seemed like it hadn't been touched in decades. The wallpaper reflected the style of another time period and the pictures were covered by a layer of dust.
Now out of breath the two stopped for a second and smiled at each other. They may not be parabatai any more but they still knew what the other was thinking. This was the most fun they have had in years. Julian stepped forward and kissed his girlfriend. Emma returned this with passion. Jules’ arms around her waist and her arms thrown around his neck.
One thing leads to another and next thing you know they find themselves stumbling backward into one of the abandoned bedrooms. They keep making out as the door slams behind them, falling onto the bed. Emma then suddenly stops and looks across the room curiously.
She had caught something out of the corner of her eye, a name. Her name. There was a wooden jewelry box with the name Carstairs engraved on it. It sat on a bookshelf next to an old leather bound book titled The Beautiful Cordelia and a book of Persian mythology. Looking around the room, it seemed as though no one had been in here for years. Julian followed her gaze and quickly caught on. Emma looked up at Julian,
“Do you think this could have belonged to one of my ancestors?” She asks while picking up the box.
“Probably. Didn’t Jem used to live here? Maybe it is his?” He responds as they walk back to the bed. They set the box down between then and open it up. Inside it is filled with treasures that belonged to someone a century ago. The first thing they pull out is a worn portrait.
“I don’t think it is Jem,” Emma says as she hands the picture to him. It depicts a girl with bright red hair holding a familiar gold sword. The same sword that Emma carries with her every day.
“Is that,” Julian starts with a bit of surprise, “Cortana?”
“I think so,” Emma says. “So this must be Cordelia Carstair.” She had grown up hearing stories about the warrior that fought greater demons in London and wielded the same Carstairs sword. She was said to be one of the bravest shadowhunters of her time. She had also met with Lily Chen during one of her visits to New York. The vampire had known Cordelia and had a few stories of her own to share.
“This must be a box of her belongings, and this probably used to be her room.” She continues while reaching in to grab a stack of notes. On each one was written a poem and at the bottom they were signed ‘J.H.’
“H” Julian wonders aloud, “I wonder if it stands for Herondale.”
“It does” says Emma, “James Herondale was her husband.”
“Do you think he wrote these poems to her?”
“I don’t know, maybe?” She says and then pulls out another portrait from the bottom of the box. It was of a boy with dark hair and gold eyes. They weren’t quite sure who this was but had a sort of an idea. They could always ask Tessa later too, she had sent a fire message earlier that day saying she was going to stop by tonight with Jem.
“Do you want me to read the poems?” Emma asks, retrieving the first one from the box. Julian nods and then she starts reading.
You carry a sword of mercy and power It’s blade an extension of your own will. It can cut through the wickedest of powers, And slice through the chains that bind me.
The Sunlight reflects off it’s gold surface. Holding confidently to the grip of the hilt, Cutting down enemies for miles and miles, You could tear this very world in two.
The sword for the purest of hearts, For the one who has my own heart. The most beautiful of weapons ever made, Belongs to the most beautiful person I know.
It was another day taken over by the rain and The Merry Thieves and company were all sitting around the Devils Tavern discussing their latest projects. Lucie was just finishing reading her latest chapter of The Beautiful Cordelia. This section happened to be about “Lord Asher” and his new boyfriend, a knight named “Sir Tobias”. This prompted blushing from Alastair and Thomas while the others made jokes.
Cordelia was sitting next to James on the couch resting her head on his shoulder. She enjoyed these little displays of affection and was very content. James looked at her and smiled and then all of the sudden Mathew jumps up and says,
“Jamie, do you have any poems that you have been working on?” James sighs and then walks over to the book shelf and pulls out a leather bound notebook. He sits next to Cordelia and then starts flipping through the pages looking for a poem to read when the word Cortana catches her eye. She puts a finger on the page and looks at her husband, he winks and she blushes. James then quickly continues flipping through pages before his nosey parabatai notices. He starts reading the group one of his poems and they continue chatting for the rest of the afternoon.
Cordelia and James say their goodbyes and head back to the institute. Their carriage was kind of far away so they had to walk a bit in the heavy rain, not that either of them minded holding hands in the rain.
They were running and jumping in puddles, they would be wet anyways so what's the harm? Cordelia laughed as James pulled her in for a kiss under the street light. She wrapped her arms around his neck and deepened the kiss. They pulled apart and smiled, walking off to their warm, dry carriage.
James put an arm around Cordelia as they rode home, they were both tired from a long day and the gloomy weather. By the time they got to the institute they were both half asleep and wet from the rain. They head up to their room to change into some dry clothes before laying down on their bed. Cordelia looks at James,
“So, what was that poem about?” she questions with a smirk.
“The Cortana one?” James says while grabbing the leather bound book from his bag.
“Yes,” Cordelia says, looking over at the journal in his lap. He turns to the page with the title at the top.
“Would you like me to read it to you?” he asks in a quiet whisper. She nodded.
You carry a sword of mercy and power It’s blade an extension of your own will.
He is right next to her and she can feel his warm breath as he reads each line. She thinks of her own sword, the sharp edge for mercy, the sword itself full of power. The Sword was an extension of her will, it had chosen her and would always come to her in a fight. James kisses her cheek.
It can cut through the wickedest of powers, And slice through the chains that bind me.
It had cut through wicked powers, when she needed to save James. She wasn’t even thinking then, she just knew she needed to save him. She had also cut through the bracelet that binded him to Grace, freeing him. She knew that even if he didn’t love her, he should be free to choose for himself who to love, but he did choose her.
The Sunlight reflects off it’s gold surface. Holding confidently to the grip of the hilt, Cutting down enemies for miles and miles, You could tear this very world in two.
She had fought many demons, even princes of hell and her sword never failed. James was always by her side fighting too. Together they could defeat the most dangerous of creatures, they even tore through the layers of this world once to stop one. Her love for James extended beyond the bounds of this world and she would do anything to get to him.
The sword for the purest of hearts, For the one who has my own heart.
She didn’t know if her heart was necessarily pure, she could only try her best. She loved James and he certainly had her heart too. She could feel her heat racing while watching his lips form the words in a calm whisper.
The most beautiful of weapons ever made, Belongs to the most beautiful person I know.
This made Cordelia blush a little, James’s eyes turned to meet hers as he closed the book. He carefully tore the page from the notebook and handed it to her.
“This was meant for you anyways,” he says as he kisses her softly on the lips. She placed the paper on the nightstand. “I love you Daisy.”
“I love you too,” Cordelia says as she kisses him again. They then lay back in bed and fell asleep next to each other, listening to the rain outside as it lulled them into a deep and loving sleep.
Tag list: @fortheloveofthecarstairs  @thehotfaeriethreesome  @shadowrunner2000  @alastair-esfandiyar-carstairs1 @surrounded-by-exquisite-clutter @gabtapia  @niathesanctuary-bolastair-kanej 
Let me know if you want to be added or removed from the tag list :)
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tscclace · 6 hours ago
Blackthorn Incorrect Quotes
Mark, watching Julian & Dru panic : What's going on?
Livvy: Julian is having a midlife crisis and Dru is just having a crisis.
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foxglove-airmid · 9 hours ago
Opinions on Emma Carstairs and Blackdale (Lucie x Jesse)
Emma was a character I LOVED in Lady Midnight! But her relationship with Julian made it really hard for me to read her scenes, he is terrifying and not in a good way (I can't explain it?! Kaz? Not frightened of him, but Julian? Terrified) but HER I actually like her a lot and she is the reason that I started running!
Oh sweet Jesus what are you doing to me!?!
Lucie is my queen I literally could not adore her more
But Jessie? If Jessie is what he seems to be? Okay fine I don't mind them? Do I SHIP them? No not really, but I wouldn't DISLIKE them? But I don't trust Jessie!? I dunno I could be being paranoid but yeah....
Send me a controversial fandom topic!!!
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cant-think-of-anything · 9 hours ago
Controversial you say?
Okay! Herongraystairs?
Ans Julian? Thoughts on him as a character and on him and Emma as a couple?
And......this doesn't really count BUT do you think all demons are inherently bad and should be killed? What about Eloyus (is that how spell it?)
I dunno I feel like I know your opinions on MOST of the controversial stuff 😂
Hold on I love these
In the Infernal Devices - no. I didn't like the way Will's character acted towards Jem or Tessa. However TLH Will? With TWP Jessa? Yes. I would love to read that dynamic. In TID they had so many individual struggles that all were affecting the way they regarded each other heavily so I ship them much more after they've solved the majority of their bigger issues.
In Lady Midnight? I liked him. I liked the way he interacted with the younger kids (Thought there were a lot of problems with Julian in the first book as well) After that, the last two books of the trilogy, he creeped me out. He creeped me out in the first book with that painting room and I just feel like- as with most of CC's characters- there was so much potential! Like soft art guy who's actually ruthless when it comes to protecting his family? Sounds great.
Blackstairs didn't hold that much chemistry to me at all, I loved Emma but most of her scenes with Julian involved me skimming the pages. I read LOS and QOAAD mostly for kitty and kierarktina.
I think if the demon posses the kind of empathy/emotions Eloyus did then it doesn't make much sense to kill them? Honestly feels more like they would classify as downworlders? But the ones that just try to kill you and there's no other way to stop them should be killed. I wish the rules/characteristics of demons was more explored so I'd be able to give a better answer.
Thanks for the ask! (And yes I might be too clear on some points sjfskhs)
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chlo-tk · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ty in a sweater🤲
Tap for better quality
Character by @cassandraclare
Tag list
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4shryver · 16 hours ago
missing my antihero king julian atticus blackthorn
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